This is what I didn’t have in mind when I heard Luck & Logic was going to have another season. Heck, I believe ordinary people wouldn’t have thought it was the sequel so they had to put it in the name just to tell us. Yup, make no mistake. Hina Logi – From Luck & Logic is not exactly a direct sequel of the original. Instead it takes place many years after the Foreigner threat has been stabilized. There is now world peace. At least humans and Foreigners are somewhat coexisting. So what is left to tell when you don’t have alien baddies from another world to harm us? Why, you have a group of cute lolis in a school that trains them to be future Logicalists to maintain the future and world peace. That’s about it! So, this has turned from some sci-fi action fantasy into some cute girls doing cute things?

Episode 1
Liones “Lion” Yelistratova hitches a ride from the countryside to arrive at Pirari Academy, a training school for Logicalists. Nina Alexandrovna sees a huge backpack before her. My, what a cute blue little furry critter. Turns out it is Lion crushed under the backpack and she knows Nina. Belle is her pet familiar. After feeding the hungry girl, Nina is tasked by the teacher to show Lion around but since she is dirty, shower time first. Lion then meets Rino Fujisaki, the assistant homeroom teacher and is given an ALCA card. Lion is nervous introducing herself in class. Yayoi Tachibana the class rep warmly welcomes her to make her feel at ease. Now we have a short review of generally the terms in this series so as to refresh our memories what are Logicalists, Foreigners and the likes. Lion has lunch with her classmates. They learn she is the only child of a royalty of a small country and despite being a highly ranked, she is unsure of what it takes to be a Logicalist. Like she already has Belle but has not make any contract with it whatsoever. When they want to analyse Belle, it starts jumping about mischievously. In all that confusion, Lion worries what she’ll do. Her card then activates as she turns into some plant whipping princess? Not only that, her character has changed into a playful one. The vines go out of control so Nina believes she is Trancejack. Nina transforms into her sci-fi magical girl form to turn her back to normal. While Lion is unconscious, she dreams of this mysterious woman. Later, Lion talks to Nina and she knew her because she saw her on TV before. She admired her and wanted to be like her, her reason for coming here. However Nina lets her know she is only here because of orders from her superior. Therefore she isn’t confident they can become friends as she might go back to HQ soon. Lion remains positive that even so, she’ll be right behind her tail. Lion must be overflowing with love so she tries to hug Nina and they end up falling over the bridge into the shallow river. Cue for all the girls to take a bath together. They further learn Nina snuck away to this academy since her father was against her enrolling here. It’s like she ran away from home but her mom knows she is here.

Episode 2
The girls take their midterm exams. Wait. Lion doesn’t even know what that is?! It’s no surprise she can’t answer and is damn right she should be worried about her score. I guess Lion is cute enough that she becomes the object of tug of war between the student council president and her vice, Mizuki Azuma and Yuuko Morigaya respectively. They note how the world is peaceful enough that Logicalists on active duty are able to transfer to study here. Later we have mock practice battles between the girls like Nina vs Yayoi in which the former wins. Homeroom teacher, Shizuha Kagura has Lion register Belle to her card. Lion is transported into another dimension where she comes face to face with that mysterious woman, Rosa. She wants to stay with Nina and be stronger. With that, she is able to transform without being Transjack. The results are out. Lion scores 15%. Hey, at least it isn’t zero. Nina remembers her superior, Veronica wanted her to study and train at Pirari despite having understand all the fundamentals and possessing capabilities of a university graduate. There is something she wants her to learn there. Nina thinks this is her way of telling her she is weak. She will prove herself and then apply to reinstate her previous mission. Lion, Nina and Mahiro Kyoubashi make their way to go flower viewing. Nobody trusts Mahiro’s device because it always malfunctions and explodes in the end. They manage to find the place and enjoy themselves. I guess it was worth it even though Nina remembers she missed today’s training.

Episode 3
The girls are alerted when the alarm is sounded. Was there supposed to be a drill. Lion’ sharp eye could spot something approaching. It is a man in armour riding a missile! All the anti-aircraft guns can’t take it down. Kagura’s bazooka took down the missile. The man then barges through the door and fights Kagura. It all comes to a stop when Lion tells her stupid dad to stop! That’s her dad?! Oh, he is the kind of father who dotes on his daughter (he even named her after his kingdom). No wonder Lion is so embarrassed and doesn’t like him. So hate is his taboo word and he’ll get emotional if that ever happens. He is here to see his daughter. Because he keeps bugging, the vice principal is forced to allow him to stay and watch. It must be weird, awkward and downright embarrassing for Lion to have her dad following around and cheering her. The only time she opens to him is when he serves lunch. But even that she realizes how embarrassing it is and wants to be left alone. Poor papa… During a mock practice battle between Lion, Nina, Yayoi and Mahiro, Mahiro didn’t want to lose and messed with that missile (why the f*ck is it still there despite being cordoned off?) and they all blast off towards the snowy mountains. Nina couldn’t stop hugging a cute bear cub. Father bear takes this the wrong way and gets mad. Time to run. But Nina still won’t stop hugging… Hiding inside a cave, Lion uses her plant power as a mark to pinpoint where they are. The bear corners them. For once, Lion is praying for dad to save her. And you bet this Russian dude is going to trek and climb all the way to save his daughter. There is no man stronger than a father protecting his daughter. One punch is enough to knock the bear out. Seeing the cub crawling back to it, father understands they are the same. Best reward for him when Lion comes hugging him. Back at the academy. Lion is grateful and realized daddy was worried about her. But worry no more. She has her own friends. Should papa be sad? When it is time to eat, Lion takes all the containers to share them with her friends in her dorm. Oh, only women are allowed in this dorm. Sorry daddy, your little girl has flown the nest.

Episode 4
Mahiro is updating Yuuko’s PC. It seems her password is very easy to remember because it is her birthday. Then the girls realize that today is her birthday! So Yayoi and the rest have a secret meeting to give Yuuko a surprise birthday party (Yuuko is kept busy with all the updates and installation progress). All is set for a pyjamas party when Nina points out what about the presents. You fail as birthday organizer! Yayoi, Nina and Lion head to town to shop for a present while Mahiro, Karen and Karin Kiritani try to stall Yuuko. As the party will be in her room, they need to get her out. Mahiro uses her remote to spam fake viruses. So she leaves to go find Mahiro. Since she could come back anytime, they have Mizuki lure her away by saying there is a bomb in her room! Those virus alerts must be it. Mizuki wants to invite Yuuko to her own personal birthday party but she is taking too dramatically long and Yuuko is gone. With nowhere to go, Yuuko cleans the bathroom. Does she need to Trance just to clean? Meanwhile, because Lion is having fun eating here and there, I guess they got some delay in buying a present. They bump into a little crying girl who insists on getting a dahlia. They ask all the flower shops but coincidentally dahlia has all been sold out. One shop only sells the seeds but this is enough for Lion. She uses her Trance to water and grow them. The little girl is happy and goes on her way. By the time they get to the store, it is already closed. But Nina points they already have a present. After Yuuko is done bathing, she sees an invitation card in the basket asking her to come to her room dressed in these pyjamas. The girls surprise her (honestly, she doesn’t sound THAT surprise) and it is the best birthday party ever. They hand her dahlias as present but she hands them back each a piece as thanks. Mahiro has created a long ass password that is better fool proof. They look like random letters and numbers… That little girl could be the school’s principal in her chibi form? Mizuki continues to eagerly wait for Yuuko…

Episode 5
In addition to the written exam, there will also be a practical exam for these future Logicalists. Yayoi trains hard as she wants to be number one but it seems Nina can do her training even better and without sweat. Trying hard to catch up? Fujisaki explains the practical exam whereby they have to move ‘victims’ in the form of cute stuffed dolls past certain spots to safety at the principal’s office. I wonder if they will be listening to the rest of the rules like the limited number of times they can Trance and not allowed to hurt others. If their victim gets injured or they lose it, they get disqualified. Veteran Logicalists like Chloe, Mana and Yukari helping out. The first part of the test sees Kagura standing before them. Are they going to fight her? Hell no! Jump off the bridge and into the water to bypass her! While climbing the rocks, Mana snipes at them while Yukari helps out. Yayoi falls off but Lion Trances to save her. Yayoi wants to disqualify herself but is told their mission is to get the victims to safety. Nina duels with Chloe and although she beats her, she gets taken about by Mana-Yukari combo. Yayoi then comes to face Chloe and the latter warns her comrades not to help her. Yayoi feigns and gives Chloe the slip since she has a secret help from Lion. I guess that’s what you get when you don’t allow your pals to help. In the end, Lion takes first place and Yayoi allowed her to do so since it was her strategy that made her realize what is important. So while everybody has fun soaking in the hotspring, only Nina looks miserable. Later Kagura has Lion undergo a test by letting her hold a mirror. As she thinks about Rosa, the mirror starts to glow green stuff. Kagura explains the mirror shows her balance with Rosa. As a Logicalist and Foreigner share half their Logic and become one, Lion is entrusting too much to Rosa. It is bad as it could damage herself and her surroundings. She must learn to retain her own will. Nina continues to train hard but she still doesn’t look happy.

Episode 6
Everyone is at Lion’s home and kingdom for the summer vacation. Why does the air-cond in the place have to break down at all times? I’m sure Lion’s mom’s great hospitality would cool things down. Except when she’s going to teach her husband a lesson for all this. When school just ended, he came to pick up Lion back home. However Lion wants to stay with her friends a little longer. He ‘enticed’ them that back home has got lots of food, luxurious amenities and a place to explore Foreigners! Wow! Please let us come! Only Nina has no interest but with Lion begging with puppy dog eyes, that’s how the whole gang is here. Meanwhile Lion and Mahiro are out in nearby forests researching about Foreigners. Mahiro explains her entire family are ALCA researchers. They’re so obsessed in researching, she wonders if they’ll ever come home. They didn’t find any Foreigners here so Mahiro hopes perhaps Belle could have some clues. Lion isn’t sure and views it as a family member. Thanks to Lion’s dad using his might to create a pool, the girls can now rest easy and cool off. After a nice BBQ, they head to the nearby woods to watch the stars. Seeing a shooting star, they all make their wish. Mahiro blurts out hers as wanting to go to the alternate world. She is really curious about Foreigners and wants to see what their world is like. Her parents were against it since it will be dangerous as a human body is not very adaptive. So why not ask Belle? Well, if that critter can talk. Nope. But it can sing! Maybe Lion taught it? Lion also hums along. The girls have not heard it before so Lion’s dad points out this song is not from this world. It used to be a song Rosa sang. Mahiro is excited and wants to meet her but Lion left her card back at the academy. Looks like she’ll have to wait till they get back. The next day the friends leave. Nina had to ‘assure’ Lion she’ll come back to the dorm early to give her some hope. Maybe she doesn’t want to be too long with her baka dad? Even if dad wants to have fun with her all day? But mom tells her to finish something important first: Her homework!

Episode 7
Mizuki is at her usual spying on Yuuko in the morning. She almost gets spotted and I don’t think acting like a bird will do the trick. Luckily a call from Lion that she is coming home tomorrow (daddy is heard crying so badly in the background) distracts her. But Mizuki is now stuck on the tree. Yuuko is in a dilemma since she will be having a career discussion. She doesn’t know if she wants to join ALCA once she graduates. Here comes Mizuki to give her opinion. I guess it sounded exaggerated because of some grand revolution nonsense. But as she explains how ALCA has put a lot of effort to maintain the balance in all the worlds, it sounds very true and realistic. Yuuko remembers she had many dreams as a kid including being a patisserie and florist. She joined this academy but her powers are not suited for battle. Mizuki on the other hand couldn’t form a covenant but is proud that she is able to see the world the way she does. As Yuuko is still uncertain in her life, Mizuki says to do whatever she wants. There is no better motivation than that. She wants to invite her for the Bon festival dance competition but Lion has returned and cuts her off. Maybe next time. With everyone back at the dorm, it’s time to prepare for the festival. But first, those who didn’t finish their homework are forced to do so. Luckily Lion has already done hers. All thanks to tiger mom. We see the girls in their yukata enjoying their evening at the festivals. Some moments together between Lion and Nina. Then an incident. The prize for the dance is stolen. Black feathers are seen around it. Of course they’re going to find it and it’s cue for your girls to Trans this episode. It doesn’t take a genius to know the culprit is a crow and no time for them to retrieve it. Lion sees Yuuko spying at them from a tree branch and climbs up to go join her. This makes the other girls fluster since she isn’t wearing anything underneath. Strange, because everyone is doing the same. They don’t have to get Mizuki down since she falls off after a massive nose bleed. Everyone goes back to have fun. Yuuko tells Mizuki she likes it best seeing Lion and her friends have fun. She likes their smile and wants to watch them grow up. It sounds creepy but if that is her dream, so be it. Oh, Lion won the dance.

Episode 8
The girls are showing their summer research projects. Mostly as weird as it gets. Then it’s Mahiro’s turn. She is really eager to show her mecha that allows human to enter the Paradox Zone. Too bad she spent so much time, the teachers won’t let her demonstrate it. Then Mizuki announces their school’s cultural festival and hopes everyone could pitch ideas on what to do based on the theme of coexisting with Foreigners. So the girls start thinking of what to do until Mahiro hits the idea of singing that song Lion hummed. They should be able to learn Foreigner culture from such songs. Since they have only 1 song, Yayoi suggests making a play out of it. This means Mahiro is made the project leader and has to write the script. Responsibility feels so heavy… You can tell how hard she works as she falls asleep in class with lame mechanisms to make it look like she is still awake. The teacher isn’t going to bother her… The rest have a mock battle. At the end of it, Lion still has that green glowing stuff. Kagura suggests she’ll need to train her in more ways. Especially of the heart. How? Kagura feigns attacking Lion and she immediately Trance. This shows she is too sensitive. With threats as small as this, her emotions run wild. Lion isn’t only having trouble trying to be the best Logicalist. Nina too is pondering how to get back to ALCA. Lion doesn’t want to bother Mahiro so she sleeps at Yayoi’s room. She notes that Mahiro always puts in a lot of energy to do things. Of course she has failed many times. But she wouldn’t be Mahiro otherwise. Mahiro has finally write up the script. She makes her casting announcement with Lion and Nina helming the starring roles. While Lion is ecstatic, Nina isn’t.

Episode 9
It’s funny. Lion’s father engaging his entire maid force just to rescue a cat stuck high up. They make it sound so dramatic. But then he has to leave for a more important mission. It’s the school’s cultural festival. Preparations are coming along fine. Except for Lion. Her acting sucks. However she can only act whenever she is in Trance. Otherwise, normal Lion is just as stiff as ever. During the festival, since the play will be in the afternoon, the girls go visit the various stalls. Lion notices a number on Yuuko and it seems those with them are candidates for a popularity contest. And suddenly Lion gets one too. Yeah, you bet her father is promoting very hard to make her win. He has got competition from Mizuki since she is also promoting for Yuuko’s victory. It comes to a crashing halt for big daddy since his wife is here to take him away. Oh, that cat mission was a success. During the play, everything is going well with Rosa in Lion’s place. Until the climax part Lion accidentally slips and is snapped out of her Trance. She gets stage fright. Nina quickly improvises and calms her down so they manage to sing the song together and end the play on a high note. Lion later hugs her mom and ignores her dad. Nina gets a surprise visit by Veronica who is glad she has adapted to high school life and wants her to continue enjoying it. Mizuki announces the winner of the popularity contest: Yuuko! Poor Lion’s dad can’t stop crying. But why do I have a feeling the result is rigged? Yayoi talks to Mahiro that although their play got second place, everybody worked hard for it and believes Mahiro’s message was delivered. Too bad Mahiro is fast asleep.

Episode 10
Lion must be happy winter break is coming. But first… The exams… Not so happy now. Like the last time, there will be written and practical exam. The latter will be in knockout format and it looks like Lion will face Nina in the first round. Nina talks to the principal and is confident she will be placed first in everything. She is requesting for a chance to go back to ALCA. She didn’t give a straight answer but I’m figuring it’s a no. Lion continues to suck at practice with Kagura. I don’t see any improvements at all. So Nina and Lion’s fight is here. Surprisingly, it is Lion who goes on the offensive. This makes Nina mad because it is as though she is hiding her strength all this while. She tries to go easy on her then but Nina feels insulted for being pitied. Sh*t hits the fan when Nina doesn’t consider Lion her friend. Wait. If she isn’t your friend, but you’re worried she is now crying? That is when Lion loses it and her powers go berserk. Rosa takes over and wrecks the place. Nothing like a few shouting from her other friends to bring Lion back. But when Nina tries to talk to her, Rosa takes over again and escapes. Nina volunteers to look for her and Belle is brought along since it has this power to balance her out. When Lion is found, Rosa’s vines start attacking her. Nothing like whipping a few pain and scratches to stir up some emotion. Finally Belle gets to Lion and, uhm, starts glowing. Lion reverts back once Nina manages to touch her. Kiss and makeup, okay? As Nina passes out, Lion notices they are lost in the middle of the icy desert. She seeks Belle’s help and at this point Belle turns into her true majestic Foreigner form. They both make a pact. This means a new Trance outfit for Lion. They return safely. In the aftermath, they are told that the practical is cancelled (but of course) and they’ll calculate their scores based on something else. They also have to report to ALCA in detail. It doesn’t matter who is at fault as ALCA will be the one who decides. That will take some time. More importantly, the duo are back safely. Lion and Nina further reconcile and return to the rest of their friends who are already all geared up for the Christmas party.

Episode 11
The friends leave for the winter break. Nina is only left at the dorm. She is happy because she can now watch her reserves of comedy. What? And also study something about the universe. Huh? All that comes crashing down when she sees Lion in her room. Didn’t she leave? Apparently she heard Nina wasn’t going back and decided to stay. I guess it’s better to be in her company than her dad’s, eh? If you can’t beat them, join them. They got addicted to the kotatsu that they’re so lazy in answering the door. They do a staring contest and Lion loses immediately and laughs like mad. Nina is insulted since she didn’t do a funny face. But Belle is laughing too… It seems someone delivered high quality crabs. From who? Don’t know. But after eating it, they realize it is sent to the wrong person. Fujisaki seems to be waiting forever for it when it finally arrives. She is going to share this with Kagura but something tastes off… It doesn’t tastes like high quality crab… In actuality, Nina and Lion rushed to the store to buy crab sticks and replace them before delivering it to the right doorstep. As Yuuko is making Valentine Chocolates, Lion and Yayoi help out. Lion accidentally spoils the oven but nothing like Mahiro can fix it. But you know how she fixes things… The oven ‘attacks’ Lion but is luckily taken out by Nina’s arrow. Lion gives the chocolate as thanks but after Nina eats it, she feels different. Suddenly Nina confesses she loves Lion and starts hugging her! OMG! First lesbian loli sex?! Why you so freaked out Lion? Didn’t you like this? It is believed Nina’s arrow had some sort of effect so they need to dispose the rest. How? Mahiro eats one! Now she has lesbian loli sex with Yayoi! Karen and Karin walk in to see this betrayal. How will they protect her? Join in and make it a foursome! Yuuko needs to dispose the last one but bumps into Mizuki. She thinks the chocolate is for her and eats it. But we aren’t surprised seeing we know her character. I don’t think she is under its influence as she gets down to her knee and proposes to Yuuko. But Yuuko isn’t shocked. She believes the effects will wear off and returns to the rest. Mizuki feels so rejected. The affected girls return to normal. Nina must be in damn shock to learn what has happened. It’s Lion’s turn to get lovey-dovey with her. Though Nina still gives her own chocolate to Lion and this makes her very happy.

Episode 12
It looks like Lion and Nina won’t be punished by ALCA. However Lion will need to take extra supplementary classes. Later Fujisaki and Kagura talk to Nina privately. They hand her a letter from ALCA commending her actions. Does this mean she has a chance to go back to ALCA? Yayoi and Karin heard this and report it to the rest. The only one still overreacting is Yayoi. Even Lion is happy for Nina. But her happiness looks fake… And then seeing Yuuko packing her stuffs because she is graduating in 2 more days puts a lot more damper. Yayoi thought of hatching up a plan to make it look like there is a reason for Nina to stay but you’ll know it will fail. Like this lavish dinner, the topic of Yuuko leaving permeating the conversation. Then there is this leaving photos of Lion and Nina as a trail. Nina finds it creepy and the one who fell for it is Lion. Yayoi and Mahiro best Karin and Karen to win the right to face Nina in their challenge letter. Nina takes on both of them and in the end she beats them both despite not even going all out. Graduation ceremony is here. Mizuki has lots of fan girls crying over her. Not sure why Mizuki is ‘sad’ when Yuuko tells her juniors that she has been assigned to the same ALCA office as her. Is it because she knows she considers her as troublesome? Is this a hint she doesn’t like her? Suddenly the withered sakura trees bloom back to life. This could only be the work of Lion so Nina starts finding her. Apparently Lion must be so important that Nina purposely runs pass Veronica even when their eyes met. Pretend to look the other way? Eventually Nina finds Lion and learns she did this as a parting gift. Lion promises to catch up to her. Is 5 years enough? Okay Lion. Stop pretending to be tough. It’s time to cry. Nina hugs her and drops the biggest news: She is staying. How could she leave all her previous friends behind? Now everyone can be all smiles again. After they see off Yuuko and Mizuki, they walk home holding hands. They tell each other the kind of Logicalist they want to become. Nina whispers softly that she looks up to Lion. Care to repeat that louder? They return to their waiting friends. Lion bursts the bubble telling them Nina considers them as previous friends. Big smiles! Big group hug! But don’t overdo it! Too late. Lion did so and they all fall into the river. How the heck can Lion catch a fish?!

Screw Logic! Because, Friendship
I guess that is the price we all have to pay for peace. Everything looks so boring unless you enjoy little girls having fun hanging out together you lolicon! It was really kinda expected of Nina to remain because it will be totally sad that if Yuuko goes, it will be double blow for another one to go. I mean, who is going to fill in that freaking huge friendship gap?! Make new friends?! At this point where the anime has just ended?! Screw that. Even happier ending when ALCA decided not to fully punish them because it is a crime to just punish lolis. They might lose some brownie points if they do so because some higher ups might have that sort of fetish. Oops… So another day, another year and another term. I’m guessing more or less the same thing will happen to our friends because what else could happen if there is nothing bad or evil lurking in this time and world but only good and fun times? We better be grateful for those Logicalists who fought and sacrifice their lives for this.

I don’t know. I feel that if the series had not been associated with the original Luck & Logic and stands on its own and everything, I’m not sure if I would feel this way. Because it still is one boring cute girls doing cute things. Sure, there are some cute and light hearted moments but nothing in general that would make it stand out from the numerous cute girls doing cute things shows that I have seen throughout the seasons and years. So for familiarity and nostalgia sake, they use a few familiar terminologies like Foreigners and Logicalists as well as making some of the characters in the original series to return. But they too don’t add much to anything. After all, what plot is there to tell when the Foreigner threat has been subdued? I can only blame myself for expecting that this sequel would be close to the original despite I wasn’t that impressed with the original and had this hope this sequel would make it up. Well, it didn’t. Maybe if I don’t compare it with the original, this spin-off sequel does have its own merits. Like cute girls doing cute things. That can’t be entirely a bad thing, right? Better than seeing cute lolis being sent to battle and fight hostile aliens and seeing them being injured. World peace is the best!

This means whatever questions you want to know and development or things you want to find out about the other worlds especially the Foreigners, they will not be answered. We have no clue about the other world these Foreigners come from or the history or why they have been hostile to us and that curious song that Lion knows that belongs to Foreigners. But screw all that, right? Who cares about Foreigners who look like cute adult humanoids when you can have a bunch of cute lolis.

As for the characters, the main concentration is on the Lion and Nina pair. It’s to showcase their ‘beautiful friendship’, I guess. Because in such peaceful times, Lion is ‘forgiven’ to be helming the role of the airhead, ditz and klutz. We put up with it because she is cute and have that moe charming effect on us. We don’t hate honest girls like her and since she is super genki and lively, all is forgiven. Yeah, I can’t even find myself to consider her annoying as much as I want to. Because you know, moe factor. For dynamism in many friendships, we need to have another character who is at the other end of the pole. That is where Nina comes in. At first she doesn’t show any emotions and isn’t as bubbly as Lion. Slowly she opens up her heart to her and finds that it isn’t bad having her as a friend. It was interesting to note why she was sent here by Veronica instead of continuing her stay at ALCA. I suppose Veronica had some sort of vision of Nina’s attitude and wanted her to experience something that only schools could provide. For better or worse, Nina does change a little. She might not put up big smiles but at least eking out a little smile is better than no smile. Even when she decided to stay and I saw this coming from miles away, it wasn’t really a surprise. From a girl who looked so bent in returning to ALCA has succumbed to the temptations called friendship. Yeah, it can really do wonders even for a strong willed girl like her. My worry is that if Lion drags her down and doesn’t buckle up, they will join ALCA much later. But that’s okay. They have each other, right?

As for the other characters, there isn’t much to note about them and it feels like they are there for a bit of variety. Because there is the danger of us getting bored if they spam too much Lion-Nina time. So like Yayoi, she sounds and looks like a typical oujo-sama although she has her pride, it is a good thing she isn’t the arrogant type like how most oujo-sama types always turn out to be. She is friendly and helpful at times. Her personal bodyguards, Karin and Karen also feel like poles apart. Because with Karin being the more responsible one, Karen is the airhead and ditzy one. Is there some sort of trade off for that because as a result for being the more responsible one, Karin is as flat as a washboard while Karen is so well-endowed. Is this where her brains go to? Mahiro’s running joke is that whatever inventions she makes or fixes, it will tend to blow up in her face. Is this what we all want to remember her by?

Then there is Yuuko and Mizuki. It also feels like a running joke that Mizuki is trying so hard to charm Yuuko but all that always fails and backfires because Yuuko ignores it all or she doesn’t give a sh*t. Maybe it is because of Mizuki’s dramatic over the top acting. Sorry to say this, but perhaps Yuuko isn’t accepting you isn’t because of all the fakeness and bad acting. You should be yourself if you want a better chance of Yuuko accepting you. Or maybe this is Mizuki’s true self? Or Yuuko is just one big blur head and doesn’t know it even if it is spelled out in front of her eyes. Well, keep trying. And keep being disappointed. At least we’ll give you points for being perseverance. Not too sure if Mizuki is trying to be something like Revolutionary Girl Utena because the way she dresses reminds me of so although I didn’t see that anime.

Adding to the mystery aspect is the principal and vice principal. They barely show up unless necessary but the principal herself is a big bag of mystery. I’m sure we have many questions about her existence like why is she always playing a harp in her spare time and why is her hair such an odd colour or maybe if she is some sort of hybrid between a human and Foreigner. But with all the focus on our moe young girls, why do we care about older women anyway?

For added cuteness and the need for an animal mascot of the series, hence the reason why Belle sticks around with Lion. Perhaps the same reason why Pikachu follows Ash instead of being cooped up in the Pokeball like other Pokemon. Because as I have noticed, the girls do possess multiple contracts with several Foreigners and is able to switch and Trance between them. So for Belle to be besides Lion everywhere she goes, it is like a subliminal plot to have them enter a contract eventually. In which in my case, so what? I guess it is better than popping up a random never seen before Foreigner.

Personally, the most interesting and my personal favourite character in this series is not any one of these girls. Yup. The only guy in this series is Lion’s father. Not that I’m being gay with him after being hit with all the loli lesbian fanservice but this guy is just funny. This macho guy isn’t so macho once you get to know how much he dotes on Lion and then gets depressed when his little girl ignores him. The way he overdoes his love and ‘protection’ of Lion is just funny. But I guess that is a father’s love for you. He might be the king of his own little kingdom but he can never be king of Lion’s heart. Because Lion must be going through that puberty phase. Only his wife can put a stop to his extreme ways to spoil his daughter. This guy should get more appearance. And ruin Lion and Nina’s lesbian loli moments? I’m sure papa would approve. As long as it isn’t a boy. I can already imagine this big guy’s reaction if there is ever a time Lion falls in love with a real boy. Imagine that kind of ‘foreigner’…

One of the funniest segments has to be the next episode preview. In many instances, we see the teachers of the school drinking at the bar and mostly Fujisaki and the vice principal complaining about something. Especially about finding her Mr Right. Typically how a frustrated single woman who isn’t getting younger by the day would cry and blurt it all out over a few cups of alcohol. I guess they’re desperate they’ll take on any advice. Even taking some from Lion’s mom who appeared once as a guest. At the end of it all, we see Belle giving us that smirk. Is it trying to imply something about these no hopers?

The action scenes in this sequel isn’t really something to look forward to. It feels forced. Because mock battles between the girls feel necessary from time to time to remind us what this show was about as well as to showcase their magical girl outfits and the transformation scene. Yeah, only in such weird outfits that these girls could pull off special powered moves. Otherwise, the fights are just as boring since it feels like the lesbian loli fanservice is the factor that they are trying to focus on. So if you like your women mature, look somewhere else. So no real fights with dangerous Foreigners because they’ve all been tamed enough so our girls can have a good time frolicking with each other.

Art and animation are very bright and colourful. Important when you want to highlight how cute and moe the girls are. Well, I guess having them in normal school uniform and the occasional magical girl-like outfit when they trance is better than the original’s ALCA uniform whereby the crotch area looks freaking weird. Imagine the female characters wearing those… Just too weird. Animated by Doga Kobo who also did the original series, they also did lots of moe anime like YuruYuri, Koihime Musou, New Game, Love Lab, Sansha Sanyou, GJ-Bu, Gabriel Dropout, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Hidan No Aria AA and Mikakunin De Shinkoukei. I’m sure they have perfected the art of drawing moe girls.

Voice acting feels okay with me only recognizing Rikiya Koyama as Lione’s father, Kana Ueda as Yuuko and Yui Ogura as Karin. The rest are Madoka Asahina as Lion (Nene in New Game), Hibiku Yamamura as Nina (Hibiki in Anne Happy), Natsumi Takamori as Mahiro (Miyano in Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge), Suzuko Mimori as Yayoi (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series), Kaede Yuasa as Karen, Maaya Uchida as Mizuki (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Mai Aizawa as Kagura (Neris in Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan), Tomoyo Takayanagi as Fujisaki, Akiko Yajima as the principal (titular character in Crayon Shin-chan series) and Atsumi Tanezaki as the vice principal (Mizore in Hibike! Euphonium).

The opening theme, Butterfly Effector by True is a heavy rock piece and didn’t resonate with me. But what I find creative in the opening credits animation is the cut out paper stop motion animation that is used amidst some of the real life backdrop. It is pretty cool and creative. Another rock piece for the ending theme, Baby Bird ~Gakuen Logic~ by the trio behind Lion, Nina and Mahiro. The song also isn’t to my liking but again what I find amusing is the ending credits animation of how we see the trio chasing far and wide after their egg rolls away. When they finally grab the egg and it starts hatching, it pops out another egg! It rolls away and hence another repetitive cycle of chasing it down.

Overall, this sequel is just decent and appeal to those who are very much into moe lolis and cute girls doing cute things. Otherwise, fans of the original series would be in for a shock to have discovered how different everything has become. Perhaps another season to explain what happened in between? You know, that goal Yoshichika and Athena supposed to have and do at the end of the original season? No? Don’t remember? So do I. So we have to thank the efforts of the Logicalists who have worked hard to bring peace between the worlds. That is why we are able to enjoy seeing lolis having a good time being lesbians with each other. Ah, good times. Maybe that is why the Foreigners stopped attacking because they too are intrigued and getting a boner in seeing little girls getting overly friendly with each other. Because f*ck logic as long as we get to see cute (lesbian) girls doing cute (lesbian) things.

Luck & Logic

July 24, 2016

Usually after reading the rules of any card or board game, it is basically just down to luck and logic in playing and winning the game most of the time. Yes, my initial perception of hearing Luck & Logic being adapted from a trading card game (though I have never heard it before in my entire life) would be something much like Yugioh. You know that retro show, right? You summon monsters, magic or traps with the pack of magic cards you have and battle it out. Good news or bad news, this anime isn’t even close to that. There are no cards even used in fighting enemies that come from another dimension! I know I can only blame myself for not understanding something when I didn’t take the initiative to go find out more and read up on it beforehand. But hey, it couldn’t be that bad, right? What is that you say? This is a sci-fi action series?! Oh God… Sci-fi terms… OH NO!!! Too late…

Episode 1
Yoshichika Tsurugi is watching some epic battle. But when his little sister, Shiori comes into his room, he hides the video. She remains suspicious and thinks he is viewing some porn site. Yeah… There is a Paradox Level alerted so Yoshichika takes extreme but silly measures for safety despite the level is just a low one. You can never be too careful… In town, a police group called Another Logic Counter Agency AKA ALCA (sci-fi magical girls?) are taking on a Foreigner (monster) and easily defeat it. Veronica Ananko, the section bureau chief of ALCA is interviewing Yukari Nanahoshi as a new ALCA member. She is recruited because of the sudden appearance in her power which will eventually disappear when she reaches adulthood. ALCA’s job is to protect the peace in the area. Another Paradox Level alert is sounded and this one is a huge one. Attacking people at a mall where Yoshichika and Shiori are there to get their dad a birthday gift, Yoshichika plays hero by saving a lost kid and then trying to tackle the bull monster on his own. He is led away by a girl named Athena. Although the threat is contained by ALCA, Foreigner got away. Athena has specifically come here to see Yoshichika because he is a Logicalist, those with special powers in this world allowing them to comprehend otherworldly Logic and invoke it. She wants to be his Covenant. As proof, she found his lost Logic Card. He is ready to join but Shiori is very much against this. Yoshichika believes the current strength of ALCA is unable to defeat Foreigner. Shiori throws a fuss about his promise to protect the family instead of being a world hero and not talk like a stereotypical main character! You don’t say… But he has made up his mind. He is going to protect everybody. Because he is the main character! Haha!

As they get into the truck, he asks Athena why she chose him. 2 years ago at Hong Kong, he used the prohibited Over Trance to save a life even if it is from the otherworldly. He is the kind of person who would sacrifice his own personality for that. That is why she wants to protect this world with him. They make a contract and it sounded like a marriage vow if you substitute the right terms. Yeah, they kissed at the end… Our ALCA cosplayers are having a tough time containing the bull who is going on another rampage. Once Yoshichika enters the scene, he takes control and shows his badass side invoking all the special terms to put the beast down once and for all. Yeah, he kicked ass. Some ALCA girls are wary of this guy. Some just want to get flirty with this hot dude. Is it harem time already? But the biggest battle he has to face is Shiori. She will not allow him to transfer to ALCA. Big brother convinces her he will protect her, dad and the city. F*ck it! Don’t be a buranko and just let him go! Yoshichika arrives at ALCA and he would like to save the introductions for tomorrow as he is very tired. To his shock, he thought his room is occupied but as Veronica explains, it is ALCA’s mandatory policy to strengthen the bonds of Logicalists and Covenants by living together. Yoroshiku ne!

Episode 2
Yoshichika is having a weird dream romancing Athena. What a coincidence, she is too! The logic is that since they both Tranced, they share each other’s Logic. Huh? He then meets the director of ALCA, Utsutsuno Jarno before meeting fellow Logicalist, Olga Breakchild. He passes off as an arrogant fortunetelling jerk. Yoshichika tries to ask Veronica about Olga but she tells him not to say that name. His fellow ALCA girls take a quiz helmed by Veronica’s Covenant, Nemesis. In this quiz we get to learn a few things like demons connecting to other worlds via Gates and some of the Gods that come to live here are Covenants help rid those demons known as Foreigners. Of course with the Gate connecting to Tetra Heaven not closed, the reason why Foreigners spill out. So to close the Gate, one needs a Gate Card in which you obtain from a fallen Foreigner. This also disables the Foreigner from going through Gates again. The quiz ends with the blonde chick, Chloe Maxwell scoring the lowest (are they trying to hint dumb blonde?) and she has to make them supper. Those towering burgers… Yoshichika gets a distressing call from Shiori about dad bringing home another woman and doing some funny stuffs with her. Literally. Swimming backstroke? WTF?! Is this how you make love? Apparently this isn’t a big enough emergency for him to go ‘rescue’. Then he remembers yesterday’s introduction cut short so he apologizes and gets to know the girls. Aside Chloe, we have Tamaki Yurine and Mana Asuha along with their Covenants Venus, Artemis and Valkyrie. They are shocked over his 2000 over clocked Trance Time. Fast recovery rate, I guess. Even Tamaki as the best one is only 255 hours. When he asks them about Olga, they feel reluctant to say. He even calls his old pal to find out more but he doesn’t know anything. It makes Yoshichika feel the higher ups have something to hide. Speaking of which, Olga visits that bull Foreigner, Belial and is attempting to do something.

Yoshichika and the girls are in a simulated trial against Belial. Only Yukari sits out because she doesn’t have her own Covenant. As she learns some terms like Trancejack (Foreigner taking over a person’s body), she doesn’t understand the concept of Over Trance. Veronica won’t tell her so Olga is here to explain how all living things have 1000 Logic Cards. You share half of that when you Trance. Over Trance is a last ditch attempt to completely join all your Logic Cards. The risk is that they both will fall into Paradox Sick and your personality destroyed. After the successful trial, Yoshichika sees Olga and bombards him with questions. No answers, though. A low Paradox Level alert is sounded so Veronica orders Yoshichika to go alone. However he is not amused that Olga is given special treatment. What makes him special? He is a Logicalist but not a Logicalist. HUH?! WTF?! What kind of logic is that?! So the Foreigner is bullying small kids and easily surrenders when Yoshichika tells him to. Weakling. When Olga is going to do something to Belial again, Yoshichika catches him in the act and bombards another round of questions. No answer. That is when Athena helps to answer about him being a Logicalist but not one. It simply means despite he is a Logicalist, he doesn’t have a Covenant and his Trance time is zero. Is that supposed to be awesome? He has been trying to persuade Belial but was unable to make a Covenant. The reason everyone avoids talking to him is because they felt bad for him. That’s it? Olga puts on the biggest poker face he will get the greatest Covenant but till then will just consign to his fate. Then he laughs like a maniac. Maybe it is getting to him. Jarno congratulates Yoshichika on his successful trial and has decided to make him the new leader of the group. Tamaki is against it but you know what they say when your boss’ orders are absolute.

Episode 3
Yoshichika can’t get over what Tamaki said. Perhaps the same for her too as she casts a forlorn figure as she writes a traditional letter to her sister she isn’t a leader anymore. When Tamaki becomes distant from the group, here comes Olga with his ambiguous talk about Tamaki can’t give up on her dream. Want to know more? Ask the boss. Yoshichika did ask Veronica. Apparently Tamaki wanted to become a doctor to save lives. But her Logic powers came about and she was drafted into ALCA. She never complained and tweaked her thinking as her job and dream goal is the same. A Paradox Level alert is sounded. A pair of succubus and incubus is terrorizing the city. The team split into pairs and it seems Tamaki is not pleased she is paired with Yoshichika. Chloe and Mana are successful as they quickly destroy the incubus. However it is not the case for the other pair as they are not the offensive type. It gets complicated when Tamaki is ordered to kill the succubus but she becomes reluctant and starts spacing out. Yoshichika had to save her but his attack does not do any damage and thus the succubus escapes. Because she disobeyed a direct order, Veronica has her grounded much to Yoshichika’s dismay because she clearly gave an order that is against Tamaki’s principle to cherish lives. Yoshichika is probably cursing Tamaki’s fate when suddenly Athena confesses she loves him! Hey wait. Too fast?! She loves him because of his deep sense of compassion.

When the succubus reappears, Veronica personally goes down to the field with Yoshichika. Mercilessly right off the bat she bombs the hell out of the Foreigner. Tamaki can’t stay sulking forever and with motivation from Venus, she heads back into the battlefield. The succubus targets Tamaki but she manages to block her attack. Veronica orders her to kill the Foreigner. Tamaki is still hesitating till Venus reminds her about love that eventually hurt others isn’t love. With that logic, Tamaki goes into killing mode and unleashes her Logic Drive to kill the succubus. Yoshichika is disappointed but Veronica will not force him to accept it as he has his own Logic. Tamaki apologizes to everyone and thanks Yoshichika for trying to stop her. She will try to believe in him from now on. Likewise, he is going to believe in everybody. They can put their Logic together and save the city. Maybe except for Olga because nobody gives a damn or expects anything from him. A very high 9.8 Paradox Level alert is sounded but if vanishes soon after. Athena goes to see Lucifer and is not pleased he is in this world. He feels he has no place over there anymore and this world could be his new paradise. After tasting a little Trancing with this chick, yeah why not?

Episode 4
There a short flashback whereby Tamaki tried her best to save Chloe from a Foreigner. Though successful, she was injured. Chloe believes she has better physical movement and wants to become a Logicalist. Veronica and her research team are trying to find the source of that Paradox Level but to no avail. So Chloe does her own investigation and tracing that leads her talking to that woman seduced by Lucifer. Then a couple of Foreigners are detected. Our team goes into action and Yoshichika wants Chloe to rendezvous with them. However she is going to take out the Foreigner nearest to her first. Wow! See her jump over a bunch of kindergarten kids with her bicycle! Chloe manages to defeat the Foreigner although she senses something amiss. Because of that, Yoshichika is injured on his side. When Chloe reunites with them, Tamaki blows her top about not following orders to take out the Foreigners in order as Yoshichika intended. Chloe has no intention to accept that and argues back it is faster to fight Foreigners separately. Because of this, they have bad blood between them. When multiple Foreigners are detected, Yoshichika is called in to do the job. I guess there is no other ace than he is. Chloe and Tamaki are on their way too but they have to wait for some cooling period for their Trance before they can jump into action. In the meantime, let the b*tch arguing begin! Yoshichika is at his limit but he has to tough it out till reinforcements arrive. So when Chloe and Tamaki finally are able to back up Yoshichika, let’s hope they’ll use all their anger out on the Foreigner which is a little weird and unique because the more it is destroyed, the stronger it gets and there are no signs of people who were Trancejacked. It could mean this Foreigner is a puppet. Who cares about that because Chloe just slices them all with her long sword till the real one shows up. Reminiscing their heydays of rivalry and competition, Chloe and Tamaki team up to destroy this jester for good. They get back on good terms as Athena decides to reveal about the Foreigner, Lucifer. That fallen angel is that 9.8.

Episode 5
Yoshichika is worried that Mana is missing but Tamaki knows the story. As a baby, she was abandoned at a locker. Although she was taken in by an orphanage, she didn’t fit in. She always waited by the locker in hopes her real parents would show up one day. Even after joining ALCA a year ago, she continued to do this. The girls tried to be her surrogate family but she is more of the lone wolf type. I know Yoshichika wants to cheer her up but asking his dad for advice? Because he serves red bean soup, Tamaki recognizes this move as she also saw it in a magazine. You do so to seduce lonely girls! Yoshichika, you’re the worst! Yoshichika decides to talk directly to her and he got her attention when he talks about his Over Trance experience. He was just lucky to lose his Logicalist ability because normally memories and feelings would be wiped out as well. A Foreigner is detected. Tamaki and Chloe head in first but they have to escape as their Logic Rate is fast declining. Thanks to the venom that consumes their mental and physical strength, they cannot get near it. This means a job for Mana’s sniper skills. Unfortunately she thinks she can sneak up in her stealth form but gets owned instead. Mana recuperates in hospital. The Foreigner is left alone for the time being but they have to do something quick as it is absorbing the entire city’s electricity. Total blackout. You know it is big sh*t when Jarno himself enters the scene. As expected, Mana can’t sit still and sneak out to handle the Foreigner herself. There is a chance she can beat it from a distance and that is by using Over Trance. In fact, she wants it to happen to her as she wants to start anew. With Jarno taking full responsibility of this, Veronica gives her permission to use Over Trance. Not on Yoshichika’s watch. His plan is to have Mana fire at point blank range as he brings her close to the Foreigner. He even has time to preach about how she has friends now. There are people who will be sad if she is gone. Is she going to betray them? Pulled a few heart strings there, right? And as expected, the duo pull off the move to defeat the snake Foreigner and bring back the city lights. Mana continues her recuperation in hospital. She flashes a rare shy and cute smile but Tamaki misses it and wants her to show it again. Too late. You blink, you miss.

Episode 6
We see Yukari doing errands like serving drinks and cooking. This is what you do when you don’t have a Covenant? She and Olga are called for a Trance testing session. As expected, both fail. Yukari asks for tips to achieving a Trance. Being the smart girl she is, she probably knew it is about reaching out to each other and how it differs from one Logicalist to another. That snake Foreigner, Quetzalcoatl is being imprisoned. Since he couldn’t quit yapping about being cold, this dumb ALCA guard, Kitaoka decides to bring him blankets (really?). He panics when he thinks snakey is dead but that is in fact the oldest trick in the book. Gotcha! Quetzalcoatl Trancejack him and is about to devour Yukari but she let him taste her cooking instead. Good? She manages to keep the conversation going by talking about being managers (she was a football manager in her school) and priestess. He isn’t fond of humans because of the lack of reverence they have towards Gods, that’s why they go rampage here. Veronica and Yoshichika need to settle this fast because whether you realize it or not, Yukari is being held hostage and just buying time. The plan is to blast the floor and collapse it, dropping them both down. What about Yukari? That is Yoshichika’s job to save her. He is talking about saving lives, he should be able to pull this off, right? As for Olga, he has got a job too and that is communicating with Yukari. But he has to be on site to do that and relay messages about their plan and stall for time. Yukari seems to be giving her same answers to both Quetzalcoatl and Olga so it might seem a little odd. Eventually Quetzalcoatl isn’t dumb and he knows Olga has been communicating and owns that dude. Before he could devour her for her ‘betrayal’, the floor beneath collapses. Yoshichika saves her. Veronica attacks Quetzalcoatl mercilessly. Yukari has a bad feeling and doesn’t like even if Quetzalcoatl dies. So she uses her football kicking skills to hit away Veronica’s bomb! Quetzalcoatl is shocked she protected him because he praised her as a manager. It is so touching that Quetzalcoatl just gives up! As she recuperates, he asks Yukari to ‘serve him as his priestess’. In a Trance testing session, Yukari perfectly Trances with Quetzalcoatl. Woah! Now she is flying! But that Trance outfit… Freaking… Weird!!! Like an oversized animal pyjamas… But hey, she has now surpassed you, Olga.

Episode 7
Yoshichika and his team get the day off. This means happy news for Shiori because big brother will be coming back! Miss him? Upon return, he is surprised his other team members pop a happy birthday surprise. That’s because it is not his birthday. Say what? Oh dear. It is a trick by Shiori? If you think their dad is going to bring another woman home at this time, don’t worry, it is Veronica and he won’t be doing anything funny to her. They had their little fun over the evening and things got awkward when dad starts asking about if anyone likes anybody here. Especially if his son has a certain type he likes. A little later, Athena goes out to do an errand and she sees Lucifer flirting with a couple of girls. Lucifer assures he is only here to enjoy himself but Athena is not so convinced because he is the one responsible for inciting the 100 year war. Lucifer tries to hint Athena has feelings for Yoshichika. As she cannot say it, he completes her sentence that once the fighting is over, she will be going back to Tetra Heaven and their partnership is just temporary. Yoshichika looking for her, stumbles into them. He becomes wary of this threat but Lucifer takes his leave. He also admonishes Athena for talking to someone dangerous and didn’t call him immediately. As it is getting late, most of the girls have left except for Nemesis hanging out with Shiori checking up some zombie thing and Tamaki and Athena having a censored yuri fanservice bath time! But it is even mind boggling that Olga is hanging out in Yoshichika’s room and wearing his shirt! WTF?! There is an ambiguous gay gesture from him too! Something about Olga trying to open Yoshichika’s eyes if all Foreigners are bad. Does he consider them all as threat? Why can’t men and Gods coexist? Yoshichika feels the need to apologize to Athena so he rushes up to see her just when she is getting out from the bath. Nice body. Yoshichika is more shock than Athena. So he has to apologize for this too… But to Tamaki? Wrong person. She also scolds him about Athena being down recently because he doesn’t trust her. Yoshichika finally apologizes to Athena and will never doubt her again. See, problem solved. Happy goddess again. Meanwhile Veronica and Nemesis visit Ash Paxton in hospital. He doesn’t remember his former subordinate.

Episode 8
Yoshichika is summoned to Jarno’s room. He finds Veronica’s resignation letter. Time for a little history class. 4 years ago when Ash was Veronica’s trainer, he was Trancejacked by an ice belva Foreigner. His personality was destroyed and he was quarantined in some deep underground base. All Jarno could do was transfer broken hearted Veronica to this branch. Something odd happened when Ash was moved and the belva which was tightly contained started running wild. He wants Yoshichika to bring Veronica back. Yoshichika and Yukari are sent to Sapporo where Ash is relocated while the rest stay back. Otherwise, who would protect the city if they all go, right? Veronica is already at Sapporo where she is questioning the lab chief, Orlov Tunguska of his decision to relocate Ash. She then sees the belva trying to get Ash who is atop the helipad. She goes to confront it and will have her revenge by killing it. When Yoshichika and Yukari arrive, Orlov won’t let them reach Veronica and sets traps to sabotage them. It makes them stumble into a secret lab where there are all illegal experiments on Foreigners and they are all dead. Relaying this info back to base and hacking into the system, they see a shocking video of Orlov and Ash trying to do a dangerous Over Trance experiment on the belva. The belva is rejecting any form of Trance but Orlov pushes ahead with it in hopes he can control Over Trance and become famous as the protector of humans. Of course the experiment failed big time. They manage to reach Veronica in time as she is still facing off with the belva. He tells her and even shows her that video that the belva is actually the victim of an illegal experiment. It is the belva whose mind was destroyed. Veronica still cannot believe it but Orlov blows up the scaffolding, confident he has destroyed all proof. Guess what? All of them survived. Veronica does not heed Yoshichika’s words as she is going to get her revenge. Images of Ash’s kindness towards her flashes through her mind. She is still in shock with the revelations so I think she is going to blow herself up with the belva. Only Yoshichika is faster and throws the bomb away. In the aftermath, Orlov is arrested for his violations. Despite Jarno quashing Veronica’s resignation letter, she feels she has no right to return to ALCA for nearly killing an innocent Foreigner. If big boss cannot convince her, perhaps all the petty problems of the rest of her subordinates would. Yeah, looks like she is staying. And she assigns them to tough duties in that instant. Welcome back.

Episode 9
Olga is the only one left without a Covenant so he must be pretty desperate now. Yes, he is still trying to convince captured Foreigners to be his Covenant. None gave him a hoot perhaps for this one, Enlil. He will do so in exchange for setting him free for a day as he has unfinished business. He will honour his word and come back after that. But the risk is too great for Olga to take even if Enlil claims his power is on par with Lucifer. Lucifer charms his way into ALCA to see Jarno. He wants to join ALCA and be a Covenant to someone. Upon hearing those words, Olga instantly screams out to be his volunteer. Desperate case indeed. Too bad Jarno won’t allow that as there is still much not known about Lucifer. Even later Olga wants an explanation why he was denied this chance but Jarno’s logic is that they need to be cautious because it is the greatest fallen angel they’re talking about. So he takes out his frustrations in some simulator but even so gets owned by a low level Foreigner! Pathetic? Till new ALCA staff, Shinobu Miki stops him and slaps him for not valuing his life. As they chat, Olga gets the hint that they need to ask someone who knows Lucifer. And that person or rather Foreigner is Enlil. Of course he would tell all he knows but in exchange for that single day of freedom. Tempting? Before you know it, the red alert is sounded and Enlil is causing havoc in the city. Yoshichika and his team engage him but Enlil is only interested in settling his score with Veronica. Olga wakes up in hospital and he realizes he has Paradox Sick and his Logic Card is missing. The rest are discussing if Enlil’s escape was an inside job and since Olga is heavily suspected, there is no evidence. Shinobu tries to sooth Olga that she believes in him and how the higher ups are trying to suspect him and bury this case. He remembers clearly he was indeed torn to set free Enlil. But before he did anything, Enlil’s containment opened. But Olga is pissed that he is no longer a Logicalist. There goes his dream. Not too sure if Shinobu is under Lucifer’s charm or is really working for him… Because now Lucifer sees Olga and claims he has his Logic Card. You up for it?

Episode 10
Olga is now missing and it seems Lucifer has brought him to his secret cult base where people are worshipping him like a God. With Quetzalcoatl’s tracking, they manage to confirm Olga is with Lucifer. Also, the one who opened Enlil’s containment is Shinobu. The Covenants interrogate Quetzalcoatl on how he knows all this or else they will cook and cut him up! I wonder what he tastes like… Anyway, Quetzalcoatl has met Lucifer before. It was him whom he got the Gate Card and entered this world. In fact, that is how all Foreigners got here. Yup, Lucifer is your culprit in bringing them here. Lucifer’s purpose was to save demons that are suffering in Tetra Heaven by providing an alternate place to live. He is sorry for the trouble he has caused by doing so. Really? However his ultimate wish is to have humans and Gods coexist. He introduces Olga to his followers as he officially becomes Olga’s Covenant. Olga now powers up with Lucifer’s power (but short of being Trancejack) as he tries to convince the people of ALCA’s evil experiment deeds on captured Foreigners. Yoshichika tries some diplomacy to make him change his mind about the hell he is about to create but Olga is so brainwashed with his paradise concept that I guess he has to do it the hard way. Too bad Yoshichika got owned. Mana on an undercover investigation discovers people with Paradox Sick are lining up in some place to get Trancejacked. In exchange for discarding Logic Cards they don’t want, they will receive more ideal Logic Cards. In other words, deliberate Logic Card transplant. Even when Yoshichika’s girls and even Veronica herself combine to attack, they are no match for Olga. Behold the power of Lucifer! Then he waltzes into ALCA to free all the captured Foreigners. Jarno gives him one last chance to stop this foolishness but do you think a guy who has tasted such power would give up just like that? Olga returns to the cult with the Foreigners and has everyone who wants to Trancejack (heck, all of them wants it) and create their paradise. The city is now overrun with high level readings of Foreigners.

Episode 11
When Foreigners from Tetra Heaven are appearing all over Japan, it is such a bad state that you know Jarno has to assume command of the operation. The ladies do their Trancing to fight past Foreigners we have seen. Yeah, it feels like a final test to contain them. Only difference is that now they are doing it alone. Don’t worry, they’re all contained. Only Olga is left. Veronica is the only one to rendezvous with Yoshichika since the rest are at their limit and need to recover. After watching Olga does his tricks so many times, Yoshichika has deduced his spear can only either attack or defend at a time. He will bait Olga to attack him and when that happens, Veronica will unleash her assault. But we should have guessed that when Olga is the type of the powerful final boss, he has a few tricks up his sleeves. He summons another spear so he can attack and defend at the same time. Yoshichika and Athena revert back as they have reached their limit so Veronica protects them from Olga’s attack, injuring her in the process. Olga gives him 2 choices of either despair or destruction and will wait for his answer. Yeah, he has got all the time in the world. If it is not bad enough, all other ALCA bases nationwide have been overwhelmed by Foreigners. Like as though this city is the only one capable of kicking Foreigners’ ass. Yoshichika sees his family and a bunch of kids at the simulation room used as evacuation centre. With their motivation, he has decided. You can tell he has come up with a dangerous plan from the looks of Jarno and the other ALCA staffs’ reaction. Yoshichika gives Olga his answer: He will choose neither. Then he has Jarno give him permission to Over Trance. He transforms into… An angelic knight? To show how powerful the prohibited Logic is, you can see how fast and powerful as he kicks Olga’s ass. But Olga too won’t lose out so he does the unthinkable going into Over Trance with Lucifer. Hmm… He looks the same as a dark rocker but just with Lucifer’s hairstyle. Oh, darkness tentacles spreading all over the place? Yeah well, it is causing everyone else to be Paradox Sick.

Episode 12
Athena’s Paradox Level reduces the Paradox Sick. There is their argument over their Logic on what is paradise and hope but you know how words never change anything. Yoshichika gets owned big time. The ALCA girls can’t even Trance yet but they can’t sit there in the base and do nothing so they go protect him. I doubt they can do anything like that but yeah, it’s better than nothing. Because Olga will not hurt the girls as this fight is between him and only Yoshichika, Lucifer possesses him. I don’t know what move he made but only Veronica gets injured. Did I miss something? Olga feels betrayed when Lucifer mentions he could have made a contract with anyone. This means Olga wasn’t specifically a chosen one. The other girls tell off Lucifer about his goal to have men and demons coexist. That is just a facade for him to rule over everything. Before Lucifer can fully control Olga, Olga throws away the spear. He threw away his 100% chance of victory just to have a fist fight with Yoshichika? Some Logic… I guess that is why when the mouth doesn’t convince the brain, the fists would. Yoshichika pulls off some combos on Olga before the latter traps him and is going to counter it when he is already at his limit. To save him, Yoshichika goes into Over Trance. The girls try to protect Yoshichika and salvage as many Logic Cards he is losing at the moment. A week later, Athena wakes up from her slumber in hospital bed. Olga seems to have been reformed and learnt his lesson. There are mini bowling balls over him in which if he starts thinking about bad things that would harm the world (like world domination), it would punish him. I wonder if it works for porn… When Olga visited Lucifer in the containment, he has permission to return his Logic Card of coexisting. But Lucifer would rather die than live in disgrace so Olga absorbs the Logic Card as remembrance and Lucifer vanished. Olga explains how every last Foreigner has been put down by each branch and the Gates sealed. Most of Yoshichika and Athena’s Logic Cards were retrieved except for one each…

Speaking of Yoshichika, Athena quickly goes to see him. He looks fine but… He doesn’t remember who Athena is. The Logic Card he lost is for his memories. Why always the most important card?! As for Athena, because she doesn’t feel sad about him not remembering her, she realizes her lost Logic Card is sorrow. She remembers before the fight, they talked about the possibility of their Logic Cards scattering when they Over Trance and become completely different individuals. They then argue they will promise to find each other’s Logic Card when it happens (just like how Athena did the first time she met him). So Yoshichika made a promise the first one to do so will have the other grant a wish. Well, I don’t think he is going to remember that anymore… With the war over, the goddesses are supposed to return home but each has their own lame excuse to continue staying here. Yeah, it will be sad if they parted, right? The girls are given a new mission to find their lost Logic Cards. Olga takes over as their leader and will remain to protect the city. However it feels no different since there is peace. Yoshichika is reduced to taking basic lessons from Veronica but he always seems to escape the facility. On one time, Athena catches him standing at the place they first met. His reason of escaping is so he could help find the Logic Card. Oh, he found hers. Once absorbed into her, Athena is overcome with sad emotions. I suppose he doesn’t remember he has the right to have her grant his wish but he does anyway: To stop being so formal with each other. That’s it?! Can’t argue with his Logic… It gives Athena more motivation to continue searching for his.

F*ck Logic!
Well, the only thing that prevents me from calling this series as average (and on my bad days, poor) is the fact that this series is getting another season! Therefore I cannot ‘judge’ this show entirely since there is another half of it yet to be aired because if I do so, I might look bias and prejudicial in assuming the series as a whole to be so. But it doesn’t prevent me from just reviewing this season alone, right? So yeah. F*ck all that logic and let me just give my 2 cents worth of sh*t here.

Thankfully the terms are not all that bad because for sci-fi genres, this has been the bane that prevents me from understanding and thus enjoying the series (read: Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei and To Aru Majutsu No Index). I could get by most of the simple terms but there are some that still baffles me like the main terminology of Logic itself. I am not sure if it is just a reference to that simple reasoning or it is some magic term. Anyway, I am too lazy to even check it up seeing I am not that crazy about the series. Yeah, now you know why I don’t understand a series in particular too, right? Blame that lazy part of me as well.

There are some character developments albeit not too deep. Seeing there is going to be another season, thus another area of this series which I am prevented to calling the character developments as lacking. Although there seems to be an episode to focus a girl/character in particular, it isn’t deep enough to flesh them out properly. Like Mana’s case as an abandoned child using the locker as her second home-cum-hideout and Veronica’s misguided grudge against a Foreigner towards her beloved instructor. But there is all to it.

Therefore basically the team of ALCA kids we see here are somewhat cliché and typical in what you usually see in many of such anime teams. Like Yoshichika as the main character of a harem that seemingly never materializes (more on this later) and with a heart of gold. The producers knew we were going to label him as a cliché main character so they beat us to it by making a running joke for other characters especially his sister to call his actions as one that is typical of a cliché main character. Yeah… In the end, he might not start out as an amnesiac character, but he ended up being one, which is pretty cliché, right? The one thing that bugged me when Yoshichika lost all his memories, don’t ALCA have any sort of video recorder to replay some of the important scenes like when Yoshichika is fighting with Athena? That should at least you know, give some sort of assurance that she is his Covenant instead of him asking how the heck she is each time. Why hasn’t anybody think of this?! What kind of Logic does everyone have?! I don’t know where lost Logic Cards end up and seeing how they are randomly found in streets (I think), I hope some kid didn’t find Yoshichika’s Logic Card and start trading it like some rare Pokemon card. Yeah, those are somebody’s memories you’re dealing with.

Tamaki is the serious and no nonsense girl just like ice queen Veronica but the latter is more brutal and shows no mercy. Chloe is the liveliest and cheekiest among the lot where her fists do the thinking and talking more than her brains (and a strange penchant for giving everyone weird nicknames) while Mana is the extreme opposite as the quiet and emotionless girl. Then you have the so called ‘manager’ in Yukari but I hardly see that in her as she is more of an extra character till she formed a pact with Quetzalcoatl and the duo become some sort of comic relief of the series. I mean, take a look at this pair. Yukari is the only one who has a monster as her partner instead of another hot gorgeous woman. Quetzalcoatl is already cute and comical, only thinking if something is good to eat in his little snake form. Yeah, the mascot of the series. And when the duo go about fighting Foreigners, they are probably the weakest of the lot and with Yukari’s clumsiness, it makes them all the more comical. Some of the goddesses’ character follows closely to their contracted Logicalist like Artemis but others are totally opposite like Nemesis who acts a lot like a cheeky brat. I was wondering what happened to Shinobu. Did she got fired from ALCA or was she one of the many who perished during the war that we don’t really care about?

What else can I say about Olga? At first he strikes off as a mysterious intimidating character but after you get to know the reason he puts on his high and mighty act, he doesn’t seem to be that intimidating anymore and could instead be the other comical character in addition to being the other guy. I think his character role is one of the rarest in many of the animes out there because not only he plays like the secondary other guy and the joker (“I can hear my Logic…”), he also becomes the main antagonist in the final arc of this season. To show he is not a total jerk and has an evil heart, that is why that chivalrous heart of his to fight Yoshichika fair and square instead of playing dirty of involving others became his downfall. Somewhat pretty cliché for a villain, right? Of course he gets betrayed and then returns to the right path and becomes the next leader. Wow. How cool is that? He gets to play a lot of roles as a secondary character. Well, I believe this is an indication of what might happen to secondary guys if they don’t get enough attention and they themselves are desperate to become the main character. Lucifer is such a powerful and charming character and yet he still lost. Thanks to the Logic of good triumphing over evil in the end. Yeah…

Seeing a single guy and his group of beauties always compel me to hope for some kind of harem. Heh. I guess I am that kind of guy. Too bad as far as this season is concerned, nothing seems to be going in that direction. That last episode with all the girls trying to protect Yoshichika feels like it was a ploy to throw us off. But still, being the cliché main character he is, I suppose at some point he needs to have his harem surround him, right? And there you go. Strike that out from the list of what a cliché main character should have and do. So basically it all boils down to all the girls have their respect for Yoshichika as their leader (and main character) but none that have been hinting any sort of romantic links especially my guts and experience tells me that Tamaki is most potential among the lot. How to have love in peace when Foreigners keep busting our world every day? Perhaps the only one showing potential is Shiori with her buranko but I don’t think she is the extreme type. Of course Yoshichika has Athena and she is the only one who confessed the magical 3 words. But even so is that in a professional sense or romantic sense? After all, everyone has their own Logic for everything. Yeah, they trolled us with the initial romancing dream sequence between Yoshichika and Athena. Therefore Yoshichika pales in comparison as a ladies’ man unlike his dad. I wonder if their late mom has anything to say about this. Good thing or bad thing he isn’t the main character…

There are enough action bits to keep viewers satisfied but ultimately if you are a hardcore adrenaline junkie, this won’t really suffice. I mean, if you are looking for gore and blood on the kind of level which is like Shingeki No Kyojin, you’d be sorely disappointed. There are special effects and there are explosions (it might be just me because my audio hardware keeps getting all those booming vibrations) with some of that fancy sci-fi magic thingy. Whatever that logic is. So every character has their own one or two unique moves like Veronica’s bombs, Mana’s sniping or Olga bombarding his five star, seven star, eleven star, evening star or million zillion starry star magic. Okay, I made up the last bit but you get the idea.

One reason why I sometimes think this is partially a magical girl series is because of the transformation scene when the Logicalists Trance with their goddesses. But unlike other magical girl transformation scenes, we see the characters fuse with each other and thus a little hint of yuri in it. Yup, it seemed like the girls are making love when they combine. It is the same with Yoshichika and Athena and it is like they’re making love for a few short seconds there. If you can stand straight and lesbian make-outs, wait till you see the one with Olga and Lucifer! Yikes! Gay!!! I mean, did those guys almost kissed???!!! Oh yeah, Trancing. Truly fearsome.

Art and drawing are pretty standard. Some CGI is used especially during battle scenes with Foreigners. But the designs of some of the costumes especially when the ALCA girls Trance with their partners would raise an eyebrow or two because like in Tamaki’s case, her outfit looks something like a magical girl. Mana? Black Rock Shooter called. She wants her outfit back! Character designs are pretty normal till I saw Lucifer because of his Super Saiyan hairstyle! Is it over 9000???!!! Just kidding. Well, not entirely his hairstyle but his so called mullet or ponytail that is sticking out like so. And hey, doesn’t Chloe look a lot like Chitoge from Nisekoi?! Is she done being tsundere and decided to kick some monster’s ass? And Yukari, I think I have seen her as a character from Girl Friend (Kari)… As for the designs of the Foreigners, well, I’m not going so far to say they look like worthy of being Ultraman’s monster of the week.

This is probably the first time that I instantly recognize Risa Taneda when Tamaki said her very first lines. Because it instantly brought back how similar her character sounds to Yukina from Strike The Blood. I thought it was the same character transported to a different anime. And what do you know? I thought Tamaki has that strikingly familiar looks to Mirai of Kyoukai No Kanata who is also voiced by Risa Taneda. It is also somewhat the same for Nemesis who is voiced by Izumi Kitta. Due to her lack of screen time, it isn’t obvious but her cheeky nature and her speech time reminded me she sounded so much like that perverted Tomoko in WataMote. Yes indeed. It is refreshing to hear Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Olga after hearing him voice countless stereotypic teen main characters. Thus he sounds quite different but yet retaining his familiar voice over the character. But this isn’t the first time I heard him playing such roles as he did the same in that cowardly baddie character in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Oh, the seiyuu who played Chitoge in Nisekoi, Nao Touyama? Well, she didn’t play Chloe but as Venus. Chloe is played by Sora Tokui (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).

The other casts include Kensho Ono as Yoshichika (Slaine in Aldnoah.Zero), Sumire Uesaka as Athena (Shalltear in Overlord), Kousuke Toriumi as Lucifer (Kiba in Naruto), Risa Mizuno as Veronica (Sayori in Vampire Knight), Inori Minase as Mana (Nagisa in Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa), Aimi as Yukari (Sherry in Plastic Memories), Chiaki Omigawa as Valkyrie (Maka in Soul Eater), Fumiko Orikasa as Artemis (Rukia in Bleach), Houzumi Gouda as Jarno (Leorio in Hunter x Hunter), Mariya Ise as Shinobu (Levi in Fairy Tail), Ai Kayano as Shiori (Inori in Guilty Crown) and Ryuu Nakatani making his debut as Quetzalcoatl. Kensho Ono also sings the opening theme, Story a rock based outfit while Emi Nitta does the dramatic ending theme, Meiyaku No Kanata.

Overall, okay fights, okay effects, okay characters and everything else make you wonder if you should just play the card game. Or not. Because I am very sure this is not how the card game visually looks like when you start playing it. It’s all in your head… Oh, I think I know why this season failed to live up to my expectations and the expectations of others: No fanservice! Ah, see what is missing? If they spam more of Athena’s boobs, Tamaki’s undies, Chloe’s ass, have a yuri make-out between Mana and Artemis, some dominatrix BDSM display for Veronica and turn Nemesis into a perverted brat, maybe we can love it for more than it is right now. Even so, we will still call it shameless overdone cliché attempt to attract viewers and milk money with uncensored clips in the BDs. Oh yeah. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is our fan Logic for ‘ya.

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