December 23, 2006

Another weird show. Well, at least it did made me raise my eyebrows a few times. What’s so strange about Maburaho, you ask? Okay, maybe in anime terms, this series is quite ‘normal’. But I find some inconsistencies and illogical moments here and there. Meaning that for example, people here can use magic to fly, but when they’re caught up in some situation like running away from something, they used their legs instead of just flying away. Duh. Or when they need to go somewhere fast, isn’t it flying a much faster method? Maybe there’s a reason or limit when they can do so, but I’m not sure about that part.
But other than that, I guess it’s okay. Besides, this is after all a comedy-drama mix it in with a lot of magic and fantasy elements. Yeah, you might say that this is another one of those harem animes but it’s more like a mini harem. Hey, what do you expect if there’re only 3 to 4 main girls vying for the guy’s attention. And with 24 episodes worth 25 minutes of show time, you’re gonna expect to see a lot of that. Okay, maybe most of it.
The basic premise of the story is something like this. In this world, everybody can use magic. But a distinguishing factor which separates normal humans and elite magicians is the number of time that person can use his/her magic. A normal persons average is a few hundred times whereas an elite magician average is in several thousands.
But there’s one catch when that person uses his/her magic. Once he/she uses up all his/her magic powers, that is, that person’s ability to use magic is zero, that person will die and be turned into dust. Hmmm… So I supposed you really got to be careful when you decide to use your magic here as each time a spell is cast or performed, that magic usage meter decreases by one. I wonder how they can keep track of it.
So, our main protagonist here, Kazuki Shikimori, a 17 year old student who attends the prestigious Aoi Academy, a magical academy for elite magicians. But the thing is, Kazuki’s usage of magic is far below average. How far is it? Well, he can only use magic for 8 times only. Yes, 8 times only. Why, I have more fingers on both my hands added up. And I think because of that, he’s never really used any magic and he’s being teased and taunted by his classmates. Though, he seems to tolerate them all. But I wonder how he got himself into such an academy in the first place.
His life is about to change when suddenly 3 girls appeared an are seemed to be interested in him. Wah, a loser for all his life and suddenly 3 gorgeous looking girls attracted to him? What’s happening? Well, according to the school’s doctor, Dr Haruaki Akai, Kazuki is actually a descendant of many many many magicians and wizards. But they’re not just ordinary magicians and wizards. They’re the greatest, most powerful, prominent, famous, terror-merror and all those great qualities you could ever think of, magicians and wizards in history and the world! Which means, though Kazuki himself isn’t a great magician, his child would definately be one. Wow. Which also means, all the girls would want to have his baby!!! But in this show, they always say, "I want to have your genes" rather than that three letter word which starts with ‘s’ and rhymes with fax. Hmm… Maybe it’s more appropriate and polite this way. Plus, I guess everybody really wants a piece of Kazuki as you could also see in the opening sequence, everybody lambasting some kind of projection towards a poor Kazuki who’s trying to run away from it all. Poor guy.
Yeah, this is something which I find rather funny and weird too. At the beginning of the series, when the girls found out about this, all of Kazuki’s classmates were in a frenzy trying to get him to ‘make a baby’ with him. But as the series progress, they became passive-like. Meaning they don’t actually get directly involved or scheme to try to take Kazuki’s genes. And so you’ll see that most of the time it’s just between those 3 girls. And they too seemed to be quite patient whenever they pester Kazuki to give them their genes. I thought they really want it that bad. Yeah, I guess it’s right that you shouldn’t rush some things like this.
So who are these 3 girls. Let’s go over them and those other characters as well first. First up, we have Yuuna Miyami, a pink-haired girl who’s the same age as Kazuki. She’s Kazuki self-proclaimed future wife and if not, current wife. She deeply cares about Kazuki but I don’t see her really interested in his genes besides the fact that since she’s his wife (in her mind, of course) that they, well… erm… you know… like that lah. And doing other things that a housewife is supposed to do like cleaning and cooking. She must’ve taken this married thing seriously as you could see her moving suddenly into his dorm and transferring into his class just to be with him.
Here’s another weird characteristic about Yuuna. Since she’s quite protective over Kazuki, she usually gets jealous and insecure when other girls approached Kazuki and will usually not hesitate to keep them away, even if it’s just words and remarks. But she seems to tolerate them from time to time. Just giving lip service like ‘hey that’s supposed to be wife’s job (hers, that is) and ‘don’t do that’. And maybe if you look at it in a way, she allows it indirectly. I dunno. I felt that way. Also, we see that Yuuna’s some girl that Kazuki made a promise with when they were much younger. Something about him being a great magician and not moving away (that time I suppose Kazuki had to go away). No wonder she’s so keen on being with him.
A 3rd year student and Kazuki’s senior at Aoi Academy is Kuriko Kazetsubaki. At school she’s the student council president. But she comes from a wealthy, influential and well-known family. It seems too that the family has huge corporations here and there and nearly has a hand in lots of sectors. And most probably because of her family’s stature, she wants Kazuki’s genes to maintain them. But as the series progresses, you’ll notice that her mission to get his genes won’t be that important anymore. Why? You’ve probably guessed it. Yeah, she falls for him too, much to Yuuna’s dismay. But she has that ego that can’t make her say "I love you" directly in front of him. Also, I find it funny for her to use those papers, which reminds me of those chinese papers where you offer to dead people, as her weapon. Funny. Plus, among the 3 girls, she’s the ‘flirtiest’ one. Yeah, she doesn’t hesitate to snuggle up close to Kazuki, hold and ‘rub’ him in a seducing manner. Wah. I also want a girl like that. But since I got no terror magic powers, I guess I can forget about it.
Thridly, there’s this Rin Kamishiro, a 1st year student and Kazuki’s junior. Notice the 1-2-3 age thing? Anyway, Rin is that usual character who carries a sword wherever she goes and is the serious and no nonsense kind of character. Yeah, she’s quite strict and fierce. And the reason why she wants Kazuki’s genes is because of her family’s orders. It seems her family is weakened due to the number of family branches throughout the times. So Kazuki’s genes will ensure their family’s dominance once again. And as usual, of course she didn’t like him in the first place, saying she’s only doing it as part of her mission, bla bla bla, and later too, she too has some sort of feelings towards Kazuki. By the way, I noticed that Rin is the only one who doesn’t actually where the school’s uniform but in that samurai kimono. Is there an exception to this? Maybe the headmaster got scared of her when she threatened him with her sword. No lah. I just made that up.
Other characters include Dr Akai as mentioned above as the school’s doctor. He’s quite laid-back and enigmatic. He seems to be quite interested in Kazuki’s powers and makes him as some sort of his test subject, indirectly of course, observing his powers through time. The way he say things and does things made me think that he’s got a hidden agenda or an ulterior motive, but in the end I found out he’s a good guy after all and his intentions were good. Just that he just doesn’t give answers or tell things right at your face. Yeah, that silver spoon saying thing. Also, he has several magic eye lenses and one of them can detect the number of times a person can use his/her magic left.
Then there’s that child-like ghost, Elizabeth. A ghost from those Roman times, making her appearance in episode 3, she moved into Kazuki’s room and after the Kazetsubaki corporation drove her out (with that ghost repelling paper) and is going to demolish that old mansion where she once lived. But in that mansion she has something valuable to her, her mom’s armour. Of course, Kazuki and Yuuna went to help her retrieve it but was unsuccessful. Later she decides to inhabit Kuriko (in her chest…?!) because she looked so much like her mom. But I felt that Elizabeth’s role in the whole series is insignificant playing just minor roles.
A childhood friend and making her appearance in episode 7 is Chihaya Yamase, when Aoi Academy is organizing some school cultural thingy called Aoi Festival. She also harbours some affection for Kazuki but not to the extend that she really wants his genes. Yeah, it could’ve been a foursome, but because she’s aware of Kazuki’s limited usage of magic case, she decides to transfer to another school. She makes her appearance later towards the end of the series (and a permenant one, if I should say) to help Kazuki with his problem. And in that part too, we find out that Chihaya is also the girl that Kazuki made the same promise with when they’re young. What the? Is he two-timing them? Well, not if you take into account the fact that Kazuki’s a nice guy and don’t want to disappoint them and ah… innocent young love.
Then there’s that Kazuki’s homeroom teacher, Kaori Iba. She isn’t exactly your role model teacher because she has this obsession of playing video games and even during class! Yeah, it may seem that she’s copying some notes from the book onto the blackboard but actually within that book is some latest video game she bought. I wonder if the class really learned anything from her. Plus, she seems to be sleepy and sleeps when she’s not playing video games. I’m not quite sure she and Dr Akai has some chemistry going on, if you noticed, Dr Akai sometimes asked her to use the ‘special bed’ in the infrimary. Maybe it’s just a joke. But in the end, nothing much happened between them. So I guess it must be joke.
Always sweeping outside Kazuki’s dorm is the dorm’s manager Karei Hirosaki. She’s always wearing that black funeral outfit. Is she mourning for somebody? Maybe she likes it. It’s her fashion sense probably. Most of her role is seen as providing advice to Kazuki and watching and protecting him.
And of course, Kazuki’s other classmates, the arrogant and show-off, loud-mouth, Yukhiko Nakamaru, and another scheming opportunistic classmate, Kazumi Matsuda. Then there’s those other classmates whose names I can’t and didn’t remember like that chubby fat guy, a spectacle guy and that zombie looking guy who’s always grinning and just nods his head (another of those no speech characters). And if you noticed in the opening sequence whereby there’re lots of those Aoi Academy students and other characters as the screen scrolls by. You may be thinking that wow, there’s gonna be some mayhem with these bunch of characters. But unfortunately, it’s just for show! Yeah, and I don’t recall them playing any memorable roles, or even small side roles. What a bummer. Maybe it’s just to make up for the numbers too.
In a nutshell, I can safely divide the entire series into 2 parts. The first half of the series not only introduces those characters and the plot, but as well as how Kazuki uses up his limited magic powers. Yup, he has too. Why? Because he’s such a nice and kind-hearted guy that he doesn’t want to see his pals in trouble, pain or difficulty. Yeah, he’s willing to risk his life and turn into dust just for that.
And even though he has limited magic powers, according Dr Akai, the intensity of his powers are of ‘ultra-high class’ so much so that it’s powers are enough to split the entire planet into half. Maybe that’s why they’re so limited. So in order not to follow my usual episode by episode blog, I’ve decided for the next few lines, just to mention how Kazuki uses his magic powers (also I mostly forgot those episodes too, hehe ;p).
Magic usage #1
In episode 2, Yuuna’s causing a fuss about that being Kazuki’s wife thingy again and Kazuki seems to ‘ignore’ her about it. And because of that she ran away with that childish temperament of hers. Kazuki managed to track her down and without thinking he uses his power to make it snow on the entire city. Just something like in their early promise. Besides the nice and beautiful scenary, of course Yuuna managed to calm down and felt glad that Kazuki still cares for her but guilty about making him used up 1 of his limited powers. Bad girl. Oh well, I felt that this magic was somewhat a waste. Bad bad Yuuna.
Magic usage #2
In episode 3, when Elizabeth blames Kazuki and Yuuna for destroying her precious armour (though it wasn’t their fault), she creates some vortex and sucks Yuuna into it. Moreover, Elizabeth threatened to torture Yuuna ‘cukup-cukup’. So no choice though, Kazuki has to use his magic powers again to save Yuuna, after he heard all that ‘painful screaming’. But he found out that Elizabeth’s just tickling her. Yeah, Yuuna sounded so real. Besides that, because of the intensity of Kazuki’s magic, somehow the boys and girls’ dorm merged! I wonder why the place isn’t distorted in anyway. As if it was like built like that in the first place. Maybe that’s the greatness of Kazuki’s powers as well. Yup, it was a shocking surprise for those occupants. Ah well, at least Yuuna can stay next to Kazuki.
Magic usage #3
In episode 4, Nakamura and his fat chubby friend hid a couple of behemoths in school. Something like it’ll fetch them a good investment price. But before they could do anything about it, several days before, they’ve gotten loose and is threatening the safety of the academy. So as Kuriko tries to handle the beasts herself, she asked Kazuki not to use his magic. But seeing Kuriko in such great difficulty and those words from Dr Akai that only he can save her, I guess Kazuki’s pretty tempted to use it. And with that, his super blast caused the 2 behemoths to disintegrate as well as destroyed the surrounding areas of the class room beyond recognition. Well, at least this time, Kazuki didn’t use it for Yuuna, but to save Kuriko. And perhaps too, Kuriko’s starting to have feelings for him. By the way, I happen to find it weird that when during one of the behemoth’s attacks on Kuriko whereby it ripped the front portion of her dress, nearly revealing her breast, I just couldn’t help think that how come her chest area’s ‘unscathed’. I mean, during such heated battle moments, those beasts couldn’t have calculated their blows so precisely that it just ripped her clothes. Are they perverts too? And no… I’m not a pervert either!
Magic usage #4
In episode 5, it’s Rin’s turn as she seemed to have a crush on one of her class senior. But the thing is, he’s gonna transfer soon and he doesn’t know of her feelings yet. Kuriko, viewing this as a way to cut down competition over Kazuki decides to help her make lunch for her beloved senpai. As for Kazuki and Yuuna, I guess, they did it out of pity. Since Rin isn’t used to making lunches, of course the outcome’s horrible. And after trying many many times, Rin finally succeeds but unfortunately, she tripped, threatening to destroy all their hard work. Just then, Kazuki used his magic to reverse time and save Rin’s home-made lunch. So now, all of the girls are partly responsible for making Kazuki used his magic. It’s 2 for Yuuna, 1 for Rin and Kuriko each.
Magic usage #5
In episode 7, during the Aoi Festival, Kazuki’s childhood friend, Chihaya, asked a favour from him, that is, for both of their classes to team up together to perform a play during that day. Of course, Kazuki’s kind-hearted nature wouldn’t just shrug her off and ignore her request. But it seems the rest of Kazuki’s class has hidden malicious intentions. Yup, they’re planning to intentionally ruin the play so that Chihaya and her class could get all the blame. Those #&^@!!! On the day itself, it seems that their plan is going well when they summoned a monster to ruin it. And as usual, since nobody can defeat that monster, Kazuki has to once again use his magic powers. In the end, surprisingly the play was quite a success. Yeah, those audience thought it was some amazing super special effects and Kazuki’s classmates has to pay for all the damages. Serves them all right. Oh well, looks like Kazuki’s magic usage isn’t just confined to those 3 girls.
Magic usage #6A
In episode 9, Kuriko took Kazuki to some hot spring with that believe that if one can hold his/her breath for 2 years, his/her magic limit usage will increase. But that’s awfully a long time isn’t it? And since the rest of the gang didn’t want Kuriko to do something suspicious on Kazuki, they tagged along. So how did Kazuki used up his magic? Well, the owner of the hot spring inn mentioned something about playing some baseball with the team from Hell, literally. If Kazuki and co win, his magic limit will increase. But if they loose, the whole gang will forever in eternity undergo baseball lessons and training in hell. So Kazuki not wanting to see his friends suffer uses his magic for a super fast super speed curve ball. Because it’s too powerful, the surrounding area got destroyed. Fortunately, because there’s no winner, the owner decides to give Kazuki free 1 turn of magic usage. Yup, looks like this time it’s neutralized. Back to the same position as he was before. Why, she should have just given him a few more. So ‘kedekut’. Well, maybe not for partly destroying the hot springs area… and her hair. Hahaha.
Magic usage #6B
In episode 11, Yuuna opened some tiny bottle and because of that, emerges an evil Yuuna! According to Dr Akai, it’s some sort of retro-virus which takes the form of the person which it comes into contact with. Only thing it’ll become a total opposite of the other person. And that evil Yuuna is gonna make Kazuki use up all his magic and wants to see him turn into dust. And everybody else in school thinks that this evil Yuuna is the real one. Though they sense something amiss with her character, it wasn’t enough to make them go ‘hey-that-is-an-imposter-Yuuna’. Oh well, if it looks like Yuuna and sounds like Yuuna, then it must be Yuuna… even though the’re some variations but you shouldn’t take into account ‘minor’ details. Haha. Anyway, Kazuki used his magic to blast away the evil Yuuna after she has easily disposed Kumiko and Rin. Yuuna… you must be feeling real bad, aren’t you?
Magic usage #7
Based on the events of what happened in the previous episode, in episode 12, Yuuna, who has been infected by the retro-virus has become ill. But the worse thing is, everytime she coughs, her magic usage will decrease by 1. And by the way things are, she’ll be reduced to dust in no time. Yeah, I find it weird that there’s some sort of meter reading next to her bed which indicates how many magic usage she has left. Reminds me of some countdown. Though, Rin and Kuriko would definately not allow Kazuki to use his magic, but since they know he would anyway so they’d allow him, since he has 2 more times, right? And whoooosh. Kazuki used his magic another time to save an ailing Yuuna.
Magic usage #8
Well… erm… that last healing process didn’t actually work. In fact, it accelerated Yuuna’s coughing. Time’s really running out and her magic usage is running low. So in the final scene of episode 12, Kazuki used up his final magic power to heal Yuuna. Good news it, it worked. Bad news is, he has turned into dust. Oh the horror! Everybody can’t do anything except to watch in disbelief as Kazuki vanishes into ashes. Mind the pun. Before that he apologized to Yuuna saying how he’s sorry that he can’t keep his promise. Of course lah, at the rate you keep helping people with your magic. But I guess if it’s for a good cause, then I suppose so. So the final analysis is in. Yuuna is accountable for 50% of Kazuki’s magic usage, making him use 4 out of 8 times. Well, you can’t blame Yuuna entirely too. Maybe it was Kazuki’s destiny to become like that.
So there you have it. The times and chronicles of how Kazuki used up all his magic and turned into dust. Sad isn’t it. But it isn’t over yet. That’s because we’ve just reached the half way point. And as we find out at the end of episode 12 that Kazuki didn’t completely turn into dust. Instead he becomes a ghost!!! Yes, that’s right. A ghost, just like Elizabeth. Why did he turn into a ghost then? Well, according to Elizabeth something like because one has unfinished business in this world so he/she can’t really go to the next world yet. Just like Elizabeth herself. But it isn’t clear though what’s her unfinished business. As for Kazuki, I’m not pretty sure either, but I’m thinking most probably his unfinished business is to help those 3 girls in need. Okay, maybe I made that up, but don’t you think so. Each time they get into some sort of situation and Kazuki wants help them out. Looks like he’ll be a ghost for a long time to come.
So the second half of the series is mainly focused on Kazuki being a ghost and how he adjusts his life to being one. Yeah, a lot of indecisiveness and spacing out from him, a lot of thinking and dilemma of whether or not he should continue staying as a ghost because his current situation is causing those around him having a little hard time (at least that’s what he thinks). Like it’s quite hard to hold solid objects and stuffs as he will just go through them. Tough at first. But with some focus and concentration, I guess he’ll get by. Plus, since he’s a ghost now, all of the other girl classmates of his seems less interested now because you can’t ‘do it’ with a ghost. Yeah, it would be ominous if you were to have one ith a ghost, right?
Before I go further on the second half of the series, I’d like to mention one episode in the first half, which is episode 6. In this non-magic-using-episode-from-Kazuki, he receives a phone call from his parents that they’re coming over for a visit. So the 3 girls thinking that Kazuki’s parents will accept her as Kazuki’s bride if they put up a good impression. While Kuriko employed the best chef to cook up to best eel meal (nice rhyme), Kazuki helped Yuuna to prepare one too. Well, that latter scene looked like some… er… porn… ahem ahem. If you know what I mean. But the funniest one was Rin. Yeah, she tried to put up a smiling face. It was very tough because she’s not used to smiling and her face is damn stiff. After all that hard work she manages to do so. But in the end, when the girls found out Kazuki’s parents had cancelled their visit, they felt that their efforts were being wasted. And the most hilarious part is that Rin couldn’t stop smiling! As if her face has frozed in that position. So funnily scary. And she’s gonna get back at Kazuki for making her go through all that… and she’s still smiling. Hahaha!
Other non-magic-using-episodes-from-Kazuki include episode 8 where Kazuki wanted to use his magic to stop his male classmates from taking it out on some little kid, whom they’ve accused of stealing some pendant from them. But Kazuki fainted before he could use it. And in episode 10 where they’re supposed to heal a dying tree in which before the person who used up all her magic and turned into dust, she put her memories in that tree. But before Kazuki can use his magic to save it, Rin hit him as the 3 girls combined their powers to save it. Phew.
Okay, also in the second half, we’re introduced to another new character, Shino Akai. I didn’t want to blog her character earlier on as I felt it would ‘spoil’ the flow of my blog :). Making her appearance in episode 13, she’s some sort of a ghost collector. Yup, another one of those weird hobbies. And because Kazuki’s a ghost, no doubt she’s quite interested in making him part of her collection. And since Kazuki’s in that dilemma, he’s still uncertain to become part of her collection or not as he doesn’t want to become a burden to his friends. Plus, Shino’s smooth talking most probably added to the fact that made Kazuki want to become part of her collection. But the other girls managed to rescue Kazuki in time before he becomes part of her collection forever.
But she’s not giving up that easily yet because she’s still up to it in episode 14, this time implicating Kazuki’s girls. Well, I supposed it’s safe to say that they’re part of his harem now. Shino’s got Yuuna, Kuriko and Elizabeth in some sort of a trap whereby if Kazuki doesn’t choose to become part of her collection they’ll slide down into some liquid and die. This is the strange part. Elizabeth, who’s a ghost, couldn’t she fly away from it all? I mean the way she got trapped on that slide as though as if she’s still human. Besides, she can pass through solid objects, right? And why Shino want Elizabeth as part of her collection? Really really really illogical and weird. Luckily Rin and Dr Akai managed to arrive in time before Kazuki gives himself up to Shino.
Also, it is revealed too that Shino is actually Dr Akai’s younger sister. Another weirdo. To make things worse, she comes and work at Aoi Academy. She seems scheming, though I’m not sure whether her intentions are good or not, or maybe she’s bored and wants to cause some havoc. At the end of the series, it’s also revealed that she, along with Dr Akai and Karei are somewhat in the same situation as Yuuna, Kuriko and Rin in the past. I didn’t really get this part. Really. With all the explanations, it was like it went in through one of ears, and went out through the other, like some highway tunnel. Dunno also, isn’t that man that Shino and Karei once loved looked a bit like Kazuki? So is he a descendant or reincarnation? Really dunno. Still scratching my head. But I’ll just leave it there.
Before the climax of the series, we’ll watch a few light-hearted and probably just-for-fun episodes. Like in episode 15 where Rin has to square off with her elder brother as her family thought that she’d failed in her mission and gotten weak. But her bro realized that she had gotten stronger before he drew his final breath. Sad. In episode 16, Kuriko seems to be dating with some suspicious guy and the gang are all worried about her. So they become busybody and follow and observed them both. And to their horror, the gang found out that the guy’s actually after Kuriko’s family’s inheritance. In the end, Kuriko’s actually helping the police to catch this conmen.
One of my favourite light-hearted episode is episode 17 whereby Dr Akai reveals that the actual and true holder of those terror-merror decendants of magicians and wizards is actually Nakamaru! Even Rin’s spy network and Kuriko’s intelligence body seems to confirm it. And with the turn of such events, what do you think Nakamaru would do? Of course, he’s gonna play king or even God. So Nakamaru’s in, Kazuki’s out. How typical. What a change in attitude. Yeah, he made all his classmates become his slave and made them do what he wishes. And they all seem to tolerate all this embarrassment because they’re thinking that they’ll get his genes when he’s off guard. Of course, in the end, it’s just some slight mistake and trick played by Dr Akai, though I don’t remember why he did it in the first place. Was it to see the other’s reaction. If so, then he’s really got lots of interesting data and feedback, right? So back to square one.
It’s Rin turn again in episode 18. She and a rival family house locked horns together. This time it’s with Sayumi Morisaka, who unlike Rin, is a master in hand-to-hand combat rather than swords. The thing is, their battle has turned into somewhat like a grand event. Yeah, they’re gonna duke it out in some stadium and there’ll be lots of people watching them, with Kuriko as the announcer! Plus, Nakamaru and Kazumi are taking bets on the fight. Then because the fight seems to be going nowhere, dunno how, it has become into a foot race to determine the winner. What the? To add to all that silliness, suddenly a group of Shinto monks who’s always saying "Break the curse" and hitting their head with a paper fan, made a three horse race. And in the end, the monks won through a photo finish shot and caused all the surrounding shops area to be destroyed. And well, Nakamaru and Kazumi lost their bet and have to repay everything, including some commission. Haha, serves them right.
And by the end of that episode, we see Chihaya returning and was gonna hug Kazuki. But suddenly all the 3 girls including Chihaya felt uneasy like as though they’re in pain, their bodies feeling very hot (no, not that sexy hot, but burning pain hot) and then they all somehow are being drawn, pulled and stuck to Kazuki as though as he’s some babe magnet, literally. I thought it was some joke and scheme by the girls to get close to Kazuki, but over the few episodes I found out it wasn’t so, and this is indeed a problem! Something’s actually wrong. I suppose that’ll be the main climax and turning point of the series.
So in episode 19, besides the class trip to Kyoto and some more of those comical moments, Shino’s at it again wanting to make Kazuki part of her collection. Will this lady ever give up? So as the 4 girls try to fight of Shino, the main thing we find out is that there’s a way to turn Kazuki back to human again. And that is to return all his ashes to him. And from this point, the ashes are scattered among those 4 girls. Yeah, those girls felt that hotness gain during the battle. Kazuki’s a few seconds from becoming part of Shino’s collection when Yuuna and Chihaya dived in to grab and save him and in a way they ‘returned’ his ashes. I felt that this part was a little far-fetched. Then one thing I’d like to note, is that, how did Kazuki’s ashes ended up on Chihaya. I mean, she wasn’t there when he turned into a ghost in episode 12, right? So how? Well, humans do shed their dead skin every day. But we’re talking about ashes. So how ah? Another illogical part which I felt was just for convenience.
And as a prelude to the final part, we have that episode 20 recap. I wonder why producers like to make episode recaps. Maybe it’s because to make the series a little longer. Or perhaps we’ve watched the series for so long already and they’re afraid that you might’ve forgotten something and decided to refresh our memories once again. And also in this episode, the girls need to think of a way to return all of Kazuki ashes so that he can become human once again.
Kuriko starts it off in episode 21. She organized some Cinderella-like ball party. I’m not sure and don’t see how Kuriko’s breakdown can return Kazuki’s ashes. Yeah, that’s what she did as her last attempt to return his ashes, saying how she’ll leave the country and him if she fails to do so, bla bla bla. It’s quite a rare to see this strong lady in such a vulnerable state. And it’s epsiode 22, it’s Rin’s turn. But this time, she found out from Dr Akai that returning all of Kazuki’s ashes may bear an undesirable consequence, that is, he’ll lose all his memories. So Rin was reluctant at first, but eventually, she opened up her heart and smiled, just like what Kazuki wanted and thus returned his ashes. And in both episodes too, we see how jealous Yuuna gets at the end because Kazuki has his moment of intimacy with them. Well, it wasn’t that serious though but I guess if you were to left things as it is, things may develop from there. But by the end of episode 22, Kazuki’s shaking uncontrollably and collapses. Oh dear, looks like that side effect is coming into effect.
And in episode 23 while Kazuki’s lying and writhing in bed in pain, the girls along with Dr Akai, Shino and Karei are contemplating whether to return Kazuki’s ashes or not. Yeah, there’s lots of dilemma here but eventually, it’s got to be Yuuna and Chihaya as the 2 hold the balance of Kazuki’s ashes. But those 2 seem to have different point of view. Yuuna wants to return the ashes and she doesn’t mind if Kazuki loses all his memories but at least it will save him and they can start anew. On the other hand, Chihaya is very reluctant to do so because there would be no point and meaning if Kazuki doesn’t remember her or the things up till now, thus she’s okay even if Kazuki’s a ghost. So the 2 are somewhat like loggerheads. Then I also felt that in a way those 2 are somewhat selfish. Chihaya, of course her reasons were obvious. But as for Yuuna, she’s persuading her to return his ashes and saying stuffs like ‘Kazuki will always be Kazuki’ kinda stuff. And if you look at it in a way, doesn’t Yuuna do all this so she can have Kazuki as his bride? I mean she’s being kind to Chihaya so that he can have Kazuki all to herself, right? And after Dr Akai took the girls on some journey inside Kazuki’s memories, they have to hurry because his condition is becoming really unstable. Plus, there’s only 1 episode left. Hehehe.
So in the final episode 24, while Yuuna, Kuriko and Rin tries to convince Chihaya to return Kazuki’s remaining ashes, Kazuki’s really in pain and is going to lose it all. Shino can’t wait any longer for the girls to return and wants to remove ashes that Kazuki has. Maybe she’s still interested in that ghost collection thing. But Dr Akai asked her not to do so and just wait a little longer. So in order to buy the girls time, Dr Akai used one of his lenses, along with Karei and Shino to sooth Kazuki. Yeah, some sort of ‘pain killer’ I guess. Anyway, the girls managed to convince Chihaya as they rushed back to where Kazuki is. So some flashback from the past of Dr Akai, Shino and Karei, and also the times when Kazuki made that promise with Yuuna and Chihaya when they’re young. Not that I really comprehend anything, though. And finally the both of them manage to return all his ashes just in time, by flanking him and kissing his cheeks. Aww… With everyone smiling with relief when Kazuki’s body returns to normal and he opened his eyes.
In the final scenes, we see the true face of jealousy of Yuuna. Yeah, Kazuki’s in a pinch. Everytime she catches Kazuki talking with a girl, she gets really mad and blasts him away. Even if it’s Karei. This girl ah. Plus, I wonder why she takes it out on Kazuki rather than the girls, even if it seems that Kazuki’s at fault, which actually isn’t. So irrational. I’m really starting to hate this girl. And just like Elizabeth said, she’s got this ‘Kazuki radar’, which is a strand of hair on her head. Yeah, something like able to track his whereabouts anytime, anyday, anywhere. Be careful Kazuki, now you know what kind of girl she is.
Then this is the final crap. As a result of the side effect of returning all his ashes, the process has split Kazuki himself into several clones!!! Yes, that’s right! Clones! Like around 10 of them. I didn’t even understand Dr Akai’s explanation at the end. Something to do with Kazuki’s big difference in his magic power. Something like when he used up all his magic that time, the part of him that became a ghost and the part of him that wanted to become a human again, all his memories remained in those forms. And the different hims cared about everyone else and didn’t anyone to fight over him. I don’t know what that sentence means. I just plucked straight out from Dr Akai’s mouth. In fact I’m still going over it several times and I still don’t get it.
This part I also don’t get. Now that there’re several Kazuki’s, everybody should be happy. But all his lady classmates seemed depressed and not too happy about it. Saying something like when there was only 1, there was a chance to win. What the? I thought it’ll be easier now. I guess they like it when he’s hard to get, huh? Or are they thinking that they need to catch all of them because his super genes are now split into 10 of them. Yeah, they didn’t pretty do much either to win over him during the series. Are they desperate in the first place? Another ‘twist’ which I find rather far-fetched too.
Of course Yuuna wants Kazuki to go back being 1 person as it would be too troublesome for a wife to handle all of them. So Kuriko proposed that she’ll take care 5-6 of them and she’ll give one each to Rin and Chihaya. And you know what. Yuuna disagrees. She’s really that selfish, huh? Wanting all the Kazukis to be hers. Finally some new transfer student, Maiho after hearing Dr Akai’s explanation about that caring person Kazuki is, she asked him to be his wife. And you know what too. Yuuna now gets really mad after hearing that and repeatedly blasts Kazuki. Now I really really really hate this girl. Poor Kazuki. I hope Kazuki will teach her a lesson by dumping her and go out with Rin or Kuriko. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen because Kazuki’s a nice guy. Anyway, since Kazuki’s human now, can he still perform magic? If so, is his limit up or back to the usual 8? And if anyone runs out of magic, can he/she do what Kazuki did and take advantage of this run-out-of-magic loophole? Ah… questions which will never be answered in my case.
Overall, it’s not that I dislike this anime so much. But because of certain illogical stuffs just for the convenience of the storyline, it made it less enjoyable. But overall I still enjoy this series and find it entertaining as well. Besides, isn’t it there’s some magical setting here. So I suppose it’s quite okay then to have some of those weird stuffs.
Speaking of weird stuffs, I also find the scene changing element weird. Yeah, they used some sort of jelly-bean creatures. And the scene changes when the whole group of them crosses the screen. I know it’s really nothing, but I just find it weird. Also some of the mid-intermissions of Kazuki and the 3 girls have a little ecchi element in it. Like one part they show a picture of Kuriko and there’s some weird looking liquid on it (if you know what I mean) but the next picture clarrifies it all as we see it’s actually just sand. Yeah, sand. Besides, the mid-intermissions seem to be a beach-themed one, with the girls and Kazuki in their swimsuits.
The character developments are rather quite okay. Mainly it’s just to help in the flow of the storyline. Other small details pertaining to other characters are like a ‘one-off’ thing. That is, not like they have any significant impact on the overall series. Especially the past of Dr Akai, Shino and Karei. I still didn’t really get it. Some people say it could be the next big thing and may be the main backbone if there’s to be a second season of this series. Not likely. With the way things ended. Perhaps it’ll be better that way.
Drawing, art and animation as well as the voice acting are okay too. Nothing much to shout about. Just like many other animes, it meets the typical threshold and expectation of how an anime should look like. Also, even though the titles of each episode end with ‘~chatta’ (meaning: past tense of something that has totally or completely ~), but I felt it was too short an incomplete and doesn’t provide much info or detail for that episode. Meaning, it doesn’t help me when I’m trying to recall what happened in that episode or what that episode’s all about as it’s quite vague. I also find the opening theme sung by Ichiko, Koi No Mahou, a little funny too. It’s the way she sing and sound. I don’t really know how to describe it, so it’s best if you could listen to it to know what I mean. But it’s not a bad song either.
So if you’re looking for some silliness and laughs for entertainment, I guess this anime isn’t that bad after all, if you don’t mind those inconsistencies, irregularities and illogical stuffs. Just watch and don’t think too much. Also, you could learn a thing or two about Yuuna’s jealousy. So guys out there with girlfriends like her, you know what to do and expect. Hmm… maybe if Kazuki still had some magic left, perhaps he could use them to change Yuuna’s jealousy. A flirtatious and lenient Yuuna? Okay, maybe the former’s better.

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