Macademi Wasshoi

September 18, 2009

I’m sure many would associate magic, adventure and fantasy with Harry Potter. What about in the anime world? I’m not sure the exact number or approximate but there are quite a number of them. Macademi Wasshoi is another one of those series which falls under this genre. Based on the light novel called Magician’s Academy which is later adapted into a manga before given the anime treatment, the usual elements of fantasy and romantic comedy with some hints of fanservice and otakuness. That’s right. You’ll learn why.
Our main protagonist, Takuto Hasegawa, may seem like a normal high school student in the real world. However, he is also a student studying magic at an academy simply named Magician’s Academy which is located… Let’s say it’s not marked on any map in the world or universe. Takuto isn’t the only human who is taking up magic classes. His younger cousin, Suzuho, too is following in his footsteps. At first glance, viewers will notice Suzuho’s super shyness so much so she communicates with a sketchbook or cardboard. Just like Megumi in Special A, eh? Thankfully she doesn’t ‘keep’ her voice for singing purposes. Another thing you’ll notice about Suzuho is that she has a deep crush on Takuto even though that guy is oblivious to it. Need I say more?
Because there is some rule that magic is not allowed to be used in the human world, Takuto and Suzuho try their best to hide that they are students from that magic academy. Even the path or portal that leads to it needs to be done in secrecy and chant some complex spell (at least to me) to open its doors, which is guarded by some stone faced (literally) named Izumo. As seen in episode 1, we are not only introduced to the location of Magician’s Academy, but several other characters as well. Since the Magician’s Academy is the melting pot of all magic enthusiasts, you’ll see many odd looking creatures from traditional ones like the ever useful (or perhaps slave is the right word?) dwarves and the umm… whatever you want to call those other creatures.
Let me go briefly over them. The main characters under the teaching staff and faculty include Professor Sagami who can sometimes lose his head (literally), Professor Frankem Stein (someone who is obsessed with animal ears and makes inventions associating with it) and Eitarou Sakuma (Takuto and Suzuho’s easy going perverted teacher who is an otaku obsessed with cosplays and at times is seen working on his manga). Sakuma has a familiar named Eineus the Vergest or Eine for short. Initially I thought she was a cat due to her ears but realized she’s a dog. Because Eine was summoned as Sakuma’s familiar, she acts politely like how servants do to their masters. But sometimes when Sakuma gets too passionate or acting up, she doesn’t hesitate to pound him to bring him back to his senses. Like he’ll ever learn. You’ll also notice a professor, Habarom, always seen hanging upside in chains. I guess he is such a dangerous guy that they need to chain him that way in some dark room. Then there is the virtual guide-cum-teacher-cum-coach for students named Trincia who lives/exists in the academy’s computer and database. She’s made of polygon if you’re wondering. There is a pair of magic students I want to mention. They are golem (more like robot) Metalys and elf George. For the first few episodes, they make short appearances and seem like an odd couple. Uh huh. Gay. Actually it is Metalys who is trying to tell his feelings to George and the latter is the one who is worried that they’ll turn into a gay couple. Need I go on?
Anyway back to the story. In the first episode, Takuto has to summon a familiar as part of his assignment but it went awry and he summoned an unknown creature who is neither God nor Demon. Not only hard to classify, her powers are off the charts! How about 100,000 magical power points, 5,000 offensive and divinity power points each and 78,000 defensive power points sound? If this was a card or RPG game, many would like to get hold of her. This newly summoned wild girl takes an instant liking for Takuto and gets very close, much to Suzuho’s dismay (you know why lah). A tussle over Takuto ensue and Sakuma doesn’t help because he thinks she is so moe and proceeds to put some maid outfit on her (she was naked when she was summoned). However the wild girl soon causes a ruckus throughout the academy as Sagami sends his mechas to keep her at bay. Unfortunately due to her super powers, all the robots met their match. So now is up to Suzuho to stop her. Now this part is an eyebrow raiser. When Suzuho takes off her hair ribbon, not only her hair colour changes to blue, she can now talk! Oh yeah, why didn’t she do this before? I think it isn’t her brutish personality but rather when she is in this mode (which I’ll refer as Suzuho II), she has an ability to nullify or suck magic powers around her.
Even so, the wild girl is absolutely strong and proves to be a challenge. Suzuho II summons a non-magical mechanical sword, Warcugis, to do battle but she still is a handful. Finally Suzuho II unleashes Warcugis’ Plasma Mode which has the academy in ruins (don’t worry, the academy will be fixed in no time thanks to the hard efforts of the dwarves). By that time, the wild girl starts crying but Takuto comforts her and decides to name her after his dead pet cat, Tanarotte. Just like in Zero No Tsukaima, Takuto makes a contract with her when they both kissed. So if you think that this is the end of Takuto’s problems, it is very much just the beginning. Due to Tanarotte’s hyper activeness and loyalty, she tends to cling around Takuto and act lovey-dovey, much to you-know-who’s dismay. And since Tanarotte is starting to live with Takuto in his apartment, Suzuho too moves in to keep a watch on him. Don’t want to lose out, eh? And Takuto’s nosy next-door neighbour is always eavesdropping their suggestive antics.
Takuto will find that having 2 girls living with him a real challenge because in episode 2 while he is in the toilet, Tanarotte as usual barges in to bath together. She spots his ‘tail’ and thinks it is Takuto’s elephant! Because Tanarotte is naked, she gets excited to see Takuto’s ‘tail’ change in size! You can imagine the mayhem when Suzuho II soon comes busting in to give her piece of her mind to Tanarotte when she sees them in a very suggestive position. Anyway in this episode, an angel Miyabi and a demon Sinclavier plotting to kill Tanarotte seeing that her existence may undo some balance between the world of angels and demons. It is ironic to see that both angel and demon are working hand in hand when traditional stereotypes would suggest that they hate each other like cats and dogs. Not only their case, but many other angel and demons as well. Meanwhile Stein has created some invention called Mimigar Z which has animal ears popping out from the students’ head. It must be his sick fetish since Stein and Sakuma are moe perverts. They take an instant liking for Tanarotte who has cat ears. Even Miyabi and Sinclavier who has infiltrated to academy are not spared. But they gave the perverted teachers the slip when they spot moe Suzuho. Cat ears, maid outfit and glasses. What a better combination.
At the same time, Mimigar Z goes out of control so Takuto and Tanarotte tries to stop it. Miyabi and Sinclavier witness Tanarotte’s amazing powers and goes into action to eliminate Tanarotte. Eine takes on Miyabi but Takuto is having trouble with Sinclavier who has got Tanarotte in some binding barrier. Then Sakuma appears to save the day. Who is bloody upset because he found out that the spectacles were fake! That’s it?! Citing it is a grave sin to toy with his pure heart with fake moe, he unleashes his godly power and punishment towards Sinclavier and knocks her out. With Tanarotte out of her spell, she gives Miyabi a one good punch which sends her crashing into Mimigar Z. Everyone is restored back to normal. In the end as punishment, Miyabi and Sinclavier have become ‘slaves’ to Sakuma and have to endure sick punishments from cleaning chores to his manga deadlines at the academy. This is hell, right? As for Stein, he creates Mimigar Z II which uses no magic so it will be safer to turn people into animal ears… I wonder why this academy has so many sickos.
If you’re wondering why Miyabi and Sinclavier can’t just escape from Sakuma is that because in episode 3, you’ll learn that he has placed a barrier preventing them from doing so. In this episode, Takuto, Suzuho, Tanarotte and Miyabi are in some RPG-like mission. Not that I could remember what it was. All I remember was that Takuto was slightly injured so Miyabi decides to kiss him in order to heal his wounds. You know whose wrath she’ll incur. Then the gang encounters a cute little bear which proceeds to kidnap Takuto. He is taken to the demon lord’s place. You’d expect the demon lord to be some terror frightening character but it turns out she is some ditzy happy moe girl named Falche. Yeah, her dreamy voice is a giveaway too. It makes you wonder if she is really the demon lord. Meanwhile the rest regroup and Sakuma finds out Takuma’s whereabouts when he made some monitor-faced character called Item-kun talked by switching its manly serious face to some wide-eyed bishoujo one.
The rescue party arrives and sly Falche tells them that she has taken Takuto’s virginity to get them come after her even if it’s a lie. A short battle ensued as Falche has Takuto under her control but with Suzuho II, her magic is nullified. Tanarotte unleashes a powerful attack on her and it seems Falche’s easy defeat was on purpose. She had intended to lose? They find out that her actual form is an unnamed staff and she felt lonely when her master Falcesque, a magician, died some time ago. Falche questioned her purpose of existence. Since she found no answer, she decided to play the demon lord role that will be defeated by a hero to end it all. Tanarotte felt guilty of her actions but Takuto comforts her and says she isn’t wrong. Takuto also wished that Falche could’ve stayed in her original form since she was born in this world. Back at Takuto’s apartment, they received a parcel and are surprised to find Falche in it! She says Sakuma has fixed her and decides to live with Takuto since she remembered he mentioned to stay the way she is. Yeah, another one to his harem because Falche too gets clingy and calls Takuto her master. Like some kinky cosplay, eh? They say 3 is a crowd, right? Make it a riot for this exceptional case. And since Suzuho isn’t too happy about it, Falche even has the cheek to say that she’s happy being number 3. Takuto indeed has his hands full. Good luck kid. Have fun.
In episode 4, we learn that Tanarotte and Suzuho have become new transfer students in Takuto’s real world class. Everyone’s jealous that Takuto has pretty girls with him. There is a classmate of Takuto, Futaba Kirishima, whom we can tell by her body language that she has a rush on Takuto. Futaba’s twin brother, Hazuki, knows about it but is always at the receiving end from his sister’s fists. In order to ‘gauge’ her love rivals, she invites them all for an outing. At a cafe, Takuto and Suzuho meet Sakuma who is on some undercover mission to track down smuggled goods between the human and God/Demon world. I don’t know. There is some rule which prohibits such transaction. Fortunately for them, the perpetrators are sitting just right behind them. In dramatic fashion and Sakuma’s sense of comedy, he pulls off a dramatic act whereby he gets shot and on the verge of dying so just as to let the couple of MIBs escape. He thinks he doesn’t want the fun to end so fast. The chase ends when they encounter the other party who is to buy human goods. She is a demon named Baltia. Not willing to give up, she unleashes some weird giant monster and wreck havoc on town. I guess Sakuma anticipated this because he too summons his giant robot named Meganeus, which resembles closely to Eine. I think he’s hard up to use it too. Wait a minute. Tits missile?! What more could you expect from an otaku? Unfortunately both Miyabi and Sinclavier are piloting each tits so when Sakuma fires them, he fires them to their doom. Boom! The giant monster robot fight reminds us of those Ultraman days as the citizens start to panic and run helter-skelter.
The MIBs then holds Futaba as their hostage but they picked the wrong girl to mess with as she gives them a taste of her fist. The giant battle comes to an end when Sakuma threatens to burn the smuggled goods. This sends Baltia into panic mode as she will do anything for it to be harmed. And we find out that those goods are rare bishoujo figurines and gachapons. Uh huh. Another otaku freak. Why do some Gods and Demons take a very infatuated interest in such things? Yeah, because this is an anime. Haha. Just kidding. Baltia explain their rationale about Gods and Demons living forever but are not allowed to create things, the reason why they are obsessed with human stuff. In the end, though the city is decimated, leave it to the dwarves to do the repairs and the academy conveniently erasing everyone’s memories like as though nothing of this sort has happened. Just like that. It’s that easy. Finally when Futaba and Hazuki visits Takuto’s apartment, not only Futaba is surprise that Suzuho and Tanarotte is living with him, she finds a third one, Falche. Futaba starts foaming in her mouth and can’t take all of this anymore when Tanarotte introduces Falche as Takuto’s Dutch wife sent in a card box! Oh the misunderstandings. Futaba will be facing serious love rivals.
Episode 5 is the gay-est episode ever! It all begins when reluctant George is afraid of whatever gay advances from Metalys and breaks some sealed barrier. With that, the entire academy is on alert and everyone starts to panic of the impending disaster. It seems that some angel named Hapsiel was sealed in that rock 20 years ago. In short, this teacher of Magician’s Academy’s policy is love and peace and he goes about giving disgusting smooches and kisses on any teacher or students he can find! Looking at him too gives off a disgusting but hilarious feel. Not only that. He’s a masochist so any harm he takes, he will consider it as some sick stimulation and wants more! Run for your lives! Once you’re in his grasp, there is no escape. And yeah, note the hilarious parody of Flash Gordon theme in the background whenever he makes his appearance. Attempts to stop Hapsiel from advancing flops big time. From one of the academy’s student, Haruka Mikaruya mecha attacks to Stein’s brave direct confrontation.
Hapsiel is leaving a trail of big purple lip marks everywhere! Sakuma starts to go crazy and he’s saying how love between cute boys is okay but he can’t accept hard gay! Uh huh. He’s ranting how they have tried so hard to seal his deep love 20 years ago when he was a student at this academy. Thankfully Eine is there to ‘break’ him back to his senses. Miyabi and Sinclavier are next but Hapsiel multiplies himself and the duo are taken out when they got squashed and rubbed in by his muscles. Disgusting. Then it’s Takuto and co to distract and contain him with a special item. Finally it’s crazy Sakuma turn to ‘save the world’ as he summons some super monster firepower but it has no effect. In fact, Hapsiel is even more stimulated! Sakuma then gets smooched. Yeah, it’s like delaying the inevitable. However Hapsiel’s run ends when Sagami appears and says that he can no longer go about with his sick policy as the academy has fired him for going AWOL 20 years ago. Oh thank God. But Hapsiel is still happy because he has never felt like this for so long and think of it as 20 years of unattended play. Back at Takuto’s apartment, the girls are surprised to find Takuto has turned into a girl! How? Initially it was some Bishoujo Transformation Medicine from Sakuma to use on Hapsiel but it was accidentally spilled on Takuto during the chaos. Say, Takuto is pretty cute as a girl, don’t you think? And they enjoy dressing him up in girl clothing. But the nightmare for Takuto begins when Sakuma comes by when he is taking a bath and he thinks how cute he is and wants to pound on him! Is he gay? Well, Takuto’s physically a girl so… Let’s leave it to our imagination what happens next.
In episode 6, Suzuho II once again is chasing after Tanarotte after another unshameless act. This time their chase gets out of hand and almost destroys the academy. Metalys spots her during action and feels something in his heart. During class, Metalys confronts the gang and everyone thinks that a big confession is finally at hand. He does. But just when George accepts his gay love and wants him to be gentle, Metalys confession is directed towards Suzuho! Now George is jealous! Yeah, what a turn of events. So he is the gay one. Metalys wants to be Suzuho’s friends but since Suzuho II’s power is draining Metalys’, he needs extra batteries with him in order for them both to spend some time together. I thought Suzuho was going to reject him seeing that she prefers Takuto but I guess not. At the same time, some monster is absorbing the academy’s power system and is growing into a huge creature. Suzuho II is needed to nullify its powers but under that condition, only Metalys can survive so he volunteers to protect her. And that special maid combat outfit, though it’s fitted with gadgets, it must be also part of Sakuma’s moe fetish. The creature attacks and Metalys protects her but drains his powers. After Suzuho delivers the final blow, the room starts to collapse. Metalys summons all his strength to get them out. But he hears how unconscious Suzuho II whisper Takuto’s name and this made him realized. Even if her powers are draining his, Metalys unlocks his inner love to blast them out of danger. Metalys comes to in the infirmary as they thank him for saving Suzuho. Though Metalys feels pain in his heart as he quietly bids farewell to Suzuho, he is happy once more when she gives him a spare battery as a gift.
In the second part, earlier on in the episode, we see some sexual subtext that tired Miyabi and Sinclavier are being forced to ‘do it’ nonstop for hours. Actually, they are made to help Sakuma finish his manga for the Comiket. Haha! Now this is really prison. Because of that, the duo make a deal with Baltia to help them escape in exchange for rare Tanarotte figurines. Elsewhere, some maid girl named Fermi panics when she barges into her master Agariarept’s room (he’s watching bishoujo animes? Hey is one of the screens showing Kyouka from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki!). She gets electrocuted for her rudeness but since she’s a masochist, she begs for more. WTF?! Another case like this. Anyway Baltia has Miyabi and Sinclavier dress up in embarrassing cosplay outfit before leaving on a dangerous life-threatening journey. At the end, they arrived at a door in what is believed to be their freedom. To their horror, they are back in Sakuma’s room and they find out that Baltia has played them out by being a double spy because Sakuma has bribed her with an even rare otaku magazine! Now it’s back to hell. Sakuma’s kind and forgiving facial expression turns into a scary evil one as they have to complete his manga and go without any sleep for the next 95 hours! Meanwhile demon Agariarept and angel Gabriel arrives at the academy. Now these 2 are another one of those uncanny angel-demon relationships. They like calling each other pet names like Aga-rin and Gabu-yan and are seen together most of the time.
In episode 7, the academy will be running its annual MaU-Con. That’s Magician Academy Uniform Contest. It is a yearly event to whereby the winner will get his/her uniform design to be worn by students for the whole year. And for the last 3 years, Habarom has won it straight, which is the design we see for the series. Perhaps the reason why he is being chained? Initially when Takuto talks to Stein about this matter because Sakuma seemed uninterested. How odd for an otaku? But as Eine reveals that he is busy concentrating on level up his game character. So Stein has Tanarotte as his model. On the other hand, Metalys wants Suzuho to be his model and she agrees, sending George into further jealousy. Contest day arrives and Agariarept and Gabriel attends as observers with Trincia as the commentator. Takuto learns that this contest is a no holds barred battle royale and the last one standing wins. The contestants (which are the models) must race through several portals filled with dangers. Hmm… Seems like a cosplay event with the contestants in weird if not embarrassing outfits. Tanarotte is wearing shorts with cat ears while Suzuho II is in some liquid body suit which seals her magic stealing ability.
The race begins with Miyabi and Sinclavier taken out as early as the first step. As we are going to forget about Hapsiel, he makes his disgusting comeback by entering the race. Better not let this sicko win! Tanarotte and Suzuho II are being confronted with Haruka and her mecha uniform but since she fired too many missiles, it knocked nearly every contestant out including herself. As the finishing line is nearing, Suzuho II uses her liquid suit to catch Tanarotte but the suit starts to evaporate. With her suit gone, her magic absorbs everyone’s power so much so it overloads and explodes. This has the contestants all knocked out and giving those perverted guys in the stands some awesome fanservice. Yeah, now I can see the real reason why they hold this race. Out of the blue appears Eine and she is wearing her trademark maid suit and representing Sakuma. He is proclaiming victory when Eine drops a bombshell, she starts stripping herself. Hold still out beating hearts! (Un)fortunately, underneath it is the current school uniform as she crosses the finish line as the winner. Seems that she is working for Habarom and for the 4th consecutive year, this will be the academy’s uniform. Haha. Sakuma frust and die! But the crowd goes wild and loves her. Agariarept and Gabriel leaves and notes something interesting on Takuto and Tanarotte.
The first half of episode 8 has worried Fermi crashing into a meeting between Agariarept and Sakuma and co as she thinks the latter is corrupting her master with weird stuff. After realizing that both those guys share the same otaku passion, she gets her due punishment. Then as the gang are enjoying their outing at a beach, Sakuma says the academy has them to investigate some haunting at the academy. It turns out the ghost is a spirit of a digital camera-cum-diary and since Falche is similar to her, she manages to appease it. Sakuma finds the camera handy because he is planning to take sick posses of Miyabi and Sinclavier in embarrassing outfits for his Comiket! Because of that, the second half of the episode sees Sakuma too busy to attend to his sick fetish so he sends Takuto and the rest to find out what is wrong with Trincia. They follow Trincia and find out that she is unknowingly in love with a rocket. Hey, love works in funny ways. So they take her to meet the rocket and they chat about roles, purpose and existence. Though Trincia wants to see him again, the rocket says they can’t because he will be launched tomorrow. The rocket isn’t sad about it because he acknowledges that it is his destiny. Though they won’t be seeing each other again, their encounter that will affect those around them will be their child. Morning arrives and the rocket is soon launched as Trincia happily watches it. Meanwhile Habarom is having a word with Sagami about the decision on the holy mother, which is Takuto. Habarom claims that there is a possibility that he may create Gods and Demons which will lead to the world’s destruction and this danger must be removed. Agariarept and Gabriel appear to give their opinion and their observations has them think that the holy mother hasn’t awakened.
After playing in the snow, Takuto falls ill in episode 9 and due to the rest’s incompetence, Eine nurses him back to health before leaving. Soon the gang receives another parcel. Deja vu? It’s a little hyper active air-head puppy girl Finea who is excited to search for her sister. Initially she mistakes Takuto as her sister but realizes her mistake because of his scent. We learn that Finea’s sister is Eine and she is here to take her sister back to the demon realm. She misses her? Yeah, at the academy, she gives Eine and ‘extreme molest show of love’ but Eine bone breaking moves puts a stop to her harassment. Eine did mention that since she was summoned as his familiar, she has no choice but to serve loyally under him. Also, Finea doesn’t like that Sakuma guy and wants to save Eine from him. Problem is, she doesn’t know how he looks like. Sakuma hatches a sly plan and gives descriptions that this evil Sakuma which is no other than Hapsiel! He tells Finea several masochist stimulating moves to defeat him but you know, nobody has beaten Hapsiel before, right? Finea’s perseverance has her try several more times but the results are the same. Either she believes in try, try and try again or she just doesn’t learn. If she would just stop for a while and listen to the rest but… Yeah, her mind is pretty occupied to save her sister so I guess the rest just let her be everytime she rushes off to confront ‘Sakuma’.
Takuto feels indebted with all the recent troubles that has happened and requests if there is anything he could do in return for Eine. She suggest to accompany her out to buy stuff on a weekend. A date? Oddly, why didn’t Tanarotte or Suzuho protest? Maybe they know better than to mess with Eine. Their outing involves what lovers do like watching a movie (Eine fell asleep), playing the crane machine and taking a picture of themselves at a photo booth. At the end of the date, after telling about how close Finea is to her although they aren’t blood related, Eine thanks Takuto for a wonderful day and says she is ready to leave for the demon world to send Finea back since she can’t do it on her own and also she views her as an important family member. What?! So sudden?! She kisses Takuto on his forehead and disappears. But that suspense isn’t forever because 3 days later back at the academy, Takuto is surprised to see Eine back. He finds out that after sending Finea back, she returned immediately and her job of accepting her feelings is just to ‘re-educate’ her about coming here. Looks like she won’t be coming back some time soon. Also, I thought she would become 1 of Takuto’s harem. Not. Eine lectures and punishes Sakuma about his otaku fetish when he comments how Eine is a mother obsessed with teaching.
In episode 10, a group of bandits led by Mariera, escape from the police after stealing various treasures. Elsewhere, Takuto and his girls are enjoying themselves at Sakuma’s hotspring villa and you can expect the fanservice as they try to fight for the right to wash Takuto. Don’t worry. As Agariarept mentioned, the steam will cover all necessary parts but the DVD version will be uncensored. Haha! That guy and Gabriel are vacationing here too? As usual, Sakuma is forcing Miyabi and Sinclavier to complete his manga while Eine cleans up the villa. As Takuto and the girls are resting, the bandits appear and seems to have mistaken this villa as their hideout. They learn that Takuto is a magic user but their powers are not much for the bandits as they seal the gang in a barrier. Sagami has learned about this invasion and hopes this won’t leak out but too late. Stein is leading his army of students as revenge to save Takuto. Actually, it’s more like an excuse to test their experimental magic because some rule says that they can use magic in the human world provided if their comrades are in danger. The bandits are under assault from all directions of the academy’s weirdos including Haruka’s missile raining mecha. Due to the distraction, the barrier has weakened and Takuto manages to break himself and the rest free. I don’t know why Agariarept and Gabriel are so intense in their ping pong match that they are oblivious to the counter attack. As for George, he is on a stealth mission to kill Suzuho so that Metalys will be his once more! But his plan backfired because his camouflage card box was being stepped by Metalys when he arrives to save Suzuho. Then herald Hapsiel! His match up with one of the bandits has them flexing their muscles to see who is more sexier. WTF?!
Next is Stein as he confronts Mariera. Just like the rest, he is just all talk but he manages to put an animal ear on her, which turns her into a tsundere character! Even so, Stein is blasted away. Meanwhile Sakuma is finishing his manga when an ink spill horrifies them all. Now they’re crying blood because they have to start all over again. In the craziness, Sakuma unleashes Meganeus to blow everything away. Takuto finds the rest okay after the blast but Mariera and her bandits aren’t going to let him go easily. Though Suzuho transforms, Takuto finds that her magic nullifying powers are useless. Mariera and her bandits aren’t using magic. Their powers of teleport, telepathy and psychokinesis are supernatural. Falche and Tanarotte are already weakened. Mariera uses her powers to bring forth a sharp giant stake and wants Takuto to use his magic for their own means. Since he refuses, she plunges the stake at him. However, Tanarotte uses her body to defend him. As she lies motionless in his arms, Takuto is in shock and cannot accept what is happening.
In episode 11, Takuto’s angst has him unleashing scary creatures from different dimensions. His power is enough to blow away Mariera and her bandits. Agariarept and Gabriel use their magic to calm the situation. The next thing we know, Takuto is back in the real world attending school but feeling gloomy. He visits Suzuho II who requests to get ecchi with him since she is dying. We learn that her hair ribbon slows the process of her death but sadly a few days later, Suzuho passes away. Can this be true?! Well actually, Takuto is in a simulation created by Habarom to find the best possibility in a world devoid of magic. Of course the rest aren’t going to sit back and watch as they go on a rescue mission. Tanarotte is still alive and her injuries being healed. On the way, they are being confronted by Agariarept and Gabriel who intends of stopping them after what they have witnessed. Sakuma takes on the duo while the rest continue their journey and it seems he is not a human as he transforms into a more powerful being to kick their ass. I wonder what his true form is since I don’t remember seeing it. Upon arriving at Habarom’s lab, the girls can’t fight back because if they destroy the simulator, Takuto will die as he is being fused with it. But Tanarotte doesn’t understand all that crap and jumps into it anyway.
In Takuto’s dream, he meets a boy who tells him to picture and record his dreams. So Takuto goes back and sketch something which looks like Tanarotte. Forty years passed in his dream and Takuto has become some mad scientist who has successfully recreated Tanarotte. When they both embraced, Habarom is devastated because he is wondering where his perfect calculations has gone wrong. However Sagami tells him that this was just inevitable as the existence called Tanarotte was born from within Takuto as she is part of him. In short, no matter what changes in form, appearance or time, they will somehow meet as this is something that has been pre-determined for his world. Takuto and Tanarotte safely return to the lab and since Tanarotte is still clinging on to him, Suzuho II is irritated and becomes more so when cheeky Tanarotte says that they are being lovey-dovey. Falche also joins in for the fun.
A filler Christmas episode 12 sees Suzuho, Tanarotte and Flache competing among themselves selling Christmas cakes because Takuto spot a Anileon action figure in a store window and it brought back nostalgic memories of how his dad bought it for him. Though the trio wanted that Anileon for Takuto’s Christmas present, the store owner, Baltia says that she would exchange it in return for a rare figurine made by Kirishima foods. It turns out that this is Futaba’s dad’s company so Futaba is stumped when she learns the rare figurine would be sufficient payment for the trio’s part time job. She will give the sole figurine to the one with the highest sales. Meanwhile George is confessing his unreturned love at a church when he hears a voice telling him to be selfless. Soon that voice turns into Hapsiel as he bursts into the scene! I don’t want to know what happens next. While the 3 girls are off to their work, Miyabi and Sinclavier rope Takuto in to help Sakuma finish his manga for the Comiket. One after another, problems cropped up until some tone runs out. Agariarept and Gabriel decides to help him buy it as they speed along in some otaku sports car. At the same time, Stein is being approached by Hazuki who is selling photos of Tanarotte wearing horns. So now he is into this fad after animal ears? Also, George is working part time for Futaba too! The girls aren’t happy to learn of their new competitor but at the end of the day before Futaba could announce the winner, the girls start fighting over the figurine and rush it back to Baltia. To their horror, the shop has been robbed and everything taken by Mariera and her gang.
Since Takuto’s present is on the line, I guess even if they’re riding a cart, they can catch up with Mariera’s car. It’s the power of love. A short battle ensue and with the passing of Agariarept and Gabriel’s sports car help make life difficult for the bandits. Mariera’s car then transform into some Metalys robot to fight back but the toys that they stole including Anileon comes to life and give attack her. It ended when Metalys self destructs after all that hyped up. Later as Anileon thanks the trio, he learns that they are not sent by their master to rescue them. Feeling bad, the girls return Anileon to their rightful kid owner. On their way home as they lament what to give to Takuto, some Santa guy appears and give them an Anileon for substituting his job. Meanwhile Sakuma is happy that his work is finally finished. But Miyabi and Sinclavier are dead tired (literally). So is their hell over? Back home, Takuto is very excited and happy that this Anileon isn’t just a new toy, but the one his dad bought for him. The marks on the box are proof! In his happiness, he hugs the girls, making them feel warm and happy. Outside, Sakuma is talking to Santa and it looks like he is the principal of Magician’s Academy. Wait a minute. This Santa guy may be Takuto’s dad too? The next day as everyone gathers to watch the debut of a city called Avalon, the location of their new school, the usual ruckus between Tanarotte and Suzuho II over Takuto. A disturbing development is that while Metalys cheers on for Suzuho, George is in despair and he is dressed like Hapsiel! OMG! He finds solace in that gay guy as they both embrace! Disgusting! Tanarotte and Suzuho II’s battle has them causing a loose giant ball falling off and crushing the old Magician’s Academy. Ah well, looks like the dwarves will have it tough again. But they’ll get by with everybody’s help.
So much for a short hilarious series. I can’t help laugh out loud at all those nonsensical and comical moments. I really did enjoy them. That potential hidden danger within Takuto makes me curious to know if he could actually tilt the balance of all worlds. But I guess it is better for everyone to stay this way. My wish for Futaba to make more screen appearance so that she could be part of the fight in Takuto’s harem didn’t materialized. Perhaps after finding out that shocking truth about those ‘freeloaders’ staying at his place, she gave up, eh? It could’ve been fun as more the merrier. Hope I don’t sound like a love sick sadist.
Another funny side of this series is the gay part. Yeah I know. Who can forget about that hard gay Hapsiel no matter how disgusting even if you want to forget him, you just can’t. And when George became his student, it was like damn, this confirms it that he is definitely gay. It’s so gay right till the very end as Hapsiel thanks viewers for watching the series by giving onscreen trademark smooches. Yuck! Apart from that I’m also wondering since now that Sakuma’s manga work is finished, would Miyabi and Sinclavier be free? Don’t think so because Sakuma may still use them as ecchi models for his sick fetish. Don’t worry. Eine will always be there to keep him in line. The other characters too are wacky and are quite memorable (please, don’t remind me of Hapsiel again!). Though their behaviours aren’t that deep and you can guess what kind of characters they are after a few observations. Like Stein’s fetish for animal ears and Haruka’s obsession with the mechas. It still makes me wonder what are Agariarept and Gabriel’s real day job as a demon and angel are. Hanging around and watching or sometimes helping our heroes. Yeah, it’s boring being such majestic beings. Say, what happened to Fermi? Got zapped too much?
I also noticed that each of the episode’s title has the word ‘nanka’ which means somewhat and sounds somewhat weird. For example, episode 3 is "We somehow got a demon lord coming out" and episode 4’s "This is somewhat like a crime". Another thing I noticed which also makes the series funny is all those exaggerative and hyped-up-cum-grand talking. In most cases, it’s like after yapping and showing viewers how great and super their invention or the outcome of something, it fizzles out to be something weak and nothing but just talk.
The drawing and art are drawn more towards moe lolicon as the characters lean more towards cute than bishoujo or bishonen, though some of the characters still look gorgeous. Sometimes they put real life images in certain scenes which makes the whole thing look a little funny. Just like the mid-intermission whereby they show weird looking plushies of the characters. I don’t know but they look ugly to me. And while at it, you can hear random characters saying the name of this series. On a trivial note, the next episode preview is hardly anything on the next episode. While it is shown in yonkoma (four panel comic strip) style, it is quite funny and random. For instance, Takuto waking up from a nightmare that Falche is torturing him. But his relief is short-lived because Falche is standing behind him ready to give the poor kid that same torture. Another one is whereby George is trying to think real hard how to get back Metalys’ attention and he concludes that since he is infatuated with Suzuho II, George dresses up like her.
The opening theme, MOSO Ranbu by Marisa Ise, Ui Miyazaki and Yukari Fukui (the seiyuu for Tanarotte, Suzuho and Falche respectively), sounds weird. Aside from the crazy animation (like butt shaking), the song features a little rap in it and the lyrics too is one kind. "Wasshoi, give me a baby…". Uh huh. No further comment. The main ending theme is Pastel by Ayumi Murata. I don’t know, but the way she sings the song makes it a little ‘drowsy’. There’s also a special ending song for that gay episode, entirely for Hapsiel. Entitled Miwako No La Vie En Rose by MIKA, it either wants to make you laugh or cringe. Or both. Too much hard gay!
Thus I hope everybody will have a swell time at their new location. Things will take a more exciting turn now that Takuto has a bevy of ladies fighting over him. I don’t know about you but if there was such a hidden magic academy and world out there, I don’t want to be in Takuto’s shoes. Imagine all the trouble (or fun, depending how you look at it) he has to go through. I don’t think any amount of magic can cure this. Call it destiny or fate.

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