Madan No Ou To Vanadis

July 11, 2015

War genres do not particularly interest me especially those of the historical setting whether it is the period setting or modern warfare. But if it is fantasy, I might have a look at it. And if they put cute busty babes in it, that just increases the chance. Haha. Shame on me. But honestly that was how I decided to take a look at Madan No Ou To Vanadis. Fighting among different clans, tribes and people are uncommon throughout mankind’s history. It is no different in this fantasy setting world. Nations fighting each other for whatever reasons (though I can think world dominance is the main reason) and as a result lots of people die. But this anime isn’t just about mindless killing, blood and deaths. When a country’s dying king is causing a civil war between his 2 heirs, it gets worse when an enemy country decides to launch an invasion on it. During this invasion, a sole survivor is captured and even recruited into the army. I guess if this guy wasn’t as cute, this lady general wouldn’t have taken him in. No, seriously.

Episode 1
In another devastating war between the Brune and Zhcted sides, casualties are mounting on the bloodied battlefield. Tigrevurmud Vorn AKA Tigre, a great Brune archer is probably one of the last survivors. He spots War Maiden Eleonora Viltaria AKA Elen and tries to take her down with his remaining arrows. Her exceptional sword skills deflect his arrows. It is Tigre’s lost and thus he belongs to her now. Flashback reveals Tigre was part of the Brune forces and their superior numbers is what makes them believe they are invincible. Fellow nobleman, Zion Thenardier doesn’t like Tigre a bit and continues to mock his status, especially his bow weapon of choice. Only the Count of Aude, Mashas Rodant stops Zion from further belittling Tigre. There are rumours going around that Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier is forcing his subjects to contribute for the war, burning those who refuse and making an example of families fighting each other to the death. Tigre hopes their prince can do something about it. Suddenly it becomes totally weird because Mashas puts his finger into Tigre’s mouth! Turns out Tigre has woken from his slumber and Limalisha AKA Lim is putting her sword into his mouth. He is now a prisoner in Leitmeritz in Zhcted. Mashas sends a message back to Titta, Tigre’s maid back in Alsace in Brune. Despite the Brune army outnumbering their enemy greatly, they still lost and Tigre has been captured as prisoner. Based on some treaty, if a ransom is not delivered to Zhcted within 50 days, Tigre becomes their property. Tigre is sent to see Elen about this ransom and he knows it is too high for his people to even pay. Elen then has Tigre demonstrate in an archery match. Everyone ridicules at his poor shot when actually he was just testing and getting the feel of this bow. When an assassin is spotted, Elen quickly defends herself with her wind power. Tigre then quickly fires to accurately maim his leg instead of killing him. Elen is sorry that she didn’t know her subjects gave Tigre a bad bow to publicly humiliate him. But Tigre doesn’t want their heads and hopes she can forgive them.

Tigre is surprised to learn that Elen had fallen for him at first sight. Rumours of this spread and because her men wants him killed, she thought the best way to suppress that was to show them his archery skills. It worked better than she hoped. She also points out that recent battle was the most boring she has ever faced. She has laid out lots of plans and tactics but only for his side to fall so quickly. Even more so, they took the head of their prince. All is fair in war since Tigre himself killed some Zhcted soldiers. Once news of the prince spreads, the entire Brune force collapsed. That’s when Zhcted basically ran them over and bored Elen met Tigre. Elen is amazed at his skills and how he tried to kill her calmly! A reason why Lim doesn’t like Tigre is probably one of his earlier arrows took down her horse. Elen suggests Tigre serve under her and can bestow the same title he had in Brune. But he declines since he already has a place to return and protect. A place that he inherited from his late father. Tigre may have made friends with another bowman, Rurick but walking around so freely may not be a good idea since in the eyes of others he is still a prisoner. He accidentally stumbles into naked Elen while bathing. He is the one freaking out. She tells it straight to him: “I want you”. Later that night, an old Brunish man was caught and brought before Tigre. He is Bertrand, his attendant. Although happy to see each other, Bertrand reports Thenardier’s forces are marching on Alsace. Tigre wants to return to his county but Elen stands in his way.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 0: Short flash specials lasting 2.5 minutes streamed alongside the series with the characters in chibi form and of course, for fun. But I noticed there will always be one still picture of the characters drawn in their usual bishoujo/bishonen form and illustrated by Miyahiko. In this opener, we learn about Dragon Gear made from dragon with mysterious powers that can only be wielded by War Maidens. There are 7 of them in Zhcted and one of them is Elen. Elen doesn’t want Lim so formal in her explanation but Tigre pops up to argue he is supposed to be the protagonist of the show but Lim disputes from the anime’s title how the show isn’t about him. Just watch the anime and you’ll see…

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 1: Elen tests Tigre’s combat skills. He chooses a spear but no matter how much he attacks, he cannot land a single hit on her. Not even doing a surprise attack when her guard is down. I guess he got desperate enough to do some ultimate attack. I don’t know what it is but it looks like he landed his palm on her boobs. While Elen is impressed with his bold move (well, she did tell him to go all out), Lim is not and quickly knocks him out. Permission to behead?

Episode 2
Thenardier gives his eldest son, Zion 2 dragons and makes him in charge for the takeover of Alsace. Elen wants to know what a single man like Tigre can do against thousands of soldiers. Better than standing around doing nothing? Try again. Elen is annoyed that he is rushing into things and is supposed to be calm and using his brains. So he calms down and thinks his possible next move. He bows his head to request Elen lend her soldiers. She starts laughing and allows it but not for free. Tigre agrees to give Alsace as long as she governs fairly. Elen never expected this answer because she thought he was going to become his subordinate. Thenardier reveals he sent his son to take Alsace because since the prince’s death, the king is losing his grip on the throne and Brune will either be ruled by him or Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon. Even though Alsace is a remote and backwater country, Thenardier wants his son to get used to handling the dragons. While the people of Alsace are being evacuated to safety shelters, Titta continues to wait in Tigre’s home, hoping to greet her master when he returns. Zion’s army pillage Alsace but they can’t touch the temple where the people are hiding otherwise all other Brune people will turn against them. Zion trespasses into Tigre’s house. Like the big bully he is, he looks like about to rape the maid but before he could lay his hands on her, an arrow is shot through his palm. Feel the pain! Tigre comes riding to rescue Titta and with Elen’s wind power to soften the reckless rescue act. She reveals her sword, Arifar controls the wind and only a War Maiden can wield it. Titta has an emotional reunion with Tigre. She was scared but believed in him. Tigre could feel a hidden assassin. He uses his hand to stop an arrow shot from hitting Titta before nailing one back at him. Titta gives Tigre a black bow that she has been protecting all the while. It has been handed down through the family for generations. Tigre remembers his father telling him only to use it when he needs to. Elen orders her army to rout the remaining enemies.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 2: Lim is mad. Because Elen ran away from the castle to run about in town to buy snacks. She wants a summarized explanation from Tigre. Any lies will result in death! Well, sounds like a lot of fun tasting the delicious snacks, right? And what deserved break from hard work is she talking about? Elen hasn’t even started doing it! They try to convince her but it’s hard to be so when you have jam spread on your face. They wipe it off each other and this only makes Lim’s anger increase. To calm her down, Elen tosses her a teddy bear. That worked alright.

Episode 3
Although the enemies pillaging Alsace are killed, they will still need to face the main force. Zion panics and blames Tigre for this and akin to betrayal of his fellow countrymen. He splits up his force into 3 groups but the special trump card they hold are the dragons. Since Lim wants ropes in their next battle, Titta will help gather as much as she can from the people. Titta embarrasses herself when she asks Elen about her relationship with Tigre. So she won’t give up on him? Zhcted forces charge straight into the battlefield. They are encountered with a brass land dragon. This is part of Zion’s plan as his army flank and surround them. Lim’s team is acting as an independent unit and attacks the flanking army. While the soldiers get squished, Elen powers up Arifar by using a Dragon Art called Ley Admos to float up in the air and then cut it into half! Once done, Lim’s team retreat. The enemy follows but got tripped by the ropes laid as traps. Zion learns the enemy has reinforcement of 2000 soldiers approaching and coming from behind overwhelming theirs (it is just an elaborate plan of using the setting sun and terrain to look they have a big number but they’re just horses without riders). His subjects suggest using the other dragon but Zion refuses. He already lost one and if he loses this one, he fears he will be blamed. Thinking his own life is more important, he orders his men to retreat. Some believe they can tough it out but Zion won’t have that. The retreating men are slain. Tigre is now face to face with Zion. Zion continues to mock commoners and of course Tigre. But the latter will not tolerate him plundering his land. All that is left now is for them to duel. That’s a very long lance you got there, Zion. But Tigre chooses only a bow. He tests a few shots but is blocked by cocky Zion’s shield. When Zion charges, Tigre’s next arrow goes through his arm. He failed to notice the shots were hit at the same place and weakened the structure. Armies from both sides now clash. Zion escapes on the dragon. Tigre hears a voice from the black bow to aim at the dragon. The bow also absorbs some power from Arifar. The super charged shot kills the dragon and sends Zion plunging to his death. Zion’s soldiers’ morale falls to all-time low and are easily routed.

Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu 3: Elen and Tigre are hiding in Lim’s room. Even though if they’re going to watch something interesting, is this morally right? They can get caught, you know. Oh, who cares? They watch Lim turn into a different persona while cuddling her teddy bears. Unbelievable, eh? She’s so happy playing with them and even has background stories for them. Suddenly she feels there is someone else in the room. Did she notice them? Elen suggests Tigre to pretend talking like a teddy bear. Will that work? Sounds crazy but what choice do they have? Tigre is expecting the worst and that this plan has failed. He is totally screwed. But she totally believes in it. Didn’t see that one coming? They’re still screwed anyway…

Episode 4
Titta finds Elen trying to wake up Tigre by putting her sword in his mouth! Is this a tradition of Zhcted? Titta is sure making a big deal out of this. Meanwhile Thenardier curses Ganelon because the moment his troops lost, he pulled out. To deal with Tigre, he wants to send Serrash, a group of notorious assassins to kill him and as for Elen, they’ll send another War Maiden to deal with her. Elen returns to Silesia, Zhcted’s capital to seek an audience with the king. He is not pleased that Elen did not seek his permission by taking her army into Brune territory. Although Elen explains Tigre’s reason to protect his country, the king finds it a lame excuse because it is like involving their country in a war like a common mercenary. Fellow War Maiden, Sofya Obertas alleviates his anger that in war, victory often favours haste over caution. Later, Elen runs into another War Maiden, Ludmila Lourie. You can say they both hate each other and before sparks can start to fly, Sofya puts her foot down. Sofya cautious Elen in making enemies out of her since she has contacts with Thenardier. Although her house has been on good terms with them for a long time, Ludmila doesn’t like them but will never let her personal feelings endanger their partnership. Tigre is happy that Mashas has returned, although the latter is cautious of Lim and her army’s presence. He understands once Tigre explains. Mashas wants to know Tigre’s next step. He will attack Thenardier. As feudal lord of his country, he is obliged to protect his people. Mashas then head to the Brune capital to seek an audience with the king to make Tigre’s case as just cause. At the same time, Tigre and Lim travel to other counties to seek allies. Then they meet up with Elen who explains the condition her king gave her. If Alsace becomes her territory, she must hand it over to the king. This isn’t a big deal as they can try to change Alsace’s situation.

The problem is the other condition. She must put Zhcted’s interest above anything else and behave prudently. Tigre thought that felt normal but he failed to see the deeper aspect of it. With such ambiguous phrasing, he is trying to tie everyone to the war whoever wins, the king benefits in the end. Therefore it is safe to assume aristocrats won’t make any sudden moves. The hierarchy of Zhcted is absolute with the king on top followed by War Maidens and then nobles. This would lead to problem with other War Maidens as not all of them are on their side. But she cautions that one will only be a problem. Speaking of her, here comes Ludmila. She is here to take a look at him. And as usual, cocky as ever. Ludmila doesn’t hide her connection with Thenardier to him. She wants to take the conversation elsewhere so as they ride through the forest, they noticed traps laid out by assassins. Elen thinks Tigre is the target since Thenardier would be happy with his death and Elen would be forced to leave Brune. They are attacked but are able to fight back. Noticing their crest, the assassins are from Serrash. When Lim is bitten by a snake, Tigre has to enforce first aid immediately and suck out the poison. Now I know why the snake bit her breast… When the rest of the assassins simultaneously attack, Ludmila activates her special attack and summons large icicles from the ground to stab all of them. Ludmila is disappointed over Elen for getting so flustered over her retainer and fails her as a War Maiden. She heads off first to Rodnik while leaving them to get medical aid for Lim. Yeah, thanks for that.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 4: Titta panics when Lim has a request of her. Thinking it must be something extreme, turns out she wants her teddy bear although Lim pretends it is for one of Elen’s retainers. Since this is old and worn out, Titta will make a new one. By all means, please do. Tigre sees this and Lim starts to panic. He wants to know this retainer who loves teddy bears so much. Lim is flustering like hell trying to explain without giving herself away. She flusters greatly when Tigre mentions this retainer who loves teddy bears must be a lovely girl.

Episode 5
Lim is healed and Elen is going to let Tigre have his reward. Stepping into the bath while Ludmila is there? More like she wants to irk her. But Ludmila didn’t panic since she views him as an animal instead of a man. In town, because Ludmila’s pride has her not tasting stall food, Elen starts eating and claiming how tasty it is to spite her. Tigre lets her taste some and Elen is not too pleased. After they part, Elen tells Lim to strengthen their border patrol. True enough as predicted, Ludmila assembled an army on Leitmeritz’s border. This means Elen’s forces are sandwiched between Ludmila and Thenardier’s army. Elen lets Tigre decide. Fight Ludmila now and stop worrying about her in the future or prepare against Thenardier and Ganelon’s invasion on Alsace. Tigre sends an envoy first but Ludmila ignores. Both sides clash and both suffer heavy casualties and forced to withdraw. As Elen gets ready for the next battle, Ludmila’s forces withdraw and hole up at her ice castle stronghold at Tatra Mountains. Elen realizes they have been had since it is a tough place to penetrate. Although Elen attacks, her forces are being pushed back. So she wants to do a desperate move by herself to wipe the enemy out from behind since the cold is getting to her men. But Lim doesn’t want her to do this and wants Tigre to convince her. At such times, Elen is asserting her position that Tigre belongs to her. Doesn’t he get to decide now? He also doesn’t want her doing this and considers her important. Really? Nobody above her? Only one: Alsace. She finds it funny and would have cut off his head if he said the name of another woman. If he has a better plan, she is all ears.

Tigre goes on a scouting mission. Lim gave him a bear skin (guess why) so he could trek across the snowy terrain without suspicion. Low on food, he shoots his arrow at a fox. However Ludmila was also hunting and also shot it. At first she didn’t believe he could shoot that far but when he demonstrates, she is amazed. Now do you believe? She invites him to share it with her, not knowing who is behind this bear skin. Tigre calls himself Urs (his father’s name) and maintains wearing the bear skin (claiming it is a law of his country not to take out animal hide on the mountains). He notices a different side of Ludmila as she serves him tea and could smile like that. She doesn’t suspect him a spy and talks about her responsibility as a War Maiden and had to hide her feelings working for people she hates just for her country’s good. As they part, she hopes he would stop by her castle one day. After a while, Tigre follows her footsteps to her castle to survey the surroundings. Then he returns with Elen and her troops getting ready to take it down. Elen uses her wind power to break down the gate but to no avail. It’s like the enemy expected her and they start raining arrows of her. She is obsessed in trying again and could have been killed had not Tigre save her. Tigre pleads to Arifar to lend its power and because the sword likes him, it powers up his arrow to make a hole in the gate. Elen then orders her men to charge in.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 5: Lim is so happy that Titta has finished making a new teddy bear. She forgot about the ‘retainer’… Oh sh*t… When Elen comes by, it’s that cheeky smirk on her face upon knowing what’s going on. Lim tries to change the subject to Serrash’s ambush but Elen keeps emphasizing on how Tigre saved her and how much attention he paid to her breasts! Titta cannot stop flustering and could explode any time from embarrassment. When Tigre comes, the ladies won’t let him know what they’re talking about.

Episode 6
As Elen and Ludmila clash, a Serrash member tries to kill Ludmila but Tigre’s arrow was fast enough to kill him. For this gratitude, Ludmila slaps him! She realizes his arrow skills and is that Urs guy. Tigre considers this as repayment for her delicious tea. His wish is that she stays neutral. It would be great if she allies with him but he has nothing to offer. With this, Ludmila is amazed with his honesty to protect his homeland and announces that she will not support Thenardier. Although Elen doesn’t have to worry about Ludmila’s forces, it seems Thenardier has got another faction involved. Roland, Brune’s strongest knight and the head of the Order of Navarre wielding the invincible Durandal sword, is being ordered to take out insurgents. A month later, Tigre has a decent army backing from Zhcted as well as some ragtag group several counts he allied with. However with their army from different backgrounds, fighting is going to be plenty. Tigre has to step in to quell them even for the silliest reason of fighting over the shape of a cloud! Of course Elen is worried that with Mashas not back yet, she wonders if Tigre’s petition has been delivered. While resting at the riverbanks, Tigre stumbles onto Elen’s pet dragon, Lunie. Perhaps cheeky little dragon saw this coming. As Sofya was looking for it, her mind was perhaps too focused on it as she bumps into Tigre. Did I mention she is stark naked? Elen not pleased…

Sofya explains she is on official business here. As they have not heard Brune’s explanation for their actions, she is sent as an envoy. Though, she was told the Brune King was ill and wasn’t able to meet him to clarify their stance. However she was made to pass a message to Elen for Tigre: Tigre is now considered a traitor and stripped of all his titles and powers. Alsace will be considered property of the king and for now will be self governed. A messenger will soon be dispatched for this but perhaps Tigre could learn more about this from Mashas. Although there won’t be any concerns for other War Maidens’ actions, the big concern is how the fellow Brune people will act once they learn Tigre stand accuse for treason. Order of Navarre is drawing closer to them. Although messengers were sent, they were ignored. Some of the counts are worried about this and wonder if they should ally themselves with their fellow Brune instead of the Zhcted army that is backing them. However Tigre considers Thenardier as a ruthless and cruel king and they need to go into battle for their own sakes. So both sides clash. Roland fights Elen and is impressed by her fighting calibre. Elen is knocked off her horse. Her only choice is to use Dragon Art but him being human is what is making her hold back. Tigre comes to save the day. It might seem he misfired his arrow but that serves as a distraction to pick up Elen. Also, in right timing, that misfired arrow strikes and kills Roland’s horse. But Tigre is out of action as he has taken a nasty slash across his chest from Roland. Sofya has Elen escape with him while she handles things from here.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 6: Ludmila praises the nice bear outfit that Lim made. Lim stops Tigre before he could further reveal her cute side. After Tigre compliments her tea, Elen and Ludmila get into their usual argument. Tigre tries to stop them especially about Elen calling names on Ludmila’s small boobs. He goes on describing its nice shape and colour. Bad move. For once, Ludmila and Elen are in sync to kill him…

Episode 7
Sofya fights Roland for a short while since it is her plan to buy time for her comrades to escape. With Mashas’ army coming in as reinforcement, Roland withdraws his troops. Mashas then speaks to Elen and co that he failed to seek an audience with the king. However the prime minister and his best friend, Pierre Badouin secretly took him to the king’s chambers. He is shocked to see him playing with building blocks. The shock of losing his son must have turned him so. Not many are aware of his condition and perhaps Thenardier and Ganelon knew about this and using it to their advantage. After he left, he was ambushed by assassins. Sofya saved him and that was how he met her. Elen goes to see unconscious Tigre in his bed and vows to fight on his behalf. Defend what he is protecting. He belongs to her after all. When Tigre wakes up, he finds Titta by his side. However his bow starts resonating as they follow its guide to a temple. Meanwhile Elen leads the attack against Order of Navarre. The latter may be using its flanking attack but Elen’s troops are using sandbags to divert the river and turn the battlefield into a swampy marshland to turn the tides. Inside the temple, Titta believes this is a temple that houses Tir Na Fa, the goddess of death and darkness. The goddess possesses Titta to speak to Tigre that it was him who came here to seek for greater powers and not she who summoned him. She will give him power but he must prove his resolve by shooting Titta. Tigre agrees and powers up his arrow. Right before it hits Titta, the power disperses and stops the arrow. I guess the force was so powerful that it ripped Titta’s clothes. No wonder that maid was so scared sh*t. The goddess barely passes him. Then he rushes back to the battlefield. Roland is fighting Elen and Sofya. The women can’t best his Durandal. It cuts through their power. Tigre fires his arrow but he is able to strike it down. Roland confirms with him about hiring Zhcted army to protect Alsace. They mention that Thenardier is their goal and want Roland to join them but he refuses since he is his royal knight. Tigre’s wound starts to open again so he makes it quick to fire his arrow (powered up with the goddess’ power). Roland strikes it head on and is in a dilemma who is protecting the people. In the aftermath of the power clash, everyone is surprised Roland is still standing (although his armour is in pieces). However Roland admits defeat as he cannot raise his arms to use Durandal. He cannot win as he is now and contributes his loss to his doubts. Tigre can rest easy as he faints. With Order of Navarre withdrawing, Elen and co march directly towards Thenardier.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 7: Sofya has Tigre think what he likes about Elen. But how come all her answers are pertaining to her boobs? Doesn’t he like that? Well, he considers Elen his saviour and brother in arms. Later Sofya talks to Elen on how sincere and honest a guy like him. But she is thinking more of his crotch?! Wondering if Elen loves him, she replies he belongs to her and is on contract. In that case, wouldn’t she be so kind to lend Tigre to her? She promises if he gets ‘dirty’, she’ll ‘wash him clean at many places’ before giving him back. Elen wants her to stay away from him.

Episode 8
To make amends for attacking him, Roland will return to the capital to help seek an audience with the king. He leaves Durandal in Tigre’s hands. Also, Elen receives a letter from her fellow War Maiden friend that she is indebted to, Alexandra Alshavin AKA Sasha. She is under attack from another War Maiden and they promised to be at rush to the other’s side when in trouble. Why didn’t Sasha for Elen all the while? She’s bedridden. Elen and Lim will be away for a while. When Roland returns to the capital, he is trapped in a room by Ganelon. Viewing this as his failure to kill the traitor, poison bees are unleashed. Roland’s death reaches everyone and of course Thenardier is not amused. Even more worrying is the fact that Brune’s southern neighbour, Muozinel is taking advantage and advancing on them (these people still believe in plundering and slavery). Thenardier leads a small army in luring some Muozinel troops into his territory to fight them. He leaves his main force under pretence to protect Ganelon but in actual fact he wants to keep an eye on that old dude. This means Tigre and his army need to fight and defend the Territoire region with only 1700 men in hopes of preventing a national crisis. Tigre sees Muozinel troops taking an entire village as prisoners and although he wants so much to save them, he is only here to scout and prepare. More woes on their side because they do not have enough weapon supplies and the Muozinel forces might use the prisoners as human shields to prevent their attacking.

The Muozinel supreme commander, Qasim learns about the skirmish attack of a small army on their troop. He knows it is a decoy and sends thousands of his men to eliminate them. True enough, they are lured into a valley where they are ambushed. They are defeated and this is part of Tigre’s plan to salvage the enemy’s weapon. Tigre continues to make small ambushes to reduce their number. In retaliation, Qasim executes some of the prisoners outright. When both forces meet head on, Qasim cannot believe Tigre is the commander of the Brune army as those people hate archers. As the fight begins, Tigre shoots his arrow right into Qasim’s forehead! I guess he let his guard down that he could never shoot that far and that Qasim was deep within his troops. The Muozinel soldiers lose hope and run as Tigre’s forces give chase and hunt them down. As Tigre frees the prisoners, some are mad that he didn’t take action earlier because those executed could have been prevented. Tigre can only apologize. But at the end of the day, they are grateful for being saved and you could say they got their revenge on the same day. It is considered an achievement for Tigre’s troops to destroy a quarter of Muozinel’s considering the size of their army. But they can’t rest yet. Captured Muozinel prisoners mention this is just the beginning. They were just the vanguard and a strong 30,000 men troop is advancing. It is already tough that they have to escape with the newly freed people but the Muozinel is taking no chances and charging straight at them. Tigre takes some of his archers to try and take some pot shots at them. It didn’t slow them down. He didn’t expect to get help from Ludmila and her troops.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 8: Rurick and Gerard Augre are arguing. They can’t agree on anything. Especially about their views on Tigre. Rurick is loyal to him but Gerard is just passing him. Then it descends into a talk of Tigre’s popularity with women that allows him to get into naughty situations. It makes them feel jealous and for once they agree on this.

Episode 9
Long ago when Elen and Ludmila were still locking horns, Sasha came by and they stopped dead in their tracks. Seemed they were scared of her. She suggested fighting them both at once. If they win, she’ll do anything they ask. Otherwise they must apologize to each other. And because the ladies hate each other more than anything, they quickly team up and attack Sasha but lost. They are forced to apologize but it doesn’t sound sincere. Elen has arrived at Sasha’s side. She learns War Maiden Elizaveta Fomina is the one trying to attack her. It all began when they tried to eliminate pirates together. As they were finishing things up, Elizaveta accused her army of deliberating leading the pirates towards hers. They have broken contact since. Ludmila talks to Tigre and is chiding him of his submissive attitude and the way he sounds desperate wanting her help. She knows during Elen’s attack on her fortress, it wasn’t Arifar that could break through that thick gate. She suspects it was his bow. She has a look at it but isn’t impressed despite being his family heirloom. She asks why he doesn’t use it often in battle. He has not mastered its powers yet and each time he uses it, he will black out. Ludmila agrees to help him out and in return she hopes he will repay the favour by showing the bow’s power to her. Elen faces off with Elizaveta. Both sides clash and of course the big ladies themselves. Elen seems to be winning and will not let Elizaveta go till the latter warns that she has more things to worry about. Ganelon has started mobilizing his army (indicating she is working under him) and Muozinel is invading from the south. Elizaveta can keep her company here by fighting but who is more pressed for time? She suggests withdrawing and get back talking about business with the pirates while adding a 1 year non-aggression pact for good measure. Elen agrees under one condition that she sincerely apologizes to Sasha. Done. With this settled, Elen rushes back to Leitmeritz. Ludmila discusses war strategy with Tigre. Seems his men can only last one more battle and facing this huge army, it won’t be easy taking out their supplies or commander. Speaking of which, Kureys Shahin Balamir is the brother of Muozinel’s king and a powerful one. Once Sachstein sent thousands of ships against his side but Kureys only had 200 ships and prevailed. He was nicknamed Red Beard or Barbarossa (shortened to Barbaros later). Kureys split his army into many divisions to stem out ambush attacks as he marches through the land. In the end, Tigre’s men never showed up. A scout reports to Kureys that an oral message was sent to them. Something about they better leave (because they are invaders) or risk getting burnt. He’s not going to turn tail. Challenge accepted.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 9: After Elizaveta apologizes to Sasha, she asks about Tigre. Sasha is surprised that she never imagined her asking this. As Sasha explains as what she knows from Elen, Elizaveta starts imagining this ‘strong gorilla’ based on what she hears. The odder it gets but the more curious she becomes. She thinks of sending gifts to see how he responds.

Episode 10
Kureys splits his army into several strong divisions as he plans to chase after the people and make them their slaves. But they were ambushed by Ludmila’s troops hiding behind hills thought to be unguarded. Then the people turn out to be Zhcted soldiers in disguise. The real people are stationed back at the hill fortress. Although Tigre and Ludmila charge directly to Kureys’ unit, Kureys is not fazed and only calls back a division and has the rest continue with their mission. He plans to tire them out. True enough, some of the soldiers are at their limits and the Muozinel soldiers easily route them. Tigre will not give up and continue fighting and this impresses Ludmila. Suddenly Brune reinforcements arrive to help Tigre. They were sent by Mashas. One of them being Count Auguste who once served Tigre’s family. Kureys is confident they can still strike down the enemy since the main force is tiring out. But when Mashas and his troops arrive, Kureys orders a retreat and combines all his divisions into one. He then waits for a crucial information before making his next move. Once he learns the troops left behind to attack the southern harbour was sunk by Thenardier, the task of securing these locations with limited men seems too high a risk to take. He orders full retreat as long as he can shift the blame to someone. To save face, he thinks up of lines to praise Tigre and sends a messenger to convey it to him. It must be one hell of a boring speech that he fell asleep! Yeah, Ludmila joins him in sleeping… Together in her tent! Ludmila purposely knows how to smite Elen because when morning comes and she has returned, Ludmila clings on to Tigre like as though it was one hell of a passionate night. Thankfully Elen didn’t lose her cool although she is pretty irked at Ludmila. Another battle for Tigre is about to begin. Can’t this guy even catch a decent sleep? They’re really fighting over him and making him the object of tug-of-war but I guess Ludmila has some strategy discussion to attend to with her men. Shucks… Tigre’s victory is considered great and it helps many to see and support his just cause. Alone with Elen, Tigre apologizes for getting so many of her soldiers killed. But she’s not mad because he did not regret his fights. Instead, she is grateful and it is an honour to those who fought courageously and died in battle.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 10: Ludmila is not happy that Tigre is out late with Elen. Titta doesn’t seem to be handling well thinking about that. But Ludmila will let this slide since she already had her share of sleeping with him after the battle. Whoops! Now Titta is on the verge of going crazy. Okay, make that she’s already super crazy. Now Ludmila can’t say how he groped her boobs during his sleep but I think Titta can guess from the looks of her thinking…

Episode 11
War Maiden, Valentina Glinka Estes cuts a portal into Tigre’s room to kill him while he is asleep. Good thing or not, his hand was on her breast so she decides to leave it be. Tigre is called by Mashas because there are rumours that the prince is still alive. At least a look-a-like in their camp. One of the women Tigre personally saved during Muozinel’s invasion, Regin comes to see them. She reveals her she once went by the name Regnas Estelle Loire Bastien de Charles. This is the prince?! Mentioning about her hunting encounter with Tigre 6 years ago at Vincennes, Tigre remembers the prince. Mashas couldn’t believe it he almost died of a heart attack! Regin continues that an assassin was sent to attack her troop and so it was assumed she fell in battle. She has been posing as a prince all the while because her fellow countrymen do not think highly of a queen that does not bear a son. Plus, females have a lower chance of succeeding the throne. Imagine the people’s trust if they find out about her gender and Thenardier and Ganelon will definitely make their move. Regin trusts Tigre because he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. A few nights ago when she visited his tent and requested him to wash her body was a way to test him. It’s a good thing he didn’t jump on her or anything. It might also mean he is gay… Just kidding! To prove her royal lineage, she knows there is a door in Lutetia, capital of Artesium that only royals can open. Meanwhile Thenardier has obtained 5 new badass dragons that can even kill War Maidens. As for Ganelon, everything seems to be going on as planned that he has nothing more to do. So he is going to leave Tigre who is going to Artesium and Thenardier who is going to prevent that, an underground parting gift for the winner.

Zhcted’s king makes Sofya the emissary to Brune to bring Elen back because he feels a war is going to start. Sofya encounters Valentina making her way into the palace. News that Ganelon burnt down Lutetia before going missing. As Thenardier’s army is slowly marching north, Tigre says there is no change in their plans. This means a head on clash with Thenardier. Elen and Ludmila fight the dragons but a couple of them seem to be immune to their powers. Thenardier wants his men surround the War Maidens before the dragons are killed even if this means losing thousands of his men. Elen got injured while saving Ludmila, although just a scratch. When both sides pull back, Elen discusses with the rest about those immune dragons. It is believed their chains are made of metal that nullifies the War Maidens’ Dragon Gear powers. But she knows there is a way to defeat it. Before the fight resumes, Thenardier’s scout reports that their enemy is outfitted poorly for battle. As if they are trying to gauge their melee combat and prevent them from using their dragons. Thenardier orders to continue with their plan. Tigre orders his men to retreat and put back their proper gear and leave the War Maidens to fight the dragons. They make the dragons get in each other’s crossfire before taking them out by stabbing through their vital core. They also combine some old tactic of theirs to bring it down.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 11: Everyone seems to be lecturing-cum-advising Regin not to do that bold bath move again. You know men, right? Although Elen assures Tigre is a gentleman, she starts mentioning some of the ladies’ naked bodies he has seen. I don’t know why hearing something like this will have her change her opinion of Tigre so suddenly. He tries to explain himself but it doesn’t help even if Elen mentions about his non-intentional boobs groping incident with her. It would be trouble if he did that to Ludmila. Did he? Tigre’s body reaction made it obvious although he proclaims his innocence. Elen wants to cut him so Tigre runs to Lim for help. Here’s a teddy bear for payment.

Episode 12
An opening bathing scene from the ladies? And they find Tigre so tired that he is sleeping on the floor. Waking him up with a sword in his mouth won’t do so Elen thought of using her killer instincts to do so since he’ll wake up immediately if he were to sense an attack. Well, that worked. In his reflex, he overpowers her and got his hand on her boob. Everyone discuss what to expect at Artesium. Regin explains their goal which is the holy grotto. It is situated in some underground supposedly the birthplace of Brune. There are 3 secret entrances to it and the closest to them that they will take is some temple. Bertrand requests to come along since he wants to be with his master as long as he can because after the war, Tigre will return to Zhcted and his old body cannot keep up for long. Tigre agrees and Elen also wants to come along. The group enter the small temple and make their way after opening a secret passage. A drawing on the cave wall depicting gods fighting a battle against dragons is a sign they are getting close. However Thenardier and his men are also here. They have entered via another entrance. He knows about Regin and since talk is not needed, both sides clash. While Elen handles Thenardier, this serious zombie knight, Steed takes on Rurick and Tigre. He is able to block Tigre’s arrow shots despite being blocked and poor lighting. The fighting is put on hold since the cave is about to collapse. All that fighting must have weakened this old cave, huh? Everyone escapes but Tigre continues fighting Steed to buy time. Unfortunately he is cornered and out of arrows. Bertrand turns back and protects his master and gets slashed. Tigre wakes up. Steed is dead after being crushed by the rocks. More disheartening is Bertrand who has lost a lot of blood. He believes his death will not be in vain because he protected Tigre. Like the words of a dying man, he mentions how he is proud of Tigre and at many times surpassed his expectations. He was worried when his father died what would become of him but it seems his worries were unfounded. I’m not sure what’s going on because it’s like a dead old man’s words caused some super beam that turns to above ground into a huge crater. Well, Artesium is already burnt down so why not add a crater to it? Elen is glad Tigre is okay but I guess a dead old man is enough to demoralize everyone. Tigre has been in shock since and everyone else can’t tell if Tigre can be back on his feet soonest by tonight.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 12: Valentina tells us her Dragon Gear allows her to know everything. Everything! So beware. She knows what you’re doing right now… So let’s go take a peek at what the rest are doing. Cutting a portal to spy on Tigre and Elen, she manages to escape before her presence is found out. But when she is spying on Lim, she is shocked at her ‘preparation’ of playing with her teddy bears that she forgot to escape as Lim senses a presence. How to escape? Valentina thought of impersonating as a teddy bear but isn’t confident she’ll get away with it. Will it work? Lim falls for it! Doesn’t this look familiar?

Episode 13
It was the power of the bow that caused that crater and the goddess was impressed he mastered it. But he is still saddened from Bertrand’s death. Elen comes in to talk about his next course of action. He can still opt out of his war and negotiate with Thenardier depending on the conditions he offers. She will be doing what she can with a pride of warrior. Tigre’s mind is clear now and will decide on his next move. He apologizes to Titta for worrying her. Elen also hints the other reason she is helping him. Why did Muozinel attack from the south? The port is the centre of trade. It soon hit Tigre the bigger picture of the Vosges Mountain. If there is a highway connecting Alsace to Leitmeritz, trade and culture will bloom, enriching the territory in the process. Soon Badouin visits them and informs that the king has gotten better although still weak. He was being poisoned by Ganelon. He wants to know Tigre’s actions. After assuring Alsace is safe, he will return to Zhcted to resume being their prisoner. Also, if Alsace cannot be safe in Brune, he is considering making it part of Zhcted. What is Badouin’s suggestion? Better hurry to the capital as the king has not long to live. Of course this means clashing with Thenardier. Tigre wants to know the reason of his attack on Alsace. With Alsace under his control, he could have prevented Zhcted’s interference. Torching the land and people would make it a sure deal. But Tigre had to come back with Zhcted reinforcement. If he had not, Ganelon would since he has old ties with Zhcted. Tigre can’t forgive him and Thenardier the same too for slaying his son.

Tigre is about to summon the bow’s power when Elen punches him! Although getting revenge isn’t wrong, don’t get lost in that hatred. Don’t rely on it as a weapon. Tigre’s mind is now clear as he faces Thenardier with only a single arrow. As Thenardier charges, the arrow strikes right in his forehead! It might look like a silly and easy job but as he thinks back, Thenardier actually could have deflected the arrow had not for the wind changing its trajectory. And it wasn’t from Arifar so this is Tigre’s victory on his own. Ganelon is seen departing at the port as he wishes for Tigre to get stronger and bolster as much power as he can. Valentina is under his service. The entire kingdom celebrates Tigre’s triumphant homecoming. Nervous? Weird hairstyle… More mindboggling, why is everyone so accepting of Regin? I thought they dislike princesses and shouldn’t at least many be in surprise that she is still alive and a girl? After that, Badouin takes them to see the king. He is frail and feels he has failed in his duty and trusted that responsibility on others. Tigre gets to name his reward. Well, he has a few of them including payment in gold coins to Zhcted for their assistance, bearing of war expenses incurred and a mutual non-aggression pact for 3 years (couldn’t they make it longer?). But the most important one is that Brune will cede the land of Agnes to Zhcted and Regin will serve as its first ruler. The king also bestows the title of Lumiere, Knight of Moonlight to Tigre. Badouin is surprised because all those who end up with this title become king of Brune. A few days later, the king passes away. Work on the highway on the Vosges Mountain Highway starts.

Tigre-kun To Vanadi-chu 13: Regin is going to say goodbye to Tigre. He’ll be free in 3 years’ time although the ladies aren’t sure if he would want to leave by then. Because Elen keeps badmouthing that flat chest midget, it’s like Ludmila has her sensors tingling and rushes all the way from her office! Thankfully Sofya takes her out. Sofya then tells Elen to be mindful of her words because there are some flat chests among them too. Titta and Regin fall into depression… But most important of all, they want to hear Tigre’s preference! Hurry up, they haven’t got all day! Tigre thought he is saved when Rurick calls him as it is time to go. He trips and falls over him! His hand over his chest… OMG! Gay scene… Is this how it all ends?!

Mada No Owari, War And Dissing?
Really, has the war really ended? With a handful of other nations around and old scheming geezer Ganelon still breathing, there is bound to be more fighting in the future whether everybody likes it or not. Sure, it is human’s nature and we’ve got that damning revelation from Elen about war helping to open up culture and trade. I understand that as those in the war trade and supplying weapons will profit out of this. Haha! But isn’t that true? But as far as this season is concerned, I guess everything is kinda okay as it focuses on the rise of Tigre of an obscure little town to a name that echoes throughout the land with respect. It might be the end of this season but work for Tigre and his people have only just begun. But that is entirely another story that is yet to be recorded in the annals of history.

Despite having only 13 episodes, there are good and bad points having an anime series with only a season worth of episodes. It works like a double edge sword. On one hand it is good because you get to move the story along without wasting precious episodes dedicating to just a single fight. Yeah, imagine a fight, a single bloody fight in some animes can be dragged for a few episodes. Is there so much to fight? Is there so much drama? Therefore with a few blitzing campaigns and wars, the story gets to move at a decent pace. However, the problem is that with a handful of war campaigns we see the characters in, some fights feel like they are a bit of a rushed. I know this war is going to be a long one but trying to condense it doesn’t do it the justice. So it’s a mixed baggage here. Too long and it will bore you but too short and everything seems like it is in a hurry. This show isn’t all that bad in this sector but to put it in an example, you can’t exactly tell all of China’s history in just an hour, can’t you?

I can’t say much about the character development as it is pretty much focus on Tigre and Elen. Tigre as the typical hero of justice who truly serves his people and Elen and carefree but yet strong willed female lead are nothing new but their relationship and interaction can be dynamic as both are taking time to learn about each other. After all, Elen fell for him. And isn’t he technically still a prisoner of war? I wonder why Tigre didn’t ask to be freed or cancel his prisoner status (in a nice way) as part of the reward provisions. I mean, does he really intend to honour that promise of becoming Zhcted’s prisoner for 3 years? Based on the light novel of the same name, my lazy browsing through Wikipedia has me spot lots of other characters in it that has not appeared in the anime. Yet. Well, it is going to get crazier when other countries get involved in the war but let us not go that far yet.

The War Maidens are an interesting bunch and despite being only unique to the country of Zhcted, their personalities vary and this is what makes them interesting as not all of them get along as some of them serve different interests. I don’t know what the full story behind it is but I feel that some of them are ‘wasted’ in this season and aren’t featured prominently enough. Their cameo feels like it only serves as an introduction (Elizaveta and Sasha in particular) and Elen and Ludmila are the only ones getting the big focus. Heck, if I counted correctly, aren’t they short of one War Maiden? I read she is supposedly the youngest War Maiden but did not make her appearance at all in this anime despite curiously making cameos in the opening and ending credits! Thus, a big disappointment of this series is the lack of the focus on War Maidens because, I don’t know, I have the impression that they hold the key and balance to the war and how Tigre might use some of them in his favour to turn the tides (and enter the harem war).

Most of the side characters feel underutilized and just being there for the sake of being there. I mean, you have Titta the maid to show that guys like Tigre is noble enough to have a cute maid stay loyal to him (or to satiate maid fanatics like me despite how odd it would look like to have a maid in a war time). Saying Lim is the voice of reason to Elen isn’t exactly right because Elen can sufficiently make her own decisions and mostly Lim is just being relegated to watching on or her ‘extra hand’ if she cannot be fighting in 2 places at one time. Then you have Rurick and Augre who are also loyal to Tigre but the highlight about them is their spat and that they can’t really get along with each other. It is like they are the male version of Elen and Ludmila but to a minor scale because we don’t really care about guys. Get what I’m saying? Then there are the other counts and Mashas himself who threw themselves to fight alongside Tigre after his reputation builds up but their character roles are just as that. Thenardier and Ganelon may have been the main antagonists of the series but when you’re in war, it’s hard to say who the bad guys are and who are the heroes. Of course in Ganelon’s case it is made and shown that he has an ulterior motive so based on our stereotypes, he is definitely the big bad villain. Right?

For the fighting action sequences, some are cool and some just feels ordinary. Of course when you have the main characters especially the War Maidens upfront in battle, you can’t expect it to be just normal as there will be unleashing of magic powers and the likes. Despite as interesting and entertaining some of them are, something tells me it falls short of being epic. I mean, in every episode, some sort of fight, battle, skirmish or war happens so perhaps you have come to expect that for each episode. Not to say it is a bad thing especially of the action genre but it somewhat grows ‘immune’. It’s like watching ecchi pantsu shots every 10 seconds in every episode. Won’t you even get bored despite the varieties? But the ‘action’ that I find most interesting each time is when it is narrated via some battle board. Sides are depicted in silver or gold chess-like pieces as the narrator explains the tactics, strategies and formation of the war. Although there are some I do not understand, but nevertheless they are interesting to listen and note of.

I would also like to look forward to another kind of ‘battle’. The battle over Tigre! Yeah well, I was expecting this to turn into some sort of cat fight since some of the girls have a thing for Tigre especially Elen and Ludmila and compounding their bitter old rivalry is Tigre himself. Well, something tells me it is a good thing that this isn’t spammed throughout the series and just sparingly otherwise it would diminish the value of what this series is actually about. So it’s fun when it got the chance. Hope to see more of it if there is a sequel ;p. I wonder if Regin too has fallen into this… A big maybe. Titta the ever loving maid might be just confused about the thin line about serving her master and crossing it. I don’t know about Lim. She’s putting on a poker face like as though it is fixed on her face that I can’t tell.

One thing that confuses me and somewhat ruins the overall enjoyment of the series is the names. I understand that this is some European style fantasy setting but somehow there must be a curse on me that just make me couldn’t remember the names. I can get by with the names of the few protagonists and characters because they are repeated many times and probably they are not as hard as the names of the countries and regions. Yes, the big headache comes from the names of those places. So much so I have a hard time remembering if this place is in Brune or somewhere else. Heck, I still don’t know where is where so if you test me on the topic of geography of this world, I will definitely score a big nice duck egg! Also confusing and hard to remember are the terms and special names like Dragon Gears since each has a name and are unique to each War Maiden. Well, not like I care so much anyway.

Another interesting segment to note is the mid-intermission whereby it explains to us definitions of certain terms, the characters and sometimes gives examples or references. It is a great way to understand the terms better and in a way how this world works. However there are some terms which left me wondering because and I do not see the implication of it. Like hollow. An empty space, hole, depression or cavity. So? So what?! So how does it apply in that episode? Not that I could connect the dots or anything. In some mid-intermissions, sayings are used instead perhaps for variety or lack of any important term to note for that episode.

Art and drawing is good although I won’t go anywhere near in saying that it is a masterpiece. Backgrounds and sceneries are okay and since this is European style setting, you’d see those typical old European buildings and designs. Even the knights’ armour and the emblem designs have that feel. The dragons don’t look that majestic and somewhat look like monsters that are suitable to appear as monster-of-the-week in the Ultraman series. Serious. Character design itself feels okay but I thought the skimpy outfits of the War Maidens make them look like fantasy RPG cosplayers. Hah. I suppose that is why they don’t wear armour in vital places because they have their great power to rely on. I guess that is why they are so ‘powerful’. Because the men really wear big bulky armour from neck to toe that doesn’t seem practical if you engage in melee combat. Maybe it’s just for the scare factor. Big is scary, right?

This also means with cute looking War Maidens, fanservice is a must with them having busty boobs and even flat chests like Ludmila, she isn’t exactly that flat. Just that she is much smaller compared to the rest who are just monstrous. Really. But fanservice itself isn’t much in this show despite you’ll remember a handful of bathing scenes and hand-grabbing-boob accident that will catch your attention. The employ of CGI is also used especially to animate a great number of soldiers when you have a grand view of the battlefield. Not to say the best but it’s just passable. One that obviously irked me was during Muozinel’s invasion and if you pay attention to the soldiers attacking in the background, you’ll notice their repetitive hack and slash action despite there are no enemies in front of them!

Voice acting is pretty okay with Haruka Tomatsu landing the role of Elen and sounding just like other strong willed ladies she voiced like Asuna in Sword Art Online and Shizuku from Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun. Yuka Iguchi as Lim was unrecognizable at first because she was putting that low serious voice like Mako from Girls Und Panzer and Subaru from Mayo Chiki. But when she starts squealing in her trademark fashion like the titular character from To Aru Majutsu No Index, instantly she is identifiable. Yu Kobayashi was also identifiable as Elizaveta though it is sad that her screen time is limited.

Other casts include Kaito Ishikawa as Tigre (Harutora in Tokyo Ravens), Mariya Ise as Ludmila (Levi in Fairy Tail), Yukiyo Fujii as Regin/Regnas (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park), Ai Kayano as Sofya (Inori in Guilty Gear), Hajime Ijima as Mashas (Gakushu in Ikkitousen), Sumire Uesaka as Titta (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Takayuki Sugo as Bertrand (Wanyuudou in Jigoku Shoujo), Dai Matsumoto as Thenardier (Halloween in MAR), Mikako Komatsu as Sasha (Neko in K), Hitomi Harada as Valentina (Himeji in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Nobuo Tobita as Ganelon (Sinistra in Kiddy Grade), Masami Iwasaki as Kureys (Bolic in Akame Ga Kill), Ryohei Kimura as Zion (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai) and Juurota Kosugi as the narrator (Tama in Hayate No Gotoku).

I thought Haruka Tomatsu was the one singing the opening theme. Unfortunately it is Konomi Suzuki singing Ginsen No Kaze. I think they try to make it sound epic with all those grand background voices and orchestra instruments but somehow this piece just doesn’t appeal to me. The generic pop ending theme that starts out like a slow ballad, Schwarzer Bogen by Hitomi Harada sounds better personally if you ask me. A special ending theme for episode 10 by Konomi Suzuki, Ryuusei Chinkonka is a slow and beautiful ballad but I thought it sounded like a song that would suit as the closure at the end of a movie or a series.

Overall, this anime series is still enjoyable thanks to the war tactics and the fitting action that goes with it. It could have been better, though. I guess it is alright if it happens only on screen if they keep coming up with sequels, war after wars. Because if this really happens in real life, it would be a real dread especially when you start taking history class. You’d start hating your ancestors into getting mindless wars and getting so many killed (in some ways you can thank them for helping to cut down on overpopulation) and at the end of the day, you have to remember so many important dates and events that would eventually have no bearing or significance for the rest of your life. Life is unfair isn’t it? Well yeah, deal with it. Only winners write history and those who are crazy and bold enough to change the world are the ones who do. Are you ready to change yours?

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