Magi: Sinbad No Bouken

December 9, 2016

As expected, one of the favourite characters from Magi got his own spinoff TV series (although an OVA spinoff was released earlier). Magi: Sinbad No Bouken tells the tale of our mighty Sinbad and his journey during his teen years as he gathers his allies to create a country and become the king of the world to achieve ultimate world peace among men and nations. Sounds like a classic fairytale modernized to tell our future kids as bedtime stories. Heck, do we even read to our kids bedtime stories these days?

Episode 1
On a stormy night in the small village of Tison, Ezra gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Sinbad. You know this kid is going to change the world when the world’s great powers sense a change in the air and this miracle. Badr is drinking in a bar when soldiers come in to give his share of the reward of war. But he doesn’t want the bags of coins and gives it to everyone else. Uhm, thanks Badr? As narrated, the kingdom of Partevia recently won a war and increased its influence. Although everyone is happy, Badr is worried about the country’s state. Not that he cares actually since all he cares now is his catch. While fishing with Sinbad, a storm brews. Sinbad correctly points the path to safety and this has Badr telling him that he has the power to choose the right fate. When the world steps into the wrong path, he will be the man to change them all. 2 years later, Badr is being harassed by other townspeople, mocking him an expatriate. They claim he is doing nothing to help with the war. With the Partevian Empire growing and trying to take over Reim, the people have developed a mentality that they must win the war at all costs. Badr did nothing and gets beaten up. This makes Sinbad disappointed as he thinks his dad is uncool. Even Ezra wonders how long their poor life is going to last as their savings are almost dried up. Should have took the reward, huh? One night as Sinbad draws water from the well, he stumbles upon an unconscious foreigner. Waking up in their house the next morning, Darius the travelling merchant is grateful to be saved. Badr’s kind hospitality has him stay as long as he wants. Sinbad gets attached to him as he hears amazing stories of his travels around the world. He’s like his fairytale book?

One day, guards come into the house looking for a spy from Reim. Darius immediately kills them and then takes Sinbad as hostage. He wants food and boat immediately but the villagers don’t want to get involved and thus can only stand around. Badr then goes up to him. In fact he prostrates himself to let his son go and surrender himself. But Darius is willing to die for his country and do what it takes even if it means this underhanded method. That is when Badr swiftly stabs Darius. He can mock him all he wants but when he touches his family, he’s dead. In the aftermath, Badr is accused of sheltering the enemy and is transferred to the army headquarters where he will be forced to fight the war. The villagers curse Badr to leave. Sinbad defends his dad and when they want to beat him up, Badr steps in and warns them not to touch his family. He makes it clear what it means to go to war and takes off his clothes. His body is full of scars and an amputated leg. He has seen many suffering and died in war so are they sure they want to send their families to war? Is war really that great? Badr’s last words for Sinbad are to fight like a man and entrusting mom to him. Sinbad realizes what it meant as a father’s real strength and to protect what is important. A few months later, Badr’s death reaches them. His coffin only had his sword but not his body. 9 years passed…

Episode 2 – 6
These are the same repeat episodes from the OVA. What a waste, right? I’m not sure if they have new scenes since I didn’t watch them again. And I’m not going to just to find out if there are. Not that I can remember anyway. If you want the summary, it’s here:

Episode 7
Hinahoho’s wife, Rurumu is teaching Jafar and Sinbad about manners and other aspects of education. Is this Spartan education? I think the rest are wise to stay out of this. Arriving at the port of Reim, Sinbad and co setup a stall to trade Imuchakk goods. Sinbad is a hit with the ladies but the guards break them up as they have no permit to trade. Shortly, a trader named Harun wants to buy all their goods. He claims it is okay as he is from the merchant association. He hands them a contract. They are happy with their sales but later that night they discover that their goods are being sold in another store at 10 times the price! They realize they have been tricked but they can only blame their own inexperience. This fires up Sinbad to become a trader. Sinbad stays back to do the paper work and register while the rest leave on their ship to get more stock. Sinbad then bumps into Harun and asks him to dinner. Despite Harun pointing out he was duped, Sinbad is okay with it since it was a learning experience. Rurumu’s lessons of trader etiquette pay off with Sinbad maintaining a calm composure and smile. Harun lets him in on a secret why Sinbad lost. This is the first time Imuchakk goods are sold here. Not only he lost a great opportunity timing, he let someone else fix its price. Sinbad then displays a little of his powers and tells his stories of his Dungeon conquering. Asking him what he will do with those powers, Sinbad intends to change the world. As an individual he knows he cannot do it. Therefore he will become king. Harun then tells him to become part of the association, another merchant must recommend and then pay upfront 1000 gold coins as admission fee. He wants Sinbad to show him his resolve in a month’s time that he can earn that much with his own power. Harun leaves but remains sceptical Sinbad can do it and will be crushed then. Sinbad thinks on what he can do to earn but being bodyguards and washing dishes won’t get him anywhere near it. Then he hits an idea. A month later when Harun returns from an overseas trade, he sees lots of people hovering around Sinbad. He is telling great tales of his Dungeon exploits. They love his stories and throw him money. Harun is impressed but Sinbad requests more time to meet his target as he hasn’t reach a thousand gold coins yet. Harun then pays him a bag of gold coins! It is his fee for listening to his story. Grateful and wondering who Harun is, he learns he is actually the king of Balbadd, King Rashid!

Episode 8
Jafar endures more of Rurumu’s education. He relents after she tells him all this is to repay his master who showed him a new path. But now Rurumu goes into labour and teaches Jafar how to be a midwife! Swimming back to Reim seems better… A healthy baby boy is born, Kikiriku. He is heavy and big for a baby but gets attached to Jafar. Sinbad can’t wait to trade but Rashid tells him to do his play. Sinbad thought it was just to get funds for trading but Rashid tells him the other harder aspects of trading like logistics and warehousing. There is also advertising. Right now his only asset is his body and what better way than to put it for play entertainment. Sinbad takes up his advice and for his first performance at the theatre hall, it is full although the people are sceptical if this is a scam. But once he shows his magic, everyone is dazzled in awe. Soon he becomes famous and a hall is not enough to hold his audiences. Now he holds it in the Coliseum! At this point, Hinahoho and co have returned. They are ushered by the guards to the jam packed Coliseum to see Sinbad in action. As they are captivated by the performance, Kikiriku wanders off himself. Jafar realizes too late as he goes look for him only to find him in the clutches of a Coliseum monster underground. Jafar puts down his life to rescue Kikiriku. Because of his determination, he is able to use his Household Vessel and zap the beast. When Jafar opens his eyes, Sinbad is by his side. Kikiriku is safe. Jafar explains lightning coming out from his weapon. Sinbad deduces if he is the first Dungeon conqueror, then Jafar is the first Dungeon warrior. Rurumu gives her personal thanks to Jafar. Everyone is shocked that lots have taken place during their absent. Sinbad has now established a trading house named Sindria Corps. Even more shocking to learn that Rashid is his mentor. Rashid has to return to Balbadd and if Sinbad ever stops by, he can head directly to the palace and talk about trade. Sinbad and co can trade all they want and get enough funds to form a new country. Sinbad also published an autobiography as Rashid suggested. It was supposed to be part of his advertising but everyone take it is a form of story and entertainment. And that is how The Adventures Of Sinbad became a very popular bedtime story. Just kidding. But it’s something along those lines.

Episode 9
Sinbad, Jafar and Hinahoho arrive at the kingdom of Sasan (the rest remained in Reim to man the store). They are here to secure a trading route with them since they have special metals. But Sasan has secluded itself from the world and is not particularly interested in trading with others especially outsiders. Though, Sasan ‘trades’ metals and minerals with Reim as proof of friendship because the latter shows great interest in their beliefs. Anyhow, it is not about making money. As Sinbad would really want to know Sasan’s culture as an individual, it is suggested he visit the Sasan Knights who is headed by its king, Darius Leoxses. If he is acknowledged by Darius, then Sasan will accept him. Of course Sinbad tries to get close to Darius only to be shoved away by guards who view him as suspicious. While discussing at a tavern, Mystras comes up to them and is interested to talk with them. He is the son of Darius and wants to leave this country. Because of his country’s doctrine that makes him unable to leave, he is sick of being confined in this small cage filled with stiff people and wants to explore the world. Mystras respects Sinbad after he tells his Dungeon conquering stories. Of course Darius knows of Mystras’ ambition to leave the country and tells him to forget it and be a good role model to his brother, Spartos. Mystras vehemently protests and all he got was his father’s slap. When Mystras begs to Sinbad to take him away, Spartos tries to convince him to change his mind. However this only strengthens Mystras’ resolve to leave the order officially. Sinbad agrees to take him away but he will not do it secretly and eventually Mystras must settle everything by himself. Meanwhile Sinbad bumps into Yunan who tells him after he conquered the first Dungeon, many Dungeons subsequently popped up. This means there are now many Dungeon conquerors ranging from small nations to big empires and Sinbad will have to deal with them. Darius is one of them. But Sinbad doesn’t think this is necessary because he is here just to trade. Mystras challenges and defeats all the top knights in the order. All that is left is Darius. Mystras is no match for Darius when he uses his Dungeon power. Mystras eventually loses and the penalty is death. That is when Sinbad steps in. Hold your horses. Not so fast in killing your son.

Episode 10
Sinbad demonstrates his power to get his attention and right to fight him. Darius can do anything he wants to him if he loses but if Sinbad wins, he will take Mystras with him and Sasan must sign a trade pact. Mystras tries to dissuade Sinbad from fighting Darius as he explains Darius’ powerful barrier that blocks any attacks and could also return it many times fold. This only makes Sinbad more interested. After a few clashes, Sinbad is going to show his true power. He combines with his djinn to harvest the ultimate power. Sinbad then takes Darius to the remote mountains to talk. Since Darius isn’t totally convinced, Sinbad demonstrates his truly fearsome powers by blasting holes in the mountains! OMFG! He changed the topography of this area! Now you believe? Sinbad explains his intention to start a trade route and form an alliance with Sasan. Had Sinbad’s intention been invasion, Sasan would not have stood a chance from the beginning. Sinbad also tells about the numerous Dungeons and people who have conquered them. This will lead to unbalance in power equilibrium and wars. Sinbad doesn’t want that but a world with peace. To achieve that, he needs Sasan’s power. When they return, before Darius can admit his defeat, Sinbad says they fought to a draw. This leaves others bewildered. As they are cut off from the outside world, they only believe their doctrine that their king can only wield godly powers. Sinbad’s appearance smashes all that as Darius explains about the abnormalities happening around the world and Sinbad is also one of the many chosen ones by God. They believe him because a king’s word is like God’s.

Darius allows Mystras to accompany Sinbad on his journey as a special mission. He admits he might be envious of his son for wanting to venture out into the world because he had that goal too when he was his age. But duty has kept him from doing so. Therefore Mystras should travel the world in his place. After making peace with father, now Mystras properly says goodbye to Spartos. The brothers make a promise to travel the world together when Spartos grows up and becomes a respectable knight. Darius remembers telling Sinbad that he reminded him of their old legend. When the world was corrupted, the people of Sasan came to this land and used the power of the God they brought to clear the impurities. That God became their king and they formed and utopia where all races lived in harmony. What Sinbad is doing now is something similar to that. Mystras for the first time sees the ocean and gets motivated to know more about the world and follow Sinbad to the ends of the earth. However he feels a bit disappointed learning their next destination is a small matriarchal nation ruled by a war maiden. An unexplored region and city in the sky, Artemyra. Mystras might have become a fan boy of Sinbad when he gives the thumbs up. Nose bleed?! Wait, what?!

Episode 11
Arriving at the borders of Artemyra, they see beautiful babes riding big birds. Note, this would sound so wrong if I put it as beautiful babes riding big cocks… Yeah… They try to tease the guys by hinting showing them a good time. But Sinbad’s charm to take on their challenge either swoon or disgust them. As they trek up the deep valley, it is ironic that Sinbad is complaining of being hot and tired! I understand Hinahoho but Sinbad? When he tries to ‘cheat’ by transforming into his djinn and fly, Jafar beats him up and lectures him about doing so and making them look even more suspicious. When they finally reach the city, they realize they stink and cannot see the queen at this state. As there are no inns because this place rarely has visitors, they can only bathe themselves via river or red light district. Hmm… Which do you think Sinbad chose? Okay, we’ll go for the river for the sake of the TV. When they see the queen, Mira Dianus Artemina, she chastises them mainly because they are men. Can’t blame her since men look down on her for being a woman. She dealt with Rurumu all the while and since she is not here, she is not interested in doing business with them. Sinbad thought he could use his charm to persuade her and even touches her! Too bad. It doesn’t work all the time. She has her guards strip and arrest them. Mira and Sinbad’s Metal Vessel resonate. She still detains him for offending her. Sinbad, Jafar and Mystras are thrown off the valley while Hinahoho is left behind because they are interested in his manly physique. No, they’re not going to dissect him. Wink, wink. Oh sh*t! This is worse than death! Of course Sinbad and co survive the fall. They explore their surroundings wearing only a leaf?! Why do I have a feeling their leaf corresponds to how big their manhood is? They have food woes and Mystras’ tiny emergency rations aren’t enough. That night as they sleep, they realize there are snakes all over! Despite being a kid, Jafar shows he is the manliest by killing the snakes for food. Those assassin days came in handy. And then this WTF scene because the trio make their own mini residence down in the valley. A little hut, a snake feast and having fun in a leaf. WTF?!

Episode 12
I’m sure Mystras hates to break it to them. But they’ve got an even more important mission to clear. Like, establish diplomacy with Artemyra? Unfortunately Sinbad is so comfortable with life down here and so enlightened, they might be trapped here forever! Mystras tries to explore a way out but finds a slab of meat. It is also processed. But all Sinbad and Jafar are concerned is that they have food! They don’t even care about the gemstones embedded in it! When they return to explore the area, there is more meat now! Collect them all! But giant birds soon swoop down and pick them all up. This gives Sinbad an idea. It seems those meat and gems are partly the work of girly men mining them under the watchful eye of the dominant women. With the roles reversal, I wonder what feminists would say about this. Mystras is further losing faith in Sinbad because he continues to collect meat. Then giant slabs of meat fall down and this is the chance Sinbad has been waiting for. Everyone is shock that the trio pop out from the giant slabs! As explained, these men drop meat into the valley so the birds would pick them up along with the gems. Because they have been eating the meat, the gems are not coming back so they thought some predators are eating the meat. Thus they make bigger ones so that it cannot be devoured quickly by the time the birds come to collect. They thought the men here are oppressed by women but it seems they are having fun and taking up household roles that are traditional held by women elsewhere. Mira is shocked that Sinbad sneaks into her room. It is to retrieve his Metal Vessels. She isn’t going to let him go over this insult. Both transform into their djinn form and fight. At first it might seem Sinbad is using different djinn forms to counter Mira’s and even so he is having a hard time. Her djinn possesses 3 different elements (ice, lightning and fire) and believes she dominates this battle thus eliminating the need to transform to another form. She then realizes Sinbad has been easily evading her attacks and popping up wherever he wants. As clarified, Sinbad is using Valefor’s true power of stagnation. He is stagnating Mira’s abilities and she hasn’t realized this yet. She thinks she is fighting someone from a different dimension and laments her first loss to a man as she gets frozen in ice.

Episode 13
The next day, the guys see Mira in her throne. She is alright but a bit disappointed about her loss. Though, she notes she has never felt such excitement in a long time and Sinbad is the first man to do so. She agrees to become his trading partner and feels it is beneficial to her country and people. But personally, her other reason is that she doesn’t want to become his enemy. After learning his goal to stop wars and gathering powerful countries to help achieve it, she can tell he subdued Sasan the same way because she knows that kingdom doesn’t allow foreigners. That was the only way he could have made allies with that country and could have easily destroyed Artemyra the same way too. Mira then explains about the mysterious Magi. This makes Sinbad wonder if Yunan is one. Since they depart tomorrow, Mystras is seemingly happy of the free time. Yeah, he really wants to go to the red light district! Sinbad realizes this is why he wanted to get out of the valley so bad. You jealous, Sinbad boy? If you have forgotten about Hinahoho, we’ll, they’ve released him back to his comrades saying they felt good. Oops, they mean he was of good help. Hinahoho’s face looks guilt ridden. He keeps asserting he didn’t do anything wrong! We believe you, pal. Sinbad and Mystras then happily head down to the red light district. Oh yeah. Fun time starts now. Guess what? The ones who serve them are giant ugly burly men! OMFG!!! OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess they really learnt a real lesson here. Next time let your real head do the thinking. Mira sees them off. She sends Parsine Pratemia as Artemyra’s diplomat with them. She also introduces all her daughters. The youngest one, Pisti gives Sinbad a feather which symbolizes luck in their country. Sinbad and co return to their company. Everyone is glad to see them. But since Rurumu is on maternity leave and back home, Vittel has been managing the place well in her stead. He is glad to see Sinbad but the latter dumps travel expenses to him. Keep up the good work. Then everyone celebrates. Sinbad introduces the new members and they drink a toast to their ideal future.

Trading Up For World Peace
So far Sinbad’s adventures have not been disappointing although the only disappointing aspect is that there are not enough episodes! Uh huh. It seems the TV series is only focusing on one very small time period in Sinbad’s life. But then again, even in the main Magi series he is still relatively young. Therefore this Magi spinoff season can be summarised as to be about Sinbad recruiting allies and members from various different nations for his own eventual kingdom and own personal team of Eight Generals. I’m sure if there is another season, they’ll continue this recruiting spree till the early formation days of Sindria.

Making the series interesting and lovable are the characters themselves. Especially the titular Sinbad who can be cool and charming but yet at times can be so idiotic and carefree. And he can easily switch from one to another in a split second seamlessly. He is like Magi’s version of One Piece’s Luffy but more handsome and with more diplomacy charm. I guess strict and stern leaders aren’t really popular with their underlings and viewers as this kind of stereotype is usually reserved for villains. That is why it sometimes feels like as though great leaders need to be sporting, laughing and accepting so as to make us all admire and love the great leader he is. Or maybe it is just Sinbad’s natural charm that we are all in awe with. The kind of charm that makes ladies want to bang him every night. No, seriously.

The other characters are also developing nicely under Sinbad’s guidance, each with their own quirks and personalities. I’ve got a feeling that Jafar might be developing some sort of phobia for women thanks to Rurumu’s Spartan education. I guess that is what you call tough love. Hinahoho feels more like a family man ever since his arc is completed and having his first child while Mystras is turning out to be an eager beaver adventurer wanting to see the world. (Sadly as I discovered he died somewhere along the way and was subsequently replaced by Spartos as one of Sinbad’s Eight General whom I identified as Sasan in my blogs). If these characters seem comical most of the times it is because I can theorize that they are all still inexperience in trading and life. The world is such a big place and there are still lots to learn out there. There will be many good and bad people they will face during these years and all can be used as learning experience. It is good that Sinbad has met with some good teachers like Rashid as this greatly helps him get closer to his ultimate goal.

I am unsure as to call the TV series as short changing viewers who have watched the 5 episode OVAs. Because at first glance it might look unfair for those who have bought the DVDs earlier (bundled together with the release of the manga) only to realize later that it will be released on TV. Also, with repeated episodes, the producers don’t really have to strain and rush themselves for timely weekly releases. However if you love the series, you would still buy the DVDs anyway whether it comes before or after the TV release. I’m just wondering if they are going to re-release those same episodes again as there are no new scenes (not to my knowledge) and they only changed the episode titles. If so, this means you would have to buy them again to complete your collection (because you don’t want to confuse yourself having ‘different’ series being placed in the middle of your collection).

Overall, this series has the potential to outshine its original Arabian counterpart thanks to the excellent storytelling and execution. Well, at least in the anime industry. Good enough that in the future people might be confused which Sinbad is which. Yeah, we don’t do our own little research these days to ascertain truths and validity. It is sad that this spinoff series being a prequel will eventually ‘end’ as it will join up with the main Magi series. That series itself is interesting in its own way. But as of now, still no word of another season :’(. Why do we have to wait so long to see change and have world peace?

Magi: Sinbad No Bouken OVA

December 11, 2015

I once figured this was inevitable one way or another. Because how can you have one of the coolest and most beloved characters in a series without giving him a spin-off series on his own? And therefore it was timely that Sinbad of the Magi series has been given his own spin-off although the mini OVA series, Magi: Sinbad No Bouken is an origin series as it details the early and younger days of Sinbad as he journeys around the globe to conquer Dungeons and makes allies. And that is why Sinbad has become such a famous and synonymous name as the famous sailor in Arabic tales of sailing the seven seas. No? Well, then just watch and see this then.

Episode 1
Yunan narrates the battle between Reim and Partevia to conquer the Dungeon and obtain power. But all 10,000 over men sent in perished. But a miracle child born during a stormy night will bring about a change. A group of army renegades turned bandits rob an old guy and his young female family members. Till Sinbad beats the hell up of them singlehandedly. He offers to be their bodyguard after learning the males in their family have been drafted into the army. But since they are going by sea, they don’t need him (albeit the ladies were really charmed by his charisma). Instead they give him some fruits but when they open the barrel, Yunan is inside! Sinbad brings Yunan back to his home where he lives with his sick mother, Ezra. Next day after Sinbad leaves for a job, Ezra talks to Yunan and blames herself for making him stuck in this village. For she remembers her late husband told her he had a special strength. That is why she is asking a favour if anything happens to her, please lead him to the right path. Bad news comes when Sinbad is beaten up by Dragl, leader of the western platoon. Sinbad has repeatedly ignore letters for is draft into the military. He must enlist and has no right to refuse. Sinbad objects to his thinking that people are like tools of war and should work for the country’s sake. His father and the rest of the men died of sickness. That is why he will never join the army. With the villagers supporting Sinbad, Dragl reminds him of his mother. This refusal is equivalent to being a state crime and will affect her too. There is great power in the Dungeon in which Reim must obtain as ordered by the highest imperial order.

Later Sinbad talks to Yunan about his catch-22 situation. Enlist or not, he will die either way. The country is done for. Yunan then suggests to become king and change the world with his own hands. That Dungeon contains the power he needs to become king. Sinbad wonders who Yunan is. An immortal traveller. Dragl is being told by his superior to lead another expedition to the Dungeon. He knows that leading civilians this time is to calm the masses as long as a Dragl family member is victimized since 1,000 elite troops that were sent earlier on has been annihilated. First Princess Serendine gives him encouragement and he vows to bring success and protect her. Next day as the troop is preparing to head into the Dungeon, it seems Sinbad is the only one who didn’t turn up. Dragl doesn’t think a missing civilian or two will affect the mission but surprise, here is Sinbad. He claims this Dungeon’s power is his and will never let him have it. Sinbad dashes in, fuelled with the motivation from Ezra. She gave him his father’s sword and hopes he would go forth and do what he has to instead of holding himself back for her sake. Yunan is excited but also scared to see what kind of man Sinbad will turn out to be. Sinbad is now inside the Dungeon. Welcome to level 1.

Episode 2
Dragl’s men are dying like ants. Dragons are smart enough to take and dump them in an abyss of thorns. Dragl is ultimately saved by Sinbad but he is not grateful. Instead, he brags about his Partevia lineage and because his real name is so freaking ass long, Sinbad just doesn’t care for all that and just calls him Drakon (and so shall I). They arrive before a large door believed to take them to the next level. A huge dragon king guards it. Drakon wants Sinbad to be the decoy while he goes to the door. Sinbad is not pleased of his military mindset that has caused casualties. Drakon makes his own way to the door but it doesn’t open. Dragon king spots him. He is about to die. He panics and fears death. He doesn’t want to die yet. Again he is saved by Sinbad. But this time he wants to die for being a failure as a soldier! Make up your mind! Sinbad lectures him about some lessons in life like it is natural to fear death for he is a human before a soldier. He then goes into his awesome kick ass mode to kill the dragon king. It dropped dragon balls that enable them to open the door. They make their way through the various Dungeon traps as Drakon agrees to cooperate with him so as to observe him and make his decision when the time is right. In the deepest Dungeon room, Sinbad touches a magic lamp and appearing before them is the genie Baal. He wants to know which of them is to become king. As both proclaim they are the one, looks like they’ll have to settle the score. Although Drakon is adept with the sword, Sinbad is better streetwise and his fist fighting is better. Drakon takes a beating as he remembers about Serendine. Her words give him the strength to fight on because he made a promise he can’t die. But it is heartbreak when he remembers after Serendine was married to his older brother, Barbarossa he found out it was just political marriage and it was devastating he never got to told her his feelings. Eventually Drakon loses. Baal accepts Sinbad as his new king.

When they return outside the Dungeon, it is gone. The army praise Sinbad and wants him to hand over the treasure and power. However Sinbad will not. They take this as a sign of betrayal and ready to kill him. Yunan assists Sinbad in calling forth Baal’s power to roast those soldiers. Yunan then gives free service to him by flying him back to his home. Although Sinbad is glad to be back, the villagers are worried. Where has he been for 2 weeks? Because Ezra is dying. Sinbad goes to see her and she is happy to see her son one last time before she breathes her last breath. In the aftermath, Sinbad’s success has encouraged the villagers to turn against the army. His name is well spread throughout the land whereas Drakon has become some sort of an eyesore to the royalty. Naturally they cannot let Sinbad do as he please so an order was set up to capture him. Serendine leads her troops for this and she does not hesitate to attack Sinbad. She reveals her nickname as Poison Spider Princess because her sword is laced with the poison of some desert spider. However Sinbad had stolen her antidote earlier on and is just doing fine. He also destroyed her breast plate to immobilize her. Then he takes her hostage on his little dinghy. Don’t worry princess. He isn’t the kind of guy who would defile a woman like you. After a safe distance, he puts her in a barrel for her men to get her. I’m sure she won’t let this embarrassing incident slide. But Sinbad couldn’t care. Because he has greater things to do and that is to change the world by his own hands.

Episode 3
After Sinbad conquered the first Dungeon, many others mysteriously popped up and this started the craze worldwide to conquer Dungeons. Sinbad’s quest has taken him up north to the icy cold seas. He encounters Hina and his younger sister, Pipirika of the Imuchakk tribe trying to hunt and kill a sea dragon as passage rite to adulthood for the former. He fails and almost got killed till Sinbad shows up and zaps the creature. When Sinbad gets acquainted with them, Pipirika thinks Hina did the killing all by himself but the latter although feels guilty about it cannot bring himself to tell the truth. Meanwhile Drakon is been summoned by his superior. Normally his failure would have meant him exiled from the army but his brother negotiated with the king for a second chance. He is also given Partevia’s secret assassin unit, Sham Lash to retrieve Sinbad’s Metal Vessel. Sinbad wants to follow them to their village although was warned they do not welcome outsiders. Sinbad wants to see what the world has to offer and change it with his own hands. Naturally, Hina and Pipirika’s father who is also the tribe chief does not welcome Sinbad to the village and remains suspicious. He praises his son for a job well done and wants him to explore a strange monument that appeared up north. Consider this a step closer to be a true warrior. However Sinbad doesn’t want father to do that because that structure is a Dungeon. He shows proof he is a conqueror and father naturally welcomes him because it shows that he is strongest. He agrees to heed Sinbad’s words not to explore it.

The tribe celebrates Hina’s victory although he himself is ridden with guilt. Especially of the past when he is taunted by many of being unable to do the impossible. One of the Sham Lash assassins, Jafar tries to kill Sinbad in his sleep but thanks to his sleepwalking, the plan is clumsily foiled. Sinbad easily defeats him. Sinbad politely interrogates him but his mouth is tightly zipped. Till he starts badmouthing his own parents and how he killed them that Sinbad slaps him. Please don’t say such pitiful things with pride again. But he manages to break free and with the help of his comrades escape the village. Right before the dawn of the ceremony, Pipirika is devastated when she learns Hina has left a note that he is going to conquer the Dungeon. He believes obtaining its powers, he can become like Sinbad. Sinbad makes his haste to go after him as he explains the many who have died in order to achieve their dream in the Dungeon. Although he cannot guarantee if Hina can come back alive or not, but what he can guarantee is that he won’t be dying. Hina has already entered the Dungeon. Drakon and Sham Lash are also before the Dungeon and Jafar who is also the boss of the assassins has a score to settle with Sinbad.

Episode 4
Hina gets a taste of his first Dungeon. Or rather, the Dungeon is tasting him because those cute butterflies are eating him! Using his strength, he fends off monsters after monsters. But the final crab boss was defeated by Sham Lash. They ignore this weakling and it makes Hina mad. He fights them so Jafar’s subordinates, Vittel and Mahad transform into monsters to take him on. Again he is saved by Sinbad. Jafar instantly goes into killing mode but Sinbad can still best him. Before they are cornered, Hina takes Sinbad and escape into the lake. The mage advisor, Falan freezes the lake although the duo are able to escape. Falan then mocks the Sham Lash for not being great as she thought and has them drink a special potion that heals all their wounds. Drakon and co reach the final room where the wolf-like Valefor appears before them. He can sense Falan’s body is fake and gets rid of her. All that is left for her is just a little doll as the real one is by Barbarossa’s side. When Drakon mentions his intention to bring back this power for his king, Valefor loses interests and reverts to his true cute and docile form. He believes with that kind of answer, Drakon isn’t fit to be king. When Sinbad and Hina finally arrive, Valefor decides to make it interesting by having them compete in a game. All of them have an equal chance to become king. The game is whoever catches this little cat of his, Minifor will become the next king. Sounds like a joke, right? Well, if you consider how hard it is to catch this little cat. If nobody catches it before the time is up, nobody leaves this Dungeon.

Sinbad then proposes the only way is to cooperate. They will surround Minifor and when the signal is given, everyone will jump to grab it. Whoever does, becomes king. But this gives the signaller a disadvantage. Who will it be? Sinbad offers to be that since he already has Baal. His primary concern is to get out of here alive. Everybody agrees with his plan and when they corner Minifor, it jumps up in the air. Drakon has suspected something amiss and his worst fears come true because Sinbad grabs it. So he tricked them? Had he not done this, nobody would have left the Dungeon. Therefore it isn’t about who is right or wrong but who is most suitable to become king, which is him. Sinbad wants Valefor the most because he wants to create a country to unite people around the world. Drakon shoots down his ideal as it only exists in dreams. That is why Sinbad tells him he is doing it. He will establish a new nation to change the world and wants all of them to be his allies and join him. Hina feels inspired to follow him. Even Sham Lash is inspired because they sense true freedom. However Jafar under the fake pretence tries to kill him. Sinbad of course saw this coming. Suddenly the Sham Lock trio start feeling pain. They start transforming into a monster. Drakon prepares to kill them but Sinbad will not allow his comrades to die.

Episode 5
Sinbad fights the raging monster. So it is kill or be killed? Valefor believes there is another option. As the trio form the core of the monster, if they can separate them in one shot, they will be saved. Falan materializes herself via the doll and steals Sinbad’s sword. She announces Drakon has been promoted to lieutenant due to special circumstances. Killed in action, that is. A special broadcast from Barbarossa himself says he has failed to capture a Dungeon and Sinbad. Worst of all, he also knows about his feelings for his wife, Serendine. That woman is his property. He considers Drakon to be no more of royalty and tells him to go die in some corner. Drakon falls into despair while Hina struggles with the monster. Now he understands why Sinbad has always been doing things his own way. He realizes even if he had the power of a king, he will never become like Sinbad. Hina will use his spear to destroy the core while Sinbad distracts it. Drakon has revived to help. His eyes are now open. He thought it was honourable to die protecting his country but now he knows who he needs to protect. The trio cooperate to destroy the core and send Falan out of this realm (Sinbad reclaims his sword). However shortly, Jafar starts transforming again. Because of his overused body, he is in danger of fusing with the core. When this happens, the only way to stop him is to kill him. Sinbad has not lost faith in him so he is going to forcibly pull him back out. Impossible for a human to do that? Well, you should have known by now that Sinbad does the impossible. He dives into his subconscious to see a couple of Jafar versions contradicting with each other about pain and surviving. Sinbad convinces them with his warmth to stop living this lie. Then he attacks himself using Baal to pull Jafar out. Amazing, no? Valefor now asks who is to be king. Everyone with no doubt agrees Sinbad should be their king. And so with Valefor too recognizing as king, yet another Dungeon is cleared.

Now they are back outside the Dungeon with all the riches. The Imuchakk tribe greets them. But Drakon won’t follow back to their village and will head back to his own country instead. There is something he needs to do back there. He knows it is dangerous but I suppose he has his own reservations in following someone else again even if that someone is as great as Sinbad. Drakon is then given a Household Vessel that holds some of the djinn’s power to help serve the king although at this point in time it is not activated yet. Back at the village, the ceremony to turn Hina into a full fledge warrior and adult begins. His father gives him a spear and turban as well as a new name: Hinahoho which means clear as the ocean. Later he speaks to his father for his wish to leave the village because he wants to follow Sinbad in making a country that unites the world. Father couldn’t be happier and gives his blessings. Hinahoho and Sinbad then head to a rival Imuchakk village for the former seeks the tribal leader’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Of course he is asked what he could give his daughter as she already has everything. Father becomes mad thinking he is joking that he cannot give her anything. Hinahoho is unfazed by his threats but continues he can’t give her anything now but can share a dream and help realize it. A dream that belongs to his master Sinbad. Soon, Sinbad establishes a trading monopoly with Imuchakk and his name spreads across the world as a great warrior and merchant. He then forms a merchant fleet known as Sindria Trading Fleet.

Sinbad… Sinfully Good…
Yeah, it was fun as well as interesting. And by judging the way it all ‘ends’, it seems there is so much more potential and stories for Sinbad to be told out there that it could be expanded into a full fledge TV series running for two seasons. Really. It would be a shame not to continue this origin series but since I am not that obsessed fan of the Magi series, if it comes out, it comes out and I’ll watch it then. Simple. Oh wait. They already gave the green light for the TV series! Yahoo! But as far as this mini OVA series is concerned, it still manages to give an interesting glimpse into the early days of Sinbad and how he sets his dream in tone like how we see it in the Magi series proper. It is still a long way off and never ending work. So it is true in what they say that Rome wasn’t built in a day or two. But with Sinbad doing the impossible and his comrades aiding him, I’m sure he’ll be able to pull off this amazing feat while still in his lifetime that even the Gods themselves can’t even do. Yes, really. That is how amazing this Sinbad guy is.

For those who (still) can remember the Magi series, Sinbad had a couple of strong generals known as the Eight Generals. Three already made their appearance here. Hinahoho is the co-star of this mini OVA so he might ring very familiar bells to those who remember this huge Eskimo dude. Drakon wasn’t so obvious because in the Magi series, he was seen in the form of a humanoid dragon! So somewhere along the way something must have happened. He looks so different now. Sinbad’s loyal PA, Jafar interestingly started out his life as an assassin who hated Sinbad before completing a 180 degrees turn. He has physically grown up so much that you didn’t really think this kid was actually him. In fact, his name wasn’t actually mentioned and only said once when Sinbad brought him back out from the depths of darkness. Interesting, aren’t they? See, what did I say about it would be a shame for them not to extend the origin story. And it is a good thing that they did.

Overall, this series stands on par as excellent as the Magi series itself, if not a good series by itself too. Fans who love the Magi series should watch this and especially those who are fans and followers of the great Sinbad. Now that a proper TV series has been, suddenly this OVA series feels like the appetizer before the main course. It whet our appetite so much that I hope we will still have room for more to digest and won’t bite off more than we can chew. Although I sound very enthusiastic about the series, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to be rewatching both seasons of the Magi series again. Many things in life are only worth doing once. I mean, if like Sinbad you have conquered the Dungeon once, would you go through all that hell again? No, right? In this case it is always better to look forward to new adventures :).

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