Magipoka OVA

November 14, 2008

When I first came to know that Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn had a few more additional episodes, it brought back nostalgic memories when I first watched the series many years ago. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago but it was enough to bring back some fond memories of the series. Well, at least parts of it which I could still remember.
Also known as it’s abbreviated name, Magipoka, the series’ additional episodes are more like specials. Meaning that there are 3 OVA specials for this one. Furthermore, they are half the usual running and screening time of the tv series as they only lasts about 14 minutes. Take away the opening and ending credits, you will only have around 10 minutes of show time. Hey, isn’t it the reason it’s called a special in the first place? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long-winded one.
But just like the tv series, I feel that the short episodes here can stand alone by itself without having viewers the need to follow the episodes in order or sequence. But it’s better if you do so or else you’ll lose track of which episodes you have watched. Those who have watched the tv series can still expect the same supernatural comedy in this OVA special from the 4 ‘princesses’ of the underworld who came to live in the human world to learn more about their ways. Humans are weird creatures to understand…
Episode 1
The scene starts with a group of military scientist loading up some failed experimental invention of theirs, which looks like and over-sized egg made of metal, on a truck. Due to the stormy weather, the transportation encountered a little hitch. The winding road caves in which causes the truck and its contents to fall into a fast flowing stream nearby. Luckily the personnel in the truck managed to get out safely before he falls into his watery grave.
It’s a bright sunny day when a pair of old couple spots this weird looking egg flowing outside their cottage. So when they took it in, they think it’s a gift from heaven. Uh huh. A giant peach. Don’t think they can eat it anyhow. So the old man tries to cut it open with his butcher knife and when it does, they’re greeted with bright shining rays streaming out and a female android (which is Aiko) inside it. They must have got the shock of their lives. When Aiko open her eyes, she starts downloading all the data and information of her surroundings. The old couple must have never seen such technology before, huh?
The old couple then thinks she is the legendary Momotarou and asks her if she is one. For those of you who don’t know that Japanese folklore, the Momotarou tale tells about a boy who is being born from a peach and raised by an old husband and wife couple, and soon leaves on a journey with his other friends to fight demons. Back to this story, Aiko tells them that she is a Military Covert Ops Mechanical Operative or codename MOMO9000. Since that name sounds too complicated, the couple thinks she’s the legendary Momotarou. Aiko on the other hand doesn’t know about it and proceeds to ask them for more information when they show her the storybook. Aiko really took her time reading (yeah, like it’s evening already). And I thought robots are supposed to process information fast.
Once Aiko is done reading, she tells them that she’ll go destroy the oni (demon) to get its treasure and that she needs some kibidango (a kind of Japanese snack) to recruit some henchmen. She also wonders where Onigashima, her supposed destination. Since the couple thinks Momotarou should know where it is, Aiko runs a search scan. Soon she is off on her way to recruit several buddies. She runs another internet search for a dog first. This leads her to Liru. But fans will know that this dog girl has quite an appetite so I think she agrees to join Aiko because of the kibidango she gave her. Next, she needs a monkey. I wouldn’t really have guessed it that Yuuma is the monkey, who decides to follow Aiko as she’s curious about the treasure after receiving a kibidango. The final henchman is a pheasant. Which means, it’s that vampire girl Pachira. Bats and pheasants… They’re not very similar to each other except they both fly.
After gathering her henchmen, Aiko runs another search to find where Onigashima is and search results indicate that there are 3 likely places. So the best way to find out is to raid each one. First place the gang arrives is at a playground. So where is the oni? They spot several kids playing tag. And in Japan if you are ‘it’, you are the ‘oni’. So the ‘oni’ boy bumps into Liru when he is searching for his pals. He admits that he is the oni when Liru asked him so Liru proceeds to give him a spank in his ass! The other kids are horrified to see what’s happening and ran to inform that ‘oni’ boy’s mom. Aiko then realizes that this isn’t the place so they decided to move to the next one. And Yuuma is playing in the sand…
The second place takes them to a sushi bar called Onigashima. As the gang enjoy their meal, Aiko asks the sushi master is there any oni and he gladly takes her order and gives them… an uni. Uh huh. It’s another one of those sushi dishes. With that, the gang decides to head to the last destination. At a beach, there seems to be an Oni Girl Contest being held. There are several girls dressed in an oni outfit being judged on a stage. Aiko and co spots them and also the treasure, which are actually prizes for the contest which includes 3 sacks of rice, bicycle, fridge, television and a set of golf clubs. As they go in for the kill, Aiko takes the microphone away from the emcee and assures the spectators that they are here to slay the oni girls. With that, the gang starts attacking by ripping and shredding the clothings off the girls. Fanservice time! In the end, the contestants are naked on stage and are in shock over what has just happened. Aiko tells everyone else that they have finished slaying the oni and will be taking their treasures. But to their surprise, an iron cage soon traps them. Haha, looks like they’ve been arrested. Meanwhile, back in some hidden lab, we see the old couple being interrogated by a weird looking scientist (he has opera-like make-up on his face?). He’s asking them where they’re hiding the contents. Though they told him it went to Onigashima, the scientist didn’t believe them and zaps them with some electrocution! Woah! Poor guys. "Momotarou! Help us!". Sorry guys, they’ve been busted in Onigashima.
Episode 2
Remember that busty villainess, Dr K-ko? Yeah, she’s back as she narrates how she has done some research on the creatures of the Netherworld. Uh huh, for the following scenes, you’ll see her presentation of work to be an ‘unfortunate’ one. You’ll see what I mean. Dr K-ko here, goes to visit one-by-one the 4 underworld ladies as some ill patient. I’m not sure why the quartet are playing doctor though…
If the doctor was a witch…
First up is Yuuma and Dr K-ko sees her for some stomach pains. Yuuma straight away tells her she has stomach ulcer without examining her. Dr K-ko says it’s wrong for her to do so and that it’s her job but Yuuma is just plain lazy. Yuuma then asks her to show her stomach in which Dr K-ko unzips her top (fanservice cue!). Yuuma then hits her stomach to find where the pain is! Dr K-ko tells her to use the stethoscope but Yuuma doesn’t know that thing around her neck is one. When she realizes and starts listening, Yuuma is then horrified and comes to a conclusion that Dr K-ko is dead because she can’t hear her heartbeat. She even proceeds to quickly write a death certificate! Dr K-ko is mad and claims that she’s still alive and even tells her how to use the stethoscope. Though Dr K-ko could hear her heartbeat, Yuuma still can’t and thinks she has hearing problems, which isn’t her specialty. After Dr K-ko chides her to examine her more seriously, Yuuma decides to use her magic but it made her feel worse. Yeah, now she’s down with fever. She apologizes but Dr K-ko is not happy at all. Yuuma then decides to try her magic again as Dr K-ko panics as she tries to dissuade her. "Don’t worry. It goes well once every few times". Hahaha. I wonder how many more sufferings Dr K-ko will have to endure. Here comes the pain. "HELP ME!!!". Hahaha. A magic experiment freak on the loose.
If the doctor was a vampire…
I’m not sure if this comes after Yuuma’s case because there’s no indication of any consequence from the previous one. Here, Dr K-ko seeks Pachira’s medical advice. Pachira wants to take a blood sample as she’s a blood expert (of course) as it tells the overall health condition of a person. After drinking her blood sample, Pachira concludes that her problem is her huge boobs. However Dr K-ko tells her that she came to see her about her insomnia problem. Pachira is stunned by her wrong answer and quickly points out that it’s like Dr K-ko has a butt on her chest! Haha! Pachira then looks at her own when Dr K-ko says she’s the one with the problem. Pachira now complete in shock and depression as Dr K-ko tries to console her. Pachira wants to know how to make her busts big and pesters her for an answer. She’s even got a nurse to restrain Dr K-ko from leaving. So now the roles are reversed as Dr K-ko is a psychiatrist and Pachira the patient. After some thinking, Dr K-ko says probably she heard that one needs to let their boyfriend to massage them. Since Pachira has no boyfriend, she wants Dr K-ko to introduce her to one. However Dr K-ko doesn’t want to get involve but Pachira says she’s serious and wants her to get one. Pachira starts crying when finally she blurts out "Forget boyfriends. Just give me your breasts!". "HELP ME!!!". Hahaha. A dejected psycho on the loose.
If the doctor was a werewolf…
Next, Dr K-ko visits Liru as the former has caught a cold. But Liru yells back at her saying how she shouldn’t rely on doctors for such petty things and that she is fine. Uh huh. She tells her to go home and sleep. But after taking a good look at her thighs, Liru thinks she is healthy and quite ‘meaty’. Liru also check out her boobs and thinks it must be pretty valuable. What does she mean by that? She’s talking about being a cow. Dr K-ko smacks Liru on the head. Liru then decides to give her some dried hay as medicine. Dr K-ko wonders if the previous patient had a cold too but Liru says it’s athlete’s foot. Dr K-ko yells back at her on what has a cold got to do with athlete’s foot as they’re not the same thing. Yeah, now the tables are turned as Dr K-ko is the one giving the lecture. "HELP ME!" (from Liru, of course). A mad patient on the loose.
If the doctor was an android…
Dr K-ko seeks Aiko’s treatment for her lower back pain but wonders if her clinic is a real clinic. I mean, it’s more like an experimental lab where Frankenstein was created. As Aiko lets Dr K-ko sit on a chair, named Beta, she rants about having the latest modern technology but Dr K-ko didn’t realize any of it, sending Aiko into a short depression. Soon she recovers and asks Dr K-ko about her health problems. We find out that her problem started a week ago and was probably from whipping and beating up her subordinate. Sadist. So to cure her, Aiko pulls a lever to send some electricity through Dr K-ko. Talk about getting shock treatment. Since it wasn’t powerful enough, she increases the voltage. So much so it overloads! Once it’s done, Aiko asks how she’s feeling when she realizes Dr K-ko is dead! Aiko is in a dilemma. Seeing that Dr K-ko’s body is a human one, she thinks it’s a good chance for her to turn into one. Just then Dr K-ko comes back alive and gives her a good knock on her head. She’s not dead yet. But it seems her back pain is gone. Aiko thinks it’s all thanks to her latest technology but Dr K-ko says it’s just coincidence and that she almost died from it. Aiko tries to shift the blame to her by saying that it’s her fault for coming here as a living creature and suggests to mechanize herself. "I will cherish the body that you no longer need". She’s pretty adamant about it. Before you know it, Dr K-ko is strapped on an operating table as Aiko prepares her operation… WARGH!!! "HELP ME!!!". Crazy surgeon on the loose.
Well, we don’t really know whether Dr K-ko lived through all that hell or not. But I’m pretty sure that Dr K-ko will try her best not to fall sick or ill again. Yeah, because of these 4 blokes, they gave the doctoring profession a really bad name. Really quack doctors. So remember, being a doctor and patient is a life and death situation. Don’t try these advices anywhere, anytime or on anybody.
Episode 3
Yuuma is reading a shoujo love manga when she overhears a tv programme about tomorrow being Valentine’s Day. She then goes to ask sleeping Liru what Valentine’s Day is all about. Liru says that this once a year event is where girls give something to the boys they love. Yuuma then is in shock. Later as Pachira just awakened from her slumber, finds Yuuma a little down. Yuuma proceeds to whisper to Pachira her new found knowledge to her. It must be something horny because Yuuma’s face is as red as a traffic light. This also shocks Pachira but she pretended she knew it all along. Uh huh. Inside Pachira’s mind, she never knew girls had to give that as she has thought it was only chocolates all along. Aiko comes out to see Yuuma depressed and the latter proceeds to tell her about Valentine’s Day too. It didn’t take long for Aiko’s face to turn into strawberry colour. In Yuuma’s room, she and Aiko discuss about it when Yuuma says how she herself isn’t in love with anyone so she wants to know what to do. Since Aiko doesn’t know, Yuuma went to ask Liru.
Liru gives out a heartily laughter when Yuuma asks what happens if she’s not in love and does she need to find a boyfriend before tomorrow. Liru tells her she doesn’t have to force it as it’s only Valentine’s Day. Yuuma is relieved at first but when Liru continues about good to give out of courtesy even if one doesn’t have a romantic relationship, Yuuma is surprised once more. She’s dreading it. Liru tells her that she is going to give hers to 3 shop owners in town out of courtesy. Yuuma in further shock and leaves. Pachira soon comes in and tells Liru about her new found knowledge that girls have to give their most important thing on that special day, which surprises Liru too as she has never heard that before. Liru is in a little panic now. Pachira then says how she’s not in love nor befriended any guys and feels sorry for Liru. But Liru says back what about Santa. Ugh. Can’t stand the thought of it, huh? Pachira shoots the same thing back at Liru. "Oh my God…". Damn right they are.
Yuuma reports what Liru had said to here back to Aiko and sends even more shockwaves to that android. Aiko can’t go on anymore as she doesn’t understand the human world and rules. "What kind of common sense do people have in the human world? How could they have such an annual event that requires you to go so far?" Well girl, there are many other more weird customs in the human world. Some you may not even want to know. Anyway Aiko is saddened because she has so many guys she know. You know, those who made her. She wants Yuuma to help her but since Yuuma realizes that she doesn’t have anyone she loves nor out of courtesy, she wishes Aiko good luck and it’s like she’s on her own as Yuuma continues reading her manga. Some kind of friend. But Aiko isn’t going to let her go that easily. She gets all cunning and asks Yuuma about Santa. Haha, now Yuuma can’t escape. But Yuuma says the same thing right back at Aiko. Two depressed girls… What to do? Better prepare themselves and make the best out of it.
The next day arrives and we see the girls with adorned with a ribbon each at the park. They are nervous and blushing as they approach some homeless beggar guy sitting on a bench to please take them and be gentle with them. But in the end, they walked away relieved when they found out that chocolates were just enough and wondered who spread those lies. Let’s see, 2 votes to Yuuma and 1 vote to Pachira. So it’s Yuuma… See how a little misunderstanding and knowledge can do? Next time, do your research first before jumping to unwanted conclusions. And don’t believe everything you see and hear on television. Luckily they meet up with some nice guy (who probably doesn’t understand what’s going on) who lets them go instead of pounding on them. It could be devastating if they’ve gone up to a pervert. Besides, is that what Santa looks like to them? Sheesh… They’ve got a long way to go.
Okay, that was just a combo pun of saying a need for more Magipoka episodes (a combination of Magipoka and okawari which means second helpings). But it’s not like I’m so hard up for it anyway. It’s a good thing though I’ve managed to catch this special OVA. Ah yes, it really does indeed bring back fond memories. Probably if they ever make a 2nd season or continue with more OVA episodes, there is a high probability that I will go watch them.
Let me see, other nostalgic memories brought back while watching this series too include that 2 black and white manjuu-looking things, Jun and Tan, who can only say nothing else but those "Usa usa" lines. The opening credits also reminded me of the fanservice and the little yuri thing between the girls while the ending theme had me recall that gibberish chorus line in which I don’t know whether they’re saying real words or just made-up. Has to be made-up. It doesn’t make sense.
So after going through all these, don’t you think it’s better for those princesses to go back to their own Netherworld? It’ll be much easier and safer there. Besides, which human would want to get all friendly with a witch, a vampire, a werewolf or an android. Unless they’re paranormal freaks. Call the X-files! Not to say anything bad about them, even I myself seem not to comprehend many things going on nor how they work in this world. Ah, wishing for the simple life… And I’m not talking about Paris Hilton lah!


November 4, 2006

I had a hard time trying to remember and pronounce the anime title Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn. Well, at first looks I even felt that the title itself is weird. Luckily this anime series is also known as its short form, Magipoka. Ah, now isn’t that easier to remember. For me at least.
So with such a weird title, you must be thinking that this show is gonna be a weird one, right? Well, close. Magipoka is more of the comedy genre mixing some supernatural and ecchi elements in it. The thing is, the supernatural part isn’t scary at all. It’s all plain funny and it’s one of those shows where it’s suppose to make you laugh all the way. Okay, maybe not all the way, but generally seems like that.
The series has only 24 episodes in total. Actually some may want to argue that it’s actually 12 episodes. That’s because each episode is only 15 minutes long and since the normal viewing time is 30 minutes, it’s enough to cramp in 2 episodes at once. And the episode title is also quite unique in the sense that each of the episode titles have the word ‘spell’ in it. For instance, the first episode’s title is ‘The First Spell Is An Easy Trap’ and other episode titles include ‘The Spell Of Happiness Is An Ideal Man’, ‘A Tiring Spell Is A Trip To The Beach’, and ‘Tonight’s Spell Is A Vampire’. Seems in line and fitting with that magic thing in the series’ title, right?
Basically, the series revolves around 4 young Netherworld princesses. The quartet has decided to move and live in the human world and experience the happenings of every day life there. Yeah, they seem to reside in one big tree with each of them having their own house on the tree’s branches. Reminds you of that tree house that kids use to build and play. And since they’re not used to it at first, you might say that they’re quite naive of the human world and they’ll encounter lots of comical errors, slip-ups and blunders. Yup, that’s where the funny parts mainly come from.
So who are these 4 princesses, you may ask? Firstly, we have Pachira, who’s a vampire. Just like a real vampire, she has their common characteristics and weaknesses like unable to stand sunlight or garlic. Though she also hungers for human blood, but the way I see it, she seems to substitute tomato juice for it. Do tomato juice and human blood taste the same and have the same ‘nutritional’ values? By the way, she seems to mind about her small chests. Haih…
Secondly, we have the outgoing and energetic Liru, who is a werewolf. Also just like a werewolf, she turns into one during full moon (actually she looks more like a yellow puppy) and dislike anything that is made of silver. Plus, she has a humongous appetite for meat.
Next, there is the android Aiko. She is the one who does all the chores and the cooking in the household. It’s obvious isn’t it? And android doesn’t get tired. But this android isn’t just a mere android. She has feelings as well. And she’s pretty concern about her weight since she weighs over 300kg. What do you expect? She’s all metal and iron isn’t she? I just wonder why the tree branch just didn’t break. Plus, I feel that she’s the gentler one (and probably shy one) among the others and the prettiest one of the lot. Hey, I’m not into robot shoujos but I think Aiko’s cuter than the rest.
Lastly, a childlike amateurish witch named Yuma. She’s that happy-happy kinda character who’s always intersted in exploring more about the human world. Though she can use magic, but usually when she does, it goes awry and doesn’t end up too well. Yup, there’re some unwanted results or after effects. Plus, everytime she casts her spell, her skirt seems to flip open showing her kiddie undies. And all those perverted guys who saw it, really enjoy seeing it. Perverts! And no, I’m not like them!
These 4 ladies too have a pair of onigiri-rabbit looking pets, Tan and Jun. I’m not really sure what they really are, but they don’t speak much except that occassional "Usa, usa" lines. And those 2 seems to be so lovey-dovey with each other.
As mentioned, the story in each episode is just that. However, I felt that some of the episodes were left hanging. No doubt that most of the episodes of the series can serve as stand alones and are independent from one another, But there’re some which just ended abruptly and there’s no continuation to what happens thereafter that event. Reminds me of Dexter’s Laboratory.
Like there’s one episode where the gang head to the beach to relax. Yuma found a good looking hunk. Of course, Pachira and Liru wants a piece of him too. But eventually it’s Yuma that gets to go out with that guy. In the end, as Yuma and that guy dates, we see a strange thing about him. He’s actually dead! A spirit. And they both happily walked towards to ocean. Huh? Subsequent episodes didn’t tell what happen after that.
Then there’s this one episode of some voltron spoof. Aiko has been captured by Dr K-Ko and the rest of them including a mysterious character in green suit always (that character’s identity is never revealed) tries their best to co-operate and save her. But since they’re always bickering among each other that their methods are better than the other, Dr K-Ko eventually released Aiko and the latter felt mocked by it. Some mecha fights here and there. The episode ends with the 5 of them promising to come back with a plan and put Dr K-Ko out of commission. Uh-huh. This episode also just ends there. No further continuation.
Speaking of which, who is this Dr K-Ko? Actually she’s a woman who’s bent on exposing the existance of vampires, werewolfs and androids. But not witches? Yeah, Yuma gets mad when her type isn’t ‘recognize’. As seen in the first episode, she manages to trap Liru, Pachira and Aiko with her assistant Congo. But with Yuma’s appearance and her flop magical powes, she manage to ‘save’ her pals. I guess she got lucky.
But Dr K-Ko’s part isn’t that prominent either. Her other appearances were just an episode where Yuma ‘goes to hell’ and the other hell workers who’re suppose to torment her but instead got tormented by Yuma were Aiko, Liru, Pachira and Dr K-Ko. The other one is the last episode where she’s gathered all the scientist and conducting some tv interview, ready to expose their existance. But her topic lost focus when viewers suddenly found something else interesting on tv (can’t remember what was it). Thus their identities were safe in a way.
Other episodes just left me scratching my head and wondering what is this episode all about, just like the Yuma ‘goes to hell’ episode. There’s this one episode where Liru seemingly fell head over heals over another werewolf guy in human form. Then donno what happen (I think he was about to ‘do it’ with her), some gust of swirling vortex wind, Liru bites the guy’s crotch, and in the end, we see her just standing somewhere alone just smiling. What the? I don’t get it.
Then there’s this episode where the 4 ladies were stuck in an elevator. You wouldn’t know it’s an elevator shaft till the end of the episode and you’d be going what the hell are they doing in there. Yup, since it’s getting stuffy, they all had to strip their clothes. And they even force strip Aiko! Much to her embarrassment. And after stripping, they pass the time telling each other what their ideal kind of guy are. Then there’s this donno who security guard watching them the whole time in the lift in the security video room. Once some rescue team manage to open the elevator and pull them out, that security guard is no longer in his seat. Who is he? What the?
But there’re other funny and memorable episodes as well. One where the gang decides to go to the beach but since it’s heavily raining outside, they decide to make their beach experience inside some inn. Boy, the inn owner sure got mad when she saw them trying to set up the mat, umbrella and other stuffs. Who wouldn’t they’re ruining the room. What’s more, they did it a second time in the bath place. Hehehe. Also there’s a part too where the gang asked Yuma to make it bright and sunny, at least for the spot where they were. But her hopeless magic made that spot somewhere else, and the gang had to tread over there. Once they’ve arrived, that sunny spot disappeared. And they tried it several times! Pity them. The last straw came when that sunny spot appeared at some island across the ocean. Are you going to swim across there? Didn’ think so.
Another funny episode is where the gang were eating outside at some restaurant. As Japanese have a habit of shortening and abbreviating words, most of the dishes in the shop with long names were abbreviated as Yuma were being told by the others. So as she tries her best to abbreviate other dishes, this last dish she abbreviated was the mother of all. Yuma tried to abbreviate the dish called ‘kin tamago’ (golden eggs), she shortened it to ‘kintama’ (testicles). Hahaha. And all the men who heard her said that in the shop, felt ‘paradise’. With those angelic voices, hallelujahs and blue clouds in the background. Those perverts!
Then there’s an episode where the 4 of them visiting some skiing resort. They found a mysterious hot spring in some snowy forest and took a dip in it. They’re not alone, though. There’re 4 ‘women’, 3 of them with over-sized breasts getting all friendly with them. Actually those ‘women’ are men! And they found out the hard way, when they felt a weird lower body anatomy touching them when those guys were leaving the hot spring. Hahaha. A lot of metaphorical depictions of it like an elephant, among such things. By the way, those guys stole and ran off with their clothes. Oh… Stranded.
An episode where Yuma decides to put on a magical performance but wasn’t attracting too much crowd. But as she uses her magic, she notices more and more people coming to watch her. Actually it’s her panties they all saw when she uses her magic and that’s what keeps them coming back for more. So much so, on the real day of her ultimate performance, Yuma lost interest and decided not to go. Oh, how disappointed those perverts are gonna be when she’s not gonna show up, since they’ve bought along their digital cameras this time.
My favourite episode is the one where they’re all playing some weird game. Actually, they’re having some kind of English lesson. By taking turns, they each have to converse in English at all times. If they fail to do so, and one word of Japanese, that girl is punished and must drink some awfully tasting health can drink. Hahaha. It’s so funny. And everyone here is a sadist. When it’s somebody’s turn to drink it, the others will forcefully force and watch the other’s misery. Even if that person has previously drank it, if somebody else’s turn to drink it, instant recovery and revival from that person and she’s all smiles to see the new ‘victim’.
So one of them came out with a smart or scheming idea to pass her turn. I don’t remember who, but when it’s her turn, she’ll say "What is this?". By the rules, that’s still legitimate, right? And the next person will have to answer it in English. Sometimes successful, sometimes replying back in Japanese. Hehehe. And the rest will soon follow suit with "What is this?" line. I guess it’s safer playing that way.
By the way, there’s this character called Cammy, introduced in this episode. She’s actually an invisible girl and she’s the one conducting the English lesson and playing executioner. I read about her in the anime’s synopsis and was waiting for her debut. Didn’t think she would make one so late and what more invisible. Saves time on her design, huh? But the last part of this episode I don’t understand. It was Aiko’s turn to drink as she made the mistake, but instead Cammy blamed herself and something like that and she drank it. What the?! Is she playing on behalf for Aiko? Are androids still unable to come in contact with water? Can’t be. She does the cooking, right? Anyway, we see something Aiko ordered some hundreds of those health can drink and I suppose they all have to finish it.
The last episode sees how Yuma tries to make happy a sick girl in hospital. I couldn’t remember much of this episode, but I remember her magic finally got it right with the help of Aiko, Liru and Pachira, making the sakura tree in full bloom again, much to that little girl’s delight. So lesson learned: Try, try, try again and never give up; Practice makes perfect; Every cloud has a sliver lining. Well, there could be more, but let’s just stick to these few.
Overall, though this anime is rather short, but I still find some of the episodes to be quite enjoyable and entertaining. The ecchi part isn’t that flashy and most probably serves as a comical factor. The ending themes are sung by the voice actors of the 4 princesses, so you have 4 different versions of it. Plus, it’s quite cute to see the wind-up toy of that character as it moves while the song is being played. Speaking of which, there’s one line in the song with some lines that doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s just the words (garbage of words), which I find rather amusing.
The drawing, animation and voice acting is all okay. Nothing that spectacular, I must say. Just meeting that usual expectation of your typical Japanese anime. So if you’re a bishoujo and those magical girl genre fan, perhaps this anime is worthwhile watching. Okay, maybe no so much of those 2 elements. But there are, right? At least in Yuma’s case.

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