Mahou Sensei Negima

February 24, 2007

How would you feel if you had a classroom teacher who is not only smaller in size but younger by almost half your age. Well, first come to mind is that this must be a joke. Secondly, this must have made you feel real ‘dumb’ in order for someone so young to be teaching you. But that isn’t that case in Mahou Sensei Negima. That’s because everybody thinks it’s kinda cute and different and they love it. Okay, most of them at first. You’ll see why.
In this 26 episode anime series, we have a 10 year old protagonist, Negi Springfield, who hails from Wales (rhyme intended) and is also some sort of a young wizard-in-training. However, in order to pass his final test to become a Magister (teacher of magic), Negi has been assigned as an English and homeroom teacher at an all-female boarding school, Mahora Academy. In addition, Negi cannot also reveal his identity as a magic user to his students. Though his identity remains known to only a few, but I felt that throughout the series gradually everyone knows about it but doesn’t make a big thing out of it.
Before I proceed, I just want to note that there are quite a number of Latin terms used in this series. Yup, even the title of the episodes are in Latin. So everytime, I would just go "What does that mean?" or "Huh?". You know my typical answer. Plus, whenever Negi or other magic users cast their spell, they would chant it in Latin too, which sounds like gibberish mumbling to me, even though the fansubs did try their best to put some translated notes on what they just said and mean. But you know what I’m gonna say, right?
Another 1 reason why I decided to watch this series was because of its advertisement. See what the power of advertisement can do. It’s not like they advertise it on tv or such. But rather, I notice some banners of it here and there over the internet and it got me thinking that well, it’s such a well known anime so maybe I should give it a shot. Plus, the series is done from the same person who did Love Hina and Itsudatte My Santa, Ken Akamatsu. So I suppose, I’ll be expecting his usual formula of comedy, romance, fantasy, adventure and magic. Feels a bit like Harry Potter but in chibi style. Even though most of the characters are females, I couldn’t say that I decided to watch it because of the bishoujos. And according to my standards, all the ladies here just look decent and okay. Nothing to swoon over. ;p
So as things start off in episode 1, we see Negi getting a bad start on his first day. Why? That’s because he accidentally embarrassed one of his would-be students, Asuna Kagurazaka. At first while the 2 were rushing to school during the morning hour, they bumped into each other and of course, Asuna proceeds to ‘abuse’ Negi before her twintail tickles Negi’s nostrils and he sneezed so powerful that it lifted Asuna’s skirt revealing her kiddie panties, much to her embarrassment. Yeah, she’ll be remembering this one.
To add wound to the salt, not only in class that Asuna found out that this little fellow is gonna be her homeroom teacher for class 2-A, this would mean that the beloved senior teacher that she has a crushed on, Takamichi Takahata, is being replaced by Negi as her homeroom teacher. And she was really really hoping for Takahata to be her homeroom teacher. Oh, the pain and disappointment. Of course, most of the other 30 over students of 2-A are overjoyed that such a cute kid is gonna be their teacher. Well, I suppose that if you’re in an all-female school and suddenly some cutie adorable kid shows up. They’d be in ecstacy. Well, even if it’s not that typical handsome tall hunk, I guess this will just do.
Then we also find out that the class president, Ayaka Yukihiro, seems to always be loggerheads with Asuna. Yeah, the 2 are always at each other throat, so much so that whenever those 2 get into a quarrel or fight, the rest of the class cheers them on to fight! Some classmates they have. They just love all the action and ‘romance’ between those 2. Yeah, and in the first episode itself those 2 had around 3 rounds of girl fights already. And one of them resulted in Asuna’s uniform being torn into pieces after Negi sneezes while trying to stop them. You can picture the scene yourself. Good thing it’s an all-female school. Bad thing is, Takahata who’s passing by saw it. Bummer.
Also during class, Asuna noticed a few strange things about Negi. Yeah, there’re faint hints of Negi using his magic like stopping time to stop a blackboard duster from falling over his head. As for the other girls, I think theyr’e swooning over him instead of noticing things like this. Also, Negi is given some book with a headshot of all his 2-A students in it to record things. Can’t blame Negi. He’s still a kid. Drawing horns and some nasty words over Asuna’s pic.
Just then, one of Negi’s students, the shy librarian Nodoka Miyazaki trips and falls down the stairs while she was carrying a huge stack of books. Negi who saw this, whips out his mage staff (given by his father to him) and chants some spell to break Nodoka’s fall. Unfortunately, Nodoka’s still too heavy for a small kid (no offence intended) as Negi tries to carry her but instead her butt fell on his face. Luckily Nodoka’s unconscious, or else… Another bad thing is, Asuna happened to be nearby and saw the whole magic thing. Oh oh. Identity busted.
So it’s something like this for the rest of the episode. Asuna knows about Negi’s secret identity and threatens to expose it all unless he helps her do her bidding. For instance in episode 2 how Asuna wants Negi to use some mind reading power on Takahata’s mind but ends up with hilarious results. Or in episode 3 where Asuna asks Negi to create a love potion to make her fall in love with Takahata but Negi accidentally drank it (yeah, Asuna shove it down his throat) and the potion is starting to take effect on all the girls except Asuna. Hmm… what’s with that moment of intimacy between Negi and Nodoka trapped together when a library bookshelf fell on them. Luckily the potion wore off. I mean, Negi could’ve erased Asuna’s memories but he accidentally ‘erased’ her panties again. Whoops. Looks like his spell casting needs a little practice. And Takahata just passed by and saw the whole thing. Double bummer. But due to circumstances, they’ll often find each other working together to overcome problems and sticky situations. And over time, you’ll see that there’s this invisible bond created and Asuna won’t come to hate Negi anymore in the end.
But the whole series isn’t just about Negi and Asuna. It also involves other weird and odd students of 2-A. Speaking of which, they’re all really one kind. A bunch of misfits put together in one class I must say. But since they’re 30 over students, I’ll just mention a few of the prominent ones. Uh-huh. even in the series, some of the students are ‘just there’ to make up for the numbers and don’t actually play any significant role the way I see things.
First off, the main female protagonist is Asuna. Besides having that newspaper delivery as her part time job, she’s quite a good runner and is conflict with some people around her maybe because of her sometimes stubborn attitude. She’s an orphan and because of the academy’s headmaster, she managed to lived gain entry and live there. Oh, have you noticed that each of Asuna’s eye is a different eye colour? I suppose they made her character like that purposely rather than a production flaw or mistake.
As mentioned, the class rep Ayaka is your typical filthy stinking rich girl though she looks and sometimes act like a spoilt brat on the outside, but on the inside she’s actually kind and caring person. Why not. You need to have that characteristics in order to be a class rep. Plus, she has a crush on Negi (and probably the most obviously shown one among the girls but she mentions that she loves Negi because she thinks he needs a ‘motherly figure’. Yeah right) since she first laid eyes on him and at times would sometimes try to woo for his attention but usually doesn’t go too well in the end. Like when she kissed a paper Negi instead of the real one during the class’s Kyoto trip.
Also mentioned previously, the shy librarian girl Nodoka. You wonder if she can actually see clearly because her front portion of her hair is covering her eyes most of the time (maybe that’s why she fell down the stairs in episode 1 rather than the heavy books). At first she’s very very very shy and afraid of men (possibly a phobia thingy). But after Negi saved her from that falling incident, that’s when she slowly started to have feelings for him. Though, throughout the series, you’ll find her very hesitant, indecisive and unsure about her love towards Negi.
Then there’s Nodoka’s friend, Ayase Yue, what most people would refer her to as a ‘cool slacker’. She has that ‘no expression’ kinda face. One thing about Yue is that she’s actually a smart girl. But because she’s lazy and despise studying, she tends to end up having bad grades for every tests she takes. This is evident when Yue failed a test miserably but did very well on the re-take. Even the headmaster adviced her to keep it up by studying but she just say "no" in that monotonous tone of hers. Yue also knows of Nodoka’s crush towards Negi and tries to help Nodoka get close with him, though towards the end of the series, Yue too finds herself falling for Negi.
Asuna’s best friend, the caring and cheerful Konoka Konoe, who is also supposed to be the headmaster’s granddaughter. At times she can be seen as a mediator between Asuna and Negi. Also later in the series, we’ll find out that Konoka too has some latent magical powers, though she herself doesn’t know about it at first. It’s because she comes from a line of powerful magicians. Powers that are so powerful that there’re some parties who wants to harness it for themselves. But thankfully, she’s got her caring classmates and Negi to save the day.
Also as revealed later on in the series as Konoka’s childhood friend is Setsuna Sakurazaki. She is supposed to be Konoka’s guardian and ‘disguises’ herself as a student of 2-A to carry out her mission. She carries a sword around with her and possess an exceptional fighting ability. Because of her closeness to Konoka, some may misinerpret it as yuri and she has romantic feelings for Konoka. But this isn’t anything definitive as Setsuna too later feels that she’s unworthy of protecting Konoka and maintains a distant atmosphere between her.
Then there’s this girl Chisame Hasegawa, who from the outside seems to be a down-to-earth girl but in fact she leads a double life. Back home, she’s a grumpy computer geek and turns into her alter ego, Chiu, some Net Idol, by posting sexy cosplay pictures of herself over her website after editing and enhancing them through… Photoshock…?! Haha. She dislikes all her weird classmates because they’re all just… weird. Like as though she’s so normal like that. Anyway, there’s one episode (episode 11) on Chisame where she desparately tries to outdo class 2-A because she finds that the class’s website is getting even more popular than hers. Now competition is healthy. But in the end, it’s just the class’s attempt to let her get involve more with the class. At least her alternate identity’s still a mystery to some because they recognized that Chiu person to be prettier and bustier. Now is that a complimentary or insult?
Then there’s this self proclaimed Baka Rangers. Not that they’re really proud of it but I guess that they’re being realistic. Though they’re not good in studying but at least they’re good in physical stuffs. Consists of 5 members including Yue (you know why lah) and Asuna (reluctantly), the other 3 members include the Chinese kung-fu martial artist Ku Fei, the tall and easy going ninja-like Kaede Nagase, and the short, childlike gymnast, Makie Sasaki. Looks like another bunch of misfits and weirdos, aren’t they.
I noticed that there’s a ghostly-like girl sitting in the front desk. I was wondering who was that and what’s her significance, since everybody else seems to be ignoring her. Then later, in episode 19, we find out that she’s actually Sayo Aisaka, who was a school girl in this classroom and died over 60 years ago. Though, I’m still not pretty clear about her death, a 2-A classmate, the photographer and class reporter Kazumi Asakura, decides to investigate things when she finds out Sayo’s name in the registry book. And when Negi announced the names of those who’ll be going for the Kyoto trip, Kazumi mentioned to Negi that he left someone out. Then Evangeline chanted some spell and now everyone in class can see her, though she’s till a ghost. Huh? Anyway, Sayo’s happy that she could make friends with everyone.
Speaking of Evangeline McDowell, she’s the only Caucasian in class and is actually a vampire! The class just keeps getting weirder and weirder doesn’t it. In addition, Evangeline is more than 500 years old. Because of her previous battle with Negi’s father, Nagi AKA The Thousand Master, which resulted in Evangeline being confined to a body of a 10 year old and the grounds of Mahora Academy, her magical abilities were also limited. This cold devilish little girl has a servant named Chachamaru Karakuri (funny name), who’s a robot (I wonder why the students of 2-A Don’t seem to notice that she’s a robot) and serves Evangeline faithfully and calls her master. Just like a typical robot with no emotions, she has all those missiles, arms, jet propulsions and can also use magic to aid Evangeline. Evangeline had her battle with Negi in episode 6 and 8 which reveals her past. But I like the part where Asuna barges in to help and Evangeline blabs about using her magic to stop Asuna. But before she could finish blabbing, Asuna lands her punch and kick on her face. Haha. So funny.
Other weirdos in class 2-A include another librarian club member, the bespectacled Haruna Saotome, the introvert Mana Tatsumiya who carries a rifle and probably one would mistake her for a mercenary (are guns allowed in school?), another rich Chinese girl, Chao Lingshen, the Narutaki twins Fuuka and Fumika, who have totally opposite characteristics from each other with the former being the class prankster and the latter a goody-two-shoes girl, the robotics genius and inventor of the class Satomi Hakase, and that gentle chubby cook Satsuki Yotsuba, whom everybody likes.
I also happen to notice that each of the girls are affiliated with some sort of club and in a way are always seen as a ‘group’ together. Like the cheerleaders of 2-A which include Misa Kakizaki, Sakurako Shiina and Madoka Kugimiya. The sports club members which include Ako Izumi (athelete and football), Akira Okochi (swimming), Yuna Akashi (basketball) and Makie. Then the Libriarian Exploration Club which consists of Nodoka, Yue and Haruna. Note that the academy’s library is so big that it has an island of its own and there’re unexplored and abandoned sections of the library which goes on and on deep underground. It’s like a maze down there. Now this is a reading haven for bookworms. What about the twins’ Walking Club which the main activity is… just to walk about. I see, not even the students are weird but some of the clubs are weird too. Then there’s Satomi and Chao, Evangeline and Chachamaru. Of course there are loners that don’t seem to be a pair with anyone else like Natsumi Murakami of the theatrical club, Chizuru Naba of the astronomy club, Mana who also works as a part time priestess, and the most mysterious one Zazie Rainyday, who has weird paintings and markings on her face.
Then there’s that perverted white ermine, Chamo, which made his appearance in episode 5. He’s actually an underwear thief and he bluffed Negi by saying that Negi’s sister sent him so that he could help Negi find a suitable partner. A partner in this context means a person who is supposed to support the magician when he/she casts his/her spell. And sometimes the partner and the magician do get married. Of course Asuna interprets this as girlfriend and before you know it, there’s this rumour of Negi searching for a girlfriend spreading throughout the academy. What do you think the other girls are thinking?
Anyway that hyped-up ermine decides to set up Negi and Nodoka. And to authenticate the partnership (which is called a pactio), both must kiss! You know what they’re thinking, right? But before Negi and Nodoka can kiss (with Chamo even cheering them on), Asuna interrupts the process and grabs Chamo. Yup, soon they find out Chamo’s bluff and Chamo then relates his sad story of how he came to be. Like how Chamo’s fleeing from the law because he stole over 2000 lingerie and if he’s a magician’s familiar, such as Negi, he couldn’t be arrested. Yeah, real sad story. Chamo even lied further by saying that he stole those lingerie to keep Negi’s sister warm. Liar. Unfortunately, Negi believes him. *Eyes rolling*. But anyway, looks like Chamo’s here to stay with Negi. In addition, Chamo too has to keep his identity a secret. Firstly, it’ll be just plain weird if one sees a talking ermine. Really. I also felt that Chamo’s role in the series is more for comic relief. What’s that ermine doing smoking a chocolate flavour cigarette?
Before I move on, Negi has an older sister and a childhood friend (or is it his little sister) which we see in the eary episodes in one of Negi’s flashback when they bid him farewell before Negi leaves for Japan. However, I felt that throughout the series, no further information or detail is revealed about them. And I initially thought that they would play a role later in the series. Plus, Nagi has gone missing for several years already and many believed that he had died on his travels. But Negi still believes that his father is still alive and is currently searching for him too.
Also, Negi made his first pactio with Asuna in episode 7 when Asuna gives him a peck on Negi’s forehead rather on his lips (I guess that will also do) when they take on Chachamaru. Yup, they thought that robot girl’s up to something no good but she’s actually helping and taking care of little kittens. Much to their surprise and mine, I thought she has no emotions. Ah well, I suppose if a robot can look and do things so human-like, maybe it can also develope some feelings on its own as well.
I find some of the adventures to be a little inconsistent and illogical. What do I mean? Take for instance in episode 4, after the Baka Rangers managed to get the minimum score to pass a test set by Negi, Asuna drags Negi to give him a bath when all her classmates arrive. While those 2 hide, they overheard Ayaka and the girls debating who gets to keep Negi through a contest, in which the girl with the biggest breasts wins. Perverts or rather desparate. Ayaka thought of this idea because she was very sure she was the bustiest one until the whole gang saw Chizuru’s, much to Ayaka’s protest. As Negi and Asuna tried to slip put, the tripped and fell into a compromising position. Too bad, everybody saw that. So Asuna got inadvertantly dragged in and Negi who thinks that he wants to stay with Asuna used a little magic to make Asuna’s breasts grow bigger. But it keeps on growing and growing (like inflating) as everybody watched in awe. Then the illogical part was when it became too big it exploded! Yes her breasts exploded! But in the end, though Asuna’s in a little pain after that explosion, but it’s as though her inflated breasts were made out of balloon. I though Negi inflated her real breasts. Don’t get it. By the way, I’m not a pervert!
If you’re thinking why would Negi want to stay with Asuna, it’s because back in episode 2, Negi had no place to live so Konoka brought Negi back to live in their room, even if it’s an all-girl dorm. Much to Asuna’s dismay at first, but you’ll see that she’ll accept it as time goes by. Also, next to Asuna and Konoka’s room is Nodoka’s and her pals. So as expected, you’ll see and hear Nodoka’s fears, uncertainty and hesitant about having a guy living next door. But you know she’s actually falling for him.
Another one of those illogical moments can be found in episode 12 and 13 whereby there’s an upcoming exam. This exam is important because if Negi’s class gets last place in the rankings, Negi will have to quit being a teacher. Of course Negi thought that he could used a little magic to help the Baka Rangers but was persuaded by Asuna not to. Thus, Negi sealed himself which prevents him from using any magic for 3 days. At the same time, Asuna heard that there’s a book in the library which could help make the Baka Rangers real smart. And off they go as they head deep down into the library. They had to play a twister game to get the book? But they failed and fell deeper into the library underground. And since Negi can’t use his magic for 3 days, I guess they all have to wait as they’re stucked there.
Finally when it’s time to leave, a giant golem attacks them. And as they’re making their escape through some elevator, they had to strip off their clothes because the elevator is carrying the maximum weight before going back up. Of course the exam has already started and the other girls of 2-A are worried will Negi and the Baka Rangers make it back in time. Even though they’re late, they manage to take their papers in time. I thought that they’ve already discarded their clothes and was expecting some shock and surprise facial expressions when they reached school. But nooooo. When were they clothed back? I mean it’s as though that clothes discarding moment was like nothing. By the way, I’m not a pervert!
Then another illogical part is when the exam results were out. To class 2-A’s horror as they wait anxiously for their class name to be announced anywhere except last, it finally dawned to them that their class may have been in last place. Negi, who’s assuming everything (yeah, ASS-U-ME), packs his bags and leaves for the train station. Then the headmaster announced that there’s been a change in the ranking. Because of the Baka Ranger’s late arrival, their papers have been marked and graded later. So the final results propelled class 2-A to second spot!!! WOW! Out of 26 classes, they got second place! Which mean to say that the Baka Rangers did exceptionally good scoring over 100% and that the rest of the girls of 2-A just did mediocre. And the illogical part is, how can 5 girls propel a class’s overall ranking to second?! Huh? Makes no sense. But anyway, the girls managed to catch Negi before he leaves and spill the good news. Yay! Negi gets to keep his job at Mahora Academy. And it seems that all that has happened during Negi and the Baka Rangers on Library Island are part of the headmaster’s doing.
Other fun-filled adventures include how Negi learned some forest survival skills with Kaede in episode 7, getting involve in the twins’ Walking Club while getting lost in order to deliver a message to a student in episode 9, the class of 2-A decides to challenge a bunch of snobbish high school girls in a dodgeball competition in episode 10 whereby the winner gets to keep Negi. Yeah, even high school girls love Negi’s cuteness. Even though those high school girls lost, I love the part where they show class 2-A of their ugly fat teacher and the reason why they wanted Negi so bad. Haha. But they still hugged and rubbed their cheeks on Negi after that. Too hard to resist, huh.
Then in episode 14, Konoka and Negi went out shopping together but their outing was misinterpreted by the cheerleaders, Misa, Sakurako and Madoka when they think that the 2 are dating. Of course when Ayako finds out about it when the 3 sends a pic of them through their handphones, she wants to break them apart. Looks like Nodoka’s pretty shock too. But in the end, Ayako realized that all this was just a misunderstanding and that nothing had really happened between them. See, never jump the gun or ASS-U-ME things.
Also in episode 15 where Ayaka gets all high when Negi told her that he’ll be visiting her home for the summer holidays. The catch is, all the other 2-A classmates are there as well. Oh well, I guess there goes her plans for some private moment with Negi as Ayaka has to help control the helter-skelter of her classmates. Or organizing that ‘Kiss Negi’ through some test of courage at some abandoned school building in episode 16. Yeah, those who wants to kiss Negi are paired up into several groups. They will take each other out through some friendly fight and the team who gets to kiss Negi wins. In this episode too, it’s the start of Yue’s feelings towards Negi as she had a near kiss experienced at the end. Yeah, Yue’s wondering about her feelings too and would it arise to betraying Nodoka.
Probably because of that in episode 17, Yue sets up a date between Nodoka and Negi at some amusement park. Surprisingly, Nodoka to sum up her courage and confessed her feelings to Negi, leaving him rather shock in the end. So in episode 18, Negi’s pondering whether to reply back to Nodoka but ends up helping Asuna bake a cake. Why is Asuna baking a cake? That’s because she intends to give it to Takahata who’s birthday is also coming up soon. Seeing this, Negi gets the motivation to meet up with Nodoka and tells her how he feels. Well, since they’re teacher and student, it’ll be weird if they’re to start a relationship, right? They might end up like the protagonists in Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei. So Negi suggests that they start out as friends, much to Nodoka’s delight. Anyway, Asuna’s disappointed to find that Takahata has gone off for some business trips and eats the cake all by herself. Poor girl. I guess she can’t deliver her feelings to her beloved Takahata even if it’s fate, magic or her own destiny.
Then there’s that school trip to Kyoto in episode 20 and 21. Here some group called Hogun decides to kidnap Konoka for her latent powers. So some flashback between Konoka and Setsuna and stuffs like that before Negi, Asuna and Setsuna sets off on a rescue mission. But even after they’ve rescued her, those Hogun people kidnaps her again. But this time, several of Negi’s students join in the fray to help. Then one of the Hogun members tries to tap Konoka’s latent powers by summoning some super beast from another dimension. Luckily Evangaline’s there to put a stop to it all and save the day.
Thus, you have that usual aftermath episode 22 where the whole gang returns from the Kyoto trip. While Negi decides to learn some magic from Evangaline to help further protect the academy, we see some moments between Konoka and Setsuna, some love pondering moments from Nodoka of Negi. But this episode is more on Asuna and the start of things to come. Asuna wants to confess to Takahata but spots him having a friendly chat with one of another female teacher, Shizuna Minamoto, and gets discouraged and depressed.
So in episode 23, you’ll see what serious condition Asuna has. To cut things short, 10 years ago Asuna had very strong magical powers so much so she could burn down an entire village and lots of demons were after her. As a result, she made a contract with one of the demons to ‘distance herself from all kinds of magic’. Thus, Asuna has some ‘nullification’ effect. Meaning, magic around her are nullified or canceled out, having no effect. Now this explains why Evangeline can’t use magic around her and during other magic fights. Just lke Sakura Mikan of Gakuen Alice. In exchange of this, Asuna has only 10 years to live. Hmm… that’s why she’s looking so worried. And the thing is, everybody’s planning on throwing a birthday bash for her in class tomorrow, but they forgot about it and throw it the day before instead. What’s so bad about it? Her birthday is also the day that she will DIE!!! Oh my God! Looks like the contract’s expiring.
So after a fun-filled birthday party with Asuna looking not too enjoying herself, she went and sat on a big tree and had some chat with Negi. Hey Negi, by the way Asuna talked, you should’ve sensed that something was wrong with her. I mean you’ve known her for quite awhile and even lived in the same room with her. As the clock strikes midnight, Asuna thanked Negi tearfully and then fell off the branch, dead. Shock! Asuna really dead? Could it be? Even Negi’s in shock as he grabs her motionless body.
The whole class and Negi are still coming to terms with Asuna’s sudden death in episode 24. Besides Setsuna quitting school to protect Konoka from afar and Evangeline’s chiding towards Negi when the latter asked her to revive Asuna back using her magic as she mentions that even magic can’t be used as far as that, the most significant and shocking development is at the episode’s end. We see Negi sitting on the riverbank by himself blaming himself for Asuna’s death when Yue comes up to him and they both chat. Some questions about if Negi likes Asuna or not and as Yue gets closer to Negi, she spots Nodoka who has witnessed them together. But before Nodoka can run away, Yue stops her and before you know it, Yue kissed Negi on his lips! Oh, shocking! Looks like Yue’s fed-up of Nodoka’s hesitating and indecisiveness. So she decides to up the challenge to Nodoka because by now I think Yue too really has feelings towards Negi. If you’re not fast enough girl, he’ll be gone. Probably that’s what Yue’s trying to tell her.
But later in the end, even though Nodoka mentions that she’ll try her best to win Negi’s heart, but she also says that she won’t mind if she lose because she’ll lose to her best friend. Is this what sharing is all about? I mean, if you can’t have him, might as well let somebody have him, right? Such a friendly challenge. If only real life was like that.
And this is the crappiest, most illogical and nonsensical part. You’ll see why. In the last 2 episodes, Negi and the rest of the 2-A students went back in time. I felt that Satomi and Chao invented the time machine just for the convenience of this episode. As the gang landed 9 years back in time, somewhere in Germany (how can a time machine also send them precisely where they want to go?). During the time travelling, Negi gets separated from the other girls. Negi meets up with a young Asuna who seems to be travelling with Nagi. But Asuna and Nagi doesn’t seem to know who Negi is at that time. We learn that Nagi’s currently travelling around with Asuna to find and break the contract with the demon Asuna made the contract with. So Negi for the moment lives with the 2 and there some of those Negi-Asuna moments as Negi finds out more about her.
The next day however, as Nagi went to fetch some water, a demon attacks him. But because Asuna’s close by, Nagi can’t used his magic and was thus stabbed by the demon. Nagi managed to get some distance between himself and Asuna before transporting himself and the demon to another dimension. Before that, he told Negi who just arrived to take care of Asuna before dropping his staff. I see, that’s where Nagi disappeared to.
Because of that, more demons appeared. Negi than takes Asuna back to the town where the other girls are by flying on his staff. I thought Asuna had that nullification effect. Convenience, I’d say. So there’s only 1 way to defeat all the demons, that is, to make a pactio with all of the girls. Yes, he has to kissed everyone. Ayaka is over the moon. Everyone transformed into some cosplay outfit which fits their personality or what they do best as they kick each and every demon’s butt.
Then the final demon boss appeared, supposedly the one who made the contract with Asuna, suddenly grabs Asuna. But after some super combined powers from Negi and the other girls, that demon’s defeated and soon everyone bade farewell to Asuna as they head back to their present time. Back at present time the day before Asuna’s real birthday at the class birthday party, it seems that only Negi, Evangeline, Chachamaru and Asuna remembered what happened back then. By the way, if Asuna did really remember what happened, then I guess all those moments right back up till episode 1 are ‘redundant’, aren’t they? I mean, she should’ve remembered who Negi is when he first arrived at the academy, right?
This is the crap part, instead of keeping silent over her condition back in episode 23, she cried and told everyone about her problems. All her concerned friends went over to comfort and hear her out. And how can Satomi and Chao create a device which could anull the demon’s contract in such a bloody short period of time? Firstly, how do they know how to create such a device when magic has even failed? Yeah, it seems that Negi went back in time just to tell a young Asuna to voice out and rely on her friends rather than keeping silent. WHAT THE???!!! I thought at least he went back to stop Asuna from making the contract or what, but noooo, he went back and tell her some words to boost her confidence so that when the time comes she can open up and that’s it. As they gather at the tree and activates the device to cure Asuna, Negi wonders if he’ll be a good teacher. Asuna replies that he will as long as he didn’t give up. The end.
The ending was the most crappiest, bad taste in the mouth ending that I have ever watched in my entire life. No wonder a lot of fans complained and protested about the series. Yeah, it seems they like the manga better. I dunno. I never read it but the ending actually spoils it all for me if what could’ve been quite an okay anime.
But aside that, everything else seems okay from the drawing to the art to the animation and voice acting. Though I felt the drawing and animation is drawn ‘simple’ in a way for younger audience, which isn’t the case exactly. The mid-intermission seems amusing with Negi and Chamo in chibi form trying to summon the hiragana words of ‘Negima’ with that Arabian kind of background music. And sometimes instead of the hiragana ‘Negima’, he would summon all of his 2-A students in chibi form as they fall over. Hehe.
Even I find the opening credits a little amusing. Besides that checker display of the girls of 2-A and we see them also getting up close and personal, like doing a one on one kiss with Negi. The opening song, Happy Material, sounds cute though it wasn’t that appealing to me. Sounds like your typical anime classroom choir song.
Since there are only 26 episodes, I guess it isn’t enough to give each and every girl of class 2-A their dues, like some character focus and development. Some with just a few lines only and didn’t do much in the series. And if you really want to get to know more about those lovely girls, you’ll have to go read the manga. In my opinion and for the record, Ayaka’s still the prettiest one of the lot though I’ve mentioned that the girls here just looked normal.
Currently, a remake of the Negima series is currently being aired in Japan. Most probably the producers bowed to the pressures of the fans and decides to redo things. The colouring and shading seems different and I believe the storyline is as well. Such as how the series starts off with Negi taking on Evangeline and Setsuna and Konoka are known as best pals already. But I’m not planning to watch it, since I’m afraid of another crap ending. Perhaps the producers have taken of that part. Don’t know just don’t feel like it. Unless you’re an absolutely hardcore Negima fan, maybe you should also try watching the OVAs. For me, nah… too much Negima overdose already. And it’s all hampered by that crap ending.

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