Mahou Sensou

October 18, 2014

How cool would it be that you an ordinary person would one day get the chance to wield magic and even go to school to learn and hone your skills? Sorry people, this isn’t Harry Potter or the likes. Instead this is Mahou Sensou. As usual, we have an ordinary kid. So ordinary that he is the most ordinary of the ordinary. Nothing special. Just normal. Really. Unless you consider his fake relationship as a couple with a childhood friend as normal. Yeah, that’s not normal. So whatever the problem is, now he is going to face another one (some call it change in destiny) when he encounters a girl with magic at his school. And before you know it, he is whisked away to the magic world and to a magic school (sorry people, he didn’t get there in some Hogwarts Express or something). And just like his dark past, magicians too have theirs. Are you ready for this magical experience of a lifetime?  Be warned… Don’t get your hopes up, though…

Episode 1
Mui Aiba pleads to her brother, Tsuganashi to come back but he asserts he is not her brother. Takeshi Nanase is also having some issues with his life. He would rather be anywhere including hell but here even. He meets up with classmate, Kurumi Isoshima who thinks the hostility between him and his younger brother Gekkou wasn’t his fault but an accident. Takeshi sees Mui collapsing and takes her to the infirmary. She is sleep talking and hugs him thinking she is her brother. Once she wakes up, she beats him up. Still weak, she falls off and their lips met. First kiss? She gets so upset that she fires her magic gun. Thank goodness she missed at that range. When he is able to see glowing smoke, she starts apologizing. And he can see some butterfly too in which Mui quickly shoots down the scouting bug. Then here comes in Tsuganashi and his henchmen. They want to run but Tsuganashi uses ice to trap them. Takao Oigami wants to finish this. As long as he doesn’t use magic, Tsuganashi gives the green light. It might seem like a mismatch at first. Oigami’s badass blade against Takeshi’s wooden sword. Thankfully Takeshi is skilled in kendo and is able to hold his own although it eventually breaks. Then some magic of his activates as he uses it to use Oigami’s break to break the ice so they can escape. The rest recognize Takeshi as a magician using Evasive Magic (ability to evade all sorts of magic thrown). Kazumi Ida sees Takeshi being chased around and asks one of the chasers, Hotaru Kumagai what is going on. She attacks him with her syringes.

Mui apologizes to Takeshi that it is her fault for turning him into a magician. The smoke from her missed shot must have turned him into one. She is trying to get back her brother whose memories were rewritten by Ghost Trailers a community of magicians who seek to overturn the philosophy magicians. Ordinary people would be freaked out to see magic and this leads to anger and disdain. Therefore magicians hide their existence. But some do not like the idea like Ghost Trailers. However some magicians want to live and coexist peacefully like Subaru Magic Academy where they can learn to do so. Kurumi catches them flirting and wants an explanation but Oigami and Ushiwaka found them. Ushiwaka attacks Kurumi with his magic wasps but Mui protects her. Though they get scratched, he receives some sort of divine punishment called Gift. If magic is used to attack a magician in the Living World, you lose all your magic. Eh… What? Mui still has hers because technically she attacked Takeshi before he turned into a magician. Looks like Kurumi too just turned into one. But how come her boobs grow big!!! Ida comes in having taken care of Hotaru. Oh, he too starts to have magic. Fire coming out from his hands? WTF is going on? Takeshi finishes his business with Oigami with the help of Mui who distracts him with a light screen and enables Takeshi to strike at his neck (with Kurumi’s wooden sword). In order to protect them, Mui has them follow her to the other world called the Ruined World. It is a mirror of this world where magician lives. It’s like the Apocalypse. So Takeshi, does hell look like a better place to live than this?

Episode 2
After the girls get their wasp stings treated, Mui brings them to see Momoka Shijou, the principal of Subaru Magic Academy. Looks like a high school girl? She begins with a little history. A full scale war between Ghost Trailers and a coalition of other magicians known as The Great Magic War happened 16 years ago (a year before they were born). Ghost Trailers’ leader attempted to eradicate all humans by using Last Requiem spell but the 15 community magicians combined their powers to split the world into 2. The Ruined World is the result of Last Requiem raging through it and is steadily collapsing into nothingness. A pact was made after the war. Magicians will continue to battle in the Ruined World and the winner will rule the Living World. To ensure magicians do not fight in the Living World, Wiseman a magician of the highest level cast the Gift spell. Although normal magic is allowed and Ancestral Magic (magic affinity decided by the magician’s individual qualities and personality) isn’t. The 6 classes of Ancestral Magic are Evasive, Illusion, Destructive, Black Magic, Accelerative and Corporeal. The leader of Ghost Trailers is currently missing after the last war. Communities are magicians sharing the same ideology. They are of Wizard Brace who believe in living harmoniously with non-magicians unlike Ghost Trailers who advocate magic supremacy. Momoka has them decide if they want to stay and study magic here or go back to the Living World. Choosing the latter would be dangerous since they have their magic intact. Why not just lose it then? The choice is obvious for Takeshi. He asks if this academy is safe from Ghost Trailers. Momoka assures it is because Ghost Trailers would rather recruit soldiers from graduates. It’s easier that way. Since Takeshi stays, Ida will too. Peer pressure makes Kurumi tag along (she was egging Takeshi to go home, right?). They will be taught the basics and put into Class C. Mui although an advanced magician will be placed with them too as punishment for her recklessness.

In class, homeroom teacher, Makoto Hitouji teaches them about Aspect, tools that act as a focal point that magicians project their power. Since Takeshi doesn’t have one, Mui is assigned to take him to the shop to choose one. Along the way, Takeshi learns Mui’s gun is her Aspect and named Arthur. It is not unusual for magicians to name their Aspect. As Mui’s father was a magician too, it makes her a pure blooded magician because she inherited magic naturally. Katou the old shopkeeper guy brings the duo in. There are lots of tools lying around. Takeshi wants an Aspect to be like his wooden sword. There is a metal blade that looks like it. Katou mentions the previous owner was also an Evasive Magic although now she is living a normal life. This weapon was used during that great war. Takeshi notices a magic circle on it and as explained, if he puts his own magic on it, it will have synergistic effect. Katou warns bearing another magician’s Aspect is dangerous so he tests him out by attacking it. The sword activates and turns into its gun shape but Takeshi’s strength is draining fast and the sword returns to its normal shape. Katou is impressed he can hold on till the cartridge was regenerated. The cartridge allows him to use other people’s magic and he can load it with 3 special bullets that will let him alter the shape of the sword based on another magician’s magic. Finally, the previous owner named the sword Twilight. Takeshi accepts this as his Aspect. When they get back, the class is in a mess since Ida’s fire power went berserk. It’s pretty normal for beginner’s right? That’s why they are in Class C. Meanwhile Kippei Washizu waits for Violet North after she has finished slaughtering magicians because they saw her beautiful face. They return to the castle where their Sleeping Prince awaits them.

Episode 3
The rookies are practising their magic. But the most eye catching one is of course Kurumi. If you aren’t taken in by her beauty and boobs, you’re gay. Mui gives Kurumi tickets to a love fortune teller. Can’t miss this chance, no? Kurumi notices Mui’s well endowed boobs and it becomes some misunderstood talk about Takeshi rubbing them. What? Because some girls give Mui that scorn look, Hitouji explains about the over 50 communities that exist. Seven of them are of the International Magicians’ Association and have voting rights. They include Wizard Brace as the leader, Eclipse, Club Oz, Ancient Pendragon, Spriggan, Bishop of the Camelot and Phoenix Foundation. As Ghost Trailers is not part of it, each community have their differing opinions on them. Wizard Brace is the most against them and as Mui is a member, her brother has become a traitor and thus that treatment. Takeshi could relate something similar. Gekkou called him a traitor too. Later Takeshi catches a few boys trading photos of Kurumi. He is going to confiscate all of them. Why? Because he is dating her. The guys give up since they don’t want to mess with another guy’s girl. Look how much photos they have taken! Mui overhears this and she starts avoiding him. It’s that guilty feeling. Kurumi went to see the fortune teller and was told that to beware of her unrequited love for Takeshi and warns of his wandering eyes. Kurumi didn’t believe her because she trusts Takeshi will not cheat on her. She becomes agitated. Even more when Mui admits that she kissed him on the day she saved him. So much so Kurumi runs and runs and I’m not sure if she purposely bumps into Takeshi and wants to force him to kiss her. She doesn’t believe a kiss with any girl is an accident. She constantly reminds him that she is her boyfriend. Speaking of which, he thinks it is time to stop pretending. Thanks to that, Kurumi stops hanging out or practises with them. She’s going solo.

Then it’s like she’s being a real b*tch too because she caught Takeshi and Mui talking and she’s like confronting Mui and demanding what-the-hell-were-you-both-talking-about. Enough to scare the sh*t out of the shy girl. When a guy confesses to Kurumi and wants to go out with her, she drops the bombshell she is still dating Takeshi despite they are fighting. Surprised, he touches her shoulder but this brings back traumatic memories and paralyzes her. Takeshi tells this guy to f*ck off and never go near her again. Better take that advice. Takeshi explains that Kurumi’s beauty attracted lots of guys who want to date her. One day she had a bad experience with a stalker. She stopped coming to school and Takeshi as her childhood friend was the only guy she trusted. They made a promise to pretend dating to keep the guys away. They will only stop if they have found someone they love. Of course it isn’t before long the both of them reconcile. I mean, they don’t hate each other, right? Meanwhile, Gekkou thinks of making up with Takeshi too. Flashback 2 years ago when Takeshi told him he is dating Kurumi, he was shocked because he knows too well that they don’t suit each other. He thinks Takeshi is taking advantage of her vulnerability after that stalker incident. Gekkou was probably sulking that he didn’t keep his eyes on the road and didn’t see the car coming his way. But looks like you can forget about the reconciliation because he is back to his incensed look as he thinks Takeshi wants to take everything from him and run away. Kurumi sees all the photos of her in Takeshi’s pocket. Getting the wrong idea? However she lets him keep one. Kurumi wonders if Takeshi made up with her because Mui asked him to. If not, would he have cast her aside forever? Who is it that he likes?

Episode 4
Mui sees the fortune teller who tells her about her brother’s whereabouts. Because of that, she is deemed missing by her friends when Kurumi notices she hasn’t returned to the dorm since last night. Takeshi thinks she went off to find her brother in the Ruined World and will go look for her. It’s dangerous out there. Yeah. He’s worried about her. Because they share a lot in common. He understands her bit of trying to get back her beloved brother. Since Takeshi is going, I guess Ida and Kurumi are coming too. They sneak out of the academy and get a firsthand look of what devastated Tokyo looks like. It is in the midst of a big battle. They ignore the advice of the Box Concierge (the person that oversees the passage connecting the Ruined World and Living World) to return since it is getting very dangerous and run straight out of the safe barrier to start their search mission. Meanwhile Mui has found Tsuganashi. As big brother mentions, the fortune teller thingy was a trap and Tsuganashi was ordered to bring her back alive. She won’t give up trying to convince he is her brother but he pays no heed and knocks her out. At that time, Takeshi and co arrive and he is clearly upset to see what happened. All that rage isn’t going to do him any good since Tsuganashi is much superior. So much so Ida gets trapped in a frozen crystal in his place. Just great. Now he has more people to save. Ida wants him to save Mui first. Besides, he owes him one. Flashback when they were strangers, Takeshi saved his little sister Futaba from being harassed by shameless punks. He was even told off that a big brother should never let go of his sister’s hand.

Takeshi better hurry his fight with Tsuganashi because Ida is running out of oxygen. Tsuganashi is going to end this fight seeing Takeshi can’t even use Liberate. I don’t know what Takeshi did but with a great swing of Twilight, he breaks Ida free from his captive. Kurumi heals Mui while Ida charges up the special bullet with his flames. When it is filled up, Takeshi loads it into Twilight and surprises Tsuganashi by defeating him. Mui wants to get her brother but Takeshi senses it is not over yet. Kippei drops in and is impressed. He hopes they can join his group but has to flee since reinforcements are coming. Back at the academy, the quartet receive a lecture from Momoka (who is also injured from the war) that they could have been killed (the greenhorns are having trouble controlling their magic even during practice and training). She wants them to promise never to do anything like that again. Takeshi cannot do that. Because Mui won’t give up, so will he. He wants to help her and do whatever it takes even if it means fighting Ghost Trailers. Momoka will give them a chance. Meanwhile Violet isn’t pleased Kippei failed to get Mui despite handing her on a silver platter. Kippei mentions about Twilight and its user she can definitely find him at the school where she teaches.

Episode 5
The students are to take an Ancestral Magic test in a building that houses an illusion world. If Takeshi and co pass this, they will be given a chance to retrieve Tsuganashi. Different Ancestral Magic types face different tests like Corporeal Magic (Kurumi) facing the labyrinth, Destructive Magic (Ida) running away from zombies and Evasive Magic fighting off with mechanical spiders with machine guns and Takeshi in particular is running away from a charging rhino! He is surprised to see Oigami but it seems the latter doesn’t recall who he is or the fight they have. He doesn’t even remember he was from Ghost Trailers. Of course as revealed by Hitouji and Momoka, his memories have been rewritten because they need to get as much magicians on their side for the war. Violet unleashes some Black Magic that causes havoc to the place. Oigami saves Kurumi from a golem’s attack. He doesn’t remember her. He took in enough injury to be withdrawn from the test. The quartet cooperate to find their way to reach the goal. They fight another golem and Takeshi uses the special bullet filled with Ida’s magic to destroy it. Violet doesn’t seem pleased that the Twilight she knew wasn’t like this back then. Because it belonged to her. She has enough for today and withdraws. For the winter holidays, Takeshi won’t be going home and Kurumi is upset because this means he will be breaking their promise for going to the shrine for New Year’s Day together.

Kurumi is pouting at home when Gekkou pays a surprise visit. She hopes the brothers can reconcile. Learning that the duo are still pretending to date, Gekkou assures she won’t need to do that anymore because come next term, he is enrolling in the same school as her. Takeshi and Mui train hard. Little do they know, Violet takes a strand of Takeshi’s hair to find out who he really is. Really? Shouldn’t she just check the school register? Mui gets a little fever from the training. Boy, she acts funny. Like as though she is drunk. He brings her back to her room and she acts lovey-dovey with Takeshi, thinking he is her brother. She hugs him, makes him stay with her and even takes off her bra just to keep his face warm in her chest!!! WTF?! And then we hear a loud crashing sound. Oh. It’s Kurumi. Sorry for interrupting. She kicks him out! Better run! When Mui wakes up and thanks Kurumi for coming back early (unaware what has happened), Kurumi kicks her out too. Emo Kurumi starts crying and then turns into a baby!!! WTF?! Mui finds Takeshi and hopes he could soothe his girlfriend but he admits that they are just pretending to date. Kurumi sees Oigami at the library. She apologizes for having him to save her that made him withdraw from the test. He gets close to her and this freaks her out. Oigami, you dummy. Takeshi, you dummy. Yeah. Everybody is a dummy. At the end of the vacation, Takeshi and co are given permission to participate in an operation to retrieve Tsuganashi that is scheduled to begin soon.

Episode 6
The operation to retrieve Tsuganashi begins. Momoka gives Mui a special bullet that contains Binding Magic that can seal another’s power. Be careful. She only has one chance. Oigami and Hotaru are coming along too. It is because they are going to meet Kippei and Tsuganashi and exchange prisoners. Before Oigami goes, Kurumi thanks him for saving her so he tells her to get strong so she won’t cry along and gives her some weird item that may prove useful. Once both sides exchange, Momoka and Kippei enter a doorway themselves while the rest of Wizard Brace and Tsuganashi attack each other. As expected, Tsuganashi owns them all so it is up to Takeshi and co to chase him down. Momoka and Kippei are in a showdown. She blames him over the death of somebody but he asserts his innocence although she claims there were witnesses alleging that he was at the scene. Their magic battle beings and Momoka needs to kill him quick because his Destructive Magic melts everything around within a time frame. Just when she thought she killed him in some box explosion, here he is looking fine. He believes she is acting desperate because Kazuma Ryuusenji will soon awaken. Once that happens, she fears her past deeds will be brought to light. Momoka sucks Kippei up into some black hole in time. Takeshi and co are faced off with Tsuganashi in his ice tower. Ida messes up charging the special bullet and it causes it to backfire on Takeshi. Mui becomes desperate to reach for her brother and it made Takeshi feel guilty of his own. Mui keeps calling and trying to cling to her hopes unlike him. His voice never reached Gekkou. Even if it did, would it make a difference? Mui tries to make Tsuganashi their happy times together. He doesn’t believe and hurts her. Cue for the guys to drop in and tell him off what kind of a big brother hurts his little sister. Mui continues talking about his smile that makes her happy, blah, blah, blah. Surprisingly tears flow from his eyes. I guess he does remember something. He goes crazy and charges. Mui loads the special bullet and shoots at him. In the aftermath, Momoka lives and was retrieved by school nurse Nanami Hyoudou (she has somewhat an unhealthy obsession with her). Mui is one happy girl because her big brother is by her side back to his normal self. Can’t be happier than this, can she? Kippei goes back to Violet who teases him about losing his candidate for the Fifth Class. He is unfazed because he has found a new one. Isn’t that Gekkou?

Episode 7
This weird nightmare. Takeshi is on the verge of death. Kurumi kisses him before she is taken away by some tentacle monster. WTF. Tsuganashi becomes Takeshi’s magic instructor. Mui gives Takeshi chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Big brother messes with her that she likes Takeshi and should come out and say to clear things or else this dude will misunderstand things. Don’t worry. That guy is dense enough. Oh, Kurumi has chocolates for him too. Takeshi has another weird dream. Happy Mui rushing to a giant pudding but falls through the clouds. WTF. Tsuganashi notices about the dreams he is having and says that magic sometimes causes nightmares. If it gets too serious, go see Nanami. Takeshi learns that Mui injured her leg because she tripped down the stairs while rushing to get pudding. Hmm… He collapses and is rushed to the infirmary. He dreams of Kippei and a mysterious woman by his side. Nanami saw this strange woman next to Takeshi so she slaps him awake. She realizes the grave situation of his nightmares. Twilight has been giving him some and they are usually predictions of that future that will come true. Since she saw Twilight manifesting in her human form and if she is using his mana without his permission, it’s time to put the leash on her. From now on, he must not sleep with the sword otherwise all his mana will be consumed and he will die. Apparently he didn’t listen so he gets another nightmare. Momoka summons him and gives him the option of handling over Twilight or obey certain instructions. However he wants to follow his option of wanting to witness the prophetic dreams with this sword to find out something. Momoka lets him know the only way to get Twilight under his control is to fight her in his dream.

Under the watchful eye of Momoka and Nanami, Takeshi dives into his dream with Mui tagging along. Summer beach? Mui in a bikini? Cliché? How about him falling on top of her and her bra coming undone? WTF. But it gets serious when Takeshi spots Twilight. But soon the scene changes to a cold icy tundra. He sees his mom apologizing something about Gekkou. Then Gekkou attacks and blames him with magic. Twilight reappears and claims he is not worthy of wielding her. She is disappointed he is not that person whom she is finding. She wants him to withdraw but he won’t despite having no chance to beat and his magic power draining. So Twilight attacks Mui thinking that he will withdraw for her sake. But Mui tells him not to give up and find a way to subdue her. He remembers Momoka’s words how the relationship between a magician and his Aspect is like a parent and child. It reminds him how his mom never gave him anything. All he wanted was her acknowledgement. Then it hit him. He apologizes to Twilight that he never gave her what she wanted. Although she asserts she doesn’t have such wishes, he insists since she didn’t kill him and it proves she does have a heart. He will acknowledge her existence by giving her a name. She is Towa (Eternity). With that, she backs down and accepts him. A month later, Takeshi do get nightmare sometimes but he tells her to go easy and let him sleep peacefully. Takeshi and co will soon be second years. He promises to protect Kurumi. And Gekkou has finally gotten into the school he wanted.

Episode 8
With the new school term, Takeshi and co are tasked to help register some of the new students. They are surprised Ida brings Futaba to register. Since when did she become a magician? Something about him not wanting to let her go to a friend’s party because she was the only girl. He blew his top and accidentally burnt her hair. Something like that. Futaba is so nice and cute the rest couldn’t believe they are blood related. They are. 100%. Here is another big surprise in store. Gekkou is here too! So I guess the bath is where the guys talk things out and settle things heart to heart. Seems Gekkou wants to move on and seeks his forgiveness, blah, blah, blah. But you know, something just doesn’t feel right. Even Hitouji thinks Takeshi should help guide him since Gekkou sees the world in a different way. Then Takeshi has to get this nightmare. Evil Gekkou trying to steal everything from him to get even. He wakes up to find Kippei sitting by his window. Not a dream. He isn’t here to fight but to tell the real history of Wizard Brace. Back in the 8th century, Wizard Brace monopolized magic and killed weaker magicians. Of course he didn’t learn this in class but will be able to tell the difference once he uses his Strike Vision. Kazuma is the leader of Ghost Trailers and his best friend and graduated from this same academy. He turned down the offer to join Wizard Brace because he didn’t like the idea of them using him as a murder tool. Of course he is summoned and given the ultimatum. They even use his parents as hostage. Kazuma will not be cowed and attacks back. As a result, his parents were murdered and Kazuma formed Ghost Trailers to save other magicians threatened like him and to rebel against Wizard Brace. It is true Kazuma killed many people but those are from Wizard Brace who are much worst as they killed hundreds more.

20th century in Tokyo, the first Great Magic War led by Kazuma against Wizard Brace. He is surprised that his other best friend, Tsukiomi Fujikawa defended Wizard Brace, Youko Chigi and died. Youko Chigi is now known as Youko Nanase, Takeshi’s mother and one of the 15 great magicians. Who knows how Kazuma must have felt for his right hand man to betray him like that. He never realized he got his heart stolen to Youko. I don’t know. Was it this shock that had him in slumber for nearly 2 decades? Kippei is telling him all this because he wants him on his side. If he won’t return, at least return Twilight as it is a memento of Tsukiomi. He won’t either. But he is forced to make a choice because now he is a magician. Choose Ghost Trailers or Wizard Brace. Because Takeshi didn’t choose any, Kippei notes he still has hope. He will be waiting and believes he will come to him eventually. If he wants the truth ascertained, go ask Momoka. And so he did. After asking a few questions, he must have seen something terrifying with his Strike Vision and makes his leave. Momoka wonders if Kippei had put ideas into his head so as to judge Wizard Brace of its dark hidden past. Kazuma awakens for a while and then falls back to sleep. Kippei notices he did awake but as Violet says, today is not the day he will be waking up based on her readings. It will be on X-Day. 15th June.

Episode 9
Right on the dot, Kazuma wakes up. Yeah, he’s been sleeping for 17 years. Time to go slaughter Wizard Brace, act two. Suddenly a red dragon attacks Subaru Magic Academy. The place is in chaos with red hooded people attacking anybody from Wizard Brace. Ida goes to find Futaba but gets knocked out by a slab of concrete. Mui thankfully has his cool brother around. Don’t mess with him. Momoka comes face to face with 3 pests and realizes that Pendragon are aligning themselves with Ghost Trailers. The trio thought they could control the air to beat her but Momoka is a step ahead of them and sucks them into some black portal. With Violet showing up, she is more than just fired. She’s dead. Unfortunately and ironically, Momoka got defeated so easily. Takeshi and Kurumi find Gekkou. With that coat he is wearing, they realize he is part of Ghost Trailers. He is here to get them. He explains he became a magician after Kippei taught him some magic and that this magic is God’s way of granting permission to beat the crap out of Takeshi for what he has done to his leg. Twisted and evil. Gekkou is fast to beat up Takeshi who has no chance of responding. Gekkou will be also taking his Twilight since Violet was targeting it. Since he won’t, Gekkou twists everything that Takeshi can’t stand it unless everything belongs to him. So now he is going to kill him and even transforms to some Nephilim form to do so. Takeshi is out and Kurumi is clinging on to him with tears. This just breaks your heart, Gekkou boy? Even more upsetting is the fact that Kurumi kisses Takeshi so she could use some healing magic on him. He kicks Takeshi away and takes Kurumi and Twilight along. Takeshi could hear Towa’s voice. She shows him a vision whereby Gekkou will kill his mother. She wants him to come find her. When Mui finds Takeshi, she sees Violet by his side.

Episode 10
Violet has no time to play with her and summons her familiar to fight Mui. But Mui gets backup from Ena Kisaki and her team of Bishop of the Camelot. Violet flees. Ena is Tsuganashi’s ex-girlfriend. Because Takeshi is too weak to stand up, he is sent to the Living World where Camelot treats him with their facilities. First thing he wakes up and he’s got a nurse cosplay fanservice by Mui? But whatever romantic time you’re thinking they’re going to have, it is ruined when Ida comes in seeking his solace because the Specialized Magic Agency of Wizard Brace that oversees magicians gifted with exceptional magical abilities took Futaba away. Takeshi wants to go save Kurumi but since Ghost Trailers have more than one hideout, it won’t be easy finding her. Mui remembers picking Kurumi’s item (from Oigami) at the scene but chooses to remain quiet. Kazuma rallies his people to being the next war. He is going to destroy the 7 communities and build everything from ground up. Kippei kills Wiseman so that the Gift won’t be in force anymore. This means all hell breaks loose in the Living World. Sure, now they get to mess up this beautiful world. Takeshi pleads to go see his mom so Ena and Tsuganashi escort him back. Ena also gives Youko a letter of request from her community. It is to take charge of Takeshi’s training. Since Takeshi wants to become strong to at least protect himself and rescue Kurumi, Youko puts on the ring and the harsh training begins. Gee, training amidst the chaos? Thankfully no interruptions. And so we hear Takeshi’s reason to get stronger. He doesn’t know a sh*t about this war or which side to take but he will put his life on the line to save Kurumi if it means fighting Ghost Trailers too. After some time, Youko is feeling a little exhausted since the ring drains her life force in exchange for her to use magic. Mui talks to Takeshi and gives him Kurumi’s item which is something magicians use to teleport to a predetermined place. They can trace Kurumi with this. She didn’t say anything at first because she fears he would go off recklessly to save her. Now he is stronger and wiser so it’ll be alright. Mui apologizes for dragging him into this. He apologizes for not being strong enough. Okay, okay. We get the idea. Don’t cry… Kurumi wakes up from a horrible nightmare. She was besides Takeshi’s body impaled by Twilight. She is surprised to find herself looking like Takeshi in the mirror.

Episode 11
Kurumi thinks that kiss made her turn into Takeshi. But she reverts back when Gekkou comes into the room. Kurumi doesn’t believe Gekkou likes her for real and only wants to take her away from Takeshi. He got into a fit of rage that it allows Kurumi to escape. Time to play tag. She bumps into Oigami and pleads for help. With Hotaru, they agree to get her out since they don’t quite like Gekkou. If not for him, they could have been Kippei’s right hand men. As they walk through the maze of their base (which was once Pendragon’s headquarters), they stumble upon Gekkou. Hotaru kisses Kurumi so she could look like the former. The real Hotaru becomes bait to lure Gekkou away. Kippei then wants to talk to Oigami so Kurumi is left all alone to find her way out. This is one bloody big maze… She enters a dark room and Kazuma takes her into a portal. Youko teaches Takeshi incantation to shorten his time to cast spells. He has visions of his younger days with Gekkou. He asks why she never told them she was a magician. Because she was not a good one. She wanted to tell him something too but is too exhausted for it. I hope it isn’t just a sorry. Now that Takeshi is stronger, he is going on a rescue mission. He isn’t going solo since Mui and Ida will tag along. Using Kurumi’s item, they teleport inside Pendragon’s castle. But Oigami and Hotaru stand before them. Time to see if the training pays off. Takeshi fights Oigami while Mui and Ida take on Hotaru. It isn’t long before Ida knocks out Hotaru. Oigami notices Takeshi has become stronger and will not hold back. But with Mui’s support and his Strike Vision that can see several steps into the future, he bests Oigami. Losers must tell everything, right? And so he did. Takeshi could sense the truth that Oigami tried to help Kurumi and thanks him for it. Now leave it to him to go rescue her. At the same time, Takeshi didn’t realize that Kurumi was learning truths he could never have imagined and the nightmare in the form of Gekkou was preparing to come true.

Episode 12
Takeshi rushes home only to realize his worst nightmare has come true. Gekkou is covered in blood. You know what this means. Though, he believes Youko attacked him first and he did it in self defence. Takeshi is one mad guy. But his rage means nothing since Gekkou has absolute control over Towa and summons her to beat him up. She stops short of killing him. Like as though he was just teasing him to show off how powerful he got. Gekkou tells us a revelation. The accident 3 years ago wasn’t Takeshi’s fault as they believed. It was Youko’s. It was her plan along with the leader of Camelot to take Gekkou out of the picture. Her plan ended in failure and when she saw Gekkou limping with that injured foot, she couldn’t bear to hurt her son anymore. Why? The sons will never know. But just for us sake viewers, we see Youko lying in her pool of blood thinking back why the heck she would kill her own son. To prevent Gekkou from becoming another Kazuma. Anyway since Takeshi and Gekkou can no longer see eye to eye, the fight begins. If having the brothers fight isn’t bad enough, now here comes everybody from both sides to join in the fight. Ding! Ding! In one corner we have the blue team of Wizard Brace and in the other corner the red team of Ghost Trailers. Round 1 (or whatever number you wish)… Fight! Everybody starts blasting each other to bits. Yeah, it can’t get messier than this. Gekkou drops the bombshell that he wants Takeshi to kill him. Because he is so sick of everything. Everybody wants him dead. He has nowhere to go. So just kill him. Oh, but Takeshi the ever kind brother wants to show us he isn’t such a bad heart so he extends his hand for him to leave Ghost Trailers and come home with him.

I’ve seen this coming from a mile because it was just a ploy and oldest trick in the book just to get his guard down. Once close enough, Gekkou strikes! Oh, and all in nice timing, Kurumi who has been looking for Takeshi finds him and the first thing she does is use her body as a shield against Gekkou’s Twilight. Oh sh*t. How can you kill a cute girl!!!! Takeshi is mad. Gekkou doesn’t think it is his fault (nothing is ever his so I suppose not even faults). Takeshi lets out his rage while Mui heals Kurumi. Fight, fight, fight and still Gekkou continues to blame Takeshi. This guy is good in blaming. Momoka who has been observing them decides to move in when she should have done it a long time ago. I don’t know what black hole she unleashed but where Gekkou and Takeshi stand, it’s one freaking huge crater now. Then we see Kazuma healing Youko and something about him calling her his mother. He believes everything is set in motion to the future they envisioned. He asks Violet why she is so damn loyal and her reply is that he saved her life once and back then she vowed to be loyal to him even if he changes. Takeshi wakes up back in Subaru Magic Academy. Hmm… Everything seems alright. Then he sees Hitouji as a student and Youko a teacher. Does this give you a hint that you went back in time? Yeah. It’s 1998. He sees Momoka, Kippei and Tsukiomi hanging out together as students. But there is something off. Gekkou is part of the gang! What the hell?! A dream? A nightmare? However Gekkou hints that he might know who Takeshi is when he gives him that menacing look. Back in the real world, Mui and Kurumi can only wonder where Takashi has gone.

Magical War-farce
ATROCIOUS! APPALLING! UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is definitely one of the worst endings that I have ever seen in my life of bad anime endings! Leaving us in such a crucial cliff-hanger definitely doesn’t sit well with me. And probably a lot of other viewers too. It is no wonder I read there were many people upset about the ending. I thought it was going to suck so I braced myself for the worst. Seriously, nothing in the world would have prepared me for this. It feels like the producers ran out of budget or something and they leave it in such a way just to gauge if there are enough sales made from the DVDs, maybe they’ll just an OVA and produce that unaired episode whatever. What do they take us for? Fools? They could have at least show one more stinking episode just to tie things up even if it won’t be a good one but at least tie things up. It’s like they too were trying to sabotage this series by making things end like that. Therefore this ending isn’t any much of an ending as it leaves everything hanging on a very precarious balance. Very dangerous. Not good.

The plot and story feels haphazard. They try to put in some twist in the story and even maybe a surprise or two but it is hardly anything but that since the awful ending ruined it all. Yes, sad to say that this series will be remembered by that unpleasant cliff-hanger which overshadows just about everything else. Just mention of this anime, and that sort of ending comes to mind. Not anything else. Because bits and pieces of the story are only revealed, I believe there is more than meets the eye for this world and magicians are like sneaky people you cannot trust because from what I have seen, it is like both sides cannot be trusted. Each sides has their own dark hidden past and ulterior motives to hidden agenda so you don’t really know who to believe or what is going on except for the fact that magicians just want to kill each other. There could be a lot of potential of this series but because of the chaotic pacing and all, some questions are left unanswered and only raise more questions than anything. For example, what Youko wanted to say to Takeshi. I am sure it is more than just a mother apologizing to her son, right? It has got to be important but unfortunately I think it wasn’t that important enough if she was going to collapse out of that little fatigue than tell her son and instead leave him wondering and hanging.

There is also that mind boggling thing of what Kurumi learnt from Kazuma. Yeah, maybe she discovered she and Takeshi are blood related. NO WAY!!! Remember what Kippei and Violet said something about the candidate for the Fifth Class? Don’t remember? Doesn’t matter because it never really did. And if the war has been ongoing on for many years (assuming it still continued after Kazuma’s slumber) and the rate we see the magicians die in the ferocious battle, don’t you think the population of magicians would have dwindled a lot? Where do they get the extra people to die? Clones? Or like Takeshi and co, they just recruit them from the Living World. Ironically if magicians are powerful enough to kill each other and yet they get persecuted by normal people without any sort of power (mutant or superhero types even), it is just lame to think that they would let ordinary folks step over their heads. I know they want to live in peace but when a bunch of unruly and irrational mob comes knocking on your door, you don’t sit down quietly and accept your fate of being burnt at the stake. Oh yeah, there’s that Gift thingy in force. Damn…

The characters and their development are weak and you won’t be very impressed at the direction things are heading. Like Takeshi, in addition to being a rookie in magic and a weakling (although he powers up, he is still nothing near powerful than other magicians), he is quite a confused kid. I won’t blame him since he is suddenly thrown into a world of magic and only became a magician for a year or so. He doesn’t really have a clear goal in his life and for the current anime season, it is just to become stronger so that he could help Mui and subsequently rescue Kurumi. In the end, he never did get to do that because ironically it was Kurumi who found him. So much for that. And Mui doesn’t need his help much since her brother is always around. So much for that too. I believe I have never met a main character who loses his familiar and got him used against him in a season. So when he just got control of Towa only to lose her to Gekkou’s hand, it feels like a slap in the face. It’s like he lost the sword, his familiar and the girl (Kurumi). What else is there to lose? His anger? Haha! Because of that, you don’t really feel Takeshi bonding with Towa whom I thought was going to be some major kickass character. Sadly, no.

His friends like Kurumi and Ida feel like as though he won’t be alone in this world and has some buddies to back him up for whatever reasons. Because for Ida I feel he is like a joker rather than a sidekick or supporting best friend or anything. Just for variety’s sake instead of focusing everything on Takeshi, sometimes they distract you with Ida and this guy isn’t better than Takeshi since he can’t control his flame powers. Gekkou is just annoying sh*t. He is the kind of character you would love to hate because he blames everything on everybody else and makes it their fault. It’s bad enough he already whines about it. Now he acts like as though it is his right or something and thus walking the path of becoming a future antagonist.

Due to the nature of the series, the other characters like Momoka, Kippei, Kazuma, Violet and even Youko have their secret past which I believe should be interesting but you know once it is revealed… The ending… It just zapped my interest thinking about it. There are some characters in the series whose fate are left hanging and their status unknown like Futaba, she got brazenly ‘kidnapped’ by special agents and who knows if they are loli raping her in some secret location nobody will ever find out. Hitouji’s fate is also unknown since from the last time we saw him during the attack on Subaru Magic Academy, he was certainly being killed off. At least that was how it looked like. What happened to Oigami and Hotaru? I don’t see them joining the big bad battle in the end? I don’t understand Youko’s reason for wanting to kill Gekkou and then couldn’t do the job when she failed once. So what the hell is she doing letting him live with them all this time while knowing very well about him becoming the next Kazuma? Whatever this means. I mean, she already tried to kill him once so why the guilt? She knows the problem but doesn’t get rid of it. Mother’s love? Yeah, I agree she isn’t a good mother then. Look what mess everything has gotten into now. Who do you want to blame this time?

They try to put in some romance in this anime too but it falls short and flat. I probably got my hopes up a little and really wishing there would be some sort of love triangle going on between Takeshi, Mui and Kurumi. Personally if the ending was going to suck like this, I would have preferred them to turn at least an episode or two into some mindless romance filler. With Kurumi being such an emo, I think she is faking her fear out of men just to have Takeshi stay by his side. Sure, she is traumatized by that but I have a feeling that time have healed that phobia and is just using as an excuse. Just like how Mui is using the excuse that it is her fault for turning him into a magician to stick close to him. Just short of taking the ultimate responsibility of marrying him and becoming his wife! Haha! And I am not sure if Tsuganashi is going to like that because he is showing us mixed signals over Mui. On one hand, he doesn’t bat an eyelid teasing Mui coolly about her likings for Takeshi but on the other hand and in the latest scene we see him disapproving Takeshi would ever become Mui’s girlfriend when Ena hinted something of that sort. So which is it? Is he some siscon too like how Mui is with her buranko fetish? Unless those prior teasing were just teasing as he didn’t believe his sister would date this dense guy.

As for the action part, it is just pretty okay and nothing to shout about. You get your characters casting some sort of spell which thankfully isn’t hard enough to pronounce like some Latin tongue twisting scientific name for something. It just bugs me that when magicians die, it feels like they just disappear. It feels funny even though it wasn’t intended to. And you’ll see a handful of non-important magicians from both sides of the divide meeting such fate. You see that extra standing there one moment, then blam! He gets hit with some magic sh*t and he turns into nothingness. Just imagine him exploding into a few squirts of ink for death. Yeah. Sometimes I feel that the producers didn’t really want to put in all the details and just give this ‘ugly’ death to them. It’s easier on the art, right? You don’t need to draw blood or entrails spilling out. You die, you disappear. No traces of you left. And the pretty odd part for me was when they killed Wiseman, shouldn’t they have done it a long time ago and not wait till Kazuma wakes up? I know he is revolutionary and charismatic to some but isn’t the cause more important? God, been waiting for 17 years… And it just doesn’t make sense that one old guy is controlling the Gift and Kippei just waltzed in to kill all his useless security and ultimately that old geezer himself. It’s like WTF.

Despite the art and animation being decent enough with bishoujo and bishonen concept, there isn’t anything spectacular about it. The backgrounds sceneries aren’t impressive either seeing that you’ll be spending most of your time in the Ruined World or at Subaru Magic Academy, which aren’t exactly picturesque either. Magic effects also seem generic especially those flame or magic aura emitting effects look a bit sloppy. Probably they wanted to distract you and throw in a few cheap fanservice shots mostly from Kurumi and Mui but that hardly get us anywhere. It’s like saying please excuse us for the bad production so accept a few fanservice shots as consolation. It is still unexplained how Kurumi could get her endowed figure while using her magic. I suppose that is why we call it cheap fanservice. Heck, if she doesn’t even know why she could shape shift into others by kissing, what are the chances would we? Maybe just like Ida, she doesn’t have full control over her powers and this is an effect to show it is going out of control. And if she is too emo she turns into a baby. Oh dear. But yeah… Hope she never controls them so we can ogle at her busty figure…

For the voice acting department, there are some I feel didn’t really fit the role. For instance, Mamoru Miyano as Takeshi (Light in Death Note, Zero in Vampire Knight), I know his voice sounds boyish but as Takeshi it just makes him sound so weak and a wimp, which is basically almost what the character is. Then there is Kazuya Nakai as Kippei. After being accustomed to hearing him as One Piece’s Zoro and Gintama’s Hijikata, it just feels odd to hear him voice the role of an antagonist. Because I feel that the way he talks he might break out into some joke or something. Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch Code Geass) as Oigami was exuding lots of manliness in his voice so I didn’t recognize him at first. Nao Touyama as Mui wasn’t as lively as how I used to recognize her like Karen in Kin-iro Mosaic and Yui in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru. The other casts include Asami Seto as Kurumi (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Kenichi Suzumura as Ida (Sougou in Gintama), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Gekkou (Accelerator in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Tsuganashi (Naraku in Inu Yasha), Mikako Takahashi as Momoka (Ayumu in Hayate No Gotoku), Daisuke Namikawa as Kazuma (Jellal/Mystogan in Fairy Tail), Yuuka Nanri as Towa (Karen in School Rumble), Atsuko Tanaka as Violet (Caster in Fate/Stay Night), Mao Ichimichi as Ena (Renge in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda) and Fuji Sakita as Hotaru (Ao in Yozakura Quartet).

The opening theme is Senkou No Prisoner by Yuuka Nanri and there is nothing appealing in this generic anime pop rock. The ending theme is another rock piece entitled Born To Be by Nano. Although it overall doesn’t appeal much to me but if I had to say the most appealing aspect would be the funky bass lines. At least the ending theme sounds better than the opening theme in my opinion and I would prefer to hear the former if given a choice.

On a trivial note, the next episode preview is the most amusing segment of the series. It features a cartoonish witch girl named Mahoko whom I believe could be the mascot of Subaru Magic Academy. She rants (or gets side-tracked) just about anything from her debut in previewing the next episode to her favourite zunda mochi food to promoting some green vegetable juice to cattle mutilation and UFO abduction (WTF) and the ultimate breaking the fourth wall of worrying if the next preview segment will be still around because this means she won’t be able to spam us with her cutie ranting. Now, this is what Nao Touyama sounds like. At least, the version of her that I could instantly recognize. It usually ends with Mahoko saying the name of a spell which I believe is the ‘spell of the episode’ like Melt Projection, Blast Fog, Electric Blow or Last Requiem. Yeah, there is always at least one new spell casted. Otherwise, what is the name of this series again?

Overall, this series is just mediocre but compounded with that very bad last episode, it made everything worse. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this show if you are strictly not into stuffs that are below average (assuming you have considerably high standards). Weak characters, disorganized plot and for the umpteenth time, the horrendous ending, you may be better off staying away from this. Unless you’re just like me who has too much time on his hand doing nothing important except busy watching animes, then I suppose there is no harm trying. Always give things a chance even if other critics put it down by a mile. Just don’t get your hopes up by expecting some sort of miracle. Because just like the Ruined World, this series feels like steadily collapsing into nothingness. Not even any sort of magic spell could save it.

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