Mahou Shoujo Ore

August 3, 2018

Holy crap! I thought I have seen it all with Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu. In the sense that guys become magical girls or at least look like them and save people in distress from the clutches of evil. And now they pull off another one that is almost similar to that. In Mahou Shoujo Ore, we have girls turning into macho magical guys as their magical girl form!!! OMFG!!! Seriously what kind of sick twisted logic is that?! But this is just to f*cking hilarious to pass up even though I think it is going to be more (comical) crap and have some gay baiting stuffs. Who says magical girls need to be cute little feminine girls? Guys can become one too! Like as though guys who couldn’t live their magical dream now finally get to be one with those bulging muscles and low voices while their tight magical girl outfit threatens to burst and become wardrobe malfunction…

Episode 1
Saki Uno is a magical girl who defeats a monster that turns everything black and white while in love with a mysterious and handsome Peach Prince. But it’s time to wake up. Damn dream. Saki is part of the idol duo, Magical Twins along with Sakuyo Mikage. However no one listens to their street performance not because the town is in curfew but they are that unpopular! Hey, their manager, Konami Yamo is the one who says it. However in contrast, Star Prince is by far a very popular idol and Mohiro who is Sakuyo’s older brother is part of that half and Saki’s crush. He is the reason why she is into this idol thingy. When Saki returns home, she is shocked to see this yakuza dude, Kokoro waiting. He wants to see her mom, Sayori. Turns out they know each other. Sayori lets Saki know the truth. She was once a magical girl! Serious! Kokoro is her fairy animal mascot???!!! In fact, Sayori was still doing this magical girl job until last month when her back gave way. Curse old age. Kokoro thinks of making Saki her replacement. Oh, this just in. There is a demon terrorizing nearby. Don’t let the cute squirrel looks fool you. They can transform into their (cute) macho form and nothing can stop them except magical girl powers. Oh look. Mohiro who loves animals is seen coming into contact into one. What’s this about the demons taking their prey to the underworld and that’s the last you’ll ever hear from them? Instantly Saki goes to rescue him. Her will to save him initiates her Love Power index. But apparently that isn’t enough as she must shout aloud the person she loves to activate it. Risk embarrassment or her crush forever being gone. She screams out she loves Mohiro and now transforms into… A muscular magical guy!!! WTF????!!!!

Episode 2
The logic is that a man’s body is suitable for fighting. But in line with the magical theme, hence the girly outfit. Contradictory! Saki tries to keep her identity while fighting the machos. Since all magical items are too overpowered, Kokoro hands her a magical wand. It has no magic. You beat them to death! Damn. Wow. What a bloody aftermath. No magic. Just brute raw violence. Is Mohiro in love with this magical dude?! See how many times he gives his thanks. Apparently this whole thing is watched by Sakuyo and Konami. They know the truth and because Konami is an even bigger fan of magical girls, he wants to become her magical manager! No turning back now. Next morning after Saki returns back to normal and recover from her macho nightmare, she goes to see Mohiro from his house but too bad he is being hijacked by his idol partner, Hyoue. Unfortunately Saki and Hyoue hate each other and you can see the animosity. Sakuyo asks her how she end up liking her brother (for us viewers to know, I guess) so she narrates his kindness and a man of a few words. However Sakuyo doesn’t seem a bit happy and runs away. Kokoro is so creepy in his chibi form. He is here to warn Saki of another demon. The target is… Mohiro! Again?! Time to rescue the one she loves. However the demon this time isn’t just a macho squirrel. But with tentacles! OMFG! My eyes are going to get raped… While manly Saki gets her modesty outraged, surprisingly Sakuyo is here to help. If Saki is going to protect her brother, then she will protect her. Saki thanks her concern but doesn’t want her to be in danger. That smile really sets it off. Kokoro detects Sakuyo’s Love Power and has her shout out the name of her love one. Sakuyo screams she loves Saki and is now a muscular magical guy! Double WTF!

Episode 3
Sakuyo’s love for Saki isn’t out of friendship but a sexual one! Flashback time. Because Saki always admired Mohiro’s singing, Sakuyo always felt jealous. It was one reason why she became an idol too. One day the duo got lost and injured in the forest. When all seems hopeless, Mohiro pops up to bring them back. Although Mohiro treated Saki better, Sakuyo also admired her brother for saving them. Mohiro collapsed after bringing them home. It is found out he was searching for them all the while and it aggravated his cold. The girls vow to work hard so he wouldn’t have to suffer like this again. Now, Sakuyo claims she was happy to take those feelings of hers to the grave so Saki and Mohiro could be happy but with this transformation, she feels she could steal her away from him! The tentacle attacks but Sakuyo punches it to a bloody pulp! So if Sakuyo is such a great magical girl, is Saki needed? Yes. Apparently her powers come from Saki being in danger. So as Saki ponders why the demons are targeting Mohiro, looks like she has to worry about herself being a target from Sakuyo. Damn, feeling so BL gay seeing them macho tussle. Sakuyo says she doesn’t care what form Saki is. Human, dog or amoeba, as long as she is Saki, she will love her! They are interrupted by Konami who is now ecstatic of 2 magical girls. He has recorded everything and uploaded them. He is really hoping they will become a worldwide sensation and their popularity as magical girl idols will spread. Later we hear Sakuyo’s thoughts of how the mass of a female could transform into of a male. So where does her massive boobs go? Yeah, she thinks it goes down there! So you think Mohiro’s got a ‘big brother’? After all, Sakuyo looks a bit like Mohiro in her male form but buffed up so I suppose that’s the motivation for her to stay on. You didn’t think the (male) magical girl duo would become an international sensation so quickly, would you? Yeah, they’re going to make their TV debut…

Episode 4
When those cute squirrels decided to cut the power lines, a cyborg dude, Ichigo Fujimoto beats the crap out of them. When he sees the magical girl idol debuting on paper, he gets mad. Saki and Sakuyo are walking through the studio’s corridor. Weird feeling with everyone staring at the ‘men’. Even worse and gayer when Sakuyo is clinging on to her. But a reprieve when Mohiro is here. But attached to him is Ichigo the art director? Ichigo cuts the fun conversation between them and warns her to come to see him after their shoot. After all, he knows her identity. Saki is shocked as she wonders if this guy is Hyoue. But it couldn’t be since he is so much shorter. When the duo meet with Ichigo, it seems he is jealous that the duo has stolen the superhero spotlight from him. He has been defending town for a long time. Whatever. He hates them and doesn’t view them as true superheroes. He is not here to be their friend or ally but declare war. When the studio is under attack by the demons, both race to show each other their worth. Hurry, they’ve taken the entire studio hostage. The crowd watches in disbelief as the magical girl guys beat the bloody crap out of the cuties. Kokoro tells Saki a secret about her wand and it sucks demons’ blood that she defeats. Saki saves Ichigo from a falling pillar. Though shocked she saved him, he still doesn’t accept her as his ally and makes his exit. Ichigo hints Saki looks like her predecessor, prompting her to think he might be a really old person. When impressed Mohiro thanks Saki profusely, the crowd takes this as him acknowledging Saki. They flood her with questions. Sakuyo doesn’t look too happy with all the attention on her. We take a detour as we see the daily life of superhero Ichigo. The usual tour and stopping baddies from mugging grannies. Well, he’s a cyborg so he can’t really get hurt, right? He returns home to his lab whereby he has 5 other cyborg clone brothers.

Episode 5
Some artist’s work has been rejected. He calls the Fujimoto brothers that the storyboards for this episode has been thrown out. Now they have to think of another way before this giant monster, Chizilla reawakens. Many hours ago, a high level government meeting was held as Chizilla levelled a city. DNA report shows a matching one with an anime production controller named Shinzo Chiba. Coincidentally, he went missing 3 days ago and authorities found his parked car. He was supposed to deliver final keyframes for a show that is to be airing soon. CCTV showed him fiddling with his phone before dropping into the lake. Chizilla seems to be heading to Suginami and not some big city with big buildings most probably the monster inherited Chiba’s will to deliver the keyframes. However there is the risk of destroying the city and that would mean the end of the anime industry as most outsourced work is from here! Horror! Save anime! That is when the Fujimoto brothers walk in to offer their emergency services. It is believed Chizilla destroyed the previous city was because of his will not to miss a doujinshi event. They assure they can finish the storyboard and air the anime in time right before Chizilla moves. They also make lavish demands to get the job done when some foreigner chick halts them. Congress has approved to destroy Chizilla. Hence the brothers start calling desperately all those related in the industry to help. However the poor and problematic ones refuse. But those super rich and talentedly weird accept. With 150 animation directors, there is going to be a hell lot of inconsistencies. When all seems lost, they get help from the internet. It is done but right before they could air, Chizilla starts to move. Apparently the twist in the plot calls for them needing to put the final footage into its mouth. They race against time but can they make it? That is when the magical girl duo (fresh from their Okinawan holiday, that’s why they’re so missing this episode) drop in and kick through Chizilla. The day is saved. Everybody is stunned and like what the hell but can’t complain. This episode is almost over.

Episode 6
The girls travel to a hotspring inn as part of their work. Finally they get to sing. Also there are Mohiro and Hyoue who are shooting a video. Saki finally gets to talk with Mohiro but of course Hyoue interrupts and the two clash as usual. Because Konami forgot their karaoke CD, the girls become emcee and let the president sing instead. Yeah, he’s pretty popular… The girls get to enjoy the hotspring but Saki fears Sakuyo would rape her. Sakuyo assures that she will not do anything she doesn’t like. A relief but it somewhat makes Saki feel like she didn’t trust her. As Saki soaks in the hotspring, she is actually soaking in the men’s section as the sign dropped off earlier before the hostess put it back up. She can’t help think of Mohiro and hence she transforms into her male alter ego. Speaking of the devil, here comes Mohiro! Can’t let him find out. So in order to maintain his form, he has to look at Mohiro’s juicy body. And yes, his dick… Curious to know how big it is… Saki sees the scar on the back of his neck and remembers he got it when he saved her. She still regrets that day. Soaking for too long has Saki lapsing in concentration. So she has to take a look at his dick multiple times in order to retain her form! So gay? Just when she thinks it is over, they enter the sauna. Why couldn’t she just leave? I mean, Mohiro now thinks this is a sauna endurance competition. How many times must she look at his nice body to retain her form? There is a limit to this… Meanwhile Sakuyo realizes Saki has not been seen. She runs around looking for her and her strong love has her transform into her male form. She stumbles into a room of demons! Did they reserve the party? Sorry to crash in but she has to beat them all up. Saki is close to passing out so considerate Mohiro goes out for a while. Saki passes out and as Mohiro returns, she hears Sakuyo calling him to answer a call. Sakuyo rescues Saki from the death heat. She wakes up in her room but don’t worry, Sakuyo has not done anything to her. She hopes they can bath together. Later as they eat, Saki and Mohiro get a chance to sing together on stage. Not sure if she is nervous or too hyped because Saki sounds horrible!!!

Episode 7
Sayori collapses after Saki goes to school. Had not Kokoro pass by, she might have been done for. Still, Sayori doesn’t want him to let Saki know about this ‘problem’. Saki and Sakuyo dread that they have more work ever since becoming famous. There are lots of merchandise of them like this gay doujin… But the best one is that they are finally getting a recording label and debut. Oddly, Konami picks this time to mention how bad Saki’s singing and dancing are. Then he rants about his flashback about his dream of becoming a manager for magical girls but end up being a manager for a certain pair of idols. Watching them through up and downs (mostly downs) made them his number one fan. He is glad he has stuck with them. Now they go to karaoke to practice. You want to know how horrible their singing is? The other karaoke customers ‘died’!!! The police won’t discover how this mass murder was done. Sakuyo also wrote a song. It’s all about Saki. Sa-kiss? IT SUCKS!!!! Konami points out there is no emotion in it so he demonstrates by singing himself. OMG. This guy is decent! Not perfect but better than the girls! He can also work so fast like as though he cloned himself with backup dancers! Saki goes crazy when nobody quips that Fujimoto (probably working part time here) serves drinks to them. We take a detour to let our minds wander into depravity as this hot ambiguous steamy sexy scene of Kokoro and Sayori getting it on! Of course he is just massaging he back. As her body is a wreck, he wants her to pass the torch to Saki. She requests to have 1 more week as a magical girl. Saki goes to the toilet and sees a demon taking a dump! No mood anymore? She returns only to realize Mohiro and Hyoue are singing right next door! She probably wants to stay there forever but Hyoue won’t let that happen. Next room, the demons are singing. Time for the girls to let out their frustration and beat them to a pulp! Don’t worry. It’s not violent. Not if you play the Yankee Doodle medley while smashing their brains out! In the end, the bloodied room is worse than a murder scene. Saki’s wand breaks and Kokoro is not amused she handled it very rough. He notes it is tough to get a replacement as each magical item has different magical power flowing through. Sakuyo starts thinking about the mere coincidence of the demons always knows where Mohiro is. Even at this private karaoke function. Can you guess it?

Episode 8
Sayori is weakening but there is something she insists she needs to do. Today is the magical girl duo’s greet and meet event. It’s crowded and the queue stretches as long to the next city! Thanks to Konami doing some shady promotion too. Of course the draw is because there is a similar event for Star Prince and Prisma (another idol group consisting of Michiru Okawa and Ruka Kiryuu). Saki meets all sorts of fans from the fanatically obsessed to the pure and innocent. Did they make a dirty joke there when her hand is covered in ‘yoghurt’ or ‘condensed milk’?! To Saki’s dismay, Sayori is also here. Other than to enjoy her daughter’s fame, she also warns her that the demon boss is here. Shortly after, she collapses and Hyoue brings her to the infirmary. Suddenly a demon is seen shaking hands with Mohiro. Heck, suddenly demons appear among the crowd! How the f*ck did they appear without anybody noticing! Time for Saki and Sakuyo to beat up those cuties before they send Mohiro into the other world. And the crowd things this must be part of the show. After Saki is being overwhelmed, it took a little girl to rally the other crowd to support her. This gives her to power to beat the bloody pulp out of the demons as well as saved Mohiro from certain doom. I guess the rest of today’s event is cancelled. Saki and Mohiro’s moments is ruined when a demon is about to strike her from the back. Luckily another magical dude saves her. Hey… Isn’t that Sayori!!! In male form!!! Like mother and daughter. Or is it father and son? Damn, I’m so confused. After a short talk, Sayori weakens like as though she is going to die. To fulfil her last rites, she passes her own magical wand to Saki. It’s hers now. Some emotional ‘farewell’ seen as Kokoro takes a ‘dead’ Sayori to ‘ascend to heaven’. At this point Hyoue returns from toilet. Saki believes he could be the demon boss. In the aftermath, we see Sayori just fine. Taking a train back with Saki, she laments she just wanted to hurry to the pharmacy to buy heating pads.

Episode 9
Looks like the fan base of Prisma is dwindling and the duo will be retiring if they don’t do something about it. Meanwhile as Saki suspects Hyoue to be the culprit as he is always hanging out with Mohiro and disappearing at crucial times, she and Sakuyo spy on them. However they have to cut short when Konami calls them. It seems he has arranged for a joint concert for them with Star Prince and Prisma. Saki is a fan of Prisma and feels bad to hear that they might be cancelling their part because they can’t fill up the numbers on their side. A shady guy named Happy approaches Prisma. They are not interested in whatever he is scouting them for until he says it is for magical girl. Michiru then lights up like an eager beaver. Ruka knows this sounds like a scam but plays along as she can’t help how cute Michiru is. Happy lets them sign a contract. So folks, watch for a brand new magical girl (guys) in town. They beat up baddies and provide decent help. However their popularity isn’t going up. Worse, Michiru is not pleased that her magical guy look is an old one. Based on the contract, because she doesn’t have enough Love Power, not sure what rules were made in order for her to transform into one with half the usual Love Power but in exchange she has a shorter magical guy lifespan. Yeah, you can’t opt out of it now. Next time read the super fine print properly. During the event as Star Prince give their handshake, demons pop up. Time for our new magical girl guy duo to go into action. However people aren’t impressed and think they are copycats. Eventually they fail because of lack of Love Power. Now there is a huge demon threatening to destroy everything. Oh, it’s got Mohiro too. Saki and Sakuyo enter the scene. They learn their counterparts are Prisma. Saki tells them to believe in themselves and reveal their true feelings. With Saki and Sakuyo revealing their love, this has Michiru reveal hers as Saki (the guy version) and Ruka for Michiru. Michiru is in shock to hear it. She was too dense never to realize it. The quartet combine their power to destroy the demon and save Mohiro. In the aftermath, Kokoro punishes Happy for overstepping his bounds into this business as what he is doing is shady and borderline illegal. No forgiveness as Kokoro beats him up and Michiru turns into an even older guy! And tanned!

Episode 10
We see Sayori’s flashback. She has a crush on this boy in class, Uno. She sees him talking to his friends but she doesn’t know he is being harassed by them. Praying for an angel to give her the strength to confess to him, Kokoro pops up. You’re screwed. As they further watch him being bullied, she prays to have magic and be strong. Kokoro turns her into a magical girl guy and she beats the crap out of them. And that’s how Saki’s parents met. As Saki continues to suspect Hyoue, I guess it is back to that stalking. Tailing him and Mohiro around is sure a hard job. Now you understand detectives’ plight and patience, eh? When she sees them heading into a hotel and her wild imagination that Hyoue might be selling Mohiro to demons for some porn shoot. She wants to jump to killing Hyoue now! Luckily they didn’t enter the hotel and help a lost boy. While waiting to get his mom, Mohiro starts singing and as usual attracts all the cute animals. Saki is shocked when Hyoue greets her. Yeah, he knows she has been following him. He wonders if Mohiro is human because he is always spacing out and his singing draws animals’ attention. It’s a reason why he got him into the idol business as he wants the world to hear his singing. But this allows Saki to turn the questions on him. Is Hyoue himself human? Now we take a detour to see Konami’s life because the producers purposely wants to screw with us. We see him slapping cash at the store clerk because he didn’t think he could afford this magical girl figurine. He works and lives for this, damn it! Then Fujimoto is also there but he couldn’t remember him and takes his leave before anything happens. Also, he is running late to watch his magical girl show. But he spots a couple of new street idols wannabe. He buys their CD (thank goodness their first sales) and remembers about Magical Twins’ humble beginnings. Now they are big idol starts (although it’s their magical girl guy persona) and is glad to have stuck with them. We are trolled to think a car crashed into him but actually a delivery guy crash his bicycle after being distracted by the wind blowing up a girl’s skirt. Konami returns to his office. He stops the demons in his room from fighting! Damn, this guy is the demons’ boss!!! No wonder this detour… He is whispered some juicy details… Yup, the series is almost over… Meanwhile Saki is shocked to hear her manager is the baddie. To answer her earlier question, he has her call Kokoro. The moment this dude appears, he shivers in fear and grovels himself to Hyoue. This is the next fairy king! Damn the revelations are coming out slowly.

Episode 11
Hyoue adds he was on vacation but extended it to do some investigation. As a fairy, he has the ability to hide his presence. He shows proof that Konami is a demon. Hyoue is also friends with Fujimoto since they have the same goal. As fairies are physically weak, he needs somebody to protect him. Speaking of the devil (cyborg actually), Fujimoto calls to inform that demon gates are opening everywhere and turning everyone into… Low quality animation!!! Then there is an evil broadcast made by Konami behind a mask. He has kidnapped Mohiro and wants the magical girls to rescue him. Obviously a trap but what choice do they have? As they head into the demon world, Sakuyo stays behind to fight all the demons and let Saki go ahead. Some ‘heartfelt’ friendship moments why Sakuyo has to do this. It’s her love for Saki of course. So Saki has to remember why she became a magical girl in the first place. It’s for Mohiro. Don’t worry. Sakuyo will not fail until she has a happy ending with her. Sakuyo powers up to beat the crap out of all the demons as she show us her secret stash of thousands of secret Saki photos! Saki confronts Konami who dramatically reveals himself as the final boss. Then they cut to commercials and it was all just a show? Konami explains to a confused Saki about him using everything and everybody just for her sake. He originally is the director of the invasion department and has to organize invasions of demons to the worlds of other species. When word that one of their side is defeated by a wimpy human, Konami decides to go there personally to settle it. Of course this is a lie as he plans to meet his favourite magical girl. His world came crashing down after seeing it is Kokoro and Sayori. He fell into depression and without any results, funding were cut. He is forced to find a job and coincidentally as an idol manager he met Saki and Sakuyo, gradually becoming their fans. But his bosses still wanted results and at his wits end after hearing Kokoro offering Saki to become a magical girl, he hit an idea. Therefore all the demons they have been bashing is because he sent signal to them over to their location. Yup, he staged every single one of them. Slowly they become famous and as for Mohiro’s kidnapping, it was all part of the marketing strategy. As people’s attention span is short and they get bored easily, that’s why Saki must do it now that her popularity is at its peak. She must defeat him as the evil final boss and her legacy as an idol will be cemented for ages.

Episode 12
As Konami explains it has been his job to make them successful and all she needs is to beat him down, Saki is still hesitant. To give her motivation for that, Konami hurts Mohiro. But now Saki destroys the props and only slaps Konami. Oh, hurting his toes too? Saki cries because this is not the kind of hero she wants to be despite all the things they have done. Konami is going to use his final trump card. That is to kill himself but the ceiling slab misses him since Mohiro helped shove him away. Mohiro thanks Saki for always protecting him but Saki feels it is mostly the other way round. Just when we are going to be baited by a yaoi kiss (OMG!), they are broken up by Hyoue who doesn’t want any sort of that real BL crap. Also, he and Kokoro brought their yakuza fairy army to help but it looks like they’re not needed. Hyoue arrests Konami but as they leave, they find they are locked in. he asks Konami for explanation about the demons. Though he ordered them to attack the magical girls without killing them, the rate they are being killed and respawned became too great so it’s like they develop some sort of instinct for self-preservation. Now that they are fresh from defeating Sakuyo, they are all heading here to defeat Saki. Hence, a showdown between cute squirrel demons against ugly old yakuza fairies + a few hot handsome hunks. However they regenerate quicker and their numbers increased. Don’t worry. Here comes Michiru and Ruka to handle them so that Sakuyo could rejoin Saki as they do their long ass named power move to return everything to normal. In the aftermath, Konami is to be taken into custody of the fairy world and will never set foot in the human world again. The girls are grateful to him and promise they will become a real idol one day. At least he got his last handshake from them. Magical Twins sing yet to another empty audience. Kokoro is their manager too. The magical girl idol crazed died down ever since they announce their shocking sudden retirement. But to show there is hope, somebody bought their CD. First sales! Kokoro detects Mohiro being confronted by hooligans. Time for the magical girl guys to go into action.

Ore No Bizarre Adventure
Well, not too sure if demons will be continuing to invade Earth. Because if they aren’t, our magical girl guys will still have their hands full in protecting Mohiro. It’s their only other excuse to transform and fight, flex your manly muscles. Well, keep on fighting, girls. Or guys. It is too early to retire from being a real magical girl until age catches up with you.

Owing to the slapstick comedy nature of this series, the plot is nothing extraordinary and can be said as generic or even uninspiring. Girls become magical girls (or guys in this case) due to the power of love and fight waves of ‘evil’ enemies to protect the world, or at least in this case, protect the ones they loved. Basically this goal of Saki and Sakuyo is what the main plot mostly follows on. When they try to paint Hyoue as the villain because of how suspicious he acts and looks, my guts were ringing and wondering if this could be true. Because as we all know, the series doesn’t take itself too seriously and sometimes even break the fourth wall. Thus I was wondering if Hyoue being suspected as the villain so early on would be just trolling, a red herring or heck, he could have been really the baddie all along. In its own quirky plot twist, this turned out not to be true. To be fair, if you observed from past episodes, Hyoue and Kokoro have never met or seen each other until then.

Instead the next big suspect potential, Konami. The biggest culprit and least suspected perpetrator is always under your nose, right? With him being casted as a goofy magical girl maniac, this would have sent some alarm bells but somehow that alarm failed in me as I never came to the least of suspecting this guy. And then, plot twist again! Because with demons looking cute and their kind invading worlds look more like pulling off annoying pranks on other species for TV ratings (say, doesn’t this mirror a bit like the original Binan series?), you wonder if demons are really the true bad guys again.

Hence sometimes there is this plethora of mixed feelings while watching all the nonsense that goes through this anime. For example, the so called fanservice when Saki in her male form starts flashing her white undies before us! Are we straight otaku guys supposed to be happy?! Despite knowing Saki is a girl but in this manly form we get this kind of super weird fanservice and in an instant you can’t help suddenly feel the cringe shivering down your spine! Does it make us gay? Which brings us to another confusing question, if watching Saki and Sakuyo getting hot with each other is actually lesbian or gay. But still homo nevertheless. Yes, they are girls deep down in their hearts but on the outside they are macho guys. If love are all matters from the heart, then why visuals are equally as important too?! Thus this is another one of those moments of spine shivering cringe as we watch Sakuyo trying to take out her unfulfilled fantasies on Saki in this form. Maybe in her female form she doesn’t have the strength to overpower Saki as she does in her male form.

Going along with this nonsensical shock factor are the designs of the demons themselves. This is one of the few series where the ‘villains’ are designed to be so overly cute and at the same time overly gross that you are just left speechless. Uh huh. Like as though the creators got some sort of inspiration from Care Bears, took some of their colourful cute looks and infuse them in macho bodies! Voila! Here are your demon antagonists for this series. While some demons are not macho and have that fat slob body, seeing them in such design, macho bodies and cute animal face while making that cute squeaky sound are both cringe worthy and funny. Also, the demons in this form reminds me of the Titans in Shingeki No Kyojin. Full naked body but without the sexual anatomy.

While at that, they’re not stopping at just making those humanoid squirrel clones as just low level henchman so our heroines (or heroes) to take on. It has become a staple in almost episode for the magical girl guys to fight them but also to beat them to a bloody pulp that they have to purposely mosaic it out! Either Saki is too strong or the demons are just too weak. Or both. Either way if you are weak against blood, oh boy I have bad news for you. There is a very high chance when our macho men beats up the macho demons, there will be blood spilled everywhere! Yes it’s funny, yes it’s violent. Even if the demons are supposedly baddies, you wonder if it is right to beat the crap out of cute things until they turn into mashed potato pile of demons. Nothing that solves problems with your bloodied fists and violence!

Character wise, the main ones aren’t anything too special. Saki your typical high school girl trying to live out her dream and though she and Sakuyo become famous, it wasn’t as per their girly idol dream. But heck, the world loves them as macho males so let’s go with it. Like any other normal girl, she is in love with her childhood friend-cum-neighbour. Mohiro is casted as a dim-witted retard because he rarely speaks in full complete sentences as they are mostly just short and few soft-spoken words. Like as though this is the side effect of having something more powerful. Like his singing attracting Treetop Friends animals to his side. But he could be just a trouble magnet because if it’s not demons he is attracting, it would be human ruffians. Man, this guy needs constant protection. Completing this love triangle is Sakuyo who feels like the backup lover if Saki fails to land Mohiro. Made to be opposite of lively Saki, I suppose she being emotionless for the most part is due to holding in her feelings for Saki. As though her male form is her way of expressing her pent up love for Saki. Because it’s more of comedy factor than anything else.

I keep wondering why Michiru and Ruka are even relevant in the first place. The series could have been largely done without them. Is this to show that there are lesser known characters than Saki and Sakuyo? Even had they not showed up in the final episode for a brief moment, I’m sure the producers would have come up with some excuse to save the day. Because last episode. So that appearance of theirs only makes it look forced. They feel mostly redundant except to add some variety to the series because I suppose if the entire series spams the magical girl guys, no matter how famous you are, people are still going to get bored. Like Konami said, people’s attention span is so short these days. Perhaps Prisma are characters who are also part of the creator’s plan to troll people like that Fujimoto character and his brother clones in that so out-of-place monster attack episode. If it is their way of showing our magical girls duo are away on a holiday, I guess in that sense it is ‘creative’? Otherwise, his character is pretty much redundant, reduced to cameos of doing odd jobs that really don’t bring anything significant to the plot. I guess cyborg being a hero is done.

It doesn’t come as any surprise that Sayori is an old magical girl. She isn’t the first old magical girl as I still remember the old series, Okusama Wa Mahou Shoujo, a retired magical girl who has become a middle aged woman, retired because of her age. I guess Sayori must really love her job not to hang up her wand and let her daughter take over. When you’re old, you’re old. In contrast to the cute demons, Kokoro as the magical girl’s ‘animal mascot’ is ‘ugly’. Who would ever thought that some uncouth elderly yakuza dude is going to be like your fairy godmother. More like fairy Godfather perhaps. I suppose that had they gone with the convention of a cute critter, this series would have been overflown and spammed with cute looking creatures. So with Kokoro as the ‘ugly’ one, it somehow balances the cute factor. Because won’t you just squirm with everything looking so cute? Yeah, still cringe either way especially with Kokoro in his chibi fairy form. Is he just cute or cringe? It’s definitely a topsy-turvy world with demons looking cute and fairies looking like old yakuza dudes.

Art and animation feel bright and colourful. Although this series is for mature audiences, the bright colours and the cute designs of the characters feel like as though it is baiting younger audiences. The magical girl guys’ outfit couldn’t be more apt because I keep thinking in the world of cosplay where females could actually cosplay and look hot and gorgeous for male characters, the opposite isn’t the same. Because this is what you get when you have males wear scantily clad outfit! So cringe. So bizarre. Even the hottest males with the best abs would still look weird in clothes specifically designed for females. Also I want to note that when the characters make that incredulous look, the expression on their faces becomes simple that it reminds of me of a retro anime style. This series is animated by Pierrot Plus who did Beelzebub, Konbini Kareshi and Sabagebu.

On a trivial note, one of the most disturbing artworks of the series is the end card illustrations at the end of every episode. All drawn by Monokubo, it is a mix of dark, creepy and cute humour as the main subjects of those illustrations are those cute squirrel demons! You can’t help be awed at the cuteness of those demons but also fear the horror-like visuals as they are portrayed in that would certainly haunt you if you are prone to nightmares. Just like how some come to fear clowns, damn these demons could be the new cute and funny nightmare that would scare the daylights out of you! Why am I starting to see Kyuubey in them…?

Voice acting feels decent with recognizable voices including Koji Yusa as Hyoue (scheming characters best suit him like Bleach’s Ichimaru Gin), Showtaro Morikubo as Konami, Megumi Ogata as Fujimoto, Kenjiro Tsuda as male Sayori and Yukari Tamura as Michiru. The other casts are Ayaka Ohashi as Saki (Momoka in Sabagebu), Kaito Ishikawa as male Saki (Iida in Boku No Hero Academia), Sachika Misawa as Sakuyo (Black Snow in Accel World), Wataru Hatano as male Sakuyo (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Mohiro (Tsukumo in Nanbaka), Kazuya Ichijou as Kokoro (Zafira in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha), Aya Hisakawa as Sayori (Skuld in Aa! Megami-sama – heck, she isn’t Kikuko Inoue or else I would have tried to made some sort of joke on aging women who continues to look young) and Yumi Uchiyama as Ruka (Ruri in Nisekoi).

The opening theme is Noisy Love Power by Ayaka Ohashi. Lively energetic anime pop. Somehow I much prefer the ending theme, Garasu No Ginga by Star Prince despite sounding like a generic male group pop music like in Uta No Prince-sama. Maybe it is the harmony of both guys singing that makes the song sound better? I suppose this is why Magical Twins aren’t doing so well since the opener is only sung by Saki’s seiyuu. Shouldn’t it be sung with Sakuyo too? Because even though if Saki is the main star and given more prominence than Sakuyo, she is still one half of a unit that makes up Magical Twins. It’s not like their unit has like 48 members, no?

Overall, this is really one bizarre anime series trying to shock, cringe and make you laugh with its nonsensical everything. From its bloody and cute violence to its cutely designed demons as well as the eyebrow raising magical girl guys factor, I guess this series aims to just want to blow you away in every way they can. If you’re going to do all that, might as well go all the way. Therefore in that sense, despite all the shock, cringe and funniness this series has blasted in our face for the past dozen episodes, this series is still an entertaining one if you try not to let your high expectations get to your head. This series is most likely remembered by for all its strange bizarre reasons. In a world where the strange is the new normal, where peculiar stuffs gain more attention and views compared to traditional events, better hit it while the iron is hot. Boys becoming magical girls, girls turning into male magical girls and magical girls killing each other, what’s next? Magical girls running for presidency!!! Truly bizarre indeed.

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