Uhm… Magicians eat miso? Well this I got to see. However there isn’t anything much in Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso Wo Kue that would warrant anything because the way this single OVA that only lasts for a mere 12 minutes plays out, it feels more like a promo and to test market. You know, perhaps see the reaction of viewers and their feedback if this series needs to get its own series or something. This series was the winner of Kodansha’s first light novel rookie of the year award, so I guess you can say there is some potential.

So as to why they chose miso as a magician’s food, miso isn’t just ingredients for that Japanese soup and is a clever abbreviation of something. It is narrated that over a century ago, magic was revealed to the world and mankind has since been finding ways to establish it as alternative to science. However, the discovery of Material of an Impediment to the Sorcerer’s Orders or shortly known as MISO, has greatly hindered its progress and eventually magic was worked out of obscurity and became a societal norm. In other words, magic isn’t power but a technique that can be raised. And as I understand from the visuals, it also became ingredients for miso soup in your everyday life meal.

Miso Soup Is Good For The Soul
Shouta Hacchouya is having his nice usual miso soup breakfast. Ah, the tranquillity. Ah, the good smell. Ah, the wonderful taste. Nothing beats miso soup in the morning. Well, enjoy it while you can because a blonde girl, Artemisia comes crashing into his room via the window! Then she takes him and run because the Tiger helicopter is firing live ammunitions at them!!! Wait a minute. How can a military helicopter fly in between the cramp apartment space? Artemisia, a princess from the birthplace of magic, Majieeru takes Shouta along and flies into the sky. Since the helicopter is still following them, Shouta suggests she use one of her most powerful spells and aim it towards that window. Artemisia is reluctant since she can’t use her magic this way. After assuring her, Artemisia fires a big powerful fire blast that sends the helicopter exploding! Wow! Too big! Too made up for Shouta to believe! Suddenly the next scene we see Artemisia in her bikini, posing around the beach as though she’s a model for the gravure shot. Fanservice in the midst of it all?

Celestine Edith De Majieeru is unhappy that her SP’s job to bring Artemisia here has failed. She assigns Manuella to handle this. This is followed by Celestine giving us viewers more fanservice in some model-like shoot. Shouta enters his room and the first thing he sees is Artemisia’s pantsu. What is she doing searching underneath his bed? To put a long story short, she is searching for his porn. Is this her reason for wanting to learn more about ‘skinship’? Guess what punishment she got? Noogie time! Then we see a swimming face off between Artemisia and Manuella. Ding, ding! In one corner, we have a flat chest and in the other corner with have the curvaceous and busty Manuella. Seems Artemisia is challenging her to a contest whereby if she loses, she’ll follow her back to Majieeru. Manuella thinks she is out of her mind because to challenge her in a water-based contest, it’s like wanting to lose as Manuella power is to control water.

Bear with that fanservice of Manuella (I guess it’s her turn this time) before we see another déjà vu case for Shouta. Entering his room, this time he sees Manuella’s striped pantsu. What is she looking for underneath his bed? She wastes no time in admitting (with confidence) the stuff high school boys use to satisfy their overflowing sexual desires. In short, porn, right? What’s wrong with girls these days?! Why are they so hard up looking for a guy’s porn?! Anyway Manuella is here with orders to look after Artemisia while she is in Japan so she needs to stay here for the time being. Shouta doesn’t put up resistance and allows her. I guess it’s no difference having another trouble since one is bad enough. How bad can another be? Well… Shouta’s intention is to have her answer his questions but it seems she can read his mind and refuses. She doesn’t give him a chance to talk and since she needs his assistance, offers him to join her. That way, Artemisia will lose the only thing that is keeping her from returning to Majieeru.

A magic duel of fire and water between Artemisia and Manuella. The latter clearly has the better advantage. Just when Artemisia is about to regain her balance, Manuella is going to use miso extract on her. I’m not sure how dangerous it is for Shouta to comment how unfair it was. Though Manuella agreed to this duel, she never said she would restrict herself to just using magic. Then Celestine drops in and meets Shouta in person for the first time. Artemisia is surprised to see her sister.

If You’re An Otaku, Eat Anime, Watch Anime, Sleep Anime, Die Anime…
So… What just happened? Like I said, it wasn’t anything much and felt like an extended promotion trailer because we see bits and pieces of snippets what could be clips of a season long worth of anime episodes. They seem promising though. We have the comedy, we have the fun characters, we have the action, we have the drama, we have the magic and yeah, we have the fanservice. All in one. Most of it. So if this is ever made into a longer TV series or at least several OVAs, it would be interesting to watch this show. Even the opening credits animation is worthy of being that of a TV series. Heck, you see funny things and other characters that didn’t appear here. Thus in a way this OVA did succeed in perking up a little of my interest for the series. But that is only if they do make a proper series out of it. If they keep it too long and nothing done, then this show will probably fade in time from my memory. Fade into some dusty corner of my memory banks that I probably wouldn’t retrieve it ever again in the rest of my life. That’s as good as forgetting it, eh? So miso and magic may not seem like a compatible ingredient and combination that go well together. But when it does as seen in this show, the mix is quite chaotic! Maybe they should try some chicken soup…

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