When magic and science collide, you get… Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei! No, this isn’t any sequel or spin-off to that popular To Aru Majutsu No Index series. Were you hoping for that to happen? I know I didn’t. Also set in a world where magic is utilized as technology, we have schools across the world to grow the best magicians for that (and of course war). And like in every school, grade plays an important part to determine your ranking, the classes you attend, right? So when we have a guy who failed and did poorly in his magic score while enrolling into the school but in actual practical fact he is such a genius that Einstein would even bow before him, does this tell us the system has failed? Uh huh. Despite the advancement in technology and magic, age old discrimination is still abound as our poor guy is about to experience since he is put into a different ‘lower’ stream thanks to his low scores. But don’t fret. He isn’t the kind to sit around and be pushed around.

Enrolment Arc

Episode 1
World War 3 happened! In 2045. Lasted for 20 years, dwindled the world population to 3 billion and food became scarce. The only thing that prevented mankind’s extinction and the end to the war were international collaboration of magicians. Now that the war is over but with peace still unstable, many countries are in a race to raise magicians. Siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba will be the freshmen of the National Magic University First Affiliate High School. Miyuki is not happy that despite her brother excels in everything else, it was the practical skills that brought him down and thus considered an underachiever in this school unlike herself who has been considered an honour student. Because honour students termed as Blooms get better treatment than those who don’t. They are termed Weeds. Yup, discrimination. Nevertheless he is happy she is concerned for him. Tatsuya is greeted by Mayumi Saegusa, the student council president but was interrupted by fellow friend, Azusa Nakajou as the rehearsal for the entrance ceremony is beginning. Weeds are seated right at the back of the hall. Tatsuya makes friends with fellow Weed classmates, Erika Chiba and Mizuki Shibata. Mayumi and Miyuki make their respective opening speech. After the ceremony, Tatsuya talks further with Erika and Mizuki. Seems Mizuki has a peculiar sight and can sense Tatsuya and Miyuki are related due to their similar auras. Tatsuya starts becoming cautious because he can’t let her see further anymore into his secrets. When the siblings meet up, the duo see their intimate relationship and are unafraid of going PDA.

Tatsuya goes to train ninjutsu with master Yakumo Kokonoe. Although he has improved, he still can’t best master. In class, Tatsuya makes friends with Leonhart “Leo” Saijou. Tatsuya’s goal is to become a magic engineer seeing his practical skills are low. During recess, Miyuki wants to join her brother and his friend. Apparently her Bloom classmates don’t want her to associate with the Weeds. Tatsuya doesn’t want to attract any attention and claims he has finished. Even leaving school, those Blooms don’t like the idea of Miyuki walking home with Tatsuya. WTF. So they control her life? The tension between Blooms and Weeds rise. Arrogant Shun Morisaki challenges Leo to see who is better but Erika comes in between. The other Blooms want to teach the Weeds a lesson so Honoka Mitsui tries to stop them and is about to unleash some dangerous magic. Tatsuya could analyze what magic it is but doesn’t take action since Mari Watanabe from the discipline committee puts a stop to everything. Tatsuya cooks up a story that he wanted Shun to demonstrate his magic and that Honoka didn’t use offensive magic but some flash magic. Mari can tell Tatsuya has some kind of analytical ability and thus good at deception although he claims to be just a normal student.

Yoku Wakaru Mahouka 1: These are short ONA episodes lasting 3 minutes as the chibified characters explain the technical stuffs of this series to further understand them better. The first one is hosted by Tatsuya and Miyuki and is about the magic schools in Japan, its enrolment requirements, its practical tests to enter and of course the twin course system of splitting students into Blooms and Weeds. Although the courses are same, the latter category cannot receive practical guidance in magic. Because they suck in the practical tests, right?

Episode 2
With Mayumi’s advice, everyone is left off with a warning. Shun however refuses to be indebted to Tatsuya and won’t acknowledge him. Honoka and her friend, Shizuku Kitayama walk home with Tatsuya and his. They talk about CAD modifications and some secret helm splitting technique. Not that I understand anyway. The siblings are called to the student council office where they are introduced to the rest Suzune Ichihara the treasurer, Azusa the secretary and Mari the discipline committee. They observe the siblings’ shameless flirting and Tatsuya doesn’t even bat an eyelid to say that they would be lovers if they’re not related by blood. Mayumi wants Miyuki to join the student council. But Miyuki insists her brother is a better candidate despite his poor practical scores. She would like Tatsuya to join too but you know the hassle of procedures and student votes needed to change to police. Not to mention the discrimination involved. As Miyuki accepts taking the secretary role, Mari suggests taking Tatsuya under her wing because it isn’t against the rules to select a Weed. Tatsuya wants to know more about his duties and roles as a disciplinary officer. They’re to stop any trouble and since Tatsuya isn’t good in his practical skills he thinks he is not the man for the job.

That evening, he goes to the student council office to decline the offer. He meets the student council vice president, Hanzou Gyoubushoujo Hattori. He ignores Tatsuya and introduces himself to Miyuki. Hanzou is also strongly disagreeing of appointing a Weed for that position, blah, blah, blah. Mari knows his analysis and eyesight that allows him to predict spells accurately is a great asset and thus a powerful deterrent for any perpetrators trying to violate the rules. Mari is steadfast that she is sick of the discrimination and doesn’t want to promote it. Hanzou still won’t accept him despite Miyuki explaining he is good in other areas and thus he shouldn’t be judged based on favouritism. Tatsuya then requests for a simulated fight with him. He accepts since he will put him in his place. In the simulation room, Mari as the referee explains the rules of this single match fight. The first one knocked out or deemed unable to carry on loses. Hanzou is very confident and planning in detail how he will take out Tatsuya in a flash. It will be a piece of cake. He’s got it all mapped out in his head. Yeah. Arrogance. When the fight starts, Tatsuya moves faster than a speeding bullet to end up behind Hanzou’s back. He couldn’t even react and is knocked down. You were saying something about your winning formula? Tatsuya wins. Eat humble pie!

Yoku Wakaru Mahouka 2: Hosted by Erika, Leo and Mizuki, they explain about CAD and Psion and its infusion to create magic activation. Then some rewriting Eidos into magic too and thus the ability to control Psion is held in high regard.

Episode 3
And so we have this very technical explanation how Tatsuya uses his ninjutsu and created Psion waves, causing seasickness in the opponent to achieve victory. Azusa is very infatuated with his CAD, Silver Horn which is supposedly created by some legendary and mysterious designer, Taurus Silver. But if Tatsuya is so good in all that, how come he fared badly in the practical exams? Simple. Because all these are not tested and thus his true abilities weren’t measured. Hanzou wakes up and apologizes to Miyuki but he continues to ignore Tatsuya. Mari brings Tatsuya to the discipline committee’s room and they talk about the discrimination that Tatsuya knows all too well. She introduces him to a couple of other members, Koutarou Tatsumi and Midori Sawaki. They are impressed he defeated Hanzou and welcome him. Mari believes he will fit right in here because those in the student council office and here pick people who are relatively unaffected such foolishness of being drowned in their sense of inferiority. Back home, Miyuki wants Tatsuya to help calibrate her CAD. We’re not interested in the calibrating, though. Because it’s time for some incest with Miyuki flirting around in her undies with him. She is hinting he prefers girls like Mayumi or Mari since he spoke quite intimately with them and doesn’t see her as a woman. She jumps to conclusions like always and gets jealous he is always surrounded by and lusting after beautiful women. She casts some reset spell on him but I’m not sure if he lost his memories or if everything was just a big prank.

Mari addresses her fellow discipline committee members. Aside Tatsuya, Shun is also the other new member. Before they go on their patrol, Tatsuya prefers to use the committee’s outdated CAD. Tatsuya patrols the grounds. The clubs are doing recruitment this week. Erika is being harassed by many who want her to join their club (to the point like she is almost stripped!). Tatsuya saves her and brings her away as she flusters that he might have seen her. He admits he did so as repentance, she has him bring her around the school grounds. At the dojo, the see trouble brewing between 2 kendo clubs. Takeaki Kirihara wants to muscle his way into using the dojo that Sayaka Mibu and her team are currently using, even taunting her sword skills that will never improved. I guess the only way is for both top kendo fighters to duke it out. What seemingly looked like a draw, upon closer look, Mibu wins. Kirihara won’t admit defeat and this time inputs magic in his sword. After the first strike that almost got her, this is where Tatsuya comes in and stops Kirihara and his henchmen and detains him for inappropriately using magic.

Yoku Wakaru Mahouka 3: Mayumi and Juumonji explain the technology evolution of magic that turned it from something mystic into a technical one. Also the history of the birth of the importance of magicians due to World War 3 and thus the establishment of the International Magic Association.

Episode 4
Tatsuya is before the committee chaired by Mari, Mayumi and Katsuto Juumonji of the club management group president. Tatsuya reports what happened and thus it is deemed no further punishment for the clubs involved. While out with his friends, Tatsuya explains how he diffuses the situation with some jamming spell and he didn’t report this and wanted it off the report since this spell he created is incomplete. If publicly released, it could shake the foundations of society and won’t do so till a countermeasure is found. On another day while patrolling, he is attacked by a lone mysterious figure. Although he escaped, Tatsuya recognizes his band wrist. Mibu wants to talk to Tatsuya and this sends alarming bells to Miyuki. Mibu wants him to join the kendo club. Sorry but no thanks. The reason she is asking him because as we know the discrimination of those who can and cannot use magic. She seeks solidarity from all clubs which doesn’t involve magic and create a separate organization from the club management group to tell the school that there is more to them than just magic. That’s why she needs his help. Tatsuya laughs because he thought his misunderstanding was funny. Then he had to say this: He thought she was just a pretty kendo girl. And that ended everything. And so this spreads to everyone of how Tatsuya ‘verbally destroyed’ Mibu. This doesn’t sit well with Miyuki since you can tell her jealousy is rearing its ugly head as she starts to freeze things around her. Also, they heard from Mibu that the activities of the disciplinary committee have resulted in backlash from students. Although it is her misunderstanding and what Tatsuya did then might look like he is abusing his authority (no doubt the committee has lots of power), they think someone is behind manipulating that impression. Tatsuya really wants to know the person behind this and knows all about Blanche, an anti-magic international political organization. The government’s actions against them are futile and they even try to hide it or avoid facing them head on. Tatsuya’s actions of cornering and comforting Mayumi after seem to be sending jealousy signals to Miyuki again… What the hell is a smart gigolo?

Later Tatsuya goes to see Haruka Ono who is the school’s nurse. As part of the school’s mission to understand the psychological trends of the students, 10% of the first year students will receive counselling and you could say Tatsuya is a guinea pig. After asking all the questions, she finally asks if it is true Mibu asked him out. I suppose such false rumours have spread far and wide. Meanwhile Mibu is talking to kendo ace, Kinoe Tsukasa. He seems to be putting pressure on her that they need Tatsuya on their side. Back home, Tatsuya discusses with Miyuki about Blanche. They hide as a social activist organization but are actually terrorists. In fact, during his rounds today he encountered a member of Egalite, a subordinate organization of Blanche. Although they promote anti-magic ideology, it is not like they outwardly reject it. Even if they claim to want to abolish discrimination by magic, what is it that constitutes to such discrimination? One of it is the disparity in average salaries and magicians earn high average salaries. Some high school students are joining Egalite because they can’t let go of magic but can’t bear the thought of not being seen as fully qualified people. They never consider those working in the forefront to be paying compensation called hard work. Tatsuya understands that. He sometimes have such feelings too. He might have to work harder than others because he has a skill others don’t. If he didn’t, he might have accepted Blanche’s ideology even knowing if it is a lie. Behind all this, someone is trying to make magic go out of fashion. Anti-magic groups want to reduce the country’s power to a point they resort to terrorism. Who benefits from this? They fear the Ten Master Clans may have something to do especially the Yotsuba family. Miyuki fears if their aunt intervenes, they have to go back to them. He assures he’ll deal with it if it comes.

Yoku Wakaru Mahouka 4: Honoka and Shizuku hosts this segment about the Nine Schools Competition where the best magicians from the 9 magic schools across the nation come together to compete in a magic sporting event. There is the Monolith Code, which is basically a 3 on 3 team match where you can use any magic.

Episode 5
There is this very technical explanation about Tatsuya’s processing and activation speed which is faster than anybody else. He explains this to Mizuki and also notes her very keen sense of observation skills. He isn’t interested in learning magic to fight but to use it to produce energy, that is why multi-process spells with activation sequences are necessary for him. Mizuki is impressed and gets motivated as long as one achieves his/her own goals, school grades are just mere accessories. Of course he knows his reason isn’t as grand as that as he was forced to become a magician although he doesn’t have magic. It’s like a curse. Tatsuya and Mibu talk again and she doesn’t change her stance about seeking better treatment for the Weeds. Tatsuya although understands her, he points out there are some things he doesn’t want to change. He doesn’t expect much from this school since as long as he can get hold of classified documents and graduate, that is good enough. Soon there are a group of students barricading themselves in the broadcast room seeking fair negotiations to abolish discrimination. Since everyone is on standby and not willing to make a decision yet, Tatsuya calls Mibu who is part of the group to make some arrangements. Of course he only guaranteed her freedom and it is not like he was negotiating on the disciplinary committee’s behalf. Plus, Juumonji agreed to hear them out. Granting and accepting demands are another matter. Everyone else inside will be restrained. Of course the most concerning one is that Miyuki wants to know how Tatsuya got Mibu’s private phone number. She gave it to him in case he changed his mind or something but it came in useful this way. After the group is restrained, Mayumi will set the date and time for their negotiations. Tatsuya sees Kinoe trying to pester Mizuki to participate in a club that has people having the same hypersensitivity ability in which she has declined many times as she is busy with her studies. He recognizes him as the one with the Egalite band who attacked him. He leaves when Tatsuya hints holding someone so long against their may be akin to harassment.

Tatsuya and Miyuki talk to Yakumo about Kinoe. He was once from the Kamono clan and his parents and grandparents have no magic abilities. In short, a very normal family. However they are a branch family of the Kamo clan who are onmyou experts. Kinoe and Blanche are related in a way. He has a step brother, Hajime who is the child of Kinoe’s mother’s second husband. Hajime is the leader of Japan branch’s Blanche and not only the public representative but also a genuine leader who controls all their illegal and underground activities. Kinoe probably enrolled here because of Hajime. During the negotiation debate, both sides take turn stating what they have to say. But Mayumi seems to be turning it into a long speech. But her fair and earnest view earns praises from all sides. She also has a wish. She wishes to abolish the rule that only Blooms can become representatives of the student council and this can be changed during the students’ general meeting. She hopes to achieve this before she steps down. Suddenly explosions are heard. Some of the students in the hall are Egalite members. Before they can take action, the disciplinary committee takes them down. A smoke bomb is thrown into the hall but Hanzou uses his magic to throw it out. Masked men storm in. Don’t worry. Mari uses her magic to choke them. Suddenly it becomes a full terrorist attack because the intruders are firing RPGs!

Episode 6
As the students quell the terrorists, Ono informs Tatsuya and co that this is just the diversion. The real attack is the infiltration of the library to steal the classified documents. Ono hopes Tatsuya can give Mibu a chance but he becomes insensitive and believes unnecessary compassion will not only hurt her. Outside the library, Tatsuya can detect where all the assailants are waiting so an ambush attack is impossible. They barge into the main room to stop Mibu and her team from downloading the contents. Tatsuya and Miyuki tell her about reality and discrimination. She has been used. Mibu on the other hand still clings on to her believe of ridding discrimination. She uses Tatsuya as an example that he must have been sick of being compared to his sister and the insults he has received. Miyuki agrees but even so, there are others who recognized his abilities. She feels sorry for Mibu. Has nobody acknowledge her abilities? Tatsuya did. Her skills and beauty. These things she called superficial are still part of her. Her comrades stage a distraction to let Mibu escape. However she has to deal with Erika who is guarding the door outside. Noticing Erika has the same fighting technique with Mari, Mibu will go all out with her abilities to best hers. In the end, Mibu lost and fractured some bones. Erika says she is from that Chiba family and in fact Mari is their student. In terms of kenjutsu, Erika has a higher level of certification than her. Subsequently, Kinoe as the ring leader is taken into custody.

As Mibu recuperates in the infirmary, she reveals Kinoe’s goal of trying to convince kendo members to get rid of magic based discrimination for over a year. She was even tricked to head to Blanche’s branch office. Mibu’s trigger was when she first enrolled in this school and during the club recruitment week, she was awed at Mari’s skill and went to ask her personally to coach her. However she was rejected and told to find an opponent more suitable for her skill level. Mari corrects her. What she meant was to find someone to practise with her same skill level because Mibu was stronger than her. Mibu starts crying and felt stupid that everything started due to this little misunderstanding. She wasted a year on this stupid grudge. Tatsuya didn’t think so. Based from Erika’s bout, she has spent a year polishing her skills so nothing has gone to waste. Mibu uses Tatsuya’s shoulder to cry on. This scene is so sad that there is no room for jealousy. Of course now Tatsuya wants to know where the remaining members of Blanche are. He is going to annihilate them all for trying to disrupt his life with Miyuki. So he isn’t doing this for Mibu’s sake. He doesn’t want to let the police involve (because it will be messy) or the student council either (since they have to put the students’ safety first). Where to find Blanche’s hideout? Ono should know something. An abandoned factory. Kirihara approaches Juumonji that he wants to join in this raid. He won’t allow him. This isn’t enough reason for him to risk his life. Kirihara explains he was enthralled by Mibu’s sword skills and technique unlike his which was for killing. But at some point her intentions became muddled and he was disgusted. He felt angry and went to pick a fight with her. He knows her kendo skills aren’t like that. So he is going to find that guy who corrupted her and took advantage of Mibu. He is going to vent his anger on him. Juumonji agrees to take him along.

Episode 7
Tatsuya takes the lead infiltrating the factory. Hajime and his underlings are waiting for him. Tatsuya doesn’t waste time telling them to surrender. You think he will? Instead, Hajime wants him to join their side. You think he will? Since it’s a deadlock, Hajime tries to cast some hypnotism spell on Tatsuya but to his surprise it doesn’t work. Yeah. He is that surprised. Tatsuya can tell that this hypnotism is causing the unnatural memory lapses in Mibu and the reason her memories were changed. When Tatsuya explains in detail about his hypnotism trick, Hajime starts to panic and run! OMG! The Blanche leader ran away so scared like that?! Even his underlings are shocked and let Tatsuya go after him. Those who don’t got a taste of Miyuki’s frozen spell. Anyway everyone also gets it as collective punishment. When Kirihara learns who Hajime is, he is so angry that he cuts off his right arm! That’s the most he’ll get. Everyone is rounded up and the incident is over. Later as Tatsuya sees Mibu at the hospital, he tells her that none of their school’s students will be blamed for this incident. That’s why Mibu or Kirihara won’t be investigated or punished. It is a school thingy and they want it covered up. On the day Mibu is discharged, her father comes to thank Tatsuya but I don’t know that guy is trying to be so humble that it feels like he is in denial. I mean, Tatsuya believes he didn’t do anything and if there is anyone to be thanked for his daughter’s recovery, it should be Miyuki and Erika. He only deserved to be resented for reprimanding her. Nevertheless, father feels grateful and wants to let him know that it is him, not anybody else, who saved his daughter. Still want to deny that? Things take a light hearted turn when Erika teases Mibu for dumping Tatsuya for Kirihara. Because Tatsuya looks better than him. Erika got even the cheek to tell Kirihara that a man is not about his face! It makes Mibu admit she was in love with Tatsuya! It was his unwavering strength she longed for. It was also what she was afraid. She knew she wouldn’t catch up or be strong as him. Although she is always fighting with Kirihara, she knows she can walk the same path with him. So there’s your consolation. Tatsuya sings praises over Kirihara’s bravery and paints him a hero of all sorts. If it looks like he wants to support Kirihara-Mibu pair, it is partly to calm down Miyuki for who knows how long she’s been holding it. You know her by know about her brother, right? The siblings are just happy to get back to their ordinary lives together.

Nine Schools Competition Arc

Episode 8
While training with Yakumo, Tatsuya could sense a presence. Turns out to be Ono. She is Yakumo’s student and in actual fact a secret investigator of the police. She hopes Tatsuya will keep her identity a secret and in return she’ll inform him if there are groups like Blanche starting to develop. If you’re wondering why this Mikihiko Yoshida is suddenly in the picture with Tatsuya and Leo, he is Erika’s childhood friend. The student council are discussing about the upcoming Nine Schools Competition and although they have the participants, they feel the engineering department will pose a problem. It boggles me that nobody thought of Tatsuya till Azusa suggests him. Tatsuya warns of his ‘bad’ reputation but I with Miyuki voicing her support… We’ve got Azusa obsessing over his Taurus Silver again and some discussion about some failed experiment and thus why flying using magic is not possible. I don’t know about Tatsuya’s explanation about his view but it seemed valid or something. Since some of the committee opposes Tatsuya to be part of the engineering team, it is suggested that he demonstrate his abilities. Kirihara becomes the guinea pig as Tatsuya scans his CAD and uses his old fashion way of manually modifying it via keyboard. In the end, the result is perfect. The sceptics still do not believe till Azusa, Juumonji and even Hanzou throw their support behind him. For this competition, they can’t afford to be picky. Back home, Tatsuya is being called by Major Harunobu Kazama (he addresses Tatsuya as special lieutenant). He wants him to perform some software update and performance test on the overhaul of Third Eye. Then he warns to be careful during the Nine Schools Competition. Sources say that an international crime syndicate, No Head Dragon based in Hong Kong is targeting it due to its timing. Later Miyuki is impressed and very proud that Tatsuya seems to have perfected the art of flying. Or at least levitating with ease. He then lets her test it out as she glides through the air like a fairy.

Episode 9
Tatsuya and Miyuki are at the FLT Development Centre to meet Ushiyama, the one who developed Taurus Silver. Tatsuya gives him a device to test for flight. Although it is a success, it is still not without its limitations and setbacks. Later the siblings come across their father and family butler, Aoki. Although they are siblings, Aoki ignores Tatsuya and only greets Miyuki since she is one of the candidates to head the Yotsuba family. He even angers Miyuki when he calls Tatsuya a fake magician. Tatsuya argues back about jumping to conclusions about the successor candidate and since his mom who is the older sister of the current head of the Yotsuba family (and was once the head), it is akin to slandering the family as he was created by her. After the team of participants and engineers are officially announced, Mizuki sees Mikihiko summoning spirits and interrupted his composure. Something bad might have happened to her if not for Tatsuya there. Mikihiko explains he was trying to use magic to summon water spirits and he is impressed that Mizuki’s eyes could see different spirit colours. He further explains about her Crystal Eyes which is like having a vision like God for being able to see different colours. The school prepares to leave for the competition. Mayumi is not only an hour and a half late, but she is showing off her pretty dress to Tatsuya. Like she’s trying to hint something. Tatsuya’s words might be what she wanted to hear but if he could just say it with more emotions. He thinks the stress of being part of the Ten Master Clan families must have gotten to her. You disappointed? All she wanted was to share a seat next to him but engineers of the team ride a different bus. You know what this means for Miyuki, right? Luckily Shizuku and Honoka praise Tatsuya enough to distract her. Along the way, an accident causes a car to flip and hurl itself towards the entourage. Though the buses stop in time, the sliding flaming car isn’t.

Episode 10
Mari stops everyone from using their magic (because magic and magic cancel out each other). I don’t know what Miyuki did employing her brother’s technique to put out the flames before Juumonji using his magic to make the car stop dead in its tracks. Later Hanzou beats himself up for not being able to do anything and in a way ‘lost to a younger girl’. He panicked and froze instead. Tatsuya is explaining technically to Miyuki how that accident was deliberate and magic was used. The driver must be the one initiating the magic and on a suicide mission. There is this banquet where all the schools participating in the games socialize. I don’t know about Erika’s personal family issues but I give her points for wearing a maid outfit! I don’t know why she and some are working as the hotel employee but heck, you don’t complain when there’s a maid. Retsu Kudou, the director of the Magic Association and patriarch of the Ten Master Clan is about to give his speech when Tatsuya suddenly feels something is wrong. Like some large scale spell covering the hall. Soon it disperses as Retsu apologizes for the prank but realized only 5 people in the hall noticed it. Had he been a terrorist, nobody would have sensed his presence or do something to stop him. He hopes they will continue to study and improve in their magic as magic is a means and not a goal itself. He wants to see the young ones be ingenious with magic because strong magic used incorrectly is inferior to weak magic used ingeniously. Everyone applause to his wise advice. We take a break with a little fanservice as Miyuki and co take a dip in the hot bath. Unfortunately, everyone dips in with a robe. Nobody goes in naked. Is this the trend in the future? So much for fanservice. And those with decent boobs like Miyuki and Honoka get targeted… Girls will still be girls among themselves. They talk that they saw Masaki Ichijou from Third High School looking at Miyuki. But they think Miyuki is more into her brother. Surprisingly she denies that they are blood related and she doesn’t have a shred of romantic feeling for him. Is that true? That must be the most convincing poker face she ever put on. While Mikihiko is practising his summoning outside, he sensed intruders. However his low confidence that he is weak due to some accident makes him hesitate to take action. But after remembering Tatsuya’s actions and looking him up as encouragement, he easily disables the 3 intruders. He thought there is somebody else but he turns out to be Tatsuya.

Episode 11
Tatsuya was at the scene and sensed Mikihiko wasn’t fast enough to bring the intruders down and covered for him. Tatsuya also chides him for his low self confidence and the way he uses his abilities. On the first day of the qualifiers event, we see our girls doing well especially Mari in the Battle Board and Mayumi in Speed Shooting (shooting a perfect score). Tatsuya later sees Kazama and his men as they confirm last night intruders are from No Head Dragon but are still investigating if they are targeting the competition. On the second day, Mayumi ‘flirts’ with Tatsuya for a while and has him help her with her warming up stretch before her Crowd Ball game in which she does well. Also the highlight of the day is Kanon Chiyoda doing fine in her Pillars Break event. Suzune and her team are recalculating their strategy since some of the events they aren’t doing well. They work out that they need to win 4 out of the 6 remaining games to keep their top spot. Also, this means the events that the newcomers will take part will play a great influence in winning the overall competition. Tatsuya gives Leo some weaponised integrated CAD and he is more than happy to become the guinea pig.

Episode 12
Leo tests the weapon and from the technical explanation, the flying technique allows the sword to be elongated like as though there is a big gap in the middle. During Mari’s Board Battle match, her competitor slips and is about to crash into her. Mari was fast enough to save her but they both crash out. Looks painful. Mari is hospitalized although her injuries aren’t that bad, it is bad enough that she has to sit out the remaining events she is participating. Mayumi wonders if Mari felt a third party’s magic interfering during that time. Tatsuya and the rest are analyzing the video and it is confirmed there is magic from an outside party causing the water to be imbalance and thus the reason why Mari couldn’t successfully catch her competitor and they both crash out. As the surveillance and security of the games are tight, this could mean the outside magic is casted outside it and there must be somebody in the water. However there is no magic that can totally conceal a person’s presence the magic must be from something under water. Mikihiko confirms the use of water spirits but even so it is very unlikely to affect the race. Because they notice the competitor was accelerating instead of decelerating at the corner where the crash happened, it indicates somebody tampered with her CAD. There might be covert agents within the engineers. Tatsuya and Miyuki join the student council in discussing their game strategy. Although they are leading but at this rate Third High will overtake them. It is suggested that some newcomer events will be sacrificed and they will put their resources in Mirage Bat. Because Mari cannot participate, Miyuki becomes her substitute. Although Tatsuya is unable to check Honoka’s CAD, he promises to go watch her event and this makes her feel happy. As Tatsuya checks Shizuku’s equipment, she asks if he wants to work for her family. He reminds her to talk about this only when he gets his licence. Shizuku steps up for the Speed Shooting qualifiers. With her adjusted CAD and Tatsuya’s technique, she shoots a perfect score.

Episode 13
First High impressively takes the top 3 spots for Speed Shooting. Shizuku’s technique is even sought to be registered with the magic encyclopaedia, Index. Shizuku wants Tatsuya to take the credit but he declines. It is not that he is being humble but rather wouldn’t it be odd that a person who cannot use magic come up with such technique? Ichijou and his team are in discussion about First High’s winning streak. He believes the calibre of some newcomers is no better than theirs. This could only mean the other factor that makes them stand out is the engineer. They talk about some device in which Ichijou confirms it is some general purpose device Tatsuya is using instead of some commercial one. They need to keep in mind that their devices are 2 or 3 generations behind First High. Tatsuya watches Honoka’s Board Battle event. As it starts, she leaves her competitors in her wake (some even falling off their board!) as she sails to easy victory. So much so she becomes an emotional girl thanking Tatsuya because she has never won anything in her life. The student council discusses the girls are doing better than the boys. At this rate the results will be lopsided and the guys may need some support. Elsewhere in some shady Chinatown, a group of shady bookmakers are talking how taking out Mari wasn’t enough and at this rate First High will still win. This will burn a big hole in their business and heads will roll. Drastic measures must be taken. Miyuki calls Tatsuya to see her and asks about his decline for Index’s registration. Was it because of aunt’s orders? It is. This is necessary because otherwise they will find a connection between them and the Yotsuba family as well as his identity as Silver. He views he is not powerful enough yet and even if he may be able to defeat their aunt in a one on one match, some nastier manipulator will turn up. It is best for now to obey. Miyuki is sad and hugs him. She vows to always stay by his side. Shizuku is all geared up for her Pillars Break event. Because contestants can wear what they want, sometimes it looks like a fashion show. Or maybe cosplay. Because Shizuku is in her traditional kimono outfit. Even Miyuki is in a miko priestess outfit and burns her opponent’s ice pillars with great fire! Honoka watches Tatsuya calibrate a CAD and is still impressed. It reminds her how she first saw them beautifully working their magic at the high school entrance exam. Because everyone (girls mainly) is praising how good an engineer Tatsuya is, this only serves to make Shun jealous. He is going to prove Blooms are better than Weeds. Tatsuya and Miyuki are seen meeting Ichijou and his fellow schoolmate, Shinkurou Kichijouji AKA George.

Episode 14
They just want to see Tatsuya’s face although they’re disappointed he isn’t participating in Monolith Code or even the engineer for his team taking part under this. Honoka does well in her Board Battle and in the Pillars Break final, Shizuku takes on Miyuki. Although the latter uses twin CADs, Miyuki’s magic is far stronger and easily wins the match. Frustrated Shizuku is comforted by Honoka later. Tatsuya remembers Ichijou’s achievement of fending off an entire army by himself during the war so he has real war experience while George the genius discovered some Cardinal Code at a young age. Them enrolling in the same high school are too good to be called a coincidence. During the Monolith Code qualifiers, an accident happened and although it is unclear whether the attack was accidental or sabotage (you can bet it’s those shady bookmakers again), Shun’s team is seriously injured and hospitalized. The match is postponed and worst case scenario is that they may have to withdraw from this event. Mayumi talks to Tatsuya privately about this as he reveals about the near raid of No Head Dragon before the games. Honoka and Subaru Satomi do well for the Mirage Bat event. When Azusa hears others commenting about their movements that seem like Taurus Silver, she starts suspecting that Tatsuya might be that legend. Tatsuya is called to meet with the rest of the committee. Seems Mayumi wants Tatsuya to participate in Monolith Code. Under the circumstances and various exceptions, substitution is allowed. However Tatsuya believes he is not the right person for it as there are others who are more suitable. He claims this will also widen the rift between Blooms and Weeds since many have not played their match yet and a spare like him was chosen. Juumonji tells him to stop thinking so because regardless of his position, he is still a member of the delegation. Mayumi chose him because she believed in him. As leader of this committee, they will not entertain objections from any others. Any others. I guess he has no choice but to play the game. He is given the liberty to choose his team and he picks Leo and Mikihiko. As the event is tomorrow, choosing an unfamiliar member means he has to think about the adjustments, strategy planning and all that crap. He knows his pals very well and that saves time. Also, he believes they have the abilities.

Episode 15
Tatsuya wants Leo to be the defence while Mikihiko to come up with guerrilla strategies. He discusses what they are to do and since Mikihiko has some reservations about his power, Tatsuya gives him some confidence that his surprise attack using ancient magic can be their trump card. In their first match, we see them using tricks to win and Tatsuya employing Gram Demolition, some sort of spell dismantling counter measure that not many can use, surprising many (it is believed he used this same spell to stop that vehicle accident). Ichijou asks George’s opinion on Tatsuya’s abilities and it looks like he has the experience being in a real war before although he cannot use powerful magic. They only have to watch out for Gram Demolition and other trickeries. Otherwise, victory is certain if they drag him into a direct confrontation. Tatsuya and Miyuki see Erika scolding her brother, Naotsugu. She is not happy he ‘abandoned’ his kenjutsu instructing job in Thailand to come all the way to see Mari. She believes dating this woman has dulled his skills. Naotsugu is here because he heard Mari got injured and came. He wants her to apologize but Erika will not change her stance. Later talking to Miyuki about it, she can tell she has brother complex. Wait a minute. This coming from her? The one with the most annoying brother complex? Everyone watches Third High’s Monolith Code match. It’s so easy that Ichijou himself takes on the other team himself employing some super magic that nobody could touch him. Tatsuya can sense that Ichijou is trying to bait him into a direct fight by showing gaps in his defence. He’ll play along since this also gives them the best chance for victory. Erika talks to Mikihiko and give him some confidence before their match with Third High. Tatsuya sees Ono and wants her to find No Head Dragon’s location. Although he isn’t planning to do anything, he needs to know the enemy’s nature and it’ll be frustrating not knowing their whereabouts in case a counter attack becomes necessary. She needs only a day. George believes their victory is First High is assured. With the stage set as open plains (no place to hide) and Gram Demolition as Tatsuya’s only way to survive, there is no other way for them not to take this bait and face them head on.

Episode 16
Tatsuya gives Leo and Mikihiko to wear some cape to fend of George’s Invisible Bullet. Of course Ichijou and George are wondering if they have a last minute trick up their sleeve because such countermeasure seems naïve. But no use worrying about other people’s strategy now. Ichijou makes his move forward. He faces off with Tatsuya who impressively is able to stand his ground and shoot away whatever spells Ichijou throws at him. When George moves in, Mikihiko tries to stop him. The cape can be turned into some solid shield that prevents the use of Invisible Bullet. George could have lost if not for Ichijou intervening. However this causes Tatsuya to close in and in his panic, Ichijou unleashes lots of simultaneous spells which is a clear violation of the rule. Tatsuya is super fast in dispelling all of them but one. He takes a direct hit and the impact is great. His inner mechanism starts working. With broken bones, damaged organs and massive internal bleeding, he initiates some restoration programme that turns him back to normal in a split second! Good as new. Then he snaps his finger close to Ichijou’s ear. The amplified sound is so great that the audience need to even cover their ears. Needless to say, Ichijou is defeated as he is unable to continue fighting. Mayumi is unnerved seeing this. Not the finger snapping move but the resurrecting one. She believes Tatsuya has been defeated in that rule breaking move but why is he still standing. Juumonji calms her down saying that he might have taken some martial arts strengthening move and that magic is not the only miracle. Besides, the match is still ongoing. George tries to counter attack as Mikihiko tries to recover himself. Ultimately Mikihiko can’t let Tatsuya’s win go to waste as he soon defeats George while Leo takes out the other guy. With that, First High wins and everybody rejoices. Happy tears of joy. Leo explains how he took the brunt of Ichijou’s attack, the reason he needed lots of time to get back up. Tatsuya can’t hear clearly since an eardrum of his ruptured. The automatic healing didn’t activate for this one? Leo tells Mikihiko not to put up that gloomy face since they won. And nobody could be happier and close to tears as Miyuki because dearest brother just won.

Episode 17
Those bookmakers are desperate. Time to use force. During the Mirage Bat qualifiers, Keiko Kobayakawa is doing great till her CAD malfunctions. She drops like a rock but is caught in time. Mizuki informs Tatsuya that she saw some sort of spirit bursting from her CAD. He has a gist who is behind this. Before Miyuki and the other participants’ turn, their CAD needs to be inspected. Tatsuya spots the staff trying to insert some virus and pins him down. Oh, look at his eyes. The eyes of a mad brother when you try to harm his little sister. With Kudou learning the incident, he tells Tatsuya about this method called Golden Electron Silkworms used by Guangdong Army when he was in active service. Miyuki’s turn is up for Mirage Bat. Although she is in the lead, but when she starts using the device her flight, she pulls away and leaves everyone in awe-cum-stunned. With Miyuki winning the qualifiers, the bookmakers are really desperate. To avoid getting a horrible punishment from their organization, they are going to unleash… Terminator?! They’re going to do some massacre. So it’s indiscriminate killing now, eh? But before this enhanced human being can start, he is quickly disabled by Muraji Yanagi and Kyouko Fujibayashi. Nobody suspected anything. In the Mirage Bat finals, not only Miyuki has flight but the other contestants too. Other schools thought she was cheating so her CAD was inspected. Someone must have leaked the settings to others. However even if they have the spell, can they master it in such a short time? Miyuki has lots of practice and is a pro, you know? And true enough the competitors cannot keep up so some safety feature Tatsuya designed kicks in. Miyuki wins by a mile.

Episode 18
Mayumi toasts to First High’s overall victory. Kudou is seen talking to Kazama about Tatsuya. The former feels his outstanding talents is being wasted as a personal bodyguard and something about the Yotsuba family not relinquishing Tatsuya as well as their status not weakening but getting more powerful at this rate, enough to stand above the Ten Master Clans. Tatsuya sees Ono to get the data from her. Then he goes to the base of No Head Dragon (those bookmakers) and puts fear in their sh*t heads before shooting them into disappearance from a tower! Despite they promise they will not intervene in the games anymore (that’s because tomorrow is the last day you dick head!), Tatsuya isn’t convinced and even makes them reveal their boss’ name. No mercy. They all meet their same vanishing fate. How could Tatsuya be such a demon? As Tatsuya is created as a weapon, the only emotion left in him is his feelings for Miyuki. Thanks to them, his demon side is brought out. Later Tatsuya meets Kazama and his men. They talk about No Head Dragon being suppliers of Sorcery Booster, a magic device commonly used in criminal syndicates. Something about its components consisting of a human brain, more precisely a magician’s cerebrum. Since such concept is against their principles, it is thus something illegal. The competition ends with the final Monolith Code event with Juumonji’s team taking an easy victory. During the closing ball ceremony, Ichijou talks to Miyuki. Big brother comes. See all the other guys leave… Ichijou is very surprised to realize they are siblings. I guess as show of goodwill, he lets her dance with his sister. So who is going to dance with Tatsuya? Honoka is hinting. Not only her but other girls like Shizuku and Mayumi too. And no, Juumonji is not going to ask him to dance because he wants to talk to him about the Ten Master Clans. Asking if he is from one, Tatsuya denies he is from one. Juumonji advises him to be part of him and to do that, suggests he marries Mayumi. Isn’t it too early to talk about marriage? Juumonji notes that defeating Ichijou who is to be the next leader of the Ten Master Clans is more important than he thinks and can’t be this laidback. Tatsuya’s final dance is of course with Miyuki.

Yokohama Disturbance Arc

Episode 19
A couple of inspectors are raiding some port. I don’t know what they’re after. They use their magic to stop a ship but realize it’s just a dud because the real culprits sneakily got off somewhere. Now we have this technical explanation from Tatsuya to Miyuki about Philosopher’s Stone, alchemy and magic. I don’t want to elaborate… Tatsuya is then called by the teacher because he is being nominated to participate in the Thesis Competition. If Nine Schools Competition shows the best physical abilities of magicians, Thesis Competition is the literary equivalent. Suzune and Kei Isori are the participants but another fellow participant isn’t well so that is where Suzune recommended Tatsuya to fill in. She will have no other substitute. Oh sure, after we see what this guy can do, he is so coveted that everything is sure-win. And so Suzune explains the details and process of their work. She will be writing something about gravity and they have not much time before handing in their paper. When the siblings get home, they see their step mom, Sayuri waiting. What’s with the angry face? I can see why Miyuki doesn’t like her. Tatsuya has no emotions, remember… Anyway she is here to request him to come back to the lab and work. This means quitting school. No can do because as Tatsuya puts it, there is no other substitute than him to be Miyuki’s guardian. She shows him some Magatama relic she wants him to analyze. He can guess from the way she says things that she has accepted an impossible request by the military to replicate it. Hypothetically it can store magic sequences. She believes his magic can do the trick. See?! Everybody relies on this guy! However he hints even his magic might not make it a success so Sayuri angrily leaves. Don’t go away mad, just go away! Good riddance. However Tatsuya tails her only to see a couple of English speaking guys trying to kidnap her. Although he manages to disarm them, he is shot by a sniper. Although he regenerates, it was enough time for them to escape. To show how super cool he is, Tatsuya can even analyze the angle of the shot to fire back at the sniper!!! Back home after reporting to Kazama, Miyuki serves him dinner in an apron. Is she cute? Now this is something I can understand! ;p. Tatsuya shows the relic in his hands and tells her what Sayuri wanted him to do. If it is successful, this means the army can deploy a great number of androids in the front lines of war and use magic instead of magicians. Of course Tatsuya is not interested in it as a weapon but on how the system works. And we see the perpetrators behind this, they are bent in taking that relic.

Episode 20
I believe Mayumi is trying to flirt with Tatsuya while trying to impress him on the thesis he is writing. Sorry girl, he is not moved. At least no with the surveillance cameras watching. But he hints he will not hesitate if there are no cameras and if she makes the first move. Why is she looking so worried now? Wasn’t this what she wanted? Later Mari talks to Tatsuya about the security needed for their members during the competition. Because the documents for it are valuable, sometimes participating members become targets of industrial spies. Don’t worry. Tatsuya will be fine by himself. When Tatsuya leaves, he thought he felt someone watching him. Kanon spots a girl and goes after her but she manages to give her the slip. It seems that girl might be working for the perpetrators as they investigate Sayuri and the step children she just visited. The captain, Chen Xiangshan orders to give her all their support. Lu Gonghu is ordered to take command of ground operations and take out others who are sniffing around. Tatsuya learns Mizuki had that feeling of being watched although it isn’t just her but perhaps the entire school. Mikihiko also confirms some sort of spirits invoked and they feel foreign. The inspectors enter a café in Yokohama, Roter Wald to conduct their investigation but are met with Fujibayashi. While Tatsuya and friends are at the café, Erika and Leo make excuses to take their leave. Actually they confront. Jiro Marshall, whom they believe is spying on them. At first he plays dumb and even yells he is being mugged! Thanks to Mikihiko’s barrier, nobody can hear him and they’re not letting him go till he spills the beans. A short fight ensues and Leo gets the better of him. He decides to spill the beans since it is not his attention to attract attention and that he is not their enemy. Although he doesn’t belong to any government agency of any country, his job is to make sure cutting edge magic is not stolen from magic high school students and given to the east. He is also to deal with the threats of such technologies leaked to the east. As there are eastern spies who are after magic engineering in USNA and various western European countries, their school is a target. Jiro pulls out a gun when they let their guard down. He forces them to dispel the barrier and makes his escape. Unfortunately, he is killed by Lu.

Episode 21
The thesis is underway when Mibu catches a suspicious girl trying to hack something before running away. After catching up to her, Mibu advises Chiaki Hirakawa to stop being a spy. As one who experienced it herself, they will just use and toss her away. But Chiaki hints that getting something from them isn’t her goal. They try to apprehend her but she uses all sorts of tricks like tear gas. It took Leo’s rough tackle to knock her out. It looked like he assaulted her… At the infirmary, Kanon and Kei question her about her intention. It was to make the equipment malfunction. Seems she has a grudge against Tatsuya and plans on annoying him. She really wants to hurt him because she blames Tatsuya for an incident during the Nine Schools Competition. Her sister, Koharu felt responsible in making Keiko mistrust magic. Of course nobody except Tatsuya noticed it and yet he didn’t take appropriate action. Meanwhile Erika talks to Leo about some deciding factor he lacks that would make him able to kill his enemies. Since Erika has one, she will teach it to him. Kanon informs what happened to Tatsuya and his friends. They think of telling Koharu and let Chiaki be persuaded by her but Tatsuya doesn’t want Koharu to be further dragged into this mess. Chen and Lu see their master, Zhou about Chiaki’s failure. But since she doesn’t know about the organization, there is no danger in information leaking. Since Erika and Leo are not with them, Mikihiko and Mizuki fluster to think the kind of things they’re doing alone. It’s just your exaggerated fantasies… Oh wait. Maybe it’s not so far from that after all. Because Leo accidentally steps in while Erika is only in her towel. See that big hand mark over his face? Is it any wonder why she keeps hitting him during training? Letting out steam, eh? Then there is this mock battle between Juumonji and the other security members. They all got owned except for Mikihiko who managed to stand his ground. The key is always to calm down. As they take a break, cue for this scene of Mikihiko x Mizuki. They’re being so shy-shy that it’s just annoying. And then the inevitable. Mizuki becomes clumsy. He catches her. By her boobs. More panic. More clumsy. More revealing fanservice position for the other guys. What an embarrassing moment. What else to do for Mikihiko but to go after her?

Episode 22
When Tatsuya tells Yakumo about the relic, he advises him to return it as soon as possible. Also, if he encounters the enemy, don’t lose his direction. On the way back, Tatsuya knows a crow familiar is tailing them. At the lab, there is a commotion since the enemy is persistently trying to hack their way in. Finally it eases off. This is part of Chen’s plan to confirm Tatsuya has the relic. Chen orders Lu to get rid of Chiaki. As Tatsuya works in his school lab, he suddenly smells sleeping gas. He gives his android maid, Pixie a few orders. Then they play along to catch the culprit. Isao Sekimoto from the discipline committee sneaks in to try to retrieve the data. This industrial spy is caught red-handed by Kanon. Though he claims he is backing up, but with a hacking tool? She eventually knocks him out. At the hospital where Chiaki is being warded, the romantic moment between Mari and Naotsugu is cut short. Because Zhou was about to visit Chiaki when he sees Lu outside. He slams the alarm bell so Naotsugu rushes his way to face off with him. It took a lot of effort to bring down this guy. Both get injured but Lu got away. Lu reports to Chen and since the situation has changed, he is ordered to take out Sekimoto detained at the detention centre and to leave Chiaki alone for now. Kanon forbids Tatsuya to come along knowing he attracts trouble. But Mari assures that she and Mayumi will be there. Zhou visits Chiaki who feels she has disappointed him after all that he has done for her. Mari uses some mind control spell on Sekimoto to reveal his goal. He was trying to look for the relic. Again the interrogation is cut short when the intruder alarm sounds. Lu is coming. Although he managed to pass Mari, he can’t get through Tatsuya’s barrier. It really took a lot of effort to bring this tough guy down. Later Fujibayashi reports to Tatsuya about the arrest of Lu and the rest of the operative spies but Chen got away. She also mentions the industries they are targeting and the embarrassing fact that the military accounting leak was what made them know Tatsuya had the relic. We take a detour as Miyuki tries to steal a kiss from Tatsuya while he is sleeping. He suddenly opens his eyes which takes her by surprise. She loses her balance but catches her. She feels embarrassed and hides in her room. Tatsuya comes in to apologize he made her worry. This leaves her happy. Because he held her cheeks…

Episode 23
Chen reports to Zhou that everything will be going as planned but laments the capture of Lu as he is an important military asset. Zhou hints that he could break Lu free but in exchange he must make sure Chinatown has a few victims as possible. Suzune talks to Chiaki that whatever she does will not capture Tatsuya’s attention since he is arrogant. It won’t even bother him a single bit. Likewise, he is not going to sympathise or even ridicule her. Ignored. She mentions about Tatsuya’s high grade and Chiaki is almost as good as him. She has observed Tatsuya isn’t good in the hardware section and Chiaki may surpass him in the field of magic engineering. She should use her frustration as motivation. Fujibayashi talks to Tatsuya and Miyuki. Some mobile suit is almost done and ready for delivery. She also warns them things might foul up so be prepared. Before the thesis competition begins inside the conference hall, the siblings meet Ichijou who is part of the joint security committee, patrolling the area. Fujibayashi talks to Ono and she knows all about her. She hints that they keep to their territories and there would be no repercussions from her superiors. Ono take this warning as a sign that Fujibayashi and Tatsuya’s relationship must be kept a secret. Later Fujibayashi is shocked to learn Lu has busted from custody. Juumonji hears from Hanzou and Kirihara about Sekimoto’s interrogation. Because the organization behind it may resort to extreme tactics, Juumonji takes precaution and orders all security members to don a bullet proof vest. And so the thesis competition begins with Suzune giving demonstration and findings. I won’t bother explaining. Because I don’t know what is even going on! Freaking technical terms!!! And would you believe it? This occupies the rest of the episode. During all that, the terrorists are already making their move. After Suzune finishes, George meets Tatsuya at the backstage. Looks like his school is up next and is confident this time they won’t lose. They always say that, don’t they? Suddenly an explosion rocks the place.

Episode 24
A van drives into the centre and explodes. Other terrorists begin to invade all around Yokohama. This includes a handful of them storming into the hall to take the students hostage. But you think Tatsuya is going to listen to them? It’s Tatsuya time. That means mind blowing awesome moves. First he is so freaking fast catching and disintegrating the bullets and then he chops off the terrorist’s hand! OMFG!!! His coat might be bloodied but Miyuki has an app that cleans it! With this superhuman distraction, the other students overwhelm and round up the other terrorists. And nobody is shocked to see what Tatsuya did? Maybe George. He wonders how Tatsuya can perform from super secret move created by some US army guy. Of course Tatsuya knows he is jumping to conclusions with only partial knowledge. This could be used to his advantage as Tatsuya won’t tell him. I mean, now it’s not the time to explain, right? Mayumi requests Azusa to use her powers to calm down the other students. Then she passes the baton of student council president to her to lead everyone to evacuate via underground path. Tatsuya and his friends are at the front entrance. After Miyuki freezes the terrorists’ bullets, Tatsuya goes on a killing spree! He chops the terrorists in half with his bare hands! OMFG!!!! WTF IS HE???!!! Heading to the VIP room to find out more about the situation, it seems it looks bad as the terrorists have control of the area. Tatsuya suggests also evacuating but to use aboveground. But first he wants to erase the data in the demonstration equipment. However Mayumi and co are already there doing it. Why the need for so many people? Unless it’s not just as simple as a single erase-all button.

They convene for their next plan once they are done. They figure the terrorists are after the Magic Association’s data bank. Because the rescue ship that will be arriving in 10 minutes cannot hold them all, they will have to get to the evacuation shelter. Tatsuya is surprised to hear Azusa leading other students there. He is worried because the pathways are connected and is sure to meet some enemies. Juumonji sends some of his men there. Suddenly Tatsuya turns around. What does he see through that wall? Actually, he could sense some suicide truck driver trying to ram into the centre. I don’t know what move he pulled off with his gun but the truck disintegrated!!! Outside, the terrorist attacks continue with the use of supersonic launchers. When Kazama and Fujibayashi enter the room and explain the situation, everyone is shocked to learn of Tatsuya’s special lieutenant position. Kazama orders him under some law rule thingy, he is to mobilize in his mobile suit. Kazama hopes everyone could keep this a secret. I know they had no time but do you think it was silly to just waltz in and blurt out everything? Couldn’t they have whisked him away privately? Before Tatsuya goes, Miyuki is concerned so he kneels down enough to let her kiss his forehead. It isn’t an ordinary kiss since it felt like he powered up. Hah. Who wouldn’t if you get kissed by your little sister?

Episode 25
Ichijou mercilessly kills the terrorists with a gun that explode their bodies! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!! First High’s students arrive at the shelter’s entrance but it has collapsed so their only way out now is to call for the helicopters. While waiting, they split into groups to counter the terrorists. Tatsuya dons his mobile suit and better than Superman, he soars into the sky and takes out all enemy reconnaissance planes!!! Once on ground, he receives information that the enemy is using Sorcery Booster that was supplied by No Head Dragon. Definitely they are up against the Great Asian Alliance. I don’t know if Ichijou is trying to be a hero because he is going alone instead of joining his school evacuate. George wants to come along but is made to evacuate with the rest. So he goes solo into Chinatown, wiping out the enemy in trying to fine the lone phantom spell caster. Once taken out, all the drones stop working and the enemy retreat. The helicopter arrives at Mayumi’s group, however now they are faced with… Locusts! Too many to rid it all. Once more, thank Tatsuya and his mobile suit comrades to take them out and assure them a safe passageway out. What’s with Mayumi giving Tatsuya the cheeky tongue? A terrorist unit ambushes Kirihara’s group. Kirihara and Kei protect the girls and in turn took the biggest hit. Oh no. Unbelievably, Miyuki floats down and gives those terrorists a death freeze. Now it’s Tatsuya’s turn to save the day. He uses his CAD to restore the bodies Kirihara and Kei back to their original state! NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! Then he hugs Miyuki and flies off like a hero. Little sister continues to be in awe. WTTF?????!!!!!

Episode 26
The onslaught against the terrorists continues. Despite some mobile suit guys being shot down, they regenerate! Holy sh*t! Don’t tell me they made clones out of Tatsuya?! Ichijou is outside Chinatown and wants the terrorists or the people hiding them to come out. To his surprise, Zhou and his men has got all the terrorists tied up. They are not associated with these people and want to have them understand by helping to round them up. Kei and Kirihara wonder if they were hallucinating so Miyuki explains about Tatsuya’s power of regrowth (which is NOT healing). Some technical explanation how it restores everything to its original state instantly. Living things and non-living things alike too. Because of this great magic, it is the reason why Tatsuya cannot use magic in other areas. However this magic cannot be used freely too because it involves lots of reading up on some recorded information and also when that happens, the price to pay for using this magic is that Tatsuya will experience pain 150 times more than that person! Mizuki sees Lu attacking the magic association. With his new magic armour, he barges his way through. It took the combined might of Mari, Erika, Leo and Mayumi to bring him down. Meanwhile Chen is already inside. But he is in for a surprised when he sees Miyuki before him. He didn’t realize whatever magic he put on her didn’t work. She deep freezes him. As the terrorist’s main ship retreats, our heroes are ordered to stay back and not sink it because it contains some highly inflammable element that would destroy the marine life around. But once they are really far away, Kazama orders the Third Eye to be unsealed. Tatsuya is then ordered to use this long range super magic rifle to destroy the enemy. Yeah. The terrorist thought those nature loving Japanese must be dumb enough to let them get away but little do they know they won’t get a chance for payback because some super magic just wipe them out! Holy sh*t! But no rest yet. The military then take their offence to the enemy’s base. Using the same move, the entire fleet is not only annihilated but their existence wiped out!!! FREAKING HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!! It’s like they never existed before! We don’t mind that freaking huge crater, right? As long as the terrorists are dead. In the aftermath, things return to normal. Tatsuya is absent from school and his friends are worried. Miyuki waits for her brother and is glad when he finally returns. You don’t know how much she misses him. Finally, we see their aunt being told that Kazama wants to come next Sunday to explain things. She agrees to that but would like the siblings to come too.

The Confusing Magic High School
Thank goodness… It ended… First of all, let me say the biggest minus point of this series from a casual viewer’s point of view. The confusing magic system and terminologies! They are the biggest culprit that impedes my enjoyment of the series. Sounds like a big excuse and accusation especially from a dumb guy like me but sadly, that is how I feel. Not to say that even without all that I would still enjoy it, but those terms have become the biggest thing clouding the entire series that it makes my school science sound so easy and more comprehensible. That’s a good thing, right? Not for this anime, though. It was just freaking confusing. You need to be a rocket scientist and total nerd to understand and enjoy this anime at the same time.

Of course this series has got a lot of potential but is something left to be desired. Especially with subplots about the Ten Master Clan families as well as the Yotsuba clan’s own problems and whatever issues or power struggle they have, especially the seemingly hostility between the Shiba siblings and their aunt, everything seems to be touching the surface in this season. I am sure that with many of the characters relating to the Ten Master Clans, they will be a powerful force whatsoever but that will be a different story. I thought the Nine Schools Competition was a bit disappointing because I was thinking of seeing different schools and like other shonen animes, meet different characters, duel with them, our heroes win, become friends. I also thought of getting to watch some of the weird matches in detail. But mostly it is just clips here and there and the arc is mostly dealing with the terrorist in the shadows trying to sabotage the games. The only scene dedicated to at least showing the game play is when Tatsuya is involved. I guess they’re saying if this guy isn’t involved, it won’t be as interesting.

We start off with the Enrolment arc and at every chance were reminded about the discrimination between Blooms and Weeds. It is just freaking odd to see them more interested to keep the divide and you know, those in Blooms feel like as though they have the right and are freaking superior or something. I mean, do they believe in the caste system? Aren’t they fellow magicians? Thanks to some of them (our main and supporting characters of course), they don’t really care about that and are more interested in the ability and potential of an individual. And then as we move along to the next arc and the final, this discrimination thing doesn’t seem to be so obvious anymore. Everybody seems to be getting along fine that you’d forget that such discrimination ever existed. Well, all is fine for now. Let’s hope it stays that way. So you see, when you stay strong and don’t give in and stick to your beliefs, you’ll see victory at the end of the day.

There are a lot of side and supporting characters but unfortunately this season failed to do any justice on them. Sure, they do have their moments and showcase what they can do but it still isn’t enough. Basically it is because Tatsuya and Miyuki are so overwhelming with his awesome inhuman powers and their seemingly incest relationship, everything the others do seems small and ‘normal’ in comparison to them. Really. Every one of them has their own potential and personality but sadly it isn’t properly developed here and even if it was, it might have gone right under my nose. Especially Ichijou and George who were at least portrayed as some super prodigy that would rival Tatsuya in the Nine Schools Competition arc. They couldn’t even do much! So they try to make amends for them in the final arc but how much can that help? Eventually with the way the series ‘ended’, you’d be wondering what happened to the rest. The list is long so I’ll forgo it…

Even more disappointing are the villains of the series, especially the villains of the arc to be more precise. I am sure that because of the limited episodes of the series, we don’t hear of them anymore or they don’t play an active role. Especially when we are introduced to Blanche (still remember them?). We are being told how fearsome they are and all that crap that makes them a terrorist unit hiding under a social activist organization mask. And then when Tatsuya and co come to deal with them, imagine how chicken sh*t their branch leader is and eventually got what he deserved. What happened to them after that? Hell, like I care. Then there is No Head Dragon in the next arc who seemed like shady baddies in the shadows. Just feels threatening, eh? Unfortunately they only remain in the shadows and got owned singlehandedly by Tatsuya without even having to get close to them! Isn’t that an insult? Well, I thought it was to make fun of terrorists because certainly I hope they are all like that in real life. Unfortunately no Tatsuya to teach them a lesson.

Finally those terrorists from Great Asian Alliance, most of the grunts getting their ass kicked by high school students are just embarrassing. They have all the technology, gadgets and weapons and still our high school students can best them? Go back to training! And the best part is that they got annihilated in one go! Wow! If this was only effective in real life! We would love to get a Tatsuya or two in the military! Likewise, the supposed antagonist Zhou who is as mysterious as he seems to be also feels lacking. You would be wondering his actions and if he is on our side or not. There is more to meet the eyes to him.

So touching the subject of the Shiba siblings, Tatsuya is super amazing as he is super mysterious. Watching him is unbelievable. So amazing yet so funny. It is like as though he is an indestructible cyborg from the future! You can’t kill him or hurt him anyhow because he has the mechanism to heal himself! It’s like he has a perpetual cheat code on, only it doesn’t sound like a cheat code. He is an immortal! He says he has no more emotions except those for his little sister. So that’s why I am not sure if he is sometimes making jokes because with of his near deadpan voice. But he masks it to his superbly perfect analysis so you can’t really sense it. Oh yeah, this guy is such a genius at everything that they should just send him all over the world and end problems of poverty, world hunger and international wars. Because I mean, let’s face it, every arc or issue faced, they send or recommend Tatsuya to be the man. He’s got an impressive track record, right? Man, I want to be this guy! Miyuki is pretty annoying fawning over her big brother. I mean, could you blame her? When you a big brother this cool, how not to admire and become brocon? She isn’t useless and can take care of herself but when you think of her you think of this brocon fetish. And they’re not the type to be embarrassed of showing their affections in public. Only make others jealous.

Regret to say that if there is ever going to be a sequel, there is 99% chance that I won’t be watching this. I don’t want to relive the ‘horror’ of not understanding a single scientific term ever again (heck, I still do not understand what a CAD means even right till the end). Since this season is adapting the early chapters of the ongoing light novel it is based on, from what I saw, there are more chapters and arcs subsequently after that. I am sure that the rest of the other characters and whatever plots will be more fleshed out and explored unlike in the anime. But I’m going to look it from the good side. Having restricted the anime to just 26 episodes means I don’t have to continue watching in the future for another couple of dozens of episodes and waste my brain power on a series that I do not understand.

Well, to give them their dues, the action is satisfactory okay. The already confusing magic spells and terms are a major turnoff so I’m just watching them blast the enemies with whatever insignia pattern they conjured. I think they want to add a little shock factor because when fighting certain enemies, it really gets bloody and gory! When you have limbs flying off and bodies exploding, this isn’t exactly the kind of magic show you want your kids to see. I guess when you are fighting real villains, there is no need to show mercy like in fairytales. This is reality after all. You don’t expect the enemy to show you the same compassion, don’t you? Because if they do, then what the hell is everyone fighting a war for? Remember, as far as this anime is concerned, World War 3 already happened and I am sure there are still lots of sore losers and greedy power grabbing people in the world. Besides, I feel there is a subtle hint about showing no mercy to terrorists because as we can see, they were mercilessly taken out. No negotiations whatsoever.

Romance feels fleeting because the incest relationship of Tatsuya and Miyuki feels teasing. So whether you’re a fan or not of incest themes, you’d be disappointed. Well, otherwise if it gets too deep, the show will get cancelled! So maybe that’s why we are treated with some Miyuki fanservice as some scenes show her in her undies. And then suddenly there is some sort of romance with Mari and Naotsugu. You wonder who this guy suddenly pops up in the middle of the series only to learn about his relationship with Mari and that brocon Erika doesn’t approve of it. Well, we know they like each other but as far as I can see here, it doesn’t go anywhere this season. Hey, wasn’t one brewing between Mikihiko and Mizuki? What happened to that? There is something hinting between Leo and Erika lately too… Kei and Kanon are a given but we don’t care about them, right?

And I’m sure that most of the girls like Mayumi and Honoka are showing interest in Tatsuya while Mibu who once was has now moved on to Kirihara. Of course Azusa too but I feel that admiration for Taurus Silver will evolve into a different kind. Either Tatsuya is playing dumb or he is really that dense not to notice. Oh, I almost forgot. I think I know the reason why Tatsuya isn’t noticing the other girls’ advancement especially Mayumi who seems to be a bit bolder. Because Miyuki will start having that yandere look and it is noticeable when she starts freezing things around! That’s a big sign that says “Don’t you dare touch my onii-sama you b*tches! Stay away!”. Yup. I really wanted her to say that. Another reason why Miyuki falls into the most annoying sister characters ever. Of course not every girl likes Tatsuya. Chiaki comes to mind… At least it proves he is not perfect.

Drawing and art seem fine although there are points where I noticed they used CGI but it isn’t that glaring since when you are using magic with technology, it doesn’t look that all bad. The character designs look simple enough although they still look like your bishoujo and bishonen. Some characters look a bit weird like Miyuki because she is so pale and fair that I thought she was a ghost! Some characters like Lu and Chen are big in size and have this squarrish jawbone that I could hardly believe there are Chinese terrorists. They look more like Caucasian than anything. Hey… Doesn’t Chen look like Russell Crowe?! I have mixed feelings for the school uniforms of magic school. Aside the colour theme for each different school, the uniform for the guys is okay. They look smart and gorgeous in it. It is the girls’ uniform that some raise an eyebrow. Certain students have their coat long but they become transparent after the waist below. With some having different floral patterns (or whatever patterns that is), sometimes I thought it makes them look like pixies or fairies.

There are quite a lot of popular seiyuus lending their voice to this anime. Notably with Yuuichi Nakamura as Tatsuya, he doesn’t get into angst mode like his other characters such as Gray of Fairy Tail or Tomoya in Clannad. Well, he does voice characters with less emotional outburst before like Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS. Other recognizable seiyuus include Saori Hayami as Miyuki, Kana Hanazawa as Mayumi, Marina Inoue as Mari, Mai Nakahara as Suzune, Satomi Satou as Mizuki, Junichi Suwabe as Juumonji, Tomokazu Sugita as Kirihara, Haruka Tomatsu as Mibu, Shizuka Itou as Fujibayashi and Kouji Yusa as Zhou. Others include Saki Ogasawara as Azusa (Meo in Kamisama No Memo-chou), Yumi Uchida as Erika (Ruri in Nisekoi), Takuma Terashima as Leo (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Atsushi Tamaru as Mikihiko (Mochizou in Tamako Market), Saori Onishi as Kanon (Fianna in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance), Souma Saitou as Kei (Tatsumi in Akame Ga Kill), Sora Amamiya as Honoka (Jin Hazuki in Blade & Soul), Yuiko Tatsumi as Shizuku (Riko in KissxSis), Sakura Tange as Ono (Mei in Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara), Toru Ohkawa as Kazama (Roy in Fullmetal Alchemist), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Ichijou (Kirito in Sword Art Online) and Ayumu Murase as George (Kusakabe in Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji).

I guess one of the more enjoyable aspects of this series are the opening and ending themes. At least they are enjoyable to listen to (compared to listening to the scientific terms of course), although they won’t be the kind that I would love to hear over and over again. The rock based Rising Hope by Lisa is the first opening theme while another rock based song for the second opening theme, Grilletto by Garnidelia. Millenario by Elisa as the first ending theme is the best of them all because this slow ballad is quite a beautiful piece. Mirror by Rei Yasuda is the second ending theme and sounds like moderate pop.

Overall, this series is definitely not for everyone. The bloody and gory action are already a sign but the biggest down point for me are the sci-fi terminologies. If you are the kind of person who are interested in this kind of stuffs, and I mean really, really, really, love this kind of complex sci-fi thingy, this anime should be interesting for you to think about the possibility of the co-existence, infusion and application of both magic and science. I know it is interesting on the surface but you really need to have a lot of brain power to digest them all. Something which I don’t have. I guess in this sense I am rettou (irregular/inferior/low grade). Heck, I don’t even know how my TV technically works except flipping the ‘turn on’ switch. Sheesh… So it is back to more mindless ecchi fanservice animes for me… Yeah, something I can actually see and understand :). Definitely rettou

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