After more than a year and a half hiatus, don’t think that I have forgotten about my one true 2D love. That’s right it is another picture tribute blog to my beloved Mai Tokiha. Yup, you can bet the heaven and stars that I am still pretty much infatuated with this orange haired lass from Mai-HiME. So why did it take me so long for another of this blog if I am still deeply truly madly in love with her? Well, there is a saying: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or maybe I was just busy with my other anime blogs. Yeah, right.
 Mai Tokiha 91
TOO CLOSE TO COMFORT: Very enticing…
 Mai Tokiha 100
OTSUKARESAMA: Very, very enticing indeed…
Mai Tokiha 94
TRYING ON FOR SIZE: Do you need help with that?
Mai Tokiha 96 
LAP PILLOW: I wish that was me resting my head on them.
Mai Tokiha 98
HOORAY: Three cheers for Mai!
Mai Tokiha 95
DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER: "I didn’t hear what you say."
Mai Tokiha 99
DON’T MAKE ME MAD: Those scary eyes could make Bruce Banner wilt in his pants.
 Mai Tokiha 93
WHAT’S EATING MAI?: Girls her age has got lots of things to ponder.
Mai Tokiha 102
HEALTHY AND STRONG: Drink lots of milk and take plenty of calcium for stronger bones.
Mai Tokiha 101
PLEASE, PLEASE ME: Does this look like it came from an eroge scene?
Mai Tokiha 103
DRIPPING WET: Better than dripping in blood, right? Who am I kidding anyway?
 Mai Tokiha 97
LOOKING UP AT THE SETTING SUN: Which is prettier? She or the big blazing fireball in the sky?
 Mai Tokiha 89
TERRIFIC TRIO: With this line-up, you can’t go wrong.
Mai Tokiha 104
ALAKAZAM: Care to be a spell caster for an RPG party?
 Mai Tokiha 92
HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A MAI SCORNED: She’s going to turn the tables on you now.
Mai Tokiha 105
FLAMES OF FURY: If you have never seen a huge inferno, this is your chance to… On second thought, you don’t want to.
And as always, good things will have to come to an end. But fear not because be on the lookout for more future tributes to Mai (if you’re an obsessed admirer like me, that is). It may be in the next few weeks or months or even few years down the line but as far as I am concern, my love for Mai will grow and grow even more as the years go by. So theoretically, today would be the day that I love her the least, right? And even lesser as compared to lesser years! Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun. MAI-CHAN ZUTTO SOBA NI IRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red heart

Hehehe. I couldn’t resist another tribute for Mai Tokiha after I did one for Suigin Tou last fortnight. This prooves that after all this years, this gal from Mai-HiME still got what it takes to win my heart. Well, not that she did anything in particular, really. So without further ado, here are more pictures and images of her. Hey, what else would you expect. Everyone let’s rise and give her a standing ovation, the one and only Maaaaaaaaai Tokihaaaaaaaaaa!
 Mai Tokiha 58

HEAVENLY BODY: Oh, you are the reason why the sun sets and the moon rise.
 Mai Tokiha 57
TO SCHOOL: Mai and her buddies happily looking forward to another day of school.
 Mai Tokiha 56
TAKING A BREAK: Lying on a wooden floor seems to have a cooling effect.
 Mai Tokiha 59
WISHING & HOPING: I wonder what Mai is hoping for and the rest are cheering for.
 Mai Tokiha 60
DOU KASHIRA?: "I wonder if I would make a good wife…". Yeah right! Like that’s what she’s pondering about.
 Mai Tokiha 61
CAN’T TOUCH THIS: Free ‘sampling’ not allowed!
 Mai Tokiha 63
LOOKING GOOD: Mai strikes it right in all the proportions.
Mai Tokiha 62 
LOOKING BETTER: Mai is a natural model too, I’d say.
 Mai Tokiha 83
GIRLFRIEND: Even Mai strikes the right notes with her lady pals.
 Mai tokiha 85
WINTER WONDERLAND: Enjoying the snow falls.
 Mai Tokiha 84
PREPARED: Mai ready to face any challenges from her adversaries.
 Mai Tokiha 86
WARM WELCOME: Mikoto giving Mai her usual happy-to-see-you hug.
 Mai Tokiha 88
WORKING OUT: A girl like her needs to stay fit and keep in shape in addition to just studying.
 Mai Tokiha 87
IN THE WOODS: Posing for a picture?
Mai Tokiha 90 
I’M NOT!: I’m not someone who is easily being pushed around!
Mai Tokiha 82 
YOU’VE BAGGED MY HEART: Are 2 bags enough to carry all the stuff she needs? Perhaps photos of me. Haha! Just kidding.
Well, have we had enough yet? Of course, I haven’t but due to limited constraints like time and space, looks like I will have to continue this some other day. Sometimes I feel that there isn’t enough hours in a day for me to worship her. Not enough days in a week, not enough months in a year, not enough time in my entire life… Yeah, right! Outright exaggeration there. But I guess it’s all in my mind. And I wouldn’t have it any other way either. JIKANGIRE MADE MAI-SAMA WA AISHITERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red heart

Even Much More Mai Tokiha

December 2, 2007

Regarding last week’s blog-cum-tribute to Suigin Tou, I felt that I need to do one on Mai Tokiha in order to ‘justify’ my act. Besides, I haven’t been doing 1 for quite a long time and the last time that I did so was somewhere in the 4th quarter of last year. It really does feel like a long time.
So Mai, can you now forgive me? Okay maybe not. Sigh… Wounded hearts are so hard to heal. Hey, I think I would be the same too if it were to happen to me and the other way round. For those of you who don’t know who this Mai Tokiha is, she’s that lovely pretty kawaii protagonist-cum-heroine of the anime series Mai-HiME. You could pretty much say that she stole my heart and I fell in love with her head over heals at first sight. Enough talking already and enjoy the pics.
 Mai Tokiha 39
DYNAMIC DUO… Mai and Kagutsuchi make a wonderful combination.
Mai Tokiha 55 
SPRING TIME… What a lovely day for Mai and her buddies to relax and enjoy the greenery.
Mai Tokiha 40 
DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY… You won’t like it when I’m angry.
Mai Tokiha 42 
GOING HOME… Mai preparing to head home in the evening.
Mai Tokiha 43 
FORLORN LOOK… Looks like something is bugging Mai.
Mai Tokiha 50 
WISH UPON A RED HIME STAR… The red Hime star is still up there.
 Mai Tokiha 44
IT’S STILL THERE… Yeah, that red Hime star has been up there ever since Mai transferred.
 Mai Tokiha 45
HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS… *Sign*. How I wished that guy was me. Lucky guy.
 Mai Tokiha 46
SULKING… I can’t believe that I’m dining alone without a date. And those pals of mine ditched me for something else.
 Mai Tokiha 47
ON THE WAY… An energetic Mai looks forward to going to school on a wonderful day.
 Mai Tokiha 48
ALL WET… Huh?! It wasn’t me who caused that spiralling fire in the garden. Or could I?
Mai Tokiha 49 
FIRE AWAY… Get ready for some serious fire butt kicking power when Mai is using her Equipment.
 Mai Tokiha 51
BIG SISTER… Tell me who did this to my little Takumi and I’ll rip his/her head off!
Mai Tokiha 52 
HOW DO I LOOK… That red scarf actually does make her look prettier.
Mai Tokiha 53 
I HAVE A CONFESSION… I… I… I… Love… Love… I LOVE YOU!!! (Yeah, right. That’s probably what I wanted her to say. Dream on).
Mai Tokiha 54 
NOT ON THE MENU… HEEEEEEH!!! WHAT? You… You… You want to have me as your main course?!
Mai Tokiha 41 
AVATAR… Even a small avatar makes Mai look beautiful.
Mai Tokiha 38 
DON’T CRY… Tears do not fit you, Mai.
Mai Tokiha 37 
ANNOYED… Erm… Is that a kind of joke? Are you trying to be funny?
Phew. I could’ve go on even further but due to limited space and pics (not because my love is limited, mind you) I have to stop here. Of course do watch out in the near (indefinite) future for more Mai Tokiha. See, you’ve just gotta love this gal (some may beg to differ) and just like in most cases, our love withstood the tests of time (haha. Like real). Though I couldn’t really say I’m over with Suigin Tou, I’m not trying to indicate that I’m two-timing Mai. Hey, what this world needs is love and not war. Once again… MAI-SAMA EIEN NI KOISHITERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red heart

Much More Mai Tokiha

September 29, 2006

YAHOO!!! It’s that time again. More pictures and dedication to my eternal one true love, Mai Tokiha. Don’t think I’ve totally forgotten about her. Actually, I’ve been on ‘the hunt’ for her pictures over these last few months. So you’d notice her long ‘hiatus’ in my blogs. And for you newbies, if you don’t know who this Mai princess is, she’s the heroine of the anime series Mai-HiME. So here we go, have a look at this Mai-infatuated-head-over-heals shrine of loooove.
FIRE BEAUTY… Care to dance with me?
BONJOUR… A photo size head shot pic of Mai would be perfect fit in my wallet
LOOK UP IN THE SKY… Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? No, it’s that red HiME star
CLASS’S OVER… Mai preparing to return home after class. What’s that she’s bitting?
GLOOMY LOOK…Mai ponders over her future
THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT… Your future at Fuka Gakuen is assured
TOUGH JOB… Being a HiME is hard work and responsibility
LIFE MUST GO ON… Can’t forever be Fuka Gakuen’s protector, huh? Mai’s other job as a cafe waitress
THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE… Mai in her casual clothes just before she dons her school’s uniform
WOULD YOU LISTEN TO MY STORY… Even a girl needs somebody to listen to her story
PUZZLING LOOK… Another close-up on Mai’s beautiful facial features and expressions
MOMENT OF INTIMACY… Ah, Mai with one of her close encounters with Yuichi
YET SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR… Yet another near miss confession of Mai (let’s hope it stay that way for my sake!)
NUMBERS NEVER LIE… Statistics and records show that you’re 100% hit with the guys but 1% when it comes to love. Okay, I just made that up.
YOKATTA… Mai is all smiles after being praised for her outstanding culinary skills
HAVING A BREAK… Sipping some juice while pondering over things
GETTING READY… Powering up to fight Orphans
LOOK MA, NO HANDS… No, she’s not riding a bike.
SHINING DAYS… Would you believe it? This is the first picture I saw Mai many years ago eventhough I didn’t know her or the series. I instantly fell in love with her beauty but couldn’t find out more. Eventually, a chance curiosity to watch Mai-HiME brought back instant memories of this pic. I knew I’ve finally found the girl of my dreams. Is this sheer chance meeting pure luck or fate/destiny?
Don’t think it’s the end already. Be sure to watch out in the near future for more pics and dedication to this pretty stunning kawaii bishoujo. So stay tuned… And one last word… MAI-CHAN SUKI SUKI DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Mai Tokiha

June 30, 2006

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve last talked about Mai-HiME or Mai Tokiha, don’t think that I’ve already forgetten about her! She’s never left my heart a single bit. Plus, I’m still ever crazy and in totaly head over heels over her! So for today’s pictorial blog space will be part of my eternal shrine dedicated to this pretty kawaii bishoujo. Forever Mai Tokiha!!!
 EARTH ANGEL… Truly an angel sent from above
HOT!… Yeow! This burning flame of love really hurts. And it hurts so good!
SUNSET SHADING… Even in such shading Mai looks gorgeous than ever.
 HUH?… Mai spots something which boggles her mind. Perhaps me? (Perasan!)
 BLOWING IN THE WIND… Ah… gentle blowing breeze, lush scenery. What a romantic scence.
 WELCOME… Mai’s part-time job as a waitress. I hope my table’s soon to be served.
 YOU’RE UNDER ARREST… You can arrest me anytime baby. I’m guilty of love in the first degree.
 ENVY… There’re even guys asking her out, much to the jealousy of other girls. Just watch and dream on ladies. You don’t even come close to her. Wait a minute… Do I even stand a chance?
CRYING IN THE RAIN… Who’s the %#^&@ who made her cry?! Let me at ’em!!! I’ll make sure whoever that $&^#* pays for what he/she did to Mai!
 POWER UP… Mai’s battle aura glowing and she’s already in intensed concentration.
 DOWN… Mai spots a pensive look.
 I’VE GOT THE POWER… Mai during one of her battle modes.
 HAHAHA… Laughter is the best medicine.
 ZETTAI MAKENAIDE!… Go Mai! Ganbaru ne! You have my everlasting support.

Mai Tokiha

March 4, 2006

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m really really really obssessed and infatuated with this particular girl. I mean, I’m crazy over her and still can’t stop thinking of her nor get her out of my mind. Who’s that lucky girl you asked? Well well… *smiling* It’s no other than Mai Tokiha! Yes, that very pretty kawaii bishoujo from Mai-HiME.
So this little blog space is dedicated to her and from time to time I’ll look back to this blog space and read it again and again with all my hearts content. *Swooning* Note: Information source below from
Name: Mai Tokiha
Age: 15 years old
Date of birth: 22nd July
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood type: Type O
Hair colour: Brownish-orange
Eye colour: Violet
Vital statistics: 87-56-83
Favourite colour: Yellow orange
Favourite pastime: Cooking and Karaoke
Favourite food: Amai Tamago Yaki (literally ‘sweet omelette’)
Siblings: A younger brother, Takumi Tokiha
Mai Tokiha striking a stunning pose
A high school freshmen, Mai received a scholarship to study at the Fuka Gakuen along with her sickly brother, Takumi. She’s an orphan at a very young age since her mother died trying to save Takumi. Since then, she has always been carrying the responsibilities and burden of taking care of her little brother (as her mother’s last wish before passing away).
Therefore, at times she may act more than a big sister and like a mom to him.
Overall, she’s quite a cheerful, friendly and happy person. Also smiles alot too and tries her best to help out anybody in need. But all this took a drastic change when she found out about the HiME stuff and had to reluctantly get involved. She became confused and angry as now she not only has to deal with her school life but to take care of Orphans as well.
She loves cooking. Because of that she has some extraordinary culinary skills. Like Mikoto, she really dig Mai’s ramen. Later on too, Natsuki too commended on her noodles. Yum… Wish I could taste her cooking too. *Sighs*. Besides that, she also took a little CPR lessons which became handy when she saved Mikoto’s live.
Also, she loves to go karaoke-ing (yay… just like me. Looks like we both have something in common there *winks*). Not only that, she likes to do so with her friends. I must say, she’s got quite a nice voice there.
To ease her financial difficulties, she took up a part time job as a waitress in a cafe. And to earn more money, she took up a job as a life guard at the beach during her summer vacation. Because of this, she has no time for her friends and they soon leave her out. This made Mai quite depressed and brought back some memories of her painful past.
At first she seems to dislike her classmate Tate Yuichi, due to several ‘perverted incidents’ (like his face on her breats, you know what I mean). But after that comforting words from Tate, their relationship improved alot and then soon developed feelings for each other. On the other hand, the student council vice-president, Reito Kanzaki, does seem to have a liking for her and have on 2 occassions asked Mai to go on a date with him. He seems to let Mai take her time on deciding and doesn’t pressure her for an answer right away. Cool guy. But still, Mai’s still pretty confused then. But eventually, it’s Tate that she loves. As for Mikoto, I don’t think she’s really into that lesbian relationship when she finally told her ‘I love you’. It’s just that they’re so attached to each other so I’m sure they developed that kind of bond, you know what I mean.
Of course, there’re a few people who disliked her. But that’s for a short while only. Like Shiho at first liked Mai. But when she found out she liked Tate, she became jealous and see her as a threat and competition to her ‘boyfriend’. What about Nao, then. She sure said some pretty harsh remarks about Mai ‘trying to be a good girl by being nice to everyone’. Plus, there’re times when she and Mikoto had a fallout. That’s because after a little misunderstanding when Mai thought that Mikoto had ‘killed’ her brother.
In conclusion, Mai at the end accepted her growing popularity among her peers and no longer feels left out. And just like Mikoto said, ‘I like it when Mai smiles. I’m happy when Mai is happy’. How true, so do I. And it makes me sad to see her with a frown. Oh, Mai… let my express my love for you once more. Mai-chan hontou ni daisuki!!!!!
Yeah… And I’ve amassed a few pics of Mai herself. Isn’t she the loveliest anime gal ever. Anybody who objects shall be dealt with with extreme prejudice! No lah, just kidding only. I don’t care what everybody else says about her. All I know is that to me, Mai will always be here in my heart. Maybe I’ll get to marry her one day. *A very very long sigh + swoon*
Looks like I’m off to further daydream about her!
(Click on the pictures below to have a larger view to admire this charming lady! )

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