Seriously. What is it with certain schools these days that they allow big battles among classes. We have Maken-Ki whereby the school allows combat in the form of magic and magical tools in addition to martial arts. Then there is Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu whereby students can summon avatars to fight for better classroom amenities. Now we have Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai (Majikoi) in which a healthy fighting spirit is always valued and an important success factor in school. Of course, the kind of all-out war that still follows rules and procedures and do not end up having kids dying in the process. Damage buildings, yes. Taken lives, no. I guess it’s better to destroy things that are replaceable with money.

Getting to know that this anime is based on the adult visual novel of the same name, my thoughts is that there is going to be some ecchi fanservice and harem romance potential judging from the promotional poster. But the storyline… I couldn’t say that it really matches from what I read and watched. The synopsis went something like this: “Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami High School is always with his close friends (four boys and three girls). They have all known each other since they were young and have done many things together. While they have many other friends, this group of seven is a close-knit, inseparable group. They even have a secret base where they meet. With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things begin to change”. Actually I don’t see this happening during the series. Felt like it already has happened. And if you don’t read the plot or know it, it doesn’t really matter too. What we’re here for are the ecchi fanservice and harem romance, right? After all, why would this anime be named “Seriously Fall In Love With me”, right?

Episode 1
Class 2F is engaging in a heated battle against Class 2S at Tanzawa, northern Kanagawa. As narrated, Kawakami Academy has adopted martial arts into its curriculum and its school policy dictates that any disputes are to be resolved using martial arts in events called Fightouts. Class 2S led by Hideo Kuki leads his troops but is ambushed by the powerful ladies of Class 2F, Kazuko Kawakami, Christiane Friedrich, Miyako Shiina and Yukie Mayuzumi (and her little horse helper Matsukaze). Yamato Naoe is Class 2F’s great tactician and his buddies, Gakuto Shimazu, Shouichi Kazama, Takuya Morooka and egg-shaped robot Cookie praise him that the enemy is playing into their hands. Class 2S may have all the aristocrats and kids from prominent families and conglomerates. But many were reluctant to join Class 2S unlike their class that is flowing with team spirit. Yamato remembers he confessed to one of the Four Devas, Momoyo Kawakami. However she could only love him as an underling and doesn’t see him as a man. He wonders if she remembers what she said when they were kids. Back at the war, things are heating up on both sides. The principal of the academy Tesshin Kawakami (I thought this was Bleach’s Genryuusai!!!) mentions the 3 basic rules for the war: 1) The side that capture the enemy’s commander wins; 2) Only weapons provided by the academy may be used in the war. They may be replicas that inflict immense pain but they cannot cause death; 3) Teams may recruit any number of people from the academy and up to 50 unaffiliated people with the academy may participate. Hideo is going to advance into the battle despite being warned that they may be falling into traps. True enough, Class 2F ambushes them from all sides. I don’t know how many mini ambushes they made but it is good enough to lower Class 2S’s unit morale. Yamato further remembers when he was younger, Momoyo did say she like him and wants him to follow her wherever she goes. However he doesn’t want to do just that and prefers to walk along her side. He vows to reach her level not with military talent but via intellect. He wants to grow up to be a Prime Minister who can run the entire country but she thought that sounded very much like a kid’s dream.

Yamato’s second unit is taken out in a surprise attack so lieutenant Margit Eberbach of Class 2S takes the opportunity to charge in. What’s more, Class 2F’s main headquarters is under ambushed and their commander, Mayo Makatsu is in danger. Thankfully Mayuzumi anticipated this and defends the area. Though the surprise attack failed, Kokoro Fushikawa is going to mobilize the rear guard to defend against them. This is risky as it will make her resources stretch thin and isolate herself. True enough this is what happened. Shouichi’s unit attacks her group and though Kokoro made a run for it, she ran exactly into their trap. While Margit’s archers have to deal with the sole archer who is no other than Miyako, suddenly a great deal of Class 2S defects to Class 2F. Yamato has uploaded a video on to the internet that sees Kokoro gets spanked by him in addition to admitting her defeat! Trying to turn the tide, Class 2F didn’t expect Momoyo to turn against them. She’s doing so because she finds it interesting. Yamato is confident it will be her who will be losing this battle. Mayuzumi offers to fight her when another of the Four Devas drops in. She is Ageha Kuki and she is going to have a swell time fighting Momoyo. Even if it’s 2 against 1, Momoyo still has the edge with super powerful moves like Roast Flesh, Snowman, Killer Fireflies and Star Obliterator. Tsubame Matsunaga who is also one of the Four Devas makes her debut to make it 3 against 1. In this distraction, Yamato orders them to charge in. Unfortunately they are short of 1 unit got surrounded. Yamato, Cookie and a few other guys become the suicide unit to pry a path open for Shouichi to take Hideo head on in a man to man fight. Momoyo takes out Mayuzumi followed by Ageha. Before she can land her blow on Tsubame, Tesshin declares the end of the war because Shouichi has already knocked out Hideo. It’s Momoyo’s lost as Ageha and Tsubame note that she may be strong but was overconfident and brittle. Yamato and his class celebrate their grand victory. In the aftermath, Yamato meets Momoyo and gives her a ring as her birthday present in addition to that great fight. He still has strong feelings for her and confesses once more. Though she now sees him as a man, she thinks she would rather stay as his underling. In short, she wants to remain friends. In other words, he got rejected. Again. While his male friends tease him, the girls see this as an opportunity to steal his heart. Strike while the iron is hot!

Episode 2
After action, now it’s fanservice! Sort of. Miyako strips naked and prepares to get into some futon action with Yamato. To her dismay, he got ‘switched’. I’m pretty sure it’s her delusion that she was frolicking around with Yamato’s ‘body’. Meanwhile their teacher, Maro Ayanokouji is offering 50 meal tickets as commission for an urgent request. Yamato wants 144 meal tickets and no less. Seems Yamato and pals got the deal as he felt it was no harm to jack up the price as he was seeking something urgent in a short notice. Plus, after their victory over Class 2S, they won’t be so cocky now and there won’t be any competition. The talk about fair fight and Matsukaze, the artefact spirit possessing Mayuzumi’s handphone strap that she always talks to. Momoyo strangles Yamato because just when they exchanged vows to become siblings, he didn’t take up her invitation to visit her so that she could tease him in her boredom. Eager to know what the job he has taken up, she is disheartened to find it’s to find a lost dog. Where can she release her wild power if it’s just looking for a wild dog? Speaking of which, there it is right in front of them. You know what they say how the pets resemble the owner? Yeah. That. But this is no ordinary dog because as a noble dog trained by an exclusive breeder, it evades all their attempts to capture it. The dog is making them look bad, eh? Running rampage throughout the shopping district, whether it’s running through the women’s dressing room or destroying their parfait, somehow Yamato always ends up in the receiving end. He might be a good strategist but that doesn’t mean luck is always with him, right? Meanwhile as a shady guy wrapped with bandage waits at the river bank, Ageha is wary that ‘they’ have made their move while they were busy with the Fightout.

Momoyo and the other girls take time out soaking in the public bath. She can’t help notice that the girls’ speeches always have something to do with Yamato. Oh look, out the doggie comes out from the tub… Get it! Running through the hallways naked, guess who saw them when they finally lay their hands on the canine? Poor Yamato. Another round of pummelling. It’s odd that they can beat up a guy and still lose the dog. It leads them to a warehouse. Though they manage to pin it down, they see illegal foreign military ammunition and firepower lying around. Then they are surrounded by MIBs. Momoyo is happy she can go wild here and uses the machine gun as a stick to whack those useless men out of commission. That’s not how you use the gun but hey, it works this way too! It must be a shame for those guys even though wielding guns to lose to these girls only armed with swords (except for Miyako who is armed with a bow and arrows). Soon, they are ambushed by female ninjas. More skilled and sexier. However they notice that their skills are based from Kawakami techniques and such skills are never leaked to outsiders. The ninjas hear the call to retreat so they toss a grenade inside the warehouse. Momoyo flips over the ground to soften the impact of the explosion, though the warehouse still got ripped by the shockwave. As for Yamato, don’t worry about him, all the other girls are ‘cushioning’ around him. Feels like heaven? Well, now it’s time for hell because Momoyo is going to beat the sh*t out of him. They leave and discuss about what happened. Has Japan become such a dangerous place? Well, is it a wonder if you have schools fighting on a big war scale? Then they realize they forgot something really important: The dog! Thankfully, it is being tamed by Shouichi’s food. Who knew it would be that easy… So it’s no surprise that it was a shock to them seeing the hell that they went through today. The supplier of the illegal arms is relieved that his stock is retrieved but is still not enough for the order and wonders if he should replenish them.

Episode 3
Here we go again with Miyako’s sexed up fantasies with Yamato. She allows Yamato to ‘conquer’ her and do as he wishes. Turns out to be a hentai video game specially designed by Morooka. She’s the only protagonist he can choose in the game. It has 48 hentai scenes and many secret shots. Wow! He’s supposed to play it and gradually fall for her to a point he can’t differentiate reality and fantasy and do perverted things to the real her. However Yamato is not interested in this awesome game and walks out. I think he’s gay ;p. To pass this chance up… Miyako hasn’t given up yet and tries to seduce Yamato by giving him a wake up kiss. Fortunately he could sense her ‘killing’ aura and avoids it. Cookie wonders why she is trying so hard. She mentions he has been rejected twice by Momoyo and will fill that void in his heart. In other words, fall for her. But Miyako may be facing some stiff competition because during breakfast, Yamato compliments Mayuzumi’s cooking and that she can be a good wife. Not wanting to lose out, Miyako wants him to try out her Destroid Sauce. That skull face says it all, eh? See the warning on the side? “In case of contact with skin, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor”. Destroy… Destroid… Destroyed… Then on the way to school, Momoyo messes with Yamato since nobody has fought her ever since their victory. Yeah, she needs somebody to take out her wild side. Oh Yamato, you’re so useful. Later Cookie talks to frustrated Miyako. She tells her story of how she was always bullied and Yamato came to rescue her. She wouldn’t have gotten here without his help. Cookie felt so pitiful that she loves him so much, that he wants to help out (putting up a gangster act so she could rescue him and make him fall for her?). But Miyako is going to use her last resort to convey her feelings: Use force. Oh God. Miyako sneaks up on Yamato feeding his favourite hermit crabs. Then as she strips, Cookie barges in to rescue Yamato. Now Yamato loves Cookie! Till he realizes this is all part of their plan to make Miyako look good in his books and fall for her. That night, Cookie asks Yamato why he doesn’t respond to Miyako’s feelings. He replies he has no right to love her. Miyako used to get bullied when small and he knew it all along. He was too afraid to do anything for fear of repercussions of getting bullied too. He eventually saved her because he hated himself for being a coward and would’ve been guilt-ridden now if he kept pretending not to notice. When he saved Miyako, he was actually saving himself. His kindness to her is his way of atoning. Though he didn’t expect her to fall in love with him. Miyako has heard everything and loves him even more. She will love him with her own free will. But why does she still want to use Cookie to electrify him into submission?!

Mayuzumi takes a bath and talks to Matsukaze, who thinks today’s topic is Yamato. The horse is going to probe her feelings for Yamato (“Nothing is perverted in the matters of love”). She has lots of good things to say about Yamato and remembers the time she first met him. Well literally, she bumped into him and got taken in by his kindness. But he saw her pantsu… In view of this, Matsukaze wants them to get married and if she mentions it, he’s the kind of guy who will take responsibility on it. But Mayuzumi still thinks there are other better women and that it is difficult for him to choose her. Matsukaze warns that if she doesn’t do anything, some other girl will take him away, get married and bear a baby. All she will get is to be invited to their wedding and receive a plate with the couple’s photo as a gift that she can never throw away for life. So is she still okay of being friends with him? Will she be able to endure that for the rest of her life? But one thing still bothers her. Yamato may have been rejected by Momoyo twice and though he may be acting fine, maybe he is just hiding his pain. Matsukaze suggests cheering him up with her home cook food. Cook the dish he loves. Hermit crabs? Won’t that be murdering his pet? Mayuzumi thinks it’s important to be someone he likes. She wonders what kind of woman he likes. If it’s somebody like Momoyo, then she’s got to be wild, brute, violent, eat a lot, popular and easily makes friends. I’m sure shy Mayuzumi will have a hard time doing all that. As she gets out of the bath, she gets nervous when Yamato passes her. Her tongue is tied but she returns calm when he exchanges pleasantries with her. She hopes tomorrow will be a good day. Congratulations on her first tiny step.

Episode 4
Yamato catches Miyako sniffing his shirt in the laundry. The pervert teases him and tries to turn him on. Yamato is not amused and tells her to leave but not without asking her to give back his boxers. Actually, she’s wearing them! In exchange he can wear her panties. On his head preferably. If he still insists, he can try to force the boxers off her! Yamato still isn’t lured by her seduction so she runs off to plan another scheme with Cookies. Oh, she’s still wearing his boxers. Christiane loves the Japanese value on righteousness and is grateful her inspired dad sent her to Japan to study here. She thought of asking Yamato, thinking he knows more. As she prepares to head in the bath, Yamato comes out. Yamato was the one screaming and accusing her the pervert! Then as she pins him down with her feet, Yamato tries to convince her that being seen naked in Japan is nothing shameful. The reason why Japan doesn’t do so now is because they’ve been corrupted by western ideals. Back in the olden days, everybody was like family. There was no need to lock doors, they shared everything and looking at each other naked was nothing simply because they’re family! Besides, all humans are born naked naturally, right? He adds that the western idea that this is immoral suggests all humans are inherently evil. Thus it contradicts the belief that all humans are inherently good with a sense of righteousness. So, is everyone born with a sense of righteousness? Is human existence evil? Must such immoral existence need to be hidden? Christiane’s worries about seeing naked is more about being embarrassed so Yamato admits he loves looking at naked girls!!! I didn’t know he was this big a pervert!!! He further questions her about saying this kind of love is an inferior feeling. Is it vulgar to feel love? To her, love is something noble and pure but he points out even so, she calls that lust. Then she brings up a hypothetical subject about liking someone but that someone likes somebody else, would it be righteous to fall in love with him? What about if he gets rejected? Yamato replies it may be the same feelings but she shouldn’t judge something good or bad based on the situation. No matter the reason, no one should disapprove of her precious feelings. That feeling won’t change and he still loves seeing girls naked! It’s not right to deny him his love! Christiane repeatedly steps on him because she’s not about to fall into his trick. Yamato thought he could break the ice by showing his butt that resembles like the fried tofu she loves! She warns him not to mock Japan and asks if the Japan he once loves is no more. Is that righteousness gone? Yamato says his father abandoned Japan. Seeing where the country is heading, he gave up on the country and is currently living overseas. Christiane realizes that he treats his father’s words as absolute just like her. Since seeing her naked is inevitable, she asks him one final question: Does he loves seeing girls naked or seeing her naked? Oh sh*t. Tough question! Fortunately he doesn’t have to answer that since Miyako comes in and thought Yamato is doing some S&M play. Not wanting to lose out, she sits over his head. Later Christiane criticizes Yamato’s attitude. She is about to forgive him when he placed a fried tofu outside her room. But seeing them reminded her of his butt! Damn you Yamato!!!

As Kazuko gears up for training, she sees a crowd gathering by the riverbank. Seems Momoyo has taken up a fight challenge by some weird floating Pharaoh, Mem XXIII. I guess she is so pent up that she agrees to fight anyone. Unfortunately, Mem XXIII got owned so easily after all that flashy moves. Momoyo realizes she should have hold back her powers instead of going all out. Now that the fight ended prematurely and she hadn’t had her fun, she takes out on Yamato who will be her libido outlet!!! She catches him off-guard by using the wind to flip up her skirt but short of letting him see her pantsu. That distraction was enough for her to submit him. However Kazuko points out to a cute girl so she abandons the fight and ‘dates’ the girl. Yamato notes Momoyo’s love for girls may be a pity but it saved him. Kazuko notes Momoyo is not chasing girls not because she’s a lesbian. It’s because there are no good guys around. I guess she has very high standards for guys, eh? You got to be one heck of an amazing guy to match her. Yamato should know better… He accompanies Kazuko in her training. She is confident her boobs will grow big like Momoyo’s if she keeps training hard. But he teases the difference in their sizes. Muskmelons and cherry tomatoes… Of course Yamato says that the size isn’t important. It’s the sensitivity! Real pervert! But he gets thrown off his pace when she asks about his feelings for Momoyo. Kazuko thinks it would be great if Yamato and Momoyo got married because she likes big families. Shock for the guy! Her original family abandoned her so she doesn’t care about them anymore but she just wished her adopted family would come home sometimes instead of going out for training. At this rate, they’ll never be able to see each other. Yamato suggests that if she really wants more family members, he could marry her instead. Shock for the girl! She flusters and doesn’t think she is half as good as Momoyo or even his type. Continuing her training, she notes she might be a long way off but perhaps she and Yamato may make a good pair. That won’t be such a bad idea because they’ll have fun growing up together, meet Momoyo’s standards and all live together. Just thinking about it gives her to motivation to push forward.

Episode 5
Yamato is going to run wild with his secret stash of rare porn masterpiece! To his horror, he finds that not only this copy, but all the other hidden copies, Miyako had glued her face in every picture! Furious Yamato confronts Miyako, who is not afraid to admit that she is making a love montage as his fapping material! She used a super glue that it won’t come off but prefers his real ‘glue’ all over her! Yamato’s answer? Use to super glue and glue her hand onto Cookie! As Yamato and his friends are on his way to school, Mayuzumi gives him her specially made bento. The other girls didn’t think too much about it till he comments about Mayuzumi doing things as a girl. The rest try to give Yamato their food. Even the guys. When Momoyo gives her half-eaten yakisoba and can consider it her indirect kiss, the girls start biting off their food and giving it to Yamato. Can this guy finish everything? Even Cookie dumps a load of popcorn for him! Meanwhile Kokoro is getting this feeling that her classmates are ridiculing her. And it’s not baldy Jun Inoue’s comment that he’s looking for women with no hair and Kokoro only has got no breasts. As Touma Aoi points out, it’s that humiliating video that she got spanked uploaded onto the internet that contributed to Class 2S’s loss. Unhappy she has been made fun of, Kokoro is going to teach that monkey a lesson. She requests Hideo for a rematch but it seems he has already accepted his defeat graciously. There is no need to fight them again for they have vowed to enjoy school life together. Kokoro isn’t happy with his answer so the head maid, Azumi Oshitari ticks her off that she’s on her own. Kokoro is thinking hard on how to get her revenge when she spots Yamato confiding with a couple of otaku perverts over a porn magazine. She challenges him to a duel but clearly he ignores her and fools around. Kokoro vows to do everything to make him accept her challenge.

Doing a few background checks on him, she concludes she will have to make him angry and that is to attack the woman he loves: Momoyo. However it’s not a good idea because Momoyo is hungry for anybody to challenge her! She thought of eating king crabs in front of Yamato as it’s like eating hermit crabs but Yamato don’t quite see the connection. She uses her last resort by showing him her womanly charms but clearly he’s not moved. She wants him to prove to her that he’s a man. She got more than she bargained for because he unzipped his pants and show it to her!!! In a desperate attempt to get him, she trips and starts crying. Yamato helps her up and says she was cuter the way she was before. Then the cupid’s arrow strikes her heart. Could it be? Well, she thinks he’s in love with her. Kokoro approaches Yamato who is trying to finish the food his friends give him and offers him to be her servant. Not interested. She makes it an exception to be his friend first. But when he continues to ignore her, she blows her top, accidentally causing the food to spill. Kokoro offers to make it up with superior meal but Yamato isn’t convinced. The food is more important than her? It’s something his friends gave him. It is then Yamato challenges her to a duel she wanted so much. And so Yamato and Kokoro face off in a no-holds-barred match officiated by Tesshin. Yamato charges but is easily thrown by merciless Kokoro. However, each time he gets back up and this causes Kokoro to panic. Since the match will only end with either one knocked out or giving up, Kokoro continues to throw him in hopes of making him stop. She couldn’t take it anymore and apologizes on her knees in tears about his lunch. Yamato then collapses and Tesshin declares Kokoro the winner. Kokoro feels guilty for making him put up with so much of this nonsense but realizes she has been tricked when he’s wearing an armour underneath. Hey, it still hurts, right? Momoyo, who has been watching the match, carries Yamato back. Next day, Kokoro returns to her class and she thinks her friends are ignoring her. Touma notes that the humiliating video of Kokoro has been deleted and a message for those who have downloaded it to erase their copy. Touma thinks of being considerate and just deletes his too. Though Kokoro still calls Yamato a monkey, at least she has a more favourable view of him now.

Episode 6
Yamato prepares thoroughly to enjoy his porn video. As he starts the video, he sees Miyako in it and the follows the cable plugged to the TV. This leads him directly to her room whereby she is making a fresh homemade adult video just for him. Yeah, she wants him to get into the action now! Well, they didn’t get any filming done because Yamato tied her up pretty good in S&M style. Miyako is thrilled to make a new discovery. For the festival, Shouichi thinks of erecting a palanquin. Everyone is excited to make it except for Kazuko. But when they make their biggest palanquin yet, Mayuzumi and Christiane are also shock to see the kind of shape it is erected. A big penis… So some short narration how this tradition came about and it turns out this festival is known for STD recovery and protection against AIDS. But why the big dick still? Well, Miyako totally loves it seeing it is modelled after Yamato’s. Preferably, she wants the real thing too! Maybe it’s modelled after Morooka’s and the girls hear unwanted talk about foreskin and all. At the festival, I guess the penis shaped candies and mushroom provide the obligated fanservice for girls to suck and lick them. See Touma and Koyuki Sakakibara turn the male and female crowd on with their sucking and licking. I don’t know how Yamato convinced them that eating phallic shape foods made a woman more attractive and even Momoyo teaches them on how to do it! Oh sh*t! So f*cking turn on!!! Any homos seeing this will even turn straight! Our girls obediently do as they are told and naturally send the watching crowd of guys into ecstasy. Till the final part of biting and snapping it off!!! OUCH!!! Psychological damage! Unfortunately the guy the girls wanted most to see their hand job isn’t around. Yeah, Yamato has rushed home seeing he had received word from Cookie that his hermit crabs escaped… Mayo’s handmade candies are so small and although there are some buyers, Kokoro teases its inferior quality as opposed to her high-class ingredients. She even seduces the guys by sucking and licking the candy and cause psychological damage by snapping it at the end! But Mayo’s friends didn’t take her comments lightly and summon her to a challenge. Tesshin approves this challenge and it will be a battle of palanquins. Shouichi is confident theirs is big enough to win but it seems Hideo’s is even bigger! On a side note, it is modelled after his.

Yamato is on his way there as the battle has begun. However, the man in bandage (let’s call him Motosouri) punches him in the gut because he mistook him for a hitman. Noticing he can withstand the punch, Yamato says he fights with his brain and not his body. Motosouri thinks he is the son of that person and it seems he is an old friend of Yamato’s dad. Wondering about that dude, Yamato mentions he is living overseas and has abandoned Japan because he couldn’t tolerate the corrupt nation exploited by corrupted politicians while sidelining the innocent majority. Motosouri sees him as a loser because he chose to pathetically run away. This upsets Yamato and wants him to apologize for badmouthing. However he can’t touch Motosouri as he avoids his punches and fights back. Noting that Yamato is the one being mocked, he mentions about precious people form a family which form a town which form a nation. His father abandoned those precious ones. Yamato insists that the people elected those corrupted bastards and despite still given a choice to choose, it’s like choosing between curry that tastes like sh*t or sh*t that tastes like curry. Well, some countries only have pure sh*t to choose from as Motosouri puts it. And you’re forced to eat it as long as you’re alive. Yamato vows to change the country but he signs off with a piece of advice. People want their nation to change for the better and they don’t care who does it. Yamato arrives late and the battle is at its climax. He gets motivated as his friends call for him to join them. In the end, both palanquins break so Shouichi and Hideo strip naked to replace the ‘divine object’! Woah! What they didn’t expect is Hideo’s ‘towering monstrosity’! With that, Shouichi’s team admits defeat! Motosouri sees Tesshin to report on a certain problem. He has already sent out a search party to track ‘them’ down.

Episode 7
Hey! I want my Miyako fanservice appetiser! In replacement of this, we see a hot babe taking out military prototype tanks with just her fist in her own assessment test! Woah! She can dodge bullets without Bullet Time cheat codes! I guess that’s why Japan lost the way, huh? Momoyo is so bored when Tesshin barges into her room to tell her something important. However she wants to fight him but he notes the town will be on fire if they do that. So as they argue on how long they should fight, they settle it at 3 seconds and if Momoyo loses, she will wear a school swimsuit for the entire day. And if she wins, Tesshin will do the same. But what bugs her is that Tesshin seems happy about that too. Momoyo backs off since 3 seconds won’t be enough to satisfy her fighting desire and leaves. Tesshin realizes he forgot to tell her the all important thing. Meanwhile a group of ladies and a couple of guys aren’t just fishing in the deep sea. They’re fishing out illegal crates of weapons. Yamato lies at the river bank thinking back Motosouri’s words. Momoyo sees Yamato and plans to mess with him to ease her boredom but Kazuko ‘hijacks’ him first for training. Back at the dorm, she thought she could mess him up now but it’s Christiane’s turn to ‘hijack’ Yamato to go watch a movie. This is followed by Miyako and her unshameful and bold sexual harassments to get him to go out with her. Just when Momoyo thought Yamato is all hers, then Mayuzumi pops up and summons her courage to invite Yamato to have lunch with her. Momoyo laments that Yamato should be by her side since he said he’d always be with her. Hey, didn’t she reject him twice? So when Yamato comes sit next to her for real without the other distractions, he can tell something is bugging her. Of course she is not happy that he wasn’t here by her side.

Shouichi tells Yamato and the girls about Maro’s crackdown on porn. Gakuto and Morooka are at a rally against it. Kazuko is eager to obliterate every single porn on the face of this planet because ever since the festival, photos of her made it into international news and she is somewhat ‘famous’. Kazuko blames Yamato that since the ‘divine’ object was modelled after his, she wants him to take responsibility by marrying her! The other girls wonder if they have photos of them uploaded too but it’s just them eating the phallic shape mushroom. Porn stars in the making? But the most shocking one has got to be from Momoyo. No, there are no porn images of her. Actually she is not interested to help out with the gang in a mission where she can go wild. The kind of mission that she really looks forward to because she can fight. Yamato searches for Momoyo and can’t help wonder what has gotten into her. He meets the otaku pervert who shows him an awesome collection of porn magazines. He is made to spill his source as he points to a girl playing in the arcade. Yamato tails her to a ship at the dock but he got nipped in the butt. More precisely, some guy touched his fine ass and he got captured before he could call for backup. Yamato realizes they’re the illegal smugglers they fought back in the warehouse. Actually they prefer to be called jack-of-all-trades and would take on any job. Since Yamato doesn’t want to hire them, the leader asks if he likes tits or asses. Yamato loves the latter and so he is going to give him a present by firing some big holes with his machine gun in his ass!!! Before he gets extra ass holes (pun not intended), Yamato’s harem girls pop up to save him. Seems they were also investigating on the case and so happen meet each other by chance. The baddies bomb the ship but everyone manages to get out safely. As for the cargo, those were spares so they aren’t worried. Kazuko recognizes the leader, Gyoubu Shakadou. Seems he is the former instructor of Kawakami Temple and was expelled for using distorted martial arts. He thought that style to the rest. Speaking of which, the ninja babes, the Itagaki siblings introduce themselves. Sisters Ami, Tatsuko and Angel and brother Ryuuhei. So this sets a showdown between both sides. Can you believe Miyako is still able to spout naughty lines on Yamato in her fight? But the girls get totally distracted when carefree Tatsuko kisses Yamato! I guess there goes the competition of which of the girls he would land his lips on. Shakadou fires a shot aimed for Miyako. Though she dodges it, the bullet may hit Yamato. In that split second, Momoyo was quick enough to deflect it with her finger!!! WTF?! She is pissed with Shakadou because Yamato is the only one she can use as a toy. Before she could land a punch in his face, there is somebody fast enough to stop her dead in her tracks. She is Takae Tachibana and a former member of the Four Devas. Both girls start their power fight so much so it shatters glass and destroys the surrounding buildings!!! WOAH!!! But Momoyo is more shock to see Takae’s cyborg limbs.

Episode 8
While Shakadou and co flee, the power battle continues and it seems Momoyo can use her life energy and use her metabolism to heal her injuries! Woah! She’s not human! Momoyo wants to know why she is siding with the villains. She admits she is a villain herself and ordered those weapons from them. Yamato comes up with a plan for all of the girls to attack Takae at one go. No matter how fast she is, she still will face a problem of taking all 5 of them simultaneously. Even in this heated moment, Yamato can still be a pervert. He noticed Tachibana’s boobs jiggling and knew that part wasn’t armoured and thus had Miyako’s arrow aimed at that spot to throw her off. Momoyo remembers when Ageha visited her to inform her about Takae. She was in the JSDF and killed by a surprised attack in a classified operation. Ageha’s family has been in the military business for a very long time. Noting the odd oligopoly of the weapon arms business, without any real business rivalries, the weapons become faulty, malfunction and sold to retired politicians at a high price. But the ultimate losers are the soldiers. Each time the government wastes more money, the less their troops get equipped. And with high level corruption, they are made to dispatch in real warfare with poorly made weapons. Ageha believes the soldiers are the nation’s people and decided to develop a globally competitive and world’s mightiest weapon. The kind of weapon soldiers can carry out their duties with pride. With that, one of the projects had already undergone some research: Cybernetic prosthetics with combat enhancement armour. Back to the current fight, Takae communicates with her subordinate, Saki Mimori as she scans Yamato and co. She suggests retreating since they have a crucial operation ahead but Takae wants to test them out. Takae powers up and reads all their movements. She thought they tried the same simultaneous attack. But it’s a distraction to attach high-powered explosives that Yamato smuggled out, all over her prosthetics. BOOM!

Returning to the flashback, Ageha further explains the most expensive component of a weapon is the human factor. Lots of time, energy and money go into training a full-fledged soldier so retired and injured ones are deemed inefficient in terms of finance and human resources. But if they can supplement injured bodies with machinery to fight, they can put experienced and elite soldiers back in the battlefield. Since Takae’s body was heavily injured and she struggling between life and death, Takae was falsely reported as killed in a training accident to maintain secrecy since her military talent was quite valuable. Also, her amazing physical strength as a former Four Devas and compatibility with the prosthetics, she exceeded expectations and went far beyond the engineered specs. Unfathomable power you could say. So on the day Ageha was engaged in the Fightout, Takae and Saki escaped after gaining that unworldly power. Momoyo thought Ageha wanted her to help defeat Takae but she wants her to stay out of this highly political matter and not get her personal grudges involved. However she is stubborn and couldn’t care less about all that because as long as somebody picks a fight with her, she fights back. Period. Now back to the battle. Despite the powerful explosion that would decimate everything within 2 metre radius, Takae still stands. Not even a scratch! Takae electric shocks Yamato and the girls so Momoyo revels in having fun with her because she can go all out without holding back. You mean she was all this while? Takae fires her bullets, missiles and even has jet booster to make her fly while Momoyo uses her instant recovery technique to get back on her feet and return twice the favour to that semi-cyborg. However Momoyo is only human and has her limits too. Once her instant recovery ceases to function, Takae rains a hail of missiles at her. One of them went stray and hit Yamato. The next thing we know, Yamato is lying in coma in hospital. His friends can do nothing but to wait outside and it’s not use if Momoyo feels guilty or frustrated now. Had her fun, did she? Now pay the price!

Episode 9
The guys are desperately pleading so loud for Yamato to come back. Hey! Isn’t this a hospital? Would shouting out help bring him back? It’s much worse for the girls. It all started with Kazuko. Because right after she confesses she loves him, all the other girls too blurt out their feelings for Yamato. Even tough cookie Momoyo needs him to come back alive because she can’t beat him to death if he dies for breaking the promise of not being by her side. WTF?! Then his heart beat stops. Gasp! NOOOO!!! YAMATO!!! COME BACK!!! Did it work? His heart beat resumes but his lower anatomy starts erecting! And with that silly perverted grin on his face… I’m not sure if he felt pain while the girls beat him up in his sleep. Back at their base, it’s a greater tension among the girls because in that spur of the moment, they realized they’ve exposed their true feelings. Now everyone is a love rival. So much so they can’t leave their very seat because the slightest excuse to do so will be given deadly stares by the rest to go see Yamato. Not even the toilet. Just when Mayuzumi thought she had the confidence to break through, the other girls pin her down! NOT SO FAST, B*TCH!!! Scary!!! Cookie stays by Yamato’s side. The latter laments his tactics didn’t work since Takae predicted their moves. But Cookie says that it is because of Saki’s computerized eye that allows her to analyze their movements and send data to Takae.

Meanwhile Ageha confronts Momoyo and wants her to stop pursuing Takae. Momoyo still thinks her revenge is not over but Ageha tells her off it is due to her that Yamato got injured. She sacrificed him in the process while she revels in the thrill of the fight. She may be physically strong but Takae not only has machine but strong tenacious will. And Momoyo’s will to avenge Yamato doesn’t count as her tenacious will because she rejected that guy’s feelings twice, right? Why did she do that? Was she afraid things will change? Ageha says that if she wants her precious things to remain constant in the changing world, she must abandon her fear and fight. She gives her final warning not to pursue this case and her family will take full responsibility to track down Takae. Takae is having her prosthetics recharged. But she also has another kind of recharge. The kind in which she and Saki being naked in bed. Ooohhh… I wonder if that part down there is mechanical too… Elsewhere Shakadou and the rest are having a sukiyaki celebration. He mentions that they’ll be earning real money soon and the hefty deposit he got from Takae, he didn’t use a single cent yet. Shakadou mentions about the Swiss Army as one of the world’s mightiest since every citizen is trained and each household has assault rifles and ammunition. Erm… Did he learn this from a certain manga? But the best part of Switzerland is the Swiss Bank. Secret accounts to hide dirty money from all over the world. Sure, he didn’t pick that one up from the manga too? To prove his point, he shows them the PIN number for the account. It just amazes the siblings that they start dreaming of the billions they could spend on such as meat and men (for Ryuuhei, that is. It’s confirmed that guy is gay!) till they grow old. Heck do they even know how big that number is! How many zeros are there?! However Shakadou burns the paper away. He assures them he has remembered it in his head but Ryuuhei doesn’t like the way he is handling this since he is not telling anyone the PIN number. Not even to them. Call it insurance in the event if something goes wrong, eh? But his cigarette ash accidentally falls into the gas canister. Boom! I hope they have the funds to cover for this too.

Yamato searches the news for last night power fight and as expected there were no reports though only some amateur videos uploaded. Suddenly the nurse comes in to take his temperature. Oh wait. It’s Saki! He likes asses, right? How about sticking a thermometer right up his ass now?! What about urine test? But it’s double trouble since Christiane is here for the same. Make that triple trouble with Mayuzumi in the picture. Oh, turn the notch up by one because here comes Kazuko too. All the girls start fighting over to feed Yamato the so called ‘nutrition’ they made him. Then they get even desperate. Before Christiane could reveal her true relationship, Kazuko jumps the gun first that she is dating Yamato! Though it’s for her daily training. Now every sh*t is coming out because the girls try to outdo the other by revealing the ‘intimate’ stuff they privately do with him like being in the room together (to watch DVD) and seeing them naked (by accident). Miyako is going to strip naked as Yamato ignores the cat fight and enjoys the meal. Cookie alerts him that the city is under siege. Takae is on a rampage and she’s destroying everything. Not even the police can do anything about it. Speaking of them, seems the Prime Minister is reluctant to use JSDF, though he allows the police to use any weapon they can to stop her. Guess what? Didn’t work. The girls rush out to face Takae without thinking because they want to avenge Yamato. Takae faces Momoyo once more. She wants to know her goal. Takae feels that power is justice and that she is declaring war on this country. Tesshin sees Yamato and uses his life energy to heal Yamato. Hey, the pain’s gone! He’s here because Momoyo refused to listen to him and has no choice but to request Yamato’s aid to help her out.

Episode 10
The girls are riding a train to the attacked area when it stops dead in its tracks. In times like this, the service would be suspended, right? Watching the video, they see Momoyo taking on Takae and in the background, Cookie is flying Yamato on to the scene. Momoyo pulls off a secret move that sends Takae crashing several floors underground. The move is not in Saki’s database so she is ordered to observe Momoyo. However Takae ‘weakens’ and Momoyo turning the fight to her advantage when Yamato and Cookie intercept Saki. They tie her up and warn her not to do anything funny or else Yamato will strip off the underwear. His. WTF?! Saki says the country isn’t worth living or protecting. More precisely, they aren’t worth it because Japan abandoned them. It’s a country that doesn’t love its people. Meanwhile the Prime Minister gets a call about the sea route or something but he doesn’t give a damn because he’s got his hands full focused on the city in flames. Seems the guy on the other line has been tied up and their conversation recorded by Shakadou and his gang. Saki knows Yamato’s dad abandoned Japan. She then kisses Cookie to hack his arm control programme to make the robot go out of control before making it jump down the building. Ironically for a tough built robot like that, it smashed like a broken egg. Saki is going to show Yamato the bayonet technique that Takae specializes in. Thankfully the girls drop in to protect Yamato. Even as they attack together, Saki can predict all their moves and break their weapons with ease. Perhaps she was so fast that we had to see Saki pull off her cool moves in slo-mo. Yeah, even pulling out weapons from underneath her skirt. Of course part of the girls’ failure is that their hearts are in disarray over Yamato and lack teamwork. Perhaps Saki didn’t predict Yamato would charge towards her. Then he is going to strip his underwear! Out it comes his ‘magnum’. Actually it’s a stun weapon. The shock has Saki remember memories when she was fighting alongside Takae. Their side were surrounded by enemies but the high commander only gave them orders to not fight back and withdraw. Worse, he wants them to let the criminals go. Then a grenade came flying into their direction.

Saki recovers herself, knocks Yamato out and threatens the girls to drop their weapon or her knife will stab through his skull. They obediently do so as Saki establishes communication back with Takae. Takae heads over to her and Momoyo is surprised to see Yamato in this mess. Momoyo still wants to fight to avenge Yamato but the other girls draw their weapons against her. Takae notes how this boy is much more important than the fight. With such a weak will, they can’t defeat her. She is going to make Momoyo suffer once more. Before she could fire at her, Ageha drops out from the sky to snatch Yamato away and in that distraction, Momoyo to punch Saki in the gut and take her hostage. They thought the tables are turned but Takae orders Saki to die and fires at her. Momoyo throws her away and takes the bullets. Then Takae takes Saki away and escape. Momoyo uses her instant recovery to heal but when she sees the other girls worried and close to Yamato, she pushes them all away and asserts he is hers and only hers. That’s when Matsukaze doesn’t hold back and tells her straight she only sees him as an underling. Heck, they’re not even engaged or lovers. Even Mayuzumi acts like a girl when she treats him. Despite Momoyo mentioning Yamato loves her as a woman and big sister, Matsukaze adds that she turned him down twice. She’s selfish and should put herself in Yamato’s shoes. Men have their own needs and feelings too. It’s sad he doesn’t get the love he needs but if she puts it off too long, it’ll turn bad. Just like putting a melon too long in the fridge. Since she doesn’t respond to his love, it’s as though she’s keeping him as a pet. With that, Momoyo doesn’t want them to treat her as a friend but as another woman. That goes for Kazuko too. No more her sister. Just another woman.

Episode 11
Things get even uglier because the girls start fighting over each other to take care of Yamato. Hey, the city is burning in the background, you know? Are there more important things than fighting over a man? Of course. And hey, they drop him so many times in their tussle. Try to be considerate, okay? Well, nothing’s change because there is high tension among the girls even as they sit together and eat breakfast. I’m not sure what is the point of trying to give all their pork cutlets to Yamato’s dish when he isn’t even at the table. Then they all go rush to wake him up. What happens when you have stubborn people not willing to lose and give way? Momoyo fires her wave into them all but they find out the real Yamato has substituted himself and left a decoy. Yamato is at the riverbed when Motosouri comes up to him. He can tell the kid is troubled. Yamato wonders what they are fighting for and no matter how hard he thinks, he can’t find the answer. Well, he has to. So Motosouri talks to him about getting into sh*t, degrading into a piece of sh*t that doesn’t care and self satisfaction. Yamato mentions the girl he protected from bullies when he was a kid. If he did not, he might’ve been guilt-ridden later. Since she has been following him and he also felt happy, Motosouri says there is another word to describe that self satisfaction: Justice. Meanwhile the girls clean Yamato’s room and find porn all over the place. I guess to get to know him better, they summon the courage to see what kind of porn he likes. Oh yeah. Watch the porn video! How is even that position possible?! Momoyo gets pissed off that all they ever think is Yamato and punches the TV screen (heck, can we stay and see more?). They shoot back that Yamato is everything to them and who they love is no one’s business. Now that it’s come to this, they challenge her to a Fightout.

Japan’s airwaves get a transmission from Takae. She is telling the people of Japan that she will destroy this country and kill the Prime Minister. So remember this face and voice because the next time you see her, you’ll be dead! So now the panicky Prime Minister is engaging the JSDF. Yeah, he is barricading himself with all the defences at his residence. Takae and Saki hug each other as they prepare for their final mission. Naked. Ryuuhei leads a group of delinquents and attack the troops guarding the Prime Minister’s residence! How can mere amateur civilians beat up the army?! Well as Shakadou puts it, the delinquents were paid and the army know they are carrying live ammunition and can’t fire back at civilians. He has also cut off communications from higher command to freeze their chain of command. While the city is in chaos, Momoyo and the girls are battling each other. Is a single guy more important than the impending doom of a nation? If you’re a girl madly in love with him, you’ll say yes. Hell to the world as long as I can have him! The girls gang up against Momoyo and Kazuko got nailed by a powerful one. However she still stands up because she loves Yamato and will never give up. The other girls also let out why the love that guy so much. It is because of him that they are who they are now. Now it’s Momoyo’s turn. She has always depended on his kindness and always followed her. She wished this would last forever and though she was happy when he confessed, she was afraid that would change their current relationship. When they got close to him while she was distanced, that’s when she realized her feelings for him. Yamato has heard everything. No, he’s not going to choose one of them. He says he is going to protect this country despite having lots of ugly side and it’s not that he loves it so much. It’s because he has friends who lives here. And the friends of their friends of their friends of their friends. The people he loves all live here. Momoyo agrees to join his course since she remembers his dream of becoming Prime Minister and if this country collapses, that won’t come true. The other girls also put aside their difference to join his cause. And their other guy buddies as well. Oh well, friends and teamwork over harem…

Episode 12
So with Shouichi and the gang arriving, we have match-ups of Gakuto vs Ryuuhei, Christiane vs Ami, Miyako vs Tatsuko, Kazuko vs Angel and Mayuzumi vs Shakadou. Of course the big battle is the rematch, Momoyo vs Takae. Yamato fights Saki but it isn’t long she knocks him out. Yamato remembers how his father told him he has no more faith in Japan. Defining what a country is, he is appalled that his country is where one is unable to tell others what you consider precious. When you say you love daddy, you have father complex. I love mommy means mother complex. And if you love your nation, people will look at you with disdain. A country like that has no future. Don’t forget about lolicons and shotacons too ;p. Motosouri meets the Prime Minister in his office. Seems Motosouri is the former Prime Minister (heck, that is what his nickname Motosouri means). From the things they said, the current Prime Minister has done lots of evil deeds to reach his position like dragging others down, vote rigging and helping illegal people enter the country illegally so he could reach the top. So the part that Takae’s unit got ambushed may be a misunderstanding but nevertheless it’s still his fault. Motosouri feels what he is doing he is somewhat similar to Hitler. Momoyo uses her secret move on Takae but she won’t fall for the same trick twice and counters it. With Ageha now in the picture, she wants to know Takae’s true goal because if she’s dead serious in destroying the nation, ironically there was not a single casualty in her previous destruction. She deduces her role is to simply play the role of the villain and to be a terrifying one in the eyes of the nation. Since Japan has no enemies nowadays, people don’t respect soldiers even if they work hard for the nation. Takae asserts that she has resolved to devote and even sacrifice her life for the nation even if the people don’t remember her. But then she learnt it was one man’s ambition and not the nation. She might not care about her death but she tells them it is painful to see her subordinates in danger just for the ambitions of a worthless man. Her subordinates have devoted themselves to the country and ordering them to die is just painful. Meanwhile Yamato continues his flashback with his dad. He told his dad he loved him and daddy proudly did the same. Dad asked would he live in this place even if he wasn’t here. Yamato would because of his friends. Dad leaves the recreation of the country in the hands of the young ones. Yamato than asks if he becomes Prime Minister and makes this country to one whereby you can tell people who you love without restrictions, will he come back? Of course. That’s the promise he made with his father. So when Yamato snaps back into reality, he is surprised to see Hideo and his buddies (including Maro’s dog) throwing in their support behind him and joining the fight. He even has a present for Yamato: An upgraded Cookie! Reunited and it feels so good. What kind of upgrade? It doesn’t fall to evil. Seriously? Even tsundere is here to help Yamato out and the more she denies it, the more tsundere she becomes.

With the big messy brawl raging on, Yamato rejoins the girls and announces he is going to fight for his loved ones from now on. He doesn’t want them to die but on the contrary the girls say it should be the opposite. He should order them to die if he is that determined. Wouldn’t that make them no different than the villains? Well, they’re all martial artists and in every fight, they are always prepared to die. So Yamato rewords his orders and has everyone die for him. That just sounds really odd… But it has a good effect on the girls because now they are able to focus and do their best and surmount their opponents. Mayuzumi is joined by Tsubame and Ageha in her fight against Shakadou but he realizes it’s time to make a tactical retreat and orders the siblings to pull out. Meanwhile Motosouri continues to confront the Prime Minister that he sold out his country to reach the top. He even has recorded footage on his conversation guiding the illegal entry. As they speak, this conversation is being played live over the news and leaked all over the internet. Prime Minister thought he could pull out a gun faster and silence Motosouri but he is faster and knocks him out. Yamato has located Saki and sits inside Cookie like as though he is piloting a mecha towards her. Cookie doesn’t go down easily with the rain of missiles she fires and once Cookie is close enough, Yamato ejects from his seat to knock her out. Finally, Momoyo does her secret move on Takae in which she counters it. But Momoyo too learns from her mistakes and doesn’t fall for the same trick twice. She improvises a new move that is not available in Takae’s data and sends the former Four Devas to a painful crash below. When Yamato and his friends reunite with Momoyo, she is already at her limit and her instant recovery isn’t working. In her final words, she admits she wanted to accept his confession and was happy that he gave her the ring. Before she ‘sleeps’, she confesses she loves him. Yamato thanks her for conveying her feelings well and kisses her on the lips. Suddenly she revives! WTF?!  She says she woke up from a prince’s kiss? So she was just faking it? Other girls not happy… They try to remind Yamato about his statement that he’d fight for his loved ones so he comes clean with them. What he actually meant was his love for his hermit crabs!!! Oh God!!! So at least he is not gay but seriously, the girls lost to crustaceans?! But they aren’t going to give up that easily yet because she wants him to seriously fall in love with them. Or at least one of them. Who? Don’t know. In the epilogue, Ageha takes Takae and Saki under her wing. Since the duo are technically dead, they can’t accuse the dead of a crime. So Ageha’s current research project is… Human cloning. Oh no. I hope history won’t repeat itself. Meanwhile Shakadou watches in glee as he hacked the Prime Minister’s secret account and password (with courtesy of Saki of course) and transfer all the money into his account. Yeah, it’s filling them up real good. However Ryuuhei didn’t like it that he is going to treat them to a simple sukiyaki and wants something expensive. Shakadou tells him to shut up when his cigarette accidentally drops into the crates filled with dynamites. Oh… Boom!!!

Seriously, Give Me More Harem And Ecchi Fanservice!
Oh… I see it already ended and like that. Not one of the best endings that I have seen because I felt that it could have ended better. Lots of things I feel weren’t properly tied up because it felt like they were just a prelude of bigger things to come if the producers ever decided to make a sequel. For instance, who will Yamato choose among the 5 girls? Will he still stay neutral and love his hermit crab pets more? What about Shakadou and his gang? It’s not like they’re easily killed by their own accidental explosion. Even if they escaped, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them. Now that the current Prime Minister is put out of commission, who is going to be Japan’s next head? What about exiled Shakadou from Kawakami Temple? Are Kazuko and her family going to do something about it to stop them since their techniques have already been leaked? Then about Ageha’s human cloning research and her obligation to take fallen soldiers Takae and Saki under her responsibility. This possibly would set the next ‘challenge’ if ever a second season is produced. For this season, I guess what has happened is sufficed. We nearly got almost of everything. Comedy, romance, harem, fanservice, action, drama, friendship and even politics. Ah yes. Dirty politics. Seriously, I didn’t really get all those political stuff and would have preferred it to be a cliche harem romance comedy. Feels like the politics were a side distraction even if they were something that made up the bigger picture. The series started off first with a cool big Fightout with both sides throwing all sorts of strategies to come out tops. This is the only Fightout among the class you’ll ever get to see. Then it descended into a little comedy romance with a few episodes focusing on some of the harem girls, including Kokoro. When will she be part of the harem I wonder. Finally it moves on to the dark political side that stakes the future of a nation. So if you’re hoping that this entire series will only be on Fightouts, good and bad thing that this is only limited to the first episode.

For Yamato as a brilliant strategist, if this was Code Geass, he could be the harem version of Lelouch if I should compare. Strong in mind, weak in body. It’s odd that even though he is a pervert (his porn video and magazine collection can be considered hardcore), he isn’t interested in Miyako’s steamy seduction. He’s sending mixed signals to whether he is straight or gay. Or crustacean lover. Does he like playing hard to get? I mean if you seriously want to love a girl, you can’t have them all, right? After getting rejected twice, it’s like twice bitten 1000 times shy. So maybe that is why he is reluctant to accept any other girls’ feelings for fear it may change the way their friendship is now. Friends and lovers are not always on the same level so if you upgrade one from friend to lover, others may become your enemy. After all, caring for his friends and his nation comes first. Vote Yamato for Prime Minister! And when that happens, maybe he’ll make a law that okays you to be a pervert because love and weird are nearly similar in Japanese kanji, right? Any love will be okay! Just don’t ban love!

Miyako’s bold perversion is quite amusing to watch. Unless you’re not into this sort of gag, you’ll definitely chuckle at the way she tries to seduce Yamato. Heck, even the words she chooses are amusing. Note all the sexual innuendoes in it too. “Shoot me with your lance tonight as a reward”. Perhaps because of her perverted ways, the other girls really never see her as a threat in snatching Yamato away. Simply because Yamato always denies her. Because he loves his hermit crabs more… The other amusing character is Matsukaze. This tiny horsey dude never holds back on his sarcasm and support for shy Mayuzumi to take the dive for Yamato. It feels like as though Mayuzumi is taking out her true feelings via her handphone strap and not some ancestral spirit possessing it. Oh wait. Could it really be the case? Because in the final episode, the confusion Yamato threw to the girls had her mixed up their ‘roles’ and made it obvious that it is perhaps Mayuzumi all along who was giving Matsukaze a voice. In addition to being a bloody good swords(wo)man, she’s one hell of a ventriloquist to, eh? As for Christiane and Kazuko, I just feel they were there to provide the numbers to the harem because their impact seems lacking. All I know Christiane is a foreigner who has taken interest in Japanese righteousness while Kazuko who hates perverted stuff (though she might change for Yamato’s love) is someone who just loves doing her daily training. Yamato’s future wife has got to be a strong woman, you know. Seriously I have to admit, the only reason why I enjoyed watching this series was because of the girls fighting each other over Yamato. Call me a sadist but if you’re in a harem anime, it’s a waste if you don’t push and fight over the guy you love, right? Once the cat is out of the bag that each one of them loves him as much as the other, that’s when the rivalry begins. They should have put in more of such scenes because it’s amusing and less of that hidden political agenda whatsoever that I’m not interested in. But it is also good to note that the girls can put aside their differences to work together as a team and bring down the baddies. I mean seriously, if the country is destroyed and everyone killed, where is the fun and point in trying to fight over the guy you love anymore?

Clearly Momoyo has been hiding her true feelings for Yamato ever since (I thought she’s into girls only?). I suspected she was afraid to change and true enough she admitted that. For a person like her who only finds happiness in brawls, perhaps she doesn’t know how a guy feels when he sums up his courage to confess to the girl he loves. And she rejected him twice. Once is already bad enough and very de-motivating for any guys but this guy got rejected twice! I’m not sure if he has given up because even when Momoyo finally accepted his love, he wasn’t really jumping around like a happy monkey that his dream has come true. So really, maybe he just likes to play hard to get. As for Ageha, in addition to being a no nonsense woman, she takes her responsibilities strictly and seriously and that makes her a respectable person and worthy of her title as one of the Four Devas. She may not be as powerful as Momoyo but she is calmer and thinks rationally instead of just jumping into the fray seeing that she comes from a military background.

It’s hard to pin Takae and Saki as the real villain because from what I noticed, their actions stem from their tragic past and trying to correct the country by playing the role of the villain. It is true that when complacency sets in, people tend to get lazy and inefficient. Thus when a real threat comes striking close to your home, I’ll bet as human instincts, you’re going to do everything it takes to survive. So perhaps the real villain is the one sitting high up in his comfortable leather chair, the current (and would-be former by the time the series ends) Prime Minister. This is what happens when you have bad people making bad decisions at the top. As a result, the nation suffers. It’s a good thing Motosouri took care of things on his part. And if you wonder why he didn’t do it sooner, maybe it’s because he was waiting for the right time, the right person and gathering sufficient evidence to bring that corrupted bastard down. As for Shakadou and the Itagaki siblings, they feel more comical rather than bad. True that they are mercenaries and doing it for the money, but their quirky traits make them as funny guys. Like Ryuuhei’s penchant for male butts, solid meat for Ami and Tatsuko being a laidback airhead. Shakadou may look like a rundown unkempt person but he’s no pushover seeing he has mastered some unusual Kawakami techniques.

For a short series like this, there are quite a number of minor characters. Their role I feel is only limited to the Fightout episode because when it turns political, their presence is not really needed. That final episode whereby everybody gathered felt like so it was not to forget them. Hideo may be an obnoxious loudmouth but he still holds respectable values that make him revered and admired by his fellow Class F buddies. Seeing Margit and Azumi have high martial art skills, I thought I would see them in action throughout the series even though not as supporting characters. They are characters whom you will easily forget if you don’t see them again since you’ll be ‘lost’ in the other plot and harem fanservice. Serious. Just like Jun, Touma and Koyuki. They are there because they are there. They don’t do anything that impacts on the flow of the story and serve as minor distractions and little comic relief. Same case for Class F’s loli president Mayo and her best friend Chika Ogasawara. Remember them? Also, a couple of perverts making their scattered appearance throughout the series, the 2D-lover Suguro Oogushi and the 3D-lover Ikuro Fukumoto AKA Yonpachi. Each time Yonpachi tries to do his lame ‘technique’ to see girls’ pantsu or make his elbow like a butt and super-impose that view over the girls, in the end he usually sees the hideous girl in class and gets freaked out. She is the tanned ganguro girl, Kuroko Haguro. Heck, she is so dark that you may think she came from Africa! And the other Four Devas, Tsubame, we don’t get to see her much since she just drops in at the final minute. Speaking of Four Devas, I wonder who the fourth Deva is. Is it Mayuzumi as I suspected? Or can Takae as the former Four Devas is still considered as one?

At first I was thinking how similar this series is to another anime series, Kimi Ga Aruji De Shitsuji Ga Ore De (Kimiaru). Firstly because the same character Ageha appears in both animes. Then I found out that both series are made by the same game company, Minato Soft. There are shades of Kimiaru’s Shinra in Momoyo in the sense that they are dominant and are bisexual. Then we have eye-patch characters in both series like Majikoi’s Saki and Natose (Kimiaru) and an egg shape robot with Cookie in Majikoi and De Niro for Kimiaru. I thought Majikoi’s Margit looked somewhat close to Kimiaru’s Benisu too. I’m still not into eroges like this but my curiosity had me briefly check out Majikoi’s game sequel released back in January 2012 called Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai S. All I can say is that, there are additional huge number of characters both male and females. To me, it seems a hell lot messy. Seriously. So maybe I’ll just stick to the anime. If that ever happens. Seriously.

Now let’s move over to the fanservice. Yes, there are some but not every scene is peppered with them so much so it makes the entire series distasteful. However if you’re watching the normal TV version, be warned that there are censors. Ah darn it. Those damn censors covering the girls’ boobs and butts in those tantalizing fanservice scenes. It’s either a little picture of Matsukaze or Cookie that pops up covering those parts and if you don’t want to see the little horsey or the robot, have the motivation to go buy the DVDs when they’re out. If you’re serious in watching tits and all. Some of the fanservice are funny like the mushroom licking scenes. Definitely a turn on if you’re really focusing into it and then SNAP! Ouch! So real. So stimulating. So painful. I notice the ending credits animation feature the harem girls in bikinis but slowly as the series reaches its end, it comes off and what you’re actually seeing are the ladies semi-naked. Now if only those round little lights didn’t get in the way of the tits… Oh yeah, the DVDs may be able to address this issue…

The action and fighting are pretty decent but it’s not the kind that will stick in your head once the series ends. Of course with Takae using her prosthetics and combined with the ridiculous Kawakami techniques, everything seems so exaggerated and not possible. Heck, it isn’t in the first place. It’s like giving Naruto military advanced equipment and letting him lose in those and his ninja techniques. Power fights are great to see. Only if you leave your brain somewhere else and enjoy the mindless fun without having the danger of thinking too much how this is so impractical in real life. Wait. Lots of other fighting animes also have exaggerated moves so I don’t see why I should single out this anime and complain. I would prefer the cat fight, though. Yes, seriously. On a trivial note, the next episode preview segment is one of the amusing sections because we see Matsukaze as the host of this part trying to entice, persuade, convince and coax viewers into trying to make friends with Mayuzumi in a project this little horsey calls Mayuzumi’s Make-A-Hundred-Friends Project. Whether it is giving you the right to be her friend (be careful of high cancellation fees), giving a special offer to be a friend by becoming a member and only paying 10,000 Yen (you get 20,000 Yen back if you introduce 3 more friends! Way to go, pyramid scheme), saving horsey’s ass from stomach pains automatically makes you Mayuzumi’s friend (you won’t be let go of!), the tradition old hypnotizing, gathering elements such as sulphur, iron, silicon, fluorine, carbon, ammonia, water (are friends made up of these?), become the enemies then fight and become friends or buy a 100 straps like it. If all that doesn’t work, maybe we’ll just stop becoming friends because well, it’ll be a problem if they always borrow money and get into fights. You need this kind of friend? I’m sure Mayuzumi have gained lots of friends, or should I say us viewers becoming her fans once the series ends.

My favourite voice acting goes to Yuko Goto as Mayuzumi and Matsukaze for being versatile between the shy girl and sarcastic handphone strap horse. Her trademark voice is still there like how I remembered her as Abiru in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Hikari in Special A so you can’t miss her even if you’re deaf ;p. That was sarcasm seriously. Since this anime has an extensive list of characters, there are lots of seiyuus landing their voice to the main and supporting characters. The rest of the main ones are Hiroshi Kamiya as Yamato (Itoshiki in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Yuu Asakawa as Momoyo (Motoko in Love Hina), Hyousei as Miyako (Benisu in Kimiaru), Akane Tomonaga as Kazuko (Hikari in Lamune), Shizuka Itou as Christiane (Haruka in Amagami SS), Naoko Matsui as Ageha (Sonoko in Detective Conan), Shiho Kawaragi as Takae (Sekai in School Days), Yuuichi Nakamura as Hideo (Tomoya in Clannad), Juri Nagatsuma as Tsubame (Hazuki in Koe De Oshigoto), Kaori Mizuhashi as Kokoro (Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), Katsuyuki Konishi as Shouichi (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Takeshi Kusao as Gakuto (Hanamichi in Slam Dunk), Kenichi Suzumura as Morooka (Sougou in Gintama), Norio Wakamoto as Motosouri (Onsokumaru in 2×2=Shinobuden), Shiori Izawa as Saki, Keiji Fujiwara as Shakadou (Sven in Black Cat), Megumi Ogata as Cookie Version 1 (Shinji in Evangelion) and Jun Fukuyama as Cookie Version 2 (Lelouch in Code Geass). Phew. I think I lost count who I left out. Seriously ;p. You might have noticed that I have used too many times the word ‘seriously’ because it’s somewhat a catchphrase for this series. Okay, maybe not in the speeches. Just the episode titles. Yes, seriously.

Basically what this anime is trying to convey to us is love and its many forms. From a country that brings us different types of loves that would be considered taboo, deviant and odd in many other countries, if you can’t say the basic love for your own parents (in which Yamato father believed and set the stage for his departure as far as this anime is concerned), then you are just like a heartless monster. We’ve heard and read about so many love advises from the internet, books, magazines and word of mouth. As humans, we need love, to love and to be loved. You can also tell how much a country prospers with the person holding the highest position in the country. It is a good reflection and indicator. If he is sh*t, then your nation will also be sh*t. If he’s full of love, then your nation will be lovely. Thus let us all make peace and love, not war and hate. To say, being a pervert is much better than being a racist? Well, at least I’m not into hermit crabs. Haha! So let me admit that I am proud to confess that I still love 2D girls! Yes, seriously.

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