Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen

September 20, 2019

Better late than never. That’s what I thought that many old animes that were last aired 5 years ago getting its sequel. It is the same case and it came as a surprise to me that Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen got a pair of special OVA episodes back in July 2019 since its TV series last aired in 2014. It wasn’t the kind of series I was hoping for to get a sequel and of course now that it has come out, I don’t remember anything much except about a witch in training maintaining a contract with a perverted guy. In exchange for magic tickets to grant his wishes, the moment he uses them up, he dies. So perhaps as seen in its title, this is the last leg for this series and to bring back the nostalgic hype for hardcore fans who want to see some sort of closure.

Episode 1
It’s that time again when Kouta runs into trouble with Inoue and her public morals gestapo goons. He wishes for Rurumo to save him in which she does his magic. However this means he uses up all his remaining tickets and die! Phew, thank goodness it was just a dream. He then sees Rurumo sleeping so cutely and wants to sleep together?! Thank goodness mom is around and tells him to go do some errands. Along the way, Rurumo is curious to go out for tea. Kouta obliges but this isn’t the kind of tea he had in mind. While he is thinking of being on a date, Rurumo dumps all the sugar cubes into her tea and still finds it bitter! Later Kouta talks to Chiro about seeing Rurumo smiled a little bit. He suggests she should live here forever since he won’t be able to use up his tickets. However Chiro tells the grave truth. Trainee witches only have 500 days limit. Whether they pass or fail, they go back after the time is up. If she fails, it only means she will lose her right to be a permanent witch. And that deadline is in 2 weeks. Wow. Thanks for letting us know such a crucial detail as this point. Then 2 weeks passed without anything happening. Kouta thinks of going on a spending spree to celebrate her send off. He stumbles into a loli who needs his help getting her balloon. After done, he is startled to meet Rurumo in the streets. This is where they first met. She thanks him for all that he has done and just wanted him to remember there was a witch named Rurumo. She can’t make it sound any sadder, can she? Kouta then hugs her and feels stupid for not realizing it sooner. Hence he decides to use all his remaining tickets to have girls look at him. Might as well go out with a bang. Unfortunately he sees that loli crossing the road and a truck is going to slam into her. Oh well. Time to use the tickets to save her. With that, the loli is saved and Kouta drops dead. His corpse confirms Rurumo passed her training.

Oh my. Kouta is really dead! Not a dream! Everyone crying at his funeral! Apparently Rurumo doesn’t know Kouta will pay with his life after using up his tickets! Seriously, girl???!!! Chiro blames herself for not telling her because she wanted Rurumo to really become a witch. But how now? Everybody so sad. As Rurumo is now a full-fledged witch, her first mission is to erase the memories of all humans who know her. But I think she isn’t powerful enough since she goes to each of them one by one instead of casting a wide spell over the city. The last is Tanako who now confirms Rurumo is a witch and learns the truth that Kouta did. Her final wish is that if Rurumo sees Kouta, please tell him how cool he was. Rurumo and Chiro return to the Underworld. We hear a narration of witches divided into 13 ranks with the Witch Queen being the most powerful and occupying the top. Maybe that’s why Rurumo’s power isn’t so powerful yet. She just became a real witch. When Harulily talks to her, it seems she knows that Kouta is still alive. Sort of. Humans whose lives have been taken when a witch’s contract is fulfilled are stored in a soul crystal in Underworld. Many witches don’t know where it is located. While the soul crystal has no means to listen or speak, the human’s mind still remains intact. And so happens Harulily knows where the soul crystals are. She wants Rurumo to go see him before he disappears for good. Rurumo thinks about this and ponders further on Harulily’s words that she is in love with Kouta. Otherwise why could she not stop thinking about him? Does she need to hesitate on her next move? Let’s go see Kouta!

Episode 2
More narrations about how nobody has conveniently seen the Witch Queen and the soul crystals reside in the underground of the admin bureau. Of course they are guarded by top ranked elite witches so can a newbie witch like Rurumo bust in? Conveniently Rurumo and Chiro overheard wardens, Sillia Saland Alphoa and Mimilmia talking about a recent soul crystal being a pervy one because it tried to molest their boobs and butts. Definitely Kouta. Amazingly they manage to steal his box and I know Rurumo is being nostalgic with Kouta but can she save it for another and like, get out of here? I know she feels like she can take on anything but seriously, ranked 1 witches? Of course Sillia and Mimilmia are going all out to stop Rurumo. Thankfully Harulily drops in to help. As she has prepared some top end magic, she manages to stop their time so as to buy them time to escape. Oh, Rurumo conveniently putting memory erasing magic on them. Back in her home (you mean there were no other wardens or security to stop them?), because Kouta’s soul crystal is unresponsive, luckily we have Mimi who has created a doll as his vessel! Long story short, Mimi is in love with Kouta! Putting the soul crystal into the doll, Kouta can only speak and listen, albeit very weak. Rurumo thanks him that she has now become a witch but when Kouta wants to tell her something, he has run out of steam. That is when Rurumo gives up and decides to return him to the chamber. After going through all that trouble? The memory erasing spell won’t last long and the duo will soon catch up. After all, she has been in prison before and now that she has settled the matters of her heart, it’s not bad being imprisoned again?! Girl, you just sounded that you got imprisoned in your own heart.

Soon, Rurumo and Harulily are arrested and are to face a trial for treason. In short, the judges hand down their judgment that Rurumo is to be imprisoned for 300 years and stripped of her witchhood forever while Harulily will be demoted to rank 13. Whatever they have to say or reason, it’s not the court’s problem. So a convenient revelation for us to understand why Rurumo is handed down such harsh punishment. You see, when humans are contracted with witches, when they die, their soul then becomes the source of magic witches use. Now you know why witches descend to Earth, eh? That is why in the chamber, the soul crystals are connected to tubes and all and are managed by the wardens. However this power is not limited and to maintain the balance, the Witch Queen imposed strict rules and certain methods. Rurumo has disrupted that order by awakening the human spirit inside the soul crystal. Because of that, it is deemed useless and will be destroyed. Oh Rurumo. No use crying how she made things worse while trying to save him. So accept that punishment and bear the guilt? Before the judges could hand down the verdict suddenly that loli comes in. Guess what? She’s the Witch Queen! Surprise, b*tches! She heard what happened and rushed all the way back here. She immediately annuls this session and voids all of their punishment. Wow. That was easy. That’s the Witch Queen for you.

The Witch Queen then takes them to her palace. Although she narrates that no one can stop death, but if it is caused by a witch’s contract, ah yeah, I see where this loophole is going. Hence the Witch Queen can use her special magic to revive Kouta and return his soul crystal. But didn’t Kouta get cremated? Lucky boy. Because the Witch Queen snuck into his funeral and swap his real body to her palace! Damn Kouta’s kindness goes a long way. With her special powers, Kouta is revived. The real deal. This time it is Rurumo who comes running to hug him. And finally Kouta is able to say he loves her from the bottom of his heart. I suppose he can’t stay in Underworld so he is tossed back to his home. Damn, his family and friends so happy to see him come back alive?! So what about him being dead? Oh, he lied about waking up before being cremated and escaped. Since he is standing before them, I guess they don’t want to question any further. Seriously. Let those pervy days return! Soon, Rurumo becomes a new transfer student in class. All the guys are crazy over this new cute chick but soon get jealous since Kouta knows her. Yeah. Former sister. Not going to cut it! But screw all that since Kouta gives Rurumo a kiss. Uhm, can he upgrade former sister to girlfriend? Why didn’t he just go with long lost childhood friend since everyone’s memories on Rurumo were erased? Ah well, whatever. And Rurumo is back on Earth as she was promoted and assigned to work on Earth as advisors for Earth-based witches. Can this fun last forever? Maybe not. But at least Kouta doesn’t have to use up his tickets for this now. Live life to the fullest!

Write Your Own Ticket Or It’s Tickets For You!
I’m not sure if these OVA episodes are meant to be the end and closure for the series entirely. At least for the TV format. Because they were released in conjunction for a manga volume released on the same date. Also, I read that the OVAs were original stories to begin with. Since I don’t read the manga, I am not sure how it would deviate. Not that it matters to me since I still won’t be reading them and hence the OVAs are considered the end of the series to me. Unless they decide to adapt the continuation, which would be an entirely different story but that would be for another time.

These special episodes focuses a lot on Rurumo and Kouta being relegated to a side character as we see Rurumo trying to come to terms with her feelings for Kouta. I guess only when death occurs and hits you real hard that you start realizing what is most important to you. It is really a sweet ending for Kouta and Rurumo to be together again although typically that is what I expected it would be. Pretty cliché that both the characters who never realized they were in love with each other or have a hard time saying those magical words until they are pushed to the limits, only when they overcome those obstacles, a fairytale happy ending of them being together again. And they live happily ever after. The end. I wouldn’t have it any other way for them, though. It would be really sadistic of me to aspect Rurumo to say her goodbye and peace and be locked away forever in prison. Not the kind of bad ending to leave as the final impressions of viewers.

There were a few mind boggling moments too. Most probably to drive the narrative and plot of the story. For example, it was said that nobody knows who the Witch Queen looks like. And with that loli revelation (isn’t that why they foreshadow of this unknown character in the first part?), now a lot of people know how the Witch Queen looks like? She doesn’t seem like a nasty person and a very reasonable one so why doesn’t she make her appearance known to at least the denizens of Underworld? She doesn’t have to be known to humans that’s for sure but I wonder why her appearance is kept a mystery. Is it those who only deserve to know her will get to see her face? Strange order if you ask me then. Then the other mind boggling part is how she switched Kouta’s body. I am assuming that a few days passed so why did she not immediately seek Rurumo? Why does she not know she is a witch? She saw her using her magic to save her, right? So what was she doing putting Kouta’s body for a few days in her palace? So that we could all have this dramatic scene of Rurumo going through all the trouble and emotions of rescuing Kouta and feeling her actions were for naught.

And when Kouta revived, where the heck was he if he said he escaped from his coffin? This assuming a few days have passed. Where was he hanging out? So okay, I believe there were no security guards at a funeral so nobody saw a corpse walking out. Even so, this has got to be the biggest prank Kouta would have played on his fellow family and friends and they don’t even reprimand him for this? Maybe we just didn’t see but yeah, making everybody worried sick and crying over your dead body isn’t funny the more you think about it. The funeral was real, you know. I guess everybody realizes how precious Kouta was and couldn’t care less about this and overlooked it anyway. I mean, he is alive. What more do you want? Don’t get me started on the soul crystal thingy. Sure, I saw it coming from a mile that they are used as power source to feed witches’ magic but come on, awakening them once will make them lose that magic worth? Are you sure the producer quickly try to think something up so as to give us that scene where Rurumo was filled with guilt and remorse? That her genuine actions brought more harm than good to the boy she loves? Seems like that to me. But don’t fear. Thanks to all the clichés and ingredients for a good happy ending, that’s why everybody is such a lucky person.

Overall, this series has wrapped up nicely and for viewers like me, a nice and cute closure to everything that was. Lots of typical and cliché moments to pull your heart strings as well but I guess there is no other way for this series to end so that we could all feel good when it comes to a close. If there is one thing that this series has taught me, it isn’t the magic tickets and the wish that you wish upon that really matters most. It is the actions of what you do that affects others that counts. So that is why the next time when you see an old woman needing help to carry her groceries while crossing the street or that little girl whose cat is stuck high up on a tree and can’t come down or the homeless guy who is asking for a spare change or bread to spare, don’t turn them down. Who knows? They might be some higher deity in disguise or even just that ordinary person who will return that favour to you in the future when you needed it most. Just like how Kouta’s seemingly insignificant action to help a loli and be selfless scored big points for his reunion with Rurumo. You could say he won the golden ticket then. And that the best magic comes from that not of witches, but that of the heart.

Majimoji Rurumo

February 15, 2015

Do you know witches can grant your wishes too? Here are a few reasons why a witch makes better wish granters than genies. Number one, you are not limited to just 3 wishes. Not to say there is an infinite number of wishes but it’s better than just having it for 3 stinking times. Everyone these days have got so many desires seriously. Secondly, you don’t need to find a lamp or have an Arabian looking type of lamp and rub your hands just to get the genie out. How do you make wishes with witches? Using magic tickets of course! And that witch will always be by your side getting ready in the event if you really want to have your wishes come true. So okay, maybe this is just true in Majimoji Rurumo because due to a carless mistake, this perverted guy suddenly finds himself with a wish granting witch in training. What is so bad about that you say? Once you use up all your wishes, you give your life. Yikes! Starting to think genies are much safer now?

Episode 1
One day, Rurumo the witch drops before Kouta Shibaki and tells him in 2 days he will die. Don’t believe? Laughing like mad, is he? Well, this car levitation… Now you believe? So why is he going to die? Because he made a contract with her for having his wish granted. What wish? Try to remember… He traded his life for a stinking panty?! WTF?! A few days back, his occult club members found a witch book and made him make a wish upon it as a stepping stone for the club to become famous (such a small dream). Kouta has always been a loner and loser. Thus he has garnered a brutal perverted fame among the girls. He wants a girlfriend but seeing that the other guys aren’t pleased, he wished for a girl’s panties. When he went home, he saw a pair of panties on his table. The happiest moment in his life but he never read the fine print at the end of the book which states his life will be taken. So there you have it. It is scheduled that he will die being eaten alive. Also, she is here because that panty is hers! She is here to take it back. It is her only pair. Yes. That means right now she is full blown commando. Since he will die, might as well have a last look. So Kouta takes Rurumo through town to various places where he could get a peek underneath. Luck is not on his side… He laments his bad luck when Rurumo also mentions the same. She was just released from prison after 60 years for breaking the rules. Because witches have magic and long life, in exchange they must follow rules or get punished. Also, witches are forbidden to give their personal belongings to others. The punishment: 130 years in prison! Then the warden pops up. When the clock hand reaches zero, Rurumo will go off to prison. Though it will be fine if Kouta puts them back on and thus the contract will be nullified and he won’t have to die. Plus, she has spent 60 years doing time. What is another 130 more years? But he can’t live with such consciousness and forcefully puts her panties back on. The day is saved. Although the contract is incomplete, Rurumo will still mete out half punishment for him. Getting pecked by crows is still very painful…

Kouta thought karma comes back to him when he did something good since he gets a nice look at a girl’s panties when she is picking up dropped stuffs. Till public morals officer, Sumiko Inoue points out his notorious perverted fame and sends her underlings, Masako Shimomura and Kyouko Izumi to beat the crap out of him. Back in the occult club, the president whom we shall only refer to as Senpai, wants him to return the bra which somewhat ended up in his bag to Maaya Sawashita. She is the girl who has the biggest boobs in school. Why pick him? Because she is now braless… I have a feeling there is only one role why Kouta is in this club. And for that he is going to do the job. He still has a dilemma, though. He wishes to see Rurumo again and here she is falling down from the sky like a rock. That has got to hurt. Seems her cat familiar, Chiro is also here to send him magic tickets that allows him to make her use her magic. Because of that failed punishment, Rurumo has been demoted to a witch in training and her magic was sealed. Kouta thinks her training will end once he uses them up. So his uses one to make him invisible. Now he can run through the hall and into the girls’ locker room with ease. Nobody can see them. I don’t know why he has this idea of putting the bra on her (must be his perverted idea) when he heard Sawashita saying the bra was a gift from her sister before she left for England. He felt bad and just left it on the table. Rurumo also thanks him for using a ticket to heal herself because they also reflect his strongest desires. As he couldn’t sleep that night, he sees Chiro and thanks the kitty for the tickets. To his surprise, Chiro can speak! In Kansai accent! She is here to tell him a secret that Rurumo doesn’t know too. There are 666 tickets. Once it is used up, he will die. So those are basically his life and if Rurumo knows, she’ll make him stop using it. So there you go. Did Kouta fell asleep? Well, he passed out…

Episode 2
The occult club guys think Kouta has something to make their club better. It’s might just be his selfish dream that he wants more girls to join… The gang then go to investigate some mystery girl. Kouta thought they were going to stalk some granny when it turns out to be Rurumo camping in the woods! Holy sh*t! They observe her living like a hobo, being scared by a frog and just waiting. Then when she is about to change, Kouta won’t have the guys look at this so they tie him up on a tree while they record this fabulous ‘ritual’. Kouta does a desperate move as he makes a wish on the ticket. He has Rurumo make a blimp fall on them!!! Don’t worry, they’re okay. He takes the tape and runs away with her. Later as he finds out, she has no place to stay or return as witches in training are forbidden to return to the Underworld as long as their training is incomplete. I guess there is only one way. He tries to sneak Rurumo in but she’s being a dunce walking in casually. Kouta has a tough time trying to hide her from his mom who from time to time is giving that suspicious death stare. Then there is one time she wonders if he is hiding a girl in his room because she heard the neighbourhood talk about girls been abducted and held captive in rooms recently. She’s suspecting her son? Be sure to tell her when that happens… That knife… Very sharp knife… Of course Chiro believes when that time comes, all Kouta has to do is use his tickets but he won’t. Those are his life. Then he realizes the tickets are much lesser. Well, the stronger his desire, the more tickets will be used up. Forgot to tell him that, didn’t he? WTF?!

So for the next 3 days, Kouta has been suspiciously bringing food and things to his room much to his mom’s suspicion. A few close calls too… Rurumo learns that he did this sort of ‘abduction’ before. But they are mainly stray dogs and cats. He couldn’t let them be and brought them home and hid them. But since his family doesn’t like animals, he is forced to return where he found them. Chiro is sad they will meet the same fate too. But don’t worry, there is always the ticket… Next day in school, Kouta’s friends (Tomoha Sakurai, Hiroshi Nishino and Hajime Sugawara) relay the big news that some classmates of theirs have been found living together. Define living together. A boy and a girl unrelated to each other living together under the same roof before marriage. That sounds familiar? It hit him right then that his predicament is the same as Rurumo. So he rushes back and sees the cute sleeping face of Rurumo. I don’t know if he was going to kiss her or something (blame his libido and temptation), suddenly his mom barges in and sees this. Her suspicions were true. Oh sh*t! Mother is going to kill her son???!!! Kouta wakes Rurumo up to explain. He found her at the park and brought her here. Oh sh*t! Death is only seconds away! No choice, he is forced to use a ticket. With the memory alteration, Rurumo is now Kouta’s sister who has come to live with them from New York. Yeah, it saved his life, didn’t it? At least now Rurumo has a room to call her own.

Episode 3
Kouta and Nishino are exploring the mysterious locker in the boys changing room that is believed to lead to the girls’ section. True enough it does but who is the first girl they see changing? Rurumo! Kouta tries to hide Nishino’s eyes and eventually pokes them. To his further surprise, Rurumo works at the cafeteria but is very clumsy. He asks her the reason for this and the only answer he’ll get that this is her self-imposed restriction. He wants to help her but she won’t allow it and thus he is reduced to watching her slip up more. While gathering the ingredients, she overheard Senpai trying to summon something Aztec. Rurumo mentions the necessary requirements with confident and feels the need to let her join his club. Sorry, she can’t. Senpai then announces that somebody is joining their club. Kouta didn’t think it would be a girl but holy cow! She is Tanako Kujirai! This is not a dream! She seems like a nice girl and everything till Senpai explains there is a condition that he allowed her to join: To accept her for who she is. Tanako thinks she is a real magical girl!!! So she displays her fake magic to have the guys believe her. It’s so obvious… Kouta tries to look positive (or rather he might have lost it) that she is the catalyst for attracting more girls to this club and praises her magic. However Rurumo is here and tells her that is not magic and Kouta should know it himself. Tanako knows about her because she has been watching her ever since she debuted in the cafeteria. She challenges her to a battle tomorrow to see whose magic is most real. Kouta thinks Tanako likes him and the reason she is going this far. Well, she did admit there is somebody in this club she likes but has not been noticing her. Thus the reason she joins and wants him to recognize her. Oh Kouta, don’t count your chickens…

It is clear that Rurumo’s magic is far more superior than Tanako’s. So much so the latter is desperate enough to make the final big showdown of walking on air. She’s walking dangerously on the fence! Kouta doesn’t want this to go on any further and tells her he understands her feelings. She doesn’t need to battle anymore. But at that moment she slips and falls. After distracting the guys with some UMA that doesn’t exist, Kouta use his ticket to have Tanako float down safely. Kouta is going to let Tanako jump into his arms when she zooms past him and hugs Senpai instead! How heartbreaking… And she thought Senpai did some telekinesis thingy. Rurumo continues to be a klutz so Kouta tells her she should just be herself as a witch. She explains her ability to learn is slow compared to others and her reflexes are so bad she can’t even ride a broom. But she must still try. This is the punishment she imposed on herself. Kouta still thinks she just needs to put on her cloak and act high and mighty. She notes he is the only person to treat her kindly. She was always bullied and deceived. In fact her first imprisonment was due to that. A witch isn’t allowed to come down to Earth unless summoned. Somebody tricked her that she had been summoned and thus used magic on Earth. She views him a simpleton and that makes her too carefree. Back in her room, she is looking at the dress Kouta bought for her. She puts it back in her closet and remains steadfast that she must restrict herself.

Episode 4
Kouta is caught peeping up a girl’s skirt so it’s penalty time from Inoue and co. Then she reminds him that thanks to his notorious perversion, the girls are worried about their privacy and thus next week they are going to conduct a big inspection and clean up. All ‘contraband’ will be identified and confiscated! Kouta’s friends are trying to find him to exchange their ‘treasure’ collection. Thanks to him with his wide variety of erotic library, they have the luxury to experience such youthfulness. Of course Kouta relays the bad news and it seems the purge has already begun. Some already have their porn confiscated and even those digital porn files have been deleted! Adding to Kouta’s woes is Chiro who can transform into a girl! But since she is naked, he has to take her and run. In school, Chiro runs off on her own as Kouta tries to defend his pals from Inoue’s onslaught. Then here comes Chiro wearing a dress she found in a room. She looks like having so much fun that she lifts up her skirt to show him the panties she is wearing! Inoue is going to purify this pervert so I guess it’s time to run. At a distance, Chiro reverts to a cat since the transformation only lasts for 30 minutes. Now he is on his own. Kouta accidentally sees Inoue’s pink panties so she sends her underling to beat him up. This brings back embarrassing memories because even in elementary school, Kouta had this notorious reputation of flipping girls’ skirt. Only Inoue was able to safeguard hers. She will make him pay for this disgrace.

Rurumo accidentally puts on some misfortune glasses so all the frogs start jumping on her. As the wearer can’t take it off, Kouta tries to get it off for her and eventually throws it away. Then he gets a surprise visit from Inoue! Is she taking her job far too serious and going to confiscate his personal porn too?! Well, doesn’t seem like it. After handing him a souvenir from a trip (their moms are best friends), she spots the misfortune glasses before he feet and picks it up to wear them. Geez, like pick up and try anything suspicious, would you? Rats that she hates most start circling around her. She clings onto Kouta and her punches are like gentle strokes. Kouta has no time to daydream since Chiro says Inoue will die if she continues to wear them! Kouta saves her from a series of mishaps only to have her end up in another one. This causes her to snap. She understands she hates him so why doesn’t he just tell her that he hates her? She runs away as she hints that despite all that she is a girl. Kouta explains he has always seen her as one and before she could be run over by a truck, he mentions he loves seeing her pink bra through her wet shirt. It got her to stop. He takes off the glasses and puts her original ones back on. Then she crushes the misfortune glasses. That’s the end of that. She leaves while remembering those elementary girls commenting that although she never had her skirt flipped, it means that she was not attractive enough and thus not a girl. Kouta thought he has hid his porn stuffs in the fire extinguisher place, somewhere Inoue would never find. Too bad she knows him well enough to know he has become this predictable. She is going to burn it all! Burn away those unpleasant memories too. Desperate, Kouta uses a ticket to summon Rurumo. Inoue is still sore that he looked at her panties. I don’t know this answer of his: A girl’s panties are gentler than the blue sky. WTF?! It made Inoue realize he was the only one who treated her like a girl. Then as she and her underlings take a look at their own panties (WTF?!), Kouta orders Rurumo to teleport the porn stuffs away. But he didn’t specify teleport to where so they’re lying scattered outside his house. Mommy… Gotta burn them all!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 5
I don’t know about this… Rurumo trying to clean but the floor is more drenched than always… Mother has a job for her to deliver some stuff to Kouta who had forgotten to bring as he is working in grandma’s cornfield. I guess the sole reason for motivation for working is a pair of lovely teenage cousins… Mother might seem nagging reminding Rurumo about this and that but you’ll see why she has all the reasons to be worried. First she and Chiro get lost finding a way to the post office. Yup, they’re walking in circles without realizing it’s the same damn houses she has been circling. Think the houses here look pretty similar, eh? A policewoman, Ruri Iida stops her and questions her but she manages to get away with the magic word that Kouta told her: Cosplay! Along the way she meets Masako who panics thinking Rurumo might reveal her hidden fetish for cosplay and thus tell Kouta who will in turn tell the entire school. By the time she hopes Rurumo not to tell, she’s already gone. When Rurumo gets to the train station, she tries to board the train using the postal tickets! Not going to work! No matter how many tricks she does! If not for one Sugawara who bought a ticket on her behalf, she might never have completed her mission. So this guy thinks he is pretty lucky to have saved her but seriously, she doesn’t even remember who the hell he is. By the time he is going to tell whatever story he has, it’s already her stop. Now, Rurumo is bad in reading maps. Bad enough for her to walk the other direction. Yeah. Nice nature walk. Then it occurred to Chiro that they have been going the wrong way. When they’re going to turn back, some stroke of bad luck causes Rurumo to lose her delivery package and getting stuck up a tree. She is about to retrieve it but rolls down the slope and gets lost into the sea of sunflowers.

Panic Chiro runs all the way to grandma’s house just to get Kouta (who thinks he is a step closer in getting closer with his cousins). As they make haste, due to some magic restoration thingy, trees and bushes start to grow over Rurumo until she becomes a walking forest! At this rate she might be infused with it. But she is adamant to get the bag or else she can’t complete this mission. Her life is meaningless compared to this job. By the time Kouta and Chiro arrive, they see a giant forest mountain in a hat shape. Kouta is tempted to use the ticket but Chiro warns even all that may not be enough. Suddenly Rurumo pops out! Tired and worn out, at least she got the bag. The day is saved and everyone is relieved one way or another. Rurumo enjoys a hot bath made by Kouta and it seems the delivery package contains handphone cases in which Kouta is trying to court his cousins by giving it to them. They don’t look impressed… I guess he failed… Suddenly Senpai and his occult club run into them while they’re trying to find UMA. Tanako has got it all wrong trying to be an UMA. Senpai wants Rurumo to join his club but he flatly turns him down. A big blow to Kouta because the occult club members are having a better time courting his cousins… Everyone plays sparklers but Rurumo… That’s a mosquito coil, isn’t it? Kouta comments she looks cute in her yukata, pats her head and thanks her for everything today. Here’s a corn as a big reward.

Episode 6
Kouta thought God wanted him to add more porn to his collection when he spotted thrown away porn magazines. He is about to pick them up when he felt girls staring at him. Afraid he might pick up a new unwanted nickname, he picks up a box of abandoned kittens next to it. The girls never knew he was such a good person. Phew. Animal lover Kouta pleads to Chiro: Please be their mom! No way! Rurumo is a little more suspicious. Because the kittens don’t talk! Well, normal cats don’t. Kouta wants to name them and since Rurumo is reading a murder mystery novel, it is decided they will be called Satsu, Jin and Jiken (which reads out to be ‘Murder Incident’). Now they have to do something about mom. Oh wait. She already sees this… So it’s back to the park for those poor kitties. What are they going to do with them now? Rurumo suggests keeping them at school for the time being. At the same time, Kouta goes around asking those who would love to take them in. Zilch. Chiro is forced to company them for a while when Rurumo goes to work and Kouta to classes. This has Chiro relate her story that she was once abandoned like them too and saved by Rurumo. Because she never knew her pedigree, she was often ostracized by her other fellow cats and alone. One day she was selling some wand parts that no witches would want to buy. That was when Rurumo popped up and wanted her to be her familiar because she wanted a cat that was not pretentious.

When several girls get the thrill of touching and hugging the kittens, a devilish idea strikes in Kouta’s mind. So he goes around school with the kittens and they are like babe magnets. Kouta gets his dream fulfilled when the girls cling all over him just to touch the cats. Even Inoue and her underlings cannot resist. Not even his friends. This goes on for some time until one day the weather forecast reports it is going to be stormy to the point of flooding. This worries Kouta as he runs all the way to school only to see the kittens weak and freezing. He brings them home with Rurumo and Chiro already prepared the necessary. Surprisingly, mother allows it only for tonight because it would be troublesome if Kouta gets sick too. I mean, who would take care of the kittens, right? However next day, the kittens are still weak. Kouta rushes them to the vet. He regrets for being stupid and careless. Suddenly Jiken jumps out of the box. It is to point out the tickets he dropped. Then Jiken drops. Collapses. Kouta tries to use the ticket but it’s not working. It isn’t that the ticket isn’t working. It’s functioning alright. Rurumo explains Jiken was born with a weak body. And magic doesn’t work on the dead. It’s the rule. She adds that Jiken would have died earlier had he not picked it up. Now it has passed away with a calm on its face. Kouta lets out the most heartbreaking cry every. For a pervert. Seriously, jokes aside, that was really heartbreaking. In the aftermath, Satsu and Jin got adopted and Kouta falls into depression, couldn’t stop thinking about Jiken by its grave. What a sad end episode! :’(

Episode 7
It’s the beach episode! Thank Senpai for organizing this. That’s because he wants to find some legendary swimsuit. Good luck finding it on his own. Kouta can’t be bothered to tag along with this. The guys can’t wait to see Rurumo in her swimsuit. Be prepared… To be very disappointed! She’s in her witch outfit! While Rurumo sits out in the shade, Masako talks to her and thinks they could get along as friends because they are fellow cosplayers. Meanwhile Kouta is on his perverted mischief streak, a nuisance to the girls trying to have clean fun. Is there anybody who can stop him? Even Inoue is sweet talked into his trap. Not even Iida’s shovel authority can dent his horny drive. Till Rurumo drops a brick on him. Chiro in her human form tries to show off in her seashell bikini but gets chased by Kouta’s friends. Kouta soon realize that Rurumo may not have a swimsuit, the reason she didn’t change into one. He tries to buy one but it’s too expensive. This place also doesn’t rent out swimsuits. He gets desperate enough to ask the girls to lend one! What does this sound like to them? He finds Chiro and thinks she should lend her seashell bikini. However Chiro views that Rurumo is such a shy girl and won’t put something this close to being naked. She’ll help him look for one. Kouta is then whisked away by Senpai who tells him about the legendary swimsuit that could transform a shy girl into a very assertive one. This is the reason why he planned this beach trip and invited all the girls. The more samples the better. And he thinks of using Rurumo as the first one as she is without a swimsuit. This is all the more reason Kouta can’t let Rurumo wear that even if it exists. He’ll destroy it.

When they get to the shrine where the supposedly legendary swimsuit is, there is nothing. So the legend is fake? Not quite… Want to bet that swimsuit Chiro dragged out is from there? She has Rurumo put it no. When Kouta and Senpai trek back, they see Rurumo’s clothes scattered on the ground. Before them is Rurumo in a swimsuit! Senpai wants piece of her but was shoved away. Very far away. It seems the legend must be true. Rurumo’s personality takes a 180 degree turn. She is now more assertive, pushing Kouta down and wants to kiss right now! I’m sure Kouta would not mind having his first kiss but his conscious kicked in and flees. He also notices Rurumo is more powerful and faster. The only solution is to take the swimsuit off her but I think he is somewhat desperate that he is calling for Inoue’s help to take off Rurumo’s swimsuit! How perverted can he get? Rurumo throws a tetrapod on him and before his lips are sealed, he uses a ticket to have her wear her witch clothes like before. Saved. One the bus home, Senpai might not be able to see what the legendary swimsuit was but at least he got to see a UFO (Rurumo’s flying clothes as he thought it was). Unfortunately for Tanako, he can’t remember the swimsuit she wears. Rurumo may not remember what actually happened because from her memories, she seemed like having fun with Kouta. Yeah, throwing tetrapods and chasing him around looks fun. Kouta can’t help notice her cute sleeping face and may live to regret he didn’t take the first kiss.

Episode 8
Kouta must be wishing something good to happen when a girl floats down before him. Nice pantsu view! She is a first class witch, Waroula Harulily and her cat familiar, Mimi, and she is here to make a contract with him. At least Kouta is smart enough not to make the same mistake twice. He’s not going to pay with his life again once the contract is up! He runs away but no matter how far, Harulily always catches up. She shows premium magic tickets that he can use without using his life. Care for a free sample? Rurumo detects a familiar magic unleashed nearby. She recognizes it belonging to Harulily. Brings back memories of all the pranks she used to play on her. Chiro confronts Harulily and accuses her to come annoy Rurumo again. Seems Harulily’s goal is to make a contract with Kouta because the new contract takes precedence of the older one. This means the previous contract is nullified and the training up till now will be void and Rurumo will not become a witch. She seals Chiro’s mouth. Meanwhile Kouta is making use of his free magic sample. Seeing through girls’ clothes! Oh yeah! He even barges into the assembly just to get a great view but you know the thing about free samples. It runs out fast. Harulily and Rurumo meet at school and the former mocks the latter. No reaction. Kouta comes by to complain about the magic wearing off and sees this. Harulily mentions her intention to make Kouta as her new contract. That is for him to decide. Harulily is upset of this same ol’ attitude. Is she tired of being poked fun at? Why is she so emotionless? She’s always been like that ever since they’ve met. Harulily was always bullied too. Only Rurumo was kind to her. Therefore she has always been waiting. Waiting for her to say something. Tell her something. Say something more. Just react. She came all the way here just for that. Rurumo thinks today is a good day as an old friend came to visit and will show her around the cafeteria. Kouta understands how she feels as it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking. She’s the type who takes on everything by herself but is not mischievous enough to lie. Chiro wonders what happens if Kouta did end up contracted to her. It’s not possible in the first place because the contract had a sealing magic placed on it beforehand. Thus Harulily was just here to see Rurumo.

Harulily continues to bum around in Kouta’s house since it’s also her summer vacation. Kouta serves her like a goddess. When Rurumo is going out, Harulily decides to tag along thinking she will screw up somehow. Who knows, Harulily is also dragged into working part time jobs with her! Well, the school cafeteria is closed during holidays. Each time, she gets fired as fast as she gets hired. You don’t even know how she could make this kind of mistake. Each time the friends talk and Harulily can’t help notice she kept mentioning the good of Kouta’s name. Harulily even mentions that they’ll have to part once the contract is over but Rurumo is happy ever since she came here. What is the first thing she will do once she completes her training? Probably come back here to thank Kouta. This answer and little smile amaze Harulily. As Harulily receives the warm hospitality of Kouta’s mom, she can’t help think that once the contract ends, the contracted one will die. Why does she always wish for the impossible? Next day, Rurumo accompanies Harulily to ‘leave’. Rurumo is bent on becoming a full witch again no matter what happens. Harulily hugs her and will root for her. If there is anything, don’t hesitate to tell her. Then she flies off into the sky.

Episode 9
Masako accidentally drops her cat ears and when somebody picks it up, she fears her secret will be revealed. To her relief it is Rurumo. Masako invites her to her home and rants about her love for cosplay, especially Miko Soune. You can feel the magic of being transformed into somebody else when you do that. Masako now views her as her close friend and hopes to do events together on weekends. But first, Rurumo is handed the entire Miko anime DVD collection to study! They even make cosplay outfits together. Then there is a Miko event that Rurumo is going. Kouta finds out about it and is curious about this friend-cum-mentor who invited her. That is when she reveals Masako’s name. Next day in school, Shibaki and friends are amazed as they talk to Masako about her cosplay hobby. However Masako views Rurumo has betrayed her for telling this and will no longer trust her or anyone anymore. She will not talk about cosplay in public again. This brings her back traumatic memories how her classmates used to ridicule anime. She calls up the event organizer to cancel her participation. When Rurumo spots her, Masako tries to run but trips. Rurumo picks up her cat ears and gives it back to her. Masako is touched that Rurumo has watched the entire DVD collection (took her 3 days!) and could even cite her favourite episode. Masako lets her keep the cat ears as she made it for her. She is glad to have called Rurumo her friend. Although they didn’t get to attend the event, they still cosplay and have their own private Miko event. Masako hopes to make more memories like these.

One day, the strap of Rurumo’s undershirt snaps. When Kouta pleads for her help to get him out from a handcuff prank Chiro played on him, Rurumo felt insecure. Embarrassed. It’s like her chest feels exposed and defenceless. In the end she couldn’t do it and Kouta thinks she is sick or something. Anyway his hands are still tied. Rurumo tells this problem to Chiro. Since ordering one from the Underworld will take some time, why not borrow from mom? Well, didn’t know mom’s cup size was E, didn’t you?! Rurumo talks to Masako about this and she is more than happy to help her because she thinks she is trying to become a real witch. A true cosplayer! However even if she loves making cosplay outfits, a bra is a different story so Masako gathers all the girls as Rurumo tells them that she has never worn a normal bra before. They let her see theirs. All sorts of colours, sizes and varieties. If the boys were here… Of course the biggest boobs go to Sawashita. Those flat chests are starting to feel defeated… Now you know why big boobs command certain happiness? The girls decide to go to a lingerie shop after school. Iida who probably has the biggest boobs among the characters in this series accompany them. Seeing those huge melons has Rurumo think if magic were in the form of those, hers would be incomparable! Kouta comes running thinking something is wrong. He thought she was sick but it seems she is going out with friends. Is there something she is hiding? She can’t say of course. When Kouta spots Iida’s huge boobs, he succumbs to it. This makes Rurumo think big boobs indeed does have power. So hers does not? Her friends believe it will grow in time. Rurumo thinks it’s impossible. She hasn’t grown since 300 years!!! Great cosplay back story? So while they’re choosing a bra for her, I don’t know why they tie up Kouta and have him ‘sleep’ in the shop. What happens when he wakes up? Rurumo feels disappointed he grovels in the face of big boobs. But he says he always grovel before big or small ones. It’s the dream that comes with the boobs that remains the same. If there is a difference, it’s about whether they’re treasured or not. Holy cow! More words of wisdom from this pervert?! This made Rurumo believe the reason why there are so many varieties of bras in this world. So after she chooses one and tries to show off her chest to Kouta, he is just happy that she is back to the Rurumo he knows. She feels disappointed because she really put a lot of effort in that. Maybe he would have noticed better had she not wear her usual shirt over them.

Episode 10
It’s the hotspring episode! You know what this means for Kouta and co. Chiro is in her human form and introduces herself as Rurumo’s sister. How many sisters does Kouta have? Of course the biggest motivation for the perverts is the mixed hotspring. Both genders okay! Thus the reason Kouta turned down Senpai’s occult mission to find some legendary wolf in a nearby village. Kouta becomes the biggest nuisance in the girls’ area! He unwraps the towels of Sawashita and Tanako! Thankfully they predicted this and wear bath towels beneath. So it’s time for Inoue to put a stop to this. Kyouko hits the perverts away but lets pretty boy Sakurai go. Kouta won’t be cowed by this and wants a second try. However as prior to their agreement, he quickly does whatever Senpai wants and that is to drink some odd water. Not even suspecting the slightest? Yeah. He wants to go back in the bath fast. It is said that the water can turn you into the wolf but as Senpai observes, no such luck. Another false legend? By the time Kouta hits the bath, only old men, old women and fat sumo wrestlers! Turns out the girls are playing ping pong and the guys are loving all the bouncy action. At least from Sawashita’s part. After buying souvenirs, it’s back to the baths and once more Kouta is going to hit another consecutive perverted streak. Till the girls point out he can’t enter the bath without his pants on. What pants? You mean those hairy legs? WTF?! Furry wolf legs?!

In the toilet, Kouta is freaking out that this must be karma. God is trying to make him pay for all those naughty deeds. At this rate he won’t be able to enter the bath. First, calm down. Wash your face. What do you see? A wolf’s head?! Oh no! He runs away and bumps into Sawashita. She cries wolf (pun not intended). Kouta even bumps into Chiro but the cat doesn’t recognize who he is. Soon word is spread around the inn that a wolf has appeared. Some are scared and some like Senpai are just itching to get it on film. Don’t worry. The grandma inn hostess is a licensed hunter and she’ll take care of the wolf with her big shotgun! Kouta is alone and regretting his actions, his life. He promises he won’t do such bad things again. He only wants a peaceful life. Too late. Now he is completely a wolf. Worse, everyone spots him. Get him! He remembers about the tickets but can’t use it since his paws can’t tear it off. Left to run into the wilderness, he bumps into Rurumo who surprisingly hides him and leads the hunters astray. She mentions there is no way she would not recognize her contractor and it would be troublesome for her if he really turns into a full wolf. She reminds him that the tickets respond to his true wish and to make one before his heart turns into a wolf. Tears of gratitude? Kouta is back as a human being again. In the aftermath, everyone believes Sawashita may have mistaken the wolf as a dog. Nevertheless they are grateful nothing happened (especially Kouta). And people like Senpai are left to rue if this world had any occult in the first place. Oh, you don’t know. You don’t know…

Episode 11
The last time Senpai put up an exhibition for the club, they only got 5 visitors. This is going to be a problem for recruiting new members. Tanako has an idea. Make a music band! Because the guys are just horrible (triangle, castanet, recorder and harmonica is all they could play), Tanako goes to recruit potential ones. Kouta won’t let her do all the work and also do some recruiting. Logically he asks the light music club and they would have said yes if not for his Playboy bunny costume. Tanako has found the potential band mates: Sawashita on guitar, Inoue on bass, Kyouko on drums and herself on piano. What about vocals? Rurumo! She lets them hear her voice. Personally I thought it was a little eerie but I guess it is okay. Everyone loves it! Hidden talent? The girls improvise on Rurumo’s little song while Senpai surprisingly wrote decent lyrics albeit it is all about mysteries. What about their costume? Definitely Kouta’s Playboy bunny outfit is out of the costume. Masako suggests they dress like a witch like Rurumo. In turn, Rurumo is confident Masako can make them because she is the best person to make clothes. Eventually they have a chance to take part in a high school band audition. A judge thinks they’re a bunch of amateurs and doesn’t put much hope on them. Till he hears Rurumo’s voice! OMG! So angelic! Instant pass! They even breeze through the second round and reach the final round! So while everyone is having a pre-celebration, Tanako asks if Rurumo is enjoying herself because she feels bad for forcing her to join in the first place. She does. Kouta is happy to see her making more friends. And probably happier when he gets to see an accidental treasured panty shot by Sawashita. As the finals will be held in a hall, once Rurumo learns that she will be performing on stage in front of everyone, she collapses! Although she regains consciousness, everyone realize she is struggling to maintain her composure. Kouta feels like an idiot for not realizing Rurumo’s stage fright. She is such a shy girl who would rather go to prison than put on her panties in front of him. Rurumo says she will do it but can she? Now the moment is here. Everyone is anticipating this new band. Their friends and families are cheering for them. The judge is having high hopes for them and even brought his president to watch. And here they are… WTF is this?! Kouta in Rurumo’s place???!!! DISAPPOINTING!!! But he is adamant he will not let her efforts go to waste. The moment he opens his mouth… FREAKING DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were saying this band had some future, judge? Well, we know they didn’t win but at least the girls are happy to have reached this stage. As reward for covering her, Rurumo personally sings to him at the park.

Episode 12
Kouta and his friends celebrate countdown to the end of the year in their own fashionable way. Alone. All guys out as usual? The only ‘big’ event left for the year is the shrine visit and his friends really hope he could ask Rurumo to come. When Kouta does some errands with Rurumo, they pass by the street they first met. Lots of memories. Feels like they’ve been together forever. Chiro sarcastically blames him it’s his fault Rurumo didn’t get to finish her training. Kouta notices Rurumo staring at a beautiful kimono at the shop. Although its rental is cheap, he is broke. But he has an idea of making Rurumo happy with this surprise. He takes up a part time job but it’s still not enough. Time to ask mom for help. There is a gift he also got her as apology and Rurumo almost found out when she entered his room without knocking. His reaction like as though some pervert saw a girl’s panties. Did you see it?! No. On December 30th, Rurumo needs to tell him something but when the clock strikes midnight, he dozes off. Kouta wakes up on New Year’s Eve, feeling he has forgotten about someone. If he’s looking for dad, he already went out early. He can’t remember why the heck he needs to go to his part time job. Mom doesn’t remember why she lent him money. She is suspicious of him and his friends for the shrine visit and makes him promise not to assault girls! Or else this knife will be waiting for him… Scary! Kouta then passes by Rurumo’s room. Whose room is this? Wasn’t this the storage room? That night when he meets up with his friends, they are highly anticipating his surprise, though they can’t remember what it is. Even Sakurai puts a note about meeting Rurumo but cannot remember who she is and thinks must be somebody important for him to even note it down.

As they make their way, they pass a park and Kouta feels like he has been here before with somebody. It is a long queue to the shrine and Iida is there to keep them in place. She too cannot remember that there is a girl always besides Kouta. While the guys are surprised Inoue is working as a shrine priestess, they are joined by their other female friends. Tanako has developed the group photo from the band audition and hands it to everyone. They are stumped to see Rurumo in it. Who is this girl? Kouta’s head start to hurt just thinking about this girl. Who is she? Meanwhile Rurumo is in Kouta’s room and she sees the kimono and realizes what this is all about. Kouta continues to think that something is missing. This magic ticket bundle and gift. Something isn’t right. He accidentally bumps into a girl in a kimono. Hey. Isn’t that the kimono he rented? When the countdown to New Year’s Day ends, Kouta remembers Rurumo. She looks pretty gorgeous in it. Flashback reveals Rurumo told him that she will be evaluated tomorrow (which is today) and since the Underworld officials are coming to check on her training and to avoid interference, there will be a temporary memory loss magic spell casted. She will be erased from everyone’s memories for a day. So now you remember why you can’t remember? Kouta compliments she looks good in it and gives her a hair accessory gift as apology. Then everyone joins in and remembers her. They’re glad she came. As they enjoy themselves at the festival, Kouta notes and apologizes to Rurumo. He does want her to pass her training but at the same time he too wants to always be with her and have fun forever.

Bewitched! One Way Tickets For Life!
Well, just okay. Although this is a nice funny little series however I feel that it suffers from something that makes it somewhat satisfying. Like as though it lacks something deep. Hmm… Did the memory erasing spell still have some sort of effect on me? The final episode of Rurumo went ‘missing’ didn’t really felt threatening in any ways because in the end, the series feels like the daily lives of Kouta and Rurumo and with the pace of the series, you don’t really think that Rurumo is in some sort of training. Random episodes like forming a band heading to an audition, nursing stray cats, Kouta turning into a wolf and Rurumo’s getting lost on her first errand easily makes you forget so. The setting of Rurumo making a contract with Kouta and the predicament that made her so is quickly forgotten once the series rolls out its usual brand of antics. I don’t know if there is any deadline to become a witch again but at the rate they are going, it seems Rurumo is going to be an apprentice for a very long time. I know she is over 300 years old so I guess she can really take her time.

Personally I don’t feel the development of the characters to be deep either. Even over the course of the series, Kouta and Rurumo’s relationship has always been just like that. I want to say that their bond grows closer every minute they spend with each other and it’s thank to that themselves and not just magic. But we’re so caught up in Kouta’s antics and Rurumo isn’t much of an expresser in emotions so such impact on their development doesn’t quite feel it there. Sure, Kouta has been with her ever since and it feels like a long time. He wants to be with her always. That’s quite about it. To a point that if you talk about the romance part, you may be somewhat disappointed if you’re expecting something to come out from this. Heck even the romance between Tanako and Senpai is one way traffic. He is oblivious about her because his passion is always the occult and mysteries of the world. That or wanting Rurumo to join his club. Always rejected. Maybe it’s karma. Rurumo does the same to him as he does to Tanako? I don’t know about Inoue but something tells me she harbours some sort of feelings for Kouta, don’t you think? She might be using her disciplinary actions to set him straight but could it be just a facade to hide her feelings? What about Kyouko and Sakurai? It’s just hinting. Romance there is aplenty but somewhat disappointing if you’re looking for a decent development.

Ever since we have known Rurumo to be a slow learner and such, it is hard for us not to feel for her. I guess in a way it is good because casual viewers may start thinking the emotionless retard this witch girl is. Heck, she can’t even remember about Iida’s help and I thought this was some sort of running joke. As such, Rurumo could perhaps be the ‘strongest’ character because she knows about her greatest weakness of learning much slower than others and her clumsiness. However this doesn’t stop her from trying. Bearing this fact in mind, you can’t help feel to cheer for her to carry on. She accepts what comes her way because there is no point if she b*tches about it. All she can do as to do her best and I think this is what is amazing about her. Also, she might not be considered intelligent by our standards but in some ways she is intelligent in her own ways. For example, she is the only one who could identify that the wolf was Kouta. Not even Chiro whom I thought at least she could have identified him via his smell or something.

Kouta on the other hand could have been a better guy if not for his perversion but I suppose that is alright because Kouta wouldn’t be Kouta if not for his perversion. Despite his perversion, he is a nice and kind hearted person. He takes in abandoned animals and even demoted witches. I don’t know how many tickets he has left but that bundle looks thick enough. It is tempting to use them in lots of situations. Because of the sparingly used tickets, you won’t feel that he is inching closer to his death or something. I will be wondering too what happens if that day comes. Will there be an exception or something? Because I can imagine by that time, they’ve spent lots of time together and certainly Kouta’s death will not be acceptable even if it is the rules. I know I am thinking too much and such premise could be interesting for the story development but as far as this season is concerned, let’s just be contend with Kouta and Rurumo being together with their friends.

I just wonder if there are any rules for using the tickets in the sense that what can Rurumo use her magic to accomplish. For one, we know that it doesn’t work on the dead. Since it only works on the living, I keep wondering why Kouta doesn’t use the ticket to make Rurumo less klutzy or smarter or something. There may be a couple of reasons. Firstly, it won’t mean anything if Rurumo doesn’t overcome them herself. It’s like using a cheat code to win a game. No effort, no fun. Secondly, Rurumo wouldn’t be Rurumo anymore if she starts acting differently. Remember how ‘scary’ she was after wearing that legendary swimsuit? Would you prefer an aggressive and horny Rurumo or a retarded one? Originals are always the best, eh? And lastly in view of this, I don’t think Kouta is going to use up the tickets unless in very grave situations. It is his life at stake but maybe he’ll do it for Rurumo’s sake. Besides, I wonder if he can wish for more tickets. Because sly and scheming humans would think of having unlimited sources to get their wish. Ah well, Kouta is more of a simpleton pervert. There is no cure to that. Not even magic.

The other characters do okay just to prop up the series and support our main duo but like I said, nothing too deep about them. Because of that there is hardly any solid back story on Rurumo and past. Maybe that is about it. I suppose nothing happens when you are imprisoned for 60 years. Harulily could have been the best bet and the one whom I thought would be somewhat a regular after her appearance. Unfortunately she just lasted for that single episode. That is why lots of things about Rurumo herself are left a lot to be desired. Oh well, I guess there is romance in some things being mysterious. I don’t know how but before you know it, Sawashita and Tanako slowly become part of the ‘group’. Just like Kouta’s perverted buddies, they feel more like secondary characters and hardly leave any everlasting impact. At least even Masako had a little more screen time and we get to know of her secret cosplay hobby. Even Chiro as Rurumo’s sidekick also lacks any impact. Mostly we see her bumming around and sometimes doing her little mischief to get her own little kicks. She too comes from the same predicament of being left out like Rurumo so I guess that’s why clicks with her. Perhaps the ‘best’ character goes to Kouta’s mom who has this tendency to turn into some scary yandere (oh, those dead eyes…) and always suspecting her son. Is this how notorious his perversion has become? If your own mother suspects you like that, then it says a lot, right?

The drawing and art seems a little cartoonish and thus making the overall feel of this series somewhat, uhm, cartoonish. In addition to girls like Harulily, Tanako and Sawashita who have this one kind look, Kouta’s friends and the occult club members look a bit odd. I know friends come in all shapes and sizes but guys with round heads and tall pointed heads, sometimes I think I am watching a mild version of One Piece with odd body parts. Speaking of that, is it me or is it somehow the characters have shades of Bleach in them?! I don’t know. When I first looked at Kouta, I thought he was Ichigo Kurosaki! Heck I thought that they had the same voice actor. What more, there is a curious resemblance between Chiro and Bleach’s Yoruichi. Both tanned ladies can transform into their cat version. Only difference is that one is a busty buxom babe and the other a flat chest loli. And hey, doesn’t Senpai look like Ishida and Sawashita a bit like Orihime? Rurumo herself might be the emotionless version of Rukia! Sugawara = Sado? Okay, maybe the last one is just stretching it and taking it too far.

With Kouta and his friends being typical perverts (Kouta is the biggest one of course), over the course of this anime there are a few of fanservice scenes from Rurumo’s cherry print panties to Iida and Sawashita’s humongous racks (I suppose fanservice is the only reason why they have such voluptuous pairs in the first place) to even the obligatory beach and hotspring episode. It is a good thing that the fanservice here enhances the comedic effects instead of for pure fanservice sake. At least that is how I feel.

Voice acting wise, there isn’t anything special or that stands out. Makoto Takahashi as Kouta is making his debut as a main character (previously he had minor roles in Sword Art Online and Shin Sekai Yori) while Suzuko Mimori is rather okay as the emotionless Rurumo. She voiced a myriad of characters before from Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita and Shion in GJ-Bu so she really sounded different helming this deadpan character. Other casts include Misato Fukuen as Chiro (Even in Black Cat), Natsumi Takamori as Harulily (Misaki in Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo), Yurika Endou as Tanako (Rina in Sakura Trick), Juri Nagatsum as Sawashita (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Shizuka Ishigami as Inoue (Akira in Nagi No Asukara), Minami Takahashi as Masako (Asuka in Log Horizon), Mari Shiraishi as Kyouko (Mai in Witchcraft Works), Harumi Sakurai as Iida (Lisanna in Fairy Tail), Junji Majima as Senpai (Tooru in Hitsugi No Chaika) and Hiro Shimono as Nishino (Keima in The World God Only Knows). Of course not forgetting my ever favourite Mamiko Noto taking a small role as Kouta’s mom. The opening and ending themes aren’t that memorable either. Pretty generic. Nothing that outstanding. Seiippai Tsutaetai by Suzuko Mimori is the opening piece while Futari No Chrono Stasis by Yurika Endou is the ending song. I notice there is a variety of background music that are nice on the ears too.

Overall, this anime may not be the best comedy, magic or fanservice series of the season and even in the long run it won’t be fondly remembered since there is nothing ground breaking. Especially the characters and the plot leaving lots to be desired as they have potential to be developed but too bad most of the episodes feel like standalone and fillers. Probably this is one of the many series of the season where you watch for light hearted moments and fun instead of delving into something deep and complicated. Nevertheless, it is still worth the watch because you’ll learn that even witches get discriminated and that despite the amount of magic they have and the absurd rules they have to abide, deep down they are still humans in their heart. Or at least in Rurumo’s case, you can say that she is trying to be one and in certain cases, more human than others. Now, if there are only magic tickets to cure the human race… On second thought, if divine intervention and miracles can’t do the trick, what are the chances?

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