Mamotte! Lollipop

February 14, 2015

Every girl dreams to have a couple of handsome guys be her bodyguard, right? Okay, maybe not. But what happens if you find yourself in such predicament? It wouldn’t be really bliss if there is a couple of hot guys by your side, then there must be an equal reason for danger. Yeah. Law of averages. Okay, I made that up too. But you get the idea because Mamotte! Lollipop is about this normal girl whose normal life has been turned upside down when she accidentally swallows something coveted. Now she becomes the target of all those who want to get their hands on it. But don’t despair, she has got a couple of good looking guys who vow to protect her at all cost till the matter is resolved. I guess it can’t be that bad, can it?

Episode 1
Nina Yamada is telling her friends, You and Hatsuka her ideal man. Strong, sweet, handsome and always there to protect her. Which girl doesn’t want that kind of guy? She notices a round candy in her cake and eats it but tastes it as inedible. Suddenly a couple of good looking guys, Zero and Ichii drop down to protect her from a flurry of… Flying humans?! This shock made her swallow the candy. After that is over, with their device and seahorse mascot, Zura, they try and detect where the Crystal Pearl is. To their horror, Nina has swallowed it! Zero is not amused and forces Nina to give it back. However there is another couple, San and Forte on a giant owl having their suspicions over Zero and Ichii if they have found Crystal Pearl. Nina and Zura are bad liars trying to hide they don’t know anything. Ichii drives his car for them to escape but San and Forte aren’t giving up, continuing to bug them for details. Only the overhead bridge got them. Once in a safe place, Zero and Ichii explain they are sorcerers. Currently they are taking a test to become professional sorcerers. Every year, examinees would pair up and take the test. A ball called Crystal Pearl is dropped somewhere in the human world and the pair who finds it before Christmas will pass. That ball is now inside Nina’s body. Like Nina is going to believe this crap. And she can’t believe she is going to be the target of examinees. Ichii calls headquarters about this case. They say the ball can’t remain inside a human’s body and a special medicine needs to be created to remove it. It will be ready by Christmas. This sucks. What now? Instead of sulking and complaining, Ichii suggests they protect Nina with all they’ve got till the medicine is completed. Just as they agree to do this, San and Forte heard this. Now they want her. Another round of chase. Ichii tells everyone to escape while he distracts. Zura turns into a blowfish? Nina struggles in the air but Zero catches her before she falls. Her heart beats fast at this close proximity. Till he had to say her boobs are small. That’s the longest piledriver pain he felt. From the sky to the ground! As Nina walks away in a bad mood, she is captured by San.

San brings Nina back to Forte and bugs-cum-tortures him for her reward. She uses all his money to buy cakes in which she starts eating with Nina. WTF. Forte is mad and there is no way he is going to protect Nina like Zero and Ichii. But San mentions there are no rules in mentioning how to remove Crystal Pearl from her body. Oh dear. You know what this means. Nina is shocked. Weren’t they best girl friends? I guess that’s what the cakes were for… Forte uses her hypnotism magic on her. Nina doesn’t want to die yet so as she screams out to Zero and Ichii’s name, they are able to detect her and bursts into their hiding place to her rescue. Forte wants to burn Nina’s body and remove the ball from it. Zero and Ichii move into to protect her with their barrier. But how long can they last? Nina doesn’t want them to do this anymore but Zura mentions they won’t give up or lose because they have a dream. Because they too were once protected by somebody like this. They need to repay him, the person who has always helped and watched over them, Jeff the professional sorcerer. Zura asks if Nina too has people she loves she wants to protect. Immediately she remembers her parents who guided and protected her with all their love. The trio get motivated to protect their dreams and loved ones. Zero powers up his destructive magic and blasts the duo away. Try again next time. Nina apologizes for saying mean things to them but they’re okay with it since they have gave her their word to do whatever it takes to protect her. Nina starts thinking they could be her ideal guys. Just when things are going fine, Zero had to say something insensitive and this pisses off Nina so she beats him up. If this is going to be like this, it’s going to be a long road ahead…

Episode 2
If it’s bad enough Nina is having a bad dream being chased by weirdoes, she is late for school and to her horror Zero is in her room trying to wake her up. Note, she didn’t give him permission to enter. Anyway since they are going to be protecting her, they’ll be escorting her to school every day from now on. Is this bodyguard service necessary? Oh yes. Because here comes San and Forte again trying to snatch her. The crash boom bang battle ends with Zero and Ichii being victorious of course and leaving Nina getting unwanted attracting from other people. This is how her life is going to be until Christmas. She thought school is her only sanctuary but Zero and Ichii have become transfer students! I guess they are really taking their bodyguard job seriously. She is sandwiched between them. Her friends want to know the details since how can a girl like her suddenly get a pair of hot guys? Nina could feel the piercing stares of others. Because Zero and Ichii continue to be by her side everywhere she goes, rumours start circling that the guys are her fiancé and came all the way to this school to chase after her. It is no surprise that Nina feels pissed off. Zero doesn’t care if she hates them or what because if other sorcerers target her and try to forcefully extract Crystal Pearl from her, you can guess what will happen to her for a person who doesn’t have magic. That is why they will protect her until the medicine is completed. So it’s back to the annoying 24/7 by your side. San and Forte are watching them and note it’ll be hard to get close to Nina if the duo are around. San has an idea. She makes Forte dress as a girl! I don’t know about this sneaking in plan but I think it’s her fetish. Yeah. Forte is cute enough to attract some loser guys who view ‘her’ as their type! Better finish this mission fast.

Nina is in another argument with the duo for being so close. She nearly falls off the stairs but Ichii catches her. Cue for another heart pounding situation. Then all her girl friends start bugging her about the guys. San and Forte come in to catch her. Nina thinks Forte is a girl dressed as a boy so he has to refute that he is a true blue guy. This makes all the girls mad because they think he is here to peep on them and start chasing him. They’re going to kill him also because he is cuter than them. For that reason… Those same girls too got a short attention span because they got distracted with Zero and Ichii and start bugging them for their phone number, etc. They slip away but those bugs are persistent. Because of so, Nina is chased around by San. Zero and Ichii are cornered when Zero notices Nina’s predicament. He gets rough making his way through so Ichii had to sooth the girl with his charm. Don’t worry. Wild or gentle, they all still love them! Zero comes to Nina’s protection and he gets injured while fending off San’s onslaught of carnivorous air fish. At the same time making Nina’s heart soft when he spouts his chivalrous reasons of why he wants to protect her, blah, blah, blah. Her powers up his offensive magic to counter attack but Forte turns up to turn the tables back. Ichii arrives in time to even the odds. He powers up his defensive magic barrier to deflect their magic attack to send them flying away in the sky. Try again? Déjà vu? Of course Nina feels guilty that Zero got hurt while protecting her. She thinks he isn’t such a bad guy despite the obnoxious type. But Zero’s offensive magic caused quite some damage in the school building so he is going to get lectured by Ichii. Nina couldn’t help but laugh. But she won’t be having the last laugh as the duo now move into her house! This way they can be always be by her side. They live in her closet that connects to their room in some magic space. There goes her privacy. There goes her life. Feel like crying?

Episode 3
Nina wakes up to get changed. I suppose she’s not used to it yet when she opens the closet only to see the guys changing. Big wake up call. On the way to school, Ichii observes Nina helping a small girl who scraped her knee at the park. He comments she is a sweet and kind person. The guys are hounded at school by those girls. Too bad Nina has no place. Her friends aren’t that bad but they still pester her about their relationship. Rokka and her butler, Gou are in this world too. The moment she sees Ichii, she starts screaming and rushing right to his side. Guess what? She kisses him right in front of everybody! All the girls may have just died that moment. And they want Nina to do something about it! WTF?! So is Rokka Ichii’s girlfriend? Fiancée. She made that up. But it’s true she really wants to marry him. She only came to this world just to be with him and the reason she became an examinee. Because Nina is quite casual with Ichii, Rokka insults and badmouths her. Trying to intimidate? To her dismay, Ichii protects Nina and the damning gauntlet is that Nina is an important person to him. This causes the spoilt princess to start screaming, throwing tantrum before running away. Gou must really have a hard time cleaning up her mess and keeping up with her. Ichii then gives Nina a lollipop because it befits her sweet personality. However that kiss is what that is still bugging her.

When Nina is changing in the locker room, Rokka is back to bring more misery. She uses her magic on Nina to turn her into a baby. That way Ichii won’t pay attention to her because Ichii is hers. Forever will be. News of Nina is missing spark the guys looking for her. And nobody else can tell that this stray baby is Nina. They don’t even wonder why the heck there is a stray baby here. Nina thinks the lollipop is the only way Ichii will recognize her so she crawls her way to find him. Meanwhile Rokka tries to appeal to Ichii with her sexy body and cooking (that reaction makes you wonder if her cooking is edible). Each time Rokka spots Nina, she tries to hide her till the guys can’t contain their suspicion. Although Rokka tries to pass Nina off as a stray baby, here comes Gou detecting Crystal Pearl inside this baby. Rokka understands why Ichii is bent on protecting her. So what if she brings Nina back to the magic world? Will he come along too? She orders Gou to get them so he uses his illusion magic to bring them to some toy room. There are many baby Nina clones and if they can figure out which is the real one, they’ll withdraw quietly. A giant teddy bear starts abusing Zura. The real Nina protects him. Ichii and Zero power up to destroy the bear and pick her as the real one. Gou will abide by the promise and turns Nina back to normal. But Rokka is a sore loser, still screaming she won’t give him up. She still won’t let Nina have her Ichii so she materializes a giant bunny to get her. However Nina’s lollipop protected her. Ichii casted a defensive magic on it. Rokka again is still not happy he cares about Nina more than her despite her claim she loves him more, blah, blah, blah. She’s crying so much that she turns into her true form, a 5 year old girl. The reason she turned Nina into a baby was that she thought Ichii wouldn’t pay attention to a girl smaller than her. Nina understands why Ichii wasn’t fazed with her kiss or appeal. While the kid is still whining, Gou got the sense to take her away. Nina wonders how Ichii can tell she was the real one. Wasn’t it obvious and easy? She was the only one who protected Zura. That’s why she is sweet and kind.

Episode 4
Nina wins the first prize at the raffles to earn a trip for 3 to the hotspring. And she couldn’t take the hint that Zero and Ichii are coming along. And looks like Rokka is there too. Oh dear. Since she’s already b*tching about this and that, I think I know what to expect. Zero and Ichii lack tact that they undress before Nina in their room. So Nina runs out to have some time of her own but meets Gou. He transports her into the pinball machine whereby he is going to teach her a lesson by shooting the pinball at her. Thankfully Zero and Ichii arrive just in time to save her and Gou escapes since he is outnumbered. Later Gou is encountered by Forte who warns them about underestimating Zero and Ichii. Forte is left embarrassed when Gou points out his yukata is actually for females. Damn guy got tricked by San again. While Nina relaxes in the hotspring, she sees this lake legend whereby if you see your own reflection in it, the face of your destined one will appear. She gets flustered thinking it would either be Zero or Ichii. Meanwhile Rokka causes havoc for Ichii when she jumps in to be with her beloved. I think Gou is going to have a hard time restraining this wild child who is perhaps trying to get naughty with Ichii. All is not well for Nina too because she’s got San for company. She materializes a giant duck to take her out. Nina’s scream alerts Zero as he comes in to save the day once more. Nina’s legs cramp up so he carries her but her towel drops off. She beats him up and is sad she won’t be able to get married. However Zero’s comments that her boobs are nothing rile her up. Ultimate punch!

She locks the guys out of the room and when she thinks they are gone, Ichii is seen outside waiting. Can’t leave her alone for obvious reasons. He explains Zero is often misunderstood because he tends to say whatever comes to mind. But he knows Zero wants to protect her with all he’s got. Nina feels the need to apologize and heads off to find the ping pong area where Zero is believed to be. Zero is playing ping pong with little Rokka when Ichii comes in wondering if they have reconciled. Nina didn’t come by. Oh no. She’s missing too. Double oh no. Nina has followed the fake signs to the lake whereby Forte uses his hypnotism to drown her. Thanks to Zero arriving on the scene quick, he snaps her out and protects her from San’s attacking familiars. Of course this makes Nina feel guilty that he is getting hurt for protecting her instead of fighting back. Once Ichii destroys the familiars, Zero is able to go all out and blow the duo into the night sky. See you again. Nina wants to apologize but to her surprise Zero apologizes first. She is happy that he too wants to make up. She thanks him. Then she looks into the lake, curious to know who her destined soul mate is. Zero and Ichii? Actually they’re looking into it too. But it doesn’t matter for Nina as long as they’re both here.

Episode 5
A flashback sequence whereby San is all alone because the adults keep calling her a jinx. Nina must be getting used to life with Zero and Ichii. Suddenly San and Forte come rushing into the scene. The guys prepare to protect Nina but it seems the duo run past them. They observe San bugging Forte to buy her this and that and they’re running all over the place. He is even forced to go along with her whims and fancies as she forces a cute dress. It’s understandable they can’t contain their laughter. But this makes them wonder why they are always together and Forte is always accommodating San. Once more Forte is forced to make cookies for her but when he is done, he realizes she has gone out. Then he realizes the date today, 17th July. It has been 7 years since. Flashback reveals Forte is the grandson of a powerful sorcerer. At a party, a giant bird causes mischief. Forte thought he was done for but it turns into feathers. San appears before him and that’s the first time they met. Forte learns San is his cousin and the ladies call her a cursed child since she had uncanny powers since birth. They also believe she is the reason why her mother, Salia is sick. They don’t want him to associate with her. Forte starts to think if those were the reason why San has sadness in her eyes. Is that why she is always alone? He becomes curious and wants to know more about her. He finds her singing alone and mentions his intention to become her friend. And so that’s when the bugging and pestering began. San drags him just about anywhere, to do anything. As he runs away, he gets lost and finds himself in a room occupied by a sick lady. She turns out to be Salia. San is happy to see mommy again but then cold hearted grandpa separates them. He accuses San of being a cursed child and believes each time San gets close to Salia, her condition gets worse. Forte doesn’t like the sound of it but San doesn’t want to aggravate the situation since it is her fault she didn’t listen in the first place.

San then tells Forte about this cursed child thingy. However she decided to use it as a charm. She believes that if she keeps smiling, Salia will get better but it’s not working despite smiling all the time. Forte knows no matter how much she smiles, Salia won’t get better. He wanted to tell her but couldn’t find the words that won’t hurt her. So he sat there holding her hand without saying anything for a long time. Eventually Salia passes away and the adults still believe it is San who caused it all. They even accuse her of being heartless since she is smiling and not shedding a tear. Forte tells them off she is not a cursed child. Then he tells her it is okay to cry when she wants to. She doesn’t need to hold back and should only smile when she is having fun. Although her mom is gone, she still has him. He promises to always be by her side and stay closest to her heart. He’ll always watch over her. Watch over her smile. San instantly breaks down and cries so loud in his arms, calling for her mom. That was the first and last time Forte had seen San cry. In present time, Forte joins San paying her respects at Salia’s grave. 17th July is the anniversary of Salia’s death. He tells her that he will not change and that what he had said then will also not change. He will always be by her side. I’m sure he can continue tolerating her constant bugging…

Episode 6
As usual, Zero and Nina are arguing so much so they accidentally ruin the cake shop and have to pay compensation. A pro sorcerer, Will and his cat familiar, Aquamarine are watching them and note they are so carefree despite being in the middle of the exam. They decide to pay them a visit to spice things up. San, Forte, Gou and Rokka are suddenly whisked before Nina and the guys. They are brought here by Will who is also an inspector in their exam. He is going to make them pass a mid-term exam and failure to do so means they do not qualify to take the final one. Will kidnaps Nina and the team that rescues her will pass. Otherwise they will all be disqualified. They manage to find the building Nina is held but it is protected by Will’s magic barrier. After Ichii nullifies it, now they have to race to the top where Nina is. However they must go through several obstacles. The first one being some quiz show. Zero-Ichii and Gou-Rokka pass but San-Forte gets disqualified because San’s stomach was growling that she could think nothing but food and answered wrongly. The next challenge must have them defeat a couple of macho men! Gou and Rokka flop and get disqualified so it’s up to the duo to save the day and move on. Lying await in their third challenge is a huge dragon. While taking it head on, Will badmouths the pair that they will betray her and run away but Nina believes in them. Will is going to put their trust to the test. First she takes away Nina’s voice and then gets rid of the dragon to let Zero and Ichii have a clear passage up.

Once they enter the room, Will tells them Nina made a pact with him. Because she saw them struggling with the dragon, she pleaded to him to let them pass in exchange for her voice. Nina can’t deny that. Shouldn’t she have just resorted to sign language or even body language instead of just stand there looking panicky? However this little ruse isn’t enough to ruffle their feathers. Zero tells him off that they have promised to protect Nina till the end and even if they pass the test but if Nina is not safe, it is pointless. Will is impressed but he gives them a choice. He can return Nina’s voice but in turn they must drop out of the exam. So what is it going to be? They’re going to for both! They unleash their attack but it is not enough to scratch Will. Ichii wants Zero to attack him. Is he crazy? No, trust him. Zero does just that and it turns out to be some magic absorbing attack that catches Will by surprise. Will is impressed that they really trust each other and returns Nina’s voice. Nina makes it clear that she has always believed in them. Will passes them and also decides to do the same with the rest. Because despite they got disqualified, they didn’t give up and tried to get back in (albeit didn’t make any headway). Will is touched by their trust in each other and the way they won’t give up on their dream and thus decided to make it an exception to pass them all. So a happy ending from everybody? Not quite. Because this means Nina will be continued to be chased around! Yeah. It was like the devil or the deep blue sea for her.

Episode 7
The season of kimodameshi (test of courage) is here. Legend has it that if a boy and a girl pairs up and they confess to each other, their relationship will be a guaranteed success. Nina’s friends are really interested which guy she is going to pick… Meanwhile another pair of sorcerer examinees, Yakumo Ishii and Nanase Akatsuki are hunting for Crystal Pearl. The former believes in relying on some fickle device used throughout his generations to find it but Nanase isn’t convinced. Eventually he picks up the signal at Nina’s school and he goes about ranting just about anything while the other boys start hitting on Nanase. He heard about this kimodameshi and gets an idea. Nina shows off her kimono since it is a rule that girls must be dressed as so. She flusters thinking about the confession part but she gets worried when Ichii gets a call from someone named Sarasa. Sounds like a girl… Since the usual suspects are also participating, Hatsuka has fallen for Gou and rigs the pairing. Forte-Rokka goes first. Yakumo and Nanase are impersonating as ghosts and are going to scare the hell out of them. It works like a charm on Forte-Rokka. Forte is more scared and tries to cling to Rokka but she beats him up to a pulp and goes look for Ichii. Next is San-Zero pair and they are not scared at all. In fact they are amused with the ghosts and want to learn how to make such costumes. Hatsuka and Gou are next but because Hatsuka is already using up so much energy trying to fawn all over Gou, I guess the ghost pair will have to skip them. Finally it is Nina and Ichii. Ichii notices she doesn’t look like she is enjoying herself but she brushes it off as nothing. She then asks if he has anyone she likes. He doesn’t and in fact is currently looking for one. Before she could ask about Sarasa, the ghosts scare them and they slip. At this rate their lips will meet. Thankfully (or not) here comes blazing Rokka splitting them up. Forte continues to be a chicken and even more when San (in a ghost outfit) comes hugging him. Yakumo and Nanase reveal themselves when they realize Ichii and Zero. Yeah. They know each other and are not too thrilled.

Seems both pairs dislike each other and it goes a long way back when they attend the same cram school together. Nanase blames Zero because just when the former is getting popular with the boys and decides not to tell everyone that he is actually a boy (OMFG?! Nanase is a guy?!), then comes Zero to tell everyone the trap he is and all of a sudden his popularity plunges. As for Yakumo, he blames Ichii. Because his magic is transforming stuffs into weapons, everyone was impressed except Ichii who called it lame. It hurt his soul. And for that, they have always been at each other’s throat especially during magic tests. They always end up in a draw and never settled. Nina couldn’t believe Zero and Ichii were like that so Yakumo hints they were notorious during those days. Ichii tells him to shut it. The only way left is to fight. Of course Yakumo and Nanase lose so the former escapes and took Nina along, mistaking her for Nanase. Nanase is not pleased he mistakes this ugly girl for her. Yakumo’s device picks up the Crystal Pearl in her and they couldn’t believe it since they thought it was just rumours. Yakumo takes a closer look and thinks Nina is pretty cute and suggests she ditch Zero and Ichii in favour of them to protect her. After all, they know nothing about her and she knows nothing about them so they’re on equal grounds. Yakumo suggests letting Nina choose who she wants as her protector. Although Zero disagrees, Ichii allows it since they don’t have the right to stop her. Nina has a hard time choosing. After all that thinking and flashbacks, she has decided. When it seems she is going to Yakumo and Nanase, it is to apologize to them. True, she doesn’t know about them but as said in this case they are on equal footing, she rather go with Zero and Ichii because they gave their word and she trusts them. She runs to them and Zero wonders what would have happened if Nina picked the other. Ichii says they will go reclaim her since they’re the ones who are supposed to protect her. Eh? What? Doesn’t that just make them sore losers? Yakumo and Nanase back down for now because Zero and Ichii don’t see them as worthy opponents. They won’t give up on Crystal Pearl yet and Yakumo won’t give up on Nina too. She’ll make him want to stay with him one day. As they go home, Nina believes she might not know a lot of them now but it’s alright to take time to get to know them better. Because her trust for them will never waver.

Episode 8
Nina could have had a nicer time at the beach if not for Yakumo and Nanase showing up. Yup. Yakumo is saying how much he loves everything about her but had to touch that taboo subject of her small boobs. Hammer away! The rest of the gang show up and another war is about to erupt when Nanase has already made pairings for beach volleyball. So it’s Zero-Nina versus Yakumo-Nanase. During the match, Nanase accidentally slams the ball into Nina’s face. Yakumo helps put band aid on her. Then the match escalates into that of throwing magic fireballs at each other. Zura as the referee tries to stop it but each time gets burnt. In the end, too much fireballs means big explosion. Nina gets caught in it although she is alright. She blames Zero for destroying things but Zero starts sulking and blames Nanase for starting it. He goes off by himself so Nina finds him to try and make up. He is still sulking though, talking like he is jealous of seeing her having fun with other guys. Oh wait. Isn’t he? He throws away her band aid and even eats her ice cream. Then he returns to Ichii like as though all of that never happened. But Nanase notes that the first phase of the plan had only begun. Next morning, Zero and Nina switch bodies! Ichii tries to look up this case on the internet of the magic world. This might take some time so they have to pretend to be each other. This sucks. It’s already hard trying to act like the other and why does first period have to be swimming lessons? How can they get through the changing part… Everyone is amazed with ‘Nina’ because this girl is doing great swimming. The guys are so impressed at how invincible and best Nina is. From eating like a guy, rushing into the boys’ toilet, sleeping in the middle of class and beating the crap out of Forte and San so easily. So cool! So invincible! Ichii thought it would be best for them to stay like that till the end of the exam since any Zero could fight off examinees who target Nina. As Nina won’t want to stay this way so long, Ichii looks up the internet and the only solution is to be closer to each other. Well, they’re standing really close. Nothing happening.

Then Nanase pops up and reveals all this was part of his plan. He used his curse card magic and the band aid (by peeling it off) for the switch. Oh, if they don’t switch back in 24 hours, their switch is permanent. Looks like they have 10 minutes left. Nanase will switch them back in exchange for Crystal Pearl and also Zero must apologize and acknowledge Nanase is better. He won’t thanks to his pride. He’d rather stay this way! But seeing Nina close to tears, he sucks in his pride and does it but in an annoying way. Zero assures they’ll come and rescue her so please trust in them and wait. Nanase is about to reverse the spell but it’s not working. Several attempts later… Nothing! He forgot how! Don’t give them this sh*t! Oh dear. Time is running out. Seeing Nina is going to lose it, Zero figures he needs to consider more about her. He hugs her and wants her to believe in him. Think only of him. This is what being close to each other means. Their hearts must be brought closer to one another. Right on the dot, they revert back. Angry Yakumo comes by to punish Nanase for doing something on his own that hurt his beloved Nina. He apologizes for everything and will take responsibility by training over from the beginning. He then takes their leave for now but won’t give up on Crystal Pearl. Nina and Zero reconcile. They heard each other’s voice in their heart and note that it is their smile that makes them great. Then Zero had to mention that taboo subject… Even the switch there is something he didn’t feel a difference: Her tiny boobs! Smackdown!

Episode 9
Nina is running late for school when she bumps into a cool Arabian lad, Kuku. Wait a minute. She thinks he is cool? Turns out Kuku is trying to practise pick-up lines and his partner, Toto are actually examinees! They trace the signal of Crystal Pearl to Nina’s school. So when Kuku barges in and becomes a gentleman (kissing Nina’s hand), the class becomes abuzz on this. Is this the start of a new love polygon? But when Zero sees Kuku, he isn’t amused. Then they attack each other. Guess what? Kuku is a girl!!!! These freaking kids!!! Why the hell are they always gender reversed?! I wonder if the class can handle any more of these shocks. So who is Kuku exactly? Zero’s fiancée. At least that is what their parents decide. Zero isn’t going to marry her for whatever reasons but Kuku will keep promises no matter what. Nina’s friends are more interested in the rise of a potential rival. Nina brushes it off and they conclude she prefers Ichii. And so typically despite Nina telling us that she doesn’t care about Zero having a fiancée whatsoever, she can’t help feel irritated. Kuku continues to read pick-up lines and wonders why Zero won’t fall for her charms. She tries to show more skin and seduce him. Nina happens to walk by and gets the wrong idea. Now she’s just plain mad and jealous. Zero the ero. So now she’s calling him a traitor after all those things he said? Nina being chased by Zero being chased by Kuku being chased by Toto. You get the picture. But Toto lacks steam and easily goes out of the ‘race’. Zura sees this ‘pattern’ and understands. As she throws a tantrum, Zero says the 3 magical words that soothe her: “Kirai ja nai (I don’t hate you)”. Okay, maybe 4 in English. They have to hide from pesky Kuku. But hiding in the locker may be too close a proximity for Nina. They fall out in ambiguous fashion. Now Kuku calls him a traitor. And they aren’t even dating… She unleashes her animalization magic on them. Now they have animal ears and tails. Only 3 more stages before they turn into a full animal and will never revert back. Kuku assures even if Zero is turned into a dog, she will always love and take care of him.

Toto who is looking for Kuku stumbles upon Zura. As the self proclaimed love master, he tells Toto to go all out instead of sitting around. Toto is unsure because it is Zero whom Kuku likes but after some motivation from the love master, Toto gets some confidence. Zero and Nina hide in the infirmary. They are forced to hide underneath the blanket acting as a person when the nurse comes to check. Can Nina hold on to her sanity for this close proximity? Thinking about the cure how they switched their bodies back, they try being close together. How long will they hug? It’s not working. Maybe they need something closer. Like a kiss. Why are they laughing?! Is it so funny to kiss?! Seriously. After all that preparation and green light, before we could see that, their limbs turn into animals. Kuku will only turn Zero back but not Nina. Zero doesn’t except this and wants Nina turned back too because he made a decision to protect her, etc. Kuku is sad that she has always truly loved him not because of the promise or because she is his fiancée. But yet sees Nina more important. Since nobody understands her feelings, she doesn’t care anymore and turns the entire school into animals. Not even Ichii can calm her down. But Toto can. He tells her he has always been watching her despite she is always chasing Zero. Then it’s like magic. She is overcome with emotions and switches sides! She feels bad of not noticing his feelings?! Wow. That was fast. She’s been eyeing Zero all this time and it took a little talk (which isn’t that sweet if you think about it) just to make her switch camp? Oh well, at least everybody reverted back to normal. In the aftermath, Kuku apologizes to Nina for everything. They will be returning to cancel their participation in the test since they aren’t interested in the first place. Kuku is more interested in nurturing in their new love. A head start is always good. Kuku hints to Nina that she and Zero look cute as a couple and be sure to invite them to their wedding. Nina blushes and Zero bugs her over the girls’ secret. She’s not telling it but she did hint to us that she doesn’t dismiss such possibility. Hmm…

Episode 10
Ichii gets another message from Sarasa. Oh no. Brings nostalgia to Zero and Ichii. Brings worries to Nina. So who is this Sarasa girl? Since it’s no use hiding it from Nina, Ichii mentions Sarasa is the person he used to like. And now it’s time to tell them about the sorcery test and the first time they met. Zero first met Ichii after seeing him take out a few street thugs. Amazed Zero challenged him and although lost, he is certain of his strength and is determined to make him his partner. When Ichii returns home, he is not thrilled to see Jeff at the door for he is trying to get close with Sarasa. Ichii believes Jeff is not serious in Sarasa but of course she insists otherwise. Ichii and Sarasa may be siblings but they are not blood related. He wants to be her only man. All the more reason why Ichii opposes Sarasa and Jeff’s marriage. So as not to make her sad, he reluctantly attends their engagement party. That is where Zero pops up again to bug him about becoming his partner. Sarasa knows Zero too. Why? Because Zero is Jeff’s younger brother. Ichii tries to ignore him as Zero continues to pester him about this sorcery test he wants to take, thus looking for a partner. Because all Ichii wants is to be by Sarasa’s side and protect her, that dream is no longer possible. In that case he is going to make use of Zero. First he tells Zero to get a large sum of money and then he’ll ‘agree’ to be his partner. Next day, Ichii is surprised Zero turns up with the cash but late. Seems he had to find someone and sell his favourite and treasured skateboard. Isn’t his family rich? Sure, but they aren’t going to give him more allowance so he took desperate measures. Ichii takes the cash and not a word of thanks. Zero wants to start practising sorcery but Ichii gives excuses. Zero reserves tomorrow morning to meet up. He didn’t answer. And it had to rain heavily when that time comes. Ichii doesn’t believe anybody will be out in that rain. Oh, you don’t know. Zero is patiently waiting there with that silly anticipating smile on his face.

The thought Zero might have come bugs Ichii so he rushes out to check. At first he is relieved Zero lied about coming till he sees his collapsed body nearby. Ichii brings him back to his home as Zero recuperates from the mild cold. Jeff talks to him that Sarasa is very worried about him. Ichii mentions he can’t trust anyone except Sarasa but Jeff notes if he continues to reject others, Sarasa’s worries will never end. He is relieved now because he saved Zero just like that and it is a symbol of strength. When Zero wakes up, he is sorry he fell ill and couldn’t practice magic with him. However Ichii blows his top that he was only using him, never had the intention of seeing him or return the money and hates him. On the way home, Sarasa tells Ichii that she decides to call off her wedding to Jeff because it’s not right for her to be happy if he isn’t. She hasn’t told Jeff yet but eventually will. The street thugs spot them and move in. Ichii gets his magic sealed with some magic handcuff while the thugs kidnap Sarasa. But Zero arrives in time to take them on while Sarasa goes to get Jeff’s help. The thugs call their big boss to fight Zero’s magic. Despite Zero being much weaker, he won’t give up. He won’t abandon Ichii either. He will become a sorcerer no matter what. Ichii reflects of Jeff and Zero’s words. He wants to be strong and protect others. Using his brute strength, he breaks free of his handcuffs and joins Zero in battle. They combine their magic to absorb the big boss’ magic and blast them away into the sky. Ichii now accepts Sarasa and Jeff’s union. He wants her to be happy. Her happiness is his happiness. Ichii officially accepts Zero as his partner and from now on he will pursue his dreams with him. He is no longer alone. Nina now understands why they are so close and trust each other so much. That’s why they make the best pair.

Episode 11
Christmas is around the corner. You know what that means. But first, Nina would like to give those guys presents. She’s already having a hard time thinking what suits them and her friends don’t help as they bug her about her plan to spend Christmas Eve with which guy. Yeah, they’re really so interested on this. So much so Nina starts fantasizing the guys are fighting over her! Back in her room, she overheard Ichii talking to Zero that they want to give Nina a final present. Because the sorcery test will be held on Christmas and after that they won’t have any reason to protect her anymore as they will go home. Time just zipped past them, eh? This makes Nina worry because she took for granted they will always be here protecting her. Wait a minute. Wasn’t she upset about swallowing Crystal Pearl and complaining she had to wait until Christmas to get it all over with? Now she’s talking like she’s missing them? Oh sure. Make a wish that the sorcery test doesn’t exist. Make a wish that Christmas doesn’t exist. How selfish can she get? She continues to put up a tantrum, joining her friends instead of the guys. In turn her friends are really annoyed she is not with them. Because they’re always together, right? Unlike Zero, Ichii has a gist of what Nina is feeling. She may not want to be around them since she is a normal them. Their part to protect her was their selfish reasoning and they dragged her into this whole mess. They just have to stick around for a week and then there will be no need to be around her anymore. So after Nina parts with her friends, the duo meet up with Nina. They will still protect her but want to get her a farewell gift. They’re kind enough to offer it and she is still putting up that emo attitude that she doesn’t want anything?

That night, she’s still bothered by it that she’s talking to herself how sad she’ll be without them. Zura heard her and if that is how she feels, he can go back to the magic world and get a memory erasing spell if she wants. All the times spent with them from the day they first met will be gone. Everything. The choice is hers. Nina and the guys go around town. They see San happily going to give a dress to you-know-who, Forte eagerly trying to make a cake and Rokka wanting to give her drawing to Ichii. Although it sucks, at least she put her heart and soul into this ‘masterpiece’. It’s the feeling that counts, right? Nina girl, you feel bad now? She starts thinking back at all the things they have done together. All the trusting words they’ve said. She remembered asking Zura to erase her memories because it’ll be painful just to remember them. Zura will take the lollipop once they return since it is an item filled with memories. But now she changes her mind. She doesn’t want to forget. Sure, it’s painful being lonely without them but it will be more painful not remembering them. Wow. She just turned full blown emo and over-the-top dramatic girl. She’s breaking down hoping the guys will remember her after they return home after the test. Although she feels the time to part is near, she hopes it won’t be permanent as she hopes to see them again. So thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything. Getting sentimental now, isn’t she? Suddenly there is this hooded girl before them Riru. She wants to help Nina.

Episode 12
Riru and her nagging crow, Ruby are from the sorcery headquarters and are here to bring a medicine that will take out Crystal Pearl. Since Nina is in a dilemma to drink it, Forte steals it and in exchange for this potion, they must hand over Crystal Pearl. I thought this is a little no-brainer. Doesn’t she need to drink it for Crystal Pearl to be released? For argument’s sake, say there is a way to extract it without drinking, would this exchange be futile? Rokka is adamant to get the potion back because it means no Crystal Pearl in Nina means Ichii doesn’t have to protect her means he will be all hers. So as both sides fight, Ichii announces he doesn’t need it. Eh? What? Because they’ve decided to protect Nina till the end. Yeah, a few more days left. What difference does it make? Ruby warns that as the deadline draws near, fiercer examinees will target her. They don’t care. Then come Christmas Eve. The last day Nina will get to be with the guys and it’s bugging her. Rokka tries to force Nina to drink it but Gou takes her back for naptime. Rokka blames Nina for not understanding that she is a burden to Ichii and she would be easier to protect by drinking this. Oh no. Not this guilty expression again. Thankfully Ichii assures her the usual. Later Riru protects Nina from ice attacks. Nina could feel that the magic attacks are from stronger opponents. She wonders how Riru knows about the attack. Her ability is to see the future and she saw Nina drink the medicine. She shows her a piece of it. Now you believe? Oh, one more thing, Riru also saw everyone failing this test and this will be the last time Nina will see Zero and Ichii. Oh God… Not that depressing state again…

Nina gets attacked again. This time her lollipop protects her. We got 3 pairs of powerful examinees trying to take out Nina but I wonder what happened to one of the pair because the pair of jungle boy and his unicorn lion (whatever this creature is) and a pair of ice ladies give all they got so much so Zero and Ichii are at their limits and are forced to retreat. Nina’s safety is utmost important. In a safe place, Ichii thinks Nina is better off drinking the medicine but Zero cannot accept this. Ichii is rational to think they cannot withstand the combined might of others. What if 6 or 8 people attack them simultaneously? Can you understand? It’s their only way to protect her. I suppose Zero still can’t comprehend presumably he thinks it’s the only reason linking to why they are protecting her. Nina then says she won’t drink it because she doesn’t want to be separated. Stay by her side till the test is over. If that is what she has decided, so be it. The attacks resume and they continue to run. Yakumo and Nanase return from their training to help out but there is little those jokers can do. Zero takes in all the attack on his body when Ichii is held up. San, Forte, Gou and Rokka return to help protect Nina. However Nina can’t bear to see Zero and Ichii suffer anymore or put them in any further danger. She drinks the medicine and hopes they will pass the test. Thanks for the fun memories. She loves them a lot. Bye. Although Crystal Pearl is removed from her body, it starts acting strange.

Episode 13
When the examinees try to take the Crystal Pearl for their own, they get zapped. Then it turns into Black Pearl and causes everyone in school to be unconscious. Will couldn’t have been timelier entering the scene to explain. This is what I understand, because it has been inside a human’s body for so long, something awful has happened. The Crystal Pearl needs to absorb magic and grows along with the sorcerer. Since this one had no magic to absorb and was ejected while it was still incomplete, it started growing on its own. That is by absorbing life force from others. Eventually it will grow to absorb life from all creatures on Earth. No prizes for guessing what happens. The Black Pearl continues to zap the rest of the gang and this causes more distress for Nina who can’t bear to see anymore of her friends suffering. Ichii then puts Nina in a protective bubble. The guys act tough by telling her mean things that since Crystal Pearl is no longer within her, she has nothing to do with them anymore. There is no need for her to have them. They’re going to fight Black Pearl but she’ll only get in the way. Goodbye. Nina is transported back to her room whereby she turns into full blown emotional girl crying she doesn’t want things to end like this. Then there is Riru and as usual she speaks about her future but also hints it could mean it can be changed depending on the actions taken by an outsider. So Nina is going back there because she believes in them all and wants to be together. And she did just that while Zero and Ichii are having a tough time. It’s funny that the attacks stop so that they can hug and have a nice reunion. The guys are still trying to act tough but Nina gives her emo speech of wanting to be with everyone because they are all her precious friends. Zero and Ichii agree with her. They really do want to be with her and their times spent together have made their bonds stronger. It has made them stronger than before.

Now that the dramatic speech is finish, can we get back to attacking? And so everyone unleash their greatest power with Nina thinking back how much she wants to protect her parents as they guided and love her through life. Nina’s heartfelt speech also affected the rest because now they chip in to help not because they want Crystal Pearl but because they have something more important. In dramatic fashion, Black Pearl is defeated and turns back into Crystal Pearl. I don’t know about this angelic moment as Nina accepts the warm little pearl back into her hands. Will praises her desire to protect what is precious without distinction of friends and foes is what created the true magic. Of course he passes all of them too. And since now it’s time to part, I’m sure Nina has another long emotional speech to tell after congratulating them. Emotional enough for her to tell them that they have been her ideal guys. Her prince. When the clock is about to strike midnight, signalling the end of the exam, Will mentions they need to take a makeup test. Because the Crystal Pearl has turned into a mini dragon familiar and is under Nina’s care (because technically she was the one who ‘saved’ it) all of them will have to help her nurture it. They have one year till Christmas Eve next year to do it. This means they can be together again for another year! Yahoo! Oh Nina. This has got to be the best Christmas gift ever. Then when all her friends regain consciousness, the first thing they ask Nina is who she chose. She can’t decide but is very happy since both her princes will still be here next year. Why can’t she just pick both of them?

Bittersweet Candy
Oh, it already ended and everybody finally gets to be together for real?! Oh brother. Thank goodness it ended like that because I don’t know how much more I can take it if they start spamming that I-want-to-be-with-you drama act. Yeah, yeah. I get it. I understand that. Stop repeating it like a broken tape recorder. So despite the happy ending that also somewhat feels abrupt, I was somewhat relieved because I don’t have to hear Nina and the guys complaining that they cannot be together once the exam is over. My guess is that Will is also ‘fed up’ of hearing this and thus this perfect Christmas gift to shut them up. Hah. I know I’m being mean but seriously, I really felt they spammed this together-with-you thingy that it even affected their other sorcerer friends. Good riddance. Now look forward to next year!

Because of that, I am left feeling the plot is a little silly overall. It feels like a big excuse that Crystal Pearl becomes the sole reason why Zero and Ichii decide to protect Nina. I mean, I thought it would have been much better if they just come clean and say that they want to be by her side purely for that reason instead of using this exam excuse. And of course as they keep reusing and reminding us about this, slowly it becomes one that is based on their feelings. I know this is a shoujo genre but the more episodes go by, the more I feel Nina is starting to become somewhat annoying. Because I remember clearly she hated this stuck-with-you-till-Christmas predicament. I don’t know when she started realizing she really doesn’t want to part with them and turned into some emo girl. Now she really hates the idea of being separated from being them and gets too emo just about thinking about separation as D-Day nears. I don’t know. Would it been better if she just says that she loves them instead of I-want-to-be-by-your-side-forever excuse? Then she could put a stop to her friends bugging her about which one she would choose. Heck. Choose both. This is your show. A reverse harem. So why not go for both?

Zero and Ichii are rather okay as protagonists. They’re cool as a duo and inseparable as a team. They’re loyal and keep their word. But again, just like Nina, it just feels like they’re using Crystal Pearl excuse to protect her. They have their differences but they know what is most important when it comes down to it. It’s fun to see a variety of fun quirky characters although most of them are not what they seem in terms of appearance. We got Nanase who looks like a girl but is actually a boy and then a reverse for Kuku’s case. Forte is half of the time being put on girls clothes thanks to San who hides her sadness behind that eternal smile. Then we’ve got Rokka who is actually a kid instead of a busty grown up and who knew Ichii had such a terrible side prior to all this. You know what they say about looks can be deceiving. Such supporting casts add colour to the main trio and like Forte and San who have their own flashback episode is cool. Too bad they feel sidelined once the series reaches its end.

Because I thought some of them are really amusing like Yakumo who has no qualms in proclaiming his love for Nina but this makes Nina panic. I guess he wasn’t that handsome. Then there is Rokka who could win the most annoying girl award but in the amusing sense. Just look at the way she whines and complains. I don’t know if that is cute or annoying. Or both. Don’t forget her ever loyal butler Gou who lacks emotion and the seemingly carefree San who is like friend-cum-rival to Nina at her convenience. Zura is supposed to be the mascot I believe but it doesn’t do much. Really. Heck, better than Aquamarine. I don’t know what Riru’s role is. Sure, she’s here to give the medicine. Hey, anybody could come and give the medicine, right? But then her so called accurate future readings feel like just to throw us off and add some drama and already emotionally unstable Nina. So her first inaccurate prediction? Hatsuka and You’s role in this anime seems to bug Nina about which of the guys she will choose. Have they got no life? I think so. Because it’s much more fun watching it happen to others than yourself.

Having said all that, the romance department personally I feel it is somewhat weak too. We have an idea of who loves who but in the end, it still lacks that important something that you would at least consider this a romance genre when you think about this show. Is it because Zero, Ichii and Nina never really said those 3 magical words or even hint about it? Even if they seemingly do, it felt like a teaser and those expecting it might be sorely frustrated. Because there are so many close moments between Nina and/or Ichii and/or Zero. Like the one Nina and Zero are together alone in the infirmary bed. I suppose it is to make our hearts beat but in the end, nothing conclusive. You see Nina and Zero argue so many times with their clashing personalities that you might think it’s going to be them but not really either. You’ll be left wondering either Nina x Zero or Nina x Ichii. To be safe and avoid the wrath from either camp, I suppose a neutral ground is taken. Nobody ends up with nobody. This means Rokka will still continue to fawn over Ichii (despite in the final fight scene she did mention she doesn’t mind him not choosing her as long as she can protect him – will she be fine with this?) and I wonder what happened about the romance between Gou and Hatsuka? So the only true blue love that blossom was Kuku and Toto. Minor characters that nobody cares about. Oh wait. Jeff and Sarasa too. But you probably didn’t care about them either.

There are a number of things that keep bugging me and thus having the potential of me writing up an article worthy to be contributed to 10 things wrong with (insert name of movie or show here). I’m not going to list all of them and mainly the most mind boggling ones. Firstly it is about the Crystal Pearl that Nina swallowed. She swallowed through her mouth, right? I know this is disgusting but think about it. Shouldn’t it ‘come out’ after she goes to toilet and even so that will be at least a few days later, right? So where the hell is this Crystal Pearl sitting in her body anyway? It’s not like it is digestible, right? So why can’t she sh*t it out in the first place? Disgusting for me to say that and for you or her to even think about it but seriously, didn’t anybody think of this instead of going through some long process of making a medicine. Heck, even invasive surgery seems faster.

Then there is this question of Zero and Ichii’s goal. We know they are taking this sorcery test for whatever reason of theirs. So it bugs me that they vow to protect Nina till the end of the test. I know they are nice guys who don’t go back on their words but if you think about it, shouldn’t they have finished this test early by bringing Nina back to the magic world and present her to the examiners? I mean, technically Crystal Pearl is in her so why not bring her back and just end this stint so that nobody can target her as the exam is over. And then they don’t have to stick by her side 24/7 in which isn’t the case because Nina loves running off by herself half the time and that’s where trouble comes looking for her. In case if the rules say just bring back the Crystal Pearl and not the girl, why not call off the exam then? Because if that is the case, nobody can touch Nina till it is extracted from her, right? Unless they really want to open her up… Wouldn’t it be dangerous to harm an innocent mortal? I’m sure there’s a set of rules and etiquettes of this sort magicians have to follow. Thus it got me thinking that protecting Nina is just a weak excuse of wanting to be by her side as long as they can. Because they’re also painting it as though it’s the end of everything once the test is over. They’ll never see her again. Heck, so is the Crystal Pearl the only reason why they’re with her? I am not sure if people from the magic world cannot come down to Earth in other times but let’s say this isn’t so, can’t they just continue to be with her just because they want to? If you want to stay, just stay! You don’t need some Crystal Pearl as a lame excuse to be by her side in which is causing a lot of distress for her too.

See one little ball can cause so many problems, lead into so many problems and so many questionable questions. Because the next complain is about the effects of it. In the sense that do the examiners know the effect of leaving it too long inside a normal human’s body? Because when Will explained it, it felt like as though he knew a lot about it although there was this ‘disclaimer’ he said that he doesn’t know the full details. Well, sounds pretty detailed to me if he manages to explain about Black Pearl absorbing life from others because it didn’t absorb magic from sorcerers. Fair enough that this probably never happened before and thus some time to take the medicine. But didn’t they know it would cause some sort of Armageddon? Shouldn’t the test be cancelled and they concentrate on removing Crystal Pearl from Nina right away instead of waiting for last minute? And in which, it wouldn’t have happened if desperate Nina didn’t drink the medicine. Hah! The thing that was supposed to solve her problem becomes the biggest culprit itself. So what the heck is this sh*t?! And then the Black Pearl suddenly having a voice of its own and sounding like a villain with an evil booming voice?! WTF?!

My next grouse is the number of examinees taking this test. Where the hell are the rest of them? I know, we saw how Zero and Ichii fend off a train of seemingly unconvincing examinees at the beginning but that can’t be all of them, right? And between the episodes, where the heck are the rest of them? Don’t give me that crap that they are trying to find Crystal Pearl. I don’t know if they have any device to track it but as seen by some of the characters, they do have devices to detect it. So where are they? And for most of the episodes, it is the usual competitors of San and Forte, followed by Gou and Rokka before Yakumo and Nanase coming in late. Then when it is near the Christmas deadline, suddenly pops up a couple of examinee pairs. So where the heck were they all this while? If they are more powerful than Zero and Ichii, don’t you think they could have just easily swooped down and get Nina from the start? And it feels that the producers got lazy in naming them because if you noticed that the main and supporting characters are named after numbers. So after Kuku and Toto, those final examinees are named like Eleven, Twelve, Fifteen, Sixteen… So uninspiring. Yeah, like we care about them in the first place.

As I won’t consider this anime to be old school since it is released in the mid-2000s, I believe anime art styles have come a long way so in a way this feels dated and ‘from that era’. The kind of style you would see similar in Gakuen Alice, Kirarin Revolution and Full Moon Wo Sagashite. Because guys like Zero and Ichii who are considered handsome back then just feels normal. And cute girls like Nina are like your typical sparkly wide eyes girls of the shoujo genre. Well, even the CG effects when Zero and Ichii cast their magic seem dated that it feels lame. In turn, the action feels like it isn’t up to standard because you don’t get more than just Zero throwing his fireballs, Ichii putting up his defensive barrier and a combo of them combing their powers. There is also hardly any variety in magic from the other supporting characters because mostly you’ll see them use the same magic like San’s animal familiars, Forte’s hypnotizing magic and Nanase’s cursed cards. Hardly anything compared to these days. Yeah. We’re so demanding now. The opening theme, Poppin Heart Wa Hitotsu Dake by Clover sounds lively and cute. The ending theme, Kyun Kyun Panic is also another cute piece sung by MOSAIC.WAV. If you’re familiar with the cute way this group sings like in the opening theme for Potemayo, you’d be familiar with their style here.

This series isn’t that bad despite me getting a little exaggerated on the imperfect stuffs like the things that don’t add up if you think about it and Nina’s emo character towards the end. This might not be one of the best shoujo genre animes of its time or even now but with a little mix of comedy and action, this isn’t really a hard pill to swallow. Maybe just 10 spoons full of sugar to help the medicine go down. Oops. Wrong show. At least this show makes me a little cautious in watching what I eat. Because now I won’t just simply gulp down anything whole in my spoon without seeing what’s in it. I know it will be a tad troublesome and gay if a couple of guys promise they would protect me till the ends of the earth. But it would be an entirely different story if they were pretty girls instead ;p. Better still, protect and fight over me like in a true blue harem genre. Oh wow. What should I ever do? Wait. That can’t be good. Girls fiercely fighting over a guy won’t end well. It’s like Armageddon itself and no amount of lollipop could save me.

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