Manyuu Hikenchou

July 28, 2012

ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY BOOBS! BREASTS ARE POWER! WE LIVE FOR THE TITS!!! After that distasteful experience with Seikon No Qwaser, I thought I would never see another anime again that has to do with boobs. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps there is some mysterious allure about boobs that keeps people like us coming back to watch them. Okay, maybe it is just me. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like boobs popping out to your face almost every 2 seconds, please skip Manyuu Hikenchou and watch some other animes that will provide you with more intelligent food to your brain. I’m already a hopeless and gone case watching this one.

So basically, you just need to know one single important premise that is the fundamental ingredient to this story: Big boobs rule! Everything else much falls or follows this decree. Heck, even the opening narration gives you an idea of what to expect: “Tits are the rule of this world. Big tits are fortune and wealth and you are not human if have none! During this peaceful Edo period, a powerful secret organization called the Manyuu Family enforces, manages and raises the majority of tits in the shogunate’s stead. The Manyuu’s style defends that one must show the body and cut the tits. Written in their safely kept secret scroll, they are timeless techniques for all times, places, ages and countries on how to raise all kinds of boobs.” See what I mean? So if you are going to survive this world, you need tits. Otherwise you are as good as nothing. Dead. Wish you had never been born. Which sicko came out with this rule anyway?! Must be one damn persuasive sicko to even have all the women down the generation to wholeheartedly agree that boobs are everything. The bigger, the better.

Of course not everybody really agrees with this case and thus the setting for the story. We have the successor of this Manyuu Family trying to rid of the stranglehold they have been holding for generations by trying to leak out the deepest secrets of raising big boobs to the mass public. Sounds easy? Well, you don’t have internet in those days and if you’re going to impart the most well kept secrets, expect deadly assassins and pursuers to be hot on your trail. All because of boobs… See, boobs can be like a double-edged sword too.

Of course with tits as the main theme, once again my experience tells me there are going to be several versions. Mostly censored. True enough, there are a few variations on them. For the TV channels that aired this series, they are heavily censored. Which means, expect those blinding lights cutting across the screen or filling in as the characters. With or without those lights, I guess viewers would have been ‘blinded’ by the scene already. I have only seen the Director’s Cut, which is a fancy name for webcast release. I wouldn’t say this is totally uncensored but partial. Yes, there are some parts whereby the tits are so visible and at other times, it’s that annoying streak of holy light. So to be safe if you want to see tits all the way, better buy the DVDs and Blu-Rays because if you spend your 2 cents worth, you’ll get a view-all worth your money. Don’t boobs worth that much to you? See, without knowing I already sound like a pervert.

Episode 1
I guess having big tits also have its own problems. Especially if you’re the daughter of a farmer and a commoner. Kagefusa from the Manyuu family is leading a Tits Hunt and in this unfortunate village, Oume gets her big tits cut off while her father can only watch in horror Kagefusa’s ‘cleansing’. Scary! Some time later, Chifusa is escaping the village with the secret scroll. Kaede, one of the pursuers and servant of Chifusa couldn’t understand her reason for doing so. Chifusa is shot by Kagefusa in the hip and falls down the ravine. That was intentional because she notes that troublesome woman won’t die so easily. Despite Chifusa being the successor of the Manyuu family, Kagefusa believes that foolish girl never stood a chance to be one. She proceeds to violate and molest Kaede while mocking she has been betrayed and abandoned by her master. I’m not sure if Kaede climaxed but I’m sure Kagefusa had a thrilling time doing that. Yucks… Muneyuki and Kyouka get word on Chifusa’s escape and Kagefusa tracking her down. Kyouka hopes Kagefusa won’t be hasty in killing her even though Chifusa got elected as a successor when she’s got the blood of their enemy flowing inside their body. And the head of the Manyuu family, Munenori was the one who selected her. Flashback reveals how Chifusa lost in a friendly bout with Munenori. She couldn’t why he elected her as a successor as she considers herself weak. He proceeds to show her a secret scroll, Manyuu Hidden Technique Secret Scroll and wants her to inherit this scroll, its style beyond its limit and that talent. Chifusa is made to cut a stray woman’s breast as criterion to be a successor and by that time she will know what kind of power she possessed. Chifusa couldn’t do something that cruel but is caught between the horrifying cries of the woman and her father’s scary orders.

Chifusa wakes up in the care of Oume (she found her by the river bed). She doesn’t question Chifusa and continues to nurse her. However she is envious of her huge racks. Chifusa helps out with the chores and Oume saw the carving of the Manyuu Family on her sword and this brings back horrifying memories. Chifusa plans to leave tonight so as not to cause her more trouble. She learns Oume used to live with her parents but after the Tits Hunt, they couldn’t live with the embarrassment and abandoned her. Even her fiancée dumped her. She shows Chifusa her shrunken boobs and due how she lost her pride as well. Chifusa felt sorry for her plight but could see her trying to stab her with a knife for revenge from miles away. The only thing she could do is to let Oume cry in her bosoms.  Wasn’t that comforting? As Chifusa prepares to leave, she is greeted with a stray gunshot from Kagefusa. Oume breaks down upon remembering her. Chifusa isn’t going to forgive her but reluctant Kaede steals her sword. Chifusa is shocked to see Kaede’s boobs have also shrunk. Since she went after Chifusa, she received her punishment and got her boobs cut. Kagefusa blames Chifusa for abandoning Kaede and that she is the one who took her in after she left. But she is thankful that she ran away for this may increase her chance of getting selected as the next successor. Kagefusa starts slicing and Chifusa can only dodge. Couldn’t bear to see this, Kaede tosses Chifusa’s sword back to her and in a well timed strike, Chifusa cuts Kagefusa’s boobs! The effect is not only Kagefusa’s tits shrink but Chifusa’s boobs became bigger! Too big! So huge that it’s like it’s going to explode!!! She realizes this is what Munenori may have meant about her powers. She takes out the secret scroll and reads aloud some of the techniques on how to enlarge one’s breasts. Kagefusa is dismayed that she intends to spread the secret all over the nation. She leaves Kagefusa reeling on how commoners feel with small boobs and leaves. Not even her pursuers dare stand in her way. But Kagefusa vows to track her down and cut her boobs. Later as Chifusa talks to Kaede, she tells her she is going to fight against this unreasonable world made by the Manyuu Family. She is going to change the people’s mindset. It’s not going to be easy and there will be lots of enemies. Despite so, will Kaede follow her? Of course. In view of this, she has a favour to ask from Chifusa: She wants to fondle her boobs. On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t follow her.

Episode 2
There is a little commotion when a kid bumped into the humongous boobs of an aptly named woman, Chichi. She is going to teach that kid some manners but Chifusa saves him and chides her despite having big boobs, she has a mentality of a child. The standoff ends when a hostess with equally big but droopy boobs, Ame Shuji shakes her boobs in public to woo the men. I guess boobs really solve problems. Kaede wonders how Chifusa took Kagefusa’s boobs but she doesn’t know exactly. Narrating about the secret scroll she has, the Tokugawa shogunate tried to acquire this power and gained access to ‘that’ centre. Using plastic surgery techniques passed down through generations, they obtained the trust of many generals. As their tribute, they introduced the Kenchichi system and that power grew to influence at every festival event. Thus the scroll contains that secret and if she masters it, she will break that stranglehold. But all this talk has made them hungry. And they have no money. Yeah, with those huge tits, having a proper diet is essential. So how? Kaede has Chifusa do several street acrobat performances. I guess the men are only interested to see her boobs bouncing. The more it shakes, the more coins they get. Talk about selling your boobs for money. Enough for them to fill their tummies and talk about their good ol’ childhood days. When they leave the shop, they ambush a couple of assassins by surprise hired to hunt them. She leaves them a message for Kagefusa to face her directly and not use this cowardly method. Because of that, they can’t stay in this town and move on to the next. After being given directions by an old man, they are surprised to see Ame as the hostess of the inn.

They have a nice time relaxing in the inn and that night as Chifusa takes a bath, Kaede comes in wanting to do Chichitogi on her. What’s that? It’s a beauty enhancing and boob sharpening technique. Maybe it’s just a reason for Kaede to fondle her tits. Even if Kaede starts her sob story, it’s just an excuse to get close up and suck her boobs! Sicko! With Kaede acting like a drunk, Chifusa suddenly feels dizzy. Then Ame comes in and reveals she laced the food with illusion herbs. She is jealous of Chifusa’s tits because of always swinging her boobs, overusing this technique caused them to sag. Ame uses her Chichimudou (Boobs Illusion) technique to produce an illusion effect that paralyzes Chifusa. Yeah, she’s admiring at the sight of the swinging boobs. Before Ame can cut her, Kaede’s obsession with boobs distracted her and causes her to trip. This breaks Chifusa out of her spell. Ame continues to charge but Kaede kicks her in the stomach and then cuts her breasts. Yup, her breasts shrunk while hers enlarge once more. Oh, Kaede is still drunk about boobs. Next morning, Ame wakes up to find her guests have left. Chifusa leaves a note (along with payments for their stay) that she is on a run. Seeing she wants her to become a good hostess, she also has a remedy for her sagging boobs: Wear a bra. Well, this might do. Kagefusa is furious that her target has already left and vows to find her at all cost. Chifusa thanks Kaede for helping her out in yesterday’s fight but she doesn’t remember much. Not even the boobs? Chifusa also knows the reason why she can steal the boobs from others. A technique called Chichinagare (Boobs Flow) allows the transfer of water from one body to another. However it’s only one way so that means she can only receive but not give. So much for Kaede’s hopes for sharing some of it. But do not fear. To control this technique, she plans to return to Munamori village, the birthplace of her mother. Yeah, further the cause of tits and share them!

Episode 3
The chief village, Yotahachi is waiting for his number one student (read that as the girl with the biggest breast in the village), Kayo to return since there is some competition coming up. However he gets word that she has been assaulted and to his dismay, her boobs have shrunk. He fears this is the Chichikakushi (Hiding of Boobs) technique. Chifusa and Kaede are trekking and halfway dead. They haven’t eaten in 3 days. Something about Kaede keeping all the hard earned money but somewhat ended up squandering them all. So they work part time at beauty cafe called Chichiminazu. Waitress rubbing and shaking their boobs? I know what kind of job this is going to be. While serving a drunk female customer, Chifusa is taken aback when she starts fondling her tits. Her reflex is to smash the tray over her head! The chief maid punishes them without dinner tonight. As Kaede laments Chifusa’s actions, she learns about Chichikakushi and that 10 women have recently been assaulted. That night, Chifusa is supposed to dance in front of the male crowd. Yeah, shaking her boobs again. Hey wait a minute. Why is there loud disco music in this era? Chifusa is very embarrassed despite the men trying to make her show more. Kaede couldn’t take more of it and smashes that guy’s head with a wooden bucket. They got fired. Haha! So continuing their hungry journey, they collapse halfway. They are found by Yotahachi and brought back to his village. While filling up their stomachs, he tells them about the rumours of the recent phenomenon of Chichikakushi. Women with big tits walking alone at night will get ambushed only to find their boobs small the next day. As proof, he shows a picture of before-and-now of Kayo. So what has this got to do with them? You see, in this Mie country, there is this tits shaking festival called Chichifuri. This is done whenever a new lord takes possession of the seat. Each village will send a representative and the winner will of course receive an excellent monetary prize. I guess Chifusa could see where this conversation is heading and wants out even before Yotahachi could ask her to be a substitute for the festival. She doesn’t want to shake her tits in public (Kaede doesn’t have any to shake to begin with!) but Yotahachi knows about their financial problem and agrees to give them a cut of the prize. So both sides of the village meet with their representatives. The judge, Obugyou wonders about Yotahachi’s representative since only local villagers can only participate and not foreigners. But he’ll allow it since they don’t want to receive the wrath of the lord if the festival is suspended.

That night, the chief of the other village, Sugoroku sees Obugyou and it seems they are in cohorts. They plan to make stronger sleeping pills for Chifusa and send in a hired assassin to do the job. And when they win, they’ll get a cut of the share. That night as Chifusa takes a drink, she is ambushed by the assassin but quickly fights back. Realizing the sleeping pill he is to put on him and the carving of the Manyuu’s family on his sword, she realizes there is no such thing as Chichikakushi. The assassin is glad is work to find Chifusa is made easier as they clash. Next day, Chichifuri begins with the lord, Hatomune Mie flagging off the event. I guess the assassin failed since Chifusa is up against Toyo in an event to see who can win the heart of Hatomune by shaking their boobs harder. Since Chifusa is losing out, her team splashes water on her to make her nipples visible. Hatomune is fascinated to the other side rumbles Toyo’s breasts even further. I can’t believe the guys are spellbound the more it shakes. Chifusa’s side isn’t going to lose out and shakes even harder. This causes her top to come undone. Hatomune sees the twin beauty and announces Chifusa as the winner. Toyo thought showing tits was prohibited. If that’s the case, she gladly shows hers. However Hatomune chides her that there is an obvious difference in flashing your boobs intentionally compared to accidental nipple slip! WTF?! Sugoroku tries to claim that Chifusa isn’t from their village but Hatomune shows he isn’t just a perverted lord. He knows what is going on. The assassin is in his hands and knows they are in cohorts using Chichikakushi to damage their opponent. He starts explaining about the Manyuu techniques and the hidden scroll. Obugyou and Sugoroku will be tried as normal criminals but as for the assassin, he’ll have to lock him up underground for now since he can’t oppose the head of the shogunate. With that over, Hatomune wants the show to continue and the girls to continue shaking their tits! Later, Hatomune’s subject retrieves a letter from the assassin which reveals Chifusa’s real identity and a bounty of her head. He thinks the shogunate will be indebted to them if they pursue and retrieve the scroll. However Hatomune tears up the letter and doesn’t care all about that. The only thing he cares are those beautiful tits. That’s a good thing or bad?

Episode 4
Chifusa and Kaede are enjoying the good seafood at the seaside village of Matsue. Can they pay for all this? Don’t worry. Kaede didn’t drop her wallet this time. Only thing is, she only has a coin left. Oh sh*t! Ooiso is going to make them pay with their bodies. You mean, working as tits shaking waitress? Actually, diving to catch seafood. With Mizuki’s guidance, the girls get by but Chifusa’s big boobs make it hard for her to dive! It’s so buoyant! Mizuki tells them about Ooiso who was once known as the Mermaid of Matsue till her breasts suddenly developed. Even though she tied weights, it restricted her mobility. Ooiso loves working as a diver but laments her big boobs getting in the way. All this big boobs talk pisses off Kaede as she tells her if she hates it so much why not let Chifusa cut it off then. Of course Chifusa shuts her up but Ooiso really feels she would rather loose these unnecessary boobs. Suddenly they hear Mizuki’s scream. She’s being attacked by an octopus. Violated, actually. Pervy octo… But once Chifusa unsheathes her sword, the octopus releases her and goes back down into the ocean. That night as the villagers gather, the chief notes how the octopus has come every year, dragging down divers and kids playing in the sea. Just a few days ago, some lecherous Duke was flexing his muscle to fondle the local girl’s boobs when the octopus dragged him under and returned his body full of odd spots. The guys want to kill this beast but the chief cautions them about this fearsome creature. He relates when he was young, he too was a boobs chaser who loves sucking on breasts. He tried to suck on a girl but got slashed and that’s how he got his eye scar. WTF?! How does this has to do with the octopus? Maybe this is a pun because ‘tako’ can both mean idiot and octopus. Oh yeah, the octopus. Let’s just kill it! But first, let’s party! Ooiso gets too close to Chifusa so much so Kaede had to show her the yellow card for touching her boobs! Even the chief thought they’re lesbians.

Next day as everyone goes in search of the octopus, Chifusa has seasickness and stays on the boat. As everybody returns to shore, the octopus suddenly drags Kaede down. Ooiso put some weights to dive down and cut Kaede loose but gets seized by the octopus. Chifusa dives down (with an anchor) to go save her. She notices she has less mobility and must end it with a single strike and avoid cutting Ooiso’s body. However the octopus is smart enough to use its black ink as cover and Ooiso as hostage. Chifusa doesn’t have the luxury of time since they’re running out of breath and the only way left is to do Chichinagare. She slices the tentacles and in the process, cuts Ooiso’s boobs. While Ooiso’s tits shrink, Chifusa’s gets even bigger. The octopus isn’t giving up and grabs Chifusa but this time Ooiso slices the octopus and her movement is like a fish. She kills the octopus and resurfaces with Chifusa. The guys first notice their absolute difference in boob’s size. But Ooiso mentions that the octopus sucked her boobs. I guess as consolation they can have octopus meat. Though Chifusa apologizes for cutting Ooiso’s boobs, she is okay with it. Since she hasn’t really paid her debts yet, she wants her to consider living here. Another yellow card from Kaede for touching her boobs! Later when the duo have left, Hatomune comes by looking for the legendary big tits diver. But Ooiso and Mizuki regretfully inform them there are no big tits divers because having those huge racks would be an inconvenience to their job. This causes Hatomune and the chief to run out in tears and start crying about boobs! I guess they are the only things on men’s mind. And the legend of The Female Samurai Versus Devil Tits Sucking Octopus became a legend told to many generations to come. WTF?!

Episode 5
Chifusa is a gambling hostess at a gambling den? Well, the guys are more interested in her bouncy boobs than the dice. Well, Kaede’s hurt in bed and being taken off by the gambling inn’s granddaughter, Osuzu. He recognizes they’re both in trouble so it’s best to help each other out. Flashback reveals when Chifusa and Kaede heard the cry of rape in the woods. Some beasts nearly got Osuzu and when Kaede went after them, she fell into their trap and knocked her head. Ouch. Oddly, the other thing the beasts shouted about was tits. Oh no. We don’t need another perverted beast around. They hear a commotion and it seems the patron Yasuke is causing a ruckus over his bad luck and loss. He is tossed outside as grandpa notes how Yasuke was once the finest chef around this village and an honest guy. The sudden demise of his wife (who was also the one with the biggest boobs around town) led him to ruin as he fell into gambling. Osuzu still believes he can still pick himself up but Yasuke tries to act tough like he doesn’t care. Chifusa catches him in the act of stealing offerings at the shrine to feed his gambling habit so they had a little talk and Chifusa doesn’t want him to blame his bad luck on tits. Yasuke reminisces the times he spent with his wife and his children. Those happy days running a restaurant when suddenly she just collapsed. His life went downhill ever since. Next morning Chifusa and Osuzu go out to search for herbs. Chifusa’s boobs are so huge that it really gets in the way. Yeah, she can’t stretch far enough… Ah, sometimes having big tits aren’t a good thing. Elsewhere Osuzu is ambushed by the beasts… Ewoks?! WTF?! They pound on her and the next thing Osuzu knows, she wakes up by her grandpa’s side along with the other men. She relates her horrifying story but I guess the men just want to hear more of those tantalizing rape play. Grandpa vows to hunt down the beasts but assigns Yasuke to protect Osuzu. If anything happens to her, he will not forgive her.

The gang track down the beasts and finally spots them. However the beasts are smart enough to lay traps along the way. Slowly all the men fall into them as Chifusa and Kaede are the only ones left. The Ewoks are chanting tits but when they see Kaede’s, they get disappointed on how flat it is! They’re gunning for Chifusa’s but got taken out easily. After rounding them up, Chifusa takes off their disguises and it seems they are Yasuke’s children. The reason they are doing this is because they miss their mother’s tits. They are worried they may forget how soft it was. Chifusa feels for them because she too remembers how her mom used to comfort her with her boobs whenever she gets bullied by Kagefusa. Chifusa wants them to apologize and in return she allows them to cuddle her tits all they want. Well, she may regret that because they didn’t even hesitate! Extreme molestation! Feeling violated? It’s a wonder why Kaede didn’t join in but just watched in awe. Meanwhile, romance is brewing between Yasuke and Osuzu. She knows he can’t forget his wife nor can she be compared to her but she wants to be his. As they embrace, they realize Chifusa, Kaede and the kids watching in disbelief. So all’s well, ends well. Osuzu becomes their new mom, Yasuke stops his gambling habit and promises to work hard and Kaede though feeling disappointed everything that happened was just about tits, gets to feel nostalgic about her own mom’s boobs. After they leave the village, grandpa seems to be eavesdropping on Osuzu and Yasuke’s naughtiness but is threatened by Kagefusa who wants to know if Chifusa has stayed over and where she went.

Episode 6
Chifusa seeks Munenori’s second chance to catch Chifusa and take back the secret scroll. She can’t forgive Chifusa for stealing the scroll to secretly improve her skills. Munenori tells her to go find her answer. Chifusa is being ambushed by Kagefusa’s squad. However she starts seeing visions of her mother in them. Hmm… Maybe it’s their tits. She can’t focus so in a desperation move, she slices their boobs and sends them retreating. Yeah, getting bigger again. Kaede just returned from fetching water and is also bringing back a bald nun who almost drowned, Kenkyou. She is horrified not to see Chifusa down but her boobs now even bigger! So big, so unsightly! Hear her horror scream. Well, it must be getting real heavy, eh? Kenkyou takes them to her Kyukyou Temple nearby as they meet the head nun, Juchini. Chifusa’s boobs are so big that she can’t even get up after bowing. She examines her boobs and finds there are lots of deep grudges inside. Letting her tell her story, Juchini concludes it is not that she can’t control her sword technique in stealing other people’s tits. It is rather she wants to take them all. Because of her feelings she had for her mother, she bears a longing for her and thus it is her selfishness that took in all the tits. Juchini has a procedure that will help lose them. I don’t know. It sounds so pervy because if you look at it from another perspective, they have something to do with boobs. Like the temple sandwiched between 2 mountains that are named after boobs. Then a statue on the tip of the mountain that resembles nipples. All Chifusa needs to do bring them down one by one to wash in the holy river and then bring them back up again to reconstruct them into a pile. In the end, a fountain will come flowing out of the ‘tits’. Seriously, can this work? No wonder Chifusa tried to run away several times but she always get knocked out by Juchini’s staff. More importantly if she wants this to work, she must lose her selfishness and vow never to take another person’s tits again. Kagefusa’s squad report their failure and plead for a second chance. But she has no use for scums like them and cuts their boobs! Kagefusa’s servant, Kokage returns and reports Chifusa’s hiding at Kyukyou Temple.

Chifusa starts her training but at this rate, she’s going to take a long time. Then while bathing herself that night, Kenkyou offers to wash her back. I don’t know if it is this temple’s tradition to use one’s boobs to wash your back. Or is Kenkyou a pervert? Suddenly Chifusa sees visions of her mother and gets lost in her boobs. That’s when she is smacked out by Juchini that this set up was a test and that she is still weak for giving in to the temptations. But when Chifusa learns this is all part of the training of pulling of milk from the breasts, she blows her top. Chifusa is a step away from completing the statue when suddenly Kagefusa appears before her. Hey, looks like she busts up. Kokage restrains Kaede so as not for her to do anything funny. Kagefusa calls her a hypocrite for wanting to spread the secret scroll but instead is using it to make her own boobs bigger. She steals the scroll from her and despite Chifusa’s warning that those who are not the successor cannot read it, Kagefusa doesn’t give a damn and continues. Thus Chifusa points out to the Chichinagare section. Kagefusa learns this technique is inherited by blood and cannot be mastered no matter how much one trains. She cannot believe this crap and in her rage is going to cut Chifusa. Kaede uses and tosses Kokage as a weight to block her slash. Throwing Chifusa’s sword to her, she makes a clean cut but doesn’t feel the strike cutting through. Then the truth… Kagefusa was wearing fake tits!!! That desperate, huh? She starts going into despair that Chifusa will never understand how people who have their tits taken feel. It is then Chifusa tells her sister to cut her tits with her own hands as she vows never to take anymore tits. Kagefusa couldn’t do it eventually. She admits defeat as she can’t cut the most beautiful tits in the world. Besides, her tits are inside hers. So with the sisters emotionally reuniting and making up, Juchini congratulates Chifusa for throwing away her selfishness. As they complete the statue, a fountain gushes out. But the sisters know Juchini is lying and pulling a fast one when she mentions their mother is crying from heaven. That’s because both of them are from different mothers! Yeah, wasn’t she the one who pumped up the fountain? All a big scam… Juchini tumbling down the mountain… Kagefusa hands Chifusa back the scroll and allows her to go on spreading about the technique of healthy tits. But when she comes back, she better give her back her boobs. Muneyuki receives word about Kagefusa’s failure so he sends Ouka Sayama to do the job.

Episode 7
In a town, there has been occurrences that women’s tits are being stolen by Boobies Kid. But the common people seem happy when news of that happens. Chifusa is having lots of muscle ache not because of her boobs but the heavy stone carrying work she did then. I guess nothing beats to have your muscles done in by a good masseur, eh? When they hear the town in commotion about the Boobies Kid leaving another note, they learn she steals boobs from the rich and gives to the poor. Robin Hood of boobs? This time the target is a lady who has disrespect for others. No wonder the people are happy. Chifusa offers her service to be her bodyguard but the lady kicks Kaede out for being flat. She’s even showing her disrespect for Kaede right in front of the people! She may be fat but at least her boobs aren’t as flat as hers! Oh! That has got to hurt. Ouka comes by and volunteers to be her bodyguard but the lady refuses to hire this flat chest too. Suddenly Ouka slashes open Chifusa’s clothes, leaving her no room to even react. She reminds her about the difference of being skilled and having big tits are 2 different matters and not let her petty pride get in the way. The lady makes her an exception. That night Chifusa asks Ouka how she became so skilled so she mentions about practising hard for survival. She doesn’t expect Chifusa to understand her suffering but Chifusa mentions she has seen many less fortunate people suffer and knows what it feels like. Ouka may have indicated her boobs were stolen by the Manyuu Family but refuses to say more. In the dead of the night, Chifusa becomes the decoy sleeping in the lady’s place when Boobies Kid strikes. Chifusa notices she is draining her boobs with the use of her own hand and this is not a Manyuu technique! Catching her in the act, Boobies Kid recognizes Chifusa but makes a run for it when Ouka comes chasing her down.

As they split up, Chifusa comes into Boobies Kid and she reveals herself as the masseur. She bows then and further explains she is Momoha Munamori from the bottom rung of the family. She is proud to meet her and feels she is suitable to be the heir of their family. As they talk about Chichinagare, Ouka cuts in on them. Chifusa is surprised to see the Manyuu Family’s mark on her sword. Momoha wants her to run but Chifusa will stay and fight her. She fears the length of her long sword and waits for an opening to counterattack. However she easily dodges it and Chifusa has her first experience of what it is like for her boobs to get cut. It’s that burning sensation. Don’t worry, she didn’t lose much. Momoha distracts the fight so that she can take Chifusa and run. Not before Ouka cuts a deep wound on Momoha. Ouka follows the blood trail but loses them when the trail vanishes as they have taken a boat to escape. Back at the inn with Kaede as they try to heal her wound, Momoha knows she won’t survive long so she reveals about her technique of performing Nyuuki directly on her hand to steal boobs. Since she is an amateur, she can only take them. But it is different for Chifusa’s case because she inherited that technique from their head, Chikumi (also Chifusa’s mother). As for the part of giving tits to the poor, it is just a simple tit manipulation of body massage. Momoha is proud to be able to protect her and wants her to keep the family’s bloodline alive. I hope she didn’t miss out on any important details because she’s gone now. Next morning, Chifusa and Kaede leave town and Muneyuki gets word of Momoha’s death, the existence of the survivor of her mother’s family and Chichinagare. Kyouka seems happy and looks forward to exciting things happening.

Episode 8
Hatomune is having boobs withdrawal! He’s getting edgy that he escapes from his castle! Beware the perverted lord on the loose! Ouka isn’t pleased as she receives order through an informant to return to Edo. Chifusa regrets dragging Momoha into her problem till it resulted in her death but that doesn’t mean she can start pondering the absurd question of why breasts exist. Well, Kaede has a ‘smart’ answer. So you can tell the back from the front! Of course Kaede gets jealous again when she thinks about Chifusa’s humongous racks and starts molesting them, attracting a crowd. Among them, Hatomune who is ever ready to pounce on them! With Chifusa’s reflex, he’s never getting near those twin peaks. The girls notice Hatomune being popular with the people. Masquerading as the connoisseur of boobs, Mr Breasts (?!), this is a way he gets to listen to his people. Wow. Sounds like he’s a responsible man. Till he starts groping breasts of other women. Feel like taking back what you said? Fortunately, the women were cool enough not to even let him get close. Chifusa didn’t like his head always filled with boobs so he asks her why God made boobs side by side and not one on top of the other. Besides being gross, it is because boobs are equal! God will never make a breast superior to the other, big or small. Wow. Seems so enlightened but is this just a ploy for him to touch Chifusa’s boobs? Even if it was, he failed. On the way out, Chifusa and Kaede encounter an assassin who has orders from the higher ups to kill her. Needing time to figure out his tactic, Kaede offers to distract him but was easily dispatched. In that confusion, the assassin strikes. As Hatomune frolics with the babes, a weakened Kaede drops in to inform that Chifusa has been captured. The assassin is holding up Chifusa in a house of his conspirator, Hanima. He is keeping her alive because his actual order was to send her to them. The assassin wants to test the scroll and has lots of S&M torture devices in mind to try on Chifusa. He gets turned on by her intimidating eyes and would save the fun for later. Just to show he means business, he makes a tiny cut on her smooth boobs with the tip of his sword.

When Kaede wakes up, she is shocked to see herself in bed with Hatomune! Even if it was a joke, it gets even worse when he admits he won’t really do anything to a flat chest. Yeah, that was worse alright. How many times have this guy been beaten up today? Anyway, Hatomune has observed for the past several days about a suspicious house that the Manyuu Family was secretly using. Hatomune and Kaede are to sneak in without any reinforcements because he doesn’t want things to get out of hand to the public. Chifusa is surprised to see them coming in to her rescue. But when Hatomune sees the scratch mark on her boobs, he is filled with rage! Burning rage! So when Hanima and his men come in to have some fun with Chifusa, Hatomune becomes Sammo Hung! Watcha! You can’t beat this guy! Hatomune reveals himself but Hanima thought he is an imposter and calls his guards to take him down. Hatomune now turns into a fearsome samurai warrior! Slashing down every man with ease! Untouchable! Boobs are his motivation! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Chifusa faces off with the assassin and since she knows his tactic, she takes him down in one strike. When it’s over, Chifusa is grateful to him. How to repay him back? Just let him touch her boobs once. Eh? No resistance? Well, Chifusa allows just this once. I guess the shock of her cute embarrassed face must have made him change his mind. Ah well. When cannot touch, want to touch. When got chance to touch, don’t want. Chifusa and Kaede leave the city as Kaede teases her about her embarrassing expression. And Hatomune may just be regretting he should’ve touched those boobs…

Episode 9
Is this for real?! Kaede has big voluptuous boobs?! Even Chifusa can’t believe her eyes and touches it! Seems real! Till all the air comes out! Fake boobs?! What upsets Chifusa most is that she spent a big amount on plenty of those fakes! As usual, on their journey jealous Kaede has lots to say about Chifusa’s big boobs like how the dango owner gave her extra dangos (though Kaede ate them all) and some flashback how they measured their boobs every day when they were young. Kaede trips and tumbles down the mountain. She encounters a man, Sakouji Itamune who is being pursued by a group of females. Chifusa recognizes them from as Manyuu members and takes care of them easily. When Sakouji puts on his glasses, he gets excited upon seeing the most ideal boobs and wants it for his model. Ranting about the hidden beauty he has searched for years, Chifusa thought it was her but surprisingly… It’s Kaede he’s referring to! OMG! Flat chest lover! Sakouji the painter wants to borrow Kaede for a day but Chifusa reminds her about their journey. Well, I guess if an under-appreciated person like Kaede is ‘needed’, she’s not going to miss this chance, right? So Kaede follows Sakouji back to town and they visit the festival to pass the time. Back in his room, Kaede feels embarrassed to strip when Sakouji wants to start his painting. She eventually does but when he starts praising those flat chests, Kaede slaps him and runs away in tears. Chifusa who has rented the next room has heard everything. She tells Sakouji how Kaede once had big boobs but was taken away as punishment. Sakouji realizes his ignorance has hurt her and that her flat chest wasn’t divine. Kaede is stumped why he loves flat chest seeing in this world, big boobs are everything. As Kaede is crying alone at the bridge, the Manyuu pursuers confront her. They tease her for the shame she brought to the Manyuu Family and that it is better to die then keep living this pitiful life. Thankfully Sakouji was there to butt in. And I mean, he really crashed his butt onto the pursuer’s face! The pursuer mocks him that selling paintings of flat chests is like hoping for a death wish. She continues to tease him by making him look at her better body. However Sakouji sticks strong to his beliefs and believes an era of flat chest will come! He thinks the idea of big breasts are good is messed up and his paintings will change the world! Admitting he is the biggest flat chest lover (oh, the oxymoron), he accuses the pursuers to be afraid of him, that’s why they attacked him. Turning over to Kaede, he expresses his feelings for her wasn’t on a whim. Do I see love blossoming between them? In the end, Chifusa takes care of the pursuers. Since they’re from Manyuu, she doesn’t hold back. Back at Sakouji’s place, he starts painting nude Kaede. In the end, he wants her to come with him but she apologizes that she wants to continue her journey with Chifusa to get back her boobs. By then, he may have found her unattractive. He understands as Kaede returns to Chifusa’s side.

Episode 10
Chifusa falls sick just when they are so close in reaching Munamori. As Kaede nurses her, Chifusa finds that she has secretly been keeping a growth chart of her boobs for 2 years! Two freaking years without her knowing!!! At first she wanted to burn it but Kaede is not going to let her life’s work ruined! According to her calculations (WTF?!), if Chifusa is successful in returning all the boobs she had stolen, her boobs will be smaller than before they left the village. To Kaede’s surprise, Chifusa allows her to sleep and hug her. Didn’t expect that, eh? They reminisce that it has been 8 years since she last collapsed from a cold. Then she starts remembering those memories and each time felt closer to remembering something important. Like how when she first collapsed then, Kaede was by her side and to Munenori’s dismay, her boobs have shrunk. Munenori assigned Kaede to be Chifusa’s servant. Chifusa and Kagefusa also looked up to Muneyuki a lot so it’s like he is their motivation for making them work harder. And even after Chifusa’s mom died, his words helped her stopped crying as he continued to teach her swordsmanship. Meanwhile Muneyuki just finished his round of breasts inspection. In a hut, he nearly vomited but cools himself by taking a drink. Ouka lets him lie on her lap while he complains how he hates his job. Yeah, after looking at too much boobs, it’s really starting to get on his nerves. He learns Ouka has clashed swords with Chifusa but the latter got away. He wants her to leave Chifusa alone for a while. He wonders if she still misses her boobs.

Flashback 8 years ago, Ouka’s father took her to a duel with the main family. It is a rare invitation because depending on the outcome, their family will get an alliance deal. Ouka’s opponent was no other than Chifusa, who was nervous and edgy. In the end, Ouka lost and lost her boobs. She is further horrified when Muneyuki confirmed no matter what she does, there is no way to restore them. Ouka’s father couldn’t bear the embarrassment since their family’s name had been tarnished and the alliance called off. Ouka was thrown out of the house and works as a lowly Manyuu member. She got bullied over her small boobs and kept the vengeance in her heart. Three years down the road, she pleaded to Muneyuki to work as his lowly samurai. She had him check her breasts again and there was no sign of improvement. Seeing her tearful plea that even a flat chest daughter of a samurai can’t even become a tool to help her family become more powerful, Muneyuki makes her his bodyguard since he will be transferred to Edo soon and being the shogunate’s boobs inspector, he’ll be targeted a lot. He needs one who can wield the sword and the size of the boobs doesn’t matter. Since there are many people in Edo who have received the secret techniques of enlarging their boobs, it’s not too late to wait till she meets those people and decide whether to take their techniques. Ouka also met Kagefusa and Muneyuki had a test duel between them. Chifusa now remembers her first match with Ouka. She was panicking then and not knowing what to do. She tripped but as Ouka prepares the cut her, Chifusa’s panic random swing cut Ouka’s breasts. That was the first time she stole someone’s boobs. Next morning as they leave for Munamori, Chifusa vows to return all the boobs she stole but cautions Kaede because she has got too many to return before it reaches her turn. Will she turn into a granny then?

Episode 11
The duo arrive at Munamori but are appalled to see it abandoned. They meet with Granny who is more than happy to see Chifusa. She explains the village ended up like this because they participated in the Great War which divided the country and were destroyed by the Tokugawa government. Ever since Chikumi died, she left the Manyuu Family and lived here. The only other person living with her is Tsuyuha and her toddler, Hazuki. This is the first time Tsuyuha meets Chifusa but she thanks her for taking care of Momoha. But Chifusa apologizes instead for her death. On the serious business, Chifusa explains her travel back here to master Chichinagare. Tsuyuha guides her into feeling the energy that flows within her boobs called Nyuuki. As Chifusa meditates, she could feel all the boobs she has cut. It’s a big universe in there! Explaining that Chichinagare is the ability to freely control Nyuuki, she slices her boobs. This time Chifusa doesn’t feel that burning pain but a rather good feeling. Since her breasts shrunk a little, Kaede thought she could get back some of it. Keep dreaming, girl. Chifusa wants to truly master Chichinagare as she realizes the pain she has caused others when she cut their boobs. Meanwhile in Edo, Ouka follows Kagefusa and Kokage around. They remember the last time they duel and though they were evenly matched, in the end it was Ouka that dealt the final knockout blow to the back of her head. At an inn, Ouka thought they’re in the same boat since they’ve got their boobs cut by the same person but surprisingly Kagefusa doesn’t hold any more grudges. Then she starts teasing Ouka if she likes Muneyuki and has her drink up. Bad idea because she’s all drunk and pouring out her woes on Muneyuki! Yeah, Kagefusa is dozing off. An informant comes by to tell them to return since they have found Chifusa’s location. As Chifusa trains hard through the night and before she is thought Chichinagare, Granny tells a little story about her mother. After they were overrun by the Tokugawa, Chikumi went to join Manyuu and became Munenori’s concubine. That was how Chifusa was born. Granny was concerned Manyuu was just trying to get their secrets but Chikumi promised they will not get them as long as he lived. Plus, this is the best way to raise Chifusa whom she wanted to be a beautiful flower rather than one who wields a sword. Then one day against Granny’s wishes, Chifusa ran inside a room to see her mom covered with blood. Seems she has committed suicide to keep the secret from falling into Manyuu’s hands. Chifusa realizes she was a fool then not knowing her mother’s wish. However she is no longer a little child who knows nothing. All she can do now is to accept everything, master the secret technique and to answer those who rely on her. Granny is brought to tears seeing how similar she is to Chikumi. As they start the training, Muneyuki and his assassin squad have arrived at the village.

Episode 12
When Muneyuki received word on Chifusa’s location, he is happy that he will become more powerful when he attains Chichinagare. Kyouka writes to Munenori about the remnants of Munamori clan and Chifusa’s aim to master Chichinagare. If they capture her, Chichinagare will be theirs and everything is going according to their plan. Chifusa seems to be in tears upon hearing Tsuyuha’s words that she needs a mother’s heart to control Chichinagare. However she tells her that every woman has a strong heart. Kaede spots Muneyuki’s team arriving and rushes back to warn Chifusa. Ouka knows they have been spotted but Muneyuki reminds her this isn’t a slaughter. But the other assassination squad members mock Ouka over her lost boobs. Ouka wonders what had changed Kagefusa’s character because when they were called back, Kagefusa wasn’t interested and stayed back. Once Muneyuki meets with Chifusa, he wants her and Kaede to return to Manyuu and receive her punishment. This will mean Chifusa will get her boobs cut and since Kaede doesn’t have any, she’ll be executed! If they refuse, they will be killed here along with the others of Munamori blood. Chifusa’s stance is clear. She is not going to let him attain the secret through their blood. Muneyuki sends his assassination squad into action as Chifusa takes on Kirino. Chifusa has trouble taking on her speed and is saved by Tsuyuha in battle gear. She easily slices Kirino’s boobs (it was more pleasure than pain for her). One of the assassins is aiming for Granny but was dispatched by Kagefusa. She is helping Chifusa because of their promise. She has to master that technique and return her boobs. They will stall for time to let Chifusa and Kaede run away with Hazuki as she is the last bloodline of Munamori. Muneyuki sends Ouka after them. And she can settle her personal grudge this way.

It’s a showdown between the duo but Chifusa wants her to let her escape this time. She understands her grudge but promises to return her boobs after she masters Chichinagare. However Ouka is more pissed at her weak resolve rather than her grudge. Stealing boobs, baring her fangs against Manyuu and then running away, she wonders how Chifusa can still keep a straight face and has she ever thought the effects of her treason on the rest of the Manyuu. Suddenly Hazuki starts crying. It’s a sign that Tsuyuha has been defeated. This has Chifusa remembering Tsuyuha telling her about a mother’s heart. She lets Hazuki suck on her tits but finds it ticklish. But seeing how Hazuki wanted to suck on them more, she allowed it and experienced a gentle feeling. With this key word, Chifusa calms herself as she notes she wasn’t only careless, she ran away from Manyuu and ignored the situation. As both ladies charge forward, both their swords break. By the time Ouka unsheathes her second sword, Chifusa cuts her breasts with her bare hands! Not only that, Ouka’s breasts have returned! Taking advantage of this confusion, Chifusa makes a run for it while Kaede notices her boobs have shrunk. They meet up with the rest and Tsuyuha still lives albeit slightly wounded. Kagefusa wants Chifusa to try out Chichinagare on her since she has mastered it. But when she chops her boobs, only Kagefusa’s fake boobs dropped out! Looks like she has a long way to go… Muneyuki gropes Ouka’s boobs and is fascinated Chifusa has learnt Chichinagare. He plans on regrouping when Ouka apologizes for her failure. He too says sorry for groping her boobs roughly. Well, she didn’t mind and would love to have him touch more but he cautions her not to get excited over a little growth. After all, he has examined far more impressive boobs in his work. He should’ve realized this statement was the reason why Ouka suddenly turned bad mood. Chifusa and Kaede prepare to leave and continue their journey to master Chichinagare to return the boobs to their rightful owners. Kagefusa warns that Manyuu will came after her more persistently than before and even if they do, Chifusa isn’t going to let Chichinagare fall into their hands. She narrates boobs are the centre of this world. But that means you’ll soon become a mother, the proof of being a woman. Without the being influenced by Manyuu, the proof of life, that is the sacred vow Munamori has taken. Boobs should be respected as they are and will aim for such a world.

What else more do you get from buying the DVDs? More boobs!!! Boobs, boobs and more boobs! Lasting between 2-4 minutes, the 8 specials (some termed them as OVAs) are either Kaede’s record book on Chifusa’s boobs growth or Chichitogi among the ladies. Can you stomach more boobs for your boobs amusement?

Special 1 – While Chifusa is sleeping, Kaede is on a measurement spree on her humongous boobs. After tying her up in an S&M style, Kaede measures the boobs from all positions to even her nipples. Those protractor and ruler come in handy? Yeah, she even weighs them! But unfortunately for us viewers, we won’t get to hear how many centimetres or grams they are as it’s like Kaede is leaving out this juicy bit on purpose. So with the final resilience test using a heavy duty boobs pressure tester, Kaede is having a field day in this paradise of hers while it boggles me how can Kaede sleep through all that racket…

Special 2 – As Chifusa worries about her sagging boobs if they grow any bigger, Kaede offers to do Chichitogi but all we see her doing is just squeezing them. Chifusa wants her to cut it out and wonders if there is a more normal way to do so. Well, there is. Having her put clapping her hands together to raise her sagging breasts, it is just a ploy so that the pervert can continue squeezing and harass those tits. Extreme molestation! Till Chifusa realizes she is fooling around…

Special 3 – Chifusa lets her huge boobs float in the hot water tub while Kaede drools over them. She gets a knock on the head when she can’t control her lust for those boobs. Seeing she is desperate, Chifusa helps out by reading some of the secrets in the scroll. However since it’s not working out the way she wants, Kaede is going to bring forth sure-fire methods in breast forging. That is, to attach her mouth to Chifusa’s breasts and keep on sucking! Maybe she’s doing it too rough, that’s why she gets another knock on the head. Another failure…

Special 4 – Though reluctant, Chifusa allows Kaede to mould her breasts as a model. As she puts on the sticky plaster over her boobs, Kaede starts narrating on how to analyze someone’s personality by just looking at their breasts. She uses Ouka (Plate Form – annoying type), Kagefusa (Rocket Form – b*tchy and greedy type) and Ooiso (Tare Panda Form – morbid and gross type) as examples. Please note, these are just her delusions and DOES NOT work in real life. Meanwhile, Chifusa somehow screwed up by moving too much and has the mould covering almost her entire body and can’t move. Kaede admires the Venus de Milo view hopes her boobs will get even bigger.

Special 5Chifusa is being chased by assassins as Kaede narrates and observes her luscious bouncy boobs as she runs, swings her sword and swims to fight and escape the enemy. Finally as Chifusa slays yet another woman’s breasts, we hear Kaede narrating the fate of their world about stealing and gaining breasts, survival of the bustiest and their journey’s continuation to suck more breasts from the enemy so that she could share her ever growing boobs with her.

Special 6Ouka helps Kagefusa do Chichitogi. Because she’s not doing it properly, Kagefusa tugs Ouka’s boobs as punishment. Given a second shot, Ouka continues her Chichitogi (feels like she’s milking from a cow) and Kagefusa finds her good. So good that she climaxes and discharges milk!!! WTF?! Well, this is what happens when she is in a state of ecstasy. While Ouka is shocked, Kagefusa wants her to bathe and drink in it. Ouka is terrified but Kagefusa starts squirting on her. Turns out to be Ouka’s nightmare and she just had too much sake before bed.

Special 7Chifusa gets to bath in peace seeing Kaede is not around to harass her boobs. On the contrary, she is hiding outside the window spying. So Kaede observes Chifusa soak in the tub, letting her boobs float and then wash her own boobs. Each time, she feels envious that she too once had boobs like that. Then Chifusa starts massaging her own boobs and Kaede thinks she is performing Chichitogi on herself. But Kaede was too noisy at this point in her fantasy so Chifusa shoos her away. More bad luck for Kaede because she got stung by bees. The good news? Her boobs are swollen to B-cup size! The bad news? She doesn’t like this form of temporary enlargement magic. See lah. Always harass Chifusa’s boobs. Now she got divine retribution.

Special 8Ouka has gotten her boobs back and while she is fantasizing on how Muneyuki grabbed it so hard then, she becomes embarrassed when she realizes Kagefusa, Chifusa and Kaede were watching her from the start. With Kagefusa fondling her boobs, Kaede also wants to do the same to Chifusa. Not a chance. Once Kagefusa is done with Ouka, she turns her attention to Chifusa. While rubbing those huge tits, she wonders when she is going to give her back her boobs. Noting she needs a mother’s heart to master Chichinagare, Kagefusa and Kaede disguise themselves like those Ewoks kids so they can suck on her boobs while Ouka restrains Chifusa. Once Chifusa is tired out, she does her unenergetic chop on their boobs and since nothing happened, they resume the tits sucking and squeezing process once more. At this rate, it may go out of shape.

Tit(s) For Tat! Size Does Matter! Big Is Beautiful!
Oh God. I think I’m going to puke too after watching too many boobs. It’s a good thing I didn’t become someone obsessed with boobs by the time I finished watching the anime and its short specials. Worse, someone who fears them! Heard of boobs-phobia? That would be mastrophobia. So the way the anime ended indicates that this is just the start of another long journey of changing the world’s mindset on boobs. For most of the episodes in this season, it is just about Chifusa and Kaede’s journey to return to their homeland and during the trip, they enter into different towns, get slightly involved in the town’s matters (of course with Manyuu’s influence spreading wide and far, it’s no surprise you can see one or two agents around), solve their problem before continuing their journey. In a way, the episodes seem like fillers while bits and pieces of the storyline are scattered as we go through them. So most of the side characters you see are only for that particular episode. After that, you won’t see them again. But that is not entirely a bad thing and you won’t really notice this because, yeah, we’re all focused on the tits, right? Whether it’s sucking tits, molesting breasts and rubbing them the stimulating way, admit it, you can’t take your eyes of them.

As the series ends, it also leaves a few questions for me to ponder. Seeing that Kagefusa has helped the ‘traitor’, wouldn’t she and Kokage by punished when they return? I mean, Muneyuki has witness her ‘betrayal’ by helping Chifusa and the Munamori bloodlines escape so wouldn’t this amount to treason? In that case, shouldn’t Kagefusa be following them on their journey too? It’s like after the aftermath of the final battle, she isn’t really concerned with her own fate over her actions and that it was like nothing. In view of this, wouldn’t Granny, Tsuyuha and Hazuki should also be following them? Now that the Manyuu Family has confirmed there are remaining survivors of the once-sworn-enemy (still is, from the way I see it) Munamori clan, they will go all out to hunt them as they will hunt down Chifusa and Kaede, right? Unless their focus now is primarily on Chifusa who has taken the first step in mastering Chichinagare. Another boggling question is, if Chifusa said that Chichinagare can only be mastered by members of her own bloodline, don’t you think Muneyuki and the Manyuu’s Family aim to master it is deemed futile? Maybe they don’t know of this yet. And from this point of view, you can say that their technique is safe and foolproof from being stolen, right? So why the heck should Chikumi commit suicide in the first place? Ah, matters of the boobs are complicated and not easily understood. And yeah, when you cut boobs, the entire boobs should come out. Blood and gore, not just water, right? Seeing that Chifusa wasn’t the one who cut Kaede’s boobs, I guess she really does have to wait for a long time in order for her boobs to return to her original size. If ever that happens.

The most amusing character that makes this series funny is Kaede. Because of her jealousy towards Chifusa’s ever-growing boobs, you can’t help laugh at her when she throws a fit being that resentful servant. She never fails to make me smile whenever she enters this mode and her desperation reveals her true colours as a pervert. I feel if it wasn’t Chifusa’s big boobs, it could’ve been others. Talk too much about boobs and she’ll snap and go crazy. Don’t care whether you are her best friend, master or enemy, as long as it’s about boobs, she’ll lunge at you if you annoy her enough. It was nice she has an episode focused on her (because too much focus on Chifusa’s unsightly huge racks has become an eye sore). Yeah, the one with the rare small tits lover. In today’s world, I guess there are some people who share that passion that small is more but that’s just a small section as compared to the main norm who would still love big ones. As for Chifusa, she learns a lot during her journey and reflects upon her actions, especially stealing boobs from others unwillingly. I guess you can say that not only her character grows but her boobs too! The latter is more obvious of course :). Hatomune is particularly a good guy despite his perverted tendencies for boobs. If this world did not revolve around boobs in the first place, he would have either been a very good and respectable lord or a nobody. I thought Kagefusa was going to be the main antagonist of this series. But after she tasted defeat for the second time, it’s like she gave up being Chifusa’s enemy and become her ally instead. After all, even if they are not really sisters related by blood, they are still sisters under the same clan. She’s not as bad as we thought she would be. Just that she needs a little anger management. As for Kokage, I felt she was just excess baggage. Since she is to Kagefusa like what Kaede is to Chifusa, we don’t see her doing much except following her around doing some reconnaissance here and there. Still, Kagefusa takes good care of her.

Now that Ouka has got her boobs back, will she let go her grudge of 8 years? Still, she is under Muneyuki’s order so if he tells her to move, she goes. About whether she will end up his lover is a different story. Maybe if she enhances her boobs, she’ll stand a chance? But that guy has seen so many boobs in his life’s work that he is somewhat immune to them. So the nice guy like Muneyuki turns out to be the real antagonist after all? Hiding behind his nice and polite facade maybe because he is the boobs inspector and has a certain image to maintain? The final bit reveals that his goal all along was to attain and master Chichinagare and it feels now that matter has come to light, he will stop at nothing to get it. Kyouka is equally dubious as to whether she is good or bad but her actions indicate highly that it should be the latter. We don’t see her doing much in this season, and someone who is just bumming around the house, mocking others while having that face which looks like she has an ulterior motive. And certainly we don’t know if Munenori is the biggest crook as the head of the Manyuu Family. He doesn’t make any rash decisions and from flashbacks we see, he did give his fair share of advice to Chifusa and Kagefusa.

Now on to fanservice and tits! When you see this series, you have to be resolved that you are going to see fanservice and ecchi moments in almost every scene you see. The reason why this show was not classified as hentai was because nobody ended up having sex. Just like Seikon No Qwaser. See the loophole? I am not a boobs expert but the way the series portrays those big and bouncy boobs, it feels and sounds like as though they are made of water bags inside! I know a big percentage of our body is made up of water but for most of them to be in the boobs? You can’t really say they are flabby fats now, can you? Seriously, how do you get water in those boobs to inflate it so big? Plastic surgery? Not that I can see the medical technology in this era. Magic? You don’t see wizards and dragons in here, do you? Something to do with the secret scroll? Perhaps. If that scroll really existed in today’s world, I wonder how much it would fetch on ebay and Amazon. It would be something that many are willing to die for, don’t you think? When the characters start squeezing or rubbing the huge boobs, it somehow feels that the boobs isn’t, well, how should I put it, they don’t seem like human skin. Get what I mean? From my perspective, the boobs appear to be like plastic bottles. So fake… Yeah, maybe. There are a few panty shots but boobs are aplenty. I mean, you’re in an era whereby a fundoshi (loincloth) is considered normal underwear. There is no colourful and different lingerie designs. Where’s the sexiness in that? Another ‘interesting’ bit is at the end of the next episode preview. Some of the previews we have Chifusa narrating in what I call a boob philosophy. What? Hear this one: “Hate the sin and don’t hate the boobs”. Yeah, how does that sound? True, right? Here’s more: “If you’re not careful, you’ll lose your tits”, “The sway of one’s feelings is the sway of one’s tits”, “If there are tits you throw away, there are some you can pick up”, “Even for exceptional boobs, there are small misunderstandings”, “Boobs are something that become heavier with age” and the final masterpiece, “All roads lead to boobs”. Aren’t they motivating, no?

For the voice acting part, it is hats off to Aki Toyosaki as the voice of Kaede. And I thought her voicing as ditzy girls was good, making Kaede sound like a maniacal pervert was just convincing and perfect. Though she too had a voice role in Seikon No Qwaser as Tomo, but that character wasn’t a pervert but an airhead (just like what her trademark cute ditzy voice is best for – Yui in K-ON!, Uiharu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and Kanetsugu in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls). It’s either you will squirm with disgust or grin with glee whenever she makes her character go breathing hard or just jealous. That’s why some of the other segments in the episodes are amusing like the sponsor screen whereby she narrates her lines with full of passion and lust! You can’t beat that. And for her Kaede’s record book specials, she’s absolutely a wacko perverted nut case in just reading out the segment’s title. It’s like she’s so hard-up for it. Really. So that’s why, once more it’s hats off to Aki Toyosaki for doing such a wonderful job making Kaede a totally amusing and perverted character that we both love and hate so much. Thank you. Mamiko Noto also has a role in this anime as Ouka. Mostly she sounds serious and one you would not expect to provide any emotion. Except of course when she is fantasizing about Muneyuki. Then it’s that fawning voice all over… Atsushi Ono as Munenori (Giriko from Bleach) sounds like as though he has some lump in his throat or he underwent some throat surgery. It’s like as though his voice can’t come out despite his soft-spoken nature, making him sound like mumbling. Other casts include Minako Kotobuki as Chifusa (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Kaoru Mizuhara as Kagefusa (Gisen in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Kenji Hamada as Muneyuki (Enishi in Hanasaku Iroha), Ayahi Takagi as Kyouka (Mikako in Sora No Otoshimono), Tohru Ohkawa as Hatomune (Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist) and Misato Fuken as Kokage (Utao in Kamisama Dolls).

As far as this anime is concern, you won’t be considered a true pervert that the women will hate if you love boobs. In here, you can declare your undying love for those pair of luxuries! I’m sure if the feminists see this show, they’ll be calling for the producer’s head and condemning every aspect of it. This series would be considered and insult to women all around the world and portraying them and especially their breasts as sex objects. Well, that depends on your stand on how much ‘pinch of salt’ you would like to take from this anime. So be careful never to try out the stuff you see in this show in real life. You’ll be slapped with tons of sexual harassment lawsuits. You know what they say when hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And all because of a pair of boobs… I figured I said too much of that word already in this blog.

You thought the world would have been a better place if boobs were given such a prominent importance. But look how much trouble it turned out to be. I guess as human nature, whether it is boobs or not, they’ll always be that secret powerful something everyone else wants to steal and rule the world. Do you still think drinking milk and the belief of having someone massage your breasts will make them bigger? Well, thanks to anime, I’m sure we’ll see breasts in a whole new different manner now, eh? So it doesn’t matter what kind of boobs you have. Big or small, sagging or firm. The most important thing is the inside that counts. No, I don’t mean the water or gel that props them up. The matter of the heart, that is. Once you have got a big heart, then the boobs don’t matter anymore. Hmph. What am I saying? Tell that to all the people in this anime and I would receive a chilling rebuke for my b(l)ooper. And if they ask me to go research and do more study on boobs, that’s like keeping abreast of things, right? Oops, I think I just made another booby there.

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