Maou-sama Retry

January 25, 2020

Oh no. Instead of giving us the fourth season of Overlord, we got yet another one of those ubiquitous isekai genres. Yes, people. Maou-sama Retry starts off with that suspicious premise of a long running popular game now shutting off its servers. During the final moments of being shut down forever, the creator plays the game one last time for nostalgia’s sake. And when the time comes, he finds himself inside the game world! As a Demon Lord! He tries to make sense of his new surroundings as well as his new overpowered abilities, helping the local kingdom from its crisis while trying to find a way back. Now you tell him how that is not a rip-off of Overlord?! Overlord, Retry???!!!

Episode 1
The popular online game, Infinity Game is going to shut down its server after 15 years. Akira Oono as one of its creators is sad and is sticking around for one last hurrah. But when it crosses that deadline, he finds himself in a different world and his body is now different! Why does this opening plot sound all too familiar? He realizes he looks like Hakuto Kunai, the Demon Lord of Infinity Game. What’s with the getup like a mafia boss?! Before he could make sense of things, a young girl, Aku is seen running away from a demon, Greole. Easily Kunai defeats it! Aku fears him because he is stronger than this demon and is going to eat her! He must be the Demon Lord! Kunai assures he isn’t. She explains this land is called Holy Light. One of the angels known as Cherub sealed Greole in the past. Kunai realizes he can still pull down an interface and check his stats and use some admin privileges. He then hears Aku’s sad story that her village hates her. After being bullied for so long, they tried to sacrifice her to Greole. That’s why she is so touched when ironically a Demon Lord like him treats her so nicely. Kunai carries Aku as they make their way to the Wishing Shrine, supposedly the place where Cherub sealed Greole. It is also a place where wishes are granted. According to legends, that is. Upon reaching, Kunai sees lots of dead bodies. Inside is some revered being. Kunai demands answers if he was being summoned here (those dead people wanted a Demon Lord so Greole was released and got what’s coming) and if he can be returned to his world. However the being is already on her last leg. She has weakened tremendously after all the wishes and just gives Kunai an irremovable curse-like ring on his finger before disintegrating. Gee, thanks. Kunai’s goal is to head to the capital but Aku hopes he could stop by her village so he could get some of her stuffs. Entering her dilapidated village, the villagers immediately scorn Aku for returning. They continue to blame and bully her. Aku hears the voice of the ring telling him to kill those people but he won’t give in and instead just burns down their village! Still brutal, though. He then takes Aku and leave for the capital. Sorry she can’t take her things. I guess she won’t need anything as long she has him!

Episode 2
One of the Holy Maidens, the bratty Luna Elegant is going to find Kunai and kill him so that she can prove her worth to her sisters. Oh damn, Kunai can create his own luxury motel with amenities so they don’t have to camp out in the wilderness? Wow. Super convenient. Next day, he detects several bandits trying to attack them. Of course he dodges their attack and even mocks the boss. But the bandits soon try to escape when Luna is here. Don’t want to be the receiving end of a Holy Maiden, eh? Then she tries to take down Kunai but as we can tell, she underestimates him as he easily takes down her attacking guards. Ultimate humiliation for Luna because he spanks her butt till it hurts!!! WTF???!!! He lets her go after taking her money. So basically he robbed her? In the market city of Yahoo (?!), they stay in a hotel named Gugule (???!!!). They get first class treatment because of the money Kunai has. Remember, they’re from Luna. Heck, even when he goes to shop for a decent dress for Aku, the moment he flashes his giant gold coin, damn this guy is treated like a God! The irony! Yeah, the owner, Bingo doesn’t even mind being his masochist! In the end, Kunai just bought the entire store! While fine dining at a restaurant, stupid Luna comes in to complain about spending her money. Before she could cause a commotion, Kunai threatens to spank her ass and buys every other customer fine wine. That did the trick. Luna eats her heart out. Well, this is her money after all. Aku notes that Kunai is a kind person but sometimes can be mean. Going back to their hotel, why the heck is Luna following them? She has no money and no place to stay! What about her guards? She sent them home so as not to put them in danger. WTF. Shouldn’t she ask them to at least take her home? Ah well, since it is technically her money that paid for this room, might as well stay. Meanwhile, Killer Queen, Luna’s older sister and one of the Holy Maidens is coming to the city. She isn’t pleased Luna has acted on her own and has caused her trouble. She is going to pay dearly. Gee, what’s up with her subordinates looking like they came out from the set of Mad Max!

Episode 3
Kunai learns more about the land. After Cherub died sealing Greole, there are still Ophan and Seraph who protect and guide the people. From what Luna explains, he thinks that being at the Wishing Shrine could be Ophan. He doesn’t have enough info to form a plan yet so for now he decides to go make some money. He tries to build rapport with the local merchant, Nanden Mannen and manages to sell this useless item for a handsome price. Must be his smooth talking. As he returns to the hotel, he sees Queen and her goons calling out to Luna. She doesn’t believe Luna’s explanation that a Demon Lord exist. It is made worse that Luna explains the Demon Lord has a butt fetish!!! WTF?! Suddenly members of the Satanist cult attack the Holy Maidens. The sisters turn into bad guys to take them down. One of the members unleash Hades to pin them down. The ring once more tries to force Kunai to kill everyone and when Kunai resists, he is paralyzed. Desperate, he executes some command that changes his character. Hence he becomes this delinquent in white, Zero Kirisame! Easily he whoops the asses of those cultist as Queen watches helplessly and starts to fall for this handsome hunk. Has she finally found the man of her destiny? Damn, seeing a violent badass sister turning into a blushing teen in love… Such a drastic change in character! One of the escaped cultist think Zero is from the Dragonkin and has secretly aligned with Holy Light. When Zero reverts to Kunai, he is dying with embarrassment after realizing all those ‘cool’ words he said were just downright embarrassing. Worse, this Zero’s dude reputation has spread and he can’t tell everyone, not even Aku that they’re the same person. Meanwhile, adventurers Mikan and Yukikaze are looking for request jobs to do. They see this wanted bounty poster of Kunai the Demon Lord that pays handsomely. So it’s a crime for just claiming to be the Demon Lord? Luna joins Kunai in his travels because she claims he has a butt fetish and should be happy her butt is following him! WTF?! I have a feeling this brat might like being spanked…

Episode 4
Kunai has Luna change into normal clothes so she won’t stand out. Don’t worry. Nothing lewd. Meanwhile Mikan and Yukikaze are running away from a pack of sandwolves. Lucky for them, they stumble into Kunai’s carriage. Now let the Demon Lord show them what he can do. He uses all his skill to defeat the sandwolves and sends the remaining ones running away. After Kunai leaves, Mikan and Yukikaze know that this is that Demon Lord but for now will return to the capital. Kunai sets up base for them to rest. Then he checks with system admin. There are 8 strong and talented people working under Kunai. However with his current points, he can only summon 1. Thinking hard, he decides to summon Yuu Kirino. She might be a genius doctor and scientist but her drawbacks are being a sadist, short tempered and a shotacon. Kunai needs to know more about this world before he can do anything. So he converts the base into a first class hospital so Yuu can get to work. But first he has her look at Aku’s leg and heal it. Yup, no scars are even left. Good as new. Aku is now able to run and jump however she likes. I guess it’s some cue to spend some quality time with Kunai. Uh huh. Already setting that this guy is the man whom she’ll marry. Kunai then praises Yuu for a good job. The moment he pats her head, she starts to feel a strange sensation. A feeling that makes her feel happy that she is being acknowledged by her chief. Is this what you call falling in love?

Episode 5
I know Yukikaze is in love with Kunai and everything coming out from his mouth is just dirty. WTF he thinks girl boys can also get pregnant?! This is what happens when you get corrupted by SJWs… The Satanic cult report back to their master, Utopia. He is baffled they summoned a Demon King who was then killed off by a Demon Lord. In lieu of this, he wants more sacrifice for Hades. They’ll kill everybody in the capital. Kunai enters a poor village that is supposedly under Luna’s domain. She isn’t into running territories so she doesn’t care and just appointed some caretaker. Hence Kunai wants to take over this village for his own cause. Hey, the land belongs to Luna and nobody is going to be dumb enough to object a Holy Maiden. His initial plan is to build a hospital and a hotspring next to it. A good combo to do business. So he has the caretaker relay the message to the church that he’s taking over. Then he notices a group of bunny people (Bunnies) farming failed crops. Apparently all creatures except humans are ostracized so Bunnies despite rare and few are somewhat ‘quarantined’ here. Talking to Momo and Kyun about their farming problems Kunai then introduces some pulley wheel to the well. Even with such a system, it is useless if there is no water to draw. Oh wait! Now there is water being drawn! OMG is this Demon Lord a Jesus Christ?! I don’t think Kunai really explains how it’s done and just changed the topic of how valuable this item is despite its real worth is just sh*t. Meanwhile the eldest Holy Maiden, Angel White is talking to her subjects and is worried about Luna’s actions lately. Is she being deceived by the Demon Lord? She decides a wait and see approach. When Queen comes in, she does nothing but praise Zero and can only think about him. Seriously, this girl is really in love. Is this what lovesick means? You bet Angel is getting really worried her sisters are acting weird. Hope she doesn’t break too.

Episode 6
S-class adventurers, Mink and Organ learn about the Demon Lord and think of meeting him. Mikan and Yukikaze got some serious competition now. Kunai and co are at a high class hotel recommended by Luna. They are joined by this noble lady, Ebifry Butterfly. As the centre figure for all the nobles’ wives, she has connections and is largely influential among nobles. Hence Kunai wants to be gain her trust so that she will become their ally. Kunai reveals the kind of paradise he wants to bring to this land. Soap? This will be essential in the hotspring resort he will soon open at Rabby Village. It will contain all sorts of baths to accommodate all sorts of guests and their fancies. Suddenly the Satanist cult attacks the town. Time for Kunai to go burn off some calories. Mikan and Yukikaze are fending them off but when the numbers become too great, Kunai jumps into the picture and no one can touch the power this Demon Lord falls on them. The cultists won’t lose and sacrifice the very last of their lives to summon a demon, Carnival. A nasty demon that would send panic throughout the kingdom. But it looks like child’s play to Kunai. He mocks the demon in every way and of course Carnival gets mad and wants to kill him. But then he realizes his deadly aura. Looking pretty scared for a powerful demon. Carnival even pleads to do as his wish just to spare his life but Kunai kills him off and turns him into fireworks. The townspeople rejoice at their hero while Yukikaze must be orgasming that he gets to see Kunai again. Then an argument with Mikan about the types of people they like. Everyone’s got their own twisted fetish…

Episode 7
Utopia is mad that his plans are going awry so he orders Tron to take what’s left and unleash it at the holy castle. Meanwhile, an assassin masquerades himself as he keeps the nobles busy. As he approaches Luna’s table, he wants to show a magic trick. But Yuu decides to show hers. Somehow he cuts off his arm and puts it back in the wrong place! After she puts it back correctly, she warns him never to show his face around here again because she could smell his poison in his pocket. Queen and Mink are disposing zombies when the cultists get desperate again. After sacrificing their own lives, they summon this vampire, Oruit the Prince of Darkness. Queen and Mink fight her but because Tron unleashed Hades into the battlefield, they are weakened and this allows Oruit to get nasty with them. I’m not sure what Kunai’s problem because he isn’t too pleased watching all this. Something about not letting this monster get in his way as he hasn’t started researching on Seraph. Hence he transforms into Zero to take on Oruit. Clearly Zero is so badass and powerful that he makes Oruit look like a baby struggling! Oruit gets desperate so he kills Tron to take her blood. Dying Tron sees flashbacks of her tragic life but then she gets a second chance at life when Zero completely heals her with his, uhm, Calorie Hell? Desperate Oruit now transforms into some giant beast but all it takes is just one punch from Zero to shatter him into pieces! Yeah, so cool, right?

Episode 8
Tron is so happy that she hugs Zero. Queen also joins in the hug fest. Not sure how he got out of that one but Kunai sees Angel who is wary he might be planning in invading the capital. However he is just asking for permission to use the library to research on Seraph. She wonders if he wants to kill her. She grants him permission but will not involve herself. As he looks through the library, he learns that dungeons often drop weapons and armour. Sometimes rare ancient items. Because magic doesn’t exist in Infinity Game, it is his weakness. He needs to find a way to protect himself from that. Later Kunai knows Tron has been tailing him and calls her out. Tron knows Kunai and Zero are the same person because she can sense they have the same person. She wants him to bring her saviour out but Kunai wants her to work for him and maybe he’ll grant her wish. Kunai introduces Tron to the rest. New loli member, huh? He views her abilities vital to Rabby. Speaking of which, off they go there to check things out. Due to the last battle, Kunai has earned enough points to upgrade the base. Yup, now we have a full-fledged hospital as well as a high class hotspring resort. He even discusses with Yuu on how to charge customers. So they’re going to go easy on the poor and max charge the rich? Kunai also has Momo and Kyun to gather the villagers after their day is done so as to test out the facilities. Finally, Kunai has enough points to summon 1 more aide. He decides on Isami Tahara who is a gun specialist and can protect Rabby in his absence. Also, he is a siscon…

Episode 9
Kunai explains to Tahara the circumstances and what he wants to do. All that is left is to make preparations for Ebifry’s visit. Kunai then visits Mannen to show him this orgel. Such sophisticated music box doesn’t exist in this world so you bet he is fascinated with it. Kunai lets him determine the price so Mannen thinks this is a test. If he screws up, he fears Kunai might take his business elsewhere. Eventually he assesses it as high value and Kunai receives a handsome amount. Then he goes to see Bingo and pays in advance to have him make 20 suits. Nothing motivates you to work harder when there is money in your face. That night, Kunai tries to practice to change to Zero and revert back at his own will. You mean he isn’t doing it all the time? Tahara continues to train the Bunnies at Rabby on how to operate a hotspring resort. The day Ebifry visits is here. It seems she also brought along a grumpy old man, Commander Sambo. He is a retired soldier who once served under Martial Arts. However he is blinded by a magical beast. You bet Kunai will have Yuu take a look at his condition and even cure it! And yeah, a drop of some magic drip and now he can see again!!! Yeah, so happy he can serve his master again. Ebifry pays for all this by giving Yuu a very rare and valuable lambda coin.

Episode 10
Flashback 10 years ago, Luna was living in poverty and had a friend named Eagle. Because the rich nobles scoffed at them for being filthy, Luna vowed to become a Holy Maiden and show them. 2 years later, she trained and became worthy to be a Holy Maiden. But when she requested to bring Eagle in as her slave, she was told she was already executed. You see, Eagle is a demihuman and being one itself is already a sin. When Luna was given Rabby as her domain, she lamented had she got this power earlier, she would have prevented a lot of deaths. Luna is awakened by Kunai since he is going to leave Ebifry in her care now. Luna shows her all the different hotsprings this place has to offer. Ebifry can tell Luna is in love with Kunai. Despite the loli keep on denying, Ebifry continues to advise her not to give up. She should try to be more feminine or he might not look her way. Meanwhile Angel is furious that Ebifry has been lured to Kunai’s domain. She is disheartened that Queen doesn’t care as the kingdom might fall into crisis. Heck, Queen even teases her she should fall in love to understand and prays for that! Yuu sees Tahara trying to make some changes to the building locations. She suggests asking Ebifry’s opinion on this and Tahara immediately chastises her that she should know better herself never to let outsiders dictate what they do in their territory. Yeah, some Nightless City incident thingy. Later Yuu checks up on Kunai’s body. WTF she tries to feel it up but obviously he got uncomfortable and leaves. That night, Aku sleeps with Kunai. Nothing naughty but of course Luna gets the wrong idea. Just to be safe, she also goes to sleep with him. Since she is moving around, obviously it must be some ruse to make his hand touch her butt and accuse him of so. So to keep watch on this naught hand of his, she sleeps on it? I don’t even…

Episode 11
Kunai goes to town and Yukikaze who has been yearning for him, finally gets his wish to talk to him. Although Kunai doesn’t feel they are indebted to him for saving them twice, Yukikaze feels the need to pay him back. Since he is acting like an airhead, Kunai plays along. At this bar they frequent, everybody knows Kunai and welcomes him, even buying him drinks. I suppose Yukikaze’s chance to flirt with him. Even drinking his drink so he can make this cheesy statement that his stuff is all going down his deep throat! Kunai asks about the workings of this world that includes the system of the adventurers, mercenaries and the kind of different types of items found in dungeons that can be further divided into a few categories. Yukikaze is getting bolder and closer to Kunai and the reason this Demon Lord is putting up with it is just to get more info. Then he decides to see if all they said is true. Yukikaze offers to be his guide. Since his comrades will be busy developing Rabby and he can’t drag the lolis in, he takes up Yukikaze’s offer. Happiest day of his life. Will this lead to something more ‘dangerous’? Meanwhile Angel decides to rescue Luna from the Demon Lord’s clutches. She teleports herself to Rabby and is shocked to see its rapid development. Did she come to the right place? Tahara mistakes her for some worker and makes her go do some work. Yeah, the Holy Maiden working… Angel then sees Luna. Apparently little sister is so happy here reorganizing her domain that she doesn’t want to go back. Angel laments she has been totally brainwashed and the only way is the defeat the Demon Lord. She has so much on her mind that Momo and Kyun invite her to take a bath. Yeah, she entered the men’s section… She is surprised to see baths everywhere.

Episode 12
What else is more surprising? Kunai in the bath! Despite Kunai acting cool, inside he is close to panicking. Heck, it would be hell if this ends up as some scandalous harassment. Even Demon Lords are not immune to sexual harassment accusations! Luckily he is suave and has her dip in and talk. After she gets over that anxiety about nakedness and all, he invites her to drink with him. She thinks he wants to poison her but he shoots back the only poison in this kingdom are the ones running it! He’s got a point. See how they neglect rundown villages? I guess Angel is still insecure about minor stuffs like indirect kiss so on the verge of crying, Kunai gives her an angel halo as a gift to assure her he is not her enemy. A Demon Lord with a halo gift? Kunai even teleports her safely back to her palace. He hopes they can cooperate as allies in the future but doesn’t want her to tell about what happened today. Certainly she too don’t want others to get the wrong idea she had a drink and a bath with the Demon Lord! The kingdom will be in chaos! When Kunai explains his goal to find more about Seraph because he was summoned by Ophan, she quickly connects the dots and understands why Luna is obsessed with him. Also, she thinks Kunai could be the fallen angel, Lucifer. After all, he can use miracles that only Seraph can produce so he isn’t entirely a bad person. She hopes to revert Lucifer back to an angel he once were. Back at the inn, so as not to forget Aku, we see Kunai talking to her about his journey. She hopes he will come back safely. A way to seal the Demon Lord: Have 3 lolis sleep by his side and over him! Haha! Next day before Kunai leaves, he leaves Rabby in the hands of Yuu and Tahara. Then he travels with Yukikaze and Mikan to the town of Rookie. He hears the people praising the return of last year’s heroes. WTF, the macho gay men Tri-Stars and this otaku guy, Otamega???!!! You bet Kunai is so incredulously in disbelief!

Abandon Immediately, Do Not Retry Again!
YAWN!!! Boring!!! WTF. They made the final episode into one long drama that feels like an episode to convert Angel into a believer of Kunai?! Angel might not be totally accepting of him yet but at least now she has faith in him. Ah, that’s the first step. And when Kunai has finally conquered the heart of the top Holy Maiden, I am guessing that everything else will be as easy and falling like domino pieces. And if that’s not enough, WTF do you mean this is going to be continued???!!! Kunai’s priceless expression at the end is perhaps the best reflection what most of us would feel about this series by the time it ends. And you expect this crap to be continued???!!! Please, no more!!! NO MORE I SAY!!!! Hence the only ‘good news’ is that as far as I am writing this, no news have been heard about any second season. Yet. I hope it will stay that way forever.

I wasn’t putting any high hopes on this series to begin with. Imagine when something manages to drop way below that, you’ll know that this series is ultimately crap. I don’t know where to begin to explain how bad of an anime this is. Oh heck, everything is bad. Everything is the worst! The end. Hahaha! Okay, could have cut this blog short but I still feel the need to ‘elaborate’ all its bad points. Just for completion’s sake. Sheesh. But still, not the worst anime that I have seen in my entire life but definitely this one fits in that group. Sometimes I just wished that they stop making us this kind of crap already but you know, you can always blame me for being a sucker that I keep falling to watch such bad animes. Even though my guts were ringing like hell that this was going to be bad and the online comments of this series were already raging like an uncontrolled wild forest fire. Oh well. Live is a vicious cycle and those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Forever.

Now where do I begin with the story? F*ck, it is all over the place that I can’t make head or tail where this series is actually going! It feels that almost every episode is a like a standalone filler. Yeah sure, Kunai is trying to get to the bottom of this and in the midst of it, he is going to show those in power what he can do. Basically, creating his own kingdom from scratch. Which feels pretty much effortless and easy because Kunai being the Demon Lord can just create anything out of nowhere. So long as the plot convenience signals it is time, then it’s time to perform a miracle that not even God and his son can do. Just to show us he isn’t totally a bad guy or a jerk, that is why on occasion some bad guys pop up and he beats them easily without breaking a sweat. So yeah, I’m not sure if this series is about a Demon Lord trying to open a hotspring resort and reviving an abandoned village. I’m sure he can succeed. Just sell more of those soaps…

Next, the characters. Fail too. I don’t even know what else to say. Kunai is the Demon Lord. He is overpowered. He can do anything! I’m going to sound like a broken tape recorder repeating all that. Am already one since this is what I usually say in my other blogs concerning overpowered main characters of the isekai genre. Worst of all, the other supporting characters are so f*cking forgettable that you wonder why they are even in here. Like Aku. The first ever follower of Kunai but you start to notice and realize her presence actually don’t f*cking matter. Like, this girl just follow him around and just be obedient and listens to what he says. What a good girl. Boring! Then you have the fallen Holy Maiden who is no other than Luna. Obviously she is a tsundere and using that excuse Kunai likes her butt to stick around. Yeah, she’s the butt of all jokes because she likes to use that butt excuse of Kunai going for other girls’ butt if she thinks he is cheating on her. WTF. Since when does her butt is exclusively monopolized solely by Kunai? Her sisters are just as weird and you’ll wonder if the threshold to become a Holy Maiden is that low. Queen is some badass b*tch who suddenly turned into a teenager girl stricken with love. Like, that’s how she’ll be for the rest of the series. Angel isn’t that bad but she’s so worried how her sisters have become, she doesn’t even do anything herself! What good is a sister if just keeps doing nothing? You mean you fear the Demon Lord more than God? Something not right… And even more so considering she now views him in a better light. Imagine the irony of the kingdom finding its saviour in the Demon Lord instead of God.

Do you need more lolis into your group? Tron fits that bill for some reason. I don’t even know why they even need to throw in another overlapping character that doesn’t do anything else but whatever. Kunai’s aides, Yuu and Tahara are now summoned and we see them equally overpowered in their own respective fields. This is very ironic because Kunai as the Demon Lord should be the all-powerful master himself so why does he need such powerful helpers too? Not too sure how the previous Infinity Game works but I guess they want to show something relating to friendship and bonds. And since there are 6 more left… Oh thank goodness there is not enough episodes for this series in this season to make them all appear! It would have been the most overpowered group ever in the history of the isekai genre. This world and Infinity Game will totally be destroyed! I don’t even understand why Kunai feels the need to summon his alter ego AKA Zero. I don’t even know they need to go with this plot or something. Why the heck this character?! Maybe there’s a reason but I just couldn’t be bothered now at this point.

Even more lacking are the other heroes, especially the heroes such as Yukikaze, Mikan, Organ and Mink. Like, why do they even exist? I thought they were going to be part of Kunai’s groupie but apparently they serve to be just extra minor characters. The ‘interesting’ one is Yukikaze because this cross-dresser makes dirty sex statements of his delusions of getting raped by the Demon Lord! Uh huh. You either laugh or cringe at his words, how he can twist ordinary sentences into Kunai assaulting all the holes in his body! They should have more depraved jokes on this kid since this series is so boring that I laugh at such cheesy sex gags. Yeah… You can’t help feel that Kunai’s chastity is in danger every second he spends with this thirsty kid. Your mind goes crazy wondering if Yukikaze will finally break and really rape Kunai. I doubt the Demon Lord would let something like that happen to him but also nothing stops a pervert when he puts his libido to it.

Maybe this series is also boring because it lacks any main antagonist. Yeah, Kunai finding low level baddies and cult members aren’t going to cut it. Even the inaptly named so called baddie of the series, Utopia doesn’t even make much of an appearance despite we want to think of him working in the shadows. This guy should just hurry up and show himself before Kunai (or Zero) and get his ass kicked. End of story. Yeah, I bet you’ve forgotten that this shady hooded guy existed. Besides the minor skirmishes he sent his cult members to bring down the kingdom, I suppose the most we’ll remember him for is how he gave another loli AKA Tron to Kunai. Sheesh… So yeah, lacking of any main antagonist might be why this series is also lacking in its direction. It could be that Lucifer guy Angel talked about who could be the last boss (by the way who has an uncanny resemblance to Kunai), but as far as this season is concerned, Kunai’s worse enemy is only himself. Seriously.

I guess the characters are so lacking that I theorized that they have to resort to this method to make us remember them. As you would have noticed in every damn episode, the character names keep popping up on screen the very first time they appear for that episode. I mean, if you haven’t being paying attention and not realize that this mafiaso Demon Lord is Kunai already, you shouldn’t be watching this show in the first place. Yup, right up till the last episode we still have his name ‘introduced’ over the screen. Like, we get it already! Worse of all, the ugly fonts for the names. Are they even trying?!

One of the oddest segments of the series is the mid-intermission. Because for every episode, you are given the statistics and data of 2 characters in the series. I suppose that is why this series has so many characters that don’t matter… Anyway, you have the usual stats of sex, race, height, weight, likes and dislikes. And some other power stats like strength that don’t even matter. Some stats are printed and some are given the big question mark to make it oh so mysterious or the creators can’t decide yet what those measurements are. I guess it is to give some sort of meaning to the existence of these characters. Yeah, we have some stats on them so they’re not just like some any other extra minor background characters! Not that I care at this point anyway. Remember what I said earlier about introducing so many characters just for this segment? Because the oddest and perhaps the funniest ‘character’ is Kunai’s cigarettes! OMFG!!! You mean this ‘character’ even got its own stats???!!! Real funny, dude. No wonder there are some stats that are “???”. Definitely, his cigarettes aren’t male or female, duh???!!! Not enough characters that they have to add this, huh? Oh yeah. You see Kunai smoke them every episode. Yeah, I bet they get more screen time than Aku or Luna. He is the Demon Lord so no worries of him dying of lung cancer. Heck, even Kunai’s real life persona (Akira, if you remember his name) gets a cameo here. But nothing really important to remember. Move along.

The art and animation is totally rubbish and crappy. The quality is so bad that you wonder if there was any budget put into it and that the staffs were forced to do it and hence putting their half-hearted efforts into it. It is so poor and bad of a quality that I don’t even want to further elaborate. Character designs are so simple and cartoonish that like I’ve said, no effort seems to be put into them. They have this one kind look to them. And then there are jokes and memes going around about Aku being a rip-off of Rem from Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Just change her hair colour to yellow and voila! Meek loli character! Worse, she’s not even a maid character… Zero points! Like as though the producers asked for permission to rip-off other Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu characters because there also memes of how Luna is a rip-off from Emilia but a discount version. I haven’t seen memes on this but I have a feeling that Queen is ripped off from Priscilla… This series is made by Ekachi Eplika whose only other anime they made was Fumikiri Jikan (which has better animation quality compared to this crap). Come on, you can do better than that!

I feel that voice acting is particularly wasted especially the eccentric Kenjiro Tsuda playing as Kunai. Because of the sh*tty role he is given, hence there is only so much he can do for his character. He can’t save it either. So hearing him as Kunai is one of the few reprieves I have but eventually this doesn’t improve the anime one bit. There are a few other recognizable seiyuus too and I have the same feeling that they have wasted their talents on this sh*tty show. Like Haruka Tomatsu as Queen, she is in that usual crazy voice of hers but too bad the character she plays sucks. Then there is Aki Toyosaki as Angel, Rina Satou as Yuu, Takehito Koyasu as Utopia as well as Showtaro Morikubo as Zero. What a pity.

The rest of the other characters are Kanon Takao as Aku (Latina in Uchi No Musume), Kaori Ishihara as Luna (Aladdin in Magi), Suzuna Kinoshita as Tron (Misaki in Fumikiri Jikan), Sora Tokui as Yukikaze (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Hitomi Nabatame as Mikan (Yukiji in Hayate No Gotoku), Chiyo Ousaki as Mink (Sara in Da Capo III), Mao Ichimichi as Organ (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Tomokazu Seki as Tahara (Gilgamesh in Fate series), Kimiko Saitou as Ebifry (Chieko in Kuragehime), Yurika Kubo as Momo (Hanayo in Love Live) and Kazusa Aranami as Kyun (Grenda in Robot Girls Z). The opening theme is Tempest by Kaori Ishihara and the ending theme is New by Haruka Toujou. Both are boring and nothing exciting too. Feel out of place too if you ask me. The opener feels like some techno dance beat that is written for a video game while the ending one is like a badass hard rock piece that feels like it is in the wrong anime to begin with. I didn’t notice much about the BGM but there is one that is quite cool and jazzy. Reminds me of some cowboy western thingy. Had this show not sucked and this song feeling so out of place, this could have been a great piece to listen to.

Overall, this is really one sorry excuse of an anime. Like as though they need to fill up the quota of having a number of really bad animes that sucked. Yukikaze, please don’t get any weird ideas after hearing the word sucked. Literally I have no idea where this anime is going and it’s like the ones who produced this too didn’t have the heart to make it. Poor story, bad characters, lousy animation are all the tell-tale signs that this anime should never been given another chance to retry. I don’t know, maybe if it got rebooted it could be better. But for now, let the Demon Lord just run his hotspring business. Just like how the anime industry is churning out sh*tty quality isekai a dime a dozen because it’s raking in the money. I pray to God and the Holy Maidens that we deserve better animes. So stop giving us a sh*tty rip-off of Overlord and instead of continuing this crappy show, give us a real fourth season of that damned series already!!!

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