Hmm… After more than a year and a half later, the revenge is still not happening? Well, I suppose that when you’re planning the perfect revenge, it may take years or even decades. And yeah, it seems like ages in anime years because after 1.5 years later when the TV series ended its run, Masamune-kun No Revenge OVA came out. Talk about taking its time but I suppose it is a timely reminder that somebody still has that revenge on his mind. Or will it turn to romance? Well then. Your guess is as good as mine.

Only For Mama
Masamune returns home only to be shocked that mama Kinue is acting like a kindergarten child! Of course he pushes her away and this brings her to tears. But wait. What’s this? There is another clone of her?! Actually this real little kid is Masamune’s cousin, Haruka the daughter of Kinue’s sister, Asae. Oh sh*t. They look alike. No wonder I’m as confused as him! The last time Masamune saw her at some party, she was a bit chubby. Even Chinatsu is mad at big brother, thinking he made mom cry. But thankfully Asae doesn’t look like a loli. She’s smoking hot! Chinatsu has this idea of putting the loli in various outfits and snap photos. Asae can’t stand this anymore and joins in. The trio then troll Masamune to guess which of them is his real mom because they all look alike! I know who because of the different voice… Masamune gives up and begs for them to stop this insanity. But the thing that bugs me is how Asae can become small seeing she is obviously taller and bustier. The clothes? CGI effect? Later Haruka reveals that the reason she is trying to be more beautiful is that she wants to be his girlfriend. Oh no. Not another one of those sister-wants-to-marry-you cliché. He declines since he already has a ‘girlfriend’. Haruka looks disappointed and Masamune thought he was too harsh. But Haruka plays it cool. Once they break up, it is her turn. So they take a number to be Masamune’s girl?

Tsunade Island Again
Aki invites the usual gang back to Tsunade Island again. Only this time Masamune didn’t tag along because he loves himself more. WTF. I guess he is going to miss out all the fanservice of the hot girls in their swimsuit. Poor Kojuurou getting harassed by Futaba to wear a swimsuit. Oh right. Remember this guy’s gender is still considered unknown… Aki tries to show off her boobs have grown until those pads bounce out. And the bustiest of them all goes to Yoshino! That night, the girls want to talk ladies’ stuff but thinking that Aki might not be good at it (despite she thinks she can), they decide to do their homework? Until Yuisaki barges in drunk and talks about her unfulfilled dreams that includes her boyfriend not giving her a ring for her birthday. First world problems? When she points out if the girls would ever date a fat man, everyone claims they would except for Yoshino. The rest get suspicious and hound her for details that we will never know. When everyone is asleep, Aki calls Masamune. Feeling lonely, huh?

12 O’clock Cinderella
After Yoshino returns from Tsunade Island, suddenly her maid sister ties her up. Looks like she is giving her sister a total makeover. Even though it is Yoshino’s off day and has no one to accompany her, she still wants Yoshino to go out and have. What has got a girl all dressed up and nowhere to go got to do? She goes to a café but while getting balloons, a kid accidentally splashed ice cream on her dress. She buys and changes back to ordinary clothes but still looks lovely anyhow. Her sister is surprised she came home early but Yoshino says she had fun and will become beautiful with her own efforts. So that she could steal a boyfriend and then dump him later. Just kidding. Yoshino can joke? Even more shocking and relieving at the same time, she smiled.

Self-improvement First Before Revenge
Oh well, I guess this OVA is pretty much filler than anything. It’s nice to see the usual gang again but nothing really much happening and developing between them. Except maybe that Yoshino’s personal episode. It might not look like anything but it’s one of those rare moments where she gets some screen time of her own and smiles. But other than that, I think this OVA has some time skip because I remember at the end of the TV series, we have that ‘cliff-hanger’ that there would be that school trip to Paris. So it’s like they skipped some stories in between. Perhaps it would not be right to cram it all into a single OVA but even so, maybe that could have split it up into a few OVA episodes then? Who am I kidding? I’m not the producer.

Another obvious factor I say that this OVA is time skip is the fact that Aki has cut her hair. Man, I’m not really used to her having short hair so when I saw her the first time, it took me a while to recognize if it was her. I don’t know. Aki having short hair just doesn’t feel like Aki. It makes her feel less dominant or prideful. Sure, she doesn’t get much appearance and lines as she is only featured in the second story. But still, Aki having a change in hairstyle as one of the shock factors for this OVA isn’t really to my liking as I would prefer her with long hair.

With only a single episode, I guess a few other characters were missing like that chubby Masamune clone, Kanetsugu. Yeah, I remember he was somewhat important in the final arc of the TV series and a pivotal character to the story’s development since he is her betrothed. It’s like he never existed. At least Aki’s 3 Stooges lackeys did make their appearance in one of the eyecatches even if they don’t appear in the episode proper. Introducing other Masamune’s family members is cool but what makes it even cooler is that Asae is voiced by MAMIKO NOTO!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!! HYPE!!! HYPE!!! HYPE!!!! But it is good to know that good looks runs in their family genes and thankfully not the loli outlook that for now seems to only be limited to Kinue. Hopefully Haruka would grow up into a smoking hot babe too and maybe add some rivalry to Masamune assuming if he is still dating Aki and haven’t dumped her yet. Oh right. He could dump Aki for his cousin. That’ll be a plot twist revenge story for another time. Or fan fiction.

Overall, this OVA is pretty much disappointing if you were expecting some sort of progress but instead we have standalone filler episodes that don’t really matter. Hardcore fans and those who watched the series might be infuriated because of so and newbies who watched this OVA for the first time might be confused because they don’t know what the heck is going on. Yup, just to milk extra money from you is all I can think. It has been some time now since the TV series ended and to come out with an OVA might be playing on your nostalgia and hype that there might be some sort of progress. It’s not like they made a surprise announcement at the end of it that there would be a second season, right? RIGHT?! Otherwise this OVA by itself is just okay and average. Looks like we will have to wait a little longer just to get our sweet revenge. Or die waiting.

Masamune-kun No Revenge

July 16, 2017

Be careful who you treat badly or call ugly during your younger days. Because in the future they will come back in the form of an attractive person, steal your heart, sweep you off your feet and when you are so deep in love with that person only to realize too late this was the person you mistreated and a long time ago and now you have got your just desserts. Boo hoo. Why didn’t I treat that person better then? Well too late for that now. You’re left in tears with a broken heart. That sounds like the ultimate revenge plot, right? This is what Masamune-kun No Revenge is all about. Girl rejects boy. He transforms himself into an unrecognizable hunk and plans to get his revenge to dump her when she is all over him. Well, not as easy as you would think it would be. But I think it would be fun to see all the trials and near misses as he seeks to complete this ultimate quest. Hey, at least he didn’t grow up and think he should kill her like in that Hollywood movie.

Episode 1
Masamune Makabe is such a handsome dude that random girls on the street can just fall in love with him. We see the double standards as he is peeping at cute girls playing tennis, he is then called out. Turns out they are accusing of a plain guy of taking unauthorized pictures of them. As for Masamune, he is so cute that they would love this new transfer student to join their club. At school, there is a commotion at the compound. This guy, Shigeo Yamada is trying to confess to Aki Adagaki. So she returns her answer via loud speaker all the perverted fetish that she had her servants spied on him. Now that everyone is creep out of this guy, Aki ends it by calling him Moleo since he has a hair on his mole. Dead. Then Aki barges into Masamune’s class just to ask for Akio Tanabe. She doesn’t know who he is so she harasses Masamune instead. When the real Tanabe makes himself known, she tears his confession letter before his eyes! Masamune learns from class rep Tae Futaba and girly guy, Kojuurou Shuri that she is nicknamed Cruel Princess. Despite being beautiful and good in studies, her personality stinks. She hates guys and does more than reject them. Yup, she gives them nicknames. So Tanabe is now Pudding Prince? I guess being the rich daughter of a conglomerate gives her a free pass to be a tyrant. Looks like Masamune has a bone to pick with her. He tries to dig up more information by observing her and can see she has her own groupie of females. He tries to follow her but loses her. Then he notices her closest lackey, Yoshino Koiwai. She is acting strangely. He sees her enter a storeroom. Bingo. That is where Aki is. A spider scares the hell out of Masamune as he stumbles in. Acting he was just passing by, he notices the high calories food she has been eating bought by Yoshino. Plus, a few boxes of them! Aki panics and explains some calorie condition she is having. Not that I quite understand. Although she threatens him not to tell others, he now has a trump card against her.

Because of that, he is able to get closer to her at times so rumours start swirling that the Cruel Princess may be falling in love. After school as Aki has Yoshino to buy her something to eat, she is confronted by Tanabe. He is jealous that he rejected her but because Masamune is a hot guy, she hangs out with him. He tries to cut her hair but luckily Masamune grabs it by the blades. His bleeding hand has Tanabe running away. Masamune is hurting like hell inside but needs to put up a cool front. He makes her fluster when he says she is cuter when she smiles. Masamune reveals to us this is his revenge. When he was young, he was fat and ugly. As his father was rich, he was often targeted by bullies. Aki saved him and naturally he looked as her as his saviour. He tried to confess but was shot down and called a Pig’s Foot. Ever since, he has worked out his body to become this hot. He hates her so much and will do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with him before telling her who he is and dumping her in the most awesome way. This is his perfect Dead Or Love Plan. Next day, he finds a love letter in his shoe locker. But it has big words “Pig’s Foot” written on it. Busted?

Episode 2
Masamune is trying to figure out who the perpetrator is. It can’t be Aki because this is clearly not her style. Thinking back about his traumatic past is painful enough. He doesn’t want to go back there again. During lunch time, he sees Yoshino having a tough time to buy bread. As she blunders, she hands over the task to him. It’s no easy feat but he manages to get them. Then he follows her back to Aki’s hideout to test and check if she knows his identity. Nope. Safe. He flirts with her a little to get her irritated and flustered. On his way home, he falls into a trap. Realizing this is setup by the perpetrator because she calls him Pig’s Foot. Who is she? Yoshino! Does this girl know all about him? He thinks back hard. Oh. She is one of Aki’s many servants. Yoshino explains her family has been serving the Adagaki family for 300 years. Masamune laments his plan has failed and tells her to laugh at it. Surprisingly, Yoshino tells him to go ahead with it and she will support him. However he doesn’t trust her so he still decides to go on his own. As Masamune helps out Futaba, he wants to exchange email address but realizes he has never done it before and baulks. His handphone has zero contacts! Surprisingly Futaba soon asks if Masamune is free to go out with her to the movies. Is that a date? Masamune reminds himself about his goal so he turns her down. This gives him confidence about his popularity. Aki heard about it so he thinks she is jealous so he plays the cool guy to ask her out. No reaction. Strangely she thanks him so he asks to exchange email address. She claims her handphone is under repair and to wait here next week. When he does, she didn’t turn up. It seems she has left notes for him to follow to the next clue. It all leads him on a wild goose hunt to back where he started in which Aki shows a big sign of refusal. Masamune is mad he is being toyed with. Yoshino comes in to remind him that she can be of help. She adds her contacts into his handphone.

Episode 3
For the upcoming proficiency test, if one fails, the entire class must take a supplementary class for a week. Kojuurou being the hopeless one, Masamune offers to tutor him. This sets off wild yaoi fantasies for Futaba. As they are studying in the library, also there is Aki helping Yoshino. Thinking Yoshino is on his side, Masamune challenges to see who does better in the test. If he wins, she will date him. Otherwise he will allow her to give her a nickname in which he will wear until he graduates. That isn’t enough so she adds he must pay for her lunch too. It’s on. But Masamune is disheartened when Yoshino says she can’t help him. Because he decided this on his own, it ruined her timing. You’re on your own. So we see all parties putting in the effort. The morning test was okay. After the lunch break, Masamune suddenly starts to feel pain in his stomach. Could it be Yoshino sabotaged his coffee since he met her during the break? He holds on till the end. Then he marches his way down to Aki’s class to look for her. However she is not in because she is sick. Does this mean Masamune won hand’s down? So why did Yoshino poison his drink? Actually turns out his mom made his lunch from expired food. Masamune turns up for supplementary class with Aki. This isn’t so bad as he considers it a date.

But soon after Yoshino calls him to set up a date with Aki. She is sure she will be there. He is shocked to see Aki dressed in something that resembles cosplay. And she has the cheek to lecture him all about proper dress code during dates. Probably her thinking is messed up. Masamune calls Yoshino to make sure about this. She explains because she obeys Aki’s every word, thus Aki will trust everything she has to say. Which means this date was some elaborated setup with elaborated settings for Aki to save Masamune. Aki flexes her power since she booked the entire cinema just for them. It could’ve been just a lame zombie flick. Till scenes of zombie sex orgy!!! WTF???!!! Can’t believe Aki still has lots of appetite after watching this. This has Masamune thinking to old Aki was much more arrogant and crueller. She on the other hand believes this condition of hers started when something awful happened in her past. When a young girl asks her about her funny dress, she was proudly about to explain it all so Masamune had to take her away. He has to tell her how her dress code is wrong so she heads to the nearest shop to buy appropriate clothes. She got so embarrassed thinking about it that she screamed so Masamune came running in to check. What do you expect when you see a girl in her undies? Face punch! When he wakes up, he is lying on her lap. Then she just leaves him and goes home. Masamune calls Yoshino and believes this lap pillow is part of her plan. She has no idea about it. Yoshino reveals the reason she is helping him is to help Aki. With Masamune dumping her, this will make her modest as she will have to re-examine herself. It will benefit Yoshino as much it will do Aki some good.

Episode 4
Masamune thinks he can learn from manga to go in for the kill. But all those ‘lovely’ stuffs he did for her, she just feels disgusted. So Yoshino had to tell him to stop and mix it up. Instead of always attacking, sometimes he must withdraw. He takes up her advice and it soon becomes painful that Aki too is ignoring him. Is this the end? Then one day she angrily confronts him. She then struggles with him until she blurts out she can’t understand him. At this point, her face is red flushed in embarrassment. It is what Masamune has been waiting for. The moment she has fallen for him. Unfortunately he hasn’t thought out this far and runs away! Wasted chance! So he runs to Yoshino to brainstorm for ideas. She suggests writing a letter since he might screw up orally. However Aki catches him trying to put his letter in her shoe locker. She throws it away and hates him! She can’t fool him any longer! Eh? What just happened? Is she playing hard to get? Is this how tsundere works? Flashback reveals when Masamune fled, Aki followed him and saw him with Yoshino. She thinks he is secretly seeing her behind her back. You can bet she is mad about him seeing he tried to ask her out many times. When she confronts Yoshino, she did admit that Masamune did contact her but for some meeting. Yoshino uses her magic to assure Masamune only has eyes for her and that she too likes him. Aki is a bit confused, though. Something about she would never fall in love with a boy again after that horrendous past. Aki walks home irritated. Thinking about the fact she hurt others so she won’t get herself hurt. She is unsure if Masamune actually likes her. Too deep in thought that she didn’t keep her eyes on the road. She would have been run over by a car had not Masamune saved her. Including a nice lecture on why her life matters most to him because he can’t live without her. At this point the atmosphere between them is good. Could have been the most romantic scene so far had not the driver interrupted to check on whether she is okay. It took her this long? But the moment she sees Masamune, she thanks God fate has allowed her to see him. She hugs him! Who the heck is this chick?!

Episode 5
Masamune thinks she has got the wrong person. But she did get his name right. Before anything else could happen, her bodyguard, Shidou reminds her it is time to go. Masamune has lots of thinking to do. He thinks of making it up to Aki but it seems she has ordered Yoshino to not let him go near her. If he does, fire away those ball bearings! Yoshino can tell something has happened so Masamune explains. He thinks Yoshino has abandoned him when she goes away. Not like he was going to count on her in the end. Masamune continues to crack his head on who that chick is. But it gets very cliché now since that girl, Neko Fujinomiya is a new transfer student in his class! During the break, he wants to go talk to her but all the girls swarm around her. So when he finally manages to do so, all the girls have already heard that Neko transferred here because of him. She feels indebted to him. 3 years ago when she was out in the cold on Christmas soliciting for donations, Masamune was a kind spirit to give his coat and donated a nice sum. Masamune quickly takes her away to talk because he knows there is something wrong. 3 years ago he was still a fatty. That was a lie concocted by Neko. The truth is embarrassing and she would rather keep it that away, though it still doesn’t change the fact she admires him. As Masamune still has revenge on his mind, he has to turn down her confession. She feels frustrated but pries more about the girl he likes. Heck, why does he even need to show her who Aki is? Because now Neko boldly confronts her in class. But before anything untoward can happen, the wind blew up her skirt and they saw her wearing no panties!!! Anyway, Aki is still mad and leaves. Masamune catches up and tries to explain but she is not open for discussion. A little struggle ensues and she accidentally punches the teacher. Now they’ve earned a pool cleaning job. They’re still arguing, though. With Aki obviously trying to get back at him by splashing a bucket of water. Since it is too heavy she falls into the pool. Thinking she is drowning, he dives in but she is fine. More argument as Masamune tries to nail it to her that he likes her. He isn’t expecting it will get through to her but she tells him to prove it. With a kiss.

Episode 6
Masamune wonders if he should go ahead with the kiss because this is supposed to be the final big stage where he dumps her. Desperate not to lose her attention, he grabs her and is about to kiss but she baulks and punches him. Nice uppercut. Before anything else can happen, Futaba and her swimming club are here to practice. Later Neko finds Masamune and has lunch with him. She is very particular about her nutrients so bear with her weird health food. He thought he can shoot her down with whatever questions but instead he is taken in by her words that he doesn’t realize his own charms. Yoshino follows Neko because she senses this woman is dangerous and the need to take her down. However it is Yoshino who gets caught. Despite playing the retard, Neko tells her to stop the charade. Masamune returns home only to his shock to see Yoshino and Neko helping his loli mom, Kinue (I thought she was his kindergarten sister???!!!) in the kitchen. Turns out Kinue stumbled upon them in the streets and invited them for dinner because they were wearing the same school uniform as her son. So she picks up anybody just like that? Yoshino and Neko get a glimpse of his room filled with weight lifting machines. Masamune thought Neko is trying to flirt with him but manages to resist. He had to put a stop to his younger sister, Chinatsu who can’t believe he brought home female friends from spilling out about his fatty past. After dinner, the girls even get dressed in yukata to play fireworks. This haunts Yoshino because Aki used to strap her to one and blast off. Then there’s this watermelon spitting contest between Kinue and Chinatsu. Don’t even ask… With Neko looking cute, Masamune wonders if he would have fallen for her if not for his revenge plot. After everything is done, Yoshino warns him not to get caught up in Neko’s pace. He is sure he isn’t. Seems there is more than meets the eye because Kinue is glad to have met Neko again after all these years and Neko is in possession of a picture of young chubby Masamune with Aki. Masamune tries to use Neko’s words to charm Aki. Not moved. In fact it makes him look like a moron. Don’t come crying to Yoshino…

Episode 7
Aki is furious that Masamune has put an invitation on her desk for a summer break at Okinawa. However his grand plan falls apart when she says she will be spending her holidays at her own island villa and will be bringing along Kojuurou! Luckily that guy panics and won’t go unless Masamune is with him (gay moment?). Masamune takes advantage of this to invite them or nothing. Because of that, Neko also wants in. And so does Futaba. Aki has no choice but to bring them all along. But Yoshino warns Masamune that he must get some results on this trip or else she will tell Aki everything they have been up to! On Tsunade Island, they are welcomed by Midori Yuisaki who is the secretary of Aki’s dad (and just off being dumped by her boyfriend). Masamune thinks fast to produce a shocking result. He proclaims he is Aki’s boyfriend! Embarrassed Aki throws her luggage in his face. His gamble pays off because she has to maintain her image in front of others and didn’t go berserk. On the beach, Neko tries to flirt with him but Aki surprisingly breaks them up. She warns her not to give Neko the wrong idea since they are ‘dating’ and also be careful not to be the one to be played out. In the eyes of others, they look like a normal couple. But away from it all, Aki treats him as a slave. So go bring her food. Yuisaki is very suspicious of Masamune as Aki’s boyfriend. When she started working as the family’s secretary (fresh off from being dumped by her boyfriend too), she witnessed countless times her ruthless rejection of men. She loves her evil man-hating aura. That is why she wants to know what makes Masamune different and expose him. That night the gang play kimodameshi. Masamune knows the order is rigged and his plan to save Aki at the crucial timing when she is too scared to move. On the other hand, Yuisaki also plans to expose the coward in him by scaring him in front of Aki. Things move smoothly until Yuisaki gets scared by Jason and his chainsaw!!! OMG! So scary!!! Actually it’s Yoshino but it’s too dark to see anyway. She runs away and passes Aki, both scaring the sh*t out of each other. Then she runs out and unwittingly scares the rest before being knocked out by running into a pole. When she wakes up, she is surprised Masamune is carrying her. Yuisaki now has a good impression of Masamune as he explains how much he wants to care for Aki. She feels bad for being prejudicial against him.

Episode 8
Masamune surprisingly gets a call from Aki to meet up since he forgot to take a luggage back from the island. He realizes his photo is missing. Thinking back, he believes Neko stole it. So while out with Aki, he can’t help think deeply why Neko did this. This means his revenge scheme is in danger. Too deep in his thoughts that Aki got fed up and left him stranded. Like he got dumped, eh? Shortly, he gets a call from Neko inviting him to her place. On pretence to go to the bathroom, he searches her room but is discovered. When he asks her a series of questions, it seems she is admitting to sneaking into his room. She also admits she took the photo. It’s right here. In her cleavage. Is his plan busted? However she finds his fatty version cute. This throws him off. He is paralyzed that a girl would actually say this to him. Because of that, Neko kisses him. Things are about to get steamy but Masamune could only think of Aki. Then he explains how he was bullied. It was partly his fault since he too was a brat used money to show off. Comparing Neko to Aki, he tells her he can’t go further if she is not serious. He takes his photo back and leaves. Neko is left heart broken in her dark room. Next day, the friends are supposed to meet up with Futaba as she invited them to the pool. Masamune feels awkward to face Neko but Futaba says she isn’t coming because she called in this morning to cancel. Nothing much happens during the pool but on their way home, Shidou suddenly confronts Masamune, mad that he might have done something to Neko. She is now missing. Masamune didn’t think she would have ran far but Shidou scolds him for being close to her and yet not know about her medical condition. She left them all behind. So all those nutrients were actually her medication? Wow. She is really one sick girl. And yet she puts up this façade that she is such a nice girl. Must be hard. Shidou demands Masamune for an explanation because he knows he was at her place last night. Busted. In a pinch, he says he was there to decline going out with Neko. Because he chose Aki.

Episode 9
They split up to find Neko but she is nowhere in sight. Masamune and Aki get the same idea that she might be at school. It gets awkward between them. Especially Aki commenting about him rejecting Neko and that she felt bad for her. This makes him mad thinking she doesn’t think guys have feelings too. He wants to tell her his nickname but a paper airplane interrupt. He realizes Neko is on the rooftop trying to imitate a popular romance manga. He manages to catch her before she collapses. She recovers well at the hospital. After speaking to Aki, she summons Masamune to talk privately. Flashback reveals she has a certain illness that needs to undergo surgery otherwise she risks death. She agreed to grandpa’s suggestion in trying it out with a condition that she wants to fall in love. So the truth is, she picked from several pictures of potential suitors and Masamune happened to ‘won the lottery’. You can thank his loli mom for submitting his photo. Neko might be sad over her one-sided love but she has no regrets. She was able to experience them first hand. The talk must be so long that for the others waiting outside, Futaba admits she actually likes Masamune! But she feels glad she didn’t confess and kept it to herself because they get to stay friends. When Masamune comes out, he ignores everybody and just goes straight home so that he could pack his bags and redo his training. He isn’t going to waver now and keep pushing his revenge plan. Mom thought he was running away from home… Neko has another precious photo. A picture of young fat Masamune with her together in a family group photo when their parents hosted a party. Aki on the other hand thinks a lot on what Neko told her to not act tough. Was there a reason for her to deny his love because he sincerely loves her? As she cracks her head pondering if she should fall for him, a short chubby boy pops up. He knows her. She instantly recognizes him as Masamune. Wait. What?!

Episode 10
Actually he is Kanetsugu Gasou and his nickname is Masamune. He has a letter from grandpa stating that Aki will marry into his family. Thus he is now a guest in Aki’s home. The new school term starts. Aki already rejects the first guy bold and dumb enough to ask her. Her lackeys, Mari Mizuno, Sonoka Kaneko and Kikune Kiba although aren’t happy Aki seems to be spending less time with them and more with Masamune, when they see Kanetsugu with her they think she will outright reject him. Didn’t. Shock! Seems Kanetsugu will also transfer to this school. Masamune is shocked to see Neko in class. Apparently she went for surgery overseas, took a month to recover and just return. She is somewhat upset that there was no progress between Masamune and Aki. How can he when his thoughts were worried about her? When Masamune goes to see Aki, he is shocked to see her with Kanetsugu. Even more shocking to know he is her betrothed! Time to bug Yoshino-sama but there is nothing she can do too as she just found out about this and perhaps Aki really likes him? Unacceptable! Masamune observes Kanetsugu and despite his less than appealing appearance, he is good in sports, good in studies and a nice personality that blends easily with others. But the biggest problem is him being close to Aki. While Aki’s lackeys lament the fading vision of their yuri garden, they stumble into Kanetsugu and want to teach him a lesson but he is here to clear something up with them. Futaba wants the class to do a play for the cultural festival. Kojuurou will be Snow White and Masamune the prince. Unanimous vote! But Masamune has got more urgent problems on his mind. He tries to impose on Aki when Kanetsugu is not around but she gives him the cold shoulder. The lackeys watching this vow to protect Aki from this beast. Flashback shows Kanetsugu revealing he doesn’t want to marry Aki. Although he likes her, he views her as a goddess and doesn’t even think of touching or kissing her. He knows his place. WTF?! Because Aki’s class is also doing Snow White, Sonoka who is part of the student council vetoes to have Aki’s class do the play. When Futaba learns of this, she ends up with a showdown with Aki. Please note Aki is the Snow White and Kanetsugu is the prince. So we have both messed up plays. One with a fat prince and the other with 2 guys in the leading roles. Before their showdown can get heated, Aki backs down like a docile hamster heeding Kanetsugu’s words to be considerate. Masamune suggests the winner decided via popular vote. Of course he adds another condition for Kanetsugu. The winner gets to dance with someone at the post-festival party. You’re on.

Episode 11
Futaba turns into a hell director as she tries to shape up Kojuurou into a princess. Well, she did succeed in making him run away and cry like a girl. Thanks to Neko’s kindness, could it be that Kojuurou has fallen for her? Meanwhile Kanetsugu reveals to us about his ‘special’ position with Aki. His family is very poor and he has been tasked to pull them out of the doldrums. Some adults they are whoever forced this responsibility on him. So during one of Aki’s family parties, Yuisaki mistakes Kanetsugu to be fatty Masamune. He decided to play along. Masamune catches a bit of a cold because he has been training last night. Shirtless. After Neko guides him to rest at the infirmary, later on he is then missing. Oh, now it is his turn to go missing. Since their play is in the afternoon, they start looking around for him. Masamune has been kidnapped by Kikune who is tasked to watch over him till the festival is over. However it seems that the other class has problems because Kanetsugu is also missing! Apparently he was looking for a place to change. Yoshino (disguised as a witch) guided him to some room and locked him in there. Kikune forces Masamune to listen to her flashback why she sucks up to Aki. There was this one senior guy whom she couldn’t beat in kendo because he always cheated. One day he confessed to Aki but she shot him down and defeated him without even touching him. Kikune became impressed and followed her. However Masamune points out that what they are doing is no different than her senior as they are being sneaky. Kikune falls for the bait and feels guilty. She soon gets a call by Mari who wants to speak to Masamune. She thinks Kanetsugu gone is his doing. She wants to call this a draw. Masamune doesn’t have the details but he believes Yoshino has done something. He uses this to his advantage and won’t back down, claiming their class is the one going up first. When Kikune thinks Masamune planned this out too, she attacks him. Is Masamune going to jump from the window many floors down? He hangs on the ledge and lets her jump through. Don’t worry. Fountain below. Masamune explains to Futaba and Kojuurou what has happened. He thinks everything is settled but they find it strange because Aki’s class play is now running. So they’re starting without a prince? Well, Aki decided to go ahead without one. She never thought of relying on a prince in the first place.

Episode 12
The play is already underway. After hearing from Mari about Aki’s resolve, Masamune can’t let it end just like that. He needs to call Yoshino to call off her whatever plan but she is on stage performing. In that case, there is only one way left. One that makes Neko sad. Can you guess what it is? After seeking Mari’s permission, Masamune goes up on stage as the replacement prince! He is nervous and his fever is preventing him from being 100% cool. He sums up his courage to finally give us the moment we all have been waiting for: A kiss with Snow White! But it’s taking a bit long so surprised Aki punches him. The gang head for a karaoke party to celebrate the success of their festival. Aki’s class wins by default since Masamune’s class play was cancelled. Though, Aki and Masamune won the best actress and actor award respectively. Only Futaba is sad because all her hard work was not put into used. Though Kanetsugu offer to replace Masamune’s part, it seems Futaba will not allow anybody but Masamune to pair up with Kojuurou! They take turns singing with Aki of course being good enough to make her lackeys cry. Neko must be hinting something when she sings a breakup song. Yoshino sounds so monotonous as though she is singing for a funeral! Sonoka and Kikune think Masamune’s weakness is karaoke since he is acting strange (actually it’s the awkwardness of sitting next to Neko). So they confront him when he excuses himself to the toilet but luckily Aki tells them not to bully him. Is she concerned about him? Actually she just came out to eat. Neko and Aki sing a beautiful duet together before Masamune ends it. Because he is so freaking horrible that everybody almost died!!! Even the computer can’t calculate his score! Oh, but he manages to burn a few calories? After everyone has left, Masamune and Aki hang out for a while. She hints of wanting to repay what he did at the festival. He suggests she kiss him. Wait. She agrees?! Close your eyes… But we all should know better that Aki was just trolling as she puts a sweet potato in his mouth. Disappointed? Yoshino chides Masamune for wasting this chance to get his revenge and kill it off. Now he has to wait longer. Don’t worry. There’s this upcoming class trip to Paris. Yeah, what a better way than to exact his revenge plan in the city of love.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Smokin’ Hot And Sugary Sweet
Sighs… Why did it end so ‘abruptly’? Sure, I was caught in the pace of whatever silly things they were doing that I nearly forgot he was supposed to get his revenge on Aki. But whatever. So to justify the end of the season, thus we get one lousy kiss? And that doesn’t really count because it was just a play on stage. But a kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca. Oh heck, next trip is Paris, France not Morocco… Sorry, bad joke.

There seems to be a lot of missed potentials and developments here. Perhaps a dozen of episodes are not enough to justify the growth of the plot and the characters thrown into the mix and so far that have been introduced to us. I don’t know. By the time the series ended, I felt that a lot of potentials were wasted and the plot was taking somewhat a long detour or perhaps getting lost. Funny thing is that I didn’t expect Masamune to exact his revenge by the time the series ends because that would mean rushing things and sacrificing everything else. However at the same time everything doesn’t seem to move and gets distracted by other characters and their shenanigans. For example in the latter half of the series whereby Masamune has to deal with Neko and then the sudden appearance of rival Kanetsugu. Some of the characters like Aki and Kanetsugu have interesting pasts which need to be further explored but for this season they’re just scratching the surface and nothing more.

Thus the characters themselves are a hit and miss. Owing to the nature of this series, there would be a few characters tossed into the pool to spice things up instead of flogging a dead horse of showing from start to finish Masamune trying to use his not-so-charming charms to get right into Aki’s heart but at the same time Aki plays the stubborn mule because of her past and pride. Each of them has some sort of issue in the past that brings them to this ‘complicated’ relationship mix but nothing quite very deep as they are mostly snippets of flashbacks. For example, Neko and her whatever illness. They try to make her a mysterious girl seemingly hiding behind an eternal smile and her excessive medication dosage to hint something. And then when they unravel her background, it was just this simple and even simpler when she just went for the surgery and came back alive. Like as though it was nothing harrowing. Okay, so we didn’t get to see this part but you get what I mean. As if they needed to get her story out of the way quickly since they need to move on and the series is coming to an end. At least for this season.

Masamune as a smoking hot handsome hunk seems like he can do no wrong as the main protagonist simply because he is a smoking hot handsome hunk. Yeah, those abs just sealed it. It might not be a laughing matter but to realize his only goal in life is to steal Aki’s heart and then dump her at the right moment feels unnerving. In the sense that after he successfully dumps her, what next in life? Because at this point in moment his life’s goal is just that and nothing else. Aside from the usual workout to lose any fats. So would his life become empty once he accomplished his mission? Unless Aki really is a tough nut to crack and this would go on well into their twilight years. Man, I don’t want to stick around that long for a revenge story.

Aki is portrayed as b*tch to make viewers spite her as much as possible without having her to become one of the most vilest and hated characters in anime history. Heh. There are much worst b*tches than her I’ve seen. Clearly Aki has her own past issues to deal with, the reason she acts so and playing hard to get. However like any normal girl her age, with such a cool handsome guy trying to hit on her, resisting would be very hard to do unless you’re a lesbian, which clearly Aki isn’t. At least from what we can see. We also don’t see much of her past and how she ended so that would have given us better understanding of her character. It is mostly just short snippets of her younger days and nothing more. Sometimes she plays hard to get and at times she is just confused about her feelings. I am putting my money that Masamune’s revenge plan would fail because my guts are telling me that the duo would eventually fall in love. I mean, this is how it is supposed to turn out in reel life, right?!

Yoshino feels like she has a hidden agenda in helping Masamune. Because of her poker face and her ability to act as a retard perfectly, it is sometimes hard to tell what she intends if she really wants the best for Aki to re-examine herself. Maybe there is a thicker revenge plot lurking behind that we just don’t know and she might be using Masamune as a puppet to further her own ulterior motive. Don’t say. You will never know. Futaba and Kojuurou feel like adding up for the numbers although at this point they don’t really influence and impact the overall direction of the plot. Kanetsugu also feels like a shady guy seeing that it looks like he is after Aki for her wealth based on his background. If he ends up pairing with Aki, it would be like beauty and the beast. Heh. It shows that even short fat guys can be winners. But don’t be too quick to judge either. I’m also betting that he would slowly develop to love Aki for real and hence the real competition between the Masamunes.

I thought this series would end up being somewhat a harem because the main female quartet I suspect have a thing for him. The obvious ones are Neko and Futaba who sadly is just unrequited love. She might be watching from the sides but who knows when she’ll become assertive if the rest slips up. Then you have Aki being like a potential tsundere and maybe Yoshino is helping out Masamune is actually because she likes him! Gasp! Didn’t see that coming? And Kojuurou is one of those characters whom you can’t discern if he is a boy or girl. Despite being told he is a boy, over the years we have learnt to develop some kind of scepticism that maybe he could be just trolling us. I mean, even during pool and beach scenes, this guy is never shirtless, giving us the possibility that he might still be a flat chested girl. Because if he acts like a girl (almost) and sounds like a girl, then it must be… Surprisingly I didn’t really expect for Kojuurou to develop feelings for Neko although this is only hinted. Like as though we need to give Neko some sort of consolation and that Kojuurou isn’t some supporting sidekick and has the right to like somebody too. And of course to prove that he isn’t just yaoi fodder with Masamune for fujoshi girls. Funny, because Futaba seems to be one as she doesn’t pass up the chance to fantasize about them and yet still harbours a one-sided crush on Masamune. Maybe that is her consolation for not being able to be Masamune’s girl. And there’s the yuri side of Aki’s lackeys but they’re unimportant…

Chinatsu and Kinue aren’t really pivotal to the overall plot (as of yet) but the only fact that they appear here is so that we could be stunned and dumbfounded at the loli mother Kinue is. I know this is anime where middle aged mothers can look like a kindergarten child. She isn’t the first, though (see Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Takamiya Nasuno Desu and Mikakunin De Shinkoukei for loli mom reference). You thought she has shrunk over the ages but take a closer look in flashbacks and past photos. She looks exactly the same! Maybe she has that kind of condition that makes her unable to grow past her kiddie size. Yeah, anime misappropriate that look. Anyway it is just freaking weird to have a mother that looks and acts like a child. Literally you could say she never grew up. It makes you wonder if her husband has been mistakenly arrested for dating a loli. Worse, can you imagine that small body size giving birth to healthy ordinary children?!

The artwork and animation style is pretty standard conforming to our bishoujo and bishonen expectations. Animated by Silver Link, a veteran anime studio who has brought a handful of animes with similar bishoujo and bishonen content like Strike The Blood, Kokoro Connect, Ange Vierge and Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry. Although the series doesn’t spam fanservice all the time, there are a few sparingly across the series. Some more obvious like Yoshino’s retard tripping that reveals her full blown glorious pantsu shot. Others are a bit subtle but still obvious enough like Neko’s cleavage and a scene whereby the girls are changing. Is it me or does Yoshino look a bit like Midori from Hibike! Euphonium? Just take away the emotions and you have Aki’s personal maid-cum-attendant.

In the voice acting department, nothing much to shout about with me recognizing Saori Hayami as Kojuurou, Yui Ogura as Kinue and Ami Koshimizu as Yuisaki. I thought Mari sounded very familiar and it took me a while to realize that it was Satomi Satou behind it. It is hard to recognize her if she doesn’t put up her trademark dreamy voice and instead go into full serious mode. I don’t know why but I thought it was Eri Kitamura behind Aki’s voice despite at many points I am sure it wasn’t her. Turns out it was Ayaka Ohashi (Yayaka in Flip Flappers). Natsuki Hanae as Masamune on the other hand sounds so much like his other character, Qwenthur from Heavy Object.

The other casts are Inori Minase as Yoshino (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Suzuko Mimori as Neko (Umi in Love Live), Mitsuki Saiga as Kanetsugu (Phantom in MAR), Azusa Tadokoro as Futaba (Kotori in Gokukoku No Brynhildr), You Taichi as Shidou (Anzu in Prison School), Kanae Itou as Kikune (Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Mariya Ise as Sonoka (Levi in Fairy Tail) and Asuka Oogame as Chinatsu (Daidalos in Sora No Otoshimono). The opening theme, Wagamama Mirror Heart by Ayaka Ohashi is rather okay as a lively anime pop while the ending theme, Elemental World by ChouCho is also another anime pop piece albeit at a more moderate pace.

Overall, we know this isn’t really a revenge story but a blossoming love comedy romance. It might look like the end goal of Masamune’s Dead Or Love Plan is to dump Aki but if you examine closer, all both sides want are just to be loved and somebody to love. The fear of rejection twisted and made things complicated. And the irony of not judging a book by its cover but we see Masamune toning up to shape and Aki being the natural beauty she is makes it even more relatable because naturally we are attracted to what is beautiful even if beauty standards are a social construct. So what do you say in giving this series a chance? It might have characters and plots that leave more to be desired but maybe this isn’t a cold and bitter dish called revenge in the first place. Bitter melon salad anyone? Ugh… At least it doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste I’m fine with that.

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