Domo, domo. Larufa kuina vashiina. Larufa what? Hmm… I think it must be some sort of greeting of some language. The kind of language that you learn and will know if you play the MMORPG game called Master Of Epic. Maybe the title is a play on words too because when you abbreviate it, it sounds like MoE. And when you have cute characters in Japanese anime, you got to have this moe to appeal to the audiences, right? So back in 2007, this MMORPG game has been adapted into an anime series entitled Master Of Epic: The Animation Age. Sounds pretty anime-like?

Unfortunately I did not play this game nor did I even know of its existence till the anime came out (even so I did not play it). What’s so bad about that? That’s because the anime series isn’t like your typical continuous shows with plots that viewers have to diligently sit and watch through each scene and episode to follow the storyline. Instead, this series are actually made up of short comical skits and vignettes of the game. Plus, it relies heavily on the viewers’ knowledge on the game. If you’re a person like me who know nuts about the game, you’d be at a lost and start wondering what the hell this joke meant. Yup, inside jokes that only fans can understand. Of course you’d still be laughing since many of them are of the ‘physical’ type but to appreciate it further, you need to know the mechanism and the workings of the game very well.

As each episode starts, there will be a short and ominous-like narration of the several ages that the land has gone through. From the Chaos Age to Demon King Age to Resistance Age and then War Age. It gives that dreadful feeling that if fighting is the only thing that never changed. You’d also start to wonder if this is a comedy series as mentioned.  Then the current age now as announced: The Animation Age. The opening music starts to get all kiddie-like and happy-happy. It makes you go WTF?! Yeah, I guess after all the fighting between races and clans, maybe it’s time for an age to record it all down via animation. Perhaps this is where the moe comes in. Who wants to see bloody corpses when you can enjoy gawking at cute loli elves.

I can’t really give a good comparison between the game and anime since I haven’t played it so there are some stuffs which I am not sure. For instance there are many one-shot characters in many skits. So I’m thinking if these characters really do exist in the game itself or if they are just made up solely for the anime. But you won’t see each segment to be random as there will be some recurring and familiar skits as you go along. For example, after the opening credits, each episode begins with a pair of hosts in an Opening Explanation Theatre. They will briefly explain a specific theme that will be used for this episode while putting on a manzai comedy duo act. It’s like watching a stage show. Aren’t we? Other recurring skits include the Master Of Epic TV news hosted by a Cognite announcer and an onsite reporter named Monio (it always ends with the newscaster being given by the crew to read some other news), Bukotsu and Chuu pair, a Pandemos guy sitting by the ocean (usually falling into it somehow in the end), Playback which involves some Newtar guy doing some attacks but always dies in the end no matter how many times he gets resurrected, the bandit lolis called Waragecha 5, the MoE Enterprise Troop and the daily activities of the MoE-like people.

Episode 1
• The pair of hosts introduce the general stuff about RPG and this series which has been adapted into a game.
• Somebody left a mammoth in front of the bank door and the owner is nowhere in sight. The reporting reporter, Monio gets an idea by stabbing it with his toy sword and sends the mammoth flying in the air. But shortly the mammoth falls back down squashing him.
• Collon is saved from a spider monster by a knight named Rono. They team up and go on an adventure together. However Collon thinks she is weak because he is always protecting her and runs away. Rono finds her in some ring match and her reason is to become strong. She takes a beating though she doesn’t want him to interfere. However if he couldn’t help physically, he does so giving advice, allowing Collon to evade the giant. With his fist stuck inside the ring, Collon uses him as a punching bag and wins. They amend their friendship and continue to go on adventures together.
• Chuu and Bukotsu are eating but the former is hungry. No time to go to any restaurant, she eats their summoning pet bat!
• A pair of chefs are trekking through the forest to find some seaweed for their dish when they are ambushed by bandits wearing a red mask. But do not fear! Suddenly a group of 5 lolis who call themselves Waragecha 5 make their appearance. Think of them as a cross between magical girl, Sailormoon and Power Rangers. They even have their own theme song! As protectors of justice and messengers of love and peace, they easily beat up the bandits. As the chefs are to thank them, to their surprise, they see the Waragecha 5 sifting through the unconscious bandits for any valuable belongings!!! Because they can’t find anything valuable, they run off with their red masks. Notice that one of the lines in their theme song goes, “Where in the world is the true justice?”. Oh, don’t be fooled by their cute looks…

Episode 2
• The pair of hosts introduces the thing called ‘death’ to characters in RPG.
• Bukotsu is happy that Chuu offers to shampoo his hair but when there’s somebody who offers to do it for free, he jumps into the sea thinking this is good enough but gets eaten by sharks and sting ray. Later Chuu summons zombie to fight… Zombies. Then Bukotsu thinks about how cute it is to have a pet so Chuu summons several zombie beasts.
Ranka writes to her sister how she is a pacifist and does not like to fight. While farming for bandage materials, she spots a warrior getting beaten up by a pair of sandworms. She tries to ignore him at first but reluctantly heals him a little. However he gets knocked out soon. The sandworms turn their attention to her and attack. This doesn’t dampen her spirits to be a pacifist. Next day she is picking strawberries but is confronted by several female warriors. And she gets beaten up. Still maintaining her pacifist ideal but getting an idea to run away if ever such an event occurs, the next day while chopping tree, she runs away from a menacing zombie and hides herself in a hut. She thinks her method has worked but to her horror, there are wild dogs ready to pounce on her. She’s so dead this time.
• A lady is seen fishing. But soon, everyone from animals to humans to clones dive right in so she gets annoyed and gives up. Chuu does night fishing but to her horror, she is surrounded by vicious mermen. Then for morning fishing, a huge electric eel pops up right in front of her.
• Waragecha 5 arrives at the bottom of the floating kingdom of Baha. As explained by Blue, there are treasures in it but they have to traverse its traps within a certain time limit as a team. Failure would mean death! Green and Yellow make excuses to chicken out. As for the rest, they see several fallen warriors coming out from the sky and heard the incredible damage they have taken. Using this ‘painful’ experience, they decide to do other things.
• Somebody again left a mammoth in front of the bank door. Onsite reporter Monio found the owner but he seems to be asleep. No matter how much yelling, he is still fast asleep.
• MoE Enterprise Troop led by Captain Shiozou and Private Phillip infiltrate the mysterious Irvana Valley on Diaros Island to look for dwarves but are surrounded by orcs. I’m not sure Shiozou’s weapon of bow and arrow full of wisdom and valour, but it was a flop and they take a sound beating. They collapse an entire day only to be awakened by the sound of a damsel’s scream. Seems the orcs are harassing her. The duo try to chicken out but are surprised when the orcs run away in fear. Think it’s them? Maybe it’s that giant dwarf (pun not intended) behind them. Oh yeah. They got beaten up again.

Episode 3
• Today’s theatre is about the main races: Newtar (humans), Cognite (elves) Elmony (chibi elves) & Pandemos (devil-like beasts).
• Bukotsu allows Chuu to go on a quest thinking she’ll receive a pair of cute Shippu wings. Turns out to be bat wings and she uses it as a face mask. Not cute!
Angelica laments to her friend Karen that wants to fall in love. She starts drooling when she sees couples nearby in lovey-dovey mode. She decides to go hunting. For men? No, for mice! To take out her frustrations of course. Poor mice. After beating up a few of them, she spots a Cognite guy rescuing a damsel in distress. They fall in love and hit it off. Angelica gets an idea to get attacked by large beasts so this could also happen. Well, she got attacked by a zombie but it seems she’s beating it up in her fear. She is rescued by a Pandemos guy who also advises her to be careful. Angelica totally falls for him. Hey, at least she’s not picky about looks. She decides to hunt more monsters so that she could be powerful as him and fight along his side. One day Pandemos guy is in a pinch but is saved by Angelica. She manages to ask him to go out with her but got instantly rejected simply because he doesn’t like women stronger than him or being protected by them as it’s not his style. Karen felt sorry for her but it seems Angelica is over it quickly as she starts chasing a cute Elmony kid walking by. Now do we understand why she can’t get a guy?
• A Newtar guy waits for a Cognite girl. He thinks the present she gives him is for his birthday. Turns out to be an orc’s nose. Upon her request, he puts it on and she finds it extremely cute and makes him promise never to take it off. So wherever he goes, Newtar guy gets chased by other races as they deem it as an offense or provocation. Don’t think he’s going to break the promise soon.
• Waragecha 5 are extremely bored because they’ve annihilated every bandit there is! WTF?! Then they get a call from a group of robbers who plan to rob Nishigin using some mammoth and then enlarging it via Dominon spell to fill the bank and cause the customers to faint. They’re confident Waragecha 5 will never make it. However the quintet use a secret (but cheap) technique call Character Change to change outfit and thus able to teleport. Inside Nishigin, they use a Baby Gigas, enlarging it and breaking the entire building. Yeah, Waragecha beat the robbers to a daylight robbery!
• The news report the chaotic aftermath of the robbery. Monio is on site and it seems the culprits have been captured: The robbers! Though they plead they are innocent, the witnesses do not believe them because they heard them saying about using Dominion to rob the bank (remember that call to Waragecha 5? Yeah, backfired…). To add salt to injury, Waragecha 5 got the guts to appear in front of them and beat them up for trying to be in denial! WTF?!

Episode 4
• Today’s topic is about friendship.
• A Pandemos guy in drag disguises as an evangelist named Rosario, going around spreading ‘her’ advices of love around the world with his assistant James. Their first ‘victim’ is a Pandemos lady as Rosario smacks her with a thornless love and departs ‘her’ knowledge on love aspects. Like she cares. They notice her out of fashion skirt so James instantly makes her a new one. Rosario forces her to put it on and why does it seem like cosplay? As the duo leave, the lady ponders who this weird old guy is. Rosario gives her that look so she corrects herself by referring to Rosario as madam. With that over, the lady suddenly finds herself surrounded by lots of guys truly madly deeply in love with her. So is it the costume? Next ‘victim’ is an Elmony loli James ‘fishes’ out from the sea. Rosario proceeds to put a number on her swimsuit as part of his twisted ideal of perfect love to attract lolicons! Well, she got chased by giant sea monsters. I don’t know if they’re in love with her or want to eat her. Next they force a Newtar girl (who is a chef) to put on a maid outfit which results in all her Elmony subordinates to fall for her. Want her to be like a maid cafe, eh? Finally they see a group of men dancing by the sea in loincloth. Rosario gets excited and joins in. James is shocked and wonders why Rosario was so strict with women but easy on men. Probably he’s gay…
• Monio is onsite to report a shipwreck and a heap of corpse next to it. He got scared after stepping on a snake but to his relief it’s just its carcass. Then he realizes he’s being surrounded by several of those poisonous snakes. He is so scared that he sounded like a chicken! He tries to escape but gets hit away by a giant scorpion. He lands at where all those corpses are. Now we know how they came to be, eh?
• Waragecha 5 are bored again but they get a call from Black. Since her words aren’t clear, they deduce that she’s being held at Tartarossa Palace. They rush over, battling through Ichcyon mermen and Tartarossa pelicans. They see Black lying unconscious on the ground and are saddened that they didn’t make it in time. Then Black wakes up. She was just sleepy. She called them to show them a flower that they can use to dye their uniforms. The problem was it took too long to bloom so she fell asleep while waiting. With that, the rest decide to leave her here and return back to base and go through all those obstacles again.

Episode 5
• Today’s topic is skill.
• Angelica is all over that Elmony boy, El-kun she fell for and decides to level up her skills via sewing by making him new clothes. However she learns the hard way as she has to break her back and harvest materials. Thankfully Karen lends her a helping hand. After putting her heart and soul into it, she manages to give happy El-kun as her present. Karen is disappointed that the clothes turn out to be a simple yukata. You don’t need high skills for that. However Angelica insists that there is a difference between hers. Upon closer inspection, Karen sees fine prints of the words “Angelica Love”! Angelica gets psyched up to make more clothes. For instance, clothes that are suitable for Halloween and Christmas. Angelica returns with a heap of clothes presents. So how much clothes has she sewn? Let’s say if they both change clothes every day for 365 days, the new clothes can last them for 30 years! WTF?! Just then, they notice El-kun missing and he has left behind a letter to Angelica. It says that her love is so big that he doesn’t think he could answer it and wants her to forget about him as there will be another person suitable person for her. In short, he dumped her. Karen feels sorry for her but Angelica doesn’t seem to mind though it’s obvious she’s forcing herself to be happy. She gives the returned yukata and letter to Karen’s pet, Uu-chan to devour and also the rest of the clothes she made. What a waste. Later Karen decides to go cheer up depressed Angelica but she finds out she’s sad because she accidentally gave Uu-chan ate her money and wants it back!
• Bukotsu is looking for a new backpack and is happy that Chuu has made a new one for him. However it turns out to be a kiddie elephant and bear backpack.
• As their name suggests, we see the success and failure attempts of Lucky and Unlucky.
• MoE Enterprise Troop is infiltrating the ocean depths in their submarine. Turns out that Shiozou and Phillip have toy submarines attached to their heads and are just submerged in some pool water. Phillip gets a leg cramp and drags Shiozou along with him. Their floatation device saves them from drowning but they can’t move since it requires a ridiculously long password so they drown. Infiltrating the underground cemetery of Mutum, they see a scary tomb and give and excuse that it isn’t suspicious and move on. Then they are attacked by bats and when they counter attack using special skills, it seems so comical that they blunder without the enemies doing anything. Like Shiozou’s flames that can’t even boil an egg or Phillips armour that is so heavy that he can’t move. So much so it breaks the ground and they fall deeper underground.

Episode 6
• Today’s topic is heavy. Elmony host thinks Cognite partner is mocking his short stature since she insists that she is light.
• An Elmony kid panics when he realizes he can’t move his legs and walk away. A pair of guys watching explains those who can’t move will throw out any heavy stuff they possess till they realize that money too has weight and will throw that one out too. They make a bet if he would realize if he would use a raising spell before he starts throwing out money. Since they both bet that he won’t realize it, they give up and leave. And that kid still can’t move.
• Tatsuya seems to be doing well in his gun trading business. There is a pretty Pandemos trader, Minami whom he likes and hopes she would notice his feelings (thus the reason why he opened his store next to hers). Then when he thinks she’s making a move on him, turns out that she just wanted to buy his gun. Oh, the heartbreak.
Black creates new suits for her Waragecha 5 pals. A loincloth? Haha, she’s just kidding. The actual set of clothes turns their sailor uniforms into Power Rangers-like outfits. Then they go everywhere (including in the middle of dangerous scenes and processions) just to take poses! They want people to notice them! They think Black put in so much effort so they need to appeal more. I think they just want to show off, that’s all. A mysterious field opens in front of them and out comes a giant robot. He knows about them so they think they’ve finally gotten popular. However he dismisses it so Yellow tells him off all the pain and troubles Black went through to make, sell and give away these clothes (not sure if they’re all true but they sound pretty exaggerated). The robot tells them off to stop making it emotional and mocks something about account holders of game users, which causes Waragecha 5 to zap him several times. Finally he tells of his true identity: He is the producer of this programme, P#1! Waragecha 5 aren’t amused and think he’s using the programme for personal gain. They continue to zap him and he condemns their dirty trick. Waragecha 5 proceed to lecture him about justice so he tells them off that they are no different than bandits. Thing is, they didn’t deny but admit it! Plus, to them justice always wins! So whoever wins means justice, eh? What screwed up thinking. Waragecha 5 combine their attacks to beat the crap out of P#1 till his head gets warped into another portal. Another justice victory! However they feel that won’t be the last of him. P#1 returns to his floating fortress and the defeated pilot comes of its head. He’s going to get his revenge via another stronger machine, P#2.

Episode 7
• Today’s topic is about party. No, not birthday parties. But the one whereby you form comrades.
• Bukotsu and Chuu are overlooking from above a very tall tower. She asks if he would die for her so he gladly says yes. She pushes him off the cliff!!! Then she uses a spell to transport his corpse next to her to avoid him from climbing back up.
• A Pandemos lady warrior defeats a Death Knight and sees a Cognite woman and Newtar girl do the same. They decide to form a party when a hyper genki Elmony also joins in (she dances each time she is happy). They agree to find a mummy for Elmony so she could get some curse and end the quest. However she proves to be tad annoying like bringing hordes of Death Knights back to them and letting them get beaten up while Elmony runs away because she has no fighting skills. Then she gets ‘killed’ when she walks ahead after spotting the mummy. Then when the rest plan to fight the Death Knights as distraction so that Elmony can go get the mummy, she gets killed instead. Then regrouping again, they plan to fight and bring the mummy to her. After doing so, the mummy curses her and now she has to run up to the guard at the third floor. However halfway through the curse wears off and now they have to do it all over again. Easy for Elmony to say. Yeah, it feels like the rest are being ordered around.
• A pair of radio hosts of All Night Diaros’ Midnight talks about Ichcyon. One of them believes there are just part timers wearing suits of it and doing it in shifts due to some Washington Treaty that they are endangered species. Of course the other guys don’t believe and the whole radio show is about them arguing on this.
• A pair of giant Gigas are wrecking havoc on a group of people. P#2 uses his Super Tage Tori Beam on the Gigas so that they will follow him in his plot to gain revenge on Waragecha 5. Speaking of the quintet, they get a call of P#2’s rampage (firing Sour Missile and Rocket Pants?! WTF?!) and head to the scene. He thinks they have finally fallen into his trap when they blast him. Of course he isn’t happy of their dirty tricks but they continue to mock and insult him for abusing his show powers and common sense of how the world works! P#2 calls on the Gigas to beat up Waragecha 5 but they pound on him instead. As explained, his Super Tage Tori Beam makes the target go against the person who put it on them. Yeah, P#2 thinks he screwed up on the naming! P#2 is prepares to charge at them but Yellow picks up a stone and throws at him. The entire machine falls apart! Well, it was on the verge of breaking anyway. Justice wins! P#2’s head flies back to his fortress but still hasn’t given up on his revenge yet as he has a stronger P#3 machine.

Episode 8
• Today’s topic is Shippu (something like one’s rank in an occupation).
• Monio is reporting at an Orc school. They are doing some smelling exercise which creeps him out. The Cognite newscaster warns him of a certain female orc named Akiko but Monio isn’t worried. Akiko is next to him and before he knows it, he is cut off from camera.
• Rosario and James continue annoying, oops I mean, spreading the love to the girls like exchanging a female Cognite’s spectacles to a geeky one, handing over a wand and a racoon to an Elmony girl while making over her front ahoge with various outrageous fashion to increase her magical girl appeal (she got bitten by the racoon by the way) and putting a pair of elephant ears on a Newtar and Pandemos lady when they ignore them. However they like it and almost got into trouble when they addressed him as ‘uncle’. I guess Rosario went too far as he even tried to spread his love to the sandworms and got chased instead.
• Green manages to create Waragecha Robo in a week and shows it to the rest. However she collapses not due to exhaustion but hunger. Seems she spend all her money to buy robot parts. After the rest treat her to a glorious meal, she introduces and explains the functions of each Waragecha Vehicles, 5 separate vehicles that parodies those in Thunderbirds that can be combined into Waragecha Robo for convenience. Everyone wants to ride #2 (which is a container craft) so they draw lots to determine who will get to ride which vehicle. Pink is ecstatic to get #2. Then they get a call about P#3’s rampaging (Super Catch Tooth Pulling Beam?! WTF is that?!) and head into action in their new vehicles.

Episode 9
• The hosts seem unhappy and lethargic in today’s topic about beauty. Seems their hairstylist cut them bald!
• The mixed party of female races are up against the evil Beautician. They fear her Coerced Beautification. What is that? She can forcefully change one’s hairstyle. Unfortunately for the girls, they couldn’t escape her strong grip and each got a different unwanted hairstyle like Yamanba (something like ganguro), Mohawk, bob cut and Okami (usually seen on geisha and hostess). When the girls wake up, they laugh at each other’s funny haircut before lamenting their own embarrassment. However they aren’t going to let this slide and are seeking revenge. To counter the problem of getting their hair restyled again, they shaved it bald! Then they confront the Beautician with confidence but it seems she has the ability to grow hair too! In the end, all of them got an afro hairstyle. Bummer.
• Tatsuya is doing well in the blacksmith business selling swords. Then his true love Minami approaches him to buy a new gun since the other one broke due to over-usage in some training. Tatsuya starts fantasizing of giving it free to her in return for her love. When he does so, grateful Minami pats his back so hard that he flew away and got stuck on top of a goddess statue.
• The Midnight radio hosts talk with gossip details about some necromancers dating and the possibly of a love triangle and cheating the other. Of course one doesn’t believe while the other insists it’s true.
• Waragecha 5’s Blue arrives on scene first since her jet is faster. She recklessly bombs around and getting civilians involved. They snap a shot as proof of Waragecha 5’s rampage but it seems due to Green’s technology, any shot they take will come up as a pose from Green. P#3 forces the giant Water Undine to attack Blue but she bombs it away. Then when her pals arrive, they unite into Waragecha Robo. However due to some flaws, Yellow is upside-down and Pink is in a cramp space. Green tells them off not to complain since she is the calmest one to make decisions in battle. P#3 throws a tantrum that he was ignored the last time while insisting he is this show’s producer. But a giant shadowy figure appears before them.
• Bukotsu is fighting several Tartarossa pelicans. He is losing energy when Chuu throws him something to eat to replenish his strength. Turns out to be a puffer fish. And the poison isn’t removed! Oh, he’s so dead meat!

Episode 10
• Today’s topic is nothing. That’s right. Nothing. No wonder this part is so fast.
• A silent movie style from Collon’s point of view of her times spent with Rono and then they got separated during the war but is confident they will meet again. That irony turns out to be a tragic one as Collon continued fighting on her own and one stormy night she accidentally kills Rono thinking he was the enemy (she recognized a heart memento she gave him before they part). Oh dear. It’s just so sad, too sad. This has got to be the saddest and the only gloomiest skit ever!
• The news has Monio reporting some Pandemos lady being able to fish treasure boxes out of the sea. However nothing happens. Even the next time round when it’s midnight, it looks like as though she may have caught something but her fishing rod broke. Then the next day, after catching more than 250 sharks, could it finally be the treasure? Turns out to be another shark! Suddenly Chuu and Bukotsu and the former easily fishes out a treasure box! The Pandemos lady got so upset…
• Chuu and Bukotsu plan to eat onigiri on the mountain top when they face a menacing bear. Bukotsu beats it up and they see an onigiri dropping out from it. Peeking round the corner, they spot a mother bear feeding its cubs with onigiri! They decide to go elsewhere to have their meal.
-Shiozou and Philip are trying to use some secret scroll technique against a wolf. Reading from it, it seems like a technique to tame dogs by petting their tummy. Shiozou dangles a meat and this attracts a pack of other wolves. In the end, they bite his hand.
• Continuing from the previous episode, the so called final boss blasts P#3 with her Major Idiot scream blast. Then he hits him away and fires him! Waragecha 5 continues to be defensive with this turn of events and plan to wait for the enemy to make the first move. Suddenly the final boss starts fawning over them and apologizing over her subordinate’s troublemaking ways. Plus, P#3 did everything on his own accord and never listened to her. She wants them to continue the way they are since they are very popular. Once they both turn their backs and walk away, the final boss suddenly turns around and fires a “Don’t Give Me That Crap” beam. However Waragecha 5 saw this coming and separate to their individual vehicles to avoid getting him. Well, it takes one villain to know how the other is thinking. Seems it is a ploy by P#3 and the final boss to get their guard down and attack them. The boss understands why they are on par evil as them but Waragecha 5 remains that they are protectors of justice and that they are the villains! Waragecha 5 combine into a second and cooler version of Waragecha Robo.
• Bukotsu is preparing to enter a fighting ring against Collon. Chuu gives him an item for good luck and ties it to his head. When he enters the ring, his opponents start laughing uncontrollably after seeing the ribbon on his head.

Episode 11
• No opening explanation theatre? Yeah, they just jump straight into the skits. Nothing else to say since the last episode, eh? Have they covered everything we need to know?
Fukui is the commentator for the Fire Of The Kitchen cooking tournament. The competitors are knife wielding Musashi, fire user Mai Mai and flirtatious cooking Juliano. They are to prepare a dish based on the theme of mother’s taste but they start sabotaging each other’s preparations so much so it descended into some farce. And the co-commentator, supposedly some master chef, Hattori is only interested in reading his magazines or make bad puns of the situation. In the end, all the competitors turn each other into animals. Can’t proceed anymore, eh?
• Monio is doing an interview with some runner guy who is running a marathon for 720 hours straight. He’s running for only 3 hours and is already sounding so out of breath! So why the heck is he running this much? Well, just for the fun of it and no particular reason since 24 hour marathon is so common. WTF?!
• Tatsuya is digging iron to make guns. As usual he starts fantasizing of Minami. He realized he is surrounded by enemies but luckily for him, Minami is there to scare them away with her gun. She praises the good gun he made for her. Of course he starts fantasizing and expecting that she is going to ask him out on a date but to his dismay, she asks him to make her a Gatling gun next time. Then she hits his back so hard that he tunnels underground till the next city. He sees a gachapon machine with the ultimate Gatling gun as a prize. A lady tries her luck and wins it on her first go. Tatsuya decides to try his but all he got was pocket tissues! He’s got a mountain of them! Hey, how can all those tissues fit into that tiny vending machine?
• Ranka writes to her sister that she is into fabric dyeing and plans to make her a pretty coloured t-shirt. She goes diving in the ocean to find some michihcin flower. She sees a sea bear and thinks it is drowning and goes rescue it but was chased instead. On the next try, she manages to find the flower but is surrounded by sharks and manta rays. Though she manages to escape ashore, she is knocked out by some butcher guy.
• The boss fires her “Screw This Crap” beam at Waragecha Robo. However they use some unfair technique called Cannon Energy Conversion Apparatus that absorbs the beam and increase their… Music abilities? Anyway they finish off the adversaries by playing their theme song! Argh! Can’t stand it. They exploded. After hearing it in every episode, it’s understandable. Though they feel unsatisfied with this kind of victory (because listening to their song will cause you to explode), all that matters is that they won because being strong is justice!

Episode 12
• Bukotsu thinks it would be nice if Chuu knows how to dance. Taking this an insult, Chuu quickly summons a Ghost Dance. It wasn’t up to Bukotsu’s cute expectations.
• The mixed female party plan to eat eel to heal their tired bodies. However they get scared upon seeing how big it is. The eel starts chasing them on land and they got electrocuted. But by a stroke of luck, the cliff falls and kills the eel. However their victory is hollow since none of them knows how to cook.
Angelica thinks cooking is the in-thing to get boyfriends as her delusions cause her to lead to some sleazy imagination. Yes, she’s in love again. This time she gave her bread to a hungry guy, Myuuta. He was so grateful and gobbled up her delicious bread, so Angelica got this resolve to cook for him and fill him up. And yes, Karen is forced to help her out. You can tell her cooking level when she can’t even fry a decent egg and there’s a hole in the frying pan! You can’t blame Karen for being lethargic. She gives her a taiyaki headgear to improve her cooking skill. Angelica goes on to cook a huge feast for happy Myuuta as he chows down every ridiculous dish she makes. This goes on and on till one day Karen spots a very fat Myuuta running away. Seems he realized his body physique and has to stop eating Karen’s food since there is only so much he can take (having large appetite doesn’t mean he can eat in big quantity). Yeah, he needs to go run a marathon now. What does this mean? This means Angelica is dumped. Again. Poor Angelica is reduced to tears that the 5000 dishes she put her heart and soul into it are wasted. Isn’t that too much?!
• For the Midnight radio programme, they’re talking about pets and it ends up with them arguing about a mammoth who can cook.
• A trainer is training his student Holy Drunken Boxing. He is tired when suddenly a WTF moment. Several full-body animal mascots start singing and dancing the MoE theme song on stage, bringing the guys on stage to join in the merry event. At the end, they get pumped up to fight and as they confront the giant eel, the trainer instantly got knocked out.
• Waragecha 5 are so bored that they can even have time to break the fourth wall by saying how their lines are recycled due to lazy writing and that this is the last episode. The cheer each other up by talking about the good times. Suddenly their Waragecha Robo crashes as they realize they are being surrounded by a group of army led by the boss of bandits. He is going to end their reign. Suddenly a group of characters in Waragecha suit speaking (yes speaking, not singing) the Waragecha 5’s theme song as they go battle the army. In the big ruckus, Waragecha 5 feels honoured that there are people who understand them. They decide say goodbye and end everything by detonating everyone!
• An Elmony kid manages to defeat a wolf creature but feels gloomy though victorious. Then it’s that WTF moment again. Yeah, the mascot MoE theme song and dance. Why not join them? In the end, he feels pumped up to fight but his summoned bat dies at first hit.
• The hosts for the Opening Explanation Theatre appear in the final skit and thanking viewers for watching this show. The Cognite host sterilizes the Elmony kid with a flame thrower as a final gag. Huh? I don’t get it.

When another age ends, a new age begins…
Well, it was pretty much okay. The jokes were spontaneous and many of the skits can serve as a stand alone. At times I was laughing simply because it was funny enough for a two year old to understand rather than having any background knowledge of the game mechanics. Speaking of which, after every skit, there will be an informative guide on a particular skill, spell, character, location among the many weird items that I believe you will find if you play the game. Some even how to achieve it and its characteristics. It must be one helluva epic game since it even show you weird stuffs like dancing and cooking, whether or not you find it useful is a different story altogether. Some of them are pretty amusing to read but because I don’t really know the game, it’s like trying to read advanced calculus. So you could say that most of them (in fact all) do not have any significant bearing on me since I’m not planning to play any sort of RPG game any time soon.

Of all the recurring skits, the most amusing one has got to be Waragecha 5. Yeah, a band of loli bandits trying to bring their own kind of justice to the world. Like the saying: A thief with a noble cause is still a thief. But look at it this way, if they have beaten up all the villains and baddies, then there won’t be any more ‘evil’ in this world, right? I have to admit that their theme song is annoyingly infectious. They must have played that tune so many times that each time when they play it, I would instinctively sing along the chorus. “Gangangangangan, Warage, Warage, Waragecha 5~”. Oh no. Am I under their spell? As long as I don’t get my butt kick from them, I’ll be fine. Angelica’s skit is another amusing one because she simply overdoes her love. If she kept it in moderation, the guys that she dated probably wouldn’t have run away. Yeah, when she puts her mind to something, she really goes all out in obsession. Nobody wants a crazy woman like that! Chuu and Bukotsu’s skit seems to be the shortest among the regulars and the way things indicate Bukotsu may have a thing for Chuu. Too bad Chuu doesn’t realize it. Monio is always getting into some sort of trouble in his reporting (shows that the world of journalism is a dangerous one even in RPG world) while MoE Enterprise Troop are probably the dumbest pair ever in the series.

During the course of the skit, sometimes you can see the characters’ emoticon in a word balloon but it isn’t going to be those little yellow smiley faces that we are very familiar with. They seem squarish, blocky and a bit like robot. The mid-intermission feels like a stop motion animation as we see Uu-chan and some kid fooling around. Usually Uu-chan is the naughty one chasing the poor blonde kid. Whether it’s taking a nap on the hammock, swinging on the swing or swapping head and body. The opening theme is Miracle Episode 1 and as mentioned it sounded like a kiddie song fit for Disney Channel. But that’s just the beginning and you’ll find that this piece will turn out to be another typical anime pop. See how happy everybody is, walking side by side? Mamorasete by Ui Miyazaki for the ending theme sounds moderate pace but it wasn’t anything memorable. Though the ending credit animation is just a still picture, I wonder why the characters are dressed in elaborated costumes. Not that I see them donning it in any of the skits.

I have this mixed feelings about the voice acting. No, it’s not that they suck. The issue is that the same seiyuu voices the same race regardless if the character is a different role altogether. For instance, every male Pandemos you see is voiced by the late Daisuke Gouri (of Dragonball fame). At first it might be confusing because you’d be wondering if this Pandemos guy is the same as in the previous skit. Then you realize that he isn’t because of his clothing, accessories (if any) and role in the sketch. Just that the voice is just the same. It feels like they’re trying to ‘save’ cost by having the same person voicing several roles but then again, for easier recognition I guess it’s best to have the same voice and it won’t be feasible to have many seiyuus for the many sketches and different characters. So don’t be surprised to hear every female Pandemos by Gara Takashima, every male Elmony by Mayumi Tanaka, each female Newtar by Hiroko Kasahara, all the male Newtar by Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Hiromi Tsuru as female Cognites and Kazuhiko Inoue playing all the male Cognites. But each of the Waragecha will have their own distinctive voice like Nana Inoue as Blue, Tomoko Kaneda as Pink, Yui Shoji as Yellow, Momoko Saito as Green and Ui Miyazaki as Black. Of course if you see any other female Elmony that resemble closely to one of these five in other skits, you bet that seiyuu will also voice that loli Elmony character.

It dawned to me that living in this RPG fantasy world is much tougher than in the real world because you’d have to do lots of stuff (even if they sound silly) just to level yourself up. Then consider all the dangers around you, it’d be a death wish if you don’t have the necessary skills to fight back or at least defend yourself. It’s amazing how the pacifist Ranka survived all this while. Oh wait, I forgot that there are resurrection spells here. Unless you’re trying to juggle with both your real life and virtual online life, that would be even tougher. Looks like the Animation Age is far from over the way things are going. But I wonder what age will come after that seeing that no age really lasts forever. Maybe it’ll be the Otaku Age! Perhaps by then it’ll really be known as the Master of Moe.

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