Maze Megaburst Space

September 8, 2013

It’s time for another gender bender anime. Yeah. The kind when the boy can transform into a girl and vice versa. For long timers, we all know that the most famous boy-girl transformation comes in the name of Ranma. But this time, this gender bender series doesn’t have such transformation when being splashed by water. It is time based. Aha. Cinderella Boy? Hey. I’ve covered that anime a long time ago so don’t think I have gotten senile that I have forgotten the animes that I have blogged. Maze Megaburst Space has the main character switching back and forth their genders too but it isn’t at a fixed time at midnight that they do so but rather when the day becomes dark and vice versa.

That lucky or unlucky character to have such characteristic is Maze. Yeah, the titular character already. Anyway by day time, the more sensible female version makes her appearance but when night falls, the horny guy who wants to sleep with woman and turns into some sort of sexual predator comes forth! Oh yeah. This got to be interesting. How often do you get characters of clashing personalities in the same body together? What are the odds for comical hijinks trouble? For simplicity so as not to get myself confused, I will refer to the Maze in their respective gender as their real name. When Maze is female, I will call her Mei and when in horny male mode, it will be Akira. Otherwise, if ever there is a need to refer to them both, I will use Maze.

The plot of this 1996-1997 retro anime is about Mei/Maze being thrown into another parallel world. Amnesiac in a strange world, she meets and journeys with a group of oddball characters and gets involved in a war that would determine the fate of this world against an evil organization whose powers are rapidly expanding and to return a princess back to her rightful throne of her kingdom. Sounds like your old school action adventure, eh? Well, there’s a little old school mecha too. Not the type you see in Gundam or Macross. Looking more like armoured aliens… This series first started out with a couple of OVAs before its TV version and finally a movie. Are we ready for some mega space adventure? Somehow I’m more interested in seeing what kind of adventures-cum-trouble Akira would get into…

Princess Mill Varna narrates how she was being pursued by the Jaina Holy Group when she was saved by Mei. Soon she joins her and the rest of her gang, Asterote “Aster” Reighe, Rapier Sarris, Solude Schfoltzer and Woll Dolnard in a journey to Babylon. Mill takes a liking for Mei and despite knowing her weird transformation because she thinks it is interesting. The gang are in another skirmish with Jaina Holy Group and are winning. Brothers Gorgeous and Chic know their forces won’t win and decide to withdraw. Gorgeous vows to make them regret for scarring him. Yeah, the narcissist considers himself the most beautiful person in the world. While the gang are resting in the woods, Solude tries to make a perverted move on Mei but is stopped by Mill and Rapier. Do they want a piece of her too? But night falls and Mei becomes Akira. He doesn’t want them all to fight and make love together. Too late because Mill has thrown a giant rock on him. Meanwhile Gorgeous is making some deal with the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Babylon, De Den Den. If Gorgeous tries to lie to him, he will have his 3 most trusted servants slit his throat. The gang continue their journey when they sense somebody spying on them. Turns out to be a fairy named Randy. She wants to get out of Babylon and head to Palania but travelling alone for a weak fairy is dangerous and wants to journey with them. But their next stop is the capital of Babylon, Babylonia. As they enter, they see the big structure in which Randy points out as the Tower of Babylon. The city is gloomy and the citizens poor because of the tower because De Den Den wants built to leave his name in history. Construction has stopped because there are no more funds. Humans and fairies are treated poorly because of the tower. Suddenly Prince Nuts come by and wants to invite them to a palace feast as welcome them to Babylon. More like he has fallen in love with Mei. Mill won’t hand her over to him! The rest feel suspicious because it is like they knew they were coming here. For now, they just accept the invitation and eat. Wait a minute. The meat is made out of wax. I know they’re poor but this? Luckily there are rice and pickles to eat. They are being entertained by De Den Den’s daughter, Princess Mix who puts up a fabulous dance.

Once they are done eating, Mill wants to leave but De Den Den won’t allow them. After he grabs Mei, the rest are sent falling through the floor. Mei realizes this is a trap but can’t use her phantom light power. De Den Den reveals that this tower has the power to seal in phantom light power. Mei goes numb as her food was laced with drugs. Her party members are wandering in the underground tomb when they stumble upon one of De Den Den’s servants, Robulos the monster bird. I think they’re deliberately ignoring him and playing dumb. But it gets dumber because Robulos says the only way to leave this maze-like underground tomb is to… Play a quiz game and answer all 100 questions! WTF?! Guess what. The questions are related to the Maze anime series. And Mill got the first answer wrong. Down she falls. De Den Den has locked Mei up and to prevent her from escaping, he strips her clothes. Mei wakes up and is told by Randy what happened. The reason she knows a lot was because she and her fairy pals used to help out in building the tower. Because Fairies have greater phantom light power than humans, it makes construction easier. They could use phantom light power because the central tower wasn’t completed then. So when the kingdom had no money to even buy materials for construction, the fairies escaped and fled to other countries. That’s why Randy wants to escape with them. But first they have to save their friends. Suddenly somebody opens the door. It is Mix. She didn’t like how her father mistreated his guests (she was told to stop sticking her nose in daddy’s business). Mix explains her father only thinks about the tower’s completion and is doing this because somebody has agreed to fund him. Perhaps Mix took the wrong time to enter it is time Mei turns into Akira. Though he understands what is happening and is willing to forgive her provided she sleeps with him! He’s raping her! Meanwhile Robulos and the rest are still in the midst of their Maze series quiz. I guess they’re both neck to neck, even. Falling even deeper. Gorgeous prepares to get his revenge on Maze.

Suddenly Akira saves Mix from a monster like a true hero. Then he screws her! WTF?! Phew. Just a dream. But wait. Did last night’s rape happen? It’s morning and Mix finds herself sleeping next to Mei. Just then, De Den Den enters the cell. He plans to engrave her name as a contributor to the tower. He sold Mei to finance the tower’s construction. To him, the tower is a symbol and proof of an excellent ruler since it cannot be destroyed by phantom light power. Mei disagrees because a nation is about the people. It’s no use when they die, right? De Den Den vehemently disagrees with her view and changes his mind to engrave her name and locks her up. But Randy shows Mei the keys hidden in the vase. When Akira and Mix were doing that last night, Randy took the keys out of the keyhole and hid them here. But just as they get out, Nuts invite them to relax in the indoor pool. Mei agrees because she can’t leave without her comrades. So Akira really did it, huh? Nuts take a liking for Mei’s boobs because it reminded him of his mother’s. Meanwhile Robulos continues his quiz with Woll. I guess the others couldn’t take the trivia and went ahead through the labyrinth. So they come out into a depressing storage room. They are faced with another one of the 3 servants who protects this tower, Poseidon. What seems to be a very intimidating shadow turns out to be a little rodent. Now that his identity has been busted, Poseidon activates self destruct. Everyone scrambles for cover but where’s the explosion? 48 minutes left and counting… Mix confronts her father and wants him to let the captives go. Because he refuses, she won’t listen to him anymore. Mei learns from Randy that all fairies are female. How do they mate? During a certain period in the year, they become a human female. They will then find a human male and have sex. And Randy thinks Nuts should be perfect… Suddenly Catalinian Monks from Jaina drop in to attack. Arriving in time too are Aster and co from underneath. Let’s rock and roll! Mill and Nuts become loggerheads over Mei. Mei notices Mill in possession of Poseidon. 10 more seconds to self destruct! Throw it away! When it explodes, they see a beautiful light above. It is the phantom light seal.

They see Mix making her way precariously to it to destroy it. De Den Den tries to persuade her not to but she slaps him and tells him off that if he wants to be great and remembered by the people, he must do respectable acts and guide his people. Meanwhile Robulos and Woll have reached the hundredth question. They’re right above the burning lava. Robulos throws a trick question and Woll gets it wrong. Since he doesn’t want to die alone, he pulls Robulos down with him. I guess he chickened out so he flies away while Woll rides on him. I’m not sure why the seal is sitting on very fine wires so when it snaps, of course everything falls, right? In great timing, Robulos busts out from underground and accidentally destroys the seal when he crashes into it. Solude saves Mix from her fall. The tower begins to collapse but Gorgeous won’t have them leave and has them play with his Undeader monster. Once Solude takes the rest outside, Mei and Mill combine and form Dulger and battle Undeader. At first they are losing but when the sun sets, it is Akira’s debut. He is mad. He’s scolding so loud that Mill thought they were directed at her. But I think all that shouting gave him the extra willpower to power up Dulger and transform into something badass to destroy Undeader and kill Gorgeous. The Creator, leader of the Jaina Holy Group learns of Gorgeous’ failure and wants Chic to kill Maze in his place. In the aftermath, Babylonia is in ruins. De Den Den doesn’t care so much about it anymore because he is happy reunited with Mix. Mill and Nuts continue to argue that they will marry Maze. Aster, Solude and Rapier secretly have that aspiration too. But Mix claims she is the one who will rightfully marry Maze because last night they did that. That…

Episode 1
Mei wakes up from a nightmare about several dragons telling her to die. She gets up from the wrong side of the bed and is appalled to see her house in a huge mess. To make things worse, she realizes her house is in the middle of a dense jungle! Did she go back in time to some primitive land? She calms down and tries to think. Another round of panic because she can’t remember who she is, her family or friends! Not even her own birthday! Suddenly coming barging in to hug her is Mill who claims she is her saviour. How? Her house dropped out from the sky and squished her pursuer. Oh… Mill brings her out to show the real deal. Mei goes berserk thinking she has killed somebody. Mill insists it is a demi-human. Mei tries to rationalize this is all a dream. Not working. Her denial was so loud that it attracted several Monkey Vikings. Mill screams, Mei screams. Now run for it! The get cornered by demi-armour, fell down a gap, got washed away by an underground stream and just when Mei thought she spotted real humans to call for help, Mill realizes too late those are her pursuers from Jaina. What a great day they’re having, eh? Though they attack, Mei finds it weird she could deflect it. Whatever the reasons they are after Mill, Mei vows to protect her. When they attack again, Mei this time was agile and moves faster out of harm’s way. She didn’t even know what she was doing. However Mill doesn’t want to get Mei hurt and involved anymore and agrees to go with them. She explains she was a princess till yesterday when Jaina launched a coup d’etat and took over her kingdom. In the process her parents were killed.

But the baddies will still kill her because they don’t remember their contracted stated she should be brought back dead or alive. In her desire to protect Mill, Mei unknowingly unleashes a bolt of light known as phantom light as the rest term her as a Luminator (one who uses such power). The baddies call forth their demi-armour so Mill to does the same. The little transformation scene here looks like a mild tentacle rape version. Only difference is that they’re not naked. The legendary Dulger is her family’s heirloom and Mill wants Mei to go havoc with her powers in this rom-armour. However Mei is too distraught at everything to think straight, despite her might display of strength. While she is trying to understand everything (or rather still in denial), the sun sets and out comes Akira! He has no qualms in using his power to destroy his enemies! Even unleashing the most powerful Maha Faiger power! I think he even enjoys it. Since Akira was so cool, Mill takes a liking for him and I guess he also vows to protect her. You know, guys dig girls who love them. Meanwhile Mei is still confused in where she is and who this Akira guy who is Maze as well. She’s going crazy not knowing anything anymore.

Episode 2
Aster and Solude are talking about the Jaina when the bar owner warns them to be careful what they say because they can be ring in. Then comes barging in a group of Royal Knights who want to teach Aster a lesson about justice. Apparently earlier in the day they were trying to rape a girl when Aster beat them up. Some just they serve. However they were all just talk because they got easily beaten up. The bar owner thinks they can’t leave this town alive but when he learns of their identity, he realizes they are famously known as demi-hunters. The Creator orders Gorgeous to kill Mill and Maze because the latter possesses the same Luminator power. He gladly accepts this mission and will show the world that there is no greater power than his beauty. Mill explains to Akira that other nations won’t interfere because they see Jaina’s coup d’etat as just a family feud. Jaina is a new organization that represents the new national religion appointed after the coup. She wanted to seek help from Aunt Cassandra from the Royal Family of Bistal, the neighbouring country next to Bartonian but was chased by Jaina into this forest. Akira uses his charm and vows to help her with ulterior motives to get inside her pants. I don’t know what this is but it seems Akira and Mei suddenly had this internal bickering among each other how they should save Mill. Eventually Akira is victorious. Perhaps the internal fighting took too long and before he can embark on his passionate and pure love with Mill, day breaks and it’s Mei’s turn. Mill is confused about this gender bender thingy but nevertheless loves both of them and decides to call them onee-nii-sama (big sister-brother).

Gorgeous sees the Portmery Border Troop leader, Thanus and his men. He wants Thanus to hand over his army under his command. His men disagree the way he is treating their hero. Gorgeous agrees the heroic deeds Thanus has done but notes time has changed. Originally this troop was created to counter Palania advances but is now reduced to a mere pawn to capture Mill. Gorgeous will give them till evening to prove themselves. Thanus wants his men to be patient because if they disobey, they will get disbanded. Now all they need to do is put their trust in the guerrilla he sent out to capture Mill. Mill is like a leech to Mei. But she starts crying when she thinks she hates her. Of course she’s back to loving her when Mei says she doesn’t. Her cry attracted Aster and Solude. Solude is bored of travelling with him and thinks of making new friends. Yeah, she’s targeting for Mei! When they crash into them, they both rub Mei’s butt! Never seen this kind of clothes and ass before?! Wow. That was sure a long high pitch scream from Mei. Of course this alerts the guerrilla nearby. As they continue their journey, Mei chides them she’s had enough scares for today despite their assurance they are harmless. Mei doesn’t want them to follow but they find her interesting. Suddenly they are attacked by demi-armours. Aster and Solude go into action in taking them down to let the duo escape. However a mid-demi-armour emerges from the ground to grab Mei and is about to stomp Mill. Aster and Solude learn about Mill’s identity and are in a dilemma whether to help her since mid-demi-armours aren’t their specialty. What the heck! Just attack it! It’s enough to set Mei free as she destroys it with her phantom light power. Solude now thinks they have become the same fugitive level as them, thus the reason they should journey together. Besides, she finds Mei a turn on although not very powerful. Meanwhile Gorgeous is pleased that Portmery army is under his control while Thanus rues his failure.

Episode 3
Gorgeous orders the army to search for Maze and has Thanus join in too. One of Thanus’ men has captured a fairy named Randy in the forest. They plan to use it to track Maze down since it can detect phantom power. However Randy is not pleased she thought she’d help out Maze to spy on them and never knew she would be captured and used against her pals. Mei and co are trekking through the forest and it will be a couple of more days before they reach Bistal. Aster notes if Solude had her Foll Rana power, they would’ve reached faster. But going long distance depleted her power. As they stay for the night, Mei is in an awkward position. Aster and Solude flank her. They have ulterior motives… They’re slowly molesting her skin from her thighs right up almost to her breasts! Luckily Mei moves (almost making those idiots kiss each other) and goes to sleep with Mill. Deep in the night, Solude plays cheat by sleeping next to Mei when Aster is deep asleep. Solude runs her fingers through her unbuttoned shirt and really likes it. Till she realizes her breasts are missing! She got the fright of her life to see Akira instead. Yeah, Akira was awakened from his sweet dream. Now he wants sweet reality! Here comes to pervert! I don’t know how long Solude was beating him up because it is now daylight and reverts back to Mei. They learn about this peculiarity as Mei is disheartened that she has to turn into a guy every night. Aster and Solude do not mind at all if she turns into a man at night. Because they’ll find a way to do her in during the day!!! And Mill asserts onee-nii-sama is hers.

Suddenly they realize that they’re being surrounded by Thanus’ army. Because of their feared reputation, Aster and Solude are in a pinch. Mei wants Mill to combine and summon Dulger. Then she picks the duo up, screams like a girl and runs through the army. That’s her plan? Doesn’t seem very much like it. The army chases them till Dulger is immobilized with emerald demi-armours. Mei is still reluctant to fight back because she hates fighting and doesn’t want anybody getting hurt. During all that, the army continues to pound her with full force. Then Akira and Mei are having some inner thoughts argument. Akira wants her to attack, otherwise switch places. Can they? Oh, it’s already night fall. Too bad Mei. You can’t stop the switch. The man is coming out. Akira goes wild and unleashes Maha Faiger to burn the entire army!!! Woah! He enjoys his victory! Only Randy is safe since she used a protective barrier on herself. And perhaps Thanus too because he was close to Randy but is still badly injured. Randy picks up a dropped emerald and makes her way. Gorgeous who has seen the devastating attack starts getting poetic about beauty and all that crap. He is glad such a worthy foe has appeared before him to be slaughtered. Yeah, that’s one hideous Undeader monster he summoned…

Episode 4
The king is one pissed guy. Learning Thanus’ army has been wiped out but that Thanus dude is still alive, he wants his men to find and execute him for such humiliation. Then he blames what in blazes Jaina is doing because as long as Mill is alive, his position is unofficial. This guy needs some anger management class. Mei wakes up from another dream. The kind that she is arguing with Akira and trying to convince Mei that this is not who she is. Since Aster and Solude are away searching for food, Mei takes this chance to bath in the river. She mustn’t waste precious daylight. Thinking of a way to get to Bistal, she hears a voice telling her the fastest route. She is Randy and is excited to meet Mei. Mei thinks this is another dream. One weirdo after another. And so Randy decides to join Mei in her journey and wants to be with her. She praises her Dulger and phantom light power but Mei scolds her that it is nothing to brag about. She doesn’t want to see people killing each other and just get Mill safely to Bistal. That’s it. Night falls. Akira is tied to a tree! He is one mad guy. Apparently Mei has taken precaution to have Aster and Solude tie Akira up when he appears. Mill feels sorry for him so Akira uses his charms to convince her to release him and have their night of romantic squeezing. WTF. She’s really about to do it but Aster takes her away. Suddenly the forest becomes dark. Gorgeous has unleashed his Undeader upon them. Randy explains Undeader is what happens when a human and demi-armour fuses and becomes one entity. It is so strong that the human’s soul will be eaten up. Plus, this one is remote controlled by a special Luminator: Gorgeous. Akira doesn’t care about all that crap and wants Mill to combine to unleash Dulger.

However Undeader is still stronger and Dulger takes a beating. Akira is full of rage, cursing his luck. Mill is full of apology, blaming herself for getting him into this and doesn’t want him to hate her. With so much anger, Akira uses Maha Faiger to turn the tables on Undeader. But before he could go wild, the day breaks. Oh no. Although Mei has come to the fore, she passes out. Because they share the same body and mind, Mei is not mentally tough as Akira during battles when the effects are carried over. Gorgeous thinks the Heavens are on his side and could even create some poetry about the death Mill is going face. Whatever. Then he turns Undeader into its true form. It consist souls of the dead, those in pain and anguish. Among them are Mill’s killed parents. She becomes distraught and her piercing screams are enough to awaken Mei. She sees this horrible sight and becomes mad. Make that a very mad woman. For the first time she hates somebody so much that it powers up Dulger and burns Undeader. Gorgeous is left reeling the burning effects too. That’s how he got his face scarred. The Creator assigns Chic to a mission. Mill is grateful for Maze saving her and relieving her parents from their suffering.

Episode 5
Thanus’ men betray the king to free him. They know they will be charged for treason but the last straw came when Thanus was made a scapegoat. Learning that Jaina is having ulterior motives in pursuing Mill, Thanus fears their paths will cross again. Mei and co are resting at the lake. Mill is worried about Mei since she has lots on her mind. Mei assures her she will do anything to not make her feel lonely. But is that permission for her to strip her naked?! Aster and Solude join in the fun. Could’ve gotten out of hand if not for a girl from the Lors tribe running into them. She is escaping from the Zork tribe who are hunting her down. Since the Zorks are being aggressive and attack, Mei in her fear accidentally unleashes her phantom light power to zap one of them. The Zorks flee upon knowing she is a Luminator. This saddens Mei for she saw the fear in their faces when she attacked. The Lors girl brings them back to the village chief and he is delighted that they finally have the warriors to stand up against the Zorks. In other words, become their bodyguards, right? Mei laments she is drawn to fight again. She goes out for a walk and hears the cries of baby Dai. She goes to pacify her and Dai takes a liking to her. Her father, Saber sees how Mei resembles his late wife Sasana. Mei cannot understand how their tribes can fight. Is there other ways to settle their dispute? Saber thinks kindness cannot solve everything. Mill misinterprets when she sees Mei with a baby in hand. A young married couple? She won’t lose out and starts crying like a baby. Just great. Two babies crying by her side. Feel like crying too? Meanwhile, Bossman of the Zorks addresses his troops about the developments in Lors and plans to take them down. When some of his men want reward for the information they brought him, Bossman has his crazy swordsman, Tsurugi give them their ‘reward’. He cuts them all down!

Zorks launch a night attack on Lors. Our heroes get into the action with Akira going to wipe them all out for interrupting his adult time. However he and Mei start arguing which causes Akira’s power to diminish. If not for Saber’s help, Akira could’ve been sliced. Tsurugi pilots a mid-demi-armour and burns everything. Akira wants to bring out Dulger but it seems Mill cannot summon it. She fears their heart is not synchronized. It is then Mei feels it is her fault when Mill lashes out they don’t care about the world or her anymore. Akira tells Mei off that her half assed kindness doesn’t solve anything. Compounded with Saber’s words, I guess it was enough for Mei to give back Akira some firepower. Now he can relieve some stress by throwing his phantom light power around. So powerful that he doesn’t even need Dulger to destroy the mid-demi-armour! Bossman orders the retreat and Akira wants the Lors to go after them. However they are being swiftly attacked by Jaina’s assassination squad, Catalinian Monks led by Chic. The left as soon as they came and it seems Solude has been kidnapped by them. Mei feels guilty that her hesitation caused all this. Tsurugi curses his luck when a voice calls out to him, asking if he wants the power to defeat his enemies. Yeah. He’ll sell his soul to the devil just to annihilate every one of them.

Episode 6
Tsurugi gets an electrifying power up. If you know what I mean. Mei feels guilty for all that has happened and decides to go to Zork to settle things. Saber will also accompany her since he has his own business to take care. Mill and Randy are left to care for Dai and their incessant crying is going to kill Aster. Outside Zork’s headquarters, Mei is surprised that Saber knows the area well. A frog nearly gave away their presence because it jumped into Mei’s shirt! With one hand over her mouth, Saber uses his other hand to take it out. And the stupid Zork guards think that’s how the frog sounds. Saber wants Mei to go ahead and save her friend as the Zork guards became alert when they learn of an intruder. Solude is pathetically chained in the dungeon. She hopes to see Mei one more time. And here she is freeing her. Happy, isn’t she? Saber confronts Bossman and he is going to exact revenge for killing his father. However he is attacked by Chic who won’t let Saber kill Bossman. Not until he sees the master of phantom light. Solude and Mei arrive in time to send him feeing with the latter’s phantom light. Solude then takes them all and fly away. Saber reveals to Mei that he once had a happy family. However Bossman killed his father who was the previous head of Zork to take his position. During the attack, Saber was heavily injured. He wanted Sasana to take Dai and run while he becomes a decoy. However she became the decoy instead because she knows he can’t die yet till he avenges his father. She got killed subsequently. Saber was banished from the village.

Bossman and his men return to Lors village to burn everything down. Our heroes arrive in time to stop the bandits but Tsurugi in the strongest diamond demi-armour form starts attacking everything, killing even his own allies. Aster and Solude are easily taken out. Saber protects Mei from being mince meat since he can’t lose her the same way he lost Sasana. It is then Mei got the strength to protect everyone with her life and finally summons Dulger. So happens that the sun has set and now it is Akira’s turn to be the hero. However Tsurugi seems to be using some sort of refraction powers and there are many of his demi-armour clones. Dulger can’t hit it physically since it is only a refraction of light. Guess what? Akira doesn’t give a damn and burns everything down with Maha Faiger!!! Real or fake, everything will burn!!! Tsurugi is killed as Randy picks up the diamond. Saber and Bossman have a final showdown. Of course it ends with Saber victorious. His revenge is over. The Creator notes how this is just a test mission for Chic as Gorgeous is already making his move in obtaining the most powerful Undeader. Saber and Mei part ways. Mei and co continue their journey and as usual Mill and the rest fight over Mei. Yeah. Want to make babies now, eh? Though Saber notes kindness can’t solve everything, sometimes true kindness can be a strength.

Episode 7
Aster and Solude fight off a bunch of demi-armour soldiers so as to let Maze get away. Suddenly they are attacked by a blonde with a crossbow that shoots iron rods. Solude knows it is Medusa and is targeting her. She goes off to confront her. When they meet, Medusa mocks her for still being weaker than her. If not for Aster coming to save the day, Solude could’ve gotten a rod inside her body. Aster and Solude rest in the forest as she says she needs to settle their score before reuniting with Maze. Flashback reveals Solude and Medusa trained together in a dojo under the same master. Medusa was always better than her and one day she offered Solude to follow her since she has the ability to make her stronger. But it only goes downhill from here. Medusa would do anything it takes to get better even if it means killing her own dojo mates. This causes the others to drop out till Solude and Medusa were the only ones left. In the end, Solude witnessed Medusa killing their master. Solude then attacked Medusa but ran out of ammo. Medusa then considers Solude her enemy since she turned her weapon against her. She left with an advice that if she wants to survive, she must always save the last one. The next time they meet, Medusa will kill her. Morning comes, Solude ties up Aster to go to her rematch. Medusa also thinks back when she told Solude if she could kill her master. If she could, it means attaining the power superior to her master. Solude didn’t like this idea. The showdown begins in an abandoned cowboy town. Both sides go all out against each other till they are down to their last ammo. Seems Melissa is relishing this fight as Solude can only thrill her. Solude gets tricked by a decoy and loses her last piece. Medusa corners her and is about to pull the trigger when Aster comes barging in (how did he untie himself?). The distraction was enough for Solude to land her hidden last piece into Medusa. I guess she took up Medusa’s advice after all. When Aster tells Solude how lucky she was since Medusa’s crossbow was out of ammo, it dawned to Solude that Medusa wanted to die. In her last breath, Medusa departs her last advice not to reach the heights she has attained. Medusa dies in Solude’s arms and is happy her final moments were just like those old times they had.

Episode 8
The gang finally reach the capital of Bistal. This place is impregnable because it is filled with phantom light disablers so Jaina would think twice about invading. However Mill becomes depressed because she doesn’t get along well with Cassandra. As they walk through town, they see attendants of Prince Leyric bullying a woman. Mei steps in since the people are afraid of them. She slaps one of them TWICE! They attack back but get beaten up by Aster and Solude. Rapier steps in to order them to stop as these people are guests of the Royal Court. However they won’t have it this way since they are only loyal to Leyric. Rapier stands her ground so they back off but will be back. Mill and co have an audience with Cassandra. Mei’s guts tell her something is wrong. Because Cassandra’s eyes aren’t smiling. Cassandra wants to reward Mei for bringing Mill here and has her come closer. After putting on a choker, Cassandra announces Bistal will wage war against Jaina. To seal this pact, she proclaims the engagement between Mill and Leyric. Mill protests but Cassandra this is what her late father wants as this will strengthen the bonds between their nations. The soldiers surround the rest since they reportedly attacked Leyric’s attendants. Rapier is forced to shut up since Cassandra asserts her authority she is speaking on King Nauclif’s behalf. Aster and Solude won’t sit still and fight the guards. Mei is dropped through a trapdoor. Since phantom light disabler is on, Aster and Solude retreat through the window. And during this entire time, Leyric was just licking his lollipop…

Rapier talks to her king about this but he tells her to stop because he knows he no longer possess the power to stop Cassandra. He just wants to live his remaining days peacefully. He wants Rapier to stop coming here too often and praises her beauty as a woman. She should wear a dress once in a while. Rapier is surprised by his words. She is his vassal first and cannot be a woman because it goes against everything. Mei wakes up to find herself in the deep underground labyrinth. Randy explains the choker prevents her from using her phantom light power. She thought Akira will think of a way to get it out but it’s already night time and she isn’t transformed yet. Good or bad news? She finds a wounded knight nearby who curses Cassandra for her atrocities. If the king was only healthy, he would’ve put a stop to the injustice. He wants Mei to survive this ordeal so that his death won’t be in vain. Then he dies. Just like that. Mei becomes emotionally upset that she almost killed a passing rat! Meanwhile Mill is crying in her room. She throws a tantrum when Leyric’s attendants force her to greet the prince. Leyric isn’t thrilled and leaves (still licking the lollipop). Leyric grumbles to Cassandra that all Mill is interested is in that transvestite so he doesn’t give a damn. He is upset Mill won’t do as he says like everyone else. Cassandra assures she will make all his wishes will come true. Outside the capital, Chic realizes the barrier won’t allow Jaina to launch a massive attack. He sends Jipha to do the job from inside. Mei walks blindly in the labyrinth till she collapses. She sees visions of the modern city she lives in and herself. She is rudely awakened when an old man prepares to stab her with a knife.

Episode 9
This old guy, Woll is actually trying to silence Mei so as not to let his rat meal get away! Introducing himself, he was the ex-Prime Minister of Bistal. To make up for scaring her, he takes her to his ‘home’. Woll has been living here for 2 years since his failed coup to stop Cassandra’s tyranny. That woman is hell bent on making her son the king of the continent. Leyric is still sulking over Mill’s stubbornness to follow his orders when a candy seller lady offers him a lollipop. He likes her and wants her to be his servant. Mill escapes from her confinement to go rescue Mei. Rapier remembers her past whereby she came from some legendary family. Her father was upset he got a daughter instead of a son and forced Rapier to grow up as a man. Her identity is discovered by Nauclif during her stint in the military academy. It is a crime punishable by death but the kind king forgave her and approved her as the academy’s female student. Rapier pledged her loyalty to him even if it meant sacrificing her womanhood. When they see Mill running past, they get her to spill what is happening. Nauclif wants Rapier to assist and protect Mill and gives her his royal ring. It will serve as a guide for the labyrinth because it was once used as an escape route for the royal family. Mei is dreaming of her modern world again. It seems she went to see Akira. She is abruptly awakened when Cassandra’s assassins make their appearance. Woll uses his bombs to make their escape. Too bad he ran out of them. Mei ignores the pain of the choker to try and use her phantom light power. Not working. It’s thanks to Rapier’s swift slicing that saves them from death. Mill happily reunites with Mei but their happiness is cut short when Cassandra’s Luminator Squad kidnaps Mill. Randy uses her crystals and they teleport away. We see clips that Mei and Akira may have combined into a single body when they’re transported to this world.

When they wake up, it seems Akira is now out. And the choker is still on his neck. Is this the doing of the crystals? Rapier is suspicious on this guy but is somewhat amazed of this gender bender thingy. Akira is eager to go save Mill since it’s his duty as a man to save a woman. Rapier hesitated for a while before Akira tells her that she is a woman. And a pretty one too. Rapier denies that and spews that knight thingy crap even if Akira said the same words that Nauclif did. Since the argument is going nowhere, Akira forcefully kisses her! It’s a good way to shut her up. I think. When they get out of the labyrinth. Akira has Rapier summon her demi-armour to fly back to the palace. They are attacked by other demi-armour guards along the way. The choker breaks and Akira runs wild with his phantom light power. Hey. Isn’t it day time? So shouldn’t the female be out? At least the day looks bright. Elsewhere, Leyric must be dumb enough to show the candy lady the crystal that keeps Bistal invincible. He brags how powerful he is and is willing to give her anything. Anything? How about Bistal kingdom then? I guess there is only one answer because the lady kills him! Cassandra prepares Mill for the wedding as she awaits her son. But only the candy lady appears. She transforms into Jipha, Bistal Invasion Force’s chief commander. Now that the barriers protecting the kingdom are gone, Jaina begins its attack. Cassandra is devastated when she realizes her son is dead. That’s what you get for being a bad queen.

Episode 10
Bistal falls into ruins. The noble knights run for their lives. Shameful. So where has all the pride gone to? Cassandra wanders aimlessly like a crazy woman hallucinating happier times. Jipha is about to kill Mill but here comes Akira to her rescue. Since Jipha summons his demi-armour, it’s time to summon Dulger. Rapier goes back to save Nauclif. The king is wounded and knows he has not long to live. He gives Rapier the Bistal sword, Astenus to be given to Mill as the rightful heir. He wants Rapier to help Mill rebuild the nation. Because Rapier will not live him, Nauclif finally scolds her to be responsible. How could she let her fellow men suffer the atrocities of Jaina? Who will save them? Who will guide them? She must accomplish what he couldn’t. How could she call herself a knight if she doesn’t realize this? Seeing Woll for the first time in many years, he too gives him a mission.  The survivors must live on and fulfil their responsibility. He can’t go because he can’t forsake Cassandra. However this won’t do for Rapier as she still wants to be by his side. Aster knocks her out and they escape the capital via labyrinth. Nauclif goes to Cassandra’s side to comfort her. Woll and the rest watch the capital burn from a distance. When Rapier comes to, she rushes back to the capital and destroys the wave of demi-armour guards while getting pounded herself. She enters the room where Nauclif and Cassandra are. His wife playing them a song amidst the fire. The building starts to collapse. At least Rapier is not stupid to die with her king. She jumps out of the building and cries her heart out. Meanwhile Akira is having a hard time against Jipha. Once he figures out his demi-armour’s weakness, he stabs the crystal inside his mouth and kills him. By morning, Jaina has taken over the capital. Woll says their only hope left is to head for Palania where they can plan their rally. Rapier vows to follow them and carry out her orders. She hands Astenus to Mill and pledges her loyalty to her. They begin their journey to Palania.

Episode 11
The gang enter a town in the midst of a festival in conjunction to coronate a new king, Farmount. The Mei and Mill got separated and end up getting cornered by ruffians. A playboy named Gold is about to save them with his flashy entrance but Rapier cuts the ruffians’ clothes to send them running in shame. Rapier doesn’t trust this Gold guy but he wants to help them find the rest of their friends. He brings them to a restaurant whereby the girls see how popular he is. Contrary to the peace they are seeing, Gold tells them there is trouble brewing. The king himself is trouble. Because he has always been wearing a mask and seldom appears in public unless it’s a big deal, there are some groups planning a coup d’etat. Especially by the Minister of Treasury, Den Marsh who is believed to be corrupted and evil. As he is a smooth operator, he is hard to be nailed. There is also a rumour that Jaina has a hand in this plot. So are they interested now? Pochomkin dismisses Chic’s assistance and will show him he can do it by himself. After all, Chic has failed to even capture a couple of ladies, right? Chic warns him they are not to be underestimated. Gold leads the ladies to an alley whereby the ruffians surround them. Seems Gold is in cohorts with them. Initially he is supposed to save them and earn their trust but anyway it worked out. With the narrow alley, Rapier can’t unsheathe her sword. They throw sleeping gas at them. Mei dreams of Akira leaving her. When she awakens, she and Mill find herself before Den Marsh. He won’t tell them anything besides the fact that he has been told to fetch them. Mei wanted to use her phantom light power but it couldn’t materialize. Did the sleeping gas suppress it?

As they are taken to his mansion, Mei is confident Akira will do something about it. Besides, it is already night fall. Poof! Out comes Akira! But wait! It’s not really him! It’s Mei in Akira’s body! She’s just in a man’s body! Sounds so gay… It’s confusing Mill. Randy leaves trails of her fairy seeds in hopes Rapier would pick up their trail. Fortunately she did. Mei and Mill are waiting in prison as the former laments how she has come to depend on Akira unconsciously. She always wished for him to disappear and now he really did in the time she needs him the most. How can she protect Mill? What can she do? Is she giving up? She views herself as an ordinary powerless woman. They are taken to a room whereby Den Marsh introduces them to Jaina’s Pochomkin. Thanks to their visit to Palania, their ambitions have become one. Jaina is banned in Palania and thus Pochomkin’s restricted activity. That’s why he had Den Marsh capture them in exchange for his support for the coup. When he becomes king, he will make Jaina the national religion too. Oh, so typical of them to blab their evil plans. They’re so confident that they’re going to execute Mei and Mill perfectly. Guess what? Gold crashes in and claims he has nailed Den Marsh this time. He wants them to give up since they’ve been caught red handed by his crescent moon.

Episode 12
Gold easily dispatches all the guards. Suddenly dropping in from the roof is Ran Chiki, Gold’s friend. He is supposed to give Mei an antidote for the phantom light power suppressor.  However Mei refuses since she doesn’t want anything from a suspicious person or associated with Gold. If Mei says no, then Randy and Mill support her. Ran feels insulted so he tries to force the antidote down her throat! All this amidst the chaos… Eventually she sticks it in and Mei immediately collapses. Before Mill and the rest can become mince meat, Rapier enters the scene to save them. She is wary of Gold but he wants her to trust him and assures no harm will be upon Mei. Den Marsh unleashes his special ninja squad to attack. I don’t see any difference in skill. The heroes still best them. Gold clashes sword with Pochomkin. I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be easier to fight without carrying Mei around? Shouldn’t he put her down or at least with Mill or Randy? Mei is inside her heart. She enters an area to see Akira surrounded by lots of woman. Is this his harem? He’s frolicking and having a good time. This upsets Mei and she is on the verge of crying. At least this brings Akira’s attention. She was so worried about him. She called him and there was no response or acknowledgement whatsoever. She is sad she can’t even use her powers. They hear Mill’s cry. That’s when Mei revives. Oh wait. Isn’t it Akira in Mei’s body? Yeah, anyway he/she is going wild! Shooting his/her phantom light power and burning down everything, laughing like an evil maniac! In the end, Den Marsh is arrested for treason along with Pochomkin. All this while, Mei has to take Akira’s place in the harem… Are those women bi?

Den Marsh is put on trial before the king. He tries to plead his innocence, his long years of service and accuses the ladies of being spies. When Farmount mentions about Gold witnessing his misdeeds, Den Marsh pleads he has never heard him in his life. Farmount unmasks himself and he turns out to be… GOLD!!!  Den Marsh is so screwed. He is found guilty and will be paraded before his execution. Pochomkin won’t give in yet and easily escapes his chains (just like that?). Outside the city he summons his giant demi-armour. Cue for Mill and Mei to summon Dulger. Despite the opponent being bigger and stronger, Dulger pulls off some wind technique to blow Pochomkin away into the forest. But the battle tide is turned when Pochomkin hides underground to deceive Dulger. Not even the random firing of her Faiger power could do anything. Pochomkin grabs Dulger from behind and is about to do the finishing. Mei is at a loss when she hears Akira’s voice. If she’s having a hard time, might as well switch and he’ll finish the job. The mere thought of sitting through his harem is nightmarish enough so Mei gets the determination she needs to finish Pochomkin off. See? So easy. In the aftermath, Farmount will acknowledge Mill as the heir to the throne. He notes he might fall for Mei after seeing her helping out at a restaurant. He got beaten up by Ran for being unfaithful. Ironically, Mill wasn’t the one to leap and proclaim Mei as hers.

Episode 13
The Palania army is preparing for the decisive battle. Farmount talks to Mei about her problems. She wants to support Mill but is scared to death of fighting and doesn’t feel right piloting Dulger. Farmount can promise her everlasting peace. I guess he is trying to hint about marrying him and the smooth talker is about to kiss her. Mei doesn’t even resist. Till Ran comes running in to ruin everything. She accuses Mei for being a thieving cat and tries to cut her amidst his fantasies of becoming one with his king. Oh God… I suppose the chase went for too long so Akira comes out. Suddenly… Ran realizes Akira is his type and loves him!!! OMG! Thankfully Akira isn’t into this kind of love and runs for his life!!! Farmount takes Mei to the excavation site of Palania where they dig up demi-armours. I guess they weren’t made. There is a gigantic one unearthed and Mei has a bad feeling about it. As the Royal Luminators are accessing it, suddenly the demi-armour activates and swallows up everything in the site. Looks like it’s an evil demi-armour. While Farmount orders the evacuation of the workers and the summoning of the demi-armour squad, Mill and Mei summon Dulger to keep it at bay. But it’s the most powerful demi-armour they have ever faced yet. They take a good beating. When Mei wakes up, she finds herself in a devastated landscape. Don’t worry, Mill is around. On second thought, worry. Mei picks up a soda can and to her surprise she knows how to open it despite not having memories on what this strange thing is. They are suddenly attacked by a demi-armour but another one saves them. Its pilot, Kyle Juzeis takes them back to his base seeing that it is dangerous for civilians to be out here.

The research lab is conducting some experiment on phantom power. Safe to say it failed. Too low. Mei and Mill are brought into a room for an examination. Their phantom power is unreadable. Too high? The chief of this Phantom Light Power Research Institute, Mayfield Sis Lujenvarnar goes to see them and thinks they are mankind’s hope. Guess what? She looks like Mill! Just put on some glasses. Hearing out Mei’s story, Mayfield guesses she is from the future. She explains how demi-armour came about. Mankind found some infinite, inexhaustible and non-polluting source of energy called phantom light power. Further research shows a new form of life can be sustained by this power and thus the mass creation of cyborgs into apparatus for human use. The demi-armour we know is known as fell-armour here. In an attempt to create the ultimate fell-armour, it resulted in a devastating outcome. It materialized a creature called Yumir and it caused death, destruction and mayhem. So the one Mei saw in the future must be it. The distortion of the energy between Dulger and Yumir must have caused the time distortion. Once revived, Yumir will destroy the world. No ordinary fell-armours or phantom light power can defeat it. For Mei to get back to her world, they must eliminate Yumir, the cause of her displacement. She takes Mei to a room whereby Dulger is being created. You know, all this while Mill has been an annoying girl. Pressing buttons and messing up the operations on her own. Can’t she sit still like Mei told her too? Why is she so naughty and disobedient? I know Mei didn’t scold her but shouldn’t anybody get annoyed with her ‘itchy fingers’?

Episode 14
All Dulger needs is a pilot. The person commanding it needs to have more than the average phantom power. Guess who? Before Mei came into the picture, Mayfield and Kyle were scheduled to pilot it. But Kyle is not happy that Mei is given the opportunity to pilot it. Mayfield orders him to leave them and hopes Mei can help them out. Then night falls. Mei turns to Akira right before her eyes. He will help her with anything as long as they can do ‘that’. He’ll follow her anywhere too. Where is she taking him? I don’t know. It’s some room whereby Akira got zapped from head to toe. Electrifying, eh? It hurts all over. Late that night, he sneaks out via air vent to Mayfield’s room. He thought he is going to get lucky with her but he didn’t realize Mill followed him. Saddened by his lecherous ways, she gives out a blood curling scream. Next day, a fell-armour sent by Yumir invades the base. All the stupid guards just stood there shooting it despite knowing well their bullets can’t harm it. Kyle also gets owned doing the same. Because Mei can’t stand seeing Kyle die, she lets loose her phantom light power on the fell-armour and destroys it. Kyle is taken in for treatment as Mayfield hopes Mei and Mill can help pilot Dulger. Mill is in the midst of the preparations when Yumir turns up. Mayfield wants the forces to stall it as long as they can. Mei makes her way to Dulger when she bumps into Kyle. He is more cool-headed now. Revealing part of his body is made of machine for battle purposes, he was upset to see Mayfield placing so much faith in her. Mayfield is his childhood friend and he vowed to avenge her father’s death. He realizes they’re fighting against the same enemy and believes she leapt through time to pilot Dulger. That power belongs to her alone.

Yumir is making steady progress towards Dulger. Nothing can stand in its path. Mei is increasing Dulger’s output when suddenly it stalls. They need more time so Kyle goes to stall Yumir but gets crushed. The scientists have no choice but to increase output even if it will risk Mei’s life. Mayfield refuses to do that but Mill says to believe in her. Mei is within herself and feeling scared. Akira tells her off her whining won’t get her anywhere but she says she is not as strong as him and doesn’t want to experience this again. Then Kyle appears before her. At least his words are kinder. He tells her Dulger is their sum of their past, present and future and that she was chosen by Dulger. Now Dulger appears before her. She realizes it was Dulger who was calling her and giving her strength. It’s why she managed to get this far. Now that she has accepted Dulger, the output reaches it max. Yumir crashes in to attack Dulger but it disappears along with Mill. Dulger fights back but is still weaker to Yumir. Thankfully it is night time so Akira turns hero to pound Yumir and destroy it for good. In the end, Dulger returns to its own time. To show Kyle is not dead, we see Mayfield picking him out from the rubbles. Back in the future moments before the Royal Luminators access Yumir, it turns out to be just a shell with no power. Close by, a worker digs up another mysterious relic. It is a moulded figure of Mill! Remember she was fooling around the facility? I guess she really left her mark in history.

Episode 15
The girls are rushing. To where? A Palania hotspring believed to make you look younger by 5 years. And there it is! Everyone dips in except for Mei. They try to convince her to do so as she is reluctant and worried about Jaina’s attack. Well, sometimes you need to relax and prepare yourself, right? Once war comes, you won’t get to enjoy this. Mei finally relents so Mill and Solude are in competition to strip her. Meanwhile Randy notes she is closer to collecting all the 5 crystals, one for each phantom element that constitutes the universe. She already has 3 and the remaining ones are sapphire and topaz representing water and earth respectively. When the girls throw Mei into the hotspring, a light explosion occurs. Mei resurfaces but doesn’t find the rest around. Is this a joke? As she wanders about, she stumbles upon a modern apartment. Hey. This place feels familiar. She follows a familiar man to his room. It’s Akira! He invites her in. Suddenly her clothes change and he hugs her. He says she must have got some lecture from his dad but doesn’t want her to listen to him or anybody else. Because they’ll always be that. Mei then remembers. Akira is her big brother. Mei cooks for him and feels excited about it. But she gets a surprise. What is adult Mill clinging her arms around Akira for?! She’s his wife???!!! Get this too. Rapier considers herself as Akira’s mistress! Oh, not forgetting Solude loves Mei. The ladies begin arguing over their love for Akira and Mei! What the heck is going on?!

In reality, Ran is shocked to see the ladies encased in a bubble over the hotspring. Randy laments she didn’t do her research enough. This hotspring has some phantom power that causes those who soak in it enter a dream world whereby they can live out their deepest desires and fantasies. In short, they will only feel rejuvenated in their mind and not their body. However if this doesn’t stop, they will forever be consumed by the hotspring and be trapped forever. Randy can’t do it since a fairy’s power isn’t enough. She wants Randy to enter their dream and bring them back. What if he gets trapped too? Don’t worry, as long as his determination to return to reality is stronger, everything will work out fine. This is his chance to show his real love for Akira. Because true love always triumphs over fantasy love! Well, that was certainly enough to convince him. Night fall has fallen so Akira takes control now. He doesn’t care who loves him. It’s all their love towards him that counts! Behind his closet he unleashes several mini Mill clones! Then they go on some training with Rapier chasing after them only to be stopped in some yuri fashion by Solude. Huh? Then here comes Ran clones rushing towards Akira. This is the only love he doesn’t want. Mill and Ran clones clash and in the end Ran clones emerge victorious. Here comes the true love!!! NO WAY!!! Meanwhile Mei realizes she must leave her ‘big brother’ and return back to her friends. The apartment disappears as Mei’s scream brings her back to reality. Her wild power causes the entire hotspring to go dry. Akira is still traumatized from that nightmare. He’s not going back there ever again! The ladies trek back come morning and they feel tired than before. But Mei is left to ponder if that Akira she saw was her brother, was it a reflection of her deepest desires then?

Episode 16
Thanus’ army successfully conquers another stronghold. Palania seems peaceful thanks to Farmount’s efforts. But Rapier sees a wagon carrying cannon. Could there be a war looming? Mei is taken to Farmount because he wants to introduce her to someone important. Well, actually she already knows him. It’s Saber! Saber is here as Thanus’ messenger. Thanus wants to present Farmount with all 14 strongholds within Bistal territory which he recently seized. Since they are all located at the border between Bartonian and Bistal, this would mean disrupting the balance between both nations and a war will erupt. Farmount accepts Thanus’ offer. The army of Palania prepares to wage war against Bartonian as Mei laments going back to war. To relieve her of her worry, Farmount kisses her!!! Kiss, interrupted courtesy of a very jealous Ran. She accuses Mei for trying to seduce his love. It doesn’t help when Farmount says she told him she was madly in love with him. Did she? Ran wants to fight with Mei but Farmount’s tactical advisor, Yoriki throws a smoke bomb to confuse everyone. Worse, Mill wants a kiss too or else she’ll kill herself! Later Mei goes to talk to Saber before he leaves for his tribe. Mei couldn’t help think back about her dream whereby she hugged Akira as her brother. She gets bombed out of her fantasy when Ran comes looking to pick a fight with her. He accuses her of flirting with Saber now. He starts blasting away and just when Mei is cornered, day turns to night. Akira deflects the blast and knocks Ran away. Akira wants to fight him but it seems Ran concedes defeat and wants to love him! Look who is the seducer and flirter? As usual, Mill and Ran fight over Akira. Maze sure has it tough, eh? Meanwhile Gorgeous enters some palace and activates some demi-armour. He is willing to give his life as long as he has the power to destroy Maze and Dulger. Early next morning, Mei wakes up to see Farmount training hard. Yoriki says that’s his way of remaining calm. In war, one’s life becomes precarious so she believes what he meant what he said to Mei yesterday. She personally prefers him to stay as the hopeless flirt. The Palania army moves out for the war. Once more, Mill becomes the insecure brat wanting Mei to assure she loves her more than Farmount or Saber or else she won’t sleep well. Once again, Mei had to reassure she won’t do anything to make her sad. Since Mill continues to hog her, the rest doesn’t take this favouritism well and try to get a piece of Mei too. Even in war, Maze sure has it tough, doesn’t she?

Episode 17
Thanus rallies his man on the night before the big battle. Likewise, Farmount does the same for his troops and their morale is boosted because they have Dulger on their side. It’s not all serious on this side because Solude helps Mei put up some makeup. She gets turned on and wants to have a piece of her. Luckily it turns to night so Akira would gladly have her attack in any direction she wishes! Lost interest, eh? Then he tries to seduce Rapier but since he ruined her makeup, he got kicked out. This is followed by Mill and Ran fighting for his affections in too much hideous makeup. Not what he wanted… The Palania army standby before the attack. Even Ran is in his own demi-armour, Griffol so he can show off to Maze. Not that Mill would allow it. The battle begins and Palania makes great headway. Mei overcomes her fear of the battlefield to bulldoze her way through enemy demi-armours. Even if they gang up against Dulger, as long as she puts in her determination, she is unstoppable. Farmount wants to join the battle since he can’t let Mei shoulder the burden. But Yoriki plays her horrible violin to make him change his mind. Dulger is then confronted with a bud-armour piloted by Gorgeous that contains the sapphire crystal. Gorgeous uses some mind attack trick to absorb Mei’s consciousness. Mei becomes like a vegetable and trapped in her own mind, she witness herself killing Mill with her own hands. All her friends accuse her as a monster and killer. Although they fight back, Mei kills them all. Mei is on the verge of breaking down so Gorgeous offers to relieve her pain. The only way is to kill herself. Mei is about to strangle herself but is saved by Akira’s appearance. She feels his warmth when he hugs her. Akira vows to always protect her. He frees her from this mind prison. Mei becomes serious in taking out Gorgeous. Just before she lands the final blow, The Creator beams to him a very power phantom light power. Gorgeous uses this chance to punch through Dulger’s armour. Dulger defeated? Maze finally dead? Ran got so upset that he charged without thinking and got owned. Mei is unconscious and bleeding heavily while devastated Mill turns into a screaming broken tape recorder. The Creator feels Maze’s phantom light power dissipating and revels she cannot threaten her existence anymore. Now no one will stop her from achieving her ambitions.

Episode 18
Thanus feigns defeat so he can flood away the enemy and wipe them out in one big swoop. However everyone else back at the main camp is devastated because Maze is dead! Mill becomes inconsolable and is hell bent on revenge and doesn’t give a crap about her position or whatsoever. Farmount was a little cruel to remind her that she is still the princess of Bartonian so she runs away in tears (in louder in her cries). Ran felt disappointed with him. Ran wants to help Mill take her revenge and will pilot Dulger. The rest of Maze’s friends too will assist her. Yoriki informs Farmount that their troops have not been informed about Maze’s death since it would demoralize them. Speaking of which, they are losing ground. Farmount wants to head into battle but Yoriki pleads to him not to go. Not as a military officer but as a woman. He apologizes he can’t and needs to avenge Maze’s death. When he summons his royal demi-armour, Dracoon, Randy senses the topaz crystal within it. And I thought she said collecting the crystals is worthless now that Maze is gone. Hard to give up on it, eh? Gorgeous easily pounds Dulger. It’s nothing without Maze piloting it. Even their friends get owned. Till Farmount shows up that they have a fighting chance. Meanwhile Mei’s spirit somehow makes its way to where The Creator is. They kept calling her the Eraser who threatens their existence and goal to become God of this world. They try to eliminate her but her phantom power activates a protective shield. Mei thinks if she rids this being it will free Mill from her suffering.

Farmount defeats Gorgeous but with Chic coming into the picture, he beats up Dracoon and destroys the demi-armour. Randy collects the topaz. Gorgeous wants to kill everyone with his own hands (so he can be beautifully satisfied) and starts off by pummelling Dulger. Mill doesn’t view this as such a bad idea as she can reunite with Maze. This only serves to anger Gorgeous as he is going to make her wish come true. Mei senses Mill in danger and instantly whisks back to the battlefield. Everyone is shocked to see Mei putting up a powerful phantom light power against Gorgeous. Chic realize the power is getting dangerous and wants him to retreat. I guess he was blinded by revenge so his demi-armour got destroyed. Randy collects the final sapphire crystal. Mill emotionally reunites with Mei. Thank goodness this isn’t a dream. Gorgeous still isn’t out yet and wants to kill Mei. Both sides summon their phantom light power. So powerful that the crystals start reacting. A big bright light engulfs them all. Mei and her friends are missing. Only Farmount is left behind. The Creator senses Maze gone from this world. Mei wakes up and hears familiar vehicle sounds. Does the sight of skyscrapers bring back familiar memories? Yup. She’s back in her own world.

Episode 19
Seems Mei getting used to her old life. But even as a college student at Shakunan, she is getting no peace because Mill and Ran are still fighting over her. In front of everybody. Now, if you add Solude to the equation… She is a bar hostess while Woll the bar master and Aster the construction worker. They’re getting used to life here too. Despite everything back to normal like Mei wants, she can’t feel happy because they are still in the midst of the war when this happened. Plus, she dragged them along with her. Rapier and Randy snuck into some office to do their research for any clues to return back to their world. No such luck. Wait a minute. Rapier can use a computer? Were there computers back in the other world? Anyway Rapier asks Randy why she wanted to collect the crystals. The fairy doesn’t know either since she heard the voice of the forest telling her about the long awaited appearance of a Luminator and demand the 5 crystals. The duo leave for the night. Little do they know that Gorgeous has also come to this world. At the pedestrian crossing, he secretly attacks them and causes an accident. Everyone is surprised to see a fairy in the midst of the commotion. Rapier and Randy make their escape. Mei is outside Akira’s house. She remembers Akira transferred into her class despite being a year older due to the fights he always get into. Because Akira’s name can also be read as Mei, her friends note that there are 2 Meis and decides to nickname them Maze. The duo spend some time together till one day Akira blew his top at their father who intended to separated them. Akira accused him of wanting her to succeed the family and protect his darling heiress. Akira then leaves on his own accord. Rapier shows the rest the weapon that was used to attack them. Cautioning that Gorgeous may be targeting Mei, they also believe Maze is his other target. Aster skips his work to go look out for Mei outside the school girls. Mei not in sight and his intimidating structure seems to be scaring away the girls. Mei enters Akira’s home. Feels like that déjà vu dream how he greeted her as his sister. He thought she got another lecture from father and doesn’t want her to listen to him. After he hugs her, Mei wants to set the record straight. She says she is Maze. Not just their nickname. Both of them are Maze. Mei exists is one half of Maze. The other half is Akira but it’s not this kind hearted Akira now (yeah, the rowdy perverted one). Confused? It’s going to be a long story so can we sit around and listen? Apparently the good thing is that we don’t because Gorgeous blows a hole in the wall. Peek-a-boo, I found you, Maze.

Episode 20
Mei and Akira run away from Gorgeous but Akira gets injured in the process. They continue to flee. He continues to chase. Mei can’t fight and involve innocent people so she runs and hides in Shakunan. Mill’s inbuilt Maze-is-in-danger antenna senses Maze in danger and rounds up Ran, Woll, Solude and Aster to go save her. So who is going to manage the bar? Rapier and Randy are doing their research through the yearbooks of Shakunan. They find a book that tells of a legend of people being able to use divine energy. Sounds very much like phantom light power and Luminators, no? According to the book, one such person was born 600 years ago in the Ikaruga village. That’s right, Mei and Akira are Luminators of the same lineage. Randy heard that this village was founded by settlers of the Ikaruga tribe. That’s why descendents of Ikaruga attend this college. Mei tells Akira everything and he believes her since he has witness her powers. He too feels uncertain like her. To do away with that, it boils down to 2 options. Either Mei returns to her true self or he merges into her. He always wished to be one with her and knows she feels the same way. Their talk is interrupted by Gorgeous. He points out that is the very reason why he must kill them. Before the Eraser in them awakens. The cat and mouse game continue. Mill and co arrive outside the gates of Shakunan. Gorgeous is about to kill Maze but luckily Rapier comes into the scene. Mei realizes she can’t summon her phantom light power. Gorgeous explain this place acts as a barrier created by the Creator to finish off the Eraser who rebels against Jaina. In short, it has properties of phantom power disabler. It also alters the space-time thingy so Mill and the others outside can’t come in. Mill got so worried that she tries to locate the source of the barrier which is inside the college’s basement. I guess her love was so strong for Maze that she telepathically tells Mei where the source is and to head there and destroy it.

Upon reaching, Mei is shocked to see a large picture of The Creator and the 5 crystals. Leave it to Gorgeous to explain again. When the God that was born at Ikaruga village possessed the unique ability to manipulate phantom light power, that energy existed at that time wasn’t enough to satisfy God. So God travelled back in time to govern a new world by phantom light power. That God is of course The Creator of Jaina. That means The Creator is a distant ancestor to Maze. Out of fear than an equally capable Luminator might be born, The Creator built a school armed with phantom barrier to suppress the Ikaruga descendant’s power. Since phantom light power maintains equilibrium, the appearance of one would create imbalance. That would be The Creator. Therefore another Luminator with an equal amount of power was chosen to vanquish the catalyst. That would be Maze. Mei and Akira’s longing for each other was what awakened their Luminator status. Mei realizes their wish came true. Maze was born not by accident but by design. Their status as Eraser stems from the fact that they are born to erase the imbalance. Enough talking already. Gorgeous gets ready to kill Mei. Akira protects her with all he has got. He vows to always protect her. Mei can’t bear the sight of Akira nearly being done in. She suddenly summons a very powerful phantom light power to destroy not only the barrier source but the entire college! Gorgeous never expected Maze to be this powerful but is confident as long as they are in this world, they can’t beat him. He flees when reinforcement arrives. Worried Mill as usual goes into hugging madness over Mei. Like she has never seen her in centuries. Akira vows to protect Mei no matter what till the day they unite as one Maze. They will become true Maze again. But they’ll have to wait for the crystals’ power to be restored.

Episode 21
Randy is getting all the information she needs to snag her own prince charming. I wonder if she’ll be okay. The beach episode sees Mei and the gang arriving at the beach for some fun in the sun. However Mei continues to be cautious because the rest are too lax in letting their guard down (Gorgeous may attack anytime) and she still is in a dilemma over Akira. Sleeping Randy suddenly bursts out of the basket. And what I meant was, she has grown up into human size! She explains to Mei that for only today she will become human and find the love of her life. So the duo go around having fun since Randy wants to enjoy life like a normal girl. They are interviewed by a host who is searching for the perfect summer angel. Randy takes this opportunity to announce she is looking for a summer fling and requests for somebody to be her love mate! She’s serious. Instantly, you can see all the guys turn into wolves as they fight to vie for Randy’s love. Perverts… And I think the rest of their pals would want to have a hand in it if not for Ran causing mayhem with his phantom light power. Solude has no choice but to teleport them away from the chaos. But Mei realizes they have forgotten to bring Randy along. She explains about Randy’s condition and Woll simply puts it as mating season for fairies. I’m sure Mill and Ran are interested to know more about this love… Mei rushes off to find Randy and hopes she won’t do anything rash. Randy is wandering around and several beach delinquents try to hit on her but she doesn’t find them hot and leaves. But they’re not going to let her go and force her to come with them. That’s when Akira comes into the scene beating the crap out of them. Not even weapons or ganging up could they lay a finger on him. Randy is excited and feels Akira is the man she is looking for. After they run away from the incoming cops to a secluded spot at the beach, Randy tries to seduce him with what she has learnt over TV. But Akira doesn’t seem interested so she had to chase him all the way. In the end, she wants to know if she is that unattractive. Akira can’t accept her love because there is someone else he loves. Due to circumstances, things aren’t going well between them. In spite of all, he is willing to protect her as promised. Randy understands and gives up. The day ends with Randy turning back into a fairy. Mei thought she saw Akira standing at the beach but was interrupted by her pals. The next time she looked back, he’s gone. But she’s glad Randy is back to normal. Back home, Randy tries to improve her seduction skills with a doll while Mill and Ran bug Mei to teach them how to make babies.

Episode 22
Mei suddenly gets a call from father that he wants her to transfer to an overseas college. Akira snatches the phone to warn him from ever calling again. Randy draws an insignia to Rapier and Woll that might serve as the key to recovering Maze’s lost memory. Suddenly an earthquake rocks the area. Woll notices that this is happening every day and only in this area. Meanwhile Chic seeks The Creator’s permission to jump through time and space to look for his brother. They reject his request since his duty is to destroy Palania as soon as possible. They remind him how they picked the brothers up from the wasteland and gave them a chance to serve their cause. Solude and Aster encounter several zombie guards. Solude’s phantom power is erratic although they manage to destroy the zombies. Telling this to Rapier, she explains it as Homeostasis. Excessive phantom light power is eliminated as nature’s way to keep the environment in balance. If this keeps up, their powers will eventually disappear. Gorgeous was waiting for the right time for them to lose it and attack. There is a way to solve this. Randy shows the insignia, the Sacred Seal of Ikaruga that extracts dormant phantom energy from nature. It can be infused into Mei and Akira to stimulate Akira’s memories and awaken his consciousness as Maze. It will bring back the true Maze and the 5 crystals so they can return to their own world. The drawback of this shock treatment is mentally and physically taxing and worst case scenario is that it can be fatal. Akira does not agree with this method to sacrifice Mei and takes her to leave. Mei hopes Akira understands their difficult position but he doesn’t care if the world goes to hell because it has nothing to do with them. There is nothing worth if Mei has to die. Along the way, zombie guards pop up to ambush them. Their skin is saved thanks to the rest. Akira tries his best to protect Mei but is powerless and gets pinned down. Feeling useless but remembering his vow to protect Mei, suddenly there is a burst of phantom light power from Akira destroying all the zombies. Akira agrees to do the risky procedure since they can’t run away from fate. If this is their only way to the future then so be it. The gang head to Shakunan as Mei and Akira prepare to undergo the ritual. The duo seem to be in pain as the ritual starts. Mill wanted to interrupt and save them as she rather stay in this world rather than see them suffer. So much about having faith in them like the rest, eh? However an earthquake interrupts everything. Gorgeous makes his entry and shows off his new power by incorporating Undeader into his body.

Episode 23
This bud-armour isn’t just any ordinary bud-armour. Because it is absorbing all the life force out of everybody and converting it into energy! Even Gorgeous’ body is taking its toll but he doesn’t care as long as he gets to destroy Maze. Solude wants Rapier and Mill to help Mei and Akira continue the ritual while the rest stall Gorgeous. Meanwhile Chic defies orders and prepares to jump through time-space dimension. The attack on Gorgeous begins but they’ll soon realize that this is going to be one tough fight. Because the bud-armour is really tough! No matter what they throw or stab into it, it’s like there’s no effect. Gorgeous wanders around looking for Maze while grumbling about turning this world beautiful by his standards. It’s like he’s obsessed in finding them. He manages to disrupt the ritual once more and grabs Mei to put some serious pain in her. Suddenly a portal opens from above. He hears Chic telling him not to pursue further because he will die. They must live as proof of justice. Of course Gorgeous never forgot that and shoots the portal close. Perhaps Mei’s scream made Akira wake up. Now he is glowing with phantom light power! Can you believe it? Better believe it. Must be his vow to protect Mei. Must be his determination that Mei is his woman! With that, Akira merges into Mei and the rowdy master of the night returns. Mill would have screamed her head off if she wasn’t unconscious. Oh wait. Akira purposely woke her up just for that. Yeah, her onee-nii-sama is back! Since adult play will have to wait, they need to finish this up first by summoning Dulger. The power battle begins and Dulger beats Gorgeous in every aspect. Gorgeous refuses to accept this unbelievable power so he goes all out to destroy them once and for all. But you know, baddies like him won’t win. Dulger’s power is so great that it nullifies whatever evil power Gorgeous has. In the final head-on blow, Dulger emerges victorious and Gorgeous is killed. Is there beauty in death? All the crystals are restored and everyone warps back to their native world. But it’s one war to another. The other one still isn’t finished, right? Chic, holding his dead brother’s naked body in his arms, vows revenge.

Episode 24
The Creator blames Chic that his selfishness has made Maze return before their invasion on Palania. They want him to kill Maze and rectify the situation. No need to remind him. He is going to do it to avenge his brother. Farmount and the rest of the troops gather in a meeting to discuss their strategy. When Maze and co transported to the other world, both sides entered a ceasefire as they both lost their powerful troops. With Dulger back, the final push is now at hand. Suddenly Rapier starts getting drunk. Aster, Solude and Mill are partying like nobody’s business nearby. The smell of alcohol was enough to turn Rapier drunk? Farmount agrees to join them seeing that they need to loosen up before the big war. Then everybody realize Maze isn’t around. Mei is sitting by herself talking to Akira. They talk about their feelings and even though they know how each other feel, Akira wants her to express them it words. It is the only way that they can truly be one Maze instead of Akira and Mei. Mei calls Akira adorable and sends makes him embarrassed since it does not sound manly. Randy then comes by to give Mei the crystals against the fight with Jaina. They serve as power booster to phantom light power. A Luminator is the only one who can control all 5 crystals and harness its power. Randy’s last words worry Mei because it sounded like a farewell speech. Meanwhile the Jaina king is not happy that things are getting out of hand and demands to see The Creator for some accountability. However Chic kills him as he has no longer need for this puppet fool.

Dulger and the troops make their way to Bartonian for their final battle. Mei converses with Akira and to Mill, it sounds like she is talking to herself. It’s confusing the hell out of her. Despite having Mei, Akira is still bent on sleeping with the other women. The big battle begins with Maze’s friends and even Thanus lending their support so that Maze could advance ahead. As she nears the shrine, she hears The Creator’s voice. They tell Maze if they defeat them now, what role would Maze serve after that? What will become of them? Because they are the Eraser summoned here to maintain balance of phantom light power, it means they are mere aliens in this world. The crystals allow her to travel through time-space dimension so once she serves her purpose, she will be forced back to her original world. The Creator adds Maze shares their same fate. When Maze crushes The Creator’s ideal, that is when Maze must also abandon hers. Is Maze willing to abandon their dream of being one and protect this world at all cost? Or will Maze bury herself and her dream right here? Mei is left shaken by this dilemma when Chic attacks and pins down Dulger. He is going to make them feel the humiliation, pain and loneliness the brothers experienced.

Episode 25
Dulger is able to break free when Mei goes into Giga Faiger form. Aster and Solude want to provide backup but was told by Randy not to. It is Maze’s decision to make and they can only watch. Mei thinks back how kind everyone has been to her and how much she loves this place. Chic seizes this chance to concentrate his most powerful attack on her. He was so bloody confident she had been done for but surprise, surprise. Mei revives with lots of steely determination. She vows she won’t disappoint Mill and this world. So powerful her power up that it blasts away Chic. Now this one you can say for sure that Chic is dead. Due to the crystals, Akira and Mei are able to freely swap places. Yup, now it’s that rowdy guy’s turn to take control and beat the crap out of The Creator. Suddenly the entire place starts shaking. Coming out from beneath the ground is a very gigantic giga-armour monster called Shiva. The Creator’s true form, I suppose. And so The Creator rants how powerful this armour is, blah, blah, blah. How they abandoned their own body to become part of it, blah, blah, blah. How they formed Jaina and became its glorious numero uno, blah, blah, blah. Yawn… Akira doesn’t give a sh*t about all that. In fact, he insults them that now he knows why they are so bent on capturing Mill. After losing their body, they got stuck in this territory. So they stalled for time with Jaina acting as their limbs. With war and chaos ensued, their mutated body was corroding the earth. The Creator isn’t some God. They’re just some freak wanting to eat up this land. Enough talking. Let’s kick ass! On Randy’s cue, this time they have permission to assist Maze in taking down all those ghostly tentacles. So now they’re allowed to help?

Dulger takes a direct hit and Mill can still be so annoying wanting to have Akira’s assurance he’ll never leave her side. WTF. Hello, we’re in the middle of a fight. He promises he won’t leave her and they both wanted to seal it with a kiss. If only they weren’t positioned that far from each other. It doesn’t hurt to try and stretch a little, right? Are they that hard up to kiss? Anyway Mei has to warn them to put this off or else… Oops. Too late. Shiva has absorbed Dulger. Akira throws Mei out so that he could get absorbed himself. Oh no. That princess is going hysterical again. Akira treks through the darkness as The Creator tries to play mind games with him. You know. His destiny cannot be changed. It is the same as theirs. Even if Maze defeats The Creator and stays, another Eraser will be sent to kill them to maintain the balance. So what? So what????!!! Yeah, that’s what Akira tells them. In fact, he says they are not the same like them. They came to this world because they are able to love each other. Maze powers up to blast The Creator with the most powerful phantom light power ever. Shiva goes into meltdown after The Creator is killed. Now there is one big lump of sh*t in the middle of the city. Everyone is happy victory has been attained but it is short-lived. Suddenly a portal opens up and this is what everyone fears. Maze is going to go back to their original world. Before Mill could turn into a cry-baby, Akira and Mei’s devoted love for each other destroys the crystals and allows them to stay here. So yeah. Rejoice everyone! Happy ending for everyone. They get to party and frolic. Woll surrounded by bevy of beauties? Shows you even old farts get the girl in the end. Akira is seen violating Rapier while Ran is close to violating that guy too. Aster and Solude pass out from too much drinking while Mill sleeps next to Mei.

Nothing A-Maze-zing…
Just like what the end title said. There wasn’t anything that amazing so I guess it’s back to my usual middle fence answer that everything was just okay. I have to admit that when the series first started out, things seemed pretty interesting and intriguing. We don’t really know who Maze is or why she was brought into this alternate world so there was the romance of the mystery in those initial parts. With the early episodes like random stand alone fillers, it reminded me so much like Bakuretsu Hunters. It was fun. It was amusing. And then when Maze started to go back in time to the creation of Dulger, that’s when I felt it went downhill. I don’t know. I just felt things weren’t so great after all when the revelation of things and the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. It posed lots of questions to me but I was too tired to think further. Like about The Creator and Maze being related. Go back to the past to just rule something because the future is too tough. At least that’s what I understood. What crap is this? Then it shows you’re not that great after all, right? Even though they are descendents, there is no love lost. And Maze, do they really yearn to be one? I mean as in one mind, one body? I thought it was just an expression of speech. They really seem to want it this way. Now that they are staying in this world, won’t those people they know back in their original world suspect something amiss? Who cares? Do they care? Maze certainly doesn’t.

Maze as the lead character, I admit that I was pinning my hopes in the interesting part of this series in Akira’s wild sexual escapades. Maybe I was expecting too much. I was. It was funny and amusing to see him turn into that wild night master and terrorize and woman he sees. And then it would be awesome how things will backfire on him. Yeah, that was what I thought it would be. There are such parts but kept to a minimum (you can’t really see sexual scenes in this series, can’t you?). Like as though that wasn’t supposed to be the main course. It wasn’t. Then when Maze’s real identity is revealed, it is like he has toned down a lot. Very much. No doubt he is still that wild person, but somehow I feel he lacks the oomph that I first got to know him. He was the wild guy filled with a fiery angst who would burn everything down with Maha Faiger without a second thought. He was the wild guy who would pounce on any woman to satisfy his libido for the night. Once he realized his heart belongs to Mei, he softens up.  No more fun. Although that won’t stop him from flirting. Guys will always be guys. As the series progress, we get to see how Maze progress and develop. Mei didn’t want to hurt or kill others and that caused more harm to others. I know it’s noble and that prevention is better than cure but sometimes you have got to fight fire with fire. So when she is able to overcome this, she manages to control and use her phantom light powers more effectively. She doesn’t hesitate and this strengthens her determination.

Mill has been the most annoying character from the start. I thought she would relatively improve as the series goes by but I was very wrong. Instead, she remained the same onee-nii-sama leech that we all know. So annoying and useless that every time she starts squealing and yelling about her favourite onee-nii-sama, I feel like wanting to strangle her and bury her 100 feet deep underground. Yeah, that’s practically her role in this anime. Just some moe blob that just fawns over Maze. And I sad she is like a leech to Maze because the moment Maze is somewhere else, she’ll go into bawling mode. So that girl can’t even take a toilet break without that loli breaking into a piercing cry? Jesus. She can’t do anything more than that. As if she is just some auxiliary support whenever Maze needs to call out Dulger. Don’t care about her status as a princess, is this only how useful she is? Truly irritating. The only other redeeming factor is that her presence gives Maze the strength in wanting to protect her. Protecting something makes you stronger, right? Otherwise, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Mill is just plain irritating. To the bones. I certainly don’t want this kind of girl in my harem. If I ever get one.

The other characters, well, felt really like side characters. I can’t say that the series can go on without them but I do not feel that impact that they could have make a great difference. When in battle, they’re just there to show support by hacking and slashing (or throwing needles if you are Solude and bombs if you’re Woll) their way through waves of enemy grunts or do some pot shots for boss enemies. When not in battle, they just frolic around and have fun. Aster and Solude loves to drink and feast, right? Rapier is so serious that it made her insignificant. Randy the fairy doesn’t have fighting attributes so her role is reduced to just collecting crystals for Maze and imparting some information. It made her role small. Yeah, pardon the pun. That Woll guy is even more insignificant. The old guy perhaps gets the least screen time among Team Maze and if he does appear, it will either be some consulting position or throwing bombs if in battle. Farmount the good king doesn’t seem to make an impact either. After revealing his real identity, the role he takes on leading his troops to war makes him, well, insignificant. Like he didn’t matter. They just show him because he’s the king or so we won’t forget him. Same case for Thanus. So that guy became Farmount’s ally and aided the good in kicking out Jaina. So what? Same case for Saber. Do you still remember him in the end even though he said he was going to aid Farmount in his quest? So… Did I miss out anybody? Oh yeah. Ran. I felt that boy (sometimes I have this dilemma he may be a girl) is somebody to rival Mill and give her a run for her money over Maze.

Even the baddies feel the same. The Creator was always stuck in the same room giving lip service like some sort of mysterious sage. And when it comes to the final boss fight, I won’t say they went out with a whimper but to me I thought it felt a little cheap that Akira’s words done them in before the super phantom power blast. Could have saved all the trouble in the first place if he had unleashed such a power. Then there’s Chic and Gorgeous. They were like doing covert missions in the beginning. Gorgeous to power up himself with a powerful Undeader while Chic going around spying on Maze and co. And when the brothers die, did their past (which wasn’t that deep either) really matter? Do we care? Do we pity them? So everybody here is insignificant. Hah. My high standards sure made me feel everyone should have had a better role. Yeah, I may need to write the script again and reboot this series. But that’s the thing. Even though they do not seem to contribute much, to Maze they have been by her side even though they started out as annoying weirdoes. It is that important bond that made Maze decides the path that she wants to walk.

Speaking of love and romance, I doubt that you can consider everyone’s fascination of Maze that. Maze (especially Mei) is such a popular person. I can say everyone in the gang likes her one way or the other. Don’t even need to say about that annoying Bartonian princess. That one will always forever be on the top list. There must be something about her that attracts them. However as the series passes, I feel that everyone (except Mill and Ran) didn’t show that much enthusiasm over Maze as they started. Remember how Aster and Solude really wanted a piece of Mei? What happened to that? Where did that perverted passion go to? It was like everybody gave way to Mill and Ran. I thought Farmount would really go serious with his love for Mei but that didn’t amount to anything much. Yeah, what do you expect when the annoying Mill keeps screaming about her onee-nii-sama every 5 seconds. If not, in every freaking episode!!! I think I will go nuts if I hear that again. What about Ran? Does he like Akira or Farmount more? From the way I see it, it is shifting to the former. Thankfully there won’t be any such yaoi scenes. So in the end, it is Akira x Mei = Maze. It’s like trying to tell us to love ourselves first.

Talking about the action, they are pretty decent since we are talking about and anime in the late 90’s. You get your sword slashing action but you get more demi-armour and phantom light blasting action.  Nothing inspiring. Nothing awesome. But it wasn’t that boring. While on this topic, let me note that for the first half of the series before Maze and co meet Gold/Farmount in that arc, at least there is one death of a minor character. Somebody just needs to die. Especially the-baddies-for-the-episode. They’re just forgettable in that sense. And then when Cassandra and Leyric perished, man I thought more people are going to die and the body count would increase. Of course this changed when Maze went back in time. For the art and drawing, as usual, 1997 is considered old so it really has ‘that era’ look and feel. Maybe it is just me that I thought Mei looked really plain… I’m sure they did their best trying to design different demi-armours and even creatures of the other world but I wasn’t so impressed. Like I said, those demi-armours looked like aliens and sometimes I feel they are suitable to appear as monsters for Ultraman to fight. On something trivial, something bugged me during the mid-intermission. If I am not mistaken, that sexy grownup female shown is Mill, right? So it made me wonder if she would transform into her true form which is this. Sadly, she never did. So I am left wondering if this chick is just somebody random or what Mill looks like when she grows older. I can’t imagine this sexy babe still squealing over Maze then.

The opening theme is Kokuu No Meiykuu by Seikima II. Though this rock outfit sounds okay, what makes it ‘cute’ is some of the words in the lyrics as especially the rhyming chorus. “Maze of the haze”, “Maze in null space” and “Maze in our face”. Don’t they sound cute? Or are they the worst kind of lyrics around? The first ending theme is Junk Boy by Kaori. I find this piece off because it is like a disco beat with some hip hop element in it. Then we see the characters in chibi form dancing about. It makes me go WTF. The second ending theme is Happy Mania by Tamao Satou. The song title for this rock pop piece sounds fitting because it’s about a girl frustrated in love and got broken hearted once too often. So I guess she went on a love spree and thus some sort of happy love maniac when she sets her first sights on this next guy. Yeah, the lyrics of this sad love song sounded funny although I kinda liked the catchy tune of this piece. Really. Hmm… I noticed something trivial. Don’t all the themes last almost 2 minutes? I’ve heard so many anime opening and ending themes and the standard duration should be a minute and half. So when I first heard them, I thought it was taking slightly longer than usual.

To sum it up, this show isn’t going to be a classic or gem. If you need something light with humour, action and adventure, this is something to pass the time for the average run. If you have so much free time to spare like me. Really. So let’s see and to sum up what this series is mainly about. Having a strange ability to change your gender depending on the day. Sent to another world in the past to fight and vanquish the evil that would be your future descendents. When not fighting, unwilling becoming a popular guy/girl and get chased around by your motley crew. Well, this certainly is one crazy mega burst adventure. Just one point to ponder. If Akira and Mei are now in one single body, in the even if they ever need to make love, how would they do it?! Maybe that’s what you call masturbation, playing with yourself. Haha! Oops.

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