December 3, 2005

In alot of ways, Medabots reminds me about Pokemon. Instead of using monsters to battle it out in the ring, they used robots. And then just like in Pokemon, each of these robots has got a master or a trainer (usually young kids too). Also during the battle phases, the trainer would instruct and command their robots to fight with their opponents like whether to counter-attack or avoid a tackle, things like that. Then the storyline too is somewhat generally pretty similar. A young boy Ikki and his Medabot named Medabee, goes around having ‘Robattles’ so that eventually they can enter some world class tournament and be the best of the best. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles during their journey like helping other Medabots, keeping the ‘baddies’ (there’s a group wearing black jumpsuits with weird antennas sticking out of their heads) at bay and earning their wraths and praises from friends and even unknowns (read: mysterious guys who want to see him at the world tournament but don’t really reveal who they are). Hmm… Sounds so much like Pokemon with a little twist. However, of course there’re some differences. At the end of each Robattles, the winner gets to take the loser’s Medaparts (some special part/accessory which gives that particular robot a particular skill/power). Plus, the graphics here isn’t as polished as compared to Pokemon. But if robots are your main preference, then I guess this show isn’t that bad after all.

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