Medaka Box Abnormal

May 25, 2013

What?! Medaka Kurokami hasn’t become the president of the world yet? So when is the world going to get a taste of her happiness and be happy ever after? No more crisis, no more conflicts, no more wars, no more hunger, no more poverty… Okay, forgive me for going ahead of myself and having lots of high expectations of Medaka. I don’t think the problem is if Medaka would fail to live up to this expectation because I think Medaka would have easily cleared this if given the chance or if she just puts her mind to it. But rather, this wasn’t really in the original manga story so I don’t think that would really happen. Heck, I didn’t even read the manga but from what I browsed through the arcs from it, I can say that it didn’t happen. At least not yet.

But rest assured that even if Medaka doesn’t become a world leader or at least a leader of her own country, we can watch her in more of her helpfulness in helping out others her own way in the sequel, Medaka Box Abnormal. As you can remember from the first season, the ever popular Medaka was popular enough to win 98% of the votes to become Sandbox Academy’s student council president and initiates her suggestion box called Medaka Box to help out those in need of assistance. With her fellow student council members, we see how she changes people and in a way changes herself. The last season ended with a big destructive battle between her and the DisCom president. Well, you know who won, right? So this season a more sinister plot and conspiracy of the school unfolds as Medaka and her buddies seek to put a stop to it. Otherwise she might not be able to have a good night’s sleep. Haha. Just joking about that last bit. But seriously, maybe…

Episode 1
Sandbox Academy is in the midst of repairs since the aftermath of Medaka and Unzen’s power bout. Medaka sees the school’s principal, Hakama who tells her the reason why she is so gifted. It is because she is abnormal and that makes her actions not admirable. He continues that the board had some problems with Unzen and Medaka did somewhat a favour for them. However, now that he is out of action recuperating, he hopes she could replace him in a project that he was undertaking: Flask Plan. At the same time, Unzen explains to his DisCom members about this plan. The truth about Class 13 students were assembled from across the country are for this plan. Students at Sandbox are classified into 3 categories: Normals, Specials and Abnormals. All those in Class 13 are from the third category. What they do can’t be explained by technique or talent. Effort, environment and luck are irrelevant. The results they produce always end up as unnatural and creepy. He throws all the dice as demonstration and it turns up all number 6. In short, Unzen was a test subject of a plan to manufacture geniuses. He is somewhat relieved that Medaka got him out of there. Meanwhile Medaka also threw the dice and they all stack up nicely one on top each other. But she refuses Hakama’s proposal because her purpose is to help strangers and will find another way to make amends. After she leaves, some of the other Class 13 members make their appearance. Some think she’s no good, some think she’s just faking it. Hakama notes this ultimate group of guinea pigs in Class 13 known as 13 Party, 13 students from Class 13 that are a tough bunch to handle. Zenkichi and Shiranui happen to stumble by Unzen. He wants them to warn Medaka that his sister, Myouga is out for revenge and also to take the vacated 13 Party spot. Looks like it will be too late because Myouga has already slammed Medaka with her giant iron balls! And the way she speaks in a string of numbering digits is enough to drive one into number phobia! Who the hell can decipher that? Medaka can.  Myouga is upset that is all she got because despite being in Class 13, she is not part of 13 Party. Medaka didn’t avoid her hit because she had no reason to fight her. I guess this means she is willing to become a punching bag.

Till Nabeshima steps in and puts her out of another incoming shot. Though she doesn’t understand a thing Myouga says, she has a good reason for getting involved: If her good friend is being beaten up, there is no way she is going to sit and watch. She’s serious about that. Myouga thinks Nabeshima’s judo has no chance against her abnormal attack when suddenly Nabeshima lands a clean punch in her face! Is that legal in judo? It is according to some rule. Myouga removes her iron balls and this increases her speed. Before Nabeshima could react, Myouga has already circled behind her and knocks her out with her punch. Medaka wanted to step in but was discouraged by a guy who tells her a thing or two about wanting to play hero and butt in now. She notices everybody isn’t worried about Nabeshima and remembers her nickname as the Trickster. When Myouga grabs her, Nabeshima springs to life. She was playing dead so that she could get up close and grab her. No one can escape from a judoka’s grasp. She throws her down and finishes her off with a suplex move. In the end, Myouga has to be taken away in a stretcher. Nabeshima lectures Medaka about being slapped around but she mentions that she hates violence. Nabeshima nails the point to her that sometimes choosing not to fight will lead to more violence. If she fails to protect what she should, would it make any difference? If she waits for her friends to be hurt, all she’ll be doing is exacting revenge. Medaka thanks her for that insight because she almost made that mistake again. On her way back, she is faced with 3 crazy weirdoes from Class 13 who are cocky in challenging her to that 13 Party spot. They’re not going to let her sleep since Class 13 has hundreds of students out for her head. Suddenly in a flash, we see them being taken out. I guess they were all just talk. They made a mistake by underestimating her in the first place. And she was just going easy on them. Don’t mess with her. Zenkichi and Shiranui are on their way to alert Medaka about Unzen’s message when 13 Party’s Oudo Miyanokojou appears before them and wants them to reveal Medaka’s whereabouts.

Episode 2
Shiranui’s nose is nowhere to be even seen. This shows the sh*t Zenkichi is in considering she baulked even without any wise cracks. Zenkichi finds himself bowing before Oudo and as fellow 13 Party members, Mizou Yukuhashi explains, nobody can escape his weighted words because he is a born ruler who believes everyone on this planet is to serve him. Oudo can save his search for Medaka because there she is imitating his pose behind. As she walks up to Zenkichi, Oudo commands her to bow before him and her knees and forehead suddenly thud to the ground. Since Medaka knows he was one of the guys in Hakama’s room watching her, this makes it easier for Oudo to explain. When he first laid eyes on her, he was attracted to her and wants her to be his wife! He tries to kiss her but Zenkichi is so pissed that he breaks free from the spell and is going to give a flying kick. Yukuhashi restrains him for his good because Oudo is about to execute him with his life. Yukuhashi advises Oudo to fix his temper because if he makes it a habit to execute his citizens too hastily, he won’t build his paradise. Oudo agrees and drops Medaka a proposal letter to meet tomorrow at 5am. Medaka is not impressed with his stunt so he tells her to join them and quit serving Normals. She is born to serve him. Zenkichi thanks Yukuhashi for saving him. He advises him to be more careful because whether he is involved in Flask Plan or not, now that Oudo has his eyes set on them, he can kiss his normal high school life goodbye. Zenkichi and Medaka sit and talk. She feels the need to upgrade herself while he notes her wish to bond with everyone and thus hasn’t had success with anyone. Not even himself. He needs to become stronger to protect her. Medaka says that her plan to get stronger is to see her brother. Oh no. That’s why she wants Zenkichi to tag along.

Maguro lives in an abandoned building at the corner of Sandbox called Ghost Babel. We see this guy has extreme sister complex because the walls are filled with Medaka photos, lots of Medaka memorabilia and video tapes of Medaka at different ages! CREEPY! No wonder it’s been a year since they’ve last met. And boy, it’s sure hard for Medaka to keep her cool when this guy is starting to dote on her. He’s already snapping his camera as she’s talking! But as Zenkichi narrates, Maguro is a management genius because just by looking at Medaka’s bruise and getting punched by her once, he can tell what she went through as well as her eating habits! Further insights reveal he never showed his genius powers till he was in middle school. He couldn’t do anything himself but was like a God in developing others. He is a reason why their family company is now a global power house. But Maguro doesn’t feel the need to train Medaka although he knows she is weaker but is still considerably strong. But she wants to be strong enough to protect everyone. Strangers and enemies. She also wants to know about the Flask Plan. However he is reluctant to tell. Because he was a former 13 Party member (he quit shortly since he didn’t get along with the rest), he takes off his shirt to reveal the hideous operation scars over his body. As price for leaving 13 Party, several of his internal organs were taken! He will tell her anything else except Flask Plan. That’s because he doesn’t want her to meet his same fate. To him, she is all the motivation he needs! Siscon! He even admits his perverted nature and his tough training will include lots of molestation and sexual harassment. Medaka accepts the challenge and will reform him into a proper human being. Zenkichi thought he is out of the league but surprisingly Maguro wants him to join. He knows Zenkichi has trained hard but wants him to become stronger so he can continue to protect Medaka. He is overcome with emotion and agrees. So the monster management training commences. Given a choice of training they want, obviously the duo chose the one that has torture, pain and all kinds of tough obstacles rather than one that makes them stronger through sleeping.

Episode 3
Medaka and Zenkichi meet Oudo at the clock tower top. She’s not here as a woman but as a student council president. She’s not here to answer his proposal but about Flask Plan. Oudo orders them to bow but thanks to a certain sicko’s training, their hard work paid off and they are able to withstand it. Oudo knows who that sicko is but merely notes that if threats are ineffective, he shall simply use force. Zenkichi didn’t like the tone of his voice and uses his flying kick to send him off the tower. To their surprise, they see him standing straight up on the side (something about the Earth being too small and thus gravity has no effect on him – Or he may be using his feet and abs power to just stand like that). Oudo reveals bits of 13 Party being guinea pigs and that Medaka should join if she wants to help others. However she is not dumb to join a project she doesn’t know. He words it differently if they were given a potion that turns them into geniuses, will they drink it? No! But others would’ve answered differently. More accurately, such option doesn’t even come to Normals. In short, Flask Plan is to create geniuses without hard work and effort. Medaka is against such an idea because there are sacrifices. Otherwise, Maguro wouldn’t have quit, right? Oudo continues that Flask Plan will be completed by sacrificing every Sandbox student. He predicts 98% of test subjects will break down. Though Hakama is doing it for his ideals, Oudo is treating it as a job. As reward, he shall receive 4 survivors and will be named Four Devas of his kingdom, thus his proposal to Medaka to be his queen. Of course she refuses. Since all that is left is to recruit her, he tells them Flask Plan is being carried out in a lab beneath this tower. Feel free to come join them anytime. Medaka vows to crush Flask Plan. Medaka and Zenkichi are back in their makeshift office and receive lots of letters from the suggestion box. Mainly about Class 13 since they suddenly started coming to school. And all this started just because of Medaka’s irregular dressing. What snowball effect. No use going over that now. She suits up and heads down to the lab.

They are confronted by a pair of twins guarding the door, Sanou and Unou Tsushima. She needs to key in a 6 digit number to enter. Since it is a one in a million chance, it is called the Door of Denial. However Medaka easily keys in the password and goes through! She hints to Zenkichi it is just like keying into the ATM machine and his Leo sign. Of course he is not confident when Akune and Kikaijima come by. They heard it all from Shiranui and they’re not afraid of the dangers they will face but afraid of being left behind. Akune gives Kikaijima to go first and she keys in the correct password at first go! From the guys’ talk, it seems that the secret password is Zenkichi’s birthday. Because the door is used to select unusual people, it will always be open for Medaka. That’s why she hinted those to Zenkichi and thus the next number he should’ve keyed in. But now that password isn’t valid anymore. No problem, Akune takes the iron candle stick and is going to break the door a million times! Hard work always succeeds! Besides, the door broke down after 152 monstrous hits. The gang are faced with an elevator that head straights down to the lowest thirteenth floor. However there is a password. Taking the stairs won’t need a password but they will have to go through every floor. That’s what they intend to do since they’re here to find out more information. Hakama notes Medaka has brought more of her friends and is excited to gauge her abilities as she is not part of Flask Plan. Shiranui warns him not to underestimate them because Medaka excels most by exerting her powerful influence upon others. That’s why she hates her. The quartet are walking through as Medaka realizes they’re walking in circles. Medaka asks Kikaijima to do her trick and she gives out a loud scream. Due to her lung capacity (she’s from the swimming team), her voice is able to echo and off the walls like a sonar and this gives Medaka an idea the layout of the floor. 13 Party members, Shigusa Takachiho is impressed with her method. Zenkichi and Akune wanted to punch him but missed (they made a challenge to see who could punch a 13 Party member first). Medaka recognizes him in Hakama’s office trying to make a move on her (to kill her, that is). Takachiho admits his forte in combat science and if they want to pass, they must participate in his experiment. Medaka is more than happy to oblige since it will gauge how much she has improved.

Episode 4
As motivation for her to fight, Takachiho shows a pendrive that contains all his research data. It’s something more precious than his life and he won’t easily give it to her. Medaka prepares to square off and gives him the advantage to go first. Suddenly out of nowhere she gets a flying knee kick which she stops with her head butt! Is her head that thick?! However she is strongly kicked away. Medaka is all smiles and claims victory because she has stolen his pendrive. Seems she chose to grab his data over dodging his kick. Takachiho has the last laugh because suddenly Medaka realizes the pendrive in her hand is missing and Takachiho is behind her. How did he get by without them noticing? Medaka isn’t puzzled but happy instead. Because he claims to be the strongest of 13 Party, this means if she beats him, the rest would be easier to handle. Medaka notes his strange ability and throws Unzen’s super balls at him. Amazingly he avoids every ball with exact precision! He’s like waltzing through the field of floating balls without touching any! Medaka could guess his abnormality. He is not fast but quick. Eh? From Medaka’s mumbo-jumbo explanation, Takachiho possesses super reflex. They can’t respond to his actions as he always gets an earlier start on his movements. That’s why he always seemed to appear out of nowhere. Takachiho admits this abnormal reflex of his that he was born with. Imagine a plane on autopilot mode. That is what he is. Zenkichi suggests Medaka to use her clone technique as he won’t know how to react till the second before they hit. Surprisingly Takachiho is able to grab the real Medaka and break her right arm. It doesn’t matter what his brain perceives the illusions because his actions are pure reflex and not reaction. Medaka notes one broken arm is the price to pay to still his pendrive. Takachiho begins to understand Medaka’s abnormality. She has no reflex! She can manually control her muscles to do what she commands, the reason she can dodge enemy attacks or not to. Now that she has taken his pendrive, she has no reason to fight him. On the contrary, you think that little pendrive is able to contain all his data? He’s got another one. The real one. 128TB!!!

Medaka can’t afford to lose another arm so she’s going to use her some skill of hers and teach him his reflexes may be fast but aren’t necessarily optimal. When she takes off her shoes and starts jumping up and down, Zenkichi knows this dangerous move and tells the rest to get away from her collateral damage area. Takachiho notices a delay between her actions and sound. Suddenly before he knows it, he is hit! He is send flying in the air! His body bloodied! The walls beside are all crushed! There was no sound that his reflex couldn’t kick in. How can she be faster than sound or light? She dismisses a human’s body is impossible to do that. What she did was jump at irregular rhythm and made her move when he blinked? So this is her Phantom move? She regrets destroying his data in the process. Now that both sides are injured (but they can still stand), Medaka wants to call this a draw. But Takachiho doesn’t want her to go. She still has a reason to fight. She is the reason. She is the monster he’s sought the opportunity to talk to. She must have felt the same way too. Medaka agrees to play with him a little longer because she wants to let her fist do the talking. Then they start exchanging blows and the rest are wondering if Takachiho is seriously injured that his reflex couldn’t activate. However he is happy. He has been waiting for this moment that someone could hit him like this. That’s why he joined Flask Plan even though he knew the possibilities were remote. None of 13 Party could hit him till monster Medaka came along. Medaka is about to end this fun but misses her punch. It seems it wasn’t Takachiho’s reflex that kicked in. It was a combination of reflex and judgement that he learnt and grew from this fight. Medaka’s reflex has her land a chop kick on his head to knock him out. Takachiho realizes that it is not she doesn’t have reflexes, she can turn them on or off at her will. Hakama notes how Abnormals crave relationship and people to understand them and is confident Medaka will realize she is no different and by meeting the other ‘monsters’, she will soon change her mind. He is sure she will struggle in the next floor because 13 Party’s Kei Munakata is the nation’s most wanted mass murderer.

Episode 5
Arriving in an artificial landscape made to look like a traditional Japanese garden, the gang meet Munakata who seems to allow them to pass and have no reason to fight them. Suddenly he whips out a sword and cuts strands of Medaka’s hair! Apparently that was a lie to let her guard down to kill her. He reveals he is a master of hidden weapons and demonstrates by displaying the many weapons he hid within his body. Then he explains his twisted reasons for killing. Seems any reason, good or bad, have reason or not, he will kill! Even if Hakama tells him not to kill them, it is a reason why he will kill them! Medaka wants to fight him when suddenly Maguro comes out of nowhere to grope her boobs! Medaka Punch! What is this pervert doing here? Where little sister goes, big brother goes. That’s like a perverted stalker, right? Maguro wants Medaka to sit back and rest her injuries. So who is Munakata going to kill? Maguro signals Zenkichi to enter the fray. Don’t worry. He’s ready to do it. He won’t die even if he’s killed. Eh? What? Maguro notes that this is Zenkichi’s test to see whether he is worthy to protect Medaka having stood by her through thick and thin for 13 years. Zenkichi refuses a sword Munakata offers him to fight. Maguro notes it was the right move because had he accepted it, he would’ve been sliced. When Munakata fights him with lots of swords, Zenkichi deflects them all! It’s all stuck on the roof! Munakata shifts to using hammer but he blocks them. Akune realizes something. Munakata may be a master of concealing weapons but he doesn’t seem to be good in using them. Also, it was Maguro that thought Munakata how to hide weapons. Maguro reveals he has no talent in wielding weapons because he doesn’t treat them as objects with souls or extensions of his body. Now Munakata uses a club with thorns. How can Zenkichi deflect or block this one? He takes off and uses his shirt to block it. Now it’s come to this, Munakata resorts to guns! Holy cow! However Zenkichi uses Savate martial art kicking style to kick all the guns off his hands and dismantle them in a blink of an eye! Maguro comments his biasness towards Zenkichi is because he is normal just like everyone else. He does everything normally and even does give up and persevere. Medaka remembers the things Zenkichi had to put up with just to follow her around. She realizes she loves him. Did we hear that right? Did Akune hear that right? Yes we did.

If guns won’t work, now he’s using bombs! And if that doesn’t, here’s a bazooka! He’s going to blast Zenkichi and his friends away. Even so, Zenkichi is fast enough to kick it away. But now it’s getting dangerous. Munakata has unloaded so much hidden weapons that he will be faster now. Zenkichi is still faster as he lands a kick into him. Thinking he has won, he puts back his shirt only to be stabbed with Munakata’s hidden weapons. He was just faking his defeat. Medaka becomes devastated and starts crying aloud. Maguro steps in to take responsibility but Munakata wonders was it for sending a Normal to face him or initiating this Flask Plan. Because if he didn’t, Hakama wouldn’t have got any weird ideas and this kid wouldn’t have died. Suddenly Zenkichi stands up. Perhaps he is so stubborn and thick skin that he can’t die. Medaka is so relieved that she starts calling his name like a broken tape recorder. He wants her to give him encouragement and a simple call to tell him to do his best, Zenkichi gives his biggest stomp. Is he trying to start an earthquake? Remember all the earlier weapons stuck on the ceiling? It came crashing down on Munakata! That effectively kills/ends the bout. Munakata couldn’t believe he went this far to even think of such just-in-case scenario. You can thank his paranoia for that. Cleaning things up, Zenkichi says it isn’t necessary to hand him over to the police because he’s not a killer. The fact that Zenkichi is still standing is evidence (I thought he was just lucky and planned it thoroughly). Munakata reveals how he wanted to kill everyone badly. Of course people die when they’re killed (duh!). That’s why everyone near him ran away as far as they could, leaving him lonely. It was a lonely path although he won’t become a killer. However he still wants to have friends and fun with others. That’s why he joined Flask Plan. Zenkichi took a big risk when he fought him and it’s because he trusted his abnormality. Munakata never had anyone trusted him. He asks Zenkichi to be his friend. Don’t worry, he’s not pulling any punches here. He’s sincere. Zenkichi shrugs that silly question off because the fact that they are fighting means they are already friends. Munakata is touched and shakes his hand. Meanwhile Hakama decides to retract his statement about Munakata being a mass murderer. It was just a lie to keep people away. Noting he will be fine and won’t make the wrong decision, he however didn’t expect this development in his plan because it was all for Medaka. He needs to keep an eye on Zenkichi and is cautious he might be an Abnormal underneath a Normal skin. However Shiranui dismisses that because Zenkichi is her normal friend. Then again, she notes she has no friends.

Episode 6
Entering the next level filled with zoo animals, Medaka gets this urge to pet them all. However, Kikaijima doesn’t like animals and runs them down and thus the girls end up in a petty useless squabble. Maguro notices that the animals are not afraid of Medaka. This means this is no ordinary zoo and he guesses this facility which wasn’t around during his time is run by his successor, Youka Naze. Speaking of which, Akune happens to bump into that zombie-mummy-girl-with-a-knife-sticking-out-of-her-head. They used to be classmates. She wants to make a deal, she’ll spare their lives if they get out and stop interrupting their research. I guess that’s no-can-do. Suddenly Itami Koga drops down behind and is seconds away from cutting Akune’s neck with a wire. Like somewhat a joke, Akune’s life flashes before his eyes and this means flashback time. During his middle school years, Akune was known as the Destroyer as he destroyed anything in his path and was under the command of the student council president, Misogi Kumagawa. One day he was ordered to take out Medaka. He did his job but became baffled that each time he destroyed her, she would come back to school the next day like normal. Just with more bandages. So much so she became popular and Akune’s reputation took a dive and no longer feared as he couldn’t destroy a single girl. Then all those he had crossed path with ganged up and beat him up led by Zenkichi who is out to avenge for his childhood friend. But Medaka put a stop to this and doesn’t want them to pick on the weak. She believed that Akune once showed mercy to the weak. With a little pep talk, Akune had a change of heart and turned over a new leaf. But this led to a showdown between Medaka and Kumagawa. That will be another story because Akune manages to break free from Koga’s wire. Naze shuts close this floor and reintroduces herself along with her friend. Naze is the current supervisor of Flask Plan. Despite knowing Medaka is the one bringing change and Zenkichi does not change, she is only interested in Akune because he is the one who changed the most.

Koga fights Akune in handstand style and only using her powerful legs. Naze notes that Takachiho may be the strongest man in 13 Party but Koga is the strongest woman. He counters her moves by lying down and using grappling moves. He favours this move because it doesn’t destroy his opponents. Naze thought he was too kind but it won’t do him any good since it doesn’t strangle his opponent. Using a tokusatsu genre as example, Koga is like a cyborg. Her strength enables her to break free from his grapples. Naze reveals her job and hobby in human modification and thus every part of Koga has been modified by her. Too much kicking has the floor giving way as they crash through the next level. Another flashback reveals Koga was just a normal girl. Everything she did or had was normal. Then she met Naze and had to rethink about her normal life when she transferred school. Naze was the most bullied student in school. In reality her treatment was an extreme cry for help and harsh words were desperate pleas. As a result, she was able to control the entire school. Then Koga confronted her and wanted to be messed up. That’s when she turned into a completely normal girl into an Abnormal one thanks to her abnormal attraction to Abnormals. Did you understand that right? At the level in which Naze conducts her human modifications, Koga continues to kick but Akune breaks her leg with an illegal judo grappling move. However within 10 seconds Koga’s injuries heal and she lands a kick on Akune’s shoulder. He realizes whether his techniques were destructive or not, it has no effect on her. Naze wants to end this disappointing experiment, the one whereby Akune a product of Medaka stood no chance against Koga the product of Naze. Suddenly Maguro flips Naze’s skirt just to see her panties! WTF?! He is interested in girls’ panties? I thought this pervert is only interested in anything on Medaka! Apparently when the zoo level closes itself, they went down the next level and spread out to search for Akune. So he’s not here to rescue him. Too bad. So it’s a showdown between ex-supervisor and current supervisor.

Episode 7
We get it, Maguro! You don’t need to repeat that he’s a pervert! Furthermore, he claims he is no ordinary pervert because he steals 4 things from a girl: Her attention, bra, panties and heart (in that order). About his little sister fetish? He views every girl in this world to be his little sister! Including young boys. WTF???!!! True pervert! Naze makes him lose balance when she says she’s not wearing bra. They challenge each other to strip if the other is the inferior one. She’ll let him see for himself if she’s wearing bra or not. I guess this means Akune has to fight on his behalf, eh? Koga attacks Akune with a grappling move but lets her guard down when Maguro strips off his pants. This allows Akune to grab her and dislocate her joint so she can’t heal. However she surprised him by popping it back after a few seconds of pain. As fanservice, Naze strips off her skirt. When Maguro hints to Akune that it’s not about his destruction or non-destruction technique, but whether he is limited to destroy or not, Naze quickly orders Koga to finish him fast. As they grapple, Akune thinks back it breaks his heart to hear Koga scream in pain. But how can she feel pain if she is said to be a cyborg? Why are pain receptors necessary for her then even if it’s just temporary? Then he pins her down. This is not a destructive or non-destructive technique. Huh? It’s a technique to exhaust her. Since her modified body expends energy at rapid rate, pain is an indication that she’ll run out of energy. Thus her weakness is fatigue. Naze is about to strip off her top but Maguro is more interested to see her face behind that mask rather than her no-bra. Koga doesn’t want her to listen to him and despite Naze saying she is never concerned about her friend, she still cares because when she was shunned by everyone, Koga was the only person who came to talk to her. She removes her bandage mask and everyone stares at her, stunned. Who ever thought she looked this pretty? Maybe that’s why she wanted to hide her face. The unwarranted staring made her feel embarrassed. Besides, doesn’t her face look familiar? Indeed. To Akune’s surprise, Maguro becomes serious and puts on his pants when he should’ve been stripping further. Something is not right. Naze wants Akune to let Koga go and admits defeat. She throws down her data for Flask Plan for them. Maguro wonders if she is running away. He knows her real name: Kujira Kurokami.

Flashback reveals the Kurokami family was one of the powerful families in Japan. Naturally we all know about Maguro and Medaka so it’s no surprise nobody knew about the middle child named Kujira. She didn’t have outstanding traits like her siblings and prefer to shun herself away from human contact. Perhaps her only forte was biology. If she had an abnormality, it was self control. She would shut herself in and study all the way instead of having fun. It was hell. To her, the greatest things only came from hell. And because she was born with privileges, looks and fortune, it was like a big betrayal to her belief and felt it would ruin her. Only the taste of hell and unhappiness was her way of life. Medaka and Maguro loved her but she didn’t accept it and found it unnecessary. Then on her eleventh birthday, she ran away from home and for the first time stepped out of her domain and never returned. That was 6 years ago. Maguro reveals he has always been looking for her. The real reason he joined the Flask Plan. He never cared about human limits but his sisters. He lied about saying all the girls are his sisters. The only sisters he has in this world are Medaka and Kujira. He thought about her every day and permits her to have some happiness. Naze turns around like an emotional sister reuniting with her long lost brother. When they hug, she stabs a syringe into him. She says her life began 6 years ago, the hell life that she always wanted. She doesn’t need happy things like brothers or family. Maguro’s mind begins to feel fuzzy. Naze isn’t sure what she injected but she knows if she takes out a family member, she will be more unhappy (doesn’t she mean happy?) and will be able to create better Abnormals. She is bent on continuing Flask Plan when Medaka breaks through the wall thinking somebody said Kujira’s name. She instantly recognizes her long lost sister.

Episode 8
Akune warns Medaka that Naze has erased her own memories of her past. Naze doesn’t view her as her sister but an enemy. Before she could make a move, Medaka smacks her head down right to the ground! Medaka has no problems in viewing her as both. Naze reveals she injected a drug that normalizes Abnormals. However it is incomplete and its side effect is excruciating pain. Naze is pleased that she is causing unhappiness by using her brother as a guinea big. But Medaka points out she respects for her unhappiness philosophy crap. Because the old Kujira would never bring unhappiness to others. She demands an antidote but Naze will change her mind Medaka becomes her guinea pig. She immediately accepts and injects herself. After Medaka passes out, Naze twists her words that she never promised to give the antidote. Koga is about to finish the guys but Medaka manages to stand up and block her punch. The reason she can move normally it is because she is Normal. Get it? Medaka doesn’t mind losing her abnormality. Naze then admits defeat and throws the antidote to her. Akune doesn’t want Medaka to accept this bluff however she instantly stabs herself with it and passes out. She will never doubt the words of a loved one. Akune couldn’t believe Naze did such a wicked thing. Naze reveals this drug has memory suppressant. When Medaka wakes up, she doesn’t know who she is or her purpose. What will be of Medaka once you strip her of her abnormality, memory and sense of purpose? Despite not knowing what is going on, Medaka still wants to fight. This made Akune to think her memory is separate from her personality. But Maguro notes in that case Medaka would have chosen not to fight unless she’s forgotten her 15 years as Medaka and that event 13 years ago. In the end, the one sided match has Koga beating up everyone so Naze wants to stop or it would look like she’s bullying the weak. Naze surprises the guys by saying that Medaka’s abnormality should have returned since the drug was incomplete. However she lost to Koga who is close to exhaustion. She notes that many people pay attention to Medaka’s abnormality rather than her personality supporting that abnormality. Now that she’s gone this far, she has one more test left to conduct. What happens if you put a different personality inside Medaka? Normally that would be like wiping out one’s memories. Normally. So she’s going to see Oudo for this final experiment. Koga takes Naze with Medaka and jumps right down the hole to the bottom. Maguro laments he failed to save Kujira this time. Naze and Koga have put Medaka right in place at Oudo’s place. Koga notes the student council will be here any time soon. This is when 13 Party’s Plus Six offer to help her ward them off. Another bunch of weird freaks that include Gunki Itoshima, Otome Yunomae, Hamaya Hyakuchou, Yutori Chikuzen, Yamami Tsurumisaki and Shoko Kamimine. Naze didn’t think they’d be interested in this but it buys her time.

Akune and Zenkichi are in an argument to save Medaka. Zenkichi wants to return to the back top first instead of putting all the responsibility on Kikaijima (she’s the only one not injured). Suddenly here comes Unzen. He tells him has asking for help ever cross his mind? Not only him but others who lost to the student council: Nabeshima, Onigase, Myouga, Takachiho and Munakata. Yeah. Team Loser is here. What a name. Apparently Shiranui twitted about their situation and here they are. Zenkichi is worried since they are hurt but Unzen doesn’t give a sh*t. It’s not that Zenkichi cares about them. If Medaka finds out that they got hurt on her behalf, she’ll cry. And he doesn’t want to see Medaka cry again! He’s already crying himself… Nabeshima suggests the elevator at the first floor that heads straight to the bottom. Yeah. That’ll be faster. Meanwhile Oudo is about to begin his brainwashing on Medaka to be the only woman who submits to no one but him. Yukuhashi also mentions to him about what Naze said that Medaka was weak when her heart was empty. He goes off to do his job and Oudo reminds him not to let Naze see his face. Yukuhashi tells the difference between the veil Naze wears and the masks he wears. While veils are to conceal, masks are for deceiving. Just as Unzen keys in the password for the elevator, pops up Plus Six waiting for them. I guess they expected those cheaters to take the easy way. Unzen tells Zenkichi that there’s a change in plan. He wants the student council to take the stairs down to rescue Medaka while the rest hold down Plus Six. This is no longer about Flask Plan. It’s about survival. He hates to admit it but they may need Medaka’s help to get out of this one. With much reluctance, the student council rush off while Team Loser fights the powerful Plus Six and their weird but powerful abilities. It might take some time for them to rescue Medaka because on the second last floor, the gang are faced with Yukuhashi in a video arcade-like environment. All Yukuhashi needs to do is stale them for 15 minutes and by then Medaka’s brainwashing will be done. Kikaijima didn’t like how they gang up on a younger girl for Flask Plan but Yukuhashi says he was never interested in it. The only thing he is interested in is Oudo the perfectionist. He is so amazing that it was hard to measure him. Till Medaka came along. You can say she will be used as a measuring stick and a comparison. Before the student council could do anything, they all pass out. But Yukuhashi notices the uninjured one, Kikaijima still stands. How did she not breathe in the sleeping gas? She’s a swimmer who can hold her breath for a long time, remember?

Episode 9
Kikaijima remembers after she was roped in by Medaka to join the student council, at times Medaka asked common sense questions so stupid that it made her jaw dropped. Really. Despite being a quick learner, if you don’t explain everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, she’d in up in some sort of trouble. It was during an outing to the amusement park that she realized Medaka was just an ordinary girl like herself. Yukuhashi wants to avoid fighting her and decides to irritate her and inhale the sleeping gas by talking about Medaka. Kikaijima lets out a loud scream that sends him flying back for insulting her friend. Yukuhashi thought she had inhaled enough gas to fall asleep but she surprises him by waking up by biting off a fingernail! Yukuhashi tries to reconvince her that Medaka was once her enemies but Kikaijima argues back about the bond and friendship they have. Yukuhashi realizes her feelings and words match and needs to deal with this quickly or else she’ll figure out his abnormality’s weakness. When Kikaijima lets loose another screaming vocal attack, Yukuhashi manages to fend it away. He reveals his abnormality to read minds and thus anything she does will be futile. On the topic of friendship, he says that is only possible when you are equals. Since Kikaijima is not equal to Medaka, she doesn’t qualify to save her. He might respect Oudo but never thought of him as a friend because a king must always be alone. Kikaijima bites off more fingernails to stay awake. She is pissed off with everyone including Zenkichi and Akune of giving Medaka special treatment. It is because of that she ends up more and more lonely. She doesn’t need to read her mind to know her because she is her friend. Yukuhashi remembers how he could always hear everyone’s thoughts. It’s so noisy it could drive him crazy. Till he met Oudo. Knowing he can read minds, he wants to know what his superior mind is thinking. His mind went blank before reading he was thinking about himself. It was then he realized he was born to meet him and this ability was given to him to understand him. Yukuhashi is a little desperate. He can’t read Kikaijima’s mind and his provocation backfired. In actual find, Kikaijima was acting on impulse than thinking but she is in a dilemma to go save her friends because she also feels afraid and wants to run away. Kikaijima lets loose one last vocal scream and causes the ceiling above to crash and injure her, much to Yukuhashi’s dismay because he too is in pain.

Kikaijima has figured out his abnormality. In addition to read minds, he can also feel the feelings of others. She thought he was a coward of using sleeping gas but realized it was the only way to make them lose their will to fight and defeat them. Because she notes he doesn’t know how to hurt others or fight. Ironically he may look like a key member of 13 Party but he is the gentlest person in the world for being able to feel everyone’s feelings. Another weakness of his abnormality is that he knows people’s feelings are sincere and genuine and not faking it. This means he is easily swayed by other people’s emotions. Before he could cross over to Kikaijima’s side, here comes Oudo. This could only mean that Medaka’s brainwashing is completed and he was looking for him to read her mind. Kikaijima lashes at Oudo about his brainwashing. But she can’t stand up to his weighted words when he commands her to bow before him. So powerful that even the machines ‘bow’. He tells Yukuhashi to go far away because he’s going to slam all the machines onto her. A pain he definitely won’t be able to withstand. But did he miss? Perhaps it was because of his supreme presence that woke up Zenkichi and to Kikaijima’s rescue. Akune is also up and grapples Oudo from behind. He deduces his abnormality is controlling gravity but was proven wrong when Oudo blasts him away. He thinks they’ve read too much battle manga if they deduce his power as such including hypnotism or telekinesis. Zenkichi remembers he conquered his abnormality once but Oudo tells him to look at his own hand. Zenkichi is strangling Kikaijima! He wants hiding Maguro to explain to them his true power. Reluctantly he reveals if Yukuhashi’s abnormality was to read minds, Oudo is a total opposite. In short, he controls minds. Due to some mumbo-jumbo about waves and motor nerves, he can control man and machine. They will obey him even against their own will. Zenkichi is able to break free when he was a little distracted. He chides him about brainwashing Medaka because if so, Medaka won’t be Medaka anymore. Though an interesting opinion, Oudo points out in that case Zenkichi would also be the same as him. Did he not hope Medaka would change her ways too? Has he ever wished she stop flaunting her ideals and become a normal girl? Zenkichi admits they are all at Medaka’s mercy but it still isn’t right to brainwash her. Yukuhashi interjects that maybe Medaka has brainwashed Zenkichi. Oudo and Medaka aren’t different in exacting their influence over others. While Oudo controls others, Medaka reforms and modifies their behaviour. Zenkichi believes in Medaka’s ways and that she is right. Oudo doesn’t like his arrogance and only such is reserved for him. Then Medaka comes in. Make that Revised Medaka. She admits it was wrong of her to always be so right.

Episode 10
This isn’t the Medaka we all know. But she claims she is not brainwashed either. She has merely come to her senses. She wants her student council members to assist in the Flask Plan that she will join because she realizes her mission is to fully realize the rare and supreme being she is and not the delusional born to help strangers. Maguro notes Medaka will use Flask Plan for that as its goal is to create perfect humans. Just like how Medaka was 13 years ago when she was under the control of her abnormality. Her friends feel the project is dangerous as it requires sacrifices but she has no interest in other people’s feelings. Because they won’t assist her, she dismisses them from the student council and will join 13 Party. If her plan works out, she will marry Oudo. But the student councils won’t give up yet. They made a promise never to quit and seeing that she has changed too much, they view her no longer as Medaka and will act on her behalf. Medaka uses weighted words to make them bow before her. Looks like she has learnt from Oudo this abnormality too. Medaka feels she has lifted a burden off her shoulder but Maguro doesn’t think so. Otherwise, why would she be crying? (Medaka doesn’t realize she’s even crying). Zenkichi is able to break free, claiming he spent 13 years listening to her ordering him around so her words don’t hold any weight on him. He will defeat her and bring back the original Medaka. You can say he doesn’t want this lame upgrade and will downgrade her. As Zenkichi fights Medaka, Naze notices how Medaka is using every abnormal technique she has learnt recently. But Maguro notes that even though she is able to learn, nobody could ever teach her anything. So while Medaka continues to analyze Zenkichi’s movement, she is also able to recall the memories that Maguro mentioned. Flashback time.

When Medaka first came into this world, her mother instantly died not because of complications but a heart attack after hearing her scream. She thought her mother had fulfilled her duty of bringing her into this world and died. She was then brought to the Kurokami household and felt disgusted that as though the family was there to catch her. She began studying and reading and before her first birthday, she read all the books in the huge study hall and absorbed all kinds of knowledge. Adults admired here but it is not long they became unsettled. Then she realized the lives of countless mathematicians and professors she ruined just by solving the many equations and formulas they took years to slog and stump over. It was sad but she didn’t feel anything. She began to wonder about her purpose. When she was 2 years old, she was taken to a hospital that monitors Abnormals. The doctors couldn’t answer her question and that’s when she met a boy (perhaps Kumagawa) who told her humans are born with no purpose and they die for nothing. He knows she has ruined lives of others like him and that they were brought here. They can do whatever they want because their lives are aimless. That was the last time she saw him. She accepted this answer and felt a weight lifted from her chest. She continued to stay at the hospital and one day she got bored with the constant checks and ventured into the waiting room and met Zenkichi. He was having trouble with some puzzles so Medaka easily shows it how it is done. He is so happy she could solve so many in a short time but to her it wasn’t. Then when she asked about the meaning of her life, Zenkichi told her that they’ve only just met and she already made him this happy. He knows she was born to make everyone happy.

Zenkichi wants to know why Medaka isn’t dodging her kicks and her answer was because she had no reason to fight him. It was those words that made him who she is today. It gave meaning to her life. She discovered herself. With tears streaming down both eyes, can we say Medaka is back? Well. No. That was all in the past and it changes nothing! Medaka launches her attack on Zenkichi and says she no longer needs that purpose he gave 13 years ago. Oudo might not understand what’s going on but he tells Maguro that his plan failed. Maguro admits so and that his brainwashing is stronger than his analysis. So consider rejoining Flask Plan? Maybe. He has lost both his sisters that he wouldn’t mind destroying the world. Medaka strangles Zenkichi because this is the only way it will stop her tears and the only way to move closer to achieve perfection. Zenkichi is cool with it. He can’t stand look at what she’s become. But when he was asked to remember the words he said 13 years ago, he didn’t exactly remember them. He believed in them and that hasn’t changed. Suddenly sparks appear out from Medaka’s head and she’s screaming in pain. The rest figured she is trying to brainwash herself. Before she brainwashes herself to nothing, Zenkichi grabs her and tells her to stop. He apologizes for what he said because if it meant hurting her, he didn’t want her to revert back. He doesn’t want her to suffer or cry just to make everyone else happy. And when he says everyone, it includes her. So if she wants to make everyone happy, be happy herself first. Now can we say the real Medaka is back? Yes! She is born to help others and will crush Flask Plan. And to be happy with everyone else too. Naze deduces Medaka also picked up Yukuhashi’s empathy and concludes humans are continuously brainwashing each other. Maguro wishes she’d be more careful in what she said because she will be unhappy for the rest of her life. He also feels Medaka is blessed to have Zenkichi by her side. But now is the final time for the final experiment with Oudo. Medaka is going to end this and make everyone happy.

Episode 11
Heading down to the lowest level to settle their score, the place is very cold because it holds over 131,000 super computers running 24/7 365 days a year to analyze Abnormals. In other words, Oudo runs Flask Plan on his own and if you defeat him, you are as good as destroying Flask Plan. Oudo sets out his final offer for Medaka. There are other 100,000 people staking their lives on this project. Taking out this project means making them unhappy. Has Medaka considered everyone becoming the perfect human being not having to worry about troubles? That is what Flask Plan is about, making the world a happier place. But Medaka is against using this academy as a guinea pig. Oudo won’t insist her to become his wife but wants her to join Flask Plan. If she wants to prevent any sacrifices, she should use her brilliant mind to solve that. It’s a win-win situation. Medaka declines his fine deal because creating a perfect human is impossible. Even if human becomes perfect, he will not be perfect if he lacks imperfections. Get it? Koga didn’t like what she said and wants to beat her up. Oudo knows she is not good enough to beat Medaka but Koga begs to differ. She defeated her once and reminds him that his abnormality isn’t optimal for fighting. Oh, he begs to differ. There is another way. Oudo zaps Koga’s back and reveals his second abnormality called unreasonable taxation. In short, he steals other’s abnormality and lets him use it at 100% rate. Oudo uses Koga’s strength to kick Medaka away. As he brags about himself and how he has proven Naze’s theory, he is surprised to see Naze crying by Koga’s side. She is devastated her friend is about to die and pleads to Maguro to save her! She’ll do anything because Koga means a lot to her than any policy. She apologizes about all those unhappiness stuff. I don’t think she’s crying crocodile tears. Maguro wants her to promise not to be foolish and desire her own unhappiness again even if she breaks them later. Huh? What’s the point of promising then? Oudo thought Naze was pathetic to ask an enemy’s help and turns his attention to Yukuhashi. However he is down due to feeling Koga’s pain. Oudo is going to tax Medaka’s abnormality so Medaka reluctantly asks if he is even human. He proudly declares he is one. In that case, Medaka would rather be a monster. She turns into her War God mode and swiftly attacks him.

Flashback reveals Oudo survived alone on the streets for 7 years and though he knew he had these abnormal powers, he chose not to use them or let him rule the world. He views it as a test to control them. At age 6 he left his parents for he know once his abnormal powers were discovered, they would try to use him. He felt sad and wished to use his powers for world peace and happiness and the only time he used them was to learn more about them. He managed to develop himself and 3 years before he enrolled at Sandbox, he was to give a speech to his fellow students to tell them to be happy and to cherish their loved ones. The moment he said to bow on their knees, everyone did it without question. He was devastated he couldn’t control his powers. Back to the fight, Oudo kicks hard enough for Medaka’s arms to rip but to his surprise she instantly used Koga’s healing upon contact as defence. Oudo starts to panic because her abnormality is no longer simple imitation. Medaka denies she stole his abnormality because if she does, he would have become powerless like Koga now. Maguro has Naze explain Medaka’s abnormality since she is the current supervisor of Flask Plan and it’s her responsibility. After observing how she learnt the abnormal powers from others, she seems to be able to switch them on or off. The end result is that Medaka has full control while in War God mode which previously had her going out of control. With this Altered God Mode, she can control herself and use 120% of her power. Oudo is devastated she has full control of powers to rule, a power which he tried 7 years to accomplish but failed. Medaka’s abnormality is that she masters and perfects them and not taking the skills of others. She calls this skill The End. Great naming sense everybody in this anime got, eh? Medaka dismisses she is perfect but a monster pretending to be human. Oudo won’t accept that because she crushed the abnormalities that Class 13 risked their lives for. He won’t accept she is just playing when she has mastered and perfected them. Medaka offers Oudo to take her powers if he desires it so much. Oudo takes up her offer though the rest sees it as her way of destroying Flask Plan.

When Oudo starts taxing the power, he is suddenly engulfed in darkness. He saw something inside of Medaka that it made him freaking scared. He quickly backs out and can’t believe she lives with that thing inside of her. He won’t have it inside of him! Is that all he has to say? Guess what? Oudo admits he lost. He won’t claim to be king again. Flask Plan is shelved as of today. Please forgive him. Wow. That’s good. But is there all he has to say? He pledge to ensure Yukuhashi and Koga survive. He promise to compensate all those sacrificed to the project. So please, forgive him. Is that all he has to say?! He’ll never use weighted words or unreasonable taxation again. He’ll never do evil again! Therefore, please forgive him. Is that all he has to say? What else is there to say?! Say sorry for all the wrongs he had done! Immediately Oudo goes down on his knees to beg for forgiveness. And Medaka forgives him! Wow! Superb! What a total change! So with the gang erasing the super computers (Medaka would have preferred to smash them), Zenkichi notes that even though Flask Plan is over, Hakama won’t let it go so easily. Once he learns Medaka’s abnormality a darkness beyond Abnormal, he won’t let her go. Zenkichi notes Medaka truly forgave Oudo because he wanted to beat him up badly. But if she did, they all wouldn’t be able to ride up the elevator together and chat like normal high school students. Medaka apologizes that she needs Oudo to use his weighted words to stop Plus Six and Team Loser fighting on the first floor. But when the door opens up, everyone is shocked to see both sides wiped out (including the twin guards)! Bloodied and being skewered by giant screws. And the culprit responsible for doing this pops up. It’s Kumagawa! He doesn’t feel it is his fault that it turned out this way because everybody was like that when they got here. He’s saying that with a smile and covered with blood? Oh Medaka. Your one nightmare has returned as a transfer student.

Episode 12
How about this? Ending the series with a side story of a side character. Well, at least that is how we view Kumagawa for now. Isn’t it abnormal? Najimi Ajimu AKA Anshinin introduces herself to us as Flask Plan’s creator and sums up what happened to our heroes, heroines and antagonists in the previous episode. Breaking the fourth wall that the producers didn’t plan accurately and thus the need for this little side episode, this is a story of Kumagawa before he ran into Medaka. A man as she says is capable of ruining everything with a mix of good and evil. And she tells to always keep our future bright and distance from reality whenever watching Kumagawa. You’re watching something abnormal, I guess. Kumagawa was the student council president of a prominent Japanese school, Fish Tank Academy. Student council’s general clerk, Saki Sukinasaki is devastated that her hair has turned blonde and brings this up to Kumagawa. She thinks Fude Ezumachi is responsible because his Colour of Beauty skill is the only one that allows him to manipulate colours. Doesn’t ring a bell who this guy is? He was the one the previous student council president, Aki Jakago expelled him before Kumagawa enrolled. From what Kumagawa understands, with Jakago’s departure, he is back. He agrees t meet him so that he could re-educate him (I suppose he found it weird that the JUMP magazine he was reading suddenly had all colours).

Ezumachi is painting a beautiful portrait of Jakago and he accuses Kumagawa of destroying Jakago, something which Kumagawa isn’t fully aware of (or at least he didn’t think he did). He adds that he wasn’t expelled but chose to leave on his own will so he will not affect her work. After Kumagawa drives a large screw into the painting, he faintly remembers he might have screwed Jakago good. Literally speaking, of course. Ezumachi then slices the painting himself and claims that he himself is the one who damaged Jakago artistically. He throws all his chisels at Kumagawa. Despite getting stab, he advises him it would be useless if he doesn’t stab at the right place. He takes out one of the chisel and stabs himself in the head. Then the painting reverts back to normal and Ezumachi realizes his uses his power called All Fiction, a power that undoes everything. He doesn’t find it artistic and changes Kumagawa’s clothes to pink to make him look less dangerous. But he removes his clothes and is about to attack when Ezumachi puts blue on his skin to make him go down. Saki thought he could use All Fiction to undo those blue bruises but as Ezumachi puts, they are just colour and not real bruises. But because his body perceives the colour to be bruises and they are not real, it means he cannot undo something which doesn’t exist. If All Fiction can undo anything, Ezumachi must create a non-existent lie. He labels Kumagawa a bigger loser than he expected. I suppose Kumagawa is in some dream state where he meets Anshinin. He ignores her at first and she thought Colour of Beauty skill was a skill that could defeat All Fiction. Kumagawa dismisses that as just a magic trick. She hopes he won’t give up easily in defeating her and after quoting the quadrillion abnormalities, minuses and skills she poses, she feels he still stands a chance to beat her. He’ll try that in the future and she looks forward to see his true strength.

When Kumagawa revives back in the room, Saki is by his side and her hair has returned to normal. I guess now we understand why she wears a mouth piece to cover her shark-like mouth. She sounds like a delinquent girl now. Some sort of ‘seal’? Kumagawa is going to see Ezumachi again. He thinks that his ability to change colour would mean he could change a girl’s panties colour. They are attractive because girls choose the colours themselves and him imposing his own preference isn’t right. I don’t know if this is justice or not but to Kumagawa, no one person should make all the decisions regarding panties colour. Doesn’t this make them just perverts? The duo walk through the corridors of their school to see it filled with different colours. Ezumachi remembers Jakago’s words as he paints her. She told him that since she controls oxygen, it makes their skills incompatible and one of them must leave. Ezumachi chooses to leave because he feels the school needs to be ruled by her beautiful colour. For without her, Fish Tank has no meaning. Ezumachi thinks Kumagawa hasn’t learnt his lesson but the latter is here to take action as student council against him for defacing the school. He wants to negotiate. He won’t ask what happened between him and Jakago and notes that this isn’t art but a prank. So if he allows him to right to choose the colour of panties around the world, he will allow him to colour this school as he likes! Didn’t I tell you he just a pervert?

Ezumachi turns his uniform grey so it will be brittle and shatter easily. But before he could use blue on his skin again, Kumagawa points out he has ran out of that colour. How can this be? Even the sky is red! Kumagawa has used All Fiction to undo the colour blue in this world. Blue doesn’t exist in this world anymore. Ezumachi couldn’t believe this evil so Kumagawa also removes red. Ezumachi becomes crazy about the removal of colours of this world but Kumagawa says he only planned to remove the 12 basic colours. But since he was expected to remove all colours, he’ll just do that. Then everything becomes black and white. But when he notes this won’t be enough to defeat Anshinin, Ezumachi couldn’t believe the crap he would pull to remove colours just to defeat someone. Yeah. He would even change his eye colour just for a chance to defeat her. Ezumachi attacks him but was impaled with lots of screws popping out from the ground. Ezumachi is not amused a world without colour is without any meaning. But Kumagawa tells him about the meaningless world. Colour changes nothing. People live and die for no reason. Ezumachi manages to stab the vital part in his forehead but he still notes that without the colour red, there can be no bloodshed and can’t bleed to death. Saki thought that he has finally chalked a victory on the board but he cautions that now the world is in black and white, the chalk would blend into the background and slowly fade away and disappear. In other words, he loses again.

Little Storm Brewing In A Flask…
Superb. The sequel didn’t disappoint and in fact is as engaging, if not more interesting than the sequel. In short, even with the distracting side story for the final episode, I enjoyed the second season as much as I did for the first. It is just a tad sad that there won’t be any continuation for a third season. At least for now. For this particular season, it was entirely focused in the destruction of Flask Plan and the journey descending to the underground basements of 13 Party. So much so that one may eventually have forgotten the basics about the suggestion box that Medaka introduced in the first season. They don’t really make any appearance except for that short little ‘cameo’ before Medaka begins her descend. So engrossed I was watching this season that I would have forgotten about the initial plot from the first season about Medaka’s goal to help strangers to her best ability. Even if she mentions this several times here, because we don’t really see her in action helping other students of Sandbox and merely in action with her fellow student council members against Class 13, it wasn’t that apparent.

For Medaka, what more can I say about her? There is so much I want to say and yet all those words just keep eluding me. Stumped for words? Maybe all the good (and even the bad) words in the world to describe her won’t be enough or even be accurate. So just to put it in my own way, Medaka is an admirable person whom everyone should strive to be. However after much thought, I think that is not possible or even desirable. Imagine if everyone is like Medaka, where would the fun be? Besides, if everybody became like her, then wouldn’t it be just like imitating her and not be their own unique selves? Thus Medaka will always be Medaka and everybody else will be everybody else. If Medaka really existed in real life, I would really want to be her follower. Yes, believe it! Despite her abnormality, she is much a normal girl. That is something I think she yearns to be and despite being perfect in many aspects, that normal girl wannabe thingy that very much eludes her makes her somewhat imperfect. Are you confused yet? Showing her incredible learning, mastering and perfecting skills may make her seem perfect and to some like a monster. Especially something dark that resides in her. I couldn’t bear to imagine the burden she has to live with and she makes it all seems so normal. That’s why we should all be thankful for Medaka. For everything. But if you ask me, her character makes her more human than others. She might pick up skills and knowledge and learn pretty fast but she has this quirky bit of not applying them correctly in society so in a way she looks pretty ‘stupid’ when she performs them at first go. Perfect but yet so imperfect. Get it? I think I should stop before I confuse myself too. But you can definitely be inspired and enlightened from the words she says. Words of wisdom if I may put some.

For the other members in the student council, I’m glad that each of them had their chance to shine in this sequel and they have improved quite a lot. It is their desire not to be on par to stand alongside Medaka and to protect her but to treat her equally as any other human being. They realize the importance of her as a dear friend and as proven will stick to her through thick and thin. Hey, that is what friends are for, right? For dear Maguro to join the gang, his sister fetish and his perversion may seem to be very creepy but I guess that was just a facade and his way of telling us he cares for his sisters. He might be perverted but he didn’t rape them, right? Holy cow! What was I thinking? But true, isn’t it? If he was a serious dude, that wouldn’t be fun, no? Imagine a humourless Maguro… I can’t fathom that! Aside Medaka, I think Maguro also has one of the coolest lines in the series. Maybe it runs in the family… Shiranui may not appear much in the previous season, but she appears even lesser here. Even when you see her, she is stuffing her face with all sorts of food. I guess we can pinpoint part of the source of why the world is running out of food. Her allegiance is still unclear as we do not know whether she is friend or foe for our heroes. From the looks of it, she isn’t going to get along well with Medaka and co but at points she also helps them out indirectly when possible. Many (if not all) of the side characters that appeared in the first season do not appear here because as I’ve said, the focus of this season is the destruction of Flask Plan so they were totally unnecessary. Now that Flask Plan is discontinued, I have a feeling that it won’t be completely stopped. I believe Hakama won’t go down without a fight and despite looking like an old geezer (but with scary eyes), he won’t be an easy pushover. Another interesting character is Kumagawa and because of his twisted nature, his side story in the end has also intrigued me. It makes me want to know more about him and if there is a sequel or more side story spin-offs, I would definitely hope that his past would be further revealed. He is a character that Medaka has failed to save. Yet. So now that he is back in the picture, it will be interesting to see how Medaka deals with the past that has come back to haunt her.

Regarding about the other 13 Party members and other Abnormals, I guess I could point out together in the topic about being perfect and being human. Although they possess abnormal and very superior powers compared to normal human beings, if you take a deeper look down in their hearts, they are very much human beings themselves. All they want are some of the basic human needs like to have a friend and the human touch. It is because of their abnormality that makes them stand out like a sore thumb, Normals overlook their basic personality and focus too much of their abnormality and become afraid. What Medaka said about humans having imperfection is true. It is because we have imperfections, that is what makes us humans. All the 13 Party members were trying hard to become the perfect human but so what? Say the project is successful and everyone becomes perfect. So? Will that guarantee happiness? If even Abnormals are somewhat unhappy or unsatisfied in their current state, what makes you think achieving perfection would lead to that? As seen, the main 13 Party members also underwent some changes when Medaka touches their lives. Takachiho and Munakata defect to her side, Naze realizes the importance of losing a friend when she was really about the real one. It was really confusing about her desire to be unhappy. So when she almost lost Koga and became unhappy, wasn’t that what she wanted? Perhaps she realizes it was more than what she bargained for. Of course Yukuhashi could have easily been swayed by anybody who has stronger emotions but the most surprising one has got to be Oudo. For an arrogant man who claimed to rule over others, he suddenly chickens out after witnessing some darkness within Medaka. This pretty much proves that he is still human, right? Every human has their own fear. After just seeing that darkness, he throws everything away including his pride and makes a complete turnaround. If I should say, this has been the most effective method ever in defeating a villain who seems undefeatable in the first place. And the destruction rate this time wasn’t as bad when Medaka took on Unzen. Super effective. Now, only if we can only apply this to really despicable people in the real world. Wouldn’t that be nice? One little disappointing note is that I thought I could see Plus Six in action but alas that wasn’t the case. We had a little introducing to their weird abnormality and their little bout with Team Loser but that’s about it. They seem like an equally crazy powerful bunch. Then when they got defeated by Kumagawa, I guess they weren’t that supreme either.

The action and fight sequences seem rather good. Despite all the exaggerated moves and techniques that are not possible to pull off in this world even if you are Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Sammo Hung, they are quite an interesting watch. At least to me. I mean, you can’t have Abnormals having normal powers and techniques, right? So I guess for each of the 13 Party and other Class 13 members to be unique, each have their own freakish way of fighting. I guess the ‘ab’ in abnormal would mean Anything But NORMAL. Get it? Hah. I made that up. But it’s true, don’t you think? Despite everyone having an abnormality, we see that they are not perfect. Even the greatest abnormal power would have its weakness. If there weren’t any, Flask Plan would have already been completed, right? Medaka’s fighting skills, she may learn them via imitation, monkey see, monkey do. But she takes it a step further by mastering and perfecting them. It’s scary to even think the potential of this abnormality of hers. Especially her Phantom move, so fast that you couldn’t see or hear it coming. Given the ‘unique’ naming sense that everybody has in this anime, I suppose I could have called Medaka when she pulls off this Phantom move during Alternate God War mode as Me-dark-ka. Haha. Geddit? It’s a good thing that this season that the producers didn’t even show a bit of the hellish training Medaka and Zenkichi went through devised by Maguro. I feel that it would have spoilt the surprise of seeing what Medaka could pull off when she faces her enemies. Besides, if they really show it and dedicated an episode for it, we might not have Kumagawa’s final side story. Or maybe they could just extend it to 13 episodes or put it as an OVA. That’s normally what they would do, right?

I think I have mentioned about the art and drawing about this series in my blog for the first season. I will still mention that though they remain the same and consistent, it still makes all the characters having that mad, crazy or evil look. Even our heroes and heroines too look like that and thus in a way it is ‘scary’. I mean when you have 13 Party as Abnormals, you can’t have them having normal looks because it won’t match their abnormal personality and powers, right? So it’s like a freak circus show when you have a zombie-mummy-girl-with-a-knife-sticking-out-of-her-head, a cyborg with very busty and bouncing boobs, a shorty wearing a wooden mask and thick gloves that reminds me of a cactus plant and an ex-king that almost share that uncanny look to Super Saiyan Goku. No? Well, I thought his golden towering hair spikes were enough to convince me. There is a little fanservice too. If you remember how Medaka has no shame in flaunting her body so yeah, there’s your fanservice. Catch a full glimpse of how she shamelessly strips down to her undies before her descending assault on 13 Party. Then you have Naze with humongous boobs in which she uses her folded arms to support it (aren’t there any bras large enough support them?) and her polka dot panties (no striped panties?). Of course you also have Koga’s boobs huge enough that it seems like it may bust out of her top anytime and who wouldn’t love it to see Kikaijima in her swimsuit?

With the voice of the recurring main characters from the first season retained, new ones are added to the second season especially those from Class 13. Miyuki Sawashiro makes her character Naze/Kujira like the mad scientist she is. I guess this is one of her few voice acting roles where she plays the bad guys like how she did as Ultear in Fairy Tail. Kana Asumi as Yukuhashi didn’t have her joker voice like Nyaruko in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and sounded more serious like Yuu/Strength in Black Rock Shooter. Nana Mizuki as Anshinin (Rina in White Album) was slightly unrecognizable since her character was really cool and smooth. Maybe it’s partly because I haven’t heard her a lot lately. When Kumagawa finally had a speaking role, that familiar voice could only be from Megumi Ogata. It sounded so much like Yume from Koi To Senkyo To Chocholate. Just less gay and more twisted. The rest of the new casts include Kiyoshi Katsunuma as Oudo (Ugo in Jormungand), Kenji Nomura as Takachiho (Kugayama in Genshiken), Hiroshi Kamiya as Munakata (Nozomu in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Madoka Yonezawa as Koga (Ui in K-ON!), Mariya Ise as Myouga (Stocking in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Youko Hikasa as Saki (Erica in Campione), Takashi Kondo as Ezumachi (Train in Black Cat) and Mai Nakahara as Jakago (Mai in Mai-HiME). The opening theme is Believe by Minami Kuribayashi and this anime rock pop has this dramatic and darker feel to it. I suppose Aki Toyosaki (the voice of Medaka) didn’t lend her voice this time to the ending theme since she’s too busy taking down Flask Plan ;p. This time the ending theme is sung by Aki Misato entitled Shugoshin Paradox and sounds like a typical moderate pace anime pop. Since Kurogawa was specially featured in the last episode, he was cool enough to have his own catchy opening song! Aptly named Want To Be A Winner (because the title of this episode is Good Loser Kumagawa), the lyrics sounds fitting and fun since it’s about Kumagawa singing about all that he lacks but yet he wants to win and have friends. Though I think Megumi Ogata’s voice wasn’t really suitable to sing but because of her character, I guess the song sounds fun in its own way. Then the ending song for this final episode is just a piano solo which reminds me of those you hear in the olden days’ silent movies. Creepy and tragic but yet funny. Yup. That kind of feeling.

The next episode preview is an amusing section. Termed as Abnormal Check, we have a random character pose a multiple choice question to viewers (which in a way is indirectly related to the next episode) such as how to you react with a reunion with a sibling, how do you reply an anonymous love letter, how do you escape a speeding car, what to do when an evil organization attacks and even a question that guesses Naze’s panty colours! As silly as some of the questions may be, the answers itself may be as silly. But I can’t say they are all silly because one or two answers are sometimes feasible so it is all not that bad. Hmm…. I think most of the ‘C’ answers are the silly and exaggerated ones… And the final Abnormal Check that has Oudo asking the question, all his answers will lead us to submit to him! There is no way out! Well, now that Medaka has reigned supreme over him, I guess that won’t be necessary, eh? Phew. Thank goodness. Thanks Medaka.

Now that I am really excited, I really wish that there would be a third season in the works. Serious! The last time I briefly browsed Wikipedia on this series, I re-browse it again and it seems the next arc about Medaka’s successor to be equally fascinating and interesting. More crazy characters and plots to go with it (especially that Anshinin girl who would be the next antagonist). I can’t really wait for it! Must have more Medaka. Need more Medaka. But I’m not that desperate to go rewatch both seasons again. So what can I do to hope for another season of Medaka Box? A) Pray very hard to God that the producers will dream about me wishing it and will get to work right away; B) Buy all the DVDs of this series to boost up the ratings and popularity and thus the motivation for the producers to use the ‘extra funds’ to facilitate another season; C) Write in a suggestion request to Medaka. If only I can find that suggestion box to drop in that request…

Medaka Box

September 30, 2012

When you think about the student council putting up a box for suggestions, those who have seen Seitokai Yakuindomo would certainly remember this farcical implementation. However it is far a different case in Medaka Box. The suggestion box that will help you out with just about anything so long as you put in your request, the student council will see to it that your wish is fulfilled no matter what. Sounds good? Yeah, if only many of the other student councils in other animes or in real life would be as efficient and dedicated as this one.

Sandbox Academy is a large institution that houses a large number of students that are into sports. So it is not surprising to think that this academy is one big giant sports training complex and facility, though you have the basic school amenities. With many classes and students, being the student council president would be a tough job to handle all the requests, eh? Not for Medaka Kurokami. She takes her job seriously like as though it’s her life! She makes promises that can be fulfilled even if sceptics like us won’t believe at first but are made to eat our words once we see her weave her magic of doing the impossible. So nothing is impossible, eh? For her at least. Medaka genuinely wants to help out others that she would’ve easily overshadowed Mother Theresa’s work a million times over! I kid you not. As popular she is, she has also cultivated a handful of enemies. But that doesn’t stop her to reform and change them and turn over a new leaf! Wow. You really have to watch this show and draw inspiration from Medaka. So we see in this dozen of episodes of the requests Medaka and her student council members fulfil, changing the lives of others and of course themselves.

Episode 1
Medaka just became Sandbox Academy’s student council president and she vows to do everything she can. If you have any problems, and I mean any issues big or small, she’ll be there for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Now that’s dedication! See all the armband she’s wearing? From president to secretary to treasurer, she helms them all! Superb dedication! Medaka’s childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi talks to classmate Hansode Shiranui about her landslide victory (she garnered 98% of the votes!) and her popularity not because she stands out but rather she’s used to standing over others. Zenkichi is done letting her boss around and won’t join the student council. So happen Medaka was there and drags him to her room. He’s blabbing he’s had enough of this, bla, bla, bla. How to shut him up and make him listen? Medaka strips down to her undies! She says all she needs is him and they have their first request from the suggestion box. Seems an anonymous student wants a bunch of delinquents bumming around the kendo dojo to be chased out. The kendo club used to have a colourful history but got disbanded due to lack of members. The building became abandoned and now it’s a hangout for third year delinquents led by Moji. Moji thought Medaka was no threat to him. He didn’t even realize she stole his bokuto away from him! Plus, to the untrained amateur eyes, it seemed like she cloned herself using some ninja technique to confiscate their cigarettes! Best of all, Medaka gives her lecture that makes them becomes their Buddha, their Goddess! She’ll change them and vows they’ll never slack off again! Start swinging those swords! Life was better when they were delinquents, eh? Maybe changing a new leaf isn’t so bad after all… In the aftermath Zenkichi talks to Shiranui about him and Medaka being together since young. She has this high level of demand that everyone needs to rise to her level and doesn’t know the meaning of hard work that doesn’t pay off sometimes. Shiranui notes that even if they were together for a long time, he still doesn’t understand her. But she thinks he’ll be free from her this afternoon as she’ll give her speech to recruit members for the student council body.

Zenkichi returns to the kendo dojo, shocked to see the place spick and span clean! Medaka did all that? It’s not like the delinquents are coming back. Medaka chides him of his foolish statement and expresses her wish to help others and that grades, records and rankings do not mean a thing. Plus, she respects those delinquents, remembering each of their names. Zenkichi gets even more surprise when the delinquents return to the dojo in their full kendo gear! I guess they really do change, though they may give excuses that they don’t have anywhere to go. They may be bad apples but they aren’t spineless cowards either. Zenkichi thinks back about Medaka’s domineering personality, all-rounder and extreme open mind which made her the target of jealousy. However even those who hate her ended up liking her. She is the kind of woman who doesn’t budge a step from her beliefs. Suddenly Zenkichi is knocked out from the back by his classmate, Hyuuga. Seems he was the one who sent the request and is not happy that instead of chasing those delinquents out, they are now here to stay at the dojo. Hyuuga then beats up those ex-delinquents. He explains he wants to do some serious dojo alone and hates teamwork and following orders and thought he could have this place all to himself. Moji and the guys stand back up to fight because Medaka’s words had taught them a good lesson. Hyuuga is going to swing his sword at them but is stopped by Zenkichi. Hyuuga may be right but Medaka is even more right because he’s the one who knows her best. But if he tries to say Medaka is wrong, he’s going to kick his ass. Hyuuga doesn’t give a damn about them so Zenkichi also doesn’t give a damn about his third rank kendo and punches him out with a punch.

Hyuuga badmouths them and vows revenge but is overheard by Medaka. Wasn’t she supposed to be at the student council recruitment? Well, she sent a proxy: Shiranui. Plus, Shiranui had sent her a request to cure Hyuuga of his badass attitude. Here comes the love!!! I’m sure he’ll never do bad things again. Once more, Medaka’s magic has worked its way because Hyuuga is sharing the dojo with Moji and his buddies, though they don’t seem to get along. Medaka shows Zenkichi a flower she plants in her room and plans to plant one each time a request is resolved. She wants to turn this place into a flower garden. As for nobody joining the student council in the end, she reiterates that he is the only one she ever needed. That’s because they know each other better than anyone else. She thanks him for standing up for her. He is the only one who protected her, the reason she can focus on helping others. I guess Zenkichi must have fallen into her charm and wants her to hand over an armband to help. I guess if you can’t beat them, join them. Yeah, he’ll go crazy if he keeps out of it and will turn this academy into a big flower garden. Medaka gives him a bug tsundere hug. Zenkichi notes he knew it would all end this way and despite what he said, he loves Medaka. Oh, for starters, Medaka gives him the post of a general clerk. Start small and work your way up.

Episode 2
Zenkichi complains about his black colour uniform so Medaka suggests wearing his jersey underneath his jacket. He thinks he looks cool! She also says now it’s his job to check the suggestion box. This time a second year, Ariake of the track club seeks their help. She has received a threatening letter and her shoes destroyed. This happened ever since she was selected as a regular for the sprint meet. Thus anyone could be a suspect due to jealousy. Because seeing Ariake in tears is so pitiful, Medaka is going to catch the culprit today! Today?! Yeah. Or else Ariake would be so disturbed, she can’t sleep tonight. Medaka’s deduction is awesome. She can deduce who the culprit is by observing the destroyed shoes! At least the traits of her culprit. She can tell a left hander did it because of its cutting. She can tell the culprit is a fan of this brand because the logo is left untouched. She can even tell she subscribes to what newspaper and where she lives due to the article that came out last week and its variation. WTF?! She remembered the letters from an article that was last week?! Shiranui’s information narrows down the suspect to Isahaya (don’t ask how she got her information). But as Medaka put it, they have no hard evidence and can’t charge her based on circumstantial evidence. So how? Who in their right mind would go ask the culprit directly? MEDAKA DID!!! Isahaya is obviously the culprit judging from her body language. Like all guilty people, she makes a run. Get this! Medaka could run and catch up with a sprinter!!! WOW! She even gets ahead of her and repeats her question if she is the culprit. Isahaya panics and her words were dead giveaway though she still denies she knows anything. She thinks she is dead meat but surprisingly Medaka hugs her and apologizes for wasting her time. She tells her to continue practice because she loves people who work hard. Zenkichi explains that it’s not that Medaka doesn’t doubt others, it’s that she knows how to trust others. He adds it was his job to deal with bad apples that she spared but now his job is to look after the suggestion box and will let her go. Soon Ariake receives a new brand of shoes and an apology note from the culprit. Now she can sleep soundly at night. But Medaka can be dumb sometimes because she misinterprets the note as another provocative letter and that the culprit has stolen her original (destroyed) shoes.

The suggestion box gets more cases and among them is a request to find a lost puppy. Medaka lets Zenkichi handles this one since, well, let’s just say animals and her don’t mix. So Zenkichi along with Shiranui go along and manage to find the dog. Wait a minute. That doesn’t look like the puppy? It’s a wolfhound. Gasp! Shiranui lets Zenkichi do the job seeing she prefers to see others suffer from a safe distance. She didn’t mince her words when she said that! Besides, she’s ready to take some pictures of Zenkichi ‘in action’. I guess Zenkichi got coaxed by her words that this is to score points with Medaka. She gives him sausages to attract the dog but I didn’t the dog wants to really eat his guts! ARGH! So Zenkichi is messed up and returns empty handed. Yeah, Medaka even got a lovely picture scrapbook of Zenkichi ‘in action’. Zenkichi is going to solve this case but since he mentions Shiranui’s name too much and is going to depend on her, Medaka decides she wants to help out too. Her excuse? She doesn’t like him begging others for help for her shortcomings. Oh, I thought it was because she couldn’t stand him with another girl. Oops. But why is Medaka dressed in a hideous but sexy dog outfit?! Is this her way to convince the dog to be her friend?! Shiranui thought she’s jealous enough to confront her fears but Zenkichi corrects her. It’s not that Medaka is afraid of animals, in fact she loves them! When Medaka closes in on the dog, the dog sees a demon aura behind her and cowers behind Zenkichi!!! WTF?! As explained, when Medaka was young, she had this duty to feed animals but they always went into hiding. Even the wild tigers and monkey at the zoo. Her aura must be overwhelming, eh? In contrast, humans accepted her as student council president based on her personality and not because of her ridiculous specs. The dog is returned to its owner but Medaka is still depressed. A failure as a human being says she? Well, Zenkichi notes she is more human being than you’d think. She loves animals and yet gets depressed. Is that so human?

Episode 3
Zenkichi is trying out a few sports club because of his rule to sweat 5 litres of sweat every day. Is this his way of saying to keep up with Medaka’s monstrosity? However Kanoya has business with him and wants to meet. Shiranui and Hyuuga wonder if Zenkichi will be alright. Well, Shiranui doesn’t consider Zenkichi her friend unless she needs his help. Pure evil! She even said it even without flinching! Anyway about Kanoya, he was once a candidate for the student council president and amassed his votes via violence. However Medaka stepped him and beat him up. Shiranui knows he’s up to something but won’t use the suggestion box. Of course. It’s going to be something fishy. She notices Zenkichi’s list of clubs he has tried but seems to have left out the judo club. Seems Kanoya wants Zenkichi to join him in taking down Medaka. He tries to persuade him that he gets nothing by being with that psycho b*tch’s side and since Medaka stole his position by force, it is only right for him to do the same for her. He asks if there is something else he’d rather be doing other than being her dog. He gives him one last chance to defect and to meet up later with the rest in a classroom. Of course Medaka has heard all that so Zenkichi quips she isn’t that popular. Her answer? It’s not important for everyone to love her but rather for her to love everyone! Wow. I just love this girl’s words. So Kanoya and his allies meet and they’ve brought all sorts of weapons for the take down. However he is not too pleased and blames them for his failure. Then when Zenkichi comes in, it’s not he is joining them. He kicks away the box of weapons and tells him off that Medaka is willing to love scumbags and enemies like them. Though he believes they won’t even put a scratch on her. But since he has heard his plans, he has to do something and answering his question on what he’d rather do, he wants to protect Medaka. Kanoya is blinded with rage so Zenkichi easily takes him out. Then he tells the rest to spread the rumours that there is a vicious watchdog at Medaka’s side who will not hesitate to take personal action if they ever do something like this.

The judo club’s captain, Nekomi Nabeshima wonders why Zenkichi hasn’t dropped into their club yet. I’m sure he isn’t scared, right? However this handsome guy, Kouki Akune dubbed the Prince of Judo claims he is just putting up a desperate act to stay by Medaka’s side. He claims Zenkichi is an insect and that Medaka is his flower. Zenkichi is appalled Medaka has no modesty in changing in her clothes. Close the doors and curtains will you! Why should she be ashamed? After all, she has no qualms in showing off her perfect figure! Oh yeah. I’d love to see that more. Anyway Medaka is changing into her judo outfit because she has received a request from Nabeshima who wants to find a successor for her judo club. Besides, there’s a familiar face there. This is the reason why Zenkichi stayed away from the judo club. So Akune is like fawning all over, bowing down and submitting to Medaka who isn’t please with his yielding attitude for her because she wants him to stand as her equal. While she sorts things out with Nabeshima, she has him talk to Zenkichi. You can tell the guys hate each other. Yeah, they’re insulting each other. They’re worse than cats and dogs. Medaka takes on the other members with her judo. I guess they’re so distracted with her boobs (who can’t resist touching them?) that they don’t even know she threw them over. Zenkichi talks to Nabeshima about Medaka who is so strong that nothing she does surprises him anymore. But she says she simply does what she’s able to do. What she’s doing is equivalent to them walking on 2 feet. Zenkichi dismisses his trying out of clubs was to keep up with her and instead it’s her who is dragging him around. Really? Akune would be happy to switch places with him since he said he was forced to join the council and that he put up with all this farce out respect for Medaka’s compassion. Since the duo continue to argue, Nabeshima decides to settle this via judo. If Akune wins, they’ll swap places. Akune becomes part of the student council and Zenkichi joins the judo club as their new captain. So this is her agenda when she submitted her request?

Episode 4
In a handicap match, if Zenkichi can take down Akune in one point before the latter reaches ten, he wins. Of course Akune the veteran easily overpowers Zenkichi the amateur. Nabeshima notes watching prodigies in action is no fun. She despises prodigies and prefers people who work hard. That’s why she dislikes people like Medaka and Akune whom she thinks should be group together. However Medaka says there is no such thing as a prodigy. The other judo members are astonished that though Zenkichi is a novice, he has not broken any rules. Zenkichi retracts his statement earlier saying that he only has effort. He acknowledges he has guts and effort since amateurs can’t stand back up after falling down 9 times. In the final round, Zenkichi is on the verge of falling so Medaka puts up her cutesy plea for him to win! It’ll be unbearable if he leaves her! In that instant Zenkichi got the strength to turn the tables and knock Akune down and win the match! Everyone is surprised at the outcome so Medaka explains every human struggle to survive. Thus there is no difference between them and that no such thing as prodigy or common folk. Zenkichi explains what happened to Shiranui who thinks she could’ve offered her help. What could she do? Maybe enjoy watching him suffer. Anyway the assistant of the judo club, Jounan took over the captaincy because he was brave enough to challenge Medaka. As for Akune, who knows what happened to him. But we’ll find that out soon enough because he is in the student council room admiring himself in the mirror in his underwear! WTF?! He explains Nabeshima dropped him from the judo club since she doesn’t need a member who is stronger than the captain. Akune told her he is no prodigy and used hard work and determination to get where he is now. So Nabeshima lets him off to use his hard work and determination to win the heart of the girl his love and have spoken with Medaka that he is free to join the council or any other club. Though he made a promise with Zenkichi, what is more important? Keep his promise or the girl of his dream? I guess that’s that. And yeah, Nabeshima hasn’t given up on Zenkichi yet. So as of today, Akune will be the student council’s secretary. Oh great. Just what Zenkichi needs for the rest of his days at school.

So the guys still aren’t amused facing each other and though the insults are still coming in, it’s much toned down. Medaka has a request from Yatsushiro who seeks help for her bad handwriting. Did you know Medaka was a bloody good calligrapher too? Since Akune has beautiful handwriting, Medaka has him take full responsibility of this request. That’s the best news he has heard, eh? Seems Yatsushiro wants to write a love letter. Though she may be a tomboy but she’s a girl and fell in love. Akune remembers how he confessed to Medaka but was rejected because she believes she shouldn’t belong to just a single person. He promises to write her a masterpiece that the guy of her dreams will fall for. Zenkichi talks to Shiranui about Yatsushiro and why Medaka hands Akune this case. From the way Shiranui says things, it’s like she has a knack in picking fights. Zenkichi notes that Medaka isn’t recruiting to lighten her workload. In fact, she wants to increase it. Though she will help people in trouble, she won’t save the weak. Akune shows Medaka his beautifully written piece of art but Medaka is not amused. In short, what is the point if he writes for others and it does not come from the feelings of that person herself? Plus, Yatsushiro wasn’t asking for help. She was making a wish. She feels disappointed in him and thought she would be capable in providing guidance. Shock! Well, this doesn’t put Akune down yet. He’s not going to concede after just one or two rejections. Thus he sees Yatsushiro and is going to train her to have better handwriting. She’s going to write it herself since if she’s going to make a wish, put in the effort to make it come true! So for the entire week, Akune coaches Yatsushiro to write better and in the end she manages to succeed with her blood, sweat and tears but the outcome of the person she gave it to is omitted due to privacy reasons. Medaka praises Akune for a job well done. The moment he’s been dying for, eh? Yeah, Zenkichi can’t watch. But thanks to him, Medaka’s flower finally takes its first step beyond the room.

Episode 5
Zenkichi and Akune are out flat from the tons of work. Medaka is still going strong! She could even beat the Energizer bunny! The trio discuss about the various clubs wanting an increase in budget. With limited funds, they can’t fulfil each one’s request. Zenkichi narrates Medaka lives alone and when she was young, she solved the world’s toughest maths problem and received a huge sum of money so it’ll be hard for her to handle matters pertaining to money. Akune suggests they hold a competition and the winning club will get a budget increase. Because Medaka wants a competition that will give each club a fair chance, Zenkichi points out a request from the suggestion box to find ways to utilize the newly finished indoor pool. Sure, it may seem it favours the swimming club but they’ll hold events in that pool that has nothing to do with swimming. But as Zenkichi finds out from Shiranui, it might not be so fair after all because there are 3 people in the swimming team known as Flying Fish made up of Yakushima, Tanegashima and Mogana Kikaijima. They will do anything for money and will even swim for other teams all for the sake of money. So all the 15 clubs that requested for the budget increase turn up for the inter-club aqua meet. Hey, there’s a UFO club too! I guess they need the extra funds to go interstellar exploring. Haha! Anyway Zenkichi notes a few familiar faces from the kendo club and judo club. Didn’t Nabeshima retire? The rules are explained that each club will be made out of 3 members. All guys will be handicapped and wear arm floats. Medaka wants to make this a fun experience for everyone so instead of the winning club getting the funds, the club who ranks ahead of the student council (yes, they’re participating too) will get their budget tripled! Wow! Extra motivation!

The first event will be underwater ball basket as Tanazaku Aso from the broadcasting club becomes the commentator along with Shiranui. Expect a lot of frank ‘evil’ comments from that petite girl (she terms it as know-it-all). To score, players need to dive underwater to get the balls at the bottom and throw it into the basket. Each ball is worth a point. Nabeshima has no qualms about cheating but Medaka isn’t fazed and will operate by her own standards. As the event begins, it seems the boys can’t dive as their arm floats keep them afloat and the girls can’t sink not because they are light but the balls are located deep at the bottom of the pool! Who said this was a shallow pool? Besides, the wet balls make it heavier to be brought up and tossed. Nabeshima sees Zenkichi and Akune relaxing outside the pool. Have they given up? Rather, they don’t want to get in Medaka’s way. Say, where is that girl? Medaka springs out from beneath the pool as she squashes all the 20 balls into a big ball and throws it into the basket with accuracy! Something to do with centre of gravity now that the balls are lumped into one. I guess everyone also tries to copy it but it isn’t easy as it looks. Yeah, Shiranui is enjoying watching the helter-skelter. In the end, the student council took only second place. In a way it is good because if they had ended up first, people would’ve suspected them. Seems the swimming club has taken first place. Heck, they finished way before Medaka without anyone noticing them! Medaka confronts them and explains about human heavier than water so they sink but with air inside their body they float. But for the trio, she knows before they took the dive, they empty their body of all the air and dived to the bottom without any air in their lungs. It’s like they’re like sinking corpses. She notes this is dangerous as one mistake would be fatal and don’t they care about their lives? They admit they don’t care about their lives because for one yen, they’ll gladly smile and die for it!

Episode 6
The second event is underwater three-legged race. Two participants with their feet tied together and will race to the other end of the pool with the winner earning 15 points and so forth. Medaka sits this one out since it won’t be fun if she enters everything. Medaka and Nabeshima talk about the Flying Fish trio so Kikaijima tells them about their dream to create a pool of money and swim in it all day. Don’t laugh… And what’s this? Zenkichi and Akune putting aside their difference to work together? They’ve got team spirit? But as soon as the race starts, they try to outdo each other! No teamwork! But it’s giving them an impressive lead. Surprisingly the swimming team are dead last and slowly trudging along. This is because Yakushima can only keep up with Tanegashima for 25 metres. Once they’ve reached enough distance, they pull off a crazy swimming feat to reach the end in first place! Zenkichi notes that teamwork wasn’t the issue here. They were swimming with their feet bound together that it’s dangerous enough for them to drown. The swimming club also dominated the third event which is eel catching. A point is sealed when you catch an eel. Of course the student council ended up with zero points because you know, Medaka and her relationship with animals. She scared all the eels away! The swimming club trio relish they’re going to get triple the money so Medaka initiates her goddess lecture mode that they’ve thrown away their sincerity in swimming all for money. She is going to change them and make them donate all their money to charity. But they’re not fazed and will make her sink in depression instead of water. The final event is to be chosen by Tanazaku and since she has a hard time choosing, she seeks Shiranui’s help. Oh no. The last event will be water kibasen. Though the basic rules of stealing your opponent’s headband to earn points and falling into the water will disqualify you still stands, it is made more interesting as the headband of the top team is worth more points. This means the swimming team at the top is very much targeted. The student council is currently in 8th place. Zenkichi totally loves Shiranui’s plan that he shouts out loud how much he loves her. Yeah, Shiranui replied she loves herself too much too! Medaka steps on Zenkichi’s head to remind him as his duty as student council, though he is free to love anyone. Really?

The swimming club trio discuss that the rules were made to pit them against the student council and the possibilities and points on how they will end up on top. To be safe, they just need to target the seventh placing team. But Medaka said the taboo word of teaching them things in life that are more valuable than money so they’re going to take her head on. The event starts and both sides clash. Medaka is lectures Kikaijima about their tactics being too reckless and that they’re drowning in money. But Kikaijima starts telling her why money is more important to them than their lives. Their family broke up because they don’t have enough money. All this money issue has made them care about money more than their lives. She doesn’t care risking her life for it since people will be upset if they lost their wallets but won’t miss them if they die. Medaka is pushed off but the guys throw their arm float to let her stay above water! Man, she’s like standing on water! Now it’s her turn to counterattack. Continuing with her lecture that this doesn’t mean they should throw their lives away, she jumps onto the swimming trio (like a frog?!) and tells them a lost wallet can be recovered but lost lives can’t. She’ll be sad if they die. In her ultimate display of affection, Medaka kisses Kikaijima!!! Since Medaka has stolen her headband before they splash into the water, it means her attack qualifies and this takes the student council to the top position of the table.

Tanegashima notes Medaka was even more reckless than them but this won’t change anything. However Medaka doesn’t want them to change and continue as they are. Except instead of dying for money, they should live for money. As long as they don’t die because of their lifestyle, it’s okay. I guess Medaka wants to swim in their pool of money too. Haha. More importantly, she tells them to treasure the lives of their friends because a dead flower cannot bloom. Kikaijima asks her guys do they care more about money or her. Of course money. Then she asks, do they love money or her more. They point out it’s her. She also replies the same. I guess they’re not that bad to sell out their soul and friends to money, huh? So the winner of the meet turns out to be Nabeshima and her judo club! While the heated battle raged on between the swimming club and student council, Nabeshima was on a roll stealing all the other club’s headband and won all the points by a landslide. Even in victory, she can be so cool yet so cheap. She challenges Medaka to come fight her directly next time. As promised, the judo club gets their budget increased three times fold but since they don’t need that much money, they shared it with the other clubs. How generous. Medaka tells her guys she has received criticism for using her own money for the event. So to ensure this never happens again, she has hired an expert to join the student council as the treasurer. Everyone, meet Kikaijima the first grade certified book keeper! Oh dear. She’s going to keep a close watch on their money. Oh dear.

Episode 7
Zenkichi accidentally enters the student council room to see Kikaijima changing. After beating him up, she wants him to pay up! I guess if he doesn’t want to live with her harassment, he has to. Yeah, here’s a receipt and thank you for your payment. Kikaijima is given an abacus to do her work since Medaka doesn’t need a computer as she does the calculations in her head. The duo do their own thing and the silence is making them feeling awkward. Zenkichi thinks he knows nothing about her while Kikaijima thinks he hate her. She remembers Yakushima and Tanegashima gave her the green light to be the student council’s treasurer when she was scouted by Medaka because they think it’s good for her to have more friends. She tries to start a conversation but flops. Then Zenkichi tries to break the ice so he compliments her nice body and ends up paying the price for harassment. Here’s a receipt for that. The silence continues. And the worse person they could imagine enters: Shiranui. She meets Kikaijima and wants to give her a big picture of her and Medaka kissing! Kikaijima wants to snatch it away but it seems she has duplicated lots of photos and from different angles! Zenkichi tells Shiranui to stop bullying her and will treat her. Kikaijima asks about Shiranui and all Zenkichi needs to know is that they’re friends. That’s it. About Medaka kissing others, she used to do this to all the elementary kids so he had to stop her. Kikaijima couldn’t understand why she would help strangers because for her case, even her friends abandoned her. Zenkichi asks about her relationship with Yakushima and Tanegashima. She views them as family. He points it out it’s the same with Medaka. Only that the entire world is her family. Kikaijima remembers Medaka meeting her after the pool event. She told her she loved her and recruited her to become the treasurer. It was the first time somebody asked for her help instead of compensation. Kikaijima realizes they’re conversing like normal so she thinks hard not to screw up again. She thinks she should follow Medaka’s example. And that means she confesses she likes Zenkichi and wants to kiss him! Eh?! Medaka and Akune return from a request only to see Zenkichi being pinned on the ground trying to hold Kikaijima’s advance! Too ambiguous! Well, they tell him to do it somewhere else or at least lock the door.

Yubaru of the art club requests Medaka to be his model. She will be perfect since his theme will be Goddess at the Beach. With Medaka not afraid to flaunt her body, I can see why. As explained, Yubaru considers himself an artist so he needs the right motif to draw. Recently he has been in a slump and the art competition is near. Till he found inspiration in Medaka. He finishes drawing Medaka (in body building pose?) but is unsatisfied. How can he be unsatisfied? He feels the drawing must surpass the motif or else it’ll just be like taking photo. What is he saying? Medaka is so beautiful that it cannot translate into art! Is that an insult?! Anyway it was enough to make Medaka fall into depression. Yubaru admits as an artist he is selfish. So Zenkichi goes off to find a replacement model. Initially Isahaya didn’t want to do it but I guess the blackmail made her had second thoughts. She wholeheartedly agrees when he flatters about her body. Seems Akune had the same idea and brought Nabeshima with him. With 2 hot ladies preparing to be his model, however Yubaru turns them down because they look scary. Art shouldn’t be used to inspire fear? Then he sees Kikaijima and wants her but she flatly turns him down. He’ll pay. OKAY!!! But he changes his mind seeing she’s just a Goddess at the pool and not the beach. Priceless… Medaka isn’t giving up yet and has Zenkichi and Akune be his model! Man, Yubaru is on fire sketching! However this doesn’t accomplish anything so it’s no good. So 4 beautiful babes and he can’t draw? How selfish can he get? He may be selfish but he tries not to be careless. Then comes in Shiranui and instantly Yubaru saw her as his ultimate model! True art! OMG! Don’t tell me he’s a lolicon!!! But his drawing of Shiranui turns out different (space girl?) and as I understand, Yubaru wanted to draw the goddess of potential, something Shiranui has and the other girls don’t. Yeah, I know she’s got lots of ‘evil’ potential. The girls can’t believe they lost out to her. So Yubaru submits his art in time and as thanks, he draws a group picture of them. But Medaka is not happy. Why? Because Shiranui is standing in front of her! WTF?!

Episode 8
The Disciplinary Committee (DisCom) is an independent organization of the academy that acts like a school police to keep the order. Yeah, they are even beyond the school board and faculty jurisdiction. I know this spells trouble. So in their weekly inspection, Harigane Onigase of DisCom’s Squad 3 is inspecting the students for their dressing. Is this an interrogation centre or school? If Moji and the other delinquents were dressed against the rules, how come no action was taken on them for the past few episodes because that’s how we see them dressed as? But if their clothes are against the rules, what about the student council’s uniform? Ah, Medaka’s cleavage exposure, Zenkichi’s jersey underneath, Akune’s chest exposure like Elvis Presley and Kikaijima’s swimsuit underneath. Onigase reprimands them at their room and points out Medaka is the worst offender of them all. But she says she is not ashamed of any part of her body! Onigase is worried she other girls might follow her bad example. On the contrary, she is considering making this the standard uniform for girls. In short, Medaka is not going to change her outfit. Akune reminds Medaka about her reputation of using violence to instil discipline. Ever since she came aboard DisCom, school violations have decreased dramatically. Medaka believes she has done nothing wrong and that people do not exist to follow rules. But rules exist to protect people. Onigase is so pissed that she’s causing damage to her surrounding! Zenkichi tries to convince her to let Medaka off the hook but Onigase isn’t budging and will report to DisCom’s chairman. Onigase gets this devilish idea to use the suggestion box. I’ve a bad feeling about this. Seems there is a request to find some object in a murky pool before it gets dissolved. Yeah, Onigase is a bad liar but Medaka is dense not to see it. The ploy is to have Medaka change her clothes, jump into the pool to find the non-existent object. While doing that, she’ll switch her clothes. But Medaka jumps straight in without changing since she doesn’t want to hear her blabbing! About her clothes? They’re just clothes. Wow. Such simple yet affective words. Onigase jumps into the pool too and says she already found the ‘object’. It’s her consciousness. Thank goodness she found it before the water melted it away, eh? Medaka has some spare clothes and since Onigase didn’t, guess how she looks like when the little brat wears her ‘oversized cleavage area’ uniform? Yeah, she looks even worst an exhibitionist than Medaka! Everybody’s looking…

And there’s that big photo of her with such exposing cleavage on the wall! Courtesy of you know who. Onigase is going to arrest Shiranui (probably for her messy face after food) so Zenkichi protects her. Well, Shiranui uses him and pushes him towards her to make them trip. Shiranui warns the brat not to stand out too much because there are other people who want revenge for her strict standards and that she shouldn’t be wasting her time on her. Zenkichi tells Onigase to let her go because as long as you feed her, she’s harmless. The duo find themselves handcuffed together. Was this Shiranui’s scheme all along? So where’s the key? Onigase has no key! Couldn’t she just break it with her strength? Anyway to get it off, she reluctantly has to drag him to the DisCom office. Yeah, Zenkichi can feel everyone’s piercing stare and chuckle. How embarrassing. They bump into the last person they don’t want to see them this way: Medaka. She thought they have overcome barriers to be friends! Not. Medaka is good in picking locks so Zenkichi tells her to set them free. I don’t know why she uses another handcuff to demonstrate and in the end, it’s a real good handcuff that she cuffed herself to Zenkichi! Now in an even more awkward position! Along the way to DisCom’s office, Medaka detours to help others in need. I guess Onigase has no choice but to tag along. But she observes how happy the students are after Medaka helps them. Hey, she’s the popular girl who won 98% of the votes, remember? Medaka senses another trouble. The kind they’ll be getting into. A pair of delinquents relish the chance to take them all out (they also have a bone to pick with Onigase for her past reprimanding on them). Onigase wants the duo to get down since this is DisCom’s job. However Medaka and Zenkichi use their kick to destroy the bat and send the delinquents running with their tails between their legs. Medaka had thought it was an odd way for the delinquents to play baseball so there’s no trouble or peace disruption at all. Onigase realizes she had broken the metal bat with her strong kick and wonders why she didn’t do the same with their handcuffs. She thought Onigase didn’t want them broken. Oh… Back at DisCom’s office, Fue Yobuko reads Onigase’s report to DisCom’s chairman, Myouri Unzen. Her opinion is that Medaka is a saint. But he notes that’s the kind that are hardest to deal with and that justice and charity don’t mix. Oh God. This kid looks more like a crazy villain than an upright disciplinary committee head.

Episode 9
Yobuko sends Onigase to bring towels to Unzen to watch him in action. Partly, she knows she has been slacking off lately and should do her some good. Shiranui meets Medaka who is on her way to the orchestra club as other clubs have complained about them being noisy. She is doing this herself since her other members are busy with other requests and is happy they are reliable. So the one (wo)man show is no more? Talking about the vice president post, seems Medaka wants Shiranui to fill it. Of course she denies and notes the obvious that they very well hate each other. Medaka knows that and still wants it because her members love her too much and need somebody to stand up against her. Who better than Shiranui? Onigase happen to pass by and it’s her worst fear to bump into them. Together. Unzen is at the orchestra club and he already bloopers who much he wants them to kill each other. Wait. He isn’t joking. Since clubs have been whining about them being noisy, he is going to punish them accordingly. The orchestra club president doesn’t know who this kid is despite his members fear his reputation as a genius who skipped grades. He thought he could talk his way out and cut the club some slack. He made the mistake of putting his hand on his shoulder. In that instant, Unzen breaks it! F*cking painful!!! Then he tells everyone has been sentenced to death since he stepped in to this room and to die as fast as possible. By the time Medaka, Shiranui and Onigase arrive, the room is filled with craters! Is this the moon or giant Swiss cheese? Unzen and Medaka meet for the first time and it seems Unzen’s conversation is rather hostile. He preaches his ideals of imposing the kind of justice by going overboard instead of talking things out that Medaka prefers. On the contrary, DisCom is a peace loving organization and only uses violence as means to that end to correct that which is wrong. Unzen is trying to hint in making enemies in both their organization and lashes out a projectile so fast that nobody could see what it was. It knocks off Medaka’s hat. She didn’t dodge because she believes there is no reason for her to be attacked. He does another move into her guts but she still stands back up and reiterates the same.

Onigase pleads to Unzen to stop since they have no reason to fight them. However he disagrees because of their type of ideals, justice and charity don’t mix. If Medaka is the innate of a goddess, then he is the innate of evil. She plants flowers, he uproots them. Medaka is confident they can still talk about their differences. Too late for that as Unzen notes. He already sent 3 assassins to dispatch her other members and if she can still say the same thing one more time, he’ll truly respect her to death. Noting the foolishness he has done, Medaka leaves Shiranui to handle things here. Unzen won’t let her escape and unleashes several invisible projectiles but Medaka ‘vanishes’ and only her clothes are left behind. Shiranui blocks Unzen’s way. She is confident she can stop him because he can’t attack a student who has done nothing wrong. Unzen asks Onigase if she was eating any food in the hallway. I guess she has to think hard about her answer. Even though she was, she replied no. In that case, Unzen will just watch the massacre from here. Medaka races against time to reach her members. Her super speed and strength that zooms past students will make them wonder who this wonder woman is. And when they realize it’s no other than Medaka, they calm down and say how it’s so normal. She being not normal is normal! Medaka knows she can’t make it in time but it’s not wasted effort. What she can’t stand is that there are other people trying to hurt others and they don’t realize it’s a wasted effort. Some Wolverine guy is going to claw Kikaijima from the back but Medaka swiftly takes him out with her lariat. Kikaijima doesn’t even what happened! With her precise calculations, she lands on the soft landing cushion of the track team. She borrows Isahaya’s spike shoes and Wolverine’s claws to run and climb up the next building. Seems this Hulk guy is going to smash Akune from behind with a bicycle (why is he pumping air when he’s just going to smash it over him!). Before he could, Medaka rides on top of it and notes who DisCom members don’t really know how to use stuffs and rides the bicycle from out of his hands! Pedalling as hard as she could, she is met with DisCom’s Vanguards setting up barricades blocking her path. You know this isn’t really going to stop her. Even with heavy things thrown her way, she can even slip pass them by flying over them with the bicycle! I thought she was doing an ET! Zenkichi is helping Yobuko carrying her stuff into the DisCom room which he is unaware of. Inside the dark room, she lets loose her chains but Medaka breaks through the door and breaks them all! Wow! She really made it in time! As Yobuko notes, she’s not normal!

Episode 10
Yobuko reports to Unzen that Medaka amazingly thwarted their plans in time. He wants everyone to pull back as they manage to learn she’s not a pacifist and will bite back when bitten. However Yobuko disagrees. From what Zenkichi told her, it seems she was not saving her friends but them. He mentioned Kikaijima had Yakushima and Tanegashima who won’t let a soul live if they touched their ‘daughter’ while Akune’s hobby during middle school was to ruin people’s life. Zenkichi may not be comparable to them but he is Medaka’s watchdog who shows no mercy and should her chains grazed his clothes, she wouldn’t be standing now. Yobuko doesn’t believe him (which is also a bluff in fact) but can’t help think the fact that nobody on both sides was injured. Save for some traumatized egos. She concludes Medaka isn’t one who bites back when bitten but merely wants to avoid casualties from both sides. Unzen couldn’t hear anymore of this crap and crushes his Smart Phone! He orders Onigase to tell the rest of the DisCom members to go home and make alibis because from today, he’ll be waging a one-man war. Medaka shows her members the Super Ball that Unzen used as his weapon. It has amazing elasticity and rebound. Unzen enters the room and is amazed she’s the first one to figure out this technique he has been using for over a year. Then he drops all the Super Balls from his sleeve and also mentions he modified them to be weapons. Unzen wants Medaka to be his friend since they’re both monsters. When he first saw her running for student council president, he thought of her as his mirror image. But that would mean she is his reverse and that they’re too similar to get along. Unzen talks about Medaka helping and loving people. However he says she’s cheating because she’s only looking at their good side as every human have their bad sides too. If she claims to be an accepting person, she shouldn’t be brainwashing people into acting the way she wants. For him, he fights evil in the name of justice but never felt justice was better. Rules exist to keep human in line but don’t expect them to change. In short, he hates humans and all their good values. That’s why he can uphold justice without bias. People who don’t adopt her ideals are unfit and though they may see her as amazing, she can’t expect everyone else to be amazing. Zenkichi feels weird because Unzen isn’t here to just give his speech to Medaka. Not that she would easily be swayed. As though he is buying time. Medaka corrects him. One, being a goddess is something Zenkichi assumed and she is no saint. Then she notices something strange in the Super Balls. There are explosives in it! Since the cat is out of the bag, Unzen whips out his matches. Wouldn’t everyone in this room get burnt? Unzen isn’t worried. He is crazy enough to do it! Medaka still wants to talk so he immediately lights the matches and the entire room goes boom! OMG! Others heard the explosion but think it’s Medaka as usual and that it’s normal. If they only knew…

Unzen rises from the rubbles. He survived the blast thanks to his cutting-edge pressure resistant clothes. Noting the damage isn’t as extensive as it should be, he sees a Super Ball on the floor. Could it be a dud? It can’t be because he has been carefully maintaining them all. Thinking back, he realizes in that flash, Medaka used the flower vase water to diffuse some of the bombs and kicked some away. Plus, the window was already broken and not melted due to the explosion heat. He is surprised to see Medaka and the others unhurt outside! This isn’t funny. Seems Medaka had rolled the carpet over her members to protect them from the shockwave and not the heat. This means Medaka bore the brunt of it all. And she did all that in a flash?! Freaking scary! She may be as crazy as him! Unzen mocks Medaka he is sick about her acting so saintly because her abilities would’ve easily let her escape unharmed alone but chose to save her friends. He predicts she is going to say since neither side are hurt, she’s going to let this slide. However Medaka tells him to shut up! She believed he was once a good innocent boy but somewhere along the line, he has turned into a monster and will not forgive him. OMG! Her hair changed! And with that piercing stare, for that second Unzen felt scared! Medaka is mad. She agrees with him they’re so alike and never considered herself always being in the right. She’s so used to helping others that she is scared and constantly worries and is simply trying her best to be right. Even if she doesn’t follow any of his ideals, at least she doesn’t put her friends in harm’s way. She’s going to let Unzen have his way and make him feel disappointed once she shows him she’s a worthless human being who allows rage to consumer her heart. Zenkichi notes this other forte of hers, the War God Mode, she was last seen in this state 3 years ago and when she’s in this mode, nothing can stop her. Unzen thought he can still take her on but Medaka lands a powerful punch in his gut that sends him crashing through the walls! Noting his uniform keeps him unharmed, it is good because she can go all out on him using her attacks at full strength. Prepare for sh*t!

Episode 11
Medaka warns Unzen that she has mastered all forms of martial arts but isn’t going to use them on him as martial arts aren’t meant to be used in anger. That would be disrespect to humans. In this case, she’ll fight him like an animal with raw brute force. Unzen thinks it was a mistake to lure her out in the open as his Super Ball works best in closed areas but he can’t give up now as the DisCom reputation is resting on his shoulders. He gives back a warning of his own. It doesn’t matter if she’s right or wrong, justice always triumphs! Unzen purposely gets hit by her punch that sends him crashing into the building. Zenkichi narrates there was this guy called Kumagawa who possessed every negative trait a human possibly could have. He loves hurting others and wanted to eradicate the entire human race including himself. Medaka continued to reach out to him but it was futile. So much so she had to resort to violence to remove him from school. She felt ashamed she failed to reform him and many people were frightened by her violent display. But Zenkichi is happy she is capable of anger. As benevolent she is as god for the sake of strangers, she can also be as cruel as the devil for the sake of her friends. Medaka knows Unzen’s plan to draw her into the building. She is about to swing a punch when her movements suddenly stopped. This is his trump card as he has placed strings all over the place. The strings are made from the same material as his clothes so he starts bragging about his justice. But she mocks him if this is the best he can do, a cunning scheme. Then she uses her monstrous strength to break free. Wouldn’t that tear her apart? She couldn’t care. Mere strings won’t tie her down. He already tore apart her heart when he hurt her friends. She’s crazy! His strings may be strong but the building it is attached to isn’t. She’s moving the buildings! I’m not sure if she’s joking when she says it’s her job as the president to move the school! Now she’s doing it literally. This sends the building collapsing. Unzen admits he was wrong. She isn’t a saint but a monster. Zenkichi tells Akune and Kikaijima this is the true Medaka and if they don’t want to back out, this is their last chance and to quit the student council for good. Of course, they’re not.

Unzen is pinned down by a slab and he is still cocky. Despite staring defeat in the face, he notes he is still victorious. Why? Because she couldn’t change his heart. He’ll still be the same human hater tomorrow. Medaka agrees she loves humans and that there is no need for him to reform as he won’t live to see tomorrow. Ironically when she says she loves humans, it sounds like she’s pleading for them not to shun her. She’s not a saint. Just a lonely soul with too much power. He may be just a 10 year old kid but has more life experience than her. He can tell she’ll give up on humanity soon because he’s worried she’s too sensitive to bear the pain. He will reform her and wants to be eliminated to protect her precious humans. Unzen notes if she disposes of humans to protect humans, she is no better than he is and will eventually remember that the person she crushed is a human. She is ready to strike but her friends hold her back. Do they have a death wish? Rather, they want to be part of her and will never quit the student council. In that instant, Medaka returns to her normal lively self. Just like that! She invites Unzen to join the student council and always needed someone to stand up against her. No thank you! She removes the slab over him and continues to believe he can make friends. She apologizes but is grateful that he helped her recognize her shortcomings. Then she heads off to the hospital because she notes there are some broken bones and battered organs. Well, in this sense she isn’t a complete monster. Unzen is shocked that she is able to snap out of her madness and pull herself together from that mental breakdown. It’s like someone pulled her out of it. Zenkichi leaves him with parting words. Though they both are right and not totally wrong in their own ways, it boils down to personal preference. And to him, he likes Medaka more than him. Yobuko and Onigase pick Unzen up and are surprised at the devastation. Unzen says they’ll exclude the student council from their supervision and will let their modified uniforms slide. He wants them to shape up since he’ll be out of action for a while as peace of Sandbox Academy rests on their shoulders. Unzen guesses Medaka has no idea the implications of removing him would me. The principal, Hakama who is also Shiranui’s grandpa is worried that his plans will fall apart if they lose just one of the Thirteen Party’s members. He seeks her advice but she recommends doing nothing and needs not worry. If he ever has any trouble, then he should use the suggestion box.

Episode 12
What?! An episode without Medaka?! How can the show without her as the lead survive?! Don’t panic. After that close victory over Unzen, she is recuperating in hospital and for the first time, her perfect record of attendance fell. This is the first day without Medaka in school. The student council is operating in a temporary place and talk about Medaka’s absence. So peaceful that it’s so unreal, eh? Medaka = trouble = normal? Kikaijima wouldn’t term Medaka as a troublemaker or one who digs up troubles. But rather diligently provides the seeds with water and fertilizer to cultivate them. Checking a suggestion box, Sasae Mochibaru the new president of the shogi club requests their assistance to find a missing chess piece. Erm… Why is she holding her head? She is afraid it will fall off? WTF?! Anyway the missing piece is the King and since the pieces are with the club for a very long time, she hopes they can find it before the advisor does. Well, it’s going to take some time since the room is very messy. Clean up time. The trio discuss about Medaka akin to the King since she moves in all directions and because it’s her, she could use that piece to checkmate her opponent. I too believe it’s not possible if it’s from her. They are also grateful because of her, they are working together like this. They can’t imagine what they’ll be doing if they had not met her. After cleaning up the room, the piece is not to be found. Zenkichi feels something amiss. He wants to know if there are other places they should be searching because it sounds as though Sasae doesn’t believe the piece is here and somewhere else. It’s like she hopes it will be found here. Akune thinks they should just use another King as replacement in the meantime although it won’t do as each wood comes in different shades and materials. Then he realizes all the King pieces of each set is missing. It’s not a simple case of a missing item anymore but theft. They try to persuade Sasae to reveal the name of the person she suspects. Akune thinks she may be suspecting Miri Natayama, supposedly the strongest shogi player in the club but has recently left. Naturally she was supposed to be the next president but Sasae got it. Even so, they note she wasn’t really club president material.

The trio confront Natayama at the rooftop about the missing King pieces but she denies having knowledge about them. Remembering Sasae’s words that she’s a good player, it was nice to have her teach them but she was so strict and yelled at beginners. Akune suspects since she couldn’t be the president, she left the club and stole the pieces. She continues to deny but says you can’t blame someone for being weak but rather for not trying to become stronger. Flashback reveals Sasae told Natayama to go easy on them because not all of them wanted to play shogi for the rest of their lives and just want to have some fun. That caused her to snap. Natayama notes she may not be as multi-talented as Akune but doesn’t intend to stay inferior to her subordinates. Not knowing the piece has been gone shows that they haven’t been playing for ages. It took Akune to realize that all the Kings were missing and this shows that the members don’t really care if they’re missing, right? So why do they need all the pieces then? Akune notes that this is somewhat her confession and will let the teachers take it from here and will try to not blow this out of proportion. However Zenkichi disagrees with his next step. Since the culprit is found, finding the missing pieces will be easy. If soliciting the teachers is always a way to resolve things, then they wouldn’t need the suggestion box, right? So what does he suggest? Zenkichi isn’t sure whether he is right or wrong but believes this is what Medaka would do: Challenge her to a shogi game! If he wins, she returns all the pieces or else they’ll let her go. Natayama thinks this is a joke, an amateur trying to challenge a pro. Or is she scared to lose? Fine! She tells him to line up the pieces but it seems he lined up all the Gold General pieces in a circle. What does this mean? They can only play Mawari Shogi since they don’t have the King, right? It’s her fault that they can only play this variation. She says they don’t care if the Kings are missing but after they start worrying, it’s too late to say that.

Akune lectures the pro on shogi. There is no such thing as a King in shogi. The word “King” came from the misprint of the word “Jade” (both kanjis resemble closely to each other and the difference is just a stroke) and that it just happens that jade ranks higher than gold and silver. Thus the word “King” is more widely used than Jade General. Wouldn’t it be odd if a king and general would be used together? The jade general may be ashamed of that but it would never use such excuse to run away and in fact fights to reclaim the throne. He’s telling her she should blame herself for turning tail and giving up since she failed to sense the strength in Sasae who trusted her. Natayama notes the irony of the student council that cares for both friends and foes. Even without Medaka, they still deliver. In the aftermath, all the missing pieces are returned and Natayama rejoins the club as she treats Sasae better. And just when you thought there’d be a peaceful end to the series, suddenly comes popping up a group of crazy looking villains! Who the hell is this Oudo Miyanokojou guy?! Who the hell is he to tell us the series is to be continued?!

In Medaka We Trust!
This is truly one of the best shows for this season. Although Medaka is the main focus and the reason why everything in order (or in trouble), she is truly an exceptional person. With her around, things are never boring and I could say the same for this show. Surprisingly when she did not make her appearance in the final episode (the flashbacks don’t count), it didn’t feel boring in anyway and it is good to know that the trio under her wing has been with her long enough to learn all the lessons that she has thought them. Very good indeed. Whether starting it off with Medaka taking on and fulfilling a variety of requests (which is what this series is about), to the recruitment of other student council members and ultimately the face off with the boss of DisCom, I have to admit there is never one dull moment. After this series has ended, there was an announcement that there will be a second season coming up later. Of course, with that kind of baddie appearing last minute, it indicates that things are not over by a long shot. Life after all is not a bed of roses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plant them along the way, right? I too would love to catch Medaka and her team in whatever crazy antics helping out others around Sandbox Academy. Who will be the new antagonist to challenge Medaka’s ideals? What other more bizarre requests will they take on? No job is too odd for them to accomplish. And more importantly who will fill in the vice president’s post? So yeah. I’ll be anticipating the second season with much glee.

Medaka as the main heroine of this show is truly an amazing person. I think if I watch her in action a few more times, I’ll be converted to her ideals as well! She steals the limelight. She steals your heart. Ironically she puts into use her suggestion box idea but thinks out of the box to solve them. Isn’t she great? But the most important thing about Medaka is the lessons that we can learn from her. Also take note on the things that she has to say. They are really awe inspiring and she would have been a very good motivational speaker. She is not embarrassed to hide or rather has nothing to hide! That’s why she would so easily love to flaunt her body. An embarrassment to hardliner conservatives but a joy to ecchi fanservice lovers. Maybe we should put in a request for her to do a striptease, eh? Her character to love both friend and foe is something we should all learn. All world leaders should meet up and be changed by her. It is easy to be blinded by rage and to take out our raw animal instincts but how many of us can actually stay calm and not lose control of ourselves? It’s something hard for ordinary humans but remember, Medaka is not ordinary in this sense. Due to her superhuman strength, some may call her a monster but I guess this is rather perspective and boils down to the individual. As long as she doesn’t take it in a bad light (which I doubt she would), everything will be fine. Medaka is so skilled in everything that sometimes it is hard to believe that she is just bloody talented. It makes her so unreal. So less human. But I guess for a genius like her, it is the optimum level of what humans can attain if they work hard. However be warned, Medaka doesn’t actually save you from your troubles. It would be too easy for the requestor to sit back and relax and watch Medaka to just do everything for you, right? Not going to happen. She’s not doing charity despite her outlook. She only guides you and shows you the way. If you do not put in the effort yourself, then you cannot expect any help from her.

I noticed something about Medaka. Whenever she pops up from nowhere (usually surprising that person), she will be seen doing an imitating pose of the person she will be talking to. It’s rather odd because it also seems that she’s having fun doing it. Then as Unzen explained, I guess to a certain extend it is true that she wants to be accepted as a human being and since she isn’t really a normal one, she ‘imitates’ the actions of others thinking this is perhaps what humans do. At other times, she can be dense too and I suppose this proves that although she may exceed in every area that humans could master, she is not perfect. Her compassionate character may put her on par with a saint or Buddha but that is just what one will conclude when you see her good side. That’s why I understood why Zenkichi is glad to know that she has some less desirable traits like getting angry as well. It makes her more human. Sometimes maybe more human than others. Just remember to use it sparingly and as a last resort. Despite being an over achiever who gets everything, good in anything, has what most people want, it’s a good thing that she is on our side. Not some evil organization that will misuse its powers to bring suffering and pain to others in their quest for world domination. So people, think twice if you really want to test her patience. Unless you are more powerful than her then you’d be better off pick up trash in your spare time. The other habit of Medaka is when she mentions somebody’s name, it will be followed by his/her grade year. Maybe it’s her way of showing respect? Sometimes during the series, Medaka’s superhuman capabilities and ability to do everything reminds me of Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai’s Momoyo Kawakami. But now that I have seen Medaka in action, this makes Momoyo like a baby in comparison.

Possibly the most dangerous character that would even surpass Medaka herself (or anybody else) is Shiranui. To say that she is a wolf under sheep’s clothing is just an understatement. Firstly, there is a lot you do not know about this girl and despite she is always putting up a cheery personality and stuffing her face with all kinds of food, you can’t help feel that there is something deeper and more than meets the eye each time she says something ‘serious’. She does not mince her words in speaking out even if those words are about her being selfish or just using Zenkichi as a friend. And she says them with a smile! Secondly, her information source. It’s like she knows almost everything that goes around in Sandbox Academy. You can’t keep any secrets from her. She’ll even get the necessary materials to blackmail you! Third, you notice that many of the characters here do not mess with Shiranui. I don’t think knowing that she is the granddaughter of the principal is what made them stayed away. She may look harmless and you better hope she stays that way because who knows what you’ll become if you step on her toes. Zenkichi knows her better than anyone and making them to not cross paths with her is for their own good. So just in case you may find yourself in the worst scenario possible with her, have a pack of food ready in your hands. Maybe she ‘attacks’ because she’s hungry… Speaking of which, does this petite girl really have a Black Hole in her stomach?! Because she doesn’t seem to put on weight too. Or grow… Oops, I hope I didn’t make her mad.

It is a tough call to make to say which side of their ideals is justice. It depends on the person. For me, I would have agreed with Medaka since I do not like things solved via violence and simply, she’s cuter! Haha! But seriously. To say that Unzen is totally wrong and twisted in his ideals is just from your perspective and stand. Thus if you say so, you may view him as the bad guy of the series. What Unzen preaches and believes are also partly true. Because of the despicable nature of humans, sometimes the only way to rule over them is through fear and with an iron fist. Of course many of us would say it is wrong because of the values and beliefs that we have been brought up with. Medaka may have just proved that her way of talking things out and changing people’s heart may be the best solution but this is only confined to school. If she miraculously pulls this off on the entire world, then we can truly say that her method works. Not every human are the same. You can’t use a one-glove-fits-all approach to solve things. Since as far as this series is concerned, her record of changing the hearts of people doesn’t have a 100% record. As revealed, she failed to reform that Kumagawa despite throwing everything she had. And now Unzen. For now he may have backed off picking a fight with the student council but I doubt he really changed. But just for sake of debate, imagine if everyone in the world follows Medaka’s way, would that be possible? Imagine what the world would be like if everybody were such good saints. Boring, right? What about everybody going along with Unzen’s version of justice? Chaos everywhere, right? That’s why I have come to conclude that both Medaka and Unzen are right and wrong and that they both must exist for the sake and balance of the world. Just like yin yang. When there is light, there is also darkness. One cannot exist without the other. Wow. I feel so philosophical like Medaka. Hehe… At the end of the day, it boils down to what your beliefs and determination are and the path that you choose to take. As for Zenkichi, he has been hanging around Medaka for so long that he probably knows how she thinks, acts and goes about and even has form his own opinions about her. In some ways, he’ll be able to keep up with Medaka and not lose his sanity. And I thought he is sometimes a tsundere. He likes Medaka but insists he’s being dragged around by her. Hey, who wouldn’t love her? Okay, there’s that 2% against her.

I can’t help but find that some of the art and drawing of the characters to be odd. Especially the guys. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I find them somewhat ‘pointy’. Be it their hair or some of their faces. And then there are those that seemingly have sharp teeth like as though they have fangs in place of them. Especially the delinquents or those tough looking ones. So when I first glimpsed at Unzen, from the way he looks, I could tell this is going to be one crazy and twisted kid. Like he just came out of the asylum not because on good behaviour parole but because he slaughtered all the officers on his way out. Really. So if Medaka’s smile is sweet, his one is scarily crazy. Perhaps the drawing of the characters may not be sophisticated and can be considered as simple but it makes the guys seem less human. At least the girls look cuter. Haha! Then again, it’s just my perception. Or rather the signature of this series’ studio house, Gainax. After all, I thought I could see shades of some of their previous works here like He Is My Master, FLCL and Mahoromatic. Did I already mention about the fanservice part? Oh yeah. Probably whenever Medaka comes into the picture, she is already the embodiment of fanservice of this show. Haha! I don’t want to think but I can’t help why she is so popular among the guys is because of her unique school uniform. Is she purposely exposing her cleavage? Well, according to her, it’s not that her clothes expose her cleavage but rather it covers every other part of her body except her cleavage! Oh yeah. I guess you can look at it from this perspective too. There are always 2 sides to a coin. On a trivial note, I noticed that the titles of the episode are taken from a speech of the characters somewhere in that episode.

This anime is in a way telling you that it is bad to judge others from the outlook. I probably learnt my lesson here because I was no longer shocked and surprised when I recognized Aki Toyosaki as the voice of Medaka. When I first heard her as Yui from K-ON!, I thought she was totally perfect playing ditzy girls roles. If not at least do her trademark voice. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t sound like those kind of roles that I had envisioned her for because well, a variety in the different kinds of character roles proves her voice is flexible and show us that she too can voice many other types of characters instead of what I have stereotypic formed in my mind. Actually, after hearing her voice Kunieda in Beelzebub, it’s one big reason why I wasn’t so shock when I heard her voicing this lead role :). Romi Paku is a veteran of voicing young boys’ role such as Edward of Fullmetal Alchemist and Ganta in Deadman Wonderland. And with her as Unzen here, she does quite a good job in making the character sound so badass. Yuu Kobayashi and Yuka Iguchi make their cameo appearance in the final episode as Natayama and Sasae respectively. Even if they didn’t pull off their trademark voices, they’re still recognizable. See, what did I say about judging a book by its cover? No crazy screaming voice from Yuu Kobayashi like she did in Kaede/Kaere from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and no annoying loli voice from Yuka Iguchi like she did for Index in To Aru No Majutsu No Index. Other casts include Yuuki Ono as Zenkichi (Kaname in Kimi To Boku), Daisuke Namikawa as Akune (Kazehaya in Kimi Ni Todoke), Ai Kayano as Kikaijima (Inori in Guilty Crown), Emiri Katou as Shiranui (Kagami in Lucky Star), Ayuru Oohashi as Onigase (Ayumi in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi), Ami Koshimizu as Yobuko (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Minako Kotobuki as Nabeshima (Yuuko in A Channel), Asuka Oogame as Ariake (Erio in Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko), Masumi Asano as Isahaya (Hakufu in Ikkitousen), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Tanegashima (Hibiki in Vandread), Makoto Yasumura as Yakushima (Ikamasa in Umisho) and Kazuyuki Okitsu as Hyuuga (Nikaidou in Ben-To).

I couldn’t wait to see what is in store for the next season so instead of writing a request into the suggestion box, I went to browse Wikipedia and found that this season is probably just an appetizer. Even though I have already spoiled myself on what to expect, but I won’t put it down here. Because there’s a big chance I might forget it by the time I blog this ;p. So I’m not going to spill out about the principal’s Flask Plan to experiment with students with abnormal abilities to mass produce them (thus the reason why Class 13 consists a bunch of abnormal students who never really attend classes except for Medaka), the return of Kumagawa into the student council and Medaka’s relieve from her post which leads to some royale battle between family branches over the right to be her husband. Oh sh*t! I just spoiled it myself. But nevertheless, it looks interesting, right? Especially with the abnormal characters from Class 13 that looks like they possess superhuman abilities so much so they’re just human in name. More powerful, more freaky, even scarier. Ooohhh… Well, at least in the eyes of a normal person like me. So it is my earnest hope that the second season could cover all this and last a little bit longer than this season.

Well, thanks to Medaka, I have learnt quite a lot of lessons from her and got inspired to do my best in whatever I can. Maybe I won’t achieve success instantly like she always does but I also accept my shortcomings (I have lots of them) and won’t feel depressed or bitter if things don’t go my way. Thank you Medaka for all the lovely acts of kindness that opened my eyes. However emulating them and to continue doing them in the long run might be another story… I can always give a reason that I am not Medaka. I’m not like an Energizer Bunny after all. Hehe… I truly feel the world could use a bit of Medaka’s help. She should be world president! I’m not surprise if she could put an end to all the civil wars, end world hunger and find a cure for AIDS! She may even discover the origins of the universe with her brilliant observation and deduction skills! With Medaka, I really believe she can do it all even if it does seem impossible! Well, that word doesn’t exist in her vocabulary and though she isn’t a goddess but just a human being who makes mistakes (only lesser) like anyone who walks and breathes on this face of the earth, at least for most parts she can be considered more human than others. So human that she isn’t human. Oh, what am I saying, I’m just confusing myself. So when you’re in trouble and in need of some assistance, don’t just pray and wait for help to arrive. Feel free to drop a line in the suggestion box. It won’t cost you a cent (maybe some food for a certain sly girl). But if you’re in trouble and Medaka happen to be just passing by, I don’t think she’ll need to wait for the suggestion box to help you out. That’s normal, right?

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