Miira No Kaikata

May 26, 2018

Warning. This series contains extreme cuteness. If you cannot tolerate everything that is moe and kawaii, stay very far away from Miira No Kaikata. You might be suffocated and die from all the cutie goodness spamming in your face. Despite its name, it is not a horror show nor is it some sort of documentary on how to take care of a mummy. Of the Egyptian kind, that is. Yup, the mummy here isn’t scary. So cute and small that you want to own one. So last chance saloon. If you are not prepared to let your heart go kyun~ in every episode and risk puking rainbows before dying of a heart attack from excessive cuteness, go ahead. You have been a-cutely warned.

Episode 1
Sora Kashiwagi receives a Dracula’s coffin from his father?! Inside is supposed to be a mummy and he is supposed to take care of it. Because dad thinks so. Wary of the ‘dangerous’ stuffs dad always sent him before, Sora takes precaution. But out comes a cute little mummy! KAWAII!!! Sora remains cautious and plans to send it back to Egypt where his dad is now. However the mummy starts crying! Because it is so frail and weak (and adorable), Sora keeps it for now. Reading the thick letter dad sent, it doesn’t give much hints on how to take care of a mummy. Trying to research on mummies, his dog, Pochi comes in for attention. The mummy won’t lose out and starts to imitate its bark and then jumps and clings on Sora’s back! The dog and mummy fight for his attention till Sora had to stop them. When Sora calls it Mii-kun, the mummy feels part of the family and this is the place it belongs. Now Sora has to figure out what Mii-kun eats. Cucumbers, nope. Apples and shirataki noodles, okay. I wonder how it can eat with its entire face bandaged. Later Sora sees Mii-kun sleeping next to Pochi. Best friends already. Next day, Sora tells his friend, Tazuki Kamiya about Mii-kun and invites him over to see. When they arrive, Sora is shocked to see Mii-kun almost dead! Uhm, isn’t this what a mummy is supposed to be? After letting it drink water, it revives! Tazuki is sure confused. Tazuki wonders if Sora has told his aunt, Kaede about this. Too bad she is busy rushing for some deadline and locked herself in her room. When Sora introduces Mii-kun to Tazuki, it starts to fear him. It should because Tazuki has this devilish idea to toy with it! Too cute to resist? After Tazuki leaves, Sora takes a bath. He is surprised Mii-kun likes water and floats! But at the end of it, its bandages absorbed a lot of water and is now bloated.

Episode 2
Mii-kun wants to help around the house so Sora makes a little makeshift blade for it to cut cucumbers. We see Sora being gymnastic in saving Mii-kun whenever it is clumsy. Tazuki comes to visit and Mii-kun is still scared of him. In Mii-kun’s vision, he sees Tazuki as some demon. Tazuki manages to get close to him but it is a trap to grab him. He is curious to see what is underneath the bandages but luckily Sora stops him. He warns that the bandages might be Mii-kun’s skin and do you really want to see what it’s like being skinned? Think not. Tazuki makes up with Mii-kun and now they’re friends. Because Mii-kun seems to dry up whenever Sora is at school, he thinks of bringing it along. Of course the deal is for Mii-kun to pretend to be a doll. However Asa “Mogi” Motegi thinks she heard Mii-kun sneeze and thinks it is cute. Sora does a bad impression that it was him who sneezed. Isn’t that coughing? We get a shock when Sora asks Mogi if she wants one. Actually he made a few dolls of Mii-kun. So good and similar that you can’t tell them apart. Yup, Mogi took the real Mii-kun. They can’t skip gym class to go find it or they’ll be looking suspicious. Mii-kun is sitting on a shelf in the girls’ locker room. Seeing a hole in the wall, it thinks it can crawl through and reach Sora. Of course it got lost in the labyrinth and then got the bad luck of being chased around by a rat. Surprisingly, this little bundle has got lots of stamina running away from the rodent. Sora asks Mogi about the doll and is pondering if he should barge into the girls’ locker room to get it. Thankfully he doesn’t have to because here comes Mii-kun still being chased. Luckily the guys save Mii-kun and all is well. Later Mogi apologizes for losing the doll but he manages to give her the fake one and claims she dropped it on the hallway. As Mii-kun didn’t dry up while with him, Sora asks if Mii-kun would like to follow him to school from now on. Although school is scary but being with Sora outweighs the cost.

Episode 3
Kaede finally finishes and is out of her room. Sora introduces her to Mii-kun. She is impressed but not scared as she has met creatures like it before. Sora then collapses. Looks like he has fever. Is it time to press the panic button? Well, no harm taking a little precaution by wearing a gas mask. I guess being apart from Sora makes Mii-kun start to cry? So much so he shrivels up? Mii-kun reverts back to normal as long as it is with Sora. With Kaede having more work, it is back to the workstation so Tazuki takes over. This means handing over the gas mask. Deep in the night, Sora’s fever worsens. Mii-kun remembers what Kaede did to cool his head. So Mii-kun goes to absorb water into its bandages and then sleeps on Sora’s head as a wet towel. Next morning, Sora is well but it looks like Mii-kun is now sick. Instead of staying in bed, Mii-kun hints of going outside. Not sure what it is doing by digging a little hole. When Pochi digs a hole, Mii-kun covers it up and buries itself. Huh? Sora waits for Mii-kun to resurface but he never did. Flashback shows Sora picked up a dying bird but Tazuki scolded him for doing so since he will be the one who will be hurt most. True enough, when the bird died, Sora cried his heart out. Mii-kun then resurfaces. It is well again. Just a second ago its bandages were all dirty and now it is clean? Kaede celebrates their recovery by cooking for them. However when she puts on glasses, her character changes into a dominating flirter. Tazuki flicks the glasses off, returning Kaede to her normal self but embarrassed. Sora continues to write his observations of Mii-kun like how dirt cures Mii-kun’s sickness. He notes there are lots more about Mii-kun he doesn’t know.

Episode 4
Tazuki is walking home late after a part time job when he notices a little oni critter following him. He tells him to go to Sora’s place instead as he is not interested in such little creatures. I don’t know how long Tazuki took to get home but it seems the oni is waiting outside his window. He tries to ignore it but hours later it is still waiting there. Freezing. So just for tonight he lets the oni stay. Next day at school, Tazuki tells Sora his problem. Sora thinks he should just keep it despite he has let it go in the yard this morning. Too bad it never left and is now part of the household. Tazuki remembers he knew the existence of such creatures since young. All because he met Sora. Such creatures tend to pop up at his feet. He learnt about them through him. Something about how they help humans when they need help. However there was a hurt little dragon creature he failed to save and it has since become his regret. Tazuki learns the oni wants to stay with him is because they both have the same scar on their arm. One day, the oni is mad seeing the stuffed doll of Mii-kun. It tosses it away. Tazuki is confused and thought it likes it. So he brings the oni to Sora for the real deal. Uhm, intense staring showdown? Suddenly Mii-kun starts chasing the oni! WTF?! Oh, they’re playing tag. Looks like they’ve become good friends. Sora suggests naming the oni but Tazuki gives him common human names like Tanaka and Satou. In the end, he goes with Conny (derived from child oni). Then they make handmade sushi to get close to each other. Tazuki may sound he isn’t interested in this socializing but from his actions we still see he cares. Sora knows this very well since Tazuki has a list of what Conny can or cannot eat. Conny now likes the Mii-kun doll and sleeps with it. Conny won’t respond unless Tazuki calls it by name. Conny gets mad when Tazuki lists out its negative traits but being so weakly violent makes it look more cute than anything menacing.

Episode 5
A classmate leaves a toy lizard on Tazuki’s table. Although it is life-like, nobody is buying it. Mii-kun is curious but I don’t think it can get along. Meanwhile Mogi is not afraid of any kind of bugs but is afraid of lizards. When she goes home, she is shocked to see a chibi dragon in her room. She mistakes it for a lizard and goes berserk trying to kill it. Although it tries to be friends with her, she continues to panic. Yeah, her house looks like a storm just went through. Luckily Sora is passing her house so she seeks his help to rid of the menace. She is still uneasy despite Sora explaining it is a dragon. Sora ‘communicates’ with it and learns it was only trying to help Mogi who injured her knee while she was trying to run away from it. Mogi realizes she is wrong and apologizes. Now they’re best pals. He invites her to his place for dinner. It must have been ages for Mii-kun to be waiting for Sora to come back. When he does, it immediately runs to him. Only, Mogi is there and sees it. And who is this dragon critter?! Poor Mii-kun is so confused. Of course it doesn’t take long for them to become friends. Sora tells Mogi about such creatures in secrecy and how they must remain so in fear for some unscrupulous humans who would want to catch and take advantage of it. Tazuki joins them and learns about the dragon too. Unlike Conny, the dragon seems fussy and doesn’t eat meat, vegetables, cheese or anything. For now it goes along with tofu. Kaede wakes up from her slumber and learns about the dragon. What will Mogi name it? Isao. Uhm, okay. Sora walks Mogi home and tells her how dad sent Mii-kun to him. It prompts him to wonder if Mii-kun misses his homeland. But when he tried to send him home at first, it refused to go back. Although it is unsure why Isao came to Mogi, Sora is glad it met her.

Episode 6
Mogi almost reveals Isao to her friends. Sora and Tazuki advise her to hang out with them if she would like to talk more about Isao. Hanging out at Sora’s home, we see Isao giving his pals a flight ride. Mogi reveals that Isao can even write simple Japanese to communicate. Tazuki gets an idea to teach Isao romaji to see if he can understand. Amazingly he does! Mii-kun and Conny also learn and now they can write simple Japanese too. It soon turns into some Easter egg hunt as they put small hidden messages around the house for them to find and read. Conny starts being naughty by pulling out a mandrake in the garden. If not for Sora’s quick action, one could die from its prolonged screaming! Apparently dad sent it to serve as Kade’s alarm clock. The mandrake then escapes as they start chasing it down before it kills the entire town with its shriek. Once again Isao shows how dependable it is by saving the mandrake after it floats down the river, reducing Conny and Mii-kun into blundering bundles. While Conny doesn’t care, Mii-kun feels depressed. Sora understands Mii-kun’s problem after seeing it take care of carefree Conny. Mii-kun has been troubled after Kaede noted it is more of the being cared for type. After the friends part, Sora takes a bath with Mii-kun and then reads him 2 storybooks. Mii-kun really gets emotional if it’s a sad one. Oddly, Sora dozes off before finishing the second one. Conny’s mischief as usual causes more trouble for Tazuki while Isao being so independent could do things on its own without being told. Before Mogi knows it, it’s already done. So dependable that it even tries to cover her up when she seemingly exposes herself to the cold while sleeping. Isao sleeps next to her and she takes it the dragon wants to sleep with her.

Episode 7
Daichi Tachiaki always has nightmares. It gets worse when he starts screaming in class and it doesn’t help he has a violent reputation. Of course all that is about to change when he collapses on Sora. As the infirmary has banned him, Sora takes him to rest with his friends at the rooftop. More nightmares as he almost punched Mogi before returning to his class. Sora is still worried so he talks to him on his way home. He learns he lives alone as his parents kicked him out for his violent tendencies. You see, not only he has nightmares, he destroys things while sleepwalking. Even charms don’t work. Yup, charms all over the place. Sora draws him a baku (mythical tapir that eats nightmares) to put under his pillow. That night, Daichi wakes up and sees a baku eating his nightmares. He is unsure what it is so he calls Sora that something is sucking his soul! Kind Sora runs over only to find this cute chibi baku. So fluffy and warm. Daichi is also introduced to Mii-kun. For the next few days, Daichi becomes absent from school. When he returns, he looks so refreshed that he is like a different person! Apparently he caught up with his sleep and slept through. So this entire nightmare thingy that began since elementary is worth only 3 full days? With Daichi somewhat friends with Sora, welcome to his circle. But it is very awkward between Tazuki and Daichi since they’re so different. Oddly, Mii-kun mediates for them to become friends. Awkward still but they got used to it. The friends and critters gather. Other critters love jumping on Mukumuku (the baku’s name) because of its fluffiness and it always pushes them away. Can’t resist the fluffiness… Daichi has Sora to thank for without his intervention and Mukumuku, nothing would have changed. Later Daichi has a favour to ask of Sora. As he always lock the doors and everything, he wonders how Mukumuku could get in. Sora stays as his place to find out. After Daichi sleeps, it seems his sleepwalking habit has him open the door to let Mukumuku in to devour his nightmares. However Sora soon discovers that it is Mukumuku who controls and makes sleeping Daichi do so!

Episode 8
Mogi heard a couple of shady guys looking for some oni kid. Telling this to Sora and co, they wonder if there is a safe place they can leave their little ones while they go to school. Sora knows the perfect person for this. This person turns out to be a jizou statue, Ojizou. But the one who will be looking after them is the shrine god. So this is going to be like a day care centre? At least they can go to school with a peace of mind. If they don’t stay too long under the good hospitality, that is. One day, at the shrine as usual, Mii-kun sees a gap in the door and goes out to pique its curiosity with a lady bug. The shrine god notices the gap and closes it. Mii-kun is now trapped outside and is forced to hide from unknown humans passing by. Yeah, the shrine god just failed at her watching duty. Mii-kun is surprised to see Conny who thinks he is lost. Mii-kun agrees to follow it. It brings Mi-kun through the forest where we see all sorts of mythical creatures living. Yeah, a unicorn with an ass of the universe! Meanwhile the shrine god finally does a head count and realizes one is missing. If Conny is there, this means that oni kid must be an imposter! But too late to start panicking and searching. Mii-kun is brought to the home of this oni kid that looks like some magic garden. Mii-kun gets worried when the oni kid wants it to stay here forever. It then realizes Mii-kun wasn’t lost and was just trying to get into the shrine. Oni kid then brings Mii-kun back. Shrine god can now breathe with ease. Mii-kun relates what happened today to Sora. He suggests to leave a thank you note next time in which Mii-kun did. The oni kid picks it up and hangs it in its home like its favourite painting.

Episode 9
Tazuki’s little sister, Tsukiyo is once again left in tears after Conny eats her cake without permission. Time for Tazuki to get tough with the little oni. He warns to listen to him or else get out! Next morning, Conny isn’t around. Could it be Conny left for good? Tazuki isn’t worried. It’ll be back in no time. However when Conny never returned, Tazuki starts to worry. It is so obvious to his pals since he is doing simple things the wrong way. When they learn about it, Tazuki insists they should not find Conny because it left on its own volition. Sora is not convinced because he still cuts that worried looks. The worrying gets to Tazuki as he remembers his past. He was running away with a little dragon while injured and being chased by a violent man. Eventually Tazuki starts running around to look for Conny. He thinks he spots Conny and relays directions to Sora to catch it. Unfortunately it’s not Conny. Luckily for Tazuki, he spots the real one. Stuck in a hole in the wall?! After pulling it out, he has lots of things to say but first needs to tell his friends the real Conny is found. Or else they would have been on a wild goose chase hunting down Conny’s pants that was floating down the river. Conny reunites with everyone, much to their delight. After everyone leaves, Tazuki apologizes to Conny for saying harsh things. However Conny too is in the wrong. Tazuki relates he once tried to save a dragon from a collector but ended up hurting it more. That’s why he never felt he could protect Conny. After Tazuki accepts Conny back, Conny for the first time starts crying. Conny now has a family (in the past it was always alone or bullied). Next day Tazuki updates his friends that Conny was trying to find a flower for Tsukiyo and got stuck. Things are looking better now because Conny listens to what he says. No more the rebel kid. Sora believes all it wants was his attention and wanted to hear from him that it could stay. Sora hopes Tazuki could be more honest with himself too. He might say mean things but his face and heart don’t mean them.

Episode 10
Sora receives another strange box from dad. It’s growling… Taking extreme precautions (armed with a bat with nails), the box then opens and something inside speaks! It is disappointed at Sora for showing hostility. Folks, meet Aayan the Anubis. Because it is a statue, it cannot freely move by itself and can only speak. It tells Sora how his father put a lot of thought into choosing a gift for him. He thought many things would freak him out and thought the statue of a dog would be nice. Aayan did not say anything because it wanted to see the world. Too bad it was put inside a box. Aayan meets Mii-kun and nibbles it to see if it is a real mummy. No it’s not. Real mummies are dead, right? There is another gift in the box: Egyptian sand. Sora overthinks and becomes overcautious in handling it, thinking it might be a trap. He is so disappointed it is just normal Egyptian sand. His other friends visit and get to know Aayan. Sora believes Aayan is more of a tsukumogami rather than the real Anubis as it is more like a spirit that inhabits an inanimate object. Just like Ojizou. When Sora has hiccups, Tazuki seems relieved that this guy too has an embarrassing side. They talk about the old wife’s tale that one could die after 100 hiccups. This scares the little critters. As they heard scaring might help, Mii-kun scares the sh*t out of everyone by untangling its bandages. Tazuki gets this devilish idea to finally see Mii-kun’s skin and holds Sora back. A blinding light blinds Tazuki. When Sora gets Mii-kun, his hiccups have stopped. Sora realizes they were only trying to help. The little ones get shocked when Tazuki says that it is only superstitious and nothing to worry about. When they Sora tries to put Mii-kun’s bandages back, he doesn’t know where to start. Distracted by his friends leaving, Mii-kun’s bandages are mysteriously wrapped back. The friends note how this place is like a mini zoo and Pochi is the only real animal. But Sora replies Pochi is already 50 years old and its kind lives to 100! Aayan might not have been able to see the sea but is glad to have come here as it is fun.

Episode 11
Sora and co investigate the rumours of sightings of an inugami. At the shrine mountain, they split up to investigate but find nothing. However they feel something strange. There are no animal sounds at all. Sora then realizes today is summer solstice. It is the festival for the spirits. Long ago, he invited Tazuki to one but he declined and told him not to get involved with such stuffs. They should stick with human friends instead. Suddenly Sora feels a shift in the atmosphere. The monster reception wants them to show their invitations. Sora tries to solve this himself by asking that only he would be sacrificed or worked to death. WTF?! However the monsters get angry as they are not invited and decide to do them all in. Mii-kun then take out the leaves in Sora’s pocket. These are the invitations so the monsters let them in. Tazuki is mad at Sora’s actions and punches him. As Sora tries to talk to him, Yamada the demon is glad to see Sora. They know each other. It seems the invitation leaves were given by Yamada. Wait a minute. They were inside Sora’s clothes for how long? Okay, they may not rot but he never emptied his pocket?! Asking about the inugami, Yamada says they are safe here. The pair, Aa and Uu and were seen by humans a few days earlier. To let Uu escaped, Aa made a distraction and was seen although it managed to escape too. However both dogs are now fighting as Uu is made at Aa for doing so. Easily solved by Sora and Tazuki since they’re experiencing the same thing too. With the dogs reconciled, it’s time for the guys to do the same. The reason Tazuki told Sora not to get involved with such creatures is because he might go crazy. There is a secret he must keep and will lie in order to stay friends with him (that dragon saving incident). Sora has always thought he distanced himself from him. He was afraid he would be gone one day and was preparing himself for that day. Friendship saved when Tazuki assures he will not leave him. Meanwhile a collector has tricked the reception with his leaf invitation. They realize too late it is bloodied. So when Mii-kun is bathing at the waterfall, how come nobody notices a strange man kidnapping it?! Mii-kun was just literally right next to them at the river bank!

Episode 12
Time to panic, Sora. Like the world is going to end. I know. Mii-kun was like snatched right under their noses, right? Oddly, the patrol guards lost track of the collector?! WTF?! You’re saying the human is more effective?! No wonder Sora is so anxious. Daichi then remembers the shrine god tagging Mii-kun and suggests if it works as a tracker. And so Sora starts shouting at the top of his voice. Thanks to the collector stalling and curious about Mii-kun’s bandages, Mii-kun heard Sora’s cries and the tag starts to float like a kite. Tazuki’s super sight allows him to see through all that mist. It looks like Mii-kun is over the waterfalls. Sora has no choice but to climb it because the only way around it was through the reception area. Then how the f*ck did the collector get up there?! If he climbed, shouldn’t they have seen him?! Sora slips but luckily Aa and Uu grab him as they swim up the waterfall. Should have done this in the first place. Thankfully the collector was trying to rid of the tag so Sora was able to catch up. Hand over the mummy kid. The collector thinks he is a rival who is out to sell Mii-kun for money. But you know, the power of family is more important for guys like Sora. As they struggle, the land god as found the collector and strikes him with lightning. You know, this is his domain and for the land god not being able to instantly detect the intruder is just big fail. The collector is taken away and punished while Mii-kun is reunited with Sora. End of drama. After the festival, the friends converge at Sora’s house. The other critters are sulking because they didn’t get to go. But don’t worry. Sora shows a big box from the land god as their gift. It contains a mini set of the festival. Now they can have their own festival but with a little supernatural twist. Having fun, aren’t we? So much fun that they plan to do more festivals in the future. From camping in the mountains to hotspring and the beach, they’ll do them all! Oh yeah. Life is certainly good and happy.

Pocket Monsters: Gotta Care ‘Em All
I know we needed some kind of tension and drama so as not to make this entire series look like one big cute bore. Really. How can something be so cute that we could fawn over about and yet be such a bore? It’s like they mind controlled and hijack my brain to love all the cuteness they have to offer and to put up with it all. I suppose I did until the nonsensical final episode drama that throws logic out of the window just for the sake of drama and family bonds spoilt everything. Almost. Actually, it was so bad that it was funny. Such dramatic tensions for a cute show would be considered a fatal heart attack level. So with Mii-kun almost becoming some collector’s bounty was the much needed wake up call for all of us who are either dozing off or being hypnotized and loving all the cuteness.

As we have come to expect, this anime is actually one big boring series that only lovers of cute things would only appreciate and fawn over. AKA foam all over their mouths. Even contradicting to the title of this series, you don’t really see the ways to take care of a mummy. Not directly, that is. Sora might have received a thick manual on doing so but you won’t see him going through each and every point that would be the staple of the series. So instead we have Sora and friends, Mii-kun and friends living their daily lives in a cute way. That is all there is to it. Sora and Tazuki may have some sort of supernatural past together but it is not something that we would all fret over about. It looked like something it could expand on especially if that dragon Tazuki failed to save was in anyway related to Isao but I figure we don’t need such complicated details to spoil all the cuteness.

Therefore if you want to talk about the characters, there is nothing really much to it. After a while, you could guess their personalities but nothing that edgy or mind provoking. The only character development that you will get to see is how close the creatures will bond with their masters. But that is to be expected and shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. Their relationships are satisfying enough to give that feel good factor. Seeing them having the slightest argument might even cause us to have a little heartbreak. Oh curses. When did we become so emotionally weak after watching this show?

Like Sora who is trying so hard to be the best, the kindest, the nicest, the gentlest kid in the whole wide world to these critters that at first looks it may pass off as annoying. I mean, he is really a nice kid but I suppose if there is nobody who cares about these cute little things, who else would care for them? Hence I am guessing that if such creatures are being generally persecuted by humans, all of them should come to Sora’s house to seek refuge. Heck, he could open a shelter for abused and lost cute little creatures! Guaranteed to have the best hospitality ever. But it did bug me that if Sora has been dealing and knowing such supernatural creatures since a young age, why did he get suspicious and freak out when dad first sent Mii-kun to him? Sure, he is cautious of dangerous things but did he assume Mii-kun is going to be dangerous? Better safe than sorry? Because after that, any other critters that appear would be like, yeah I’m okay with that. The creature he wanted to send back so eagerly at first, now he cannot part or take his eyes of it a single second. Yeah, in a way Sora is more attached to the chibi mummy than Mii-kun. Say… If assuming Sora doesn’t have a mom, could Mii-kun as a mummy be his substitute mummy as in mother only in title? Crap, I know. But it’s just a thought.

Now, all the other little critters look more like they are worthy to be Pokemon characters. Especially Mii-kun who doesn’t look like a mummy and is so just because it is wrapped in bandages. Funnily, Mii-kun is the biggest scaredy-cat in the series. Heck, he could be the weakest too. I believe this is to enhance the cuteness of everything because I’m sure that everything Mii-kun does is supposed to exude everything kawaii. Trying to make you go “Aww… So kawaii!!!” at every go. Mii-kun constantly needs Sora’s ‘protection’ because otherwise it would start crying or do something silly or dangerous that would give the series the much needed boost in suspense and drama. And I bet Sora doesn’t mind Mii-kun being this weak because when you see cute little things, you want to protect and love it with all your might, right?

Like I said, we think Mii-kun is only a mummy because it is covered by what is seemingly bandages. However Mii-kun has done mind boggling stuffs that science and common sense cannot explain. Like how his bandages could come off and go back again without an end. He doesn’t even show traits of a typical mummy so could it be some other supernatural monster wrapped in bandages? What is it actually? But we don’t care as long as Mii-kun looks cute, no? And since there are so many other creatures out there living in secrecy, I bet there is going to be a Pikachu since there was some sort of unicorn too. Just that nobody found or caught it. I’m sure Ash would have if he existed in this anime…

As for the other human characters and creatures in this series, I guess they’re rather okay and passable. Tazuki has his issues hence looking quite distant most of the time. He is an odd pair with Conny because despite the selfish little oni doing as it wishes, weakly (and cutely) beats him when it is mad, Tazuki still cares for it. Unlike Sora’s loving love, Tazuki is more discreet. He doesn’t openly show his love but it’s there. Imagine if Tazuki were to get all cozy and lovey-dovey with Conny. I’m sure that would send even more shivers down our spine (or hearts aflutter for those who really dig this kind of cutesy stuffs) because we already have Sora and Mii-kun so we don’t need another overlapping characters.

Mogi, Daichi, Isao and Mukumuku feel wasted. Like as though the series needs to have more friends and critters so it could look like a decent party. Because a dozen episodes of just Sora, Tazuki, Mii-kun and Conny would be boring. We need a little more variety than that. Just when you thought that was enough, Aayan is introduced. Not like it needed to be anyway because it can’t even move and just provide lip service. If Sora’s dad keeps sending these weird stuffs back thinking Sora would not reject them, my prediction that he will open a refuge house for such creatures will come true. Kaede only exists because it just feels wrong to have a kid living in a house all by himself. Is dad’s calling to travel the world so great that he is okay leaving his son alone? Well, not the only anime to have this sort of setting. Otherwise an aunt whose running joke is to stay up late just to beat her deadline is totally unnecessary. With Sora now focusing on Mii-kun, I suppose that Pochi who is revealed as not your ordinary dog would have no company. So what’s the point of making Daichi her biggest fan anyway? I thought he was too busy fighting his nightmares and being grumpy-cum-tired than to go admire some model’s work?

Art and drawing are definitely cute and kawaii kind. The series is also bright and colourful that at certain points you might pass this off as a children’s anime. Nothing literally scares you. Even those spirits and monsters at the spirit festival don’t look that scary. Unless you are a super chicken like Mii-kun. Hopefully this doesn’t give the wrong impressions that mummies are this cute. The real deal are much scarier and malevolent. Thanks Hollywood, for leaving that impression. Just want to note that one of Sora’s classmates look strikingly familiar to Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn’s Tsuna. I thought he was making his cameo here. This series is animated by 8bit who did the Grisaia trilogy, Infinite Stratos and Rewrite.

Voice acting is nothing special. Although the critters do give out little soft squeals and squeaks, perhaps it helps give off that cute appeal more than their human counterparts. Proof you don’t need to talk to remain super cute? Yeah, just look at Wall-E. The voice acting casts include Mutsumi Tamura as Sora (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Keisuke Komoto as Tazuki (Raul in Yuushibu), Himika Akaneya as Mogi (Tamarai in ReLIFE), Seiichirou Yamashita as Daichi (Kakeru in Orange), Ai Kayano as Kaede (Inori in Guilty Crown) and Ryusei Nakao as Aayan (Mayuri in Bleach). The opening theme, Fushigi Na Tabi Wa Tsuzuku No Sa by Tsuribitto sounds like your generic anime pop. Lots of cuteness in the animation of course. But the strange one is the ending theme, Rosetta Stone by Iketeru Hearts. In addition to have that Egyptian feel to it, the animation sees the human characters doing really weird dances. Because of their series looks on their face, not really sure if they are in some sort of trance and doing some evil resurrection ritual. Serious. Tempting but not infectious enough for me to try out.

Overall, if you are tired of cute girls doing cute things, but still not tired of the cute genre, now this series shows us that even cute creatures doing cute things could also do as equally well. Everything so cute, everything so adorable and if I sound like a broken tape recorder because this is what the show is mainly about. Sorry for the spamming but at least everything is so kawaii that you’ll forgive and forget how boring it is. A light hearted feel good series that everyone needs before they go to bed and have a good night’s rest. Until grandma comes back with all those scary old wives’ tales and scare the wits out of us again. Damn those old ghost stories heard from young aren’t easily forgettable.

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