Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

November 22, 2015

Power and hierarchy. That is how the world works. Even at high school level. So the more powerful and higher rank your club is, the better facilities you get to enjoy. Well, it seems interesting that Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku has this kind of setting but I assure you that this anime isn’t about the dark side of this system or the people who abuse it or the newcomer dark horse that will bring this system down. Instead, we have a girl who is about to enter high school and hasn’t even decided on which school to enrol yet. And then there is one that caught her eye. Just by judging a cute girl on the brochure, from that point she decided that this is the high school that she wants to be in. Talk about judging a book by its cover. Is this the yuri harem dream! Cute girls here she comes she has always been dreaming of? Cute girls run for your life!

Ah yes. I can tell that this is going to be a funny action series. And of course the road to paradise isn’t going to be easy because since in this school, there is an intense battle system that pits students representing their clubs (though, only cultural clubs exist in this school), each possessing their own unique ability and power to battle one another. Don’t underestimate a yuri girl will let nothing stand in her way of her yuri paradise. Oh well, if you want to make your dream come true instead of staying a dream, what better way than to get your ass out there and kick some serious ass. Oh by the way, this series isn’t about her going around picking fights to reach to the top either. Just your ‘average’ girl loaded with lots of determination to seek her dream come true as she interacts and goes by her daily high school life with those around her. And participating in battles when necessary.

Episode 1
Yumiko cannot hold back her feelings as she confesses to Eruna Ichinomiya. I’m sure Eruna totally loves where this is going. Even if it is just a dating game… Till her mom reminds her not to waste her holidays and start looking for a high school to enrol for the next term. Yes, mom… Discussing with her friends about this, it seems she is picky on which high school to go. Uniform not cute? Out! Suddenly an asteroid crashes into the area! Yumiko and Eruna are the only survivors. They will begin their Eve and Eve journey from now. You’ve guessed it. Just a game she’s playing… Shigure Ninomiya, Eruna’s cousin who is fond of her (but the feeling is not mutual) tries to help her out with her dilemma and proposes the school that he is attending, Mikagura Academy. Upon seeing the cute uniform, her wildest fantasies take off. The model in the brochure is Seisa and the principal’s granddaughter. And so it is decided. Thanks to this cute girl and cute uniform, Eruna is going to apply here. It would have been better if she had prepared herself to study for the entrance exams instead of fantasizing away. So as the academy’s maid, Kurumi Narumi takes her to the entrance exam, she ignores Eruna’s lust and fantasies (how does it feel for giving Shigure this treatment?). Eruna thought the exam is a trick question because it is a very simple maths question. Next is an interview. A flying talking cat named Bimii?! Poke its eyes and pinch its cheek to check if you’re dreaming! Nope. Eruna thought she had failed the interview when Bimii says he already has the results. I mean, they didn’t even get started yet and she thought their silly conversation was the interview. Actually she passes on the basis that she could already see him. Yup. Pinch his cheeks one more time just to be sure she’s not dreaming.

On the first day of the new term, a handful of club members display some sort of power battle as a welcoming ceremony for the juniors. As explained, it is a rule for every student to join a club. There are perks by doing so. Clubs battle each other for points and the higher rank your club, the better facilities you have. Eruna is given her own electronic device so can check stats, etc. I’m sure Eruna isn’t sure what is going on but it looks fun. Bimii brings Eruna to her dorm and instantly she starts harassing this cute petite girl, Himi Yasaka from the Calligraphy Club. Himi takes Eruna to her room. Erm… Isn’t that just a sleeping bag along the corridor? This is what happens if you don’t join a club. See, the next person, Meika Katai in the sleeping bag is just shivering… So you want to join a club now? Of course. Himi has them take a calligraphy test. Katai passes but Eruna’s calligraphy feels like just some ink blot. You fail. Looks like we know where she’s sleeping tonight. Eruna wonders about which club Seisa belongs to. It is the Going Home Club but apparently it is a special club and they’re not recruiting. All Seisa does is just stay in the mansion and hardly comes to school. Even if Kurumi is Eruna’s homeroom teacher, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that as long as she remains without a club, she’ll be discriminated like small food portion and only 5 minutes of shower. At the courtyard, there is a commotion. Asuhi Imizu from the Astronomy Club is apologizing to Kyouma Kuzuryu from Art Club for bumping into him but the way he is saying it makes the latter look like a bully. Till Seisa comes by to quell the situation. Seisa notices Eruna (cue for her delusions) as Bimii mentions about Eruna’s possibilities that may be on par with her. Seisa invites her to join her Going Home Club in which Eruna didn’t hesitate to say yes. Seisa’s motive is because next week there is a club battle and she doesn’t want to participate in it and send a representative instead. Whether Eruna is listening or not, she couldn’t be happier that her life is just about to begin. Let’s hope it’s for the better.

Episode 2
Now that Eruna is fantasizing about Seisa, does this mean she is two-timing Yumiko! Anyway, although Eruna has joined the club on a trial basis, the ‘discrimination’ is still there although just slightly improved. Kurumi explains about the battle system. Each student will have 3 crystals materializing over their head. They can break it anyhow and the student that has all his/her crystals broken loses the battle. As special powers are often used in club battles, some sort of summoning object is needed. Eruna isn’t sure about hers and thought of seeking Seisa for help. Unfortunately she is turned away. Well, isn’t Going Home Club about going home? Even Himi isn’t going to show her special attack to her. Bimii suggests visiting the top clubs to learn something. Kuzuryu is ignoring her, Sadamatsu Minatogawa of the Flower Arrangement Club demonstrates his flower power, Yuuto Akama from Drama Club displays his cloning illusion and Asuhi… He is so girly that Eruna couldn’t believe he is a guy. Asuhi mentions he is only interested in looking at the stars and never cared so much about the power he could use (because his telescope can shoot out powerful beams if it absorbs enough stars but the downside is that anyone can use it). Eruna ponders about Seisa’s power. Bimii explains she is the only person who can use her power without activating an item. Shigure is willing to be Eruna’s first test subject to awaken her power. Something tells me he is just being a masochist… Yeah… He loves Eruna hitting him with the bag and sleeping bag… Seisa talks to Eruna that at this state she cannot fight. Eruna suggests doing things together but due to their circumstances, it all seems impossible. Eruna then waxes lyrical at how amazing Seisa is. It makes her happy to join her club and this means she will try her very best. Eruna’s first opponent is Himi. Everyone can watch from the comfort of their personal device thanks to all the cameras installed around the school. As the match starts, Eruna runs away. No, she is not being chicken. She thought of hiding and then ambushing to take out all of her crystals in one go. But Himi anticipated this trick and played along. As a result, Eruna loses a crystal. Time to run and rethink her strategy. She stumbles into a sealed room. When she touches the altar, something inside her activates. By this time Himi has found her and initiates her brush strokes attack. However Eruna is able to dodge and run as fast as the Flash! The battle ends when Eruna’s power awakens. She uses her finger as a gun to fire a powerful blast that destroys all of Himi’s crystals. Biggest upset ever?

Episode 3
Eruna is being interviewed by Rumina Rikyuu from Newspaper Club but since she’s being exaggerative about her victory, I don’t think Rumina is all that interested. Keep dreaming… Now that Eruna has earned massive points, this allows her to buy her lots of breakfast. Yuuto and his animal named Drama Club members are here to greet Eruna not because of her win but because of the newspaper reporting her voracious appetite! How did they report so fast?! Eruna remembers she needs to report her win to Seisa and she brings Himi along with her. Seisa looks like half asleep and Eruna thought she could take this chance to harass her?! Thank goodness Kurumi is always on the alert. Although Eruna is being praised, Seisa notes that the only reason why she was able to win was because Himi let her guard down. Eruna argues that she is the chosen hero of the school and thus her victory was no fluke. Seisa suggests having a practice battle tomorrow. If she can take out just 1 of her crystals, she’ll officially join Going Home Club. Failure to do so not only has her provisional status revoked, she cannot join any club. Eruna accepts since she is confident she will win and live her yuri life with Seisa in this mansion! Eruna thought she wanted to practice with Asuhi first but Yuuto wants to spar with him and relegates Eruna into watching to learn a thing or two. The match begins with Asuhi frantically shooting everywhere but missing. It only took one strike for Yuuto to win the match. Eruna thought she felt something wrong about it but no time to think since her own match will be starting soon.

As usual, Eruna starts off with high spirits and getting zippy like the Flash. But is she that boring that Seisa has fallen asleep?! This might be her chance to break one of her crystals. But wait! Did she just pass through it? Before she knows it, Eruna lost a crystal. She tries her hand gun but it does not even amount to anything close to a pea shooter. Seisa unleashes her Killing Art move to destroy her remaining crystals. Game over. You lose. Looks like Eruna is now living in the streets and although you can’t blame her for feeling depressed, it’s not like her to be this down. Surprisingly Kuzuryu comes to cheer her up with milk but she steps on his feelings that she doesn’t drink milk (lactose intolerant?) and would like to exchange for something more expensive! She sure knows how to make him mad. He advises her power is incomplete and that her inexperience caused it not to activate properly. So getting experience by joining a club seems to be the only way. But all the clubs she visited, none seemed to fit her. Make her own club then. As long as it has 3 members, it should be fine. However at this time of year, new members are hard to find and after her pathetic lost, nobody would want to join a weak club. It is suggested she joins the rookie battle where she’ll get more attention and this should get her more club members. Late that night, Eruna is outside Seisa’s mansion, yelling at her renewed motivation to fight her again once she forms her own club. Then she builds her own cardboard clubroom outside her mansion. Pitiful but WTF. Seisa is not so black hearted to ignore her. Since it is raining, she invites her to sleep inside her mansion although she’ll be sleeping in the hallway in her sleeping bag. Good enough.

Episode 4
Yuuto narrates that when his parents divorced, it was perhaps his imperfection that led his mom to take his younger brother with her. That is why he is putting up a fake smile that everybody loves. To fool others, one must fool himself. Maybe that is why he keeps ‘stalking’ Asuhi as he sees shades of little brother in him. You have got to be amazed with Eruna’s optimism. Despite being given a bone for breakfast, she thinks it means she has been accepted as Seisa’s dog! Not even Kurumi’s warning that her food and lodging are being deducted from her points because this spurs her to work harder. She trains with Himi but it feels like trying her best to harass her. The Drama Club members think it is a good deal for her to train with them since many are rookies who will be participating in that rookie battle. And no matter how weird you look at this hero of justice, After School Six play that they practice, it still gives Eruna her much needed practice. But could it be this embarrassment that has Yuuto not amused? On the day the tournament bracket is announced, Eruna’s first round opponent will be Katai. Meanwhile Yuuto is all by himself at the lake. Seisa happen to pass by and notice his melancholy so he talks about somebody resembling his brother and because of that, this reminded him of his past and digging back up unwanted memories. Seisa says if it was her, she would just deny that past. Later Yuuto returns to the clubroom to talk to Eruna. He knows that she has noticed everything about him was just an act but why didn’t she leave him? Even if she did realize, that is not good enough a reason not to be friends. Besides, she believes the rest of the club members have also noticed this. The members return to hold a disbanding party for After School Six. Kurumi must be getting paranoid checking Seisa’s room. She has not seen that idiot around and thinks Eruna must have snuck in somehow! Don’t worry. Eruna calls Seisa that she won’t be home soon since she’ll be sticking with the Drama Club for a while. What’s this goodbye kiss she wants to give to the monitor? Thank goodness there is Kurumi to turn it off. On match day, Eruna begins her fight with Katai. To cut a long power battle short, Eruna wins. Both sides had fun so even if Katai lost, she has no regrets.

Episode 5
Eruna is on a spending spree. Just remember about those limited points okay? Oh, she forgot… Bumping into Seisa, she thought she is here to congratulate her on her victory but her fantasies get the better of her. I guess some will never understand why she is kissing a takoyaki! As they walk around the festival together, they see Minatogawa manning his booth alone. As explained, he is the only active member in his club. Why does he look so sick? Actually he needs to go pee! Eruna is willing to man his booth while he is gone and tries to attract visitors to his shooting gallery. Aren’t those all his personal belongings he is putting up as prizes? Yuuto sees a life size Super Miracle Man and wants a shot. But how can a small cork even move something so big? Failed… So as not to let the crowd have a bad impression that it is rigged, Eruna gives him several tries. Still not budging. Yuuto ‘dies’ and passes the baton to Eruna. She uses her hand gun but it still won’t budge. Seisa knows Minatogawa’s plants are holding on to it and that he is not willing to give up his most favourite prize. Seisa surprisingly challenges him but she shoots down his second favourite prize instead, a stuffed doll squid. This has lots of students wanting to try their hand at the shooting gallery. Eruna goes to hang out with Usamaru and Tonkyun from Drama Club. They talk about those who advanced to the next round and it seems Asuhi is leading the ranking of being the most powerful rookie. Eruna wanted to visit Kuzuryu at his booth but he is nowhere around. Instead she wants an Art Club member to paint her (delusional) romantic life story. Oh, she can imagine it all now… Kuzuryu is with Seisa and he notices that she is having an awful lot fun with Eruna around. Eruna decides to go watch Usamaru’s match. However it is one-sided. Usamaru is being pinned down by the gravity powers of Azumi Sagara from the Brass Band Club. Sagara isn’t finishing Usamaru off so easily as she is toying and insulting him. Eruna’s cheer gives Usamaru the motivation to do something but before that could happen, Sagara kills the match. Then she throws more insults at the loser. Seisa who was watching the match is not very pleased. She murmurs this is the reason why she hates club battles and do not wish to participate in them.

Episode 6
Kuzuryu thinks his art is like junk. Just like his life. Eruna is not too happy to be invited by Shigure to her victory party. Especially his lame rapping his embarrassing her. Even more embarrassing is how the rest are hiding behind the curtain wanting to give her a surprise but are too noisy about it. After the party, Eruna asks Shigure about his rookie battle. He reveals he did not participate because he was from a sister school before transferring here. Same with Kuzuryu. Unlike Mikagura has only cultural clubs, that sister school only has sports club. He was from the Kendo Club and first met Kuzuryu who isn’t in any particular club and helps out as a ringer. Because of his fantastic talents, jealousy is abound. One day he overheard his best friend badmouthing him and this made him lose faith in trusting everyone including Shigure. That was the last he saw of him. Because Shigure couldn’t take it too, he transferred to Mikagura and found out Kuzuryu did the same. Although they still exchange words, they aren’t as friendly as they were back then. Oh, Shigure won his rookie battle. After a couple more victories, Eruna visits Kuzuryu in his clubroom to ask a favour of drawing her as he sees her. She might have crossed the line being cheeky that she is willing to strip for him so he kicks her out. She hopes he would come to see her match tomorrow.

But right now, Tonkyun has a chance to avenge Usamaru as he is up against Sagara. As usual, she throws insults and trying to pin him down with her gravity. When she eventually does, she becomes cocky and Tonkyun has her right where he wants. He even eggs her to come and attack him up close. After observing her match with Usamaru, he knows how her powers work. It cannot be used continuously and there is a cooling off period for her ability to recover. With that, Tonkyun is able to defeat her and avenge his pal. But this means the next match pits Tonkyun with Eruna! Their match will decide who will be part of the top 8. Right before their match starts, Eruna does advertising for her new club in recruiting cute girls! I don’t think his is what Bimii meant when he said this rookie tournament can help promote her club. To cut things short in Tonkyun and Eruna’s power battle, she had to resort using her secret bayonet move that she was saving for Asuhi to beat him. This match gives Kuzuryu the motivation to paint her. However Eruna lost in the quarter finals so Kuzuryu felt disappointed that he thought he wanted to give a painting of her if she had won. You mean this abstract art is supposed to be her???!!! Now that he has got his grove back, he wants to draw more of her! No thanks… Eruna is running late for the rookie tournament finals. By the time she arrives, it has already ended. She cannot believe her eyes that Asuhi easily lost to Otone Fujishiro.

Episode 7
Shigure is about to interview Otone on the spot but this girl who is like Eruna without a club becomes obnoxious and walks off. Shigure wanted to bring her back but without his glasses he is as blind as a bat, bringing Minatogawa on stage instead. But he can tell where Eruna is sitting! How can he smell her from down there? Eruna beats him up after he tries to embarrass her by talking about their future marriage. Later Eruna sees Otone sitting alone at the flowerbed. It seems she is a strange girl, talking to herself and worrying about her shyness. It’s like she has a split character, a light and dark side too. She tries to brainwash Bimii into thinking she is some legendary hero but upon knowing he can’t do that, she mistreats him. Dark or light, Eruna loves Otone but the latter won’t be taken in yet. Later Eruna learns the Drama Club wants to have a party to cheer up Asuhi. So as she goes around inviting the usual suspects to come, the Drama Club members decide to change to party location to the rooftop, thinking this is best for Asuhi. Bimii is being overworked to death for this and now he has to go around planting notices for the change in venue. Because Eruna is not back in her bed, he just leaves the note there. Eruna misinterpreted that note to be some challenge at the rooftop. So our usual suspects minus Eruna, Asuhi and Seisa are waiting and hiding at the rooftop to surprise Asuhi. When Eruna walks in and anticipates a fight, she happened to see Minatogawa and thinks he is the challenger. He goes with the flow and prepares to fight her when Asuhi comes in. Surprise ruined. Nevertheless the gang start off their party ushering Asuhi the big star when it starts to rain. Bummer. Taking shelter inside, Asuhi reveals why he loves watching stars so much. He was often bullied when he was young for not being manly enough. One day he wished upon a star to be stronger and for the first time he stood back up to those bullies. They never bullied him again. That is when he came to love stars. Seisa passing by uses her Killing Art to change the dark cloudy weather into a clear night for her friends to enjoy the beautiful starry sky. However Otone has seen how she used her power.

Episode 8
Eruna is harassing girls to join her club. If not for that perverted tone… She even bugs Otone for it but it’s not working. Do you think Eruna will give up? Thanks to the treasure hunt event, Eruna is using Seisa’s room as practice. I thought she was like scavenging her stuffs… Thank goodness for Kurumi to smack her out. The participants are randomly paired. This means Usamaru’s trauma is beginning to take shape once he finds out his partner is Sagara. But wait. She is now such a sweet girl! Not taking any chances, is he? It might be a dream come true for Eruna as Otone is her pair but the latter is not amused. I was wondering why Eruna was ‘alone’ because it turns out Bimii isn’t by her side as usual. So we have Mecha Bimii as replacement? Teams have to pass through a series of checkpoints that include some quiz (Eruna got all the Super Miracle Man answers correct), test of strength (seriously, who could ever beat Eruna in arm wrestling?) and an eye test (just watch those boobs movements and you’ll get it right!). During the break, because Otone has had enough of Eruna’s friendliness, she ditches her. Eruna tries to go after her but falls down a cliff. Well, Mecha Bimii is broken and the only way left is to wait for a cute girl to come to her rescue. Keep dreaming… But wait! Could her dream come true right now? What is Otone doing here? Seems Eruna has fallen along her usual walking path. Otone seems kinder now as she takes her to her house in the woods for treatment. Eruna notices despite she lives alone, all the stuffs she has are like for two. Does she want company? I wonder if Eruna’s heart can take it seeing how moe and cute Otone is acting. They had a nice tea time together till Mecha Bimii had to ruin it. Now he turns into a giant monster running rampage. The girls escape. Seisa thought she could help indirectly by using her Killing Art but she witnesses Otone and Eruna doing a combo to take it down. The duo are the last to reach the finish line. Who would have guessed the winner to be Usamaru-Sagara pair. The prize is a manga story based on them to be drawn by Shigure. This might be a romantic deal to Sagara but to Usamaru it is starting to sound like a horror story. Since Otone is shy around others, she takes her leave. Eruna then invites her to join her club and Otone sees no reason to turn her down. Dream club has taken off. But why is Seisa looking so sad now?

Episode 9
The students are being interviewed about various rumours from UFOs to scandals. But there is something amiss in all of them as Rumina noticed… How come Eruna and Otone are advertising for their club recruitment in the background? Then if you’re wondering about Kumano and Nyamirin fighting over Yuuto’s love and that he can’t choose between them, it is just an act Eruna is directing as part of her plan to get the Newspaper Club to notice a fake scandal, interview them while they advertise in the background. But the gang are more concerned about the purpose of Eruna’s club. Isn’t it obvious? Cute girls are supposed to frolic around her! Now you wonder why nobody has applied yet… As reminded by Bimii, Eruna can only start to apply a new club till the midterm battles. If she fails to do so, she cannot pursue in forming a club anymore. But the still lack that one person, right? Bimii has a suggestion… I guess Eruna is desperate enough to go ask Shigure to join. He is ready to do so and even has an incestuous name figured out for the club. Too bad that turned Eruna off. Feeling stupid to ask this dude in the first place? Eruna then sees a couple of girls interested to join as they look for Otone. However Otone turns into her dark side and attacks them! Consider this an admission test! The girls lose interest and run away. But this is the most surprising part. Eruna loves this dark side of hers! Otone then reveals why she did that especially after they’ve worked so hard to advertise for new members. The club has always been only for 2 of them and if new members join, she feels their distance will grow. Eruna assures it won’t but Otone firmly believes so. Right now, Eruna is the only person she has and is her precious friend. Seeing this is not a joke, Eruna feels very happy and if it makes her sad, she won’t recruit new members. It will be just a club for both of them. A club for Eruna to fantasize about Otone… Uh huh. Otone might be regretting this since Eruna is starting to drool and sound like a pervert!

They accidentally stumble into an unused classroom and decide to make this their base. However Rumina says this will be the Newspaper Club’s room. Don’t they have their own room? It is too small and they’re seeking some sort of expansion. And since Eruna won’t give in, a practice battle is in order. Eruna thought she has this match in the bag when Rumina starts reading embarrassing excerpts from her past! Especially times when she was fond of Shigure! NOOO!!! JUST STOP!!! So embarrassing that it causes one of her crystals to break! Oh, the fun is just getting started and there are more delicious juicy bits to hear. Suddenly Otone puts her ribbons into Eruna’s ears. Can’t hear, right? Now Rumina’s scandal won’t work. Eruna easily defeats Rumina with her hand gun. Although it is her victory, technically they still lack a member so they cannot get a clubroom. Suddenly a boy comes in seeking to join the club. Who is this kid? Not even Rumina has information about him! Turns out to be Bimii in his human form. It takes a lot of energy to maintain it. In which he doesn’t ever want to do it again. So please hurry up and find another member. Although Eruna has got the rights to use that room as her clubroom, what about the name of her club? “I’ll Figure It Out Later”. So is that its permanent name or is she just procrastinating as usual?

Episode 10
Having formed a club means she is no longer a vagabond and as ‘sad’ as she is to leave Seisa’s mansion, Kurumi is more than happy and kicks her out! Bimii shows Eruna and Otone how he changes into his human form. What the hell is this eerie factory-like place and this Iron Maiden thingy?! Bimii reveals he was once human but the girls aren’t interested in his long story. Eruna’s friends help bring gifts to decorate her new clubroom and celebrate. But Eruna won’t be accepting Shigure’s twin bed… Rumina then comes in and shows an article of a ghost haunting the dorm. This is her, right? She wants Eruna to admit it since she knows she is behind the fake rumours. However Eruna and friends can vouch they have no idea what this is. Could it be a real ghost? Ironically, how come those who are obviously most afraid of ghosts are the first ones to say they’re not? Anyway Rumina wants Eruna to help solve this mystery then because the Newspaper Club’s reputation has been hit thanks to the fake rumours and Eruna WILL help out to reclaim back their name. When Eruna and some of her friends meet that night to go ghost catching, Otone is supposed to meet up but she left a message she has something to do. She went to talk to Seisa. Usamaru thought he saw some ghostly crack but could it be just his imagination.

As they walk through the halls, this brings back nostalgic memories for Eruna because this hallway used to be her ‘old home’. Yeah… Remember the time she sleepwalked in her sleeping bag? Hey wait… If the majority of ghost sightings were here, could it be that the ‘ghost’ is sleepwalking Eruna in a perverted face? Mystery solved. But imagine what would Rumina think if this news gets to her? Eruna has an idea that involves Bimii. Doesn’t sound good… Rumina thought she has found the culprit behind the haunting and chases him. When she corners him into a dead end, there is nothing left but only his cloak. She runs away scared believing the ghost is real when it is actually Bimii transforming back to his cat form. But shortly, some magical barrier envelops the place. Meanwhile Kuzuryu eavesdrop Otone and Seisa’s talk. The former is lashing out at Seisa for not responding to Eruna and always leaving her hanging. Seisa lashes back. Even if all that is true, what does it have to do with her? Why is she this mad? Usamaru thinks the crack he saw earlier is still unsolved when Kuzuryu comes by to hint that something is going on between Otone and Seisa. It sounds like Otone is jealous because Seisa has a special place in Eruna’s heart. A place that Otone is forbidden to get close. What Otone wants is to see Eruna smiling from her heart as she is the first person who understood her. She is her friend. And since nothing more can be said, the inevitable fight is here. Otone feels insulted that Seisa won’t use her Killing Art on her and thinks it may be because she saw her using it or she wouldn’t want to waste such a good move on a small fry. The fight is interrupted when Eruna comes running into the scene. Now it gets even more awkward.

Episode 11
Good thing the fighting ends but as Eruna seeks answers from Seisa, she is told to leave her alone. After all, she has already got a new club and friend, so go play with her. Seisa gets upset the more she presses on. Eruna is left speechless after seeing hideous burn scars on her back. Eruna refuses to let her depression get to her and talks to Otone about doing a practice battle to see who represents the club for the midterm battle. At first she declines as she wants to see Eruna’s smile and then fight Seisa using that smile. Eventually she gives in but Eruna beats her flat. Otone warns her that she has to do better or else she cannot best Seisa. The only reason Otone ‘won’ then was because Seisa did not use her Killing Art. The tournament bracket is out and to Eruna’s dismay, she hears the Going Home Club withdrew its participation. Of course this means going to Seisa’s mansion to bug her but Kurumi as ordered by Seisa that she doesn’t want to see that idiot. I know Eruna tries to bribe her with lots of useless stuffs but I can’t believe Kurumi was actually patient to let her do all that instead of slamming the door in her face in the first place. With renewed determination, Eruna goes into her first match and wins it. Seisa is about to lose it and it seems her power is weakening. It is causing those ghostly cracks to appear in parts of the school. Eruna and Otone are on their way to see Shigure and Kuzuryu’s match when they see this and try to follow the source and it leads them to the Photography Club’s room. Eruna takes a bold step into it but the magic soon shuts Otone out of the room. Otone reports to her friends about Eruna vanishing along with the Photography Club. Meanwhile this is the first time Shigure and Kuzuryu fight each other. Despite all the official matches, each time they are to face each other, Kuzuryu withdraws. And so the entire school is anticipating a match with one of the hottest and most powerful guys. This match also settles their past reconciliation, etc. You can tell it’s done since Kuzuryu wins and shakes Shigure’s hand. Also, they needed to finish this fast because they sense something has happened to Eruna and need to go to her aid.

Eruna sees lots of photos of Seisa. Hmm… Happy expression. The kind that she has never seen. Noticing how fake the sunset is (like as though it is like a painting), she hears something ghostly coming from the dark room. It turns out to be Bimii eating his instant noodles. Time for explanation. The Photography Club used to exist at Mikagura. This place is a different dimension that Seisa sealed with her Killing Art. Seisa was betrayed by her senior she loved. She was from this club. It all happened when Seisa was in her first year and in the Art Club. She often used her senior as her model and they became best friends. But in terms of abilities, Seisa was far superior and during the midterm battle, their clubs were fated to face each other off in the first round. Seisa didn’t care about winning or losing and just wanted to enjoy the match. Pretty much like Eruna. However her senior had different ideas. Unable to accept that a senior would lose to her junior, she wants Seisa to throw away the match, something Seisa would not do. Despite against the rules, the girls seriously fight before their match day. It caused this section of the school building to be destroyed when her senior pulled off some super move that greatly injured Seisa, leaving that horrendous scar on her back. Her senior then dropped out and left Mikagura. In order to erase memories of her senior, the reason she used Killing Art to seal off this room. Of course with it being visible from time to time means her power is weakening. The space is becoming unstable. Eruna realizes it wasn’t that Seisa didn’t want to use Killing Art on Otone. She couldn’t. Now her power has worsened. The space crumbles.

Episode 12
With Seisa’s power weakened, the school reverts back to its dilapidated form. Eruna sees a young Seisa, Shigure and herself in a dream before falling out from the sky. Luckily Shigure and Kuzuryu are there to catch the falling lady. But no same treatment for the falling cat. Because 2 things: Shouldn’t cats automatically land on their feet? Shouldn’t Bimii fly???!!! Anyway, Otone is most emotional in reuniting with Eruna. Shigure reveals to Eruna that the academy was created from their ancestors. Ichinomiya, Ninomiya and Mikagura worked together to create this school overnight to help students hone their powers and use them properly. The person who granted Eruna her power then was probably her ancestor. Because Seisa’s heart was closed due to a misunderstanding, Bimii worked hard to find ways to bring her out but to no avail. That is why Shigure invited Eruna to join. He never told her this from the start because he didn’t want her to become her friend out of pity, the same reason Bimii never said anything about this. Eruna is now determined to see Seisa smile as she heads over to her mansion. With Minatogawa’s growing vines, she is able to sneak into her room to invite her to join her club. With that kind of lousy name? Another reason for her to be stubborn. Eruna proposes that if her club wins the midterm battle, please join. And of course, the big assurance that she will never ever betray her.

Before Eruna goes for her match with the Calligraphy Club, she heads to that shrine to thank her ancestors for giving her such power and a promise to make Seisa smile. The match with Himi is a given. Eruna is too powerful for the petite girl to overcome. The finals will pit Eruna against Kuzuryu. But wait! Suddenly the Drama Club members hijack the stage and put up a lame hero kidnapping performance. Even Kuzuryu seems to be playing along as he gets ‘kidnapped’ by them. What is the meaning of this? How will the finals be then? Suddenly somebody else comes into the ring… Seisa! But how? Going Home Club is the super seed of this tournament? Since when? Since now! And so both girls start their power fight. Seisa is having lots of fun that her power has returned enough to use Killing Art. Not only it restored the buildings, it takes the fight to a whole new intergalactic level!!! OMFG!!! THEN THEY DESTROY PART OF THE MOON!!! WRONG ANIME!!! This is not Ansatsu Kyoushitsu!!! Anyway, you can see the smile in Seisa’s face because she’s having fun. In the end, both their last crystals break at the same time. Draw. What does this mean? Because technically Eruna did not lose, Seisa will join her club! Hooray! First order is to change the name. Don’t worry. Eruna just thought of a cool name: After School Paradise Club! What does it do? Anything they want! Can I join this club too?

Super Fight Club! When Supernatural Club Battles Become Commonplace
And so marks the end of yet another feel good happy generic ending. Not to say that it is a bad thing or whatsoever. But the most important thing is despite the lack of any sort of big direction in the plot (it’s just Eruna doing her best as she gets used to her high school life while having fun at it and to a certain degree cheer up Seisa), did you have fun watching it? I certainly did. But not to the extent that I would go and watch this again as a rerun right now. If you didn’t and not even the slightest shred of it, something must be wrong with you. Really. If Eruna can’t get through your heart, you are an even worse case than Seisa. Really. While this anime isn’t overall perfect like every other anime out there, at least it is fun and worth your entertainment time for a dozen episodes.

The colourful characters are the main driving force that makes this series an entertaining watch. Basically it is mainly thanks to Eruna that steals to spotlight with her eternal optimism and confidence even if they are mostly baseless and exaggerated. She might be an airhead and scatterbrain but you can’t find yourself hating her even if being an idiot is what her character role is. As because her optimism might be far-fetched (at least out of a normal person’s thinking), it sometimes catches you off guard. Just when you think that some sort of incident that would normally make a person go depress or shock, then you are surprised with Eruna’s positivism as she doesn’t view it in a bad light but rather taking it in a good stride no matter how twisted it sounds. For example, when Otone scared off potential members, Eruna didn’t lash out or even so much as to scold her for the slightest bit but is instead amazed at her dark personality. It is a very good thing that she won’t be defeated by the setbacks and uses it as a spring to launch herself back into happy cheery world. So I suppose being an idiot in her case brings good to everyone?

In a way, she is like the mood maker among the characters. What good would it do if Eruna didn’t have this positive trait in her? And if she doesn’t and starts to put on that worry face, something is definitely wrong. And it may seem that her perversion for wanting cute girls in her harem may make her annoying or twisted but imagine if her character was male. Views on girls being perverts sometimes can make a difference in one’s perception. What’s with the double standards anyway? I don’t know if her loathing towards Shigure is the reason why she turned into some twisted lesbian as she once admired him a lot. I understand if some guy even though is your cousin starts fantasizing his delusions before you every time you meet. So just take her perverted fantasies in a positive light. Because it will become amusing and funny then. Ah well, nobody is perfect anyway. Now that she has got Seisa under her wing, maybe it will be just a matter of time before more cute girls flock her way. Just hope jealousy won’t brew when the love starts to spread. Don’t worry, I’m sure Eruna has a way to solve that when the time comes. I think.

Bimii’s past feels mysterious especially about him being human before and now some sort of magical cat. Even he himself said his story is a long one. Yeah, we’re not interested since the series is too short for any sort of long flashbacks. But as far as this series is concerned, he feels like the animal mascot for the series and Mikagura. Even so, oddly he hangs out with Eruna like as though he is her pet or sidekick. Maybe he sensed something in Eruna similar to Seisa but must he follow her around for most of the time? In a way it makes it as though Bimii belongs to her.

Seisa could have been a cool beauty if not for her gloominess and depression that starts irritating you as the series progresses. I know there is some sort of trauma in her heart that she wants to hide but being friendly and then gradually cold towards Eruna makes her look nearly like a tsundere character. At first she might have seen shades of herself in Eruna but after Eruna finds Otone as her club member-cum-partner, you can’t help see that obvious look in Seisa’s eyes as she watches from a distance, that look that screams how-I-wished-I-was-the-one-by-Eruna’s-side. At least thanks to Eruna’s efforts, it all pays off in the end. It is definitely much better seeing Seisa in her smile. But the thing that never fails to give me goosebumps always is the scars on her back. Even though it feels like crop circles being embedded to her back, I’d shudder each time I see those round shades even if it is only partial. Feels like horror stuff… Kurumi is the other best character of the series. Despite her monotonous and soft spoken expression, she does not hesitate to get into her honest-in-your-face acid tongue lashing role towards Eruna each time the latter acts like an idiot. In fact, Kurumi always views her as a big idiot! No hard feelings or beating up this joker if she crosses the line with her delusions.

Then there is Otone who might be just creating another dark personality of herself since she is too shy to talk to others. Well, at least she gets to interact with others in that state. Turning into this state also feels like making her tsundere. As though her indifferent side is to hide what she actually wants to say. Shigure might be a hit with the ladies and guys in school but this seems to be immune to Eruna. Is it because they’re cousins? But most of the time, Shigure’s character has been relegated into some comic relief, a punching bag for Eruna to beat him up if his lust for her ever gets the better of him and an annoying cousin lover who can’t stop screaming “ERUNA-CHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!” for almost every time he appears into the scene. Geez. I think I have a subtle feeling why she is disgusted with this guy.

Other supporting characters provide extra variety and spice to the series and even with some of their brief past, sometimes it feels like a side distraction. Because you can’t have this show entirely focused on just Eruna, can you? For instance, Yuuto’s penchant to mask his real personality due to his broken family and the ties between Shigure and Kuzuryu that dates back to their previous high school. Otherwise it feels pretty much lacking. Like Katai who was once Eruna’s clubless comrade but now even though under Himi’s Calligraphy Club, she hangs out often with Eruna whenever there is a gathering. Asuhi feels so girly that I thought his dark secret would be a girl cross-dressed as a boy but good thing or not it didn’t turn out that way. It still bugs me how he is supposedly one of the strongest rookies around although his move looks ‘weak’. Ah, never judge a book by its cover. It is not like we’ve seen him in any real serious matches anyway. I suppose we won’t know why Minatogawa is the only active member in his club. What happened to the rest anyway? Besides, he is hardly noticeable (just like what I feel his character role is for this anime) and even everyone realizes he is around, it will be too late since it feels like he creeps up on you suddenly without notice.

If you were hoping to see this series filled with battles like in those shonen animes, then you’d be disappointed. In fact, you won’t get to see many matches and even those in highlight will be just a few seconds to a few minutes long. Even with the short duration, it is still packed with power punches and moves. It is both good and bad thing since the rapid fights keep things moving and fresh instead of having to drag it out for episodes like how certain long running animes are doing. But on the downside when it ends too fast, you’d be going, “That’s it? That is all to what I just saw?”. Especially fights that end without even us seeing what happened (that rookie battle finals between Asuhi and Otone or the rest of Eruna’s matches with other cultural clubs that we don’t know and couldn’t care about). At least the final fight is shown a bit longer but it feels ‘shorter’ seeing how fast they’re fighting at. Yeah, at lightning speed. How can everyone see what is happening? Anyhow, the battle sequences provides some side entertainment instead of spamming us with Eruna’s idiotic optimism and besides, isn’t what this anime is all about?

The art and drawing for the series looks pretty fine. Especially with me being a sucker for a pretty face, with so many cute looking girls, you can’t go wrong. Yeah, I have to admit that there are lots of cute and pretty looking girls enough for me to want them to be part of my harem. Now I understand why Eruna wants to be surrounded by such cute and pretty girls too. On a trivial note, the first time I looked at Katai, I thought I saw Mirai Nikki’s Yuno Gasai! Yikes! Despite beautiful girls and handsome guys, it is not all that perfect as I have a couple of grouses too in this department. I noticed that the animation quality dips whenever the battle action scenes occur. I won’t say it is very obvious but if you pay attention enough, you will notice that the details of the characters become ‘simpler’. Like as though the producers thought we viewers won’t be catching the details and attention since everything will be moving ‘fast’ and why go through all the excruciating pain and hard work when it will all be over in just a few seconds. Too bad guys, we can see the difference that it is obvious enough.

Another gripe is that in many scenes, the background characters are not usually coloured! I know that it is to make the main characters stand out and easier to spot when you are in a sea of people but sometimes it makes me feel that as though just because they are just background characters, they are not important enough to be coloured! Uh huh. It’s like doing a half-baked job or even a rushed one or worse, being lazy enough just to think that we viewers don’t really care about such details. Well, maybe. I mean, do we really care about them even if they are coloured? Ironically too, sometimes these uncoloured people stand out more because we’re not used to see black and white background characters so your eyes might get a little ‘distracted’.

Voice acting is pretty decent. Juri Kimura as Eruna did a good job in fitting well with her character especially with all that liveliness and optimism. If she sounded somewhat similar to me, that’s because so far her only other role that I have heard her is as Aoi in Shirobako. Come to think of it, just up the delusional and sparkling vigour and voila! You get Eruna! The only other voice that I recognized was Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Bimii. He isn’t like your typical Kirito from Sword Art Online, Yuu in Juuou Mujin No Fafnir, Tooru in Absolute Duo or Bell in DanMachi. Sometimes I get a feeling is trying to sound like a cat but ends up sounding a bit gay ~ryui. Really ~ryui. If not, just sounding tired and weary. Must be from all the times he had to play the refuting role to Eruna, eh? At first I thought it was Mamoru Miyano’s voice behind Shigure thanks to that ‘trademark ‘boyish’ voice but it turns out Nobunaga Shimazaki is the one behind this character. He was the voice of Kaito in Ano Natsu De Matteiru and Livi in Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii.

The rest of the casts include Ari Ozawa as Otone (Sakura in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), Saori Oonishi as Seisa (Aiz in DanMachi), Natsuki Hanae as Yuuto (Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kuzuryu (Wave in Akame Ga Kill), Ai Kakuma as Asuhi (Isuzu in Amagi Brilliant Park), Ayaka Suwa as Himi (Tokaku in Akuma No Riddle), Reina Ueda as Katai (Elena in Seiken Tsukai No World Break), Makoto Furukawa as Minatogawa (Banri in Golden Time), Ai Kayano as Kurumi (Inori in Guilty Crown), Daiki Yamashita as Usamaru (Touya in Log Horizon), Takuma Terashima as Tonkyun (Stone River in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) and Minami Takahashi as Rumina (Kuroka in High School DxD BorN).

The opening and several ending themes are quite fun to hear. All are sung by either one of the 3 main heroines of the series (Eruna, Seisa or Otone) or a combination of all of them. Like the opening theme, Houkago Kakumei is a lively rock piece sung by the trio to get you into the pace of the series. The ending themes feel like character songs as they are sung only by that heroine and reflect pretty much what their character outlook is about. The best of the lot goes to Houkago Stride by Eruna. Not only the tune is catchy but you have got to love the way she raps with all those cute lyrics. If I should say, this could be one of those denpa songs. It is just too bad that it isn’t the main ending theme and is only featured for a couple of episodes. Seisa’s one is not too bad too, Esoragoto Spiral. I can’t put my finger on what genre this retro tune is but it does sound jazzy and groovy enough to be catchy with that psychedelic feel. Otone sings Sekirara Candy, another crazy upbeat denpa song. Heck, I think all the songs can be termed under the denpa category. The main ending theme by the trio is Rakuen Fanfare, a rock outfit and compared to the rest this sounds the ‘least denpa’.

Overall, this series may look like this generic plot: New student enrols in high school, discovers about a certain system, possesses some sort of latent power (and possibly close to being the chosen one), starts out at the bottom as a dark horse and works her way up while making friends in the midst, helps solve or remove the biggest thorn in the final arc and happy ending (sort of) for everybody, life goes on. You get the idea. But thanks to Eruna’s amazing robust enthusiasm, you won’t be feeling bored except maybe for the initial episodes where it takes time to build up the characters and setting. Or simply if you’re not into this kind of anime genre then there is nothing to be said. This anime might not be perfect but give it a chance and watch it. Maybe Eruna’s positivism will affect you in some ways and you can go about the rest of your day feeling high and good without the use of drugs. Really. Sounds implausible, you say huh? Hey, I’m trying to be positive and optimistic here.

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