Mikakunin De Shinkoukei

October 12, 2014

Arranged marriages. Not really the in-thing today. Modern society and today’s people won’t be caught dead in entering one of these. But anyway, when was the last time I saw an anime with the arranged marriage as its theme? I don’t really remember but the retro anime Ranma 1/2 was the more famous one. And recently we have one too. Mikakunin De Shinkoukei – Engaged To The Unidentified has that element too but it differs a lot from Ranma 1/2 since there isn’t going to be wacky martial arts and ‘shape shifting’ characters. Instead, we have a girl who just breached her big one-six birthday and what does she get for a present? A future husband! No, not a surprise birthday party or a big birthday cake. Not even an iPhone or expensive dress or jewellery. But a guy her age. Who the hell came up with this? As usual, because such arranged marriages aren’t opposable and you can’t undo this ‘spell’, the only way is to live together and try to get along, right? And you know what they say about people who have been living with each other quite some time. If adjusting to the new life is tough and having nobody else outside the family know about this, wait till she learns there is more than meets the eye to her future husband. No, he is not already married with children for goodness sakes!

Episode 1
Kobeni Yonomori wakes up on her 16th birthday but her siscon sister Benio might have ruined it with her over exaggerated drama. She gets a surprise when mom, Akane mentions that one of grandpa’s kids will be staying with them, Hakuya Mitsumine. He isn’t some sort of birthday present, isn’t he? Worse, he is her fiancé! Great. Just what she needs on her 16th birthday. So what is this excuse that there aren’t enough potential brides in the countryside? Anyway, grandpa’s words are absolute. Although Akane notes that they have met before when they were young, she doesn’t quite remember. But they’ll get another guest soon. Mashiro is Hakuya’s little sister and will be staying to keep an eye on her absentminded brother. Mashiro tries to act like a noble but Benio has another fetish for lolis and you can tell she will be public enemy number one in Mashiro’s books. She’s going to develop some sort of trauma with this sicko around. All Kobeni is concerned about is if they will have enough for dinner so she goes out to shop for ingredients. She slips on the slippery snow but Hakuya catches her. He asserts she is important to him and will always protect her. She explains an accident she got into when she was young so she doesn’t remember anything prior to that. He pats her head. Kobeni wants to know if Hakuya and Mashiro have any particular food they like. Hakuya will love anything she cooks. He’s not sucking up to her, isn’t he? Walking to school together, Kobeni doesn’t want this fiancé thingy to be found out but too bad her classmate-cum-friend, Mayura Momouchi already finds out about it because Hakuya gave it away while introducing himself. Not only Hakuya has transferred into her class but Mashiro too! And nobody is stumped why a loli is enrolled here! Too cute to question? Even more baffling (only to Mashiro) is that Benio is worshipped like some sort of role model. It’s like she has this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. Everyone adores this pretty, polite and smart student council president. No Mashiro, you’re not hallucinating. Can’t accept it? Believe it! And so Mashiro clings on to Hakuya’s back like a leech, vowing to avoid that lolicon as long as she is in this school. Can she? Kobeni is proud of her sister because people used to compare the sisters. Hakuya pets her head and says that she is her own person.

Episode 2
Mashiro still cannot accept the role model student Benio is. Oh look, here comes the serial lolicon. Know the true meaning of fear! Benio tries to lure her in with tea and scones by inviting her to her student council office. Mashiro tries hard to resist it. During dinner, Mashiro talks about Kobeni not having her memories but Hakuya reminds her that they are not to talk about the past as long as they live in this house. Of course Mashiro couldn’t understand why he is doing this. Kobeni was saved and survived thanks to him and his powers. But Hakuya blames himself if he had done his job right from the start, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the first place. He doesn’t want her to marry him just because she feels indebted and wants to keep this accident a secret. Loli Mashiro gets more trauma when she starts believing those UFO kidnappings and UMAs as discussed on TV. The world is scarier than this, believe me. As Kobeni falls asleep, she sees vignettes of her past memories. But it isn’t exactly clear. Something about her in the mountains. In class, Mashiro and Mayura discuss about Kobeni having great wife prospects. Her cooking, great child bearing hips and those big boobs… Mashiro shouldn’t think about the last one because it’s just depressing… Oh come on, how old is she? She’s got a few more years, right? Right?! The trauma begins when Benio joins in the conversation. But everyone sees it as some sort of refined conversation. Are they blinded by her charm? Mashiro finds it hard to believe that there may be some super hypnotic thingy that enchants the students. She is shown Benio’s achievements and they aren’t fake. So now you believe? Not really. She thinks there are multiple Benios! Benio extends her invitation to join her for tea again but student council vice president, Nadeshiko Kashima knocks Benio and takes her away. This will some sort become the running joke of the series whenever Benio can’t stop fawning over Mashiro at school. Mashiro can take heart that there are some decent people around. When Mayura wonders if they are living together secretly, Mashiro admits it and doesn’t believe it should be kept a secret. Oh. Everyone heard…

Episode 3
Three is this deluded wonderful dream Benio is dreaming of. Kobeni and Mashiro love her! And she calls Nadeshiko just to tell her about it. This is going to be another running gag… Mashiro is picky with her food but for Hakuya, he doesn’t mind what Kobeni cooks. Anything from her is delicious. Benio can’t stand this romcom situation. During gym, Kobeni doesn’t excel in sports while Hakuya is just standing there at the goalpost… Like a statue… Again, Benio tries another invitation trick to Mashiro but is cut out by Nadeshiko. She instead invites Mashiro and the loli accepts! Benio records all that Mashiro does into her brain and it gives her the will to carry out her duties. Hakuya accompanies Kobeni to buy ingredients for dinner. Since he isn’t the kind that talks much, she is feeling a bit awkward of this silence. Although she feels he is weird, she views him a good person. They buy personal bowls Hakuya and Mashiro since they have been using the guest bowls as Hakuya experiences firsthand the fearsome discount bargains at the supermarket. It’s like a warzone with all the mamas and aunties haggling and fighting for limited discounted stuffs. Next morning when Kobeni wakes up, she sees Benio sleeping next to her, staring with that happy smile. She just wakes up and feigns ignorance. Hakuya receives a letter asking how life is going and especially if Mashiro can eat sticky foods. Mashiro starts panicking and will reply that letter. So she lies that she loves natto when apparently she prefers all that strawberry jam scones they just made and had. Benio wants to help with the laundry but Kobeni doesn’t feel it is necessary as she will only end up doing more work later on. She sees Mashiro’s animal prints panties but was scolded by Kobeni for screaming like a pervert. Despite in depression, she still got the cheek to browse through underwear catalogue for lolis… She probably wants to buy Mashiro panties now that she knows her size. To her surprise, Kobeni comes to talk to her. Not because to ask of her 3 sizes, mind you. She wants to know why she didn’t oppose to her being engaged to Hakuya since she’s such a siscon. Not because she is jealous or anything. Benio explains they once went to grandpa’s house in the mountains when they were young. She fell off a cliff and Hakuya saved her life. When she slipped, Hakuya dove down after her and it resulted in them both getting hurt. Somehow Hakuya made it back alone after making sure she was rescued. It made Kobeni feel guilty and the worst for forgetting such an important incident.

Episode 4
Kobeni falls sick thanks to that shock. Benio blames herself because it was supposed to be her who accompanied grandpa but wanted to play with her friends. It’s her fault that’s why she doesn’t want to tell her. Kobeni disagrees but since she is still weak she is put back to bed. With Kobeni out, Mashiro realized the worst possible scenario. I think you know what it is. Never realized how important Kobeni was, eh? Kobeni dreams of falling off the cliff and patting something furry. As Kobeni will be taking a day off from school, Hakuya wants to stay back too. Benio disagrees so all want to stay back till Kobeni yells at them to j just go. When Mashiro cleans Kobeni’s back, she sees the scar of the fall. She couldn’t remember much still as she was out for a month after the fall. When Kobeni is fine, she couldn’t dare look Hakuya in the eye. He takes it the wrong way and dashes out of the house in super lightning speed. Kobeni goes after him and manages to find him. He is still feeling guilty for her getting hurt but she disagrees. They end up arguing that the blame is their own till they realize they’re late for school. Mashiro seems sounding like she is covering something up when she mentions about pulling strings about turning first period into study hall and Hakuya crossing mountains and valleys to get to this town. While Benio rues that something must have happened between Kobeni and Hakuya to level up their relationship, Mayura is ecstatic to learn about Hakuya saving Kobeni incident. She views them as soul mates. Kobeni wants to get to know him more but doesn’t know how so Mayura goes asks on her behalf. What does he like? Kobeni. He said that with a straight face! Mashiro adds Kobeni is important to Hakuya. Without her, he can’t go on. She was the first person his age he met. In short of this complicated family issues, he loves her and Mashiro won’t know what to do if the engagement is broken. She can’t imagine him being single for the rest of his life. Nadeshiko warns Benio not to meddle in the affairs or will end up being hated. She doesn’t think that is such a bad thing too… Back home, Hakuya and Mashiro discuss how they are going to tell about their family. Mashiro thinks they need to get closer or she will not understand. Hakuya receives a letter from home that someone will be coming over to check on them.

Episode 5
Mashiro is appalled Benio got an animal pyjamas for her. When Kobeni tries asking her real age, Hakuya tries dodging the question and even presses her cheek. She gets flustered when he pats her head again. Then she learns about somebody coming over here. Mashiro is panicking because part of the letter says they want to find out if Mashiro can eat sticky food. Since Kobeni is the perfect housewife, it is most likely their attention will be turned to her. She tries to overcome he hatred for natto but I don’t think balancing it on her head will do the trick. As Kobeni goes out to buy ingredients to welcome the guest, she meets a lost lady in purple kimono. She guides the way till they reach their home only to realize this lady is Shirayuki, Hakuya and Mashiro’s MOTHER!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!! This petite young lady is their MOTHER??????!!!!!!! I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Seems Shirayuki got distracted in buying lots of snacks along the way. She didn’t forget. Here is the natto for Mashiro. The loli apologizes of her lie. She figured out this much. She then touches Kobeni’s boobs and likes her fine body. She will welcome her into their clan whose numbers are diminishing due to development as they are losing their habitat. Eh? What? This is the ultimate revelation: Shirayuki didn’t realize her children have not told Kobeni that they are not humans! That is when Kobeni remembers who Hakuya is. He is a dog! Kobeni is going to fall sick again after hearing this big shock. A reason why the siblings never told her yet. She can’t take such surprises. Not everyone possesses a mind like steel like Benio. Maybe she’s just a pervert. Shirayuki talks to Kobeni that Hakuya gave half his powers to her when her life was in real danger. Because of this unhuman power, she falls sick every now and then. Shirayuki leaves and she hopes Benio won’t tell this to anyone or they’ll lose their habitat. As part of her powers, she can jump to great lengths. Who needs transportation? But before she goes, she has Kobeni remember how she used to stroke Hakuya’s head back then. She thanks her for treating him well. Kobeni realizes the reason why he pats her head. He thought it would make her happy like she did. Shirayuki is distracted by a melon bread van. What did she say about no more detours?

Episode 6
Akane talks to Kobeni and knew the Mitsumine family aren’t humans. She found it hard a first but Kobeni wouldn’t be here if they were ordinary humans. Benio didn’t like the fact that Akane never told her… That Shirayuki looks like a loli! Kobeni ponders over their human form so Mashiro mentions about being able to control their transformation. This makes Benio want to see animal ears on Mashiro. Kobeni would like to see Hakuya in his dog form but he won’t transform. Because they’re in public. Mashiro didn’t do well in the test so she reveals she didn’t skip grades. She just happened to blend into the crowd. But Kobeni is impressed that she is learning high school stuffs so it means she is smart. As Mashiro and Kobeni talk about Hakuya, this reminds Mayura that Valentine’s Day is near. You know what this means. Since Hakuya isn’t aware of that they, she can surprise him. Kobeni observes him and the way he sleeps or spaces out feels like dog. She pats his head like how she used to and scares him. Benio cannot stand this romcom scene and goes to harass Mashiro. The girls go out to the chocolate store and since Mayura’s family runs a huge confectionery store, their brands are all over the place. Mashiro gave into temptation to buy some UMA chocolate series. She got lots of Nessies… Kobeni makes chocolates as she wonders if she is going to marry Hakuya one day. Benio expresses her dilemma to see Kobeni in a wedding dress (or 10 of them) but at the same time doesn’t want to let her go.

Kobeni manages to give those she wants her chocolates except for Hakuya. What is she hesitating for? Because Mashiro teases her, she threatens to cook dishes she hates for dinner! Benio thinks she can win Mashiro’s heart with a huge purchase of UMA series. Actually she screwed up and got horses (uma = horse in Japanese). Kobeni is about to give Hakuya her chocolates at the rooftop. But seeing that there are other couples blurting out their love, it embarrasses her and she runs away. That reminds Hakuya today is Valentine’s Day and he hears depressing comments of those who didn’t get a chocolate. He concludes Kobeni hates him! Meanwhile Mashiro’s obsession with the UMA series continues. Trying to get that elusive UMA? More Nessies! But Mayura saves the day because she made arrangements with her grandpa to get leftovers that are meant for disposal. This shows they weren’t popular in the first place. But… Not Nessies again! Hakuya is in foul mood when he gets back so Kobeni wonders if he dislikes chocolates. Kobeni brings 2 towering chocolates back. After Kobeni gives Akane her chocolate, she manages to give to Hakuya. Benio ruins the mood as she can’t stand this anymore and hijacks Kobeni and Mashiro. They’re hers. Her waifu! Her loli! All hers! Akane has to deal with the collapsing cake tower while Hakuya is happily in his own world. Ah, such a simple guy.

Episode 7
Mashiro is feeling the chills from Konoha Suetsugi, the student council secretary. Does she hate this loli? Why of course. Because she is a Benio fanatic. Flashback reveals she was lost in this town when she first came but polite Benio helped her. The rest is history. So she decided to attend the same school but to her dismay she didn’t know she had a sister. While she accepted that, she couldn’t accept that Mashiro pipsqueak who suddenly entered the scene. She feels it is unfair for her to get special treatment. Her friend, Niko Oono from the newspaper club offers to help by doing some research on them. However with her giving Kobeni thick questionnaires to fill and snapping shots of Mashiro, Konoha feels if Benio finds out about this, she will be hated for life! She tries to stop her but Niko assures she will do a good job. She suspects about Mashiro being an elementary kid but enrolled in high school. Something smells fishy. But Hakuya takes away her camera and deletes the photos and warns her not to bother them. So she observes them the old fashion way without the camera and takes notes. Kobeni helps Hakuya in his studies since he didn’t do well in the test. Mashiro wants to use the toilet but the corridors in the evening feel scary. She rushes there with her eyes closed. Since Niko is around the area, she makes haste to hide in the toilet. But it hurt her hip so she starts moaning. Mashiro thought she heard voices of a ghost and runs out. Now she thinks she sees a monster. Actually it is Konoha but with the sun at her back, the shadow makes her scary. She starts talking in a crude way to refute but Kobeni heard this. Kobeni asks Benio about her but it’s nothing important that she should know. Speaking of Benio, she heard Mashiro is afraid of going to the toilets and will accompany her! That’s even more dangerous! But Benio takes Mashiro’s hand anyway. Konoha is trying to find Benio and sees this but can only frust in silence. She cannot accept this and starts fantasizing about Benio. This makes her talk funny and of course, Kobeni heard her. She composes herself and wants to talk to Mashiro. Okay, so now what? Mashiro can smell she is from the mountains but Konoha tells her off not to be rude to Benio. Mashiro objects and that it is Benio who is being rude to her. It all sounded like Mashiro bragging and they end up calling each other an idiot. After Konoha runs away in tears, Mashiro mentions that Konoha is like one of them. Hakuya also noticed but never said anything since it didn’t really matter. Once Konoha calms down, she wonders if Mashiro and Hakuya are of the same species.

Episode 8
Thinking Benio shouldn’t know about their true identity, Kobeni doesn’t want to tell her this ‘secret’. Of course this only makes her more worry. What the heck is this secret thingy? Kobeni also talks to Konoha that she knows about her and won’t rat her. However due to her ambiguous words, she thinks she is blackmailing her! Benio continues to be worried about the secret. It’s a big thing to her, you know. I’m sure Nadeshiko has fun messing around with her like the secret is that Kobeni is a boy or their relationship has taken to a new level. But she better be careful not to say too much. Who knows when she will go crazy. Oh wait. She is. When Kobeni and co are out shopping for clothes, the skirt didn’t fit her well so Niko who was secretly trying to observe her notes she is concerned about her big butt. The rest tell Niko to stop doing this because it’s not nice. Although Niko backs down, she doesn’t give up yet. So she calls Konoha and tells her about Kobeni’s worrying big butt! Konoha needs to ascertain if Mashiro is the same kind with her and wants to talk alone. Her daydreaming causes her to spill endless photos of Benio! Saw that, didn’t you? The journey to the rooftop suddenly becomes a competition to out-walk and outrun each other. Benio sees this and thinks they’re fighting over her! Since the rooftop is too cold to talk, they jump down to outside the gym. Benio asks Kobeni about the thing between Konoha and Mashiro. Not wanting things to get complicated, she replies it has nothing to do with her. Ultimate shock. This confirms it. She has gone nuts. Wondering why Mashiro is taking too long, Kobeni goes to check on them. When Konoha accuses her of sneaking into Benio’s house just to get her, Mashiro starts crying! Hakuya calms her down with a chocolate bar. Hakuya doesn’t feel good when he starts remembering Benio’s harassment over his sister so Konoha thinks he too is after Benio. After all that denying, Konoha now laments those poor souls don’t see the greatness in Benio. Which is it? Konoha takes a good look at Hakuya and although he is not her type, she remembers her mom telling her that guys of their species are rare so when you see one, grab ‘em! Konoha wants Hakuya to marry her. What are the chances of Kobeni hearing that? Yeah…

Episode 9
Kobeni is so shock that she falls down! This alerted the rest but she brushes it off and walks away. Hakuya goes after her. Mashiro tells Konoha to lay off since the duo are engaged. That’s news to her. Why, she even thought because of that, she might be related to Benio because same species only marry each other, right? Kobeni is still shocked thinking that Konoha likes Hakuya but he reminds her he is already engaged to her. Niko overheard this and bug them for details but Hakuya has her go ask Konoha instead. And so she did go bug Konoha but from the way she talks, Konoha could guess it is an arranged marriage. This means they are not agreeable to it and she still has a chance. Mashiro is fuming over her argument with Konoha because the latter accused her of being here just for Benio. She felt insulted. Back home, Benio also heard something of that sort and wants to take full responsibility by marrying Mashiro even if she doesn’t understand what is going on. Mashiro doesn’t give a damn. Now Benio bugs Kobeni for details. She says probably her popularity has caused everyone to feel jealous and fight over her. Happy? Later Kobeni panics when Mashiro tells her she already told Konoha about their engagement and this should lay her off. But what happens if Niko finds out? Never thought that far… Speaking of Konoha, there she is and she reiterates she hasn’t given up yet. Since Kobeni will be disturbed over this, Mashiro suggests a bribe and that means taking pictures of Benio. Kobeni talks to Konoha in private and hopes she wouldn’t reveal their engagement. She wasn’t planning to. But Konoha wonders if they aren’t agreeable to this, why didn’t she just break up? Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this the right way. Suddenly Kobeni starts crying! Konoha feels she is in big sh*t when Benio sees this. Oh no. Is she going to think she made her sister cry and will hate her? Nope. Benio didn’t realize they were such good friends and even hopes they get along. Benio then notices Mashiro snapping in the corner and sees all the photos she has taken in her handphone. Now she thinks she has a secret thing for her. It just worsens everything. Back home, Kobeni makes Mashiro a chiffon cake but it tastes awful since Benio walked into the room. She gives Mashiro a picture of herself complete with her autograph! Kobeni talks to Hakuya and wants to clarify she didn’t want people to spread rumours about them and not because she was against their marriage. Mashiro interprets that runabout speech as Kobeni is saying she likes him. Shocking? I know it is to a certain big sister. So much so she purposely pushes down Hakuya! Mashiro notices White Day is coming up and it is Hakuya’s chance to prove how manly he is.

Episode 10
Benio is just pissed. But she can’t take it out on Kobeni or Mashiro and vents her frustration on Hakuya instead. Despite knowing they are engaged, she refuses to accept it! Kobeni couldn’t understand her sister’s selfishness so Mashiro spills it out that it is because she implied that she likes Hakuya. Instead of discussing about her, they should discuss about what to give on White Day. Holding hands? But with Mashiro in between? Mashiro tells Mayura that Hakuya and Kobeni’s relationship has levelled up. Hakuya even looked up the meaning of lovey-dovey though it makes Kobeni feel embarrassed. Mashiro and Mayura leave the room just to give space for them to be alone. They are about to go home together when Benio spots them. Mashiro is not with them and she worries the loli will be without protection! She jumps down from the second floor just to confront them! Mashiro shoos Benio away, accusing her of interrupting their time. But they are left trembling in fear when they see Kobeni’s scary face because she realizes they were spying on them. Konoha has a lot on her mind especially with what Kobeni said to her about keeping it a secret and not like standing out. Since Niko is bugging her for something to write, she eventually tells her something. An article although is 80% about Benio, there is a small section on Kobeni’s great cooking. Benio would love to cut it out but she soon realizes the threat of nasty scumbags taking notice of her. Konoha feels bad that she might have done something to upset Benio and Niko realizes the article has nothing newsworthy. Kobeni is surprised to learn from Mashiro that she is similarly half like them since Hakuya gave half his powers. This means she has some mysterious power too although it won’t work like how it does in those fantasy shows you see. Mashiro wants her to forget about Konoha and work her relationship with Hakuya and can even wear matching clothes. Benio interrupts and says she has already done them with Kobeni in the past. Mashiro suggests Hakuya to get something matching and Benio tries to compete with him. Hakuya didn’t walk home with the girls so that he could detour somewhere to buy Kobeni a present. He stumbles upon Kobeni who gives him a handkerchief as a present. She hopes he could keep this a secret because who knows what will happen if Benio finds out. Oops. Too late. She is just right behind you. The stress is killing her… Since it has come to this stage, Kobeni has no choice but to give Mashiro and Benio each a handkerchief present. She thought of waiting to give them back home. Hakuya seems disappointed so Mashiro tells him he needs to get an even better present.

Episode 11
You don’t even want to know what Benio is doing with the handkerchief. Telling Kobeni about the article she saw, she complains that not enough praises were written about her but at the same time nothing more should be said or else it would attract unwanted attention. So which is it? Anyway she has exercised her power. Niko laments to Konoha that Benio forbid her to write anymore articles on Kobeni. Konoha starts feeling guilty she is the source but Konoha has this rebel spirit and won’t back down! Oh no. Hakuya is under tremendous pressure on what to get for Kobeni. That evening as Mashiro is returning from buying her UMA goodies, she decides to use her leaping power thinking nobody is looking. To her dismay, Niko saw her but luckily the sun was to her back so she didn’t see who exactly it was. Hakuya gets mad at her for not being careful and this causes Mashiro to cry. This sends alarm bells ringing to Benio. Instead of ticking him off, she thinks of taking advantage of this situation. Don’t… Niko tells Konoha about some flying humanoid she saw and is going to write all about it. Konoha can sense she is talking about Mashiro and realizes the deep sh*t she is getting into. Niko assures Hakuya she won’t write anymore articles on Kobeni but this makes him get the wrong idea that she is not worth it. Because he can’t put it in right words, he tells Kobeni she is the best. Konoha misinterprets that they are this close and gets jealous of them, telling they should go on a date and do lovey-dovey things together. This gives Mashiro an idea that they should do so on Hakuya’s treat. Of course Benio won’t stand for this since she is left out (Mashiro is tagging along too) but thankfully Nadeshiko is here to take her away to do some charity work. This sucks… The trio go see some alien movie. Mashiro is super impressed, Kobeni is just stunned while Hakuya… He slept the whole way. They have more fun on their outing. You don’t know what you’re missing, Benio. A gust of wind blows up Hakuya’s hair and Kobeni sees a scar over his right eye. They brush it off but Kobeni knows it better. She feels bad that it is her fault that caused it but like Hakuya always says, she is not to blame but his own weakness. The tension is disrupted when Benio comes to pick them up like a possessive over-worried woman. It’s only 4pm. Mashiro hopes Kobeni can forget about the scar. Can she? Don’t think so. Hakuya and Mashiro receive another letter from home. That reaction… Can’t be good. Next morning, Kobeni goes to wake them up for breakfast but realizes they are not in their room. All their belongings are gone too.

Episode 12
The family thinks the duo will come back and it must have been some urgent business. They would have said goodbye if it was so. It is so much quieter without them around. Then Mashiro receives a new mail from Hakuya about them heading back to the mountains. So they really did leave. Mayura learns about this and thinks Kobeni should go after them since she knows where they come from. But she is worried about leaving her family but Mayura views at times like this she should be selfish. Hakuya is her fiancée so she has the right to go visit his house. And so without hesitation Kobeni makes her way to the rural snowy mountains. What are the chances she is lost? Hakuya and Mashiro are picking edible wild plants when Hakuya thinks he heard Mashiro’s voice. They find her taking refuge in a cave. They explain they just came back to collect those plants and it is common sense for kids to go home to show their school report card. As for why they took every belonging, they wanted to change their winter clothes into spring ones and leave their old textbooks at their place. I guess you can blame Hakuya’s message for not being clear enough. As for why he didn’t read or receive Kobeni’s message, simple: There is no signal in the mountains! Once Kobeni feels relieved, she collapses as she is developing a slight fever. Best of timing, a snowstorm hits the place and they are forced to stay put in the cave. They can use their powers to get her out but Kobeni will freeze to death. Hakuya goes off to find help while Mashiro stays behind to keep her company. Kobeni dreams that she fears people she loves leaving her. She fears Hakuya and Mashiro are doing the same. In a daze, she walks out of the cave and wanders aimlessly (the storm has resided).

Mashiro was out gathering firewood and is devastated to see Kobeni gone. Hakuya also came back with help but they have to start looking for her. They see Hakuya’s coat that he gave to her on the ground. She must be close by. Kobeni wakes up near a cliff. The snow cap breaks and she falls off. Déjà vu? Hakuya comes running faster than The Flash and saves her in time. He carries her back as Kobeni asks why he needs to hide the scar if it isn’t her fault. He doesn’t want her to be bothered by it. Of course she would. She doesn’t want him to keep something that important from her. They are engaged after all. Hakuya promises he will never do that again. They reunite with the rest and at the same time a helicopter finds them. You can’t imagine how happy Benio is to see them alive and well (they borrowed Mayura’s father’s company helicopter). Well, at least her idiocy is alive and well since she wants to warm up their bodies with her love. But she is the most pissed one too since Hakuya and Kobeni must have spent a lovely time together alone in the woods. Life returns to normal for everyone. Kobeni and co move up a grade and everyone remains in the same class. Did Mashiro use her power again? Niko is now focusing into UMAs and are devoting her articles to it. Mashiro and Konoha continue to be rivals, teasing each other a UMA. Needless to say, Benio is still obsessing over sisters and shows no sign of slowing down. This is worrying… Everyone (minus Konoha) has a nice nabe dinner. Hakuya again praises Kobeni’s delicious cooking. Although she is embarrassed but doesn’t mind it.

Hakuya won the raffles’ grand prize for a trip to the hotspring for 5. Looking through the catalogue of which inn they want to go, Mashiro is fixated on the UMA Village. Even Nessie appears here? Looks like the choice has been made. Mayura tags along since Akane can’t come. But Benio… We know what she is already thinking. At the inn, Mashiro tricks Benio to wait in another hotspring. Don’t want to get into the same bath with that monster, would you? Benio lies waiting and when she thinks they are coming, she springs a surprise. Turns out to be a monkey. Yeah, the monkey got scared of her. Mashiro is relishing to go discover UMAs since it will be a waste just soaking around. Suddenly she is attacked by a UMA! No, it’s Benio! The hotsprings are connected underneath. That night, eager Mashiro dresses up the part and leads the rest to go hunt UMAs in the forest. A mysterious sound attracts her but when she approaches to investigate, it freaks her out. It was just a crow but it sent Mashiro running and jumping as far as she could. Benio wants to bring her back and starts chasing her. Yeah, I think it scares Mashiro even more. The more she wants to run away. Run for your life! So when the chasing stops, Mashiro blames her for everything. Don’t worry, she’ll take responsibility by marrying her and they can live their happy lives in this forest. No thanks. They hear somebody coming. Could it be UMAs? Turns out to be Kobeni and Hakuya. Too bad scaredy cat Mashiro already fainted. Thanks to Hakuya’s keen sense of smell, they are able to get back to the inn. At that moment, they thought they saw Nessie in the lake. Next morning, Mashiro laments she should have taken a picture of it instead of standing there in awe. The local newspaper also reports sightings of a couple of UMAs flying and chasing each other in the air while howling. Isn’t that Mashiro and Benio? Mashiro blames her again but don’t worry, there is always the option of marrying her to take responsibility and turn this place into paradise.

Mashiro wonders why Benio and Nadeshiko are so close. Kobeni explains that she used to live nearby and the trio used to play together. Mashiro cannot accept ‘Benio’ and ‘getting along’ exist in the same sentence. Kobeni continues her narration, a time when they were at the park. Benio seems to have this sister fetish ever since Kobeni was born as she has a camera with photos nothing but Kobeni! Then they play house, Benio actually eats the leaf! Also, Nadeshiko as the ‘child’ accuses Benio the ‘father’ as a sex offender. And Kobeni as the ‘mom’ didn’t realize she was ‘married’ to a sex offender. She doesn’t even know what it means. So Nadeshiko couldn’t explain it well and says it is something like Benio. That’s when Kobeni says when she grows up, she wants to become a sex offender! Oh God. No! Now it’s Mashiro’s turn to explain about the remote village they grew up. As everyone there is old and the young ones moved to the city, Hakuya and Mashiro are the only kids around. Of course Mashiro is just bored. Hakuya can do anything and stay at it for hours whether it is studying or fishing. One day Shirayuki had to go do an errand and warns Mashiro not to peek inside the tea cupboard. Of course the bored child had her curiosity got the better of her and opens it to find a box of chocolates. She thinks mom is trying to keep it all to herself. She would rather have this instead of the dried potato snack Hakuya offered her. Naughty Mashiro then ate some of the chocolates and Shirayuki laments that she went against her warning. The reason she hid it is because she could share with them this surprise once she got back. But since Mashiro ate her share, I guess there is none left for her. Boo hoo! However Hakuya saves the day and gives his to her since he doesn’t like sweet things. Back to the present, with Benio now chasing after Mashiro, Kobeni tells to Nadeshiko that they were talking about the younger days. Nadeshiko clearly and only remembers the part where she wanted to become a sex offender! Like what Benio is doing now to Mashiro… Glad she didn’t become one. Who knows the chaos if there were 2 sex offenders…

Unimaginable Fiancé Occurrence – Engaged To The Weird
Uhm… Honestly, I feel that this series is a little letdown. Kobeni and Hakuya are supposed to be the main stars, right? However their romance feels like it isn’t going anywhere. It is just as in a snail pace. It is like it is the same from the start till finish except with just slightly better off than before. It was weird for Kobeni at first to suddenly know a guy who is going to be her future husband. She was opposed to it but it doesn’t feel it was so vehement that she would rather slit her throat than be with this guy. Okay, so I exaggerated but you get the point. At least she was giving this guy a chance. Hakuya is like 100% into Kobeni although he doesn’t show it so of course he has no protests. And because they do not really fight and quarrel, you don’t really see the ‘development’ growing between them. They’re quite nice with each other since day one so it gives the impression like they have accepted this. Even so, like I said there is no other development in this area after that for them. In this sense, the romance between them is disappointing. I know they should take it slow and easy but it didn’t do any good to the series. At least for me. And with that kind of ending, it just made it even more disappointing.

Therefore the most amusing and also the most annoying parts of the series go to Mashiro and Benio. I believe they are supporting characters and supposed to be side distractions but instead I have become distracted and amused by their quirky love-hate relationship (more of love from Benio and hate from Mashiro, that is). You can say that they take the centre spot from the boring romance of Kobeni and Hakuya. The sister and loli obsessed big sister becomes the biggest comic relief whenever things involved Kobeni and Mashiro. It is like her cue to become a dumb fixated big sister that will do and say anything just to have them. In a way, giving a chance for them especially Mashiro to shoot her down with comebacks or refusals or something. Her Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide personality either amuses or annoys the hell out of you. So much so the only solution I see for her to constantly put up her goody-goody behaviour is to have fans surround her 24/7. But she might get into little sister withdrawal mode… As for Mashiro, she is exuding so much moe as a loli that I feel that they are trying to convert us into lolicons. Thankfully, I resisted the urge. Almost everything Mashiro does from the way she talks and the way she acts gives off an air of moe-ness. Diehard lolicons should find her cuteness overwhelming and could have nose bleed to death. Borderline cases may fall into her charms while others may find it annoying. Yes people. Sad to say that this show is about Mashiro and to a certain extent, Benio.

So the only thing commendable from Hakuya and Kobeni’s relationship is that it teaches us to get along. No use b*tching about it. You’re going to live with each other for the rest of your life so might as well be nice to each other. Besides, Hakuya has already accepted Kobeni and likes everything about her and what she does so you can be very sure that this guy will never ever cheat on this girl. He will never go astray. Heck, he might even do a Rick Astley of never gonna give her up, never gonna let her down, never gonna run around and desert her. You bet he too isn’t gonna make her cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie or hurt her. Okay, maybe some of the things he needs to work on but that basically sums up what Hakuya’s personality is and his love for Kobeni since he isn’t much of a talker. Isn’t she lucky? Maybe that is one reason why she isn’t really opposed to it all.

The rest of the other characters somewhat fail to make a big impact and as I have said and reminded for the umpteenth time, Kobeni and Hakuya who are supposed to be the main stars didn’t shine as much and instead Mashiro and Benio are the ones who steal the show. Then we have the curious case of Konoha too who is confirmed to be as of the same species as Mashiro and Hakuya. The love triangle could have been something (I hope) especially with Konoha throwing down the gauntlet of wanting Hakuya to marry her. But then, it fizzled out and I am not sure if she has given up on this. Because Benio is her number one, right? But having the common sense to propose to Hakuya (no matter how unfitting and illogical it would seem) shows that she too has some brains to think about her future instead of devoting her life to some student council president. She would be totally devastated and go into meltdown if she ever sees her true colours. Niko’s enthusiasm in journalism is just about that. Otherwise she isn’t anything much except somebody who makes Konoha sweat in her pants from her brash actions.

There are a few things that are just curious in this series. We might not have seen exactly what Mashiro and Hakuya’s species is like but it is very much hinted towards something furry like a dog. Now think about this. If Kobeni and Hakuya actually get married, don’t you think it is like man and beast marrying each other? It’s like marrying your dog too, huh? What would be the implications of it? How would their offspring look like? The last anime I remember that a normal girl went on to live with some half-beast guy was Inu Yasha. Oh yeah. Remember that ending? Also, I am not sure if those species are aliens or creatures that are natural of this planet. You know, like werewolves or something. We don’t know much about their habitat except that humans are encroaching upon it and are losing out. But from what I can see, Mashiro and Hakuya (and even Konoha) did well to adapt in the city, right? Maybe they are young. But how many old folks of their species still live in the forest? And I suppose they have to be really old because look at Shirayuki. She’s a mother and she looks so young! Perhaps as young as Mashiro! She can be a legal loli to some! So really, do these creatures really need the wilderness? Adapt or die out.

Another point is about their grandpa. If grandpa’s words are absolute and made this arranged marriage, so is he one of the species too? He must be one heck of a powerful dude that nobody would even dare break his word. I bet not even Benio and despite she is opposing the arranged marriage, it is because she is facing Hakuya. I am sure she won’t say the same thing to grandpa’s face. So powerful is that old geezer whom we never seen his face that they could just not go ahead with the marriage. I mean, he doesn’t need to know, right? There is no signal in the mountains too, no? And if they don’t return home that often, they can always play and pretend that they are engaged. Not having thought so means Hakuya and Kobeni aren’t so much against this arranged marriage thing. Any girl her age these days would have screamed her head off instead of accepting her fate.

Oddly, Mashiro at first has this tendency to fear anything that is aliens or UFO. From a human’s point of view that may sound silly sometimes considering the fact that they are ‘not humans’. Maybe it is like how some other animals view humans as scary. Despite her fear for the extra-terrestrial, she loves to collect those UMA series toys. Sometimes I think those creatures look scarier than aliens. At the rate Mashiro is getting Nessie, maybe she’ll get to see the real one in Scotland after all. Haha! Speaking of powers, it is also hinted that this species also has some sort of super power although you can’t use and flash it like you see in superhero movies and comics. Aren’t you just curious to know what it is? Like for Mashiro it could be that hypnotizing spell, the reason why nobody questions a loli is in high school. Simple. They’re all lolicons! Haha! Just like how Benio has this mysterious spell that has everyone fawning and crowding over her. To them, she exudes an aura of grace and perfection. But to those who really know her, she’s your worst nightmare. Only difference is that she is family. She really needs to see a psychiatrist.

Besides Benio calling Nadeshiko and spam her with her complain or complaints, there is this other little running gag of the series. The one whereby I believe is Hakuya’s past time of building some house model from sticks. Each time he is near completion, somebody would just barge in and crumble all his hard work. Hakuya is left in shock while the perpetrator is unaware of all the trouble caused. And when this little gag ran for the last time, the culprit is Hakuya himself. On a trivial note, I just noticed that Kobeni and Benio’s name have the red colour (more accurately, vermillion) in it. Even Akane’s name is. As for Mashiro and Hakuya, they are of the white. Just like Shirayuki, which literally means White Snow. I don’t know about this colour coded meanings given to the names or it could be just a big coincidence. Yeah, a coincidence like UMAs and aliens.

The drawing and art seems pretty okay with the characters looking a bit of that cute look. Their details are simple and nothing over complicating. Dogakobo is the studio producing this anime and their art style can almost be seen in their other works such as Mangirl, Love Lab, GJ-Bu, Koihime Musou and YuruYuri. The only gripe I have is that at certain parts, you can see a white glow over the outline of the characters. It is as though they are being protected in some kind of magic bubble to keep them squeaky clean. I don’t know. I find the thin strip and layer of line to be quite jarring. Sometimes I think the producers forgot to finish colouring in the lines and this is a result of it.

Yuri Yoshida nails it as Mashiro. You can’t beat her in making the loli sound so convincingly cute. This is her debut role and so far the only voice acting role she has. Eriko Matsui (Isuzu in Log Horizon) is equally convincing as Benio in displaying her Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. Wataru Hatano as Hakuya and Ayane Sakura as Nadeshiko are totally different than the livelier characters that they usually voiced. You wouldn’t notice that Hakuya was the same person who voiced Fairy Tail’s Gajeel and that bratty voice of Ayane Sakura is just missing in Nadeshiko unlike her Eno in Love Lab, Suzuka in Tokyo Ravens and Miyabi in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouta Ga Iru. The rest of the other casts are relative unknowns and don’t have a long list of other anime roles to their name. They include Haruka Teruji as Kobeni (Amsterdam in Fantasista Doll), Manami as Mayura (Hiroko in Saki Episode of Side A), Saki Fujita as Konoha (Ao in Yozakura Quartet), Asuka Kakumoto as Niko (Maiko in Isshuukan Friends), Yui Watanabe as Akane (Yuri in Teekyuu) and Yuri Komagata as Shirayuki (Aki in Mangirl). I guess you could say that the studio engaged unidentified seiyuus for the job. Haha!

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Mikakuning, which is actually made up of Haruka Teruji, Eriko Matsui and Yuri Yoshida. The opening theme, Tomadoi Recipe may be a generic anime pop but I like the opening guitar parts which make it sound like a rock n roll music. It’s quite catchy actually. The opening credits animation feels like a big teaser too. Because there are a few fanservice pictures of Kobeni slot in between the montage of images during the opening play. It’s like as though they’re trying to get our attention with this cheap trick because hell we know there isn’t any real fanservice in this entire series! It made us go, “Whoa! Kobeni in her bra…!!!!!”. Then you’d be left wondering if there are any scenes of that sort in the anime. None. Maybe those pictures are from naughty Benio’s secret sister collection… For the ending theme, Masshiro World (no typo error here) is of course Mashiro taking the lead. Again it feels like a song to exhibit the cuteness of Mashiro and trying to convert us into Mashiro lovers. You can’t rap as cute as her, I tell you! And yeah, if that isn’t enough, we’ve got Mashiro clones jumping and dancing on stage and finally a full screen portrait shot of the loli herself. Can’t get enough of her? The insert song for the final episode 16-sai Tte Iu No Wa Tokubetsu Na Kanji Da by Jun Ichikawa is quite a slow and lovely piece.

Overall, this is not the best romantic comedy out there and I would just put this one as mediocre. If you are looking in this department anyway. Otherwise if you want to see some loli obsession, I think this show has more potential in this part compared to other areas. So in conclusion, stay for Mashiro and Benio for the laugh out loud and funnily annoying moments and only take the ‘blossoming’ romance between Kobeni and Hakuya with a pinch of salt. And despite the suspicious and suggestive name of this series, this is not an alien themed show. How cool would it be if Mashiro and Hakuya would be aliens? But then again, this trope of my-fiancée-is-an-alien/vampire/witch has been done many times before. In a world so abundant of technology and information, arranged marriage is so outdated. But getting hitched with a person you just met on some social site isn’t that the same as being in an arranged marriage? Because you are suddenly marrying that person you just know. Just that your parents didn’t decide it for you.

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