Miru Tights

October 4, 2019

I guess it has come down to this. We’ve basically run out of ideas on how to attract people to see your work. And what they say it’s true about the oldest profession in the world as well as sex sells. While I’m not talking about porn or anything hentai, looks like the easiest way to attract the attention of guys especially single horny otaku males is to do a show with some sort of sexy appeal. Remember that short series whereby women of different outfit flash to you their panties but with an angry face? Uh huh. If that was a bit too much for you to handle (wuss!), then let’s scale down a bit. Now we have a series that focuses on a group of girls in tights. Yes. Tights. Miru Tights. Heh, even the name doesn’t shy away of what it’s supposed to mean. Seeing Tights. No plot whatsoever but just watching a group of close friends do whatever in tights. Yes. Tights. Somebody here definitely has tights fetish. Oh, what about me, you say? I’m just checking out of curiosity and see what’s so great about tights… Honest! Please don’t be such a tight-assed!

Episode 1
What a way to start a school new tem with a rainy and wet day. Homi Moegi alights from her car but accidentally steps on a puddle. Her shoes and tights are now wet. Ren Aikawa and Yua Nakabeni are already complaining how the rain is drenching their tights and even more baffling when Homi is now soaked. Well, she thought since she is already half wet, might as well go step on more puddles! Hey, gotta have fun while you’re at it. No point being a wet blanket. I wonder why they didn’t even consider taking off their tights since they’re feeling so uncomfortable in it. And just when Homi has the common sense to take it off, her friends won’t let her. At least not in class where everyone can see. As she tries to head out to the changing room, too late. Homeroom teacher Yuiko Okuzumi is here.

Episode 2
Maid outfit with tights… I APPROVE!!! Yua is taking pictures of herself in this sexy maid cosplay and posting them online for all her fans. In record time, she gets a lot of comments and retweets. Damn right. These people sure have good taste!!! She takes a poll on what to cosplay next. You mean, I can’t have more maid cosplays? Hence she cosplays as a bunny girl followed by a nurse. Not a big fan of those but she’s still sexy as hell. Finally when she takes requests on what to cosplay next, many want a high school girl. Ren who has been watching this is worried because this might give her identity away. Fortunately, Yua wears a different school uniform instead of her real one. Like nobody can recognize her face, right? Can they?!

Episode 3
In class, Homi realizes her tights is slightly ripped. She wants to take it off but Ren stops her. This causes her own tights to be ripped. So now she blames Homi for all this and everyone is going to see this? What’s the problem? They got another ‘comrade’ because Yua too has her tights somewhat ripped. She woke up late and her haste to put it on, she accidentally ripped them. But thankfully they have spares. However when Yua puts them on, it rips. Damn poor quality. Because Ren laughs like mad, Yua gets her revenge by scratching her tights. Truly, poor quality material. Homi then joins in this weird wrestling game. In the end, the trio attend class with ripped tights. Worse off than before.

Episode 4
Ren works part time as a waitress in a café. I’m pretty sure that she is part of the attraction of why some of the customers patron this place. Yeah, those sexy tights, baby. At the end of the day, Ren complains that she has been working so hard that her legs are aching. She didn’t expect this job to be that busy. Well, master says it wasn’t. Until she came… And he can’t afford to get another helper. So deal with it? Ren gets a call from her friends to go karaoke. I guess that busted away her fatigue. Count her in. Master couldn’t be more thankful that with Ren continuing to work here, his café will be good for a while.

Episode 5
Homi is running late for her swimming club. Only after she enters the clubroom and changes halfway did she realize that the club’s schedule had changed. What a waste to have woke up so early so she sleeps on the bench. So when her swimming mates come by to wake her up, they are appalled to see her sleep this way. Swimsuits + tights. Is this sort of a new fashion? Since it is hot in class, Homi can’t help use her skirt to fan. Her friends don’t want her to casually do that but Homi is not worried since she is wearing her swimsuit underneath. However they point out that she already had her club activities this morning and her swimsuit is hung out to dry. So that means she has been giving the guys a free show of her pantsu… Man, Homi no shame. Even the guys are having that embarrassed look on their face and trying to pretend to ignore.

Episode 6
As punishment for being talkative, the trio are forced to learn the traditional tea etiquette by Okuzumi. As Ren drinks the tea, Yua plays a prank by tickling her numb legs. She manages to hold it in until the class is over. Once done, Ren is going to get her revenge. However both girls have their legs numb so they fall over each other in some weird floor wrestling fashion. They notice Homi is okay. Can she really sit like that for an hour? Homi sounds like she is used to it but when she gets up, she immediately falls down. Looks like she didn’t even know that her legs went numb!

Episode 7
During a test, a guy can’t help stare at Okuzumi’s ass and tights. Yeah… Okuzumi knows because of his guilty looking face and the way he averts his eyes when their eyes meet. So she has him stay back after school. Gulp. Okuzumi wants to know what is bothering him since he got zero on his test! Damn, was that distraction so effective?! Anyway, she claims she can help him and is serious about it. But wimpy boy thinks he doesn’t need her advice and instead has something more important to say. But did Okuzumi catch on? Because she is caressing his thighs with her feet!!! She can help solve his problem directly… Then he wakes up. Must be a dream. But then he notices something down there. And Okuzumi just fresh in putting her tights back on and claims it was great. F*cking cock teaser!!! WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED???!!!

Episode 8
Ren’s feet is hurting thanks to overworking. Yua offers to do a reflexology massage on her foot. She knows because her parents went to Taiwan to take the same. Why does her depiction show them in pain? Oh well, looks can be deceiving. Ren lets Yua do the honours as it starts to get a little ambiguous. Ren showing us her orgasmic face while Yua looking like a sadist who is enjoying every single bit of it. Even their dialogue is so ambiguous. It’s our first time. Be gentle. You’ll feel better in no time. Yua must be so good that it looked like Ren climaxed. Those liquid droplets are sweat, right? Since they’re so loud, this woke up Okuzumi who was probably next door snoozing. She keeps this to herself and hopes they keep their volume down.

Episode 9
Homi and Yua are doing a study session. With a kotatsu. Yeah… Most of the viewpoints are from underneath the kotatsu… No wonder it is so warm and fuzzy here… With Yua trying to study buy Homi just lazing around, I guess the last straw is when Homi tries to monopolize Yua’s pet cat. And now the study session is off and a ‘standoff’ over the cat. WTF Homi trying to bait the kitty with her pussy???!!! WTF???!!! And then some argument on whose thighs are softer instead of muscular. You think the cat cares with your ‘threats’???!!!

Episode 10
Homi’s brother is looking at porn instead of studying. He thinks of putting it away so he can study when his sister comes in! Phew! Thank goodness didn’t catch him with his pants down. It seems she wants to clean his ear. She tried it herself but she wasn’t satisfied. So now she wants to do his? He only relents because it looks like he has tights fetish. While she cleans his ear, this dude suddenly has a boner? Yeah. Awkward. He hints it is because of her he has tights fetish. He struggles to get away but Homi won’t let him. Now he has got his head stuck deep in between her thighs. This guy is going to get more trauma when Homi continues to tease him like blowing into his ear. Don’t blame him when he becomes a sister rapist…

Episode 11
Ren wins a prize at the crane game. Because she is embarrassingly trying to give it to Yua for Valentine, Yua takes advantage of this by pinning her to the wall and then whisper perhaps she should have just given herself as the present. Of course she was just joking and wanted to see her reaction. As Ren waits in her room, she really thinks about it. Thus she decides to tease her by wrapping herself in some leftover ribbon. Somehow she got entangled with it. Yeah, now she’s looking like a genuine present. Yua enters and sees this sexy gift. Help me please doesn’t mean help yourself! Did Yua just put on a rape face? Too bad we can’t see how Yua ‘frees’ Ren as we are left to our imaginations while we hear Ren’s squeals.

Episode 12
The girls are planning about their trip when the spring break comes. Wow. Looks like they’re going to be really saving up if they really want that European tour. But of course, we don’t get to see those picturesque locations the girls are discussing but instead the exotic tights! Oh yeah. I would love to visit those lovelies any time. But wherever the trio go, they sure have a lot of fun together. And when they take a commemorative photo, it’s like the camera got a little pervy mind on its own because when it drops, it snaps a pic of their tights. Classic. That’s one for the album.

Episode 13 (Special)
Homi helps take pictures of Yua posing. This is to practice for her upcoming photo shoot. Uh huh. Some guy probably saw how sexy Yua was on her social media and contacted her to do a cosplay photo book with her. And tights is the theme. Shady indeed. I bet he wants to use it as his own personal material to jerk off. Ren refuses to join in as she is not into this stuff. But when Yua mocks Ren that she might spoil the photo shoot since she has no modelling practice, this provocation is enough to make her join in. And so Homi snaps away the duo posing, each time the posing gets more and more risqué. Are you sure you’re not doing some yuri porn shoot? And then it’s like they knew what we were thinking and wanted because Yua starts blowing into Ren’s ears as well as start running her fingers through her tights! And finally Yua ‘attacks’ Ren by getting on top of it! Full yuri assault! We approve!!! And Homi is just filming this with glee. Will you upload it soon?! I don’t even know what’s the point of why this happened but gochisousama anyway.

In A Tight(s) Spot…
Well… Good news… Sort of… I realize I didn’t develop any tights fetish after watching this series! Hooray! I’m clean! I’m in the clear! However this doesn’t mean I’m not going to watching ecchi animes in the future! But seriously… The anime isn’t anything special and would only resonate with those who have tights fetish. Ecchi fans would also enjoy this but the ecchi parts feel mild. But I suppose the series stays true to what it does best the most: The focus and emphasis of the girls in pantyhose AKA tights. So for a person like me who isn’t into this kind of fetish, it feels a bit odd to see the camera work focusing on the pair of legs covered with tights. It’s not like I don’t understand. It’s the equivalent to panty shots, boob shots and crotch shots. So you liking your thick thighs tights now, huh?

Like we are already told from the synopsis, there is no stories whatsoever and it could go on for another cour of them doing just about anything but with the focus continually on the tights. It would have been probably more or less the same thing. Going shopping. In tights! Going hiking. In tights! Hot yuri hentai. In tights! Oops… Went too far. Hence the real ‘character’ and ‘star’ of this series are the tights themselves. Not Yua. Not Ren. Not Homi. These girls feel so shallow that we feel that their tights and thighs have more character than themselves! Really! Do you not feel their stocking legs get more screen time than their pretty face? Who cares if Homi is in the swimming club and she’s the ditz of the trio. Who cares if Ren works part time at a café. Who cares if Yua is a popular cosplayer but might harbour a secret split dominating personality. Oh wait. The last one seems interesting but alas, can’t take away the limelight from those tights.

So yeah, the girls having some sort of personality seems like fillers so the episodes aren’t just completely random. I think it would have worked well had it went with that format. As random as that episode where Okuzumi who is already an enigmatic character because of that one episode where she is being very suggestive with a student. But that could just be our imaginations running wild. Is she a predator? I guess she also needs a little screen time of her own since some love older women in tights. Just saying… Besides, episodes with guys in them are the most interesting because we get to see how they deal with this tight situation-cum-menace. Poor Homi’s little bro… The irony when you think it is his big sister that somewhat introduced him into this porn…

Art and animation feel pretty minimal. Do you not agree that the characters look a bit weird? Sometimes I think if the girls having high forehead is a trademark of this series. No, seriously. Because that is how it seems to me. But of course don’t mind the low quality of this series because if they can spam in your face those tights, everything will be okay. Yeah, the tights get more detail and quality compared to everything else! You give us those delicious tights shots and the possible but vague panty shots, we be happy and shut up. Happy simple otaku guys are happy and simple. This series was animated by Yokohama Animation Lab whom many won’t hear of because they do short and obscure series that nobody heard of like Yakusoku Nanaya Matsuri, Hanasaku Kizuna No Romantan and Neko Ga Kureta Marui Shiawase. Yeah. Boring sounding names. Nothing like some tights appeal to help propel your studio name to the fore. Unfortunately this series isn’t that mainstream and pretty niche so I guess they’re still nobodies and not going to attract heavyweight and veteran studios. Not even a storm in a teacup.

Surprisingly, a few recognizable and popular seiyuus lending their talents to this short series like Youko Hikasa as Yua, Haruka Tomatsu as Ren and Ai Kayano as Okuzumi. The only one I didn’t recognize is Aya Suzaki as Homi (Mako in Kill La Kill). So if you’re not fans of tights or even ecchi, perhaps they could draw your attention if your favourite seiyuu was taking part in this. Yeah, now imagine her in tights… Damn it would have been so epic and ironic had Mamiko Noto had a role here… So yeah, the tights might be distracting you from their voice acting talents… The ending theme is True Days and there are a few versions of it. 3 solo versions and one trio collaboration. They sound fine to me although not likely to be memorable and last beyond the season.

Overall, definitely a tight masterpiece! Haha! It feels like a cheap ploy to keep the company afloat with some fast cash grab because like I’ve said from time to time, sex sells. Also feels like a bait and introduction to those with weak will to get you hook into tights. And then from there you could move on to leg and feet fetish, thicc thighs, thigh gaps, etc. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Animes like this as well as that Iya Na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai might be series that give the anime industry a bad name. But remember, these are also the kind of series that keep Japan and anime alive! Hold on tightly to your dreams! Shallow minded people of society might call this sleazy but only true men and otaku know how to appreciate such masterpiece! That’s all, people. Good night and sleep tight(s)!

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