April 8, 2012

Oh no! Look out! It’s not just terrible twins! But terrible triplets! Run for your lives!!! I think that is what many would do if you know very well about the Marui triplets in Mitsudomoe. Though they may be elementary kids, they are not your kind of children who are goody-two-shoes nor do they listen to what adults tell them to. Yes, it’s that age whereby kids are just starting to go into that rebellious years but I guess this is where the fun and mayhem is. If you can’t take the heat of this anime, then perhaps you should go watch something milder. Like Hanamaru Kindergarten. Wimp.

Basically there isn’t any real plot in this series and it just revolves around the Marui triplets, their friends and those around them. The eldest of the triplets is Mitsuba, who is a pig glutton ‘fatty’ sadist. She loves chowing down snacks and at the same time has to think about her bulging waistline and won’t hesitate to undergo any slimming treatment or equipment she deems fit that will quickly loose her excessive fat. Oh yeah, she’s the most mischievous of them all and enjoys watching torment that befall on others. Just wait for the repercussions, girl. The middle daughter is Futaba and she is best described as a muscle brain woman. Energetic and airhead, she is the most perverted of all because she loves boobs! The bigger the better! Don’t want to mess with her because she packs an enormous strength that will put most karate guys to shame. Lastly, the youngest one is Hitoha and though she may look quiet reading her book, she may actually be the most dangerous one. Well, if you step on her toes or push the wrong buttons, you’ll find that she can instantly give you the scariest look that will put that horror character Ju-on wetting his own pants. Add in other characters with their own weird and unique behaviours, you’ll find that the everyday lives of the triplets are nothing short of ordinary, filled with chaos and misunderstandings.

Each episode is divided into several short skits instead of dedicating an entire episode for a particular plot. Remember, there isn’t really any plot. The jokes can range from mild to perverted and sometimes bloody (yes, there is blood flowing out). But to me, I find most of them real funny so much so I can’t help myself laugh out loud at times. The nonsense if I should say can be on par as The Simpsons but less exaggerative. If you can’t stomach this kind of jokes, you better look elsewhere. So hold on tight to your horses and try not to fall off your seat laughing too hard.

Episode 1
Satoshi Yabe is the new elementary teacher for Class 6-3. Just like how his surname sound when one exclaims when he/she is in a tight spot, he is going to have a tough time handling Class 6-3 which houses the Marui triplets. He sees Futaba taking on a bloody fight against everybody else in what you thought is just a simple kiddie game of Fruit Basket. Yabe gets to know the triplets and though he tries to break the ice by joining in the game, he finds them totally uncooperative and breaking the rules. He makes a mistake by calling the problem triplets and it ends with him being slammed in the face by Hitoha’s porn. In the end, Yabe loses the game and as stated in the penalty, has to do everyone’s homework! Hope he doesn’t lose his heart and direction as a teacher.

Akio Kuriyama is also the new school nurse in school. You can tell Yabe likes her. The triplets notice this and thinks of hooking them up via accidentally hitting Yabe’s crotch so that Akiyama could treat it and fall in love with his ‘sweet, incredible and erect member’. WTF?! Aim at his crotch for the sake of Yabe’s romance! So over the next few scenes, the triplets try to hit his most sensitive spot and Yabe barely escapes each attempt. Finally he bumps into Kuriyama while she’s crawling and searching for her glasses (note: She is blind as a bat without them). So now it’s her chance to examine his ahem, ahem. So when sees them, she thought his ‘little buddy’ was a fourth grader! Don’t you just feel depressed when a woman says that?

– The class gets a hamster as a pet and as usual they call it Nipple (Chikubi) because they do perverted stuffs on it and it looks like it is enjoying the stimulation. Hitoha becomes close to Nipple but one day the hamster is seemingly down. Hitoha also has a habit of hiding underneath Yabe’s desk in the teacher’s lounge as her sanctuary. Yeah, it scares the sh*t out of him. Furthermore, Kuriyama thinks he’s a pervert! Anyway she is here to discuss that she wants to take care of Nipple back home. The class isn’t happy she is keeping the hamster all to herself. Kuriyama is about to apologize for that misunderstanding when she hears the class shouting about Nipple! Oh, how she misconstrued… In the end, everyone reaches a solution to take turns to take care of Nipple. This is when the hamster becomes lively again and everyone rushes to touch it. All is well, ends well? Not for Kuriyama. She really thinks this is a perverted class after all. If she only knew what Nipple was…

Episode 2
Futaba catches a cold and her snot is causing lots of trouble in class. I don’t know why but it is so sticky that at one point it tied up Yabe. Then it tied her own hands, spread all over Mitsuba’s face and the sadist received a judo throw in the end.

– Mitsuba is seeing Kuriyama because while playing penalty rock-scissors-paper with Futaba, the latter won and her ultimate strength causes a painful bruise on the former’s forehead. Clumsy Kuriyama starts stepping on urine samples taken by the class. Yeah, at this rate everybody is going to reek of urine! It gets worse because Kuriyama mistook the anti-septic she applied on Mitsuba’s head as the urine sample! Seriously, I wonder how she ended up as a school nurse because she nearly put the urine sample in her coffee thinking it was creamer and as her eye drops! Then she comes in with more urine samples from other class and she needs to be careful in putting it with the rest. I don’t know why she put it on the bed, because Hitoha was sleeping underneath it all! How the heck did she get there without noticing the pile? More importantly, didn’t Kuriyama notice somebody sleeping there before putting all the samples? So it’s urine splashing all over again…

– Yabe seriously fears Hitoha. All the more when she manages to come into his apartment just to see Nipple (it is staying at Yabe’s place). To his horror, she has been coming here every weekend without him noticing! Better be careful of what you say because she’s got a tape recorder with her! “I care for you and always watching over you!”. Oh dear. If she uses it for blackmail… On another day, Yabe wakes up to find Nipple missing. Hearing the footsteps of Hitoha approaching, he knows he is done in if doesn’t find the hamster. So when he finally finds it and tries to prevent it from escaping, he got his hand pinned between the doors. So why doesn’t Hitoha keep it herself and make the trouble to visit Nipple every weekend? Yeah, her sisters are posing danger to it. Oh Yabe…

Mitsuba is helping Futaba to catch a cicada because she wants to see her despair face when she crushes it later. As Mitsuba climbs the tree, Futaba got distracted and left her hanging. However, the guys from her class, the perverted Yuudai Chiba and good-natured kid Shinya Satou are standing below her and pondering who the heck is up there. Yeah, Chiba’s panty profiling makes it hard for Mitsuba as she can’t reveal herself for fear her reputation will crumble and be a laughing stock. They try to help her down but she kicks them away. Fine. Stay there forever. I can’t believe Mitsuba hang on the branch till night fall! She is contemplating on whether to crush to cicada with her fingers. Even she’s a sadist, she’s not a killer so I guess she lets it go. She returns in a mess and upon learning Futaba ditched and forgot all about her (she went to catch crayfish), she felt everybody should just die.

Episode 3
Futaba is testing to see if she can stay cooler without wearing any panties during summer. Of all people, she had to show Satou. Is he trying to turn him into a pervert? Unlike Chiba who really wants to get his hand on indecent magazines. He spots Hitoha’s porn mag and later sees her to request to have a look at it. Satou thought he wants her to show him her panties. Of course when the guys confront each other, both misinterpret what the other meant. Yeah, Chiba wants to take it by force! Satou cares for his best friend and doesn’t want to see him become a criminal. But he himself thinks of sneaking into the triplet’s room and steal Hitoha panties just to save Chiba! Satou comes across Chiba who corners Hitoha. Hitoha puts her mag inside Satou’s bag without his knowledge so persistent Chiba wants Satou to show it to him. This has Satou think that he wants to see his underwear! Better run from this gay! Oh, the book Hitoha slipped in is a fake.

– Yabe notices Hitoha always walks home alone. I guess you know the reason why she can’t make friends. See her ghostly expression when she tries to strike a conversation? Enough to scare spirits away. Eventually she manages to talk to one, Sakiko Matsuoka, though Hitoha was like in a trance because she was trying to hit a mosquito. But she may regret it because Matsuoka is an occult freak but Hitoha misinterprets she is some kind of yuri freak. Uh huh. Matsuoka is trying to ‘exorcise’ a spirit she thinks is possessing Hitoha.

– Matsuoka calls Hitoha her master and it’s that time Hitoha really dreads. The pool. Yup, she can’t swim. Hitoha thinks she will teach her swimming at night but of course Matsuoka thinks it has something to do with exorcism. She even has sutra lines all written over her body! So when Hitoha accidentally falls into the pool and starts drowning, Matsuoka thinks she is fighting a spirit! Luckily the night guard saved her. Unable to tell the truth, she feigns there was fighting a spirit. Then she curses Matsuoka and it did come true because in tomorrow’s pool lesson, the sutra lines can’t come off her body since she used a permanent marker. And nobody believes her exorcism…

– A big fat guy, Soujirou is seen running to school with panties in his hand. Yeah, enough to make others think he’s some kind of pervert. Call the police! However he is the triplet’s father and is here to deliver them to his daughters who have forgotten it. The triplets are puzzled if there is a panty thief around but theirs is only ‘missing’. Yabe tries to help out but the way he asks makes it sound like he’s some lolicon! Yeah, Soujirou overheard that… It doesn’t help when Mitsuba accuses Yabe as the culprit. Futaba pulls down his pants and to Soujirou’s horror, thinks that bastard is harassing his daughters! Soujirou breaks through the wall and as he is about to hand over their panties, they realize they forgot about them. Not wanting to be embarrassed, Mitsuba feigns that she doesn’t know him and is a panty thief. In good timing, the police surround the area and take him into custody. Though he is released later, Mitsuba and Hitoha got locked in the shed for their actions while Futaba enjoys a meal with daddy because she was the only one who recognized him then.

Episode 4
Yabe becomes the model for Class 6-3 but as usual, the triplets aren’t drawing him as he is. Yeah, Futaba has drawn the perfect boobs so much so the principal acknowledges it! I don’t know how, it got pinned up on the hallway along with the other drawings. Then Futaba gets embarrassed when the guys start staring at her boobs drawing. But since Yabe and Hitoha mention how they love it, Kuriyama once again gets the wrong idea about this perverted class. A few days later, somebody put pins on the boobs and Futaba loves the idea.

– Because of Futaba’s love for boobs, she accidentally breaks Mitsuba’s table, along with her pencil case. Suddenly Futaba feels guilty so much so breasts don’t seem to steal her attention anymore. What’s more, she takes refuge in Hitoha’s usual place. Comforting place, eh? Soon, she uses her own martial arts coat to make similar pencil cases for them all to use. The reason she was sad was because the pencil cases was bought by their dad when they entered school so she thought by making another similar ones they would all be happy. Mitsuba tries to assert her authority but gives in after seeing how pitiful Futaba is. However Hitoha mentions she doesn’t need it, ruining the moment.

– Satou and Chiba are with Futaba in her room to finish a project. Futaba does the drawing and guess what she draw? Boobs. Perfect but bear in mind they’re supposed to draw an electric circuit! She goes out to buy paper so Chiba decides to raid the girls’ room and drags Satou into it. Opening a drawer containing kiddie panties, they think Futaba is coming back. Chiba panics and can’t shut the drawer and causes a panty to start flying around. Satou uses his football skills as it ends up hanging on the door. Mitsuba comes in and they better not be doing anything suspicious. She slams the door and the panty drops. So the guys play football with it and it ends with the panty opening up and falling onto Satou’s head. The triplets come in and saw… There goes his reputation.

– So much so Mitsuba thinks he is a real pervert and to stay away. Making things worse, Futaba thinks he likes Mitsuba’s panties and gives one too him! Of course he won’t accept. Chiba tells her that she can’t give him directly. So over the next few scenes, Satou gets more shock of his life as his desk and shoe locker are filled to the brim with kiddie panties. It’s not over yet. Futaba chases him down wanting to give him her string of kiddie panties. He knows this is all Chiba’s fault but the latter wants him to toss away his good boy image and follow the perverted path. Chiba then fills more twisted ideas into Futaba’s head so she starts wearing them outside instead. Though Satou isn’t happy seeing her new fashion, this causes Futaba to be sad. He has no choice but to accept it and takes off her panties. Mitsuba thinks of listening to Satou’s reasoning because after thinking, he couldn’t possibly be a pervert. But after seeing Satou pulling down Futaba’s panties, it’s safe to say that he’ll never be looked in the same way again.

Episode 5
– As Mitsuba talks to her friends, the snobbish rich kid and Mitsuba’s rival, Miku Sugisaki, the thick eyebrow and romance lover, Yuki Yoshioka and the tall laidback Miyashita, Sugisaki mentions about the bra she bought so Mitsuba can’t lose out and also says she has one. Of course when the lies keep piling… Eventually Mitsuba has to go shop for one to prove it. And annoying Futaba is there too. Hope she keeps her perversion under control. While Futaba fools around, Mitsuba has a hard time choosing. Eventually she didn’t buy one due to her embarrassment. Dragging Futaba away, she notices a panty stuck on her head. She takes it off but Futaba misinterprets she stole it. She forces Mitsuba to apologize to the sales lady and mentions she didn’t want a bra but panties instead.

– Yabe is cleaning his room so Nipple is staying with the triplets. Nipple starts getting close to Mitsuba because she has a panty with a hamster print. Mitsuba uses this chance to get all the attention from Nipple and leave Hitoha out in the cold. But be careful. You know how vengeful she is. Yeah, she is going to cut out that hamster face on her panties! Have mercy! But she can’t do it. Nipple suddenly lose interest in Mitsuba’s panties because you know, the face of the hamster stretches out to make it look like a pig. How heartbreaking. But this means Nipple has gone back to Hitoha and the whole class cheer for Satou when he agrees with Chiba he loves Mitsuba wearing her panties like that.

Mitsuba and Sugisaki are in another one of their arguments. Whose boobs are bigger. Every millimetre counts… So they decide to ask breast expert Futaba to be the judge because she can tell the slightest difference. After having a hard time stopping her swimming, the judging begins. She misinterprets their intentions and reads the name and class on their swimsuit. Then she starts looking for the breasts to judge… An insult, eh? Mitsuba tries to be superior again by wearing Sugisaki’s bra. She thought victory is hers when the guys start staring at her. And she can’t take it off. Hitoha points out why she can’t take it off: Because of her body fat! Actually, that is just her imagination and would’ve said it if Mitsuba didn’t look so pitiful.

– For tomorrow’s parent’s day at school, Soujirou is contemplating to come but is worried he’ll be arrested (like always). Futaba wants him to come but Mitsuba thinks otherwise. Even if he has to, at least shave and wear a suit. He takes up her advice and next day in class, he is scaring all the parents away! He looks like some mafia!!! Oh sh*t! Don’t get too close to him! The kids are to read the essay about their parent. Apparently Mitsuba and Futaba’s essay got mixed up. Mitsuba has to suck in her pride and read the embarrassing but lovely essay. There goes her pride as her friends are laughing. Why couldn’t she just read from her heart, the disgust she had for daddy? But papa is so happy and never thought Mitsuba loves him this much. As for Futaba’s turn, because she is still sleepy, she reads out the nastiest essay of hate and disgust, shocking Soujirou so much that he ran out of school in tears. To add salt to wounds, the police round him up and won’t believe he is a parent. Yeah, what kind of parent looks like that? It’s the cellar again…

Episode 6
– Futaba is so excited about tomorrow’s sports day, she is at school that night to do rehearsal. Soujirou also tags along and could’ve been arrested if Futaba didn’t say he’s her dad. So the duo do everything that is on the programme from the loyalty oath to the relay race. Soujirou goes to great lengths to assure that his daughter’s hopes are not broken. Futaba is a happy little girl and so tired that she falls asleep. He carries her back but is stopped by the police… Kidnapping some girl, eh?

– During the kibasen event at sports day, seems Hitoha has a fear of heights! Even if she’s just a few inches higher. Mitsuba is being the sadist as usual and even though the triplets are on the same team, Futaba goes crazy and tries to steal Mitsuba’s cap. Futaba bites Mitsuba’s boobs, the place she is storing the caps. So she has to give them up if she wants Futaba to release. Hitoha steals them all but it seems Futaba swallows her hand! And for Soujirou, he didn’t make it past the school gates because the police took him away. Same old story…

Yabe collapses in class and is sent to the infirmary. As Hitoha visits, she sees Matsuoka writing sutras all over his body! She thinks he has been possessed! Matsuoka tries to do exorcism rituals and reluctant Hitoha has to help out. Since they have to write sutras all over his body, that means taking off his underwear, right? When Yabe realizes the girls have his underwear and Kuriyama eavesdropping outside, you can guess what happens next.

– Sugisaki teases Mitsuba for the cloth pencil case she is still keeping. To her embarrassment, Mitsuba learns Futaba broke hers a long time ago while Hitoha threw hers. But Mitsuba has the last laugh when she tells Sugisaki that high class stuffs aren’t necessarily better. Sugisaki is pissed and aims to find her weakness. She uses her handphone to snap pics of Mitsuba but when her friends notice Mitsuba pictures in it, they think she likes her. But she isn’t giving up yet and reveals Mitsuba’s fetish for animal print panties. However the guys in class knew about it. Still not wanting to give up, she says that her erotic adult ones are better. The guys want to see it as prove. Now she’s in deep sh*t. Panicking and only willing to show it to Mitsuba, the sadist has her beg to make her look at her panties. Yeah, it’s getting awkward…

Episode 7
– Hitoha didn’t like that stupid tokusatsu series, Gachi Rangers but upon seeing how cool it is, she instantly becomes a fan. In school, she laments nobody likes it but to her surprise most of her friends are into it. She tries to talk to them about it but her scary expression scares them away. Even Yabe loves it but due to the ambiguous talk, Yabe thinks she wants him to see her panties! So both sides start talking differently till the wind blows up Hitoha’s skirt. Now it is reversed. Hitoha thinks he saw her panties and Yabe on Gachi Rangers. Hitoha accuses him of being a pervert and breaks that man’s pride on the series. Yeah, even grown men cry. Now her situation gets worse because she can’t possibly tell the rest her love for the series after what has happened.

– When Soujirou was younger, he was such a handsome hunk!!!! Wow!!! Look at the photo! Futaba gets permission to keep it. If you notice all along, there is a bunch of trio girls following and obsessed with Satou. They are Airi Ogata, Shiori Itou and Mayumi Katou and are also known as the Hopeless Squad. The trio accidentally spot that picture from Futaba and thinks it is Satou since there is an uncanny resemblance. However Futaba snatches it away and this is where the misinterpreting begins. Both are asserting their love for that guy in the picture. The trio steals the picture to photostat it but Futaba’s ‘sensor’ has her chasing them and retrieving it at all cost. Since Ogata won’t give up, Futaba invites her to come bath with them. Her hopes and nervousness turns into horror when the big fat man comes in…

– Futaba again tries to show Satou her panties because she is doing a research when panties can be seen. Guess whose idea she got this from? She really believes Chiba’s word that Satou loves panties but won’t believe Satou’s word that he isn’t a pervert? Satou runs for his life when Futaba persists in showing her panties. The Hopeless Squad protects him but is shocked to hear Futaba saying Satou loves her panties so much that he wants to see them! Yeah, they also want to show their panties. More running for Satou. Word goes around to every girl in school. It got twisted so much that whoever shows Satou her panties gets to be his girlfriend. Man, this guy has lots of admirers. Satou confronts Chiba for help and the latter isn’t happy. In a struggle, Satou accidentally pulls down Chiba’s pants. All the girls saw this and thought he is gay! So end of chase? They gave up so easily!

– Hitoha’s love for Gachi Rangers has been discovered by Futaba. She is panicking if this airhead will reveal it to Yabe so much so she got scolded for being absent-minded. Hitoha? Get scolded? Later Hitoha thinks of apologizing and admit that she likes it (Gachi Rangers) but Yoshioka misinterprets that she has a thing for Yabe. To make things worse, her indescribable love for Gachi Rangers has Yoshioka thinking she really went very far in her relationship with Yabe. She wishes their love will come true when Yabe overheard them and misinterprets. This is getting complicated. Yeah, Yoshioka thought Hitoha got rejected…

Episode 8
As Class 6-3 is playing Cops and Robbers, Futaba chases Mitsuba but the latter got herself locked in a gym equipment in the store room. Hitoha still has a grudge against Mitsuba for an earlier betrayal prank and isn’t going to let her out. Then the keeper locks the room. Now they’re both trapped. Mitsuba tricks Hitoha in letting her out so she could use her hairpin to pick the lock. She doesn’t have a hairpin. As time passes, they wait but Hitoha is starting to feel ill. Worried Mitsuba tries to break down the door and when all hope is lost, the keeper opens the door. Then it’s a trick by Hitoha to work up those emotions in her. So who is the doofus?

Futaba is making Nipple do some tricks. This infuriates Hitoha. Oh no. It’s that scary face again! While sulking in her sanctuary, she talks to Yabe about it but the teacher misinterprets they are in some love triangle. I guess he doesn’t want to get involve so he starts using unconventional ways to kick Hitoha out like his smelly feet or farting but was greeted with disgust by the other teachers. As Yabe is being summoned by the principal, Futaba and Hitoha make amends. Nipple also returns to Hitoha’s side. But since the principal heard how they could touch Nipple anytime, he chides Yabe for teaching his class perverted stuff.

Yabe is having sleepless nights because of a cockroach in his room. Futaba offers to sniff the pest out. Hitoha also tags along because he has a Gachi Ranger DVD that he will show to them as thanks. Of course Yabe has to restrain Futaba from using too much strength or she’ll tear down the entire room. As for Hitoha, she tries to convince Yabe that she’s a Gachi Ranger lover but each time, the roach is on the Gachi goods, she tries to hit it away. This causes Yabe to misinterpret she is here to destroy his precious Gachi Rangers. Eventually Futaba got addicted to Yabe’s porn mags. The roach is hiding inside the DVD as Yabe laments Futaba lost to the power of boobs instead of Gachi Rangers. He decides to watch the DVD as salvation but…

– While shopping, Futaba meets a lost kid, Kazuya and helps him look for his mom by leaping through the complex. Kazuya loves riding on Futaba’s shoulder as she takes him on a ride throughout town. They end up in the countryside before realizing they are lost. Kazuya starts crying for mommy so Futaba offers to draw how she looks like. She drew so real that Kazuya eventually slept by the drawing on the road thinking she’s his real mother! Futaba also sleeps with him. The police finds them and soon the mother and Futaba’s sisters reunite. Kazuya tells mommy how amazing Futaba’s drawing was and wants to play again with her next time. After they leave, Kazuya brings mommy to the spot of the drawing. She is horrified to see big boobs being drawn and is never going to let her son near that girl again!

Episode 9
Hitoha is reading an official Gachi Rangers book but Chiba thinks it is a porn magazine. Because Chiba ‘likes them too’, Hitoha thinks he is a Gachi Ranger fan. She goes talk to him about it but all he loves about ‘them’ are boobs and butt. Hitoha chides him off about the other aspects so Chiba thinks porn is art! Plus, Hitoha is saying she does it all the time and would gladly let him try it out on her! Yeah, that pervert is ready to unleash his secret move he practised so hard when Yabe shows up. Hitoha changes her mind and tells him he can do it on him. To his dismay, Chiba does his panty snatch move by removing Yabe’s trousers. Duh moment…

– Yabe’s Room: Yabe is hosts Mitsuba in some interview but she is being pushy and requesting for snacks so much so nothing gets done in the end.

Soujirou is out sick and since Futaba still believes in Santa, I guess he is leaving the job to his other 2 daughters. Dang. That night Hitoha sneaks in wearing a Santa outfit but Futaba catches her and thinks she is a boy due to her flat chest. An insult? Good thing her identity is still safe. She can’t see very well and bumps into things. Futaba is about to unmask her so Mitsuba saves her by dressing up as Santa and proclaiming she is the real one. But Futaba knows it’s Mitsuba. Because of all the banging, Hitoha’s face is bloodied so Futaba seriously believes why Santa was trying to hide his face: Because he’s ugly.

– Mitsuba has finished her Zodiac collection of animal print panties. Due to Futaba fooling around, it flies away. She tries to get it stuck on a tree when she meets Chiba and Satou. Coincidentally their kite is stuck up the same tree. She can’t admit the panty belongs to her but she volunteers to get it. She slips as the panty falls into Chiba’s hands. Since it’s not his type, he throws it away. It flies around as Mitsuba chases it. Finally it falls into the donation box of a shrine. Pray for a good year ahead…

Futaba wants to have a hot bath like in a hotspring and makes her own but being clumsy in the house, Mitsuba helps her find a drum barrel for it. But upon bringing it back, they find the barrel has a hole in the other end. But daddy cheers her up as she is able to have a bath in the bathroom.

– The triplets see Chiba and Satou at the school pool. On this freezing day, the pool’s water is frozen. Chiba and Mitsuba get into an argument and the only way to settle it is via some bowling on ice. Using Futaba as the ‘ball’, Mitsuba kicks her butt (the airhead likes it?) but didn’t get a strike. Now it’s Satou’s turn and Futaba pesters him for a kick. And as hard as possible! Giving in to the pressure, Satou the football ace striker gives Futaba the best kick. Seeing Mitsuba forgot to reset the pins, Futaba is sent flying into the sky. Next day in school, Futaba is so thrilled by it that she tells Satou straight that he’s got to nail her in the butt again. Much to the Hopeless Squad’s horror.

Episode 10
-Class 6-3 is sharing the same recess period with first graders today. Mitsuba sees a boy, Ryuuta trying to get his remote control helicopter down from the tree. Seeing he has no friends, Mitsuba offers to help but Ryuuta becomes bossy and bosses Mitsuba around! Hitoha learns that Ryuuta is a Gachi Rangers fan and they instantly click. Mitsuba thought Hitoha was showing her boobs to Ryuuta when in actual fact she is showing her Gachi Rangers t-shirt. Then she tells Ryuuta off when he doesn’t treasure his helicopter because being a rich kid, mama will always buy a new one. Yeah, Mitsuba risked her life in getting it down. Mitsuba thought Hitoha tried to win over that kid with some sleazy move so she too tries to show him her panties. Unfortunately, Sugisaki spots her and you know what? Ryuuta is her little brother. Oh, the embarrassment. Stay away from this sick deviant!

– Mitsuba enters Ryuuta’s class to pass class notes for his absent sister. However she was being labelled a nympho (as described by Sugisaki). Yeah, nobody knows what it means. Mitsuba takes this chance to make it as though she knows the word. A couple of girls seriously believe her and think it meant something good. So they start admiring this nympho and Mitsuba is in a dilemma of wanting them to call her that but not in public. It gets complicated as she twists and turns the meaning even further. Till Sugisaki passes by and finds out what is happening. She warns them the implication from society and wants her to take responsibility. Mitsuba tells them off harshly and never to use that word again. But she forgot Futaba was there all the time so she too inspires to be a nympho.

Mitsuba and Futaba find a Gachi Ranger belt in the drawer. Mitsuba thinks it’s some diet equipment of Hitoha and tries it on but breaks it. Fatty. Now they can’t let her find out about it. So how to replace it? They try stealing one from Ryuuta! They look like perverts trying to undress him! Imagine the horror when Sugisaki saw them. Futaba gives Hitoha a self-drawn Gachi Rangers t-shirt as apology. She accepts it. Now Mitsuba is in this sh*t herself. Defying Futaba’s suggestion to be honest, she thinks of a way to shift the blame. She makes it as though Soujirou was the one who used and broke it. But her plan backfires when daddy mentions how Mitsuba wanted a diet equipment just like that belt. It’s that shed again. No use coming clean now.

Mitsuba is sick but is being selfish and picky. Hitoha got her some pudding but it wasn’t to her liking. Her friends pay a visit and she’s not too happy and secludes herself on the top bunker. Thinking she is really sick, Hitoha has a fast-acting medicine. The kind you shove up your butt. But need to get to Mitsuba and she’s hijacked the ladder. Miyashita offers Hitoha to sit on her shoulders but her fear of height has her drop the medicine under the bed. Yoshioka tries to get it but pulls out several porn mags? Futaba’s? Hitoha admits it is hers!!! Finally they try pulling the bed but Sugisaki isn’t helping. I guess she can’t see her rival go down this way so she chips in and save the day. When Soujirou returns, he is asking the girls if they have seen haemorrhoid medicine. It then occurred to them… At least Mitsuba is feeling comfortable with a cool breeze in her butt.

Episode 11
– Oddly, Futaba is pinching Hitoha’s cheeks because it feels like boobs. Doesn’t Hitoha feel annoyed? Then Futaba spots Mitsuba’s flabby belly and is infatuated at how big those ‘boobs’ are. Hitoha insults her by admitting defeat. Next day, Hitoha shows Mitsuba a diet belt ad but she doesn’t want it. Then noticing Sugisaki’s handphone vibration, she gets this idea of putting it over her stomach like that belt. Yeah, she’s enjoying it. Returning to class, Sugisaki is alarmed that her handphone is stolen. Can’t admit to be the thief, eh? Sugisaki borrows a handphone to call her own but the vibration is tickling Mitsuba. This has Sugisaki suspicious as Futaba pins her down. Because the body examination has Futaba touching her stomach, this sends her into ecstasy. Chiba wants to feel that new erotic move and also falls into complete satisfaction. Now Sugisaki wants to experience it too and becomes a pervert.

– While Mitsuba is shopping, she bumps into her rival again. But this time Sugisaki is with her mom, Marina and Ryuuta. Marina is happy to see Mitsuba because she is a masochist! She wants Mitsuba to torment her and the slightest reprimand sends her into ecstasy. Sugisaki is worried about her mom as she has Ryuuta help her get dressed in the changing room. He doesn’t like being her slave so the siblings fight. Mitsuba saw them in an ambiguous position and takes Marina to task that she raised her kids to be a pair of snotty brainless doofus. Marina didn’t take that as an insult. In fact, she loves it!

– Yabe spots Ryuuta talking to Hitoha. From his point of view, he sees him flipping up her skirt and that she’s not wearing it. Her panties? Nope. Her Gachi belt. Yabe felt sorry that she is too poor to afford a pair and rushes down to a store to get one. Ryuuta gives her his belt so when Yabe returns and gives the panties to her, she says he can wear it himself. And it took him all the courage to buy it. She even thinks he has outgrown Gachi Rangers.

– Mitsuba and her pals are talking about the recent kidnapping and murders. Because Kuriyama didn’t have her glasses on, she thinks Mitsuba’s red shirt is her blood and unleashes her Healing Rolling move that she has mastered. Mitsuba is wrapped like a mummy and taken to the infirmary. But in Mitsuba’s mind, she thinks she is being kidnapped in some warehouse. Man, she really does have a wild imagination. She tries to escape while still being tied up and even fought of ‘dogs’ and the ‘kidnapper’. Why the heck couldn’t she differentiate the chair and the kidnapper? Maybe when you’re in panic, you can’t. Mitsuba crawls her way into the science lab room whereby her bandage becomes loose. She gets the fright of her life upon seeing the lab’s human anatomy model and thinks Sugisaki has been killed! Kuriyama tries to calm her down and Mitsuba is so relieved to see Sugisaki alive and emotionally hugs her. Till she realizes all the embarrassment. Feel like wanting to die, eh?

Episode 12
– Miyashita thinks the class is weird. Hasn’t it been like that all along? First she thought Hitoha hates her when she offered her shoulders so she could fix the light. Then about Yoshioka’s love fortune playing Kokkuri-san, Matsuoka’s exorcism, Mitsuba and Sugisaki’s argument and Futaba doing perverted things on reluctant Satou. However the rest thinks she likes Hitoha when Miyashita tries to get closer to Hitoha. She tries to be normal by untying her hair. However nobody recognizes her! Thinking she can lead a double life, she puts on her hairpin and acts like a newbie but her classmates recognize her. So it’s her hairpin which defines her?!

– Yabe’s room: This time he is interviewing Futaba but she got distracted in hitting a cockroach and reading his porn mags.

– The Hopeless Squad once again aren’t happy Futaba is too close to Satou. During dodgeball game, it’s boys versus girls. The stupid trio want Satou to smash the ball into their faces. For whatever reasons. During the game, the retaliation has Ogata hitting Satou in the face. Oh dear. She’s going to bite off her tongue as atonement? Satou tries to calm her down by saying it was a good thing because now he’s out. The other girls take it as a sign he is happy when he is hit in the face. See their devilish eyes?! Satou thinks he is out till Yabe mentions head shots do not count. Oh no.

Ogata is getting good in her football juggling skills in her quest to be closer to Satou. As usual, Futaba crashes the party by popping the ball. The class calls Futaba to play football with them but Ogata wants to show off her skills so the guys agree seeing playing with Futaba is dangerous as she exerts too much strength. Ogata laments when other boys touch him. She is in awe in seeing Satou control the ball. So good that as though the ball is his… Girlfriend? She gets so jealous that she is going to kill the ball! Suddenly her tackling skills become so good as she kicks the ball into the sky. But Futaba tells her that is not what Satou likes and whispers into her ear. Satou is to congratulate Ogata on her great skills when Ogata suddenly flips up her skirt and causes him to blush. To her dismay, seems Futaba’s words are true that he likes panties due to his reaction. Because of that, she got so jealous and kicks away her panties and is never going to wear them for life! WTF?! All the other guys ditch football to go look for the panties. I have a theory. If Satou says he likes her, then she’s going to kick herself away, right?

– Class 6-3 has their seats arranged. Miyashita thinks of making friends with Hitoha but didn’t make much progress. She talks to Mitsuba for hints but she’s being bossy as usual after revealing her Gachi Rangers fetish. Miyashita thinks of a couple of scenarios to get close to Hitoha and thinks being a fan of Gachi Rangers will do the trick. During PE, Miyashita’s face looks like a pervert when she tries to fondle Hitoha’s stomach for her Gachi belt. So much so Yoshioka misinterprets she’s into that kind of thing. The way they said things has everybody think Hitoha is a boy! Now they want prove! Seeing is believing, right? Finally she gives in and shows them the Gachi belt. However to her surprise, everyone is a fan of it. Miyashita thinks it’s her chance so she says her favourite character is the green one. Obviously Hitoha knows she is lying because there is no green Gachi Ranger!

Episode 13
Futaba is sick but she goes to school. Man, she looks like a ghost! So much so they mistake her to be Hitoha! Oh, Matsuoka is happy to do some exorcism. When the real Hitoha shows up, the class is confused which is the real one! Hitoha pushes Futaba off her seat. Nipple didn’t like it and bites her finger. Both are sent to the infirmary and later Futaba recovers but Hitoha has caught her illness. When Hitoha returns, all the guys are surprised to see her looking cute instead! That’s one heck of a cold.

The triplets find an abandoned cat at the bridge. Mitsuba is against it but Soujirou doesn’t mind. When they return to the spot, the cat is gone. Hitoha is so traumatized that she is eating the cat food herself! To cheer her up, Mitsuba has Futaba act as the cat. Futaba is so into her role that Mitsuba got jealous when she got too close to Futaba and fights for her attention. Soujirou returns with the cat (seems he picked it up earlier), much to Hitoha’s delight. And Futaba continues to lick Mitsuba’s face… Later as Hitoha plays with her Gachi Ranger toy, its head flew into the cat’s direction. It then hits it away under the fridge…

Yabe is dreading this day. He has to visit the triplet’s house as part of his teacher duty. Only Hitoha is in and he’s not getting any good response from her. Cat lover Yabe sees their cat and starts playing with it. However Soujirou has just returned and is shocked at what he heard and saw! He thought that lolicon is trying to make a move on his daughter! The actual fact is that he wants to play with the cat more but Hitoha refuses. Furious daddy heads to the shed and takes out 3 baseball bats!!! Yabe thought there is a thief in the house so he takes Hitoha to hide in her room. Putting her in bed and promising to protect her, however he chickens out seeing this Terminator’s strength and hides in her bed. Hitoha calms her father down but when Soujirou sees Yabe in her bed and slightly undressed, he’s not going to forgive him. And he being her teacher only makes it worse. See all the bruises on him? On his next visit to Satou’s home, the kid knows something bad has happened at the triplet’s place.

– Yabe’s room: The final instalment sees Yabe interviewing Hitoha but she’s not interested and ignoring him, bringing an end to this totally useless section.

Mitsuba wins a prize to the amusement park. She thinks her era is here and brags. Till a lady wins the grand prize. However seeing the ticket can only bring 2 people, Mitsuba wonders who to bring along and envisions several scenarios. Not good, eh? Eventually Futaba lets her know she wants to come along. So it’s set. Till Hitoha says she wants to come along since Gachi Rangers will be there. Seeing the turn of events, Mitsuba gives the ticket to her sisters and lies that she has something with Sugisaki. In class, Mitsuba fakes that she’s going on a trip with Sugisaki when the latter brags she’s going to Hokkaido this weekend. However Hitoha shows Mitsuba that the amusement park tickets admit 2 pax per ticket. Didn’t she read? On the day her sisters are getting ready, poor Mitsuba hangs out by herself. Probably she is feeling left out but her family sees as Futaba tags her along.

Episode 14
– This is actually the extra DVD episode but it came out after the second season ended. It starts with Futaba noticing a pimple on Hitoha’s cheek and it makes it look like a real boob! Informing Chiba and the other guys, they get this sick idea to suck on it! Run for your life! Why didn’t she unleash her scary face? Anyway as Yabe tries to help her out, the stampede pushes him over. Then they see a pimple on his butt and… He’s never felt so violated in his life.

– Sugisaki’s friends and the triplets pay a visit to her mansion. Mitsuba tries out some gym equipment but it seems she is sitting on Marina! Oh, the queen of perverts is loving it. Then Mitsuba tries a running equipment but she set it on the fastest mode that she is finding it hard to keep up. She ends up in an ambiguous position and her hope in turning it off is to use her feet. If only her belly wasn’t in the way of her view. I don’t know why the rest was just standing there watching. Maybe they think she’s really exercising. But Marina and Sugisaki return. The mom is so enthralled by her sexy position that she wants to snap a picture! This has Mitsuba accidentally breaking the machine and she asserts she is not paying for it. However as Marina mentions, this machine was supposed to be her present. Mitsuba drowns he sorrows by chowing down all the apple pie.

Futaba fondles Hitoha’s cheeks again. Hitoha tricks her by moving her ‘boobs’ with her tongue. Hitoha seeks Yabe’s advice and lets him touch her cheek. He thinks it’s her boobs and it moved! He seriously is going to look into it. Futaba finds Hitoha and is not going to be fooled again but Yabe insists her condition is serious so Futaba says about the trick and can go ahead and ‘feel’ it on her. Yabe touches her real boobs instead much to everyone’s shock. This time he gets a real bloody punch.

-Mitsuba uses a toy car and rolls it over her stomach thinking it will help lose her fat. Then it gets stuck. Lamenting why all her diets end in failure, Hitoha says she relies on machines. Sugisaki and co pay them a visit and it seems Marina has another present: A balance ball. Mitsuba tries it out but is careful not to burst it to avoid unwanted humiliation. While reading the instructions, suddenly she accidentally spills tacks. She manages to crawl out but the ball gets loose. Mitsuba doesn’t want anybody touching her precious ball so Futaba draws a cute cat face on it to value it even more. But being so cute, this activates Mitsuba’s sadist side. Yeah, she wants to crush it! She beats it to a pulp and destroys the ball.

Sugisaki is bragging about the sushi place she ate so of course Mitsuba also tries to outdo her. Both of them really got the wrong idea what a sushi bar is because Sugisaki only frequents high class ones while Mitsuba has only eaten at conveyor belt sushi restaurants. Because Mitsuba continues to claim she is a sushi expert, Sugisaki will have her take her out to one to prove it. So as Sugisaki follow the Marui family out, Hitoha realizes that from Sugisaki’s talk, she meant a different sushi bar. Mitsuba realizes her blooper and tries to dispel it but it seems Sugisaki is impressed with the place. Till she tastes the food…

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu

Yes, more mischievous mayhem from the triplets after taking a break of 1 season. However in this second season called Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu, there are only 8 episodes but fans and viewers can expect more or less the same thing.

Episode 1
– Don’t be startled if you’re watching the wrong anime or if this series will be turned into Gachi Rangers for good. It’s just that one-off episode thingy. So like in all tokusatsu series, we have the baddie villain and his henchmen trying to destroy the forces of good to take over Earth. The evil Gedol Empire is chiding his underlings, Jamara, Jigoku and Akuma about their failures. This time they come up with an idea to get rid of children in Japan due to a news article of its declining birth rates. And as usual, we have the monster of the week, Crabron along with the goons spreading some liquid onto children and turning them into bubble.

– So we are also introduced to the members of Gachi Rangers. Hichou Ueno (Gachi Red), Hiroi Nashihara (Gachi Blue), Azusa Shunyou (Gachi Pink), Aoha Kahiguchi (Gachi Yellow), Hokuto Ide (Gachi Black), Jinba Takaoka (Gachi General) and their perverted monster pet Creep (always asking Pink’s panty colour). Of course the heroes are somewhat dumb as they do not see anything amiss when the entire city is void of people and filled with bubbles. Till the news came out. So up into their Gachi Base which is so obviously 30 metres above the restaurant facade, they go into action. However they got into lots of bloopers like getting lost, cutting the wrong bomb wire and crashing the entire hijacked bus filled with kids. WTF?! And during the commercial break, Hitoha is so pissed off with today’s episode because the Gachi Rangers are screwing up big time. Something is very wrong. Very, very wrong. I mean, Black is only ever interested in his curry.

– Soon the angry crowd confront General at the restaurant (how they know his identity beats me) and attack him, blaming him for what has happened. He manages to escape to the base as the team realize that Gedol Empire has brainwashed these people too. They need a plan. One to lure them out by using a child. But there are no children left. Actually there is one. Yellow looks like a kid, right? The plan works so Gachi Rangers go into their usual fighting mode with the villains. Their combined powers destroy Crabron (placing him in some conveniently placed incinerator?). However Gedol blows him up giant size and this means time for the vehicle merging scene into 1 big badass robot and blow that crab up for good. Peace returns to the town as everyone praises the heroes. At the end of the show, Hitoha is so mad that she is going to curse everyone who made this show!!! Oh sh*t! Because Mitsuba is laughing so hard at the absurdity of the show, Hitoha unleashes her Gachi Rage on her by pinching her belly.

Episode 2
Mitsuba teases Hitoha by snatching her precious Gachi Ranger photo. Though she manages to snatch it back, Matsuoka thinks that object is cursed and wants to practice her exorcism on it. Read: She wants to burn it. Hitoha thinks of several scenarios but it all ended in flames. Trying to make up an excuse, she shows a photo with Satou in it and points out a ‘ghost’ (due to the angle of the pic, it is actually Hitoha in scary mode). This has Matsuoka warning Futaba to stay away from Satou. The Hopeless Squad are happy of this conclusion but realize it’s a mistake because it means Satou will have to hang out with Matsuoka! This sparks a rivalry but it backfires to Hitoha as they see her in that photo. She tries to dismiss it as a powerful demon and the more she lies, the more it goes out of control. In the end, Matsuoka burns all the photos. Boo hoo!

– Sugisaki and her friends spot Mitsuba trying one of those gym equipments at the shop. It doesn’t help when Futaba spilled the beans on how fat she has gotten that a button flew off and broke a window! Mitsuba is serious in losing her belly as she cuts down her food and exercises. Then noticing Futaba like that equipment when she is on all fours, Mitsuba rides on her. She thought she could enjoy it but Futaba starts running like a wild horse. Attempts to stop her fail and she won’t be caught dead embarrassed since Sugisaki and co are right up ahead. Mitsuba jumps off Futaba to let that wild horse run free. But her friends spot her in an embarrassing position, her limbs stretched out and stuck on the building walls.

– I guess after a long time, Yabe tries to ask Kuriyama to go out with him on Christmas Eve. However she isn’t wearing her glasses and wraps Yabe with her Healing Rolling upon seeing his red shirt. Back in class and feeling depressed, he overhears the girls wanting to invite the boys over for Christmas party. Yabe wants to come too but was being told off. What is he seriously thinking?

The gang converge at Sugisaki’s mansion and it seems Yoshioka is relishing playing the King Game. Seems the ones playing are Yoshioka, Hitoha, Mitsuba, Sugisaki, Miyashita and Chiba. However to Yoshioka’s disappointment, there aren’t any romance-like penalties because each of them is so lame. Meanwhile Yabe is having a lonely Christmas party with his mannequin. Hey, he dressed her up in a Santa outfit at least. Yeah, he nearly burnt the place down. Thank God for the fire extinguisher. Back to the King Game, finally Chiba lands the king stick. However he wants the targets (Sugisaki and Mitsuba) to point at his nipples! They beat him up instead. I guess the spirit of the game is lost. Much to Yoshioka’s dismay, Satou and Futaba are playing video games and the other 4 guys are trying to please Marina. She got infatuated with one acting like a dog. Sicko mom…

– So it’s Christmas again and Hitoha and Mitsuba have to pull that Santa thing for Futaba again. However they call Yabe to do the job. Yabe breaks down when Hitoha reveals he has a female Santa suit ready for ahem, ahem. For Kuriyama. Ahem, ahem. Yabe plants the present but Futaba’s strong grip wouldn’t let him go so he has to strip naked to get away. Then Soujirou returns. This can’t get any worse. Hiding underneath the kotatsu, his head accidentally touches Hitoha so she knocks him and this causes his left leg to protrude out. Soujirou is suspicious but nevertheless gives them their presents. But he puts the shoes he bought for Hitoha on ‘her feet’ and finds it doesn’t fit so he decides to return it. Yabe felt sorry so he comes out of hiding and apologizes and come clean. Bad move, buster. Remember the baseball bat? He is only beaten half dead for being trying to hide. Yup, he knew it was him all along. Don’t tell me this father doesn’t know every inch of his daughters? Well, apparently not because the shoes still don’t fit Hitoha’s feet. And poor Yabe walks back in the snow in his underwear…

Episode 3
-Futaba shows Satou her oversized boobs! Don’t worry, it’s some toy she got. Seems she got this idea when Chiba got depressed after all the porn he gets to see are panty shots in manga. Seeing Futaba won’t be able to buy a porn mag for her age, Satou suggests drawing one since she’s good. Yeah, she even makes Satou the editor-in-chief. What has he gotten himself into? Well, Futaba’s drawings are really good and Satou even has his own opinions! He thinks being totally naked isn’t good so I guess for realism, Futaba has him choose an underwear (she isn’t good in drawing them since she always draw naked bodies). He picks Futaba’s and this sends Hitoha into depression. Did the sisters have some kind of bet? Worse, Futaba puts the bra and panty on Satou so that she can sketch! Satou swallows his pride for his best friend when Mitsuba walks in. Not again… At the end of the day Futaba shows her book to Chiba but he isn’t excited since he is into pictorial spread than pictures. Then he decides to go look for abandoned porn mags and this infuriates Satou because he threw away his pride for this. Better appreciate this buster!

– Yabe is acting weird. Actually he wants to conduct an earthquake drill and shakes his desk. Nobody really is interested so he tells them to use their imagination. Everyone except Mitsuba goes under their desk so Yabe makes her the corpse. But Hitoha may be a real corpse because while Yabe shook his desk, she was underneath it! Then a fire drill is called. Yabe has to carry unconscious Hitoha in his arms while imagining they’re walking through the corridors filled with fire. Plus, Mitsuba isn’t moving because she is the corpse, right? Yeah, he is forced to carry her too. Because his imagination is too wild, he tries to cover his mouth from the flames using Hitoha’s shirt. Kuriyama sees this and thinks he’s a pervert. Then to put out the fire, he swings sweaty Mitsuba around! WTF?! It worked! Only because it’s their imagination. The swing is so great that her panty flew off! Onto Kuriyama’s face! This time she really thinks he’s a panty obsessed sicko. All the trouble he went through and this is just a drill.

– During the sports festival, Hitoha is supposed to team up with Soujirou for the 3-legged race but he is nowhere to be found. Accidentally spilling a drink on her shirt, she goes to the store room to get a towel. To her shock, she sees daddy hiding in it without his pants on. And slams the door close. Soujirou reveals that he was practising for the race by tying a chair to his leg. When he reached school, it wouldn’t come off and took off his pants. Of course taking it off in front of girls would cause them to scream, right? And so he ran and hid in here. And got stuck. Seeing he is trying hard, Hitoha accepts him to join her in the race. Soujirou tries to get out but it rips his shirt. The race just starts so the pair rushes out, much to everyone’s horror. Amazingly they win the race as everyone screams in horror of this disgusting sight. Hitoha tries to admit he is her father when she sees his exposed butt! This is it. Hitoha denies knowing this dude wants somebody to lock him up!

Chiba has mastered his new move of unhooking a girl’s bra. Since Chiba isn’t going to do it on Mitsuba (because she’s flat), this has Mitsuba riled up. Then it hit Chiba that almost every girl in class doesn’t wear a bra. Was his effort a waste? Hearing Sugisaki bought a bra, he wants to do it on her. This makes Mitsuba jealous enough and pesters that pervert to do it on him instead. Initially Sugisaki refused thinking it’s his skirt flipping move but he whispers she has some intangible attractive quality. Yoshioka misinterprets it as a love triangle. Chiba then notices Yoshioka and thinks she is wearing one and also pleads to use his move on her. Now Sugisaki is jealous that Yoshioka is the kind of girl who steals other people’s man. While they’re arguing, Chiba unleashes his move on both of them. However he realizes they aren’t wearing any bra. He flips up their skirt to see them wearing swimsuits beneath. The next class is pool lessons. In the end, he gets kicked by Sugisaki for pulling a skirt flipping move.

– Mitsuba wants daddy and Futaba out since her friends will be here to finish a presentation. Yoshioka finds a picture of a young Soujirou (remember how handsome he was?) and pesters Mitsuba for details on this hunk. She is reluctant to spill the details and words it in a way that though sounds ambiguous but is the truth. They share a close relationship and forever linked by an unbreakable bond. Technically she’s not lying, right? However Sugisaki thinks she is lying and wants her to call him to prove he exists. She does and now she has to say “I love you”. Swallowing her pride, she yells those 3 words out and slams the phone down. The next thing, jealous Futaba barges in and proclaims she loves him more! A love triangle? At least to Yoshioka. Futaba throws a tantrum, causing more misunderstanding and involving Hitoha in the equation too. Soujirou comes in and will accept all his daughters’ love. But Hitoha mentions she don’t really care, ruining the moment. Next thing we know, Sugisaki is laughing so hard, Mitsuba and Soujirou crying so hard, Futaba still trying to assert her love, Yoshioka totally in shock and Miyashita wondering if they’re going to finish their presentation.

Episode 4
Futaba creates a wooden slide for pool class. Mitsuba, Sugisaki, Yoshioka and Miyashita slide down it but realize their bottom has been torn due to a nail. Now they can’t get out from the water. When the guys come, they thought they could have their ‘revenge’, but they aren’t interested in something childish. Now they REALLY can’t get out. Mitsuba gets an idea of using a float to shield her behind but it makes her look like in a funny position. Floats float up, right? Things get worse when Yabe throws in coloured balls for a scavenger hunt and the one who picks up the most wins. Mitsuba tries picking up one with her feet but experiences cramps. The other trio are in a dilemma whether to risk their pride to save her. Eventually they did and everyone saw their exposed butts. Sugisaki tries to give an excuse as the latest swimwear trend. But ungrateful Mitsuba tells them off that they’re a bunch of nymphos. No retribution for her?

Sugisaki calls her pals to her house not to show off her laptop, but pictures of Mitsuba? She’s a stalker?! Oh wait. She points out a ghostly face in each of the pictures! Maybe it’s Hitoha? But the scarier fact is that Sugisaki took all those pictures. Mitsuba may act she doesn’t believe she’s being haunted but the slightest thing spooks her. This has Sugisaki laughing her heart out. She then reveals to Miyashita and Yoshioka that those pictures are doctored and she is going to love seeing Mitsuba suffer under those ghostly curse. Before she can explain how she cut and paste someone’s face, Mitsuba returns with Matsuoka. Oh no. It’s that exorcist girl and she is going to burn the laptop! Sugisaki is more concern of all the archive pics of Mitsuba in it. Matsuoka brings in her master (Hitoha) to have a look at it since Mitsuba was pretty concern if she brought a real one, they may become pedos! Mitsuba and Sugisaki each whisper to Hitoha as to what she’s supposed to conclude. After looking at the photos, she goes with Sugisaki’s but upon realizing that the ghostly face is hers (OMG! It’s her?!), she changes her mind to side with Mitsuba. Burn the laptop! Mitsuba thought she had the last laugh but Hitoha lets daddy see a photo of her sneaking in food and gets reprimanded. So yeah. She is really being haunted in a way.

– The triplets along with Chiba and Satou are at the summer festival stalls. Futaba notices Satou looking depressed and not wanting to join in. She gets this idea to cheer him up by trying to let him witness pervert stuff. Still didn’t work though he was taken aback. She goes to ask master Chiba for what kind of panties he likes. Cute and sexy ones? Where to find? Sugisaki was passing by so Futaba nails her. She goes to show it to Satou but he starts to collapse. Then she realized he has a fever. Giving him a piggyback ride home, she learns he had to attend summer classes and this is a rare time he could be with his friends and refused to miss it. At his doorstep, Satou’s mom sees a panty over her son’s head and slams the door! She couldn’t believe that this degenerate pervert is her son! Poor Satou is locked out as he tries to convince his mom to let him in. Futaba prays for the panties to lower his fever. I don’t think that’s the problem.

Chiba uses Satou as a guinea pig to do a perverted shirt flipping move when he makes a flip on the horizontal bars. Chiba mentions he has no intention of seeing the naked bodies of the girls, but the look and shame on their faces. That doesn’t change the fact he’s a pervert, right? So with the girls arriving, he offers to teach them to do a flip for those who don’t. They are Yoshioka, Hitoha and Mitsuba. He won’t allow Futaba to help since her strength will break everyone’s neck or Miyashita since she has a ‘record’ of trying to molest Hitoha. He tries Mitsuba first but she is too heavy to budge! And when she successfully does, he forgot to perform his trick. Next he targets Hitoha since she is wearing a one piece dress, which means he’ll get a view of her panties too. However she isn’t interested. Yoshioka wants to go next but was being insulted and told off. Yoshioka misinterprets he likes Hitoha better and is sent crying after he calls her gorilla eyebrows. So how did Chiba persuade Hitoha? With a line from Gachi Rangers! Chiba waits for the precise moment and when he does, he is disheartened to see her wearing bloomers. As for her top, her Gachi belt dropped and covered those necessary areas. Yeah, “Gachi Rangers protected you when you needed it most!”. Chiba is so disappointed that he reveals his scheme and hates Gachi Rangers. He gets pounded though he didn’t get to see anything in the end.

– While Futaba is running wild at the pool amusement park, Hitoha doesn’t want Soujirou to swim with her even if he tries to persuade her with a Gachi Ranger line. Till the park attendant thinks he’s some pervert trying to molest a little girl! Hitoha goes off alone to float by herself. Because Futaba is being hyper active, this causes Hitoha’s float to be punctured. She helplessly sinks to the bottom of the pool thinking this is the end of her life. Suddenly Futaba grabs her and drags her along in her high speed swim like as though Hitoha is riding on a dolphin. She feels good and thought of asking Futaba to teach her swimming (they’re going to swim to Hawaii?) but since she’s being too rough, it’s as good as she drowned, eh? Oh, she’s not dead, mind you.

Episode 5
Ogata heard a rumour if you write your lover’s name on the eraser and used it all up, he’ll like you back. So this obsessed girl starts cutting up her eraser and write Satou’s name on each and everyone. Later Satou accidentally drops his eraser so Yoshioka picks it up and sees Shiori’s name on it. She thinks he likes Shiori. Of course that girl is surprised and totally likes it. However Ogata picks up the eraser and notes this isn’t Satou’s writing (she’s a Satou expert so she can tell every inch about him) since he uses a different pen to write (spot on!). She pinpoints Shiori as the one who setup all this. Though Shiori is ashamed of herself, Ogata still acknowledges her as her friend. Just when Ogata is going to start rubbing those erasers, she finds them all missing. Then Mayumi notices it may all be in Shiori’s pocket… Hey, even friends can turn enemies over a single guy.

– Sugisaki and Mitsuba dread today in which their parents will visit their class. Marina was so looking forward to visiting because she can’t wait to get her hands on all the weird kids! She arrived too early so she sneaks in by crawling while Soujirou feels Mitsuba will get mad at him so Futaba suggests a disguise. Marina observes the odd kids but finds them normal as they’re hardworking (actually the Hopeless Squad are scribbling Satou’s name in their notes). She ends up in Mitsuba’s place and I think Mitsuba’s ass was so fat that she couldn’t feel the difference of sitting on a chair and a human’s back. Yeah, Marina totally loves that feeling. Sugisaki’s pals are praising her mom but Sugisaki looks sad. She reveals it’s because every year she looks at every other kids instead of her. Marina realizes her daughter’s feelings and instantly stood up, causing Mitsuba to knock her head over her desk. Both mother and daughter reconcile so mom will make it up to her by buying a store worth of her favourite goods. If that’s not enough, she wants 2 stores! Greedy?! Just when she thinks this class is normal, she spots Soujirou sitting at a desk and thinks he’s an overgrown kid! Her abnormal fetish is back!

– Futaba makes Valentine chocolates for Satou but she put it in her pants and it’s all messed up! Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he has some but finds it delicious. Mitsuba saw it and thought he was eating dog’s poo! Mitsuba wants Satou to beg for hers but he doesn’t want to. Satou thought Futaba made the chocolate for him but she reveals it was leftover after making one for her dad. In class, Mitsuba gets this idea of making Sugisaki crave for her chocolates by tasting hers but it backfires the first time since she doesn’t want to waste her expensive chocolates on her. The next time she is able to get a taste, she totally loves the delicious taste and wants another piece. Sugisaki isn’t going to waste another piece on her.

– Mitsuba rues that she should’ve just given chocolates to random boys so that she could get huge returns on White Day. Yoshioka and Miyashita have this idea to make chocolates to return the favour at Mitsuba’s house and since they’re trying to keep this a secret, Sugisaki tries to convince them to do whatever it is at her place. Next day in class, Sugisaki wonders why her pals are ignoring her so Matsuoka thinks Sugisaki is dead!!! She starts hanging around Sugisaki and when they meet Mitsuba and co, they got the wrong idea that the both of them are in that kind of relationship because Matsuoka takes the cookies from them. However to her dismay, she realizes that her friends can see Sugisaki. She’s not dead, girl. Sugisaki gets emotional over their ignorance so they explain what is going on. Too bad Matsuoka is undergoing depression and ate all the cookies herself. Sugisaki got so desperate to have a taste of their friendship that she licks the crumbs off Matsuoka’s cheeks! Does that seem yuri to you?

While the girls are having their physical examinations, the boys are trying to rank the girls of their class. Everybody is giving their opinions on each of the girls and came to a conclusion: They would be pretty if they’d just shut up! Mitsuba dreads the weighing part and true enough, she’s heavier than she thought. Hitoha makes herself taller but how is she going to trick Kuriyama? When she is about to set the scale, Hitoha flips her glasses. In that instant, ‘blinded’ Kuriyama records the wrong height. Mitsuba gets an idea and persuades her to retake her weight again. Because she can’t see clearly, Mitsuba’s weight increases significantly! Worse off than before, eh? As all the girls return to class, they lament that they didn’t like the measurement they’ve got (even Hitoha’s trick got found out and readjusted). All the girls sit back at their own places sulking in quiet. Chiba is furious because he thought they spied on their conversation. Later Hitoha tries to approach Miyashita to get tips on how she grew so tall but her tongue slip (something about telling her to die) worsens the situation.

Episode 6
The triplets ate bad oranges for New Year and experience a tummy ache. Sly Mitsuba squeezes the orange juice to her sisters’ eyes so she could take the bathroom first. Futaba can’t hold any longer and head next door. Mitsuba decides to wait longer in case her stomach ache returns. When she is about to leave, Hitoha has locked her in. Since she’s going down, she’ll be taking her out too! Mitsuba tries to escape via window but her fat tummy causes her to be stuck. Futaba happened to finish her business so Mitsuba fluctuates between mean and nice to demand/request Futaba get her out. Unfortunately Futaba has another spell so she runs off. During that ruckus, seems Hitoha managed to finish her business. She is willing to help Mitsuba get out and upon pulling her in, Mitsuba trips and breaks the door handle. Now they’re both stuck. Daddy is sleeping… I wonder why Hitoha just didn’t climb out through the window.

– One night, Soujirou gets up to find a Valentine’s chocolate in the fridge. He is freaking upset to know which bastard is targeting one of his daughters. Since he is stalking outside school, you can’t blame others for suspecting him, right? He looks like the real deal now. He rushes into school and hides in the storeroom. Satou also comes in to hide from the persistent Hopeless Squad. Satou laments no one knows how he feels but Soujirou understands him because he too was good looking when he was young. When the Hopeless Squad finds Satou, Soujirou takes the kid and run. The girls are horrified that Satou’s innocence is in danger! But they still love the idea of him getting violated. WTF?! Therefore, they request the help of Futaba. When she finds them, Soujirou learns that the chocolate was made by her to Satou! Soujirou tries to control his rage and be rational seeing that both of them are quite close from a young age. Just like any concerned dad, he asks if she likes Satou. Without hesitation, she says yes but also loves daddy. Soujirou realizes his mistake and hugs his daughter. However an entire squad of police has surrounded them! What does this scene look like to the guys in blue? Too bad Futaba fell asleep. Of all times…

– Satou thinks of getting new stuff because his current ones are being licked and violated by a certain obsessed group. So much so it smells! In the PTA meeting of Yabe’s class, Satou’s mom is concerned Yabe didn’t do anything to stop the stalker over her son. Of course he knows too well the weirdness of his class and since it only involves kids, he doesn’t want to interfere. We also see the parents of other kids. Some so familiar like Chiba’s mom who is also a pervert and Yoshioka’s mom in deep romance with her Spaniard husband. So can we blame the kids for being weird? Since Soujirou is there, he speaks out about Yabe’s perverted acts on his daughters, of course all of which are misunderstandings. Because Satou’s mom is getting desperate, seems there is a policeman among the crowd. No, he didn’t follow Soujirou but is rather Ogata’s elder brother! See how he dotes on his sister! Now we know where that obsession came from. She wants him to investigate this case. Ogata wants to help out find this Satou stalker and is about to agree with his mom so Yabe breaks them apart and asks them to leave this to him. Catastrophe averted. Imagine what would happen if the stalker and the victim’s mom found out about each other.

Chiba wrote his name in the snow with his pee. The girls are disgusted when Mitsuba comes up to that spot, rolls up a snowball and suggests a snow fight. Everyone is afraid not because of Mitsuba but rather the tainted snow she is holding unaware. Mitsuba gets cocky thinking everyone is scared of her and throws one at Sugisaki. Since her expensive coat is ruined, she ‘died’. Mitsuba starts throwing at everyone as they make a run from this mad woman. Sly Chiba uses the Hopeless Squad as defence when he tells them Satou peed at that same spot before him. Yeah, they gladly took all the hits till they realized it isn’t is pee and ‘died’! THEY CAN TELL WHAT KIND OF URINE BELONGS TO HIM?! Mitsuba throws a snow at Futaba who is making a snow sculpture of boobs. The boobs came off. Futaba is mad. So mad that she materializes the snow into something sharp with her palm! Then she throws it at the tree to shake off an avalanche of snow over Mitsuba. Futaba then tries to dig her out but the way she’s digging is as good as throwing snowballs at the rest. Start running!

– Mitsuba and Futaba wonder why Hitoha is in such a bad mood. Was it something bad they did? Actually today is April 1st and she is thinking hard not to be the butt of the April Fool’s joke. Each time her sisters try to be nice, she turns the cold shoulder. Hitoha continues to be cautious on just about anything. Till she meets Yabe on the street. He tries to talk to her but she psycho herself that everything is a lie. Then she bumps into a post and blacks out. When she wakes up, she is in bed with her sisters and Yabe by her side. They learn about her distrust on April Fool so Yabe tells her she’s been out for the entire day and today is April 2nd. Hitoha then believed Yabe carried her all the way back when he yells out “April Fool”. Since she’s only been out for an hour. Everyone laughs out loud so Hitoha curses them all horrible deaths but even so, Futaba could joke that what she meant was she wants them to live forever. Oh Hitoha…

Episode 7
– Mitsuba is being a rude Santa to Ryuuta. However he can tell who that fatso is after seeing her panties. Must be her trademark, eh? Seems Sugisaki has her friends over to play Santa to Ryuuta as her dad is overseas on a business trip. Furthermore, Ryuuta doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. Yoshioka tries next but her thick eyebrows were a dead giveaway. Next is Miyashita and because Ryuuta couldn’t recognize who she is even with her mask off (she wasn’t wearing her hairpin), she got so upset and tries hard to convince it is her. Next is Satou and he has to cross-dress since it’s the only Santa outfit around. Ryuuta hates it even more because Santa being a cross-dresser is worse than being a fake! Last is Chiba and everyone couldn’t put high hopes on him. His cross-dressing is obvious and he has got a mean streak of pervertness. Though Ryuuta isn’t convinced, cool Chiba proves he is not a cross-dresser by revealing the panties he is wearing! It is Sugisaki’s by the way. Advising him not to judge people by their appearance, he hands Ryuuta a Deluxe Gachi Base present. Ryuuta is absolutely happy and since he is wondering if her sister got her present too, Chiba takes off the panties and hands it to her! I don’t know why she has to try them on and show it to them. Peer pressure? See Mitsuba laughing like mad…

– Miyashita tries to help Hitoha to clean the top of the blackboard that she couldn’t reach. But Hitoha was being blamed by Mitsuba and Chiba for erasing it. This earns Hitoha’s wrath as she throws the duster at Miyashita’s face and goes to her sanctuary under Yabe’s table. See that guy automatically gives way to her? Miyashita observes this and thinks of getting her to open up by sitting there. First Hitoha doesn’t want to see her panties so puts on bloomers followed by stealing Chiba’s pants! But Miyashita keeps stealing glances so this irritates Hitoha as she shoves the tall girl away. Miyashita wonders if there is something different. Something that she lacks that Yabe has and she doesn’t. To understand this better, she hides herself under the table. However she got stuck…

Futaba has no voice so she has to write to communicate. Why the heck does she need to tell that she needs to go pee? Since Yabe is sick, Kaieda relieves the class. However due to the notorious reputation of this class, she too is somewhat not looking forward. True enough, they don’t respect her as they keep calling her a 30 year old and unmarried (she’s coming close to 30 by the way). She spots Futaba’s sign and thinks she’s trying to be nice to her till she realizes her love for boobs makes her another screw up like the rest. She tries hard to ignore Futaba who wants to go to pee. Till Futaba cried and all the students think she’s mean. Adults have no rights in this class, says she? For PE, she reads aloud Futaba’s sign about running 50 laps. The class thinks she’ll do it herself. Why must she oblige? Yeah, and off she goes running 50 tiring laps. She remembers how her best friend got married and she’s still single. She ponders her hell life of teaching those spoilt brats and is about to give up but to her surprise the kids start cheering on her. She gets her last ounce of strength to reach the finish line. Then she collapses and accidentally hugs Satou causing more misunderstanding. The Hopeless Squad are going to kill her with… Stationery? Next day, her face is covered with bandages as she pesters Yabe how the hell he can keep up with those kids.

– On a hot summer’s day, Mitsuba is sweating like hell but Hitoha doesn’t want to on the air-cond. Mitsuba tries to force her to change her mind by eating all the popsicles and making things hotter like scalding hot tea, throwing heat pads and turning up the heater. Then she collapses on the table as her sweat starts flowing like river. Hitoha gives her the remote and before Mitsuba could turn this room into the ice age, her sweat short circuits the remote. Everyone leaves and heads to Sugisaki’s place to cool down and to have sweets. Should have done this in the first place. Mitsuba is left behind since she doesn’t want to lose out. She tries to activate the switch on the air-cond itself but it seems she is too heavy that the table and drawer she stood on broke! At the end of the day when her family returns, daddy sees her mistreating the air-cond (still trying to get it to work?) and grounds Mitsuba for a week without air-cond. No air-cond, no sweets…

Yabe’s class is in charge of cleaning the pool but enthusiastic Futaba got so excited that she injures herself so Yabe rushes her to the infirmary. As the kids start cleaning, the girls are letting the boys do all the work. This has them to do a curling competition of boys versus girls to see who would do the work (of course Mitsuba would want them to hand their puddings too). The one closest to the last line wins. The boys start off with Satou and they make a pretty good start. Of course the Hopeless Squad volunteers to go next in hoping to crash into Satou but was rejected. So the girls use their ‘heaviest stone’ first and turns out Mitsuba got the ‘honours’. However she is so heavy that she didn’t come close to Satou though her initial slide was threatening enough to knock him off. For the next few turns, all the boys and girls crash into Mitsuba but bounced off! That’s how fat and heavy she is?! Finally Hitoha decides to use her final trump card. As they push her, Hitoha uses her soft cheeks to hit against Mitsuba’s flabby tummy to make her move and knock Satou off into the wall. Mitsuba vomits, Hitoha is out cold. When Yabe returns, he sees all the injured kids in the pool and has had it. He’ll clean the pool himself. Don’t want more casualties, eh?

Episode 8
– Is Hitoha cursing Gachi Pink?! Actually she’s trying to practice her handshake for a meet and greet tomorrow and she’s freaking nervous. So much so she got sick the next day. But when Hitoha is sick, she has that cute personality. So off she goes to the meet and once she discovers Yabe in line, she hides underneath the table where Gachi Pink is! Then she notices a fan’s shoe with a camera and alerts everyone about the upskirt filming. The true fans beat him up. Yabe spots Hitoha and thinks she is here to make fun of him but she finally reveals that she is a Gachi fan. When it’s Yabe’s turn to shake hands, he becomes nervous. As Yabe and Hitoha ride the train back, Hitoha accidentally sneezes and got snot all over the autograph.

– During the class relay, Chiba laments his class slow pokes. Their only hope is Futaba. But their rival Class 6-1 will tease them either way (since Chiba thought of using Futaba to disguise as everyone for the run so Class 6-1 will tease them for making a single girl do all the work). Furthermore, they see the great teamwork Class 6-1 has. They try to practice but it ended with disastrous results. By the time the baton reaches Yabe, it is broken, sullied, dirtied and whatever disgusting description you deem fit. The race is about to begin so Chiba has an idea to help smoothen the passing of the baton by using everyone’s traits. Futaba starts off with her usual speed. Next is Yoshioka but upon seeing a baton is a love letter for Satou, she rushes to hand it to him. Satou was told to switch this love letter with another baton to Ogata. She doesn’t want to put it in her mouth this time because it doesn’t have Ogata’s scent (it was from Chiba’s armpit for an hour!). Hurrying to pass the baton to Miyashita who then has a hard time passing to Hitoha. By the time she does, Hitoha already reaches Mitsuba and passes the baton with ease. But the fatty was too slow and this allows Class 6-1 to catch up. Once she hands it to Sugisaki, the rich milady zooms pass because of a picture of Mitsuba as motivation. Finally Yabe and Kaieda are neck to neck with Yabe finally winning the race. Mitsuba wants Sugisaki to hand over the picture but she says she didn’t have time to see it. So where did she get the power? Why is she blushing?! The principal congratulates Yabe but when he sees the picture on the baton, he reprimands Yabe for being a pervert.

A baked sweet potato seller seems to have this knack of telling a woman’s age with accuracy. Really? So is Marina really 17 years old?! Anyway that masochist was happy. Then the triplets and their friends come along. Hitoha gives the cue that they are poor and forces Sugisaki to buy for them. Hitoha notices the seller giving a free potato to Satou’s mom. She asks him how old Satou’s mom is. He is confident she is 32 but Hitoha notes it is 33. She concludes one will get a free potato for a year off the mark. Then she has him guess her age. The seller goes into his analytical mode using the traits and behaviour of the girls as clues. Looks can be deceiving or could it not. Especially that face Mitsuba put up because she was trying to hold her fart in, he thinks she’s a cheater! Finally he answers she is a 6th grader, which is correct. In his relief, he says there will be no free potatoes but Hitoha mentions she never said about getting free potatoes. That’s when he felt humiliated and defeated so he gives half a freebie to everyone. To add salt to wounds, Hitoha says she doesn’t really know Satou’s mom’s age. Scary. When Futaba farted, he gives her a full free potato. Jealous Mitsuba demands more and to give free potatoes for every fart she makes! Uhm… What did she just said about never farting in her life? Later as Kaieda approaches him to buy potatoes, he guessed correctly she is 29 and got the potatoes thrown back in his face. Then Kuriyama comes by and sees him bleeding and instantly wraps him with her Healing Rolling. I think he’ll be safer if he moves to another town.

Soujirou laments the days when his daughters were such polite little angels. Really! He was a handsome guy, they were helpful little angels and were fighting over the right to help him. Since Hitoha and Mitsuba held his hand each, Futaba felt left out and decided to hold his foot instead. The policeman saw this and misinterpreted the situation. This lead to his first of many more arrests to come in his life. Back in reality, Soujirou overhears a couple of ladies talking about a bunch of adorable triplets. They have never seen them for years and wonders if they have moved to another neighbourhood. Soujirou is sad that those days won’t come back anymore. Suddenly out of the blue, Hitoha and Mitsuba offer to help him carry the bags. Futaba also chip in by carrying him! With the other sisters holding his hands as balance, they walk back home as Soujirou chides himself for thinking such a way. His little girls are still here, right in front of him. Just that they are a little stronger, bigger and kinder. Well, the kinder part is seems disputable.

Good things (and bad) always come in three…
It has been a fun and hilarious ride all the way. There was never a dull moment and every antic will definitely have you laugh out loud. Okay, there were some touching moments especially the ones that would end the series that sees Soujirou and his daughters. The series also did a nice job in dividing screen time with the other characters so it is not entirely the triplets that you will see in each skit though they are still the main focus. In this way, we get to learn more about the characters and their peculiar characteristics which adds more fun and mayhem to the havoc. Most of the funny parts are based on misunderstandings of speeches or circumstances. You’ll find that kind of joke a lot here but it doesn’t feel repetitive. As mentioned, the jokes can get a little pervy or repulsive (poo, urine, fart, etc). After all, these kids are still growing up.

I thought Hitoha would be the most invincible one among the cast of characters since nobody can go up against her ‘death stare’ but it seems that she too has her own follies and weaknesses like fear of heights and her love for Gachi Rangers. Because of her emotionless expression and tendency not to let anyone know, she has this feel that she is the superior one. She may be sly at times but at least she is not as wicked-hearted as Mitsuba. Obviously that girl enjoys seeing the torment of others but God is always fair so she too bears the brunt of her own actions. It bugs me that if she is supposed to be fat after all those snacks and sweets, how come her tummy is only seen to have those effects. Even so not entirely. I mean, she should be a bloated person like what we normally see but instead the fat part is only reserved for her stomach. Mitsuba and Sugisaki are the best example of what you call frenemies. On the outlook they may look like they hate each other but that’s because deep down in their hates they just want the other’s attention. Don’t you think, no? They do not hesitate to waste any opportunity of outdoing or humiliating each other like taking embarrassing shots and if you would keep the score of who outdoes who, I would pretty much guess that they are both equal. Sometimes it is Mitsuba’s day and on other days it will be Sugisaki who will be laughing last. I find Hitoha’s under-the-table sanctuary to be amusing. Of all places, she has to choose Yabe’s desk. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to something that you won’t see coming right underneath your nose :).

The invincible character goes to Futaba in the sense that since she is an airhead, nothing literally stops her or gets in her way. She is too strong that I think there is anybody who could challenge her equally in strength. She still loves boobs but I just keep wondering why she always wants to show perverted stuffs to Satou. That poor kid already has a group of obsessed stalkers following him everywhere, now he has got to put up with whatever perverted antics Futaba comes up with courtesy of Chiba. Perhaps Chiba is already so perverted that there is no fun in making a pervert even more perverted. Get what I mean? It feels like Chiba wants to sully his reputation as a good kid and over the series, I can say that with the several misunderstood perverted situations he unintentionally gotten himself into, he no longer has that clean image. But heck, does that stop the Hopeless Squad from admiring him even more? Their delusion of him is totally extreme and I don’t think that kid will find peace even in the afterlife because the trio will definitely follow him to heaven or hell and back. Miyashita could have been Hitoha’s friend if not for her screwing up in the end that makes her look like a pervert or looking bad in Hitoha’s book. And still, there is no Green Gachi… But once you get to know the characters, no matter how weird their behaviours are, you’ll find them adorable. Yeah, maybe it’s the way the art and drawing makes them look cute. Got that feeling that every middle aged guy and girl look younger than they should. Uh huh. I thought Yabe and Kuriyama looked like college students. And does Kaieda really look like 29?

Whatever happened to the romance between Yabe and Kuriyama? Oh wait. Was there ever one? Did Yabe resign himself to the fact he’ll be a virgin boy? I saw the words on his t-shirt which says “Cherry” so is that a dead giveaway that he’ll be one for a long time to come? As the series progresses, Yabe’s role seems to be less and less insignificant. What I mean is that I thought that in every episode we would see Yabe getting screwed by his students one way or another and his life turned upside down like a living hell (well, he still is) but it looks like he has already got used to the weirdoes in his class and you can safely say that he is part of the gang. You know what they say about birds with the same feathers. Kuriyama’s presence also felt it was getting lesser and lesser. But I suppose with the wide range of characters and the focus mainly on the kids, these adults can take a back seat. Hmm… I also don’t really see Nipple and Hitoha together towards the end. It is amusing that Soujirou has the face of a criminal when he is actually a loving father deep down in his heart. You can’t blame the police for judging a book by its cover and their tendency to arrest him on sight. He certainly looks like a pedo. It bugs me how he turned from a handsome stud into a scruffy big fat man. While it is fun to see the behaviours of some of the parents of the weird kids, I thought they should have shown us more of the other kids’ parents. For instance perhaps Miyashita’s mom is one very tall lady or Matsuoka’s mother is a temple priest. Safe to say that the kids take after their parents. Well, most of them. The triplets and Sugisaki may not resemble like their parents but they are still weird in their own sense. Hey, I notice the triplets each have a soft body part. Mitsuba = tummy, Hitoha = cheeks, Futaba = boobs (at least her pillow which is actually one!).

At first I was surprised to learn that Haruka Tomatsu was the voice behind Hitoha. I usually hear her playing lively girls such as Lala in To Love-Ru or tsundere roles like Ayame in Asu No Yoichi. Then she voices an ominous deadpan loli, she sounds so different and yet so convincing. Ayahi Takagaki certainly sounds authoritative as Mitsuba and is a departure from her earlier roles as ‘less noisy’ girls like Noe of True Tears, Megumi in Special A and definitely I wouldn’t have guessed she was that manipulative, cunning and sadistic Mikako in Sora No Otoshimono. Satomi Akesaka really does make Futaba sound like an airhead and a happy-go-lucky loli. She is the voice behind Chrome in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn and Kuno of Sekirei. Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON!) was recognizable as Yoshioka and her dreamy voice suits a romance-obsessed character. I could also instantly recognize Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama) as Marina and after all these years, her voice never runs. If a character does that kind of dreamy voice, it has got to be her. Chiwa Saito was somewhat have-I-head-this-voice-somewhere-before area. After all that high pitch yelling, I should have guessed this was Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca and Aria The Animation’s Aika. Other casts include Hiro Shimono as Yabe (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Yuko Sanpei as Satou (Hajime in Natsu No Arashi), Kazutomi Yamamoto as Chiba (Nakanojou in Nichijou), Minori Chihara as Ogata (Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Momoko Saito as Kuriyama (Choco in Chokotto Sister), Momoko Ohara as Miyashita, Ikumi Hayama as Matsuoka and Masuo Amada as Soujirou (PS: I saw this guy’s mug and I thought how similar he looked to his character here).

The first season opening theme is sung by the seiyuus of the Marui triplets and is entitled Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou! Your typical lively anime pop with the mischievous vibes to get a feel of what this series is going to be. I find it odd that they characters are doing one big dance in the animation. It’s like the students, teachers and parents all come to gather in an intense work out. The first season’s ending theme by far is the only slow ballad and by far my favourite. Yume Iro No Koi by Saori Atsumi sounds like a song for bedtime and the calming pace could even put your child to sleep. As the second season starts off with the Gachi Rangers, they have a special very tokusatsu-like song especially for it too. Feel like singing along? Both themes are sung by Maki Endoh with Honki Sentai Gachirange as the opening theme and Mata Ashita as its ending theme. The main opening theme for the second season is called Waga Na Wa Shougakusei and is once again done by the seiyuus of the triplets. It still maintains the liveliness and upbeat pace that you’d be familiar with in the first season. Only now with recorder instruments coming into play. The second season’s ending theme by Nomiko called Randoselling feels like an anime idol pop rock.

Having triplets not only means triple to fun and joy but also triple the amount of headache and trouble that comes along. And if you add their friends, it is guarantee to bring the house down. Well I do hope that they will grow out of these weird behaviours when they grow up. Or else they’ll be stuck as perverts in the eyes of society. How funny when kids do it, it is permitted and they are deemed funny and cute. But when grownups do so, they look so disgusting. That is why sometimes it is wonderful being a child. Of course you can still have your second childhood. Like they say, you can’t choose your first childhood but the second one is optional and there is no time limit. If you opt for the second one, just make sure you don’t get arrested.

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