Arifureta yasashisa wa kimi wo toozakeru dake,
  Tsumetaku kirisuteta kokoro wa toozakeru dake
For those Gundam fans out there, you would’ve guessed that those lines were taken from the ending theme of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.
  Sonna Kakkowarusa ga ikiru toiu koto nara,
  Samuzora no shita me wo tojite iyou
Performed by See-saw (weird name for a group), this song doesn’t really have that high pitch, however, there are certain parts where one have to ‘drag’ your voice over a period of time. Well, maybe not so long, though. But it was enough to make me out of breath and my voice ‘waver’. Yeah, another singing flaw of mine.
  Anna ni issho datta no ni,
  Kotoba hitotsu tooranai,
  kasoku shiteiku senaka ni ima wa
But it isn’t really that bad compared to those high pitched songs that I sing. Not perfect but close. One of the many songs in my karaoke list that I still enjoy singing over time. Can’t believe I used to wake up at the end of the show just to here this song. Sheesh…
  Anna ni issho datta no ni,
  Yuugure wa mou chigau iro,
  Semete kono tsukiakari no shita de,
  Shizuka na nemuri wo

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