Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

November 14, 2005

This is quite a popular anime in Japan. Gundam is one of those animes where they spawned several sequels, spin-offs and cross-overs. Not to mention the toy industry as well. This one in particular, Gundam Wing is nearly similar to all those other Gundam series. At least the big gigantic gun/sword wielding robots are concern. Set in the future, several factions fighting each other using these robots for supremacy or whatsoever reasons. You get the point. So I believe that in this anime that there are 2 factions, Earth and Space Colonies (some decendents of the Earth faction). So the Colonies decided to fight back against the oppressive Earth and its alliances using 5 highly trained young guys. You can guess the rest already. Good thing is (or maybe a bad thing) that I’m not really much of a Gundam fan, plus the anime is aired quite early in the morning. Meaning I’m missing it most of the time.

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