February 23, 2008

Do you have a fetish for maid robots? I don’t. But that didn’t stop me from checking out Moekan. Yeah, you’ll get to see lots of pretty maid robots here. Don’t worry, they won’t be that hideous looking pieces of scrap metal, but they look, move and speak like human beings so much so you would think that they’re one.
Basically, this is a 3 episode OVA of 30 minutes each. The setting is on a huge island called Moekko Island whereby robot maids are assembled, programmed and trained to do various stuffs from the simple household chores to combat techniques. Wow. A whole island just for this purpose. So now we know where robot maids come from, do we? Just kidding.
Since I’m inclined to watch animes which have comedy element, this series do have some of it but it isn’t that much. Not in the sense that you’d go laughing rolling on your stomach all the way. It’s probably they’re trying to mix in some drama and romance. Yeah, what are the chances of a human guy falling in love with a robot maid. Ah, it’s not the outside that matters, but the inside that counts. Wait, that’s made of all steel either.
Episode 1
The episode begins with a dream of a place being annihilated and engulfed in flames. A guy is seen holding a girl in his arms. Kanzaki Takahiro (looks a bit like Ilpalazzo of Excel Saga) is rudely awakened by 1 of his robot maids, Kirishima, when she tossed an alarm clock at his face. Can a maid do that to her master? Anyway, she mentions that he has a guest, Rei, a member of the info department and the person from HQ he’s supposed to meet. Takahiro says Rei seems to be doing well as he narrates that he himself is the chief of a training facility for maids ranking D and below, and this solitary island that has severed all connections to the outside world. He’s also gotten used to it (maybe it’s a good thing for certain people. You don’t have to bother what’s going on with the rest of the world). Rei hands him a top secret report and wants him to use his work to add combat maid training programme to a girl named Rinia, who’s an old android type, location and year of production unknown because she lost her memories.
Takahiro further narrates that this is an anarchistic country dominating the world. Moekko Company is where the final work of AC Company’s guard maids are done and get their communication training on Moekko Island. Soon Takahiro, Rei and Kirishima are awaiting Rinia’s arrival when a transport cargo plane open its door as Rinia parachutes down. She gets embarrassed when the wind is bowing through her skirt and tries to cover it. Unfortunately, she gets a bumpy and harsh landing.
Rei introduces Rinia to Takahiro who will soon be taking care of her from now on. While Rinia introduces herself, Takahiro stood there and said nothing. Well, he did asks what are those extra pair of arms for. You see, Rinia has additional pair of short arms around her neck. Maybe it’s to help out with the extra work. Like they say, many hands make light work. Takahiro asks Rei why she brought her here and the latter replies that she found her before she was turned into scrap and wants him to train her though she’s old but she’s very good. Takahiro isn’t impressed with Rinia and tells Rei that combat maids aren’t ordinary maids as the training has high hurdles even for the latest androids. In other words, he isn’t confident if a worn out junk can overcome them. Rinia interrupts to apologize but Takahiro scoffs at her that he’s in a middle of talking to Rei. Rinia asks him to punish her and not fight with his friend. Takahiro asks for Kirishima’s opinion but she says that she’s cute. Takahiro says how he feels angry by just looking at Rinia, making her sad. Kirishima tries to cheer her up and soon takes her and show her around.
Takahiro walking through the corridor and all the maids get up and greet him. After telling 1 of the maids how her ribbon’s untied, he bumps into a group a mechanics. Except for the mechanic head (let’s call him Oraji because that’s what Takahiro calls him), the others fear him and steps aside to greet him. Oraji asks Takahiro to bring the newly arrived android for maintenance but Takahiro says he’ll think about it. Oraji says how he looks gloomy but Takahiro replies that he’s born like that. Maybe it’s the result of being on this island too long. The other mechanics mentions how they’ve never seen him laugh before.
Takahiro and Kirishima heard an explosion-like noise and rushes there. They spot Rinia under a heap of boxes. She’s having problems getting out since it’s too heavy. Kirishima asks her to switch to combat mode, which Rinia did and max it. It explodes, blasting the boxes, Takahiro and Kirishima away. Takahiro yells if she knows the meaning of moderation when a screw on Rinia’s neck comes loose. She says her neck armour’s a bit bent but Takahiro yells back that there’s no time for that.
So Kirishima fixes Rinia back and says to have maintenance check. Rinia seems worried and tries to give excuses like she’s old and therefore hard to break. Takahiro orders her to get one and have a technician look at her. Later that night, Takahiro says that it’s finally done and thanks to Rinia, he’s having a hard time. He leaves his office to find Rinia waiting outside thanking him for his hard work. She asks him to have some tea, which he agrees. He finds the tea exceptionally delicious but tells her the hallway isn’t a place to make tea before handing her a training programme book made by Kirishima. He also says that the maid training programme starts tomorrow. Rinia is all excited and promises to do her best.
The next day, Rinia starts by cleaning the place. From sweeping, cleaning the chimney, polishing the statue to laundry work. Rinia soon made friends with Jissouji Fuyuha, the librarian of Moekko Island. Erm… If maids here are all programmed, why do they need a library? We see Takahiro watching them from afar. Also, Rinia made friends with Suzuki, who’s walloping her takoyaki. I don’t know, Suzuki kinda brings back memories of those little blue creatures called Smurfs, each time I look at her, even though she doesn’t resemble one. Anyway Takahiro seems a little impressed with Rinia. Later when Kirishima asks him how Rinia’s doing, he says he doesn’t know. Takahiro is standing on a cliff alone watching the sea when Rinia comes up to him and brings some lunch. Takahiro asks Rinia to eat but Rinia says she can’t when her stomach growls. Erm… Do robots need to eat normal food? Maybe high-tech robots have to do so because they look, act and talk like real human beings. Takahiro mentions that before helping out others, she should fill her own stomach first. Rinia does and feels happy. He also asks if she’s gotten used to living here and she says yes but made some mistakes and keep troubling everyone. Takahiro also asks her about her past memories and her reply that they’re vague and scattered but if she keeps on walking not knowing what she’s aiming for and wonder are those memories or dreams. She continues although she met Takahiro recently but feels like she’s met him a long time ago. She soon apologizes and thought she had said something wrong. Takahiro dismisses it.
That night, Rei asks Takahiro about Rina as they sip some wine. He mentions that he sees her as a dropout android but has improved a little. The next morning, Rinia’s vacuum cleaner is causing mayhem and is out of control. Takahiro tells her to flip the switch but it broke. The mayhem is causing some damage to the place and is heading towards Takahiro and Fuyuha. The vacuum stops in time when Kirishima unplugs it. That’s all it took? Haih. Rinia apologizes and says that she doesn’t get along well with machines (ironic for an android, isn’t it?) when Takahiro slaps her. Everyone is shocked. He tells Rinia that he forbids her to use any machines from now on and go clean some windows. Later Takahiro confronts Rei and asks why she left that garbage with him. Is it for revenge against him who took away her glory. Rei says it’s what she wanted and returns him a time piece but Takahiro says he doesn’t have anything like it before. Rei says he’s extremely forgetful. Some blabbing about time and magical machine that gathers everything. Rei wants him to take care of Rinia but he refuses and asks her to take that useless thing and leave.
Later that night as Takahiro leaves office, he finds Suzuki who brings him to see Rinia still cleaning windows. He asks what she’s doing and she says she hasn’t finish cleaning all the windows and that she’s useless and clumsy. Therefore this is the only way she can make up for it 1 more time. He notices her arms are injured and wants her to come down and stop work. But Rinia says it’s okay and she’ll move slowly. Takahiro orders her to come down but Rinia’s still stubborn, thanking him for his thoughtfulness. Soon she falls off the ladder. Takahiro drops his crutches to catch Rinia. As usual, she apologizes for always causing trouble before passing out. Takahiro panics a little and calls for the emergency team. We see Rinia recuperating in a tube. So that’s what her extra arms are for. A convenience to cover her boobs. So some talk of why wants to send her back so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and the rest says like how she wants to stay here and be accepted by him. Oraji says she’ll be alright and talk some sense into Takahiro to treat her more nicely. But Takahiro says he’s only her master at this training centre and thus can’t be kind to anyone because it makes parting more difficult. Rinia wakes up when Takahiro walks in. She says though she’s useless and not needed, she doesn’t want to leave this place and promises she won’t break down and do her best. Takahiro scolds her that she hasn’t noticed that the more she moves, the more work he has to do and orders her to stay in bed till she gets well. Everyone and Rinia is happy. Urm… What’s this? Androids need to go to toilet? Yeah, Rinia rushes off, which made Takahiro burst into a heartily laughter. Everyone is surprised that it’s the 1st time seeing him laugh. Kirishima says to herself how she envy Rinia because she’s opening the door to the chief’s heart when no one else could. The next day, Rei leaves in a helicopter looking quite pleased and says it’ll be okay and the lost times will be written again.
Episode 2
A helicopter is seen leaving a maid on the island, Kazusa Asagiri. Takahiro wakes up from a bad dream to find Kazusa naked by his side. He doesn’t remember who she is. Kazusa is sad that he doesn’t and says she wants to see him when Rinia comes in to wake him up. She spots them together, gets embarrassed and says don’t bother her as she quickly leaves. Kazusa dresses up and introduces herself that she’s from Alice In Chains (no relation to that rock group), product management department observance class, discipline and enforcement team. Takahiro’s asking what’s Alice In Chains doing here (not doing a concert of course) but Kazusa says nevermind that and points to him and says isn’t this sexual harassment (robots have rights too, I suppose). Uh huh. Takahiro finally realized that he’s naked.
The next morning, Kazusa reintroduces herself again in Takahiro’s office. He doesn’t look amuse and thinks the department is mocking him by sending her here. Rinia, Suzuki and Fuyuha are eavesdropping outside the office when Kazusa says she’s under orders to be Takahiro’s bodyguard. He says he doesn’t need one and tells her to go home. Kazusa still adamant to protect him. The duo argue till Kirishima knocks them both on their heads for being noisy and stubborn. Kirishima allows Kazusa to work with the other maids in the kitchen till Takahiro changes his mind. The 2 have no choice but to agree.
In the kitchen, Kazusa is impressing the other maids with her cutting and cooking skills. Takahiro watching from afar when Rinia asks what he’s doing. He says he wonders if a battle maid can do cooking. Soon he has a taste and is impressed how delicious it is. Kazusa getting all hyped up and says it’s good to keep her around but Takahiro says only for cooking purposes, pissing her off. Rinia compliments her cooking in which Kazusa thanks her. At night, some masked criminals are seen running away but Kazusa catches up to them. The criminal fires his machine gun but misses as Kazusa lands him a powerful kick, making him pass out.
Next morning, Takahiro is taking a walk in the woods and spots Kazusa’s knife and boots lying around. He also spots her sleeping atop a tree as she soon wakes up. Naturally he asks what she’s doing up there and she says the nice breeze passing here feels good. As she comes down, a branch broke and she fell on him. He tells her to stop the bad jokes and that she could die from that fall. Kazusa looks sad when she hears the word ‘death’. Because of that, Takahiro wonders what’s wrong but Kazusa says it’s nothing and apologized, promising not to do it again. She starts to cry and Takahiro feels guilty and just asks her to be careful next time and not to cry. Rinia is walking by and spots the duo making up and getting all friendly. Rinia has that worried expression on her face.
A helicopter is seen leaving something on the island again. This time a big hairy white dog. Takahiro wakes up from another bad dream to see that dog in front of him. Later he hears from Kirishima that it’s another order from HQ to train and discipline it for army use. Wait a minute. Wouldn’t it be easier to send it to a specialized dog school. Besides, I thought this place is to train maids only. They also find out it’s 15 years old, which is quite old in dog years and is fit for retirement. Suzuki asks for its name but there isn’t any. Takahiro asks her to give it 1. She says ‘Dog’ but Takahiro quickly rejects it. So is ‘Hairy Dog’. I guess Takahiro decides to give it a name himself and comes up with Inoue-sensei. Inoue-sensei? Who, what, when, why? Kazusa then comes out from the bushes all dirty and messy and Takahiro asks what she’s doing and Kazusa replies it’s a secret. When Kazusa spots Inoue, she freaks out and runs away but Inoue kept chasing her. Takahiro starts laughing at the ‘strange bunch’.
That night when Takahiro decides to retire to his room, he sense some danger and takes out his pistol. He opens the door to find Kazusa sharpening her knives in the dark. He asks how is she protecting him like that and she says she’s guarding his room and since he didn’t come for a long time, he decides to sharpen her knives and get that dog. This surprises Takahiro. Rinia is passing by and spots Azusa being tied and wrapped up in a mattress and thrown out of the room. Rinia is worried and thinks Takahiro may like Kazusa. Oh now this maid is harbouring some feelings for a cold bugger like him. The next day, Kazusa is being chased by Inoue and is making a mess everywhere. Takahiro has had it and is going to try to get Kazusa over her fear of dogs as he holds her down on her knees and lets Inoue licks her face. Kazusa is still scared and freaking out, yelling like a desperate girl. Takahiro then opened her eyes and tells her it’s not the enemy. Kazusa then realized it as she felt some warmth. Takahiro says about the weird things on his island and though they’re weird, he likes them all. Rinia blushes as Kazusa pats Inoue and apologizes. Soon the 2 like each other, did things and have fun together. A (wo)man’s best friend? I’m glad that they’re buddies now.
Nightfall, and several masked terrorists are seen heading towards the island on a boat. At office, Takahiro compliments Rinia’s tea and asks her to try her best when Kazusa comes in and says something is wrong with Inoue. Fuyuha thinks it may have caught a cold from playing too much water. Kazusa remembers bathing it earlier on and feels guilty. Outside, Rinia tells Kazusa to be cheerful and the duo chat about what it means to be alive. Because they’re androids, Kazusa thinks it’s the same as being dead. Rinia fumbling on what to say and eventually says that though she doesn’t know, she thinks she’s alive because she feels happy when Takahiro compliments her tea and that feelings aren’t made up. Kazusa realized a little when Fuyuha arrives and gives Kazusa a book that may help Inoue. Back at the room, Takahiro notices Inoue’s condition isn’t improving when Fuyuha and Rinia enters and say Kazusa went to the lighthouse area to gather some herbs.
Suddenly, they heard some explosions and saw smoke coming from the lighthouse area and rushed there. The terrorists are fighting with Kazusa and plans to kill her for foiling their plans and killing their comrades. They also mention how they’re going to kill Takahiro after this. Takahiro and gang arrive in time and he remembers Kazusa being all dirtied before and is convinced someone is after his life. The terrorists fires away when Takahiro uses his pistol to take out one of their guns. Wow. A small shooter like his can take out a bigger sophisticated one. The terrorists notices Takahiro is here and uses their in-built jet shoes to get on top of the cliff to where he is. As they prepare to aim, Kazusa manage to slice 1 of them with her knife. The other terrorist has his target locked on Takahiro. He shoots at him but only manages to shoot his pistol away. Kazusa gets in front of Takahiro to protect him. As the terrorist pulls the trigger, Inoue suddenly jumps in font and takes the bullet. Kazusa can only watch in horror. She manages to stick her knife at his throat and orders him to get off the island or else she’ll kill him. The terrorist must know not to mess with a maid who’s mad and decides to back off. However the boat he escapes in explodes. Takahiro then says "Death to those who failed. That’s how Moekko Company is". Kazusa frantically telling Inoue to get a hold of itself. Inoue licks her face 1 last time before it passes away. Kazusa in shock and crying hysterically.
The following day, they buried Inoue and Kazusa thanks it for teaching her many things and that she’ll never forget about it and vows to continue protecting. As everyone leaves, Rinia stood there thinking that there’re lots of sad and painful things and even so, she likes this island. Takahiro calls out to her as Rinia comes following. Takahiro notices a thunder storm coming as he walks off. Indeed stormy days are awaiting him. That’s because the next scene, in some room in a highrise tower, some guy is saying something about Takahiro’s discipline and therefore needs primary army’s intervention because leaving him alone on that island is too dangerous to their company. Some boss approves his proposal to assassinate Takahiro. I wonder why leaving Takahiro too long on that island is a threat to them? Is it because they can’t monitor him and make him do whatever fancies and whim as they please?
Episode 3
Oraji can’t believe that Takahiro says Rinia’s going to undergo some Espionage Maid training programme. Takahiro mentions it’s orders from HQ and he has 2 days to give his reply. He also says the programme is to increase Rinia’s sex appeal and raise her a Sexroid. Oraji says it’s a trap and Kirishima agrees it’s a plan to get rid of Takahiro. But Takahiro mentions that he doesn’t have Nursery Cryme Powers anymore. They’re powers to destroy the world and somehow he lost it. He’s among the 5 people who has such powers and his is Water’s Nursery Cryme, to control water and shadow freely. Kirishima says there may be people at HQ who don’t think he has lost it but Takahiro says he has refused HQ orders and orders preparation for evacuation of all maids and staff because he doesn’t want them to hurt Rinia. He asks Kirishima to make counterattack plans and will fight this alone.
Rinia talking to the mechanics and giving her tomatos that she planted at the hangar. Two maids passes by Takahiro and notices that he’s happy before excusing themselves. Rinia then arrives and gives him some candies. She tells him his candy colour is blue as it’s the same colour as the sky and he’s clear like it. Rinia goes on to give her multi-coloured candies as Takahiro looking at his in his palms. At the library, Kirishima tells Fuyuha, Kazusa and Suzuki about Takahiro’s evacuation orders tomorrow, surprising them. Kazusa asking why is Takahiro the only 1 staying back to fight. Kirishima is hesitating when Suzuki asks if Rinia has anything to do with it because whenever Kirishima’s hesitating to talk about Takashiro, Rinia is always involved. She wants to know what’s going on between Rinia and Takahiro. Kirishima starts crying. Meanwhile Takahiro is walking through some misty barren creepy place when a young girl from behind returns his time piece and has been looking for him forever. He takes it as she says clocks are magical instruments that gather scattered times into 1. Takahiro then realized she’s Rinia. He soon wakes up from the dream and sees the time piece on the table next to him.
The next day, everyone is preparing for evacuation. In the office, Oraji says judging by the amount of troops sent by HQ, their counterattack success is only 30%. He also mentions an amphibian vehicle at the underground hangar near the lighthouse area if he ever needs to escape. Takahiro asks him what is Rinia to himself. He says she’s different from the rest as though she’s been entrusted something from someone. Soon all systems of Moekko Island can be controlled from this room is completed. Takahiro thanks Oraji for taking care of him but he says don’t say goodbye as they’ll meet again. As everyone boards the helicopters, Rinia asks about Takahiro who says he’ll board a different one later. She says she wants to board the same helicopter with him but he tells her to get on 1 now, which she does.
At night, Takahiro is standing above in the hallway and notices how quiet it is. He’s seeing visions of his maids and staff greeting him. He realized that tough he doesn’t have the qualities of happiness, he realized it when everyone’s gone. Suddenly to his surprise, he sees Kirishima, Fuyuha, Kazusa, Suzuki and Oraji. He noticed that Kirishima had told them and asked her why she had done so. Fuyuha mentions that his thoughts and theirs are the same and will follow him anywhere. Takahiro also sees Rinia there and wonders why she hasn’t evacuate yet. She replies that she’s a maid and will stay with her master at all times. The gang then took a group photo.
Several battleships are arriving. In the office, everyone is busy typing something on the computers. Takahiro sees Rinia and shows her the time piece Rei gave to him. Some talk about clocks and memories. It’s midnight and Takahiro asks Kirishima to send the final response to HQ. Everyone is waiting when the radar picks up several missiles which the gunboats launched. The energy barrier is launched and activated which protects them from the missiles. Now it’s their turn to go offensive. The whole island become gun turrets and starts firing away, destroying the fleets. I guess HQ only have the numbers. But it’s not over yet. Soon submarines emerge as… weird androids?! They manage to take out the turrets easily. Since the androids are going to reach the base in no time, they decide to go fight them upfront outside. Takahiro orders Rinia to stay by his side while the others head outside to fight. The defensive barrier is broken and the androids are rushing in. Erm… Can a few machine guns and bombs destroy these androids? Kazusa’s knife must be bloody sharp to slice an android like that. An android breaks the door where Takahiro and Rinia is and summons the rest of them here. The duo took refuge under the table. But Takahiro gets wounded on his shoulder. His pistol manage to take out 1 android per shot but more came streaming in. The others manage to get back in time to dispose of the menacing androids. However Takahiro collapses and the whole place is in ruin and flames.
The gang then is hiding in the medical room. Takahiro notices how exhausted everyone is an thinks they’ll lose. Rinia asking how did this battle start and why can’t he stop it all because she can’t stand watching everyone get hurt meaninglessly anymore. Suzuki then yells at her saying that everyone’s doing this to protect her, shocking Rinia. Fuyuha adds that they don’t want to make her into a play thing of some rich guy. Rinia apologizes and says she’s useless after all even though everyone’s fighting and getting hurt, she didn’t notice anything. Rinia thinks it’s better that she didn’t come in the 1st place and disappeared or never have been born (wait a minute? I thought robots like her are made. Unless it’s their term of course). Takahiro tells her to keep quiet and don’t say stupid things and if she cries, he’ll become lonely too. Kirishima says that they’re not only fighting to protect her but their own memories and the ones they love as well. More talk of realisation when Rinia drops to her knees, apologizes and cries. Takahiro tells Oraji to show them the way to the lighthouse.
Everyone is walking through an underground path there when Takahiro realized he forgot his time piece at the office. Rinia offers to go back and get it but Takahiro says it’s okay. Rinia tells him not to worry as se rushes back there. She manages to find it when an android confronts her. Rinia powers up. The rest manages to reach the lighthouse when Suzuki feels hungry and asks Takahiro is there anything to eat. He hands her his blue candies. Then some android flips some switch which shoots all the missiles at the lighthouse. The gang takes cover. A rain of missiles is blocking their path. Kazusa says she’s going to get the vehicle but Takahiro feels it’s impossible to dodge this attack. Suddenly Rinia with blue aura around her, shows up and is walking towards the lighthouse with the missiles still raining down. Takahiro tells her to stop and wonders why she has to endure pain and suffering. Some flashback of Rinia waking up and walking aimlessly from a scrap factory. She says she has a reason to walk now and endure sufferings, for Takahiro and everyone. As the morning sun rises, Rinia’s nearly there when a missile directly hits her and sends her flying, ripping off her extra arms. Takahiro rushes to her side, not regarding his own safety. He’s holding her in her arms and is asking why did it become like this. Rinia says she finally understands. To get his and her lost past back, she came to him. Rinia returns the time piece to him. Takahiro apologizes and says he’s an incompetent fool. Oh now, he’s caught her disease as well. I thought Rinia has this bad habit of saying over and over how useless she is, and now Takahiro has it too. Rinia then tells him not to cry and that she’s very happy. Some sad but happy talk before Rinia closes her eyes. Takahiro lets loose a blood curling scream as he sheds a tear. With the other androids arriving, Takahiro is now very mad. Uh huh. There’s a black aura around him. He unleashes his Nursery Cryme called Kanzaki Of Pure Darkness as it blasts away the androids.
Takahiro narrates ever since then, it’s the 1st time it snowed on Moekko Island. Back at the highrise tower in the city, Rei is saying to herself about that clocks are magical instruments line and says it’ll definitely be her turn next time. It’s a sunny day on Moekko Island and everyone’s back and fixing up the place. Takahiro is in the medical room watching Rinia in a tube chamber as he tells her to quickly wake up because everyone is waiting for her as he looks at the group photo.
Moe moe moe…
Not really. Unless you really dig life-like maid androids. Overall, I guess this short series is pretty much okay to me. I was just wondering what happened in the end. I mean, the ending was a happy one but does this mean that the HQ has given up their attempts to assassinate Takahiro? Maybe. After seeing him unleash his super power Nursery Cryme, better not play play with this guy. I’m glad with how Takahiro turned out at the end. In the beginning, he was a cold, bitter, lonely, depress and unhappy person. Though he didn’t like Rinia at first but he gradually soon learns to accept her and probably in a way, you could say he got a little attached to her in the end.
One thing I want to mention is the Nursery Cryme thing. First I thought this series was based on some manga or something but I couldn’t find any sources of it. I tried to do some research on the Nursery Cryme but didn’t come up with any info either. So I came to a conclusion that this Nursery Cryme may be just something created for the anime. The subs make it seem like there was some back story or something happened back then. Maybe there was. Or just something if the producers ever wants to make another OVA out of it.
Not to say that this is totally a crappy anime, but because of the unexplained stuffs, it puts a little damper and confusion in the end. Besides, it’s almost that each episode can stand alone as it’s own as the focus of each episode is nearly different. The characters here are also sufficient and won’t amount to anything much. I mean, it’s only 3 episodes, right? But if you’re a bishoujo and bishonen fan, then I suppose the drawing, art and animation would appeal to you. Me, I think I’m better off watching harem animes… maid harem animes… Hahaha.
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