January 24, 2009

After such a long time, I finally managed to finish watching the anime series Moetan. Subbing problems? Well, partly but not entirely. Even though the series has only 12 episodes and an OVA, watching it over a span of 1 year does feel like a long time. For those who know about this series, the first thing which comes to mind is loli ecchi.
That’s right. I think that is why the main reason one of the episodes in the series got taken off the national air. Uh huh. That bad, huh? Now that I have watched it, I kinda felt that there was nothing real extreme about it either. Perhaps I’ve watched too many of this genre? But even so if the loli ecchi part was a little controversial, why didn’t they ban the whole series and not just 1 of the dozen episodes? Because of that, the fansubbers who were doing this series also probably waited for the DVD release so that they could sub that missing episode and not just jump in order to keep in line with the storyline.
As mentioned, the producers who created this anime must have loli fetish. Not 1, but 2 high school characters have some ‘growth defect’ which makes them look cute and moe. So much so you can’t blame everyone for mistaking them as kindergarten kids. Even I thought that they were one too, except the reason why they got into high school was that they were super geniuses and get to skip some grades. Didn’t turn out like that. Just plain loli looking girls. Probably the producers would have made the whole high school girls looking like one but that will take away the meaning of it all.
As you can expect lots of loli fanservice in this series, I later found out that Moetan was actually some sort of English study aid for Japanese otakus. Wow. I’m thinking, if those otaku geeks would like to learn English, might as well do it in a way which they are familiar or comfortable with. That’s right. Ecchi. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. They get to learn some English and at the same time enjoy staring at some loli fanservice while they’re at it. Will their English improve this way? That depends on their will and determination.
But let’s put that aside and concentrate on the anime. So meet our little petite main protagonist of the series, Ink Nijihara. I know, nobody is going to believe her that she’s a high school student when they first look at her. Society and their typical stereotypic views. Well, she’s got the size of it. Plus, she even sometimes trip while walking. Just like a kid, huh? Anyway, Ink has a crush on her classmate, Nao Tezuka, but as usual she is too shy to confess. Hmm… It would misleading if they were a couple. I mean, he may look like a paedophile or have little sister fetish. But what prompts Ink to worry about Nao is not that he’s oblivious about her crush, but the fact that Nao is doing poorly in his English studies. Which means, if he flops his English tests, he won’t be able to enter university and Ink won’t be able to be with him. Simple. Plus, Ink’s English is super and with the stark contrasting difference in their levels, it’s going to be a hard time for Nao to catch up.
Before all that, at the start of episode 1, we are witnessing some sort of trial in the Magic Empire. A magician named Arks Sheldart Elbyass is attending some trial in which he claims he is being framed. So he makes his escape to our little blue planet. Back on Earth, we see Ink like a stalker outside Nao’s house. You know, it’s alright for little girls to have a little fantasy of being with the guy they like. Nao’s sister, Mio, seems to know this and throughout the series tries to get Ink closer to Nao without interfering too much. Good sister. Also, there are Ink’s ‘normal’ looking friends in the sense that they don’t look like cute little lolis but more high school student-like. They are the busty Remi Suzuki and the flat-chest tomboy Rina Tanaka. Okay, maybe for busty Remi doesn’t look like a normal high school student due to her over-sized proportions but it’s better than being a loli like Ink. Hey, this is an ecchi anime, right? They have to satisfy those who like ‘mature’ woman too! Not forgetting the other loli person, who is Ink’s classmate and self proclaimed rival, Sumi Kuroi. She’s also has a crush on Nao and always tries to outdo Ink in almost everything. Furthermore, if you notice that she has a strand of hair on the top of her head which works like an emotion indicator. Like when she’s puzzled, the tip of the strand will turn into a question mark or when she’s asleep, you’ll see Zzzs instead. There are many more of it, so keep your eyes peeled.
Also in every episode, you are going to notice that there is some beardy guy in a trenchcoat always being chased around by the local policeman. Is he some kind of flasher? Well, due to his dandyism, everyone just calls him Dandy. Whenever he bumps into Ink, you’ll get to hear an English sentence before he narrates what it means in Japanese or vice versa. Yeah, note the foreign accent too. So otaku geeks and non-Japanese speakers, take out your pen and paper and start taking down notes. It will be a good lesson while watching this show. Not. And after that short ‘lesson’, the policeman would’ve caught up with him and the chase will resume.
Back to the original story. As Ink goes to pray at a local temple shrine so that Nao’s English grade would improve, something comes falling out of the sky and knocking onto Ink’s head. Why, it’s a duck! Not only that, it is a perverted duck! Ink gives it a good whack when she finds out it’s staring at her undies. Back at Ink’s place, we soon find out that duck is Arks and he has been transformed into a duck as some sort of punishment. In addition, his magic is sealed and so the only way to get back to his human form is to make Ink into a magical girl and help those in need. All for his sake of course. Ink is reluctant at first but decides to go ahead after thinking that she’ll be able to help out Nao. So how does Ink turn into a magical girl? Such genres can’t be called one if they don’t have a transforming device, in this case, a handphone. Yeah, at least it’s better than a wand. And after saying the magical words to transform, which is "Magical change!", viewers are treated with the usual lengthy henshin (transformation) scene as Ink transforms from an ordinary school girl into a magical girl named Pastel Ink. No difference. Just another loli with different hair colour, a wand that looks like an over-sized lolipop and outrageous outfit to satisfy hardcore loli lovers (her left socks is always dropping). Yeah, even Arks is drooling at it. Each time this happens, you can see a river of saliva coming out from that perverted duck’s mouth. Enough to fill the Nile. Really. Prepare for some perverted jokes and lines from this duck in episodes to come ("My body’s loli energy is reaching the maximum stage now!" WTF?!). And because Ink has trouble remembering Arks’ long foreign name (so do I), and even mispronounces it as some vanilla sherbet (haha!), I guess for convenience, she just calls him Ah-kun. Saves lots of trouble.
So Ink flies to Nao’s home and tries to convince him that she is her new English tutor, Magical Teacher Pastel Ink, and will coach and improve his English. I guess it’s normal for anybody to throw a total stranger in a weird outfit out at first. But I suppose he eventually can’t turn down a poor cute loli girl no matter how absurd it sounds. So okay, the first lesson (the studying lah!) goes pretty well but since Ah-kun was bored, he rummaged through Nao’s Playboy magazines and you know this pervert… Innocent Ink doesn’t even know what it is! Too late Nao. Can’t hide all those magazines. Because Ink got embarrassed about it, Nao kicks them both out. Well, it could’ve been worse. But Ink isn’t bent of giving up yet. Not when Nao’s grades are on the line.
In most episodes, you’ll see some sort of pattern here. Besides of the one mentioned above about Dandy being chased by a policeman or Ink coming to Nao’s room to teach him English at night, you will also notice that Mio can some sort of sense some magical events (like Pastel Ink or Ah-kun nearby) but can’t quite put her finger on it. Then there’s that troublesome bearded old geezer who wears a waistband whom I shall refer to as Old Geezer who seems to be in some trouble which isn’t a trouble in the first place. Uh huh. Sometimes I don’t know whether he made the trouble himself or he’s an irritating guy who wants some sort of attention so much so he gets into these petty troublesome situations, in which Ink and Ah-kun has to waste their time saving him from. Also, Sumi’s falling asleep during her homework time never ceases to amaze me of what kind of action sleep talking dream she has and that ever patient Ruriko sure has fun whacking her out of it.
We find out in episode 2 that Sumi is some spoilt rich brat. Yeah, she sleeps in a weird animal pyjama. Contrary to most little rich girls who are elegant and lady-like, Sumi is quite the opposite. In short, she doesn’t like studying. She can even fall asleep without even starting her reading or doing her homework! I find it really funny at times when her personal maid, Ruriko, has to resort to ‘sadistic’ measures to wake up Sumi. Sometimes I feel she gets a kick out of it. Furthermore, you should sometimes listen to Ruriko’s words, the way she blasts Sumi on her laziness. Classic. Here, Sumi spots Ink ‘stalking’ outside Nao’s hose and because she is so ‘concern’, Sumi too ‘stalks’ on what Ink is doing. And with Ah-kun doing some perverted stuff on Ink, everything doesn’t turn out well. Later after school, Ink’s magical handphone gives off a somebody-is-in-danger signal. So another henshin and off the duo goes to help that unfortunate person stuck between a car and the wall. Unknown to them both, Sumi has witness the whole henshin thing.
After the rescue, suddenly the area turns into a different zone, like the one I see in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. A cat named Karks starts attacking them. Don’t mess with this kitten, he whipped out 2 bazookas! In the end, the duck wins and we find out Karks is Arks friend-cum-rival back in the Magic Empire. So another person with a cursed punishment. Back in school, Sumi tells Ink that she has seen everything which makes Ink a little worried that her identity may be exposed. I mean, after all this time, Nao doesn’t see the connection between the 2 Inks that they’re the same person. On the way home, Sumi bumps into Karks and brings him home. After learning of their situation, they decide to team up to outdo their rivals. Jealous case? So Karks gives Sumi a magical handphone and whoosh, Sumi becomes Tempera Sumi. Yeah, Karks is another perverted loli. You can see his nosebleeds flowing like tap water. Unfortunately, Ruriko comes in to smack Sumi for being too noisy. Ink learns that she has earned magical points for saving someone and with enough points, Ah-kun can go back to Magic Empire.
Episode 3 has Ink cowering in fear after watching a scary B-grade horror movie so much so her buddies teases her in school for being afraid to go to the toilet alone and Sumi trying to take advantage of it. Also, Sumi tries to invite Nao to her villa but somehow everyone ends up tagging along. Blow to her plans to get closer to Nao. The hilarious part was that Sumi is such a heavy sleeper, I think Ruriko decides to have her sadistic fun by not waking her up while she and the rest are being driven to her villa. It’s real funny to see Sumi sleep talking! What kind of a dream/fantasy is she having?! So when Ruriko slaps Sumi with the slipper to finally wake her up, it’s really embarrassing to have your buddies seeing you in such a pyjamas. At the villa, expect lots of fanservice as the gang takes a swim in the villa’s swimming pool and then the usual massive dinner. Later that night, strange events occur like the lights flickering and Remi and Rina claims of seeing a ghost. As Ink and Sumi are taking a bath together, Ink finds out that Sumi is a magical girl just like her and Karks is her partner. Instead of thinking that Sumi is her rival, Ink is pretty excited about it when a blackout occurs. So the duo transform and follow a mysterious voice to the basement which leads to a treasure room. You wonder why Dandy and the policeman are even chasing here. Anyway the girls find out that the cause of the pranks earlier on was done by a cute ghost girl ward off by the Kuroi family a century ago, out of sheer boredom and loneliness. There was never any ill intentions to begin with. So everything back to normal and the weird part is, Ink and the ghost girl are watching that crappy B-grade horror movie back at Ink’s place and they’re both getting the shivers out of watching it. Shouldn’t she be afraid of the real ghost sitting next to her? Well, perhaps she’s cute and friendly. After this, you won’t really see that girl ghost anymore. What happen to her anyway?
Previously, there were short clips of another magical girl called Alice Shiratori shown here and there. I mean, she’s seen standing naked in some pond near her tree house (even in future episodes) and she has a pet rabbit (or is it a dog?) called Na-kun (always seen shivering?). In episode 4, she finally makes her appearance. It also seems that Alice is some loli idol on Earth and has many fans, including Ink. I’m not sure about Ah-kun’s reasoning about big boobs causes global warming because he tells Ink that she should appreciate her small non-existent boobs. Instant whack. Later Ink bumps into Sumi at a park as they’re to attend Alice’s concert but in the end that loli idol didn’t turn up. Then another trouble signal as the girls transform and head over to a kindergarten where several little girls are running out as they find that the Old Geezer is causing inconvenience once more. I don’t remember how, but a giant octopus appears and you know what tentacles wrapped around little girls mean (for those who have been watching too much ecchi shows, that is). Then Ah-kun went to negotiate with Old Geezer (Ah-kun acknowledging him as his master?!) and it’s like they clicked and before you know it, the octopus explodes. Then it’s revealed it was just all his daydreaming. Because it was so exciting and dramatic, the octopus explodes. I see. Alice seems to have witness all this from afar and soon goes away. That night as Ink is rushing to Nao’s house, Ah-kun is stopped by Alice who transforms into a magical girl. Looks like she has a grudge with Ah-kun. Something about paying for his crimes back at the Magic Empire. She attacks Ah-kun but that duck is good in ducking (I mean evading) but Alice has the upper hand. Even if Ink accidentally falls on Ah-kun and squashing him, Alice has no qualms about attacking her even if she’s not the enemy. But before she can land the final blow, Alice weakens and decides to retreat for now. Back home, Ah-kun wonders if Alice was the one who sent the octopus and if all this has got to do with the Magic Empire. No time to think about that because Ink’s mom just tell Ink about taking a bath and Ah-kun is back to his perverted thoughts. Hey, Ink’s mom look so young so much so you might even mistake her to be a high school student! Does loliness run in this family?
Episode 5 is about Ink and Ah-kun going back to her past. Literally. Before that, we see Nao improving quite well in his English class. After school, Ink and Ah-kun transform to rescue a drowning kid in a river but since Sumi and Karks butt in, now they have a few more people to rescue. After that kid thanks that Cosplay Onee-chan (Ink must be feeling an insult), Karks fell into the river and you know things are never good when Old Geezer shows up. He too dives into the river and Sumi has a hard time saving both of them. After Sumi and Karks goes home, Alice appears to get her revenge on Ah-kun. I don’t know why Ah-kun has got the nerve to admire both little girls’ flat chests. He deserves the punishment he gets from both of them. Alice opens some dimensional gate and throws them both into it. The duo are thrown back in time where Sumi was a little kid. Though she looks smaller and shorter, it makes you wonder… Yeah, even Dandy and that policeman were much younger. I see the chase started so long ago… While Ah-kun is reserving his magic so that they can return back to their normal time, here Ink tries to change the future by making a young Sumi reading some English books (in the future, Sumi never liked English classes). Better to start them young, huh? But because the books were a little heavy, this causes Sumi to have a little trauma. It doesn’t help when her school going Ruriko whisks her back for more English lessons. Then Ink bumps into a young Nao and gives him her video game, which he became addicted. Finally Ah-kun is ready as the duo head back to their own time. So we see that the reason why Sumi hates English and Nao spends his time playing video games rather than studying was because of what Ink did back then. And she doesn’t realize it all! Doesn’t that video game she gave him on his table bring back memories?
Episode 6 was the one which got banned from being aired. It has been replaced of what is known as episode 5.5 which I think is a recap episode, which I didn’t see. All this fuels viewer’s curiosity to even watch this episode. No doubt that this episode has lots of fanservice and loli girls nude scene, including Mio and Ink’s mom, but I noticed that the necessary parts has been strategically covered. Perhaps the TV station doesn’t want to give an impression that this show could cause future paedophiles? Too late. The story of this episode sees Mio winning a pair of tickets to some zoo. She decides to play matchmaking by making Nao and Ink go on a date by giving those tickets to them. Ah-kun is having perverted fantasies of what Ink should wear on her date while Sumi as usual once again falls asleep during one of her English lessons and needs another good whacking from Ruriko. Can’t believe Sumi can have all these outrageous mecha dreams. Anyway, Karks was spying on Ah-kun and goes back to report to Sumi about their date. So she schemes and plans to ruin their date. But since she’s too noisy… Ruriko… You know the rest. The next day, Ink is late because she’s been held up by that Old Geezer who just wanted a glass of water (WTF?! That was just the trouble?!). Ink and Nao manage to go on their outing at the zoo but Ink got separated. It didn’t take long before she was reunited with Nao (thanks to Dandy and that policeman who were passing by). Back home, Ink thanks Mio for the tickets and that she was able to enjoy a great day with Nao. As for Sumi, since she overslept, I guess there’s nothing she could do about it. See lah. Sleep some more lah.
But in this episode, of all the firing from Ruriko towards Sumi on her studies, this has got to be the best one. It goes something like this: "You are stupid enough as it is, but if you don’t learn to study, you’ll magnify your idiocy and turn into a mega, no giga, no more than that, a tera-class high capacity idiot! Yes it’s true. However if stupidity were a commodity, yours will fetch the highest price!". Wow oh wow! She said that line real smooth and even smiling. But since Sumi isn’t that bright, I guess she actually believed it. Even so, Sumi has to complete a ton of homework! Extreme. Good luck kid.
It’s the school cultural festival in episode 7 and Ink’s class is doing a ghost cafe. But we all know how Ink looks more cute than scary. What’s this? Remi loves putting (or suffocating, if you look at it this way) Ink in her boobs?! Ink also thinks of getting closer to Nao during the festival but it didn’t turn out well. Meanwhile Alice is holding a concert and it seems that Old Geezer is a hardcore fan too. However, Alice’s brand of music has some hypnotizing effect on everyone as they pass out. As another part of her plan to get revenge on Ah-kun and reveal his true nature (isn’t being a pervert one?), Alice turns the entire school into some sort of illusionary dream. She is going to test Ah-kun on several things and he has to pass them or else everyone in this school will disappear within 2 hours. They have to since Nao and even Ink’s parents are at the festival. We see that Ah-kun isn’t a total pervert as he is sharp too. I don’t remember what the tests are but it kinda felt like some detective mystery riddles. Ah-kun solves them all and in the end even knows that the Ink who has been with him throughout the whole illusion was fake. So when the real Ink and Sumi awakes, they team up to save the entire school and escape from Alice’s illusion. But Alice is still bent on her revenge and isn’t giving up yet.
Episode 8 starts off with the producers of the series wearing several animal masks deciding to up the fanservice of the series as they have ran out of ideas and to increase the show’s appeal. Why not. So expect no plot and more mindless fanservice here. Remi and Ink thinks Rina has got a boyfriend because that tomboy has been quite concern of her looks lately and is putting light make-up. Also, we see Ink’s teacher (let’s call her Sensei), lamenting the fact that no guys have an eye for her even if her skirt flips up by the wind. Then Sensei spots Dandy and she has a flashback. Yup, it seems back when Sensei was a school girl, she accidentally dropped her ice cream come on the Old Geezer’s crotch! It’s twitching! So disgusting. He wants her to ‘clean up and compensate’. Of course Dandy comes to save the day by blasting Old Geezer with something powerful and that’s when she developed a crush on him. But he has been elusive all these years. We all know why he can’t just settle down in 1 place. Back to Ink and Remi, they trail her to find out who her boyfriend is. To their horror, is that the Old Geezer?! After bashing him up, they found out Rina just wanted to buy some crepes. Phew. Even that Old Geezer had an encounter with Sumi but the latter transforms and uses her Magical Machine Gun to shoot him away when he looks up his skirt. Magic wasn’t enough, huh?
Old Geezer than lands on Sensei and doesn’t learn from his lesson and starts to terrorize her in a perverted way. Luckily Dandy was there to give another blast like from the past and gives Sensei his coat before walking away. Romance rekindled? Later the girls go take a dip at the public bath house and as usual Ah-kun tries to peek at the ladies but bumps into Sensei who thinks he is some rubber ducky. Until he starts drooling on her boobs in which a horrified Sensei throws him away. He ends up bouncing here and there and gets beaten up which he deserves so badly by the other girls. I wonder why do they feel violated by a duck? Perhaps it’s his perverted aura. Finally, we find out that Rina wasn’t having a boyfriend. The reason she put on make-up was to cover her pimple on her face. It could’ve ended nicely if not for Ah-kun’s entrance scaring the wits out of Remi and Rina (who did a Jigoku Shoujo parody of sending that duck to hell!), which gets him another beating. The end scene has got to be a classic one because we see Alice playing the role of Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo, ferrying Ah-kun on a boat to hell. Haha! He should’ve stayed there. Makes you think that if he’s really a magician after all. Perhaps his crimes was being a pervert in the Magic Empire. Oh yeah, beside the crazy bathing fanservice in this episode, I felt that this is the only episode in which Sensei is featured or given a more prominent role.
In episode 9, Ink falls ill after catching a cold. She was even hoping Nao was going to confess to her but it seems that dense guy was just thinking wouldn’t she get cold wearing such outfit. With Ink out of the picture, Sumi thinks it’s her opportunity to be closer to Nao. So she decides to check on Ink and visits her home but even though she shows that I-don’t-care-about-you attitude, Sumi still has a heart and is concern about Ink as she takes care of her in her Tempera Sumi outfit. Well, Ink’s parents are out and Ah-kun has gone to take care some business (probably trying to hit on chics) along with Karks. I get the feeling that Sumi may be a little yuri because while stripping Ink down to her undies, she notices how cute her panties was! Then Sumi spots a tiny cat memorabilia and remembers this was a gift that Ink gave her a long time ago when she visited her home when she was sick as company since Sumi’s parents was always busy away working. So their ‘friendship’ goes back a long way. When Sumi decides to leave, she bumps into Remi and Rina (actually into Remi’s boobs) who thinks Sumi is there to visit Ink and drags her into the house again. Can’t escape. Meanwhile at the park, Ah-kun and Karks stumbles upon Na-kun who is injured. Na-kun tells them that time is messed up and that the Magic Empire is about to collapsed. Plus, they have to save Alice (earlier on, she was being attacked by somebody during backstage of her performance). The next day, Ink has recovered but it seems Sumi has caught her cold. That’s what ‘friends’ are for, right? They share the good times and the bad times together. Hey, I remember a Japanese saying about idiots don’t catch a cold….
In episode 10, Ah-kun, Karks and Na-kun tells Ink and Sumi that they have to go rescue Alice since she controls the power of time. The only way to get to the Magic Empire is that both magical girls use up their power, even if it means losing them permanently. After some thinking, the girls decided to do it for 1 last time and does a double henshin, sending both Ah-kun and Karks into saliva drooling and nosebleeding ecstasy while Na-kun is looking at disbelief at both the perverted animals. They leap into a portal which leads them to the Magic Empire but upon arrival, the animals find out that the girls aren’t with them. Inside the castle, they find the royal guards defeated badly while the king is missing. Then a grown up and dark version of Alice appears and says she has been waiting for them. Dubbing herself as the Black Darkness, she intends to destroy both worlds. We also see the real Alice (also in grown up form and no more a loli) being tied up as a hostage. From the way Ah-kun says things, it looks like he has met Black Darkness before. It’s revealed that the Magic Empire once defeated her and imprisoned her in the depths of Alice’s heart and since her heart was wavering at that time, it weakened the spell of imprisonment which causes Black Darkness to escape. Furthermore, Ink and Sumi are trapped in their own dreams.
We see a flashback that good-looking Arks and Alice were once lovers in the Magic Empire. Because perverted Arks preferred small boobs to busty ones (stupid Arks even pointed this out to her!), this causes Alice to be pissed off. Which girl wouldn’t? I mean even if Arks was a loli, it still made him a pervert. Even so, I don’t think this guy would turn down any busty girl, just that he prefers small chests. Idiot. So I guess that’s why Alice wanted revenge on him. And even when she turned into a loli form, Arks is still ogling at other lolis. No wonder she hates him. Can’t blame her. Meanwhile Ink is having a hard time remembering in her dream but Dandy appears to help remember everything and escape their dream along with Sumi. Then it’s revealed that Dandy is the king of the Magic Empire! Holy Highness! Black Darkness tries to control Alice (something entering her mouth…) while Ah-kun manages to transform back to his human self and does battle with her. Black Darkness then transform into a giant monster and to counter it, king Dandy turns Ink into some giant superhero and with the combined new attack combo with Ah-kun the now giant duck to destroy the monster once and for all ala Godzilla style. In the aftermath, we see the animals turning back into their human form. Karks seems like a good-looking fighter while Na-kun a little girl. Though Arks and Alice made up, but because Arks saw Na-kun and is infatuated with her, it’s back to square one again. Stupid Arks. Really dumb jerk. Why don’t Alice just dump him and get over it? And since Moetan can’t end like that, from the plea of the characters, it’ll go on for just a little longer.
Episode 11 starts off with the girls before leaving the Magic Empire back to their world. Since there’s a little chemistry between Sumi and Karks, he’s indicating that he wants to be with her a little longer. Likewise, Arks wants to follow Ink back under the guise to help her with Nao but we know that perverted guy just want to feast his eyes on more lolis. Yeah, he didn’t learn his lesson and even tells Alice how her boobs are too big! Thus Alice sends them back to Earth but Arks and Karks remain in their animal form so as to keep them out of trouble. Back on Earth, it seems the girls have lost their henshin powers. Furthermore, Ink’s English grades has been slipping while Nao continues to improve. Sumi notices this and decides to help her out as the duo goes shopping to get some cosplay materials so that Ink can continue teaching Nao as Pastel Ink. Later, we see king Dandy knowing Alice wants to go to the human world and sends her there. When Ink arrives at Nao’s doorstep, Mio knows it’s Ink alright even though she’s standing out there freezing in the cold saying that she’s not a suspicious person. It’s funny to see her shivering! I guess Mio decides to play along and brings her in. Thing is, with that badly made outfit, Nao still believes she is Pastel Ink! While waiting for Nao to finish bathing, Ink is having her fantasies about him when Ah-kun stops her by saying she shouldn’t have dirty thoughts. And since this is Moetan, Ah-kun says they should have more visuals of naked women! We then see several clips of girls from the series naked in the bath with a hilarious systematic laughter! Back at Sumi’s place, since she’s worried about Ink, she cosplays in another badly made outfit as Tempera Sumi. Once again, Mio has that deja vu feeling of another magical girl shivering outside her doorstep assuring she isn’t anybody suspicious. Well I guess 3 is a crowd so Nao initially shuts her out but eventually lets her in to continue their lesson. The more the merrier.
Episode 12 sees the gang studying hard for the entrance exams while both Ah-kun and Karks bum around by reading Playboy magazines. Fast forward to next spring and it looks like the gang makes it to university and at the same time Alice has recorded her new album. Plus, Alice says how she doesn’t really hate the human world. Then this is the weird part. As Ah-kun walks around town, it seems everyone knows him and has some respect for him! Then when he enters a kindergarten, all the children are fond of him but the Old Geezer tells him to go away. Ah-kun goes away like a mature guy but leaves medicine for Old Geezer who now is feeling bad since it turned out like this. What in the world has this got to do with Moetan? Elsewhere, the policeman is a little sad ever since Dandy is missing (he misses him! Oh I guess there’s an invisible bond after chasing for so long), but do not fear, Dandy is back and to his joy, the chase resumes, albeit a short one. Then as he pass by Mio, we see Dandy is now in a form of a little puppy! Some magical girl named Shizuku appears to challenge Mio. Looks like Mio is the new magical girl replacement! Mio isn’t too enthusiastic with this whole magical thing but decides to play along as she transforms into one. We see perverted Dandy has both saliva drooling and nosebleeds while watching Mio. Shizuku unleashes her magical mascots, supposedly to be some pencil and eraser. But Mio disposes them off quickly. Funny thing was the pencil and eraser saying how they’re supposed to be lead characters before being ditched and replaced by Ah-kun and when they finally made their appearance, it was over so quickly. Oh, how cruel. Shizuku quickly retreats but vows to get back another time. In the end, even though Sumi manages to get into college and has trouble with her studies, Ruriko doesn’t really smack her anymore. Finally Ink gets her wish to be with Nao in university even though the latter still doesn’t know about her feelings but I guess Ink would rather stay like this for awhile.
Episode 13 AKA the OVA episode starts off with those animal masks producers brainstorming on how to improve the DVD version of this episode. In order not to be a run-of-the-mill Moetan episode, it starts off in a different universe. An apocalyptic dystopia whereby Nao is an evil person who has just killed Ink! Nao seems to be more perverted as he claims that all the women in the world is his. Yeah, stupid Ah-kun defected to Nao’s side soon after. Back on Earth, Mio kicks Dandy (as a puppy) into the sky after he spots him putting his panties on his head. Sighs… Then in school as Sensei is asking Mio to read from the book, we see Mio not paying attention fawning over a guy named Keiichi! Sensei has had enough of calling her name and throws a chalk. Then in an instant time stopping/bending moment, Mio dodges the attack and stood up to read her assigned passage flawlessly! Wow! On the way home, dumb easy-going rival-cum-friend Shizuku (her tripping reminds us so much like Ink, doesn’t she?) tells her about some girl named Himawari who gave her this mahou shoujo powers and to beat defeat her. Mio then receives an SOS signal from the deceased Ink of the other world and decides to help her. Dandy suggests to go see Alice to borrow her strength. Upon arrival, no guessing what’s Dandy’s reaction when he sees 2 naked lolis bathing. Alice agrees to help them and transforms. Why is Shizuku drooling over her henshin? After entering a portal to enter to the other dimension, we see Sumi and Ruriko as poor people. After Sumi receives a candy and a 1 Yen coin from Shizuku, she tells them Ink isn’t really dead but in some slumber at the enemy’s base and gives them directions there. Wonder why Shizuku stayed back with Sumi and Ruriko. Meanwhile, Ah-kun reports the coming of the magical girls and it seems evil emperor Nao likes them and plans to lure them in.
The duo are faced with Karks (in his human form) as they do battle but it seems Karks is more powerful. Dandy comes by and did some flasher thing to ‘blind’ him and put him out of commission. WTF? Inside the lair, the girls are faced with evil macho men but disposes of them easily when Ah-kun appears and lets them battle with a dark version of Ink. Just then Sumi and Shizuku come in to persuade Ink out of her hypnosis spell. Since it didn’t work, Sumi is upset that Ink is like a grade schooler. Ah well, Ink then reverted back to normal and refutes her statement and that she’s a college student. Just like that?! Alice is going to punish Ah-kun but he uses his fart as a decoy to make his escape and report to Nao. When the 5 mahou shoujos reached Nao’s room, they find out that his plan is to make every woman into a flat chest! Can’t believe he has loli fetish! Seeing that Nao has no chance against so many mahou shoujos, Ah-kun defects yet again but deservingly got zapped by Nao. Nao then transforms into a giant monster horse with tentacles and you know it’s fanservice time. Mio then summons several mecha and the girls sit in their machine and combine into a giant robot. What a combination. Mahou shoujo with mecha sentai. Can’t get much cliche than that. Because the show is going to end soon, we see a short fight with of course the girls winning in the end. With order restored in this world, Mio says goodbye to Ink before departing to her own world. As Mio is taking a bath, she remembers that she has forgotten to bring back Shizuku when she spots Dandy messing with her panties again. Another super sky kick. Yeah, Shizuku seems to be enjoying the poor life with Sumi and Ruriko in the other world. As for the producers… No comment at all… Perhaps it’s still run-of-the-mill, huh?
After watching this series laden with too much fanservice, ecchiness and corny/cheesy perverted lines (not to mention some anime and cultural parodies as well), I’m thinking that this has got to be the most ecchi magical girl series ever. Unless there are other more extreme ones which I have not heard of. So those who can’t stand such loli and ecchi put together, it’s best to avoid this series. But for me, I kinda find it funny and amusing. And no, I DID NOT turn into a pervert like that erotic duck.
I must say for a short series, the characters are wacky enough and even though many viewers would love to hate Arks for his perverted ways and his uncanny fetish for little boobs, it’s hard to put him down. At least that guy still has some good points. Okay, maybe not many nor do they stand out. Sumi has got to learn to catch up in her studies or else Ruriko’s tera-capacity idiot prediction will come true. But it’s nice to see that they’ve made a little head way in their relationship. And as for Ink, perhaps that she could teach Nao on a few other things in university since she did an unofficial licence to teach English. And please, no ecchi thoughts come to mind. What about that Old Geezer? Life could’ve been so much better without him. But it could’ve been so boring without his troublemaking presence.
At the end of each episode, there is a segment called Moetan Corner (except for the OVA episode in which there is a double dose of this segment) which is hosted by 1 of the magical girls as they take turns. They will give a short English sentence on the blackboard for viewers to translate and the answer will be shown and narrated shortly in Japanese. And they are all related to otaku and anime stuff! Unfortunately, I didn’t remember them all. So Ink, will I be a total flop since I can’t remember them for the ‘exam’? Will you be my tutor, Ink? Not.
Due to the drawing and art of the series has been drawn in a way to make the loli girls look cute and moe. But other than that, it’s your standard Japanese drawing affair. Yukari Tamura did an excellent job voicing Ink because her squeaky child-like voice fits that loli role. She also voiced Nanoha in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha in another magical girl series. Haruka Tomatsu voices Sumi and also did quite a nice job to make her sound bratty. If you think Ah-kun’s voice resembles so much like Vash of Trigun or Momoshiro of Prince Of Tennis, then it’s because he is voiced by the same person, Masaya Onosaka. Love his voice when he sounds perverted. Other casts include Yuji Ueda as Nao (Morita in Honey And Clover), Kaori Mazuka as Alice (Hiromi in True Tears, Nadeshiko in Inukami), Rika Morinaga as Ruriko (Makoto in Minami-ke, Sousei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Noboyuki Hiyama as Karks (Ikkaku in Bleach), Jouji Nakata as Dandy (Giroro of Keroro Gunsou), and Tomoko Kaneda as Na-kun (Asu in Binbou Shimai Monogatari).
The opening song, Mahou Shoujo Magical-tan, by the seiyuus of the 3 magical girls, initially reminded me of Batman’s theme, the way the song starts out. It’s another one of those wild and wacky upbeat songs and the lyrics included something like going ABC and XYZ. Also, I think the producers have the cheek to put a new opening theme for the OVA called Tough Girl by Isao. The ending theme is sung by Nomiko and is entitled Skip. It sounded so much like a video game song but the funny thing is that it is as though the singer is trying to sound like a little kid and sing the whole song! You should hear it to know what I mean. The ending credits animation randomly shows the residence of the 3 magical girls and their unique wand whereas the opening credits animation is your usual crazy anything-goes kinda animation (ecchi included like Sumi forgetting to wear her skirt to school!). Hmm… I noticed the animation in the OVA opening credits has a never seen before character. Could be that Himawari Shizuku’s talking about? The mid-intermission has a still pose of the characters as they say random lines (something like Hayate No Gotoku’s mid-intermission) and most of them are for fanservice purposes. And the DVD episode of course has the mid-intermissions appearing twice.
Long ago, maybe I could’ve wished for some magical girl to help me in my studies. It’s better than using my parent’s money to pay for some tuition fee and dreadfully go attend some extra night tuition class. Good thing that didn’t happen to me too. Perhaps the magical girl would be more of a distraction than anything else… So do we really learn anything after watching this anime? It feels like some sex education here, putting English lessons and ecchiness together. And no, I didn’t have any saliva drooling nor nosebleeds while watching this hilarious series. Just spouting out barrels of laughter. So translate this line for me please: "Watashi wa anime wo tottemo daisuki!". Simple enough, huh? Or do you need Ink’s help for that?

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