Momo Kyun Sword

February 21, 2015

After turning and twisting history by turning famous historians into females (the Nobunaga one must have been done to death), what is left next? Why, turn famous folklores into just that! And so, for those who are familiar with one of the more famous Japanese folklores of Momotarou whereby a boy born out of a peach goes on a journey to fight ogres with his trusty animal companions, I guess leave it to anime once more to twist and gender bend this Momotarou kid into a busty female version! Oh yeah. How else would you attract perverted viewers to learn more about the folklore? Uhm, seriously if you think about it, I don’t see how it would. But anyway Momo Kyun Sword is exactly that. The boy in of the original story becomes a girl in this anime as she goes on a journey fighting ogres to collect fragments of an all-powerful peach that could change the fate of the universe if fallen into the wrong hands. But you don’t really care about all that, don’t you? Because we’re only here for the peachy fanservice, right?

Episode 1
As we know from the original Momotarou story, this time a girl was born from the peach, Momoko. She grows up to be one heck of a busty babe. Yeah… Those peaches indeed… As the ogres are on the move for the 3000 year peach, the Celestial Maiden Sumeragi sends her Four Maidens on a mission. Each representing an element, they are Maron (earth), Suika (water), Ringo (fire) and Karin (air). In the Peach Village of Bizen province, Momoko hones her skills with her animal companions, Inugami, Sarugami and Kijigami. Though, she still has lots more to polish up. Although she is sad whenever seeing other normal happy family, nevertheless she is grateful to have adoptive grandma and grandpa as her parents and those animals as her family. Her grandparents call her to inform that they heard news of ogres attacking villages recently. She is eager to protect this village. When a villager reports of strangely clothed figures approaching this village, Momoko assumes it is them and rushes out to fight. She mistakes the Four Maidens to be ogres. However the animals recognize them as servants of Heaven. Soon, ogres appear and attack the village. Together they defeat the ogre menace. The Four Maidens reveal their mission to recover and protect pieces of the 3000 year peach that are scattered throughout Japan. If it falls into the ogres’ hands, great trouble will befall the country. The big boss ogre, Tekki has got his hands on a peach piece at the local shrine. Obviously nobody, not even Momoko is any match for his brute strength. Inugami suggests a Soul Fusion move. It has never worked before but this is the only change they got. Momoko combines with Inugami to become more agile and powerful. This takes Tekki by surprise and sends him and his army withdrawing. Momoko couldn’t concentrate further and this breaks up Soul Fusion resulting her almost naked. Sumeragi talks to Momoko and hopes she could use her powers to stop the ogres from retrieving the peach pieces. Why her? Would she be enough? Because the Four Maidens are just so unreliable compared to her super strength. At least she’s being honest. Like Momoko has got a choice anyway. And so Momoko and her animal companions leave on a journey to stop those ogres.

Episode 2
Tekki reports his failure to the ogre king, Jakiou and will accept his punishment. However he wants to him to redeem himself. They have a few fragments of the pieces but not enough to make their dream come true. Meanwhile, Onihime, Jakiou’s only daughter bugs Genki to take her to the human world or she will let Enki torment him. Momoko continues to fare badly in Soul Fusion. The Four Maidens detect the next peach piece in Harima province. They don’t know how many pieces there are or exactly where but can feel its great energy now and then. Sarugami mocks they do not have enough training to do this on their own, thus the need for Momoko’s help. The maidens got insulted by a monkey… In town, Momoko bumps into Onihime and they enter an eating contest just because they are fighting over the last dango stick. Man, those ladies can eat till the shop can’t produce anymore food for them! Fatties! Mad Genki has found Onihime and takes her away as he has found the fragment’s location. And now who is going to pay for all that food? Momoko and the Four Maidens find a house owner who is in possession of the piece. However he won’t hand it over since it is a family treasure. What perfect security is he talking about when the town is suddenly in flames! Suika tries to douse the flames but nothing happens. Then Maron uses her hammer and smashes the illusion. This illusion brought to you by Genki as he and his ogres are searching the place. His illusions are so good that you could really feel that they’re real. Like that clothes melting slime… When Momoko and Onihime see each other, their rivalry goes up another notch. The rest are trapped in a quicksand illusion. Sarugami breaks free and wants to do Soul Fusion. Momoko is still unsure till Sumeragi’s servant pops up. This sacrifice fetish maiden (read: masochist), Kushinada is here to bring kibi dango made by Sumeragi herself to help strengthen and calm her mind. Although it tastes like sh*t, they feel the power welling up. Their Soul Fusion is perfect as Momoko kicks Onihime’s ass. She even defeats Genki and frees her comrades from the illusion. However the piece is in Onihime’s hands and she won’t acknowledge this defeat and will definitely get back at her. She commands her ogres to withdraw for now. Momoko wants to chase but her Soul Fusion breaks. Almost naked again? So our frustrated girls take out their frustrations by eating. Aren’t they worried about getting fat?

Episode 3
Sumeragi detects another fragment in the Yamato prefecture. Momoko and the maidens are joined by an onmyouji from the imperial court, Abeno Seimei and his familiar Toutetsu to search for the piece. The path is laden with lots of traps and they had to rely on Karin’s unreliable reading? It’s like as though she is leading them into the traps. Onihime and Enki are also here but rather than working hard, Enki suggests letting them find the piece first and then they will snatch it from them. Unfortunately they have a hard time too because of the traps. Some not entirely their fault but Momoko’s since she unleashed them and they are unlucky enough to bear the brunt of it. That night when they are resting, the ogre ladies kidnap Karin and if they want her back, they must give the fragment. So while our good girls go in search for it, Karin tells her kidnappers that they won’t come and save her because she is useless. She is not worth saving. So when the piece is finally found, Maron is going to take it back straight to Heaven. What about Karin? Oh. That stern reminder that it is their duty to protect the peaches, blah, blah, blah. So much about being comrades. Onihime and Enki really waited. Looks like they’re not coming after all. Enki wants to do something naughty to alleviate her boredom when the maidens arrive to help her. Change of heart? Or were they not being honest in the first place? Enki manages to snatch the piece and orders their escape, much to Onihime’s dismay because she really wants to settle her score. No choice, they let the ogre guards keep the heroines at bay. The maidens and Seimei help fight them so Momoko can go after the piece. Momoko and Kijigami do Soul Fusion. Yeah. They have to eat that sh*t ball again. Momoko is able to pinpoint the ogre ladies and strikes them down with her arrows of light. Enki protects Onihime. They are forced to give up the fragment. Frustrated Onihime vows to get revenge on Enki’s part the next time. And as usual, Momoko can’t concentrate when she realizes her boobs are baring and breaks the Soul Fusion. Onihime apologizes to Enki for letting her get hurt. Of course Enki couldn’t let the ogre king’s daughter get hurt and is more important than any fragment. Onihime finds the human world interesting and hopes she can take her there again. Seimei reports to his scientist colleague, Kaguya. They believe they have the trump card and for now to let them continue as they are. For it is a 3 way fight to gather the pieces and they believe the peach is supposed to belong to the humans.

Episode 4
Now in the Suruga prefecture, the beautiful ocean and sandy beaches are quite tempting. Actually in fact, Sumeragi has called everyone here just to rest and relax. Part of the employee benefits? Guess what? Onihime and the rest are here too. Sumeragi suggests a truce for today. And so this is your obligated swimsuit beach episode with wardrobe malfunction hijinks. The kind where the guys get beaten up for seeing the girls change all because clumsy Karin tripped and brought down the tent. I didn’t know Kijigami can transform into such a busty human form? Our guys are left wagging their tails and tongue as they watch our beautiful babes play in the sand. The animals and ogre are called to join in and thus Seimei is left out. He is happy when Sumeragi cooks for him but he doesn’t know how much a poison it is. It almost killed him… Momoko learns Onihime admires her great dad who united the ogres. She wants to become like him one day. Onihime feels bad for asking Momoko about her parents. Seimei and Genki accidentally fish up a giant squid. Oh dear. I think I know what is going to happen. Kushinada will gladly sacrifice herself to it but I guess big squid isn’t interested in some masochist and hits her away into the sky. The rest try cutting its tentacles but it regenerates. Its body is hard to pierce too. After the Four Maidens unleash their elemental powers, wait no more because here comes the obligated tentacle rape scene! The guys are just loving watching this scene unfolding before their eyes. Sumeragi detects a peach piece inside the squid. And then pervy squid takes off their swimsuits… Momoko can’t concentrate if she’s naked so she is forced to wear the chucked swimsuits of the other girls. Either too big or too tight. Only Onihime’s one fits the bill. Does it feel like some sort of insult to her? Momoko does Soul Fusion with Inugami to strike through the squid. Once she retrieves the piece, the squid returns to its small puny size. It is explained even a small fragment holds infinite powers and can even amplify it. This time it isn’t Momoko losing concentrating but rather Inugami because he can’t control himself seeing Sumeragi’s godly naked body. Onihime suffers from sunburn and learns her painful lesson to put sun tan properly. Never playing at the beach again? Oh yeah. No more squids for her too.

Episode 5
Momoko and her animal companions are lost in a thick fog. They nearly attacked each other. This is the work of Youki whose mists have been sent them reeling in defeat for the second consecutive time. Jakiou praises Youki for getting the job done as Youki explains his fog contains faint smell of poison that makes them lose their senses. Jakiou warns not to get overconfident. Till they have enough fragments, they cannot afford to be less than ruthless. Naturally Momoko and her animal companions end up blaming each other and the tension is rising between them. A fortune teller is able to tell their predicament and also warn that one of them will bring misfortune on others. Of course this is all a trap set by Youki because once they suspect each other, their heart and minds will not be as one and Soul Fusion is impossible. The argument reaches boiling point that they decide to go their separate ways. The Four Maidens are worried and try to convince them to get back on good terms but it’s not easy. When Momoko falls off a cliff (I don’t know how she survived that), she remembers her animal companions comforting her when she was sad or did something bad. Likewise, they remember how Momoko came into their life. I guess you can’t beat those nostalgic good times so they have the same idea of returning to Momoko. Speaking of her, she is set upon by Youki’s ogres. He is going to have a little fun and has increased the poison dosage in his mist. The animals are having a hard time trying to locate her but Karin’s wind blows away the mist to clear a path for them straight to her. Momoko and Sarugami do Soul Fusion and break Youki’s little jar of misty poison before he escapes in utter defeat. Momoko and her animal companions apologize to each other and made up as they continue their journey to the next town.

Episode 6
The Four Maidens meet Momoko and co in the Kazusa prefecture. Suddenly what seems to be a group of samurais going to besiege them, they actually crowd around the Four Maidens! Seems one of them saw them in real life and rumours spread. Now they’ve become popular enough to warrant their own pin-up posters. I guess you know what comes next. Yup. They become idols! Holy cow! With Sumeragi is the manager, she has them wear frilly idol clothes and do lots of idol-like activities from handshakes to concerts. Merchandises and pictures fly off the shelves. It’s already odd seeing heavenly maidens do this but even odder just to think that these samurai clones are falling head over heels for such stuffs. Even Seimei and Toutetsu are supporting their idol activities as their security. Sumeragi then announces a super live concert they will be doing. A long queue just to get the tickets. Inugami and Sarugami comment that they still prefer Momoko and that those men go head over heels after seeing some skin. Till Toutetsu come to deliver their special front set tickets for the concert. Look who’s talking, eh? I guess all men are the same. Since they haven’t been finding fragments since this idol business started, Momoko confronts them. They leave it to her to do so as their schedules are packed. This leaves Momoko heartbroken as she goes off to find it herself in a nearby forest. However there are ogres waiting. Some of them are illusions while others are real. Courtesy from Genki’s illusion of course. Momoko’s words weigh heavily on the Four Maidens. They reflect on what they are doing. So when it is time to perform, they tell their fans that they will quit being idols and return to what they should be doing in the first place. All this is planned out by Sumeragi who wanted to make them realize their purpose and what is important. Seimei is amazed by her foresight till he learns they also wanted money to maintain their lifestyle. Goodness… Then all the samurais start hounding Seimei for refunds! The Four Maidens drop in to help Momoko. This buys her time to do Soul Fusion with Kijigami and send Genki to another defeat with achieving another fragment as icing on the cake. When some samurais spot the Four Maidens, the quartet flee leaving Momoko to fend herself. She panics and breaks up Soul Fusion. In the aftermath, Momoko’s naked body becomes the new pin-up poster for those samurai guys. It’s flying off the shelves at record speed. Though, Momoko isn’t happy about it… Popular for the wrong reasons, yeah…

Episode 7
In another battle for the peach fragment, not only Momoko lost it, during the fight with Onihime she dropped her dagger and charm. She abandons the match to go find it and this doesn’t sit well for Onihime who believes she has just been ignored. Even more irritating is that Jakiou didn’t really praise her as she got her first piece. When she goes down to the human world again, she sees Momoko and co still finding for it! She learns the dagger and charm are important to Momoko and grandpa gave it to her. It is her only tie to wherever she came from. Of course this makes Onihime feel that she is the bad guy (of course technically she is). Because of that, she takes out her frustrations by punishing Genki. Thank goodness he isn’t a masochist… Youki heard about it and sends his ogres to find it. Now the forest is really crowded. It’s funny to see ogres looking for it. Momoko enlists the help of Four Maidens and even Seimei. However Seimei finds a fragment and keeps it to himself. Youki then appears. He has got the dagger and charm in his hands. If she wants it back, exchange all the fragments she has collected. He’ll be waiting. Momoko is reduced to tears so Four maidens take pity on her and try to talk to Sumeragi to give some. However her stance is no even though Momoko helped collected the bulk of it. As each piece has boundless power, imagine what will happen if the ogres use it? Thank Heavens that they’re just collecting it for now. Momoko continues to search while reflecting on her life. Next day she has decided. She is giving up searching for it because there are other things more important to her. They’re going to beat up Youki and take it from him. Onihime confronts Youki on pretence to see the dagger and charm before stealing it from him. She then returns it to Momoko and acts like a tsundere (because Momoko feels so much better instead of crying). Now with her treasure back in her hands, she does Soul Fusion with Sarugami to beat the crap out of Youki’s ass. Youki reports Onihime’s betrayal to Jakiou. Onihime has no regrets over what she did and will accept whatever punishment. But Jakiou won’t punish her since she acted on her ideals. As ideals make up one’s pride, he doesn’t have mercy for those without them and doesn’t care what foolish or dangerous things they do as long as they never forget their ogre pride. Seimei brings back the piece to Kaguya. More of them are resonating with each other and once this is complete, it will unleash an enormous power and the world will be theirs.

Episode 8
First a beach episode and now a hotspring episode! Momoko and co are here after hearing all the miracles this hotspring has to offer. Guess what? Onihime and Enki are here too. Not to mention Sumeragi and the Four Maidens. Fanservice galore round 2! So we’ve got boobs comparisons and the likes with Seimei trying to peep at them but to no avail since the girls heard him screaming out his plan and moved out. Once they’re done, they realize their panties are missing! Catch the panty thief! Seimei becomes suspect #1 and gets beaten up. He explains he is only interested in naked bodies and not underwear. Yeah. It still makes him a pervert. Inugami sniffs around and they find the inn master in possession with all their panties. As usual, beaten up real badly. So before they can torture him, they hear him out and it seems there is an ogre who craves for young girls’ panties. The men did so and the violence stopped but slowly the women left. That’s why he made up ‘miracles’ of this spring to attract women to this place. Of course they plan to put a stop to this and Enki thinks this is one of the rogue ogres too frightened of Jakiou and ran away to plague humans. Even ogres have their code of conduct. They can be nasty but fair and square. I think that itself is messed up. Kushinada gladly becomes the sacrifice offered along with a heap of panties. This rouge ogre turns out to be a little chubby ogre. He is only interested in panties and not the voluptuous sexy body of Kushinada! Unfortunate girl gets blown away in the sky instead of getting violated like she wanted. The other girls attack but the ogre gets mad when the panties are torn. He even violates the Four Maiden to check their underwear but finds their shorts to be uninteresting. Even more insulting is that he tosses away Sumeragi’s old lady underwear! Then when he eats a panty, he buffs up into some super strong ogre! WTF???!!! Seimei tries to have a man to man talk with it but I don’t think ogres are interested in it. Bye-bye Seimei. Momoko does Soul Fusion with Kijigami to fight it but to more panties it eats, the stronger it becomes. Accidentally it eats Sumeragi’s panties and it withers into a frail weak ogre! It spits out all the swallowed panties. OMFG! Is this even possible?! Sumeragi must be feeling so insulted… The ogre is round up and the town is safe. The wind blows up Momoko’s skirt and the guys got a free show. She’s not wearing anything underneath. You can guess what happens. Sumeragi changes to a younger looking panty and hopes rogue ogres would like them. Say. What?

Episode 9
All the fragments from all sides are resonating to some great power. Jakiou believes it is time and orders his underlings to go all out. Momoko and co are resting when Onihime drops by. Looks like she’s not here to fight. Uh huh. Genki and Enki left on some mission and nobody is around to play with her. So Momoko is the next best choice? As she ponders about her charm, Momoko takes out and reveals a ring. This stirs Onihime as she wonders who she could have that. She returns home to bring and show Momoko the exact same ring that her late mom gave it to her. The animals feel it is time to tell the truth. They were servants for a very beautiful and kind maiden in Heaven. However she had to flee Heaven because she broke a law and had children with an ogre. Due to her weak body, she used all her strength to reach the human realm. Her last wish is for them to take care of her children. Two peaches flowed down the stream and they only managed to save one. And that one is Momoko. So this means Onihime is her twin sister?! What revelation?! The rings are proof they are her children. So does this mean Jakiou is their father? No. Their father died before their mom came into this world. This means Jakiou is not Onihime’s real father! Ogres may have found the lost peach and Jakiou adopted her. Onihime cannot accept this and runs home to find her father but he is not around. It’s always like that, isn’t it? The Four Maidens alert Momoko that they sense a great piece nearby. This peach pit is the centre of the 3000 year old peach and is greater in power than all the other fragments. They must not lose this one. Seems the ogres are already there digging. Genki unleashes his horde of ogres to attack them. Tekki is back and will have his revenge. Momoko and Inugami do Soul Fusion but Tekki is more powerful than ever and beats them up like a ragdoll. Even the Four Maidens become punching bags. Don’t stand a chance, dude. Genki finds the peach pit. Meanwhile Youki finds Kaguya’s lab in the bamboo forest. He is here to invite her to join their side as her scientific brilliance is needed to utilize its great power. Seimei won’t hand her over. At first sucking up Youki’s poison mist might look like an easy job but when Enki comes whipping them, they lost. Youki offers Kaguya to come with them. She reveals her only goal is to return to the moon and will aid anyone who can grant her this wish. She defects to the ogre’s side and although Seimei calls her a traitor, she laughs at it because he should know better that they’re just using each other. Jakiou has the peach pit and he will make Sumeragi rue this day.

Episode 10
Our heroines are ruing their loss. Toutetsu brings them to Seimei as he wants to discuss things. He shows them the fragments he has. It means nothing if they don’t know how to harvest its power. He then shows a blueprint on how to activate its power. Such technology is not in possession by humans, ogres or Heaven. It is only known by Kaguya. She is a scientist from the moon who came here to research on humans. However her ship crashed and she has been stuck here ever since. Longing to go home, she struck a deal with the imperial court that if they gather the peach pieces, she could use her reactor technology and the peach to return to the moon. However she has defected. Maron believes he is still hiding something. Why does the imperial court want the peach’s power? Seimei doesn’t say anything so Toutetsu just reveals it. They want the peach’s power to subjugate Heaven and Ogre Island. Mankind has become tired of being oppressed by them and decided to fight back with greater power. Suddenly the fragments glow and start flying away. Seems all the fragments around Japan are on its way to become one, the reason they are resonating. This is Kaguya’s work as she has tuned them to flock them all over to Ogre Island. I guess this makes it easy for our heroines to find Ogre Island. They need to invade it before its power can be activated. However Momoko makes a pit stop since they passed by her village. She meets grandpa and grandma to tell them she knows about the whole truth. So why the gloomy face everybody? Her grandparents relate they never had any children before so when Momoko popped out of a peach, they were more happy than surprised. They treated her like their own child even though they know she was a union between a maiden and ogre. She has reached the age where she can decide for herself so feel free to do whatever she wants and come back whenever she likes. Oh my. Lots of drama. Lots of hugging. Lots of free flowing tears. Nothing like a good cry to let it all out. So once Momoko has got that over with, she rejoins the rest and continues the mission.

The peach has powered up enough for Kaguya to activate the engines that allows Ogre Island to float up to the surface. Then he fires laser beams everywhere to wreak havoc on the villages! What is this? The Death Star? And then one big shot up to Heaven! OMG! He blasted through Heaven! Jakiou will have his revenge on Sumeragi for banishing ogres deep into the ground on that day. Back then when Ogre Island attacked Heaven, it was with an insufficient power supply. To combat them, Sumeragi used the peach power, a more fearsome power and brought them down. It caused the peach to scatter into many pieces. He accuses Heaven of denying their rule by power and yet they ended up needing power to stop them. Sumeragi believes ruling by power will only bring more violence. But this is the world the ogres seek. Now with the 3000 year old peach in their hands, feel free to feel its power and cower before them. Here is another taste of its awesome blast. Momoko and co are seen flying towards them so Jakiou tells his generals to intercept. It’s going to be one heck of a welcoming party. Meanwhile Onihime confronts Jakiou. They need to talk. Now? At this time?

Episode 11
So is Jakiou not her real father? So what? I guess it’s true then. But why raise her like his own? It is an act of defiance against those who thrown her away. Heaven hates 3 things: Rule by power, existence of ogres and those who are born between a maiden and ogre. To them, Onihime was an even greater target of their hate than the ogre race. Hate him if she must. The choice is hers. Onihime is reduced to tears but Enki is kinder. She will always be her princess to her. But save the tears for next time. The party is just getting started. Our heroines need to find the machine that powers this island and destroy it. Meanwhile Youki approaches Kaguya and then strangles her! Now that the peach is activated, she is no longer of use and it will be too much of a waste to send her back to the moon. He is going to keep this power and not even let Jakiou have it. While everyone races to the room, we have our match-ups of Genki vs Suika and Maron, Youki vs Seimei and Toutetsu, Enki vs Karin and Ringo. Tekki waits for Momoko. Didn’t she learn from her lesson? However this time she is more powerful than before and easily defeats Tekki. This is because she was depressed after learning about her past and now she is no longer afraid. In the throne room, Momoko faces off with Jakiou. The ogre king is so powerful that none of the Soul Fusion combinations work. Being thrown around like a ragdoll again, huh? Jakiou wants to teach them a lesson that only stronger beings can subdue them. However each time Momoko falls, she stands back up. She remembers the support of everyone and can’t go down now. And then some seal in her breaks. This means everyone can fight together as their heart, mind and body are as one. This means Momoko can do Soul Fusion with all her animal companions at the same time. Don’t worry, she won’t look like some hideous beast. Jakiou is taken aback by her immense strength. But no matter how hard he fights back, Momoko is stronger and her ultimate slash sends him to his ultimate defeat. At this point the island is going to fall as something has happened to the reactor. Time to go find the peach.

Episode 12
Onihime finds Jakiou pinned under a rock. She is still confused over who she is. Best father’s reply: She is a silly girl. She is who she is. Whatever makes her up, she will always remain the same. Before his last breath, he passes him her sword. Choose how she wants to live. Youki thinks he can take the peach for his own when it starts destabilizing. Apparently he didn’t kill off Kaguya as she tells him the peach once becomes a whole, becomes too powerful until it eventually destabilizes. Youki is confident he can attain greater power with it but the moment he absorbs it, no doubt his wounds heal, however his body starts breaking up. Too much to handle. Good riddance. Now that the power source keeping Ogre Island afloat is gone, it’s going to crash onto Earth. They need to get out but Onihime wants to settle it with Momoko right now. Aww, come on. Can we settle this on land? No! Right now! Momoko breaks up Soul Fusion and fights Onihime herself because the latter is putting her heart and soul into this fight and it is only right she matches it herself. Erm, while you girls are fighting your heart out, aren’t you forgetting something important? Like, this place is falling? Thankfully Heaven is holding it in place but how long can Sumeragi and Kushinada hold out? So everybody evacuates except for Enki who is going to watch over her princess as well as Ringo and the animal companions for Momoko. In the end, Onihime lost so Momoko tells her she can challenge her anytime. She’ll take her on. Heaven cannot hold on and their heavenly string snaps. Momoko and Onihime fall down the abyss. Months later, Sumeragi sends new maidens to help heal the earth. She also wonders if the Four Maidens want to make a comeback as idols. She already prepared their outfits. I guess she didn’t learn from the last time… Kaguya is back in her old lab and has no intentions of reforming the peach as its powers are too great to handle. However she will still find the fragments and find the balance in energy that will enable her to return to the moon. Seimei and the imperial court will continue to give their support. The ogres are doing well having their own land to live in the human world. I see they’re doing fine cultivating and dabbling in agriculture. That’s how it should be, right? Lastly, Onihime descends on to Momoko’s hometown to request another match. Geez. Give it up already. She’s been doing this every day for 99 times already. Well, she did say she would fight her anytime, right? Regretting it? Momoko says she has lost 99 times but Onihime on the contrary believes they are draws. This hundredth match should settle it. Or is it going to drag out to another thousand more… Happy fighting! Oh, yeah. And they all lived happily ever after.

Not That Peachy Keen

I don’t know… Happily ever after? Certainly it looks like it. Trying to say this series is pretty decent sounds like as though I’m trying to make a pun out of it. Because sometimes I feel that plot isn’t really there. And that finding the pieces of the peach scattered throughout Japan is just an excuse for our characters to have some sort of random adventure and perhaps a little character development (if you want to go so far as to call it as that). If you think about it, sometimes it doesn’t make sense how they can detect peach pieces here and there. Sumeragi is supposed to be part of Heaven and supposedly the greatest being, right? Heck, she can’t even sense the exact location of the pieces. That’s why the Four Maidens along with Momoko have to the ground work and stat searching for the needles in the haystack, right? Ironically it is some technology of the people of the moon that could gather the fragments. It’s like these people are the gods, right? I know this is a folklore and like fairytales, you’re not supposed to think things with logic. Unfortunately in this era, this is no longer acceptable. Therefore in terms and in the context of this anime, this series just barely passes.

So you might think that the fanservice galore is the attracting formula. Well, yes and no. I don’t know if there are any other versions of this show aired on TV (censored and uncensored, that is) but if you want to compare this anime to other really ecchi fanservice animes like Freezing, this is so mild in comparison. Because it is not like they spam you fanservice shots every 10 seconds. Sure, you get your busty Momoko boobs, you get your beach and hotspring episode, you get your characters in skimpy outfits and you even get your coloured panties collection galore scene. But no free showing tits. Ironically Momoko who is quite conscious about herself and perverted situations, why doesn’t she cover up her own cleavage? Don’t give me that move faster crap. With ogres like Onihime and Enki running around in their underwear (they call it their best suit), it is still decent (oh, the irony) enough to consider this series with enough ‘pleasing’ fanservice. Nothing over the top or that fancy but you’ll still get by.

I think character development is rather okay. Maybe that is just overrating it because sometimes it feels mediocre. I knew there was going to be some sort of twist between Momoko and Onihime because it’s like fate is always screwing with them as they usually end up in the same place. And what do you know? They are sisters from the same twin peaches. Who the heck could come up and write this kind of crap? So it’s like a love-hate relationship between them. They fight, they get along, then they fight again but not serious enough that they really want to kill each other. Don’t you feel it is that way? Because somehow I feel that the ogres aren’t even such bad creatures themselves. Okay, maybe Youki is a true blue evil ogre but he gets what he deserves. Even Jakiou has his pride and ideals. No wonder he is such a respectable ogre even if Heaven doesn’t agree on it. Just a sad fact that he had to die or else it would be truly a happily ever after story with everyone living in the end. Maybe except for Youki because I’m sure everyone hates that fat scheming underhanded ogre.

In addition to Momoko’s simpleton character, her loyal animal companions and Onihime who just wants to rival everything with her, the rest feels like they are some sort of characters archetypes one way or another. Like Kaguya the mysterious but brainy scientist and Seimei being one of the very few males in the series is casted as a pervert if he is not in serious mode. Even among the Four Maidens, their personalities vary with Maron being the emotionless and most serious one, Karin being the weaker and thus ‘useless’ one, Ringo the bright and lively girl and Suika feels a bit selfish although generally she still cares for her friends. I don’t know if Toutetsu is supposed to be a shotacon or not. I am not sure of this little kid’s gender although my guts tell me he is a boy since that beach episode having this kid joining the girls just throws my judgment a little off.

It feels like a running joke because of Kushinada’s penchant to tie herself up and beg to be sacrificed, I know it makes her seem like a super masochist but if you think about it, how do you sacrifice a maiden who is eternal? If she loves being sacrificed so much, she must be in the wrong anime and era. She should be living in medieval Europe and proclaim herself as a witch. She’ll get burnt at the stake no matter how many times and she can enjoy that. Really. Sumeragi’s age also feels like a running joke because I never really questioned about her age until she seems to be bugged about it. Then she really gets mad (though I think she’s doing a pretty good job trying to hold in her anger despite that creepy snicker) if you make hints that she is an old aunty, in which technically she is because she’s like thousands of years old, right? And then the part of making her Four Maidens becoming idols. I don’t know. Why does Heaven need men’s money for? Aren’t the offerings and prayers enough? I guess you can’t find good makeup and produces in Heaven but on Earth. Because it is said that things from human’s world are good and interesting, so technically doesn’t that make the human world something like Heaven? Yeah. No wonder everybody wants to rule it.

Action wise, hardly satisfying if you are an adrenaline junkie since the moves aren’t that varied. Even if Momoko’s Soul Fusion is supposed to provide a little variety, each Soul Fusion only has one move like claws with Sarugami and light arrows with Kijigami. When she is alone and not combined, she just swings her sword around without any special moves whatsoever. I suppose it is a cue to tell us that if she wants to fight more effectively and with more power and speed, Soul Fusion is necessary. Hardly any other fighting moves variety from other characters too like Enki has her penchant to use her whip, Genki and his illusions, Youki with his darkness coming out from his pot, Seimei using his shikigami familiars and Toutetsu whose only skill seems to be conjuring up some mini black hole and sucking up Youki’s miasma. Even odder considering some of the ‘weapons’ that some of the Four Maidens hold. Although Maron’s big mallet is acceptable, Karin’s beads may be a little questionable but it’s not that bad. But what the heck is that wooden steering wheel Suika is carrying? At least that is what it seemed to me. Did she take it from some abandoned ship or something? I don’t even know what that little fork pieces Ringo is carrying. It’s just mind boggling. As elemental maidens, I see them hardly use their elementals too.

The next episode preview is a little amusing. Because in each episode they will enter a new prefecture or province, this segment highlights the famous delicacies and food they have there although it has very well nothing to do what happens in the next episode. So if you are a foodie enthusiast, this might not satiate your appetite or even cause you to go mouth-watering but at least it feels like a little ‘community service’ to tell us the specialty of that place and to try it out if we ever visit there. But I am not sure if the one on Ogre Island is trolling us because they’re talking about ogre manjuu. I’m not sure but I think such snacks do exist in real life but not on Ogre Island. That land only exists in the folklore.

Voice casting feels rather okay too with Ayana Taketatsu as Momoko. It’s her usual recognizable voice that you can find in animes like Kirino from OreImo, Sakura in Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai and Rinka in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru. Although Cho was also recognizable as Youki, at certain points he does sound different since I am so accustomed to hearing him in his silly tone as Brook from One Piece. Other casts include Minami Tsuda as Onihime (Yui in YuruYuri), Wataru Hatano as Inugami (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Showtaro Morikubo as Sarugami (Shikamaru in Naruto), Asami Imai as Kijigami (Yuzuki in KissxSis), Masumi Asano as Sumeragi (Hakufu in Ikkitousen), Shiori Mikami as Ringo (Krista in Shingeki No Kyojin), Suzuko Mimori as Suika (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Rumi Ookubo as Maron (Hibachi in Mushibugyou), Yuka Ootsubo as Karin (Kyouko in YuruYuri), Asami Shimoda as Kushinada (Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Banjou Ginga as Jakiou (Perry in Space Dandy), Chiaki Takahashi as Enki (Nanami in School Days), Hisayoshi Suganuma (Atsushi in Natsume Yuujinchou), Satoshi Hino as Seimei (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima), Mikako Komatsu as Kaguya (Neko in K) and Emiri Katou as Toutetsu (Kagami in Lucky Star).

The opening theme is Momoiro Fantasy by Haruka Chisuga. Sounds rather okay like your typical lively anime pop but not really to my liking. The ending theme is as the same name of this series and sung by Ayana Taketatsu. I figure she ramps up the cuteness in singing this song so if you really want to go kyun, I suppose this is the song that clinches it. The odd part about the ending animation credits is that everyone is doing some side stepping dance. Looks easy. Looks weird. Of course there are insert songs by the Four Maidens (Mission Complete and Ready Go) and just like generic idol songs, that is what they sound like. Not to my liking either.

In the end, some may call it a mediocre anime and some would say this is a simple anime. Recommended for those who have too much time on their hands and want to watch something with some slip showing and set in the feudal era. Because you won’t really lose much if you skip or watch this. Unless you really start getting the wrong impressions about the folklore after seeing this show. How many more of such traditional folklores will be given such treatment in the near future is anyone’s guess. But don’t hold your breath as today’s film era is the era of remakes, reboots, retellings and sequels. Because with so many tales deviating and being twisted these days, it is hard to believe which is the real one anymore. Having said all that, the great unifier of Japan, Nobunaga Oda is a busty woman, right?

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