March 17, 2017

This is another series that has all its episodes released simultaneously on the Japanese website, Comico. But unlike ReLIFE, Momokuri despite starting out as an ONA, later is shown as a weekly TV series. Because its duration is half the normal episodes, the TV series combines 2 episodes as a single one. Well, not that it matters to me the viewing style. So if you want to know what it is like to stalk someone whom you obsessively love, this is a series you should take a look at. Whether you want to follow in its footsteps or take prevention.

Episode 1
Shinya “Momo” Momotsuki receives a love letter in his shoebox. It isn’t a dream when Yuki Kurihara confesses her feelings to him and wants to go out with him. Without thinking much, he agrees. He wonders if it was the right thing to do since Kurihara is a year older than him. But for Kurihara, she couldn’t be happier. She’s got lots of information on his habits that would made you think she is some sort of stalker. Oh wait. She is. She remembers the first time she saw him play football with his friends. They teased him and he reacted in a very cute cat-like way. That was love at first sight for her. Then she goes to spy on him, secretly take pictures of him and even compares his height on the tree he was leaning against! She is even thinking of picking up his trash… We know Kurihara’s mind is going crazy about him. But she just can’t find a single topic to talk to him as he walks with her to the bus stop. She then snaps a side profile of him and he caught her in the act. She thought she is done for but he snaps a picture back in retaliation. Kurihara can’t stop staring into her handphone filled with pictures of Momo. Even her head is filled with his face. Can’t get you out of my head, literally… Needing to move forward from this and talk normally with him, she decides to practise having a conversation with her best friend, Norika Mizuyama. She doesn’t mind supporting her but can’t help worry for Momo’s sake too. Kurihara sets another target to take 100 photos of Momo as a charm.

Episode 2
Guess what? Kurihara took possession of a straw that Momo was drinking from! When Momo finished drinking, she offered to throw it away from him. But that didn’t happen… Norika swipes it away before she could have unholy thoughts with it. Momo’s friends tease him for having a girlfriend but think she is more like a loyal dog than human being. Momo seems to be stumbling into Kurihara more often. Like during PE, it’s like she took a longer route to the girls’ changing room just to say hi to him. Unexpectedly when Kurihara catches Momo looking at her, she ekes out a funny sound before running away. Kurihara thought she could share her umbrella with him during a rainy day but it seems he also brought his own umbrella. Summer school uniform means Kurihara gets to show more skin to him but instead she fawns over his. One day Kurihara purposely forget to bring her umbrella so she could share. Unfortunately with some turn of events, she is made to help out after school after those on duty couldn’t make it. School is way past over and she has no umbrella to go home with. She dashes through the rain and takes shelter halfway. Luckily for her, Momo is there. He thought it was unusual for Kurihara not to be waiting at the gates at the usual time. He saw her dashed out and managed to catch up to her. She is in delight of his consideration. The day wasn’t so bad after all. However her clothes are wet enough that her bra is visible. Momo gives her his jersey to wear and she misinterprets this as his kindness to keep her warm.

Episode 3
Momo accepts an invitation from Kurihara to go watch a movie. He is nervous waiting for her since he arrived early. Kurihara could have been here earlier since she is spying and fawning over his waiting and plain clothes. After the movie, they go eat at a café. He thought he could show his adult side by drinking black coffee but it is too much for him to handle. Kurihara is of course impressed with him since he knows he doesn’t like bitter and spicy things. She relishes seeing a new side of him. Norika catches Kurihara spying outside Momo’s class. His friends are giving him their birthday presents. Some feel like a tease because, a hair ribbon? Kurihara isn’t jealous Momo is popular among his friends but is super impressed at his cuteness. So if you’re wondering why Kurihara isn’t doing anything for his birthday, well, she did bought a cheesecake for him but accidentally bumped into a pole and ruined it. That’s what you get for daydreaming. She doesn’t have the heart to give it to him. She also knows his family doesn’t really celebrate birthdays so giving him a cake was what she thought the least she could do. Norika believes even if she gives the cake to him, he would accept it. The next time Kurihara meets Momo, she just wishes him happy birthday and comes clean she has nothing to give him. In return he gives her a handshake. Though, it embarrasses him very much but that is already a treat for Kurihara. She vowed not to wash her hands but then she forgot…

Episode 4
Norika, Rihito Sawaguchi and Shouta Shizuka are going to have a study session with Momo and Kurihara. Apparently Shouta told Kurihara that Momo isn’t doing well in his exams and if he fails, he has to take remedial classes during summer break. You don’t want their summer holidays of making memories to be ruined, do you? And thus this study session is suggested and at Momo’s place because his home is closest to school. I know it is great but why invite her friends? Shouldn’t she want to be alone with him? Well, she doesn’t want any shameless thing to happen. After all that we have seen you think this would even be her normal standard? Kurihara being honest with her feelings accidentally blurts it out. It gives another reason for the friends to tease Momo, sending him into further embarrassment. In his home, Kurihara helps Momo prepare the drinks. Their friends couldn’t help adlib some romantic dialogue. I wonder if they’re ever going to get the study session started at this rate. It gets on but Momo can’t help feel a little jealous because Kurihara is interacting well with his friends. So he goes to cool his head with a cold bottle. Yes, literally. Kurihara went to check on him but instead sees this literally cool scene that she’ll add to her memory collection. Kurihara and Norika leave early. They decide to go buy food to cook for Momo. Norika thinks she is trying to get into Momo’s good books by doing lots of good favours. Not that it is a bad thing anyway.

Episode 5
Kurihara has a hard time choosing which ingredients so Rio Sakaki points out to her like a pro. Norika is suspicious that she has seen her somewhere before. Kurihara returns to Momo’s home on pretence she forgot her bag so that she could snoop around his room and smell it. Creepy. She went overboard when she sleeps in his bed and Momo came in and caught her in the act! Oh no. But thankfully Momo misinterpreted she is not well and this saved her. In class, Kurihara goes through her collection of Momo’s pictures. One more for the 200th… Norika notices Rio in the background in one of them. Rio’s flashback shows us she is in the same tennis club as Momo. In short, he is different than other guys and his kindness made her fell in love with him. However Momo quit the club shortly and Rio was forced to stay on since the girls’ tennis club sucked and she is an athletic person. Before she knew it, Momo is already going out with Kurihara. Rio would also love to fawn over Momo’s cuteness but she has more control over herself than a certain stalker. Momo is grateful when Rio comes to his rescue when he is having a hard time trying to study history. Rio notes she may not be as feminine as other girls as some even mistake her to be a boy and confessed. But a girl who only looks cute and doesn’t even know the basics of cooking, Rio can’t leave that girl in Momo’s care. For Momo is her angel.

Episode 6
Momo is glad the tests are over so he hangs out with his classmates including Rio. His female classmates learn he has a girlfriend and can’t stop bugging him to show a picture of her. Kurihara on the other hand is sad after finishing her tests since she can’t be with Momo right away. But maybe his straw he used this morning will cheer her up… During lunch time, Kurihara tries to take a selfie with Momo. I think she is purposely prolonging her settings so she can stick close to him as long as possible. Momo at the spur of the moment thought he should be more romantic and puts his hand on her shoulder. She is so shocked that she dropped her handphone. An excuse to take another selfie. While Kurihara is in ecstasy over that shoulder move, Momo on the other hand is embarrassed of what came over him. Rio catches Kurihara in the act when she is hiding in a room waiting for the perfect moment to bump into Momo. Kurihara explains she is just trying to get to know her boyfriend better since there is a side he shows his friends that he won’t show her. Rio got lost in her thinking and accidentally agrees with her. This has Kurihara think they are the same and considers Rio her friend. Even worse, Kurihara now thinks it is normal for her to do all those stalker stuffs. Every day. Rio realizes she is worse than a stalker. She’s a damn pervert! Because of that Rio is in a dilemma but chose not to tell Momo fearing he would be traumatized. It is her way of protecting him.

Episode 7
Rio hangs out with her friends, Ikue Usami and Yuzuki Shimada. Her grace has them falling for her. If she wasn’t only a girl. Oh heck, even as a girl will do. Rio is a little conscious about her height and thinks she is the tallest among the girls in school. Momo on the other hand hopes he could grow taller than her once he graduates but being short seems to run in the genes of his family. When Momo walks home alone, he always notices Kurihara hiding behind an electric pole. As though she is waiting for a good timing to meet up. But she always bangs into it. The more he walks on, the more he remembers doing stuffs together with her. He realizes he has been thinking about her too much lately. Then he spots Kurihara and Rio together. Apparently Kurihara needs a favour from Rio to become her accomplice. Doesn’t sound good. Something about hiding in the changing room at the pool (the only place where one can stay hidden) to take photos of Momo. Yup. Not a good crazy idea. If that is not possible, how about the movement from the changing room to the pool? Kurihara would have done it herself if not for her class which takes a long time to get over and Momo changes quickly. Thankfully Rio won’t go through with it and managed to convince Kurihara to drop the idea. She realizes how dangerous she is but all because Momo is too cute. Is she trying to hint she could be a potential villain too? Meanwhile Momo couldn’t get the scene of Kurihara and Rio together out of his head. He feels jealous thinking that he is not the top of her priority list.

Episode 8
Norika chides Kurihara for trying to get Rio involved in her perverted scheme of taking photos of Momo in his swimsuit. She suggests asking Momo out to the pool or beach since they are already dating. What? Hate to be seen in public as scandalous?! WTF?! What kind of logic does she have?! But peeking is okay?! At this Kurihara is only dating him on a school level and nothing more. When Kurihara walks home with Momo, he tries to ask about her meeting with Rio. Since he is being sheepish, Kurihara can tell he is jealous. But his cute looks makes her nose bleed! He helps pinch her nose with a tissue paper to stop the bleeding but she can’t breathe… Any more of this kind of things and Kurihara’s blood will explode. Later Momo calls Kurihara to invite her to a BBQ with his friends. Of course. She gets really excited and very happy learning that the BBQ will take place near a river. Oh no. Swimsuit potential. So when Rio hears of this, she can guess how wrong this is going to turn out.

Episode 9
It’s fine if Kurihara wants to go shop for a swimsuit. But should she drag Norika along and spend 5 hours still looking for swimsuits?! Rio happen to be there too as she is buying ingredients to cook at home. They chat for a while before she leaves. Norika notes Rio is quite popular in school especially among the girls but had she not hear her voice, she would have assumed she is a guy. At the BBQ, Rihito’s elder brother, Ema also joins in. He sponsors the meat. Apparently his girlfriend just dumped him so where else to put the meat to good use? I suppose Momo feels a bit shy and awkward to be with his girlfriend in front of everyone else so they head somewhere else alone. Jealous Ema hopes their relationship will fail! But it looks like there is another couple blooming between Shouta and Yuzuki. When she trips on a stone, he helps her up and takes her elsewhere for first aid. Curious Norika asks Rihito about their relationship. He says they have always been like that from the start.

Episode 10
As Shouta puts band aids on Yuzuki, it is revealed that they are cousins, the reason why they are so close. Also, when they were young, they made a promise to each other to compensate for each other’s weakness. Momo blows bubbles and offers Kurihara to do the same. Of course by now you should have guessed that she is going to fluster by overthinking about the indirect kiss. In fact, she wants to take the blower back and do unholy stuffs with it. As the day goes by, it seems the temperature isn’t getting any warmer so Kurihara is getting disappointed she can’t show off her swimsuit. I’m sure she wants to scream out how much she would like to print out a large poster of Momo in his swimsuit and stick it on her wall. Accidentally she lifts up her skirt. Momo flusters but of course underneath is her swimsuit. He praises her for it but it gets awkward and they fluster even more.

Episode 11
Momo meets up with Kurihara for the fireworks festival. They have fun together but soon Momo realizes he is being led on by her. He fears at this rate she will not think of him as her boyfriend but her little brother! Before he can fix this, they get separated by the crowd. What a worse time to have your handphone battery completely run out. Always charge full before big events! As he wanders about, he bumps into 3 college girls who think he is kinda cute! Despite he tells them he is trying to find his girlfriend, they suggest to hang out with them till then. Luckily Rio is here. But it took Momo a while to recognize her since she is tanned. The college girls are confused. Is this girl his girlfriend? Or is this a boy? Anyway, they want Rio to join them too! Before this gets deeply complicated, the duo make a run for it. Sorry girls. We don’t like older women ;p.

Episode 12
Kurihara also realizes she is lost and thinks Momo is kidnapped! Rio explains she was working with various clubs and before she knows it, she got tanned. As for her male clothes, it seems Usami’s brother, Seiichirou was against the girls going out to the festival, fearing some shady guys would hit on them. Siscon. He can’t come along since he has cram school exams. Nerd. Because Rio knows how much Usami wanted to go, she suggests dressing like a man and acting like their bodyguard. Big brother approves. Rio blushes when Momo comments he would have liked to see her in a yukata. The girls don’t have Kurihara’s contact except Rio. However instead of contacting her directly, she suggests splitting up and finding her. And when she finds Kurihara, she doesn’t immediately contact the rest. They stay and talk about love, Rio hinting there is somebody she is interested in and Kurihara being amazed with Rio being earnest. Rio feels embarrassed and has never talked about this with anyone and hopes she can keep a secret. When Momo has found them, he trips on a loose tile. The girls catch him. Wow. They look so much cooler. They might laugh it off but Momo certainly feels embarrassed of how uncool he looks. And he looks at the duo who seem like very close friends now.

Episode 13
Momo falls ill. Not too sure if it is because of over-studying or his friends keep teasing how Kurihara is so in love with him or Momo is just too embarrassed thinking how cute she is. Maybe it is all of the above. I’m sure the guys want to help him out but they can’t think of nobody else to help him right now except contacting Kurihara. Problem is how they worded their help. It goes something like Momo wanting to see her and his body is hot! And before you know it, stalker girl is at his place. Though, quite nervous. Rio would love to come too but damn this tennis practice. Kurihara lends her thermometer and you know her reaction when she sees his naked skin. Kurihara thinks Momo is in a bad mood because he is jealous (maybe it is because he is sick?). But in his eyes, Kurihara seems to be getting cuter. The heat must have gone to his head when he believes by kissing her she would acknowledge him as a man. They seem like they’re going to do it but I guess the heat got too intense that Momo collapses. Actually that is on purpose because he is still a chicken.

Episode 14
Momo is sleeping and is Kurihara going to snap a picture of his face? Thankfully she still has her humanity and stops herself. Don’t profit off the pain of others. But when she touches his forehead and he notes how cool it is, she has a hard time trying to keep her sensibility from blasting off. This makes her think she wants to get to know more about him aside from being just a starring stalker. She sleeps by his side. When they wake up by morning, Momo is embarrassed seeing her so. She is embarrassed realizing she drooled during her sleep. After she leaves, Momo can’t help feel her warmth on his bed. He is ashamed for thinking like a pervert. When Momo is back in class, his friends tease him that the lovebirds still don’t call each other by their first names. Though Momo notes he has never called a girl by her first name, it might have slipped his mind because he did so for Yuzuki. When Momo suggests to Kurihara to call each other via first names, they try it out and find it very embarrassing. They might feel happy but the embarrassing factor is too great so they just scrap it and return to their usual way.

Episode 15
The gang are at the pool. Norika considers becoming ‘friends’ with Yuzuki because Kurihara’s swimsuit is making certain parts stick out. But Kurihara is worried if she overate during the break. Don’t see a bit fat anywhere. But all that concern is blown away since she gets to see Momo in his swimming trunks. Momo blows up a beach ball with his mouth. You know what Kurihara is thinking, right? When they are playing with the ball, it got punctured and deflates. Although Kurihara is sad, she gets permission to take it home as memento. I can imagine what she is going to do with it. On the way back, Momo’s friends tease him to hold hands. Their chance increase since they are the only ones taking the bus home (the rest live in walking distance). Momo takes the lead in holding her hand since he doesn’t want to look uncool. He also thanks her for taking care of him the other day. She knows Momo well enough that he is embarrassed when saying that since he has a habit of hiding his face. When she thanks him for accompanying her, Momo is awe struck by her mature gaze. It makes him feel staying uncool like this won’t do. He grabs her hand and doesn’t want their date to end yet.

Episode 16
They hang out on a swing at a playground. For some reason, Kurihara examines Momo’s hand and finds it manly. Then this surprising thing happened. Momo pulls her closely to him and tells her that his hand isn’t just the manly thing. All of him is. Woah. Is that cool or cheesy?! It throws her off balance (literally) and was it too much to handle that she collapsed and fall into his arms? This wasn’t planned, right? One day as Norika studies at Kurihara’s place, she notices a snack she wants to eat. But Kurihara won’t let her since it was given by Momo. So she’s going to love it instead of eating it? Expiry date is soon… Speaking of that, Norika remembers the cupcakes that Momo baked for her. What happened to that? She vacuum packed it… Then there is this suspicious cabinet in her room. Instantly Kurihara protects it but curious Norika fends her off to look inside. Let’s say it is not even safe for us viewing. Norika leaves before returning with garbage bags! Time to rid the rubbish! Learn what trash is separable! Spring cleaning! Kurihara so sad… Norika points out the more important issue: Has she seen Momo since the pool? Well, not after that cool (or cheesy) thingy. She couldn’t bring herself to see him as she doesn’t know what kind of expression he would put. That’s the problem? I thought she loves anything about him. Kurihara realizes she has become weird for loving Momo too much. Well, glad you realized it. And no, it wasn’t just recently you turned into a weirdo.

Episode 17
When school resumes, Momo spots Kurihara hiding behind the wall. He has to go get her that he could see her. This causes his friends to tease them for playing lovebirds so early in the morning. Back home, Kurihara is still trying to calm herself down that she couldn’t get a good look at Momo’s face today. She gets a call from him and since she sounds nervous, he laughs. Hearing his voice calms her down. In class, Rio catches Kurihara trying to swap Momo’s eraser! She has tried ‘cloning’ it to make a replica so he won’t notice the switch! It’s so perfect! Momo sees them and although he is glad they are friends, there is something that makes him uneasy seeing them together. Rihito talks to Norika as he notices Kurihara’s sneaky ways of taking secret photos. Well, at least he only noticed about the photos. Rihito is also curious about Rio and Norika asking about her. Is she a secret fan of Rio? Kurihara shows Momo a photo album of the pool. Wow so many photos. He didn’t know Kurihara likes taking photos. Did you not realize them all of them had you as a subject? Momo thinks they didn’t spend enough time during the holidays and should make up for it.

Episode 18
Momo and Kurihara are hanging out at the amusement park. Time for some clichés that happen to lovebirds. Like in the haunted house she clings to him tightly. Nothing wrong except that her boobs are touching his arm. When the power completely goes out, the pitch black darkness makes Kurihara very scared. It’s real. She is paralyzed in fear and she ended up clinging too close to him that her hair got stuck in his button. Too dark to see anything but I’m sure Kurihara loves every moment of it despite feeling anxious. Hear his heartbeat beating faster… In the end they got out and hold hands the normal way till they part. This is better? Also, his button is taken out and he lets her keep it. Shortly, Momo stumbles into Rio who just finish her club activities. She can easily read his face that he is just off from his date. She also notices his missing button and offers to sew it. As they talk, Rio is trying to hint something about them as she has been watching them. Rio flusters when she thinks he meant about them but realizes Momo meant her and Kurihara. Rio is left puzzled wondering who Momo meant that he was envious of.

Episode 19
Momo narrates his parents often prioritize work first. Because they are in photography, they have this family rule of not taking pictures at home or even on vacation or else it will trigger their work habit. That is why when someone like Kurihara paid attention to him, he felt happy. For the school’s choral festival, as Momo is the class representative for the costume contest, Usami and Yuzuki are hell bent in designing a winning costume for him so they can land the 20% discount prize for the canteen for a year. They have Rio in charge of the cool part and Momo the cute part. Later Momo and Rio talk about the costumes. Momo will be okay with anything as long as he is not cross-dressing. Rio quips she would really want to see that so Momo quips back that Rio would also look cute in it. At this time, Kurihara just heard that. Rio fears this would give rise to misinterpretation but fortunately (or unfortunately) the duo are dense. Especially Kurihara who believes nobody can beat Momo in terms of cuteness. So that’s his worth? Later Momo realizes what that conversation could have meant and thinks Momo was just pretending since Rio was around. He also thinks she might be jealous of Rio in a way.

Episode 20
The costume contest begins. Kurihara whips out her camera to incessantly take a certain someone. Be sure to snap photos of their other participating classmates too. No wonder she was so enthusiastic when the teacher asked who should take this camera job. Rio and Momo are so cute that they instantly won. Heck, all the judges gave them perfect 10! With girls talking how cool Rio is and the possibility of how cute Momo is too, Kurihara is unfazed. She thinks Momo is getting more popular and is cool with it. She is more concerned that she can’t get a clear shot of him. But when he waves at her, she got too hooked on it and forgot to snap a shot. The duo are being interviewed and the interviewer who is Rio’s friend is getting too excited wanting them to pose like this and that. Some quite risqué. Momo feels embarrassed and wonders what Kurihara would think. When he looks her way, she gives the thumbs up. WTF is that? He is less than thrilled. Quickly he takes her out to talk. He asks if she truly loves him and looks his way. All a big yes. Then why don’t you feel jealous? It then turns awkward for them. So awkward that Momo accidentally confesses he loves her. It’s her turn to get embarrassed as she tries to cover his eyes with her hands. So she can look at his embarrassed face but he can’t? Adding to the tension is their faces’ close proximity. Kurihara then feels the need to confess to him now. She did that but a little more. She also confesses that she loves him so much that she secretly collects the things he touches and uses. Oops…

Episode 21
Momo and Kurihara are out on another date. Kurihara still feels embarrassed. More of Momo’s kindness has her think he isn’t human. He is an angel! Taking her to a video arcade, Momo wins a crane game and gets a teddy bear. She never knew he was great at this game? Some stalker specialist… While she is happy with it, Momo kisses the teddy bear as a form of indirect kiss. Both sides are embarrassed but after he explains that nothing has changed between them, Kurihara calms down and notes she really loves him. Next day in class, Rihito starts teasing embarrassed Momo when he reveals he successfully called Kurihara by her first name. The rest find out and they ‘congratulate’ him by patting his head. Sure they’re not making fun of him? Norika can tell Kurihara she is very happy. Aside from her silly grin, she is reading the wrong book for today’s class. When Seiichirou calls Kurihara, Norika is surprised that she made other friends without her noticing. I didn’t know Norika was a ‘stalker’. Sometimes there are things you don’t even know about your best friends.

Episode 22
Momo tastes Kurihara’s homemade omelette rice. He can tell she put in the effort since her fingers have band aids. Needless to say she is quite happy. Momo finds it weird the rice has his favourite tartar sauce since he has no recollection he ever told her about it. Later Momo sees Kurihara talking to Seiichirou. He doesn’t know him so when his friends tease she might be cheating on him, Momo obviously can’t hide his bothered face. We take a detour focusing on Shouta and Yuzuki. First she bangs his forehead just to test his temperature. So what is bugging him? He claims he went online and read some movie spoiler. But Yuzuki knows he is lying since he has a habit of touching his right ear whenever he does. Kurihara gives Seiichirou a photo of Yuzuki in that costume cosplay as thanks for his help. It is role reversed when Momo is now seen hiding and spying on his girlfriend. When Seiichirou wants to remove a spider web stuck on her hair, suddenly Momo rushes out so fast and slaps away his hand! Did you see him coming?! He warns him not to touch other people’s girlfriend and takes Kurihara home. Later Kurihara explains everything. As for the patting, Kurihara says that his friends pat him all the time so she doesn’t see the problem. She pats him back to make it even.

Episode 23
It is almost Christmas and the gang has to help teach Momo his weak subjects. He isn’t making any good progress. He looks cute quivering that it makes Kurihara go into her usual fawning. She goes to make lunch but then trips and falls on top of him. How long can she last till she ‘blows up’? Then she realizes she knee kicked him in his gut. Oops. Later Kurihara invites Rio to her home. They do some sewing as present for Momo but because Kurihara hates poking herself with needles, she wonders if she should try knitting. Rio continues to analyse Kurihara on her behaviour. She might look like the perfect girl but she is still a pervert when it comes to Momo. Don’t we all know this already? Kurihara wonders if a reindeer costume would be the right present for Momo. Rio advises her to take it easy because for the past few days she has been looking after Momo in addition to studying herself. Kurihara doesn’t mind as long as she can make the person she loves happy. Meanwhile at Momo… He isn’t doing so good… Here’s another bad news. On Christmas day, Kurihara falls sick. Norika then contacts Momo to come to Kurihara’s house after his class is over.

Episode 24
Norika asks why Kurihara organized a Christmas party for everyone. No matter how noble she sounds, eventually it will all come back to being with Momo. And something about not being able to see him much on Christmas. When Norika notices Momo has arrived, she packs up and leaves. Kurihara gives her a present she sew and learnt from Rio. I think she better try again next time because the glove has only 4 fingers! Kurihara is surprised to see Momo here but lets him come in. She hides underneath her sheets, embarrassed that she is still in her pyjamas. However she doesn’t want him to go home yet. He gives her a present. A cute stole that she wants to wear now. But then she descends into gloominess because she feels bad she couldn’t finish his present in time for the party. She doesn’t have anything for him now but will do anything to make up for it. Is she purposely prostrating herself and exposing half her butt to hint something? He lets her hold his hand. Don’t mind if she do. All that excitement has tire her out. Like any normal guy, he is attracted in seeing her cute sleeping face and even has thoughts to kiss her lips. Funnily she sneezes in his face and that returned him to reality. Yeah, it was quite embarrassing too.

Episode 25
Kurihara meets up with Momo on another outing. He invites her to the hotspring inn as he has already asked his other friends to come along. Kurihara has completed his present and gives it to him. It is a shoehorn she carefully carved from wood as she noticed he likes to collect sneakers. He is quite happy with it and will use it every day. At the hotspring inn, if you’re wondering why Kurihara dashes into the toilet and comes back out disappointing, it’s because she couldn’t find any peeping holes. And she’s not worried about others peeping at her… Kurihara explains to Momo about the meaning behind her name. Her parents met at a ski resort but people often mistake her name to be because she was born at the end of the year. So as not to make her sound weird, Momo says he also loves snow, which of course is her name. Yeah, it gets weirder now with all the blushing. While Kurihara and Norika are soaking at the hotspring, the other girls conspire to surround Momo to tease him. So when the duo return and see this ambiguous position, Kurihara’s initial reaction is to think how cute Momo is with them. Then she wants to take a group photo. However at this point Momo is clearly not in the mood and leaves. Kurihara starts to panic that he is mad. Norika calms her down and has her go after him.

Episode 26
Momo starts thinking maybe Kurihara’s definition of love is different. She catches up to apologize. Although he doesn’t blame her, he still feels something isn’t right. The best way is to talk it out. Momo goes first, telling her how happy he was to be with her. He asks what part she likes about him. Uhm, every part? To intensify the love drama, Kurihara slips and falls into his arms. Now they’re like hugging. It is her turn to talk. She explains all the stalking she did at first till she wanted to be by his side. She wanted to see more of his embarrassing and sulking side. After she confesses she likes him, he hugs her closer. I’m not sure where he is trying to kiss but he says he missed. Looks like her cheek. Anyhow, Kurihara flusters greatly even claiming she won’t bath forever! More hugging… And Kurihara admitting she is a pervert… Wait. What?! Oh right. True lovers accept for who you are, right? Next day, the duo continue to hang out together and chat. Of course only to be broken when their curious friends arrive. Time to tease the hell out of them. Kurihara shamelessly admits she is head over heels for him in front of everyone. Well, it’s nothing new, right?

It’s Not Stalking. Just Observing You Closely. Always!
Well, uh, erm, yeah. I suppose they are still going out together and strong? Not too sure if I can say their relationship made any significant progress because their whole romance was one big weird relationship. We know they like each other but because of Kurihara, we can’t really say their relationship is the normal and healthy type. Kurihara is more like a maniacal stalker who loves everything about Momo while he on the other hand is one of the shyest guys in the world that it makes you wonder if he has got any balls to go further than this unless he gets ‘cornered’ and thus making his unconscious mind do the more ‘advanced’ stuffs like kissing. Those and a few confessions sparingly scattered throughout the series doesn’t make the entire romance drama any better. In short, I find this boring. Gasp! You mean stalker girl wasn’t funny and amusing enough for me to like this series? Well…

At first the idea of a girl stalking her crush seems to be fun. However this gets old and stale. Very fast. When the novelty wears off, it suddenly becomes as annoying as hell because Kurihara can’t just stop doing disgusting stalking stuffs. Unless you love stalking but for a casual guy like me who will forever be alone, I’m not really into this stalking style. Even when Momo and Kurihara finally get together, you can still see that she continues to stalk him. The entire series generally follows this sort of pattern and because of this reason it is why it gets boring very fast even though it is meant to be the funny and charming part of the series. Yeah, the drama between them in a bid to develop their characters and the plot didn’t really help either.

The series focuses a lot of screen time on Momo and Kurihara. While it is normal for Momo to fluster and be awkward because since Kurihara is his first girlfriend, there are lots of mixed feelings for me about Kurihara. First, I wonder if she is really in love with Momo in the first place. Because I am thinking that maybe she is just in love with the idea of being in love with Momo. There are a handful of instances that shows Kurihara might not be really in love with Momo because she wants to continually stalk him. It is as though he is some sort of living object and she gets her thrills by hiding from a distance and watching him. Oh, don’t forget about keeping all the things he discarded. Well, don’t you know if you’re a real couple, everything between them can be shared? Or does she not want him to know how awful a stalker she is? Yeah, he’ll probably hate her but knowing Momo, I’m sure he wouldn’t. Anyway, another point is that Kurihara flusters or panics at some of the idea of what couples do like kissing. My theory is that maybe if they get too close, the excitement of getting too comfortable might be gone. It’s not like Kurihara doesn’t know anything about him at this point. Sure, there are stuffs she doesn’t know about him but if the gap between them is closed and they are acting more like a real couple, the excitement to be near him would disappear. That is why I think she is trying to continue her stalker ways instead of progressing their relationship to the next level. I mean, don’t you realize it remained stagnant after they officially became a couple? Since she likes collecting stuffs he discards, it makes me wonder when she’ll take it to the next level. You know, collect his poop! No way! That will be crossing the insanity line and she should be locked up in a mental facility with the key thrown away forever!

As for Momo, he is quite a decent and normal guy but he is a bit different because he is dating a girl who is a year older than him. It might be the norm now but the old societal norm of a younger man dating an older woman could be a bit embarrassing. But that is too deep of a topic here. Because of Momo’s tendency to fluster and his shy nature, this is why his friends always love teasing him. Yeah, it is like he is their best live entertainment even better than the internet. Seriously. Momo could be many times better than Kurihara. Despite his shy nature, we see him get jealous when he sees her speaking to other guys like that misunderstood situation of her talking to Seiichirou. This proves that he cares about her and although you might argue this might lead him to be over protective of her, since they are at the start of their relationship, I think it is more reasonable of him to feel so. Unlike Kurihara who doesn’t even feel any sort of jealousy and is just squealing in delight on seeing Momo’s cuteness. So who do you think is the normal one here? Momo has trouble sometimes getting his message to Kurihara as he is shy. That’s pretty normal itself. You don’t want to screw up badly before your girl, right? Unlike Kurihara who flustering is mainly because as a result of her stalker ways but thankfully Momo is dense and unaware of this. At least Momo has a sense of shame that Kurihara doesn’t. So who do you think is the better person? After all, it is not stalking as long as you don’t find out about it, right? In the end, true love will prevail because it is about accepting what that person is about instead of forcing that person to conform to what is normal, right?

As for the rest of the other characters, I feel they really fail to bring in some sort of dynamism or variety to this series. They are another reason why this series feels boring. A great series not only relies on the main characters but its supporting characters as well. But they fail to make an impact and are hardly memorable. Take for instance Rio. I thought with her as the other person who has a crush on Momo, there would be some sort of rivalry and things might get heated up. But nope. Rio doesn’t do anything and I mean anything. Oddly she becomes friends with Kurihara and the best she could do is compare their methods of love for Momo. But in the end because she never takes action (not sure if she really feels worthy to be Momo’s girlfriend), she hardly matters. I mean, if she really likes Momo, she would have tried to make a move herself. Not doing so shows that she just wants to be stuck in the friend zone and remain his admirer. After all, knowing Kurihara’s personality that she doesn’t even get her alarm bells ringing if Momo is seen with another girl, I’m sure Rio has a better chance to snatch Momo away from her. Of course eventually it would be Momo x Kurihara but if Rio puts up a fight, it might get Kurihara to change her thinking and take action. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. She was quickly forgotten and her relevance faded as fast as she came in.

As for Norika, I feel that sometimes she is to balance up Kurihara’s character as she is her best friend. You know, with Kurihara being a scatterbrain weirdo, we need to have Norika who is the emotionless and the mature type. Otherwise she is pretty forgettable. I mean, what else would she be here for? To show weird stalker girls have normal friends too? Okay, Norika herself isn’t normal but at least better than stalker Kurihara. Shouta and Yuzuki feel like a distraction. It might seem that the odd cousin relationship between the duo might go somewhere but sadly it didn’t. There are a few small scenes that focus on them and it makes you think that hey, maybe there is more than meets the eye to them and something interesting would pop up. Nada. What a disappointment. Might as well have them as irrelevant as Rihito and Usami who are there just to make up the numbers.

Art and drawing feel cute. Yes, all your characters are looking as cute and kawaii as ever. So even if you find Kurihara’s stalker character to be annoying, but you see how cute she is in whatever mode she gets into and you’ll go “Aww… She’s so cute”. Really. Even Momo’s blushing makes it all look so cute that you’ll go “Aww… He’s so cute”. And when that happens too often, you’ll forgive at all the unholy, illegal and unwarranted stalking that she has done. This series is animated by Satelight who did Kamichama Kaarin and Shugo Chara, shows filled with cute looking characters. Yeah, not to mention AKB0048 is another one although not as cute as this but still cute nonetheless.

Voice acting is pretty normal but I got to hand it to Ai Kakuma (Hanabi in 12-sai series) playing the part of Kurihara. She really makes her character sound creepy and cute at the same time. Momo sounded familiar at first but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Eventually I found out it is Nobuhiko Okamoto, that one who played To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator. The other casts are Rena Maeda as Rio (Hanabi in Keijo), Naomi Oozora as Norika (Inari in Inari Kon Kon), Yoshitaka Yamaya as Rihito (Sugino in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu), Takuma Nagatsuka as Shouta (Lacus Welt in Owari No Seraph), Sayaka Nakaya as Yuzuki (Orine in AKB0048), Reina Takeshita as Usami (Ootani in Komori-san Wa Kotowarenai), Kensho Ono as Seiichirou (Slaine in Aldnoah.Zero) and Yasuaki Takumi as Ema (Tsukasa in Plastic Memories). The ending theme is Yawarakakutte Yasashii Jikan by Ai Kakuma. It is a cute piece at least the way she sung it. I later learned that this is the theme for the ONA version. When the series was released on the TV version, it had a different set of opening and ending theme. I didn’t hear it so I can’t really say.

Overall, this anime feels boring although the cuteness of everything might be the reason to distract you and keep you watching. Although this anime is not that all bad, I just feel that it didn’t had that oomph to appeal to me. Some of the stalker antics were funny at first but that gets old. I mean if you want a different kind of romance comedy because seeing too much normal boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, this one can prove to be a refreshing take. But it makes you wonder if the genders were swapped on this stalking issue. That would be downright creepy, doesn’t it? Very distasteful to see a guy stalking a girl and it would ring a whole lot of alert. I can take heart that despite being a loner otaku, I can feel safe sleeping at night that I don’t have a single female admirer stalking me. Or do I…?

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