Tired with all the usual human fanservice? Time to take a break from all that and return to Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou OVA. Yes. This time you’ll get to see bare monster tits. Literally. But don’t they look just like human tits? Whatever. It shows that tits are the same whether you are humans or monsters.

The monster girls are taking a physical examination. I guess some aren’t too happy that they gained weight. It could be Kimihito’s delicious cooking as well as they can’t move around outside freely. Smith suggests to hit the gym nearby. It was just recently built for them although it is still under experiment. Plus, they will get paid for participating! What?! How come no real gyms offer this great deal?! Kimihito wants those who didn’t gain weight to come along too. Because who knows what Rachnera would do to them if being left alone. They meet with Polt the kobold as she will be their instructor and trainer. As we see the girls try to use some of the equipment, apparently that there is no one size glove that fits all. Due to the different forms of some of the monster girls, some cannot use machines that requires legs, etc. Even the yoga pose is hard for some of them. And Smith is just sleeping through… It seems MON is also here for their workout. In the changing room, something gets into Manako’s eye. So Polt tries to lick it out and she makes it sound and look very ambiguous. “When it is gaping open, so wet and overflowing, it must be very easy for such a big one to get in”. Her eye… The gang hit the pool and because Kimihito praises Cerea and Mero for their swimming, Miia gets jealous and challenges them. The winner of this swimming contest gets to do anything with Kimihito. And so begins the race in which Polt and Kimihito become commentators. Everything points to Mero for an easy win as she is a mermaid. However when it begins, Miia uses her tail as springboard which covers quite a distance. Though, she belly flops. Mero catches up but when it is to swim back the other half, Miia swims backwards and stretches her tail for reach. At this rate she might actually win! But then Miia stops dead in her tracks. The water temperature drops causing her to freeze. So Mero should win, right? Well, the chlorine in the pool has paralyzed her. But since they won’t give up, it becomes a snail race to the finish. They thought Kimihito at the finish line serves as motivation but he smacks them for being reckless. He reminds them they are here for health purpose on not to hurt themselves. Plus, Cerea has already long won. Forgot about her, eh? So her reward is walking back holding Kimihito’s hand? Then all their stomachs growl. Must have worked up an appetite. Too bad with the huge servings they call, they gain back more calories intake than they burnt.

Rachnera wakes up from a dream of her previous host family’s torment. All the monster girls receive letters. However Rachnera throws away hers after reading it and retreats to her room. Since she didn’t dispose it properly, the rest reads it and finds her former host family is trying to take her back. They worry she might leave but Miia isn’t since less rivals! Then at the doorstep is Ren Kunanzuki. She is from the previous host family and is here to negotiate on behalf to take her back. The monster girls aren’t sure what to do since Kimihito is out. Because Papi cannot remember Ren’s name, she thinks this is some sort of trial to overcome to prove her worth. She takes on the challenge trying to make Papi remember her name. While it might look foolish, Cerea thinks this is fine because this is a good chance to test and see if the family is worth and prepared to take Rachnera back. Then she has to put up with Miia’s horrible cooking. She even ‘died’ at the smell! As she won’t give up, each bite ‘kills’ her! It’s so painful to watch that Cerea just wants her to give up. Yeah, it hurts Miia more than Ren… When she got stains on her clothes Suu tries to absorb it and this looks like some tentacle rape. She temporarily wears goth loli outfit and in Cerea’s room, the centaur berates her family for abandoning Rachnera in the first place. Ren reveals it was her fault. When Rachnera tried to fix a broken ladder, Ren tried to help but Rachnera accidentally tripped and scratched her face. The family deemed her unsafe and sold her to a free agent. As Cerea continues to scold her, Ren turns crazy thinking this must be another trial in the form of stress interview! It hurts Cerea when she comments her room smells like a barn. Ouch. When Ren goes to talk directly to Rachnera, it seems she has already packed finished. She is ready to go? She is fine living anywhere and since Ren has all the proper documents, why not? All that is left is for Kimihito to sign. Speaking of which, he just returned. It might look like he isn’t listening to her as she rants about getting Rachnera back. However he refuses. Ren is stunned. After all she passed all the trials. This is where Kimihito shoots back that she thinks Rachnera is some sort of test to overcome. This isn’t a quest to gain experience. This is just rude. He can’t hand her over. Poor Ren leaves in tears and vows to come back and overcome this trial! She didn’t learn… Happy Rachnera is now all over Kimihito, drunk over coffee and ranting how ‘bad’ the previous host family was. Before she could kiss him, she falls asleep. The rest note she may have said she could live anywhere but she seems real happy here.

Since we have some more time and perhaps to some aren’t happy with normal human fanservice in the previous segment (Ren, that is), that is why we have another part of more monster girls fanservice with Miia teaching the rest on how to put on a bra properly. WTF is this for?! Oh right. Fanservice… So we see all of them trying their hands wearing a bra. Some could easily fit in while others don’t. I mean those with monster boobs like Cerea easily break the bra. No wonder she doesn’t want to try out… However Rachnera points out they should try stockings too. Because Kimihito seems to have this fetish. And so all of them try it out. Some having trouble putting it on while others with ease. Because Rachnera is confident in herself, Miia becomes jealous and assaults her with a stocking! Kimihito comes back home to all the stocking chaos and madness.

Horny Monstrosity!
Well okay, it feels a bit strange. It was somewhat hard for me to get a boner while watching them. I mean, I’m not really into monsters so it was really weird that despite the bare tits fanservice, it feels hard to get hard on (pun intended). Sure, their boobs look like human boobs but seeing their overall form, I’m not really turned on by that. Even if some of them have this cute and kawaii anime bishoujo face, it is still difficult for me. Call me a racist (if that is the right term here) but I still prefer my fanservice and turn-ons to be in the form of humans. That is why the Ren fanservice was considered the best of the lot and much welcomed for me although too bad it was just a short one. Heh. At least they gave humans some fanservice time. I mean, humans themselves are the biggest monsters if you look at it from another perspective, right?

These couple of OVAs aren’t really much and are of course for the fanservice entertainment rather than anything else. Even if Rachnera’s issue was a bit interesting and provides a little more insight on what happened, it hardly develops anything. Because eventually Kimihito I believe has a monster fetish and decides to keep these 7 monster babes in his homestay programme despite knowing how taxing it is on his finances. And the rest of the monster babes remain the same like Miia as the big comic relief joker of the series, Suu and Papi the loli retards, Lala still with her chuunibyou (albeit much lesser as seen here), Cerea the serious and also embarrassed one, the warm Mero and the scheming Rachnera.

If Takahashi from Demi-chan Wa Kataritai could get a cameo here, I wonder if he would have a swell time interviewing these monster girls or he’ll be freaked out and earned himself a trauma. Because these monster girls are nothing compared to his docile demi girls. But I know that if there was every such homestay programme, I’ll be the first to stay very far away from it. Me not liking monsters in my house? Heck, I can’t even stand bugs in my house and swat them in an instant! But on a sadder note, can’t even get a girl in my house… :’(.

Get ready for another romantic comedy harem anime. So typical. Your single lead male protagonist living the normal life. So typical. A group of girls who are quite interested with him and some even having perverted delusions to go as far as to make him hers and stay a step of the rest but of course that will never happen. So typical. Each girl in the harem has one of those cliché traits. The tsundere. The cool beauty. The loli. The tomboy. The brute. So typical. This kid is such a good guy that he helps out anybody in need without suspecting anything for a second. How typical. This is the daily life of their antics as they try to catch his attention. Typical enough. But wait. There’s a catch. What if all those harem girls aren’t just ordinary girls. What if they are monsters from folklores! Yikes! What kind of horror harem is this?! I know throughout the seasons of animes, it is uncommon that sometimes there is a non-human girl getting mixed up in the harem and even so ‘not that serious’. But this one has got to be the ultimate because each girl is some sort of an obvious monster.

That my friend is what this anime, Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou is all about. You take the romantic comedy harem genre and replace the ordinary human girls with monsters like Lamia, Centaur and Harpy. Oh man. What kind of sick guy would actually love being around monster babes? Is he some sort of monster freak? I mean, does it even work? Well, despite their physical monstrous outlook, they are all still girls deep down inside their hearts, right? And so we will get to see how this guy lives out his ordinary life (which isn’t anymore considering how monster girls being part of your life isn’t anything ordinary) with his monster harem and all the antics, fallacies and issues they face going about their daily lives. Yeah, I’m sure you must be curious. How do you make love with a monster anyway?

Episode 1
It’s nice to have your girlfriend warm you up in the morning. Unless your girlfriend is a Lamia! It’s that bone crushing feeling when Miia has her giant snake tail wrapped around Kimihito Kurusu. He thought her weakness is rubbing her tail end but guess who wins at the end of this ‘endurance match’? Then he got her morning bath ready and she’s still trying to flirt with him with her snake tail. Lucky this guy can control himself so nothing untoward happened. As explained, thanks to some bill passed 3 years ago, monster species can now safely experience cultural exchange in Japan. Uh huh. Japan has lots of cute monster girls running around if I should say. How did Kimihito got into this predicament? As the exchange agent, Smith explains she brought Miia here as part of the home stay programme although clearly it was the wrong house. Conveniently Smith doesn’t remember that mistake. Thankfully or not, his parents are overseas at the moment. Smith is also acting as his guardian since part of the exchange law says that these species cannot be harmed in any way. This includes having sex! This is the worst of all the crimes and could even arise to diplomatic issues! So if you horny guys ever cross the line, you will be arrested and she deported to her homeland. You wonder if Smith is being a devil teasing Kimihito about how sexy Miia is but at the same time she is like flirting with him. This irks Miia as she grabs Kimihito by his neck. With her tail. Thank God he didn’t die from the whiplash. It’s amazing how much this guy has withstood. Miia is so grateful that he is the first human who accepted her, she doesn’t mind giving him her first time. You might think Kimihito is gay since he refused her but actually his shoulder got dislocated thanks to her stranglehold. Nothing that Smith could fix back in a jiffy.

Despite it is Smith’s job, Kimihito is tasked to take Miia out on a ‘date’ in town. They had lots of fun and there is even a store to accommodate for monsters. The lingerie store. I don’t even want to know… The ironic thing is how Miia is teasing and boldly asking Kimihito things about the bra that he knows nuts of but when he accidentally gets hold of a strange triangular shaped thingy, she gets embarrassed since that is her panties and calls him a pervert! In the streets, a couple of punks start taunting this strange relationship. Miia is going to beat them up but Kimihito bears the smack. He reminds her of the law that if they hurt humans too, it will be over for them. A crowd builds up as they started taking pictures of this odd couple. Try going somewhere private. Somehow they end up in a love hotel! Oh no. Things are getting steamy. Miia strips naked to show him she is defenceless and won’t do anything if she hurts her. Before you can wonder how sex with a Lamia would look like, a unit of SWAT team barges in! Holy sh*t! Almost caught with pants down? Led by Smith, they got a tip-off from Twitter about this illegal activity. As they exit, the same punk couple sees them and starts taunting about this. Miia couldn’t contain her anger but it is Kimihito that lands his super punch on them. Oh, he’s mad alright. Back home, Miia wants to show her gratefulness by having sex with him but that is abruptly put to a stop when Smith checks on them. Kimihito is forced to cook her dinner since he helped settle that incident out of court. Yeah, this guy sure has it rough.

Episode 2
It could have been a beautiful normal morning had not a Harpy kidnaps Kimihito! It seems Papi doesn’t want to be alone and thus her reason in kidnapping him. It gets troublesome when the birdbrain gets amnesiac after taking 3 steps. He treats her to ice cream but because she cannot hold it, she drops them. He feeds her but this looks like an ambiguous sucking scene! The crowd is watching… Shamelessly, Papi bathes herself naked in the public fountain. Miia then finds them and she is furious. Actually she is jealous that she wanted to be the first one to elope with her darling. The monster girls are about to fight but nobody is watching because they are more concerned of a little girl stuck up a tree. Papi could have saved the day but her wings are wet. Miia creeps up the tree but this only freaks the little girl out. Luckily Papi catches her but since her wings are still heavy, Kimihito breaks their fall. When all is done, the policeman is suspicious of them so Kimihito announces that both are staying under him. Okay then. Show me the documents. Oops. Where is Smith when you need her? Ah, here she is. With the proper documents and all. Back home as explained, Papi is a serial runaway. Since she has trouble finding a proper host, guess who gets the job now? I have a feeling Papi won’t run away anymore. Miia thought she can relax when Papi is alone with Kimihito since she is just a kid. However Smith explains Papi is the same age with her and her small body size is because of her species to take advantage of flight. Instantly Miia extracts Kimihito away from her and from now on, she’ll keep watch on her. This includes drilling into her head not to touch her darling because he belongs to her and only her. Did birdbrain get it?

Kimihito drags his feet to do morning errands when something crashed into him! It is a Centaur, Centorea Shianus! Wait… Sh*t-anus?! WTF?! She wonders if he is destined to be her master. Calling Smith for clarification, she mentions Centaurs have a tradition of finding their own masters but since today is her day off, she wants him to take care of her. Yeah, dump things on him as always. Nearby, a snatch thief snatches a woman’s purse. Centorea wants to pursue and beat him up but thanks to the law the reason she needs a human. Kimihito thought he could ride her like a horse but she finds it embarrassing and kicks him off. Only her master can do that. So how? He has to cling on her tummy while she gallops the whole way! Because of the high speed chase, he can’t help grab on to her boobs. This makes it awkward for Centorea. Then he accidentally rips her shirt. Ironically, the exposed tits cause the thief to crash. Centorea also crashes since she is ‘frozen’ after the indecency. The thief picks up her dropped sword and is about to slash her for revenge but Kimihito takes the strike! OMG! Is he dead?! Luckily, that is just a toy sword (the law says you can’t walk around carrying real weapons). After the thief is apprehended, Smith learns that Kimihito attempted to ride Centorea. Since only masters can do that, from a Centaur’s perspective this is equivalent to rape! Immediately he goes to apologize but surprisingly Centorea is the one who starts apologizing for dragging him into this. She asks him to become her master as she swears her lifelong loyalty to him. And what do you know? Miia is not too please he got another monster girlfriend. Since when Cerea (Centorea’s nickname) becomes the master of this house?

Episode 3
The fight for Kimihito’s hand in marriage begins! Miia tries to lay down the law rules but I think what she really wants is to add her own that since she is the longest with him, Kimihito totally belongs to her. As the snake and horse argue, Papi burns out from trying to read the law. Kimihito prepares bath for her and since she has no proper hands, I guess he has to put on her swimsuit for her. I think he needs to cool down too. Before Papi can get more aggressive on him, Cerea steals him and gallops out of the house. At the park, she blushingly asks for him to hold hands. The moment is ruined when the other monster girls find them. I didn’t know there was some boobs smothering contest to prove their point. Since it has come to this, they’re going to get physical to settle the score. Smith is passing by and sees this. She shoots her tranquilizers but it hits Kimihito who somewhat came in between to stop the fight. Is this guy unlucky or what? The girls are sorry but Kimihito doesn’t blame them since this was Smith’s fault and that they’re family. This gives Smith an idea. She tells him recently there is a change in the bill where it would allow humans to marry another species. This is to test how far the interspecies relationship will go. She wants him to choose which he will marry. So I guess that sex violation thingy is done for, eh?

That very night as Kimihito laments about this, Miia comes into his room worried. Since he brushes off what’s bugging him, she starts seducing him but Kimihito can tell tonight is different. Miia is serious! Papi crashes through the window, knocking out Miia. It’s her turn to get serious in mating with him. Even a birdbrain like her knows what sex is. Then Cerea crashes through the door, knocking out Papi. Thankfully she is still sane. She warns him that tonight’s full moon is the reason why they are going berserk. And then she loses the plot as she also goes sex crazy. Nightmare blows up when all monster girls tussle with their brute strength over him. At this rate it will be a funeral before a wedding! Kimihito escapes. He gets a call from Smith who forgot to tell him about the full moon effect. Too late. She asks him if he has decided on one of them. Or has he even discussed his future plans with them. Because he ran and hid in his room, it is the main reason why they’re acting like that. For the time being, he needs to cool them down. Well, I didn’t think she would mean it literally because, ice from the refrigerator? The monster girls have found him. They accidentally smack him. OMG! It’s all bloody! Did they kill him? Thank goodness. Just tomato ketchup. Then the girls lost it… The scene cuts to a calm morning. Like it is the aftermath of a hangover. They are shocked to see him covered in bandages. I can imagine the hell last night. Well, thank goodness he is one tough cookie. He asserts this happened because he was indecisive. Now he has decided. He is going to date all of them as potential marriage partners. Hooray! Happy harem ending. Typical indecisive harem guy route.

Episode 4
Something is wrong with the dinner. Some slime almost suffocates Miia! As explained by Cerea, there are many species that are still unknown to humans and slimes are one of them. The slime attacks them again and since they’re sticky, Kimihito and Cerea take a bath. A little fanservice of a guy trying to clean a horse but she isn’t your ordinary horse so you just can’t clean her anywhere as you please. Cerea thinks the slime’s attack was because it was looking for water. Don’t look up now because something is hanging on the ceiling! Cerea instinctively grabs her sword but it is Kimihito’s ‘sword’. This embarrassment causes her to slip and pass out. The slime grabs him. Is he going to be eaten? Surprisingly it turns into a humanoid female form and then starts seducing him. Kimihito recognizes the things she is doing to him are like what the rest did to him. Is she trying to mimic them? Is this her form of communication? Kimihito is in danger of drowning inside her watery boobs so he takes a gamble by diving into the bath. Thankfully it worked because water diluted her. They discuss about slime girl and Cerea has never seen one taking humanoid form. They are surprised to see her getting along well with Papi. Oh, she takes the liberty to call slime girl, Suu. She might be a little annoying as her body tends to absorb or make things sticky. Besides, she can’t run around naked so Kimihito suggests she wears a raincoat. They fear she might have come here through improper channels and might be an illegal. If so, she might be captured and imprisoned. Cerea thinks they should hand her over to Smith soon.

Soon, Papi flies away with Suu as Kimihito gives chase. Suu panics over the river as Papi drops her (on Kimihito). Seems Papi overheard their conversation and feared Suu will be arrested and ran away with her. A bunch of kids come by. They know Papi as they always play with her. Today is no different. As they play water guns, Suu observes and mimics. She absorbs some water to make her breasts big (boys, line up for some ultimate slimy boobs smothering) and then blasts them with her water. I guess they had too much fun that the play spilled across the road and a reckless driver happened to be in their path. Suu uses her body to protect the little girl. No injuries whatsoever. However the wall collapses. Suu falls down but Papi grabs her hand. She cannot hold any much longer and slips. Suu’s last words were thank you. Thankfully Kimihito drove that reckless driver’s truck underneath the bridge to catch her (how the f*ck did he do all that so fast?). He thought he is going to get an emotional hug from Papi but she went for Suu instead. Insulted? After all this time it was him she flew to and now her new best friend? Kimihito calls home to tell the rest that he is going to let Suu stay for the time being and teach her common sense. Just think of her as a little girl. All that’s left is for Smith not to find out about this but when they reach home, there she is.

Episode 5
Miia initiates an emergency meeting on how to tackle Smith when suddenly contractors barge in to tear down the place. However it seems they are making extensions and adding extra rooms. During that misunderstanding, the monster girls escape to the park where they have to further hide since they think MIBs are looking for them. Suu then starts ‘raping’ Papi since she is dehydrated. Because Cerea broke the public tap and got wet, she became the next rape victim. When Kimihito is looking for the girls, a gothic girl in a wheelchair, Meroune Lorelei AKA Mero crashes into him. I guess those boobs didn’t work as airbags. Mero knows who he is looking for since she saw those girls passed her. When they arrive at the park, they see Miia facing off with Suu. Miia is distracted when she sees Kimihito and this allows Suu to rape her. Now Suu targets Mero but Kimihito quickly ties her up in a plastic bag. When they return home, the renovations are already done. Seems Smith has had too much on her job and paid too little so she’s going to close an eye on this slime girl. So the extra rooms and pool room is not for Suu? They’re actually for Mero who is a mermaid. Yup. This guy is going to be her host family again. This means Miia has become ultimate paranoia suspecting this mermaid in trying to steal her darling. Because she accidentally breaks her wheelchair, Kimihito has to carry her around and since her body is oozing with mucus that keeps her damp, there are going to be a few nip slip incidents.

More paranoia as Miia tries to stay a step ahead by sabotaging them but it only backfires. As Mero seems to be asking if Kimihito has a girlfriend, they wonder if she is actually interested in him (which monster girl wouldn’t?). She explains of the Little Mermaid fairytale that she loves and has always adored such tragic romances. So when Miia asserts she will not let Mero take her darling away from her, oddly she suspiciously confirms she will not be doing that. Miia thinks of defeating Mero at her own game as she dresses up in her swimsuit to join them at the pool. Suddenly it looked like Mero is pushing Kimihito into the pool. Miia thinks she has shown her true colours and dives in. However the pool is deep and the temperature is dropping. Miia soon passes out. When she comes to, she is pulled out by them of the water. Actually Suu ‘attacked’ them for some moisture and knocked them into the pool. In the end, Miia apologizes to Mero for being rude the whole time and admits she was jealous. But when she declares she will be the one to marry Kimihito, Mero assures that was never her intention all along. As she loves the tragedy in Little Mermaid, she promises not to get in her way and supports Miia (and the rest) to end up with him. Mero’s wish is to offer her master a love that will never come to fruition just like in the fairytale. Hope she doesn’t mind a little infidelity from time to time.

Episode 6
Miia tries her hand at cooking as training to become Kimihito’s bride. However she’s so bad at it that she burnt herself. Thank goodness she didn’t burn the house down. As she hides gloomily in her room, there is something else she wants to hide from him. Too late. Kimihito discovers she is shedding skin and with her hands like that she cannot tear them off properly. I guess he has to help with it, huh? Whether you call this erotic or not, it is going to be seriously torture for him. Miia giving out those ambiguous moaning sounds that would make everyone think they’re doing something kinky. You thought getting the shed skin off the tip of her tail was bad enough, wait till he needs to help take off near her pubic area since it must be done correctly or else it would leave her itchy and such. Are you turned on or having goosebumps? And so the battle for him to remove it blindfolded proves to be quite a big challenge. I hope he rips it off first before he gets ripped apart. Then possible the worst move ever. He mistakenly inserts his hand into her… Ugh… I don’t want to say it… You can guess what happens to him. I’m not sure if this is the deep grudge of a woman or just gratitude as Miia claims because now that he is bandaged up and can’t move, she cooks her poison meals to feed him! Oh sh*t! He has always been so close to death! Now, the reason why you don’t see the other monster girls is because they were knocked out for being guinea pigs in testing her cooking. Let’s say Kimihito became a statistic.

When Papi says she is going to lay an egg, Kimihito gets beaten up for being prime suspect number one as the guy who fertilized it. Please don’t jump the gun. He didn’t do it. Papi did have one before but this is the first time in this world. Suddenly a suspicious creepy dude, Kasegi who claims he is a film director here to film Papi’s egg laying. Everyone has no choice but to let him in since he claims this is part of the interspecies exchange programme. So while they wait for Papi to lay, he goes around filming the other girls’ rooms. He is bold to ask perverted questions as he claims this is all part of the programme. When he sees Miia’s shed skin, he wants to take it. Although embarrassed Miia won’t allow him, he assures her of donating them to the research facility and this may help lead her to marry her darling. That sure convinced her. When it’s time for Papi to lay, Kasegi has Kimihito help her out. Kasegi notes to himself how this footage as well as the Harpy’s egg and Lamia’s skin will fetch a very high price in the black market. But his plans has been seen through or rather heard out because Suu is able to read his thoughts. Now that everyone knows his true colours, they’re not going to let him get away. However the girls can’t hurt him thanks to the law. Kimihito does this cool move. He throws this mini Harpy egg at him and while he is so engrossed in catching it, Kimihito punches him right in the face! That was just an egg from the supermarket. Time to attend Papi since it is coming out this time. We won’t see how it’s done but the graphic commentaries from the girl would provide some insight if you’re imaginative enough. In the aftermath, Smith although will not handle Papi’s egg, she will investigate further into Kasegi because from all his fake aliases, this guy looks like he is a pro and repeated offender. Wondering what Papi will do with her egg, for now she puts it in the fridge. Wait a minute… Didn’t Miia use it in her cooking???!!! One boiled egg coming up! NNOOOOO!!!!!!! Meanwhile Kasegi is cursing his luck and plotting his revenge. He takes out his frustrations on his Arachne partner but she wraps him up in her web. She finds this Kimihito guy interesting.

Episode 7
A group of Orcs takes an otaku shop hostage. Their demands are for hentai versions of Orcs f*cking various female types. Don’t even ask… Thanks to the loopholes in the new bill, the police cannot touch them. This is where Smith’s team comes in. The Orc boss sniffs out a ninja girl spying on them and shoots her to death! Then they sniff out a cute girl hiding somewhere in the store and get ready to mess her up. Such an unlucky girl to be done in by ugly pigs… Before anything untoward can happen. A sniper shot takes out their weapons. This long distance sniping is thanks to this Cyclops girl, Manako. A big armour dude (Al from Fullmetal Alchemist?) crashes in to wipe out some of them. Actually she is Tionishia the Ogre. More surprise in store. Ninja girl revives and fires her guns. One of the Orcs thought he could squeeze and crush her instead but she shoots through herself to disable him! Folks, meet Zombina the living corpse! A zombie in other words. Remember that cute girl? She is actually a shape shifting Doppelganger, Doppel. She beats up the Orc boss. These monster girls are from Smith’s special squad: Monster New Law or MON for short. Orc boss gives up believing that in doing so he cannot be harmed and the most he’ll get is deported. However he didn’t realize the law doesn’t apply when a non-human species fights another non-human species. You’re screwed.

MON receives a tip-off from Kasegi’s shady house. As they barge in, it sets off a trap. Thankfully Zombina survives (oh, the irony) but spider girl escapes. Not sure if Kasegi is already dead, suffocated in her web previously. When Smith goes to warn Kimihito’s monster girls, they realize something amiss when there is a trail of groceries outside their house. Kimihito has been kidnapped! He is in the hands of Rachnera Arachnera in some warehouse. As he is not afraid of her and acting his usual ways, she thinks he is trying to play tough. She plans to reveal the hypocrite he is before turning in. This includes lots of seducing and teasing that tests his limits. Kimihito wonders why she isn’t with her host family. They didn’t get along. Well, her host family didn’t really take a liking for hideous spiders. You should see the look on their faces when they first met. It was like total disappointment. Then some shady guy offered to take her in and so the family quickly dumped her and transferred all the host rights to him. In a way, she hates humans and is sick of them. However she can take comfort that he did get turned on as her upper torso is human enough for him. Actually Kimihito admits he has some sort of leg fetish and praises her beautiful legs! Say what?! MON surrounds the place. Because they couldn’t hear clearly what Smith is saying, Kimihito thinks she is here to arrest him for going too far in punching the fake director. He will turn himself in and he wants Rachnera to escape. But she finds it quite amusing and has now grown fond of him. In the aftermath when the misunderstanding is cleared, although Rachnera points out Smith’s blunder in choosing the wrong host family for her, she is not looking for an apology. She hints that now that she has nowhere to go, there is only a place that a guy can accept monster girls like her and is currently housing a handful of them. Yeah, that narrows down the options by quite a lot, don’t you think? Guess who is going to be the latest addition to Kimihito’s harem home stay programme?

Episode 8
Guess who is being back to paranoid when a new monster girl moves in? However Miia is no match for Rachnera. To make things worse (at least from Miia’s view), everyone else is getting along well with the spider girl. Cerea tells Miia not to judge anyone by their appearance. Late that night when Rachnera is going to get passionate with our (un)lucky guy, Cerea barges him and takes him away to town. With everyone staring at them (I think they’re staring at her boobs), she starts thinking that she too is judging others by their appearance. Those punks are back and they brought their friends this time. As usual, lots of mockery. Cerea will not stay to listen to them but when they badmouth Kimihito, she is ready to get violent only to be reminded of the law. They restrain Kimihito while trying to fondle her tits when Rachnera webs them. She is not afraid to hurt them and even if they threaten about that law, she threatens back will they even get a chance to report? Enough to scare the sh*t out of them. When Rachnera flirts with Kimihito, this causes Cerea to act jealous. She screams out not to touch her master and that he is not her plaything. She hates her. Rachnera laughs and is glad she spoke out her mind. After they both make up, Cerea would like make it up to her. What’s this? Rachnera tying her up in various S&M positions? I think she’ll still hate her for a while.

Kimihito is down with a fever! Before Miia can play pervert nurse, Smith crashes him to warn that his virus may mutate and may cause a pandemic and infect all non-humans. Therefore this place is quarantined and Smith will look after him. However it’s just an excuse to escape her desk job as she dumps it on her colleagues. 10 minutes later… She’s sound asleep. The monster girls know they can’t leave it to her and need to do something. As they can’t risk getting infected, they think only Suu is immune. Therefore they teach her how to nurse Kimihito. But that is just what she does. She just imitates all their failed delusions and poor Kimihito has to bear the brunt of it all. Heck, Suu even morphed into Kimihito for them to practice their perversion. Are they really that pent up? By the time Rachnera restrains them to avoid teaching Suu more wrong things, slime girl is already gone and started putting into practice what she learnt. When he collapses from exhaustion, Suu reads his mind and all the pain he went through. Then she remembers this incident. As it was raining and she was trapped taking shelter at a bus stop, Kimihito came looking for her. He gave his umbrella and he got soaked in the rain. This time Suu administers her own nursing method to make him feel better. More amazing, she says in her own words that this was all her fault and is sorry about it. After all, she loves him. Is that really he own words or did she mimic that off from someone? This doesn’t bode well for Miia. Getting paranoid of the emergence of another rival? I hope Smith has a good nap because now here she comes checking on things. Oh. Looks like she’s sick now. Everybody keep your distance. Yeah. Nobody wants to nurse her. You’re on your own. Even her buddies can’t help because they’re out partying. So sorry you can’t join. You reap what you sew.

Episode 9
What in blazes?! Kimihito out on a date with Smith?! Has he decided to go for a human girl after all?! So our concerned monster girls tail him to a maid cafe. As they cannot be seen, they come up with an idea to use Mero to act as a maid with Suu transformed as her legs to serve them and find out if they are really dating. Kimihito is puzzled if this maid is Mero since she looks like her but she can’t really walk. However when Mero starts sweating, this causes Suu to act up. And all the perverted guys in the cafe are watching with glee at this ero scene. Smith takes Kimihito to a video arcade. This time Papi is disguised as a cosplay girl. Again Suu disguises as her clothes and arms. When Papi has to call and report back, she slips the handphone into Suu. This erotic scene has the perverted gamers watch in glee as the handphone slowly slides down into her undies and then starts vibrating… Ultimate self pleasure? Miia and Cerea disguise as ice cream vendors. Thanks to their huge tits, some guy calls all his buddies to order ice cream. Miia sees Smith taking Kimihito towards the love hotel area. Because Suu is disguised as their uniform, when Miia breaks away, this leaves Cerea naked. The patrons must have gotten the best ice cream service ever. Miia parodies MGS to sneak into the hotel. Rachnera is also here and she wants to take pictures to blackmail them. Miia tries to stop her, believing Kimihito is doing this for a reason. The commotion has MON arrest them. With everyone gathered, it’s time for an explanation. Seems Kimihito got a threatening letter from D that he will be killed if he gets married to one of them. This date was supposed to lure them out but it didn’t work. Smith suggests the girls date him instead until they catch the culprit.

Miia is happy to be on the date but why is Mero here too? She assures she is only aiming to be his mistress and will support them. At the aquarium, Mero is some sort of staff celebrity as she has helped them numerous times. This is a chance for Miia to get close. There is this one time they’re close to kissing but Mero had to ruin it by narrating her fish trivia. So close… When they watch Mero in her dolphin performance, because Kimihito looked so captivated, this makes Miia mad as she storms off. She bumps into a Lizardman and because they’re both reptiles, they understand each other and head somewhere off. Though MON spots this, they are unsure to continue their watch on Kimihito as Smith cautions the culprit may be using Kimihito as a tool to get the girls. The Lizardman takes Miia on a boat ride. Because she praises Kimihito so much, he gets mad and claims that he wants her. Could he be the culprit? After all, he corrects her that he is not a Lizardman but Draco from the Dragonewt species, the king of all animals. Suddenly Kimihito is seen turning a swan boat into a motorboat. Don’t ask how. He’s mad. Maybe that’s where he got the power. He charges straight and crashes into them. On land, Draco is still not happy but as Kimihito is going to dry him and takes off his clothes, they are shocked to find Draco is female! All she wanted was another reptilian friend and has no idea about the letter. She escapes but is soon caught by Mon. Kimihito gives Miia a necklace. He couldn’t find the right time to give it to her. Who cares? A hug from her shows how happy she is. Hate to ruin your happy moment but as a reminder, the culprit is still at large.

Episode 10
As part of Kimihito’s protection, he is whisked away to the mountains. Papi and Suu are with him and despite Zombina is supposed to be his bodyguard, she’s happily eating all the BBQ meat. Suddenly a giant wood monster attacks them. Didn’t Zombina say something about this area being an industrial waste dump? Papi recognizes this Dryad friend, Kii who takes them as hostage. She claims she hates humans. Papi remembers meeting Kii. After Smith arrested some non-human species kidnapper, she saw Kii separated from her friends. She planted her in this forest and forgot all about her. Suu who has absorbed some hazardous materials grows big (Godzilla?) and sets up a classic giant monster fight. She believes the wastes made Kii large (Ironically growing big made Suu smart) and the only way is to extract those waste nutrients out from her. How are they going to do that? Papi suggests Kimihito suck her boobs! Papi can’t do it since she’s been tied S&M style. When he sucks on her, Kii tries to absorb the nutrients from Suu. Zombina who almost died from being trampled (the irony again) sees this very ambiguous erotic scene. What the hell just happened? I don’t know how in the end, everybody reverts to their normal size. Kimihito pleads to Smith not to charge her and blames it on the wastes. However Smith says she wasn’t going to do anything to her. Kii isn’t the culprit as she cannot properly write. As her agents will think of a way to clean up this place, Kii will continue to stay here as long as Papi and Suu visit her. Kii is bewildered that they like Kimihito as he is a nice guy. She notes that he was even gentle sucking her boobs.

Cerea seems to be the strict bodyguard. Anybody who approaches him, she shoos them away. Yeah, she’s even in a full armour gear. Is she going to war or something? A cheeky devil girl, Lilith takes out Manako who is keeping an eye on them (how aptly fitting) as she plans to play a prank on them. Cerea’s horse body means she is being clumsy around town. During picnic, her sandwiches do not have taste but Kimihito continues to be kind to her until Rachnera had to spill it out to her. This makes Cerea feel bad as she goes off to cool her head. That is when Lilith hypnotizes her. When Kimihito finds Cerea, she is acting strange. She forces herself on him and allows him to rape her! Lilith is watching with glee when a wild boar attacks. Kimihito throws his shit to cover its vision and let it crash into the tree. Cerea, free from the spell finishes it off with a pole. Although Kimihito praises her, Cerea continues to view herself as useless. He gets on her back claiming he sprained his ankle. See, she’s not useless after all. Rachnera has apprehended Lilith and is going to make her spill the beans. But Lilith isn’t afraid of her and mocks the spider girl as the one who is most afraid of humans and rejection thanks to her spider body. I hope she’s ready to face Rachnera’s punishment. And although she is not the culprit, I think Lilith is coming to enjoy this S&M punishment. More! MORE! Cerea tries to cook salad for everyone but the girls just dump them to Suu. No confidence?

Episode 11
This time Kimihito is going on a date with MON minus Doppel. Because there is another death threat letter that sounds like an ominous lover letter. But why is MON doing this on their free time? They have had it watching him date and it made them jealous. So is this some sort of pay back? First he gets to date Tionishia. A folly in the dressing room has him pull down her panties too when she gets stuck in the skirt. Next and probably the best of the lot is Zombina. After watching a zombie movie, she decides to play what is supposed to be the best zombie prank ever. As Kimihito is good in sewing back things, she purposely drops her boobs to let him sew it back! Finally it’s the very shy Manako. She is bumping into things as she lacks depth and perception (how the heck did she become a first class sniper?). She thinks he doesn’t care for her because like others, nobody looks her in the eye when they talk to her. But when he does and quite sincere about it, she starts flustering. Then they spot somebody spying on them and go into action to corner the culprit. Turns out to be Doppel. It is revealed the threat letter was planned by Smith and her because Kimihito is taking too long to pick a bride. Due to the sense of danger, he would have to get with someone. But they have to admit that all of them had fun with him as he treats them like ordinary girls. However Doppel is stumped about the second letter. What second letter? They only sent the first one. Oh no…

When Kimihito returns home, his monster girls are shocked he brought a headless woman back! The paranoia is getting to Miia but she becomes scared sh*t after seeing the cross-section of her neck. Like the kind guy he is, he wants to go out to look for this Dullahan’s head. Some of the girls volunteer to help look. Better hurry before it gets really dark. You don’t want to be accused of holding a severed head, do you? Miia is extremely scared. A mannequin’s head could freak her out as she even thinks maybe her species doesn’t even have a head. Then they find the real head. That’s it for Miia. Because the head is speaking in such high level, she is forced to bring it down so Kimihito could understand: Please take her head back to her body. Just say so… However she starts to feel funny. Because Rachnera is experimenting S&M bondage with her body. Is this why she volunteered to stay back? Thankfully Suu puts a stop to it. But this means Suu is now violating her body! After returning home and she reattaches her head, they discuss about the Dullahan folklore whereby they are like grim reapers who appear before those who are about to die, reap their souls and guide them to the underworld. And she points out that Kimihito is that person. Gasp!

Episode 12
Rachnera ties up Dullahan and lets the rest escape with him. However Papi’s night blindness means she bumps into almost everything and could have killed him if not for Suu’s absorption. Cerea takes over but because she is too deep in her delusions of this ‘elope’, she failed to see he has fallen off and has been dragged for metres. Dullahan pops up so while Cerea fights her, Mero takes him down into the river. He almost drowned. Then her tragedy addict activates. She wants him to leave a legacy when he dies. And by that she meant children so she could tell them about his heroics. She is really about to drown him when Miia pulls him out. Now it’s her turn to get delusional about performing CPR. To her surprise, Rachnera ties her up and is siding with Dullahan. After all that he has been through, you think they’re making his life easier? Might as well put him out of his misery. Miia wants to die with him. That is when Kimihito gets up and is going to end all this. If he makes it home alive, he is getting married. He steps out to the middle of the road into the path of an oncoming truck. Luckily it is just a toy truck. Who the hell plays that in the middle of the streets at night? Kimihito proves this means he is not fated to die yet. Back home, Smith chides Lala (Dullahan’s real name) for running off each time she finds her a host family. She has to stop using high level words since Smith is scarier than a grim reaper! She is the one who sent the death letter as she was curious to see that each time he is on the verge of death (thanks to you-know-who), he wouldn’t die. Lala wants to stay here to further observe him and Smith immediately gives the green light. The other girls are okay with this since she is not Kimihito’s love rival or out to kill him. Smith learns that Kimihito was never afraid of her death threats because aside from his life is always in danger, he recognizes Lala’s personality as chuunibyou. How does he know? He was once like that! Oh sh*t! He was once the dark master! Vanishment this world!

Kimihito is in a pinch. With so many monster girls in his place, the food cost is going through the roof and he is barely in the red. Oh look. The fridge is empty and the kitchen is in a mess. Well, time to head for the supermarket. Too bad it’s temporarily closed. What about the market street? Thanks to the monster girls doing good deeds for them, the market sellers give them tons of meat, vegetables, eggs and other stuffs for free! But when Suu mentions she doesn’t eat and only takes nutrients, this won’t do for Kimihito because everybody has to be eating the same thing at the table. So they go to see Kii to get some herbs. Since she won’t allow it, Suu administers the boobs sucking rape to get her permission. On the way back, Draco tries to attack him but is paralyzed by Suu’s poison. She learns her lesson to late to never touch him again when Suu violates her. After Kimihito has cooked up a feast, here comes MON joining in. Just great. The order just keeps coming. Challenge accepted. Kimihito cooks his heart out till everything is empty and everybody satisfyingly full. Now he is in despair he has no more money for food. When Smith heard about this, she tells him he can always put food costs as expense. As long as he has the receipts, they can reimburse him. All the trouble he went through…

Monster Perverts!
Okay. It was rather fun and entertaining on its own right. Call me a racist (for the human race, that is) and being discriminate because at the end of the day if I were to put myself in Kimihito’s shoes, I don’t think I could even last 10 seconds. That’s right. I don’t think I could ever get use to have a monster girl as my girlfriend even if she is the sweetest and most caring girl, better than all the human girls in the world. But that is the cruel truth about me (and probably a lot of you). Appearances do really make a difference and if you know me, although I did say I am a sucker for a pretty face, that includes the entire body. Head to toe. Therefore while watching this anime, although I do enjoy the funny comedic bits, at the end of the day, the thought that these are ultimately monsters somewhat ‘ruined’ my enjoyment. It’s like watching a monster flick. Without all the action and replaced with romance. It just feels weird.

This series tries its best to come up with something new under the romantic harem comedy trope as there is a dime a dozen of this genre out there in the market, past and present. It’s refreshing in a way and even better if you are a monster lover but for a person like me who doesn’t, it isn’t going to as much as enjoyable as you hope for seeing that the monster factor is a turn off. This is of course from my big point of view. Feel free to differ. As far as this series is concerned, it does quite a good job in diversifying the different types of monsters but I can’t help another type of monsters are missing. Notable the very popular vampire and werewolf. Yeah, with so many vampire themed animes, movies, series and everything else, I suppose it gets a little tiring. So in a way it is a good thing that vampires, supposedly the most famous ‘monster’ of them all is left out. After all, they look too humanoid to be considered anything near a monstrosity.

Character wise, I believe the varied personalities of the monster girls make them amusing and entertaining to watch. Although you can’t help feel that their personality mirrors so much of those of a human girl that you might think that those girls are just wearing monster getups. We have the paranoid Miia (you can’t blame her for she was the first and only one around when the monster population of the household suddenly increased), the kid-like and ‘retard’ Suu and Papi, the strict and honourable Cerea, tragedy addict Mero and the S&M dominatrix Rachnera. Now that we have the chuunibyou Lala adding to the mix, you can say that the household is going to be a very lively affair every day. Every single freaking day.

Kimihito might look like a normal teenager but he is more than meets the eye. Like any other male protagonist of a harem anime. He is kind to everybody. The good thing we can learn that he does not discriminate and sees and treats everyone as equal, monster or not. But the way he becomes a ragdoll, each time surviving monstrous beat downs that ordinary humans would have died, doesn’t this make him a monster?! Think about it! He could be the strongest ‘monster’ of them all! Ah yes, and here I was going to say that humans are the worst kind of monster. I am assuming he is already out in the working force because there is no mention or hint of him going to school or college – if so, I am sure there would have been an interesting mix of his human classmate girlfriend who secretly have a crush on him, getting all worked up he’d rather entertain a bunch of ‘hideous’ creatures than her. Hey wait. Didn’t Kimihito say he was going to decide whom he is going to marry? What happened to that? Don’t tell me he has decided to marry all of them! Well, I don’t recall a law that says monogamy between the species although that law of interspecies marrying was just passed.

It is precisely this helpful attitude the reason why Smith takes advantage of him and puts all the monster girls in his care. I suppose she has other host families under her care and I am guessing that the monster girls had some sort of problem with them and thus why Smith arranged to be put under him. I mean, he doesn’t mind, right? That is why with this reliable guy around, Smith slacks a lot and lets him handle the girls although the more serious stuffs behind closed doors, she’ll be there to take care of it. Heck, if she can even be a freeloader for his meals, that shows you how tolerant this guy is, right? Am I not right in saying that he is not a monster? The rest of her MON team is also cool although they lack any more screen time compared to Kimihito’s monster harem. If I had to pick the best monster girl (out of all the monsters that appeared), it would be Zombina because she is just opposite of what you’d expect of a typical zombie. Instead of being dead and craving for brains, she is quite lively and cheeky. Especially with her penchant of making quips that it could have killed her! Funny indeed.

Just a thought. They should make Kimihito (who is never referred to by his real name in the anime except for once in the beginning of the episode as introduction) the ambassador between humans and non-humans thanks to his kind and cannot-refuse nature. With all the increasing costs and expenses related overheads, I’m sure he can claim it from the agency. Because if there is a monster on home stay programme who runs away, the first person for this solution is always him. Noticed that? Not too sure if there are other families that are as kind as him but as far as this anime is concerned, many of the monster girls that bump into him take a liking for him and end up staying with him. I am sure those from MON will also be the same. Even those who don’t will eventually tolerate him. And he can tolerate all the daily beat downs as well. So is he not the best bet to take both sides of the divide to the next level instead of those lazy self-interest lawmakers?

If you notice that in many of the episodes, there is this single policeman who is on scene to check things, sometimes freaking out if there was a ghost when the monster girls go into hiding or such. It makes me think… Is this entire town he is the only policeman around?! I don’t know how big the town is or if it is just coincidence if he is just patrolling the area but to have him always looking with his flashlight, sometimes it feels they’re trying to make him a joke character with this running joke. Later in the end episodes, I somewhat noticed a furry dog/wolf girl jogging around in the background. If you are sharp enough you can catch her in this split second frames. I keep thinking that if she could be the culprit of the letter or just some sort of ‘antagonist’ in the final episode plot twist. But it turns out to be just my paranoia (influenced by Miia?). Nothing but a background character, that’s all. Another thought: Are furries considered as monsters?

It is with mixed feelings when the fanservice scenes are played. On one hand, they look erotic enough to get your delusions going but the thought that they are monsters is what stops me from fapping. No, I’m not saying that every erotic fanservice scene I will fap. Just saying that it takes away the ‘pleasure’ just watching fanservice scenes with a monster. Here’s a thought: If you really have sex with a monster, would it amount to bestiality? I mean, unless you harbour such fetish, would you actually have sex with your pet dog? Therefore with some of the scenes that really borders hentai and very ambiguous, it is this dilemma that takes out the horniness when watching such scenes. Really. Unless like I said, you love monsters. So the fanservice here is both a turn on and then a turn off. Who would have knew that monster girls show the same reaction as porn stars when their sensitive areas are being ‘tampered’ with.

So it is no joke when some of the very busty monsters have monstrous tits. The kind of tits size that you would only expect to see in hentai series. Having such humongous tits means it would be a waste not to be ‘taken advantage of’ as there are quite a number of scenes of boobs smothering and squeezing till you suffocate (at least in Kimihito’s case). Despite the number of boob scenes in every episode, I was hoping that final episode would have the ultimate one. Why? So that I can make a pun of “Save The Breast For Last”! Haha!

Art and drawing feels pretty normal with your typical conventional Japanese anime looks. Many of the monster girls do have the look of a cute Japanese anime girl. Yeah, but that is just the top part. Then the bottom torso is just freaking monstrous like Miia, Cerea and Rachnera. As an additional bonus, at the end of each episode, there is an educational illustration and short narratives of the types of monster and its subspecies. I believe the list is not exhaustive and there could be more since how much can you actually fit into a single screen? This is great if you want to know more about them. But as for me, I never read a single one of them since I fear I might be getting sleepless nights! Therefore I am not sure if the subspecies as pointed out are facts in general or just created for this anime only since they do not appear.

Voice acting wise, I only recognized Yu Kobayashi as Smith. It has been a long time since I heard her voice but she is still recognizable nevertheless despite not going into her trademark crazy screaming voice. But each time I can’t help that at any point now she might do so given the outlook of her character but she remains the calm and cool slacker agent. For the rest of the casts, they include Junji Majima as Kimihito (Tooru in Hitsugi No Chaika), Sora Amamiya as Miia (Isla in Plastic Memories), Ari Ozawa as Papi (Nozomi in The Rolling Girls), Natsuki Aikawa as Cerea (Petra in Shingeki No Kyojin), Haruka Yamazaki as Mero (Ruka in Hayate No Gotoku series), Mayuka Nomura as Suu (Konomi in Mujaki No Rakuen), Sakura Nakamura as Rachnera (Kurumi in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai), Ai Kakuma as Lala (Est in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance), Rei Mochizuki as Zombina (Rin in Strike The Blood), Momo Asakura as Manako (Rin in Witch Craft Works), Yurika Kubo as Tionisia (Loki in DanMachi) and Saori Oonishi as Doppel (Eriri in Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata).

The opening theme is Saikousoku Fall In Love and is sung by Kimihito’s monster girls minus Rachnera. So the spider girl is not part of his harem despite her appearance in the opening credits? Anyway when you have the animation starting off with wedding bells for Kimihito and the girls, it feels like a foreshadow of what his future is going to be like. Yeah, this guy is going to end up marrying a monster! I hope this doesn’t imply anything. I prefer the ending theme done by Smith and her MON team. Aptly named after the agent herself, Hey! Smith! is surprisingly a catchy piece despite its hard rock nature and it makes me want to play my air electric guitar and jam like all those crazy hard rock metal bands on stage. Take it from the top one more time! Hmm… For oldies sake, anybody mind doing the Monster Mash with me? :-).

Overall, this anime shouldn’t give you nightmare about monsters and still a decent watch (if you don’t mind the monstrous fanservice too). But still, if you are a monster-averse person like me, there is a high chance that you might not get to enjoy this anime to its full potential if you keep thinking the weirdness of humans mixing with non-humans. Heck, even among humans, the issue of human marriages between different races and religions are still a big sticky issue. Well, at least that itself proves that we are human deep down inside right to our genes. Speaking of nightmares, I hope this won’t arise to something about being afraid of monsters lurking underneath your bed trying to eat you. Because what is even scarier are monster girls trying to mate with you!

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