Morita-san Wa Mukuchi

June 8, 2012

There is this saying that once the words leave your mouth, it is hard to take it back. I’m not sure of its exact words or origins but it’s something along those lines (shame on me). I guess in today’s world whereby everybody is so sensitive that the slightest mistake even in the form of words would spark outrage. That’s why it is best to think before you speak. So as in the case of Morita-san Wa Mukuchi. How often do you have a lead protagonist that doesn’t speak out? Literally.

Everyone, meet Mayu Morita. A high school girl of Sakurabashi High School. It’s not that she is mute or dumb, just that her mom once told her to carefully think of the words she has to say to avoid any misunderstanding. However Mayu has taken it too literally and thus her taciturn and reticent nature. It’s not that she’s got the right to remain silent whatsoever. So by the time she finishes thinking of what to say, the conversation is already over. Or worse, people may have misunderstood things over her body action and her silence. Yeah, I guess this is where the funny part comes in. Throughout the series, you will not hear a word Mayu will say through her mouth. You’ll only hear them as her thoughts. And even if she did open her mouth, it is just the huff and gruff. Prior to the start of the TV series, an OVA was released bundled with the special edition of the manga. While the OVA is the usual 24-minute long duration, the TV series is however only 3 minutes long! Talk about nothing much to say, eh?

Miki Murakoshi starts off by introducing her friends like Chihiro Miura and Hana Matsuzaka. They get a little chatty before realizing Mayu is not among them. Where is she? She is at the library and notices a senpai forgetting her library card. She panics upon what to do and by the time she finishes thinking, that girl returns to take her forgotten card. Much ado over nothing? You can expect a lot of this from Mayu. Then while picking a book, she notices the girl nearby on a shaky ladder. She inadvertently supports it and thinks she may have startled her but instead didn’t expect to get thanked. Mayu goes out shopping with Miki as the latter is asking her opinion on the colour of the handkerchief she should get. Again, she took her sweet time thinking so it doesn’t matter because Miki already buys it. Miki and Chihiro give Mayu taste some cupcakes they plan to give to the cool captain of the football club. By now you should have guessed what Mayu will do and the outcome. Yeah, perhaps it is so delicious that she can’t put it into words. So flashback reveals her mom, Yumi told her to plan what to say carefully or it will cause a misunderstanding. You’ll notice this trend between Yumi and Mayu’s dad (let’s just call him Dad). Yumi gets suspicious about Dad’s flings. She coolly confronts him and with a smile wants him to come clean. He starts panicking, denying and at the end of it all prostrates himself apologizing and begs for forgiveness. In the end, they become the lovey-dovey couple once more. It’s amazing that they remained married all these years. Miki suggests Mayu to smile more but it just looks creepy. Hana tries to be friendly with Mayu but her creepy smile spooked her out! As Mayu combs Hana’s hair, she concentrates real hard as not to mess it up but Hana thinks her intense staring is scary. Hana admires Mayu’s long black silky hair too. Guys Ryuuta Kokubo and Kouichi Oono misinterpret the yuri scene. They recall how since she doesn’t talk much, hearing her voice (which in this case is just huffing and gruffing) is like finding something rare.

Mayu returns home to see Yumi berating Dad once more over his affair as she discovered another woman in his handphone. He’s acting so guilty even if Yumi coolly points out if he hasn’t done anything wrong, he should look at her in the eye and speak up or else she wouldn’t know what’s going on. I guess this is why Mayu also thought it is best to properly plan her words. When Mayu comes down later, looks like everything has been settled and she is puzzled they have become lovey-dovey. Mayu notices Miki wearing make-up and takes a closer look. The guys once more think it’s something yuri. There is this girl from another class (let’s call her Megane because she wears glasses) who admires Mayu from a distance. Wanting to hear her voice, she gets a cheeky idea to scare her. But she got more than she bargained for when Mayu faints of the shock. And she didn’t even scream. In home economics class, the teacher chides the group of girls for being noisy and should be more like Mayu. Actually she is really concentrating in making her dish. Miki and Chihiro taste her cookies and from their expression, it doesn’t taste good. This sends Mayu into depression but they cheer her up by giving a peck on the cheeks. The guys see this lovely scene and wish they will be reincarnated as girls in their next life. During pool lessons, water gets into Miki’s ear so Mayu offers to get it out for her. Once more, the guys view this as Mayu giving her a lap pillow treatment but this time they don’t want to be reincarnated as a girl, but a swimsuit! Miki and Chihiro have this misconception of a futon’s smell and fresh air. Mayu knows it is just an urban legend and the real fact is due to the dust in the local area but just couldn’t have the heart to say it. Ritsuki Yamamoto corrects their misconception and tells them not to breathe in this ‘fresh air’ as they will inhale dust and mites. She turns to Mayu and tells her she could’ve just told them about the myth. Suddenly Yamamoto says seeing her turns her on! Actually it’s a slip of her tongue. What she meant was seeing her like that makes her pissed off. Yamamoto admits that when she sees people, she gets flustered that she says weird things. All the more reason why Mayu (and us) should stop and think before we speak. Yamamoto tries to make up but once more she bloopers by saying how her eyes look like frozen squid (reitou ika) instead of looking distant (me tooku ita). Another shock for Mayu. Miki and her friends talk about how harsh Yamamoto was on Mayu and laugh it off that she may even like her. Megane girl didn’t like what she heard… Mayu and Miki are walking their way home. Mayu didn’t pay attention to Miki because she was distracted by a cat. When Miki nudges her, she replies with a “Nyaa~”, much to her embarrassment. I don’t think I would consider that as her first words.

Episode 1
Miki wants to copy Mayu’s notes. Since Mayu didn’t get the printouts from the teacher, Miki thinks of doing it later so she can copy from her. Miki rants about her admiration of the popular football club captain. All Mayu is doing is just hearing her out because she remembers Yumi’s words to think before she speaks. Miki spots that football guy passing and goes off to take a closer look. Phew. You’d wonder when she would ever shut up. Kouichi asks Mayu about the teacher’s printouts but since Mayu is giving him that intense look, he finds it scary and drops the idea (remember Yumi’s advice to look someone in the eye when they’re talking?). Miki is disheartened that the football captain is already going out with someone else. Mayu panics and starts thinking what to say to cheer her up. But that won’t be necessary because Miki has gotten over it and will move on. She thanks Mayu for always listening and this causes her to blush. Miki finds it cute and hugs her.

Episode 2
Chihiro shows Mayu a fashion magazine for her opinion. Thinking too hard, isn’t she? Miki butts in and has lots of things to say about everything. Yeah, miss-know-it-all is freaking the silent one out. Mayu sees a paper high up on the board almost falling off. She wants to pin it back but it is beyond her reach. Miki also sees this and takes a chair to pin it. Mayu thinks how cool Miki is and wants to be like her. But Miki didn’t want Mayu to hold the chair but her skirt instead. Mayu holds it too close, too close to her face in fact that when the guys see this, they start thinking it must be really nice to be girls.

Episode 3
Hana tries to talk to Mayu but her staring causes her to feel afraid. Actually Mayu saw a string on her head. As she is about to get it, Hana freaks out and apologizes for being rude. Once she finds out there is something stuck on her hair, she allows Mayu to take it out but Mayu’s fingers get entangled! Combing her hair, Hana feels that fearful feeling of Mayu staring at her when she is just concentrating on her brushing. With Hana touching her black silky hair, the guys relish in seeing this yuri interaction. Later when Mayu helps Hana carry things, Hana regrets for judging her too quickly seeing she is a nice person. She thanks her and they both smile at each other.

Episode 4
The girls are fanning themselves in class on a hot summer’s day. Miki wears herself out by double fanning herself. She finds it refreshing when Chihiro fans her but that was just a limited time offer. They do a rock-scissors-paper to see who will do the fanning. Mayu lost. Mayu tries several fanning ways and it makes her look like she’s grilling eel, making sushi rice or even cheerleading an idol concert. Funny. Hana comes by and almost scares them with her messy hair. She feels better when Mayu fans her. Miki feels hot ‘down there’ and would pay 100 Yen for anyone to fan her. Chihiro gets an idea to charge people to fan beneath their skirt. Great business idea? Well if they don’t mind the modesty part. Mayu sticks her face and body to the cool window. Her friends see this and imitates. Yeah, like a bunch of girls doing funny faces stuck to the window…

Episode 5
Miki asks Mayu if she wants to eat something on her way home. Thinking what to eat, she is surprised Miki knows she wants ice cream. I guess she’s been around her long enough to know what she’s thinking. At the ice cream parlour, Hana observes Miki and Mayu. It’s like Miki understands what Mayu wants even when she didn’t even say anything. Of course Mayu’s simple action has Hana guessing what she wants too. While eating their ice cream, Miki cheekily ad-libs a couple meeting outside. The girls then order parfait despite finishing their ice cream. Finding it too big, they share to finish it and find it delicious. Sweet paradise!

Episode 6
The girls are talking about colours and laces. What do you think it is? Handkerchiefs. The guys continue to observe the girls. On a hot day whereby their sweat is soaking their uniform, cheeky Miki lifts Mayu’s arm and smells her armpit?! WTF?! Then they share using deodorant. On a rainy day, Kouichi spots Mayu waiting and without an umbrella. He starts thinking of lending her his to see her smile but is also in a dilemma whether he should let her run in the rain to see her bra line. One of the bad points of thinking too long is that the window of opportunity will be gone. And so is the case of Kouichi because it stops raining and the sun is out. Mayu goes on her way and Kouichi continues his delusion.

Episode 7
Miki once more rants about her ideal guy. Chihiro advices that appearance alone isn’t enough so Miki teases her ideal guy is one with lots of money. She dismisses it and the man of her dreams is one who has a villa, a yacht, plenty of maids, able to provide her with lots of cute clothes and high heels. Isn’t that the same for wanting a rich guy? Asking Mayu’s ideal guy, she starts thinking hard. While she’s at it, they ask Hana. As long as it doesn’t have her living with her mother-in-law… Don’t ask further… Miki’s crush this time is a guy from the baseball club. Conveniently he is down at the field so Miki shows her pals. How come he is holding hands with another girl? Miki laments she can’t get a boyfriend though she is looking for someone kind and considerate. Mayu pats her head and Miki gives her that look so her friends misinterpret she might be into that. Of course not! That night Mayu asks Yumi for advice on her ideal guy. Of course it has to be Dad. Why else they’d be married?

Episode 8
Yumi helps Mayu’s friend put on their yukata. Their praises of her causes Mayu to blush. As they have fun at the festival, Chihiro teases Miki should be here with her boyfriend. I guess she hit her depressed button. Miki’s obi is falling off so Mayu helps her tie it back but isn’t sure of the next step. Although at the end Miki’s obi is fixed, Mayu’s yukata ends up loose. Must be that frantic, huh? Because of that, Mayu returns home early because she couldn’t fix her own. Looks like mom has got a lot to teach her. But her friends return to play sparklers with her.

Episode 9
The guys are lamenting they need to run laps on a hot day instead of watching the girls in pool lessons. Miki thinks it’s a good way to exercise but Chihiro teases her she must have gotten fatter so by swimming, it’ll be simpler for her to go on a diet. The girls watch in amazement that Mayu can hold her breathe underwater for a long time. The girls get spooked when they see Hana’s messy hair and thought she was a ghost. She somehow lost her swimming cap. Mayu notices a good swimmer and wonder who she is. She turns out to be Megane as she laments she can’t see anything without her glasses so she wasn’t able to see Mayu today. So close, yet so far… The guys return from their hell and feel like dying. The girls also return as they help each other tie and clean each other’s hair. The sight relieves them. It’s not so bad after all, eh?

Episode 10
As narrated, Yamamoto the class rep is not only good in sports, her grades are good but when she makes a decision, no one can respond. Megane thinks of helping Mayu reach a book on a library shelf. Before she could move in, Yamamoto couldn’t stand the sight and gets it for her. In class, Miki observes Yamamoto is pretty popular with the other girls. She wonders if she is interested in Mayu too. Megane overheard that thinks she likes Mayu. Yamamoto calls her out so that she can tell her the sight of her turns her on. Though Mayu shivers in surprise, Yamamoto apologizes for saying the wrong word as she meant it pisses her off. Mayu thought she made her mad so Yamamoto explains about her habit of screwing up the wrong words when meeting people because she gets nervous. What Yamamoto meant was her eyes seemed distant that it pisses her off but Mayu misheard that her eyes look like frozen squid. Because of that, Mayu closes her eyes. How can she read if she does that?

Episode 11
Mayu is in a dilemma to tell the truth whether she really studied for her exams to her friends. If yes, they would probably want to borrow her notes or fail together. If no, they might not believe her. Mayu is struggling what to say that she looks so odd. Oh, the exam is about to begin. At the end, her friends ask how it went. To say did well or not to, that is the question. The more she didn’t answer, the more curious they get. Mayu walks home alone and sees a newly opened cake shop. Though she has not enough money, she decides to treat herself. Though worried about the calories that were stated in the menu, she eventually enjoys her strawberry shortcake and milk tea.

Episode 12
It’s that time again as Yumi interrogates her husband for coming home late last night. A reception he says? Well, he’s been keeping this up every night so is he sure he isn’t having an affair? Which guy would boldly admit that he has one? Not to say Dad had an affair. Besides, Yumi wonders about her missing wedding ring. Mayu hears Yumi’s side of the story of Dad’s late night out and that he should spend more time with his family and her lost ring. Then she hears from Dad’s side about Yumi always getting mad at him. He assures her not to worry even if they have different personalities. Then Yumi in another interrogation wants Dad to explain about this club card he found. From an acquaintance he says? He must be hard working, eh? Because Dad can’t say anything, Yumi thinks she is losing faith in him. Then he shows her the lost wedding ring. He had it remade and thought of surprising her by giving it to her on her birthday. With that, their relationship is back to normal and the lovely couple they once were. For now.

Episode 13
Mayu meets up with Miki who is just saying goodbye to her college friend. Then they are surprised to see Chihiro parting with her boyfriend. Actually he is her brother. And he already has a girlfriend. Even if Miki didn’t say anything, Chihiro could probably guess a mile away what she was on her mind. Hana arrives late and apologizes she made a wrong turn and got lost. Miki teases her with a pun that she may be an airhead and sinks her into depression. Sorry is not going to cut it… As the girls shop, Miki suggests everyone buy the same matching items. From mugs to earrings, they don’t come in sets of fours and only have pairs of threes. So in the end, everyone orders the same strawberry parfait at the cafe. I guess this counts.

Episode 14
Mayu helps Yamamoto with the printouts. The latter feels the silence between them makes the atmosphere awkward. Well it’s good, right? Their hands are moving instead of their mouths. Actually Mayu is concentrating hard on punching the exact hole measurements. Their teacher Maki thanks them for helping out. She hugs Mayu because she’s cute (maybe it’s because she never talks back) and finds Yamamoto otherwise. She decides to treat them to juice and Mayu gets confused about Yamamoto’s request for coffee with or without sugar and mistakes them for people (Katou-san or Mutou-san), Maki observes Mayu buying a drink for Miki. Then she sees Yamamoto, making sure of her surroundings before taking a sip at the bitter coffee. Maki notes she has her cute side too.

Episode 15
Mayu is in an intense baking but gets startled when Miki nudges her. It causes the powder to blow over her face. Meanwhile Hana becomes strict in baking and doesn’t want Chihiro to underestimate it. Her friends see how good she is and though she makes them at home, it seems this habit stems from her mom and grandma always arguing about it so it’s faster if she did it herself. Thanks to her numerous baking, Hana has got her own biceps to show off! The girls eat their own finish product and Miki has eaten all of hers. Wondering why the rest left at least a piece, she realizes that it can be used to earn points while tackling a guy. Too late. Back home, Mayu wonders what to make with the yam. But she thought for too long and in the end just put 2 candles on it. What the hell is that dish anyway?

Episode 16
Mayu almost dozes off while reading at the library. Chihiro notices Miki reading a book on dishes of love. But can she understand French? Well, she’s just flipping through. They talk about the various books the library contains, even ones that touch on handling family crisis. This causes Hana to sink into depression because she doesn’t need one and sees it at home every day. Tells a lot what kind of family she comes from, eh? Miki observes Mayu trying to borrow books and she looks like a guy trying to buy ero manga! Mayu sees Maki returning books and thinks she reads often. Actually, she uses them as her head pillow while sleeping in the staff room. Yeah, books indeed very useful. Back home, Mayu reads the book she borrowed and finds the story weak and predictable. She heads downstairs to see her parents quickly reconciling after another interrogation. Why would she need a book when something more dramatic happens close to home?

Episode 17
The class will be having their seats arranged. Some of them have their desired location. Miki who wanted to seat at the back got the front instead. Kouichi gets his wish as he seats next to Mayu. As his chance to get closer to her, he purposely borrows and shares lots of things but to Mayu, she must be thinking he is one forgetful guy. But thankfully she continues to help him out when he wasn’t paying attention in class as the teacher wants him to continue reading where she left out. Mayu is like dozing off in her seat. Miki comes to wake her up but Mayu’s reflex slaps her hand away. Martial arts technique? Mayu wonders why a girl is looking at her. She points out this is her seat so Mayu gets embarrassed.

Episode 18
Miki suggests a sleepover but at whose house? Seeing Hana is in one of those deadly aura modes that her house is like a battlefield, they settle for Mayu’s house. Yumi has prepared their futon but why is there a brick attached to the pillow? Maybe it’s a sign that pillow fights aren’t allowed. Then as they put on their pyjamas, they see Mayu’s one very sexy. Actually she buttoned up wrongly. As the girls chit chat, they want to know more about Mayu. Guess what? She took too long what to say and by the time she realizes it, the trio are already fast asleep! Morning comes and Miki wasn’t able to have a goodnight’s sleep. Seems when she woke up to go to the toilet last night, she saw a female figure sitting upright by the front door and thought it was a ghost! Chihiro didn’t believe her but in actual fact it is Yumi waiting for a certain husband and she is pissed that he didn’t come home no matter how long she waited. And when he comes home in the morning, you can bet Yumi is about to blow her top.

Episode 19
As Mayu is at the library, she witnesses a junior confessing her love to Yamamoto. But she apologizes and can’t see her nothing more as her junior. Even Mayu herself gets emotional after seeing that drama but she didn’t realize Yamamoto came up to her. Realizing it’s bad to witness all that and love between girls do exist, Yamamoto hands her a tissue to wipe her tears. But Mayu uses it to plug her running nose. Yamamoto hopes she would keep this a secret. Not so much of herself but she feels bad for the junior. Megane dreads she isn’t able to see Mayu today but passes by her class to see her back with her friends. They note something good must have happened today. Mayu and Yamamoto’s eyes meet as they both put their finger over their lips. Though the rest are puzzled, Megane dreads something must have happened between them.

Episode 20
Maki introduces a new trainee teacher, Hama. However she has an anxious nature and can’t properly introduce herself, let not answer questions from students. Miki asks her if she has a boyfriend or not so she couldn’t answer that personal question and would prefer if they ask her favourite food or something. They’re not elementary kids, you know. As Hama observes the lesson from the back, she notices Mayu moving about (she thought it would be nice not to block her view). Then when she takes attendance, she sees Mayu staring intensely at her (she wanted to give her full concentration). Hama overhears Miki and co talking about her anxious nature and she didn’t know Miki’s nature to know better why she likes a certain guy teacher in comparison and thinks she did something wrong. She gets depressed and wonders if she is cut out to be a teacher. Maki lets her check the notebooks and sees a comment that she is looking forward to her next lesson. Hama gets encouraged to do her best.

Episode 21
For the cultural festival, Yamamoto’s class will do a flea market. Seems Yamamoto and Chihiro have made some sort of deal for the event. So Chihiro leads the class in telling them what they can bring. Even items they can lick, squeeze or leave behind? Mayu helps in the preparations and you can see how fast her hands work if she doesn’t talk compared to Miki and Chihiro, right? As everybody gathers their items for the flea market, they notice a jar oozing with evil aura. Yeah, you’ve guessed it. It’s from Hana and she thought ridding it would bring family peace. But it didn’t work… So as the festival takes place, the flea market is a hit and everything is sold out. Except for the jar… Oh Hana… And the best part is, they made a profit and Chihiro got her picture in the papers. Just as what she wanted.

Episode 22
Mayu gets a cold and is forced to stay in bed instead of going out to the movies with her friends. She writes a long SMS message to explain her situation but when she sneezed, she accidentally erased it all. So all her friends got was a short reply, “Sorry”. They decide to call it off to another day. Yumi remembers Mayu always get sick during her day off and she hasn’t changed because she still grabs her mom’s hand to stay by her side. That night when her fever has gone down, Yumi gives her eat some pudding that her friends bought.

Episode 23
Mayu notices Miki not in class today and worries she may have got into an accident. So worried, she didn’t hear what Chihiro and Hana said to her. Then she gets a short message from Miki saying she’ll be late because she hit a car. Oh no! The odd part is, Miki has always talked so much that when she is so brief, they don’t know what she’s saying. So when Miki makes it to class, she reveals that while she was on her way out of the cafe, her knee hit the car (probably she was daydreaming). The car owner was worried and wanted to take her to hospital but she refused seeing it wasn’t serious. He took her to the clinic just to be sure and she just got her knees bandaged. Because of that, she can’t keep up with the walking pace of her friends. On the way back, Miki assures Mayu that she’ll be alright. But I guess she wasn’t paying attention and looking straight ahead because she bumps into a post this time. If only Mayu had said something… So this time, they make sure they look left and right before crossing the street. Better safe than sorry.

Episode 24
The guys wonder if Mayu has ever gotten angry before. But they want her to scold them or be cold because they feel she has a cute side to that. However they got reprimanded by Yamamoto for slacking in their class duties. I’m sure they’ve heard it from her a hundred times. As Mayu and co eat at a fast food joint, Hana accidentally spills her drink on Mayu’s clothes. Though they manage to clean the stain, Mayu isn’t close to mad. But Miki has a feeling she has seen Mayu getting angry before. Thinking back when she was bullied by a kid as a toddler, Mayu did blow her top telling that naughty boy off for making her cry. Because of that, Miki orders extra large servings for Mayu as thanks.

Episode 25
Chihiro suggests her friends to work part time at her relative’s shop selling Christmas cakes. The rate is 800 Yen per hour and additional 500 Yen if they wear Santa Claus outfits. Immediately money face Miki bugs Mayu to come work part time. Mayu is a little shy in her outfit because it’s a little loose. Megane passes by and sees her selling cakes. Thinking of buying one and getting on her good side, she goes home to retrieve her money. At the end of the day, the cakes are sold out and the owner gives them extra bonus for their good work. Miki and Mayu go shopping for presents. Miki teases Mayu when she sees her buying a pair and thinks she is going to give it to her special someone like a couple. Actually it’s for her parents. When Megane returns, the store is closed since the cakes are sold out. Maybe she can treat herself to some pound cake…

Episode 26
Miki and Chihiro are fighting so they aren’t talking to each other. Hana thinks they’ll reconcile soon but Mayu can’t help worry. Both are her important friends and can’t treat one as a friend and the other her enemy. She thinks hard on what to do but nothing comes to mind. Yumi is fine with Mayu worried over her friends but advises her not to overdo it as it can make her heart pass out. I wonder how she does this with her husband all the time. Next day in school, Mayu continues to ponder and worry on what to say to make them friends again. Then she gets the shock of her life when they both come in back as friends. Yeah, Mayu nearly got the shock of her life. They apologize for making her worry. When the quartet walk home, they think of visiting the karaoke joint. It starts snowing so Miki suggests a race and the last one to reach will treat juice to everyone.

Special 1
This episode comes with the DVD. Chihiro observes chatty Miki ranting about the guy she’s interested in. It just brings back memories of the first time they talk. Yeah, Miki still talking about some hunk and dominating the conversation while Mayu just listened. Chihiro’s sneeze got their attention so the trio start talking. Okay, maybe the duo because even though Mayu is in but she’s not saying anything. So they eat lunch and Mayu brings her squid. Is it raw? Chihiro notes Mayu doesn’t talk much but Miki points out she is easy to understand. Case in point. Mayu is pushing her cheeks with her tongue. Squid stuck in her teeth? Yup. See? Easy to understand. Mayu spots a lint on Hana’s hair and is pondering whether to go pick it out. Hana notices Mayu’s ‘scary’ stare and runs away in fear. I guess that was easily misunderstood, eh? Ah, sure brings back good memories.

Special 2
Due to a notice that regular classes will be suspended to facilitate entrance exams, this prompts Miki and Mayu to reminisce about the time they also take the same exam for Sakurabashi. They barely made it in time and after the test, Mayu almost tripped. Miki would’ve said that forbidden word if Mayu didn’t quickly silence her mouth. But then a black cat and black crow pass by… Better hurry home. On the day results are out, Mayu is praying so hard that her number is up but Miki turned spoiler. Yup, she told her that her number is up on the board. Yeah, brings back good memories, don’t they? Miki says it was a piece of cake but Chihiro knows she’s lying. Mayu feels grateful for taking the entrance exam here or else she wouldn’t have met such wonderful people. If she could only say that out loud.

Silence Is Not Golden
So nothing much happens after all? Life goes on for Mayu and her friends. That’s about it. I guess I can’t complain with a series that is only this long. I suppose I was wishing for too much when the series should end with a big bang with all the characters making their final bow. But how can you have a final big blast when the main character herself doesn’t talk much? Speaking of which (no pun intended), Mayu should be every man’s ideal girl. Why? Because this woman doesn’t open her mouth!!! Haha! Hope you don’t take it as a sexist joke but it’s true. Mayu never really speaks to others in reality and even if you did see her open her mouth, that is only in the imaginations of her friends. I know everyone likes a child who isn’t noisy and quiet like her. But keeping her mouth shut for a long period of time like this usually would have people especially older people like our parents say, “Why cannot talk? Your mouth got gold, ah?”. I know Mayu is a nice girl and she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of her friends by saying the wrong things. As we all know this saying too well, “The tongue is mightier than the sword”. The wrong words can pierce our hearts sharper than any sharpest blade in the world. So by thinking too much and keeping quiet, it feels like she is obliging the ‘you have the right to remain silent’ right. Anything she says may be used against her in the… Well, it’s not that she did some heinous crime, didn’t she? In either way, whether Mayu finally finds something to say or not, the situation itself will be solved. No worries indeed.

Mayu’s other friends are also nice girls but there is nothing special that makes them memorable. Miki is a talkative girl and is always talking about getting a boyfriend herself. Maybe it’s because of that talkative trait that she doesn’t score with guys, don’t you think? Chihiro likes to retort and tease Miki as well, especially when Miki comes up with silly ideas. I guess Hana is the slightly more interesting one among the quartet mainly because of her dark aura and her feuding family. She always gets depressed when the friends talk about something related to it. I’m curious to know what kind of family life she lives. But then again, I might not because there are some secrets that aren’t meant for others to hear. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Simple. Ryuuta and Kouichi are just guys with roles nothing more than admiring the girls. They seem to be interested in Mayu (see, what did I say about the attractiveness of a woman not opening her mouth?) but they usually don’t get pass more than the delusions they have. Don’t expect to see any romance blooming. Same case with Megane. All she ever does is admire Mayu from afar. She always misses the chance to get close to her or hear her voice. Yamamoto is only scary because of the way she sounds. Especially when she screws up the choice of words. I guess in her case, the mouth is faster than the brain, eh? But the most interesting couple has got to be Yumi and her husband. It is a wonder that Yumi gets to put up with her husband’s late nights. Don’t they get tired of this pattern? Well, men don’t really learn. That’s why they’re forever apologizing. I guess it is even scarier when a woman smiles and talks to you politely about your fling rather than raising her voice. But it is not clear if her husband really does have an affair or something. He just comes back late, that’s all. But his actions of prostrating himself in fear speak volumes, right?

Actually I don’t have any complaints about the art and drawing. They are just simple conventional Japanese anime style. But I just want to note that the OVA’s art and drawing seem to be more horrible compared to the TV series. Ironically it is the OVAs that should put in more quality. Therefore the characters in the TV series look much better and cuter than their OVA counterparts, which look just plain and well, unattractive. Speaking of the OVA and TV version, I thought I was being ripped off just like what Kyo No Go No Ni did when it adapted from its OVAs to the TV series. There were some episodes in the TV series that is just a retelling or more accurately a repeat of that short skit in the OVA. This happens especially in the first half of the TV series. It’s like seeing the same thing twice but from a different source. I also want to mention something about Mayu’s eyes. They look ‘dead’. No offence but just like Yamamoto noted, it makes her look like she’s spacing out or in worst case scenarios, a frozen squid (even if that was misconstrued). It is not like the other characters have that ‘dead’ look in their eyes. This is only special to Mayu. So why? My theory is that, she always thinks so hard on what to say that it makes her space out. Spacing out for too long makes her deeply immersed in another world, therefore the ‘dead eyes’ looks whether she is thinking hard or not. Okay, perhaps that was a little far-fetched but I believe it is something like that.

Kana Hanazawa does an okay job with Mayu. It’s not like she has to undergo various emotional states because the character itself doesn’t express herself well, so why the need to get loud, dramatic or excited? Well, Kana Hanazawa do voice other seemingly monotonous characters too such as Kanade/Tenshi in Angel Beats and Sora in Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~. Other casts include Haruka Tomatsu as Miki (Lala in To Love-Ru), Saori Hayami as Chihiro (Ikaros in Sora No Otoshimono) and Yoshino Nanjou as Hana (Kokoro in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes). The rest of the casts are lesser known seiyuus such as Amina Satou as Megane, Kouta Oshita as Kouichi, Ryuuichi Kubota as Ryuuta (I wonder if it is just a coincidence if the guys’ names are picked based on the seiyuus’ first name), while Mie Haraga as Yamamoto and Masatori Ki as Mayu’s father so far have only lend their voices to this series (you can say it’s their debut).

So this show teaches us to mince our words before you shoot your mouth. Of course don’t take too long or else you’ll lose the timing and window opportunity to speak altogether. Maybe firebrand politicians can learn something about her, eh? But if watching this show is supposed to make me get over my shyness and speak up it public, it did the opposite instead. Now I’m more fearful to speak my mind :). Sometimes it is a good thing to speak your mind but sometimes it does more damage than it is intended to. The trick is to balance to say the right words at the right time. That often isn’t easy. Probably I would have a few more things to say but after a little thinking, I think it’s best to make it short and sweet. And to end it with a motto that I have said somewhere in my earlier blogs, just because I don’t talk much doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. That really says it all.

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