May 6, 2006

This anime’s running time is actually 15 minutes only. Minus the opening and ending credits, it’s about 10 minutes or so. Yup, I’m talking about Mouse, that sexy-thief-thriller-drama (okay, maybe not that sexy).
It’s about this guy, Muon Sorata (AKA Mouse), who is supposed to be the 20th generation of the age-old master thief Mouse, that stretches way back to feudal Japan. I’m not sure why they do so. Perhaps they did explain, maybe I wasn’t paying attention. But this reminded me something like Robin Hood. You know, they’re both the good and bad guys by robbing from the rich and give to the poor, but robbing is a bad thing. Same here, stealing artifacts, priceless arts and treasures for their own collection. And just like in Robin Hood too, the common people just loved them, cheering them on whenever there’s a steal.
But Mouse isn’t just a one man show, he has 3 lovely assistants, Mei, Hazuki and Yayoi, to help him in his steals and protect him as well. One thing I notice (and probably very obvious) that these ladies have oversized breasts! And in those tight outfits, you see where I’m heading, right? Really, I’m not kidding. Plus, they’re quite sex-crazy and always want their master to ‘please’ them. And when they do, they scuk him real dry. You know what I mean. Wah… I’m so envious of him. But Mouse seems to try and avoid such situations, except in the last episode where he ‘did it with all his hearts content’ (that’s because he was a little drunk).
Also, he can’t be Mouse all the time. So he disguises himself as an art teacher in some high school (his assistants too). And you know it, one of his students, Machiko, has a crush on him and isn’t shy on asking him out on a date (went out on several occassions already, that is). Sometimes making his assistants a little jealous. But of course, still manage to keep his identity a secret.
Mouse claims that he is such a perfect and terror thief that he tells the police and detective of the time, place and what his is going to school in his trademark card. Must be lah. So far they seem unable to catch or foil his plans everytime. Even that Detective Onizuka who has been trailing Mouse for so long hasn’t been successful. Not even once.
Half of the series focuses on Mouse’s assistants on their troubled backgrounds (like low self confidence, multiple personalities and fear of men) and how they ended up trusting him to be their master. The other half of course focuses on his steals with the first 2 on some Mayan skull and a floating tower. And the remaining few episodes on some Heaven’s Clock which time is suppose to run forever.
Speaking of which, we’re introduced to some character named Wang, who is supposed to dispose of Mouse once and for all. Yeah, Mouse must have met him on several occassions previously but each time he dies. But he comes back the next time. How does he do it? I’m not sure either. Wang seems pretty vague in his explanations. You’d guessed it too, Wang fails and dies again too.
But in the last episode we caught a glimpse of him again (still alive after that car expolsion) when he and Mouse coincidently meet at some road side hawker. But he reveals that getting rid of Mouse is just his job and since it was his day off, it was no use of them fighting each other (really a separation of work and personal life). Of course, Mouse was pretty drunk at that time so they left peacefully but promising that there’ll be fireworks the next time they meet.
So in the end, Mouse and his assistants still do what they do best, Detective Onizuka is still onto Mouse’s tail (I wonder if Detective Onizuka recognized Mouse since he saw his unmasked face during the clash between Mouse and Wang. Maybe it was too dark then), and Machiko still hasn’t given up on Muon either nor has she given up her support for Mouse. Overall, it was short and enjoyable though there may be some hentai elements. And one of the background music with the trumpets blowing when Mouse is on a roll, gives me an impression of that spy-like atmosphere. Also, Mouse’s theme goes something like "Mouse… Chuu, Mouse…". Makes me smile and raise my eyebrows lah.

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