Mujaki No Rakuen OVA 3

November 11, 2016

Wait a minute. There’s more? Again? I wouldn’t have guessed it again that they released a third OVA another year later. So am I seeing some sort of pattern? Around this very same time, Mujaki No Rakuen releases an episode to satisfy your horny loli porn and at the same time technically don’t make you feel guilty that you are watching child porn. If you want to make ‘child porn’ using the loopholes, watch this series to get an idea. Yeah… So in case you’ve forgotten why such loli porn existed, please remember that this loser grownup guy somehow went back to the past to redo his loser life by having ecchi encounters with the beautiful loli girls in his class. What kind of f*cking logic is that? You know what? Just f*ck all that. It’s (almost) porn logic anyway.

Ice Cream Sucks
All the girls including Shouta at the pool. Yay. Our first pool fanservice. Why is Shouta here if he is not welcomed by Rio? He got them the free tickets. What a way to show your gratitude, b*tch. And when you say karma is a b*tch, Rio gets her deserved karma when Shouta accidentally slips into the pool with her and undoes her bikini top. I just don’t know how it ended up on his head. When the girls first discussed of riding the high slide in this pool, Shouta knows about Nako’s fear of heights. But since she wants to become an air stewardess, this is a phobia she must overcome. If she can’t even manage a slide at the playground, what more this one. Even though she manages to ride it, that’s not the highlight of this segment. Cheeky Sayo wants to lick Shouta’s ice cream. WTF?! Why not just ask him to buy one? He won’t allow it and at the same time accidentally spilling Konomi’s hotdogs. This messed up her swimsuit so Rio goes to take her away to wash up. So why stick all the hotdogs in Shouta’s mouth and hands? Shouta looks back at Sayo and has a clear view of her ass. Erection time. Sayo then notices his ice cream dripping and proceeds to lick it. Thing is, Shouta was placing his ice cream near his dick to hide his erection. And that is where Sayo licked it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets even better when Manatsu joins in the competition to lick. SHOUTA YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! Furthermore, if licking the dripping isn’t enough, they start licking the entire stick too!!! All that moving about has Shouta accidentally spread ice cream over Manatsu’s boobs. Sayo makes Shouta lick them (Manatsu allows it?!) while Sayo tries to pull the ice cream away, causing it to splatter all over her face. This epic hentai scene… That is what you call pain and pleasure at the same time. But now is pain and pain because Rio is not happy he messed up the hotdogs (stained with ice cream).

Showbiz Star, Shooting Star & Porn Star
Everyone is abuzz that Konomi has a picture of her appear in a magazine. It’s that feeling again for Shouta as he thinks Konomi is going further away from him. But to give her a send-off present, he takes her to watch a shooting star in some secret location of his. She is very happy of his consideration and tells him that the talent agency has approached her and offered a contract as a model and actress. Shouta is sad but keeps it together and gives her encouragement to go for it. When they head back, they take a shortcut through the barbwire fence. As he lets her go through first, a spider freaks her out and this causes her clothes to get caught and to be stuck. Shouta has got a clean view of her pantsu! Whatever Shouta tries to do to untangle, the more ecchi views he sees from her underboobs and even accidentally pulling down her pantsu. Wow. A clear view of the full moon! Shouta even knows himself he is defiling her purity even before she gets started in showbiz. Yeah, WTF, right? As he is close to untangling her, the spider pops up again. She freaks out and I don’t know how she lands on Shouta butt naked. Are her clothes that loose? In the aftermath, Shouta tells her to go ahead first while he will catch up later. Seems he is writing in pain since Konomi landed on his erected dick. Oh man. I feel for you…

Still Stuck In Paradise?
Until then. Same time same place next year. So basically this proves it. This series is definitely loli hentai but without any sort of penetration. I’m sure we horny guys would giggle at the so called innocent and funny-cum-‘harmless’ ecchi fanservice that this series is famous for. Because of that it makes us feel that it is fine to have this guilty pleasure once a year. Of course there are other more raunchy series out there but that’s another point…

So this third OVA hardly breaks the mould or anything as it follows the same format as it does in the second. At this point you won’t be bothering yourself if there would be any real sort of character development between Shouta and the girls because all we would be caring if Shouta can get laid by them. Will Shouta ever get all of them as his harem and changed his future? One day all his pent up erection will blow up like a ticking time bomb… Yeah, those are the important questions we are begging to know if they should add more OVAs to the series. We can expect more or less the same since this ecchi formula never really grows old. We might complain that we have seen them all but eventually we can never escape from its clutches and come back for more.

Therefore my sentiments and what I am eventually going to say for this series is very similar to what I have blogged in my previous posts. I’d be repeating myself again. So if a year feels like too far to wait assuming they come up with another episode next year, maybe you can satiate all that horniness with real porn. This series can have this effect to make you go look up for more porn if you want more, get what I mean? But be warned because by then you won’t want to come back to this ‘safe and soft porn’ ever again. That’s when we grow up from semi-innocent boys to real men. But we still stay as the same virgins :’(.

Mujaki No Rakuen OVA 2

December 4, 2015

There’s still more? I wouldn’t have guessed it since they released the second OVA a year later after the first. I suppose with lots of potential from the first OVA, it was tempting and thus the need for the second. If you remember Mujaki No Rakuen, it is about a loser guy who attended his class reunion. All his girl classmates are beautiful, sexy and successful. Then he slips into a pool and time travels back to his elementary days where he gets to relive and redo his life all over again. No stress of work and certainly lots of ecchi encounters with his female classmates. No wonder he is all pumped up to relive his childhood days again. Better watch out and not get distracted by their pantsu… Or into the river you go…

Splitting Pain And Pleasure
Shouta sees Konomi in her ballet class. Looking very pretty, eh? The girls spot him and think he is peeping on them, causing him to slip down the stairs. Luckily he didn’t break his neck. On the way home as they talk, Konomi thanks him for always praising her. She also asks a favour of him: She wants him to help her with her splits. It is Shouta’s first time in her bedroom and he is already having unholy thoughts of making out with her. So is that why he is apologizing profusely when Konomi comes in bringing drinks? Konomi splits her legs 180 degrees. Shouta is supposed to put his hands on her marshmallow ass and push it down to fill the gap between her hip and floor. Yeah, he is already seeing another kind of ‘gap’ there. He pushes harder. The humping. Konomi’s noting of how good it is. Yeah, everything just seems so kinky from this point of view. Once that is done, that is just the warm up. Now it is the real deal. She needs to split her legs 200 degrees. Splitting her legs on the chairs, Shouta will have to push her down till her bottom touches the bottle (why the heck does it look like a mushroom?!). She wants him to continue pushing her even if she screams out in pain. He does so while she grabs on to him. With her screaming in pain all the while spewing ambiguous lines like thrust harder, you can somewhat feel the pain and it feels equally hard to maintain an erection! Konomi’s bottom did touch the bottle but Shouta’s own ‘mushroom’ is also touching hers! In the end, Konomi is pretty satisfied with it although the same cannot be said for Shouta. Not too sure if he is tired or something to do with his erection…

Manatsu Kamiya and Nako Sasaki are arguing who among them is the better sportswoman. The only way to settle this is a challenge. And poor Shouta has to become their judge and come up with challenges and its rules. Let the games begin. Best 2 of 3. First up is pole climbing. The first to reach the top wins. Sounds fairly easy. As both race up, it is a hard call to see who reached first. It is then they decide to turn this into an endurance match to see who can hold out the longest. However Nako soon realizes the dizzying heights. Shouta also remembers she has acrophobia. Because of that, her sweat is loosening her grip till she falls onto Shouta. Yeah, that guy was underneath watching her ass. Manatsu leads. Next is handstand endurance. Both try to bump each other down. Little do they realize that gravity is pulling down their shirts and revealing their mini ‘strawberries’. Manatsu got too passionate and she loses balance. The tie is now even. The final match will be socks pulling. WTF?! However it can hardly be fair because Nako is wearing thigh high socks compared to Manatsu’s ankle length. They suggest pulling off their bloomers instead. Can you not agree more to this? Both make an aggressive start as they already have each other in the other’s hold. Yeah, they’re pulling down not only the bloomers but the panties as well! Seeing butt cracks! I suppose Shouta had to be close to their asses to judge if their bloomer is fully pulled down and somehow Nako’s butt lands on his face, pinning him to the floor. From his point of view, he could almost see Manatsu’s slit… Yeah, their position looks like a very ambiguous orgy… In the end, it is a draw and both girls commend each other. They look forward to next time and hope Shouta will be their judge. I don’t think he is too enthusiastic about it.

Lost Innocence?
Mmm… Had fun? Well, okay. If they’re going to wait for another year to make another OVA, I would suggest they would be better off just turning it into a TV series instead of making our libido wait for another year. Haha. Because I feel that there are lots more of such ‘innocent’ ecchi stuffs that Shouta has done considering the opener of this second OVA is a mix of both scenes of the first one and scenes that we have never seen before (naked rock climbing while hanging on to a rope only made out of all their clothes?!). And Shouta you lucky dog bastard! There is an opening scene whereby all the young girls willingly showing their slips to him! Yeah, I think they better make more of this :). Thus this second OVA is a great addition to the first one (for those who really love it anyway). It shows a little more (accidental) ecchi exploits from Shouta as well as placing a couple of new girls to the spotlight. But that is so much about it.

Sometimes the big dilemma in watching elementary kids in such ambiguous situation would amount to being paedophile. It isn’t exactly child porn here but with the ambiguous ecchi scenes even though they seem harmless may prove to be a lot to some. But if there is one positive note for the ecchi scenes here, it is the fact that because they are still kids, the fact that boobs and panty slips do not get to them. Yet. They are still not self conscious about all those stuffs and thus perhaps why they don’t make a fuss about all those stuffs that teens and young adults start to find. There is this innocence you see in the things that they do and it is just us perverted adults that have dirty thoughts into thinking how perverted their actions really are. All the while it could have been nothing.

One thing different I noticed is the art and drawing. The very obvious one is how Shouta’s design has changed. In the first OVA, his hair was of a darker colour but in here it is changed to dark brown. I’m not sure but the face of Shouta here looks a bit chubbier. It makes me think he looks a little bit like a bully. I also feel that the quality has dip a little although you’ll be more distracted with the ‘innocent’ sexy stuffs that you’ll be laughing at. Innocent because your dirty mind goes too far thinking too much. And to reconcile those dirty thoughts with little elementary kids here, that is why you giggle in thinking this is just innocent fun. Unless…

I don’t want to sound like a pervert (heck, everybody who watches ecchi are considered so already), but I hope they do make more of this. Maybe like how they turned Kyo No Go No Ni many years back. After all, many of us who are full grown adults can’t really go back in time to redo the stuffs so that in the future we can get laid for free by the girls we fantasize. Am I right? So why not watch some of these innocent ecchi stuffs just for nostalgia sakes? Pfft. Nostalgia for ecchi? Maybe it will be better if we go for full blown porn instead.

Mujaki No Rakuen

November 21, 2014

Are you a loser in life now? Everyone in your class has been successful except for you who aren’t exactly doing too well? Especially those pretty girls whom you admire, secretly have a crush or just being b*tches, they’re all doing better than you. Way much better. I don’t blame you if you have this wish of going back in time just to redo things or get back at some of them. This is the case of Mujaki No Rakuen. Our male protagonist is a NEET. Mocked by his former female classmates who are now successful in their own ways for being such a loser. And he will have a chance to deal with them when he is thrown back in time. Oh, did I mention that this is an ecchi fanservice OVA? Nothing to do with vengeful revenge. No blood but lots of panty shots. Oh yeah!

Paradise of Miracles
Shouta Handa is in his class reunion. All his female classmates have become gorgeous babes. So freaking pretty! But still calling him a loser. Then there is this crush of his, Konomi Harukaze who is now a successful commercial actress. Pretty mature looking and beautiful too. So as he takes a smoke outside, he reflects the pathetic guy he is. Two different worlds. No money, no talent. He wishes to get away from it all. Suddenly he trips and falls into the pool. In some time warp, he finds himself back in fifth grade. I’m not sure if this is a dream because there is this scene whereby adult Shouta is making out with adult Konomi. Then he realizes he is in class while excitedly thinking about that kiss with Konomi. Till the teacher hits his head to pay attention. Shouta ogles at all the girls in their bloomers during PE. He has to put away the stuffs after the lesson with Konomi. While he holds the chair and she tries to put the stuffs back, he got this heavenly view of her boobs and crotch shot. Dog’s eye view is the best, eh? He’s like beating himself up for enjoying this but shouldn’t do this anymore and wants God to punish him. Konomi accidentally drops the chair on his head. There’s your divine punishment. He falls and got his face in his crotch. I don’t know how they end up in this position of Konomi on top of him. A metal bar is pinning her leg down. She feels down that she didn’t make the cut to become an actress but Shouta knows she will be in a few years’ time and gives positive encouragement. She feels better and this reminds her that they used to play ‘audition’. Want to play it again? F*ck yeah. Let’s see who can play the better lover. Hell yeah!!! They start kissing and his hands are all over her. Too bad the bell rings. They need to get back to class but Konomi’s foot is stuck. Even worse for Shouta is that his crotch is ‘blocking’ her movements. She’s trying to move (in such a rhythmic action) and he could explode any time! Finally she is free but I’m not sure Shouta has also been ‘released’.

Captured In Paradise
Shouta must be a lucky guy because some girls are giving him their pudding. They can’t stand sweetness? Oh, come on. What kind of girls hates sweet things? Suddenly a group of naughty boys come in to do their ‘jet stream’. Flipping up girls’ skirt. Rio Kaneko didn’t like how they are acting and as punishment, the girls will confiscate their pudding until they apologize. Too bad Shouta is also affected since this is collective punishment. So the girls are wondering why the boys are going to apologize so easily but they take out their water guns and demand the girls hand them over. But the girls know they’re going to pull this stunt and have come prepared. They have water balloons! Bombs away! Retreat! As the guys have their dumb pride, they’re not going to back out now. Shouta has got expired milk as ammo! The boys attack again and fire away. Shouta charges in but falls into a pit. With the commander down, the boys retreat. Thanks a lot for abandoning him. He is captured, tied up and blindfolded. Rio and the girls start tickling him to make him confess. Shouta remembers Rio became a policewoman and holy crap if this sadistic woman actually got some power. Then the girls start smelling something that stinks. The expired milk is taking effect now? So they take off their clothes and start changing. Shouta realizes this is their moment of weakness. Completely defenceless. Their only chance. He runs out to yell to the guys to attack now. Rio and the girls pull him back. Part of his blindfold comes off and he could see some of them butt naked! While some girls defend against the advancing guys, Rio and the couple of girls pin him down by sitting on him. I guess this is the only way they could hold him down. But since Shouta is struggling and Rio is in a 69 position with him (especially her boobs rubbing on his dick and her ass in his face), he can’t take it anymore. He’s going to explode! Rio thinks he is hiding a hidden weapon down there and shoots the water gun at it! In the end, the boys ran away, the girls contemplate of eating their pudding portion and Shouta is still tied up.

Insects And Paradise
Shouta thinks this is it. Konami calling him out means she is going to confess, right? The moment he has been waiting for! Yes! She really wants him to go out with her! Actually to do an observation on insects as part of her assignment. Well, I guess it’s not half that bad. She’s scared of insects and since Shouta hasn’t begun on his assignment, it’s a win-win situation. I think. So there’s one time a ladybug entered her dress, Shouta had to run his hands through it but couldn’t understand why there are 2 ‘ladybugs’ on her chest. Then they see a rhinoceros beetle mating but Konami thinks the beetle is just stabbing the other. What? They have to head home since they got bitten by mosquitoes. As he puts the ointment on her, she notes he is good acting like a doctor and suggests they play one. For real? No Shouta. You’re not f*cking dreaming. So he examines her and she really wants him to get rid of the itches. Those itches on her thigh. Gulp. It’s moving warmer and warmer to… Can he rub the ointment there without exploding? Konami notes he is really a good actor (was he really acting?) and now it’s her turn to return the favour and rub some on him. Another moment of paradise as she gets really close to him. Her face is like in touching distance of his lips. Just as he has resolved his mind not to be tempted, I don’t know how this happened but Konami’s legs clutch his dick! WTF?! Just how big or long is his pecker?! Now his face in her boobs. Faceboobs. Can he maintain his sanity while her legs are squeezing his dick? She is about to pour liquid ointment on his head but accidentally spills it on him. Divine punishment he believes.

Daydreaming In Paradise…
I’m not sure if I should be satisfied with this kind of ending, which isn’t exactly an ending. Because I don’t know if this magic time trip is just a figment of wild imagination of Shouta as he is drowning in the pool or something for real. If it is the latter, is he going to live through his younger school days again? Can he change the future and satisfy his lust with those girls? So it was a little misleading that the synopsis says about him being thrown back in time to give him a chance to deal with them. Is this how he deals with it? Unless he never got into such ecchi chance in the original timeline.

Ecchi and fanservice element is the main motivation why you watch this show. However I can’t help find that the ecchi parts aren’t really that impressive. Woah. Don’t get the wrong idea that I am such a perverted maestro or something. Season in and season out, after viewing lots of ecchi shows, this one just feels mediocre. There are enough cheap panty shots to get you a little excited but that is about it. There is also some body nudity but their tits are covered so it’s somewhat safe. Besides, the big problem is that Shouta has returned to his younger school days and being a fifth grade student means he is like 10 or 11 years old. Having more aggressive fanservice on them would actually make everything look like child porn. It would make us viewers look like paedophile or lolicons in this case. So in a way I guess it is good the ecchi bits are toned down because if it’s too wild, it would be borderline hentai, in which I would still be complaining. Sighs. It’s just hard to please perverted people like me, eh?

The art and drawing also feels okay. That itself is already an overstatement because mediocre should be the right word. At first looks, the characters and the girls look okay but when you take a closer look, they have this one kind look especially Konomi. And when Shouta is at his limits trying to hold it in the erotic sensation, he looks like a cartoon character. The animation also feels a bit awkward especially some of the steamy shots and the close ups. It is only good because we use our imagination to compensate for it. Get what I mean? And the mind boggling part is the size of Shouta’s dick because from the way it is shown, it is just freaking huge! So did his adult size dick is the only thing that remained when he went back to the past? As for the storyline, I don’t think a single OVA would do it justice as some I read would recommend you to read the manga. Mainly because I believe there are many other girls in his class that Shouta would want to get even and here Konami takes the lion’s share while Rio just feels secondary. So how can it be satisfying if it’s just teasing us like this? And there are lots of hints that tells us Konomi has something for Shouta. Does she in the original timeline?

Overall, if you like some ecchi stuffs, this OVA does little harm but hardly does anything to satisfy that deep craving (if you’re a heavy ecchi lover, that is). I suppose guys will still be guys. It’s hard to resist that kind of sexy temptation. So if you really resist it, would it be like cheating on yourself? I guess once in a blue moon, it is okay to watch such shows as a little guilty pleasure. No harm in having a little cheap fun once in a while. It’s only human nature to dream about your fantasies and wishing for them. Yeah. How I wish I had done the same too. Oh heck, it’s much faster and more satisfying to daydream. Mmm… Suddenly I feel like a loser… :'(

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