Mujin Wakusei Survive

December 21, 2005

I’ve only actually watched 2 episodes of this anime. Uninhabited Planet Survive is somewhat a cross between that story Robinson Crusoe and the hit series Lost. The difference is, that the survivors are teenagers and there’s no suspicion or betrayal kind of dark motive here. The rest of the elements is pretty similar. In the future where life is so dependent on technology, so basic living is so unheard of. A group of students on an excursion experiences some space turbulence and before you know it, they all end up being stranded on some weird uninhabited island. The 8 (actually 7 kids and 1 strange pink talking cat) survivors (if I may call them so) must then work together to survive until help arrives. Sounds familar isn’t it. Of course the survivors not only have to deal with the hazardous environments and make do with scare resources but ultimately trust and co-operate with one another. And speaking of which, there’s a range of colourful characters here. First, one can see that Luna is the brave and natural leader of the group and is the backbone in keeping the group together. Then there’s that all-rounder and loner Kaoru who thinks he doesn’t need anybody’s help, but gradually learns to accept that sometimes he needs assistance and that no man is an island. Also, there’s the obedient and ‘strong-man’ Bell, the quiet introvert Sharla, the mechanical genius Shingo, the spoiled rich upper class Howard, the prideful violinist Menori, and don’t forget Luna’s pet cat Chako. Then recently a new alien-like kid, Adam, became part of the group. Didn’t know how that happened, must have missed too many episodes in between. So each episode basically sees how they overcome obstacles and how their relationship fortifies and grows. Do you think they’ll be rescued in the end or find out the truth about Adam or what about Luna’s strange flashbacks. Maybe. But I’ll bet that this anime isn’t so bad entirely. Now if this was shown at ‘normal’ hours, I just might answer those questions. Darn…

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