Muteki Kanban Musume

January 12, 2007

Hahaha. Another one of my favourite martial arts action comedy is Muteki Kanban Musume. Okay, I’m not pretty sure whether I should classify it under martial arts and action genre but it’s definitely a comedy. There are martial arts and action in this series but for the most of it, that’s what make the series funny. And I love it.
With 12 episodes for this entire series with an average air time of approximately 30 minutes, or should I say 26 episodes worth 15 minutes each. Yup, so for each 30 minute time slot, you’ll get to watch 2 instalments of hilariousness. Sometimes both parts may be related to each other in terms of theme and storyline that is set for that particular episode.
Well, no doubt that even though this anime in my opinion is quite funny and humourous, but it’s still more ‘down to earth’ and not so nonsensical and overboard like Excel Saga. Yeah, it seems that the latter series has somewhat set a certain benchmark and threshold of funniness for any anime which are deemed ‘more-than-your-average-comedy-anime’. I suppose that’s the case for this series when I watched it. It’s not bad or anything like that, actually.
Basically, the story is quite simple. We have this teenage girl Miki Onimaru who works as some poster girl for her mother, Makiko’s Chinese ramen shop. And don’t let her looks deceive you. That’s because no doubt that she’s quite pretty on the outside, but on the inside, she has a maturity level that’s worse than a 10 year old. What do I mean. If I can say it in 1 word, that would be ‘violent’. You mean she likes to bash people up? Well, it’s not like that. It’s more like she easily likes to take up challenges (usually fights) and hops right into it without thinking further (easily provoked, that is) when other people offers her one or vice versa. And during those challenges she’ll use her martial arts and skills and gets violent. The good news is she always wins. The bad news is she always wins. Is that a bad thing? You’ll see why.
Yeah, instead of really working for her mother, she picks fights with others or even get involved in other people’s businesses which isn’t really of her concern. In a way, she’s not really helping with her mom’s business, isn’t she? To make things worse, such events usually drops or breaks the freshly made ramen for delivery or to be served. And she’s even got the cheek and guts to ask her mom to make her a new one! Not before her mom gets angry and pounds her. Plus, since it’s her job to attract customers, picking fights would somehow chase away customers, don’t you think?
Wow, with such daughter around, she’d be running a losing business. But don’t worry, the only person that Miki can never beat is her mom. It’s quite hilarious to see her stepping in and stopping whatever matches or fights Miki are involved in (like that super punch on the head) and then sometimes dragging her back or away. Hehehe. Although she’s quite a caring and patient mom but I guess even she has her own limits too. Who wouldn’t if you had such a daughter which could make your blood boil and make a Tibetan monk lose his temper in an instant.
Also introduced in episode 1 is the Onimaru’s next door vegetable store seller, Akihiko Outa. Maybe he’s got too much free time on his hands since I’ve always noticed him hanging around the ramen shop and inadvertently gets involved with Miki’s challenges. Plus, he can’t really fight. He may be concern about the girl (sometimes just disgust with her, but I think it’s that most of the time) and trying to calm the situation down. Outa is also some hardcore fan of some Power Rangers spoof called Super Battle Team Space Star Rangers. Yeah, he seems to know each and every detail about it and has no qualms into changing into one if the situation is in need of such ‘help’. Well, there’s a kid in all of us.
Right across the ramen shop lies a bakery store run by Megumi Kannazuki, who is also Miki’s eternal rival both in business and non-business related challenges (though it seems more of the latter). She holds a deep grudge against Miki and wants to beat her. Why? Because when she was young, she and Miki attended the same school and class. There, Miki always bullied her. And Megumi can never seem to get even, not even come close to touching her. Wah, so young already a bully. No wonder Megumi hates her. Then she got that inspiration from her class teacher then (the teacher has no eyes??!!) when he threw a chalk at Miki who’s not paying attention. Ever since, Megumi trained herself using sharp bamboo sticks as darts as her weapon against Miki. Though Megumi is quite good with it, Miki is always able to avoid it them no matter how fast and how many. And sometimes, those bamboo darts hit Outa in the head. Poor guy. Wrong place wrong time. Besides her bamboo dart throwing techniques, Megumi usually often lays subtle and stealthy traps (just like her cunning and sly personality) to defeat Miki, but each time Miki manage to overcome them, thus ruining her plans.
In the second part of the first episode, you’ll see more of Miki and Megumi’s battles as the rivalry heats up. Yup, it’s some battle to see who can attract more customers to their store. While Megumi uses her charm and beauty (hmm.. now that I think of it, Megumi does look kawaii *fantasizing*), Miki gets into a… clown dress?! Of course cannot work lah. And it seems Megumi’s gonna win this one. Is Miki recording her first loss and on the first episode too? Not until some bunch of kids and their teacher decided to go to the Onimaru’s because they saw how funny the clown was. And Miki even thought them how to make ramen. What an educational trip for those youngsters. This in turn attracted other onlookers as well.
Megumi, not wanting to lose, gets into more sexy outfits but the crowd just got disgusted with it. Just then Makiko came out and thinks Miki’s up to one of her usual useless stint and proceeds to whack her. Well, the teacher didn’t want those students of hers to watch any sort of violence and took them out of there. Since there’s no winner in this challenge, Megumi issues Miki another challenge but the latter was soon hauled away by her mom into their shop and pounds her ‘cukup cukup’. I guess that’s enough violence and action for today, huh? Yup, Megumi and Outa agreed.
In episode 2, Miki sensed that someone’s been watching her, though she can’t put her finger on it. To save time, it’s actually Outa’s old friend, Kankuro Nishiyama who has returned to this town after 4 years. Yup, he’s another loser who has this grudge against Miki. Why? Because when he was young, he was bullied and tormented by Miki too. Wah, another bully case. Miki could start her own bully team. And since then he has vowed to get revenge on her. By the way, if you notice, Kankuro ends his sentences with the word ‘~nya’. Maybe he’s got this ‘speech impairment’ after all those torture from Miki. No lah, just kidding. Plus, unlike Megumi, he’s more inclined to use direct brute force because he believes in that ‘true warrior code’ thing. I think.
So his first challenge with Miki is when she decides to help out some kids playing baseball instead of continuing her ramen delivery. No doubt Miki’s in a way kind hearted and wants to help, but for all the wrong reasons. So as Miki throws the baseball, Kankuro bats it… with his arm? Anyway, he thinks he’s won but he broke his arm. What a price to pay. But since it’s a draw, Kankuro wants to issue another challenge but Outa reminds Miki of her delivery and off she goes, ignoring Kankuro and much to his annoyance.
Later once Miki’s done with her delivery, she comes back to help those kids when she sees them losing. And Kankuro’s there too. So some martial arts mixed with baseball as those kids watch in awe. In the end, Miki uses some terror technique against Kankuro to win the match. But this time, Kankuro’s other arm is broken too, much to his shock. So it’s like this over the next few episodes. Kankuro issues some challenge letter to Miki but she always cannot remember his name (hahaha) which annoys Kankuro very much. Then she gets into the challenge and uses some ‘Onimaru burial technique’ and beats him (or any other challengers). And Miki still doesn’t know who he is. Haha. Poor Kankuro.
Kankuro isn’t giving up yet as he decides to observe what is Miki’s weakness rather than jumping into a fight blindly. He observed how Miki took out a group of cocky gangsters who thinks that they can defeat her because she’s a girl. They’re very wrong as they found out the hard way. What a scary girl as she just ran pass a baseball, a pot plant, a terrorist (?!), a cow, and an alien spaceship with aliens in it (???!!!!), all with ease. Kankuro must be thinking it’s gonna be tough to beat her. Then he realized Miki’s weakness when he saw Miki diving down towards the rail tracks to save a boy from an incoming train.
So Miki’s weakness is her kind heart to help others in need? That’s what I thought. But this Kankuro confirms that Miki’s weakness is… trains! TRAINS???!!! He’s really off the mark here. So later he issues another challenge letter which Miki accepted immediately and Kankuro’s got his inner strength and mind all set, imitating like a bullet train. The fight starts as Outa and Megumi watches. And this hilarious part where Miki and Kankuro are advancing to punch each other, is depicted as 2 bullet trains in high speed and on a collision course. Choo! Choo! Who’s gonna win this one? Just then a comet than comes crashing down on one of the trains (Miki’s that is) as we see a magnificent explosion, causing a huge crater on the tracks. It is revealed then that the comet is actually Makiko giving her super fist, pounding Miki on her head, as she crashes into the ground. The impact must be real great, you could see cracks on the ground and Miki’s face immersed in it. With that Makiko drags her in and I guess Kankuro and the rest too said that it’s probably enough for today. Yeah, they could take on Miki anytime and lose to her, but her mom, better think twice dudes.
Miki gains another formidable foe in episode 3 when she tries to deliver ramen to the Endou’s residence. But ignoring the sign outside of the house which says ‘to call out loudly and they’ll come out and get it’, Miki enters the residence ringing the front door bell. Then an unseen enemy pounds on her, catches her off guard, making her spill her delivery. Because Miki’s unsatisfied with the outcome, everytime she has to go back to her mom’s place and replace a new ramen, much to her mom’s annoyance, and later Makiko beats her up after awhile. Haih. This girl, why don’t she put the delivery somewhere first and then fight? Maybe she gets the thrill of not spilling it during fights.
Megumi who’s wondering what enemy could be possibly giving Miki a hard time, decides to follow her and watch herself. So, the unseen enemy is actually a bulldog named Toshiyuki. Err… that dog looks kinda weird. I mean, its face looked like some sort of fake opera or battle mask, don’t you think. And it’s like this too, like Megumi and Kankuro, Toshiyuki doesn’t hesitate to attack Miki whenever it gets the chance to do so. Anyway, there’re some twists and turns in the match between Miki and Toshiyuki as Miki gets smarter and not letting Toshiyuki ruin her delivery such as putting up empty delivery boxes when Toshiyuki attacks. In the end, as Miki’s gonna use her ultimate technique, guess what? Her mom arrives and delivers her usual blow, dragging her back. I guess it’s timely since she’s been redoing the same order the whole day only to find her daughter ‘playing’ with some dog. Hey, even Toshiyuki’s afraid of Makiko as it backs down.
We’ll get to see Outa’s Star Ranger in play in the second part. Outa saw a young girl, Wakana, who’s crying because she can’t find her Toshiyuki. At this point, nobody knows that the strange looking bulldog is Toshiyuki yet. I just say it first for easier reference. And a little funny part here as Outa gets struck in the head by one of Megumi’s bamboo darts. Hehehe. Looks like another war between Miki and her. Outa picks himself up and with the power of Star Rangers (in his mind actually) he decides to help Wakana after hearing her story.
Somehow he managed to enlist the help of Kankuro, Megumi and Miki. So they split up in search of Toshiyuki by asking people here and there. Outa spots a boy with a bulldog (Toshiyuki, that is) and fought with it (as if he were a Star Ranger) but lost out each time. Why is Outa fighting the dog? He thinks that boy is Toshiyuki and that dog’s threatening him. With such a scary face, who wouldn’t. And that line from Kankuro saying that Outa’s not a Star Ranger, did it made him realized that he isn’t one? Anyway, Wakana along with Miki and Megumi arrived. She’s delighted to see Toshiyuki’s alright. Yup, everybody now knows who Toshiyuki is. Just then, Toshiyuki is suddenly going to pounce on Miki and Miki sees this as another challenge and accepts, holding of her ‘strong opponents’. Another funny part is, Miki’s ability to remember and call out the dog’s name (she says she remember names of strong people) annoyed Kankuro so much, that he thinks he’s got to be lower than a dog and a weakling. Yup, Miki still can’t remember Kankuro’s name nor who her is. Bummer. Meanwhile at night, Outa’s watching his Star Rangers episode happily and in bandages. Looks like he still haven’t gave up on them yet.
In episode 4, Miki receives a call from a customer, Tomoka Kayahara, who wants to order her ‘last ramen’. A concerned Outa tags along. But before that, they bumped into a delinquent who’s skipping school, drawing graffiti on the walls and acting tough. Well, Miki could’ve pounded the guy only to be reminded by Outa of her delivery. As they reached their destination, which is a high school, they asked around for that Tomoka person, only to receive freaking out reactions by students when her name is mentioned. Of course the 2 were puzzled at first. But they managed to find her sitting all alone in the gym. They thought she was a student who got bullied and wants to commit suicide, but to their surprise, she’s actually a teacher. She has such a scary face! Yeah, she can play all those ghost parts you see in horror movies.
She tells them she wants to quit teaching because of her scary looks, which is ‘disturbing’ her students. Well, the 2 try to give some words of encouragement like how she could try smiling. Hahaha. Better not, she looks even scarier! Because the ramen’s gotten pastry, Miki and Outa heads back to get a replacement only to be bashed by Makiko for taking so long (as expected). Before that, they saw that delinquent guy and Miki pounded him for not heeding her words and drags him back to her store. We find out that he’s skipping school because school’s boring. Just then Tomoka comes in, causing that delinquent to hide under the table. Then we hear Tomoka’s story of how one of her students, which is that delinquent skips school and she’s worried that it may ruin his future, thus she wants to commit suicide. Miki then asks that delinquent to talk to her. Reluctant at first, he then agrees, only to be scared all over again once he saw her freaky face. And I think he said he wants to go back to school not because he wants to, it must be because of her scary face.
Then suddenly, we see the nicest smile ever from Tomoka. Wah… it’s so beautiful that the delinquent fell instantly in love with her and decides to go to class. But when she finishes her ramen, Tomoka’s face returns to that ghostly looking one. Yup, it’s the ramen (and the only thing!) which makes her look so beautiful and pretty. So the next day in class, she eats ramen there from now on. Oh well, it’s better to eat ramen while teaching and show a beautiful face than showing a freaky one while teaching.
The second part sees how Megumi tries to get another one of her revenge on Miki. But as she’s hammering a nail into a straw doll at a shrine, she saw Tomoka’s face and really got freaked out. Yeah, Megumi thinks it’s the ‘vengeful spirit’ and she’ll always refer to Tomoka as it. When Megumi calmed down and told Tomoka about how she’s being bullied by Miki, Tomoka agrees to ‘punish’ Miki, much to Megumi’s happiness.
Meanwhile, Miki gets an order and goes off with her delivery to that shrine, only to be attacked by Megumi’s bamboo darts. Miki thinks this order was her doing. Then Tomoka asked Miki to have a chat with her and stopped bullying Megumi. But Miki refutes her claims and says that she herself is the one being bullied, showing those bamboo darts on her shoes. Oh oh, the tables are turned as Megumi now feels panic and scared that the ‘vengeful spirit’ may punish her. Uh-huh, she still believes that Tomoka’s a ghost. So over the next few scenes we see how Megumi is very afraid of Tomoka and tries to keep her away from herself. In the end when Tomoka managed to dodge Megumi’s attacks and grabbed her hand, Megumi felt how warm it was. Tomoka then said that she’s still alive and isn’t a ghost. Instead of believing her words, Megumi came to a conclusion that Tomoka’s just recently departed as she faints. Haih… Must be the face.
In episode 5, Miki and Megumi fought over a pig stuffed toy which in turns lead to some ‘facial sumo’ competition. Outa explains that since last year’s competition many contestants got injured by Miki, there may not be one locally, but at a district level. But it will be one where no one will get injured even if Miki enters. What could it be? Yup, it’s just a staring contest. The first one who laughs loses. See, no physical contact. On match day itself, the feature match was between Miki and Megumi. In addition to not laughing, they had to hold water in their mouths too. As Miki was having a hard time trying to keep it, Megumi found it so funny that she laughed. Thus, Megumi lost to Miki, again. Then the finals it was between Miki and Tomoka. Guess who won. Tomoka won. That’s because of her scary no-smiling face. Miki lost her fight? Nope, this doesn’t count because there isn’t any fists flying in the air. And Tomoka’s watching her new tv she’d won all alone in her empty room with that stuffed toy pig she also won.
The second part is one of my favourite episodes. Miki’s chasing Megumi through the streets and buildings because the latter has spread rumours (but they’re all so true!) about Miki on how she skips work and plays during her shift. So as during the chase, both of them somehow got stuck in an opened air but enclosed space with only a broken ladder placed too high as an exit. So the 2 fought and tried to use each other as a springboard to grab on to that ladder. Just then Kankuro drops in and issues his usual challenge to Miki, followed by Outa who found Miki and was worried where she might have wondered off too, and finally Toshiyuki enters the ‘ring’.
Because of their haste to get out, they became trapped down there. And so the only way to get out is to use the other’s body as a platform to get on to that ladder. Thus, it starts, the battle royale to see who outlasts who! Outa and Kankuro were defeated easily by Miki and it was a showdown between her and Toshiyuki. But Toshiyuki faints due to exhaustion. Just then a cunning Megumi who’s been watching them fight each other decides to deliver the final blow on a nearly exhausted Miki. As Megumi’s going in for the kill, she spots Tomoka and gets freaked out and faints. Haha, so easy. Looks like Miki’s the winner!
So Miki approached Tomoka and ask her for help to get out of here. Then I’m not sure how Tomoka does it, she scales up the wall without any ropes or equipment, just like Spider-man. Huh?! On top, she shouts to the people below for help, but they all got freaked out after seeing her face. A depressed Tomoka then climbs down and sits there sulking. Oh well, looks like nobody’s going anywhere for awhile. At the meantime, Makiko’s wondering where everybody’s gone to, especially Miki. Perhaps she could join in the fray too?
The first part of episode 6 is how Outa notices how the same things happen every day. Yeah, that usual Miki and Megumi fight with Megumi’s bamboo darts always hitting Outa’s forehead. Then there’s the part where Kankuro comes rushing in with his challenge letter but gets easily mowed down by Miki. Also, Toshiyuki wants a piece of Miki as you could always see Wakana having a tough time trying to control it even though it’s on a leash. And by the end of it all, Makiko will use her fists on Miki for being naughty and all that before dragging her in. Ah, your typical day in life.
Kankuro, who is still annoyed by the fact that Miki can’t remember his name but is able to remember Toshiyuki’s. So he confronts Wakana and Toshiyuki and pretends to ask Wakana that he’ll take Toshiyuki for a walk. She agrees. But actually, Kankuro wants to fight with it. So during their walk, Kankuro and Toshiyuki tries to settle their business but Miki always come into the scene and they both have to put their match on hold and take on Miki. But the matches here usually ends in a draw as the fight caused Miki to spill her ramen and she has to go back and get a new one.
Then one part where Wakana saw a dragonfly and goes after it that she got in the path on an incoming truck. The 2 who’re still fighting saw what’s gonna happen. Toshiyuki’s stuck in some tree during the fight and can’t rescue Wakana in time. So it’s up to Kankuro as he dives and grabs her. But since he can’t stop in time, luckily Miki’s ramen delivery container was able to do so as she smacks it in his face. Is Kankuro gonna die with all that blood. While Miki returns to get a ramen replacement and Wakana rushes off to call an ambulance, Toshiyuki who’s free from the tree now then approaches Kankuro. He thought he’s gonna be defeated when suddenly Toshiyuki licks him. Yup, Toshiyuki’s grateful that he saved Wakana’s life. From now on, these 2 are like buddies and in a way, they allied themselves against Miki.
And later when Kankuro decides to fight Miki after thinking that he has fought the toughest of adversaries, Wakana and Toshiyuki comes by. Yup, looks like the dog wants to fight Miki too, but was easily defeated this time. Then Kankuro demands that Miki at least remembers his name. Miki then says he does. Wow, has she finally remembered his name? Yes, she says that his name is ‘Hateshi Jou’ (the challenge letter that Kankuro always shows to Miki). Oh yet so close yet so far. Yup, Kankuro reminded himself to put his real name on the letter next time. You should’ve done it in the first place pal.
Wakana thinks Kankuro is in love with Miki in the second part as she’s always seeing how Kankuro ‘goes after’ Miki. Yeah, that’s showing your love in a different way. So Wakana tries to help Kankuro to get closer to Miki but Kankuro thinks that this getting close to Miki thing is just a step for him to catch Miki off guard and defeat her. For instance, Wakana teaching Kankuro how to write a love letter rather than his usual challenge letter and suggesting him to get Miki ‘some wheels’.
The next day, Kankuro’s all dressed up and approached Miki. Though she’s shock at first but agrees to go on a date with him. Yup, it really seems like a date as the 2 went to watch a movie, go have lunch together and finally a stroll in the park. But Kankuro’s kicking himself because he could not have taken down Miki during those ‘vulnerable moments’. Yeah, looks like he was into the moment as well. And finally, as he buys Miki and ice cream and shouts a passionate ‘I love you’ as suggested earlier on by Wakana, he swings his fists towards her (I guess he doesn’t know the meaning of those words or misinterpret it differently). Miki avoids it. Then Kankuro’s gonna give her some ‘wheels’ and asks her to choose between a unicycle or a pogo stick. Wakana’s who’s watching them from afar must be confused what’s going on. As Miki chose the pogo stick and Kankuro on a unicycle, their battle resumes with of course, Miki the winner in the end. And Wakana still thinks that Kanuro’s still in love with Miki. Oh well, young love…
Miki decides to expose Megumi’s true devilish personality in episode 7. That’s because Miki caught one of customers eating a piece of bread in their ramen store. And she would’ve bashed him up if not for her mom turning up. Plus, she heard that the owner of bakery store is giving quite an excellent service to its customers, making them feel like they want to come back for more. Hmm… I also want to go to her store and see her beautiful smile of hers which warms my heart *long sigh of love and swooning*.
So Miki decides to take the afternoon off and visit the bakery. Upon entering, Megumi who spots her eternal nemesis starts to attack her. But Miki say she’s here as a customer. However, Megumi doesn’t believe her and continues attacking her until a customer comes in. Then Megumi puts on her angelic face and smile. And it’s like this, Miki tries to be some fussy customer and Megumi will try to ‘serve’ her but all those stuffs has some hidden traps. Then Miki would kick up some fuss about her service and such and Megumi will try to look pitiful as though it’s Miki’s fault.
Then, Makiko comes into the bakery store looking for Miki who’s not supposed to be taking the afternoon off (ah… I see, naughty girl), much to Miki’s horror as she hid under some table. But surprisingly, Megumi didn’t tell Makiko of her daughter’s position but she rearranges the table and made Miki’s cramped position even more unbearable. She has too, since her mom’s gonna be there for a long time. Bertahanlah Miki… And later at night as a weary Miki heads back to her place, only to see her mom waiting there. Oh well, she’ll get it one way or another.
In the second part, Megumi wonders why during noon, her business seems to drop and all the customers would go over to Onimaru’s shop. So Megumi decides to investigate herself. Yeah, she’s gonna be Onimaru’s customer this time. Of course Miki upon seeing Megumi would want to pick a fight, but you know lah… her mom’s there. Megumi observes that there’re lots of customers whispering among themselves like as though making comments on what Miki and her mom does, especially the part when Makiko gets mad and punches her daughter.
I like the part where Megumi ordered some special servings of fried rice and Miki served some poisoned fried rice. Haha. Even the fly landed on it died. Uh-huh, some pun in the words of ‘toku~’ (special serving) and ‘doku~’ (poison). When everyone’s about to leave, Kankuro comes in with his challenge letter which made everyone sit back at their place. But that fight would have to be on hold as Makiko orders Miki to go on a delivery, much to everyone’s disappointment. Then Toshiyuki arrives driving up everyone’s excitement once again. However, Toshiyuki backs down when it saw Makiko. Once everything settles down, everyone then leaves the store. Megumi who’s watching and clueless until now then realized that the reason why people patron the store at this hour is to see Miki fight. Did you notice? Yeah, sadistic bunch of people. I think they want to get their money’s worth.
Episode 8 is the most boring episode. Yeah, it’s a Star Rangers episode and Outa seems to be very hyped up. The first part sees Outa role playing as some Star Ranger to some kids and since Megumi looked like the new villain of the show, Hell’s Bunny, she also plays a part. Plus, Outa’s having some conflict of loving the evil Hell’s Bunny or the good Star Rangers. Thus, Miki decides to help Outa return to his normal self and in a way lets Outa ‘defeat’ her. Kankuro who saw that unbelievable scene then rushes to challenge her but gets easily beaten anyway.
The second part sees how Outa’s quite disappointed with one of the Star Rangers, which is Pink Ranger’s knee attack. Meanwhile Megumi uses her Hell’s Bunny costume to attract customers. A little girl thinks that Megumi’s the real Hell’s Bunny and Megumi even lied to say that she’s one. However the real actress of Hell’s Bunny and Pink Ranger were passing by and heard this but decides not to take action or their cover will be blown. Megumi hears out the little girl’s problem. She explains that her brother is gonna have surgery and wants her to help give him encouragement.
Yeah, so at the hospital as Megumi and Miki role play, I felt that those 2 were trying at each other’s throat as the 2 young siblings watch in awe. Then the real actresses came in and also role played and that Pink Ranger actress uses her knee attack on Miki with more power and determination. Soon the nurses came in and asked them to be quiet. Although the fight has ended, the little boy now doesn’t worry so much about the surgery. Meanwhile, Outa watching his usual Star Rangers episode notices how violent Pink Ranger’s knee attack has gotten. It reminded so much like the violent girl next door. Could it be? It’s closer than you think.
Miki, Megumi and Kankuro are having their usual bout at Onimaru’s shop in episode 9 when Makiko comes out and pounds Miki which in turn hit the other 2. Outa then says Makiko is the strongest and that no one can beat her. So the 3 decides to form a temporary alliance to see what Makiko’s weakness is. So we have Megumi who tried to use her pet scorpion and scare Makiko but the latter isn’t afraid and is gonna use it as some soup material when Megumi comes in to save it, only to be stung. Then Kankuro cooked up some dumplings and buns filled with chillies and custards but Makiko just ate them all without reaction. So Kankuro left on a training journey to ‘improve’ himself.
So Miki decides to ask Outa. Though Outa said that there’s something which makes Makiko scared when it fell on her face many years ago, Makiko pulls him away and tells him not to reveal it even if it costs his life. Miki must be smiling now as she’s eavesdropping. But she gets that usual pounding later. Then this is another funny part. As Tomoka’s passing by, she heard Outa crying and being whipped. As she checks it out, we see Miki whipping one of Outa’s Star Ranger figurines. What do you think it was? Tomoka left them alone.
Next day, Miki comes in with several sacks of insects and tosses them at her mom. But she manages to dodge them all and land a punch on Miki’s face. But before Miki could toss the next sack, it rips and everything in it falls on her face. She then saw how terrified her mom’s facial expression was. So what is it that’s on her face which freaks her out? A spider, caterpillar or worm? Then Makiko whacks Miki’s head and says it’s her face that she’s terrified. HAHAHA! But in the end, we find out it’s the spider she’s afraid off, but after seeing Miki’s terrifying face, she isn’t afraid anymore. What a way to overcome your fear.
In the second part, Makiko after watching a tv programme of how to raise good children, decides to change her ways because she’s thinking that probably her head hitting action on Miki is the cause of why Miki’s acting like that. When Miki comes back with those spoiled deliveries, Miki’s expecting the usual punishment when suddenly Makiko is acting all nice and kind towards her. Is this her mom? Something’s wrong as Miki’s still in disbelief and walks away confused. And I think Miki decides to behave just to get her mom back to her normal self.
Meanwhile Tomoka who noticed Makiko’s weird behaviour, talks to her and find out the truth, as well as Outa. But Outa says that without those punishments, Miki may have been worst off. Tomoka then suggests that Makiko pretends to be sick as any child will be responsible when their parent’s ill. She agreed. Outa went to find Miki who’s beating up more gangsters (I think she really really enjoys it) and told her about her mom’s ‘illness’. Miki then rushed back, Makiko told her that she’s too weak to take care of the shop and needs Miki to help her. Of course, Miki told her to leave everything to her. It seems Miki’s doing pretty well. Has she reformed? Not until you see how she forced and enslaved Megumi, Kankuro and Outa in doing the cooking at the back (you should see those angry facial expressions they had, hahaha). From a bully to a slave driver, this girl could make a good dictator. But as usual they got into a fight with Miki as the customers watched with great interests. Just then Makiko decides to take a peek to see how her daughter’s doing, only to find the usual mayhem. Thus, Makiko decides to use her fists and whacks Miki again in the head and decides that the fists are the only thing to discipline her. Looks like everything is back to normal.
Kankuro’s still trying to challenge Miki in episode 10. But since Miki’s got lots of deliveries to do, their duel has to be put on hold until Miki’s done with them. So Kankuro waited all day long at the shop and when Miki comes back, Kankuro sprung into action, ready for their duel. But Makiko tells Miki that since she’s gone for so long, her other deliveries are piling up. Yup, looks like their battle is on hold again.
However, Kankuro’s tired of waiting and thus he decides to help out with Miki’s deliveries. The faster they’re done, the faster they can fight. Simple isn’t it? And in a way, Kankuro seems to be doing a much better job than Miki. Making speedy deliveries after deliveries, and even help doing some chores like cooking and cleaning the shop. Makiko’s even thinking of hiring him and replace that Miki of hers.
Not wanting to lose her job, Miki challenges Kankuro whereby the winner gets to keep this job. First time, Miki issues a challenge order to Kankuro. And during that battle, Kankuro dressed like a poster girl (so hilariously disgusting) because he needs to fight the match fairly and he seems like he’s winning because the short skirt isn’t restricting his movement. That is until the he reaches the door of the customer who ordered the ramen. Upon seeing such girly man, that woman got freaked out and thus Miki won that race as she managed to deliver the ramen. I guess it’s better for some jobs to be taken up by women. At the end of the day, Makiko convinces Miki to fight with Kankuro because he’s worked so hard for it. But when they do, Kankuro’s easily beaten… again.
Kankuro and Megumi teamed up in order to beat Miki and went on a special training in the second part. What special training? Kankuro is using the combined techniques of a train conductor and a unicycle as the ultimate technique to beat Miki. That’s because he thinks that he lost using both techniques separately and can win if he combines them. Huh? Not the brightest, is he. But the thing is, Megumi too believes him ‘bulat-bulat’. She’s that desperate too, huh? During match day, Kankuro even made a boxing ring for Megumi and Miki to slug it out. Megumi tries to use that special training method, but flops because she’s not used to it. Furthermore, since she’s wearing boxing gloves, she can’t use her bamboo darts.
Megumi then got into an argument with Kankuro saying that she shouldn’t have listen to his dumb idea in the first place. Just then, Miki told them to fight each other (instigator!) and if Kankuro wins, she’ll accept his challenge anytime. But if Megumi wins, Miki will shave her head and apologize to her. With such tempting offers, the 2 then began to fight each other. But Miki soon realized that she’d still be worse off if one of them wins and decides to beat them both. So the 2 joined forces again and try to beat Miki. Unfortunately, Makiko appears and stopped them with both her palms in Kankuro and Megumi’s face and her foot on Miki’s head (we’ve seen this scene many times, don’t we. But we don’t get bored or tired of it) and proceeds to drag her back. Meanwhile, Kankuro and Megumi then continues their argument over their fighting styles, the direct brute and honourable way or the sly, cunning and underhanded method.
Miki tries to ride on Toshiyuki in episode 11. Well, obviously since the both are enemies, the latter wouldn’t allow the former to do so. But Miki wants to as she has seen every other people ride on Toshiyuki’s back. Even the scary face Tomoka has her ride. She can’t lose out to this one now, can’t she. But it seems her efforts were futile.
Then while Wakana’s riding on Toshiyuki, she passed by a shop and saw something she liked and told Toshiyuki to stop, in which it comes to a grinding halt. Why didn’t this worked before, I mean, she’s always been dragged and doesn’t listen to her. But why now? Anyway, because of that, Wakana’s being flung into some rubbish truck and it’s going to the dumpsters already. To Toshiyuki’s horror, it then decides to go back and get Miki’s help. Looks like it knows that Miki’s the only person capable of saving Wakana. Well, Miki didn’t think that Wakana’s in trouble when Toshiyuki’s tugging her apron. But Outa realized something must have happened to Wakana, which then made Miki realized it too. And so off Miki and Toshiyuki went to rescue Wakana.
Then this part I don’t get. How can the bulldog run and catch up with the truck? In the first place, how does it know where it’s headed for? Yeah, I mean it’s headed for the dumps but how does it know where the truck is exactly at that point? Anyway, Toshiyuki allows Miki to ride on it (like in a surfing position!!!) and in time manages to leap onto it and save Wakana. Hey, how can that dog run as fast as the truck. Well, initially but later it falls behind due to exhaustion. Once back home safely, Miki blabs how she has that beautiful soul and that’s why Toshiyuki allows her to let her ride on it. Just then, Megumi crushes that believe when she herself who has the ‘purest soul’ (yeah, right) rode on Toshiyuki’s back. Hey, why didn’t Toshiyuki become friends with Miki since she helped saved Wakana?
In the second part, Miki and Megumi are outdoing each other and trying to smile their best for a smiling photo contest. Yup, it’s quite hilarious to see them trying to smile. Plus, since the contest is open to females of a certain age only, Makiko gets discouraged. Uh-huh, you won’t see her with that fake smile of hers anymore. Which is a good thing. In addition, the photo contest is some sort of like smiling while eating a bowl of ramen. Well, it has to be like that since some food company is sponsoring for it.
Also Megumi tries to crush Miki’s confidence by telling her that she doesn’t have what it takes to win this photo contest such as stance, smile and walk. But that doesn’t matter anymore as the closing date for the competition is today. So a lot of hilariousness ensuing as Miki and Megumi tries to get their sample photo taken by Outa while eating ramen only to be sabotaged and interrupted by the other, rendering the photo ‘ugly’. So when the judges were making their decision, they saw 1 good picture of Miki but they also saw the violent side of Miki in other pictures. Same goes for Megumi. Too bad, rejected. Then they say Tomoka’s heavenly face and was gonna award her as the winner. But soon as they saw her freakish and ghost-like face in the other photos, they withdrew their decision, thinking that she’s a ghost. Thus, they decided that the winner should go to… Wakana! And meanwhile Miki and Megumi aren’t happy about the results, continues to fight each other. I guess it’s better this way.
So in the final episode 12, the first half sees how Miki drinks the whole bottle of alcohol because the customers persuaded her to. At first she’s reluctant because when her mom’s drunk she gets very violent and thus Miki’s thinking it may have the same effect on her, but gave in eventually. Her mom caught her in the act and was gonna pound her when Miki suddenly becomes so gentle, obedient and kind. Wow! Talk about change in character. She becomes that shy girl and thinks her skirt’s too short as she runs off in embarrassment to get a longer one. What the? Shocking. Is this what Miki’s like when she’s drunk. Don’t you think it’s better?
Outa’s even having this weird feeling over Miki’s strange behaviour. Yeah, not used to it. And when he asked about that long skirt, Miki thinks he’s a pervert and runs away embarrassed. So innocent like that! Even when Kankuro comes in for his usual challenge, Miki refuses to fight saying she hates violence. But her mom orders her to do so as the customers were getting edgy. Not wanting to defy her mom, she just softly slaps him! Kankuro in a shock then, runs out of the store crying like a little girl saying how he hates Miki. Wow, that really had an chain effect on him. And when it’s Toshiyuki’s turn, Miki just gave him a bone, much to it’s surprise.
The next day, when the effects have worn off, Miki’s back to her violent self when Kankuro comes in dressed like a full-fledged woman and thinks of using such strategy that Miki used last night to beat her. See what psychological effects can do. Anyway, Miki got so disgusted (I think everyone else does) that she pulverized him ‘betul-betul’.
In the final half, Miki wants to secure some spot with her mom to watch the cherry blossoms. But her mom’s sick and is unable to go. Plus she has the store to run. So Miki decides to ask Outa to do it. Later when Outa and Megumi arrives, Outa’s afraid that Miki may have been drinking, while Megumi can’t detect her ‘killing intent’. Then they saw Miki serving alcohol to a group of people. And she’s drunk! Megumi sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of her and proceeds to ask Miki to serve her. It seems that Megumi got drunk too. But this time, Megumi’s true colours are revealed. Yeah, she’s kinda aggressive, pushy and dominative.
She even asked Miki to strip! Oh yes! No I’m not a pervert! Don’t worry, you won’t see any clothes coming off. Megumi even bribes Tomoka with ramen to get her do her bidding. But before anything could happen, Miki vomits and is back to herself. She then punches Megumi in the stomach and the latter too vomits. And Outa’s so glad to see the old Miki back. As Miki and Megumi were gonna fight, Kankuro and Toshiyuki joins in the fray. And no matter how happy Outa is, he’s calling out loud for Makiko to stop the fight, as Makiko enjoys a warm tea in bed. In a way, she’s got the ‘best position’ to be in right now. Yeah, what do you want buddy, now that things have turned back to normal. What lah you guys. It seems all of them prefer the old Miki and get beaten up by her rather than the soft and gentle side. *Shaking head*. Poor Outa. His head still gets targeted with those bamboo darts. Maybe his head has that homing device for it.
Overall, I love this series. Too bad it’s just this short. With all the comedy and action ensuing, I caught myself laughing non-stop at certain times. Though, not all the way. It’s amazing that how they could just take a simple storyline and turned it into something good like this. Although if you look at it in a way, there isn’t much character development here, but hey, who needs one in this kind of genre. It may seem repetitive and predictable since the characters and the plot is so, but they manage to present it in a different and refreshing manner. Which in turned, kept me engrossed to the screen.
Plus, I think it’s these wacky characters which make the series quite entertaining and interesting. My favourite 2 characters are still Miki and Megumi. I think Megumi’s hot and the prettiest among the bunch! Only thing is her devilish and scheming malicious character and intent which seems to stop me from fully daydreaming of her. Poof! Each time I go just after I thought about her personality.
Though it’s some scenes are action-packed, most of it are exaggerated and seems ‘unreal’. But they are not excessively violent so much so that you would want to hurl up or feel uncomfortable. Remember, all this in the name of comedy. And don’t try any of those Onimaru’s techniques. Plus, the mid-intermissions, those before the title of that episode is displayed, depicts Miki with that staring look and shark-like teeth and that roar she made. Quite amusing, though. There are some trivia and parodies here but I don’t remember if I ever spot them or not.
The drawing, art and colouring seems pretty okay. So is the voice acting. The voice of each characters seems to fit perfectly into their personality. And I was to surprise to find Megumi’s voice actress is Ami Koshimizu. Why? Because she’s the voice actress for Tenma Tsukamoto of School Rumble! If I can remember clearly, those 2 character’s voice are totally different. Yes, totally different. And I couldn’t imagine her doing the voice for Megumi. Surprise surprise.
So one final word. Will Miki be defeated? Not likely. Not at this rate. And just like what she says at the end that she’s invincible. More ‘torturings’ those losers will have to endure, and I guess they love it and will have it no other way. Plus, you might want to stay out of Miki’s way (or any other girls that you know in life) for your own good and safety. Oh, it’s that some ramen delivery box or plates breaking I hear? Yay. The match is about to start. Can’t miss this one. I’m starting to get addicted to their battles just like those customers. Who says internal fighting are bad for business? ~NYAAA!!!

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