Nabari No Ou

May 14, 2011

I think I have said this somewhere in my blog before that when you think of ninjas in anime, the first thing many will think off is that blonde whiskered-faced Naruto. Yeah, that ninja series just overshadows other ninja-themed animes due to its overwhelming popularity like the total eclipse of the sun. So perhaps it is no surprise that some and newer anime viewers may not recall Nabari No Ou. Yes, this is another ninja-themed anime but without pulling all those flashy ninjutsu in every fight scene possible. Some, but not all.

This series has its fair share of action, drama and of course comedy (take it with a pinch of salt, that is) but unlike taking place in fictitious lands with elaborated characters, Nabari No Ou’s setting is the current modern day Japan. Yes, ninjas do live among us and some even holding real life jobs. Like they say, don’t quit your day job. So it’s like leading a double parallel life. On one hand you have the current normal world and on the other you have the ninja world that is called Nabari. And as you know with several ninja factions due to some history thingy which I am probably not interested to learn or know, they are always like fighting among each other. Heck, mankind has a strong reputation and history of just making wars on just about anything. And who better than to stop all the ninjas from killing each other before Naruto will be the only ninja left standing (just kidding on this bit) other than the ruler of Nabari itself. Who would that be? Whoever that is as long he/she possesses the omniscient and omnipotent Shinrabanshou. Sounds easy? Remember this quote: “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”.

So happens that the coveted Shinrabanshou is residing inside an apathetic kid named Miharu Rokujou. Seems the kind of person who doesn’t care what is going on with the world. Who could blame him? He has no memories of his early childhood life, his parents are dead (currently living with his grandma who looks more like a middle aged woman) and is content with the boring everyday routine. Till yeah, people he has never met before trying to take this Shinrabanshou thingy. So what the heck is this Shinrabanshou? Supposedly some secret ninja technique personified as a white haired girl, filled with so much wisdom and power that if activated, you could see black scribbles flowing out from his skin. They look like creepy crawling ants. Yikes! So it’s like the whole hijutsu (secret art) written on a living scroll being embedded into Miharu. Since I’m not going into my usual episode per episode blog, you can check out Subculture Anime Blog or Random Curiosity, which I visit to read summarized details about the episodes or Hijutsu for more detailed summaries and even Wikipedia for some other information. I’ll just blog on the gist that I deemed important. (Read: an excuse to be lazy).

Miharu’s life is about to change when his classmate Kouichi Aizawa and Irish-born teacher Thobari Durandal Kumohira (both from the Banten ninja village) plead to him to join their ninja club. Heck, do such clubs even exist? Can it even exist?! Correct reply from Miharu: Turn them down. Just don’t get involve. But how could he not seeing that he has Shinrabanshou within him? So I guess it takes an enemy ninja to attack him and that’s when he accidentally unleashes the awesome powers of Shinrabanshou. Unfortunately he can’t control it well and Shinrabanshou herself is a kind of a selfish brat trying to persuade Miharu to use her for his desires. So after being given the rundown of what he is going to be in, will Miharu still say no? Not like he cares anyway. Thobari pledges his loyalty to protect Miharu while the leader of the ninja clan of Kairoushuu pursuing the hijutsu, Toujurou Hattori announces to his followers that the holder of Shinrabanshou has been found. After all these years, was it worth it finding a needle in a haystack? Miharu, Kouichi and Thobari receive another ally in the form of samurai girl and guardian of the Fuuma ninja village, Raimei Shimizu. Raimei learns of Miharu’s indifferent and carefree attitude and decides to take him and the rest to her Fuuma village to seek the advice of its leader, Koutarou Fuuma on how to seal the hijutsu (which is Thobari’s initial intention). Since Thobari has amaxophobia (getting easily sick in just riding any vehicles), makes you wonder how he made his trip to Japan. Don’t tell me he walked or swam.

Upon arrival, a big chunk of the village is being attacked by the Kairoushuus, led by gun wielding Kazuhiko Yukimi and Kira user (a kinjutsu – forbidden and deadly technique. Each ninja village has its own kinjutsu), Yoite. You don’t want to mess with this guy because he can shoot life force at you which hurts like hell. The drawback is that each time he uses this technique, it takes a bit of life force out of him. So you got to have a long life if you want to use this frequently. Kairoushuu is successful in obtaining the scroll of Tenpeka (Fuuma’s kinjutsu), overwhelming Miharu and co before escaping. So the gang sits down with Koutarou and his underlings like the messy-haired no nonsense second-in-command Saraba and the loli medic Juuji and discuss about obtaining other villages’ kinjutsu. Likewise, Hattori also has the same intention. The kids return home while Thobari stays back (must be his phobia thing). Miharu is ambushed by his own teacher who is from Kairoushuu for what else… Shinrabanshou. See what greed can do to people and what’s more, this teacher doesn’t learn but thanks to Kouichi and Raimei, Miharu is safe but they are no match when Yoite comes knocking them out and takes Miharu back to his secret hideout. A dilapidated tram? Yoite wants Miharu to use his powers on him to make him as though he never existed. You heard that right. Not kill him, but never existed. So how different is that from death? Sure, Yoite give him 3 choices to choose from but I guess Miharu has to choose the final one which is to help him since the way Yoite put it he will definitely kills his pals if he doesn’t. So what the heck, he’s already deep into this sh*t, why not?

Raimei temporarily leaves the gang to search for her brother Raikou whom she believed joined Kairoushuu and was responsible for slaughtering their family and clan so Miharu, Kouichi and Thobari take up their first mission to obtain a kinjutsu, they start out by helping out Yae Oda of Togakushi ninja village and president of her own dispatch company, Fog Blue. She offers them their kinjutsu, Izunashingan (ability to read the hearts and minds of others) if they manage to help her assassinate a corporate guy called Mr Frosty (not the snowman lah). He is going to make a deal with another unscrupulous guy, Hideo Nowaki. Yae has a grudge on Frosty because she believed he was indirectly responsible for killing her daughter in some medical experiment as he also creates dangerous weapons and has some ties with Kairoushuu. Yae could use her Izunashingan and got more than she bargained for when she tried to read Miharu’s heart but was overpowered by Shinrabansou. Yukimi and Yoite are assigned to be Frosty’s bodyguard. They start moving but the attempted assassination is stopped when the Kairoushuu duo hold Miharu to hostage. Yoite becomes insane when he realizes Yae’s kinjutsu, taking out Frosty’s bodyguards. He stops when Miharu steps in to protect Yae. Thobari is about to kill Frosty but his naivety prevents him from doing so (his principle is never to kill anyone no matter what) so this gives Frosty an opportunity to point a gun at him. Luckily Kouichi appears in time and kills Frosty and uses his hypnotism on Nowaki to make him believe he was the one that killed everybody. With that done, Yae hands over the Izunashingan scroll as promised.

Miharu stays with Thobari for the time being so he tells the latter that he is bent on using Shinrabanshou to save Yoite. Thobari isn’t happy seeing his goal is to seal it. Elsewhere Yoite’s body is starting to give way due to his Kira usage so he treads his way to find Miharu. He collapses outside Thobari’s house and is found by Hanabusa Seki, Thobari’s love interest and palaeontologist. She takes him in and treats him nicely but he remains suspicious of her kindness. Heck, he is so when anybody shows him kindness. Yoite tells Miharu to bring Izunashingan and Engetsurin (Banten’s kinjutsu) or else the lives of his friends at stake (apparently he said those he shot his life force with will die along with him if he kicks the bucket). Meanwhile Raimei finally confronts Raikou but the sword fight ends with the former being wounded heavily. He takes away her sword and that means an embarrassment in the code of the samurai. Raimei is taken to hospital but is soon discharged. They meet Gau Meguro, Raikou’s assistant as he tells them the truth about Raikou and is willing to put his own life on the line. When Raikou’s strict mom became the head of the clan, he started to hate her when she disallowed to help a friend that later died. He started to believe in his uncle who shared the same ideals. Then one night they go confront his mom. But as it turned out it was just an old grudge his uncle wanted to get back at her. They start a coup d’etat that killed his mom and this eventually led to Raikou into killing his uncle and the rest. That was when Raimei saw and misinterpreted things. He did this to protect her and didn’t mind if she hated him and left the clan to join Kairoushuu. Raimei returns to finish her fight with Raikou. She lost again and was about to be slashed when Gau comes between them. He believes this is his punishment for breaking his promise not to tell and feels siblings should not fight. Gau is hospitalized but in coma and though Raikou would continue to be under Kairoushuu, he leaves his sword at the battlefield.

Raimei informs Miharu that Thobari told her about his determination to help Yoite so she is going to help him whenever possible too. Soon Miharu decides to join Kairoushuu because he feels he will be able to achieve his goal here. He meets Hattori and surprises him and his blind companion, Ichiki by handing over the Izunashingan scroll (seems it was all part of Koutarou’s plan to let him have it. I mean, he wouldn’t have gotten it so easily, right?). So much for Thobari wanting to protect him. I mean, each time you restrict the kid, he’s like getting fed up and wants his own freedom. Can you blame him for his defection? Both Banten and Kairoushuu receive an invitation to the Kouga ninja village, blended in as a university called Alya Academy. Yukimi, Raikou, Yoite and Miharu are to represent Kairoushuu and the funny part was Raikou trying his hand at the driver’s wheel. He crashes straight into the drain! He was damn confident of his driving skills… Upon arrival, they are welcomed by the students of Alya in place of the bed-ridden and ailing headmaster who is also the head of Kouga. Of course everyone’s intention is to obtain Daya, Kouga’s kinjutsu with the properties to heal or cure any sort of illness. That night, Banten and Kairoushuu are being attacked by the students but these low level ninjas are easily overpowered. So more revelations like the academy girls want to use Daya to revive their headmaster but the only thing to activate it is the need of young human sacrifice (that’s why Banten and Kairoushuu are here for) and the vice principal of Alya, Kannuki wants to get his hands on Daya so he could sell it and make a handsome profit. While rounding up and trapping the gang, Kannuki shoots and kills Kouichi.

When Miharu sees Yoite being hurt by one of the academy girls, he starts going berserk and his Shinrabanshou going wild. However Shinrabansou backs down after seeing Miharu and confused and lacked the determination because he is afraid to bear the consequences though he wants to fulfil Yoite’s wish. Kannuki and his men confront the headmaster and threatens to surrender Daya or he’ll kill each of the prisoners. The headmaster doesn’t flinch and suddenly Kouichi busts in to kill the corrupted baddies. OMG! He’s alive after being shot in the heart?! After freeing everyone, the headmaster’s granddaughter is desperate to cure him but he is just tired of everything and is prepared to die like an ordinary old man and wants to end all this. Before he passes away, he hands the Daya scroll to one of the girls who in turn hands it over to Miharu at the end of it all before they return home. And Koutarou indicates that he was the one who set up the invitations and all. That guy is sneaky. Kouichi reveals that he is an immortal as a result of some experiment of the previous Shinrabanshou owner gone awry ages ago. He is one of the two immortals created as they go in search of Shinrabanshou in hopes of dying. It’s tiring living forever. Miharu hands the Daya scroll to Hattori but learns that even if he assembles all the kinjutsu, he isn’t concerned whether Yoite lives or dies. The final kinjutsu has to be Engetsurin, which is the most mysterious of them all. Thobari is supposed to know where it is but he isn’t telling. Kouichi suspects Thobari may be hiding something. Something big especially if many of them do not remember events that have occurred 10 years ago. Miharu and Yoite leave to find Hanabusa in hopes she may reveal something about Engetsurin. She denies she knows anything and as usual treats them nicely. Then the doorbell rings. It is Yukimi looking for Yoite. He leaves after believing that she doesn’t know anything.

While Raimei and Kouichi are searching for Engetsurin, they are being attacked by Yukimi. Raimei leads him to their school so as to prevent him from finding Thobari. But seriously, he’s a school teacher so of all places she had to pick was the school. Duh… Another confrontation in the books. Yoite surprises them by stepping in and stop Yukimi. They both struggle while Miharu wants Thobari to hand over Engetsurin. Like hell he will. They’re not even on talking terms. In the end, Yukimi flees. Soon Yoite’s condition worsens as he develops high fever and his hands and feet are starting to have that gangrene effect. Thobari on the other hand suddenly disappears and Hattori suspects Miharu and Yoite will rebel against Kairoushuu. With Yoite in hospital, Miharu learns he has about 1 month to live. Eavesdropping Yoite got scared and uses his Kira on Gau when he got into an argument with Raikou. Miraculously, Gau wakes up from his coma. Miharu goes out to find Yoite in the city and deep snow and manages to catch up with him. Yoite opens up a little and reveals how he was given such a name so Miharu assures that he’ll always be there for him. Gau tries to make up for lost time and gives Yoite a cake as thanks for saving him in Yukimi’s place. Next morning, Miharu and Yoite left and defect from Kairoushuu as they go see Yae in hopes of using Izunashingan to contact Shinrabanshou. Kairoushuu was researching on this but it wasn’t complete. Meanwhile Ichiki sends her Tategami assassins of Kagerou, Shigure and Hyou to hunt down the traitors.

Miharu and Yoite meet Yae in her hometown and convince her to use her Izunashingan. She faces Shinrabanshou but was being told that she is not going to grant Miharu’s wish because it’s not what she wants (read: Boring) nor Miharu’s true wish. She reminds them that Miharu isn’t ready to use her before being overwhelmed. Meanwhile Gau tries to convince Hattori to change his mind but the latter believes Yoite’s role has ended. During all that, Tategami wipes out every other employee in Fog Blue as punishment to Yae for cooperating with the traitors. Then they break into Yae’s home and capture them. Yae falls into despair after learning the fate of her employees. They are going to rid Yoite when Miharu threatens he will kill himself this instant if they harm Yoite. For now, they just bring all of them back to their HQ. Tied up Yae meets Hattori and after being remembered about her past, it is part of Hattori’s plans to let her use Izunashingan and read his heart on why he wants to use Shinrabanshou to save humanity after all that meaningless hateful fighting and bloodshed wars. Another one of those twisted reasoning, I guess. But Yae disagree with his thinking because even if peace do come, it would not bring people happiness as they’ll be like a uniform state of the living dead without memories, feelings or bonds. Kouichi and Raimei go see Koutarou for help but he is reluctant to get involved giving excuse of not wanting to start a war. But he says they can make their own movements if they wish to. Yoite is held up in a different room. Gau sneaks in to rescue him but is faced with arriving security. To his surprise, Raikou helps them get away.

Yae’s assistant, Kattou with the help of Saraba to rescue her. They briefly encounter Raikou so she warns him that his ideals and Hattori’s are not the same. They are soon faced with Shigure and Hyou. Raikou stops Hattori and Ichiki on their way out. He is prepared to die but wants them to spare Gau. They leave him to deal with a Tategami member, Shiranui but Raikou escapes seeing he has more important stuff to do (went back to the field and reclaim his sword). Thobari is practising some technique in the forest when Koutarou shows up and tells him about the current situation. Miharu and Yoite continue their escape. Weakened Yoite wants Miharu to escape himself and leave him behind. But Miharu refuses to abandon him even after he tells him that the life force he shot his friends with and will die along with him is a lie. They are faced by Yukimi and soon the other Tategami members. Luckily Gau, Raimei and Kouichi show up for the counterattack. But Yukimi decides to bring Yoite and Miharu back and claim the spoils. He intends to use this as a chance for the traitors to repent for their actions but Hattori doesn’t believe. Hattori goes on to say how he found castaway Yoite as a kid and let him learned Kira so that his wish to cease existing will be fulfilled one day. In exchange he is to serve under him and since the awakening of Shinrabanshou, he feels Yoite has swayed from him thinking that Shinrabanshou can fulfil his wish.

Gau, Raimei and Kouichi are faced with Kagerou and Kairoushuu ninjas while Raikou manages to break into the room Hattori is in. Hattori orders Yukimi to take Raikou out. Yukimi is taken down but Ichiki holds Miharu hostage. Then Hattori orders Yoite to fire at Raikou to redeem himself. But Shiranui charges into the room. Raikou successfully lands a killing blow though is wounded by it. Hattori gets into the midst of the action and kills Raikou. When Raimei and Gau reach the room, they are horrified to see Raikou’s body. Ichiki blames Yoite that he is at fault for all that has happened and Hattori to same towards Miharu. Miharu goes berserk and Shinrabanshou starts activating. Must be one hell of a shock because a storm is forming in Shinrabanshou’s awakening. Upset and raging Raimei and Gau attack Hattori but were easily defeated. Seriously, trying to take down the big boss himself? Everybody escapes outside since it’s getting dangerous. Raimei takes unconscious Gau and meets up with Kouichi (fresh from slaying Kagerou) Thobari as they watch Shinrabanshou unfurl and taking its form. A giant double helix DNA? Thobari has no choice but to use his Engetsurin, which is some sort of a device that plays back past memories. Even if you weren’t there when it happened, you still get to see the ‘movie’. 10 years ago, we see Thobari and his grandpa running away with young Miharu and his parents from Kairoushuu led by Hattori who is seeking Shinrabanshou. After grandpa and Miharu’s dad are killed, Miharu’s mom, Asahi was wounded and this Shinrabanshou inside her starts to leave her body. Thobari tried using a half baked technique learned from grandpa to separate the Shinrabanshou but failed. As a result, Shinrabanshou transferred itself to Miharu. This causes everyone there to have their memories erased (including Koutarou and Kouichi). However only Thobari has his memories intact. In present, Miharu starts calming down after learning the truth but is upset Thobari was hiding this from him. This makes Miharu wanting to use Shinrabanshou’s power more.

Hattori is happy of the outcome and thanks Thobari for triggering the complete awakening of Shinrabanshou. Because of this, Hattori remembers some transfer technique which will allow the transfer of Shinrabanshou into his body as a capsule. Thobari tries to stop Hattori but is easily defeated. Yoite now tries to stop him but is too weak. Perhaps Hattori made a bad move by making him remember his painful past so this causes Yoite to go berserk as he fires at Hattori point blank! OMG! He killed him! Upon realizing what he has done, Yoite loses himself and falls into insanity by firing his Kira and tearing up Hattori’s body before preparing to kill himself. Raimei tries to snap Miharu out of his Shinrabanshou hypnotism but is futile so Yae uses her Izunashingan. She sees inner Miharu wanting to be left alone while Shinrabanshou bugs him to use her powers. Ichiki orders her Tategami to finish them off. Yukimi gets injured while getting in between but manages to stop Yoite from shooting himself. That’s when Shinrabanshou’s power grows and the ground gives way and swallows Ichiki and her Tategami. Suddenly Shinrabanshou herself can’t touch Miharu. Asahi appears before Miharu, apologizing for getting him involved as she just wants him to lead a normal life. Miharu suppresses Shinrabanshou and restores order around.

Miharu wakes up in hospital several days later and learns Yoite is missing after that incident. Gau and Raimei visit him but the latter slaps him since Miharu thinks it’s okay for them to hate him as the cause of Raikou’s death. Koutarou bugs Thobari as he tells him the events has been covered up as an earthquake. Thobari requests Yukimi’s help to search for Yoite but he is reluctant though he later helps out by handing him long time records of Yoite. As Miharu is discharged, he and Thobari have a little chat. Their stance do not change as Miharu still wants to use Shinrabanshou and Thobari will use all he has to stop him. Thobari tells him details on Yoite’s probably whereabouts. Miharu takes a train while annoying Koutarou bugs him all the way but becomes annoyed with Miharu’s ignorance of just about anything. Koutarou reveals his goal is the same as Hattori. But unlike him, he didn’t want to get his hands dirty as he prefers to sit back and watch how the world changes via Shinrabanshou. Miharu gets off his destined stop and walks to a church and sees Yoite sitting inside. Yoite is reluctant to wish for anything since he blames himself as the cause but Miharu wants to know what his real wish is. With that, Yoite wishes that things stay the same as they are because he doesn’t want to lose the feelings and bond he has made with everyone. Miharu respects his decision and will not use Shinrabanshou. She by the way is shocked with Miharu’s decision and tries to persuade him to use her. Miharu is strong enough to tell her that he has no further use for her! That’s the way to go. I’m sure Koutarou is pretty upset with Miharu’s decision but he has to accept it too.

In the aftermath, everyone resumes their normal lives. Miharu is livelier as Yoite stays at Thobari and Hanabusa’s place doing knitting with Gau. Raimei and Kouichi make frequent visits so it’s like they’re one big family. Miharu and Thobari take a walk to town to buy some stuff as they reconcile. They see Yukimi who passes them Yoite’s medicine, though it will only ease his pain. On another day, Yoite takes Miharu to see his house where he once grew up as a kid. His dad (I think) doesn’t recognize him as Yoite notices the nice garden. Finally one day as Yoite is knitting, he disappears into the wind. When Miharu returns, he only sees his clothes left behind. Realizing what has happened, Miharu vows never to forget him.

Ninjas Aren’t Extinct Yet…
It was a little bittersweet ending. I had this feeling in me that Yoite would not be around when the anime ends but at least he used his last moments to live to the fullest. He knew this was coming from the start and at the end he was fully prepared to face it. This entire series is basically around Miharu and Yoite. We see both characters that are cold, distant and unwilling to open their hearts to anyone else, bond together as they get to understand each other’s plight. In some ways, both of them are similar to each other. Besides their personalities, they both possess powers that could bring ultimate destruction if not used or controlled properly. Unlike other Shinrabanshou masters, Miharu was able to survive because ironically he did not use it and in a way sealed her inside his body. Abstinence is the best action, eh? At certain points, Miharu and Yoite were close enough that it may be enough to spark a yaoi relationship. Thank goodness it didn’t turn out that way.

Koutarou has got to be the most annoying yet mysterious character. It is as though he knows what is going on, sets up the stage for his ‘pawns and puppets’ to do the dirty job while he himself can be seen watching from afar with much hype and anticipation. You never seen him with a stressed or anxious look (even so, probably he was just doing it on purpose) so it makes me wonder if he is having fun all the way. Like as though the smile or smirk is part of his permanent trademark on his face. His sometimes snide and sarcastic remarks really do irritate others especially with Thobari. I guess the other characters are pretty okay too but since I have said this series revolves around Yoite and Miharu, I felt that the rest aren’t so properly fleshed out. It was nice to see Raimei and Raikou’s past and relationship resolved but even so for them and for the rest like Kouichi, Thobari, Gau, Saraba, Juuji and Yukimi I felt they were just secondary characters and Miharu becoming the ruler of Nabari or Hattori’s plan to use Shinrabanshou felt like a minor plot but in a way an important element in strengthening the bond between Miharu and Yoite. Since the ‘war’ is technically over, does this mean each of the ninja village will have their scrolls returned? Is Miharu still the ruler of Nabari? Will it also mean that Shinrabanshou is sealed for good? Till the next greedy villain comes along, that is.

One thing I need to mention about the drawing and art. Yes, the characters are drawn to your typical bishie good looking people. But that’s not the part that I am complaining. It is the background art that raised an eyebrow. Okay, maybe lots of them. If you look closely, you will notice it is drawn to a water colour-like painting. Very obvious. So much so it felt a little unreal. However due to the focus of the action in front, you won’t notice it as you won’t be concentrating on the background sceneries. Because of the light colour art and the slight simple details of the characters, if you don’t pay too much attention, both drawings and art of the characters and background do blend together. As for the action, I would say that they are pretty okay. Some fights here and there but if you’re an action adrenaline junkie, don’t keep your hopes high. As mentioned, no flashy and exaggerated moves pulled off. Of course you’d expect to see shurikens and kunais fly since I guess those are standard ninja weapons.

At first, I had this suspicion that Rie Kugimiya was the voice behind Miharu. I kept getting paranoid at myself hoping that she isn’t voicing this character. So when the series ended, I went to confirm and allay my ‘fears’ and true enough it is her! It’s Rie Kugimiya herself voicing Miharu! Well, actually there is nothing wrong with her doing so nor does the character sound unfitting. My perception is always that she has to voice loli characters. Tsundere the better. In my mind, she is always suited better to play such roles. Sheesh. I can never get over or accept if she voices other roles like Al in Fullmetal Alchemist. At least Yukari Tamura as Shinrabanshou was recognizable even if she didn’t go into high pitch cry. As for the other characters, they do fit their characters perfectly. They include Mitsuki Saiga as Yoite (Rossiu in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Daisuke Namikawa as Thobari (Fay in Tsubasa Chronicle series), Ayumi Fujimura as Raimei (Mafuyu in Seikon No Qwaser), Satoshi Hino as Kouichi (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima), Junichi Suwabe as Raikou (Archer in Fate/Stay Night), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Gau (Takumi in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Jouji Nakata as Hattori (Giroro in Keroro Gunsou), Kenjiro Tsuda as Yukimi (Inui in Prince of Tennis), Ryoutaro Okiayu as Koutarou (Akio in Clannad, Mitsui in Slam Dunk), Satsuki Yukino as Yae (Yoruichi in Bleach), Yuri Amano as Ichiki (Nanvel in Burn Up) and Kotono Mitsushi as Hanabusa (Boa Hancock in One Piece). The opening theme, Crawl by VELTPUNCH is a rock outfit suitable for the action pace of this series. The first ending theme, Hikari by ELISA sounds like a slow ballad filled with sadness but I find the second ending theme, Aru Ga Mama by Anamu & Maki to be somewhat unsuitable. That’s because it is an acoustic guitar solo and duet. Feels a little empty though calming.

All for something that is believed to be powerful, mankind has sacrificed and spilled blood to get it at all costs. In real life we may not have such ninjas but I’m sure there are shady underground organizations that would equally do just the same. Seriously if Shinrabanshou has this kind of selfish and conceited attitude, I think she fits to be more of a mass weapon of destruction rather than a tool to bring peace upon the world. Even I wouldn’t want to have Shinrabanshou reside inside of me. Getting your desires fulfilled through hard work and sweat is better and much more worth it than getting it on a silver platter or without effort. Who am I kidding? The more granted the better. Sometimes if you hear voices within yourself (like those devil and angel moments undecided to do something), maybe it’s just you and not that all-great-things-in-nature.

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