Nagareboshi Lens

September 28, 2012

Looks like this is another one of those single OVA about high school love and romance. I thought Nagareboshi Lens was a cross between Kimi No Todoke and Hiyokoi seeing the girl falls in love with the most popular guy in school and they end up going out together. Well, if you like your anime genre to be shoujo romance, I suppose there are plenty of such series and mangas out thereto satiate your need. Me? Since this is only a single episode, I’m just finding out how different it is from the other similar genres that I’ve watched.

When Love Comes Crashing In…
Yukko can’t stay and help Risa Hanakago with her homework today since she has to meet with her boyfriend from a different school, Haru. Risa notes as long as Yukko is happy, she’s fine. She too wants to fall in love with her. She might get that wish sooner than she thinks because a football crashes through the window! It’s amazing she didn’t get a bit scratch from those little sharp broken pieces. The culprit, Touga Yuugure comes by and apologizes. Their eyes met and safe to say, Risa has fallen for him. Touga may be the most popular guy in school that many girls dream to have. However as Risa states, they’re already dating. By the second week, she gets to learn more about him. His siblings, his ear pierce, his birthday, his blood type, zodiac, etc. But the most surprising (and pleasant) thing she learnt is that she is his first girlfriend. Serious? Does he look like he’s lying? Risa flusters and thinks they need to exchange items. They give each other’s pen. Risa is motivated to study harder using it and will enjoy studying a lot more.

Soon their relationship becomes known and Risa feels guilty in a sense that some girls are sad that Touga isn’t available anymore. Because of her, they’re devastated. Their dreams crushed. The teacher wants Tomocchin to grab the CD player for his English lesson. Since it’s in Class 2. Knowing Touga is in this class, she gets permission to get Risa to tag along. Once they enter, everyone recognize Touga’s girlfriend. But that dude is sleeping in class! Risa sees the pen she gave him in use. By the time he wakes up, she already made her way out. “Bye-bye”. Hey, better than nothing, right? Tomocchin mentions that Touga is an okay guy and though he is popular, not every girl in school likes him. Up till now he hasn’t manage to find a girlfriend. Maybe he was just waiting to meet her? Though Tomocchin got the player, she didn’t take the CD. Perhaps it’s a scheme to let her be with Touga alone? Yeah, that’s why he came looking for them. They exchange phone numbers and write them on each other’s hand. No paper, no problem. Risa narrates she going out with Touga may have hurt some girls’ feelings but it can’t be helped. Sometimes you have to be selfish. Risa is about to prepare herself for PE class. She allows him to tie her hair. Once she is done, he immediately hugs her! Followed by a pat on the head. Is this his way of apologizing for not being able to go home with her today for he has supplementary classes?

Back home, Risa can’t help get Touga out of her mind. She is afraid he doesn’t feel the same. She gets a call from him. He wants to meet at school to return her English textbook when his handphone battery dies. Risa peddles along and chances upon Touga’s friend, Yuudai. Seems he is out with his own friends too. Seeing Risa for the first time, Yuudai’s friends note how cute she is and try to make a move on her. Yuudai tries to tell them to stop but they’re not listening. They suggest she break up with Touga but before she could answer, somebody covers her mouth from behind. It’s Touga! He looks pretty mad. That piercing stare… They know not to mess with him. Touga wants to see Yuudai tomorrow morning at the market. He knows what he’ll be getting. Touga bring Risa away and thankfully no incident happened. At the bridge, Touga returns her textbook. She gets emotional because she can’t help feel being hopelessly in love with him. He tells her it’s fine to let it all out and will accept everything about her since he too can’t get enough of her. They share a kiss under the starry sky narrating that the world sparkles and the stars tremble in their eyes whether it is morning or night or even in their dreams.

Sparkling Love
So well… Nothing pretty much happens. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl goes out with boy and they continue to preserve their love like see in fairytales. I’m sure if they want to expand this into a TV series, there’ll be enough material for it. But will that be any different or stand out from the rest of such similar romance genres? You’ll probably guess the trials and tribulations they’ll face in maintaining this relationship. From love triangles to the things they do and the essential lover’s quarrel, it’s pretty much an overused recipe for this genre. So much so to me this show doesn’t really stand out. I was close to a big yawn till Yuudai’s friends showed up to mess around with her. I thought it got a little interesting with trouble showing up (certainly love isn’t a plain and smooth sailing bed of roses) but since the OVA is running out of time (it’s only 18 minutes long by the way), I guess they don’t want to get into trouble with that guy. Who knows what he’ll do especially if you mess around with his girlfriend. Loved by the girls, respected by the guys.

The art and drawing are pretty typical to a shoujo genre with pretty people and characters with big sparkly round eyes. Speaking of sparkles, this show is filled with them. It makes everything feels so, erm, sparkly? From the time Risa and Touga first met to the time she got his pen, writing his phone number on her hand and that final kissing scene. Man, it really gives a whole new meaning to sparks flying out. I guess when you’re in love, everything just sparkle and shine like the brightest star in the sky. It’s like magic. Kana Hanazawa was recognizable as Risa and she put up her usual cute and lovely voice display that makes Risa, well, cute and lovely. A bit like Mato of Black Rock Shooter and Susukihotaru of Otome Youkai Zakuro. I think. Shintaro Asanuma as Touga sounds pretty generic as the popular guy in school in love with an ordinary girl. His previous voice roles include Takatoshi of Seitokai Yakuindomo and Kazuma in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi. The ending theme, Hitokuchime No Koi by Infinity featuring Mayumi Norinaga, I thought it sounded like a cross between Fairy Tail’s ending song Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix) (which is also sung by them) and Ano Natsu De Matteru’s ending piece, Vidro Moyou.

Well, I just ran out of what to say and probably what I wanted to say I have already said it or felt it was said too often and decided to omit it and not put it down in this blog. I mean, what else can I comment about this OVA? Just one episode, the characters are typically like that and the plot that doesn’t really go anywhere. Maybe I’m just too captivated by the sparkling stars to just say anything. Maybe I won’t see them now in real life but perhaps when I fall in love. When will that happen? Since no football, cricket ball, tennis ball, baseball or even the lacrosse ball crashing through my window, I guess it’s not happening, huh? On second thought, I wouldn’t want any ball to come breaking my window because I don’t want to clean up after.

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