I thought Nanatsu No Taizai: Imashime No Fukkatsu OVA would actually be some sort of foreshadowing that there would be another sequel. Too bad I must have mistaken it with that Seisen No Shirushi OVAs because just like in the first season, the OVA was just a compilation of small random stories that don’t have any bearings on the overall storyline of the series.

What the pork?!
Hawk is in some flying manta beast version stealing food in town?! Hauser goes to stop him so displeased Hawk even transforms into a grey demon version to cause havoc. With Hauser hell bent on stopping this piggy at all cost, the fight lasts all day. In the end, Hawk returns to Boar Hat all skinny! OMG! Have you really seen a skinny pig?! So skinny that Meliodas bullies Hawk by blowing him around. Wow. Hawk is weightless to? I guess using up whatever magic cube from Merlin that transforms him uses up a lot of calories. Next day Hawk seeks another magic item from Merlin. I don’t think this one that turns Hawk into a human body but with a pig head will do. Then she gives him this giant fork. Despite all its grand names, I just see it as a normal fork… Hawk gets his revenge by sticking it in Hauser’s ass! But he feels warm… Sure it is not some kind of awakening? Hawk cannot imagine Elizabeth being violent. But here she is. Abusing poor little piggy. What gives?! Turns out to be some nightmare spell Gowther is putting on Hawk.

Sore loser princess
Guila practises with Veronica in a sword fight. Although the latter clearly loses, she plays cheat by striking back when Guila lets her guard down. Then it descends into a childish fight. Later Veronica takes Guila to bath with her. I guess we need some fanservice scenes from the duo who lack a lot of screen time in the second season. At first it sounds noble when Veronica talks about Guila drinking the red demon blood to protect her brother because she would have done the same to protect Elizabeth. Then Veronica stomps her superiority by pointing how her boobs is bigger than hers and it gives her a lot of encouragement. Don’t complain when Guila hits you.

The sin of greed
King is unsure the meaning of a race as Helbram and other fellow fairies race to see who is the fastest. Although Helbram is fastest, when King puts his mind into it, he is unbeatable. Even so, King is still unable to understand the implications of being first or being number one despite Helbram’s explanations. So he has King list down all of his priorities and things he likes and then rank them. King can’t because all of them are number one to him. It is only right because as the king, protecting all that are important and precious to him is number one.

Working holiday
During a time when the Sins are part of the kingdom’s Holy Knights, Meliodas announces that his merry band would take a vacation to the beach. While everyone rejoices, we see Meliodas having this devious look on his face. All going as planned… So while having fun at the beach, Kraken pops up. Sorry, no tentacle rape scene as Meliodas has his Sins destroy it so they can make delicious squid meat for dinner. The next day, they head to the mountains to destroy poisonous beetles. Once the holiday is over, we see Meliodas’ true intention. He is being rewarded by Zaratras for taking out Kraken and poisonous beetles and being praised for working even when he is on leave. But this scheme is sniffed out by Merlin who forces Meliodas to treat everyone to drinks. Originally Meliodas intended to buy Elizabeth a gift with the money but realizes he doesn’t know what she wants. Merlin notes he has given Elizabeth a lot but has not given something to her yet. Meliodas thinks she is drunk.

Thou Shalt Covet Another Season!
What else more can I say? The short random skits were fun and enjoyable to watch even though it had no real bearings in any way whatsoever. My favourite one being Hawk’s story because the annoying pig was so funny that I forgave him for being an annoying pet in the series. Yeah… So now I can only pray and hope that this series gets a third season so we can continue to see the epic battle between the Sins and the Ten Commandments. That’s right. The ironic confusion that the ones named based on the cardinal sins are the good guys and the ones named after God’s worship instructions are the bad guys. Yeah, they’re really trolling us and making us question if we are worshipping a false God. The power of trolling us is over 9000!!!!!!

It’s finally here. The much anticipated fight between the ‘bad guys’ who turned good guys against a bunch of very bad and nasty group of demons under the name of God’s principles and moral behaviours. Yeah, the irony. Just like its name implies, Nanatsu No Taizai: Imashime No Fukkatsu will have our Sins taking on the most formidable threat to the land with the revival of an elite squad serving directly under the Demon King. If you think everybody is a hell lot powerful the last time, wait till you see how much more powerful they can get here. It’s like there’s not limit to how superbly powerful one can become. Ah well, when you’re fighting with demons of demonic proportions and strength, I guess that is only to be expected.

Episode 1
The Sins are trying out their outfits for tomorrow’s award ceremony. King Baltra insists on giving them medals for their heroics. That night, Ban tells Meliodas that he is leaving Sins. King stops him but after learning he is heading to the Fairy King’s Forest, he follows him. Hence the Sins minus the duo plus Hawk are before Baltra as they prepare to be awarded. However Meliodas rejects. Because he heard some disagreement in the crowd and tells them to come out and state their disapproval. They are the trio of Pleiades of the Azure Sky under the assistant great Holy Knight of Denzel: Deathpierce, Dogedo and Waillo. As they have been stationed far away during those tumultuous events, they are not willing to accept their strength until they see for themselves. Dogedo is up for the challenge as Hawk assess his power. He was previously given some magical item by Merlin that could see one’s stats. I guess nobody is over 9000 yet. Meliodas fights him and easily dodges his attacks without sweat. Even when Dogedo badmouths Dreyfus and Hendrickson, Meliodas doesn’t defend them but notes even if Dogedo has strength, he lacks heart. Eventually he is knocked out and Deathpierce acknowledges their power and withdraws. We are distracted with Hawk assessing the powers of the Sins as he panics he isn’t so powerful after all. Buy hey, nobody is over 9000. Later the Sins bump into Gilthunder, Hauser and Griamor. They talk about the inconsistency of Dreyfus defecting, killing an ally and then protected an ally at the cost of his life. They renew their vow to find the truth. Meliodas ponders about Baltra’s prophecy in which he saw 10 evil shadows that will bring disaster to the land. And with the rumble in the ground, he suddenly knows who those guys are. As we all know, Dreyfus and Hendrickson are alive. Or at least the Demon Clan is inhabiting their body. And yeah, those shadows are those Demon Clan weirdoes and one of them looking like a clone of Meliodas.

Episode 2
Lacking energy since the seal dried it out, the demons need to replenish their strength before making their move. Ban and King call Jericho out from her hiding. Yeah, she has been following them for 20 miles! They reach the Fairy King’s Forest and it is revived. All the fairies still hate King for being a traitor and consider their new king is Ban because he planted the seeds to revive the forest. More heartbreak for King as he sees Elaine’s body lying peacefully. Gilthunder and his groupie leave on a journey to find the truth. Soon Elizabeth also finds out Meliodas is preparing to leave but he won’t let her follow. She talks to Diane who knows she likes Meliodas. However she is fine not confessing her feelings. Diane disagrees as she narrates about her lost and found memories. She has come to realize she loves King and is sad he left her alone again and went somewhere without telling her. She laments not getting to tell him her feelings. King continues to be mistreated by the fairies. Strangely, he gets advice from his dead friend, Helbram. As long as he puts on his helmet, he could actually see visions of him. So is he really dead or not? Physically yes but this? Ban’s goal is to revive Elaine so he tells King to return to Diane since she is still alive. King blushes when Ban tells him he overheard Diane’s monologue this morning that she will die of loneliness without him. Back to Elizabeth and Diane, the former still prefers to maintain status quo as she believes Meliodas already has a lover. They then see Zeal and are shocked he cannot remember his family or himself. Merlin gives Gowther to take some magic stabilizing pills but he throws it away and Hawk eats them. Gowther quits the Sins and decides to be with Guila. Diane and Elizabeth are further shocked to learn Gowther has messed with their memories. As he has decided to study on feelings (love, particularly), he has removed Zeal from her memories and implanted himself as a Holy Knight. The girls protest but Gowther argues that her original memories are painful and not happy ones. They counter that with the irreplaceable family bonds line. With the disagreement going nowhere, Gowther and Diane fight. Gowther realizes a powerful blackout spell that knocks out all in the kingdom with low magic power. Meanwhile Meliodas talks to Merlin and wants her to give back what she has taken from him 10 years ago. This is serious because the demons who were revived are the Ten Commandments, the elite unit directly serving under the Demon King.

Episode 3
Although Diane defeats Gowther, the entire kingdom is destroyed. Meliodas and Merlin arrive to see Gowther cowering in fear. He wants to be locked up so as not to hurt others again. But before that, he restores the memories of Guila and Zeal. Did he quip about he can’t apologize sincerely from the heart because he has no heart? But Guila doesn’t hate him and thanks him for trying to save her by showing her the true memories. In the end, looks like Guila rejected Gowther. Ouch? Oh well, he doesn’t have a heart. Threader comes by to check things out. He is fascinated by Merlin’s power and wishes to serve her. Merlin turns Gowther into his true form: A mini doll. She has Threader keep him for the rest of the journey. Back at Boar Hat, Meliodas invites Threader to join them but still declines Elizabeth. He didn’t bat an eyelid to say she would be a hindrance. This hurts her so Threader talks to her and although she realizes this is Meliodas’ way of caring for her, he suggests she show her feelings through actions. Merlin detects an anomaly outside Camelot. Change of plans. Time to move now. A giant golem named Albion is terrorizing the place. Meliodas recognizes it as a weapon created by the demon clan during the Ancient War. Its weakness is the core in its chest. As Meliodas and Arthur race up to the core, Albion fights back and Meliodas’ sword breaks. This is when Merlin decides to return his Sacred Treasure which she bought back after Meliodas pawned it. Behold, Lostvayne! It’s so sharp and fast that he singlehandedly (okay, with the help of his clones too) over-destroys Albion and its core. Meanwhile at the Fairy King’s Forest, the forests are growing and King thought it was impossible to grow at this rate despite the fountain of youth is gone. Then he is told that Ban has been coming here every few years to give his life to the forest. This is part of his plan to revive Elaine and will not be leaving until he achieves it. Though the fairies consider his dedication and effort to be king, he doesn’t consider himself fitting the criteria of being chosen by the Sacred Tree. But some fairies like Gerharde consider King to be fit to be their king but Ban as the forests’ nutrient. The forest rocks again. This time a slender version of Albion is attacking.

Episode 4
As usual, Albion wreaks havoc. As usual, the fairies are too scared and weak to fight it. As usual, the only one who does so is King. He takes a pounding and all the fairies could do is cry and feel regret they treated him like a traitor? Meanwhile Gerharde fights Ban despite the latter has no interest in becoming their king. Gerharde plays dirty by aiming at Elaine so Ban ‘dies’ while protecting the corpse. We interrupt this fight now because Gerharde feels the tremor of King’s fight with Albion. The Sacred Tree is cut in half and at this point all the fairies decide to get back their balls and fight Albion so that King could escape. As long the fairy king is around, the forest will revive one day. Helbram vision again. He tells King the fairies haven’t gotten lazy and never thought would be attacked. At least watching King fight has gotten their pride back. Of course King won’t allow this. He wants to protect everything. He unleashes the true form of his Sacred Treasure and throws it into Albion, destroying it. Shouldn’t he done this earlier? Unless it needs some tears and drama to power up. Meliodas explains to Arthur that with the revival of Ten Commandments, the reason the seal on Albion was broken. Cue for Elizabeth to feel she is truly useless this time. That’s why Meliodas doesn’t need her. Sorry to interrupt your chat but here comes Galand of Ten Commandments. Everyone trembles just seeing how powerful this old demon dude is. Heck, Hawk is even confused if the magical item is broken because Galand’s power is 26,000! Well, that is way OVER 9,000!!!

Episode 5
The Sacred Tree is restored. Just like that? Is it Ban? Has to be. Who else has got that tremendous power? He gives a bit of his blood to heal King and then warns Gerharde of ever doing anything like that again or he’ll kill her. As he has no intentions of rejoining the Sins, Ban takes his leave. Galand might be powerful but his magic power is zero thanks to the seal’s effect. A full display of his power as he flattens the surrounding area. Meliodas fights him but is clearly not enough. Not even Diane in giant form. Merlin decides to make a deal with him but this is a ploy to buy time. Because of that, she is turned into stone. As Galand represents the truth, any lie told would petrify that person. Meliodas has no choice but to go into his true demon form to fight him. Meanwhile Zeldris (leader of the Ten Commandments) realizes the land has lost much of its magical power since 3000 years ago. That’s why their healing is taking an awful long time. A few human miners bug them thinking they are in their territory so Derieri sucks their souls. Mmmm… Seems to work as magic replenishment. I guess time to make a big harvest from the nearest human settlement. Back to Meliodas’ fight, despite making some gains, Galand gets serious and overpowers them. He looks like has killed Meliodas, Diane and Threader (stone Merlin also broke) but a strong barrier protects Arthur, Elizabeth and Hawk. He thinks it is enough for today and retreats. Meanwhile Gilthunder’s group stumble upon lifeless humans. They’re not dead but more like empty husks. The nearby village is under attack by a red demon collecting human souls. They defeat it and send the souls back. However it’s not over and there is a grey demon to face now. They get a shock of their lives when Hendrickson returns to fight with them.

Episode 6
Griamor wants to kill him now but Hendrickson mentions Dreyfus is still alive. Trying to confuse him? They cooperate to take down the grey demon and the young ones are shocked that Hendrickson could use Purge as this could only be done by Zaratras. Hendrickson explains he is of the same Druid lineage that worships the Goddess Clan. Flashback 10 years ago when Hendrickson and Dreyfus were ordered to investigate Danafor. They find a large crater and beneath it is a demon, Fraudrin who wants to borrow their bodies. While Dreyfus resisted his mind control, Hendrickson couldn’t. As Dreyfus couldn’t use Purge and killing Hendrickson would only kill the vessel, Dreyfus is forced to give in but vows if his friend dies, he will find a way to kill him. Fraudrin possesses them both to report back to the capital that nothing happened. They conspired to kill Zaratras and blamed it on the Sins. He did so because he had a bone to pick with Meliodas. 16 years ago they fought and he killed Meliodas’ lover, Liz. Now he is laying low in Dreyfus body, hoping to regain his power and exact revenge on him. Meliodas and co are fine although Merlin is still petrified. Thanks to Gowther altering Galand’s memories to think he killed them. Gowther has also a bracelet that guarantees he will not run amok anymore. However he didn’t put it on his own free will. When he was freed at the end of Galand’s fight, he wanted to free but Merlin caught him off-guard and put the bracelet. Yes, Merlin still lives although her conscious is inside this floating ball and her Sacred Treasure, Morning Star Aldan. They discuss their strategy to take down the Ten Commandments but even if all the Sins combine their power, they only almost peak at 22,000. Assuming the other Ten Commandments have the same power as Galand, that’s 260,000!!! And if their magic power is restored, it will go well over 300,000!!! Yeah, Dragonball guys don’t stand a chance. Their strategy of closing that gap includes Elizabeth and Arthur awakening their magic powers and also finding the last Sin member: Lion’s Sin of Pride, Escanor. King returns and learning a demon just attacked this place, he rushes to see Diane. She can’t remember him. Can we blame the big knock on the head she took then?

Episode 7
Diane is further losing her memories. The culprit is Gowther. Because Diane scolded him about one can never erased important memories, he used her to test this. King gets mad and punches him. Then the rest set sail to find Diane. They have an idea where she might go: Megadoza, the village of the Giant Clan. Diane remembers about Matrona, the chief warrior of her tribe. Under her tutelage, Diane and Dolores didn’t like the idea of teaming up with humans and fighting other rival humans and rival giants. Matrona explains that humans and giants coexist with the former giving money and combat while the latter provides power. Therefore as giants, it is their pride and way of life to die on the battlefield. Dolores really doesn’t want to kill so she is advised to bear children to be raised as warriors. When Diane hears the council hoping to turn her into a formidable warrior, she wants to run away with Dolores. However she changed her mind after thinking there is no way others would accept giants. One day Diane was harassed by human guards. Meliodas rescues her and they become friends. She realizes that there are other kind humans like him and return to break the good news to Dolores. However Matrona says she has died, killed by bandits just to guard a mining town. This makes Diane furious but there is nothing she could do as she imagines what Meliodas would have said and dreams of a life with him. Matrona and Diane meet up with soldiers from Liones led by Holy Knight Gannon. They are supposed to kill savages but the giants get tricked as Matrona was almost killed. Gannon believes killing a giant for credit is better than killing a thousand savages. The giant duo fight until Matrona protects Diane from a poison arrow. In her dying breath, Matrona talks about her parents who entrusted Diane into her care. She hopes she could stop being soft-hearted and become strong. She is in fact strong only if wanted to. In the aftermath, Diane is accused of killing Matrona and covering it up with the massacre of the soldiers and sentenced to be beheaded. However Meliodas offers to take custody of her.

Episode 8
Diane stumbles near the Ten Commandments’ resting place. Galand is puzzled she is alive but Diane doesn’t remember who he is. As she doesn’t turn into stone, she is speaking the truth. Diane starts to tremble in fear and before Monspeet could eat her soul, somebody beats them up. Wait a minute. Isn’t that Matrona? Can a giant stand up to the Ten Commandments? She knocks Diane out and escapes Galand’s wrath. Meanwhile Monspeet senses Meliodas’ group approaching and sends his phoenix to test, burning everything in its path. Meliodas knows if he counters it, he will give away his position and status so how? Hawk Mama devours it! That simple?! I guess that’s it and no second time since Monspeet exhausted his power. Merlin suggests a detour. Knowing that Diane is alive and remain hidden, heading towards her would only expose her to danger. Believing now it is a time to return Meliodas’ true power back she sealed 10 years ago (those demon powers we see him wield are just a fraction) to fight the Ten Commandments, they head to Istar, the sacred land of the Druids. Stonehenge? They walk through a magical opening that brings them to the sacred land. They meet the chief Druids, Jenna and Zaneri. This huge dude? Just Theo, the priest who protects them. Would you believe it he is just 15 years old?! Elizabeth wonders if there is any romantic liaisons between Meliodas and Zaneri since Zaneri puts his hands on her boobs. I guess Meliodas isn’t into flat chests and hands off. I hope Elizabeth isn’t thinking Meliodas has the monopoly rights of fondling her boobs anytime, anywhere. Zaneri leads Meliodas and Elizabeth into a dark cave as the rest wait outside. In order to return Meliodas’ power, a painful trial is needed to overcome. Don’t get too confident about it, Meliodas. Because she returns him to a time when he was a Holy Knight at Danafor. And yeah, Liz is still alive. Ah, time to walk down memory lane.

Episode 9
Zaneri gives Elizabeth a chalice with soil. Inside is a sick seed that will not bloom no matter how. It is her trial to use her Druid powers to bloom it. Meanwhile Meliodas is living the fine times with Liz. Until her death he goes berserk. The whole thing repeats again. This is his trial to relive that tragedy 1000 times. It is supposed to rid him of his anger and if it doesn’t, it will consume him. Meanwhile Jenna takes the rest to train. They are shocked to see Hendrickson training there. Also there is Gilthunder’s groupie. Meliodas seems to get angrier with every repeat so Zaneri snaps him out. Elizabeth doesn’t blame him for what he has gone through so Meliodas wants Zaneri to send him back and promises to return safely. Meliodas knows he must cast away his emotions and accept Liz’s death. However that is impossible as he repeats the cycle of madness again. But he notes the more this happens, the more his love for her grows and so does his anger. The turning point is that he doesn’t want to see this scene again. He wakes up, shocking Zaneri that he didn’t cast away his emotions as he still has it all in his heart. Now as promised she must return his powers. Meanwhile Ban and Jericho enter Ravens, a town of thugs. He is searching for the rumoured person who supposedly brings back the dead. After renting a room for the night, they hear a commotion out in the street. Ban beats up the thugs to save the victim. However he can tell this werefox is also a pickpocket and has him return the things he stole from them. This aging beastman collapses so they put him to bed as he tells stories of his persecuted race. That’s why they have to resort to stealing to live. This has Ban remember his own childhood in this place. He tried to steal food but ends up in prison. He befriends a cellmate, Zhivago who makes a deal to break out with him.

Episode 10
Zhivago takes Ban to his hideout and feeds him. He also talks about his son. Ban returns home only to be beaten up by his parents for failing to steal food. One day Ban gets kidnapped and is to be sold to some noble. Coincidentally Zhivago saves him since he was stealing cargo. Ban wants him to teach him how to steal. Under his tutelage, Ban learns a lot. But one day when they are supposed to rob a mansion, Zhivago is late so Ban has this idea of going in by himself. He got owned. Zhivago overslept and fears the worse. He is about to save Ban but he hears the men going to hunt for werefox. Fearing he left his son back there, Zhivago transforms to his real werefox form and abandons Ban to save his son. But all in vain as his son died despite Zhivago killed the hunters. Now Zhivago wonders if he hadn’t made such mistake, he might not have lost a lot. Ban refutes he did any mistake. Had he known he abandoned his son to save him, he will not forgive him. Despite all that has happened, he has never hated him. Zhivago realizes this is Ban all grown up. Foster father reunites in tears with his foster son. Apparently the training Jenna has for them is sending them into a cave where they will fight some tough monsters. We see Gilthunder and Hauser thinking out of the box to improve their fighting abilities. After all, fighting with what they already know will not get them far. Although they lost, they have made some vast improvements. Having trouble is Gowther and Arthur pair. King changes his mind and decides to go training. He won’t pair with Hendrickson and will not forgive him for Helbram’s murder. Meliodas suggests pairing up with him since he needs to do some training for his body before taking back his power. King doesn’t agree with Meliodas’ opinion of giving Hendrickson another chance. Yes, he is guilty and cannot be forgiven for what he has done but he was under Fraudrin’s manipulation. King is further suspicious. He turns on Meliodas and wonders if he is on their side. Because he knows the names of the Ten Commandments and is from the Demon Clan.

Episode 11
Zhivago wonders why Ban has not aged. He tells him about drinking from the fountain that Zhivago once told him as a rumour. Now he cannot age nor die but since the guardian of it is dead, his goal is now to revive her. Ban who has never opened his heart to any humans hints that Jericho might be the first since she is fun to prank around. Is this his way of easing up her jealousy over Elaine? Zhivago can see Ban is still troubled. It is about his betrayal to Meliodas. He took advantage of his kindness and even tried to kill him. Despite all that, Meliodas smiled and forgave him. Zhivago advises him that his regret is useless unless he tells it to that person. Apologize from the bottom of his heart and seek forgiveness. That’s his last advice as his father. Then he kicks the bucket. That was fast. Probably we need to move the plot now. Meanwhile King is trying to find out Meliodas’ goal but he stays silent. Meliodas questions back if King is the real Fairy King because unlike his predecessors, he has no fairy wings. King is angered but this whole charade is stopped by Jenna. If they’re not going to properly do this training, might as well stop. Meliodas can’t tell him everything now as he might not believe him. In that case, King will keep a close watch on him. Meliodas has Jenna return his power. The big amber breaks and returns the entire power of darkness into him. This officially has the Ten Commandments know this is Meliodas. Meliodas wants Merlin to teleport him to their base just to say hi. Galand is not pleased he is still alive and is about to take him on when Meliodas beats him to a pulp! Why is it so satisfying to see Meliodas beat his ass up? He greets Zeldris who is also his brother. They have nothing to talk about. Zeldris will avenge his betrayal and Meliodas is here just to warn them. Before they can finish him, Merlin teleports him back. Zaneri explains to the rest Meliodas didn’t abandon his emotions. He still has them but has full control over them.

Episode 12
With Meliodas’ provocation, Zeldris has no choice but to expedite their conquest of Britannia. So they split up and visit various towns across the country. Meliodas returns and explains what he did. Some aren’t too happy but this is all part of Meliodas’ plan to separate them since they have a better chance of fighting them separately instead of together. The rest return from their training. Some changed. Hawk is, uhm, bacon with horns? Apparently he got eaten by a dragon but ate his way out and obtained this form. Arthur has a weird cat stuck on his head and Griamor has turned into a baby! So did Elizabeth pass? She failed! After they leave, Jenna confronts Zaneri about Elizabeth’s trial. She didn’t put a seed in the chalice and it is obvious that Elizabeth has Druid powers flowing through her. Does she still love Meliodas? Watching her heartbreak reaction when Meliodas praised Elizabeth tells a lot. Zaneri understands Meliodas never feel the same for her and has only one room in his heart. She was trying to keep Elizabeth away from him as she fears he might lose her. Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Liz. Now that Meliodas’ power is at 32,500 and can basically take the Ten Commandments himself, do they still need to find Escanor? Yes. He is more powerful than Meliodas. Melascula opens the door from the other world and returns souls with regrets to their corpses, turning them into zombies. This means Elaine revives. However she beats up everyone and Gerharde the most for talking to Ban and then hurting him. Ban is hers. She is going to find Ban and summons Oslo. King finds it odd Oslo is being summoned so Helbram hints of the ominous thing happening all over. Using the excuse he doesn’t trust Meliodas, King leaves the group to attend to this. After Ban buries Zhivago, a zombie pops up to attack Jericho. Ban easily kills him. Guess who the next attack is from? Elaine! Not sure if this is her way of greeting him because now the duo share the longest kiss ever!

Episode 13
While Jericho is jealous, Elaine tries to kill her. She attacks Ban too when he tries to stop her. Ban is like so cool about getting beaten up by her and is not mad despite knowing she is under control, it makes me wonder if he is a masochist. Elaine hates it that she wanted to travel with Ban but Jericho stole her dream and did it so easily. It becomes an argument between the ladies of who loves Ban more but in the end Jericho has a point that if she was in her shoes, she will never ever hurt Ban. Ban’s soothing words calm her down but they are visited by Melascula and Galand. Melascula explains her forbidden magic of reviving souls using regrets and anger and once someone overcome that, they’ll be dead again. Exactly what is almost happening to Elaine. Galand thought he killed Ban but he revives. Galand makes the mistake of allowing him a free punch just to show his magic but gets beaten up to a pulp. Déjà vu again for him. Galand is weakened and Melascula theorizes Ban can steal power from those within a certain radius. Melascula engulfs Ban in her darkness but passes him. As humans have desires and easily lose faith with the slightest thing, they will lose their sights. But Ban’s soul is pure and beautiful. He never got mad when Elaine went berserk. However when he dies, he will become nothing. This shocks Ban and Melascula is able to purge his soul. Galand steals and eats it! Melascula isn’t pleased he stole her prey. Sad and mad Jericho wants to avenge him but shockingly Ban revives and takes the ladies to run after he cuts one of the many hearts of those demons to deal some damage. It is revealed Zhivago’s soul traded place with him during that commotion. Ban and Elaine try to be selfless to each other to let the other escape. Jericho is pissed with their attitude and takes them both anyway. Meanwhile Dreyfus encounters Deldry of Pleiades. Because she kissed him, her charms has his body do her bidding. Like saving her from attacks from fellow Pleiades’ Arden. Then it becomes a strange fight between Dreyfus and Waillo over Deldry’s hand in marriage. Dreyfus is knocked out and taken away.

Episode 14
It’s already hard for Jericho to carry both of them and now she has to avoid bouncing boulders! Yeah, Galand is playing golf. Fore! Eventually she takes a critical hit while trying to defend the duo. Then another that sends her down into a ravine. Following this cave leads them to a bar run by a meek barkeeper. I’ll spoil you now, this guy is Escanor. He recognizes Ban but with no time to explain, Jericho requests he hides them and he keeps them in his storeroom. But Galand slices open the cave. Too keep them busy, Escanor serves them alcohol. They totally love his ale and start drinking while spewing out some info about their mission to Escanor. Of course they know Escanor is hiding them and feeling good, Galand wants to play a game. Each will take turns hitting each other until one is dead. No fleeing, no chickening out. If Escanor doesn’t play, Galand will kill them all. Does he have a choice? But the small pat on Escanor’s back literally knocks out this timid guy. So they wait until morning as Galand notices a huge battle axe. He finds it hard to carry it but Escanor easily shows it how it’s done. Escanor is now bulging with muscles! OMG! He is turning into baby face Hulk! In one swing, he cuts down Galand. Escanor officially introduces himself. Now it’s Galand’s turn to hit him so he powers up to 40,000 and strikes! But nothing happens! Because Escanor’s power is 50,000 and gradually rising! It is Escanor’s turn and with his immense power, Galand gets scared and runs away! Because of that, he himself turns into stone as he broke his own rule. Escanor gives Melascula a chance to escape but she chooses to kill him. She engulfs him in her darkness and eats his soul. But soon after, her innards start burning and she has no choice but to spit him out. Since Escanor has things to talk with Ban, he waits till night fall where he turns back into his meek form. He learns about Merlin and that the Sins are no longer wanted (the reason he is hiding) and are heroes. Also, he needs Ban’s help to deliver ale but he isn’t interested. King arrives and is shocked to see Elaine alive. Meanwhile Diane is treated with Matrona’s traditional dance. Since Diane prefers this to fighting, Matrona agrees from now on she is to be a dancer.

Episode 15
Dreyfus is met with Denzel who is Baltra’s brother sent far away from the capital to study more about the Demon Clan. He has no qualms injuring Dreyfus since Fraudrin is inhabiting his body. He wants to prove that a human can slay a demon. Meanwhile Diane sucks at dancing as we learn Matrona lived because a Holy Knight Zalpa whom Diane spared at that time saved her by cutting off her poisoned leg. Matrona is now his ‘wife’ and helps take care of his kids. There are flyers dropped all over the area announcing a fighting tournament at Vaizel. The winner gets any wish granted. It is obviously a trap as it is sent by demons under the Ten Commandments, namely Gloxinia and Drole. Meliodas thinks of heading there for fun since they lost Escanor’s signal. Because demons wounded Zalpa’s kids, Matrona is going to take part despite the prize is crap. But that’s all she can hope for. Diane also joins her. Denzel dominates over Dreyfus and Deathpierce joins in. Dogedo returns and reliefs the other Pleiades members guarding watch so they can go to Vaizel. The magic barrier keeping Dreyfus in now breaks. Did Dogedo betray them? Actually it is the shape shifting Ten Commandment, Grayroad. Denzel lets them go instead of killing them because if they do so to Dreyfus, they will suffer the pacifism curse from Grayroad. On his way out, Dreyfus stabs Deldry as revenge. Then he informs he isn’t a real member of the Ten Commandments and is only a substitute. The real one left ages ago to parts unknown. During the battle at the capital, he managed to confirm he is still alive. Now he doesn’t have memories of his former self. That member was… Gowther!

Episode 16
Matrona and Diane find themselves before a giant maze. It is supposed to be some ‘screening process’ for the tournament participants. They can’t destroy walls (it regenerates) or go from the top (barriers). Along the way, they got separated. Diane encounters Hawk and wants to eat it! As Elizabeth is also here, she explains about their relationship but Diane still doesn’t remember and continues to distrust them. But when faced with danger, they help each other out. It gets weirder when they face off with clones of Meliodas. Thanks to Gilthunder and Hauser coming to their aid. The next threat is some giant land fish monster. With their combo, they are able to take it out. Meanwhile Meliodas and Arthur stumble into Ban. The usual violent greeting the duo have. Apparently Ban isn’t here to participate but to deliver ale to Vaizel with Escanor. Ban still feels guilty about betraying Meliodas but the latter has put that behind him. With Ban back, they can work together for the greater good. We see how powerful they have become as they unleash all their power to break the thick wall to reunite with Elizabeth’s group who is just on the other side. Conveniently they have also blown a straight path to the goal. Looks like everyone else who are participating have already arrived.

Episode 17
Get this. Drole is supposed to be the Giant Clan’s god while Gloxinia is supposed to be the Fairy Clan’s first king supposedly to have died during the war against the Demon Clan. The first round matches is a tag team one. They are randomly paired and I guess the mightiest pair is Meliodas and Ban. Because altogether there are 15 teams, Gloxinia and Drole use their doppelganger to enter. We focus on Elizabeth-Elaine pair. They are faced with a pair of assassin brothers. No doubt Elaine’s fairy powers can easily do the job, the girls prefer to talk to each about their respective crushes! Are they like disrespecting their opponents? When it gets serious enough, the ladies win but kind Elizabeth heals them. However Gloxinia disposes the losers. Now we go to Meliodas-Ban pair. Both of them are arguing their girl is the best and don’t even give a f*cks about the demon bird pair attacking! So intense their quarrelling that they accidentally killed them! And they don’t even know it! Now we go to Diane-King pair who is staving off the doppelgangers’ attack. Diane doesn’t believe King is the current fairy king. King displays some of his fairy powers as prove. They may put up some fight against the doppelgangers but is this time for King to make a statement he wants to confess to her? With the doppelgangers intensifying their attack, King turns his Sacred Treasure into its next form.

Episode 18
King uses up all his magic to finally destroy Gloxinia’s doppelganger. With Diane very motivated, she spawns rock golems in the image of her friends to fight Drole’s doppelganger. It is ironic that the weak looking King golem is the most powerful and delivers the finishing blow to the enemy. Denzel has a meeting with his Pleiades and other Holy Knights. Deathpierce reports that 9 out of 10 towns in Britannia has been eliminated and taken over by the Ten Commandments. One of them being Camelot. As Liones could be next in no time, Denzel orders Guila to head there and tell the king that they are on a mission to eliminate one of the Ten Commandments who is no other than Gowther. Speaking of that guy, Gowther-Jericho is up against Escanor-Hawk. Escanor doesn’t want to fight and pleads to Gloxinia to resign. Rejected. Jericho argues with Gowther about killing others to obtain emotion. She could say from experience as she once regretted tossing away her humanity just to obtain power. In the end, it is yourself who will be hurt the most. Gowther does not understand about feelings or friendship and rids of Jericho and Hawk. He will take down Escanor and get what he wants. He puts a spell on him to see his own nightmare. Actually his past. Born into a noble family, Escanor’s brother was jealous he got more attention from their parents. He tried to beat him up but Escanor in his defence attacked him. His strength broke his brother. Since then everyone thinks he is a cursed monster and was to be killed. A woman named Rosa let him escape. He was scouted to join the Sins by Merlin who witnessed his extraordinary strength. Because Merlin looked like Rosa, he joined and fell in love with her. Escanor is mocked by ‘Merlin’ she will never return his love for being weak. However Escanor manages to escape this nightmare curse and transforms into his strong self. Escanor has accepted the fact he will never walked alongside Merlin and this gave him hope instead of despair. He extracted the sun’s power inside his own mind. Gowther remains defiant and is going to fight him as Escanor summons his axe and powering it up with the sun’s power. It looked he might kill everyone in the area just to exact punishment for toying with his heart. In the end, Gowther wins with his arrow through Escanor’s body. Since Gowther has not realized it yet, Jericho points out Escanor’s target was Gloxinia and Drole. Those duo are knocked out by his power.

Episode 19
Meliodas uses this chance when their guard is down to attack the duo. This is all part of his plan. He never told his friends and came together under the guise of wanting to happily participate in a tournament. All he needs is a chance and Escanor gave that distraction. Meliodas is super awesome as he beat them up. Like as though he is on cheat code mode!!! OMG! No matter how many times Gloxinia uses his life drops to heal them back, Meliodas is fast enough to deal lots of damage. Rinse and repeat. A never ending cycle. Even when Drole takes his friends captive, Meliodas doesn’t slow down. A wizard participant uses his magic to teleport the friends back to Liones as they watch the fight from his crystal ball. Meliodas is about to score a huge victory but the other Ten Commandments drop in (minus Galand. Melascula is black as f*ck) as they sensed Meliodas’ great blood thirst. And so it begins the epic battle but it might look a bit one sided with Meliodas becoming a punching bag. This is due to Meliodas using up lots of his power and magic with his earlier fight, though he could still stand his ground and fight back. When can we learn that talking will not wake up the other possessed party? Oh wait. It always works. That is what Meliodas is trying towards Dreyfus. Although it moved him a bit, Fraudrin repossesses him and deals the finishing blow. But this is all part of his plan as all the power he has accumulated is slowly being unleashed. The Ten Commandments fear they will be defeated again by this traitor whom they consider as the source of why the Demon Clan got defeated. Before that happens, Estarossa easily stops him. Uhm, just like turning off the switch for the computer?

Episode 20
Estarossa mocks Meliodas if he is going to betray the Sins like how he betrayed them. He is sad that he once fought on their side but his betrayal caused not only the deaths of 2 Ten Commandments (hence Gloxinia and Drole as replacements), the Goddess Clan teamed up with others to bring down the Demon Clan for a humiliating defeat. Melascula wants to devour his soul as atonement. Ban has the wizard teleport him there. Ban uses his time stopping move to break Melascula’s neck and destroy all her hearts! He tries to do the same to Estarossa but he isn’t budging. Like trying to open a jar of pickle???!!! Estarossa coolly summons his 7 swords to slowly stab all of Meliodas’ 7 hearts to kill him. Yup, Meliodas is dead. Estarossa explodes annoying Ban. It looked funny like as though he can’t open the pickle jar and hence exploded! Now Elizabeth has the wizard teleport to Meliodas’ side. Time to cry her heart out. With Meliodas gone, the Ten Commandments are free to conquer Britannia. The Holy Knights are having a tough time warding off demons. Arthur teams up with Nanashi (literally a nameless samurai) to take down demons. Nanashi notes as long as that creepy cat is on Arthur, he cannot die. Ban is also having a tough time helping the Holy Knights keeping the demons at bay. Merlin holed herself in the lab while Gowther is imprisoned until it is confirmed he isn’t a threat like the Ten Commandments. King takes Diana as well as Matrona’s family back to the Fairy King’s forest where it is safer (after Elizabeth healed the kids). Ban has accepted the fact that Elaine is gone since he killed Melascula, it is only reasonable the effect of her spell is gone. But there is more trouble brewing. Normal people are hunting down Holy Knights to offer them to their demon rulers. Think of it as protection money or life extension. Golgius thought being in the woods is safe but he is attacked by a demon. He thought he is a goner but wakes up in Boar Hat where Elizabeth is happily serving away.

Episode 21
Golgius is wary when Elizabeth and Hawk still recognize him. As he once clashed with them, he thinks he doesn’t deserve their hospitality and leaves. Meliodas’ body lie motionless in Boar Hat. Time to drum up some tears with Elizabeth crying by his side and continue to believe in his return. Soon, they are visited by… Zaratras?! Apparently Melascula’s power brought him back to life temporarily. So does this mean Melascula is still alive? So why did Elaine disappear? Anyway, Zaratras still holds a grudge against Hendrickson who served him poisoned pie. So that’s how he actually died? Speaking of Meliodas, Elizabeth takes Zaratras to see his body. Zaratras puts some ointment over his body so that they could all peek into his memories. Convenient time. We see Zaratras first stumbled into Meliodas in the aftermath of Danafor’s destruction. He was carrying an infant who is Elizabeth. When Zaratras offered to help, Meliodas scorned him and warned not to touch his girl. As Baltra then wished to adopt Elizabeth, Meliodas agrees but with a condition he joins the Holy Knights. After showing his overwhelming might to Zaratras, he is then recommended to join. He watched over Elizabeth and spent lots of time with her. Of course she can’t remember as she was too young. Heck, she even gave him her first kiddie kiss. On his cheek. With Baltra’s vision on the Ten Commandments’ threat, Meliodas and Merlin set on a quest to find the Sins. Hence the Sins were formed due counter the Ten Commandments. There is also something about Meliodas waiting for 3000 years for the curse to be lifted. He tried all ways but the curse won’t allow it. Lastly, Meliodas saying goodbye to young Elizabeth because he is going away on a quest. He promises to come back. Returning to reality, this spurs Elizabeth to believe he will return. Meanwhile Meliodas is in some hell. He is told the only way to escape from this curse is to kill the one he bestowed the Commandments upon or die. Though, thanks to this curse, Meliodas is able to come back to life again and again. Meliodas is blamed for becoming weak due to a certain woman and hence when Meliodas dies and comes here, he will consume all his emotions for him to revive. He wants Meliodas to satisfy his hunger again. Ban and the Holy Knights cannot lift a finger against Estarossa. Because he represents love, all those with hate will lose their will to even fight. However only Escanor can only stand up to him. He does not hate those who are weaker than him and only pities them.

Episode 22
Escanor and Estarossa trade powerful attacks. But mostly it seems like Escanor owning Estarossa with his powerful sun power. So powerful his sunburn that it dries up the lake! Finally a super fireball that sends Estarossa flying miles away in defeat! Could have been dead if not for Zeldris coming to help absorb some of that fiery attack. Before all that, many of the Holy Knights and citizens fell into Zeldris’ power. Those who turn their back on him will be treated as disobedience. Hence under a loyalty spell to the Demon King. They try to invade the castle and kill the good guys. With Monspeet and Derieri arriving, Denzel decides to handles this. He sacrifices his own life so that the goddess Nerobasta could manifest inside his body. She refuses to cooperate to take down the demons. Derieri gets upset and tries to take her down. When Nerobasta’s attack fails, she pleads for a dialogue, only to be cut down. So much about that. Monspeet and Derieri sense a great power approaching. It is Hawk Mama making its way to Liones. It is hinted that Elizabeth has partial powers of the Goddess Clan. A few demons attack them but nothing like Zaratras to help obliterate them. Hawk eats a demon piece and turns into a weird demon piggy? Derieri once again is mad about Elizabeth’s power. She tries to attack but luckily Zaratras blocks it. Before Derieri could finish her off, look who is back to beat the crap out of her? Meliodas! Welcome back. Elizabeth so happy. I guess her believe in him has finally paid off.

Episode 23
Meliodas assures he is as good as new. He has all his hearts back. Yup, the Meliodas we all know since he starts molesting Elizabeth. But Elizabeth wants him to touch her more! Damn, did I hear that right?! Even Meliodas is suspicious… This is interrupted with Derieri trying to get even with Meliodas. Unfortunately with him being revived, Meliodas double exterminates Derieri and Monspeet. Meanwhile Grayroad has got some of the castle inhabitants in his incubation. If they are carelessly broken out, they will turn into those red and grey demons. However if you kill them, you will grow old and lose your life. As Grayroad represents pacifism, taking away another life means repaying it with yours. Just like how Dogedo found out the hard way. In a dilemma to fight or run, that wizard guy turns out to be Vivian in disguise. She teleports Gilthunder away. Will the rest be in despair? Don’t worry. Merlin is back! She is able to kill Grayroad’s underlings and not bear the effects of the penalty as she explains how she froze her own time (due to some research thingy). As for how she escaped Galand’s spell, it is because she is the daughter of Belialuin. Merlin says her true name that humans cannot pronounce and this makes Grayroad and Dreyfus afraid. They try to run but Merlin traps Grayroad in her jar. Dreyfus thought he has escaped but is now faced with Hendrickson. His Purge doesn’t work but don’t worry, Zaratras joins in the battle. He uses his own life to purge Fraudrin out of Dreyfus. With Fraudrin in his true demon form, Griamor stumbles into the scene. Nothing like the power of a father watching his son in danger to get up and defeat the monster. Dreyfus and Hendrickson emotionally reunite as friends. Even Zaratras has a few last words for them (and for Gilthunder) before resting in peace. But it’s not over yet since Fraudrin still lives. Using all his magic, he is now a giant demon. Don’t have to worry again. Merlin and gang are here. But the real fight begins when Meliodas is here. It might seem that they are fighting on par but this Meliodas is just a clone. The real one has double the power. And possibly even more now that he is turning maximum his power switch.

Episode 24
Flashback 3000 years ago when Fraudrin learnt Meliodas killed 2 of the Ten Commandments and fled from their upcoming fight with the Goddess Clan. But Gowther told him he didn’t run away. He devoted himself to fight for the ones he loves. Meliodas easily beats the crap out of Fraudrin. He wants to have fun so he won’t kill him so easily. Fraudrin draws an idea from Zaratras’ actions. He is going to blow himself up. Even if he cannot kill Meliodas, he will take out Liones. Meliodas is so ‘bored’ that he wants him to blow himself up already. Fraudrin threatens to take long Dreyfus and Griamor. However he is hesitating. During his years of possessing Dreyfus, he raised Griamor up like his own son to dispel any suspicions. Suddenly Griamor grabs onto Fraudrin and pleads not to kill his dad. After seeing his tearful eyes, Fraudrin now understands what Gowther meant. He promises not to kill them. Then he goes to let Meliodas kill him in which he doesn’t hesitate to destroy him in a single punch! OMG! Better than Thanos’ single snap! One Punch Demon?! In the aftermath as Escanor rejoins Merlin, he is told about Meliodas’ curse. The Demon King cursed him to not die. But each time he revives, he loses some of his emotion. In the aftermath, a funeral is held for some of the Holy Knights who died that include Denzel, Dogedo and Gustav (Jericho’s brother). Deldry is upset Denzel is dead but Hendrickson and Dreyfus are still alive. She hates them but Baltra wants all of them to remain united to restore the kingdom. Meliodas parties alone at what is left of Boar Hat. He is joined by Elizabeth who hears him out his troubles. He felt good killing Fraudrin and fears of returning to what he was a long time ago. His dilemma is if he might not be able to save her if he does that. Elizabeth hugs him and says she will always be with him.

Overnight, Liones is suddenly rebuilt?! Thanks to Merlin’s magic. Dreyfus learns from Merlin about Griamor’s curse. Due to that training stint, he encountered some ancient ghost that cursed him to turn into something he feared most. Griamor feared his young self as he was the weakest then. There is a simple way to cure him: A kiss from his true love. Well, Veronica thought she could take care of a cute little Griamor boy when she kisses his forehead and suddenly he pops back into his muscular self! Damn his clothes ripped too. Damn this looks like a rape scene… Veronica probably had the biggest shock of her life… However despite the Sins’ victory this round, it is not over yet. Some of the Ten Commandments still live. Half of them. Zeldris, Estarossa, Melascula (so Elaine didn’t disappear after all and her body is in comatose back in Boar Hat), Gloxinia and Drole. All the Holy Knights and citizens that have been affected by the Commandment fled to Camelot which is now their stronghold. The threat is far from over. On their side they have lost some allies too but there is still hope. Like Jericho who still can’t get over Gustav’s death and blames herself for chasing after a one-sided love, suddenly realizes she has now his ice abilities. She vows to surpass him as a stronger Holy Knight. Gowther is released under the orders of Baltra although his allegations as an ex-Ten Commandment has not been lifted. Gowther hints that he still remembers his old self as a Ten Commandment. Meliodas vows to gather all the Sins for the next fight. Well, King and Diane are living a happy life at the Fairy King Forest.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against This Series!
Oh wait. It’s over???!!! Damn, I was enjoying myself with this sequel that I lost track of time. Heck, I didn’t even know I was watching the last episode! And hence that statement of mind proves that this season is as interesting and epic as the first. I hope they go on to make a third because with all the developments we have seen in this season, everything is far from over. Though, there is a movie sequel after that but reading its synopsis, it doesn’t look like it has anything to do with any continuation of the TV series.

Although I did mention that this season was good, but something prevents me from stating that the sequel is much more epic than the first. Sure, it is on par with the first season but it does not go more than that. It is probably some of the detours that the plot and characters make this season like that training stint. Even though it is an integral part of the story to see how our main characters especially Meliodas power up, sometimes I have this feeling this is sort of like a little filler. Also, the Sins are not mainly united this season especially Ban and King who went their own ways to solve some of their personal issues. I was hoping to see all of them fight together as a team and perhaps some matchups between the Sins and Ten Commandments but I guess that’s for next time so that the business can be settled for good.

I have a hunch that a big reason and motivation to watch this season is the appearance of the remaining Sin: Escanor. Yeah, we waited halfway through the season for him to finally show up in the flesh. He sure doesn’t disappoint and lives up to his pride. It was really fun and exciting to watch him in his strong sun powered form as he kicks ass with no remorse. Even if he is a wuss in his normal bartender form, his transformed mode is awesome enough that you would not mind him as a weakling with a one-sided love for Merlin. Because we all know that when it boils down to what matters most, his strong form is going to trump everything else. Even Meliodas admits that Escanor is stronger than him. Yeah, this guy destroyed 1 of the Ten Commandments and gravely injured 2 by his own! If you’re interested in the other ‘scorecard’: Meliodas has annihilated 3 Ten Commandments and Merlin only 1 under their belt. Oh sh*t. Did they just break a Commandment of thou shalt not kill?

As for the other members of Sin, I have mixed opinions for them. I can blame the 2 dozen episodes worth of the second season is not enough. For example as mentioned, Ban and King temporarily left the Sins to deal with their own personal issues. While it is good to see Ban finally reconciling with his foster father and King regaining the trust of his fellow fairies, it still doesn’t feel that all of them are close knit as a team as they should. Or at least as what I expect them to be. But remember, they were a ragtag team brought together by Meliodas. Each coming from a different background and even clan to begin with. So the Sins itself as a group is already amazing. Somehow I am a bit disappointed with Diane and Gowther this season. Ever since Diane lost her memories and Gowther being bound by Merlin’s spell after his short taste of freedom, we don’t get to see much of them in action. That fake tournament in Vaizel was the most that we’ll ever get to see them display their skills.

Meliodas and Merlin sure have a juicy past to tell and looks like this season isn’t enough to even satiate our curiosity. Although it is explained about Meliodas and his curse, I still really don’t understand fully on what it is about. Maybe it is just that. He is cursed to not die and the price of resurrection is losing some of his emotions. I wonder if the Ten Commandments know about this curse as it was put on by the Demon King himself. If they do, they should know it is futile to kill him, their intentions in the first place, right? Or maybe it’s part of their plan to kill him enough to turn him back into that wicked Meliodas over 3000 years before. Then again, it doesn’t guarantee that Meliodas would be on their side. As for Merlin, hints about her origins as some fearsome demon could explain a lot about her magic and stuff. But I wonder why she didn’t free herself from Galand’s spell after she immediately turned into stone. Oh right, Galand’s dead so it freed her. But the way Grayroad said it as though she shouldn’t have but she did.

The most annoying character award goes to Hawk. If this cocky pig was annoying last season, you’re going to be even more annoyed as Hawk thinks he is hell of a super powerful. I know he is supposed to be a comic relief and mascot character but the way Hawk so arrogantly claims he is the most powerful and can easily defeat his opponents without breaking a sweat is more irritating than funny. At least last season he ‘died’ as a ‘martyr’. Besides, after being given the magic item, Hawk’s main goal is to just access people’s power and make some snarky remarks. I guess we’re all waiting for Hawk to finally reach over 9000… Also weird about Hawk this season is that he is able to transform into whatever weird creatures he eats and only reverts when he poops it out. So theoretically if he eats Meliodas, will he become as powerful as him? Maybe then his power will be… OVER 9000!!!!

So I figure Hawk’s other comical moments come in the end of the episode. It is a segment whereby Hawk is some sort of school professor and in the earlier episodes we see him or a random character as a guest trying to explain certain stuffs in the series. Of course at the same time, making some jokes as distraction. Later in the second half, this segment becomes some sort of a short high school themed skit using the characters. Well Hawk-chan, I personally believe you weren’t the best teacher. Still, everybody ‘graduated’. Yeah, those little piglets of yours…

Elizabeth feels like she didn’t do too much again this season. Except the revelation that she is Liz’s reincarnation and perhaps somewhat related to the Goddess Clan. Other than that, she is somewhat Meliodas’ groping toy and fanservice for us. Not sure if porn logic has seeped into her mind because now she wants to be molested by Meliodas even more! Is this true love?! I suppose that’s her logic of assuring that Meliodas is still alive and that he is still himself. After all, she gave him her first kiss a long time ago and it did go a long way.

One of the downside of having an epic series like this is having too many other side characters. Introducing more of them feels like adding to the ‘burden’. New characters like the team of Pleiades as well as the Druid babes of Istar add more layer to the story but ultimately as far as this season is concerned, they aren’t anything that significant. Even more so the other recurring supporting characters like the Holy Knights of Liones. Hauser and Gilthunder may do their usual bit of combat and protecting but still nothing significant that would put them on par with the Sins. After all, you don’t want to have such supporting characters eclipsing our titular group, right? Worse, I thought Griamor turning into a kid felt like a convenient plot for Fraudrin’s downfall and Arthur faring worse than Elizabeth because he tagged along with the gang and ultimately got a cat stuck on his head that is never explained why whatsoever. And now Camelot is besieged. Things are not looking good for his side. Threader was like, “What is this guy for anyway again” and it feels like he likes to babysit little Griamor and kids more than anything. Guila was like, “Where the heck was she?!”. Maybe she’s not into playing that active Holy Knight and has been relegated to protecting the royal family. Golgius was like, why the heck do they need to remind us of this guy whom we’ve forgotten and didn’t care much in the last season? He was forgotten as fast as he cameo-ed in this season.

I know this season is called Revival of the Ten Commandments, but I really didn’t count in the dead characters being ‘revived’ either. Sometimes I feel that is also a plot convenience. Like Elaine being brought back is to rekindle Ban’s romance with her and in a way motivate him to do more and eventually rejoining the Sins. As though the duo are like making up for lost time that should have been with their carefree lovey-dovey PDA (public display of affection). Cheesy… Oh God, even Zaratras too got a shot back at life. Only doing so to bring back Dreyfus and Hendrickson to who they once were. I guess that’s your answer to why these Holy Knights turned evil and betrayed the kingdom in the first place. Not forgetting King’s best friend, Helbram who now exists only in his vision whenever he needs some talking to. Yeah, looks like everybody who is supposed to be dead is somewhat alive. This means I am hoping for Denzel to come back alive too. Somehow. That poor guy. Sacrificed himself only for a stupid cowardly goddess to reject his help and then also met her demise. The same I want to say for Gustav whom I have totally forgotten until he died! Oh Jericho, will this spur her to finally give up chasing Ban and now chasing power?

Speaking of Gilthunder, what the heck happened to him and Vivian?! Was this an oversight by the producers because we sure didn’t see them anywhere in the final episode. They were not even mentioned by any of their characters! Not even Hauser. Like as though they have been completely forgotten! From time and time again, that Vivian b*tch sure knows the meaning of persistency because when she really popped up, it took me by surprise as I never thought of seeing her again, let alone appearing in this season. But wherever Vivian has taken Gilthunder, I hope he’ll be alright. No. He’ll definitely be alright. His love for Margaret is strong enough that I believe he can’t be swayed by this little inconvenience.

The Ten Commandments as the antagonists this season are worthy villains for this season. But unfortunately not a lot of background story is given behind them. In that sense, it made them some sort of powerful but shallow bad guys to be defeated. For example, it would have been nice to see what Derieri had against the Goddess Clan because she was furious upon seeing one. Don’t be too surprised to find that she was a member of the Goddess Clan and fallen out of favour of them! With Drole and Gloxinia as proof that even other clans can join and be part of an evil elite team, this is not impossible. After all, the Sins themselves are ‘diverse’. It is also unfortunate that we won’t get to see much of the history between Meliodas, Zeldris and Estarossa to understand better how things turn out the way it is now.

One thing that boggled me is the number of clans there are in this world. It is mentioned that there are 5 of them: Goddess Clan, Demon Clan, the fairies, the giants and humans. Have we forgotten one more? The werebeasts? Like Zhivago? Are they not a clan of their own? Because certainly they don’t fit into any one of the main clans even if it is possible they are more closely to be associated with the humans. Doing my lazy research over the internet, I found out that the Druids are considered a separate clan themselves. Good luck telling them apart from humans. So it makes me wonder if people with Druid lineage like Hendrickson is human or a Druid? Oh, there’s the Vampire Clan that I stumbled upon to but haven’t make their appearance in the anime. I have a hunch they’ll be the next big story after the fall of the Ten Commandments and Demon Clan. But no Dragon Clan? Dwarves? Elves? Never mind…

The actions parts are still one of the best moments in the series and this season doesn’t disappoint although I thought it didn’t leave up to some of my (misguided) expectations. Firstly, it is so satisfying to see Meliodas zoom back and forth as he beats up his enemies with no sweat. I can never get enough of seeing him beat the crap out of them and in my heart I was like supporting him to do more. However my dumb dilemma kicked in because by having Meliodas done so, it looked like he has become a super overpowered character on drugs and eternal cheat code. Just one step short of becoming like One Punch Man. In that sense, it takes away some of the fun because you know, fighting the Ten Commandments is not an easy feat. You’re fighting against the best elite warriors of the Demon Clan and your worst nightmare. But if this is to showcase how awesome Meliodas is after he regained his locked powers, so be it.

As mentioned, it is also satisfying to see Escanor in action and if he is stronger than Meliodas, this means he packs even more power and punch than him. But unlike Meliodas who seems to fight his enemies with brute force, Escanor looks like he is doing it without much effort. Sure it is the power of the sun but it feels like he is toying around with a ragdoll. Now, I don’t expect fights to last several episodes (looking at you Dragonball series) but some fights with the Ten Commandments felt unsatisfying. Like how Meliodas defeated Derieri and Monspeet. I thought they were just temporarily defeated but they were actually killed. Derieri looked like she has some grudge and unsettled business but too bad she got eliminated. I also thought Grayroad would be a scary and formidable opponent and although his ability is scary, it didn’t take long before Merlin got the better of him. I was expecting a final fight between Meliodas and Zeldris and Estarossa but it looks like Escanor got the honours at least with Estarossa. Don’t worry, there’s always next season. Hopefully.

With the old seiyuus retained this season, a bunch of new ones join the line-up with recognizable ones include Tomokazu Sugita as Escanor, Daisuke Ono as Drole, Kenjiro Tsuda as Monspeet, Junichi Suwabe as Zhivago and Rina Satou as Matrona. I couldn’t recognize Koji Yusa as Grayroad probably because of some weird sound effect that makes his overall voice sounded creepy just to fit the character. One reason why I was confused when Zeldris and Meliodas were talking with each other as they sound so alike, it’s because Yuuki Kaji also doubles as Zeldris. At first I was like, “Hey, I thought it is Zeldris speaking, not you Meliodas”, only to realize later that it is in fact him. The same case can be said for Baltra and Denzel. So I guess if you’re brothers, you are supposed to be played by the same seiyuu? But the one that took me by surprise is Nerobasta because that’s Mamiko Noto’s voice behind that angsty goddess!!! OMFG???!!! THAT WAS REALLY HER! Rehearing that again… Yup, it’s her. And there I thought it was Marina Inoue doing a double as this character as she sounded like her. And damn… DID MAMIKO NOTO’S CHARACTER GET KILLED OFF AGAIN?????!!!!! I thought I was over with this since it hasn’t happened for a while but DON’T TRIGGER THIS TRAUMA OF MINE AGAIN????!!!!

The other new casts are Hiroki Touchi as Estarossa (Panther Lily in Fairy Tail), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Gloxinia (Itsuki in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii), Mao as Melascula (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Hiroshi Iawasaki as Galand (Bacchus in Shingeki No Bahamut), Ayahi Takagi as Derieri (Chris in Senki Zesshou Symphogear), Youhei Azakami as Deathpierce (Kirihide in Piace: Watashi No Italian), Emiri Katou as Deldry (Akatsuki in Log Horizon), Sumire Morohoshi as Gerharde (Koyori in Hand Shakers), Himika Akaneya as Jenna (Yatsumura in Mahou Shoujo Site), Haruka Chigusa as Zaneri (Sylvia in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Arden (Tsukumo in Nanbaka), Hiromichi Tezuka as Dogedo (Shougen in Black Bullet) and Ryuunosuke Watanuki as Waillo.

My favourite theme is the first opening theme, Howling by Flow x Granrodeo. This rock piece is definitely fitting for this series but what got me liking this song is how some parts sound more like a cheering anthem for your local sports team! Never mind the opening tune that somewhat sounds like a bit rip-off from I Love Rock N Roll (perhaps this song took some inspiration from the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ version). Still epic nevertheless. Are you satisfied? Yes I am… The second opening theme, Ame Ga Furu Kara Niji Ga Deru by Sky Peace is still a rock outfit but personally it doesn’t sound as epic as the first one as it sounds like it infused a bit of hip hop element in it. It is slow ballads for the ending themes. Beautiful by Anly as the first one and Chikai by Sora Amamiya as the second one, which personally sounds better than the former.

Overall, this season still rocks and is as much as enjoyable as the first one, making it very much a worthy sequel. It is only bogged down with some imperfections but that is only because the story is still ongoing. The developments are in progress and in good pacing, the characters are cool and likeable in their own right (even if annoying ones like Hawk are just simply annoying). It might not be breaking any new ground and please hardcore viewers who had too much high expectations of this season, but it’s still good, right? It might sound pretty cliché and typical with shonen-like fights but I don’t think words especially of humans are needed when you’re facing off with demons. I mean, you have to admit that this series is not all that bad, right? No? Thou shalt not take the name of this series in vain! The power of not trolling is over 9000!!!!!

I knew there was going to be a sequel but I didn’t count on Nanatsu No Taizai: Seisen No Shirushi (Sign Of A Holy War) to be just 4 episodes long! OMG! What happened?! I thought it would be a full second season but instead we have only 4 episodes? Well, at least better than that Kampfer crap. Well, just like in its second title, it is most likely a hint and a sign, some sort of warming up before the real sequel starts. You need to have some fun first before the real sh*t kicks in, right?

Episode 1
Elizabeth is quite her chirpy self this morning. After quickly finishing breakfast, she heads down to Boar Hat to help. Well, everyone’s passed out. Last night must have been a blast. She talks to Hawk who is now a tiny size thanks to the events of last season. Meliodas pops up showing his new vegetable scrap dish he made in the form of Hawk. But Gilthunder and Hauser were ‘brave’ enough to try (they just got up from their hangover) and almost ‘died’! Wow. If Meliodas’ cooking could kill, he should have used it against Hendrickson. He is thinking of improving it and he comes up with an idea to use real pig meat! Scared Hawk of course runs away. Meanwhile Ban is in some cave trying to destroy a demon’s corpse. However Merlin stops him because she will not allow him to destroy her precious experiment specimen. Since Elizabeth is worried about Hawk, Meliodas has everyone look for the pig. Unfortunately nobody is motivated till Meliodas gives the reward of granting whatever they want. And off they go. When they find Hawk, of course little piggy runs thinking they are trying to catch him for meat. Lots of panic ensues like Hawk going up through Diane’s body and King always misses and groping the wrong parts. Eventually, Hawk is found eating Ban’s good meal at Boar Hat. Ban thinks he has won but Meliodas quickly catches Hawk and claims victory. Yeah, loophole. With Ban being upset and the cheating, Meliodas assures he still hasn’t forgotten their promise to settle things. It will be done tomorrow. Later that night, Elizabeth talks to Meliodas leaving for another adventure. He doesn’t want her to come as there is no more need to put herself in danger. Besides, she is his reason to live. Much later, Meliodas goes underground to talk to that Goddess Clan supreme worm/tube/spine thingy. He warns not to tell lies to his comrades. However she tells him everyone will eventually leave him after they learn his greatest sin. Out of spite, Meliodas throws his fireball and burns everything down. He tells her back even if that is true, there is something he will protect with his own life even if it means turning everyone against him.

Episode 2
Ban arrives for his much awaited fight with Meliodas. To his shock, probably everyone in town is waiting to see them fight! You can thank Hawk for this ‘advertising’. Everyone is revved up in seeing the best fighters pound each other. Ban is not amused with this mockery so Merlin reminds him of their own rules that if he gets serious in killing their leader, they will purge him. Ban also reminds them of another rule of theirs: All grudges are settled by fights. This assures them he won’t kill Meliodas. Putting them in a cube barrier, they can go all out as they want without harming their surroundings. The fight is as epic as everyone anticipated. But that isn’t even at their best. Meanwhile, Hauser tries to gawk at Diane. King notices this and blocks his view. It soon becomes apparent that they want to beat each other’s guts so Hawk suggests another fight. Bring it on. Wow. Today is going to be an awesome fighting festival. Unfortunately King is physically weak and quickly loses in a pathetic way. However he is the real winner because Diane picks him up. You lose, Hauser. So it is back to the epic bloody fight between Meliodas and Ban. Ban gets serious when he uses his trump card to extract strength from all the audiences. This also makes Meliodas to go all out in using his trump card. From wall punching ricochets to arm ripping and slapping moves, in the end the fight between the duo becomes one big fun and it ends in a draw. Looks like they have to continue this another time. Everyone leaves satisfied except maybe for Elizabeth who is somewhat mad at Meliodas for going all out that it worried her. She thought they were going to kill each other? Ban asks Meliodas about the Goddess Clan horn thingy. He says he already destroyed it since it was fake. A boy in an outskirt of a village sees a flying arm and reports to his dad. But then a visitor is at his door: Dreyfus! No surprise he is alive, right? He wants to know more about the arm. The boy says it was seen coming from the direction of Liones and heading towards Zhuhur Valley. It is said there are lots of monsters there. Dreyfus thanks him for the information by killing the entire family.

Episode 3
As promised, Diane watches the fireworks with King. But then she remembers she has to help out at Boar Hat. Maybe next time. Next day, our usual suspects are having hangover as usual. King chides Meliodas for not showing enough appreciation for Elizabeth. Oh, he is showing his appreciation by groping her boobs! Meliodas tells him back that King should also show his appreciation to Diane since she was taking care of him last night when he was drunk. This has him rush out to find Diane who is believed to have gone to town. King fears Diane might have left thinking the townspeople still hate her. But he sees her helping out with the construction guys. They don’t recognize her at first till she ties her twintails. They are shocked to recognize this giant as Diane apologizes for what she did. However they are the ones who feel the need to apologize and feel ashamed for mistreating her. King is glad she made up with the people. The rest of the day they hang out together in town and then play tag. They stumble upon a wedding in process and join in. But as they watch, a monster pops out and attack. Before it could eat the bridegroom, King and Diane combine their powers to take it down and save the day. King catches falling Diane and as promised she will grant him one wish. He asks if her past memories have come back. She gives him a better answer with a peck on his cheek! Heck, I don’t know if that answered anything but it was worth it! While King is flustering, a rock drops on his head, knocking him out. When he comes to, Diane is giving him service on her lap pillow. Like in those clichés, a knock on your head means you can’t remember a damn thing and of all the things King forgot was that kiss. We’re so disappointed! He’s so disappointed. I suppose cheeky Diane doesn’t mind. Meanwhile the flying arm reaches the valley. Guess who is still alive too? Yeah, Hendrickson. Though, he is still weak and powerless. That arm belongs to him. There is this dream whereby Hendrickson was lying in some flower field. He cried after seeing Dreyfus before him. Dreyfus then offered to let him drink his blood to revive so that they can achieve their goals again.

Episode 4
Boar Hat is not having many customers. So Meliodas goes to see Merlin for help. He wants her to help out as a poster girl! Well, Gowther is ready to help and is already in the dress! I don’t think Meliodas appreciates it. Merlin agrees to do it on a condition he does her request first. She wants him to tail Gilthunder without being noticed. It seems there is an unseen force following him around and she wants Meliodas to catch the culprit before anything happens. Meliodas and Gowther tail Gilthunder and his pals. They witness things almost dropping on him but dropped on his friends instead. They sense some sort of magical power doing this mishap. A boy named Pelio then calls out to Gowther thinking he is a suspicious person. But when Gowther introduces himself, Pelio introduces himself as Meliodas! Not cutting it, right? Pelio thinks Gowther is role playing and has him capture a stray cat stealing food. Gowther amazingly does so with his magic and this makes Pelio happy. So happy he almost mistakes Gowther as his mom. Pelio reveals his mom recently died of illness and is supposed to move to his dad’s hometown. The reason he followed Gowther was because he looked like her. As he describes how mom looks like, Gowther uses his magic to transform himself into her. Pelio is so happy and hugs ‘mom’. When dad is here to pick him up, Pelio wants to show him mom but Gowther is missing, much to his dismay. Gowther can only watch with confusion. He thought he cheered him up but made him sadder. Gilthunder and co are taking a break at a tea shop. The waitress is hypnotized and is told to serve poison to him. Meliodas then makes his entrance and wants to drink Gilthunder’s tea. Immediately a voice tells him to stop. She attacks as she laments she spent 3 years perfecting that love potion. Of course Meliodas easily defeats her and as you might have guessed, the culprit is no other than Vivian.

Vivian is tied up back in Merlin’s place. She leaves it to Gilthunder to punish her. Gilthunder is willing to forgive and forget this if she sincerely repents for what she did to Margaret. Also, to forget him and carry on with her own life. Well, I don’t think Vivian is going to give up that easily. Merlin then puts a curse ring on her. Whenever Gilthunder says a certain magic word, Vivian’s body will feel like being stabbed many times. Basically, pain. This curse will also take into effect if she tries to use her magic on him. The ring cannot be taken off and the more it becomes in effect, the more the curse will cover her body and then she will die. This is nothing compared to the sin she was involved with Hendrickson to revive the Demon Clan. Vivian boasts she was almost complete about researching the red and grey demon. Merlin breaks the truth to her that only the Amber Goddess can capture them. However they are just small fries in the Demon Clan and there are more powerful ones above them. The more terrifying ones are the ones who serve directly under the demon lord known as the Ten Commandments. If they are resurrected, Britannia will be conquered instantly. I guess the truth was so terrifying that Vivian could only cry. Since Meliodas completed her request, it is her turn to live up to her end. As the new sexy poster girl, it sure does bring in the guys. Business is booming. But when Meliodas wants her to dance and sing, she immediately quits. Due to the shortage of manpower, Hawk has Gowther replace her. Hmm… Effeminate guy and a piggy in a waitress outfit? Reject! The king of Liones calls the Sins to gather. For he has seen a terrifying vision. Should I mention that his premonitions are almost 100% accurate? He sees a bad omen of 10 shadows appearing as well as all those signs coming from the south and threatening the kingdom of Camelot. Hendrickson is seen using his blood on the key to break the seal and revive the unthinkable.

Sign Of A Sequel
As I have also predicted, all the episodes feel like fillers as it gives focus to the Sins. There is nothing really serious in developing their character or the story plot as these episodes serve as the appetiser before the main dish. At the end of every episode there will be about 2-3 minutes of the real premonition and sign that evil is going to be revived. Yeah, if they just show that it would hardly take up 10 minutes and just wasted our time. Then we will scream to the producers to instead of trolling us of this ‘elaborated trailer teaser’, to give us the real deal. So at least when you have entertaining fillers, from bloody fist fights to discovering the meaning of love and emotions with our favourite Sins characters, I guess we can’t complain. Heck, they aren’t boring to say the least. That is, if you have watched the TV series and OVAs, this one will add to your hype of expecting the next sequel to air.

Overall, not really a bad ‘sequel’ (if you can call it that) and entertaining in its own right (because it plays on the nostalgia and awesomeness for those who have watched its previous incarnations) but nothing meaty that would leave you satisfied but at the same time it is not like it makes you crave for more either. And if your favourite characters are outside the main and supporting casts of the Sins or the Holy Knights, too bad for you. Looking at you Jericho and Guila. A one screen appearance is as good as not appearing at all. Is it me or is Gilthunder slowly becoming more and more like an eager beaver when in awe? So different when he was stoic and badass. My only hope is that they will head straight into releasing the sequel instead of taunting us with another ‘sequel’ like this one. It’s like the main course is taking too long and you have to order another appetiser just to whet your appetite. Hopefully you won’t get too full by the time the main dish arrives. And maybe there’s hope for some room for dessert as well. Oh, there’s always room for dessert in my stomach.

Nanatsu No Taizai

September 27, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a peace and harmony reigning over the land. Then one day a group of evil people decided to overthrow the kingdom but thanks to the bravery and courage of the heroes, the evil schemes have been thwarted and peace reigned again. Everybody lived happily ever after. The end. That is how old school fairytales should go, right? Well, why hasn’t anybody thought about a sequel about it? Why has everything have to end for good especially every happily ever after? I guess this is why you have animes. In the age of sequels, reboots, remakes and retellings, nothing stays the same and simple anymore. Take Nanatsu No Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) for instance. It might not be some sort of sequel, reboot, remake or retelling of some story but it isn’t your typical fairytale and with a twist. The story is like what I have said in the first few lines of this paragraph. But it didn’t end there. Because down the road, those very same heroes who saved the day now become the big villains and hold the kingdom at ransom. Corrupted by power? A princess of the kingdom decides to go on a journey to gather that group of evil people to save her kingdom from those ex-heroes as she believed they are the only ones formidable enough to stand up against their might. And so it becomes a classic battle of good versus evil… Oh wait, who is good and who is evil now? I can’t tell. This is so confusing…

Episode 1
During the war, the magnificent Holy Knights were mercilessly slaughtered and only 7 people did this. 10 years down the road, near the Kaynes village, a kid named Meliodas is running a bar with his pig named Hawk. I don’t know why the people keep coming here since his food sucks. Maybe it’s for the beer. When somebody comes in to report he has sighted the wandering Rust Knight, everyone starts talking about the Seven Deadly Sins because it is believed this knight is linked to them. They are believed to have massacred the Holy Knights 10 years ago. They might not be captured but some think they might be dead now. However if so, how come wanted posters of them are renewed every year? When that knight comes into the bar, everyone scrams. Turns out to be a woman under the armour, Elizabeth Liones. Meliodas takes good care of her (after fondling her boobs to ascertain she is a woman), feeding her with food. It tastes so bad that it’s good? WTF. She explains she is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. The local knights led by Alioni knock on the door. They are here to capture the Rust Knight as a lead to the Seven Deadly Sins). Meliodas answers them and presents the knight: Hawk wearing the armour! Are they trying to fool them? They spot Elizabeth running out from the back and give chase. Hawk also comes chasing them and bumps them away. Elizabeth continues her explanation of her search. It seems the Holy Knights who were supposed to protect the kingdom have captured the king and confined the other royal family members. They have been gathering support across the continent to start some war. But why seek the Seven Deadly Sins? They are their only hope to stop the Holy Knights. Although they were 7 brutal criminals with a mark of a beast carved on their body and attempted to overthrow the kingdom 7 years ago, the Holy Knights launched and attacked against them and they vanished ever since. She cannot believe they would die that easily. They might be criminals but they were still the best. It is the Holy Knights who are making the people suffer.

Suddenly the cliff they are standing on gives way. The local knight’s captain, Twigo is happy to report death casualties. He is not happy Meliodas and co are still alive because it alters his death toll! Looking at Elizabeth’s earring, he realizes she is from the royal family. There are orders to capture this third princess alive. But it can’t be help if she is killed in battle, right? Twigo’s sword can slice anything in half! The entire hill is bald?! I’m not sure why Elizabeth is having this death wish so as to let Meliodas escape but she won’t get it. She reveals she was going around in her searching quest and wore the armour to hide herself. She got tired and dropped into his bar. She is sad that he as a stranger took her in and doesn’t want him to get involved further. When he introduces himself, she thought it was coincidence that he shares the same name as the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. But there is a dragon mark on his shoulder. Twigo also recognizes it after his attack is deflected back at him although Meliodas’ sword is broken. What more, he looks exactly the same 10 years ago. He is certain he is that guy when that immeasurable power blows Twigo away into the sky. Meliodas wants to look for his other comrades too as he has business with them. That is why he opened a bar in hopes to get more information. He hopes a bargirl will speed that up. Care to come with him? And so they head to the next down on a giant green pink. Hawk Mama? Twigo reports back to Gilthunder of the Holy Knights. He has been waiting for 10 years for this.

Episode 2
Elizabeth wonders if there was a crime that Meliodas did that made him wanted so bad. How about stealing panties and groping women’s boobs? Please don’t joke. Well, it is something he can’t say. They arrive at Bernia Village where they make the best ale. However the river is dried up and they find a commotion at the town square. As explained, everyone is trying to remove a Holy Knight’s magic sword from the ground that is blocking the streams. Everyone blames this kid, Mead for telling lies that he has a friend from the Sins and that incurred his wrath. They start throwing stones but Meliodas brings him back to Boar Hat. Elizabeth heard from the village chief about his pranks and understands he did this for attention. She too was like that. She climbed a tree to get her father’s attention but it made his face pale. He tried climbing to get her but fell. Mead also didn’t mean to pull such pranks. His parents were travellers before settling in this village but died to an epidemic. Although this village raised him and he was happy, he never felt he was part of anyone’s family and was jealous. He started playing pranks. But when Gilthunder visited and tasted their best ale, he insulted how bad it tastes and Mead wouldn’t stand for it. Everyone worked hard for it and yet he belittled it. He made up a lie that one of the Sins was his friend because if the Holy Knights are bad people, then the Sins must be the good guys.

A couple of local knights warn the villagers if they don’t pull out this sword soon, their taxes will increase. Mead rushes to pull it out despite nothing budges. The village head tells everyone that it wasn’t Mead who started all this. Then all the men gather their strength to help Mead pull it out while the knights sit around, laughing their ass off while drinking cheap beer. I don’t know. I thought they should just dig the ground around it to pull it out. Get what I mean? Even if their attempt fails, here comes Meliodas to easily pull it out without a sweat! The day is saved. Everyone has a party at Boar Hat and this is Elizabeth’s first time on the job. She’s being very clumsy. Very. A few more tries and she’ll be better. When Gilthunder learns of this, he wants to make sure as he gets the exact coordinates of the village, borrows a knight’s lance, imbues it with magic and then throws it over. Meliodas goes out to talk to Elizabeth who is a little down. But it seems like as though he knew what was coming so he catches the incoming lance with his bare hands. I don’t know how many hills and building he ploughed through but he even manages to send the lance back right at Gilthunder barely missing his head! This proves it. Meliodas is still very much alive. This means he can’t stay at the village for long. Elizabeth suggests hiding at the Forest of White Dreams because she heard from Mead it is a place where the Holy Knights don’t dare enter. Meliodas agrees to go there but not to hide. He believes another comrade may be there.

Episode 3
Gilthunder remembers seeing his father, a Holy Knight brutally murdered. Now he is hot on the heels of Meliodas. Elizabeth and co are lost in the forest for 3 hours. It feels creepy. Somebody is groping her boobs… Don’t worry, it’s Meliodas. Suddenly Elizabeth feels a little breezy. Did she forget to wear it this morning? She was sure she did. Suddenly… Clones of Hawk! Which is the real little piggy? Don’t know. Meliodas just beat them all up! Suddenly… Clones of Elizabeth! Wow. Boobs galore. Since all of them want to seduce him, Meliodas has them do anything as he says. When he tells all of them to jump up in the air, the real one can’t. Meliodas slices the clones. Turns out several little imps were playing pranks on them to leave the forest. Now that they have failed, they quickly flee. Oh, Meliodas hands back Elizabeth’s panties. So he is the culprit! The imps report their failure to shoo away the intruders. Their master is a giant woman, Diane. But once she recognizes Meliodas, she starts fawning over her captain. Yup, second comrade found. She has a serpent mark on her thigh. What is her favourite food? Roast pork! Oh dear… However she starts beating up Meliodas once she learns he is travelling with Elizabeth. She calls him a cheater for having another woman around when he clearly knows she loves him. She calms down after being explained but still remains suspicious of Elizabeth’s relationship with him. Meliodas assures it isn’t like that. Including her. So sad. She agrees to go on a journey to help him look for other comrades. The imps are happy since they have obtained their freedom. Ever since Diane came, she threatened to go on a rampage if they didn’t help hide her. Suddenly they are trapped by lightning chains. Gilthunder has found them.

Elizabeth knows him because he is the son of the great Holy Knight, Zaratras and was close to the king. She knows him since young. Meliodas also knows him because he used to tag along to his training sessions in the palace. Gilthunder mentions the reasons the Sins are targeted. Some say it is to kill the traitors who attempted to overthrow the kingdom. Some say it’s to prove the Holy Knight’s might by defeating them. To Gilthunder, it is both and more. It is for revenge for his father. Killing them will mean he has surpassed him as the greatest Holy Knight. Meliodas remembers he was being called to an old castle on the outskirts of town. When the Sins enter the room, the see Zaratras skewered. Seems like somebody is trying to frame them? Knights then surround the place as they make their escape. The last words he remembered hearing was sorry. When he came to his senses, he was in some hole and that’s when he met Hawk. Elizabeth tries to convince Meliodas did not kill his father based on this story but he doesn’t listen. Meliodas and Diane are strong enough to free themselves. Meliodas wants to fight him alone. Both are still strong but in the end, Gilthunder cuts a mean strike across his back. Any last words? He wants to know where the rest of his comrades are. Of the remaining 5, the whereabouts of 3 are unknown. The fox is imprisoned at Baste Dungeon and the grizzly perished in the Capital of the Dead. Suddenly Meliodas gets up and thanks him for the information. Looking pretty healthy and happy, isn’t he? What? No surprised reaction from Gilthunder? Just his usual sour face like always…

Episode 4
Meliodas wants to finish this some other time but Gilthunder won’t allow it. Meliodas is fast enough that he can’t touch. Diane then throws him away. Elizabeth is concerned of his injuries but Diane becomes jealous because she feels it is her job to take care of the captain. As Elizabeth tends to Hawk’s injuries, she explains Gilthunder was originally her sister Margaret’s escort. He also treated her like she was his own sister. Although he continued to loyally serve the king after his father’s death, she wonders if he could be related to what happen to her father. Meliodas decides to head to Baste Dungeon first since it is closer. Elizabeth is worried about his wounds because he might not be able to fight if another Holy Knight shows up. Don’t worry. He just needs to take a look at her panties and he’ll be fine. At least he didn’t ask her to sleep with him, right? When Elizabeth goes to check on him shortly, he is found collapsed in his room. At Baste Dungeon, Jericho reports a couple of Sins heading this way. The Holy Knights of Weird Fang division, Fresia, Golgius, Ruin and Jude are confident this experimental fort is built to withstand such wars and not even any Sins can conquer it easily. They can’t believe ever since they captured this Sins guy, Ban 5 years ago, they locked him up ever since, never let him out or feed anything considered as food and never understood why he was made to be kept alive.

Diane is scaring the people away with her size but she has to give in to let Elizabeth look for a doctor. After that is settled, Diane wants to go to Baste Dungeon herself. Elizabeth wants to come along too but is told to be by Meliodas side. Diane talks how she first met Meliodas. He saved her from a bunch of soldiers ganging up on her. He was the first person who cared for her and needless to say she instantly liked him. For the first time she felt she was of the same size as him. However reality sucks because she knows she can’t be in the same room with him and all she can do is fight for him. She wishes she was smaller. All Elizabeth wants is the strength to defeat the Holy Knights and protect those dear to her. A bug storm is set from Baste Dungeon. Looks like Fresia has made her move. It is spewing poison enough to melt anything. Despite Diane being afraid of bugs, she feels now is not the time for that as she needs to protect Meliodas. She uses her power to summon big logs from the ground to crush the insects. She dashes towards the dungeon and leaves Meliodas in Elizabeth’s care. When she returns to check on him, it seems the doctor is in cohorts with the Holy Knights. He used poison instead of medicine. Meliodas will never wake up again. Golgius appears before Elizabeth and is here to take her home. The guards are betting who would win the fight. Suddenly Ban bursts out of his cell after hearing this interesting talk. He takes out all the steel stakes from his body like it was nothing! Jericho thought she can kill him but he was just faking it and I don’t know how he did it but all that slashing actually shaved his beard and cut his hair! Is this a joke?! Jericho is shocked to see no wounds on his body. He shows what a real wound is, a deep scar on his neck.

Episode 5
Flashback shows Ban is curious to see Meliodas broken sword but he won’t. This only makes Ban more curious as he provokes him to show it. In the end, Meliodas slashed his next. Now Golgius tries to take Meliodas’ sword. However he is holding on to it tightly! Even if he dies, he won’t let it go! Meliodas’ scary face is enough to make Golgius jump out of the window and flee! Elizabeth is surprised the wounds on him are already healed. With Hawk’s smell, they track Golgius as he easily surrenders to them. But Meliodas knows this is a trap and disarms his hidden weapons. The doctor pleads to Golgius that he has done as instructed to poison Meliodas and to release his daughter. Unfortunately he gets killed. Elizabeth is sad to see this but they have to run since Golgius seems to be able to teleport anywhere he wants and give a sneak attack. Luckily Meliodas is fast enough to counter it. Meliodas hides in a dilapidated tower. But this is just a trick to lure Golgius because when he reappears behind him, he falls through the wooden floor he cut up. This proves that his power is not teleportation but invisibility. Meliodas was puzzled that it took him time to disappear and reappear instead of instantly. Golgius makes his escape again. Elizabeth runs back to the doctor who is puzzled why she is crying for him. All he wanted was to protect his daughter, Cenette. Now he is dead. Elizabeth starts blaming herself had she not do this, this will not happen. Had she not started this mission to find Seven Deadly Sins, it would not lead to events up till now. Uh huh. So why don’t you blame yourself for being born while at it? Meliodas understands her tears and desire to protect the kingdom but tells her is her resolve so easily broken by a few tears? Then he talks about death that everybody will experience one day and the principles, resolve and belief that you follow through till the end. That is what makes you a knight. Our heroes make way to Baste Dungeon as Meliodas says their next mission is to save Cenette because Ban can break out himself if he hears about them coming. They see Diane standing before them. Is she in a daze? Before they know it, she attacks them. Seems she is seeing them as Ruin. The only thing left for them to do is run. While they’re at it, they save a couple of shepherds too. Then Meliodas falls into a spell and sees Diane as Ruin. This set an epic ground shattering fight. Meanwhile, Jericho is stripped naked because Ban wanted her armour (although it is too small to fit). Free fanservice for the guards… She’ll never forgive him for this humiliation. Ban encounters Jude. I suppose he’s not going back in his cell, right? Jude stabs him since he wants to kill him. Does that hurt?

Episode 6
Elizabeth’s voice snaps them out but it is not long before they start seeing hallucinations again and continue fighting. Fresia summons her insects to rip the skin of the rest and targets the shepherd girl. Elizabeth braves them to protect her but she turns out to be Ruin in disguise. Ruin then beats her up and tells her a secret for her bravery. His bell is the one that is making them see illusions. He suddenly realizes it is gone because Elizabeth bit it off and she was aiming for that all along. Ruin gets mad and wants to beat her up but Meliodas won’t let him. Convinced of Elizabeth’s dedication, a single punch sends Ruin flying away and another punch breaks his armour. Ruin thought he can steel his muscles but the final blow knocks him out and has him bleed all over. Meliodas says his sin is to hurt someone important to him. Meanwhile Ban tells Jude the reason he let himself captured. He longed for pain to feel truly alive. Now that his captain is back, things are going to get interesting and he is sick of his pain. He easily takes out Jude’s stake and sticks it back in his chest! Diane takes care of Fresia by stepping on her! Squished bug… She wants to take injured Elizabeth back to town but she won’t and wants to follow them to fulfil her promise. Once everyone enters Baste Dungeon, Golgius casts a spell barrier that will have them trap in there forever. After rescuing Cenette from her cell, they don’t have to bother finding Ban because he found them. At first it seems the guys are going to fight but it turns into some happy kiddie slapping greeting before punching each other that sends the other flying through walls! And then they arm wrestle enough to bring down the entire place and break the barrier! HOLY SH*T! Well, if that’s the case, time for Golgius to retreat. Cenette is reunited with her father and he himself isn’t sure how he survived that stab but he has the same scar on his chest as Meliodas. He wants to repay the favour with a feast. Meliodas introduces Ban to Elizabeth and that guy is shocked to hear Hawk talking. Diane agrees to fight for Elizabeth because she saw how cool she was today. She has an ability that moves the heart of others. The sky is filled with crisscrossing shooting stars and according to the ancient poems, it means disaster is to fall on the land and a holy war shall begin. Meanwhile Gilthunder sees King (one of the Sins) and tells him about Ban’s reunion with Meliodas. He warns him not to betray his trust.

Episode 7
Ban once tried to drink from the fountain of youth but was blown away by a guardian spirit resembling like a little girl. However he doesn’t give up and try and try and try again till that Elaine girl got fed up. She tells him without this fountain, the trees and plants in the forest will die. Ban easily agreed to give up. Since Elaine could read minds, she read all he wanted was just to taste the good berry ale here. She felt sympathetic. Elizabeth wakes up and is not alerted that Meliodas is sleeping beside her. Why? Because Hawk tied him up real good. Everyone discusses about the Capital of the Dead and fear about the ghost. Reaching at an abandoned village near it and although Meliodas wants to find out more information about King, he has everyone work first to get money for food. Ban didn’t like it and goes off on his own. Elizabeth talks to Meliodas about King and it seems he paints King as a nice guy. Because once Ban stole all the stuffed toys of children, King went to return them all. Also, wherever Ban goes, King was always following him perhaps to stop him from his mischief. Ban sees a young girl resembling Elaine but realizes she isn’t her. Since she passed out, he helps her out but her brother thinks he is trying to attack her and stabs him. But when his sister relates the truth, he feels sorry and wants to atone for his sin. Ban’s wounds are gone as he tells the kid a real sin is one that you can never atone for. Suddenly he is stabbed by a spear from King. However Ban doesn’t remember him. Even so, he must have remembered his greatest sin. The sin of killing Elaine to fulfil his greed to drink from the fountain. Ban is already an undead since his wounds heal.

The guys start fighting but Meliodas is here to bring Ban back for skipping work. Meliodas and Diane are surprised to see King but Ban is shocked this little kid is him. Wasn’t he supposed to be fat? Maybe he slimmed down. King flies away. Ban treats the kids to good food in exchange on how to get to the Capital of the Dead. Meliodas believes that isn’t necessary as they have found King although Ban refuses to believe that kid is him. The kids mention King also wanted to head there. Rumours say that there is where the dead live and somewhere in this town is a gate there. But to get there, you need to have a precious memory with the deceased. Meanwhile, King regrets running away because he saw Diane. Yup, this guy has a one-sided crush on her. He wonders Meliodas hasn’t aged all this while and might be an imposter. There is something that King will not forgive Ban for. At the flower field, Ban remembers Elaine asking him why he wanted to drink from the fountain. Because his life was uneventful and he thought by living longer, something interesting would happen. But she throws the question of what if he lived so long and nothing interesting happens? Hawk sneezes and this causes the flower to become a whirlwind. They get transported to the Capital of the Dead and King also made it just in time. Ban thought he saw Elaine and goes after her while King goes after him.

Episode 8
Guila the Holy Knight forces the sibling to tell her a way to get to the Capital of the Dead. Then she stabs herself. King confronts Ban and after a few punching trades, Ban realizes this is the real King. King petrifies him and mentions about his revenge on him. 10 years ago after the failed attempt, he returned to his homeland but saw everything burnt. So? Elaine was his sister. But as Ban freezes, there is no remorse but only calm on his face. This is what actually happened. Elaine had hoped Ban would take her away from here but she can’t leave as nobody will protect the forest. Ban even agreed to help find her brother and bring him back. But one day a red demon started burning down the forest. Ban thought he ended it all in a strike by taking out the demon’s heart but he learnt too late that this demon has more than one heart. Guila appears before Meliodas and co. She got here by killing herself. Meliodas and Diane fight her and she proves to be a formidable foe. Guila deduces Meliodas sword move that reflects back an enemy’s attack with the equal amount of force. So the more powerful the enemy, the more powerful the counter attack. But there is a flaw: He cannot initiate other attacks. King thought is over but to his shock, he sees the spirit of Elaine kissing Ban and reversing the petrifying spell. Only Ban can see her true form due to some bond thing. King thinks she is still mad at him for abandoning everything. Elaine wonders why he has come to see her. Nothing actually. He just wanted her to know that one day he will make her his. Ban returns to help Meliodas and Diane.

Continuing from that flashback, the demon stabs through Ban and Elaine. She wanted to give him drink the fountain of youth but he tells her to drink it instead. She does but kisses him and lets him swallow the drink. Ban becomes enraged and kills the demon. King cannot understand how she can forgive Ban, the man who stole everything from her. It is because she has been living and fighting alone for 700 years but Ban buried it all in 7 days. It is because Ban found out King was her brother, he purposely provoked him and took his spear. He is not a person whom he thinks he is. Now that King can see Elaine’s form, she wants him to understand one thing. Please help Ban and the rest out. At this moment, Elizabeth and Hawk just arrive and feeling the need to help Meliodas, they try to lift his spear from the ground and manage to do so. Impressed? Guila still have the upper hand against the trio despite they keep coming back up. It might be status quo at this rate. With King joining in, will the tide change? The final moments of Ban and Elaine’s flashback: As dying Elaine lies in his arms, she gives him a seed of the forest to plant it somewhere. He doesn’t care about it and only wants her. She was very happy when he told her to make her his. She wants him to say it again but too bad she died before he can complete his sentence.

Episode 9
Guila knew King would betray her but he doesn’t view it as that. He never intended to side them from the start and the Holy Knights’ goal of defeating the Seven Deadly Sins happen to coincide with his goal to defeat Ban. But now the situation has changed. Guila analyzes King’s spear which is stronger than steel and hold mysterious qualities of the Sacred Tree. She thought this 1-on-4 fight is going to be interesting but King will only take her on himself. Is he joking? Apparently not. Guila is given a run for her money when King’s spear is too fast and powerful for her to handle. We hear Elaine narrating about King whose ability is more powerful when he uses it for others. There is also some history thingy between the kingdoms of fairies and humans and some non-interference agreement. The fairy king and his power struck fear in everyone and King is no other than that fairy king whose real name is Harlequin. The blast was big enough to send Guila back into the living world. It is about time they too as this world is beginning to reject them as told by the siblings. They turn out to be from this realm. Elaine is glad to have seen Ban again and thanks King for protecting him. Back in the real world, since Guila is only half dead, they tie her to a tree and doodle her face. Her superior, Helbram notes her failure and that it was too early to face the Sins. Once King realizes Elizabeth is a princess, he tries to be more formal and also changes his form into that fatty. But Elizabeth doesn’t need all that formality now and he can rest easy. Good. Because that fatty form uses up lots of energy to maintain. King wonders why his comrades have a hard time dealing with Guila. It would be easy if they just used their Sacred Treasure. Well, they lost it, sold it or have it stolen. Believe it!

Great Holy Knights, Dreyfus and Hendrickson are rallying the crowd of New Generation Holy Knights. Gilthunder and Hauser see them to confirm when the real holy war will start and their enemy they’ll be fighting. Although it is too early to confirm the Sins as their enemy, it is certain that Meliodas must be eliminated because with his immense strength, he once took out an entire village with his wrath. King tells his comrades about those New Generation Holy Knights. They were once apprentices and failures but gained power overnight. Example, Guila. He also tells them the importance of their Sacred Treasures that could summon immeasurable power. Their next mission is to retrieve them if they really want to save the kingdom. Meliodas notices Elizabeth’s earring in which she explains Margaret gave it to her on her 15th birthday. She reminisces about those happier times so Meliodas assures he will save her family and everyone else. Now they enter a village where a fight festival is about to begin. Diane throws a tantrum because she has to sit this one out as the village bans giants. Elizabeth will stay back to accompany her. As the guys head in, they easily find a large hammer (Diane’s Sacred Treasure) which is up as the festival’s prize. You bet they are going to enter it. Ban didn’t want to enter this and regrets he should have stayed back with Diane. Hauser seems to be participating in this one too. Meanwhile Jericho and Twigo are brought before Hendrickson. They are made to drink the demon’s blood to attain new powers. Having revenge on their mind and wanting to get stronger, they drink without hesitation. However Twigo explodes and since Jericho is the only one compatible, Guila welcomes her to their side.

Episode 10
The qualifiers are simple. Knock your opponent out of your ring with your bare hands! Make a guess who made it to the final 8? At first Hauser thought Meliodas and co look pretty familiar but his stupidity saves them because he believes they can’t be participating here. The first match pitches Griamor and Matrona. Hauser didn’t think Griamor would participate in this festival because he was supposed to protect Veronica (the second princess). When Matrona tosses away her cape, they think she is Elizabeth since she is wearing her clothes. Griamor gets serious by using a barrier to push her out. However her constant punching breaks it and she gives him an uppercut to send him far out of the ring! Then her face becomes familiar. Isn’t that Diane?! However dumb Meliodas doesn’t recognize her and she beats him up. The most important one doesn’t recognize her… King wonders why Diane is in that state. But what happened to Elizabeth? Oh, she is here. She has shrunk and hiding in the cleavage. As she explains, they were out to get food ingredients but stumbled upon this timid monster mushroom. It unleashed some gas that shrunk them. So for the time being, Diane is wearing Elizabeth’s clothes and the latter hiding in her cleavage since there are no fitting clothes for her to wear. Diane starts flirting with Meliodas and wants him to touch and grope her like how he does to Elizabeth but he isn’t interested (King must have died of a heart attack). She becomes sad thinking he never cared about her when she is big. But she is happy when he says he can’t do that to someone important to him. Care to make some babies? Still not interested, though. The second match of Hauser against Taizoo isn’t anything much. The latter might be the biggest but he is the weakest and easily lost. Veronica picks up Griamor and isn’t pleased about his lost. Hauser then visits them to ask what they are doing here. They are searching for Elizabeth and think she is here because the Sins are here too. Hauser couldn’t believe it at first but realizes he needs to go back and see their awesome power. The third match has King versus Cain. Young kid versus old drunken guy? Well, King is so weak without his weapon and records show he even lost to his cat! I guess having the determination to bring back Diane’s Sacred Treasure didn’t do much as Cain’s drunken fist blows him out of the ring. Finally, the last match: Meliodas versus Ban!

Episode 11
The power battle begins. So powerful that we see a flashback of how they met. Meliodas was brought to see Ban as the palace guards were stumped he is still alive after exhausting all methods to execute him. Meliodas then punches him to bust him out and Ban really likes his power. If he wants more of it, follow him. The crowd must be flabbergasted to see them trading power punches. But King notices Meliodas getting more sluggish while Ban more agile and powerful. This is because Ban has the ability to snatch physical abilities. Ban is going to end this after absorbing it all. Diane thought Meliodas is feigning defeat to bait him so he can counter reflect his force at full power. But King says that only works for special attacks and not ordinary punches. So he is going to lose and die for good? Just when Ban lands his punch, everyone is shocked to see in the aftermath that Meliodas is standing and Ban blown away. While nobody saw it, Diane saw everything during that split second. When Ban’s fist connected, Meliodas grabbed and completely crushed it. Then a black mark appeared on his forehead as he punches and blows away Ban’s body parts. Meanwhile Veronica and Griamor continue to search for Elizabeth because as told by Hendrickson, Diane’s Sacred Treasure will be used as the prize to lure them in.

Now it’s time for the first semi-finals with Matrona against Hauser. He doesn’t want to hurt women but is forced to use his tornados to push her out of the ring. When it is seemingly so, Diane turns her entire body into metal and drops down on him, earning her victory. Diane apologizes to him for using her power without thinking, though this riles up King a lot since they’re being very close. The second semi-final pits Meliodas with Cain. The old fart thought he is the son of the original Meliodas. But when he learns he is the real deal, he becomes enraged and starts shooting fireballs as Meliodas just stood there and took direct hits. Cain is from the Danafor town where Elizabeth was born. He blames him for betraying and killing people. Meliodas says it is because he wanted to protect everything but couldn’t. That is his sin. That is why this time he won’t fail again. He disperses his fireball and when Cain confirms he didn’t betray Danafor, he becomes emotional as he hugs him. When he was part of the Holy Knights, he returned from his mission only to see his town destroyed. He heard rumours Meliodas was behind this and kept hoping it was untrue. Now that he has heard from him, he is relieved and concedes defeat. Now it is time for the finals, how do you get Matrona/Diane to fight Meliodas when she is willing to let him knock her out (because he already knocked out her heart)? Ban steals Hawk’s money from the beer sales to hire women to cheer for Meliodas to finish his fight and play with them. Diane is mad at his betrayal and knocks him down!

Episode 12
Nothing is more dangerous than a jealous woman! Diane doesn’t hold back in her punches and so does Meliodas. I wonder if the arena can hold out till the end. Suddenly they stop dead in their attacks. What gives? Meliodas makes a surprising reveal of his identity. Then he tells everyone he is taking over this town and those who aren’t out yet will be massacred. Rain of fireballs start dropping on the town as the panic people evacuate. Guila and Jericho are here. Jericho gets her revenge match with Ban and it seems she has powered up enough that Ban is surprised his bleeding won’t stop. Guila too gets her rematch with Meliodas and he can’t withstand the force of her chain explosion. Fortunately, King is able to disable the duo for interrogation as Hawk brings the wounded duo to safety. Hauser tries to arrest Diane but she is more preoccupied in saving a trapped senior citizen. A weird looking Holy Knight sends her falling into the abyss (after she throws the old man to Hauser). Elizabeth returns to normal size and this is the when Veronica sees her. After giving her clothes to wear, Veronica chides her for doing stupid things especially teaming up with the Seven Deadly Sins to destroy the Holy Knights. She wants her to come back with her now but Elizabeth believes she misunderstood everything. Meliodas gets up to protect Elizabeth. Veronica uses a stone Hendrickson gave her and after she chants, he is absorbed into it. Elizabeth is mad at Veronica for not knowing about the truth and hates her. King continues to stave off Guila and Jericho’s attacks but he is surprised to be interrupted by that match referee. His true identity is Helbram. He wants the ladies to complete their objective while he keeps King company. Helbram knows King’s spear tricks and can avoid/handle them easily. Ban takes Veronica hostage and wants Elizabeth and Meliodas released. However he is attacked by Guila and Jericho. They want to take Elizabeth back but Veronica reminds them their mission was to take Meliodas sword. They point their weapon at her. Veronica is not pleased and will charge them in martial court. While Griamor traps them in his barrier, Elizabeth runs away as Veronica goes after her. When Guila mentions their mission to bring Elizabeth back dead or alive, Griamor tries to go after them. Seems Elizabeth stepped on some land mine but Veronica saved her. Too late to talk about regrets and taking back all the hateful things she said. Her last order to Griamor is to protect Elizabeth. Please don’t say it like you’re going to die! Guila and Jericho are freed from the barrier and before they could pick up Elizabeth, her desperate pleas of Meliodas to come help suddenly has him break out from the stone. But this isn’t the Meliodas we all know. Ominous markings on his body and that killer look on his face…

Episode 13
Meliodas rips off Guila’s hand just to get back his sword. Jericho activates some spell to reattach it. Meliodas attacks anyone hostile. He cuts Ban into half. Then he goes to attack Helbram but that old guy isn’t afraid. In fact, he is interested to observe and test his mysterious power. Meliodas’ dark markings can shift places, turn into weapons and serve as protection from direct attacks. Despite Meliodas’ attacks are getting stronger, Helbram has a power that ‘borrows’ powers from those who are allied with him. Hendrickson lends him his power and in a strike, Helbram knocks out Meliodas. Before he could retrieve him, Diane has returned to her giant size and starts pounding with her Sacred Treasure hammer. Ban is freaking nervous as he takes his comrades and run like the wind. Even Hendrickson can tell how dangerous this raging woman is and calls for Helbram to escape. But can he make it in time because the grounds are tearing apart and the rocks that float up will just pierce right through you. Holy sh*t! Is that a giant floating rock island Diane just did?! Once the chaos ends, Meliodas returns to normal. Elizabeth is so happy she gives him a free hug (free butt pinching too?). It’s not so pleasant from Ban because he gets punched. Now they’re even. Although Meliodas’ sword is stolen and this could be a problem, he is nevertheless happy that Elizabeth is safe. While Griamor is still mourning over Veronica’s death, Elizabeth tells him to bury her at the lake they used to spend lots of time. Helbram is in possession of Meliodas’ sword. Seems it is one of the keys to the revival of the demon clan, a fragment of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Gilthunder notes there was a balance of power between Dreyfus and Hendrickson. But with the latter gaining more followers under the New Generation, it seems that balance is tilted. Ban and King are training with each other and they wonder why the other care so much in saving the people. King has his reasons in following Diane but for Ban, after he saves the kingdom, he will be rewarded and take the Horn of Cernunnos beneath it. He will use this to contact the goddesses and revive Elaine. Gilthunder reports Veronica’s death to locked up Margaret at the hands of the Sins. But she does not believe it and will never forgive him and the Holy Knights.

Episode 14
One of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther, the goat’s sin of lust is travelling in the woods with Alan. So many aspects of him remind me of Hulk. The retard. The limited vocab. His mood swings. His gentle yet violent nature. Just put him in a purple armour and you get Gowther. I suppose with Alan accompanying him educating about the nature and cycle of things, he’ll be okay. When Helbram gets word that Gowther is spotted, he sends his Dawn Roar Holy Knights to capture him. Jericho is not happy the rest are put on standby but Guila takes this opportunity to return home to see her little brother, Zeal. Despite being bullied by mobs because their father who was once a Holy Knight was considered a traitor who ran away and abandoned his comrades, Zeal is still optimistic father didn’t do it. He thought Guila became one because she believed in him and will endure anything for her. But it is rather she wanted to protect him in place of her father, someone he can be proud of. After Zeal is put to bed, Guila hunts down those bullies and kills them! Yeah, she’ll do anything for Zeal’s sake too. Just don’t let him find out. While Elizabeth and Hawk are doing advertising in the village, they come across Alan. He is here to find adhesive to glue back Gowther’s armour that was damaged during Guila’s fireball attack at the tournament (they were just passing). Meliodas, Ban and King are in some competition to get the best catch when they see many knights defeated. One of them was so traumatized about the armoured giant that they realize another comrade is nearby. They rush to the scene to see Gowther being cornered by Dawn Roar. As they go to his aid, the tense standoff begins but when Alan returns and this makes Gowther scared and has him smash things. Both sides engage in a chaotic fight. Archer dude fires his arrow at Gowther during the distraction but Alan grabs it with his hand and warns about the great price to pay if the seal is removed. Then Alan turns into his true form (shocking even his pals). There is a goat mark on his chest and seems he is the real Gowther. Looks so girly…

Episode 15
While everyone is shock to see Gowther’s real face, Dawn Roar can’t be more shock to realize they are part of the Sins. Dawn Roar’s leader, Threader believes they can still win this since their orders are to take that armoured giant’s head. In that case, Gowther cuts off his head and presents it to Threader! This is what you looking for? With no further business, Dawn Roar leaves but Threader starts feeling suspicious about this mission. Why did Helbram send them instead of his beloved New Generation for this mission? Why does he want this giant killed so badly? Like as though he is trying to cover up something. Back to the Sins, Gowther says now it is up to them to stop this monster underneath this armour. Its head was just decoration and it seems this monster was once human. Not an ordinary human but remnants of a Holy Knight. Because it was reeking with evil power, it is the reason Gowther forced it into his armour to seal it but since it is now damaged, the monster is breaking out. So as they fight it, Meliodas becomes hesitant to kill it because he heard the human part trying to talk to him. Gowther strikes it with its light spear to paralyze it for the moment (making it see visions of its past). Gowther also cannot kill him because he heard the monster never wanted to be born this way. Ban will kill it instead but Meliodas won’t allow him. However Ban gouges out his heart. Surprisingly, the monster still lives and Ban realizes it is a demon.

Meanwhile Cain becomes a surprise visitor at Boar Hat. He is shocked to see Elizabeth. Actually she reminded him of Liz, Meliodas’ lover (her full name is also Elizabeth). She was a knight of an opposing kingdom and was captured after a failed night raid on Danafor. She was supposed to be put to death but Meliodas stepped in to save her. Despite she kept to herself and always clashed with Meliodas, eventually she opened up to him and the rest of the knights to her. The reason why Meliodas never wields a sword is because he was so strong that nobody could beat him with a weapon so it is only fair he doesn’t use one. Cain takes out a short sword. It was supposed to be a gift from Liz to Meliodas. He didn’t accept it so Cain was just holding it for him.

The human part of the monster is actually Guila and Zeal’s father, Dale. He is reminiscing a scene whereby he apologizes to his children for being weak and unable to protect them. As the monster revives and attacks, the Sins recognize Dale as an apprentice Holy Knight 10 years ago. Meliodas tries to speak Dale to his sense but it is not working. This annoys Ban because if he is not serious, he’ll just be in the way and end up killing his comrades. This is when Elizabeth comes running to throw Meliodas that sword. She tells him the reason Liz wanted him to have it was not to keep fighting but to carry on living. She also feels the same way as him fighting for others and if this is his sin, she also wants to bear it with him. Meliodas immediately grabs the sword and cuts the monster to pieces. They discuss about Holy Knights becoming demons and conclude that there must be some sort of experiment using the Holy Knights. From what Gowther can see, he believes Hendrickson is behind this. Gowther remembers meeting the angry monster and offered his armour to seal his magic. But it soon followed him around and took a liking for books he read. He is surprised to hear Dale’s last words of thanking him and for being his friend. Helbram is happy for a job well done and has Guila destroy the head.

Episode 16
Gowther joins and observes the rest in party mood. Meliodas asks him about the Sins being framed 10 years ago and Gowther knows the culprit: Merlin, the boar’s sin of gluttony. Though, he doesn’t know of her motives, he heard of rumours regarding her but none led to any concrete truths. The conversation is interrupted when the rest use Gowther to tease King’s smell. Then Gowther uses his mind reading powers to read out everyone’s dark embarrassing secrets. Even if he is told to read the atmosphere, he can tell Elizabeth likes Meliodas due to her interaction with him. Thank goodness Diane is already asleep instead of hearing that. Otherwise the entire place will be flattened. Elizabeth talks to Meliodas about Liz. He notes they’re both poles apart but yet similar: They’re both strong. Hauser sees Dreyfus who just came out from his ‘hiding’. Seems he is okay now because his son Griamor has died! Jericho tells Guila about the armoured giant. She sensed something amiss and went to tail Dawn Roar. It wasn’t the monster’s fight with Sins that shocked her. She felt both the power of a demon and Holy Knight emanating from it. After it was buried, she dug up the grave and found a brooch. Look familiar, Guila? Hendrickson and Helbram are in some ritual to unseal a demon using Meliodas’ sword hilt. It seems they want chaos to reign to bring back the old glory days because peaceful days dull their survival instincts. What kind of twisted logic is that? Unfortunately the seal still cannot be broken as they lack the final piece. So go get it! Dreyfus confronts Hendrickson about the Holy War he wants to wage and is appalled that he is trying to summon the demon clan. Hendrickson has done his research and is confident the Holy Knights (New Generations, that is) can beat it. Dreyfus is of course against it and speaks about justice but Hendrickson reminds him he is not one to talk because 10 years ago he asked him to join in the plot to kill his own brother, Zaratras. Hendrickson needs his powers for this and if he thinks of betraying, he’ll end up like his son. Meliodas’ next mission is to get his sword back. He tells everyone about its importance and how it was a seal created by all the clans (humans, fairies, gods, etc) to seal the demon clan with its relief. A magus, Vivian instantly kidnaps Elizabeth and Hawk. This sends Meliodas into instant fury as he rushes out to go save them. Diane throws Meliodas, Ban and Gowther towards Liones. Seems they are the final piece Hendrickson is waiting. The Holy Knights fortify their defence but whatever special powers they’ve got, none can stop the rampaging Meliodas! He just bulldozed through all of them! No chance! But there is another threat flanking the Holy Knights from the other direction. It as an army led by the new king of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon!

Episode 17
Hendrickson sees Arthur. Turns out his army was only an illusion and a mage is his only companion. Arthur insists he stays and offers to help out whatever trouble he is facing right now. But after Hendrickson brings him into the city, he attacks Arthur. Elizabeth finds herself in a dungeon but thanks to Hawk needing to take a dump, that desperate situation has the pig barge through the steel doors to do her business. Meliodas and Ban continue to plough through the Holy Knights. Gowther suggests a more effective solution. He uses his Sacred Treasure to rewrite their memories and temporarily turns them into their biggest fan! I love you! As they sneak in, they sense Hendrickson fighting nearby. Meliodas thinks of fighting him as the fastest way to find and save Elizabeth. Diane is sort of sad and wonders if Meliodas will show the same compassion to her like he did for Elizabeth. King tries to be a nice guy to console this big lady. I don’t know why King never thought of this before because now he summons his old friend (some kind of a magical dog) who eats stuffs to send them to another place. Think of it as a living teleportation device. I guess Diane’s butt is too big to enter so she needs a little push. Can King’s heart take it? Dreyfus and several Holy Knights are in Hendrickson’s magic research facility, believing this is the Sins’ target. They hear a commotion underneath. They are shocked to see Diane. So this is where she ended up? Since either side won’t give way, the great attack begins. Gilthunder uses his lightning attack but Dreyfus senses Hauser holding back. Despite Dreyfus landing powerful blows on her, it will take more than that to kill her. She is sent hurtling towards the town. Dreyfus makes an announcement that the Sins are attacking them so the people start throwing stones at her. Helbram uses his magic to make it look like Diane is the one destroying the town so as to pin the blame on her. Guila is not thrilled about the lies created to paint the Sins as baddies. When Zeal comes looking for his sister, a building is about to collapse on him but Diane protects him. Before the Holy Knights can finish her off, Hauser steps in to protect her. This is the right time to use his power. So is he going to fight them alone? No. Guila joins him.

Episode 18
Dreyfus gives them one last chance to return. Not changing their mind. They start off with a strong surprise powerful combo attack but only Jericho took the full brunt of it. The rest got out with little damage or if you’re like the best Holy Knight like Dreyfus, unscathed. Dreyfus readies to kill Guila but Gowther saves her. Meanwhile Elizabeth’s wandering has her stumble upon Margaret’s cell. First thing she did was to get emotional blaming herself for Veronica’s death. By the time she realizes they need to get out, Vivian stops her. In fact, she is told that Veronica is imprisoned here by her own will. Hawk does a sneak attack on her and since she hates pigs, I don’t know what burst of energy causes Elizabeth to faint while Hawk teleported to a dark room. She then unlocks Margaret’s cell and dares her to go anywhere she wants. If she has the guts to leave him. When Dreyfus swiftly pierces Gowther to prevent him from using his dangerous mind magic, he is surprised Gowther can return a bloody punch despite a big hole in his body. Dreyfus then starts seeing visions of him in his younger days as a Holy Knight with Hendrickson. Seems he is worried about Zaratras stronger than him and everyone else viewed it as that. Then it turns into a horror movie scene as we see Zaratras’ corpse, blood gushing out from every hole in his body, telling Dreyfus to atone his sins while Dreyfus is reduced to a traumatic wreck. Gowther thinks Dreyfus won’t be able to leave this nightmare but he was wrong. Dreyfus uses all his power to break through and stab right through him. Gowther’s down for good. Gilthunder retreats with Dreyfus and lets Helbram clean up. You think things are easier with him alone? Well, it can only get worse since he can go reckless. He unleashes poisonous dark mists that could kill anyone who breaths in. Although Diane pummels him, Helbram counter attacks with his icicle attack. I thought it was ironic for Hauser to tell Diane to be selfish and think about herself for once but if she did that, wouldn’t everything have turned out differently to begin with? Now it’s King’s turn to protect Diane before she meets her untimely death. Oh, he’s mad alright. Mad that his beloved is beaten up. And he blames Hauser for not being able to protect her? Facing off with Helbram, King tells him to turn back into his true form or else he can’t use his magic. Helbram’s true form is also a fairy like King. King endures Helbram’s beat down as he protects Diane. Helbram cannot be more shock to see King abandoned all his offense on Helbram and defence on himself just to fully protect Diane. He wants to settle their 700 year old promise now. Flashback shows Elaine begging King not to leave them as nobody will protect the forest. But he had to since he needed to go help Helbram. But then everybody else got killed and Helbram finished him off.

Episode 19
Time for a flashback of how King met Diane. After Helbram attacked him, he lost most of his memories. He was saved and started living with Diane who found him. Since she lives alone and wanted friends, she is more than happy to have him. It was him who made Diane those clothes she wore today (because all she ever wore was those caveman loincloth). Those were blissful times and you know how fairies and giants age slowly that time just zipped passed them. From time to time, King would remember snippets of his memories but this only made him confused of who he is and his origins. Humans’ short and fleeting lives went by in a blink of an eye. King always distrusted humans despite one who was always kind enough to share his food and medicine with them. That is why King explains to Diane about human marriage and the likes so Diane wants him to grant her a wish: To love her forever. I’m sure he would. One night when King’s memories fully return, the nearby village was attacked. King wants Diane to stay put while promising he would return. All the villagers were slaughtered by Helbram (human form). How can he still be alive after centuries? He turns out to be Helbram the fairy. After King was killed by that actual human knight, Helbram killed him and took his form. Helbram has been in anguish and hating human ever since because he saw how humans kidnapped and plucked their wings. The sight and sound of the suffering never left his head. That is why he went on a killing spree for 500 years but that never calm down those voices. King had no choice but to kill him. Even more painful was he had to break the promise with Diane. He shouldered the burden and took on the responsibility as the culprit who massacred humans and was sentenced to a thousand years of imprisonment. His love for Diane never changed and if they were to meet again one day, he’ll definitely keep his promise. Now back in present time, Helbram is shocked that King still has the power of the Sacred Tree that heals the wounds of those injured. It is not that Helbram intends to continue with his massacre, he can’t stop! He becomes berserk summoning all his power to attack. King deals the decisive blow to put him to rest once and for all. Diane thanks King for his help but can’t remember much of her past. King says it was just perhaps part of her dreaming. We shift focus to Hendrickson and Arthur’s fight. Hendrickson uses his ultimate attack on him but was deflected by Meliodas.

Episode 20
After Gilthunder puts Dreyfus to recover in some alley, Vivian talks to Gilthunder about Hendrickson being the better knight and king for the new future. Gilthunder has doubts about defeating the demon clan but she’ll fight for him if it’s necessary. With Hendrickson beginning his fight Meliodas, Vivian sends Gilthunder to assist him. It’s a battle of power and speed between Meliodas and Gilthunder but the former turns into his demon mode to stop the latter’s powerful attack. Arthur got distracted by this awesomeness and was harmed by Hendrickson. His mage saves him from certain death. We get a glimpse of Gilthunder’s younger days. He admired Meliodas and trained with him. However he has got this worrywart and negative attitude so Meliodas helps him recite some charm when things get tough. Plus, Gilthunder wanted to follow Meliodas on a holy crusade but was made to protect Margaret. As Hendrickson has finished his business with Arthur, he joins Gilthunder in fighting Meliodas. Hendrickson wants to finish him so he summons Vivian for help. Meliodas seems to be holding back like as though he is waiting for something. Is it Margaret? Because she is climbing the tower while lamenting how she made him say some oath that became some binding curse that tormented him. Now she wants him to be freed from it or else she will hurt the person he admires. If you’re wondering why Gilthunder’s favourite phrase is that he is stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins, it is because this is the charm Meliodas taught him. When Margaret plummets down the tower, Meliodas feels it is the right moment and strikes dead some hidden alien by her (don’t worry, Arthur caught her). When it looked like Hendrickson is about to kill Meliodas, Gilthunder cuts off his hand! He thanks Meliodas for freeing him from the curse. It is not he is betraying Hendrickson. He was never on his side to begin with. Gilthunder must have waited so long for his revenge so it looked like he put lots of power in his punishment towards Hendrickson. Vivian cannot believe Meliodas knew it from the beginning. Since when? Since they first met at the Forest of White Dreams. When Gilthunder recited that charm, he knew he was being watched and someone taken hostage. Gilthunder made it looked like he went all out against Meliodas because he is risking his life for the woman he loves. Therefore it is only right for Meliodas to risk his life as bond between men. Vivian wants to kill them by teleporting them to dangerous places but Arthur’s mage won’t allow it and ticks off her ex-disciple’s hot temper. Turns out Arthur’s mage is Merlin! Heck, I should have seen this coming.

Episode 21
Ban is inside a dark room where the Horn of Cernunnos lies. He wants the goddess to exchange his life to bring back Elaine. But only Hawk is before him. Soon the goddess speaks and although she can resurrect a single fairy, she will not take his life in exchange but give him a mission. Ban must kill Meliodas! Merlin forces Vivian to reveal where Elizabeth is. She is with her father in the king’s chamber. Vivian thought she could have the last laugh since the room is sealed with a barrier made from demon’s magic. Any attack will repel it. Merlin just had a simple solution: Cut off Vivian’s magic to the room! Elizabeth is so glad to be reunited with Meliodas (who wastes no time in molesting her right in front of the king!). When Dreyfus comes by, he learns Hendrickson is dead. Margaret also reveals she witnessed Dreyfus and Hendrickson killed Zaratras. She was so scared and told Gilthunder. But since Vivian found out, they were under her constant watch and were forced to obey her every command (Vivian has an unhealthy obsession with Gilthunder). But that bound has been Meliodas and they are freed. Dreyfus admits everything. His jealousy towards Zaratras turned into hatred. All this was to realize the Holy War, an event that the king predicted. However the king ordered them to put down their swords. Therefore Dreyfus wanted to end the incident 10 years ago by carrying out the Holy War by framing the Seven Deadly Sins as the enemy to cover up the truth. However Hendrickson had other plans and changed during those years. He didn’t know he was obsessed with resurrecting the demon clan. He didn’t expect things to turn up this way as all he wanted was to be a father his son could be proud of. Elizabeth reveals Griamor is still alive and watching over Veronica’s remains. Dreyfus is overcome with emotion. The king strips him of his Holy Knight position and has him imprisoned underground till he receives his punishment. The king is coughing blood as he is weak. Merlin diagnoses him and he is in need of immediate treatment. Since he can’t have it here, she will bring him back to Camelot. Arthur wants Meliodas to be part of Camelot’s Holy Knights. Sure he will. But when he feels like it. Rejected? Meliodas wonders when Merlin will come back to the Sins. When she feels like it! After they teleport away, the tower collapses. Somebody is attacking it. Although everyone is safe, Dreyfus is missing.

Guila and Jericho start squirming in pain. Like as though something is being forced out of them. Jericho then turns into a monster (something like Dale) but they realize that somebody is forcing all the New Generation who drank the demon clan’s blood to turn into monsters. Wonder no more because that culprit is Hendrickson! He looks younger and more powerful. I see he also drank the demon’s blood. He wants them to hand over Elizabeth. I guess you know the answer. King tries to ambush him but Helbram is sent to keep him at bay. It is revealed that Helbram was already dead the first time King killed him. Hendrickson mastered some dark arts to revive and made him his slave (since fairy bodies do not rot). But each resurrection deteriorates the soul and you can only revive the dead twice. Hendrickson thinks King should be happy because he is giving him a chance to kill him a third time. Meliodas and Gilthunder attack but Vivian holds the ladies hostage. In this distraction, Hendrickson stabs the guys. Vivian is mad because this wasn’t part of the deal. Oh but it is. When Gilthunder is dead, she can have his corpse forever by her side. Elizabeth will go with Hendrickson in exchange he spares their lives. I suppose she needs to play the heroine and protect Meliodas once in a while. She has him remember his promise to gather all the Sins to stop the Holy Knights even if she dies. When Ban comes by, Meliodas wants his help to go after Hendrickson and Elizabeth. However Ban gives him a long silent stare before attacking him. Although he rips off Meliodas’ arm, he puts it back in his demon mode. Ban has always wanted to ask him if he is from the demon clan. Elizabeth threatens to kill herself and put a stop in Hendrickson’s plan to revive the demon clan. Dreyfus appears before them.

Episode 22
Elaine > Elizabeth. Therefore Ban becomes Bruce Lee beating Meliodas up with his nunchucks. When Ban reveals the goddess clan revealed Meliodas is part of the demon clan that killed Elaine, the only way to bring her back is to kill him. Meliodas agrees to be killed. The rest are busy with their hands full. Diane trying to stave off monster Jericho (who is mumbling about being stronger than her brother), King still in tears fighting Helbram, Gowther suppressing the demon inside Guila, Hauser fighting the other monsters, Dreyfus fighting Hendrickson as atonement to bring an end to this mess. Right before Ban could kill Meliodas, the latter gets back up and fight. Sure, he did say he’ll die but not without a fight. Besides, he knows it better that he would do the same if he was in his shoes. Right now, Elizabeth is in trouble so he can’t afford to die. Hawk tries to talk some sense into Ban like if he is going to listen to a horn instead of his captain and even if Elaine gets revived, would she accept the way he did it? What else should Ban do? He even gets nostalgic ranting about how joining the Sins after Elaine’s death was just a temporary distraction but nothing changed in the end. That is why Meliodas orders him to do his duty as the Sins right now and they’ll settle this once and for all after this. I guess their fight is settled (postponed, to be more accurate), Ban leaves Meliodas in Hawk’s care. Ban then goes to toss Gilthunder to knock away Jericho so he can use some pill to heal Diane and lightning guy (he should have used it on Meliodas but I suppose he forgot).

Jericho unwittingly crushed her brother, Gustav and becomes horrified when she realizes it. Although Gilthunder rescues Gustav, Jericho wants to be killed as she cannot control herself. Ban will gladly oblige but destroys a little demon planted as a root to return Guila back to normal. Helbram also wants King to kill him while he is still himself. He can’t. He is his best friend. In that case he quits being his best friend. Well, time to end it then. Everyone goes through town destroying the monsters and returning the New Generation to who they were by destroying that little demon. Dawn Roar returns from a mission to help out. After all that power battle, Dreyfus is no match for Hendrickson and got his body rotted away. Too bad Meliodas was a second too late. But you can tell how mad he is when he sees Elizabeth bleeding and injured from the crossfire. He ignores Hendrickson’s ranting about being his equal to snatch Elizabeth and leave it to Hawk to get her treated. Without hesitation, Meliodas uses his speed and power to beat him up but each time his injuries heal. It gets even better when the Sins arrive to help out. Not to mention the Holy Knights and Dawn Roar. The Sins throw all their power combo at Hendrickson but no matter how many times you cut and smash him, he regenerates. So invincible, that it just makes him ooze with confidence. Though, Meliodas ‘advises’ him that despite his regeneration, his damage stays unless he is truly an immortal. As the fight rages on, accidentally the cave wall to the magic research facility is broken down. There lies a corpse of a red demon that Hendrickson has been researching for years to obtain its power.

Episode 23
Gowther confirms this demon as the source that turned the New Generation into monsters. When Hendrickson brags how he found it in the fairy’s forest 20 years ago and did extensive research to obtain its power, Ban pounds him deep into the ground and reveals it was him who killed this red demon. The Sins follow dive down and didn’t realize there is an old passageway. Hendrickson is very much alive as he rants about his goal in seeking a resilient body. There is a corpse of a grey demon lying here. It is believed to be more powerful than the red demon. However no living thing has ever survived drinking its blood. But now the red demon’s blood is flowing through him, he can drink it and turns into another super demon being. So powerful that it blasts the Sins back up and take the battle back to the ground above. So powerful that the Sins can’t even touch him. Hendrickson drops black snow that will instantly kill you if you touch it. Then everybody combines their powers. From Dawn Roar to Holy Knights to the Sins, you think this super combo is enough to kill him? Well, sorry to break it to you. It didn’t even scratch him. Then Hendrickson unleashes his super Dark Nebula move that just knocks out everybody. Meliodas uses his body to shield Elizabeth from this. He is one step away from being finished but Hawk decides to become the hero and take the blast. Wait a minute. This little piggy is going to sacrifice itself???!!! WAIT, NOOOOOOO!!!!! HAAAAAAWK!!!! Damn, this pork chop is too charcoaled to be eaten. Haha! Whoops… Okay, so everybody is sad and mad. But what can they do? Not as sad as Elizabeth because suddenly she emits a bright miracle light. Margaret mentions this has happened before. Although Elizabeth doesn’t realize it, she holds the power that could heal everything. She has the blood of the Apostle of the Goddess. Elizabeth is sad that Hendrickson was once a good guy. What made him changed? He wants revenge against the clans that sealed them during the Ancient War. Meliodas realizes this is not Hendrickson speaking but a demon possessing him. Elizabeth doesn’t want to see any more people hurt. Her light burst is greater than Hendrickson’s darkness that it heals the entire kingdom! All injuries light or serious gone! It even blooms a bed of flowers! But no luck in resurrecting the dead. Yeah, this means pork chop is still dead. Hendrickson laments he should have killed her sooner and took her blood. As the Holy Knights stand their ground, Gilthunder is paralyzed in fear as Hendrickson inches closer to him. Meliodas resumes his fight with Hendrickson and tells everyone not to give up. As long as the Sins are here, they can win this. Hey wait. Isn’t that Veronica, still seen alive???!!!

Episode 24
I suppose doing the same power fight won’t do any good so Meliodas has Gowther relay telepathically his plan to everyone. Whether they like it or not, everyone casts their full power at the fighting pair of Meliodas and Hendrickson. Don’t care whether you hit the baddie or not, just do it. Meliodas might die at this rate. When Ban finally throws a decisive fatal blow, Meliodas powers up. As explained, he used a move that absorbs all their attacks so he can reflect them back at full force. However he must be careful in doing this move as it might kill him if done incorrectly. Now Hendrickson is scared sh*t. He tries to run away but is killed for good when Meliodas unleashes his full force. The king returns just in time. He is healed thanks to Merlin using him as a guinea pig to test some demon magic. Thank goodness it worked. Gilthunder leads the Holy Knights to request for them to be punished so the king says they will dedicate their lives in rebuilding the kingdom with no days off. The king praises the Sins for saving the kingdom that once framed them as well as protecting his daughter. But Elizabeth is still sad. Why? You can’t forget about the little pig. All this would not have been possible had Hawk not sacrifice himself. Yeah, victory doesn’t feel so sweet without piggy’s presence. And with everybody having their say about Hawk, suddenly they hear his voice. Black charcoal pig dissipates into… Mini Hawk! OMG! I don’t know how but who cares. Hawk is alive! Even happier news for Elizabeth as she is reunited with Veronica. Yeah, we don’t know how she lived too but who cares? Now Elizabeth can hug Meliodas all she wants. Well, at least to heal his wounds.

Merlin talks to Meliodas that the Coffin of Eternal Darkness is nowhere to be found no matter how much she searched. But she heard rumours that a bird-like creature was seen heading south right after he defeated Hendrickson. Merlin says she has got Arthur’s permission to be away for a while and this means she is officially joining the gang. King is thinking of a way to cheer Diane up as he thinks she might be heartbroken after seeing Elizabeth hug Meliodas. But to his surprise, she is temporarily shrunk to human size thanks to Merlin’s potion. He can’t believe his ears that she would like to hang out with him. Just the two of them. Jericho isn’t pleased she lost her power but had she not, she would have succumbed to being a monster. She goes crazy thinking about Ban. Meeting up with Guila, she notes unlike her, her power did not disappear. Guila credits it to the power of love. Thanks to… Gowther???!!! OMG. For real?! Gilthunder visits Boar Hat for the first time. He tells Meliodas he will be leaving the kingdom to wander on a journey. In his attempt to trick Hendrickson, he has hurt so many people. This is his atonement. On the day the Sins are to leave for Camelot, Elizabeth rushes to go say goodbye but the king stops her, believing it will only make things harder. But she doesn’t have to find them because here comes Hawk Mama stopping by. Meliodas remembers they haven’t found all the members of the Sins yet so her mission is not yet over. You know what this means, right? Without hesitating, she instantly jumps into Meliodas’ arms. Looks like she really made up her mind. Bye, dad. Ban decides to take a short leave to take care of some things but when he comes back, he’ll settle things with Meliodas. A short flashback shows Liz’s last words to Meliodas were not to cry and that they’ll meet again. Lastly, Gilthunder, Hauser and Griamor are looking at the books Dreyfus was researching. It contains notes on the demon marks seen on Meliodas and Hendrickson’s face. Gilthunder believes they have to rethink everything again.

This is a side story of Ban and Elaine. Despite we know their history, this is elaborated and expanded into a full episode instead of being told in flashbacks and of course, uninterrupted. It starts off with Elaine narrating she has been guarding the forest for 700 years since her brother King left. She has been protecting it from greedy humans who want steal the fountain of youth. We are familiar with the opening parts of the story. Ban came with the same intention but each time he gets blown away, he never gives up and keeps coming back. Moments before he drinks it, Elaine snatches it back and tells him the repercussions of doing so. She is surprised he is willing to fully give up on it and reading his mind, it is true and he is sad that he can’t taste this ale. Instead of going home, he hangs out with her and tells her of his goal in wanting to drink it. He is surprised that she has been a bored fairy for the past 700 years! So you want to live forever too? Elaine thought he left for good but he shortly returns to retrieve a book that contains his label collection of ales (it was blown away during his climbing attempt). I guess when you’re bored, there is nothing more to do than to take a look at it.

More bonding moments together but one morning, Elaine wakes up and Ban is gone. She looks for him but to no avail. A few days later he comes back. Yeah, she was so worried about him and now that he came back, she’s being tsundere that he shouldn’t have? Anyway, he brought back some ale for her to taste. Can’t just be reading about them, right? It is her first experience tasting this bitter ale. Is she drunk? Mad girl. Sad girl. Happy girl. One day, Elaine was whispering to herself how she wished Ban wouldn’t come to steal the fountain of youth but her. He heard it and told her he will make that wish come true. All he needs to do is find her brother and bring him back. She’ll be free, right? Elaine is so happy that she hugs him. Then a scene we are also familiar with. The red demon appears and burns down the forest. Ban thinks he can take it out in one shot but he didn’t know it had multiple hearts. Both got strike down. Ban wants Elaine to drink the fountain of youth and escape since he is too weak to even drink. Elaine does it but only so as to kiss and give him drink it. Ban’s injuries heal as he makes mincemeat out of the demon. In this heart tugging sad scene of Ban and Elaine’s final moments, she gives him a seed of the forest for him to plant. Oh why do you want us to go through this heartbreaking moment again?! Ban continues his journey and finds a remote mountainous region where no humans will pass. He plants the seed and uses his blood as water. The tree instantly grows big. Subsequently Ban is captured and found guilty of burning down the forest, killing a fairy and claiming the fountain of youth for himself. He is sentenced to death. Any last words? They should at least get his name right: Undead Ban.

This consists of short comical skits from our favourite Sins.

* As his drinking buddies will be coming over, Meliodas sends Elizabeth and Hawk to town to buy some ingredients. Here’s a bag of silver coins for the errand. Unfortunately they got distracted with the window shopping and end up using all the coins to buy those. They know they’ll be in big sh*t. A kind farmer sees how pitiful they are and gives them more than necessary of the required ingredients. Happily on the way back, Elizabeth trips, spilling everything. Wasted? There is no such thing as wastes when you have Hawk around. And so they report back to Meliodas and how Hawk ate the spilled leftovers. Unfortunately for them, Meliodas is not amused. Because Hawk ate all those stuffs, his meat must be brimming with all those foodstuffs, right? Oh sh*t… Don’t worry. Meliodas is impartial. He also has some punishment for Elizabeth… Best left to our imagination…
* King must be desperate. So much so he goes to ask Meliodas to teach him the ways of being an unashamed man. I take it he wants to go peep at naked Diane bathing. Learn from the master. Near the stream and behind the bushes, Meliodas strips naked. Naked for naked, right? Then he swims towards Diane and Elizabeth like as though it is nothing. He claims he is to protect them from being seen as he calls King to join in. Too bad Diane saw his perverted fatty form and blasts him away.
* Hawk went to take a 30 minute dump (?!) while in the middle of his food. When he returns, his food is gone. He accuses his buddies to be the culprit. King fears and senses that his dog friend might be the real culprit.
* King is furious when he hears Diane and Ban are holding hands! No way in the world this could happen! Turns out they are arm wrestling and Diane is just using her pinky. Ban doesn’t want to be underestimated so she uses her entire hand that just slams him into the ground.
* Hendrickson is happy that a girl says he is a nice guy. He thinks of proposing to her the next day but gets rejected. Depression. Next morning, he comes knocking on Dreyfus’ door to tell him that a girl proposed to him but he can’t accept it. Because that girl is just a child! Hey wait. Why is little Jericho going around proposing to other people to marry her?
* Gilthunder narrates he hates festivals ever since the day his father was murdered. So when Hauser is drunk telling tales of that fight tournament between Ban and Meliodas, it upsets Gilthunder. In actual fact, he wanted to participate in it and actually loves festivals.
* Merlin says despite being a magician, she has no healing magic. So how is she going to heal the king of Lioness? There is this nasty looking hookworm from hell that will be inserted into his body. Don’t worry. She has mastered the arts to control it to only eat his tumour. Maybe. That’s assuring enough. The question now is which part of his body he wants to be inserted into… Oh sh*t… For your information, the king is just suffering from stomach ulcer.
* Gowther is testing out King’s reaction to lies like saying Diane is dancing naked or try doing lewd things with him. Now it’s Ban’s turn. He claims he is King’s brother! Interesting reactions… Are they just harassing him?
* After Merlin’s betrayal, Meliodas finds himself inside a cave saved by Hawk. At first he mistakes him to be Wandle, his old partner. How can he mistake a bird as a pig? But Hawk too sometimes felt he once flew in the sky a long, long time ago. He thinks he was once a dragon! Meliodas knows there will be orders to hunt down the Sins. This means he is out of a job and no money. Hawk knows a favourite place of his where they can get free food (leftovers). Since it is far away, the only way of getting there is riding on Hawk Mama’s back. Pretty cool, eh? Meliodas considers eating Hawk but changes his mind to earn some money. Since selling him or having a pig doing some street performance won’t do, he gets the idea of opening a bar. The problem now is the funding to build a bar. Oh, no problem. He sells his Sacred Treasure for the required funds. And that my friends, is how Boar Hat came to be. Oh Meliodas, you…

Let Those Without Sin Cast The First Stone
It doesn’t feel really over yet because if you’ve counted right, there is still one more of the Sins to appear. And I keep wondering if the characters didn’t know how to count because they keep calling the Sins as The Seven Deadly Sins throughout the series (I am calling them Sins as shortcut since I am lazy to write their entire name here). Sure, it’s their official title but I thought it was a bit odd to call the current group as that since they do not actually add up to the numbers. Not enough time I suppose since the final arc was about rescuing Elizabeth and kicking the crap out of corrupted Hendrickson. Besides, with Merlin officially joining the Sins so late and only in the final scene, so this means the Sins were predominantly stuck at only 5 of them for most of the time. At least after halfway. Then there are the Sacred Treasures that some of the Sins need to recover, the resurrection of the demon clan to deal with, the mysterious works our Holy Knights discover in Dreyfus’ room and the missing Coffin of Eternal Darkness. What about Merlin’s ‘betrayal’ 10 years ago in which she is glad to tell but it is going to be ‘a long story’… Wow. So much more potential. Another season, perhaps?

As I predicted, having good looking and pretty Holy Knights as the antagonists won’t cut it. So there have to be a twist again and when Hendrickson turns out to be the biggest and baddest wolf of them all, surely you would have the ultimate team ups of the Sins and the Holy Knights bringing down their fire and rage upon him. Although the line between good and evil, justice and injustice isn’t that greatly blurred in this series, it is trying to hint to us that sometimes having blind faith is not a good thing. It is not which side you belong to that determines if you are good or bad. Believing in your guts and doing what you believe is right is what utmost important. You also need to have the strength and courage to do so.

With so many characters, not all especially the supporting characters would have their characters properly fleshed out. This season is mostly focused on the Sins as we get to see great insights on the pasts of Ban, King and Diane. It would be nice to see what actually happened between Meliodas and Liz his former lover too but that’s not happening here. So for others like Dawn Roar, it just makes you wonder if they have any relevance to this season since their appearance was just so limited. You thought they would clash with the Sins again but had to team up to bring Hendrickson down. Remember Golgius of Weird Fang? I have been wondering what happened to him ever since he ran away. I guess he ran away for good, huh?

The Sins are not perfect themselves and they aren’t exactly role models as heroes either. But the big irony is that they do what is right and saved the kingdom and possibly the world from total destruction. Sometimes I feel it is odd that the sins that they represent don’t really depict that sin. Like Merlin who represents gluttony, personally I don’t see how he fits this particular sin (partly because she appeared too late) because I thought fatty King should represent this better and lust representing Gowther who lacks emotion and says everything with a straight face (like a robot – sometimes it makes him funny and the comic relief) should be the one to represent sloth instead of King. Meliodas is quite a cheerful kid for most of the time unless you decide to harm his friends and that is when you will taste his fury and wrath. So I thought Ban who is more wrathful would have been a better representation but I guess nobody represents greed better than him (rather, I would say his selfishness to do whatever it takes to get Elaine back). Diane represents envy only because she is jealous of seeing Meliodas close with Elizabeth. That’s just it. I thought being envious would mean jealous of Meliodas’ captaincy, his skills, his everything. In conclusion, the sins they embraced don’t really matter in the end as they do more good than bad (after all, they were framed in the first place).

Overall, the dynamic interactions between the Sins and Elizabeth are a fun watch. With their contrasting and clash of characters, now you know why they say that variety is the spice of life. Sometimes it feels like they are a bunch of freak show running around. Like Meliodas shows why he is the coolest character in the series. You will love his charming and cheerful disposition as well in action moments when he kicks ass without hesitation. But Meliodas, I thought he really looks funny for a kid to have muscles and abs! Really! I mean, imagine a baby having such macho body! It is unthinkable! After all, if you think about it, all the Sins aren’t ordinary humans or even humans to begin with. Sure, Ban was human once but now he is an immortal.

Hawk feels like not only the mascot but as well as the comic relief and joker of the series. Heck, he has got his own ‘short segment’ at the end of every episode, a still simply drawn picture of Hawk in doing something comedic. I mean, what else can a pig who loves eating leftovers do? Sure, Hawk claims he can fight and just holding back his true power but that sounds more like a joke than anything serious. Can he? This piggy is also the voice of reason and plays the role of rebutting everyone else (especially Meliodas) and therefore it was surprising that Hawk decided to become a martyr and die just to protect Elizabeth. Where can we get our rebuttal jokes now? At least he should have done his last service by being a tasty pork chop if he is going to die, damn it! Oops! But you know, seeing how they revive Veronica without any valid reason (I guess princesses dying isn’t going to leave a good taste), they might just do so with the lovable pig. And they did it!

You know how animes have this love and penchant for bringing back dead characters, no? Oh, the holy mother of rebuttals is saved! Heh. Can’t make a piggy stay dead for good, can’t they? I thought they were going to do the same for Dreyfus too but I supposed some sacrifices are necessary. But wait. I read that he is still alive! My little ‘research’ (read: lazy browsing over the internet) shows that Dreyfus is indeed ‘alive’ but only his body being possessed by a demon clan for their nefarious means and ends. Same case for Hendrickson too. Yeah, I guess nobody really dies in this anime. At least for the main and supporting side characters. Because now I am also thinking that Liz teaser at the end of the series would also mean that she may have not succumbed to death after all. Or I might be just over-thinking.

Elizabeth isn’t our usual damsel in distress because she would love to help out whenever she can. The reason why she looks ‘useless’ is because compared to the Sins who are all non-human, it is wise to stay out of their way when things get ugly. Otherwise she’ll just be a big hindrance and in their way. But since the revelation of her goddess-like healing powers, she won’t be so ‘useless’ after all. Anybody who wants some great healing can get a free hug too! Other than that, somehow I noticed that she plays the fanservice role of the series. Because she doesn’t seem to really freak out when Meliodas does bold pervy stuffs on her. So bold that you might think such molesting moves can only exist in hentai flicks! Sure, she is surprised, but not to the point where normal women would scream their heads off, slap him in the face, beat him to a pulp and in real life, smack him with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Ironically it is Hawk who is the one rebutting this sexual harassment most of the time. Is it because Elizabeth has a crush on Meliodas and in a way lets him does what he wants with her? After all, is there any other way to repay her gratitude for joining her on this journey? Or is she so gentle and non-violent that she wouldn’t even hurt a fly? But to let him grope like that? Meliodas you lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!

Other characters are rather okay but nothing too deep about them. Especially about some of the main Holy Knights, you’ll learn something about them but there is just as much as you will get about them at least for this season. Like Guila and Jericho’s contrasting reasons to become Holy Knights. That’s the problem when you have too many characters and they are lovable in their own ways. But still, it doesn’t put a damper on the overall story. Gilthunder must earn the award as the best troller and greatest pretender because for a big part of the series. You know what they say about being close to your friends but closer to your enemies. But it worked well and paid off in the end. He deserves an Oscar for putting up the greatest deceiving up. All stand up and applause him!

Hey wait a minute! Is there romance in this series?! Minimally hinted. You can tell all the one way crushes but don’t hope for anything more than that. With a cool guy like Meliodas, is it not hard to see why Elizabeth gradually starts to like him even if she doesn’t realize it? She could have been Diane’s greatest rival but I guess emergency times mean this could be put on hold. Then you have King’s unrequited love for Diane and I wonder what will happen once he finds out that Hauser (if he ever admits it) too likes that giant. And then there is Jericho having a crush on Ban. Just notice her actions whenever he is around. It’s like screaming, “Please notice me!”. So obvious in the aftermath. Even more surprising I didn’t know Guila had a thing for Gowther! At first I thought she was going to hint Zeal since she dotes on him but what a surprise. It is just so shocking. I guess the only true romance goes to Gilthunder and Margaret. They share the only true romantic kiss in the series. Sorry, I don’t consider the one Elaine gave to Ban a real one. Too bad that psycho nutcase Vivian won’t be getting her hands on him forever.

Fighting and action sequences are good enough to keep you satisfied. After all, this is a shonen genre. Especially with Meliodas who shows why he might be petite in size but no pushover. His speed and skill are perhaps one of the few reasons that made him the captain of the Sins. Seeing him in action sometimes feels like he has turned on a cheat code for invincibility and speed. But heck, he is the ‘hero’ so you won’t be calling him cheating when he gives the baddies a beat down. That is why in a way, Ban becomes the whipping boy of the series because of his ability to regenerate and being an immortal, all the more reason why he takes every bloody blow and his body cut or blown into bits but he still returns back to normal at the end. Each of the characters has their own unique abilities and it is great to see them utilize a couple of them during battle scenes. Although at the end of it all, I don’t really remember their names despite they aren’t that complicated or tongue twisting. They decently name their super power moves using ordinary words and yet they make it sound so grand. Be warned. There are some blood and gore but they are nothing so horrific that you would not be able to sleep for weeks.

At first when I looked and the art and drawing, I thought how similar it reminded me of Dragonball. Not that I have watched many episodes of that series but somehow the character designs look familiar. Both series have different authors and from what I learnt, the author of this series took inspiration from the author that created Dragonball and Dr Slump. The reason why you could see a very familiar design in certain characters like Meliodas, Diane, Elizabeth and Veronica (Android 18 reincarnated?). Even more familiar when Hendrickson turned into his super demon mode, I thought he reminded me of a certain super villain in Dragonball. At least Hendrickson looks more handsome than Frieza. Fact! The colourful and oddly shaped armours of the Holy Knights sometimes make me feel that there is some sort of carnival going on. Funny. The sceneries and background also feel okay, giving us a fantasy feel of old Medieval Europe especially of Britannia.

Voice acting is quite good. At least it meets today’s standards of voice acting. It fits the characters perfectly so there are no complaints from my side. With so many casts, there would be a handful that I recognize. Most prominently would of course be Yuuki Kaji as Meliodas. After hearing him in so many roles, it would be easy to recognize him anytime and anywhere as long as he puts up that trademark voice of his. I didn’t recognize Aoi Yuuki at first but it took me a while before I realize she was the one behind Diane. Other recognizable seiyuus include Jun Fukuyama as King, Mamoru Miyano as Gilthunder, Nana Mizuki as Margaret, Marina Inoue as Jericho, Shinichiro Miki as Threader, Takahiro Sakurai as Griamor and Hiroshi Kamiya as Helbram (true fairy form). Other casts include Sora Amamiya as Elizabeth (Asseylum in Aldnoah.Zero), Misaki Kuno as Hawk (Serara in Log Horizon), Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ban (Haru in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun), Yuuhei Takagi as Gowther (Shira in Naruto Shippuuden), Yuya Uchida as Hendrickson (Stein in Soul Eater), Mariya Ise as Guila (Levi in Fairytail), Ryohei Kimura as Hauser (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Katsuyuki Konishi as Dreyfus (Oga in Beelzebub), Ryotaro Okiayu as Helbram (human form) (Byakuya in Bleach), Hisako Kanemoto as Veronica (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Kotori Koiwai as Elaine (Renge in Non Non Biyori), Maaya Sakamoto as Merlin (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji) and Sachi Kokuryu as Arthur (Shingen in Sengoku Otomo Momoiro Paradox).

The first opening theme is Netsujou No Spectrum by Ikimono-gakari. I personally prefer this song and wished they didn’t change it when they reached the second half. Although the second opening theme, Seven Deadly Sins By Man With A Mission doesn’t sound too bad but it feels it lacks the oomph that the first opening theme had. Maybe mixing rock with some techno isn’t my cup of tea so I’m not really appealed to it. Well, at least better than the first ending theme, 7-seven- by Flow x Granrodeo. This is my least favourite of all the themes because I’m not really fond of this hard rock piece. The rock pop second ending theme is Season by Alisa Takigawa. Not my favourite too but at least better than the first ending theme.

Overall, this is a great fantasy series that somehow deserves to be the new generation’s fairytale staple. Okay, that is how I personally feel but gone are the innocent days where it is merely starting off with “Once Upon A Time” and ending with “And they lived happily ever after… The End”. Everything is becoming more complicated and flashier these days. The great story flow, great characters and great power fights make this series awesome but don’t go so far as to think that adopting one of the sins as your lifestyle to be the same. Remember, you are living in reality and not fairytale. So for this series that borders between great action and fairytale story, I think it has done a very good job in its debut season. That is, assuming there would be more coming and I hope it would. Otherwise it would be a pity and shame that an epic story of good versus evil won’t see a decent happily ever after ending.

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