Narue No Sekai

September 22, 2007

Have you ever thought of having a girlfriend who is out of this world. And I don’t only mean she’s just fantastic or superb but an alien. No, I don’t mean a foreigner but an extra-terrestrial life form from another planet. Uh-huh, sounds cool, isn’t it? But that’s what Narue No Sekai or also known as The World Of Narue is.
Now, one reason why I decided to watch this series besides the love-comedy genre is because of the voice actress, Mamiko Noto. I’d be lying if I say I’m not a fan of her voice acting. When I found out that she’s playing the main role as Narue Nanase, it didn’t take me long to decide to watch this. However, I was really suprised when I heard Mamiko Noto’s voice. Why? Because it wasn’t what I expected. I’ve always had that perception of her unique dry-hard-to-come-out-husky voice after watching her roles as Enma Ai in Jigoku Shoujo and other animes but when I heard hers in here, it’s totally different but it’s still recognizable. She sounds more lively and cute! Wow. I even had doubts if it was her or not.
Aside that, this is another short series with only 12 episodes and mostly you’ll see our main male protagonist, the 14 year old Kazuto Iizuka who falls in love with Narue Nanase and the stuffs that they do together. Sounds like nothing much isn’t it? Well, I won’t really say that this is a boring show but if you like teenage love comedy and romance genre at a moderate pace, I suppose this one is quite okay.
So as seen in episode 1, our Narue isn’t actually 100% alien. Uh-huh, she’s only 50% alien and the remainder is human. You’ll find out later in the series that her dad’s an alien and her mom’s a human. So what happens when both parents of different species get married? The result of their offspring would of course be 50-50. Don’t worry, somehow these aliens look so human-like so much so you’ll think they’re Earthlings. Besides, they speak Japanese too (aside from the fact that they’ve lived in Japan) and they hail from a world called Planet Japan! Serious! Convenience? I find it amusing. I suppose there’s Mount Fuji and Sakura blooming event there too.
Kazuto’s first encounter with Narue is when he’s walking back 1 rainy afternoon and he spots a box with a lost puppy in it. But it’s not just a puppy. Kazuto approaches it and suddenly the puppy turns into a vicious plant-like alien and is gonna attack him when Narue comes out from no where and hits it away with her baseball bat. After finding out Kazuto’s alright and even telling him cooly that that was a space alien, Narue leaves in a jiffy. Thus is love at first sight for Kazuto as he wants to find out more about her.
So in class, Kazuto with the help of his best buddy, Masaki Maruo (your typical hyped up loud mouth bugger but is dependable when the time comes), finds out that Nanase is just in the next class and is a member of the… Galactic Federation?! Maruo thinks she’s a space invader while Kazuto thinks she’s an astronaut. So they decide to check her out. But it seems that Naruo has ‘enemies’ of her own. Firstly, the braided bespectacled Hajime Yagi, a sci-fi freak who despises Narue because she claims that she’s an alien and vows to expose that she’s a fake. This gal really do sound angry. Then there’s the typically snobbish and b*tchy Kyoko Kudo and her 2 buddies who not only loves mocking Narue but Yagi as well. But Narue just ignores them all.
Later Maruo decides to play love mediator and gives tips on how to approach her. Kazuto’s not ready yet when Maruo lets him face Narue when she’s passing by on the streets. Kazuto’s blushing and finally asks her if she wants to have tea with him. Narue tries to discourage him but Kazuto is adamant. So Kazuto doesn’t mind if she’s poor, gloomy, read weekly magazines for women, or an alien (he realized the last one too late). With that, Narue gets really happy and takes Kazuto’s hand and rushes back to her home. Yeah, something about it’s cheaper to have tea back at her place. Aliens may have hi-tech technology but that doesn’t mean they’re wealthy.
Back at her small apartment, Narue is shocked to find that her dad, Tadashi, is being tied up and some space alien terrorist is in the midst of getting rid of him. So he mentions that the puppy yesterday was a trap set by him. Though Kazuto doesn’t know what’s going on, his instincts made him want to protect Narue. In a little panic, Kazuto screams and is gonna hit that alien with the baseball bat when Narue trips him. She then uses her teleporter in her headband and teleports herself between the alien and her dad before knocking him out cold with 1 hit. Must be a hard one. You could see his blood gushing out from his nose. She unties her dad and he soon leaves to get an Inspector to investigate. So after witnessing all these events with his own eyes, Kazuto’s love for Narue didn’t waver at all. In fact, he’s more in love with her, making Narue very happy. With that, she proceeds to teleport and show Kazuto a fleet of spaceships orbiting outside Earth! I wonder what’s the implication of this but I think he’s pretty surprised by it all. Narue says "Welcome to our world". I didn’t really understand that last part but I think this is the start of their beautiful relationship.
Kazuto and Narue start their relationship off with a date in episode 2. Yup, and Kyoko is teasing Narue but is made to eat her words when Kazuto comes to her class to see her. Because this is Kazuto’s first time, Maruo is giving him some tips on dating. Well, it seems the other boys in the class to are writing down what he says. He must be damn good. So the night before the date, we see Yagi and Maruo are actually childhood friend-cum-neighbours and Yagi leaves alone because her parents are always working away and that she enjoys watching the stars with her telescope.
So on the day Kazuto is supposed to go on a date with Narue, he tries to follow each and every advice that Maruo has given to him like being punctual (but Narue was there earlier at the meeting spot), no playing video games at the arcade (but Narue was so taken into and is enjoying herself), and paying food on behalf (but Narue paid her portion). Well, it doesn’t really seem to go as planned but Narue seems happy. Then at the shopping centre, Maruo seems to be spying on them when Yagi appears. Yeah, she finds out that the ‘alien’ is on a date and proceeds to confront Narue, though Maruo tried to stop her. While Yagi is blabbing about exposing her, it seems Narue and Kazuto had already left. They’re here not to listen to you girl.
Narue and Kazuto are going to watch a movie but it seems Kazuto has lost the tickets. So they trace back their steps and manage to find it at the video game arcade where he unknowingly dropped it. They manage to catch the movie in time. Thing is, Narue fell asleep. Couldn’t be that boring, couldn’t it? Well, actually Narue didn’t get much sleep the night before, just like Kazuto. Meanwhile Maruo and Yagi are still spying on them and Yagi is still bent on exposing Narue as a fake because she thinks Narue is pretending to be an alien so that she could be Miss Popular. If only she’d know the whole truth. So back at Yagi’s place we see her having a little chat with Maruo and she plans to discover a real alien, make friends with them and show Narue the real thing. Yeah… it’s right under her nose. Kazuto is walking back with Narue and thanks her for a lovely outing. Narue too thanks him and would gladly walk him back again, making Kazuto happy. So the whole day wasn’t as bad.
It seems that it’s Narue’s turn to visit Kazuto’s home in episode 3. Kazuto’s mom is delighted that her son brought back a girl for the first time and of course his sis is initially surprised to hear another girl’s voice in their abode. So Kazuto’s a typical teenager with some playboy magazines in his slightly messy room but he isn’t so much a pervert. I suppose Narue’s not used to some human technology because when she asked for permission to use Kazuto’s computer, she then tried to speak and give instructions to the computer through the mouse! Erm… I thought aliens are supposed to be hi-tech and at least be knowledgeable about ‘obsolete and primitive’ technologies. Oops. That sexy wallpaper in Kazuto’s pc, which he manages to hide it from Narue in time. Also Kazuto’s mom and sis are a little ‘busybody’ trying to ‘get in’ Kazuto’s room and Kazuto’s pretty annoyed and having a hard time shutting them out. Besides having tea and chatting in his room, Kazuto tells Narue that he’s quite a big fan of the mahou shoujo series called Magical Canon Girl Yongou. Yeah, he’s got a huge collection of DVDs and they even watched it. Kazuto really loves it. And it’s evening already. Finally mom and sis comes in and says it’s rude to watch animes when a friend is visiting. As usual Kazuto tries to shut them out, which he manages to do so.
With that, Narue decides to show Kazuto a precious place of hers and teleports themselves to some quiet plains at night. It’s quite calming as Narue tells him that she likes Earth because she was born here. And when she lie down and close her eyes, it makes her feel that only she and the Earth exists. She asks Kazuto to try and he did. After some time, she thought he had fallen asleep but realized they’re in some time stasis shield, meaning time has stopped for the moment. A spaceship from the Inspection Department arrives and a guy named Tale Messer appears and tells Narue about her situation and possibly may have given too much information of themselves to Kazuto. Don’t worry, he isn’t a bad guy. It seems the Galactic Federation doesn’t have a favourable view of aliens living on Earth as a good thing and wants Narue and Tadashi to come back to Planet Japan. But he’s not gonna force Narue to come back and prefers her to come back on her own will before leaving. Soon the time stasis shield is over and the spaceship disappears. But I don’t think Narue will go home so soon since Earth is somewhat special to her. Next morning, Kazuto wakes up in his bedroom to find a mountain rock as a gift from Narue to him on his table. He remebers Narue’s words earlier on "What’s important is not the object given, but who gave it to you". How true. Cherish it buddy. By the way, this is the only episode you’l’ ever get to see Kazuto’s mom and sis.
Narue tells Kazuto that she has an older sister in episode 4. While they’re walking to school, some little rude obnoxious brat zooms pass by them causing Kazuto to fall down. It seems this girl, Kanaka, is looking for a place and it looks like she has reached Narue’s apartment. She saw a sign ‘Tadashi and Narue’ and opens the door to find Tadashi getting into his pants with Narue there and wants to know who this Narue woman is. Yup, she won’t accept this Narue woman to be her mom and teleports away. Back in a starship, Kanaka orders her starship Bathyscaphe (which also takes a form of an elderly woman) to gather all the info on Narue. In the end, Kanaka realizes that Narue is her younger sister! And that her father has remarried when he came to Earth. I guess the information is quite up to date because they even can tell that Narue is currently dating Kazuto, which Kanaka bumped into this morning. I’m not sure why but Kanaka seems to like calling Kazuto old man. Yeah, seems older than her. And so does everybody else. Kanaka summons and teleports Kazuto to her starship and proceeds to interrogate him and even kicks him in the stomach when he didn’t answer her questions! She even points her stungun at him! Of course all this is too sudden for Kazuto.
So why is Kanaka Narue’s older sister even though she’s only 12 years old? Sounds confusing? Back at Narue’s place, Tadashi explains something about the Urashima Effect. I’m not really sure how it works but it seems 15 years ago, Tadashi took some starship to Earth through some teleport stargate gateway to save time and reach anywhere no matter the distance but Kanaka decides to follow her dad and be a stowaway on another cargo ship. That ship didn’t take the stargate and instead travelled in light speed to reach its destination, which is Earth. So time slowed down inside that cargo ship which means when time goes by normally on Earth, say several years, it’s only been several weeks for Kanaka. Thus, Narue’s older sister is younger than her now. Get it? Sort of. Yeah, Narue too doesn’t really comprehend.
Soon Kanaka calls Narue and tells her that she has her boyfriend. Narue and Tadashi head outside to see the Bathyscaphe hovering above. The starship then transforms itself into a large traditional-like house and parks itself just opposite Narue’s apartment in that empty plot of land. Convenience I’d say. Wouldn’t anybody living there notice that something that big just propped up overnight. Kanaka tells Narue that she’ll exchange Kazuto for her daddy. Bathyscaphe lets Kazuto go and tells him that he’ll be able to untangle the strings of time. Back down, Narue is relieved and a little embarrassed to what has happened over Kazuto but the guy doesn’t mind. So a little chat about how Narue’s mom is like and in the meantime, Kanaka spends some lost time with Tadashi but notices that his hands aren’t as smooth as before. Kanaka is upset and throws a tantrum before running away. Tadashi tried to chase after her but tripped and injured himself a little.
Outside the house, Kanaka bumps into Narue and the former isn’t too happy because she’s sad that she doesn’t know anybody anymore and that nobody is living in the same time with her. During her struggle, Kanaka accidentally fires her stungun at Narue, causing her to collapse. Later, Narue is resting and Bathyscaphe tells that she’s just having a fever as a result of that and will naturally heal without using any medicine. So Kazuto and Kanaka had a little chat and Bathyscaphe shows Kanaka some hologram message from her mother. Sounds sad (like how due to her busy work, she and Tadashi got divorced) but Kanaka realized it all. Soon Narue recovers and is back to her normal self. Not only that, Kanaka doesn’t seem to hate her now as Narue hugs her and do certain sisterly stuffs together (not yuri, please) which Kazuto finds a little embarrassing. At least they’re on good terms now.
Since Kanaka is gonna live with Narue (but in different homes), she has to go to school in episode 5. Though Kanaka’s not really too amused that she has to be a lower grade than Narue since Kanaka is her elder sister. Yagi is still trying to get Narue as she deliberately tries to hit her with multiple balls during P.E. class but only to be scolded by the teacher. Later that night back at home, Bathyscaphe detects that someone is spying on them (yeah, her top portion of her hair stood up). With that, Kanaka decides to go see who it is. At a playground nearby, it seems Yagi is waiting for a chance there in the cold of the night with her high end camera when Kanaka comes by and asks her what she’s doing. Yagi says she wants to find a UFO but of course Kanaka can’t really reveal it all to her. But those 2 manage to click and since Kanaka felt pity for her she asks Bathyscaphe to just display a random light in the sky, which she did. Yagi saw and got excited and took some photos. But by the time it’s over, Kanaka’s gone.
Next day while walking to school, Yagi is showing off her photo (that light looked like a fish!) to Maruo and subsequently to Kazuto. It seems from the way Kazuto said things, Yagi is interested to know more about his UFOs knowledge and experience. Since Yagi’s pestering and clinging close to him, Kyoko and co spots this and thinks they’re together. Yeah, a possible rumour spreader and gossip. Yeah, they even teased Yagi after that, even though Yagi tried to tell the truth. Kanaka’s the new buzz in her class so much so her classmates are eager to ask her lots of questions like where she’s from. Because she can’t really reveal lots of things, she just reply "I don’t know". Her pals felt let down and walk away. What the? This kind of people also got.
But the main thing about this episode is about Kanaka and Yagi and how they became friends. The latter invites Kanaka to her home and they chat. Narue wonders why Kanaka isn’t back yet when Bathyscaphe tells her that she’s at Yagi’s place. Narue then in her surprise, hurriedly teleports herself there. Kanaka thinks Narue is here to pick her up when Narue launches a scathing verbal attack on her (okay, maybe not so scathing) like how she thinks Yagi is going to ‘sink her teeth’ in Kanaka. Though Yagi tries to calm the situation down and says that the rumours of her and Kazuto isn’t true, Narue didn’t listen and hurriedly takes Kanaka home. Back at home, Kanaka is furious though Narue tells her that Yagi’s intention is to expose them (wait a minute. If Narue didn’t previously claim herself as an alien, why did Yagi try to expose Narue as a fake?). Eventually Kanaka slaps her and says that there’s nothing bad between them and that Yagi didn’t even know she’s related to Narue before running into her room. This caused Narue to be in a little shock and she had a long thought and reflection about the events that happened. Since Narue isn’t the kind to keep a grudge, the next day, Narue heads over to Yagi’s house with Kanaka and Kazuto, and apologizes to her. Yagi too apologized and before you know it, Narue and Yagi became good friends as they walk to school together. However, Yagi still isn’t really aware that Narue is a real alien.
Episode 6 starts off with Tale Messer getting reports from 2 battle androids (who also look and move so human-like) Ran Tendo and Rei Otonashi, after their successful interception of space terrorists. But they also mention that as long as the Nanases are living on Earth, those space terrorists will continue to attack Earth. I wonder what the Nanases has done. They need to remove them from Earth but can’t do it by force or harm them physically either. If the Nanases leave Earth, then the space terrorists will stop attacking. Meanwhile, Kazuto wakes up to find a blonde girl, Rin Asakura waking him up. Yeah, it’s like he’s got a little sister suddenly. But it seems Kazuto’s family is treating her like as though Rin is really their child or are they blur cases. Anyway, Kazuto too suspect something amiss but when he tried to ask Rin, she uses some hypnotizing spell to control him. So probably why his family is acting like that. Narue is taking out the garbage and spots Kazuto but to her horror saw how he’s lovey-dovey with another girl and runs away. The spell seems to wear off when Tadashi spots Kazuto and asks if he isn’t going to school with Narue. Kazuto chases after Narue.
In school, Narue is feeling the pangs of love. Kyoko and her buddies spot this and continues to tease and mock her. Luckily Yagi is there to stand up for her. Later at the rooftop, Yagi and Narue had a heart to heart talk. We find out Yagi has always been alone and therefore occupies herself in books especially those in astronomy. Thus, space gives her a piece of mind and is something special to her. That’s why when Narue says that she’s an alien, Yagi got mad as she felt it’s like taking the space away from her. Yagi tells Narue to ask Kazuto himself if she wants to be sure. Meanwhile, Rin and Kazuto are sitting together at a bench and are surrounded by boys who have been taken by Rin’s charms. Yeah, they all want to give her their lunch. This pisses off Kyoko very much and as usual, she and her friends start teasing those losers. So an argument ensues before it turns into a free for all. Rin stops all this by using her mind control before she and Kazuto walk away. Narue saw this too and looks like her emotions is getting the better of her. Luckily Kanaka’s there to stop her. By the way, this is the last you’ll ever see Kyoko and her buddies. After this, not really sure of her appearance anymore. Did she ‘disappear’ somewhere or have the producers forgotten about her.
At the park, Rin tells Kazuto her true identity and about Narue. Kazuto wonders if he’s the right guy for her. Narue then gets info from Bathyscaphe that Rin is a battle starship just like her because she detected some mind control pulses this morning. Rin then calls Narue and tells her to meet her at the park, in which Narue quickly teleports herself there and tells Rin to get away from her beloved Kazuto. What is Rin gonna do? She tells Narue to be quiet and watch as she freezes her. Uh-huh. Rin tells Kazuto to kiss her! Can he snap out of that mind control of hers? Because of Kazuto’s inner willpower, he manage to break the spell which causes Rin to overload. Then some flashback about Tale Messer reminding Rin about 3 rules. One, protect yourself. Two, obey orders. And three, protect life. Because of the overloading, Rin falls back bringing Kazuto along. A speeding truck is heading their way. Is this the end for Kazuto? By observing the 3 rules, Rin uses all her strength and speed to stop the truck with her bare hands and then uses her mind control to erase the driver’s memories. When everything is settled down, Rin tells them both that she is sent to break up their relationship. So some last words of realization and explanation like how the feelings from Kazuto to Rin isn’t true because of her mind control and that Kazuto is a special person before Ran and Rei appears to retrieve their pretty scratched up Rin. Why did they fly away instead of teleporting? Of course Narue is still a little jealous and thinks he really had fallen for Rin and is gonna give him a punishment by asking Kazuto to close his eyes and clench his teeth. Kazuto is preparing for the worse as he does so when surprisingly Narue kissed him! Wah. What was that all about? Anyway, Narue just said to go home together as she runs ahead with Kazuto not far behind. This’ll be the only kiss for the entire series.
Your usual pool episode in episode 7. The gang, including Maruo and Yagi head for the public pool during the hot summer but it’s bloody overcrowded. Previously, Kanaka has received some weird package, which resembles like a bowling ball and decides to solve this problem by asking the gang to follow her into some storeroom. You’ll guess that it’s Kanaka’s package that’s causing all this illusion and the likes. So as the gang steps in, they’re pretty surprised to see a rainforest and a pool all for themselves. I suppose that they decide to have fun first and do the thinking later like where has everybody else gone to. It seems Kazuto isn’t a good swimmer and Kanaka decides to help out by using some Wonder Protect X. Thing is, Kazuto can’t stop swimming till he’s tired out. Next, Kanaka proceeds to show them another place through the waterfalls. They’ve arrived at a prehistoric place and it’s near the beach. Yagi’s going psycho saying how this couldn’t be the public pool but Maruo just takes whatever comes along. Then Yagi and Maruo got chased by a mammoth and ran for their lives. Kazuto and Narue are happily making sand castles when they saw the commotion. They too ran for their lives. What’s this? Kanaka on top of the mammoth and is having fun scaring them all. But Kanaka soon fell off and damaged that bracelet thingy which is connected to that weird package.
While the rest are running, they got separated in pairs in some underground stream. While Narue and Kazuto have a little moment of their own before continuing their search for the others, Yagi is still going crazy over the weird happenings. Yeah, how come life forms that should’ve been extinct are here. Narue and Kazuto are crossing a wooden bridge when the plank broke, causing Narue to fall into the river below. Kazuto sums up his courage and dives down to save her. Maruo and Yagi are passing by when they saw what’s happening. Maruo dives in but his head got knocked with a seal. So much for that. Narue and Kazuto manage to hold on to a plank as Narue notes how Kazuto came to save her even though he doesn’t know how to swim. And they are heading towards the falls. Too late, they went over it. Are they gonna drown? Some brachiosaurus creature saves them and when it emerges from the water… it’s a huge face of Bathyscaphe! She’s pissed off at Kanaka. While Yagi faints at the sight, Kanaka is trembling in fear. Soon the whole place reverts back to that storeroom and everyone is just sleeping. Later Bathyscahpe explains that what they experienced is just something virtual and confiscates that weird package, which Kanaka reveals she won as a prize, away from her. Yagi comes to and wonders where has all that weird creatures gone to. But Maruo didn’t care because they all had fun. This guy’s too casual. Narue and Kazuto just looked at each other and smiled.
Epsiode 8 is a flashback of how Tadashi met Narue’s late mom Narumi Mutsuki (erm… look so much like Kanaka). We see Tadashi visiting the grave of Narumi and Tale Messer’s there. Meanwhile Narue and Kazuto pays a visit to Kanaka’s home. Bathyscaphe receives a mail from Tale Messer which is some brochure of an intergalactic school. Narue isn’t too fond of it and asks Bathyscaphe to turn it off. Since Narue is a halfie, this prompts Kanaka to ask her what Narue’s mom is really like. 15 years ago, Tadashi quit his government job. At that time, Earth was a recently discovered planet and Tadashi was assigned as an investigator. He looks like a wandering cowboy. But during his assignment, Tale Messer appears and tells him that the mission is complete and that he should return immediately. Something about taking a non-aggressive and non-interfering stand on Earth. I guess it’s better than declare war and take over for control and dominance like most other aliens would. Thus the mission is also cancelled. Because Tadashi didn’t want to go home yet, Tale Messer puts his hand in his coat and Tadashi thinks he’s gonna take out a gun and shoot him. So a surprised Tadashi falls backwards into the river and drops his transmitter. But it’s revealed that it’s not a gun, but a coffee can drink?!
Tadashi is being washed up unconscious near a river bank and is taken in by a woman named Narumi. She even lets him stay in her house. So of course the 2 got along and Tadashi listened to her problems as well. Meanwhile, Rei and Ran are having a hard time finding Tadashi because his transmitter isn’t with him. Eventually Tadashi reveals that he’s an alien (why are these people taking it so casually. I guess it’s better than to go into shock mode and run away) and to repay his gratitude, he toil and works at Narumi’s farm. This explains why his hands are rough. Soon Tale Messer finds Tadashi’s location and confronts him and the other house occupants. He still wants Tadashi to return and because Tadashi doesn’t want any trouble, he decides to follow him back. Narumi just walked off.
Okay, it’s like the aliens didn’t really care if their identity is found out or not because a starship comes down from the sky just like that to pick the 2 guys up. Before Tadashi could return, Narumi swiftly arrives in her red car to pick him up. Are they gonna run away? Looks like it because Tadashi got in the car. But can they outrun a starship?! That’s some wild driving there from Narumi as she tries to evade Rei and Ran. But soon Tale Messer calls them back and abandon their mission because since it’s a decision of 2 adults, he wants to see what they do for awhile. Another observation case. Don’t worry, he’s got no ulterior or evil motives. So in the car, you can tell Narumi likes Tadashi because he’s the only one who listened to her problems and complaints. See, it’s good to be a listener sometimes. Maybe because Tadashi didn’t really know what’s going on so he that’s why he decided to just listen to her. With that, they started to live together and Tale Messer in a way supports their decision. Back to present time, Bathyscape quotes how similar Narue and Kazuto are to Narumi and Tadashi. So Tadashi and Tale Messer have a little chat and the latter tells how the Galactic Federation’s decision is still the same and the space terrorists threats are still there. On the lighter note, Narue tells Kazuto that though she felt a little bad for Kanaka, eventually she mentions that she got worried over nothing because after all, they’re family.
Another beach outing in episode 9 but this time Maruo and Yagi didn’t tag along. This episode however isn’t so much on Narue and Kazuto as they go find some clams in the ocean on their inflatable raft. It focuses instead more on Kanaka and Bathyscaphe who finds another starship Haruna working at a stall there. Haruna’s pretty devastated to see Bathyscaphe because she thinks she’s gonna bring her back. Another case who wants to stay on Earth. Though Bathyscaphe assures her that she isn’t here to take her back to the army, Haruna remains suspicious (and scared) so much so that she’s nervously spying on them (and quite obvious too). Finally when Haruna can’t take the suspense anymore, she’s gonna kill herself with… a ladle?! Desparate case. Of course Kanaka kicks it away and tells her that she can’t really die with that. So the trio had a little chat and soon Bathyscaphe and Kanaka goes off. But Haruna remains suspicious because she thinks they’ll tell her owner, Akio Shimada, her real identity. Again she gets worried all for nothing. She heads back to the store only to find Akio having a chat with them. But he allows Haruna to go on a break with them. So they manage to break the ice as they do certain stuffs together. Soon Haruna tells them how she arrived on this planet one night and Akio found her and took her in and even gave her a job. You could say she fell for his kindness. Thus, Haruna doesn’t want him to find out her true identity as she’s afraid to lose him and this lifestyle. Kanaka gives her some assuring words to make her feel better.
Meanwhile Kazuto and Narue has really got themselves a huge catch. Yeah, right to the brim so much so you might think it’s one of those junk tugboats. However, back onshore, a guy comes rushing in to Akio’s place and tells him about an impending tsunami caused by an earthquake over the ocean. Since the PA announcement isn’t enough, Haruna decides to transform herself to help spread the message, though Akio tells her to evacuate. The tsunami arrives and Narue and Kazuto’s raft is riding it. However Kazuto falls off but hangs on dearly to Narue’s headband. The beach goers are running away in frenzy. Suddenly hovering over the sky is a large starship named Haruna as she uses some super power projection blast and erm… turns the tsunami into many droplets in the sky? Okay, maybe I’ll leave it just there and accept that it’s alien technology. Even the sea is much calmer. Bathyscaphe manages to teleport and rescue Kazuto. At the same time, Haruna confronts Akio and says that now that he has seen her true form that she’s not human. But Akio says otherwise that he wants to be with her forever, making Haruna very happy as they embrace. Looks like another guy with an alien girlfriend. Back at Kanaka’s place, they’re watching tv and find out that the people there seem to have no recollection of the tsunami during a live interview and thought Bathyscaphe has erased their memories. Bathyscaphe mentions that she has no such powers when Rin pops out who says that she’s the one who did it. In addition, Rin is searching for Haruna on the military’s behalf but after what has happened, the military decide to wait patiently till Haruna comes back on her own. So is it a happy ending. Well not entirely. Narue is complaining that all the clams and abalones she got has sink under the ocean. There goes all her effort.
Another date outing in episode 10 but this one is a bit different. Why? Because Kazuto’s first stop is at some otaku convention, more specifically, Magical Canon Girl Yongou. Then there’s meet Yongou session in person and it’s a bloody long line just to get in. All those geeks there are fawning over her, even Kazuto. This prompts Narue to be a little jealous so much so she tells him off why not he go on a date with Yongou instead. I mean she’s right. Of all the places a guy brings a girl out on a date, this would be on the number 1 spot not to take her, especially if there’s another cute girl. Since Narue started arguing, this has attracted Yongou who quips how she has broken up another couple. With a few more mockery from Yongou, Narue gets pissed off and walks out. Though Kazuto wanted to go after her, but I suppose that guy can’t resist shaking hands with the cute Yongou. Haih. Once done, he tries to find Narue (duh! She’s already long gone by then) and is stopped by Yongou’s assistant as she wants him to do her a favour.
Meanwhile, Yagi comes out of a bookstore only to spot a depress Narue. This time Narue can’t hold back her tears and even says how she lost to a magical girl! That’s right. An alien lost to a magical girl. Aww… So pitiful to see Narue in tears. Yagi comforts Narue and suggests her to try cosplay to win back Kazuto’s heart. So they bought some reference materials of Yongou to get to know more about the genre. And if you’re thinking where that line "I’ll strike directly at your heart" (I think in Japanese it’s "Anata no mune ni icchau geki yo". Not sure. I think) that Narue says at the end of the next episode preview, it’s taken from this line of Yongou’s. Narue’s pretty awkward after watching a video of Yongou. Can she pull through. Why, Narue and Yagi even bumped into Yongou and her assistant on the streets and as usual she launches more obnoxious b*tchy remarks. She also tells them that there’s an upcoming Yongou cosplay contest this Saturday and thinks Narue won’t stand a chance. Because of that, Narue and Yagi are determined to do their best and burn the midnight oil to complete their Yongou outfit. So much so Narue didn’t turn up for class and Kazuto thinks she’s still mad at him. Kazuto even tried calling her but she’s not in. Kazuto even got some advice from Maruo about it.
Though the dress is finished, they’re still missing that big canon, which is Yongou’s accessory. So Yagi enlists the help of Maruo to make it and he too burns the midnight oil and manages to complete it by daybreak. With that, Yagi tells Narue to get Kazuto back. The day of the contest arrives and we see lots of Yongou enthusiasts-look-a-like-clones on stage. Some even bragging how much they spend in buying the outfit but the judges aren’t impressed as they feel that nobody has put in their blood, sweat and tears in making them anymore. It seems Kazuto is also 1 of the judges and Yongou’s pretty happy that Narue didn’t turn up. Don’t count your chickens first because Narue manages to show up at the last minute. Her acting and cosplaying is so accurate and convincing that everybody and the judges instantly fell in love with ‘the passion’. Even Yongou admits defeat. Kazuto has fainted due to the ‘surprises’. Once he comes to, Kazuto finds out everything from Narue, that she’s doing it because she thought he’d like her in this outfit but Kazuto says that he still likes Narue the way she is best. Narue felt happy and hugs him. Just when the judges is gonna announce Narue as the winner, it seems she has dropped out and no where to be found. Oh it must be heartbreak for all the judges. Back home while the gang are talking about it, Yagi comes in with her own cosplay outfit. Maruo didn’t like it and asks her to take it off as the 2 start arguing. Kazuto then mentions how cute Narue is in her Yongou outfit and would like to see her in it again when Narue blushes and hits him too hard in the back. Knocked out again?
The gang are having a group study at Narue’s place in episode 11 and Kazuto accidentally read a diary of Narue’s dream while she was in 6th grade when he’s trying to find the dictionary. Yagi sounds like a slave driver. But the test isn’t the main thing in this episode. Narue and co receives a letter from Haruna inviting the gang to Akio’s Okuyamada hotspring inn as gratitude for their help on that day (even though Yagi and Maruo aren’t there, Narue brings them along because as a ‘gift’ for helping them out in the test). Kazuto wonders if Narue had warned Haruna that Yagi’s a UFO freak but Kanaka says that Haruna isn’t so dumb to give her identity away that easily. Okay maybe not. When Narue and co arrives, Haruna greets them with her starship hovering over them with a welcome sign. Yagi’s freaking out but got a little distracted by an old lady. When she look back up, she only say a cloud shape of it. Is her mind playing tricks? Kanaka then tells Haruna not to reveal her identity like that.
What else is there to do at the hotsprings? Besides soaking themselves in it (Maruo trying to be a pervert and peep at the girls but luckily the girl’s section is way higher than the boys) and having great food, Yagi wonders when will Haruna and Akio get married. Of course, there’s a slight uneasiness in the air after she said that. But Akio said that due to some ‘problems’, they can’t have an official wedding. Later when Akio and Haruna are alone, they reassure their love for each other. Meanwhile the rest are pondering about this. You know, 2 people in love but of 2 different backgrounds. We’ve heard this kind of story many times. Narue then suggests to put up a wedding for them even if it’s just for the atmosphere as they get prepared for operation Make-Haruna-A-Bride. Kazuto and Narue are finding some flowers in the area and since there isn’t any, Narue thinks that they may find some at the mountains. It seems Akio’s mom (also the hostess for the inn) is watching them from afar. Kazuto and Narue manages to find the flowers they want but it seems Kazuto wants to do it on his own and pick the flowers rather than use Narue’s teleport. They go back and decides to put some ribbons on it when Akio’s mom spots them again and asks what are they doing. She will gladly supply the ribbons but wants to know what she and her friends are doing.
Meanwhile, Kanaka seems depressed and isn’t helping out because she thinks that such marriage wouldn’t guarantee them happiness just like her own dad and mom. Bathyscaphe manages to reassure Kanaka about her parents being happy as proof that Kanaka herself is here. Later that night, Maruo and Kazuto ‘kidnaps’ Akio who’s sleeping and dresses him up in a suit. Then as he walks into a room only to find Haruna in a stunning wedding dress. It’s a mock wedding ceremony. Akio’s mom has heard the whole story from Narue and doesn’t mind if Haruna’s from a different race because it’s their love that matters most. Yup, she’s given her blessings. So the mock wedding ceremony begins with Maruo as the priest. Narue is watching with ecstacy and we see a flashback of her dream is to be a bride like her mom because she sacrificed her life to save her in a car accident so that Narue could have a future. Haruna tosses the bouquet and Narue gets it. Yay! Everyone is so happy.
The final episode 12 starts off with Rei and Ran assisting a clutter of starships (yeah, too many of them) against 3 coming terrorists. Isn’t that overkill? But it seems the space terrorists are faster and 1 of them manage to evade their shots and bit Ran. Back down on Earth, it’s the festivals as our ladies get into their yukatas and head for the festival place. There, Narue and Kazuto bumps into Maruo and Yagi. Are those 2 a couple? Not really. Maruo thinks Yagi’s in love with her since she asks him to accompany him to the festival but Yagi says otherwise. Her body language too doesn’t indicate any chemistry for him. Anyway they plan to watch the fireworks in a shrine up on a hill and will meet there later. At the same time, Kanaka and Tadashi are just starting to go to the festival and we see that space terrorist from episde 1 is back to get his revenge. And he has brought along 2 of his buddies as well. They can’t make a move yet since a starship is there and will try to get Narue first. While Kazuto and Narue are praying, Narue hears a familiar voice, which is that space terrorist. Narue and Kazuto then ran away but the space terrorist uses his time stasis shield to freeze time and only Narue and Kazuto can move in it. Not only that, the shield is blocking Narue’s ability to teleport too. Yeah, he wants to kill them both slowly and enjoy it.
Just before the terrorists could strike them, Rin arrives and blocks their attack and buys some time for the 2 to escape. Also, Kanaka, Bathyscaphe and Tadashi has arrived at the festival but notices everyone frozen and that it could be the work of the space terrorists. At a safe distance, Rin tells Narue and Kazuto about how the space terrorists forced its way through a stargate and is targeting them. Rin faced some delays but managed to warn them in time. She then gave them some weird white looking mouse (in a way may look like Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle) in which they can transform it to any weapon that they imagine. Wow. We Earthlings need such a contraption too. The space terrorists have found them and strikes again. Narue changes her weapon into a baseball bat (she really is infatuated with that, isn’t she?) whereas Kazuto uses his… water balloons? Okay, maybe that should work too since he got it from the festival and shouldn’t let it go to waste. With that, they manage to temporarily beat him. However, they are mocking Rin because they know she’s bound by the 3 rules and can’t kill them. Kazuto tries to protect her and changes his weapon into Yongou’s magical canon! He even said her trademark lines. But it’s just a toy and it didn’t work as he pushes the weapon aside. Even Narue’s intense bat swinging didn’t help as he too hits her weapon away.
Meanwhile Bathyscaphe spots a round device in the sky and thinks it’s causing the time statis shield. While the space terrorists are frying/electrocuting Rin, they sense someone messing with the round device and 1 of them volunteered to go take care of the problem. But that space terrorist got into Bathyscaphe’s trap as she traps him in some metal cage. Bathyscaphe’s really let her hair go wild and loose when she unleash such power. She apologizes if she has scared Kanaka. At the same time, Rin is down and the space terrorist is targeting Narue next when Ran and Rei appear just in time to trap them in their energy projection net. But it isn’t over yet. Since Ran has been bitten earlier on, she turns evil now and turns on Rin and the rest. Those space terrorists mention something about some Berserker Virus they injected into her, meaning they’re under their control and is able to kill. It’s quite irritating to hear Ran saying "Kill Nanase…" over and over again. If she had stopped repeating those lines, probably she could’ve achieved her goal. Before Ran can fire, Rin fires first and immobilizes Ran. Rin then runs to her side. By that time the Inspection Department starship has arrived and beams up the captured space terrorists as well as the 3 battle androids.
Tale Messer comes down and for the first time introduces himself to Kazuto. Some chit chat here and there. Before he leaves, he asks Kazuto that after all that he has seen, does he want to continue to be by Narue’s side. Kazuto answered yes without a doubt. Before he leaves, he says that Rin and the rest will be alright and soon he zooms off in his starship. Time returns back to normal at the festival and as though all those events didn’t happen at all. Maruo and Yagi meets Narue and Kazuto at the shrine just in time for the fireworks. Narue narrates how Kazuto is a wonderful person because he still smiles at her after those scary incidents. And though Narue still feels uneasy, she hopes for the people she loves and around them to be protected as they all watch the magnificent fireworks display in the night sky.
Overall even though the ending felt like there’s gonna be a sequel, it ended on a happy note. However no word has been said if there’s gonna be one. So this is your typical feel good anime though I won’t really say it’s for the whole family. Why? Because there is a little ecchi element in it. Albeit not much, but the series would go as far as just showing the girl’s slip and at a point, changing their clothes with their bra on. Even I find the mid-intermissions to be a little ecchi. Also it looks like as though they are fanart works of the series with some of the art with a hint of ecchi pose. But aside that, this series is generally clean good fun.
I particularly like the ending theme song, Ice Cream, which is sung by Saeko Chiba. It’s a nice pop ballad and it makes you want to lie down, close your eyes and let your mind wander and never return on a hot summer spell. The opening theme song, Shooting Star, by CooRie is your typical pop song for a series and those who have heard CooRie’s other songs could expect it to sound just like that. Though, the opening theme doesn’t sound appealing to me. Oh yes, there are a handful of nice background musics too.
There are several trivias to spot in this series. One of them being several famous lines from the actor-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like Terminator, Predator and Total Recall while Kazuto and Narue are watching in the cinema. Also, the video game that Narue is playing/dancing to during their date is an actual video game machine called Dance Dance Revolution.
The drawing and animation is pretty standard and would meet any anime fans threshold unless of course you’re the kind who wants to see breathtaking, jaw dropping and visually stunning graphics, then go look somewhere else. Besides Mamiko Noto, there are a bunch of talented voice actors and actresses who lend their voices to the series like Daisuke Sakaguchi who voices Kazuto (also as Kazuki in Maburaho, Yamazaki in NHK Ni Youkoso, Tasuke in Mamotte Shugogetten and Jack in MAR),  Jun Fukuyama as Maruo (also as Keita in Inukami and Juuna in W~Wish), Saeko Chiba as Yagi (also as Natsuki in Mai-HiME, Chika in Ichigo Mashimaro, Dokuro in Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan and Ajimu in Ajimu – Kaigan Monogatari), Tomomichi Nishimura as Tale Messer (also as Anzai in Slam Dunk). But the most ‘surprising’ one for me is Junko Minagawa as Kanaka (also as Ryoma in Prince Of Tennis, Khamshin in Shakugan No Shana and Ion in Trinity Blood). I couldn’t recognize her voice because most of roles as mentioned are usually as little boys! And when she sound like a little girl brat, she really does sound different.
Speaking of the characters, I felt that they’re just sufficient for this short series. I suppose Yagi’s still in the dark about the real existance of aliens. After all, it’s mainly about Narue and Kazuto. If only people in this world are like them, how wonderful it would be. Okay, they may not be perfect but at least they are happy being together. And I hope they’ll continue this way forever. So people, it doesn’t really matter if your love is of a different background, species or whatever category. The most important thing here is love and it’s the thing that matters most. Erm… that too depends on what kind of love you’re talking about. So don’t go marry your pet crocodile okay.

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