Nekogami Yaoyorozu OVA

July 20, 2012

Remember that lazy cat that does nothing but laze around the house? No, not Garfield but Mayu the Cat God. Unlike the former who is a glutton, Mayu bums around the house all day doing nothing but playing old video games. Hey, what’s a bored cat got to do since he got banished from Takamagahara for illegal gambling. Of course this Nekogami Yaoyorozu OVA feels like one of those fillers. Heck, the TV series also felt that way since it’s about Mayu and her other friends (mostly deity pals) in their little daily adventures. So if you’re hoping for some news to further the plot of searching for Kukuri’s successor as the guardian cat on the moon shrine, please don’t. Just enjoy seeing Mayu and co enjoy life on Earth. And since this OVA was released in spring, what better way for it to be a hanami (sakura viewing) episode.

Ohanami Ghost Busters
Shamo reads Yukina’s manga based on real life incidents. This time it is about a rumoured ghost of the abandoned hospital that had a single sakura tree in its garden. Off topic, Shamo seemed like she was the one responsible for the hospital closure… Well, she is the God of Poverty. Meanwhile at Yuzu’s place, Mayu is playing a video game with Hasumi. Why a cold game on a cold day I wonder. Anyway they lost. The rest of their friends think of doing hanami so Gonta being the manly (fox) man who wants to impress Yuzu, he volunteers to go look for a nice hanami spot (he heard that magic word of ‘porori’ that he might see Yuzu ‘reveal’ something). However the place is crowded and he got swept away by the crowd who wants him to join drinking with them. Meanwhile while waiting for Gonta to return, Hasumi mentions she spot a lone sakura tree at an abandoned hospital. It’ll be a perfect quiet spot for hanami. Yuzu can’t leave the store unattended in the middle of the day so Yoshino suggests watching the shop while they go because in the course of her job, she has seen lots of sakura flowers bloomed. Down but not out Gonta gets lively again when he hears the magic word, actually it’s Shamo buying takoyaki from Boss and Lackey’s stall. Oh, they’re still around but if Shamo’s around, shouldn’t the place be out of business? He joins them and learns about the abandoned hospital setting in Yukina’s manga. It is said that there were many victims being stripped naked and tied up. Oh… Speaking of that tree, Mayu and the gang are already there. Mayu could sense a ghost girl watching them but since she isn’t threatening, she just lets her be. They settle down and Sasana and Meiko are in a competition by bringing in tons of takeaway foods. Can they finish all that? As they take a group photo, the ghost girl secretly joins in.

Gonta returns to the shop to warn Yuzu but only finds Yoshino. When he learns where the rest have been, he tries to rush over there but bangs his head on the door’s ledge (despite successfully avoid crashing into the vases). When he wakes up, there’s no time to lose but he may have been too late because the sakura tree is attacking Mayu and co. The tree grabs Yuzu and Gonta and since he can’t break free, Mayu transfers their Friendship Power so Gonta can power up and break free. Then the tree explodes (WTF?!) and Yuzu safe in his hands. The ending gets sweeter for Gonta because Yuzu wants to marry him and they kiss! CAN THIS BE OH SO TRUE?! Of course not. In your dreams! That was when Yurara hammers Gonta up with her hammer because she is pissed off that his stupid dream is so ideally perfect and lacks realism. Yuzu would go anywhere with you? Sparkly teeth? Power of friendship? Get real. Gonta is still back at Yuzu’s shop so when he’s up for real, he rushes over. Mayu and the gang are still having their nice picnic when Gonta warns them about the ghost and wants them to leave as soon as possible. But Mayu says they don’t plan on meddling with her so it’s okay to leave the ghost girl alone. Perhaps Gonta went out of line by saying it’s because of the lingering ghost, she’s causing everyone problems and the construction can’t continue. The ghost girl can’t let that slip by. She thought she would let them hang around thinking they are harmless hanami people but now she thinks they are comrades of the construction guys.

She makes herself visible and warns them that she’ll protect this tree. However she chooses to solve her problems easily and not via violence. That is, they’re going to play the traditional game of strip rock-scissors-paper. Oh, so that’s how the victims ended up naked. They must’ve got distracted by her cuteness. Yuzu steps up for the challenge because she knows she isn’t evil and that she can’t leave her alone. Because of this, Gonta volunteers to go first. In short, he lost every match. Down to his underwear, he realizes he has been thinking too much on Yuzu and not on the game. Focusing his mind to turn the tables can he make a comeback? Nay. He lost. Totally naked! Ghost girl ties him up with the tree branch and just when Gonta thought it would be his ‘victory’ that Yuzu sees his naked body, looks like everyone wasn’t paying attention to that loser. Bummer. Next is Yuzu and she’s not going to lose. Erm… Okay, she lost. Wow! Yuzu in her undies! Wohoo!!! Gonta must be the happiest man to see this. Only if Mayu and the gang weren’t blocking his view. BUMMER!!! CAN’T SEE A DAMN THING!!! Mayu and friends think there is something fishy going on seeing ghost girl is on a winning streak. They feel she’s pulling some trick. There is indeed a trick. Each time she touches the tree, she gets to read the mind of her victim and thus she knows what hand they’re going to put. Mayu notices this and remembers hearing stories about plants and trees having abilities to read minds of living creatures. In the final move, Mayu shouts out to Yuzu what’s for dinner. In that distraction, Yuzu’s mind is disrupted as ghost girl can’t read her next move and loses her hand. But it’s us viewers the ultimate winner because Yuzu’s sarashi accidentally comes undone… Okay, so we don’t get to see her tits. At least we’re not as bad as Gonta who still can’t see anything. Total bummer.

Yuzu talks to ghost girl and the latter would hear out her wish since that was the deal. Even if Yuzu only won once, it was because ghost girl was cheating in the first place. Yuzu thanks her instead since she loves this sakura tree ever since she was a child. She never thought she would see it again. She further remembers this tree was the hospital’s centrepiece and actually got removed via depth-charge 3 years ago. You mean it wasn’t fell like other trees? Anyway this is the reason why ghost girl should ascend to heaven. At that moment, ghost girl felt inner peace and crosses to the other side. The sakura tree also vanishes. And Gonta, you can stop complaining about ‘porori’. It’s long over… Later, Mayu relays the news to Yuzu that a new park is being built on that hospital ground. And on Yuzu’s cupboard, the group photo of the hanami and the ghost girl in it. Wait a minute! A ghost in the picture?!

Seriously. Haunted Sakura Trees?
Well, the OVA seems okay and I guess one of the few reasons was to have a little fanservice on Yuzu. If you’re her fan, that is. But that doesn’t amount to anything much and felt just like a little ‘reward’ for sticking with the series (there was no fanservice whatsoever in the TV series as I recall). Mayu may still be the lazy cat but despite her being the star of this series, I thought the impact of her presence was very much lacking. So much so it felt like she’s just a side character. Of course the biggest idiot hogging the screen and the one who will draw your attention is Gonta because even though he’s a god, he’s still a guy and a pervert who wants to see Yuzu with her clothes off. I guess it’s a blessing that he didn’t get to see any ‘action’ in the end. Always a loser, huh? I suppose being the God of Wealth doesn’t mean you will have all the luck, eh?

Hasumi makes a decent appearance in the OVA and though not much, it’s not as scarce as her miniscule screen time in the TV series. Likewise, I also almost forgot about Sasana and Meiko. I thought they weren’t there with the gang. Yeah, they seemed like the ‘ghost’ to me. Haha! I thought there would be competing even more among each other over Mayu but they’re rather mild here despite that short single scene. Aren’t they supposed to fight over Mayu whom they want to marry? It’s complicated. Go watch the TV series if you want to know what I mean. So the other characters like Shamo, Yukina, Yurara, Boss and Lackey were just around so that you won’t miss out on them. The OVA could have been done without them if you ask me but if you don’t put them in, you’ll start asking where the heck are they such as Akari, Shizuha, Amaterasu, etc.

The ghost girl who seems to be haunting the sakura tree was just someone who had an attachment to the tree and wasn’t really someone evil. With the tree gone at the end, I guess that means the tree is also a ghost, eh? Though she doesn’t feel scary or spooky (heck, do ghost girls residing in sakura trees look this cute?), I hope this doesn’t make anyone start freaking out and be paranoid that sakura trees may be haunted and think twice about hanami. Maybe if you hear the Weeping Willow cry, then that’s a different story. Run and don’t look back!

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

April 15, 2012

Cat Gods are supposed to bring in wealth and prosperity, right? And I’m sure those cute little lucky Maneki Neko are just what everyone needs to bring good luck into their business or family. So what happens when you have got a Cat God who does nothing but bum around all day? Hold on. Don’t jump your guns yet. There is a reason why the Cat God doesn’t really live up to her expectations in Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

Everybody, meet Mayu. In short, she’s a Cat God from the God Kingdom of Takamagahara. However due to her disobedience, she busted out of house arrest and if you think that was bad enough, she broke out and went illegal gambling! Woah! No wonder she was stripped of her powers, sent crashing down to Earth and currently lives with the orphaned but kind Yuzu Komiya who is the owner of Yaoyorozudou, a Japanese antique shop she inherited from her late parents. However all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games. Uhm… No different than a real lazy cat, isn’t she? Only real cats don’t play video games. So with Mayu banished to Earth, her stay won’t be as boring as her daily routine as she will get involved with other Gods and their antics. And enjoy the merrymaking in the meantime too.

Episode 1
Short clips see how Mayu’s garden guardian and childhood friend, Kuroe busted her out of her house arrest to go illegal gambling. Of course they are caught by Mayu’s strict mom, Akari (most of the time she is just in upset mode over Mayu. If not, always) and she is reprimanding her daughter like nobody’s business (and her husband for being too lenient). She strips her powers as punishment and banishes her from Takamagahara. She is forbidden to return till she is granted permission to do so. Four years have passed since and Mayu continues to bum around playing video games while Yuzu has a hard time juggling with the monthly expenses. At these times, Yuzu has an emergency fund but forgets where she put it. But do not fear for Mayu’s power is to find lost items and memories (though it’s just a small simple power and the only one she has now). With the reserve cash in hand, Yuzu warns this will be their last resort. As she goes out, she meets the local Fox God of Wealth, Gonta. From his body language, you can tell that he is in love with Yuzu. It’s no big secret, though. He is here to warn that the God of Poverty is coming to this town. Speaking of which, Shamo is already in town and her effects are devastating. See how a company president (we’ll call him Boss for easier reference) who is happily eating snacks while watching his stock prices go up, suddenly finds his shares plummet to all time low till he is bankrupt. Scary. Gonta has lined up a military defence to prevent the God of Poverty in town. They are also helped by Sasana and Meiko, both claiming and fighting over Mayu as their fiancee. Say what? Flashback reveals the fathers of Mayu and Sasana met and arranged a marriage between their daughters because each thought the other was a boy. Couldn’t they just confirm their gender in the first place before this relationship got messy? Anyway, you can tell that Sasana and Meiko will never get on good terms, fighting each other over Mayu for every single chance they have. Even if it’s just using their ‘duty’ to help Mayu out as an excuse. As for Meiko, when she was young nobody talked to that princess and granddaughter of the Daikokuten God due to her status. Except for Mayu. The rest is history. So before a cat fight (mind the pun) could happen, Gonta snaps them out of it and reminds them of their actual mission.

Because everyone was impressed with Gonta’s God of Poverty radar, they didn’t realize Shamo has already slipped into town. Via another tiny and unguarded bridge. How careless. What’s more, Yuzu has picked her up and brought her back to her own place. She went as far as bathing her and treating her to a nice drink. Does even God of Poverty have the luxury of enjoying all these? So once Gonta and co realize their slip up, they rush back to see Yuzu and Shamo happily together. Besides, Shamo is playing Mayu’s video game. Gonta tries to prove his worth to Yuzu by protecting her. They also start devising a plan to get rid of this God of Poverty since their powers on Earth are limited. Gonta wants to challenge Shamo to a duel. However Yuzu blows her top and is disappointed in Gonta (oh, the heartbreak). That’s because nobody listened to her. She chides them about ganging up on a single loli and can’t believe this is how gods in this town work. They should be ashamed of themselves. Shamo then hugs Yuzu and reveals that she is the 1st Class Property Inspector Shamo. She is here on an investigation and her observation reveals that the immaturity of this town’s gods is off the scale. However she came to understand through Yuzu and the people who live here are uncorrupted and healthy. She is going to recognize their daily efforts and their test this time will be… Watering? After Shamo leaves, Mayu discusses with Yuzu about the influential god she is. There are bad things in this world that can’t be eliminated. Life and death, good times and bad times. They need each other and can’t be separated. As for why Yuzu picked Shamo up, it’s because it reminded her of the first time they first met. And soon Shamo returns to Yaoyorozudou just to continue playing Mayu’s video games. Irresistible, eh? But soon they receive a delivery. Man, it’s a huge package!

Episode 2
Apparently it’s not Yuzu who ordered it (Mayu teased her for ordering something even though they were low on funds) since it is addressed to Mayu. The sender’s name isn’t clear either. Inside the package is a very fragile big jar. Mayu thinks Yuzu should sell it but she keeps postponing it. The big jar is causing a traffic jam and other nuisance. Can’t take this anymore, one night Mayu carries it all the way on her back and dumps it illegally off the road. Next morning as Mayu reads the paper of the delayed sakura blooming, they are visited by the Cherry Blossoms God, Yoshino. Actually she messed up a package she sent to Mayu. It’s supposed to blossom pickled radishes but she mixed it up with the sakura ashes. How can she screw up with the obvious size in jars?! Anyway Mayu knows she too is in deep trouble. After revealing she dumped the big jar, Yoshino becomes inconsolable that she screwed up her job. If they don’t find it, the sakura trees won’t bloom and it takes a whole year to make those ashes. I guess Mayu has to take responsibility and go return the jar. She is confident that she remembers where she dumped it and leads the gang there. However to their horror, it has been taken away to the dumpsite as mentioned by Boss (now he is working as a lowly dumpsite worker with his Lackey). You think it would be easy for Mayu just to use her powers? Yeah, guess how big is the dumpsite? BLOODY BIG! Sasana and Meiko also come to help (obviously) and they challenge each other whoever finds the jar first gets Mayu. As they hit and strike away, it causes lots of choking dust. Not very helpful, eh? Yoshino feels so bad that Mayu could hear the voice of the sakura ashes. Using her powers, she manages to pinpoint its location. Seeing how broken the jar is, the other gods (Meiko and Sasana putting their difference aside) summon their powers to revitalize the jar as good as new. Then Mayu and Yoshino fly around and spread the ashes so all the sakura trees are in full bloom. Yoshino thanks Mayu for her help and notes without it, her immaturity would have made her give up a long time ago. Back home, Mayu is reading a comedy manga, Her Happy World Little Misfortune (a slapstick comedy of a girl living with a shinigami) and Shamo is at their place playing video games.

Episode 3
Manga artist, Yukina Kamo and her little familiar assistants (they look like mini Santa helpers?) are rushing to complete a deadline of their serialized manga while Yukina’s editor, Akane Shinozaki waits patiently. They manage to beat the deadline and the familiars thought they could rejoice and rest. But Akane notes they should start working on their manuscript for the next special issue. Oh sh*t. See the slave driver Yukina is! Shamo reads Yukina’s work in a magazine (another hilarious slapstick take. This time including a grenade…). Then she pays Yukina a visit and sees her in a chaotic state. With that look in her eyes, Shamo knows she has a bad feeling when Yukina wants her to help her out with her manga! Seems her familiars are on strike and Yukina is not in favour to use the contract which will have them not disobey her command. I guess Shamo has no choice but to help out so she calls Mayu and co over. With all of them eager to help out, Yukina entrusts them specific task like cooking, washing and also with her manga work. However as for Mayu, she is just made to do nothing! I don’t know why Mayu is making a big fuss she wants to help out. It’s not like she’s being helpful around Yaoyorozudou anyway. So much so Mayu falls into despair for not being useful! Then she sees a new video game console and is about to test it. At the same time, everybody is working to the max and you know what they say the same power point sharing the same electricity output, right? So as Mayu activates the console, a blackout occurs. So some fumbling here, fumbling there and when the breaker is turned back on, some of the pages are spilled with ink and curry. Oh, how can they beat the deadline now? Yeah, everybody is staring at Mayu like it’s her fault. Anyway it is. Take responsibility!

Meanwhile Boss and Lackey are delivering tofu when their truck got fall into a trap hole. Seems the familiars are taking refuge like rebel guerrillas in the woods. So I guess Mayu’s plan is to capture them without using the contract. However the rest got ahead of themselves. Meiko and Sasana engage in their own petty battle to see who gets Mayu and their squabbling cause them to fall into a trap hole. And buried alive! Gonta easily got entrapped on a tree while Yoshino’s sakura magic didn’t work and got easily tied up and thrown into a cell. Mayu is confronted by the familiar’s leader but he is surprised that Yukina didn’t hire them to get them back. Yukina appears before them and tears up the contract. Though they are shocked, they thought she doesn’t need them anymore and are prepared to go away. But Mayu tells them off is this how close their bonds are. Yukina mentions that they are irreplaceable and overcame lots of obstacles together. Though she isn’t their master anymore, but if they’re okay with it, they can come back and work for her. I guess shedding some tears also work so all the familiars gladly come back to her. With Yukina making up with her familiars, Mayu reads her next released volume and notes a lot of spirit went into this work. Yukina also treats her familiars well and makes them her handmade pudding instead of getting some from the store. Meanwhile Yurara Makuragi enters back to town on her anteater and notes how this place has changed.

Episode 4
Yuzu’s friend and customer, Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou and wonders if she has anything to sell. Haruka notices a nice plate but Yuzu points it isn’t really original. Actually it is but the drawing was repainted. Haruka notes that she is new in this antique business and not to let it get to her but the way she said it made it more depressing for Yuzu. Yurara is spying on their conversation and leaves thinking how confusing it was (she is looking for Yuzu’s dad, Makitarou). She narrates how she came from faraway places to eat dreams and after seeing how Mayu is dozing off, I guess she’ll have to do with this snack. Inside Mayu’s dream, all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games while the other girls tend to her. Man, she’s like a queen! Annoyed Yurara hammers Mayu’s head because she can’t stand her for even trying to sleep in her dream! Yurara introduces herself as the sacred beast that devourer of nightmares call Baku. Though many of them are wilful. Yurara is further pissed that Mayu’s dream lack creativity (what’s with the totally white backdrop?!) and changes her dream into a snow storm and then a hot simmering desert. Mayu feigns unconsciousness so that she could hammer Yurara with her bat with nails when she closes up but Yurara changes her mind and goes away. Soon Mayu claws herself to wake up and finds Yurara sleeping next to tired Yuzu. She head butts the dream eater and the next thing they know, they are looking through the eyes of Yuzu’s cats, Kotetsu and Mike. Noting that this is Yuzu’s dream because Yuzu here is her little self, Mayu isn’t fond of this dream because she knows something terrible happened. Mayu tries to warn Yuzu but all she sees is Kotetsu purring at her.

Yuzu’s dream includes one of her parents whereby they left for a short trip and left Yuzu in charge of the store. Yurara realizes her parents must have died and this upsets Mayu and wants her to erase this nightmare now. Cool Yurara tells her people dream about good and sad experiences. By dreaming, they can crystallize them as memories. That’s why she can’t just erase all the nightmares. Yuzu receives a call from Makitarou. Mayu knows this is the call that defines it all and doesn’t want her to pick up. The call is from daddy and about the promise. The scene changes to one whereby Makitarou laid out several antiques for Yuzu to choose as her gift. Yuzu chose and expensive bowl and though she wanted to use it as a dinner bowl, it was too precious that her parents fear they may break it and put it somewhere safe. Yurara continues explaining to Mayu that this is one of her forgotten memories. A memory of an old promise that had sunk along with that painful memory. All she can do to help is by turning sad experiences that people struggle with into happy memories. That’s why nightmares aren’t just erased. When Yuzu wakes up, she remembers this memory and finds that bowl stashed away in the storeroom. Next day, Yuzu tells Mayu about that dream she had so Mayu notes Yurara was wilful. Yuzu asks what happens to forgotten experiences and lost memories since the dead rise up to heaven. Mayu answers since people can’t keep memories connected to this world, it goes to the moon and into a vault whereby they are watched over by cats. She’s not pulling a fast one. At least for this series. Haruka notes some of the antiques on sale but feels Yuzu isn’t even interested in selling them simply she puts the price tag as ‘market price’. Gonta is happily rushing towards Yaoyorozudou because he won tickets at the mall raffle to the beach. I wonder how many things he bumped into on his way here. I guess he won’t feel any pain so long he is happy in his delusion.

Episode 5
Gonta finds it weird if he would go alone with just Yuzu. Why is he even contemplating if Mayu should come along? Anyway with the rest of the girls popping up, I guess it’s safe to say everyone is going. Since Yuzu said the more the merrier. However upon arrival, it is pouring like cats and dogs. Gonta is so disappointed that he can’t help repeating his frustration of seeing Yuzu in a once-in-a-lifetime swimsuit. So annoying! Seems Shamo is also there and is in their room because her roof leaks. Since Gonta is the only guy, he is made to sleep in that leaky room. And you thought his day was bad enough, eh? Meanwhile Yukina is also at the resort to help get some new ideas for her manga but is experiencing writer’s block. Gonta feels left out, whether it’s soaking in the hot bath or playing ping pong (at least he got to see Yuzu’s boobs bouncing around…). He thought the rain will let up tomorrow but as pointed out, it’ll be stormy for the entire week since a typhoon is approaching. Gonta is going to take care of that damn typhoon for the sake of love! Yukina comes up with ridiculous premise for her manga and feels they are no good. I wonder how many paper she has wasted. Her familiars could do nothing but to help clean up. As they take out the trash, unknown to them the crumpled papers fell out due to a hole in the bag. Gonta picks up a piece and feels somebody is trying to give him hints to defeat the typhoon. Following its instructions, he buys a big tub and lots of food ingredients to make nam pla. Some Thai food. Thaiphood. Typhoon. GEDDIT?! So the next piece of paper he picks up has instructions to do some serious endurance training to defeat the typhoon. Well, after eating lots of Thai food, you need lots of exercise to get rid of it, right? Haha! Not another pun! Finally he sees a piece and thinks may be it. So while the other girls have a scrumptious meal while helping out with suggestions for Yukina’s manga, Gonta suits himself up with buckets, rain clothes and other assortment of armaments. Gonta then charges straight into the typhoon to attack it head on but was easily blown away. Then on the news, everybody got shocked to see Gonta flying away in the background. Mayu realizes that this is Typhoon No. 16 and makes a call. Hasumi Shirasaki who is the god of this typhoon answers the call from her childhood friend and gets excited upon learning about some rare limited materials in which today is the last day. Immediately she u-turns the typhoon and what do you know? It’s all bright and sunny! So as the girls take it easy sunbathing on the beach, Gonta is sick and confined to bed… Oh Gonta…

Episode 6
Mayu and Yuzu take a train back to the countryside to visit Yuzu’s grandfather, Genzou Saeki. In this flashback episode, Genzou remembers the time she brought Mayu to his place. Yuzu is also troubled because there was this guy, Shinji Katou who was bugging her, now ‘harassing’ Genzou into selling an antique. Yuzu stomped her feet that she isn’t interested in entertaining his request. That time, Yuzu’s parents had just passed away and naturally she became the owner of Yaoyorozudou. She wants Genzou to teach her the trades of the antique industry as she wishes to follow her parents’ footsteps. First he tested her to point out which antiques were fake. Though successful, the next test was a hard one because he wanted her to pinpoint the most valuable one. Yuzu couldn’t answer seeing that the fake may even sell more than the original. Because of that, Genzou fails her. Later Mayu confronts Genzou to seek the answer on the right one and he says that there is really no right answer. Mayu is upset he tricked Yuzu so Genzou notes how she cares for Yuzu and wished she keep an eye on her. She would only if her powers weren’t so weak. Genzou thinks it’s enough. Katou continues to ‘persuade’ Yuzu but she doesn’t give in. I guess with her being stubborn, it’s time for desperate measures. That night Katou sneaked into Yuzu’s place and tried to switch a real bowl with a fake. However he is caught by Mayu and Yuzu red-handed. Cool Katou says that he is willing to buy both the real and fake bowl for 3 million Yen. Yuzu has a feel on both the bowls and tells Katou wants Mayu to put both bowls into Katou’s bag. Is she selling to him? Actually she doesn’t want his money either. What she wants is the real bowl in his breast pocket! No wonder Katou was so cool. Both he had in his hands were fake in the first place. Katou is amazed with her ability as Yuzu reminds him that antiques are forgotten items separated from their owners due to circumstances. Thus their business in the antique industry is to help them meet their new owners. Katou realized his erred ways and is ready to be arrested by Yuzu wants him to do a favour instead. Next morning, he approaches Genzou to nicely ask if he would sell some of his pieces at his price and to give Yuzu an introduction to the antique business. Because of Yuzu’s smile he couldn’t refuse. Back in present time, Yuzu hands her souvenir she got from the beach to grandpa. He notes she is doing well and never stood a chance against her.

Episode 7
Gonta’s local shrine will be holding a festival so what better way than to acquire the help of his pals, right? Many hands make light work. Gonta is panicking upon seeing Shamo at the festival as he can’t afford to have the effects of poverty now. But Shamo shoots back that unlike them, she can control her power. As the girls go take a bath, Gonta tries hard to refrain himself from unholy thoughts. Harder than you thought, eh? That night when they can’t sleep, Mayu suggests telling ghost stories. Something Yoshino is not in favour because she’s weak in hearing them. I guess Mayu managed to convince Yoshino to even start off the ghost talk. Each one of their stories turn out lame like Yoshino’s severed heads on the ground (construction workers working in a hole), Mayu’s cheap handphone call plan (which runs up into millions of yen later), Meiko’s knee injury at the sea (urban legend of barnacles by the way), a house with a dog that always barks at Sasana (at least it’s scary to her) and Shamo’s recount of an unexplainable being that does nothing but eat, sleep and play video games all day (that’s Mayu, right?!). Meanwhile Gonta’s mom, Shizuha is scouring around the festival grounds to see if she could get any of the spoils. Mayu can’t take any more of this lame ghost stories and starts telling one herself. Around last year while she was walking through the feels, it was stormy and she saw a zombie with red eyes and ran for her life. Curiosity got the better of her as she retraces her steps to the field only to see footprints. Footprints leading to this very room they are in now. Suddenly they hear footsteps getting closer and start to freak out. Actually it’s Shizuha. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have opened a stall at the festival and are experimenting with their nam pla ramen. Seems when they were at the beach, they found a tub and ingredients (left behind by Gonta) and thinks it was God given. So now he is trying to make the kind of ramen that will enthral the taste buds of everyone. Only thing, it stinks too much. Can’t he smell it? Once everyone is asleep, Shamo talks to Shizuha about the zombie Mayu saw. They feel it’s the God of the Fields, Noukougami. Apparently he always comes during this time of the year as we see him turn the fields into fields of gold! Next day the festival is on the way and everyone is having so much fun they got separated. Yoshino continues to live the ghost story nightmare when she comes across Noukougami Does he always look this ugly?

Episode 8
Mayu is playing a gambling game with Shizuha and lost. Not only her allowance but her RPG game which she took an entire year to level up! She tries to beg for human empathy but seriously what does a fox and cat have to do with it? Shizuha sees Yuzu and teases her that she should marry her Gonta quickly. Then she hands over Mayu’s allowance to use it for her feed or else she’ll blow it all away on something foolish. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have become successful nam pla ramen businessmen that they have opened a big shop and are raking in the cash! The nam pla still stinks, though… Mayu is disheartened of what Shizuha may do to her game. Abandon it on the street, let a doggie pee on it and finally being rolled over. In real fact, she hands it over to Gonta who feels he already have this game. Because Yoshino and her grandpa, Shoudou are here, Shizuha thinks of gambling with that old geezer. Mayu convinces Yuzu to accompany her to go talk to Shizuha to get back her game. Gonta is surprised to see Yuzu visiting him (he didn’t realize Mayu was there till much later). Anyway as part of Mayu’s plan, the duo came to work part time in his shrine. See the double standards when Gonta treats Yuzu super nice while he couldn’t care less about that sh*tty Cat God. Gonta assists Yuzu in cleaning up the storeroom but ends up just looking on and fantasizing. Meanwhile Mayu goes in search for her precious treasure and meets Yoshino. She sends her off to where Gonta and Yuzu are. Just when the mood is going fine for Gonta, Yoshino comes in, ruining his moment. Mayu spots her game in a room but Shizuha is coming. I don’t know why but she summons a box to hide. Right in the middle of the hallway. Of course Shizuha is suspicious but lets it slip since she is interested in her gambling and will finish off that old fart with her loaded die (cheating die). Mayu heard this and comes out of hiding to accuse her. The others heard the commotion and rush over. They confirm her loaded die and since Mayu have no proof she used that die during their game, I guess they’ll have to settle this gambling matter with gambling. The die will be provided by grandpa and thrown by Mayu. In this odd-or-even game, Mayu throws the die and Shizuha has to make the call. When she threw them, Shizuha’s sharp eyes saw Mayu switching it to the loaded one. She calls for even but it turns out odd. Then she realized the ones in her hands initially were the loaded die while the switched ones were real. So Mayu was just relying on pure luck? But she says she couldn’t cheat when the stake is her beloved game. Shizuha tells Gonta to hand back the game as he remembers this is the game he borrowed to Mayu a year ago! She never returned it, eh? While Mayu happily skips her way home, she thought she forgot something. Yeah, she did. Shizuha has Yuzu stay at their place and Gonta, I don’t know if he’s happy or sad. Mayu is so addicted with the game that she didn’t realize Yuzu wasn’t around to make dinner. Maybe this will fuel her appetite.

Episode 9
On a rainy day as Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou, Yoshino is also there visiting Mayu but is bored to death. So what else to do? Tell ghost stories! Yikes! Mayu starts by telling the time how she was being reprimanded by mom for breaking the house arrest rules. Mommy didn’t really believe Mayu was repentant and thus banished her from Takamagahara till she invites her back. Yoshino was laughing so hard because she thought the ‘ghost’ was Akari! But that’s just the prelude. Oh, now Yoshino is cowering in fear again. Soon after Mayu was banished, she arrived at a shrine and sees the dead spirit of Kotetsu. Even if Kotetsu doesn’t speak in human tongue, I guess it’ll be easier for use for both cats to communicate so. Kotetsu this is his territory and doesn’t believe is a Cat God. Given her fallen status it’s hard to believe. However if Mayu entertains his wish, she will have his territory. He wants her to help a girl (Yuzu) in his stead and if Mayu is a god, it should be easy. Mayu is suspicious why a cat like him would care for a human girl. He mentions they have a small connection. Flashback reveals how kind Yuzu picked up a bruised Kotetsu and let him stay at her place. Kotetsu further explains Yuzu recently lost her parents and is protecting their store by herself. He notes humans have a hard time being alone. He warns not to make her cry and goes off. Looks like Mayu has to do it whether she likes it or not. Yuzu is seen coming to the shrine and pray so Mayu pops up as a god willing to grant her a single wish. Mayu continues to follow and ‘bug’ Yuzu for one though she is adamant she doesn’t need any. Yeah, Mayu seemed so desperate for a Cat God who doesn’t care in the first place. Finally Yuzu relents and wants her to look for her cat Kotetsu (the reason why she came to the shrine to pray). Mayu remembers Kotetsu’s words of entrusting Yuzu to her and gets upset that Kotetsu didn’t know anything about her in the first place. Back at Yaoyorozudou, Mayu starts using her depleted powers as Yuzu starts crying. She says her wish won’t come true as Kotetsu won’t come back because when a cat’s time is up, they silently slip away. She is sad that she can’t even say goodbye. Then Kotetsu pops up and reminds Mayu about making Yuzu cry. Kotetsu relays his message via Mayu. Something about cats having their own code they must adhere to. When Yuzu and Kotetsu hug, the cat soon fades away. But there is a gentle smile on Yuzu’s face. In the aftermath, Mayu notes that cats too are like humans. They pretend to be tough but nobody likes to be alone. Back in present time, Yoshino continues to pester Mayu for the details that happen after as the other friends show up to have a noisy dinner gathering. I guess Yuzu is happy that she got her wishes come true. All except for business prosperity.

Episode 10
Demon rats are invading the store at the moon shrine. But Kukuri and Amane banish them all. Amane kills a demon rat that was escaping. Kukuri tells her she shouldn’t have done that because that rat had given up on attacking the store. Plus, their duty is to protect the store and not eliminate the rats, though their numbers have been increasing lately. Lord Tsukuyomi visits them and after Amane finishes preparing tea, she overhears how Tsukuyomi notes she is not ready to be Kukuri’s successor. She feels devastated and runs away. Kukuri wanted to go after her but was told to leave it because someone who loses her composure easily won’t last long. Sasana and Gonta visit Mayu with good news that her banishment has been lifted and that she should immediately return. Gonta is happy that Mayu should leave right away because this would mean having Yuzu all to himself. But that cat isn’t going to entrust Yuzu to a loser like him! Seems Mayu isn’t interested in going back. After all, on Earth she gets to eat good food and play video games all day (cue for Yuzu to strike her head). Mayu says she is the master of a shrine (albeit a very small alter) and decides to get back to ‘work’. And what she meant was playing her games. This time Amane strikes that lazy bum. The rest are thrilled to see Amane here because they have this great respect for Kukuri. Amane describes her as the greatest valour and divine power among the Cat Gods and their job is to protect the stores from rats. Just like Earth rats that gnaw on crops and such, the rats from the underworld chew on human memories, though they are trivial memories. Though they don’t pose any risk to human lives, if they do not protect the unowned memories, they will be devoured quickly. Amane then lets Mayu know that she has been chosen to be Kukuri’s guardian cat instead of her. Unless there is another Cat God named Mayu, Tsukuyomi has made his decision. Can this lazy bum do the job? Not that she was really looking forward to it either. So I guess the reason why Amane is sulking here is that Mayu is going to replace her. Mayu disagrees with it all and plans to see Tsukuyomi. But their divine powers aren’t strong enough for them to return to the moon. Plus, Mayu doesn’t want to see Akari and return back to Takamagahara because being on Earth is much more fun than being in that cramped place!

Yuzu invites Amane to stay for the night as she observes how the rest of the noisy fellows bond. Noisy but happy, aren’t they? Meanwhile Akari and her husband wonder how they end up in this situation because they are being called to see the Sun God Amaterasu, the highest deity in Heaven and most important in Takamagahara. Yeah, Akari must be wondering where the f*ck is Mayu at this important hour. Amaterasu reminds them that Tsukuyomi insisted that it must be Mayu. At night, Amane couldn’t sleep and ponders her immature and rash decision to leave her post. She was here just to observe Mayu but due to circumstances ended up staying. She thought she spot a demon rat and chases after it. But Mayu tells her not to be so bloodthirsty because it’s just a normal Earth rat. She apologizes for being edgy as Mayu takes her to a roadside ramen stall manned by Boss and Lackey. Amane pours out her woes about the increase in demon rats lately and since she isn’t enough to protect the stores, that’s probably why Tsukuyomi chose Mayu. She is puzzled why a lazy bum got chosen so Boss tells her that it’s because she was arrogant. He recounts his story of arrogance. His company ended up in bankruptcy so he started rebuilding his life and business with this nam pla ramen. Once it was popular, he got arrogant again and ended up losing everything again. He laments he is being haunted by the God of Poverty. Speaking of which, Shamo is here! She tastes his ramen and notes it doesn’t stink this time. Elsewhere a demon rat possessed an Earth rat.

Episode 11
As Amane follows Mayu around, she chides her when is she going to return to speak to Tsukuyomi. Mayu doesn’t want to rush it because first she needs to gather their allies. What allies? Well, Mayu seems to be going around town helping kids who are stuck at a certain level with their video games, treat a couple of store grannies some persimmons in exchange for some freebies. Amane is still down that she deserted her post and won’t be let off lightly. Then they see a demon rat gnawing at their food and start chasing it. Mayu calls forth all the cats to help out seeing hunting rats is the task of cats whether they are gods or normal felines. As the demon rat runs, it is forced to change its course of direction each time a cat blocks its path. Finally cornered at the park, Amane slices it away. Amane realizes that she should be returning to the moon herself because after all there is no way for atoning if she just runs away from her post. Plus, she realized she misunderstood a few things and needs to solve her own mistakes herself. She also understands why Mayu wanted to stay on Earth because of the warm company of her friends. But as for going to see Tsukuyomi, Mayu is on her own. Haha! Meanwhile at Takamagahara, Meiko and Sasana are being summoned by Akari. They thought it’s a challenge to rid the annoying other once and for all over Mayu. Anyway as Akari informs them about the unbelievable task that Amaterasu handed her, she was wondering what the hell Mayu had done that could led to this. She shows them a card and the girls got pretty shocked.

Mayu has her fill with Yuzu and Gonta before deciding to leave for Takamagahara. Gonta taunts that this place may even do better without her but nobody’s listening. Mayu enters Takamagahara and thought she could sneak around but was caught by Kuroe. Kuroe agrees to help out and opens a gate for Mayu. When she steps in, she finds herself behind a cellar and demands to know the meaning of this. Meanwhile with Mayu gone, Gonta is more nervous than ever. Wasn’t he hoping this sort of atmosphere alone with Yuzu? He notices her frown and decides to tell a joke to lighten her up but realizes how dirty it was (the man in the bus bus-ted a fart?) and decides to change to story. However each time he was about to get to the good part, he is being interrupted by Shamo followed by Yoshino. By that time Yuzu prefers to hear his story another time and just enjoy the food. Yeah, it wasn’t a funny story to begin with anyway. Suddenly Sasana and Meiko bust in with breaking news that Mayu is to be engaged to Tsukuyomi! They are shocked to hear this because the story as far as they heard doesn’t match up. Especially the one about Amane’s replacement. I guess it won’t be as simple as if she could just refuse the marriage. After all, Tsukuyomi is the second most important deity after Amaterasu. Yuzu is worried that Mayu may not return. Mayu tries to trick Kuroe by tempting him to gamble with her. However Kuroe has learnt his lesson from the previous botched attempt and has become more serious this time. And now Akari comes in for interrogation… Oh Mayu, you must be sh*ting in your pants right now, aren’t you? The demon has arrived…

Episode 12
Sasana, Meiko and reluctant Gonta barge into Takamagahara to rescue Mayu. Little do they know, they have set off an alarm so Kuroe knows where they are. Inside the room, the gang are surprised to see Mayu in a beautiful wedding gown. They get so taken in by it that they forgot their original mission. Akari and Kuroe come in so the girls beg for her to free Mayu (she is drowsy due to being stripped of her powers). But since Akari is under orders from Amaterasu, she cannot defy her orders. The girls are adamant to take Mayu by force so Akari chants as spell that sends them to a dessert land furthest from Takamagahara. Meanwhile Yoshino is tasked to take care of Yaoyorozudou but she is just jittery about anything. Heck, she thought Haruka was the enemy! Anyway that lady is here to give them a haunted plate for Mayu. Say what?! Oh, off she goes… Yoshino tries to brave herself but in the end chickens out. Yoshino notes that since Mayu is a Cat God, they have an incredible eye for seeing through suspicious people since they are protecting something. Yoshino notes how worried Yuzu is but the latter pretends she isn’t. Elsewhere Sasana, Meiko and Gonta pick themselves up. Sasana is about to give up so Meiko pounds some sense into her. Sasana mentions her relationship with Mayu is based on a misunderstanding of their fathers a long time ago. They made a marriage pact in front of Amaterasu and couldn’t rescind it. Still her feelings are based on that pact that was made by mistake. Though she is not sure of Mayu’s feelings, she is still important to her but doesn’t think the opposite is true. Meiko lets her know that what is important is how they and Mayu feel. If anyone gets in the way, they just kick them aside. So can Sasana let those unimportant feelings be the reason to let Tsukuyomi take Mayu away? Is that what Mayu wants? They need to get to her and find out what she really wants.

Elsewhere, Mayu, her parents are in a marriage meeting with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Akari hopes Mayu won’t screw up when Tsukuyomi requests Mayu to take a walk with him. Mayu mentions about taking over Amane’s post and wants to know the real deal behind this scheme. He reveals the truth that Amaterasu misinterpreted when he said “I want Mayu”. He thought it was interesting and decided to play along. Mayu is not happy since it put her pals in a spot. As for Amane’s post, it seems that girl passed on her misunderstanding to her. Though there has been an increase in demon rats, Tsukuyomi wants Mayu to be the store guardian and there is no rule that there can only be one guardian cat. Tsukuyomi wants both of them to be guardian cats and this would also mean Mayu will stand a chance to be Kukuri’s successor. Though Mayu’s powers are weak, that is because Akari hasn’t totally lifted the seal over her. He doesn’t want her to underestimate herself. It is her passion and devotion that comes from within that is important and wants her to consider what is best. As Yuzu and Yoshino are being visited by Shamo, Yurara, Hasumi, Shizuha and Shoudou, the trio are breaking through the walls of the palace (I wonder how they got back so fast). They fight the numerous cat guards and are even helped by Amane (giving an excuse that her feet moved on her own. Probably she’s tsundere). Once everyone confronts Tsukuyomi, they plead that they can’t do something this outrageous. Looks like he wants to play along and tells them what if he says no. The trio are prepared to go all out. Seeing that, Tsukuyomi is going all out too and views them as obstacles. He chants a spell that has everyone (including the guards) to lower their heads. They cannot move a single muscle nor speak. But when Sasana pleads to Tsukuyomi, he is impressed that she could move her mouth after being hit by his incantation. He frees them all and concludes this emergency drill. See the shocked expression on their faces? He lets them go but reminds Mayu that he’ll be waiting for her answer. Yuzu sees off her guests as she cleans up the place. Suddenly Mayu drops from the sky. Must be a very hard landing. Yuzu scolds her for making her so worried but nevertheless makes dinner for her. Yuzu spots the haunted plate from Haruka and notes that it’s just a normal plate and not cursed. They both welcome each other back home. In the aftermath, the marriage meeting was called off due to Amaterasu’s misunderstanding. The folly has got Akari so worked up that she fell ill! And though some doubt if Mayu will ever be the cat guardian on the moon, this means Amane will have to carry on alone for awhile. She vows to do her best. Once everyone learns Mayu is back, they converge at Yaoyorozudou for a feast. Mayu feels she wants to stay her a little longer when Yukina runs in looking for help. Her familiars are out on a flu so you guys better start helping her complete her manga before the deadline. Now can you see why Mayu loves it around here despite the ruckus?

The Cat Is In The House…
It was quite a fun ride with some funny moments and antics especially among the gang. But as we have seen that the most important aspect is togetherness despite of one’s status as gods or humans. Even if Mayu continues to bum around like a lazy cat around the house, I guess for a lonely girl like Yuzu it is better than nothing, though she has her pet Mike to keep her company. Look at it this way. When you’re up in the heavens, you are expected to shoulder lots of responsibilities and keep the good name of the gods. But when you have fallen and not the vengeful kind of fallen god, you can bum your ass around without anybody giving a hoots. Just treat the town people nice and look how popular Mayu is in this town? She may still keep her god status but she still treats everyone else to the same kind of treatment. Okay, maybe some like Gonta is an exception. But be it you are a god, human, fallen or popular, another important aspect is to treat others nicely. Though it is heartbreaking to know that Yuzu lost her parents at a very young age (though it was never seen how they died in this series), she never losses herself and continues to be exceptionally kind to everyone in need.

The other supporting characters are lovable in their own way. The rivalry between Meiko and Sasana provide some of the comic relief when they start their cat fight over Mayu. It may be bad for me to ask for more of such screen time but if that would happen, I figure that would be tad annoying. Deep down beneath that facade to get rid of each other, the important thing is that they love Mayu and though it may be controversial that the kind of love they feel for Mayu is more than just friends (was there ever a rule forbidding gods to be yuri or lesbian in the first place?). Gonta is another funny guy. All because of his love for Yuzu. I guess when it comes to love, it doesn’t matter if you’re the same gender or status. I suppose his ‘jumpy’ word is “Porori” which literally means “Falling off”. Each time he hears this word, he gets excited that he may be able to see something ‘fall off’ from Yuzu. Too bad (and a good thing) it never happened. As the series progresses, I noticed how Gonta’s role has been made into one that is supposed to be ignored. See how in some scenes Gonta’s presence was nearly transparent and in some, the drawing of his character was so simple that it shows that it isn’t worth putting more effort into a character that is possibly going to be ignored anyway. I find that Boss and Lackey’s presence and purpose in this series is a little side distraction. We see them as a tale of falling from grace, rags to riches, failing again before coming up nice and slow. There is a lesson in all this and it’s true that when you are arrogant, you lose sight of what is important to you. Thankfully he perseveres and has a faithful follower that continues to call him boss and follows him through thick and then even though he is no longer the president of a company. That is what you call loyalty.

Besides providing a little moe factor, Yoshino was just someone who loves visiting Yaoyorozudou. Akari has got to be the ‘meanest’ character ever because all we see her each time is getting pissed about her daughter. She never fails to think that she might have done something wrong to end it like this. I guess she is the only person that Mayu truly fears. I mean if you’re a weak, feeble and forgiving guy like her father, it’s no wonder Mayu got the guts to not learn her lesson and disobey the rules. Yukina’s manga is hilarious and something I wished it would turn into a spin-off series. She is another eccentric character and her entire life is just drawing mangas and beating its deadline. Thank goodness her relationship with her familiars are back to good so this means she’ll get more help from those little helpers. Some of the characters like Yurara and Hasumi make very short appearances and I feel it didn’t have much impact except for that particular episode whereby we get a glimpse of Yuzu’s past and the typhoon’s cause. Due to the short duration of the series, there aren’t enough episodes to cover some of the aspects such as Mayu and Hasumi’s childhood days but I guess some of the important ones like how Sasana and Meiko ended up liking Gonta and turning him into their fiancee are explained in a speedy manner. Say, is there a rule to say that gods cannot be polygamous?

Speaking of video game consoles that appear in this series, I notice that the real names are being used such as Sega Dreamcast and Sega Genesis. Hmm… These consoles are considered old and as far as I know, Sega has stopped producing game consoles after year 2001 (Dreamcast was the last console they released). As we all know the video game console market is being dominated by Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo. So it makes me wonder how old the setting of this anime setting is. But then again, since Yuzu is an antique seller, it might be possible that she keeps game consoles from yesteryears. And also, since she is a poor girl that hardly makes ends meet, I’m sure Mayu is stuck with only playing old fashioned games. I guess when you’re bumming around like a freeloader, you can’t be choosy, picky or complain the kind of new and latest games and softwares you want to have in your hands, right? Heck, I don’t really see a Tablet or iPod anywhere here. Note: Gonta’s God of Poverty detector doesn’t count though it may closely resemble like those Apple gadgets. But still if Mayu is so obsessed into her games, shouldn’t she be at least interested to know about the latest ones? So long as she can play her games and level up like crazy, any console will do.

The casts nicely fit their characters with Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi in Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens) voicing the lazy bum Mayu. Yui Horie (Kotori in Da Capo) and Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON!) are very much identifiable in their respective roles as Yuzu and Shamo. Other casts include Yuko Sanpei as Gonta (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Ayana Taketatsu as Meiko (Azusa in K-ON!), Mako as Yoshino (Yurie in Kamichu), Ai Kayano as Sasana (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ayahi Takagaki as Yurara (Mitsuba in Mitsudomoe), Kaori Mizuhashi as Yukina (Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), Kanae Itou as Amane (Amu in Shugo Chara), Rie Tanaka as Amaterasu (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden), Ryoutarou Okiayu as Tsukuyomi (Byakuya in Bleach), Ryouko Tanaka as Shizuha (Yahiro in Yosuga No Sora) and Satomi Arai as Akari (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Kami-sama To Issho, a duet by Haruka Tomatsu and Yui Horie. A lively piece that somehow has me thinking it is suitable for a video game in addition to that generic anime pop feel. The ending theme is by Haruka Tomatsu entitled Oh My God. Another generic anime pop. As for the background music, I noticed that most of them have that casual and slightly jazzy feel. Somewhat reminds me of those kind in Hidamari Sketch or GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class.

I’m not a cat lover nor do I have any of those Maneki Neko in my household. The last time I watched another cat-themed anime (albeit a very little) was Mayoi Neko Overrun and that anime had me thinking that I shouldn’t pick up stray cats from just about anywhere. But if a Cat God drops in, decides to come and live with you, perhaps that’s a different story. Maybe all that bumming, lazing around, eat, sleep and video games are a blessing in disguise. Maybe and hopefully. Because I don’t want to be the one doing all the work and cleaning up the mess! Naturally humans like us tend to be nice to deities and gods in hopes of some favourable return, right? It’s hard to find people that are truly kind from the bottom of your heart. Though not many, there are some. If Cat Gods are out of fashion, maybe Bunny Gods will do? Hope they won’t just hop around ;p.

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