February 19, 2012

I thought Nichijou was somewhat a combination between Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh only with lots of exaggeration. Lots of them. With a series name that literally means My Ordinary Life (actually I would have translated it as Daily Life), you would think that this is going to be one of those slow, boring, nothing-much-happens, slice of life drama, right? Wrong! Instead, Nichijou is one of those wacky nonsensical random comedies that will either make you ROFL (roll on the floor laughing) or make you stump going “Huuuuuuh??? What the???” every other second.

The plot may seem simple. Heck, there is no plot! Basically it follows a group of high school students and their everyday lives and their school. The comedy here can range from several minutes long or can be spontaneous and so fast that you may not have time to digest and understand what is happening. So fast that the scene may have already changed by the time you digest and brain could react and instruct your vocal chords to laugh. Sometimes they don’t even relate to each other. That’s where the randomness comes in. Don’t forget the exaggerating stuff too. So if you don’t understand some of the gag jokes, don’t despair, there are some other types of exaggerative ‘action’ jokes that will make you laugh at all the silliness. That’s a good thing, right? Because laughter is the best medicine, right?

Series that run on this kind of comedy genre, the driving factor has got to be the wacky characters. Though there are lots of them, I won’t say there are so many of them for you to keep track like in some series that need an entire encyclopaedia on them. Just enough to keep the variety and the laughs of course. So here is the short list of the main characters that you’ll mainly see in Nichijou and mostly from class 1-Q (perhaps Q is for Queer):

Mio Naganohara – Smart and cheerful girl whose secret hobby is drawing yaoi manga. Oohhh… But very bad at athletics.

Yuuko Aioi – The ‘troublemaker’ of the pack. Though she is energetic and excels in sports, she is lazy in doing her homework and her often ‘saviour’ is Mio by borrowing her work. Has a penchant of wishing people in Malay. “Selamat pagi”.

Mai Minakami – Still waters run deep. She may seem quiet but she is very intelligent. Also, her talents are rather odd (see the entire series and you’ll know what I mean) and especially her odd sense of humour.

Nano Shinonome – A robot created by Professor and acts as her guardian as well. Is worried about other people’s outlook on her as a human. Yeah, she’s trying to be one. Her most obvious trademark is a winding key sticking out from her back like a sore thumb. Very much often always wanting Professor to take it off but instead excuses are given. Since she’s a robot, her hands do come off easily and they hide hidden accessories that Professor secretly added in, much to Nano’s surprise and dismay.

Hakase AKA Professor – She may be eight years old but she creates lots of stuff (most of them useless if you ask me). One of them being Nano. However being a kid, she really acts like one, throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. Loves sweets and candies and would do anything just to eat them. Oh, loves sharks too. Hmm… At one point I thought this was Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca’s twin.

Sakamoto – Professor and Nano’s talking pet cat. He tries to act like an adult in front of the girls but easily gets distracted by things he considers fun (he’s still a cat by the way) till the girls see him red-handed having fun in chasing or playing with that stuff. Also always gets blamed by Professor by getting words put in his mouth if Nano reprimands her.

Koujirou Sasahara – I thought he was The World God Only Knows’ Keima! Though he may look and act like an aristocrat, he’s actually the son of a farmer! Heck, he’s even got a personal servant and rides a goat to school! However he isn’t arrogant and you’ll notice his words have such kindness in it.

Misato Tachibana – Tsundere girl who has a crush on Sasahara. Often when she gets embarrassed or annoyed by Sasahara (usually it’s her fault of jumping to conclusions), she is able to pull out heavy gun artillery from the air and fire it at him!!! It’s amazing anyone can survive that.

Izumi Sakurai – The nice homeroom teacher who is always panicking and flustering.

Manabu Takasaki – Another teacher who has a crush on Sakurai but often goes about by thinking too much.

Tsuyoshi Nakanojou – A student who spots a Mohawk haircut simply because this is the only way his hair can grow. Doesn’t believe in the supernatural as he aspires to be a scientist.

Kenzaburou Daiku – The son of the famous Daiku Corporation. Is the founder of the Go Soccer club that rarely sees any activity.

Yuria Sekiguchi – The only other member of the Go Soccer club but is always reading her comic book called Helvetica Standard.

Principal – The headmaster of the school. Semi bald and unknown to many, he is a talented pro-wrestler.

Yoshino Naganohara – Mio’s carefree older sister who is a prodigy in kendo. Often loves pulling pranks much to her sister’s annoyance.

Due to the nature of the episodes in the series, I’ll just blog important points of the episodes (read: I can’t really remember).

Episode 0
* An OVA to start off the TV series sees Mio trying to comfort (and going to great lengths) Yuuko when she scores only 1 mark in her exam! Careful of what you say. She’s fluctuating between motivation and depression easily. Just when Mio thought her random advice was enough to motivate Yuuko to study, she turns her test paper into a paper airplane and sends it flying into the dustbin but it boomerangs and hits her own head. She never learns…
* Professor has a cold but doesn’t want to take medicine as instructed by Nano. Even blaming it on Sakamoto… Must be her traumatic experience in swallowing that bitter medicine before. Nano threatens not to give her pudding so once again Professor blames it on the cat that he says she’s allowed to eat snacks. So Sakamoto tells Nano the plan to hide the medicine in the pudding. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. However Nano puts the medicine obviously on the top of the pudding. The plan screwed for good? Well, she swallows the whole thing without even noticing it.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai are the only ones at the train station so they start doing cartwheels and rolling over the floor. Hey nobody’s looking, right? So when the train arrives, they are amazed nobody is in it. Mai sleeps on the baggage top while Mio on the chair. To make it like a triple bed bunker, Yuuko sleeps on the floor and realizes she is the one losing out.

Episode 1
* Nano chases a cat who stole her fish breakfast. I guess she can’t stop in time that she crashes into a guy and causes a mushroom-bomb-like explosion. What a way to start things off with a bang. Due to the explosion, several items seem to fall on Yuuko. Including raw fish. Nano wakes up to find herself stranded on a house roof.
* Yuuko goes to great lengths to protect her octopus sausage from being dropped on the floor. But each time she grabs, it bounces off and though in the end it touches the ground, Yuuko grabs it and eats it. Three second rule? More like it touched a lot of things enroute to the ground.
* Principal gives a speech during the opening ceremony but the students aren’t taking well his old jokes. But Mai is the only one laughing so hard. Could it be? In actual fact, there is a twig stuck on Yuuko’s head. Then Sakurai gives her speech and prohibits the entry of goats, much to Sasahara’s protest. Misato blasts him with her handgun! Mio starts fantasizing a wedding with Sasahara (yes, she secretly likes him too) so much so she faints. Then Sakurai wants to know the culprit who put a wooden Buddha statue in her shoe locker. Seems Principal was the one but he did it thinking it was her birthday.
* Helvetica Standard: A grim reaper goes around asking people what is “KY”. Yeah, won’t you get scared when you see a grim reaper? Another grim reaper points out that “KY” is him. Huh?
* Professor turns Nano’s key and her big toe comes flying off! So that’s its feature?! Nano wants her to take it off but Professor refuses seeing she’s cute. Nano laments she can’t go to school like this and would’ve been okay not being a robot. But this has Professor in tears and throwing up a tantrum so the kid tells her to sell herself off to the scrap! And if you’re wondering how Nano got herself down from the rooftop, keep wondering but seems an unlucky guy ‘replaced’ her at the top.

Episode 2
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai play rock-scissors-paper version that has them walk up the steps based on the syllables they say. When it’s Mai’s turn, she says a very long word (probably non-existent) to reach the top of the stairs. What the heck is that word? Spell for revival???!!!
* Mio wakes up late and rushes to school, she notices a weird person in a bear mask chasing her! When the bear takes out a wooden mask, Mio instantly takes out her money and goes on her knees (maybe she doesn’t want to get divine retribution). The bear takes off the mask to reveal… Another mask! Mio is stumped so this time the culprit takes off her mask to reveal herself as Yoshino! Yeah, she was the one who stopped her alarm clock and will treat her to ramen for the prank (heck, it was her money anyway). Mio gives her the best screw punch ever.
* Mai tries to enter that long nonsensical revival spell word for in computer game. DID NOT WORK!!! Hahaha!!!
* Professor suddenly wants to drink milk because she wants to eat roll cake. Where got roll cake? Got. It’s coming out from Nano’s arm!!! Plus, there’s a sweet bun coming out from her forehead!!! Because Nano eats the bun herself and didn’t give Professor any, she sulks and will have some Baumkuchen. Oh, where is that going to come out now! From the fridge… She should’ve put all the cakes in there in the first place…
* Mio lends Yuuko her homework but suddenly realizes she drew some yaoi pictures in it! She goes to great lengths and giving ridiculous excuse just to get it back but Yuuko is holding tightly to it. So desperate that she is willing to buy back her own homework! This serves to make Yuuko even more suspicious as she makes a run! Mio is hot on her heels (so fast that she’s running on walls?!) till she tripped. Yuuko is caught off guard and this when Mio steals back her homework. In the end, Mio realizes she forgot to erase her drawings before passing it up! So what’s the next best solution? She admits she didn’t finish her homework.
* Nano tells Professor to clean up her mess but the latter goes out to play instead.
* Misato is her usual typical tsundere as she tries to get Sasahara’s help for the cultural festival. Yeah, he gets shot and the only injury he got was a little bleeding on his forehead? I guess the next bazooka blast has him decide to go to the toilet to freshen up. You should see how his servant zips up his pants while he is walking! After some deep thinking, Sasahara decides to help her and returns to the classroom to see her putting on a bear mask. The tsundere quickly says that she doesn’t care for him or anything, leaving Sasahara surprised.

Episode 3
* A black cat is freed from its cage and drops out the window.
* Yuuko talks to Mai but there is no response prompting her to think she must have stepped on her toes somewhere. Yeah, maybe she’s still made about her breaking her wooden Buddha statue. Then it’s revealed she had headphones. Yuuko feels relieved but to her dismay, Mai has heard the second half of her confession.
* Yuuko once more forgets to do her homework and decides to ask Mai for help. But all she got was her manga drawing and even Yuuko herself gets drawn into the manga’s continuation! So when Mai gives her homework for real, seems it is a different homework. Yuuko, you’re always screwed anyhow.
* The teacher wants somebody to answer a question. Threatening they will lose their good standing, everyone puts up their hands including reluctant Yuuko. However her hand is cramp and she tries to hide from being picked. Everyone gets distracted by a sound and so they start making jokes but when the teacher made his, nobody finds it funny. I guess with everybody’s hands down, Yuuko’s hand is still sort of up, the teacher picks her.
* On her way home, Nano sees a black cat in a box but couldn’t bring it back since Professor is there. But when she returns, she is surprised to see it with Professor! They both are soon taken in by his cuteness. Calling him Sakamoto because of the name of the box he was found in, Professor ties a red scarf she created to allow Sakamoto to talk. Sakamoto acts like he is the boss so Nano thinks of putting him back where he came from. Better be humble.
* Yuuko and Mai are in an arm wrestling match in which to loser has to buy the winner juice. Mai always wins and Yuuko giving excuses that she was not ready, beginner’s luck, this time is for real. Excuses, excuses, excuses. That is what losers always say. Yeah, but being a sore loser doesn’t end there for Yuuko. She owes Mai 23 juices!!! And later as Yuuko is once more intrigued by Mai’s drawing, she offers one more juice just to have a peek. Do you get it? So do I. Disappointed?

Episode 4
* Sakurai has trouble doing her discipline duty. Like Sasahara eating his steak while walking around with a tray and his frilly thing around his neck, Tanaka’s afro, Haruka Annaka’s large head ribbon and Nakanojou’s Mohawk hairstyle.
* Daiku tries to play Daruma-san with his members but I guess they all left and Sekiguchi is the only one around. I don’t think she’s playing too.
* Nano and Professor are out shopping and see a snowman for sale on the rack. I guess there are other people who want it so this prompts Nano to buy it. So in the end, instead of buying food for Sakamoto, all he got is shaved ice. Yeah, the snowman is melting pretty fast in this weather.
* During a test, Yuuko sees Mai doing odd things like sleeping like in Michelangelo’s ceiling painting and taking off her wig! Each time she bugs Mio to see but she’s more annoyed. Oh, Sakurai is sleeping on her duty… Later Yuuko sees more weird things like a talking parrot.
* Sakamoto isn’t happy that the girls don’t treat him with respect. He tries to stamp his authority to act like their parent but can’t help himself to play with an eraser. Thinking he is caught red-handed by Professor, he feints he was sleeping but soon can’t help play with the fly.
* Yuuko tries to play another of those pranks on Mai but was told never to do it again. But it’s one of those pranks from Mai that catches Yuuko off guard. I guess everything is just a prank, eh? Yuuko’s feelings for her fluster between friendship and love. Love? Yeah, Mai says she likes her. The yuri kind. Oh, that was a prank too. Poor Yuuko can’t tell if she’s making a prank or not anymore.

Episode 5
* Professor acts like a cat girl and Nano finds her cute.
* Nakanojou is at Mt Osore to see if spiritualists exist. He finds one and wants her to summon… A soap? Trying to ask questions that will contradict, eventually Nakanojou wants her to summon Oda Nobunaga. She can’t. She didn’t even try! Then spotting her modern items behind her sign, he gives up. But he hasn’t paid the fee yet so he makes a dash for it. Oh, the spiritualist is fast too.
* Yuuko teaches Mai how to play penalty rock-scissors-paper. But Yuuko is always at the losing end whether she wins or not. Yeah, Mai’s whack is so hard that the word print flew out from the book! Why is she doing this to Yuuko? She’s not interested to play.
* When Nano is out shopping, Professor paints an eye of her Daruma doll in hopes of getting rewarded. However she makes a mess so with Sakamoto’s help, she draws Daruma wearing sunglasses. They have a good laugh till Nano comes back. She hides Daruma and even feigning she is pregnant! Then Daruma drops out. Nano is shocked. “That’s your little brother”. She buying it? No…
* Helvetica Standard: An angel is making toast but it was too powerful that it blasts through the ceiling, killing a little mouse.
* Yuuko teaches Mio how to play Kokkuri-san (something like Ouija Board) and after telling her all the haunting things, cool Mio isn’t interested to play.
* Yuuko talks to Sakurai about her picture drawing in her English test so she suggests to include her drawn picture next time. Mio isn’t interested till she hears them about drawing a cool guy. Taking a peek, it wasn’t the kind of cool guy she had in mind. Worse, Sakurai totally loves it. Mio intervenes to draw what a real cool guy looks like. Yuuko gets jealous and draws her own version though it’s just rip-offs from Mio’s. And Sakurai is just infatuated in anything that looks good. Or weird. Finally Mio draws a naked guy with flowers covering the necessary areas before she realized she just did a big mistake of revealing her secret. To her dismay, that picture of hers became a picture in Sakurai’s test. She’s so dead…

Episode 6
* Yuuko has Mio taste her twice-cooked pork but its hidden taste gets worse that tears is flowing out from Mio’s eyes.
* In class, Yuuko and Mio are engage in some picture shiritori game. But they misinterpret each other’s drawing due to bad spelling and it ends with Yuuko drawing Supermans but was corrected by Mio it should be only 1 Superman.
* As Yuuko is made to stand outside class again (what else?), she spots a deer and Principal trying to catch it. The deer rams its horn into Principal several times! He is one tough old geezer! The life and death struggle between man and beast continues till Principal pins the deer with a German suplex. Yuuko tries to inform the class but decides to say nothing. In the end, she is made to carry buckets of water while standing outside.
* Yuuko and Mai are playing coin football and as usual, Yuuko gets hit in the chin by Mai’s superb flinger flip.
* Nano caught a cockroach with a bowl and is panicking what to do. Yeah, seal up the entire table with the bowl on it and send it to the garbage. No way! Then Sakamoto shows up and is willing to take on the roach but Nano is scared in lifting the bowl up. Then Professor comes by. She agrees to hit the roach. She rolls up the papers and hits Nano’s head! She thinks this is a game? Professor starts crying when she thought Nano got mad at her. Then both girls reconcile and that’s when Nano unknowingly lifted the bowl up.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai are camping by the riverside. Yuuko trips and spills the curry. Trying to hide it from Mio but eventually you can see how mad Mio is by the colour of her aura. In her attempt to find out ‘the colour of Yuuko’s blood’, she trips over the rice and spills them. ARGH!!! Now their only hopes rest on Mai’s fishing. She catches one but soon releases it! ARGH!!! With only a jelly left, Yuuko thinks of sharing it but it seems Mai is self sufficient with her own food! So it’s up to the duo as Yuuko wins the rock-scissors-paper to have a first go. But she instantly throws up! Could it be expired? Nope, she just choked. See Mio wrestle her to death! Later that night, their rumbling stomachs could be misinterpreted for ghostly sounds! So as not to have a bad ending, they decide to play trump but all the cards are Aces… Mio thinks sake is what adults have at this point (seeing Mai has one) and takes out… Vinegar? Mio is going to drink it anyway when Mai’s sake turns out to be cider.

Episode 7
* In a blimp, King Albert of Fay Kingdom has been betrayed and taken hostage by his subject, Dolph. As usual, guys like him want to rule the world and his loyal facade only hides this intention. The princess is found as Dolph orders his men to take her in. Dolph and his men corner the princess and needs her Wood Cube as the one he got from Albert to activate an ancient weapon. As Dolph inches closer to her, he trips on his own feet and dies! WTF?! All his men panic and start switching sides and side the princess! No backbone… As she has the men lead her back to her father, a guy (let’s call him No. 8) realizes the princess dropped her Wood Cube. Picking it up along with Dolph’s, he tries to calm himself as he lights up a smoke near a window. His thoughts are thinking about the chances he have of becoming the new ruler of this kingdom. Well, it’s not like he has such ambitions or knows how to activate the weapon and feels should give up. The cigarette’s ashes accidentally burn his hands so he drops the Wood Cubes down from the blimp. And it lands right down on Mio and that’s how she got her wood cube as her hair accessory!!!!!!!! WTF???!!! Yuuko sure had a pretty strange and shocking dream!
* Yuuko thinks she won the third prize lottery for 100,000 Yen but as Mio points out, the result was last year’s. To cheer her up, Mio gets her a birthday present: Octopus wasabi.
* Takasaki is in a dilemma. His conflicting feelings of wanting to protect Sakurai and his duties to be a model teacher. So deep in thought that he didn’t even notice Principal passing by. Worried if she has a boyfriend, he accidentally asks her straight if she’s going out with anybody. ARGH!!! But she replies she isn’t. I guess he has a chance now. Pumped up to do your best, eh?
* Helvetica Standard: A tengu steals a grim reaper’s scythe to sell for money to buy food. He trips but manages to get across the river. The grim reaper just flies over.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai rush for the train but it seems Yuuko was the only one who got on board, making her feel like an idiot.
* Yoshino encounters Nano in the streets and proceeds to play with her key! Then she somehow has Nano’s right hand and teases her! She intends on keeping it and has Nano answer weird trick questions for her to get her hand back (each of the questions is where her hand is: In her handbag). Finally when she gives back her hand, she takes off her key! But Nano is so happy that it came off, she didn’t notice Yoshino putting it back when she goes off to meet her sister.
* Nano, Professor and Sakamoto are playing baseball. Sakamoto fears the strength of Nano and her pitch nearly killed him. Eventually he can’t resist playing with the ball, much to the girls’ amusement. Then another pitch from Nano has the ball flying far away. As she goes searches for it, she sees Mio and co and yearns to become a high school girl.
* Yuuko is having a hard time opening her octopus wasabi for her rice. It’s not budging.

Episode 8
* Nano finishes doing her morning chores when her hand starts blasting off into the sky!
* Yuuko goes all out to impress Mio and Mai with her jokes but they are not reacting not a single bit. She uses all her trump cards and goes crazy when they still do not react. Maybe they’re just annoyed. Hey Yuuko, don’t know where to hide your red face?
* Daiku is surprised that a member turned up and is interested to do some activities. Actually, he’s here to turn in his resignation letter. Bummer. Later Daiku has come up with a way to recruit new members: Don’t do anything. Huh?
* Misato is looking for Sasahara and her friends Websy and Fecchan tell her he’s on the rooftop. Sasahara is writing some poem and gets a bazooka blast from Misato! Seems she is here to return his dropped handkerchief. Yeah, more tsundere. Each time Sasahara replies, she blasts, fires, shoots, drops grenades and the final artillery cannon! Don’t worry, he’s still standing though in a big crater. Still don’t want to admit that you picked it up because you care, washed and ironed it? Volunteer spirit? Oh, Nano’s hand is coming close to hitting her head. I wonder why Websy and Fecchan are keeping the hand.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai are lifeless being stuck in a lift together. They start playing a lifeless shiritori game till Mio said something unrelated. This has Yuuko and Mio start laughing uncontrollably. Even Mai succumbs to it though she looks like she’s trying to hold it in.
* Sakamoto is giving Professor one of his pep talk but can’t help chase his own tail. As it’s time to sleep, Nano reprimands Professor for eating snacks before bedtime. Professor even puts words in Sakamoto’s mouth saying that cat told her to eat it. Seeing that Nano already brushed her teeth, Professor tells her off that she can’t even get cavities. This has Nano depressed so Professor promise to create a cavity function next time, brightening her up. Uh…

Episode 9
* Mio goes downstairs to see Yoshino in her kendo gear. Apparently Mio is still mad over her prank by putting a knight piece in her Mont Blanc cake. Soon Mio blows her top and hits Yoshino on the head. Then she thought she could find some salvation in her short cake but sees a king piece on it instead in place of the strawberry! So where did it go? Since Yoshino is acting like Buddha, Mio hits her again but in the torso. Mio breaks down so Yoshino sings a happy birthday song for herself.  But she gets whacked again seeing it’s not her birthday.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai are eating at a restaurant. Mio and Mai’s order came first so they start eating while Yuuko waits. Till they finished and it’s still not here. Yuuko blows her top but her dish arrives. She cools down upon seeing the waitress sobbing.
* Yuuko has a hard time sleeping because of those annoying mosquitoes. She pulls off exaggerated Street Fighter moves to kill them. Then her mom slaps her for being too noisy!
* Professor brags to Sakamoto that she got a winning stick from an ice cream. Sakamoto thinks she’s childish till he experiences the same thing when he finds a super rare crab in his food. Later Nano reprimands Professor for eating this month’s worth of snacks. She threatens to take away her strawberry juice as Professor desperately tries to get it back. Nano doesn’t give in till she mentions she’ll remove her key. But she wants Professor to remove the key first. Professor tricks her to grab the juice from her hands. Nano chases her but trips. Her right hand comes off and reveals a loser ice cream stick. Haha. She installed something like that too?
* Yoshino leaves Mio to do her part time job at the Daifuku Fair. Turns out Mio has to wear an embarrassing daifuku mascot head gear. And it’s not a fair, but a roadside stall. Conned… So Mio either frightens the kids or she gets teased. Yeah, even Yuuko laughed at her. The stall owner decides to switch with her since she’s not doing a good job. As Mio handles the stall, a customer comes up to buy. She isn’t sure of the price and asks him but sees him doing a weird dance and being arrested by the police. So? Give free lah.

Episode 10
* Mai is it while playing Red Light, Green Light with Yuuko and Mio. She is making them stand still in their positions as she sits and watches them! Too cruel!
* Yuuko arrives late for class and decides to sneak in but sees the duster trap on the front door. The back door is lock and the bottom air space also has the duster trap. She thinks the best way is to get hit by the duster and take it like a hero in hopes the teacher will forgive her. She does so and to her dismay the class is empty as everyone is at the language lab. All for nothing… Later Yuuko is pretending to be an invincible alien (paper bag over her head?) when a baseball comes hurtling towards her head. See her squirm in pain…
* Sakamoto is annoyed by the cacophony of Nano and Professor’s trumpet but it seems Professor has not enough air to blow the trumpet.
* Annaka happily goes to the park to try flowing soumen but to her dismay it’s not what she expected. Hardened soumen? Re-used chopsticks? Flowing baseball? Expect her to say “Eehhhhhh???!!!” each time she is dumbfounded. Make that all the time. Then some soumen researcher Egi Masaharu shows up and the woman returns to him like some sort of TV drama. Anyway he failed to find the ultimate flowing soumen and used up all his money on his travels. “Eehhhhhh???!!!”.
* Professor ties a pony tail hairstyle and Nano thinks it makes her look like an older sister. It got to Professor’s head as she starts acting like a big sister though she causes more mess than anything else. To put a stop to this once and for all, Sakamoto mentions how big sisters don’t eat snacks. This has Professor panicking and she reverts back to her kiddie self. Of course Sakamoto was only lying, much to Professor’s dismay.
* Yuuko dreads doing her homework and starts thinking about excuses not wanting to study. Yeah, she thinks about her future including the one whereby she read to the class she wanted to be a frill-necked lizard. WTF?! Then she contemplates of becoming a living national treasure to receive income but doesn’t know what the heck a national treasure is. Because she gets too noisy, mommy gives her a judo throw. In the end, she doesn’t want to think too much and will complete her homework. See, doing your homework is the easiest. But it’s back to square one because she really doesn’t want to do it.

Episode 11
* Helvetica Standard: The landlady isn’t going to leave till the mouse and bird pays up their rent. The mouse feigns sleeping while the bird only coughs up 5 Yen.
* Yuuko just recovered from a cold and suddenly realizes her test is tomorrow. And mommy warned her if she fails, she’ll get killed. For real. Yuuko tries to study but gets distraction into writing poems. Then she gets this idea to get a cold so she won’t have to sit for the test. Yeah, the icy cold bath is a torture. But next morning, she is completely fine! She tries heating up the thermometer and almost burns herself but she seems lively and healthy to mommy.
* The Vice Principal is reminiscing his lonely days when his daughter and grandson pays him a visit. But he gets more than he bargained for when grandson gives him a chocolate ball for him to eat. It’s made out of mud. For his grandson’s love, I’m sure this is what happiness from a mud tastes like. Yeah, he collapses.
* Professor makes a super sticky glue and Sakamoto got stuck in it. The only way out is to put water. Professor goes off to eat snacks but then she herself gets stuck. Now Sakamoto is completely buried underneath the glue. Nano returns and guess what? She too gets stuck! All hopes lost. Professor starts laughing when Nano’s hand came off. I don’t know how they all get out but later as Professor and Nano play Guess-Who, Sakamoto leaves but gets stuck in the glue outside.
* A small miracle: Mio is waiting at the traffic lights when she notices a group of people waiting on the opposite. In a row, their colours of their clothes match the rainbow above.
* Yuuko is going crazy over her English test. Yeah, it’s that horrible picture drawing. What the heck is that? A monster? A monster holding a tennis racquet? Then she realizes she forgot her eraser. Mai becomes her saviour but passes her a pen eraser instead! Yuuko calms herself down to the point of enlightenment but by then, the time is up. At the rooftop, Mai offers Yuuko her umbrella. But it’s not raining. More precisely, it’s raining in her heart. Ouch.

Episode 12
* For once Yuuko is feeling confident she did her homework, a language worksheet. Till she realized she forgot to bring it. She thought she spot it between the pages of a book but turns out to be a Daifuku Fair flyer. Trying the teacher’s desk to see if there is an extra worksheet, all she sees is… A Daifuku Fair Flyer! Curse the fair! She decides to go home and get it but the teacher comes in to start the class. She is made to stand outside class again. So pitiful that some stray dog, Buddy even sympathizes with her by putting its paws on her shoulder.
* Misato is deciding a drink at the vending machine when Sasahara bumps into her. You can guess how this turns out, right? He sort of help her to choose, she doesn’t admit it and fires her gun.
* Annaka tries out a shooting range at the fair but it seems the targets are only caramel or eggplant. Though the stall operator assures her they are fine quality products, she takes a shot but the eggplant doesn’t budge. Then a few shots at the caramel box, it wouldn’t even move! Then targeting the eggplant again, the eggplant splits and Annaka realizes a nail sticking out from it! Cheater! The operator gives her the silent treatment but as she continues complaining, he gives the broken eggplant to her and tells her never to come back.
* Mio and Yuuko are having fun at the amusement park. Then Mio realizes she dropped Yuuko’s wallet. Don’t panic yet. Heading to the lost and found section, Yuuko is relieved that her brown wallet that has a snake skin inside is found. But to her dismay, only the snake skin is there and her 4,016 Yen is missing. In the aftermath as Mio continues to enjoy the ride, see Yuuko’s ‘lifeless’ facial expression. Not too happy, aren’t we?
* Sakurai and a new Daiku Cafe staff panic each other with their blunders.
* Mio and her friends just finish eating at a restaurant as Mai decides to turn her chopstick paper into a chopstick rest. Somehow Yuuko made hers as a crane.
* Professor creates a key so that she could pretend to be Nano. But she easily loses interests and takes it off. Nano suggests swapping roles. But it’s a scheme to get her to take off her key. Professor is not that stupid and won’t do so. This has Nano sulking and eating her snacks. Hey, she’s Professor now, right? Professor now sulks and eats her snack so with Nano returning to her original self, she goes out to buy food but refuses to buy snacks.
* Mio and Yuuko are playing some bored game at a restaurant whereby they can’t use English words. I guess they’re not so interested in playing it as they both use English words as reasons why they’re haven’t violated any rules.
* Yuuko wakes up from her nap in class so Mio comments the Sleeping Beauty woke up without a kiss. Yuuko didn’t understand so this causes Mio to fluster.

Episode 13
* Sakamoto purposely falls for Sakamoto’s trap so he could eat the fish but got hit by the stick. They then see how Nano is looking at a group of high school girls so Sakamoto asks Professor that she may want to go to school. Professor gets scared and doesn’t want her to go but Nano assures her she isn’t going anywhere.
* Yuuko comes to school sick and she is bent on showing a magic trick to Mio. I guess Mio has no heart to tell her how her tricks are already revealed. Too obvious. So she tries to hide them (the wand into a bouquet of flower) or pretend she didn’t see them (the pigeon). Yuuko sneezes and several little flags are seen coming out from her mouth. Eventually Yuuko knocks out halfway doing her cigarette-through-the-coin trick.
* Professor follows Nano to buy snacks. On the way, she sees a Shark Castella stall and throws a tantrum when Nano doesn’t buy. Each time Nano walks away, Professor gets up and follows. When she turns back, she goes down on the ground and starts her tantrum. People must be thinking how weird they are. Eventually Nano gives in as Professor happily munches away.
* Yuuko surprisingly scores 80 marks on her test and she becomes so boastful that it is annoying Mio. Yeah, she’s really rubbing it in her face. Till the teacher announces the class average was 92 marks. Yeah, it ruined the mood for Yuuko.
* It’s raining heavily that night and Professor is afraid of the banging sound the chimney is making and can’t sleep. She drags Sakamoto away from Nano so that she could sleep next to her. But she needs to go to the toilet and Nano is not waking up anytime soon. Sakamoto decides to play the adult and accompany her but she doesn’t want to seeing Sakamoto is small and weak. What an insult! But true… Later Nano did wake up and accompanies Professor to the loo. But Nano is afraid of the thunder so both girls accompany each other over their fears. That’s when Professor asks her if she wants to go to school but Nano says she’ll stay home forever. Then lightning strikes and the power goes out, leaving the girls scared stiff.
* Vice President once again plays with his grandson to forget about his woes but the latter is trying to find his seal so he feels this may be worse than reality.
* Nano isn’t happy when Professor messes around with the laundry. But Professor tells her she can go to school tomorrow and has made her school uniform. Actually this is her plan to eat all the snacks she wants without getting scolded. Yeah, she calls it her ‘wise decision’. Nano is thrilled and hugs Professor as the girls annoyingly reiterate each other’s names repetitively.

Episode 14
* Nano totally digs her new school uniform. Even to a point she won’t let Sakamoto near it for fear his shedding would dirty it. But does she look normal? Well, uh, yeah. If you don’t mind the key sticking out. She also talks to herself like she’s rehearsing talking to a friend and does her stationery and book check. As Nano prepares to head off, Professor learns she’ll be home late and suddenly changes her mind! She doesn’t want her to go to school and snatches her bag! Then her left hand. Professor starts sulking so Nano has no choice but to pacify her by promising to buy lots of snacks. Then rushing her way to school, it hit her. The key on her back… So it’s no surprise that everybody in Mio’s class is staring at her obviously. Look at all those big bright eyes… Nano tries to create an excuse for the key but it sounds so lame that not even a kindergarten kid will buy it. See their flabbergasted faces?
* Yuuko fools around and accidentally kicks off her shoes. It lands on a car roof and the car zooms away. She chases after the car, trips and loses her other shoe. To a dog. Tired and without shoes, Buddy sympathizes with her and puts its paws on her.
* The Go Soccer club has a surprising news.  A kid named Makoto wants to join! Guess what? Makoto was part of the Go Soccer club back in middle school! And Daiku thought he created a unique club in the first place. Makoto was also the MVP and proceeds to demonstrate his superb ball juggling with go stones!!! Erm, I think nobody should try this anywhere. Later Takasaki sees the Go Soccer club recruit poster and reminisces about his own past glory. Yeah, he was once in this club too.
* Mio tries to be friendly with Nano. Mai gives her a wooden Buddha statue. Then Yuuko comes in to deliver Mio’s lunch. Then Yuuko starts asking her about her key as if she’s like a robot. Nano panics but Mio brushes it off since they have to finish their lunch. As Mio prepares to open her package, she is disheartened to see her wrong order. Instead of yaki soba (fried noodles), she got yaki saba (fried mackerel). To make things worse, Yuuko plays a fool. And thus begins the longest feud ever between Mio and Yuuko that instead of feeling sorry for them, you’d feel like laughing all the way. She wants her to go buy again but all she got was an Argentinean Peso… Since it’s Yuuko’s fault she should buy it and Yuuko snaps when Mio calls her stupid one too many times. Mio wants her to apologize on her knees, Yuuko reveals her yaoi drawings. Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, moron, idiot!!! IDIOT!!!!!!! Wow. Best friends fighting. Then things start to calm down when Yuuko says she should be a manga artist if she’s so good. Slowly they reconcile and shake hands. Phew. World War III nearly started.
* Back home, Nano really wants Professor to remove her key since it’s hard for her to make friends but she still refuses.

Episode 15
* Yuuko still can’t shake off the fact that Nano is a robot and plans to test her features like doing some complicated maths calculation. They thought she was faking it so they advise her to use ‘that’. Somehow she took out an abacus and is an amateur! Then as she takes out her drink, they think it’s oil but disappointment again. It’s soup. Mai comes by and gives Nano oil! They think she’s going to drink it but she puts it in her bag. What about the spanner? Will she eat it? Nope. Put in her bag. So as Mio and Yuuko argue about Nano being a robot, Nano felt a tooth loose and takes out a screw from her mouth. Then she realized, Mai had a camera in hand! Oh…
* Kana Nakamura is so infatuated in Nano being a robot that she thinks up of devious ways to kidnap her so she can research her. She thought of drugging her coffee when she comes by the science lab. Who knows, Nakamura herself drank it. Careless, isn’t she? Later she decides to use her taser, Mr Short Circuit when Nano comes in. Unfortunately, Nakanojou took the zap. Didn’t she look first? How now? RUN!!! This kind of teacher…
* Nano continues to pester Professor to take off her key. Same answer. Then she is disheartened to see some pea shooter installed in her hand. She fires at Professor each time she annoys her. Professor asserts robots are cute but Nano thinks otherwise. Then her other hand drops off to reveal a chikuwa. Followed by toast on her head and the cuckoo bird from her forehead. Geez, so many weird installations.
* Takasaki sees Sakurai reprimanding Makoto but he thinks too much since her actions indicates that they are close to each other. Yeah, it’s freaking him out. Suddenly Annaka informs him that Nakanojou has passed out so Takasaki is in a dilemma to follow Sakurai or Annaka. He gives excuses for Annaka to solve the case herself like drawing eyes on Nakanojou or that he’s just taking a nap. Then he finds out Makoto is Sakurai’s little brother that he calms down and decides to follow Annaka.
* A couple of kids push the stop button on the bus so I don’t know why Yuuko had to go off the next stop just to make those kids feel like they’ve helped someone. So back home, she starts tearing furiously all the pages on the flip calendar.
* In another attempt to have Professor take off her key, surprisingly Professor says it can be taken off. Really? She takes a picture of Nano. Yeah, she’s fooling around. (“Toru” can either mean take off or take a photo). Professor continues to joke around while Nano reacts strangely to her jokes. Then she confirms with Professor that she has installed a reaction feature in her yesterday! No wonder she’s so exaggerated in her reactions! She’s going to die at this rate but Professor finds it totally funny! In her final joke, this has Nano blasts off into the sky.

Episode 16
* Yuuko is at the Daiku Cafe and is having a tough time ordering her coffee. Yeah, all those killer terms. What the heck do they mean. Just when she thinks she has made a tough decision, another choice decision has to be made. What the heck is a doppio? In the end, she leaves it up to the waitress and her espresso turns out to be a tiny cup. And it’s so bitter. Just like life. Maybe she should just use the vending machines. Saves lots of hassle.
* I’m not sure if Mio is stalking Sasahara, watching him from the vending machine. Then Yuuko comes by followed by a policeman. Yuuko starts apologizing even if she did nothing wrong. Says a lot, eh? The policeman warns them of counterfeit cases of using fake bills at the machine and somehow Mio’s bag matches the description! Why is Mio so ready to be handcuffed?! Then she bribes the policeman and begs on her knees to let her off! The policeman insists he wants to check her bag but Mio puts up resistance. This is why she doesn’t want to let other people see: It’s her yaoi drawing. Too bad the policeman saw and he got a chop in the chest! Mio goes into kung fu mode as she retrieves all her papers before they reach the ground. Unfortunately, one of them ended up in Yuuko’s hands so Mio did a sophisticated knee busting tumbling move to knock her out. No mercy for an old man too! Not even Sasahara’s goat!!! Four victims instantly knocked out!!! Back home, Mio realizes that one of her pages has been ripped. I hope she doesn’t kill the entire town.
* As Mio, Yuuko and Mai do their homework at the restaurant, Mai and Mio need an eraser so Yuuko has them play a game and guess which hand of hers has it. Mai uses a magnifying glass to burn her hand! Remember that 23 juices penalty? Yeah, seems she still has a grudge on it. Yuuko wants just that if they incur a penalty for this. So attempts to make Yuuko reveal her hands but Yuuko is trying her best not to give in to the temptation. Finally she did so with a simple rock-scissors-paper. But it seems her eraser is of the character type doing wrestling moves.
* Yuuko pays Nano’s home a visit, much to the latter’s surprise but Professor welcomes her with open arms. Trying not to expose the oddities in this house, Nano pleads to Sakamoto not to talk but Professor spills everything without hesitation like how she created Nano. She even demonstrates the usefulness of Nano’s hand with push of a button! Oh, Yuuko finds it totally cool! You can see how Professor and Yuuko click well together because they’re annoyingly childish. Yeah, they even try out each other’s clothes. When Yuuko leaves, Nano desperately tries to cover her robot origins (she’s studying magic?) but Yuuko tells her that Nano is Nano. That is what she came here today to say to her. Happy Nano says she can come here again anytime. Yuuko passes by Sakamoto and for the moment there she thought the cat talked. Must be hearing things, eh?

Episode 17
* Professor caught a crow and has it talk by ‘borrowing’ Sakamoto’s scarf. Seems polite and well-mannered. Poor cat wants his scarf back. I didn’t know he wanted to talk so bad. Professor goes to make another one but ends up making a boy robot named Biscuit #1. His specialty? It can launch his hands. Oh, his head too. At the end of the day, the crow feels he has overstayed his welcome and must leave. Thing is, he took the scarf with him.
* Yuuko and Mio are trying to stack the pack of cards. Yuuko is at the final summit but they need to get rid of all the interferences that will bring down their hard work. It’s really nerve-wrecking. From Mai dangerously flirting through it and Nano’s sleeping bubble touching it. When Yuuko goes for a toilet break, little did she know when she slams the door, the light falls off on top of the stack! Horror! When she returns, she just puts the final cards on it and goes to sleep. Bitter victory?
* Nakamura tries to dig a hole to catch Nano but Nakanojou fell in instead. Then she shaves his hair!!!
* Takasaki sees Makoto balancing the ball and go stones. He accidentally asks the obvious question if Sakurai has a boyfriend. Makoto knows this guy has a thing for her sister so he makes a deal if he becomes Go Soccer club’s advisor, he will completely assist him with Sakurai. Or else, he’ll tell everyone about his crush on her. Takasaki’s dilemma can’t come in a timely manner. Annaka once again is here to say how Nakanojou fell into a hole so Takasaki again gives excuses that he isn’t stuck and to draw back his hair. Till Makoto says he won’t reveal anything did Takasaki decides to follow Annaka. And yeah, just when Nakamura dig more holes, Takasaki and Annaka fell into it. RUN AWAY!!!
* Yuuko tries to withstand all the jokes from Mai no matter how obvious and silly. She has a hard time trying to keep herself from responding to a point she is being noisy. Eventually she realizes this is Mai’s path and gives in.

Episode 18
* Yuuko brings Mio to Daiku Cafe and is confident of seeing her going through the same hellish procedure. However Mio is a total expert in calling her order, much to Yuuko’s dismay.
* Another attempt to capture Nano, Nakamura fills her coffee with rusty ingredients. But the cup is going to overflow as she sips it. Oops… Looks like we have a free period for science, eh?
* More tsundere, weapon blasting action from Misato as she reprimands Sasahara for skipping class duties.
* Yuuko is to rendezvous with Mai but on the train, before she could give her sit for an old lady, she tells her she doesn’t need it. To her embarrassment, a kid couldn’t stop giggling at Yuuko. Then as she alights, the kid follows her and continues giggling. Yuuko’s blunder in asking for directions (she asked a statue instead) has the girl laughing harder and finally pinpointing the Daiku Burger stall she’s supposed to go (well, if Mai only drew a better map). Seems this girl, Mihoshi is Misato’s younger sister and coincidentally, she’s is meeting her at the same place. To add to Yuuko’s embarrassment, Mai comes in with a knight outfit. Trick or treat?
* Mihoshi also knows Misato’s tsundere crush on Sasahara. She’s so easy to read.
* Helvetica Standard: A girl returns to the countryside of her childhood days. Entering a library, she finally finds the book she has been looking for. But the book cover is just a facade as inside it is a gun.
* Professor has made Biscuit #2. What’s different? His power source is biscuits. Uh… Of course Professor has eaten up all the biscuit snacks… Biscuit #2 also can read fast but Nano is reading slowly so that she can be ordinary. Professor throws a tantrum that she didn’t get praised by Nano so Nano tells her that she is already amazing herself, much to her happiness.
* All those underling clones are happily trying to put up an individual performance for the princess. Exuding with confident, the first one up, No. 66 did some hidden ball trick but was sent dropping off the blimp! Now everyone’s confidence is starting to waver. Next, No. 4 tried some comedian stuff but met the same fate. It’s getting to everyone now. No.6 did a quiz but the princess isn’t interested and sends him falling. Before No. 7 could recite the Olympic host cities, the princess drops him! Everyone realizes they’re going to be killed anyway. No. 13 is another comedian but princess didn’t take his duck pants amusing and drops him. Then another guy who also had that same duck joke is scared to go next because we’ve all seen what’s coming. Because the princess’ advisor is snickering, he too is sent falling in an instant! Oh, the duck joker too. No mercy! Now, this is a hopeless situation. No. 8 who was going to do some cheerleading runs away and he thinks he isn’t going to make it no matter how many lives he has. He doesn’t want to participate in this anymore and throws out his pom-poms. The pom-poms fell out from the sky and onto Mio!!! THAT’S HOW SHE GOT HER TWINTAILS????!!! Yeah, another stupid dream from Yuuko.

Episode 19
* Misato, Websy and Fecchan are waiting at a bus stop on a rainy day but Fecchan’s desire to entertain them has her all wet and dirty for real.
* The Daifuku Fair stall operator doesn’t like his Daifuku mascot talking and forbids him from doing so. So when the newcomer had no motivation and did communication via complicating hand signals, he feels it’s okay for him to speak.
* Yuuko coaches Mio in doing high jumps but no matter how low the bar, Mio just can’t jump straight (literally). Yeah, it’s like she’s a human torpedo. Yuuko is patient enough to stick around till she gets this right because Mio always helped her in letting her copying her homework. This warms Mio inside as we see flashbacks of how much Mio sucks in doing physical activities (she was just plain odd). This time she’s going to get it right. But who knows when she jumps, she heads straight for Yuuko’s stomach! Mad Yuuko headbutts her back!!! And this somehow has Mio successfully jumping over the bar. And we call this move Torpedo Jump.
* Mio, Yuuko and Mai are watching the white tigers at the zoo. Suddenly the tigers come up to them. Actually, they’re interested in Mai’s dog.
* It’s suddenly raining so Professor decides to take in the laundry. However she takes her time putting on her raincoat and boots and drops the entire laundry line. She even blames Sakamoto so Nano isn’t going to give her dinner (and Sakamoto too. Poor cat). Still blaming Sakamoto for putting her up to it, Nano then says she’ll give Sakamoto dinner so this has Professor confessing the truth. Oops.
* Yuuko is cocky seeing that only she finished her clay bust assignment. Did Mio and Mai forget? But it’s the start of their bad day as it suddenly rains. With their ‘unhappy lifeless’ facial expressions, the trio take shelter at the shrine. Yuuko thinks of praying for luck but her coin bounces off the donation box. She tries to swing the bell but the wood she is standing on caves in. The bell drops, hits her head, bounces off to Mio’s head (causing her to sink in the steps she’s sitting on) and though Mai was able to evade the bell, the poster behind crashes onto her head because of the vibration from the bell when it hit the pillar. It’s so funny to see the trio not moving from their positions because I feel if they do, more bad luck will befall on them. Just stay like that… With that lifeless face too. The priest thinks they are trying to steal the donation money and accidentally steps on Yuuko’s bust. The shrine nearly fell on him! Man, this temple is breaking apart! So cursed!
* Daiku sees Takasaki and Makoto in incomprehensible positions in a Go Soccer showdown! I guess this is one of those tests to get Takasaki to be their advisor. Heck, I don’t even know those were forbidden techniques. Hitler salute? Handstand? Perhaps I didn’t read the book (if there was one) like Daiku. But their actions are so absurd and outrageous that you probably won’t figure it has anything to do with Go Soccer. In the end, they call it a draw and Daiku realizes the seriousness (or absurdness) of this club because he only created this club to have fun.

Episode 20
* Mio has Yuuko, Mai and Nano over to help her complete her manga work. Looks like the cat is out of the bag, eh? Don’t want to hide forever, huh? However Nano couldn’t handle her yaoi affair so she has to cool herself. While Yuuko accidentally spills ink over a page, Mio reprimands Mai for drawing unrelated stuff. She wants her to erase it but I guess Mai is purposely pissing her off by drawing something else or erase the unnecessary ones. Giving Mai to draw on a new page, she screws up again by drawing her own story! Yeah, she really is doing it on purpose. As for Yuuko, she is trying her best to redraw that blotted face. Nowhere near the original. She should have known better than to ask Mai for help. Yeah, she draws something really unrelated. So at this point, I guess it’s better to just tell the truth, eh? Thing is, she spills ink on the page again to show it to her!!! Mio could’ve forgiven her if she didn’t run out of manuscript paper.
* Yoshino bumps into Misato at the river bank. Seems Misato is talking to her about her feelings for Sasahara but she isn’t listening. Good or bad thing? Yoshino signs off by giving her some crackers. Huh?
* Nano is it and plays hide-and-seek with Professor and Sakamoto. Though the cat is easily found, they go searching for Professor who is confident they’ll never find her. But after hearing comments she will never be found, Professor gets out from her secret hiding and gets emotional, hugging Nano. Oh, her nose snot ruins Nano’s shirt.
* This has got to be the longest, angriest, temper losing, most frustrating blow up and reprimanding that Mio did to Yuuko. After that blot folly, Yuuko is supposed to go buy manuscript paper but fools around and gives excuses not to go buy. Yeah, puns not welcomed. See Mio getting into angry fits and reactions that shows you just how frustrated this girl is. And time is not on her side. Nano couldn’t handle her kind of work and Mai had already left so Mio doesn’t really need to hear more lame excuses (and bad jokes) from Yuuko. Even if Yuuko did buy some paper, it was the wrong kind. She is on the verge of breaking down, calling Yuuko all the words that are equivalent to being a moron when Yuuko (perhaps about to snap too) shows her the manuscript paper she bought. Mio calms down. Phew. Watching her blowing her top was pitiful but indeed too hilarious!

Episode 21
* Yuuko feels today is her lucky day seeing she didn’t get reprimanded by Takasaki for forgetting her homework. Too bad she gets slammed on the head with a book by him (replaying this scene was funny!) and being told to see him.
* Misato’s friends are over for a sleepover party. They start talking about the guys they like so Websy admits she likes Nakanojou because of his Mohawk hairstyle that makes him look like a punk. However her friends dismiss he acts like a punk because he is polite and Websy feels she likes these kind of nice guys too. Of course Websy and Fecchan know Misato’s crush on Sasahara. As for Fecchan, she doesn’t have anyone she likes as she’s not interested in weirdoes like them. See the pain coming.
* Takasaki bumps into Sakurai in the streets on his day off. Yeah, start thinking too much again that this is some date. Then to his dismay, he sees Yuuko and can’t possibly let her know they’re together. His mind goes crazy thinking about the students mocking them by drawing a love umbrella. So when Yuuko greets him, he pretends to coincidentally meet them both in the street and goes away.
* Nano flusters upon seeing a late night steamy movie and tries to change the topic. However Professor is already fast asleep.
* Nakamura has now become a stalker and waits patiently outside the supermarket Nano frequents just to catch her. But she meets Takasaki who is surprised to see her. He notes her cute outfit so she runs away in embarrassment. Back at her place, she tries to tie up her hair to look cute but realizes the embarrassing thing she’s doing.
* Those underling clones are trying to find the Wood Cube when they see an intruder: Mio. She already has one and is asking the return for the other. They don’t take her seriously till Mio punches down No. 22. He goes up to her again but this time her punch kills him! Then the bearded advisor tries to negotiate with Mio as he is holding the other Wood Cube. But her double powerful uppercut kills him (his beard came flying off!) as she snatches and puts on the other Wood Cube. Then geeky scholar realizes this is something bad. By gathering the Wood Cubes, she is able to unleash the hidden weapon from within. Mio demonstrates by blasting a hole in the ground with her palms! Don’t mess with her! Captain tells everyone not to panic but to attack together. But as he leads the charge, he trips and is hanging for dear life over the hole (eventually falling through). No. 82 attacks but is easily punched away. Now the underlings’ morale are at all time low. No. 8 can’t let it end this way so he powers up but his aura is deflected by Mio and is sent bouncing away. I don’t know how far he bounced or if the blimp is one big circle because No. 8 continues to bounce but catches Mio off guard as he pushes her from behind, sending her falling through the hole. As she falls down to Earth, this is how Mio came to be!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER STUPID DREAM FROM YUUKO!!!!!!! Uh huh. I pretty much expected something like this.

Episode 22
* Nakanojou sees a priest as part of his experiment to proof the non-existence of supernatural phenomena. He tries to act like he’s being possessed but the priest gave him some sore throat pills. Then feigning being strangle, the priest thinks he’s just reading too much strange books. Nakanojou goes on a rampage for realism, wrecking the place. The priest kicks him out.
* Mihoshi and Yoshino are walking together. Mihoshi can’t accept Yoshino as a kendo genius but never practises. As Yoshino is distracted by Sakamoto, Mihoshi decides to test her reflex. She is about to strike but hits someone in a bicycle!!! It’s their master! Oh sh*t!!!
* Nakanojou isn’t happy his dad is trying to pass on the daifuku stall business to him. He feels like an idiot when everyone passing by laughs at him wearing the mascot gear. Later he tries to take off the gear but dad knows his intention and has already coated a fresh paint in it. But Nakanojou isn’t going to lose because with his strength and determination, he pulls out the head gear by force even if this means ripping off his hair.
* Helvetica Standard: A boy is happy to see Santa coming into his room. But his dreams are shattered when he gives him a melon bread. Oh, the truth hurts…
* Websy drops her bun and is disheartened she couldn’t eat it. Even if Fecchan is being positive to just take away the dirty parts, she drops her popsicle but it lands on the bun, thus making it still safe to eat. Then her popsicle melts off and onto the road due to the bun’s heat. But Fecchan didn’t lose her positivism and thinks it’s a sign from God not to eat 2 popsicles. She gets this idea of washing the popsicle and eating it but a runaway bicycle goes over it. Splat! Worse, the kendo master steps on it while he is chasing his bicycle. In shock, Fecchan steps and trips on the bun and lands her butt on the crushed popsicle.
* Professor forcefully puts Sakamoto on a leash (more like tied to a rope) and takes him out for a walk. But they encounter a pair of dogs belonging to Mai. They can’t escape since the dogs have them cornered. Both are them are starting to panic and fear the worse. Professor starts crying when Mio and Yuuko come by. After realizing their problem, Yuuko thinks nothing big of it and goes up to one of them but gets bitten in the hand. OUCH!!! Then the other dog goes up to Mio’s ankle and bites it. OUCH!!! The pain is so intense that her screams could blast through buildings! Now the kid and cat are freaking out. As the duo squirm in pain, Mai returns to her dog. Professor chides her for not being around but is calmed down when Mai gives her shark chocolates. Then they run for their lives when they see Buddy rushing in. Yeah, Buddy and its little one sympathize with the bitten girls and put their paws over them.

Episode 23
* Yoshino makes some jam and has Mio try out. But they taste so horrible that Mio is experiencing seizures! Giving her Russian tea to cool down, it also tastes awful. Mio tries to get water but finds out there is a water cut. Hurry! Get the milk in the fridge! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS MILK???!!! Leftover jam from Yoshino… F*CK! So awful that Mio’s life flashes before her! Yoshino still has the cheek to ask what kind of jam it is. Well, Mio may be sarcastic but she was close: Fermented fish. Yuck!
* Sakurai enters Makoto’s room to find an adult magazine. She flusters but gets kicked out. Each time she barges in without knocking, he kicks him out as Makoto comes up with excuses the magazine doesn’t belong to him.
* Sakurai sees Yuuko over her future ambition which she has left blank. When Yuuko mentions she wants to be a teacher like her (I don’t believe this), this makes the teacher cry. Tears of happiness?
* Makoto continues to pester Takasaki to be Go Soccer club’s advisor. But their last duel ended in a draw? Oh, he’s going to tell his love for Sakurai… Takasaki gives in and follows him to the club. But before Makoto could finish relaying the good news, he runs away. Makoto chases and corners him at the rooftop. Then he makes a deal with him by giving him a photo of Sakurai during her high school days. I guess as a guy, this is too good for a chance to pass up. Now he is motivated to get the club going.
* Fecchan accompanies Websy because the latter wants to confess her feelings to Nakanojou. However after seeing him bald, she doesn’t find him appealing anymore.
* Yuuko is having a bad day which includes sitting on wet paint and a couple of kids sleeping on her shoulder while taking a train.
* Mai visits Nano and Professor isn’t happy she is the culprit that let loose her dogs that day. Professor goes to draw her sharks so Mai draws a better one. This is enough to break the ice as Professor warms up to her. Mai gives her shark drawing to her and leaves before Nano could bring out the snacks. Seems Professor exchanged her shark drawing with Mai’s and Mai is happy to get it.

Episode 24
* Nakamura goes over her failed plans to capture Nano. She spots a cat looking like Sakamoto and chases it till she realizes it’s the wrong cat. But the people around her think she’s a thief seeing she’s walking on top of walls.
* Yuuko tells the biggest news to Mio: She saw Sasahara and Nano walking together and talking casually. Mio may appear she doesn’t care but you know she does when she keeps telling Yuuko to tell her what happens next. Because it wasn’t anything much, Mio brushes it off and probably calling Yuuko’ an idiot has her snap as she says the duo were kissing. In the courtyard. Yeah, that’s some wild fantasizing she’s got there. Mio rushes over but to her relief nothing alerting happened. Guess who got knocked out when Mio returns?
* Helvetica Standard: A girl wants her friend to tell her who she likes and will pay a million yen for her. She really did splash the cash!!! Then she goes tell everyone about it! Was it worth the money?
* Yoshino and Misato practise kendo. In the end, Yoshino gives her a knight piece. Mihoshi walks back with her sister. Misato is shock to hear that Sasahara recently came to the dojo recently because that guy is in the acting club in the first place. Misato shows her tsundere side when Mihoshi wonders why she didn’t invite him to join the kendo club. But she’ll do it since she said so. For the first time, Misato blasts a bazooka at her sister when she says to confess to him! Back home, she thinks the reason why Yoshino gave her the knight piece but suddenly thinks of Mihoshi’s words and starts hiding in her artillery gun.
* Sakamoto is sick so Professor notices the nice treatment he gets from Nano. So she too pretends to be sick and wants chocolate. But she’s too energetic to be considered sick. Besides, shouldn’t sick people take medicine? Professor throws a tantrum as she says Nano likes Sakamoto more but Nano whispers she likes Professor more. Now a happy kid, does this mean she can have some chocolates? If she finishes her green onions… If not, she’ll like Sakamoto more. Make up your mind! Okay. She loves them both.
* Mio uses hypnotism on Yuuko but she bites the coin instead.
* Mio’s coin slip from her fingers when she wanted to buy a drink at the vending machine. To her surprise, Sasahara picks it up and she starts flustering. A lot. He thinks this is his lucky day because he forgot his wallet. But when he selects the drink, nothing came out. Thinking this is a prank, Sasahara feels the machine can keep the coin when the cup drops upside down and he just watches the water flow. He drinks the little liquid that it has as Mio notes that though she has no proof, she feels she has gotten closer to him. Back home, Mio draws her manga and remembers how she used to tag along with Yoshino and Sasahara who were in the kendo club. Probably that’s when she started liking him. She is snapped out when Yoshino comes in and teases her.

Episode 25
* Websy and Fecchan tease Misato to go wake Sasahara who is sleeping alone in the class. Of course she did, got tsundere and accidentally broke his glasses. He isn’t mad but is concerned if her hand is injured. Then he puts on the glasses and a lens falls off. Using this as an excuse, Misato holds his arm to guide him and be his eyes since he can’t see well. This has everybody staring at them in disbelief. She is going to follow him everywhere till he mentions he needs to go to toilet. Oh dear. Must she enter there too? Then Sasahara mentions his glasses are fake and he is wearing contacts. The biggest explosion you’ll ever see coming from Misato. And her reason for blowing him up was shooing off a bug on his arm…
* That time when Misato was holding Sasahara’s arm walking around, Mio and her friends saw this and the shock was too much for Mio to handle that she falls into depression. Yuuko tries to cheer her up and give her reasons that it may not be what she seems but Mio suddenly rushes off with Yuuko hot on her heels. Suddenly Mio is so athletic!!! See her swinging on the bars, doing shadow boxing, running in between on coming trains, diving into the river to save a kid! WOAH!!! The policeman recognizes her as the one who jabbed her many episodes back but he went off to catch a thief. Then an old man saw her shadow boxing and offers her to drop by his gym and talk. The kid gives her his kite as gratitude. Mio gives off a heartily laughter at all that has happened and notes how you really don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s why it’s interesting.
* Nakamura saw Nano when she went to chase after Mio during her hysterical mode. But she lost her and lucky for her, she finds herself in front of Nano’s house. She is going to sneak in to steal the blueprints but feels she has been spotted by Biscuit #2. She surrenders but Nano invites her in. She gets paranoid observing her surroundings. Like that sunglasses Daruma toy may be a spy camera. Nano flusters when Nakamura says she wants to know her more but of course we know it’s not in a yuri sense. When Professor comes in, she is confused if this kid made Nano. Professor admits that to her face surprising her. The final shock came when she sees Sakamoto trying to get out from a teruterubouzu cloth. She plans to retreat by giving an excuse to the toilet but when she steps outside, she finds herself stuck in the super glue. Yeah, it covered all over her.
* Yuuko, Mai and Nano observe Mio. It’s like as though she’s acting normal. They plan to cheer her up. As Mio walks back home, she is surprised to see her friends wearing daifuku head gear. They make her play a lottery as she wins a special prize. Going on her way, she remembers Sasahara’s words that the daily life we live is possibly a string of miracles. She is sure it is something like that. Opening her prize, Mio gets all warm inside upon seeing a voucher to stay her friends for eternity.

Episode 26
* Yuuko plans to throw Nano a surprise birthday party. When? Today. WHAT?! That’s why it’s call a surprise, right? Mio agrees to pay for the stuff seeing she hasn’t got a chance to repay her when she lost he wallet at the amusement park. Absent-minded Yuuko was going to tell Nano about the surprise but luckily Mio warned her and the usual stupid remarks. This has Yuuko retaliate by telling her she was dumped by Sasahara. Mio denies that and says out loud that she likes him. Oops.
* Before Nano heads to school, Professor suddenly takes off Nano’s key because she’s making a smaller one. Nano is over the moon but it seems Professor lost it. Okay, Sakamoto stepped on it. Nano sinks into depression so Professor cheers her up that she’ll make a new one quick.
* I don’t know why the vice principal always wants to give trouble to Principal. I mean, he removed his statute bust and replaces it with his own. Then he panics when it’s found out the movers were doing it on his orders. To hide his trail, he has the movers take away this so the mover guys mention how both statues are ugly.
* Yuuko’s little pranks seems to be actually and unknowingly saving her pals from certain accidents like getting hit by a baseball, duster falling on the head and prevent the ants from being stepped. And other ‘miracles’ as well like a rainbow appearing after she sneezes over Sakurai’s plants and causing the Principal to look up that makes his wig return to its normal place. Then she finally sees Nano and though she got her hand loose, Yuuko didn’t notice that and instead tell her that she and her friends will be coming to her house today.
* Mio and Yuuko are trying to break a pumpkin but it is so hard and no matter what they do, there is no scratch on the pumpkin!
* Nakamura sees Sakamoto on the streets and recognizes him as her missing pet, Taishou. Sakamoto is shocked to see his previous owner and flashback reveals that though she isn’t a bad person, she is a lousy caretaker. Poor Sakamoto had to endure all the careless accidents like hot ramen poured on his head, hot water spilling over him and accidentally being caged. Don’t want to relive that horror again, eh? Nakamura wants Taishou to come back badly when she sees Nano. However her priority is to get the black cat back so capturing Nano will have to wait. She mentions to Nano about looking for her black cat so she agrees to help. Nano even mentions that if Nakamura ever finds Taishou, she could visit her. Nakamura is so happy that she says that she could visit her anytime. Even tomorrow. But Sakamoto is not happy because either way he is screwed. Thinking deeply which of his owners are better, he realizes the scales or not even tipping! Both equally bad, eh?
* Back home, seems Professor has made another small key but Sakamoto stepped on it again. Don’t worry. She’ll get to it. Then taking off her key, Nano wonders why it easily came off when she tried to do so herself but couldn’t Professor replies other people can but she couldn’t. Then Nano’s friends come over. Nano thinks of hiding her key but thinking back she realizes they treat her the same. Professor starts pestering for the cake till it dropped. Don’t worry. Mai has another one. Actually it’s a drawing of a shark. It’s okay for Professor. Nano wonders how they knew her birthday was today but in fact it was just coincidence. Yeah, they didn’t know. Just as Nano was going to accept her key, Professor takes it off and puts the smaller one before putting the big one back. So what’s new about this small key? When Nano is happy, it makes the key spin. Uh… But everyone has a good time despite Professor spilling cake onto Yuuko and Mai trying to put a candle on the cake. Everyone gives out a good laugh and you can see proof of Nano’s happiness as her key turns.

My Odd-inary Life…
Hmm… What’s with this slightly unsatisfied feeling at the end? Of course this kind of series without any real plot whatsoever, the best ‘ending’ has always got to be life goes on. And that is what happened for our folks in Nichijou. Only thing is that every little odd thing here is normal. I would have liked to know further about the chemistry and possible if it would amount to any love triangle between Mio, Sasahara and Misato. I would also have loved to know more about the past relationship between Nakamura and Sakamoto seeing that this was a ‘major discovery’ (at least to me) and only revealed in the final episode. What about that intriguing past between Yoshino and Sasahara in the kendo club? But I think that’s all to it and nothing much. I mean, all of the characters are pretty much the same at the end as they were in the beginning. You might think Nano may have changed but if you take a closer look, she’s still the same all along. She may be worried about her outlook of others towards her but that’s just her. She’s always worried about something. So in this context, there wasn’t any deeper context between Mio, Sasahara and Misato because it will always be a one-sided crush, Nakamura was just a lousy caretaker over Sakamoto and Yoshino and Sasahara were just childhood friends. So any hopes of seeing any romance blossoming between Sakurai and Takasaki? Will Nakamura ever catch Nano? You already know the answer.

Though there are some jokes that I do not comprehend, but at least the overall random silliness and wacky antics are enough for an average person like me to enjoy without scratching my head so many time that I could have become bald after doing so. The exaggeration of it all is a contributing factor otherwise this show would ironically be nothing but ordinary, right? With the extensive cast of characters, too bad that some do not get more of the limelight as the main ones would be Mio-Yuuko-Mai group and Professor-Nano-Sakamoto pack. So when the final episode came about, the focus is so much on these two groups that you may have forgotten about Nakanojou, Annaka, Daiku, Sekiguchi and who else that you may think of as minor supporting characters. They don’t really come into the light in the last episode so that’s why in a way, I too feel it was somewhat incomplete. My idea of ending a series (at least for this kind of genre) is perhaps that all the characters would come together and end it in a big bang and flashy way. Okay, maybe not so much the big bang and flashy stuff but at least make us viewers feel appreciated in watching the series. Unless there is a sequel in which I haven’t heard of… Yet.

The characters are lovable in their own wacky unique way. Of them all, my favourite one has got to be Mio. This is especially when she blows her top or in an incredulous expression. Especially her voice when it comes down to these modes, I find her voice to be pretty unique in a way. So when she’s upset, you can feel the frustration in her tone. At the end of the series, I just realized that the yaoi guy she draws in her manga are actually a portrait closely resembling Sasahara! It got me thinking, if she is a fujoshi or a straight person. Or perhaps a bi? Yuuko is the other half of the comedic duo and as mentioned is the typical prankster. Mio sure has a hard time putting up with her but I guess that’s what best friends are for. No matter how idiotic Yuuko is, I guess she has a limit to how many times she can be called stupid. Yeah, that inner switch box to snap serves as the limit if you mock her too many times. Be warned. Even jokers are humans too. Every group has to have one of these jokers, right? And if so, every group also needs to have the quiet mysterious enigma and in this case, Mai. Rarely putting up any emotions and with her deadpan facial expression, you’d never know what is going on in her mind. She’s so random filled with unexpected surprises so much so you may akin her to a whack-a-mole. You’ll never know when and where it’ll really pop up. Get it? But the ‘best’ character should go to Misato. Not because of her tsundere attitude and tsundere excuses for her actions to do lover-like stuffs for Sasahara, but the fact that she is able to pull a bazooka out of nowhere and fire it without hesitation. It’s like she keeps them in some time-space dimension. And being true to nobody-gets-killed-in-this-series, I guess that’s why everybody is just messed up rather than having their body parts and organs splattered throughout the place. Or maybe she’s just firing blanks? Even so, that’s one helluva powerful blast. Can I get one of those bazookas, Misato? Please?

The most annoying character award goes to… Professor! I know she is cute and moe and throwing selfish tantrums and kicking up a fuss are fine for a young kid her age. But she does it too often that I find it irritating. Sure, she’s a genius. But she’s still a kid. I wonder how she lived by before she built Nano. Pinning the blame on Sakamoto adds to her bad points in my book. However it’s not that I hate her character but rather just annoyed. There is a big difference in that. If she was that smart, how come she doesn’t make a machine that dispenses all her favourite snacks 24/7? As said, Nano tries to be a normal human girl but as she will realize, she is better off being herself. Even if this means a key sticking out from her back and her hands coming off anytime, anywhere. Sakamoto may be the most mature of the group but that is until he easily gets distracted and returns to his feline tendencies. Otherwise, Sakamoto is a pretty rational and cool cat. And when their screen time ends in some scenes, a narrator will say how there is peace at Shinonome house once more. What peace? They’re a bunch of noisy trio. Well, at least nobody died so that’s peaceful, right? Say, if their house is named as a research lab, how come it looks more like an ordinary house? Oh well, it’s just a name… I wonder if there is any love blossoming between Daiku and Sekiguchi. In the final episode, there is a hint that Sekiguchi was flustering when Daiku was talking to her in the club room. Unless it has something to do with her reading her comic book, this part remains pretty much ambiguous and nothing concrete. Has Nakanojou given up his path of becoming a scientist because as far as I know in this entire series, he only had 2 segments to which he wanted to prove the inexistence of the supernatural. What about Principal and his vice’s ‘feud’? It’s like the latter always try to hit back on the former with some prank. Then again, sometimes these minor side characters feel like they are used as ‘fillers’ in between the main characters.

I thought this was going to be something unique and different in every episode but I guess I could only say it happened in majority of the episodes. What am I talking about? If you notice that in between scenes (whether it’s within the same gag or on to the next gig), there will be a slightly blurred out picture with slightly muffled out buzzing noise, usually a scenery of the city or the greeneries or certain parts of a space. It’s not just a still picture because from time to time, you can see people passing by or activities going on within the viewable area. Just that the camera view doesn’t change. What does this mean? Don’t know. Perhaps another part of the daily life occurrence? I also thought this would be in every episode but it lasted for the first few episodes. The one whereby Professor and Nano are playing rock-scissors-paper. Usually Nano always loses but there are rare times she wins. In either way, something funny will happen to her hand. Like coming off or becoming a shark. After taking several episode breaks, they somewhat replaced it with Professor and Nano doing some weird dance. Same case with the pair of daifuku head gear guys who are supposed to be skipping ropes while a random character in the series tries to skip them (with hilarious results of course). Then they got bored and go played something else and abandoned this rope thingy and you’ll never see them again. But one section that is always shown in each episode is “Word of the Day”. You are thinking they are supposed to be words of wisdom, right? Well, depends on how you look at it. To me, I find them as nonsensical random what-the-heck quotes that even 5 year olds can come up with their own. Most of them I do not understand but I supposed it’s meant to be funny, right? Hey, I didn’t get that one.

Both the openings are very, very weird. In terms of animation and the song. While the animation is filled with weird mayhem, it is a picture of what to expect when you watch this series. True chaos and weirdly weird weirdness (it’s a new term I just created). Both the opening themes are sung by Hyadain. The first one being Hyadain No Kakakata Omoi-C (see, even the song title is so weird) while the second one is Hyadain No Joujou Yuujou. I feel that hearing too much of these will make you into an idiotic weirdo because you’ll laugh too much or if you try to imitate the lyrics, you’re really going to have more than your tongue twisted and a real maniac once you master this song. Believe me, I tried it because it was a little catchy and amusing but gave up because I realized I was turning into one. Oh heck, I was already one by the way. You know for some series it’s either they fixed the ending theme(s) or they have a new one for every episode? Well, this one has both. What do I mean? For the first half of the series, we have a ‘fixed’ ending theme called Zzz (yes, this is what the song is called) by Sayaka Sasaki. With the children-like drawings animation (don’t forget the weird stuffs in it), this catchy and calm piece actually has 2 other versions. In addition to the original one, it also has a Cappella version and a Bossonova version. They both sound pretty okay too. Then for the second half, the series employs a different song for each episode. At first I thought some of the songs resemble like school chorus (most of the accompaniment is only piano). Then finding it out on Wikipedia, they are indeed chorus songs of elementary and junior high school in Japan. Some are even graduation songs. Other than that, folk songs make up the rest of the ending themes. So it’s either Sayaka Sasaki singing a solo or the seiyuus of the characters doing a group chorus of the songs. The best ending song is the folk song called Green Green because of its lively and playful manner.

It seems that many lesser known or new seiyuus are being casted in this series. Plus, their voice sounds so different than the other roles that I know them that I couldn’t identify them. Not that I could straightaway recognize them but when I think back and compare the other anime characters that they voiced, it just doesn’t match. Mai Aizawa portrays Mio and it is because of her voice that is the main reason why Mio is one of my preferred characters. Her list of other anime roles may not be long and in those animes that I have seen as minor characters such as Ayano in Lucky Star and Natsumi in the Negima series, kudos to her for doing a great job in voicing the many moods of Mio. Still love her when she sounds so frustrated. Oh yeah! Mariko Honda’s resume is much shorter than Mai Aizawa but still portraying Yuuko from a loudmouth to an idiot was also a good job. Her other prominent roles I know her as are Kurimu in Seitokai No Ichizon and Kaya in Omamori Himari. Kaoru Mizuhara as Nakamura (Saki in Kanamemo, Gisen in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls) would’ve been pretty normal if she was just a somebody trying to capture Nano. But whenever she flops big time, you can hear her dopey voice that she screwed up.

Other lesser known seiyuus include Misuzu Togashi as Mai (Minatsu in Seitokai No Ichizon), Shizuka Furuya as Nano (Uruchi Minaya in Maken-Ki), Mami Kosuge as Sakurai (Yukari in Lucky Star), Chika Horikawa as Misato (Izumi Aomi in Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi), Manami Honda as Mihoshi (Muru-Muru in Mirai Nikki) and Kazutomi Yamamoto as Nakanojou (Chiba in Mitsudomoe). Of course there are veteran ones like Hiromi Konno as Professor (Akira in Lucky Star, Sae in Amagami SS), Minoru Shiraishi as Sakamoto (as himself in Lucky Star), Cho as Principal (Brook in One Piece), Yoshihisa Kawahara as Sasahara (Yasu in NANA), Tetsu Inada as Takasaki (Gorobei in Samurai 7) and Daisuke Ono as the crow (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji). An amusing segment is the next episode preview. Actually it isn’t so much of the next episode preview. We see a still picture of an everyday item (or at least something that is featured in that episode) such as a screw, a frill-necked lizard origami, manuscript, ball or cappuccino. Then we have a guest seiyuu narrating some short nonsense from the viewpoint of that item before closing the series about the next episode, which is just the next episode’s number. There are a handful of popular seiyuus that I could recognize that lend their voice to this section such as Aya Hirano, Yui Horie, Norio Wakamoto, Fumihiko Tachiki and Shigeru Chiba. But as for the rest of them, erm, who are they? ;p.

There is a fine line of what constitutes as normal and weird. But even that depends on the norms of society on what they see deem fit as normal. It doesn’t matter if you are weird or nothing ordinary, as long as you are happy, that is what counts. But not at the expense of others, okay? Thus it is safe to say that everybody in this world is weird. Anybody that is normal is also considered weird in because by being too normal is enough to make you look weird. So the next time if you see a human-like robot, a genius professor kid, a talking cat and a bunch of rowdy high school students, just think that all these are part and parcel of your ordinary life. Besides, being weird is also good because it keeps our sanity in check. Weirdly, that’s how we go on living an everyday daily life, right?

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