Night Wizard

August 5, 2011

Apparently yet again I’m trying my hands at another RPG game turned anime. I guess the sole reason for me to jump in watch Night Wizard was because of a female character with a big blazing gun. How cool would that be each time she fires her weapon, bringing utmost power destruction among her targets. With bullet shells bigger than her palm, you could say that it’s going to pack quite a punch. Not to mention the magical insignia appearing each time she pulls the trigger.

I wasn’t really that interested in the unique terms set out for this world such as Gekkou (Lunar Casket – barrier stretching) and Kaguya (Lunar Robe – ability to store objects and items in a different dimension) but I had to know the gist of it if I am going to understand what is going and not get disappointed in understanding a damn thing by the end of it. So the setting is in our modern world. There are dark forces hell-bent on invading Earth. And you guessed it that these beings, Emulators are immune to whatever scientific advances mankind has ever come up with. However, ah there’s always an exception, there are a bunch of people with powers that can break through and fight these menacing hordes. They are called Night Wizards and are the only thing that stands between our world falling into the hands of the Emulators. In short, they’re protectors of Earth. Where’s Ultraman when you need him?

Episode 1
Renji Hiiragi is brought before Anzelotte who wants him to answer her request with “Yes” or “Okay”. That’s not much of a choice! Hiiragi is sent crashing down into the planet below while he laments about the need of going to school due to his bad attendance record. He crashes down below and cooperates with comrade Akari Himuro (the girl with the big gun) to take out hordes of Emulators. Back on Earth, Elis Shihou is the new transfer student in Kinmei Academy of the Akihabara branch. She’s popular enough that everyone is pestering her to join their club. But she is whisked away by miko-priestess outfit Kureha Akabane to join her astronomy club since she likes reading stars. Hiiragi is on his way to school but Anzelotte snatches him for another mission. That same request line again. Man, she doesn’t give him a break. Elis learns Kureha and Hiiragi are childhood friends and the withered legendary tree supposed believed to when proposed underneath, it will bloom. Suddenly she felt a terrible pain in her head after a blinding light emerges from the tree but soon recovers. A pair of dark girls, Bell Zephyr and Lion Gunta (pronounced ‘lee-on’) are watching them and think they should have some fun before Anzelotte interferes. Night time, Hiiragi makes his way to school but gets kidnap by Anzelotte for another mission! Deja vu! How desperate are they? Elis back at her home sees the moon glowing red as it becomes larger. She gets hypnotized. Kureha senses something wrong, spots Elis and follows how to the legendary tree. A yellow orb emerges from beneath the tree into Elis’ hands before she snaps out of her trance. A Gekkou is suddenly activated, the sakura tree in full bloom and a dangerous Chimera appears. Kureha uses her arm crossbow to attack but to no avail. Hiiragi dives down from the sky to fight. Hey, he’s finally back in school. However the Chimera is targeting Elis. As it fires it fire breath at her, Elis’ orb glows and turns into a shield to protect her. Hiiragi uses this chance to slay it as everything reverts to normal. The orb becomes part of Elis’ bracelet. Kureha thinks that she is a wizard while Hiiragi introduces himself and says he is here to protect her. Bell notes that the jewel is one of the 7 Jewels of Virtue and this one is the Jewel of Kindness. Elis is brought to see Anzelotte in her castle as she asks her that request thingy… Are there any other options available?

Episode 2
Hiiragi becomes Elis’ second year classmate. Hey wait a minute. I thought he is a third year? Something about his mission to protect Elis but how does this look in the eyes of others? Yeah, fallen man. Looks like he will have to repeat another year in school. It’s complicated. Flashback reveals Anzelotte explaining the history of Emulators trying to invade Earth. I guess that’s how we get our ideas from vampires, werewolves, etc. She is also being thought how to use her bracelet that can be formed into a shield and another round of history about the Jewels and how it brought destruction and wars to mankind because everybody wants to own it. Anzelotte plans to collect all 7 Jewels and open the door to the dark side and bring the fight there to end it all. Elis jumps at the chance of accepting the mission to help protect Earth. Hiiragi isn’t too pleased about this so Kureha blackmails him about revealing his shameful secrets. Hmm… What could it be? I guess being Elis’ bodyguard means having to stay with her too. I know guys should get a separate room but what the heck is this unfair treatment of giving him live in a camping tent outside the balcony?! That night the trio have a celebration party by forming an unofficial World Saving Club. Do you really want to be in it? Do you really have a choice? Kureha also learns about a book that was given to Elis from an uncle, though she barely remembers him but is always seen writing letters to him. Next day at school during recess, Hiiragi must learn not to say bad about people (especially a particular grey haired loli who is actually older than she looks) so Anzelotte appears spot on and ‘kidnaps’ him and the rest. They are taken to her giant castle and a mission briefing about the location of a Jewel. Looks like some abandoned magical continent in the middle of South Pole? Yeah, note all the penguins there. Bell decides to ‘start the game’ and sends her underling Lalamu to either retrieve the Jewel or kill Elis. As the trio trudge into the kingdom, Gekkou suddenly appears. A Golem starts attacking them. Hiiragi and Kureha’s weapons seem to have no effect on the Golem that is specifically targeting Elis. There is only so much her shield can do. Thankfully, she is saved with the arrival of Akari as she blasts a shot into the magic symbol on the Golem’s head. Backup has arrived, though it may just be Akari herself. Sometimes it is quantity over quality. But it’s not over yet because Lalamu summons more Golems for them to deal with.

Episode 3
As Anzelotte talks to her God Gazer (is he a mirror or a person behind it?), the rest fight the Golems and easily destroys them after figuring out their weak spot. The place returns to normal as the quartet enters the main castle. It’s good to have someone with bad luck as Hiiragi leading because he is like some sort of ‘trap tester’. Poor guy. But it’s amazing he manages to survive them all. I don’t know, it’s just like he’s some sort of a trap magnet because he seems to be accidentally activating just about every trap there is. They break for lunch as Elis notes Akari isn’t that friendly with her though the latter says her mission is to protect her. Meanwhile Lalamu is in a chamber with the Jewel but a barrier prevents her from getting her hands on it. The gang enters a room with a large painting, possibly telling the history of the great battle with the ultimate Demon Lord Shaimal. Elis felt that headache again. They resume their journey deeper into the castle until they reach a room with blocks. Elis’ pain is aggravating so they suggest using the Jewel of Kindness as it has some healing attributes. It worked. Then Hiiragi activates some platform thingy and sends the girls up while he goes down to who knows where. The girls enter the chamber with the Jewel. Elis approaches the Jewel but is blocked by the barrier. Lalamu watching from afar thought she would be able to break through the barrier but since she is deemed useless, she summons the skeleton soldiers to finish her off. Kureha and Akari are kept busy (Hiiragi soon joining them when he fell from above. Who knows where he’s been) while Elis uses her brains to solve this puzzle. She remembers the painting about the flames. This is where her physics and chemistry come in handy (f*ck science subjects!) as she mix the different chemical compounds to unlock the barrier via correct colour. The Jewel of Wisdom absorbs into Elis’ bracelet. Lalamu transports them to another dimension and changes her appearance into Akari. Oh dear. Which is the real one? Elis and Kureha get this idea to attack both of them because they hate her so the fake one flinches, gets defensive and targets them back. The real Akari knows they would never harm her as she places her trust in them. This allows Hiiragi to slice Lalamu with his Demon Sword. Bell doesn’t sound that disappointed with Lalamu’s defeat but Lion says that is expected because it is what is written the book. Yeah, it’s like reading the future. Elis and Akari open up to each other as Elis apologizes for saying she hated her but Akari comments her food was delicious.

Episode 4
Anzelotte tells the gang of another Jewel location on the Moon. Say what? Do you remember that Chinese folklore about the woman living on the Moon, Chang’O or better known as Princess Kaguya in the Japanese version? Yeah apparently what they’re trying to say is that she’s an Emulator. Sheesh… Anyway to go to the Moon, the gang rides a space shuttle but they are attacked by cute killer bunnies with pounders. Ugh… They destroy the space shuttle but thankfully (I don’t know how this is possible) everyone survives as they fall onto the Moon’s surface though separated. Elis faces more trouble as the rabbits continue to hound her. After running here and there, she is cornered at the cliff (wait a minute, isn’t the Moon’s gravity only 1/6 of Earth’s? So no worries if she jumps down, right?). This time she is saved by a mysterious kid who has been watching her ever since her arrival. He paralyzes the rabbits with his magic while taking Elis to safety. He chides her friends who are supposed to be protecting her but Elis tells him off that they aren’t like that. He apologizes and leaves after Elis is safe. Akari reunites with her. Elsewhere Kureha picks up Hiiragi after they dispatch more bunnies. Elis and Akari approach a castle whereby Chang’O brags about being the queen of the Moon and servant to Shaimal. Akari fires at her but it is blocked by Chong’O’s sword in which a Jewel is attached to. Chang’O absorbs Elis into a giant barrier that resembles herself. Akari and Kureha combine their powers to make a crack in the barrier enough for Hiiragi to break into. Elis is tied down inside and is to become a sacrifice. The ceremony will be a little delayed since Chang’O has to deal with Hiiragi. Suddenly Elis falls under some trance as she absorbs Chang’O’s Jewel of Fortitude into her bracelet. Shocked at the turn of the events, she let her guard down and allowed Hiiragi to slay her for good. Now we know why she couldn’t return from the Moon. The barrier disappears as Elis wakes up to her normal self outside reunited with her friends. They meet that mysterious kid again as he introduces himself as Kirihito. They don’t really know who he is but he seems to know Hiiragi a lot. Plus, he is wearing their school uniform.

Episode 5
After the Moon, now another Jewel location on some island. Anzelotte knows the Jewel has been here all along and is in the possession of another Night Wizard, Kurusu Andou. However he is not giving it up. As the gang arrives on the island via teleportation, they see fellow-comrade Mayuri Wanstein crying about her failure to convince Kurusu (that includes seduction) as she quickly teleports away and leaves it to the rest. If a cute girl couldn’t do it, what more them? They approach his house and see him chopping wood. They tell him about the mission and the stuff we’d probably know but he’s not interested. He must’ve heard it a thousand times. Because he was once a Demon Sword user, Hiiragi challenges him to a duel. However Hiiragi is made to eat humble pie when Kurusu easily disarms him with his axe. But that stubborn kid won’t give up and each time he tries to ambush Kurusu, he ends up looking more like an idiot. It’s no doubt he sinks into depression with his pride shattered into pieces. Elis continues to accompany Kurusu and help him out though the old bugger didn’t mind. He learns that she considers her friends important. He tells her that Anzelotte isn’t what they know her to be as she can be cruel and will go to great lengths to use her friends to achieve her goals. I guess peaceful times must come to end so Bell sends in a couple of Emulator dogs to attack them. The relentless attack has Kurusu telling Hiiragi to value his life but he is adamant that he will lay his life down to protect Elis. Kurusu makes up his mind and follows Hiiragi’s orders to take Elis away to a safe place. He brings him to a cave and tells her when he was under the service of Anzelotte. He and his partner secured a Jewel and are about to escape but his friend got caught. She wanted Kurusu to return with the Jewel though he is reluctant to leave her. Anzelotte teleported Kurusu away against his will seeing that the objective was to collect the Jewel. His friend perish and in the end, Kurusu refused to hand over the Jewel and left. He lost faith in saving the world since he couldn’t save his friend. He picks up his Demon Sword sticking out from the grave and goes back to give it to Hiiragi. He wants that kid to show his resolve. He doesn’t disappoint and destroys the dogs. Everyone gathers in the cave as Kurusu gives them the Jewel of Faith lay buried in his friend’s grave and into Elis’ bracelet. Hiiragi hopes to have a real duel with him one day.

Episode 6
Without doing any effort, suddenly the gang now have the Jewel of Temperance in their hands. As Anzelotte mentioned, there are other teams helping to seek out the Jewel too. She also introduces to another Wizard, Nightmare who will help them in their next mission. What kind of a name is that if this cool guy is supposed to specialize in dreams. When Elis touches the Jewel, she collapses. She is in her dream world and they have to rescue her by entering her dream. So I guess this is where Nightmare comes in. Meanwhile Bell sends another underling, Pheus Mor to make her debut. The gang arrives in Elis’ dream world. They encounter Elis’ child self as she is infatuated with the storybook Daddy Long Legs. Elis rushes off to see her uncle so the rest give chase in hopes of trying to convince her about this fake world and wake up. As they search around her pastry-filled kingdom, they see Kirihito sitting on a stairs. Since he’s not really helping, they walk away. They find Elis in a lonely tea party with her teddy bears. Hiiragi tells her that they need to return to the real world but she insists that she wants to stay here with her uncle, in which he appears and happy Elis goes to hug him and celebrate her birthday. Nightmare can tell this uncle is an imposter and questions him. Elis freaks out when she looks closer to her uncle when asked to and sees a demonic face. As she struggles away from him, the walls of the house fall apart to reveal a Gekkou. Elis runs away so Hiiragi chases after her while Nightmare deals with the imposter. Hiiragi tries to console crying Elis who locked herself in her room by drinking some potion Nightmare gave him so that he would be the same size as Elis. He promises that he will protect her, easing her heart. So they return to the rest and fight the enemy as the ‘uncle’ reveals his true form which is Pheus. Elis then vows to protect the gang and this causes a massive amount of energy to be released and the Jewel being absorbed into her bracelet. They turn into her shield and surround Pheus while shocking her with its energy projection. Another chance for Hiiragi to do another slaying. Hiiragi returns to his normal size after drinking an antidote while Elis thanks everyone and shows them the exit. They return to the real world though Elis doesn’t remember anything. Meanwhile Pheus isn’t totally dead but heavily injured. She limps into a door hoping it would be an exit but finds something so horrible that she had to rush back out. What could it be so fearful that a dream manipulator like her can scream that badly? Anyway Kirihito has that ‘oh-dear-you’ve-seen-what-you’re-not-supposed-to-see’ look on his face and kills her. At least that is how it seemed like judging from her painful scream.

Episode 7
Akari comes out from some maintenance chamber. She goes to see a friend, Mikoto who is also a Night Wizard but in coma. I guess after back to back episodes searching for Jewels, we take a break here. Akari officially goes to live with Elis as they throw her a welcoming party. That night, Hiiragi is having too much on his mind. Studying for his test, collecting Jewels and cursing Anzelotte’s conspiracy. Tsk, tsk, tsk. His annoying scream interrupted Elis and Kureha’s talk about the letter Elis always writes to her uncle. Kureha shuts him up by dragging him to take a bath (because his tent stinks – he thinks not taking a bath doesn’t kill anyone) or else she will reveal his secret. That time when Elis is alone, she sees Kirihito. He looks at her bracelet and notes that she will collect all the Jewels before her birthday because he is the one who will protect her. Kureha’s voice distracts Elis and by the time she looks back, Kirihito is gone. Next day, Elis’ class is at the skating rink. Hiiragi makes it in time before he is being marked absent by the teacher but unfortunately he is marked late. This won’t look good on his records. Hiiragi teaches Elis to skate and the funny moment is during the break time. Hiiragi thinks he is going to savour Elis’ delicious cooking when Akari takes hers out. Akari has bloody confidence in her cooking but Hiiragi knows better. Green gas leaking out from the bento? In order not for Elis to ‘die’ a horrible death, Hiiragi hogs Akari’s food, chowing it all down clean! He’s already dead when he’s halfway there! Man, what a torture. Just as he thought he could wash it down with Elis’ cake, Anzelotte appears out of nowhere to eat his share. She’s here just to relax. And break time is over. Poor Hiiragi. The skating continues with Hiiragi continuing to teach Elis but this time she fares better. At the end of the day, Elis and Akari buy souvenirs for Kureha and themselves. But it isn’t a bad day for Hiiragi because after his incessant bugging to his teacher, he finally decides to not mark Hiiragi late as he took care of Elis. Elis and Akari give Kureha her handphone strap souvenir as each of them has one. Don’t worry, Hiiragi isn’t left out though Elis slips it in his pocket. Back in Anzelotte’s base, she is receiving numerous activity reports of the movements of Emulators around the world, including major Demon Lords. Things are heating up with the hunt of the Jewels and it’s going to be a decisive battle between man and demon.

Episode 8
While the gang are cleaning Kureha’s shrine club house at school, Elis falls off the ladder but safely into Hiiragi’s hands. At that moment, they are engulfed in some energy ball and disappear. As explained by Anzelotte, they’ve being pulled into the past via some time rift. It’s bloody mind boggling to know how they can communicate in different eras. Elis is separated and finds herself at the top of the highest tower. You can guess she is being summoned by this Demon Lord Amy who accidentally summoned her when she was trying to summon Shaimal. Elis sees the Jewel of Justice in the middle of the summoning device. Meanwhile Hiiragi beats the crap out of the slave drivers and learns about Amy’s goal to build the tower. Before all communications are cut off, Anzelotte manages to tell Hiiragi that since an Emulator summoned them, they have to defeat the Emulator to return. Simple. Hiiragi enters the tower but is attacked by several beasts. Kirihito mysteriously appears again and reluctantly lends his hand to help him. They race up the tower as Amy resumes her summoning. Elis is locked away in a room and she could’ve done this earlier because she manages to blast away the seal and set herself free. Amy is surprised to see Elis again as she charges up the pillars for her summoning. She successfully summons only a partial of Shaimal as Elis could only stand and look in fear when her eyes met with Shaimal. Kirihito’s magic blast knocks down one of the pillars which put a damper to the summoning process. Amy traps Elis in a red bubble and let her float towards Shaimal but Hiiragi cuts it and saves her. Shaimal then unleashes a powerful blast towards Kirihito. He didn’t take a direct hit but was enough to injure him and that entire poor town in the distance got destroyed. Luckily Kirihito managed to destroy the magic structures so the summoning process couldn’t proceed any longer as Shaimal disappears. Hiiragi is going to cut down Amy but she is in a rage and sends him flying with her ice tornado. Elis then absorbs the Jewel into her bracelet in which it soon turns into some type of power sword and stabs through Amy. Hiiragi and Elis disappear from this world while Kirihito destroys what is left of this tower. The duo find themselves in the club room as Kureha and Akari notice that Elis has a new Jewel added to her collection. Meanwhile Bell is going to move in and is confident she is going to win because as mentioned by Lion, the book says the final Jewel will be in her possession.

Episode 9
Anzelotte speaks to Gazer and is pleased that everything is going well. Now it’s down to the final Jewel. As Hiiragi talks to Elis on her balcony, she suddenly collapses and in her trance talks about the final Jewel in some ringed place. Next day as everybody walks to school, something ominous is about to happen to Hiiragi. Yup, it’s Anzelotte and she is here to take the gang away for another mission. Yes or okay? What about school? Screw it since there’ll be no more school if you don’t save the world. In her castle, she shows them the final location of the Jewel to be in the rings of Saturn. However it will be like finding a needle in the haystack. For this mission, they will have Nightmare and Mayuri to accompany them. Since they don’t need to ride that space shuttle again, the entire castle becomes one giant fleet and they’re already reaching Saturn. As Anzelotte discusses the delegation of the duties to them, a large Gekkou is closing in from behind and the largest and massive hordes of Emulators they have ever seen. A change in plan as they will now have to defend and fight the hordes to buy Elis time to find the Jewel. Bell orders her underlings to go into action as they easily flank and take out Anzelotte’s platoons. Bell shows why she is the great Demon Lord as she whizzes pass the soldiers and even takes out a fleet by her own, including putting a large hole in Anzelotte’s castle. She goes after Elis. By this time, Elis has found the Jewel of Hope but to their dismay, Bell got it. Hiiragi and Kureha spring into action to retrieve it but Bell is just too good. Akari from afar fires her shot which hits a nearby asteroid and sends its exploding debris to throw Bell a little off. Hiiragi catches the Jewel and throws it back to Elis. Lion is in despair because it is not what is written in the book (this is what happens when you’re too reliant on pre-determined destiny). Bell demands an answer but Lion continues to panic and search for answers as she sifts through the pages. When Elis absorbs the final Jewel, it turned red instead. Suddenly Elis remembers that painting as the atmosphere around her turns red. The shield forms her wings on the back. She fires one helluva big massive shot. So big that it wiped out a portion of Saturn’s ring! Holy sh*t! Hiiragi jumps towards her and embraces her. This calms her down as she snaps out from her trance and realizes that Hiiragi is bleeding badly. Anzelotte is stunned at the developments and can’t believe Elis is Shaimal. Can you too? So what the heck have they been collecting all the Jewels for?

Episode 10
Both sides take heavy damage from the blast so it’s best that they retreat for now. Elis is confined in a room, utterly confused on what is going on. Hiiragi, Kureha and Akari barge their way in and demand Anzelotte an explanation. Seems there has been some misconception about obtaining the Jewels and instead of opening the portal as believed, it awaked Shaimal who is Elis instead. She points out her bracelet as the cause. Not that the rest are going to but it anywhere since they consider Elis their dear friend. Anzelotte seeks answers from Gazer but he didn’t answer directly and tells her to do what she thinks it’s best for the world. Meanwhile Bell and Lion discuss the developments as Lion’s book too didn’t see this coming but they know with Shaimal around, darkness and destruction will follow. Elis thinks she’s getting a much needed morale booster visit from Nightmare and Mayuri but their glum expression indicate that something bad is going to befall on her. True enough, Nightmare puts her to sleep (literally) as they have received orders to put Elis/Shaimal to sleep (for real) kill her. However before they could begin the execution, Elis wakes up in a trance and blasts everyone away. When she regains her normal self, she runs away in fear after noticing the destruction she has caused. Anzelotte orders every soldier to hunt her down but Hiiragi is upset on her decision. Either way, he is going to save her since no amount of words will change her decision. After Hiiragi leaves, Anzelotte summons Akari and Kureha for a mission (there is no option to refuse, remember?). Kirihito appears to save Elis from the guards and they come into contact with Hiiragi soon after. Since Hiiragi is adamant in risking his life to save Elis, he berates him for being a double agent, first loyal to Anzelotte and then betraying her. Elis slaps him for shooting his mouth. Hiiragi asks Kirihito’s real identity. He only replies he is the same as him, once a follower of Anzelotte but wishes to save the world too and will protect Elis. After dispatching more guards, they arrive in a bay. However the pod can only hold 2 people. What does this mean? Kirihito kicks Hiiragi as he free falls down to Earth! The amazing part is that, he didn’t die when he crashed hard on the tarmac. WTF?! It’s obvious that he wants to beat the crap out of that guy but Kirihito stops his sword with just his fingers. They take a short refuge back at Elis’ apartment. As they ponder what to do next (they can’t stay here for long), Elis thinks of going to look for her uncle. They have to make a move since Anzelotte’s soldiers are descending from the sky. Kirihito offers to stall them so Hiiragi takes Elis and run.

Episode 11
It shows the quality of Anzelotte’s soldiers. They lost badly and Kirihito unscathed. Or maybe he’s just too good for them. Hiiragi and Elis take a train to Elis’ former orphanage. Elis feels depressed about the fact that she is Shaimal but Hiiragi cheers her up. Meanwhile Bell decides to confirm her suspicions and takes Lion along with her. At the orphanage, nostalgic memories flow through Elis’ mind. They see a tree whereby the kids carve their names on it as not to be forgotten. The nun spots them and recognizes Elis. She invites them in for tea and soon the other children are happy to learn their big sister is back. They have a swell time with the kids, baking cookies and going through the photo albums (ah, those happy times). After the children go to take their nap, a mysterious white man with a white rose enters the orphanage and knocks the floor with his cane. A strange wave scatters throughout the orphanage. To Elis horror, the photo albums now are void of herself. She is no longer in all the pictures. She starts panicking and rushes out to the tree to confirm her existence but her name isn’t there either. Hiiragi consoles her that her existence is true but when the nun comes up to them, she doesn’t recognize them at all. Including the kids. Elis tells her name but the nun insists that there is no one like that. Even if there was, the Elis they knew died in an accident when she was 5 years old! Elis runs away in tears as Hiiragi gives chase. Meanwhile as Bell and Lion fly through some strange corridor, Bell suspects that everything on Elis was fabricated including her memories. She never existed till she first transferred and met the gang and now that her role is fulfilled, her existence will be erased. Elis continues to breakdown at the bridge as Hiiragi tries to comfort her that she is real. At least the times spent with them. The world suddenly turns blue and this can’t be a Gekkou. They are surprised to see Akari and realize that she is sent as Anzelotte’s assassin to take them out. The inevitable happens as both ex-friends start their battle, each believing their way is right. I wonder if Akari’s gun would be at a disadvantage since it’s effective for long range. During the bout, Akari’s souvenir strap fell out causing her to be slightly distracted, Hiiragi closes in and slices her Gunner’s Broom into half!!! Wow! Akari admits defeat and decides to withdraw seeing that she will have no winning chance against 3 people. Speaking of which, Kirihito just arrives at the scene. She lets the trio go while reporting her mission failure to Anzelotte. Anzelotte on the other hand receives a forceful visit from Bell and Lion (they blast their way in – again, such useless soldiers). It’s time to talk things out. Why wait for some unpredictable event that threatens both sides to discuss things? Meanwhile Elis, Hiiragi and Kirihito arrive at the school’s legendary tree but receive an energy shot as a welcome. They manage to block it. Looks like now they have to deal with another familiar face: Kureha.

Episode 12
A flashback of young Hiiragi and Kureha spending time together on Christmas. Some talk about Santa too. If you ask me, this doesn’t really have any bearing in the present except to show that they’re close buddies. So they have their own different ideals of saving the world and Elis as Shaimal. As the confrontation continues, meanwhile Anzelotte discusses with Bell and Lion about wanting the world to be saved. For Bell, if there is no world, she can’t invade, right? Ironically if gathering the 7 Jewels will awaken Shaimal, then obviously Anzelotte must’ve been fed false information and hope to retrieve them. Plus, killing Elis may trigger the full awakening of Shaimal. Back at the confrontation, Hiiragi and Kureha already draw their weapons. However Hiiragi lowers his sword as he deems his weapon is not for hurting his friends (how come he nearly did it with Akari?). Kureha also agrees with him and puts away her weapon. As they make peace, Kirihito isn’t happy with the developments and stabs Kureha! OMG! Now here comes the revelation part. Kirihito is the supposed uncle of Elis! Yeah, those white roses look familiar. He wanted them to finish each other off and turn Elis into despair to hasten the awakening of Shaimal but it didn’t happen the way he wanted. Plus, Kirihito is also Gazer! So the person Anzelotte is always seen praying to is this kid? Man, he’s everywhere! This is his reason for wanting to revive Shaimal. Long ago, he was to watch over Earth but you know humans, they become tainted and pollute everything so he lost hope and decided to destroy mankind and start anew. Something what Klaatu from The Day The Earth Stood Still wanted to do, eh? Hiiragi attacks Kirihito but the latter is still strong. Hey, he’s up against God, right? Anzelotte refuses to believe Bell so she reminds her about Kirihito appearing at convenient times and grooming Elis all the while. If Gazer is to do his himself, he will be breaching some rule about protecting the world so he used a third person and avoided getting his hands dirty. Hiiragi continues his attack and gets up no matter how bad the damage he has taken. Elis falls into despair as she feels guilty that all this is her fault. She falls into a trance and her bracelet turns into Shaimal wings (looks like an ugly giant fly) and starts destroying the city. Anzelotte receives report of the mayhem and she remains stubborn that Gazer isn’t behind this so she storms off to ask Gazer in person. Her worse fear is confirmed when Gazer reappears as Kirihito, confirming about his intention to save the world by destroying and used her all the while. So now do you believe him? That’s why it’s never good to blindly believe in some Gods. Hiiragi couldn’t do anything to stop the rampage as he holds Kureha’s lifeless corpse. Is calling out her name going to make her stop? Elis is bounded with thorny vines inside Shaimal still blaming herself as the cause.

Episode 13
Akari reunites with Hiiragi. Nice timing if you consider that guy leaving Kureha’s body in her hands so that he could confront Shaimal. Kirihito stops him from going further while spewing the usual insults and that Elis is gone for good. Like words would make him believe that. If he did, he might have given up a long time ago. As Kirihito orders Elis/Shaimal to destroy Hiiragi, Anzelotte finally decides on her resolve. She is going to abandon her faith to Gazer and orders all her soldiers to protect Hiiragi. The barrier protects Hiiragi from Shaimal’s blast as they are teleported outside Anzelotte’s castle. So if the soldiers can’t even face a massive horde of Emulators, how do you think they’ll fare against a single God? Yeah, Kirihito just easily fries them with his bolts. One of them tosses Hiiragi off but to his surprise is caught by Bell. She’s calling a temporary truce to beat Kirihito. Well, the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. Since the entire universe isn’t big enough for 2 great beings, Bell and Kirihito duke it out. Thankfully Elis is still clinging onto something that prevents the full awakening of Shaimal. Hiiragi searches for a way to get in. This is where Nightmare comes in. Just like the last time, Elis herself might be asleep inside Shaimal so Nightmare casts a spell on Hiiragi to enter the dream world. It is the pastry-filled land and this time they go up the stairs where they first met Kirihito. They see a door this is only as far Nightmare can go so it’s all up to Hiiragi now as he ventures beyond it. Hiiragi faces some frightening dragon at first but slices it down and then move forward to meet Elis. He frees her but she is still in guilty mode. The same attitude so the same answer lah. The times she spent with her friends are real, bla bla bla.

Meanwhile Kureha’s body is brought to Anzelotte so she and Lion decide to resurrect her by combining their powers. I suppose it’s not good to have a dead heroine in the end so for happy ending purposes, even if the magic is forbidden or life-risking, they have to bring Kureha back to life. So Akari and Kureha fly towards Shaimal and their voice relieves Elis a little (Kirihito still being kept busy by Bell). They tell her to come home and her birthday party is due. The red atmosphere turns blue signalling Elis’ freedom from Shaimal. She emerges from Shaimal and Kirihito isn’t pleased that all his hard work is going down the drain. He attacks Hiiragi but Elis’ shield protects him. Elis combines her powers with Hiiragi so both sides charge at each other. It ends with Hiiragi successfully striking through Kirihito’s body. The only thing that can defeat a God is another God, right? So to defeat Gazer (Kirihito), it has to be Shaimal (Elis). Kirihito can even comment how he still hates Hiiragi from day one and says his farewell to Elis before vanishing. Elis bids goodbye to her ‘uncle’. With everything over, Bell and Lion excuse themselves and Anzelotte orders a full report on the situation. Back on Earth, it is graduation day and unbelievably, Hiiragi graduates along with Kureha. After all the absentees and tardiness and even being pushed back a year, you’d think he’ll never make it out of high school. Yeah, it’s complicated. But the celebrations have to be put on hold as Anzelotte forcefully drags Hiiragi away via her helicopter on another “Yes” or “Okay” request. This guy will never have peace. But for Elis, she’ll be glad to continue her life the way she knows it and notes she’ll be fine with everybody else.

Want To Have Another Go? “Yes” Or “Okay”?
For an RPG series and an ending like that, I guess it is okay. So the world didn’t get destroyed and start anew as Gazer wanted it to be. This means it will be back to the usual Night Wizard taking on the Emulators every now and then to determine the fate of the Earth. I’m wondering if Gazer is truly gone. He might not be the Almighty God of everything but he has been observing Earth ever since time immemorial. So without him, will Anzelotte take over his place? One thing I didn’t like about this series is some of the absurd, make-no-sense scenes. I know this is a fantasy genre but still if you think hard about it, it doesn’t feel right. For instance, the mission on the Moon. It’s like as though everyone can breathe and move so easily in outer space! Heck even that decisive battle outside Saturn was the same thing. Everyone in their normal uniforms and not in at least some sort of space suit or oxygen tank. Perhaps magic? Another one is the time distortion sending back Hiiragi and Elis to the past. So where is the Jewel in the future if they took it back from the past? And shouldn’t at least some sort of history change when they meddle with it? Lastly, about that free fall of Hiiragi from space to Earth. Shouldn’t he get burn up upon entering the atmosphere? Using magic as an excuse seems more like convenience. Oh and another things about why Gazer used another third party to fulfil his goals. Seeing that he is going to destroy the world and start everything anew, why the hell is he afraid of dirtying his hands seeing that nobody will be around by then to remember or accuse him?

Other than that, I could say that at times the characters are the most amusing ones in the series rather than the storyline which is divided into searching for the Jewels in the first half and then the shocking revelation of Shaimal in the second. Hiiragi if you don’t look at him as a hero, he’s like some sort of a guy that attracts bad luck. Especially when Anzelotte around pulling him away against his will for all sorts of mission whether he likes it or not. Because of that, Akari always teases him as sagaru otoko (fallen man) and in some situations, he does appear as one. Whether he is repeating a grade, going down a trap or even falling down from the sky. Yeah, it’s like the butt of jokes. But in the end, even Akari notes that he has become agaru otoko (rising man) because literally he has been whisked up in Anzelotte’s helicopter. It’s fun to note that Hiiragi sometimes is suspicious of Anzelotte’s actions and even badmouths behind her back. Ironically, Anzelotte has some sort of a “Hiiragi Sensor” and can tell whether he is talking bad about her and when she feels like it, will decide a punishment later or appear right in his face (speaking of the devil). Kureha’s weapon design is pretty cool and I feel her character is to put Hiiragi in place during comical scenes. Akari’s gun action doesn’t disappoint but I just wish that she has more screen time pulling the trigger. She may appear and sound monotonous but she values friendship as important as the rest. If you notice each time the gang pays a visit to Anzelotte’s castle, she’ll offer them a different tea to drink. Does she really have an extensive collection of tea? The only thing I like about her is the way she phrases her requests so much so you can’t say otherwise and she does it with a cute smile. Technically, you can’t say she’s forcing you, right? She’s giving you 2 options. I may not be right, but I think her other favourite phrase is “God damn!” when things aren’t going in her favour or she’s in a pinch. Yeah, it’s like cursing her own God she worships.

At first I thought Bell and Lion should get more variety of lines because there were seemingly locked in some room, Bell always looking at her magic locket always saying it’s getting interesting and Lion reading the book that predicts everything. So I’m glad they got out of that shell and did something different for once. They show that they’re not as dumb as Anzelotte by revealing several revelations (partly because to think like a baddie, you have to be one). Elis seems like a helpless moe blob at times but that’s because she doesn’t know about her powers and when she does, she starts fearing how devastating it would be. With her finally free of Shaimal, looks like she’ll be able to resume her normal life. Now that the threat is over, will everyone still need to cram in at her place? Kirihito’s strange and mysterious appearance and action makes him stand out that there is more to him than meets the eye so it’s easy to suspect that he would be something major and big in the series later on. Nightmare is such a cool guy with his “Dream” word in every sentence. However I lament he didn’t get much screen time either. I want to note that the subordinates of Bell are somewhat ‘useless’. After making their grand and threatening appearance, at the end of the episode, they get easily killed off. Then there were this bunch of other subordinates unleash to attack Anzelotte’s soldiers during the Saturn standoff. They only display their dark abilities for a while then after that, who knows what happened to them. Something tells me they got killed by that powerful awakening blast of Shaimal. Another character left hanging is Mikoto, Akari’s friend. I thought there would be a short flashback to see her connection but in the end, I felt that the producers forgot all about her.

It got me thinking about the irony of the 7 Jewels of Virtue. Common sense, if you collect them, then at least some sort of super good holy power will come forth, right? Instead, it becomes a key into awakening Shaimal. So shouldn’t they be named after the 7 Deadly Sins instead? Well, perhaps if they were named so, it would be a dead giveaway and that nobody wants to collect them in the first place. In which, we should have got a hint when we are told many people died when they fought over to get their hands on those little orbs. Maybe it goes to show one thing. Too much of goodness isn’t a good thing. The opening theme is Kurenai by Ui Miyazaki (who is also the voice for Elis). I don’t know, I thought the loud sound effects make the song sounded like those tunes you usually hear in ‘Game Over’ moments in video games. The ending theme by BETTA FLASH, Erinyes is totally opposite. Sounds creepy and ominous. The opening lines sounded and felt like some sort of dark priestesses chanting forbidding charms.

Well, I won’t be playing the game any time soon or in the near foreseeable future. Briefly skimming through Wikipedia of the other terms and character classes, perhaps it is not my place to say that they don’t seem to appear in the anime. Well, it’s an adaptation in the first place. Besides, I don’t think the characters in the anime really do appear in the game (not that I know of). So next time if you read all those tales about monsters, spirits and ghosts, maybe they’re really those Emulators trying to invade our world. I don’t really want to end up like Hiiragi as a fallen man, getting whisk away to protect the Earth so much so he doesn’t have any decent time to himself, what more attend school. At his age where guys are dying to play truant or skip classes, he is dying to attend them and graduate. Not to say his studies are his forte but… So with this anime done, I’m wondering if I should continue watching more animes of this genre. Please answer “Yes” or “Okay”. Now, that’s a tough choice…

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