The synopsis had it all. A potential series of finding hope and what is lost. The setting of Nora To Oujo To Noraneko Heart tells of a boy who just lost his parents and the other characters who live with him in their daily normal lives. Till he meets a princess of the underworld who came to Earth to destroy it only to be ‘defeated’ by him because of his ‘stronger energy’. He is then accidentally turned into a cat by her as she seeks the mysteries of life. And what’s this ero book found in the park that is part of the mysteries of life? Is this their punch line?

Episode 1
As narrated, Nora Handa who is a normal student was turned into a magic cat by Princess Patricia who lives in the netherworld. Now, the few girls who are taking care of him have their own ulterior motives of wanting him to be turned back. Like Michi Kuroki who wants him turned back so she could ‘practice her confession’. Or Yuuki Asuhara so she could get back the money she lent. Shachi Yuuri suggests finding the person who turned him into a cat but nobody knows where Patricia is now. Oh, Shachi says she is at her home eating right now! And somehow everybody joins eating the meal instead before getting back on track what they’re supposed to do. So how do you turn Nora back? You kiss him on the mouth. Yuuki has no qualms about that just to get back her money but Michi disagrees. Cats’ mouth are dirty! Don’t worry. Use disinfectant! A big struggle ensues and it ends up burning the entire house down. I guess the disinfectant was too strong…

Episode 2
Patricia and Nora head to school. She thinks it is a wonderful place but Nobuchina Takada vehemently disagrees. Yeah, she thinks it is a very bad place and how teachers like to fail you! Maybe you’re not studying enough? Her friend, Tanaka hopes she won’t upset Patricia too much. She is after all the princess of the dead. But Nobuchina is sceptical about this new transfer student and believes her as dangerous. As proof, Patricia summons an undead skeleton to attack Ida, the school’s delinquent. After learning a girl’s kiss will turn Nora back, Nobuchina had to point out and to make sure if the anatomical model, that undead skeleton and even Ida himself aren’t good substitutes to kiss him. By the way, Tanaka’s super sleuth has deduced the skeleton is a man! Patricia wonders if Nora is okay being kissed by a man. Looks like he doesn’t and runs away. Nobuchina calls him a pervert. How come that sounds so politically correct?

Episode 3
Patricia’s elder sister, Lucia barges in. She accuses Nora of deceiving her sister, the reason why she hasn’t returned to the netherworld. In her attempts to kill him, she accidentally steps on Patricia’s tummy! Lucia fears for her future but is glad Patricia is still sleeping. Nothing to worry about. She returns to kill Nora but this time accidentally stepping on Patricia’s face. Another critical hit. Don’t worry. She’s still asleep. Youngest sister, Eurasia barges in because she wants to play too and is bored staying at home. Lucia disagrees and when they struggle, Lucia is falling and realizes she is going to elbow Patricia. Then her life flashes before her. But she claims those visions are their future? So she is going to protect it and her sisters as she proclaims, “Patricia I love you!” before dropping a painful elbow drop on her guts. I’m sure this scene is up to us to interpret because it’s like this Godzilla has burnt down the entire city…

Episode 4
Beach episode! The girls are there with Nora but what is Nobuchina b*tching about? Ah, I see she is flat. She is offended and insulted especially by those of Lucia and Patricia. Therefore we see Nobuchina and Eurasia forming some sort of flat alliance to ‘defeat the rich’ and ‘redistribute wealth’. Down with the monopolists! Tanaka has just fixing the tank as per requested as the flat chest duo go all out to target the twin towers! They’re going to start a cup world revolution! Lucia and Patricia’s magic easily takes out their shells. So the flatties fire Nora who then accidentally rip off Patricia’s top. The ‘revolutionists’ are pleased with Patricia’s embarrassed reaction and then blame it on Nora for being a pervert.

Episode 5
Patricia hosts a quiz show whereby the winner gets a nice view of the gallows as well as the side prize of a million yen. She asks the first question in which the answer is Natsume Souseki. I believe because Michi is the smartest, her buzzer is rigged because no matter how many times she pressed, it just wouldn’t buzz. Thus giving dumb chicks like Yuuki, Nobuchina and Eurasia to give dumb stupid answers. Even when Patricia gives the most obvious hint (like part of the answer), they still give a variant of that dumb stupid answer. When Michi’s buzzer finally works, she answers wrongly because she has been retorting those dumb answers in her head. Feeling stupid? Say milk 10 times. What does a cow drink? Yeah… Psychology… But it is Nora who wins with the correct answer. And all he did was say “Nyaa~”. I’ll give Patricia the benefit of the doubt she understands cat language.

Episode 6
WTF?! ARE THEY TROLLING US?! What the hell is this entire episode just on real goats grazing on the grasses?! It feels like they failed to do any animation last week and hence they just took some boring random clip and turn it into an episode! Anyway, not too sure if the girls are adlibbing as goats are they actually turned into them. From what I hear, it sounds like the latter. Nom, nom… Hey, at least they don’t have to go to school and get yelled by the teacher. No exams or competition at all. Absolute freedom! Then they realize how hard it is being an animal and this is what Nora must have felt like. So how do they all turn back to humans? Patricia says we all know the answer. Well, I certainly don’t! Oh heck, I’m not even a goat so I wouldn’t know. Personally, I think this was a baa-d episode…

Episode 7
What’s this?! The girls are now sentai warriors trying to defeat a giant monster destroying a city?! Nora leads the girls to transform. Because Yuuki gets distracted thinking if they are getting hourly paid by this, they transform into a lame robot. Yeah, its ‘special weapon’ is to say sorry. No wonder it got defeated quickly. So Nora warns them one last time her magic can only save the world one last time. So here we go. Too bad again Yuuki gets distracted thinking about the long queues at phone stores. Now we have a female version of that lame robot! So what is its ‘special weapon’? To serve tea. I don’t think monster dude is appreciative. Then it comes charging with a handphone?! Must be a dissatisfied customer. Lucia gives hint to give good customer service. This means the robot prostrates itself to apologize. The monster instantly explodes! And so the day is saved! Come back again next time?

Episode 8
Everyone is at the beach at night playing sparklers. However there is a reason for them being here. It is the death anniversary of Nora’s mom. As Patricia learns, she was always drinking, kind but strict, helped them with their studies, cook delicious meals, drink a lot more and fall asleep. Patricia talks to Nora if remembering the dead makes him sad. As she is from the world of the dead, she doesn’t understand what it means to die. She wonders if it will be less painful to forget someone dear who died if you could never see them again. Shachi believes to more dear that person is, the more you want to remember them. This prompts Patricia to wonder if Nora will remember her if she returns to the netherworld. I think his meow says yes. Because everybody won’t either.

Episode 9
Panty shots episode! It could have been the best fanservice ever had it not for those damn paw censors!!!! GRRRR!!!! I guess Nora being a cat now has its perks because of his low angle view up the girls’ skirts. Who cares about the girls talking about skipping class, eating snacks or relationships when you can enjoy the best views from underneath! DAMN YOU PAW CENSORS!!! I guess our fun time ends when we also have a ‘pantsu shot’ of Ida. Why the heck is he pantless???!!! MYE EYES!!! ARGH!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!

Episode 10
A murder mystery game simulation! Patricia is the detective investigating the bloody death of Lucia inside a mansion. She seeks Nora’s help in solving the case. So we viewers are looking from Nora’s point of view as he tries to examine and ask questions. However we get silly answers that stray from the topic. What is it about your gamelan, Ida?! Eventually when the other characters mention they always hear a cat cry coming from this room, eventually Nora confesses. Nora killed Lucia?! The truth is shown that Lucia blamed Nora that Patricia won’t come home anymore. She tried to get him but Nora escaped. This caused a jar to fall over Lucia’s head. With all the shock and sadness, Nora is arrested as well as Patricia. Yeah, looks like she isn’t dead. So should not there be any murder case?

Episode 11
Patricia is dumping old grimoires she doesn’t read anymore into a magic circle. Yeah, literally she hoarded her entire collection in Nora’s room that seems to be bursting any moment. The magic circle then gets clogged like a toilet. Since using an ordinary plunger won’t do, Patricia uses Nora instead! Putting the cat to good use for the first time? Not really. However Nora gets sucked into it. Patricia enters to go look for Nora but finds a woman hanging clothes. Asking her about her lost cat, she points out to Nora nearby. However the woman notes that the cat’s name is similar to her son’s. It’s not unusual but because this woman is Nora’s mother! Nora is tempted to go to her but Patricia warns him not to. This is not the past. This is his memories. She warns the living cannot interact with the dead or else he will be stuck here. Nora doesn’t listen and is still tempted. However mom tells him to go on and take care. Sad Nora returns to the living world with Patricia who notes his name is a treasure given by his mom.

Episode 12
Suddenly Patricia collapses! Is this the end of her? Patricia. The end. Forgive the pun. In hospital as everyone sits around her, suddenly she gets up! But her heart isn’t beating. Well, if you remember she is the princess of the underworld and not having a beating heart is normal. She will be ‘dead’ if she is alive. Confused?! So once that happens, she is no longer the princess and can no longer use her magic. This means she can’t turn Nora back. Hence he must kiss her while she is dead. Nora instantly runs away! That bad? Or just embarrassed. Surprisingly, Ida comes to give him magazines about kissing and talks to him about life. Especially it would be disrespectful that his mom gave birth to a human and not a cat. Wow. You’d never expect such from this character. So here comes Patricia. Quick, kiss her! However her heart starts beating again so Lucia pounds it back till it dies! Patricia and Nora manage to kiss and he is now back to human form. However he is naked and the girls can’t stand him. So Patricia kisses him back so as to put some girly clothes on him and then change him back. Well, there is only so much a cat can take as he runs away. And hence the happy ending of how Nora forever changes back and forth from a human to a cat.

Stray Cat, Stray Plot
First things first. THE SERIES IS SO MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THE SYNOPSIS AND PLOT THAT WE WERE TOLD!!! Did they troll us? Like the synopsis that I have briefly said in my opening paragraph, none of that ever happened here!!! Well, this series was adapted from a game and I can see where the stories and setting come from. But if I do not read the synopsis in the first place I believe it still doesn’t matter and you will not lose much. In fact, reading it now makes me confused and ‘disappointed’ because all we got are very random episodes that has nothing to do with that plot whatsoever. It is like anything goes. Like as though that synopsis was the setting that already was and everything we have seen here is the aftermath of it. Are they trying to pull off something like Teekyuu? No tennis but only a black cat.

So much so, that live goat episode was the one that killed it. I felt a mix of emotions watching that episode. It was so refreshing and different. It is both good and bad. Good because, well, goats! Nom! Nom! Nom! Epic badass?! Cat life and now goat life? Bad because it looked like the producers were lazy and instead of animating our cute girls, they just put in some life footage and adlib some voices over the goats grazing green grasses. Alliteration intended. When you have episodes like this one and other random ones such as a detective simulation game, a beach episode and a quiz show, it summarizes how random and f*cked up fun this series is going to get. No wonder I sensed something amiss when the episodes are only 5 minutes long and it is labelled as ecchi. Hmm… Not that it is entirely a bad thing. I love the crazy randomness but like I’ve said, I wished they didn’t deceive us with that synopsis. But if they don’t, what would they have put up then? A boy who turned into cat and experiences chaotic hijinks in his everyday life. Yeah, maybe…

The characters are as crazy as this series. The crazier they are, the more lovable they seem. So like Lucia who adores and dotes on her sisters very much becomes the idiot of the series. Nobuchina and Eurasia also feel the same and Yuuki too but to a lesser degree. Others like Michi and Shachi don’t appear too much and they aren’t as big as idiots as those aforementioned. Tanaka feels like she has been stereotyped into some sort of handywoman or henchwoman since if you need some fixing done, you get her to do it.

Nora (whose name itself could mean stray) as the main character himself doesn’t feel like a main character since the rest of the girls are hogging the limelight. He feels like a side character animal mascot. There is that penultimate episode of him ‘reuniting’ with his late mother to stir up some feels but it was too fast and too late. Not too sure if everyone is interested in turning Nora back into a human because everyone seems to be okay living their lives and Nora too looks like he doesn’t mind. Hey, when you are a cat, you are adored! You are God! So I see no reason why he would want to turn back this instant when the fact that he can look up girls’ skirt and get away with it despite the girls know very much this black cat is Nora.

Thus it boggles my mind why Patricia doesn’t turn him back to human form easily when she can easily do so at any time. Just a kiss, right? Don’t give me that naked human form bullsh*t. I suppose with Nora as a cat, he would forever be her slave. Besides, cats are cuter to look at than a human boy, right? Yeah, an excuse never to draw how he looks like. So is Nora happy living his life as a cat and sometimes a human? Only he knows the answer…

Oddly, the next episode preview isn’t much of one. Just like how they trolled us with the synopsis, they also trolled us here by naming this part as A Cat’s Thoughts. Except that it isn’t what Nora is thinking because a cat can’t really talk, right? Even by the fact it is absurd that a guy can be turned into a cat but not a talking cat. I mean, look at that American series, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. It had a talking cat, right?! So anyway, what we hear are random thoughts and opinions of the girls that have nothing to do with what happened in that episode or the next episode (they also troll what comes in the next episode, which of course doesn’t happen). Just random chatter. Maybe this is what Nora thinks about them of what they think?

Art and animation lean towards the moe and kawaii side. Because when you have sisters of the netherworld to look this cute, I believe everything else in the world of the dead will also be looking this cute than anything scary. The colours and hue are quite bright and vivid that you might think it is a show for kids but some of the episodes have very mild fanservice so definitely not for kids. This series is jointly animated by a new studio, DMM.futureworks and W-Toon Studio who so far made that chibi Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha-bu movie and Animegataris.

Didn’t recognize any of the seiyuu. Surprisingly but not, Nora even has a seiyuu and must be the easiest lines. This isn’t the only anime that has a dedicated seiyuu voiced an animal voice throughout the entire series but with such a short series having its own seiyuu for a cat that doesn’t talk and only purrs? Whatever. Handa is voiced by Ayaka Asai (Mio in Shinmai Maou No Testament). The other casts are Natsu Takamori as Patricia (Azusa in Orange), Atsumi Tanezaki as Yuuki (Mizore in Hibike! Euphonium), Eri Sendai as Michi (Yukari in Rocket Girls), Yuu Asakawa as Shachi (Motoko in Love Hina), Yuri Yamaoka as Nobuchina (Yuuko in Hibike! Euphonium), You Taichi as Lucia (Anzu in Prison School), Ayuru Oohashi as Eurasia (Ayumu in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi), Juri Kimura as Tanaka (Kyouko in Seiren) and Takeaki Masuyama as Ida. The opening theme, Ne! Ko! by the voices behind Patricia, Yuuki, Michi and Shachi sounds like your typical genki anime pop.

Overall, this short anime is both good and bad. It is short and randomly funny that people like me would forgive the trolling storyline and the non-existent plot. If you were expecting something more than this, then too bad you will certainly be very disappointed. Hence, not for people who cannot stand being lied to. Told something but shown something different altogether. So if you really want to know if Nora gets turned back into his human form, it’s best to play the game. Or if cats aren’t your style, then you can try Goat Simulator. That actually exists. Otherwise, why disrupt the peaceful status quo when you can give an excuse to be by a cat’s side instead of sounding like some love bitten b*tch that you want to be by a boy’s side. I think in this sense Nora is pretty smart to remain as a cat because the girls will start hounding his ass as a boy. Now they have to adore him because he is a cat!

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