Noragami Aragoto

August 13, 2016

I am making a wild guess here. I suppose there are enough people who remember that god of calamity and his freaking cheap services to do anything and that is why we now have this sequel, Noragami Aragoto. And perhaps Yato’s advertising has been so effective that lots and lots of people have been employing his services that he has gained enough money for the producers to create this second season. Wait a minute. You’re saying that Yato is saving to build a shrine of his own instead of giving it to anime producers, right? Oh well, you know how Yato tends to blow all his savings on useless things, right? Right?! And so, Yato might remain a poor God and his dream of getting his own shrine remains a very distant dream, but at least we got a second season. That’s not so bad, right?

Episode 1
It looks like any other normal day for Hiyori. But her soul still easily slips out from time to time. She joins Yato and Yukine doing a babysitting job (for 5 Yen of course!) since the mother had sleepless nights and is now asleep. However Yato senses the room is under siege by an Ayakashi. Yato draws Yukine but the latter is being too sharp and cuts the furniture. Yato refreshes our memory as a lesson for Yukine how to draw a Boundary. Reviewing the situation, this Ayakashi is just an illusion. The real one is the baby’s image in the mirror and it was formed after the baby years a playmate. With the exact strength, Yukine cuts the mirror and destroys the monster. As for the mess in the room, Yato’s great idea: Run! I don’t think 5 Yen will cover all of that. Hanging out at Kofuku’s place, once again everyone cannot believe Yato blew his funds and got conned out to buy another luck charm. This is why he will never ever get his own shrine. While Yato and Yukine are out in the streets to solicit for business, they have to hide since Yato spots Bishamon close by. She is chasing a girl who is being eaten alive by an Ayakashi. After painfully purifying her, she names her Mineha and makes her into her Shinki and lets her live in her household filled with many other Shinki. But Kazuma is worried about her for taking in too many of such spirits because it is taking a toll on her health and it is not getting any better. Her doctor, Kugaha later tells her about that day when Kazuma went missing for a while (from last season). It was to attend an ablution ceremony with Yato. Meanwhile as Hiyori continues to nag Yato to fix her situation (and thus the reason she will be sticking around him more often because heck, he took her 5 Yen!), Yukine meets and befriends another similar Shinki by the sakura tree, Suzuha. He is one of the many servants under Bishamon.

Episode 2
Kugaha meets up with Nora and there is some shady alliance going on between them. Yukine continues to hang out with Suzuha and hears his great stories of Bishamon. He also hears his heartbreaking story about a girl whom he is still waiting to show up at the sakura tree as promised. Every summer, Tomoko who visited her grandma wandered to his beautiful flower garden. Each time she visited, it is like she never remembered who he was. He watched her grow up into a fine young teenager till one day she never turned up anymore. He notes the living are quick to forget them but he still has hopes she will remember him if she sees this sakura tree. This causes Yukine to start worrying if Hiyori would forget him. As Suzuha continues to wait at the sakura tree, Kugaha pops up to manipulate his mind and feelings how Bishamon has never called him for ages. This melancholy allowed many Ayakashi wolves to devour him. Bishamon wakes up in cold sweat that night and could feel one of her Shinki has died. But who? That’s the problem when you have too many. The next day as she walks around her mansion and notices the dead flowers, she realizes Suzuha has died since he is the one who tends them. Yukine brings Hiyori to the sakura tree to introduce him to Suzuha but he never showed up. Instead, they caught Yato spying on them since he was sending trolling texts about them getting cosy to each other. When Kazuma spots a blight on Bishamon, he thinks one of the Shinki is tainted and gathers all of them so Kugaha could diagnose who. None. Kugaha then advises Kazuma to be careful and keep his confidence in check as they can’t afford to lose an exemplar like him. It makes Kazuma wonder if he had been mistaken all along. Because when Bishamon comes by, Kazuma doesn’t see the blight on her shoulder anymore. That rainy night, Kugaha confronts Yato at the sakura tree. He thought he could best that unpopular God but he was wrong. Yato is still many times better than him. Yato has an idea what has happened as Kugaha takes his leave after learning his lesson the hard way. But no matter, his plan to make Bishamon disappear is already in progress and he is going to make Yato help him do that.

Episode 3
Aiha, a Shinki of Bishamon who is jealous of another fellow Shinki, Tsuguha, is the one who has the blight but since she is in cohorts with Kuguha… Kuguha tells Kazuma about Suzuha’s death so it makes him go investigate further. Then Kuguha goes to fan the fire by whispering to Bishamon he saw Suzuha and Yukine together. Yukine starts to understand why Yato told him to stay away from the sakura tree. He saw him placed a bouquet of flowers there, an indication Suzuha has died. This also means Yato is feeling his pain and he sure doesn’t need Nora to bug him about entangled and unravelled bonds. When Kazuma steps near a shrine, Yukine accidentally pushes him. They fell through a portal that leads them right back to Bishamon’s mansion. If Bishamon sees Yukine, she will… Oh, too late. She gets hostile with Yukine but he starts reprimanding her of not taking good care of Suzuha and even went as far as to mention how he cared for her and kept on smiling so she wouldn’t suffer. She couldn’t even protect a Shinki and this family stuff is just crap. Some of the Shinki start crying and causing great pain to Bishamon. Bishamon questions about Kazuma’s help in Yato’s ablution ritual. He tells her Yato is not her enemy but saviour. She cannot accept it because Yato slaughtered her family. When she fires her gun, Kazuma draws a Boundary to protect Yukine. Immediately she exiles his name from her family. The only person relishing in this family feud is Kugaha. Just as planned… With Bishamon’s executives in disarray because Kazuma was a very good team player, it gets worse when Kugaha tries to take control and put false hopes that they need to focus and not lose their direction. So now Kazuma is crashing at Kofuku’s place. Has her place become a freeloader hostel? Yato is still in pain because Yukine continues to cry over Suzuha’s death. One evening at the park, Yato and Hiyori are attacked by Aiha. They wonder if she attacked because he doesn’t have Yukine with him. But Yato can still best her even if she has a cursed weapon. He tries to extract answers from her but she runs away and in great timing, Ayakashi spiders keep him at bay. They are from Kugaha as he kidnaps Hiyori. Luckily Kazuma was nearby and frees her. He is shocked to see Aiha in cohorts with Kugaha. He paralyzes them with his bind. Even more shocking, Kugaha can still move. Kugaha is a bit disappointed Kazuma’s name wasn’t revoked entirely but at least things are getting interesting. If Kazuma is nameless, he would be immune to his incantations. By the time Yato returns, nobody is around. Only Hiyori’s sleeping physical body.

Episode 4
Kazuma and Hiyori are sealed in a cave. It is dangerous for Hiyori to stay in her spirit form as she will die. Speaking of which, her physical body is hospitalized. Her parents are worried she is in a coma and the doctor detected her breathing getting weaker. Kazuma is trying to think why Kugaha is doing this and his name that his incantation had no effect on. This prompts Hiyori to wonder why Kazuma’s name is different from the other Shinki as they end with Ha. When Gods take on Shinki, so such naming sense would make it like family. Ma was the previous family of Bishamon. Kazuma is the only survivor in which Yato slaughtered them all. While Bishamon also survived, she fell into sorrow for a long time till that turned into hatred. She obtained many Shinki over the centuries to form a new family. Despite this being a kind hearted move, Kazuma has always feared this would be her own undoing. Aiha is getting restless as her body is even more blighted than before. She is horrified to hear Kugaha’s plan (which is also guessed by Kazuma). He intends to replace Bishamon by killing her off. Because the people continue to worship her, a new God will be born under her name. Kugaha will then groom the new God to his own will. But is Kugaha strong enough to kill Bishamon? That is why he is going to have Yato kill her. Speaking of which, Yato thinks Bishamon has abducted Hiyori and is on his way to her place. Because he has no shrine of his own, he begs Tenjin to send him there. He refuses at first but with Hiyori’s life on the line, he agrees with 2 conditions. One of them that his name will not be mentioned being involved in this.

Yato goes on a rampage the moment he arrives. Bishamon is waiting and she too goes berserk. The epic clash has Kugaha anticipating the moment Yato kills her. Because he has drugged and weakened her so it would be easy kill for him. Furthermore, with Aiha feeling guilty as a conspirator, the more reason Bishamon isn’t at her optimum. But she is still able to hold her ground. Hiyori wonders why Yato would go so far so Kazuma explains that he was the one who requested Yato to slaughter Bishamon’s previous family. Long ago when Kazuma was just admitted into her family, shortly after she became blighted. The family became restless when the culprit was never found. Bishamon’s blight got worse. With the Shinki starting to distrust and suspect each other, I believe they too got blighted. Kazuma became desperate. He thought of killing everything and then start anew again as a new God. He heard about rumours of a god of calamity who slaughtered everything with his sword, Nora. He went to beg to Yato to kill his entire family. However he had no means of payment although he would give his life and his name back to his master. Yato agreed to kill them all who are now merged into an Ayakashi with Bishamon being absorbed in the midst. He slaughtered everyone mercilessly and right before Bishamon’s eyes. Sad to say, Bishamon survived the ordeal and her hate for Yato endured. Now Hiyori understands why Kazuma once told her Yato is their enemy and saviour. The battle between the Gods continues fiercely. Yato is separated from Yukine and this allows the other Shinki to bind him. A chance for Bishamon to kill Yato but Yukine uses his body to protect him and gets cut in half!

Episode 5
Yato could feel Yukine’s name has not disappeared. Calling him again, this time Yukine transforms into twin blades! I’m not sure about the science behind this but this kind of transformation means Yukine is a Blessed Instrument. The fight continues until Aiha’s medicine wears off. This means Bishamon is now infected by her blight and this also infects the Shinki she is using. Kugaha awaits her final moments as he explains his goal behind this. He has gotten sick of this place. He doesn’t like how she hoards all those useless Shinki and consider them her family. To further weaken her, Kugaha unleashes his Ayakashi to devour all the weaker Shinki hiding inside the mansion. Hiyori is getting weaker after being in this state for too long. It isn’t the fact that Kazuma’s pounding on the door broke it down. Aiha unsealed it. She regrets what she has done, blaming herself as the source of Bishamon’s blight and wants Kazuma to save everybody. Hiyori wants to come too since she is the only one who can save Yato. Nora hypnotizes Yato to go in for the kill. Luckily he is snapped out by Hiyori’s voice. Although he learns the truth that they weren’t kidnapped by Bishamon, the war goddess has lost all reasoning and continues to view Yato as the bad guy. After all, she feels her other Shinki dying and believes Yato is the one slaying them like before. Her blight has gotten worse. Yato has no choice but to kill her although she will be reborn soon. Before he could do it, Kazuma gets in the way and gets cut by her. He hugs her and gets blighted while he reveals the truth that he was the traitor who ordered the slaughter of the Ma family. He has always wanted to tell her but seeing her sorrow of not wanting to lose another Shinki, he couldn’t bring himself. It was her hatred for Yato that gave her strength too. He blames his misguidance for bringing her pain again. Once Bishamon comes to her senses, she releases her Shinki in use and starts crying like a child that her Shinki are dying again.

Episode 6
Yato calls out to Kugaha and the mastermind pops up. He continues to blame Bishamon for all that has happened. She is supposed to be the mightiest war god but instead played house by bringing in lots of Shinki. She also dragged them into this grudge and blighted them as well. The only way left is to kill herself so that when she is reborn anew, he will probably guide her. Before he could touch her, Yato cuts off his hand. All he hears is a child whining about his mother. If he wants his master’s love, then earn it. As right and wrong concepts do not apply to Gods, this means every move a God makes is righteous. Kugaha summons an Ayakashi to fight Yato but it’s time Yato shows us why he kicks ass. Before he could make Kugaha his next target, Bishamon won’t allow it. She is his Shinki still. She remembers picking him up when he had nowhere to go and how his medicines always helped her. Though, she should never have forgotten the pain stems for her Shinki’s cries. Despite all that, it is true that Kugaha has never blighted her once. In that case, she sees his actions to do this for her sake as righteous. But now she must do what she needs to and releases his name much to his dismay. Bishamon goes to handle the Ayakashi inside the mansion. Yato would have followed too but Hiyori has seen lots of action and drama for today. The remaining Shinki are taking refuge at the spring. The Ayakashi attacks but here comes Bishamon to free her fallen Shinki. It is sad and painful for her to go through this again but this is what must be done. Kazuma wakes up with Bishamon by her side. She tells him Aiha’s ablution was successful and those who survived are recovering well. Kazuma wants his name to be released for he has disgraced her twice. He will only end up hurting her. However she is okay with that as he is human and is allowed to make mistakes. She wants him back as her exemplar since she got lost without him. She lifts his exile and he is more than glad to be back. As to better know her Shinki, Bishamon has an exchange diary with all of them.

Episode 7
Everyone is happy that Yato and Yukine came back in one piece. However Tenjin reminds Yato of his other promise. The other condition was to sever ties with Hiyori. This would mean she will forget all the memories they had. She doesn’t want that and told him she wants to stay with him longer. Eventually he didn’t sever the tie. Hiyori returns to her normal life. She does well enough to go on to the next grade. Yato continues to bug her to join his Yato Club. WTF. Bishamon is being interrogated by the Gods about her recent actions. Her grudge for Yato is not to be mistaken for her grudge to some of these Gods because they know some lower Gods are trying to leech off their name. They are also concerned that masked Ayakashi have infiltrated Takamagahara and regret Bishamon’s action to release him as they could have found out who was behind it. Seems he is a Nora with many names. The recent events have thrown Earth and the Heavens in disarray so Bishamon is tasked to observe the behaviour of every Ayakashi. Yato is being met by one of the Gods of Fortune, Ebisu. He is willing to pay him any amount to buy Yukine as a Blessed Instrument! OMG! Look at all that money! Is he going to sell him? Ebisu even says if Yukine joins him, he will pay him a million every month! Now look at the bling in Yukine’s eyes! Yukine is surprised when Ebisu calls him an exemplar since he risked his life for his master. Ebisu feels a Blessed Instrument is wasted on a God who has to reside in the shrine of others. When Hiyori sees all the cash around, she fears the worst. But Yato says he did not sell Yukine. However if Yukine says he wants to leave, it is his choice.

Yukine talks to Kofuku about being Yato’s exemplar. He is surprised when Daikoku says he is also an exemplar to Kofuku. Although Kofuku says she doesn’t need him to protect her, she did tell him all he needs to do is to raise her when she reincarnates. Each exemplar is different and has their own way of protecting their master so none of them is wrong. Yato gets a call for a job but now that he has money, he is getting picky! Yukine kicks some senses into him to accept the job. After that, they talk about money. This has Yukine deduce that every time his Shinki dumps him, he has Nora to fall back on. That is why he has not gotten rid of her. Yato spots an Ayakashi but it is so small like a flea, he couldn’t catch it. It even stole his money! Yukine notices the Ayakashi loves money and runs back to get Yato’s money. It made him realize that he cannot put his desires first as an exemplar. Yukine then scatters the money all over town! Oh, Yato’s money! He felt the need of doing this because he feels Yato might choose between him or Nora. If that is the case, he must get stronger. This money scattering succeeds in luring out the Ayakashi. Only if Yato isn’t busy trying to pick up those bills… Yukine is serious when he advises Yato to forget about the money. It’s only money, right? Yeah. Screw that. Time to kick some Ayakashi’s ass. Yukine did the honourable thing to turn down Ebisu’s offer but Yato is depressed after losing that cool sum. Hiyori then brings in a little shrine she made just for him. Now he has a shrine to call his own. He is so happy that he cried. Don’t laugh. It’s his dream, remember? As said by Kofuku, ever God would love their have their own shrine because it shows the gratitude and appreciation people have for them.

Episode 8
Ebisu seems to be trying to control a masked Ayakashi. If you are wondering why Yato is ‘harassing’ Hiyori like a boss, it is because with his little shrine, he is now officially recognized in Takamagahara and can even sell merchandise legally! He even has his own little shrine plot but Yukine prefers to stay at Kofuku’s more comfy place. Manabu fails in trying to confess to Hiyori when he tries to thank her for all she did. However Hiyori credits all that saving to Yato. But Manabu doesn’t remember that guy. Learning more from Kofuku, it seems a God will disappear if people forget about them. Even more so for an unknown God like Yato who never existed for anyone. It was a struggle for him to do so in the past. That is why he is so grateful when he got his own shrine because it means somebody remembered him. Daikoku thinks he must have other followers too. Otherwise how can he survive throughout centuries based on that belief. Because Yato was also young and a kid before, it raised a question for Hiyori if he had parents. Meanwhile Yukine seeks Kazuma’s help to train him in using incantation. Well, more practice… Meanwhile Yato sees Nora and wants to end things with her. But she is not happy since he was the one who made her a Nora. Is he going to betray them now? She sets upon her masked Ayakashi wolves to attack him. Helpless and defeated, she says all they need to do is to obey father. Hiyori is worried because Yato is missing for a week. What happened to that drama queen who kept harassing her? So this is not normal? She continues to ask others but they have not seen him. This makes her fear that she might forget him if she continues not to see him.

A mother weeps over her daughter’s murder. The killer only got a prison sentence and not capital punishment because it was his first time. More disheartening, he was smiling during the judgment. Therefore she is seeking Yato’s help to kill him and seek justice for her daughter. Yato and Nora kill him in prison. The deep cut that leaves no traces left police baffled of his sudden death. Nora tries to convince him this is how people appreciate him and that Yukine cannot perform such miracles. Hiyori too has been filling his head with crap and don’t think he can stand on his feet with them. She assures they will not betray him. Bishamon and Okuninushi visit Ebisu who is sick. The latter is not amused because he has been getting sick often. After they are gone, it is revealed his compatibility with the masked Ayakashi failed. All Ayakashi he tries to turn into his puppet will blight him. He needs to rectify this. He gets word that the Locution Brush has been found. Yato and Nora continue to kill wrongdoers. One day Yato realizes he has been in this state for a month. Memories of Hiyori flashes across his mind. He needs to get out and return to her. Nora won’t let him so he goes berserk, even overcoming all the masked Ayakashi wolves. He calms down when father comes in. There is a job for them. Once they are done with this job to rescue a conjurer in the underworld, Yato is free to do whatever he wants.

Episode 9
Yato and Nora are outside the entrance to the underworld. The Ayakashi would be the least of their problems because Izanami, the queen of the underworld is on a far different level than Gods as she is eternal. Nora vows to protect Yato if he is afraid. As they head inside, they are surprised to see Ebisu. This is the person whom father has asked to rescue. Meanwhile the Gods are in a gathering at Takamagahara. Kofuku thought of seeing Yato here but he isn’t. The gathering’s purpose is because they now know who the conjurer of the masked Ayakashi is. They believe it is Ebisu and he will be under arrest immediately and all his Shinki interrogated. This also means his group of the Gods of Fortune will have to remain here. Hiyori seems to have forgotten about Yato. Because she joins her friends on a triple date outing at an amusement park that Yato wanted to visit very much. Ebisu won’t leave this place yet as he needs to find the brush. Therefore Yato had to go great lengths to protect this dude from Ayakashi attacks since he is clumsy. He notices Ebisu blighted so he explains the failed experiments of the masked Ayakashi. Ebisu is interested in naming an Ayakashi like naming a Shinki but it is harder and uses more power. But with this brush which is in Izanami’s hands, he will be able to solve this problem. Speaking of that queen, they saved the trouble of finding her as she brings them to her quarters. Yato is shocked to see her as Hiyori but Ebisu sees her as an old lady of his favourite restaurant, Olive Tree. It seems each sees her differently as an attempt by her to keep them here forever. Izanami is willing to give the brush but on a condition one of them stays here to become her friend. Ebisu plans on leaving Yato behind so they start fighting. Ebisu riles Yato about talking about his very weak existence and on the verge of disappearing. Yato argues back he like any other Gods were born out of people’s wishes and it is only natural he wants to keep on surviving. Ebisu gets the better of him and wins. Izanami is delighted that Yato will be her friend and gives the brush to Ebisu. Yato learns that Nora also serves Ebisu. It is then Izanami realizes this was just a trick and they’re not going to stay. Furiously, she sends her zombies to go after them as they escape. Meanwhile Hiyori is having quite the fun till she realizes she is getting a souvenir for someone she couldn’t remember. It irks her so much that it is bothering her that she cries. What to do but her ‘boyfriend’ to kiss her.

Episode 10
Hiyori must be regretting what happened. When Yukine talks to her, it took her a while to recognize him but when she does, all her memories of them come flooding back. Yukine can’t understand her big hug. With Kofuku haven’t return since the gathering, Hiyori goes out to find Yato. Well, you won’t find him in the living world. He is still running away with Ebisu and he had to sacrifice a few of his Shinki to escape. The latter explains the importance of leaving with the brush for the umpteenth try. As the world is filled with chaos, the reason Gods are needed. But with this brush, he can help bind the Ayakashi and prevent misfortunes they cause. This motivates Yato to protect Ebisu harder. Thinking of Hiyori’s smile? She is doing research on the various God names. Yato is rarely mentioned. She thinks of going to Mayu. Kazuma explains that heaven is in disarray, the Gods of Fortune are being held and Ebisu is blighted. Despite the heavens let his numerous reincarnations slide, this time they are taking action. Kazuma hopes Tsuyu can help find out what is going on further. As she is not really a Shinki and the spirit of a plum tree, she connects with the trees of the world to partially see what has been going on ever since. As the Gods of Fortune are being held, they are told how heaven is going to punish Ebisu as they have discovered Ayakashi masks in his place and many of his Shinki are Nora. Ebisu’s grand scheme has also been confessed by some of them. Okuninushi goes on a rampage threatening to go to war with heaven again. Kazuma picks up Bishamon to get their side of the things done. Hiyori and Yukine are at the gate to the underworld’s entrance but it is sealed and they can’t slash it open. Yato stays back to let Ebisu get away. However his hopes are dashed when the exits are completely sealed off. Yato is captured and about to be done in when Ebisu says he will stay by Izanami’s side. He hands the brush to him to bring it back to the surface as he knows he will die soon but reincarnate later. Yato cannot accept that because he wants to help him. Does he have any desires he wants to do right now? And since he does, Yato takes him and makes a mad dash to escape. Not another chase. Izanami has been fooled for the umpteenth time? But the exits are blocked. Then make one! Ebisu uses the brush to summon many Ayakashi and create a hole. As they are being sucked into the vortex, Yato gets pulled back down.

Episode 11
A Vent opens so Hiyori and Yukine rush towards it. Suddenly Hiyori cannot move. And they are shocked to see Kugaha who is now a Nora since Yukine cannot bind him as he does not know his name. Kugaha tells them Yato is with Nora. As Yukine is weak, Yukine takes him to run while Kugaha continues to attack. Yukine becomes irritated that Yato is with Nora but with Hiyori’s words to believe in Yato, Yukine unleashes a powerful counterattack to knock out Kugaha. When they reach the Vent, they see Bishamon and Kazuma attending to a very blighted Ebisu. He tells them what has happened and hopes they can save Yato. Izanami thinks she has gotten Yato. It’s just his slipper… Yato and Nora are hiding somewhere. Yato remembers Nora never blighted him as a Shinki once. He gets up to look for a Vent but Izanami has found him and drags him away. Hiyori remembers Kofuku can open Vents but the latter tells her as a human being, she cannot enter the underworld as she won’t come back out alive. So Yukine pleads to Bishamon to go save Yato. But the only way for Yukine to enter the underworld is to become someone else’s Shinki. Can he afford to become a Nora? Bishamon assures she will bring Yato back. Kofuku opens the Vent for her to enter but it closes shortly. It could be that Izanami is trying to seal off the underworld. Bishamon finds Yato in a weakened state with Izanami. She reminds her Shinki to concentrate on rescuing Yato and not try to defeat Izanami as this is her home ground. Yato can’t believe they are doing something insane so Bishamon mentions about his hatred for him. Although she knew everything and the massacre of her family was never his fault. She had to hate him to move forward. She can’t believe he has saved her twice and will have to repay her debts. She warns him not to give up because there are others outside waiting for him. Ebisu notices Hiyori and mentions there is another way to bring Yato back and it requires a human from the Near Shore.

Episode 12
The heavens decide to take out Ebisu. Bishamon is entangled in Izanami’s hair. One wrong move and she will be sharply cut. Ebisu explains the only way to save Yato and that is for a human with ties to him to call his name. Hiyori desperately uses this Soul Call into the Vent. Bishamon only comes out when she calls her. So why not Yato? Could it be Yato is not his real name? Unfortunately nobody knows about it because he never told anybody. Perhaps Yato could be regretting that now. He thought of not telling anyone so as not to make them hate and leave him. Now they have bigger problems because the subjugation force from heaven is here. They aren’t going to listen to any reasons as they fire their arrows. Ebisu summons his Ayakashi to stave them off. Bishamon helps him. Hiyori continues to call Yato’s name. She believes it is his real name because he was so happy when she made him a shrine. Then she realizes his writing may be pronounced differently. When she yells out Yaboku, Yato instantly returns. Too bad for Izanami. Alone again, naturally. Bishamon holds off the subjugation force for everyone else to escape. But here comes the mighty lightning dragon, Kiun. Bishamon tells her Shinki to believe in themselves and with Kazuma believing he must be more dominant than Kiun, he manages to strike and bleed the dragon. It’s raining blood! And while Yukine has time to chide Yato for not telling them everything, the subjugation force summons a giant Pacification Ring over the sky. It means you’re f*cked. Because like hell they care about killing mortals now. This is how heaven works? And why do they look like Sith Lords now? But there is always a way. Yato tells Yukine to believe in himself as not only they cut the blast but the giant ring itself! OMFG! With Yato’s past reputation I’m not surprised. But Yukine? Yeah, surprised. You think it is over when the subjugation force traps Ebisu in their ring. Game over?

Episode 13
Yato went to see reincarnated Ebisu (now a little boy) recovering at Bishamon’s mansion. However he kidnaps him and brings him to Olive Tree. Does he have the money? So that’s why he stole Kazuma’s wallet… It is sad this new Ebisu does not retain his memories as Yato feels miserable the last Ebisu died because he felt they could become good friends. As Yato explains the things he did with the previous Ebisu, Ebisu thinks he must be a bad guy that deserved to die. Yato strongly objects that. Flashback reveals after the subjugation force blasts Ebisu with the ring, he was a few moments away from death. Ebisu regrets he wanted to live but soon ‘exploded’. Therefore Yato is now feeling a great regret over this and just wants this chance to apologize to him. Bishamon, Okuninushi and Tenjin are briefed by Kunimi, Ebisu’s new overseer about Ebisu’s goal in obtaining the brush. His desire to control Ayakashi to help people because he believed wealth isn’t the only thing that would make humans happy, has always left him sick and dying many times. The brush is now missing and Kunimi hopes it stays that way as he doesn’t want Ebisu to touch it again. Yato talks to Yukine that he has killed many with Nora. He wants to stop that. Speaking of her, she pops up blaming him for abandoning her but forgives him for completing his job. When Yato asks if Ebisu was killed in place of their father, Nora admits that somebody needed to take the fall. Ebisu just happened to share an interest in controlling Ayakashi. One little push from father and the heavens got all riled up. After Nora berates Yukine for not having what it takes to carry Yato’s burden, Yato does the unthinkable by releasing her. She always smiled like that no matter who died and never changed. He can’t smile with her now. He is no longer Yaboku but Yato. Despite being the god of calamity, he wants his new purpose to be someone who can make others happy. He doesn’t know how to do it and wants Yukine to be his guide. He tells him to do things as it is as always. Since all he can do is kill, then kill the disaster before it strikes. He is his exemplar and will always be by his side. Hiyori is touched by this and prays Yato will become what he wants to be since both of them chose each other. She hopes so because she believes in them. The brush seems to be in the hands of father and he knows about Yato releasing Nora. He is taking a form of a young high school student named Fujisaki.

Hiyori is at a skiing resort with her family. Yato and Yukine are also here because they desperately want to follow her and reveal their failed and silly exploits in getting here. Seems Kofuku and Daikoku are so here. Company trip? Tenjin too. Company trip? Bishamon and her Shinki too! Let me guess. Company trip? Then there is the rivalry between Yato and Bishamon as they try to settle it via ping pong but Yato ended up cutting the table. Meanwhile a psychopath plots the murder of everyone. He first starts by killing Yato! He waits for the next morning to let everyone find the hideous decorated corpse but everyone starts laughing and taking pictures of Yato hanging in his underwear! Baffled he is still alive, psycho dude kills him again via poisoning. Still alive? Yato gets arrowed, shot and even exploded but he still won’t die! It took a while for Yato to realize somebody is targeting him. So he becomes a detective to find the culprit. He accuses Kazuma! Because he might be mad for turning his underwear inside out. But realizing Kazuma didn’t even know that, he changes his accusation to Bishamon. Because he ate her pudding! He continues to accuse others and in the mean time reveals all the untoward acts he did on them previously as their motive for killing him. Yeah, Yato just killed himself many times over. The last straw came when he accuses Hiyori because he has been taking unsuspecting pictures of her and uploading them to social media to spread his Yatoism. It’s a good thing it never caught on. Hiyori beats him up. It is when they see the psychopath kidnap him and throw him off a cliff! Yato still lives! Why won’t he just die?! He reveals he did this to write his next mystery novel. But he has been writing so long and his works were never accepted. When an idol new to the industry got a jump on him, he became agitated. He decided to become a real murderer and create and write real murder scenes in prison. His name will surely go down in history. Yato chides him for his shallow thinking while revealing his own failed pathetic idol stint. Yeah, he only held a concert before cats and pigeons… Don’t ask. He tells psycho guy to pick up the pen and fight instead. He repents his actions and when he learns Yato cannot die because he is a God, he becomes his follower! No kidding! Yato is happy he will right his next novel based on him. However the editor rejects it and recommends a mental hospital! Meanwhile Yato eagerly waits for his book that will never debut… Keep waiting…

Hiyori is surprised when Yato calls her as he wants to take her out to a nice place and treat her. Who’d knew that it is Capyper Land! The place where she got her first uninvited kiss! Oh, the trauma! I wonder how Hiyori is holding it all in. Besides, isn’t it Yato the one who wants to visit this place the most! Yeah, it is his dream! He believes those Capyper mascots are real! Just like Santa Claus, eh? Meanwhile Kunimi seeks Bishamon and Kazuma’s help because while he and young Ebisu are taking photos on Earth, they got separated and lost. As you might have guessed it, Ebisu is at the park and joins Yato’s group. Yato is ecstatic when a Capyper mascot wants to take his photo. Actually he went for Ebisu. How sad… Even Yukine got one… Bishamon and Kazuma see Ebisu safe in Yato’s care. And since they are here, why not check out the place. For the rest of the day, Yato is having great fun. Kofuku spies on him and has this evil thought of ruining his fun only to be stopped by Daikoku. Can’t stand to let Yato have all the fun? When a lost kid mistakes Daikoku as her dad (because they are wearing the same clothes), Daikoku and Kofuku decide to stay and chill. More fun from Yato but it may be tiring for Hiyori as she tries to prevent him from knowing the truth that Capyper isn’t real. Eventually Ebisu wanders off himself and into Bishamon and Kazuma.

Night fall and there is the Capyper parade Yato wants to see badly. But this triggers Hiyori’s trauma. The kiss… Then it turns into a huge commotion when Yato keeps bugging reluctant Hiyori to watch with him or it will damage his social life (what social life?!). But to the crowd, they think it is some lover’s quarrel. Yeah, some high breakup drama this is. Eventually she relents but she is not putting up a smile. That genuine gloomy face makes Yato feel bad. He takes her to leave but that is when she turns around to apologize for all this. She also says she wants to be with him a little longer. This leaves Yato wondering how true those words are. Isn’t this looking a little romantic? Kofuku is enjoying the fireworks when she spots a cockroach. In her fear, she uses Daikoku to crush it, accidentally unleashing a Vent. This causes a little havoc on the parade. Hiyori’s worst fears come true when Yato spots who really is behind the mascot. Middle aged men? Trauma mode on. Just like how kids realize there is no Santa, it is the same for Yato who couldn’t believe this lie. No amount of liquor can cure his depression. But a little Capyper hand puppet play by Hiyori saved the day to make him believe once more. Hiyori receives a letter of thanks from Ebisu as well as some of the photos from the park. She is surprised he took one when she was apologizing to Yato. Yup, it sure looks romantic from this point of view.

Home Is Where Your True Name Is
This season doesn’t disappoint and certainly live up to its expectations. At least from my point of view. Although not perfect at times but at least it brings a reasonably good mix of action, drama and comedy. You’ll be satisfied with the fights and its magic effects. You’ll be satisfied with the steady pace and flow of the plot as well as some of its revelations and progression of certain characters. You’ll definitely be laughing your ass all over whenever Yato gets into his usual idiotic mode. I think it is one reason why we come back this season. Yato can kill without remorse but he sure can make us laugh. Why is it that he is still not a famous God? Maybe that is precisely the reason why… And of course with lots of other potential and development especially that foreshadowing at the end of it all, it looks like it might just get better or worse. But that will be another time if they decide to make another season out of it.

The first half of the series was entertaining and interesting mainly because it was a big conspiracy setting up the 2 big beloved characters of the series on a warpath. Yeah, like Captain American taking on Iron Man, eh? What more, a scheme hatched under their very own nose to make them fight. With their bloodied and raging past between them, all it needed was a simple light of the fuse for the fireworks to go off. It was exciting as well as nail biting rush since you can’t help wonder if they will actually kill each other or only one will emerge victorious. Of course we all know that it will eventually end in the typical path of that the duo will survive, overcome their obstacles and cast away the big puppet master behind it all.

Then came the second half and I felt this one is a bit of a letdown although it is still interesting in its own sense but it doesn’t match up to the awesome epic one that was in the first half. Basically it focuses on Yato trying to shake off Nora as he does one last job(s) for father in hopes he can start anew again. Well, meeting Ebisu in a way was a good thing because Yato finally actually decided to change his outlook and all for the sake of his future and the future of those he cares. The second half’s plot also feels like to forebode a next sequel because I am sure with their father now in the picture, it signals the start of things yet to come. But that of course is another story and another season that I will save for another day. If it happens.

Although there are still comedic elements in this season, I can’t help feel that is toned down. With the kind of story arcs you see this season, it is no wonder. Therefore we see less of Yato being an idiot of trying to solicit business from other people and take a (slow) step closer to his own shrine or even one where he blows his money being scammed to buy useless charms. Hence, this season is more of drama and action as it tries to move the plot forward. The basics and introductions have been done in the first season so if you want to refresh your memory, go watch it again.

It is hard for me to say whether the character development is lacking this season. Because for example the first half as we know is about Bishamon so there are lots of emphasis in focusing on her past and character on how she came to hate Yato and then finally settling her score with everything Yato related. It could have been Bishamon’s season but since they inserted the Ebisu’s arc in the later half, I guess I can’t be saying this season of Noragami belongs to only Bishamon and her Shinki. Old characters like Tenjin and Kofuku didn’t seem as important as they are this season and being in this season feels like so that we still remember that they exist. You know how bad it is for a God when we forget them, right? Even new ones like Okuninushi had potential but with the lack of screen time, nothing more to be said. Then there is Aiha who turned into a good girl after Kugaha’s betrayal. After that despite being called on for missions with Bishamon, she wasn’t standing out that much either.

I think one of the main characters that suffer from the lack of development would be Hiyori. For most of the time she is just hanging around and though her character role does drive the plot like being kidnapped to start the final fight between Yato and Bishamon and somebody who could call Yato’s name to bring him out from the depths of the underworld, there is nothing more about her. After all, she already had her stint in the first season. With the events that have happened, I am beginning to feel that Hiyori doesn’t want her wish to be granted after paying her advance to Yato. There were a few chances for her to do so but seeing she doesn’t want to take them and wants to stay with them a little longer, I guess this sums up about it. Yukine is also not much here but he does grow especially into Yato’s trusted Blessed Instrument. Unlike last season when he did the unthinkable by blighting Yato, his only serious worry would be to be Yato’s exclusive Shinki or Nora. Competition is good, right?

As for Yato, now that Hiyori has created a personal shrine for him, does this mean he doesn’t need to solicit for more cheap business to get his own? I mean, doesn’t he want to have a bigger one and one that is filled with all his dreams and desires (as comically described in the first season). I suppose not. He has a place to call his own now. But still he continues to freeload in Kofuku’s place… Other people’s things are always more pleasurable to use, eh? Now who the hell can we call to and fix our leaking pipes for the price of 5 Yen?! But if you want to pinpoint of who Yato really is, it is hard because sometimes he is a real scary God if you get him mad. Sometimes he is a serious God and gets things done when it is really needed. There are even points when he became indecisive and unsure. But most of the time he is just a goofy idiot trying to leech off and have fun. And cause everyone some sort of inconvenience along the way. I think it is his way of trying to get attention. Yeah, whatever works…

And as we have seen so far from this anime that nobody has really died or being killed off (not counting those minor characters whom we do not care and whose roles are just solely to be killed), there is always a chance for them to return in the future. Like Kugaha. Bishamon didn’t finish him off. Yato couldn’t finish him off. Yukine certainly didn’t dispose of him completely. So what are the chances he will be back as another bad boy the next time? Don’t tell me he might team up with father and bring another round of chaos to the heavens and earth. Same case with Nora. She might have been released by Yato but the fact she is not dead means that she will still be back to haunt Yato and perhaps make him regret for him doing that to her.

Ebisu’s reincarnation and failure to retain memories of his past selves brought up the question of this hole in the plot. If he has been doing the same Ayakashi controlling method for so long, dying and reincarnating in the process, doesn’t it contradict the rule that a God loses all those memories after being reborn? Unless he left messages of his work behind or orders to his subordinates to remind him to continue his work. That may be possible. Or maybe as said, due to his sincere personality to help humans, his character tends to evolve and think the same as he grows up and ends up trying to control Ayakashi.

The opening theme is Kyouran Hey Kids by The Oral Cigarettes (WTF is this kind of rock group name?!). This rock piece has a funky feel to it and this is what makes the song particularly catchy and exciting. It might not entirely fit the overall theme and feel for the series and sounds more fitting if you look at it that it should fit Yato’s theme. But it is not as odd as the ending theme, Nirvana by Tia. After all that dark drama, blood and gore action, suddenly you hear a sunshiny song. How contrasting is that? Like how the opening theme I say is befitting Yato, the ending theme is one that fits Hiyori.

So if you want to see a third season of this series, be sure to remember Yato and the gang. Or you can just donate your 5 Yen and more, flash those bundle of cash in the face of the producers especially Yato so that they cannot refuse. After all, this world is only nothing but money, money and more money, right? Heh. You know how much budget it makes to make another anime despite how freaking popular it is, right? Yato would be freaking happy if his anime ran as long and continuous as that ninja and pirate series. Unfortunately those 2 animes are like Gods and remembered more often than Yato will ever be. Time to get back to making your name the old way by servicing for jobs. I am sure there will be some kind of uproar if Yato decides to increase the price of his service to 6 Yen! Such atrocity! I want my value for my money! Well, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


August 16, 2015

Having problems that you can’t fix yourself? Missing Cat? The pipe is stuck? Need somebody to do the chores? Don’t worry. With only a price as cheap as 5 Yen, you can get all that done and with satisfaction guaranteed. Wait a minute. What kind of human would ever provide all that service with such a cheap price? That’s right. No human would. All this is possible if you call a certain god and pay your 5 Yen to him! Sounds like a good deal and too good to be true? Well, it is the real deal! Ah, yes. It might be mind boggling that a god is stuck doing such chores that only humans would do and I supposed that is what being a Noragami (literally means Stray God) would do. Well, I suppose this god is trying to collect funds to make his own shrine. I know there are lots of questions you want to ask about that but this story isn’t just about a god trying to do odd jobs to achieve his goal (thus eliminating any speculation this is totally a slapstick comedy show). When he accidentally saves a girl from an accident that would have killed her, she turns into a half spirit, they work together battling Ayakashi monsters who bring harm to humans. Along the way, gradually revealing a dark secret from his past.

Episode 1
Yato just finished destroying an Ayakashi. However his Shinki (Divine Instrument), Tomone wants to call it quits! She can’t bear to be with this poor God in a tracksuit. How insulting. But you can see how happy she is with her newfound freedom. Yato is adamant he’ll get 120 million worshippers and stand above all Gods! Yeah well, good luck. I mean, he needs to advertise via wall graffiti about his problem solving business. And any call he gets, he becomes an eager beaver to be at your service for a mere 5 Yen. This includes finding somebody’s lost cat. Hiyori Iki is a martial arts lover when she spots Yato trying to get a cat crossing a road. As expected, a bus is in the path. She pushes him away. Good news: They live. Puzzling news: Isn’t that Hiyori’s body in the middle of the road? Wait a minute. Is she dead? The next thing she knows, she is in a hospital bed and her family and friends are relieved that she has woken up. CAT scans show she has no problems whatsoever. When Hiyori mentions about a guy in tracksuit, they don’t remember and think she might still be in a daze. That night, Hiyori is surprised Yato pays her a visit. From underneath her blanket! She wanted to call the police but he is here to clarify that although she is the first human who tried to save him, it wasn’t really necessary. He claims he is going to be God although he is a stray one right now. Maybe she should call the police… He warns that without a Shinki, he can’t stay here long and this place is crawling with bad Ayakashi.

Over the next few scenes, Hiyori seems to feel heavy and can’t keep herself up. It’s like she wants to fall asleep or something. I mean, your friends would be really worried if you just suddenly collapse in the middle of the corridor, right? Then she remembers. Yato was trying to find a cat. She decides to go look for it. Yato is trying to use catnip as bait. Sure, he got the cat. But now he is confronted by Ayakashi monsters who want a piece of him. Yato can’t do much against this giant toad since he doesn’t have a Shinki. Surprisingly it is Hiyori who comes to his rescue. That’s the second time. She uses her martial arts move she copied from her favourite martial artist, Tono and it worked. Well, if only it didn’t regenerate… Now run! After at a distance, Yato points out her soul slipped out. You can see her body ‘sleeping’ on the fence. After handing the cat back to its owner, Hiyori wants some questions answered. What is happening to her? Far Shore and Near Shore. The living world people live in is called Near Shore. Far Shore is what people call the afterlife. Then there are those in between like Ayakashi who are incarnations of emotional energy. Hiyori panics upon thinking she is an Ayakashi. What can she do to stop letting her soul slip out? He’s a God, right? Maybe he can help. For a cheap price of 5 Yen, he can make her wish come true. I hope it won’t be the case of you pay peanuts, you get…

Episode 2
Hiyori has a hard time adjusting to life. How can she when her soul keeps slipping out in most unlikely of places and her pals thinks she is such a heavy sleeper. Despite in her soul form, she still can touch and contact things. Of course it is fun hopping around town but when she starts to notice Ayakashi around her, it doesn’t sound so fun anymore. It is explains the Far Shore denizens coming in all shapes and sizes. They are everywhere and only animals and babies can see them. It has been 2 weeks and Hiyori is of course furious that she has already paid him and nothing has been done! Well, he is busy with other jobs… He warns her that she is both a living and an Ayakashi. This makes her stand out and attract other Ayakashi who wants to eat and corrupt her soul. Then he goes on ranting about his dream of saving up all the 5 Yen coins to build a shrine of his own… So why can’t he just fix her problem? He doesn’t have a Shinki. In other words, he is useless without one. Thinking that if she could help find one for him to speed up solving her problem, she goes to find spirits that would serve Yato. Well, she looks like a weirdo peeking into corners and holes to call Ayakashi to work for Yato. I think she’s scaring them. Yato is definitely a useful guy to call to when you have plumbing problems in your toilet. Heck, he even fixes your bath as freebie! All for a meagre 5 Yen! I want this God! Yato gets a call from Hiyori as she claims she has found him a Shinki. This giant spider… That’s not a spirit, it’s an Ayakashi! Now run! Hiyori thought she could fight it but Yato saves her and in return got his hand bitten. It’s a kind of disease and defilement if he doesn’t cure it soon, he will die. The chase continues as Yato spots an uncorrupted spirit in the form of a tiny snowflake. He initiates the ritual to turn him into his servant and Shinki. He names him Yuki and as Shinki named Setsu. His casual name will be Yukine. Yato now has a sword in hand and cuts the spider. Hiyori couldn’t understand but see Yato crying (he must have peeked into Yukine’s past during the bonding ritual). Yato heals his hand with holy water from the shrine. Yukine then turns into a boy who feels cold from his surroundings. Yato gives him his tracksuit to wear but he won’t wear that stinky piece and would rather borrow Hiyori’s scarf. That’s just insulting, isn’t it?

Episode 3
Yukine can’t believe this God he is serving. So poor, living off the streets, finding their food from the dumpsters and his wall graffiti advertising that is just so unprofessional. And Yato even got the cheek to make Hiyori treat them at a diner. At first she is surprised that others can see him. Yato explains that he is not invisible, just hard to notice. He tests Hiyori how many waitresses she noticed. She guessed wrong. It’s the same that applies to him. People see him but forget him soon after. I mean, you don’t remember all the people who passed you in the streets, do you? More unbelievable, Yato and Yukine are eating like there’s no tomorrow. That hungry, huh? Yato gets another call for a job. Hiyori won’t let him run this time and joins him. They find themselves in a shrine and Hiyori recognizes the recited poem. He is Tenjin, the god of learning. Now this is what you call a real God exuding charm and reverence so Hiyori and Yukine bow before him! He is even wise to give Yukine advice not to prostrate before other Gods as it would be an insult his master. He also introduces his Shinki (feels like they are miko priestess cosplayers). As he is the one calling Yato for a job, due to exam season, he has his hands busy with the number of requests so he would like Yato to take care of the Ayakashi in this area. He knows Yato has been sleeping in his shrine without permission and has nothing better to do. Heck, he even teases Yato to join him and could make him branch manager of his shrine over the country. More mockery when he gives a 10,000 bill and seeks change… The income gap… Tenjin then has his Shinki, Mayu to guide Yato around. Does Mayu look familiar? Yup. She was formerly Tomone! I can tell she is living a better life under Tenjin. Hiyori asks Tenjin if Ayakashi is bad. He didn’t give a direct answer except he hints she can easily interfere with them.

Mayu brings them to a site where Ayakashi possess them and drove them to suicide. A waste of young life. However Yato says if people want to kill themselves, go ahead. They are already possessed so it doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive. They can’t even become Shinki. Hiyori is mad about this and goes off to stop the Ayakashi herself. But they soon overwhelm her and try to coax her to join their side. They pin her on the rail tracks but before the train runs her over, Yato comes to her rescue. He warns her to take care of her tail. That is what connects her soul to her life and if it is severed, she will die. A depressed student is being possessed by an Ayakashi to walk into the middle of the tracks. Yato rushes and makes it in time to cut the Ayakashi. However Yuki was too frantic that his blade was so sharp it cut other surrounding objects. In the aftermath, Hiyori asks Yato about saving the day when he said to let them die. True, but he refused to let anyone die in front of the Shinki. Even if life is tough, they should be grateful for being alive. Hiyori realizes all the Shinki didn’t die via suicide and are people who still wanted to live. Therefore having other people waste their lives in front of them is something Yato cannot stand. She felt so touched that she started crying. Don’t bother, it’s just debris in her eyes. Yato and Yukine sleep in some shrine and the latter accepts his tracksuit as blanket for the cold night.

Episode 4
Yato is famous! He has lots of worshippers and living the rich life! He is trendy! He’s got his own limo and shrine maidens! Too good to be true? That’s right. Just all a freaking dream. Yukine kicks him down the shrine stairs… Too noisy to sleep… What is even more frustrating is that Yato bought some pot from a lady who guaranteed his happiness (among other stuffs). He’s been had. Hiyori breaks it! After that advice to pull himself together for Yukine’s sake, Yato wants them to meet somebody. OMG. This cute chick, Kofuku Ebisu is his girlfriend?! She’s not faking it either! He makes up some emotional plea he can’t provide enough for Yukine so she gives him some money! Then this big guy, Daikoku beats him up! Oh dear. Is this some love triangle going on? They learn Daikoku is Kofuku’s Shinki and be careful not to stare at him too long. He looks scary… Especially when Yato ‘jokes’ about him liking kids. But Kofuku warns them that Yato despite his goofiness, he is actually a scary god. Yato happily gets a call for a job. Yusuke Urasawa is about to jump off the building and kill himself. Then Yato pops up and accidentally pushes him off! OMG! You killed him! This is going to be a really long fall. Because Yato has got time to introduce and advertise himself, exchange name cards and even have time for Yusuke to tell his sad story of why he wants to kill himself. His company just went bankrupt and he wanted to call his mother but accidentally dialled Yato’s number. I can’t believe his advertising is that effective.

Anyway, flashback reveals Yusuke picked up a high school girl who ran away from home. For the sake of anonymity, Hiyori’s face is used. Don’t ask. He took her in and they had a pure relationship. Bad luck started when he took her to an amusement park she wanted to go so much. It affected his work performance and his savings dried up. Before he knows it, he started accumulating debts. At that point, he still loves her but couldn’t bear to be a burden. Yato asks for her picture and true to his suspicion, his girlfriend is Kofuku! In actual fact, Kofuku is the god of poverty. Yato shows Daikoku as her ‘boyfriend’ and wants him to forget her and sever ties. But Yusuke won’t. He truly loves her. Yato tells him off that he isn’t worthy of love if he can commit suicide. Yusuke’s last words for Kofuku are for her to lead a happy life. Yato has Yukine transform into a sword and sever his ties. A soft landing for him. They go confront Kofuku who doesn’t think it was her fault since she was just trying to have some fun. And Daikoku is sad she did it behind his back. Of course, he didn’t allow her to do things because of the bad luck she brings. Daikoku is impressed that Yukine is able to cut ties, something that is harder than creating ties. Hiyori thinks Yato as a scary god is a hoax but Kofuku insists it is true. He killed a Shinki a long time ago. He also killed people since he was the god of war. Because people’s wishes are what allow gods to exist, distinguished gods are remembered while obscure ones are forgotten. What do you do to avoid being forgotten? You grant any wish you get no matter what. When Hiyori asks Yato why he brought her to see Kofuku, he just says if anything happens to him, go straight to them. A girl, Nora appears before them. She wants Yato to call her by the name he gave her and will always be waiting for that.

Episode 5
Yato teaches Yukine how to open a Boundary that prevents Ayakashi from crossing over. Only a Shinki is able to do this move. Yato and Hiyori argue over to look after Yukine. Obviously that kid goes with Hiyori. Who wants to be with a stinking tracksuit guy living in shrines? She lets him live in her older brother’s room as he isn’t staying here anymore. Of course her plan works to perfection as the housekeeper and parents can’t see her. Till Yato drops in. Not that they notice him either. He is here to check things out as he explains unlike this house, shrines are sacred grounds that protect them from Ayakashi. He doubts Yukine can handle it because he is afraid of the dark. He can’t sleep alone in the room so he goes to Hiyori’s room. Despite with the night light, he can’t sleep since she is sleeping right next to him. Before he could harbour perverted thoughts, Yato makes his appearance. Next day, Hiyori takes Yato to the mall. Although he is just borrowing stuffs, Hiyori views it as stealing and doesn’t want him to do that. He wanders off by himself before Hiyori realizes it. Yato is again watching them as he explains how he can feel Yukine’s pain. This is the price to pay for having a Shinki. It is only one direction too. Only negative emotions like jealousy, fear, desperation and greed. Because Shinki are once human. And people sin. Therefore even if what humans perceive to be right or wrong, it doesn’t apply to Gods. This includes hurting or killing someone. He will give Yukine his divine punishment in due time. Yukine realizes too late that night has come. He hears a girl cowering in the alley and calling out to her mom to pick her up. However he knows she is a ghost who died in a car accident. He agrees to wait with her till dawn till her mom comes pick her up. When Hiyori comes by, the girl is lured by the voices of the Ayakashi. Yukine creates a Boundary to prevent them from crossing but the girl has been tainted and now wants a piece of him. Hiyori saves him from being devoured but she also requires some saving from Yato. He agrees to help that girl and has Yukine turn into a sword. However Yukine is dismayed that he is going to kill her. A person who is this corrupted by an Ayakashi will only experience living hell of utter damnation. It is their job to release her. Yato cuts thorough the Ayakashi like a hot knife through butter. He feels Yukine’s pain.

Episode 6
Yukine is freaking out at any Ayakashi he sees and wallows in depression. Hiyori tries to find him but bumps into her friends who think she is having a secret boyfriend. Yukine’s dark side got the better of him as he steals a skateboard but Yato stops him and wonders where he got it. He lies Hiyori bought it for him. Nice timing, Hiyori is here as he asks her and seeing the circumstances, she also lies that she did. Suddenly Yato is attacked by a war god on a lion, Bishamon. This S&M lady is the strongest war god?! Yato flees with Yukine as Bishamon is adamant in hunting him down. Yukine’s instable emotions are also affecting Yato’s stamina. In fact, his back neck is partly tainted. Yato doesn’t want to hide anymore and takes on Bishamon head on. She has so many Shinki that it makes you scared. Like Yukine. Taking direct hits could kill him but I think they were really lucky. Yukine is shocked in hearing that Yato has killed a Shinki before. Meanwhile Hiyori runs to Kofuku and Daikoku for help. They don’t want to help since it is a problem between Yato and Bishamon. Then Hiyori realizes that Bishamon’s grudge on Yato may be because he killed her Shinki. They tease that she likes Yato. Or could it be he blackmailed her? Kofuku decides to help anyway. Hiyori uses the distinct nice scent of a God to locate where Yato is. Yato is catching a breather in the woods as Yukine’s dilemma is continuing to affect him even further. He worries that Yato may kill him if he becomes useless or screws up. No time to argue because Bishamon is here. Kofuku drops in by opening a vent that has lots of Ayakashi gushing out. Did she blunder? Yato wants to use this chance to escape but Bishamon orders her lion to bite him. Yato cuts its eye to free himself and this makes Bishamon mad. Kazuma suggests they retreat now and when she doesn’t want to, he reminds her she can become Ayakashi food if she wants to. But does she have the right to put the rest of her Shinki in such predicament? She backs down and everyone makes their escape. The taint on Yato is getting bigger and he can’t cleanse it. He worries it might not work out with Yukine. But Nora reminds him he can always use her.

Episode 7
Hiyori comes to give Yukine breakfast in his room but it seems Yato is here! Did Yukine run away from home? She goes to Tenjin for help and he admits Yukine was here earlier trying to work under him but was rejected. Because if Tenjin takes him in and calls him by a new name, he will become a Nora. Wait, Nora isn’t a name? As explained, Nora is a Shinki with many masters. They are despised because they are more likely to betray their master. He gives an example of becoming Hiyori’s godfather and calls her by a different name. Would she like that? Hiyori cannot ask more since the mere mention of Nora sends shiver down their spine. Hiyori later spots Bishamon but Kazuma caught her. He casts a spell that makes her unable to move. She is praying to God for help but all she could think is Yato. She is so screwed. But this spell is to avoid Bishamon detecting her as she and her team are out to exterminate Ayakashi that escape the vent. After she is gone, Kazuma reveals his ability to grasp everything that is going on around him. He warns her not to meddle too much in this affair and confirms Yato is their enemy. However he also owes him his life and hopes she could save him. He knows the blight Yato has is not from outside and from within. It is caused by his Shinki and must be disposed off before it is too late. A Shinki prone to misdeeds will cause his master to fall ill. The pain will accumulate and spread throughout the body. Yato finds Yukine as there is a job. But who could have figured out it was manning a convenience store counter?! Hiyori leads Kofuku and Daikoku here as the latter duo have a request they want Yato to handle that isn’t their style. Yato senses Yukine’s misdeed and thinks he has stolen cash from the register. Actually he stole the donation box. He runs away. Yato accepts Daikoku’s job to take out an Ayakashi but makes them man the counter. Hiyori feels confused after all that has happened and slaps herself to come to terms that Shinki isn’t just instruments. Yukine is Yukine. Meanwhile Nora is trying to play mind games with Yukine and telling how pathetic he is. Yato is here and Nora wants him to use her. She can kill anything he wants. Yato tells Yukine not to listen to Nora because the enemy he must slay is this moth Ayakashi. However Yukine’s blade is dulled and cannot cut through. This also weakens Yato. Nora tempts him to use her but Yato uses purified water to reforge Yukine and cut through the moth. Rabou notes how Nora has been rejected. Back home, Hiyori is left to think about Kazuma’s words that if Yukine isn’t dealt with soon, Yato will die.

Episode 8
Toilet is where you do lots of thinking, right? Hiyori is doing just that but what the f*ck is Yato and Yukine doing here???!!! Well, apparently their client is also here. So is Manabu Ogiwara a peeping tom too? Actually he is here hiding. His classmates always harass him so he is hiding in a place where they won’t find him. Manabu is getting depressed just thinking why all this is happening to him but Yukine is just getting pissed and leaves himself. He gives Manabu something dangerous to solve his problem. Manabu experiences yet another bully so the voice of an Ayakashi starts egging him to kill them. Yukine observes the students go about interacting and stuffs and he starts feeling envious. Bishamon visits Kofuku to consult the possible openings of other vents. Bishamon hints that she knows of Kofuku’s relationship with Yato. But Kofuku doesn’t care. It’s none of her business. She threatens back if anything happens to Yato, be prepared for a big storm. Manabu confronts one of the bullies and throws him a cutter. As Yato said, if he is going to use one, give his enemy one too. The Ayakashi dares Manabu to cut him and be free but he manages to suppress that feeling. The bully is so scared that he peed in his pants! That should teach him a lesson. Manabu remembered what Yato said. Had he used it, he would be tossing away his humanity and will have nowhere to go. With Manabu’s case solved, Yato starts feeling weaker because Yukine is closer to the dark side. He is envious he cannot join those ‘friends’ and Yato knows he has realized what he wants but cannot cross the line yet. When it reaches boiling point, Yukine starts smashing all the windows with a bat. Yato collapses and Hiyori is terrified to see blight all over him. She realizes he was enduring this all the while. She also gets infected when she touches and carries him. She then ticks off Yukine that each time he does something bad, Yato has to suffer and has been enduring it. She regrets not trying to stop him. Hiyori brings Yato to Kofuku but upon seeing their condition, Daikoku immediately draws a Boundary to block them from getting closer.

Episode 9
Daikoku only lets Hiyori in so Kofuku can cleanse her. The only way left to solve this is via ablution. Yukine must be punished or else. Daikoku leaves to find 2 more Shinki who will help with the ablution. He begs to Tenjin for help and only Mayu comes forward. The other Shinki aren’t so keen because they heard news of its failure, friends that never come back after performing it. Daikoku continues to beg at other shrines for help but nobody is willing to lend a Shinki as they do not know who Yato is. Hiyori can’t sit around and do nothing so she leaves to find the last Shinki. She thought of calling Nora but decided to go for Kazuma. It is no time to be worried about Bishamon connecting her to Yato. Yukine continues to be unrepentant so Daikoku tells him to take off his shirt. To everyone’s horror, there is a big Ayakashi patch stuck on his back. Because Yato will not revoke Yukine’s name and banish him, the Shinki trio start their ablution by forming a Boundary to trap him. It is some sort of beating that goes on till he confesses his sins. Otherwise, he will turn into an Ayakashi. Which is what is happening right now. Yukine continues to feel jealous that the living has got what he has not. The Shinki trio can’t hold out for much longer. Yato feels the need to call Yukine’s name before he turns to the other side or the corruption covering his mark but he is too weak to eke out a sound. This is when Hiyori steps in to convince Yukine that Yato was like a father to him. He endured everything despite what Yukine did. Is he going to betray somebody like him? If so, she is no longer his friend anymore. Yato gets the strength to say that Yukine may not be able to interact with Near Shore people. However he has given him a human name so use it to live like one. This is when Yukine is overcome with guilt and starts apologizing and confessing all his sins with all his heart. It is a tiring experience for everybody and Yato couldn’t be grateful to everybody. Especially for Hiyori. Had she not brought him here, he would have died where he was. Had she brought Nora, he would have used Nora to slay him due to the unbearable pain. Had she not intervened in it, they would not have been saved. Time for emotional group hug!

Episode 10
Yukine is working part time with Daikoku to pay off his debts. But Kofuku’s services don’t come cheap. That will be 5 million Yen per service. And she sought her help twice… So young, so in debt. Hiyori takes it out on Yato. She contracted him and he hasn’t fixed her problem yet but got her into the debt trap. Yato then visits Tenjin to convey his thanks. While the guys argue, Mayu talks to Hiyori and Yukine. They notice one of Tenjin’s Shinki is missing. She explains Hiyori’s corruption was infectious. She stung Tenjin and was immediately banished. Yukine was lucky to have Yato believe in him but take care never to do that again. Yato wants Tenjin’s help to solve Hiyori’s problem. He doesn’t know how and has been putting it off. So that’s why… But Tenjin suggests cutting ties with her. It might fix her condition since his connection grants her too much focus on their world. Hiyori meets up with her friends to make arrangements for the shrine visit. They mention about rumours that if you pray to some God called Rabou, he’ll rid the person you want. Hiyori calls Yato to invite him to visit the shrine on New Year’s Eve. He would love to come. Right after he cleans this dog kernel job he took… Rabou spots Hiyori and wants to slay her for deluding Yato. However Nora wants her alive for now as she has some use. Hiyori thought she spotted Yato and tries to follow him. Actually, he is running late to the shrine since he had to meticulously clean every dirt in the kennel. They’re going to be more late than that since they are ambushed by many scorpion Ayakashi. This is of course a test by Rabou to see his Shinki’s power. Hiyori comes into contact Nora who didn’t like how Hiyori played a big part in Yukine’s ablution since it was a big chance for Yato to revoke his name. She sends her wolf Ayakashi to hunt her down but they disappear once the sun is up. Nora warns a god of calamity known as Rabou has awakened. If someone wishes for it, he can kill anything. Even a God. He has come to kill Yato. She blames Hiyori for weakening Yato and the only way is for her to stop existing. Yato finishes his Ayakashi slaying and makes his way to Hiyori (Rabou looks disappointed). Hope he isn’t too late. The food stalls are still open, right? It better be since he thinks Hiyori is going to treat them. But boy are they surprised that Hiyori doesn’t recognize them. This isn’t a joke, right?

Episode 11
Yato and Rabou are killing people like the wind in the past. Even now, Yato continues his murder spree. Yato on the other hand is annoyed that it is only him that Hiyori doesn’t remember. He tries all sorts of methods to make Hiyori remember. Not working. Then he made the wrong move of being desperate. He thinks coming to bed with her will return her memories! I think she would love to forget about this. Yato bumps into Nora and knows she has a hand in this. She admits she has easily taken Hiyori’s memories easily in this little marble. She tries to tempt him about the fickleness of human feelings but for once Yukine snaps him out. Nora becomes Rabou’s sword to fight Yato and tries to tempt him to remember who he is. Again, Yukine snaps him out. Yato is forced to withdraw as dragging this out might kill Yukine. Rabou is disappointed this is not the Yato he knows. Nora promises to give Hiyori’s memories back if he visits them. As informed, not many know of Rabou now although back then he was famous. He was also the god of calamity alongside Yato. Rabou was once human and probably worked as a spy. At the end of his job, he was killed to be silenced. Those who feared being cursed made him into that god. So those with unjust wish will have it granted through Rabou. Humans, Ayakashi or Gods, Rabou will kill them. Yato seeks Tenjin’s advice but the latter believes this is the best time to cut ties with Hiyori. She gets to live her normal life. Thus Yato decides to give up on her. But Hiyori has this faint feeling she might have known Yato before. Yukine calls to meet Yukine to narrate a picture story (drawn by Yato) about their previous adventures. You know the last page is drawn by Yukine because it sucks. Unfortunately she can’t remember. Nora sees Yato and warns Hiyori’s memories are fading. At this rate she will be an empty vessel. Better make that visit quick. To Yukine’s horror, Hiyori now doesn’t remember him. He is so sad that Yato felt it. It’s decided. They’re going to get back her memories. They go see her one last time to apologize and state their plan. She starts crying but doesn’t know why. When she tries to hug touch them, they disappear.

Episode 12
Hiyori’s soul seems to be transported with them to Rabou’s domain. As the calamity gods fight, Yato gets trapped in a water bubble. Hiyori pulls him out instead of running away. Rabou is not happy this is not the real Yato and wants to know where that god of calamity has gone to. Believing Hiyori is the one responsible for this, he tries to kill her but Yato blocks his sword and takes her to run. Rabou then throws away the marble. As Yato desperately tries to get it, he slashes it, scattering it to bits. Hiyori falls unconscious. She is just an empty shell now. You mad, bro? You hate him now? Good. Because Rabou got cut and a kick that sends him flying metres away! Yato is mad. You’re going to regret this. Yato finally lands a strike on his shoulder. Rabou has been waiting for this moment as he summons the Ayakashi storm and absorbs it into his eye. In the fight to the death that is enough to shatter rocks and change the landscape, falling rocks threaten to crush Hiyori. Yato goes to save her but Rabou intercepts. Hiyori is in some dream-like state. She smells a familiar scent (because Yato is protecting her via hugging). And then she wakes up. She remembers. She’s back! Yato is so happy that he starts rubbing his cheeks against hers! She beats him up for that. Nora is surprised she could break her spell all by herself. No time for happy reunion yet since Rabou takes her hostage. He is mad that Yato will not return to his old self but Yato doesn’t give a damn. He doesn’t care about the past that has no meaning now. Rabou blames Hiyori and is going to kill her. Yato tells Yukine they’ll end this in a strike. Hiyori might get hit but this is where Yukine needs to draw up his Boundary. He can do it. They can do it. That strike works. Hiyori is freed and the Ayakashi inside Rabou is destroyed. Yato lands the final blow. Rabou’s face starts cracking. He reveals that people will always hate and forget gods of calamity. Therefore when he woke up from his slumber, he wanted to be eliminated not by just anybody, but by Yato who knows him. Time to get going. Bye. Nora notes his failure and needs to talk to father. Yato wants Hiyori to cut all ties with him to return to her normal life. But she won’t because she wants to be with him forever. Kofuku interprets this another way and looks forward to it. This calls for a celebration? But with only 5 Yen, he’ll hear her out. Yup, he heard her loud and clear. May their fates intertwine.

Hiyori is making her high school debut and she thought she’s going to have a pretty normal high school life till suddenly a change in image! I didn’t know Hiyori is bold enough to go up to class to make such a cool/embarrassing debut. Actually, it is Yato who has possessed her body and Hiyori’s soul is only left to watch in embarrassment about the things he is about to do. This is the start of hell… Even more disheartening is how Kofuku is Yato’s partner in crime as they go ‘have fun’. It might seem ‘Hiyori’ is flirting around, joining activities and serving others with utmost politeness. This is because it is all part of Yato’s ploy to increase his business potential by handing out his name cards to them. Hope they don’t get the wrong idea. Her friends are freaking shock at this new badass image of hers. Meanwhile, Kofuku is seducing the teachers. They are willing to give all their money or break up with their girlfriend just to be with her! This school is done for! Yukine and Mayu are watching this and don’t like this a bit. They report to Tenjin who is also worried because if the council gets word of it, Yato will be reprimanded. Time to take action. ‘Hiyori’ will confess to the entire football team if they win. Great motivation? Tenjin and Mayu dressed in swanky outfits are about to do their job but several girls start admiring them so they get distracted by their company to show off.

‘Hiyori’ laments the pathetic state of their football team. Supernatural bad luck befalls on the team thanks to Kofuku as Daikoku takes her away. Can’t take this anymore, ‘Hiyori’ joins in and plays football herself to defeat and win the game! 10 goals!!! The goal is almost destroyed by ‘Hiyori’s’ super kicks! Everyone celebrates how cool ‘Hiyori’ is. Including the original one. Then it’s time to take a bath. Oh no you don’t! There is nothing the original one can do to stop the imposter. Unknown to ‘Hiyori’, a pervert has placed a hidden camera and is watching this changing scene from his classroom. Hiyori and Yukine wonder why the former is appearing on the video in real time when the pervert gets startled. More surprising is not how he can see them but rather what he is doing. The pervert destroys the camera to hide evidence. They realize he is being possessed by an Ayakashi. He starts panicking and jumps out to kill himself. Hiyori grabs his hand but how long can she hold on? Stupid Kofuku had to bump into them. The pervert falls but ‘Hiyori’ jumps down to save him. Despite ticking him off like a badass delinquent, everybody finds her so cool! Unfortunately her shoulder is dislocated. Play time is over as Yato is being punished. I’m not sure if they’re going to stick his head into a bucket of cement. Yukine is chiding him like mad especially about the injury that would have been permanent on her. Yato reasons he did all this because he was lonely. That sounds pathetic. Surprisingly, Hiyori forgives him. Next day in school, Hiyori has gained lots of followers and admirers! Everyone loves her! Well, it’s better this way, right?

Yato thought he could enjoy the food and hanami alone with Hiyori and Yukine. Turns out that girl invited everyone else. Including Bishamon! OMG! She is giving them a chance to clear things up? How can a few minutes together clear things up when they’ve been fighting for hundreds of years? Before any fight can begin, Yukine points out his friend who was also once her Shinki, tended to this tree. She can stay to appreciate its beauty but if she is here to fight, please leave. Despite Bishamon staying, it is a pretty awkward situation sitting right next to Yato. It’s like they can explode any second. So we see the rest of the characters (including all of Bishamon’s Shinki in human form) interact with each other. Yukine is shocked to learn that the Shinki enjoy a better life than he is and that is pretty normal! They get to go on trips and vacations! Why is he stuck with a poor god who even stole his hard earned money?! The tension between Yato and Bishamon is rising so Bishamon’s lion decides to play circus and jump through fire hoops. Your mane is on fire… But it’s back to hating each other for the duo as they drown it with bottles of sake. I don’t think that is going to help. It reaches boiling point when they are going to go at each other’s throat. Suddenly Bishamon becomes an emotional wreck. She’s saying that is not his fault that got her Shinki killed and that it was her fault to begin with for the obliteration of some clans. Something about her being saved by him twice too. Guess what? Yato covers her mouth with his hand and kisses over it!!! Everybody is in shock except for Kofuku who must be the only one enjoying the spat from start. It gets worse when drunk Yato insults and badmouths her so Bishamon beats him up like a coin box! Tenjin wanted to diffuse the situation but was told to stay his boring butt out of his. Just great. Three fighting gods… Kofuku may not join in but she got owned by having bowel discomfort from the sake.

Back at Kofuku’s home as Yato recovers, a magazine from heaven drops into Yukine’s hands. It is a magazine that advertises jobs for Shinki and also does survey. Why doesn’t Yukine know about it? Because Yato is hell bent on not letting him know as he rips the magazine to bits!!! After Daikoku have a hard time to restrain him, Yukine goes through the magazine to see lots of tempting offers. There is also an interview with Mayu in which she complained about the poor life with her previous master that shall only be known as Mr Y! So they’re just knitting out in the cold in their spare time? I don’t blame her if putting his hand over her shoulder while boasting about his future shrine to be considered as sexual harassment. This gives Yukine the motivation that he can do anything. All he needs to do know is to fill in the form and throw it back to heaven. Yato will also of course be punished. Sounds good, no? Bishamon is recovering as she goes over the surveys from her Shinki. Kofuku runs over to give Daikoku a big hug because his big simple loving words for her were just enough to warrant that. Yato laments he got his punishment that his golden crown logo has turned into a golden poop logo! But at least something that everybody can smile about because the survey that Yukine filled in to change jobs, he declined it and wants to stay on as he is. That’s good, right?

It’s A Bargain!
I know it is dirt cheap and really worth your money but that is only when the job gets done. So in the case of Hiyori, it all rings a familiar bell in real life of the contractor you hire putting it off many times with lame excuses despite being paid the deposit upfront. And in Hiyori’s case, it gives her a reason to stick around Yato and gang a little more. Overall, this series is not too bad with a decent mix of supernatural, action, drama and comedy. Though the same level of decency can’t be said for its plot and direction of the story because as seen in the biggest non-solving case of Hiyori, it fails to give us that satisfying conclusion for a short one season anime series. But of course you do know now that at this point this anime has been given the green light for another season, right? I theorize that more than enough people have been paying him 5 Yen to warrant enough funds for another sequel. Yeah…

Most of the character development surrounds the trio of Yato, Hiyori and Yukine. It is the interaction between the trio that gives off most of the comical effects and probably one reason why decided to check out this anime despite knowing it is a supernatural theme that is not my usual cup of tea. The lack of understanding between Yato and Hiyori, especially the different worlds that they come from and the frustration of Yato never ever getting her wish done are the source of the many instantaneous funny factors that make you burst into a little grin from time to time. I would say that they put in a good balance in it so as not to turn it into a total slapstick comedy and dilute the worth of what this anime is about: Fighting Ayakashi. Thank goodness the supernatural factor isn’t that scary or else I would have sleepless nights. Though, it does give me the creeps.

So back to our main trio, they are as interesting and amusing as they are. Yato feels like he is deluding himself trying to become the best god ever with the best shrine he will (eventually) make. I don’t know how long that will take since if you do the calculations, it will take years for him to finally build his shrine. Has he ever thought of increasing his price? Accept more donations? Has he factored in inflation? Will the cost of building a shrine go up in the future? Who is going to build his shrine anyway? I suppose humans would since he is collecting 5 Yen. Oh, will he take foreign currency? Is there any other better effective way to advertise his services other than name cards? Ever heard of the internet? Facebook and Twitter? And of course, with his character always wearing a jersey, it makes him look like one whom you shouldn’t take seriously. A weirdo. Heck, his idiotic behaviour is also top notched. Maybe he wants to get away from his bloody past and what better way to do that than to totally change your character to the other end of the pole. But you can’t beat his enthusiasm in taking up jobs. If only people were like that. But it might make him sound desperate to do things for a meagre price. Even odder is how he tends to spend them all on useless charms. I can see why he is never going to get that shrine of his in the near future. He needs to take classes on financial management. Of course Yato isn’t all just a plain idiot. He cares for his Shinki and Hiyori because he is responsible for them. He doesn’t use conventional ways to deal with Yukine when he goes astray and continues to believe in him even when he is close to turning to the dark side. That is why he is perhaps a stray god in this sense.

Hiyori on the other hand, must be the most patient and yet frustrated client in Yato’s clientele base. Because her simple wish of keeping her soul intact is still unresolved. Doesn’t it feel like she’s been cheated out of her 5 Yen? Can she wish for her money back? Well, I don’t remember Yato having this money back guarantee policy. So she gets dragged into all those supernatural stuffs just because Yato prolonged his case in helping her out. I suppose it is his policy to solve it once he takes the case because it is true that he hasn’t founds a solution yet. Besides, he can’t refund her 5 Yen or else he will be 5 Yen short to achieve his dream! Every penny counts! I can speculate that deep down inside Hiyori doesn’t want her soul to get back to her original state. It is more evident at the end of the TV series that she wants to be with him. Did she forget about her original goal then? Well, good or bad thing, she has saved Yato a couple of times but she’ll have to be contend that she’ll have to slip out of her body more often than before. Won’t other people find her habit of suddenly falling asleep in the middle of streets to be just too odd?

Yukine started off as a lost, conflicted and confused young lad. He doesn’t know where he belongs and the more he sees the interaction of living human beings, the more he gets irritated in getting something he could never get. His untimely death made it all worse. Turning into the dark side is easy. It was the case of spare the rod, spoil the child. Yato’s hope that Yukine would come to his senses but he left it too late and till the verge of death (and lots of beating up) before Yukine turned back to the right path. All a good lesson and reminder that all he wanted was just a place to belong and somebody to accept him for who he is. Like a family. It is a good thing that he is given a second chance in life. So don’t go wasting this one. I’m sure he’ll finally appreciate it. All in all, the 3 main characters have bonded and grown so much together that it would be just sad to see them break up or for Hiyori to return to her normal life.

The rest just feels like a side distraction and some disappointing. Basically their past is not delved in very deeply. Just felt like an introduction for this season. Like Kofuku and Daikoku are a funny and amusing pair as they are but they don’t really do anything that really makes a great impact on the overall series. I suppose Kofuku being a cute girl even in her personality, do we let it slide? Or maybe it is her bad luck that spreads to bringing poor character development to others? Tenjin is there mostly for some advice and Mayu helps out a bit perhaps out of nostalgia because Yato was once her master. Most disappointing character development goes to Bishamon. After appearing halfway through the series and letting us know that her goal is to kill Yato (although it is only hinted but not confirmed that Yato killed one of her Shinki), after that first battle that got distracted by an Ayakashi storm, her presence felt redundant. It is like she is around just to remind us she is so, just keeping the city safe with her Shinki, patrolling and watching over it. That hanami event didn’t do much justice either despite revealing a little juicy interesting bit. It’s not like they reconciled and probably worst off than before. And I thought she would be the character, the ‘final boss’ of this season that Yato would face off with.

Turns out the villain of the series is to be that Rabou guy whom I later found out that he is an anime-only character. Many confused him to be one of Bishamon’s Shinki because he certainly looks close to it. I too would have fall into that confusion since I don’t read the manga. So maybe that is why there are mixed feelings from fans for the series because the anime ended by deviating from the original source material by including this Rabou guy. Well, it was mind boggling that all he wants is Yato to become his original bloodthirsty self so that he could just die by his hands. Maybe had he told the truth from the start, Yato wouldn’t have been so eager to do it. So I suppose with the outcome at the end, perhaps it ties things up neatly without deviating too far from the manga. Nora remains the most mysterious character because not much is known about her especially about her past relationship with Yato. Going by her status as a stray with many masters, in our terms, doesn’t that make her a whore?

Action scenes are okay. If you like supernatural stuffs and characters fighting them, I would say that this one would be satisfactory. Although some may find it boring that there aren’t any special moves or power ups (heck, Yato himself is already a god so why does he need to go Super Saiyan for?) because mostly it is just slashing and cutting the Ayakashi to finish it off. However it isn’t just mindless slashing to kill off Ayakashi but in the midst of the action, you’d see how the characters interact and grow especially with Yato and Yukine trying to forge a trust between them. But if you are looking for more exhilarating and gory action (say, Shingeki No Kyojin or even Akame Ga Kill), then you have to look elsewhere.

Art and animation style looks good especially during the fight scenes, they are fluid and laced with special effects that are nicely done. Maybe it is because I was watching the DVD version of this series and that is why there is quality in it. (The reason why this blog is over a year late since the series ended). Ayakashi designs are rather okay but sometimes it may feel a little scary (but not to horror lovers and experts) because personally seeing scary eyeballs pop up from the darkness do send shivers down my spine. Okay, it is not that bad but I’d prefer to see pantsu shots than that. Speaking of fanservice, you only get a handful panty shots in the OVA (the first one only for that matter) that aren’t anything much. Even so, those aren’t really close ups at all. Just from a distance. If you have very bad eyesight, you might not even see it. It just feels like a little reward and thanks for sticking around to watch the OVA.

There are a handful of recognizable seiyuus lending their voice to this anime. For example, Hiroshi Kamiya as Yato feels typical like some of his other ‘idiotic’ characters like Mephisto in Ao No Excorcist and Araragi of the Monogatari series. Then there is the ever omnipresent Yuuki Kaji as Yukine, Aki Toyosaki as Kofuku, Daisuke Ono as Daikoku, Miyuki Sawashiro as Bishamon, Jun Fukuyama as Kazuma and Takahiro Sakurai as Rabou. The most surprising one was Rie Kugimiya as Nora. It never crossed my mind it was her behind that soft voice since after all these years, I am still used to recognizing her trademark tsundere loli voice. Though she did voice characters that aren’t of this trademark, at least there was something familiar that would make me think it was her. It wasn’t in this case. Maybe it wasn’t the fact that she doesn’t appear much but because I wasn’t listening close enough. The rest of the casts are Maaya Uchida as Hiyori (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Asami Imai as Mayu (Noire in Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation) and Toru Ookawa as Tenjin (Saazbaum in Aldnoah.Zero). The opening theme is a rock outfit, Goya No Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers. Sounds rather okay but nothing that special. The ending theme is another rock based, Heart Realize by Tia. Also sounds okay and nothing spectacular.

We all know how desperate Yato is to get business, right? Therefore if you have anything in mind, feel free to give him a call and I am sure he’ll do it all for a dirt cheap price that no other human competitors can match with such efficiency, speed and service. Why go through the hassle of praying the traditional way at temples and shrines when there is a better and faster way to fix it? Need somebody to do your homework while you play your video games? Call Yato. Want to break up with your lover but don’t have the guts to say it in his/her face? Call Yato. Want to get more porn material for your fapping desire? Call Yato. This guy gets it done without complaining. Except putting your soul back together he can’t guarantee that. Suddenly I now know what he meant by let our fates intertwined. Me, stuck with this cheap idiotic stray god in a jersey (now with a poop logo)? I’ll give it a pass even if you pay me a million dollars to be with his friend. Some things are not worth the money.

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