Nozoki Ana

June 14, 2013

I can’t believe it. In the shortest span of time ever, I never thought of watching 2 animes that are very close in borderline hentai. After my somewhat distasteful stint with Kagaku Na Yatsura a few days ago, now it seems I have stepped on another landmine in watching another very ecchi anime close to breaking into the hentai category. As usual, my naivety had me thinking that Nozoki Ana was just going to be ordinary ecchi fun but I guess I was wrong. It surprised me. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? What brings Nozoki Ana close to being hentai is that there is sex. Yes. SEX! However, it is not your standard or typical hentai because even though you can see bare tits, the genitals are never shown. Or at least kept hidden that you don’t even have the need to mosaic it out. That’s why it is not hentai but yet feels a little like hentai.

Basically, this single OVA that lasts longer than usual (almost 43 minutes) is based on the manga of the same name. The OVA was released as the limited edition of the manga’s final volume. What a way to promote your work after it has concluded, no? But the anime like the manga itself isn’t just for anyone. It’s for mature audiences, if not perverts. Heck, who am I to call others that since everyone in this world are in a way a pervert. If the word voyeurism rings and dreaded alarm in you, then you better stop. The basic premise is that a kid finds a hole in his room and happens to stumble upon seeing somebody else in the other room playing with herself. Blackmail, peeping fetish and before you know it they both start peeping on each other and get wind up for more than they bargained for.

Tatsuhiko Kido just moved into his new apartment in Tokyo for his studies in a local university. He notices a hole in the wall and peeping through it, he sees a girl masturbating!!! Emiru Ikuno somewhat knows he is peeping and looks back through the hole and surprises him. Tatsuhiko then goes over to explain himself but as she is about to close the door on him, he stuck his foot in between and accidentally falls on her. Now it looks like he just assaulted her. Worse, she takes a picture of them in this ambiguous position. Oh no. Blackmail. She agrees to erase this picture on one condition. They take turns peeping on each other on alternate days. The one getting peeped on must act normal and because she likes naked bodies, she wants them to show their bare selves. Tatsuhiko doesn’t want any part of this and wants to seal up the hole. She threatens the photo and to leave the hole as it is. Tatsuhiko leaves in a huff and tells her to do whatever she wants. Next day, it’s his turn to peep so he just took a little peek to see her beginning to masturbate! He thought she was just joking? She’s getting real! He gets freaked out and vows never to do this. I guess he can never run away from this fate because he soon learns Emiru is in the same class with him! What’s more, the same circle of friends that his best friend Yonezawa decides to call out for a karaoke outing. Tatsuhiko makes friends with Yuri Kotobiki and Makiko Terakado. Tatsuhiko confronts Emiru to forget about all that happened but she doesn’t want to. In fact, since it’s hard to continue like this, she doesn’t want them to stop exhibiting to each other. Tatsuhiko is not amused and leaves. When the friends part, Yuri thinks Tatsuhiko was staring too much at Emiru and was checking her out. He dismisses something of that sort. Yuri hints she was jealous that he might get taken away by her and wants to come to his place.

Back at his place, she asks if he has a girlfriend. No? That makes things easier. Tatsuhiko is worried about the hole and has a feeling Emiru is peeping since it’s her turn. Suddenly Yuri kisses him. One thing led to another and to Tatsuhiko’s fear, he can tell Emiru is watching. And masturbating! I suppose he understands the meaning of voyeur sex. Wanting to get out of her sight, Tatsuhiko suggests moving to a corner of the room to have sex. However Emiru uses a straw to squirt cold water on his back! It’s a sign. She wants to peep! No choice, Tatsuhiko moves back to the centre of the room with an excuse for more room the manoeuvre. At first his mind was clouded on Emiru watching them that he couldn’t focus on sex. But I guess Yuri was so damn good that he started to forget that he was being watched. Just as it was getting good, Yuri’s handphone rings. Sex, interrupted. It’s her father calling to check on her. Oh sh*t! Looks like they have to call it a night and resume it some other time. She’s serious about it. Soon, Tatsuhiko goes over to Emiru to confront her about her voyeurism. She points out he was the one who told her she could do anything. Tatsuhiko is fed up and couldn’t care less about the picture. If she wants to spread it over the internet, be his guest. Emiru continues to blackmail him. What happens if Yuri finds out he made love to her was because of voyeuristic lust instead of genuine love? Can she handle it? He can’t seal that hole too. Tatsuhiko is so mad that he wants to punch her. She remains cool that it’s her first time seeing a scary face of a man.

Tatsuhiko continues his daily life like normal so much so the peeping hole became part of his normal life. Not that he peeps through it. He continues to not associate himself with Emiru in class. Yuri snatches him into an unused room and wants to continue where they left off. However he excuses himself that he is busy with his part time job. The truth is he wants to save enough to rent a room in a love hotel. Can’t do it when he knows somebody is staring through the wall, eh? Makoto Horii notices Tatsuhiko checking out Emiru too much (because he is always looking over his shoulder when they pass). Does he have a thing for her? That’s because Horii tries to get close to her but was unsuccessful but Tatsuhiko has no problem in that. Later Makiko tells Tatsuhiko that Horii is a player and has ulterior motive. Since she is good in observing people, he wants to know more about Emiru. Don’t get the wrong idea. She doesn’t know much. Emiru may look cute on the outside and isn’t somebody who hides her own self. Makoto returns only to see Emiru inviting Horii in. She knows Tatsuhiko has come back and winks at him. Tatsuhiko won’t be fooled and resists peeping. Seems Horii and Emiru are talking normally. Then he mentions about this rumour that Tatsuhiko raped Yuri to make her his woman. Emiru laughed so loud that even next door could hear. She tells him he is a bag full of lies and the kind of person she hates most. Horii forces himself on her. Tatsuhiko peeps only to misinterpret that they’re getting it on. He is about to leave his room when he hears a cup broken. Peeping again, he is horrified to realize she is being raped. What is stopping him from taking action is that this might be one of Emiru’s tricks.

Emiru manages to whack Horii’s head to get away. She huddles away to the window but Horii continues his advances. He is going to make her submissive but she mocks his boasting so much bigger than his ‘little buddy’. Because Tatsuhiko’s one is bigger. Horii is enraged and goes into full steam in raping her. Suddenly a clock is thrown in, breaking the glass window. The other neighbours are alerted this time so Horii zips up his pants and leaves. He’ll get her next time. Tatsuhiko was hiding outside the balcony so Emiru lets him in. Cleaning up, she admits she was putting a brave front but inside, she was about to break. She thanks him for saving him and notes he was watching her. He asks if ‘that part’ is safe. She shows it to him and can check it out for himself. This is a token of gratitude for saving her. Her body would have been soiled anyway had he not stepped in. He expresses this is what he hates about her. On the contrary, this is what she likes about him. Tatsuhiko is still perturbed with Emiru that he couldn’t focus in his class. Till Yuri probably gave him the right tonic. Sex. This time they are doing it for real at the love hotel. But as Yuri cleans herself, Tatsuhiko can’t help think that sex can turn violent in an instant after witnessing Emiru’s rape. He doesn’t feel his sex drive anymore. He surprisingly gets a call from Emiru. She knows he is at a love hotel with Yuri. Guess what? She is playing with herself while talking on the phone. She even fantasizes about Tatsuhiko was the one who raped him and climaxed 3 times! She even cheekily says she’ll reserve her ‘hole’ anytime for him and if he wants to peek at it, he can do so anytime. Tatsuhiko becomes mad and was about to slam the phone when Yuri comes out. Then he intensely f*cks her. He wants her to go out with him and be his girlfriend. She doesn’t want him to be so serious first. Let’s take one step at a time. The continue having sex and before Tatsuhiko realizes it, he got his sex drive back. From now on, he wants to only think of Yuri and fill her head with only her.

Yonezawa invites his pals to the beach. Tatsuhiko sees Ana walking alone to the storeroom and follows her. She’s tired of the sun and people staring at her. So is he concerned about her that he followed her? Anyway she whisks him to hide in a locker since somebody is coming in. Now Tatsuhiko gains experience in peeping others have sex because the couple starts f*cking in the storeroom! Worse, in such an enclosed space with Emiru, she is getting very turned on! What’s more, she is using his dick to masturbate!!! Once everything is over, Tatsuhiko and Emiru return to the sea. She apologizes for giving him a love bite on his shoulder during that ‘intensity’. It’s so hot that Tatsuhiko won’t even get mad. So hot that Emiru didn’t even want to peep then. Tatsuhiko starts laughing because it’s the first time he hears her whine. While they have fun splashing in the sea, Yuri sees them and has that concerned look on her face. That night back in the room, Yonezawa knocks out first. But instead of bringing him back to his room, the girls think it is okay just to crash here. After all, everyone is so tired what could happen? You don’t say… Tatsuhiko wakes up in the middle of the night to see Yuri on top of him. She wants to get down and dirty with him NOW! I guess there is some sort of excitement in doing it with other people around sleeping. Tatsuhiko tries to finish up early because he knows Emiru is watching. That devil is already masturbating watching them. Yuri can feel he is trying to end this fast. She assures him everyone is so tired and that the already know about their relationship. If they are seen, so be it. She also mentions about watching him having a good time with Emiru. So he has to make up for that part with her. F*ck her till his condom rips? Tatsuhiko notes they’re putting up a free show for Emiru to see, he also notes the difference of staring and being peeped up because it’s like he is under some intense pressure. He admits peeping is an arousing experience because now he is totally turned on. He fears he is becoming a pervert like Emiru and won’t be able to call her that anymore. That’s his concern? Then he starts seeing visions of Emiru in his sex. He feels bad for lying to Yuri in this way. Though he doesn’t think of Emiru as someone special and not interesting in peeping, the image of Emiru he had been trying to remove from his mind started to appear unconsciously before him.

Which Hole Do You Prefer To Look Into?
This is strange… Somehow I find myself not to hate this single OVA as much. I’m not saying that I enjoy watching this show but there is one reason why I find this one more tolerable than Kagaku Na Yatsura. Because the sex part and ecchi scenes were more down to earth. That’s right. No exaggerating wild fantasy scenes that only exists in the deepest mind of the truest perverts. No tentacle rape. No weird liquid. No oversized boobs and although Yuri is busty, it isn’t to a point it was ugly and unsightly. Due to that, I could say that I find this more stimulating that Kagaku Na Yatsura. Don’t get the wrong idea. While I still stand that I do not enjoy hentai genres, but as a guy sex is in its way is still a fascinating topic. And since this isn’t really hentai stuff, am I saying that I somewhat take certain pleasures in watching this? I don’t know. Maybe yes and no.

So for Tatsuhiko, now that he has gotten involved in this perverted peeping business, whether he wants to get away from this totally is going to be rather tough. Sealing the hole in the wall won’t solve the problem. Another hole might surface. But I don’t think that’s the main problem though it is the source that started it all. For him to say that he doesn’t want to be called a pervert is like lying to himself. When he did in Yuri the first time or she letting him have a first taste of entering manhood, is he not a pervert already? Look at the way he handles Yuri during intercourse? Nothing ‘creative’ but isn’t that natural? Well, maybe there is a certain degree to what constitutes a pervert. Like I said, everybody is a pervert in his/her own ways. For now he is able to keep his libido focused on Yuri but now that he can’t get Emiru out of his mind, it signals that he would have feelings for her in the future. After all, he already has a taste in voyeurism sex. It’s not that he doesn’t like it. No one should be jumping to conclusions that Emiru and Yuri are sluts. Emiru doesn’t go round sleeping with anyone and her masturbation is her little secret of self pleasure. As far as we know, Yuri manages to stick around with only Tatsuhiko so there is no issue of multiple sex partners. Yet. When a girl invites a guy to have sex with her, it is hard (pun intended) to turn her down, right?

It is still yet to be seen what would happen if Yuri finds out about the voyeurism and how everyone involved will deal with it. Can’t say that sex will be the answer anymore, huh? Who knows? Yuri may be into voyeurism sex too because when she was having sex with Tatsuhiko while everyone was knocked out during the beach outing, she did state that she didn’t mind if they were found out. So it might be a sign that she is okay if her close friends catch them in the midst of it. But it might be a different case if she gets to know about Tatsuhiko’s hand in voyeurism. I mean, it would be okay if others watch them doing it. But watching others? As the OVA itself isn’t conclusive because of certain issues like Horii’s near rape on Emiru. A guy like him won’t let this case go so easily. He’s not done with Emiru yet. Of course it’s best to read the concluded manga to find out more. I have a feeling that Emiru is starting to show interest in Tatsuhiko as well because he saved her from Horii. Her fascination on him may have begun when he first peeked on her but it picks up after that incident.

I have watched so many ecchi and perverted shows that it feels like I have a thing for them. Well, I can’t discount the fact that I am a pervert in my own way just like everyone else in their own. A closet pervert. You need not know what it is ;p. If this is the future of how ecchi animes are going to be and the standard affair, I have to be really careful in picking what animes to watch then. It’s no more judging the book by its cover or skimming briefly and quickly over the synopsis without thinking deep enough. After all, expectations are the root of all disappointment. It should be already be questionable that I am even watching this sort of genre. Thankfully I didn’t develop any fetish on voyeurism after watching this. I know many people in general don’t like to be peeped on. It’s like invasion of privacy. But if nobody ever finds out, wouldn’t that be okay? What has been seen cannot be unseen…

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