They say that there should be no barrier to love. Whether it’s age, religious beliefs, social status or position. But would the norm of society allow it? Big chances that it wouldn’t. Even in today’s world where there’s much more freedom and awareness, the general public still has a rigid view of love and marriage. It’s somewhat like that in Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei.
In this anime, we have this cute 17 year old high school girl, Asami Onohara, who is actually married to her physics teacher, the understanding Kyosuke Ichimaru! Yes, this actually transcends all those beliefs that when 2 people tie the knot has to be of the same race, religion, age group and such. Therefore, to avoid any racket about their relationship, their marriage has to be kept a secret. Besides, would it be weird if one finds out that it’s just more than a teacher-student relationship? Don’t worry, it’s not an arranged marriage in the first place either. It’s true blue love. Yeah, good thing. Say, doesn’t this remind you of Onegai Teacher too? Same case isn’t it?
Thus in this 13 episode series of half hour each, or rather 26 episodes of approximately 15 minutes, we’ll see the obstacles, trials and tribulations of Asami and Ichimaru on how they try to lead a ‘double life’. Meaning that they try to go on living their lives normally without having other people to suspect that they’re married. It’s gonna be tough. But as they say too, true love will get them through. I think it’s like that.
Each episode starts off with Asami narrating the same thing. Like telling viewers her name is Asami (yeah, in a way her name’s been drilled into my cranium), that she’s in high school and 17 years old and she has a secret that she keeps from everybody, that is, she’s married to her Ichimaru-sensei. But I find Asami to be a little ecchi, which makes this comedy-cum-romance series a little ecchi. Yup, sometimes she has this wild imaginations of doing her ‘first time’ with Ichimaru but it all just smothers down because she’s still a little conservative, shy and perhaps a little naive. Ironic. Because of that, Asami’s your typical (and probably most ideal to guys out there) housewife who wants to do anything to please her husband. Yup, as long as she makes him happy and see his smiles. Luckily, as mentioned Ichimaru’s a nice and understanding guy and wouldn’t take advantage of her. Or maybe he’s blur and oblivious to her ‘advances’. But the main point is that they’re both in love with each other very much.
So in the first episode, we see Asami who has 2 best buddies, Satomi and Kasumi (what’s with the ~mi name ending thing?), who knows that Asami has a crush on Ichimaru and you know, tries to play match making. You could say that those 2 are like busybodies. But I guess it’s better this way rather than knowing the whole truth. Also, since it’s Ichimaru’s birthday, Asami decides to skip club activities and bluff her friends saying that she’s gotta prepare for her dad’s birthday.
Which brings us to this. Well, you see, Asami’s dad actually doesn’t approve of their marriage in the first place but because his daughter’s so in love and that love knows no barriers kinda thing, he makes Ichimary signs a contract in which, until Asami graduates, if he were to have any sexual relations with Asami, the marriage will become null and void. That sure explains certain things. Also, Asami’s father has a habit of barging right into their house as though it’s his and gets drunk drinking his can beers. And sometimes when he barges in, it’s usually at the moment Asami’s gonna make her ecchi move on Ichimaru like getting into the same bath with him.
Just when Asami has finish preparing a feast for her husband’s birthday celebration, she accidentally trips and ruins the whole dinner and making a mess out of it. And when Ichimaru arrived home, he wasn’t mad but happy that she at least remembered his birthday. Aww… Married couples should learn a thing from these 2.
In the second part, Asami receives a love letter but Satomi in her excitement accidentally embarrassed her by reading it out loud during Ichimaru’s class. Of course, they got some ‘lecture’ and were told not to do it again. Later on, Satomi wants to have a look at that guy who wrote the love letter but Asami doesn’t wants to. Because of that, Asami fakes a stomach ache and her pals took her to the infirmary. On their way Ichimaru saw and heard what has happened and proceeded to give her a piggy back ride there. Of course her pals thinks it’s a good chance for Asami to get close to her crush. Asami then explain things to Ichimaru when they’re alone there. After he left, her friends arrive and teased her that it was all part of her plan to get close to him and thinks Ichimaru has a thing for her. Asami soon fakes illness even further to change the subject. Later that night, Asami’s apologizing to Ichimaru of all the awful things that has happened today because of her. But Ichimaru told her that it’s okay because if she has gotten a love letter, it shows that Asami’s still cute. Aww…
Episode 2 sees Asami’s class doing a cafe for their school cultural festival. Uh-huh, that waitress dress is too revealing for Asami. Thing is, Ichimaru’s colleage teacher, Sonoda wants him to come along to see the popular cafe theme class which Asami’s in. Of course, there the 2 lovebirds are surprised to see each other because of the implications that may arise if their relationship’s ever found out. As Asami’s serving them, Sonoda seems to be gawking at Asami’s low-cut short skirt outfit as Ichimaru tries to block his view. But he tried to hard and slipped from his chair and bangs into Asami. And she’s on top of his face!
To make things worse, Asami’s dad has come visiting the school and even has a seat at Asami’s cafe. Ichimaru spots him and tries to warn Asami as quickly as possible and make their escape. Unfortunately they tripped. Now Ichimaru’s on top of Asami! You know what this means when her dad saw this. Yeah, in his rage he wrecked the whole cafe. Later Asami got some lecture from her dad and leaves after he saw her quite happy because he said something like how that perv teacher was looking at her all the time. Well, I guess Asami looked at it in a postive way. For the rest of the day, Asami and her pals visited the other classes and she and Ichimaru have another of those love assuring talks when they reached home as they hugged each other.
In the second part, because Ichimaru is quite busy recently, Asami feels a little lonely. During her walk back home she found a stray cat and decides to take it back home. Calling it Kuri, Asami finds out indirectly that Ichimaru prefers dogs and decides to put Kuri back to where she found it. But during one stormy night, she thought about Kuri and decides to go find it but her search was futile. Soaking wet in the rain, lucky she bumped into Ichimaru and explain to him things. Soon they both searched for it and managed to find it taking shelter under some wooden altar. Back home, Ichimaru allowed Asami to have Kuri stay at their place so long as she takes care of it and such, much to Asami’s joy. You could say that it’s like Asami’s first ‘child’.
So in episode 3, besides Satomi and Kasumi are shocked to find Asami having a child and presuming it’s from Ichimaru, only to their relief to find out that it’s Kuri, Sonada’s confiding in Ichimaru and wondering whether their other teacher colleague Iwasaki (why do these teachers look like teenagers?) has a boyfriend and dating or not. And later, Ichimaru accidentally stumbles upon Iwasaki having an affair with a student in the teacher’s room when he returned to retrieve a forgotten textbook. Busted. What’s happening to teachers these days?! Yeah, maybe she wanted to teach sex education upfront like that. Anyway, that coward guy just ran off. Iwasaki  just stood there and cried before running away. Ichimaru’s just shocked over what he has saw. Looks like he’s not the only one with a relationship with a student.
Back at home, Ichimaru receives a phone call from Iwasaki to meet her and tells Asami that he’s going out to meet a friend in need. At the cafe, Iwasaki tells him that she ended the relationship with that student and Ichimaru promising not to leak this out. Well, to cut things short, as the series progresses you’ll find out that Iwasaki has a crush on Ichimaru. But since Ichimaru notices it’s getting late, he has to cut short their conversation and rush home only to find Asami sleeping on the floor and concludes that she must’ve been tired for waiting for him as he tugs her back in bed.
The second part sees Ichimaru and Asami having new neighbours moving in next door to them. It’s Sakura Mizunoshi and her little brother Sasuke. Hey, did they took those names from Naruto? They look quite keen on knowing Ichimaru and Asami well. And since Ichimaru and Asami can’t reveal their relationship, Ichimaru says Asami is her little sister. Sakura seems to be the flirting kind as she hugs Ichimaru and gives him some coupons to come visit her at a nightclub where she works. I hope Asami’s not jealous. Nope. Just surprised.
And Asami doesn’t even know what a nightclub is and thinks it’s a place involving different sweets and candies. *Smack*. But luckily she’s got Satomi and Kasumi to tell her about the adult stuffs. Must be real shocking, huh? Asami’s a little worried. Later that night, back at home, Sakura and Sasuke came over to have some party. Looks like Sakura’s another beer guzzler. Yeah, so many cans of it. And it seems Sakura’s making her move on Ichimaru boldly asking her to marry him now! She even hugs him! And she also signals Sasuke to do the same as he too enthusiastically hugs him. Is she drunk or just an act? However, Asami’s slip of her tongue to stop them and called "Danna-sama" (husband) prompts Sakura to be a little suspicious. But Asami quickly says "Onii-chan" (big brother).
And later on, when they got worned out and slept, Asami decided to take a bath and think things over when she heard another commotion. It seems Sakura’s all over Ichimaru again and wants him to marry her now. Asami can’t take this anymore and tells her to stop and was going to confess that she loves Ichimaru but faints shortly. When Sasuke said how awesome it would be if Asami’s her mom, Sakura got a little irritated, knocked his head an said "What do you mean, stupid son". Oops. Busted. Yup, Sakura is actually Sasuke’s mom. Yeah, I was wondering why she looked so young like a teenager. Maybe she got Sasuke when she’s an adolescent. Anyway the next day, Sakura genkily waves to Ichimaru as he goes off to work. Sasuke’s really taken a liking for Asami and calls her onee-chan. Yeah, after which everytime you see him, he just wants to hug Asami and rub his face in her bosoms. That perverted kid. Asami’s looking worried because even though they’re married, they can’t say it to anyone.
Doubts are rising in Ichimaru and Asami’s relatioship in episode 4. That’s because Asami spots him talking with Iwasaki at first, but nothing to it. And later when Asami went shopping to buy a shirt for Ichimaru, her 2 busybody pals thinks she bought it for her crush when Sasuke arrives and hugs her butt…?! Satomi’s pretty surprised that Asami’s got a little brother (remember Sasuke keeps calling Asami onee-chan). So no choice, Asami drags Sasuke and Sakura into a nearby alley and told her to keep that Ichimaru as her brother thingy a secret from those 2. Of course Sakura agrees to play along and later tells Satomi and Kasumi the shirt Asami bought is for her cousin whom she somehow refers as her onii-chan. Well, at least they bought it. So off Sakura goes to her work and drags Sasuke along. Meanwhile the trio spots Ichimaru and Iwasaki together at a restaurant. Of course you know both Asami and her 2 pals interpreted the situation differently as the latter thinks it’s a teacher to teacher thing. It seems that Iwasaki is trying to make her advances on Ichimaru by telling him not to leave her all alone and even puts his hand on her breasts! But the ol’ faithful Ichimaru (or rather blur case) still doesn’t know Iwasaki’s on to him. And because he doesn’t want to let Asami know what happened, back home he’s giving excuse like he’s working overtime and such, prompting Asami to be worried because she felt that he has lied to her.
So more of those indecisive feeling and spacing out from Asami in the second part. Though Ichimaru says he’s going out for dinner for some teacher’s gathering instead of staying home to eat Asami’s cooking, Asami feels that she can’t believe his words now. And at the gathering I’m not too sure if Iwasaki’s drunk or not, but it seems she can’t hold back her advances and tries to kiss him while Ichimaru tries to hold her back but they tripped and… she’s on top of him! Iwasaki apologized after that and some talk like how she thinks Ichimaru has someone else he likes and that she’s useless. But Ichimaru doesn’t thinks so, cheers her up a little and heads back into the restaurant. And when Ichimaru arrives home later, Asami rushes to him and flung her arms around him. As the 2 talk, though Ichimaru didn’t really say about that close encounter with Iwasaki, at least Asami believes in him.
Asami and Ichimaru’s secret is in danger in episode 5. That’s because Sakura and Sasuke spotted from their place, Asami giving Ichimaru a kiss! Thus they decide to pay Asami a visit. Because Asami had noticed them spying when they kissed, she’s a little worried. Then the turning point is when Asami tried to save Kuri who’s stuck on a tree but slipped and fell. Of course Asami’s initial reaction is to call out "Danna-sama" and this made Sakura confirmed that they’re not siblings. Eventually, Sakura found out the real truth and is disappointed that she can’t make Ichimaru hers anymore. But at least she accepted the fact. And that Sasuke… He’s still hugging and pining for Asami. Haih…
Ichimaru’s grandma decides to pay them a visit in the second part. Thing is, Ichimaru has never told her that Asami’s still in high school. And grandma is eagerly wanting them both to make a baby soon because she wants to hold her great grandchild in her arms! Though the duo tried to calm her down, and before you know it, grandma jumped to a conclusion that Asami’s already pregnant! Because of that grandma plans on staying at their place until Asami gives birth. To make things worse, Asami’s dad as usual barges in and finds out about Asami’s mistaken pregnancy and wants to void the contract. Grandma’s shocked to find out that Asami’s a high school student. Though disappointed, grandma soon leaves but vowed to live a long life until she sees her grandchild. Meanwhile, Sasuke who was spying on them, happily relates back to Sakura that Asami’s still a virgin and that contract thingy and is excited that he’s still got a chance and is gonna give it all! That perverted kid. Anyway, Sakura just give him a knock on his head. Though Asami wonders if their marriage will ever break down, she’ll wait for Ichimaru forever.
Ichimaru and Asami decides to go to the beach in episode 6. While taking a train there, Ichimaru bumps into Iwasaki who’s happening to board the same train as well. So Ichimaru has no choice but to accompany Iwasaki while Asami sits somewhere far behind. Seems Iwasaki is snuggling up close to him. But she was just joking. But Iwasaki got off the next stop because she’s heading to a different destination. Well at least Asami could sit back next to Ichimaru for the duration of the ride. At the beach, their day of fun is almost ruin when Asami spots Satomi and Kasumi there too. But because those 2 are blur heads, Asami manage to hide her face away from them as they walked pass. Oops, she nearly choked Ichimaru there when she covered his face (she buried him in the sand earlier on) to hide him from her pals. Then at the hot spring, that perverted Sasuke springs and hugs a naked Asami! Why that kid. Luckily Sakura’s there to knock his head and knows why he’s so eager to go on this trip. Later on, Sakura tied Sasuke to his bed and says it’s his bedtime. Yeah, she foresee what that perverted kid’s gonna do. In the middle of the night as Asami and Ichimaru slept close together, Ichimaru somehow felt Asami had shrunk but found out it’s actually Sasuke between them! How did he… When did he… And Sakura’s too drunk to notice it all.
It’s the fireworks festival in the second half as both Ichimaru and Asami continue to have their time together. Unfortunately, Asami finds Satomi doing a yakisoba stall and has to stand in temporarily for her because Satomi wants to go see her boyfriend. No choice for Asami since she doesn’t want her cover with Ichimaru to be blown. While Ichimaru’s alone, he bumps into Iwasaki and the 2 chat. Still trying to flirt isn’t she? When Satomi returns back and thanks Asami for standing in, she gives her a yakisoba as gratitude and mentions seeing Ichimaru walking off with Iwasaki. Oh the doubts are flowing back again. But even though Iwasaki asked Ichimaru out for a drink, he apologizes and says he has important matters to attend to before rushing off. Yup, soon he reunites with Asami much to her delight as they watched the fireworks and ate the yakisoba Asami brought. It was nearly like that Disney’s Lady And The Tramp scene where their lips nearly met as they suck the end of the yakisoba when Asami’s dad in a mask interrupts, surprising them. Though he’s busy slurping away the yakisoba, at least Asami’s glad that they could both watch the fireworks together.
In episode 7, Asami finds Ichimaru clutching his stomach in pain after Sakura and Sasuke came over to have some nabe with them during the summer vacation. As Asami takes Ichimaru to the hospital she saw Kasumi in the next bed and freaks out. Of course Satomi’s there too. So those 2 busybodies try to find out why Asami’s here when Sakura showed up and saves the day. Looks like she’s got some stomach pains too. After her pals left, Asami stayed by Ichimaru’s side the whole night and the next day is very relieved to find that Ichimaru’s okay. When they arrived home, they’re surprised to find Asami’s dad there. He’s mad that the house doors weren’t lock and tells them what if a thief comes in. But Asami’s dad actually came over to give them some stomach bands to keep their stomachs cool before leaving. Well, he’s not such a bad guy afterall.
In the second part, Asami and her 2 buddies are selected to be in some relay race. Because Asami isn’t that confident, Ichimaru decides to give her a reward if she wins. And that Asami thinks it’s… let’s say her first time with him. You know what I mean. So mostly Asami is trying and practicing hard for the event so much so her 2 pals also joined in after seeing such burning and determined spirit. Because of that, Asami often gets tired and even sleeps during Ichimaru’s class. But he knows what’s going on and let her be. In the end, sports day arrives and it’s being cancelled to next year. Why? Because it’s raining. I wonder why they can’t postpone it to next week or so. Anyway, Asami feels disappointed that all her efforts are wasted but Ichimaru says he’ll give her the reward for trying her best. And the reward is… an astronomy year book. What did she expect? In return, Asami gives Ichimaru a big heart and says that she’ll always treasure a reward from the heart.
Asami accidentally bumps into a guy Kouhei nicknamed Erosaki in the library in episode 8, revealling all his porn pics. Erosaki then told Asami not to touch those and pushes her away causing Asami to fall. Yup, Erosaki saw her panties and was taken into it. In Asami’s embarrassement she ran away. Later she relates the incident to her 2 friends and they told her that Erosaki is rumoured to be a first class adult video maniac. Wow. What a title. Later in the hallway, Erosaki tells Asami right in front of her friends and other students that he wants to film her with his video cam. Oh, the horror. Asami declined and her friends just took Asami along with them and walked away. And back at Sakura’s place, we see Sasuke having a heap of porn videos! And he’s fantasizing of doing it like this and like that with Asami only to get a kick from his mom. So Asami has this indecisive feeling of whether or not she’s attractive enough to Ichimaru and even appears herself wrapped only in a towel in front of Ichimaru. But Ichimaru isn’t a pervert and just pretends to continue reading his book. So are you gonna do it Asami?
In the second part, Asami got taken ‘hostage’ in the train when a woman accused a guy of stealing her purse. Luckily Erosaki’s there to save her but that guy flings Asami at him as they both fell down and bent Erosaki’s umbrella. Though the thief got away, Asami thanked him and doesn’t think that he’s such a bad guy as everyone thinks he is. Still wanting to show her gratitude, Asami decides to buy a new umbrella for him. But she got a little lost finding his place in the thunder storm before she finally manages to. Because she’s soaking wet, Erosaki told her to get a shower and borrowed her some of his dry clothes. Asami finds out that he’s filming for some contest and is editing his footage and only needs a girl to complete it, which he says Asami is the perfect one. With that Asami agrees and Erosaki starts filming. Asami told him she has to go home but I think Erosaki has a crush on her and wants to confess, pushing her onto his bed. Just then Erosaki’s sister came in. Wait a minute. Isn’t that Iwasaki?! Oh well, she’s here to visit his little bro. Soon Asami heads home and because it’s raining, she had to borrow the umbrella she bought for him to get back. Back home, Asami assures her eternal love for Ichimaru and says she loves him and wants to be loved by Ichimaru her her heart, body and everything as she plans to refuse that modelling thing the next time Asami returns the umbrella.
Because Asami and her pals failed some volleyball test in episode 9, they have to stay back for further practice. And it seems that Iwasaki is quite a pro volleyball player herself. As she tries to help them by showing them how to spike the ball and stuff, Ichimaru walks in and the ball hit his face, knocking him out cold. Iwasaki decides to take Ichimaru to the infirmary and tells Asami and co to finish the practice. Because Asami’s concerned about Ichimaru, she decides to go take a peek only to find Iwasaki with him there. And the 2 are like about gonna kiss. Well, that’s what Asami saw as she heads back to the gym only to be hit in the face by a volleyball shot from Satomi. Yeah, Asami ended up in the infirmary herself. Luckily a PA announcement saved the day and Iwasaki has to go to a teacher’s meeting. Later Iwaski’s wondering something fishy about those 2 when Erosaki comes rushing in to see if Asami’s okay and offers to walk Asami home while Iwasaki does the same thing for Ichimaru. How are they gonna solve this? They can’t be coming home at the same time, right? Lucky they didn’t. But Iwasaki and Erosaki bumped into each other outside the train station and wonders why the other’s here.  But at least, Asami and Ichimaru reassured themselves that they only loved each other and have nothing to do with the Iwasaki siblings.
Asami has to study for a test in the second part. So in order not to distract her from her studies, Ichimaru decides to help out with the household chores. Unfortunately, he sucked big time. Breaking plates and making the vacum cleaner stuck. And each time something goes wrong, Asami has to stop her studying and try and fix the mess. Even Sasuke came over to help but his in an awfully playful mood. I wonder if he’s really there to help. In the end, they both realized that they’re just making a nuisance as Asami has to help and do things eventually. Yeah, as though it’s better to ask her and do it in the first place. While Ichimaru’s feeling guilty, that irresponsible Sasuke just said that he’s going back and off he goes. No comment. Ichimaru then rushes out to buy some cook book so that he could at least cook breakfast for Asami tomorrow. Though Asami did an all-nighter, she finds a blanket on herself and finds out that Ichimaru’s doing the cooking. Though it isn’t that tasty with a few flaws here and there, at least Asami’s happy that he did his best for her sake as she heads to school after the meal.
In episode 10, Ichimaru decides to ask Asami to watch the night sky alone with him since he’s taking the night shift to watch the school that night. Iwasaki too knew of this and decides to use this chance to show Ichimaru her feminine side. That night arrives and Ichimaru contacts Asami to come once he has finished setting up the equipment. Unfortunately to Ichimaru’s surprise, Iwasaki’s there and greets him. She even made him dinner and tries to ‘seduce’ Ichimaru in that sexy pose while looking through the telescope. As fate would have it, Asami arrives and misinterprets the situation before running off. Ichimaru goes after her and tries to explain but Asami turned a deaf ear and continues running away. Ichimaru’s expressing how he got into this mess as we see Iwasaki eavesdropping their conversation nearby and is even more suspicious about the 2. And even back home, Asami’s sitting in the dark crying even though Ichimaru’s trying to explain things again to her. She’s really hurt even though it’s not his fault.
Iwasaki reveals to Ichimaru that she knows he’s dating Asami. Well, it’s better than knowing they’re married. Iwasaki promised not to leak this info to anybody provided that he stops seeing Asami. Now that’s gonna be tough. And Ichimaru’s slip of the tongue by thanking Iwasaki for it only confirms her suspicion that indeed the 2 are seeing each other. Later when Asami enters the lab to ask Ichimaru about Iwasaki, Ichimaru got a little panic and shoos her away. Ichimaru then noticed Iwasaki’s watching as she quips how adorable he is to obey her words. A misinterpreted situation but at least it’s better this way. Feeling mad, Asami decides to ‘get back’ b cooking some spicy dinner. This made Ichimaru to confess that Iwasaki knew of their secret. At least Asami’s heart’s at ease knowing that Ichimaru didn’t two-timed her. Just as they’re about to kiss, Sasuke barges in and wants to sleep with them since Sakura’s out working late. Asami allowed him and that kid slept the whole night hugging her like as though she’s his bolster. Finally, Ichimaru whispers to Asami that he’ll take her go see the stars for real some other time.
In episode 11, Asami decides to go to the supermarket to buy some miso soup ingredients. There the storekeeper (let’s just call him Storekeeper) instantly fell in love with Asami when he first laid eyes on the angel. Since Sakura and Sasuke were there too, Storekeeper managed to find out her name. After Asami has paid for her stuffs at the counter, Storekeeper proceeds to ask Sakura, who’s the next person in line, how is Asami related to that guy (Ichimaru). She replied that they’re siblings, which made Storekeeper very happy as he’s fantasizing he’s got an opportunity to court Asami. Oh oh. Another obstacle in their relationship. And Storekeeper even dressed nicely and waited for Asami at the train station. Once Asami arrived, he gave to her a bouquet of roses and boldly asked her to marry him! Of course Asami is in shock and just excused herself. His first rejection, huh?
Later on, Storekeeper meets Ichimaru walking pass by the supermarket and had a chat with him over tea. Storekeeper tells him how he’s in love with a high school girl but got rejected. Ichimaru of course didn’t know that the girl he’s talking about is Asami and gives him words of encouragement. Storekeeper gets excited and thanks Ichimaru. Back at home when Asami and Ichimaru talked about the day’s events, only did Ichimaru realized what’s going on. Soon Storekeeper comes calling at their doorstep. Asami asked Ichimaru not to tell him she’s in. It seems that Storekeeper’s here to ask Ichimaru’s permission to marry Asami and he’s getting all hyped up. Ichimaru put his foot down and told him he can’t. As Storekeeper asks for a reason, Asami appeared and tell him that she loves somebody else and wants to be with that person until the day she dies. Oh the heartbreak. Storekeeper then left very dejectedly. Though the 2 feel sorry for him but at least they know they’re true to each other. The next day, Asami meets Storekeeper in front of the supermarket and apologizes for last night. But it seems he has gotten over last night’s incident and we find out that he’s so happy because he patronned Sakura’s nightclub. Ah, I see… And he wants to do it again tonight. Oh well, at least he’s happy again.
The second part sees the class taking a 2 day 1 night camping trip to the woods. With the students busy with stuffs, here Iwasaki once again tries to make her move on Ichimaru. But he changed the subject and heads back to camp. Iwasaki’s not giving up yet. Later that night after the typical hot spring bath, when everyone’s asleep, Iwasaki sneaks out of her room only to bump into Erosaki as well. He tells her if he’s looking for Ichimaru, he’s already left. Meanwhile Satomi wakes up to find Asami gone from her bed too. It seems Asami and Ichimaru is on their secret tryst to watch the stars together alone. All seems clear until Iwasaki shows up. She tells Asami to go back to bed and the latter like a good girl does. So this is Iwasaki’s big chance. Though she got real close to Ichimaru, before Iwasaki could do anything, the light of a flashlight caught her by surprise. It seems Asami’s back with Satomi and Kasumi. It seems they too wanted to watch the stars. Safe in a way. Oh well, yet so close yet so far for Iwasaki. As they watched the beautiful night sky, Asami spots a shooting star and makes a wish that she hopes she could make many twinkling memories with Ichimaru, much more that the stars in the sky.
The 2 lovebirds had their big quarrel in episode 12. It all began when Asami accidentally spilled some tea and not only it scalded her hand but soaked Ichimaru’s book that was lying there. Initially, Ichimaru seems pretty concerned about the book more than Asami’s hand, prompting Asami to be a little upset. Ichimaru then tried to make things up by feeding Kuri with milk but spilled it when Asami says she wants to help. A little quarrel ensued before Ichimaru accidentally shoved Asami and with that Asami ran away in tears. When Ichimaru decides to go look for her, Asami’s dad came in bringing some takoyaki and is asking about Asami’s whereabouts. Ichimaru lied (in a guilty way) and said she went shopping. Furthermore, Asami’s dad is thinking of staying over tonight. Meanwhile, Asami’s sitting alone in the middle of the cold night on a swing and worrying about Ichimaru. Back home, Sakura and Sasuke came by. A sharp Sakura notices things and ‘asks’ if Asami had brought her coat when she went shopping. Soon, Ichimaru’s on his way. However once he left, Asami came home and they told her he just went out to meet her. The 2 tried their best to find each other and finally managed to do so at a railway crossing. In their joy they rushed to hug each other. More importantly, they apologized and make up.
Ichimaru receives a call at school from Storekeeper that Asami has collapsed in front of his store in the second half. This prompts Ichimaru to take an early leave and rush there. Iwasaki who overheard it asked Sonada what has happened and he replied that Ichimaru’s sister has come down with a fever and was taken to the hospital. And when Sonada mentions he never knew Ichimaru had a sister and thinks her name’s Asami, this further fuels Iwasaki’s suspicions. At the hospital, Asami tells Ichimaru that the doctor said she has a cold and is better for her to rest at home. Back home while feeding Kuri, Asami faints prompting Ichimaru to panic. He goes to find Sakura next door but Sasuke says she’s working at the nightclub. So Ichimaru and Sasuke played doctor. He even rushed out to the store to get some stuffs and even Storekeeper looks worried that he even says it’s okay to pay later since Ichimaru forgot to bring his wallet. Then back at home, Asami’s dad arrived and to his horror finds out about Asami’s condition and told her not to die! The 2 men for the first time cooperate to make some meal for Asami but they weren’t good at it. They can thank their lucky stars when Sakura arrived and took control of things by making some porridge. That night, though Asami’s cold has subsided, everybody is happy and Sakura says she still needs to rest. The next morning, Asami’s back to her normal self and thanking Ichimaru for his efforts. Just  as they’re about to kiss, the gruel Asami was cooking spilt over.
In episode 13, Iwasaki continued her investigation by asking Satomi and Kasumi if Asami has any siblings, which they said she’s an only child. When the 2 relate it to Asami later, Asami is worried that Iwasaki may find out about their marriage. Iwasaki even told Ichimaru that she doesn’t know he has a little sister, making Ichimaru worried a little. And at the cafe, Iwasaki adviced Ichimaru that it’s not good to be in love with one’s siblings. But it seems Ichimaru has to be careful with what he says as it may give rise to their secret being exposed. Yeah, a lot of psychoing stuffs Iwasaki’s trying to say to him like how bold he is to date his student and how siblings shouldn’t get married. Oh oh. It’s getting deeper and deeper. Ichimaru soon takes his leave but forgot his briefcase. Iwasaki then decides to take it back for him. Storekeeper then called Asami and told her that Iwasaki was just asking him directions to Ichimaru’s house causing her to panic a little.
Iwasaki arrived in front of Ichimaru’s house and thinks he’s not home yet since there’s no light. Ichimaru then just arrived and is surprised to see Iwasaki there. He thanks her for bringing his briefcase and says he’ll take it from here but Iwasaki feigns chest pains so Ichimaru had no choice but to take her in. While Asami’s hiding and inside the house, Iwasaki notices how clean the place is (like as though there’s a woman cleaning it) and there’s even dinner ready for 2 people. She even spots a bra and panties in the pile of clothes and says that he lied about living alone and that he lives with Asami. Ichimaru’s cornered. He can’t come up with anymore excuses. Just then, Asami saw a dead cockcroach in Kuri’s palms. She screams in fear and runs out of the room where she’s hiding and grabs hold of Ichimaru, asking her danna-sama to save her. Iwasaki now saw the whole thing and is very sure that they’re married. With tears swelling up in her eyes, Iwasaki runs out of the house. Asami wonders what will happen to them since their marriage’s been discovered.
The morning of the previous night’s aftermath in the second part sees how the 2 couple vow they’ll always be with each other no matter what. In school, Ichimaru’s been called by the principal to his office. Upon arriving, he finds Iwasaki there and thinks that she may have exposed his secret. Without haste, Ichimaru quickly hands over his resignation letter, shocking everybody. He says he has all the legal documents and apologizes for the trouble caused before walking out. Kasumi overheard this at the teacher’s office when the principal came in and told the other teachers of Ichimaru’s sudden resignation. Kasumi rushed to the cafe where Asami and Satomi is and told them about it. Asami then got up and leave. At the park, Ichimaru’s sitting on the swing alone when Iwasaki comes by. She tells him that she didn’t exposed his secret as she went to the principal’s office to get a replacement for her winter shift and she thought Ichimaru might be able to do so. With that, Ichimaru felt relieved.
Just then Asami arrived but heard Ichimaru confessed to Iwasaki that he’s married to Asami and apologized for holding it from here because there’s no other girl he loves more than Asami. Asami then rushes over to hug him. Iwasaki assures them that she won’t expose their secret. Though she’s sad she can’t be with him anymore, she can’t bear to see the person she loves sad and wish them both happiness as it started snowing. Back home, Asami and Ichimaru are celebrating Christmas together and finds that the present they gave each other are the same, an orange scarf. Are they going to do their first time? Woah! They’re going for it. Oops. Asami’s dad comes in in a Santa suit. Hey, those 2 seems to be sitting back in their original positions fully clothed. Maybe they’ve come to anticipate his arrival, huh? Soon, Sakura, Sasuke and Storekeeper arrives to celebrate Christmas at their place. As the gang celebrates (yeah, Sakura giving some wrestling moves on Sasuke), Asami and Ichimaru looked outside their snowy courtyard with Asami asking Ichimaru to continue loving her forever and ever. Yup, and they finally kissed.
Overall, I kinda enjoyed this series. But the fansub note at the end seems to indicate otherwise. Uh-huh. It stated something like "We hope you enjoyed this series as much as we hated subbing it". That bad huh? But thanks anyway for putting in their ‘love and effort’ into subbing the series.
Though the drawing, art and animation seems to be pretty standard to me, I can’t help but find the faces of the characters a little ‘stretched’. Meaning in a way it made the characters look a little chubby and sometimes I feel that their eyes are a little further apart than they should. And I still can’t believe those young adults look so much like teenagers. Though the main cast of characters are relatively small, at least indirectly they played a little part in ‘strengthening’ Asami and Ichimaru’s love. Some you just love to hate (like Asami’s dad), some blur cases (like Asami’s pals), and some you just want to land a knock on the head (like Sasuke).
The opening theme song Love Love Chu Chu, sung by Ayako Kawasumi (who is also the voice actress for Asami) sounds quite cute and fitting for this anime. Whereas the ending theme song Ai No Koneko, sung by the voice actresses of Asami, Kasumi and Satomi, has all those trumpets blazing with the end credits shows Asami in various sexy poses. Well yeah, ecchi right till the end. But don’t worry it’s not ecchi the whole way. So for those of you whose threshold of ecchiness is very very extremely low, then I suppose you don’t wanna watch this one.
More importantly, people could learn a thing or two about maintaining and sustaining their love relationship or marriage like these 2. Just like how most episodes end with Asami narrating some love words of encouragement such as to keep on loving her with lots of love. Just like in the next episode preview "So love me lots and lots next week". Haih… If only everybody in the world is like them. Wouldn’t it be so much better this way? But more importantly… can I be like that or will I find someon like too?

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